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The Edinburgh Evening Courant


Printer / Publisher:  R. Fleming and Company
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No Pages: 4
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant

Date of Article: 01/09/1752
Printer / Publisher:  R. Fleming and Company
Address: sold below Laigh Coffee house
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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THE EdinburghEveningGourant. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER i. 1752. MAILS from FRANCE and H o L I. A N D. WHITEHALL EVENING POST, Auguft 27. BERLIN, Auguft 26. THE Abbey de Prade, who has made fo much Noife in France by the Thefts which he maintained in the Sorbonne, and who was condemned there, as advancing heterodox Tenets, is lately arrived here. He feems to in- tend to fix here, and to employ himfelf in Literature, where- in he is faid to be well veiled. BRUSSELS, Auguft 27. The Government beinginform'd, that gre. rt Quantities of old Linnen, fuch as is made ufe of to make Paper, are fent into foreign Countries, which is ex- prefly contrary to our Laws, and would infallibly prove the Ruin of the Manufa& uries of Paper eftablilh'd in this Country, has iffued an Ordinance ro prohibit the fending Linen Rags, out of the Provinces, upon Pain of Imprifon- iment and paying a Fine of rcoo Florins, befides Forfetureof the Goods, and that of the Carts, Hor- ies, Boats, 6cc. made ufe of to carry them. LONDON. It is reported that a Squadron of Men of War will befent to the Weft Indies, in order to oppofe the Depredations of the Spanilh Guard de Coitas. By a Veffel arrived at Amfterdam from the Mufqnito Shore, there is Advice, that fhe was drove off the Ceait by the Spaniards, who took Capt Mofe'iv on the Coall, from the Bay of Honduras and four or five Engiifh Veflels going to the Bay. There were then one Man of War, one Chc- beque, a Slr. op, and two Periagers; therefore it is improbable for any Veflel to efcape either going or coming: fo that it appears as if the Spaniards were determined to rout out the Englifb Ships. Capr. Mofcly came out of the Bay along with Capt. Rand, who arrived at Amflerdam about live ' Weeks ago. In Confequence of the above News the Ja- maica Merchihtshave appointed a Meeting of all concerned. GENERAL EVENING POST, AUGUST 27. GENOA, Aug. 14. According to the Report of the Mafter of a Ship arrived here from the Levant, but lafh from Leg- horn, the Peftilence rages in the Neighbourhood of Smyrna. ROME, Aug. 12. Neither Exhortations nor Intreatieshave yet been able to procure the Cardinal of York's Return to this City; Nay, we have loft all Hopes of feeing the Breach made up between him and his Father, fmce this imprudent Declaration of the latter, ' That, as a King and a Father, ' he did not mean to bind himfelf in any Conditions; and ' that he Ought not to expe< 5t any thing from his Son but un- ' bounded Obedience, Refpedt and SubmifTton.' The Pope has fent frefb Inftru& ions to his Nuncio at the . French Court, tending to bring the Prelates of Fiance into a moderate Way of thinking. LONDON. By Letters from Petersburgh we find that Count Rafou- mofski, Hernnan or Vice- Roy of Little Ru- ffia, is endeavour- ing to make his Court vye with the Metropolis of the Em- pire in Point of polite Pieafutesand Entertainments; to which End he has lent for feveral Men ofLetters and eminent Mu- sicians from Italy, in order to fet up an Opera in the Place of his Refidcncc; but whilft he purfues thefe Meafures, he does not negled the - correcting of Abufes in civil and military Matters, 8cc. An Edift of the Emprefs Queen has juft been publifhedin the Netherlands, by way of Reprifals for the Arret itfucd by the Parliament of Mm the 8th of July 17 51, enforcing the Execution of the EdiCt of the Montli of January 1681, whereby, " Louis XlV. excluded all Foreigners from hold- ing Priories, Prebend?, ReCtoilbips, Claapeis, or any other Benefices whatfoevcr; forbid the receiving of Novices, and admitting of Men and Women into the Monaftries of either Ssx, unlefs they were Subjects of his Kingdom; and that for die future no Foreigners fhould be elected Superiors of thctl'e P. ' rtiaftries, & c." This Edift of Louis XlV. not having been rigoroufly executed, the Subje< fls of the Crown of France were tollcrated in the Auftrian Netherlands, where there are actually near 1300 holding Church Dignities and Benefices, or living in the Mouafteries. But the Parliament of Metz having behaved in the Man'ner abovementioned, and more- over enjoined all Foreigners in the Convents within their Ju- rii'didion to depart the Kingdom of France within two Months, the Emprefs has judged it expedient to follow their Example, in order to fecure to her Subjects the Eccldiaflica' Dignities and Benefices lying in the Territories of her Dominions. r EXPORTS to France from the Port of London only, 1751. Allum Apoth, Bays Barley Beans Beer Bellows Books 3161 C 6 C 400 410 Qr. 176 j- Qr. O 14 o 400 4 10 o 0 15 o 1 1 o Brafs, wrought 550 C 21 Hhds. 5 o o 24 Doz. ir PC Butter Clock- work 530 Firk. Cloths, long 556 3 C Copper Coals Cheefe Cordage • fhort 31 50 C • 42 Cha. 32 C 100 i " o o 800 100 300 10 O O 8 00 S 100 1 5 o 1 5 © 2212 14 o 24 o o 1800 o o 3.07 10 o 18^ 3 S o 63 o o 24 o o II 10 O <$ 400 o o S30 o o 9 0 o 55 60 o o 648 o o - 2 75' o o 52 10 o 40 o o 130 Tons I 5 o per C 3250 o o Copperas 8680 C Coach and Harnefs I Harnels 1 Chaife 1 Earthen Ware 17800 Ps. Frize Fuftians Fuftick Flannel Garters Grindftones Glafs 250 Yds. 20 Pes. 1813 C 17^ 0 Yds, 438" Gro. 2 Chah 7200 Gunpowder 800 lb. Glue 33° c Habdafh. 29 C Hole 314 Doz, Hats 1 o Doz. Iron 25 Ton Caft 741 Tom Wrought 61341b. Kerfies 263 Leather, Wrought 60 Lead 1832 C Lant. Leaves 15- 94000 Litharge of Lead J 7 C Tobac. byCertif. 327o5881b, 3 d. 40883 12 o Odier Goods by Certificate S3349 13 6 Total of Certificate Goods - - 94* 33 5" 6 Total of Exports - - - - 272199 16 10 By thefe Calculations, may be feen the great- Alteration there is in the French Trade, and the unprecedented Circumft'anee of having the Balance ftand on the right Side of the Account, which however is but triflings when our Exports- of Corn and Meal are deduifled, as thefe are Articles which i:> feveral Years they may not again call for, and confequently fhould. not Se reckoned as current Branches of that Traffic k.. EDINBURGH. They writefrotrrNewcaftle,. that the high Wind on Til- fi- d- ay Night, and Wednefday kit, has done great Damage in that Town and Neighbourhood, efpeeialiy a_- it was accom- panied with very hpavy Ra ns, vyh. ch railed, rhe. Tyne to an uncommon Height., and carried off fcveral Ricks of Hay from the Jow Grounds. The Wind alfo did great Damage among the Coni. And From Reedfdale . in Northumberland, that the Rain on Monday Evening continued without Intermiffion for fifty Hours; arid on Wednefday it was. driven, with a melt txra- pe!; nous Wind, fo that the'Land Floods have not been fo > tigh f r forty Ye. irs pail, and the Damage done . to the Har- wit is inconceivably. The John and lfabelia, Cap. Henry Baker,, with Ozts and Flour for Leith, was k> lt on Wednefday, 11. at Hartle- puole: He gives an Account of a Bag and Sloop foddering near that Klace. On Mqnday- laft Week Fogger, Mailer, laden with Flas and li.- mp for Berwicii, was loft near Holy Illand. Yciierd. y Morning died Mrs. Janet- Fleming, Relidl of Niniar. Gunnynghame Writer in- Edinburgh % nd; Clgrk of Canons- ate, a Fa- ion of great Merit and mueh regarded by all vs ho ki\ ew her. Qn, Saturday laft,. 23 Ankers. of Rum and Brandy, were f jund concealed among the-. Stouks* on- the North- fide of t. iis City, and leized by the Officers of the Revenue. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, And fold, at the Shop ofJOHNROSS Bookfeller in the Parliament- Clofe, POPE's Mifcellany Poems, 3 vols. Buckingham ( Sheffield) ' s Poems. Denham's. Poems. Waller's Poems. Prior's Poems, z vols. Gay's Poems, 2 vols. Addiforr's Poems. Congreve's Plays, 1 vols. Dr. Garth's Difpenfary, a Poem. ParnePs Poems. AU the above printed at Glafgow, by Robert and Andrew Fouksi by whoui, and at the above Shop, in a few Dajjs will be publifhed, The iEihiopian Hiftory of Heliodortts. ' At the above Shop are fold, A great Variety of fingle Plays, printed at Glafgow. " f^ OMORROW being the id current, the, O I L of the 1 Edinburgh Whale- fifhing Company's Ships, the Trial, Edinburgh- and Royal Bounty, from Greenland, is to be cxpofed to Rmp, within the Company's Warelioufe at the Back of the Timber- Bufh in Leith, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon. The Oil is neat and well boiled ; it will be put up to Sale in Lots, each of ten Casks, containing a- bom five Tons. The Oil will be fhewn at the Warchotife by James Morifon the Company's Agent at Leith, who will alfo flic w the Conditions of Sale, which are alio to be feen ia the Hands of Thomas Gairdner Merchant in Edinburgh. FOR LONDON, THE Edinburgh Company's Ship THE LEITH PAC- KET, James Cowan Mafler, is taking in Goods at the Birth near the New Key of Leith, has exceeding good Accommodation for PdTengers, and will fail on Thurfday the 21 ft September New Stile, Wind and Weather ferving. The Mafter may be fpoke with at the Laigh Coftcehoufe in Edinburgh, or Mris. A it ken's at the Back of the Crofs,. on Wednefdays and Fridays before Noon, and every Morn- ing and Evening, oa board, or Notice ro be had at thi Company's Office, or at his Houle in Leith. rHAT Thomas Craig of Riccarton being refolved to greferve the G AME on his Grounds; Thefe are therefore advertifing, that whofoever fhall be found tranf- greffing will be profecute in the ftriftcft Manner. To be let at. Leafes for 19 Tears, ^ B^ HE federal Farms of the Eftates of ILLISTON, PUMi 1 PHERSTON and KINPUNT, in Mid- l othian and Weft- Lothian, belonging to the Earl of March and Rug- len. Propofals will be received b: y my. Lord March, or, Mr. Peter Edgar at Marchfield. I- HE good Ship THE LEITH GALLEY, about 250 Tons Burthea, Boftcm built, and four Years ol" d, with all her Pertinents, as ftie now lyes in the Harbour of- Leith, is to be expofed to publick Roup in Forth's Coffee- houfe, Leith, on VVednefday the 4th of Oftober N. S. be- twixt Three and Four o'Clock Afternoon. The Inven- tary and Conditions of Sale are to be fecn at the faidi Goffee- houfe, or. m the Hands of Robert M'Clcllan Mer- chant in Leith. THAT the Ship INDUSTRY, Capr. Andrew Gowan, will fail fromLeith ( where fhe is now Mng) for CH ARLES- TOWN in South Carolina, Wind and' Weather ferving, againft the id Day of Oftober M. S. without touch ing any other Place in her outward Pafiage. Any Perfon inclining to fnip themfelves or Goods, may apply to tire Gaptain, to. be fpoke with at the Ship, or at Mrs. Ruf-. fel's near the Weigh- houfe, or at Hugh and Robert Clerk's Merchants, wh<> will agree with - them. The Ship has- excellent Accommodation for Pallengers. N. R; If any Tradefman- of a good Charafter, with Atteflatioraof the fame, will go to Carolina, to fsrve for four learsj, the. Captain will agree with. them. linen Oats Oil Pewter Pipes Plate, wrought Red Herrings Rye 5 Serges; Stuffs . 2 Snuff Stone Ware Shot Shoei Sliumack S'lk, mixt wrought : Tin Train Oil Skins, Goat Wheat j' Wheat Mfcal 1 Wood, Braziletto Lignumvit; Logwood. Nicaragua Redwood ] Gum Seneca Oil. of Vitriol, Unrated Goods JUST IMPORTED, BY JOHN RUTHERFORD late of Bowland and Company, Merchants in Cape Fare, North Carolina, by the Snow Grenadier, a Pared of exceeding fine thick TAR, in Barrels, running from 70 to $ 0 Scots Pints, fit for Iniearing of Sheep, which from Experience of laftYear and preceeding Years, of the moil confidcrable Store- ma- ftcrs in Scotland, has been found to anfwer as well for the Purpofe as the beft Norway Tar. There is likeways im- ported by the lame Ship, a Quantity of Tar fit for making cif Ropes for Ship building, and a confiderable Quantity of Pitch and Turpentine, and Deer Skins in the Hair.— The above Goods are to be fold at the Cellars of the faid John Rutherford, oppofite to Mr. Adam's Marble work in Leith. The thick Tar will be fold at 13 s. 6 d. per Barrel, and fix Months Credit to fuch as take a Laft or above it; a Dedu& ion of 5 per cent, is given for ready Money. The other Commodities will be fold at the . current Prices, and a rcafonable Allowance given to Merchants who fhall take Quantities. Commiftions from the Country wi l be anfwer- ed by William Bell Wine- cooper in Leith, at his Houfe in Quaiity- ftreet; and fuch as fend Conimsllions will take Care to men. ion particularly the Place of their Rcfidence, and the Parifh in which it lyes-. As this Trade is entirely carried 011 by the Exportation ot our own Woolen, Linen and other Manufactures, i, t is hoped ail thofe who Willi w. ell to tbeic valu'abie Branches of the Trade of tluir Coun- try will give the proper, Encouragement to the Importation of thefe'Commodities. The above Snow Grenadier, New England built, Bur- then zoo Tons, four Year o'di with all her Tuchle and Boars, as ( lie prefently lyes in the Harbour of Leith, is to be fold by public Roup, within Foith's Coffechoufe, Leith, on the 8thO£ lober next N. S. betwixt the Houts of Three and Four in the Afternoon* The Conditions of Sale to be feen in the Hands of the above William Bell, who will treat with an. y Pcrfon for. a private Pat, chafe, before the Day of. the Sale- Mr. Rutherford and Company have erefled at Cape Fate a Dock, for Ship- building, and will c- ontraS for building Ships of any Dimenfions, at fixed Rate*. Ship- Carpenters, Wrights, Smiths and Coopers, who are willing . to contraft to go to Carolina, for a Number of Years not under four, upon applying to the above Mr. Bell, wiil meet with rea- lonable. Encouragement, TO B: E S O I Dj HE Lands and Eflate of BO G A NG R E E NT; within | fix Miles of Berwick, lying in the Parifh of Cold- mgham and Sirre of Berwick, the yearly free Rent of which, after all Dedu& io. is, is 77 1. 4, d. S. erling.: There is a neat Houfe on the Eflate, confiding at fc* cn Rooms, with good Officehoufes, two fenfirle Inclofures, two Gardens, and a confiderable Quantity of barren Planting, with the Pri- vilege of carting Feall and Divot and graftng on the Muir of Coldingharo. For further Particulai s inquire at Alcx- under Curtyngbame, one of the Clerks to the Signet, at his Chamber iu the Writers Court, Edinburgh. N. B. All the! Creditors of Col. John Cunnynghame of Bogangreen are defired to give in a Note of their refpes- tive Debts to the faid Alexander Cunnyngh. ime, and the Securities by which they are due, and the Incereff thcreon< at Lammas 17- 52,. WHF. REAS the Fair commonly called the MICHAFL- MAS FAIR, kept! in the Town of AYR, the firft T'uefday of Oftobcr yearly, is, by Order of the Magi fi rates and Fown Council, to be kept this Year, and in a 1 Time coming, on the third Tuefday of October, being the 17.5) 1 of the laid'Month New Stile, which is the fame Day it would have happened upon provided there bad been no Al- teration in the Stile; Therefore this public Intimation is made, that all People having Bufinefs at faid Fair may re- gulate themfelres accordingly. THAT the Lands and Eftate ofCARPOW, and Salmon Fifhings, lying in the Parifh ofAbernethy and Shire of Perth, pleafantly fituated on the South Banks of the Ri- ver ofTay, holdcn of tbe Duke of Douglas for Payment of 10 I. Scots of Feu duty, are to be expofed to Sale by pu- blic Roup, within the Exchange Coffee houfe in Edinburgh, on Thurfday the 13d Day of November next, betwixt the Hours of Three and Five Afternoon. The Lands, belidcs what the Herctor pofteffes, and which fows about 30 Bolls ofVidual, pay 32 Bolls Wheat, 74 Bolls Bear, and 12a. Bolls Seed Oats, and i$ 6l. Scots of Money. The Fifhings pay yearly 2411. 6 d. 8d. For further Particulars inquire at John Haliburton Merchant in Dundee, Peter Duncan Writer in Perth, and Alexander Orme Writer in Edinburgh.. THESE are to give Notice, that the OFFICE of MA TER of the GRAMMAR SCHOOL'of BR'ECHINK, now vacant, is to be fettled by the Magiftrates and- Towt* Council ofthe ( aid Burgh, betwixt and the firft Day of Oc- tober next, in cafe a proper Perfon offer. Any Perfon op Perfons the rcfore j who chufe to offer themfelves as Can- didates for faid School, and can procure Arteftations of their Capacity and Character, may make Application to the Magi ft rates of faid Burgh, as foon as poflible, at furtheft,. before the faid firft Day of Oftober next. The Encourag- ment is reckoned about twenty five Pound Sterling yearly,, ( including Quarter Payments) befides the Chance of Bond- ers, which may be confiderable. N. B. There is a Doftor who attends faid School, and has^ Encouragement feparate from the Mailer. By- Order of the Magiftrates and Town Council of Peebles^ I- HERE is to be held at the faid Burgh of Peebles, o> n' Monday the fourteenth Day of September inft. O. S. the Day on which Edlefton Fair ufed to be held, A FAIR for Black Cattle and Merchant Goods, Cuflom free for five Years. Perfons may expeft civil and good Entertainment.. UPON Friday tbe 15th of September inft. N. S. be- twixt the Hoars of Three and Four Afternoon-, here will be expafed to S'ale by way of public voluntary Roup, at John's Cotfeehoufe, the following HOUSES,, all lying" near the Middle of BLACKFR1ERS WYND, B. dinburgh, viz. That Houfe prcfently pofleficd by the Hon. Lady Margaret Lindfav, confiding of three good well-- iightcd Fire Rooms, with a large Clofet to each, a large well- lighted Kitchen, a Parlour, good Garrers, a Cellar, . at large Area and a Wright's Shop ( lying with: n the faidi Area) prefentlypoffefred by Mr. John Montgomery Wright,, paying in ail 11 I. tos. Sterl, Item, A Houfe lying under Lady Margaret Lindlay's, confiding. of a Kitchen, one Fire- Room, two Clofcrs, and a Cellar; prefently poflcffed by John Gray Indweller, paying ? L. SterL Item, A Houfe- adjoining to Lady Margaret Lindfay's, ( with a feparate' Entry from the Wynd) prefently poffefft- d by Ml'. Johm MacPhcrfon Mufician, coiififting of three good well light- ed Fire Rooms, four ight Clofets, a Kitch'cn, Cellar andi Area, paying 8 1. Sterl. The Progrefs of Writs and . Con-' ditions of Sale to be feen in the Hands of John Patuiloj, Writer in- Edinburgh, to be found at John's Coffeehoufc. TO be ( old by public, voluntary Roup,, within th'e- Houfe of Alexander Ormc Vintner in Coupar im Fife, upon f bin ( day the nth Day of October next, N. S.:. betwixt the Hours of Twelve and T- wo Afternoon, the.- Town and Lands of B A. L M E Di E, and TE! NDS . therc- of, lying within the Parifh ot Dunboge and Shire of Fife,, and ho1 ding Blench. of the Duke of Douglas;, the- yearly." ffee'Rent is jol. 10 s. S. crl. 16 Kain Htn- s, 8 Capons, ie> J Chickens, and the Catriage of 40 Loads of Coals*. The- Rental, Progrcfs of Writs* and Conditions. of Sale, to be: teen in the Hands of Robert Doughs W- ritcr ia£ dm- bu; gh « • TT/ - HEREAS the Alteration of the Kalendar talces Place VV this Year, and that, by an Aft part laft Seftion of Par, iament, Fairs are to be kept and holden on the natu- ral Days on which the fame would have been kept and holden in cafe no fuch Alteration had been made; There- fore thele are to advertife, that the FAIR OF DALKEITH, which formerly uled to be kept and holden on tbe fecond Tuefday ot Oftober, is this Year, and for hereafter, to be kept and holden on the third Tuefday, which falls this Year to be the 17th of laid Month, New Stile. THATaPARCELOFHQUSES, and a Garden, belonging to the deceaft Andrew Wilfon Mafon in Newington, and now to Alexander Wilfon Brewer in Leith, his Son, lying in Newington in Grange Caufway fide near Edinburgh, confifting of thirteen Dwelling ho . fes high and laigh, witb the forelaid Garden, and paying of yearly Rent the Sum of z 5 1. lis. 8 d. Sierl. out- of which yearly Ren- tal there is payable to the Laird of Newington,. Superior thereof, the Sum of 16 1. 13 s. 4 d. Scots Money of Feu- duty, which Houfes and Garden above mentioned are to be expofed to public voluntary Roup and Sale, at Edinburgh, upon the fecond Wednefday of September inft. being the aoth of that Month New Stile, betwixt the Hours of Three and Four of the Clock in the Afternoon, within the Houfe of George Wilfon Vintner in Edinburgh. The Rental of the faids D- welling- houfes and Yard, Writs of the faids Lands, and Conditions of Roup, are to be feen in the Hands of John Wilfon Writer in Edinburgh, at the Admi- ralty Office there. r O be fold by voluntary Roup, on the 20th Septem- J ber inft. at Three o'Clock Afternoon, within John's Coffeehoufe in Edinburgh, that STABLE and COACH- HOUSE in St. Mary's Wynd, lately rebuilt, and prefently pofleft by Alexander Gairdner Ferrier. For Particulars in- quire at Mr. Ronald CrawTurd, at his Houfe in Cant's Clofe. THAT the FAIRS at MID CALDER, formerly held upon the firft TUESDAYS of MARCH and OCTOBER, are in Time coming, in refpeft of the Al- teration of the Kalendar, to be held upon the id TUES. DAYS of thefe refpeftive Months; and accordingly the Fair in OCTOBER this Year will be held upon the SECOND Tuefday being the 10th of faid Month. '' I"' HAT the Lands of GRANGE and DAMB, and Jl others, with the Mill and Pertinents and Teinds, Parfonage and Vicarage of the faids Lands, belonging to David Kennedy of Kir krnichael, lying within the Parifh of Maybole and Shire of Ayr, holding of the Crown, and paying of yearly Rent to the Heretor j8 Bolls of Meal, 15 Bolls of Bear, and 610 1. is. 8d. Scots of Money, includ- ing the Price of the Capons at half a Merk Scots each, the Hens moftly at 4 s. and partly at 5 s. Scors each, the Chic- kens at 2 s. Scots each, the Coals- leading partly at 3 s. and partly at 2 s. 6 d. Scots each Load, the Land- plowing at 11. 1 os. Scots each Acre, the Day's Service of Man and Horfe at 4s. Scots, the Butter at 3 !. Scots per Stone, the Swine at 61. 6 s. 8 d. cach, and the Dozen of Eggs at 1 s. Scots, it being in the Mailer's Option to take cither the Poultry, i'refenrs and Services or the above Prices forthem, are to be fold by public voluntary Roup, within the Dwelling, houfe of David Limont Vintner in Ayr, upon Wednefday the firft Day of November next New Stiie, betwixt the Hours of Three and Five Afternoon. The Progrefs of Writs, Rental of the Lands, and Articles and Conditions - of the Roup are to be feen in the Hands of James Fergu- ton Writer in Ayr. Any Perfon who inclines to purthale the Lands before the Roup maycommune with the Proprie- tor, or ( he faid James Fergufon. '" By Order of the Honourable the Magijlrates and Council . of the City of Aberdeen TT/' HEREAS by Chatter fiom the Crown, ratified in VV Parliament, the City of Aberdeen has a Privilege of FOUR YEARLY FAIRS, to be holden in May, June, Oftober and December yearly ; " Ihefe are intimating to all Perfbns whatever, that the firft of thefe Fairs is to be held on the firft Tuefday and Wednelday of Oftober next, and the Mercat for Horfe, Nolt and Sheep is to ttand on the Muir called the White- myres, one Mile Weft of the City, and for all Merchandize within the City The fecond Fair is to be held, as afbrefaid, on the firft Tuef- day and Wednefday of December next; the third Fair on the firft Tuefday and Wednefday of May next; and the fourth to be on the fecond Tuefday and Wednefday of June next: And fo forth yearly thereafter, on the Days and at the Places above mentioned.-- Thefe Markets are to be Cuftom- free. THE Right Hon. the Lord GRAY, Robert Graham of Fintry, David Wedderburn of Wedderburn, Alex- ander Hunter of Balskellie, Alexander Read of Logie, James Graham of Methie, Alexander Graham of Duntroon, James Guthrie of Craigie, and William Guthrie of Cleping- toun, are refolved to prefcrve the GAME on their refpec- tive Grounds; Thefe are therefore dilcharging all Perions whatfomever from Hunting with Nets, Guns or Dogs, on any of the faids Grounds, other ways they will be profecute in the ftri& eft Manner. HAT 61 Acres of the Lands of VVARISTOUN, 1 belonging to George Heriot's Hofpital, with the Houfes, Barns, Byres, & c. as the fame arc prefently pof- feffed by Mris. Key and Stephen Liihgow Tenants thejxof, paying yearly 144 Bolls of Barley, and 3 1. 16 s. 3 d. Sterl. of Money Rent, are now to be fet in Tack for one, two or three nineteen Years. Any Perfon who inclines to have the faid Tack is hereby defired to give in his Propofals concerning the fame, betwixt and the 26th Day of Septem- ber inft. in a Letter fealed and directed to Albert Monro Treafurer of rhe faid Hofpital, at his Houfe in Edinburgh, or at the Britilb Coffeehoufe there. WHEREAS the Right Hon. Lord Elp'ninflone, Lord Napier, Lord Boyd, the Hon. Charles Elphinftone, Sir Michael Bruce of Stenhoufe, Sir Michael Stewart of Blackhall, Sir James Dunbar iff Mochrum, Sir James Li- vingftone of Glentirran, Barrs. Captain Robert Haldane of Plean, Captain John Stirling of Herbertfhire, Thomas For- refler of Dinovan, Thomas Dundas of Inarole, Laurcnce Dundas of Kerie, and James Burns of Dorater, are refolv- ed to preferve the GAME on their refpeftive Ellates in the Counties of Stirling and Dumbarton; Thefe are there- fore prohibiting all Perfons whatever from hunting with Nets, Guns or Dogs, on any of the faid Lands, as they are determined to profecute Offenders in Terms of Law. THE Room and Lands of LOCHEAD, in the Parifli of Auchtertool! and Shire of Fife, belonging to the Right Hon. the Earl of Wemvfs, is to be fet in Tack ( for inch a Number of Years as fhall be agreed on) after Mar- tinmas next 1753, by way of Roup, on rhe fecond Wed- nefday of February next, within the Houfe of Gilbert Ro- bertfon Shoremafter at the Merhili, betwixt the Hours of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon. The Lands contain about 300 Acrcs, and are well provided wirh Mofs, and pay pre- fently of yearly Rent 1 Boll 3 Firl. 1 Peck 2 and half Lippies of Wheat, 10 Bolls of Meal, 10 Bolls of Oats, foo Merks Scots of Money Rent, and 24 Hens at half a Merk each. Edinburgh, Printed for R. FLEMING andCompany, and fold the firft fore Stair below the Laigh CcfFee ho- iie, oppofire co the" Crofs, Isortb- fide of the Street; where Advertifements and. Commiffions are taken in
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