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The Edinburgh Evening Courant


Printer / Publisher:  R. Fleming and Company
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No Pages: 4
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant

Murder of Colin Roy Campbell 1752
Date of Article: 02/06/1752
Printer / Publisher:  R. Fleming and Company
Address: sold below Laigh Coffee house
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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T H E EdinburghEveningCourant T U E S D A Y J U N E %: 1 7 5 2. A MAIL from F R A N C E . G E N E R A L E V E N I N G P O S T , M A Y 18. EXTRACT of a LETTER from PARIS, May 17. T Here is certainly Something o f great Importance negotiating between put Court and that of Vienna. If Commerce Is'the O b j e A of this Negociation, as there is the trtfnofl: Reafon to believe it is, England and Holland will, . be very attentive to it, and will not fail giving the Court of Vienna proper Eclaircifferaents upon an Affair which fo greatl y interefts the two Nations. It is the general Opinion here, that during the Refidence of his Britannick Majefty at Hanover, the Affair o f the Election of a King of the Rontons, in favour of the Archduke Jofeph, will be vigouroufly puflfd, and that a decifiveRefolution will be thereupon taken. It's thought that our Court will not oppofe it, feeing it has not fufficiently recovered from the Loffes it fuftained in the late War, and the King of Pruffia can do nothing alone. I t was lately reported that the Earl of Albemarle, the Britifh Ambaffador here, would be charged with the Negociation about the Neutral Iflands, and the Limits between the t w o Crowns in North America; but that Report now appears to be groundlefs. The Negociation will be carried on in the fame Way it was begun; that is to fay, the refpective Commifiaries will examine and decide the Points in queftion. As for the Britiih Cimmiflaries, ' tis pretended they have recently received Inftructions of fuch a Natureyas cannot fail of. accleratiM the Conclufion. of thefe A f f a i r s; but it ftrongely fulpedted, that our Commiffaries have InftrudFtons calculated for Procraftinaticn, as the Situation of Affairs in Germany does not well admit of being inHafte to terminate all Differences with England. Letters from Port L ' O r i e n t of the 13d inft. mention the Arrival of the Roulier from Pondicherry, and that her Cargo confifts of 1100 Bales of Goods ofth'eCoromandelCoaft, 270000 lb. of Red Wood, 170000 lb. Pepper and Saltpetre, 8cc. By this Ship we have Advice, that the Duke de Pent h i e v e , belonging to our Indian Campany, as alio a Danifh and a Swedifh Ship, had all three loft their Voyage to China. HAGUE, May 28. They write from Berlin, that the King of Pruffia has been afreth attacked, not with a Fit of the Gout, as it was at firft given out, but with one of the Cholick, the Confequences of the frequent Returns of which are very much apprehended by a great Part of this Court; for if it ( hould happen that this Diforder'fhould play his Majefty an unlucky T r i c k , and carry him off the Stage at a Time when no Body might have expeded fuch an Event, the Face o f Affairs would be very much changed, according to the Opinion of thofe People that know Prince Auguftus William's Manner of thinking, who is to fucceed him.' T h e Affairs of the Repubick are ftill in the fame indeterminate State. The States of Holland are deliberating upon the Article of the Free Port, to which thofe of Zealand make a ftrong Oppofition; and no Wonder that they do, for in their Province Merchandize pays li'tle or no Duties, and therefore their whole Province is to them a fort'of Free Port, gnd their private Intereft the fole Caufe of their Oppofition to fo falutary and advantageous a Projedt, L O N D O N . , " r We hear that the Merchants o f New- Englandhave refolv* ed to open a Trade into Hudfon's Bay, without any Re* gard to the CofiipSftiy, or their Charter; who, if they in- - l i n e to try the Affair i t Law, will, in'fuch a Cafe, be oto proiecute. By ihis means their Right to an exclul i v e T t ^ e , and the Monopoly of the Produce of thatCoun- . t r y , will be contefted, and probably either be confirmed or fet afide. Admiral Knowles fets out for Jamaica on Saturday next. Yefterday feveral poor Boys, fome of them in the moll tatter'd Condition, were- received by the Managers of the Herring- F fhery Society, and ordered on board their Buffes lying in the River; there to be cloathed, and fent to the Fithing Grounds off Shetland. A Ship from Newfoundland for Ancona is loft in the Streights. Laft Week an Accident happened on board the Severn Man of War, lying off Plymouth Dock, ready to fail with other Ships, to relieve his Majefty's Ships ftationed in the Weft- Indies, that had very near put a Stop to her V o y a g e , by fome Materials catching Fire in the Boatfwain's Cabbin, which joined to one o f the Powder Magazines on Board; the Fire prefently got a Head fo much, that the Crew, excepting feven quitted the Ship, and went afhore, expefting . every Moment to fee her blow up; but the Men that were left were determined to peritb, rather than lofe . the Ship; accordingly, they went to work with a full Refolution to extinguifh the Fire, which made a prodigious Smoak; and by knocking out the Heads of the Water- Casks, and handing the Buckets of Water from one to the other, they with ' great Labour and Difficulty got it under. After they had fufficiently quenched it, they went on Deck, and gave three Huzzas to a prodigious Number of Spectators, who lined the Shore, expefting every Moment to fee the Ship blow up; and then the Remainder of the Crew went on board again. T h e y write from New England, that a Ship from Hloland was arrived at Marblehead, having on board feveral hundred German Proteftants, i n order to fettle in the Eaftem. Parts of that Province. We have Advice from America, that the Robert and Nelly, Capt. Grigman, bound from the Canaries to Carolina, is loft in her Paffage; the Captain and his People, except two, were fayed by a North- American Veffel. This Morning the Effex, Capt. Jackfon, from India, came to her Moorings at Erith. W H I T E H A L L E V E N I N G P O S T , May z6. PARIS A- LA- MAIN, June 2. The King having been informed, that feveral Pamphlets and Prints have lately appeared, notwjthftanding the repeated Prohibitions which his Majefty has caufed to be publilhed againft writing or publifh- Sng any thing reflefting upon the Regulations lately made by the Parliament, his Majefty has iffued an Arret to fupprefs all fuch Prints and Pamphlets, under very fevere Penalties againft all Perfons who ( hall be any ways concerned in prinung, publifliing, or difperfmg them. Thofe who have any by them of what have been already publifhed, are alfo enjoined to deliver them up immediately totheRegifters o f die Council, The Print which has been fuppreffed, re • prefents an Altar like thofe which the Antients made their Sacrifices upon; on the Right Hand of which Hands a Figure, witha Sword in one Hand, and the other refting upon the Altar, on which are reprefented the Myfteries of Religion, and over it a Dove with a Branch of Olive inirsBeak. On the other Side of the Altar is reprefented the Figure of France, and that of a Magiftrate; and at the Bottom of the. Print is copied, at full Length, the Arret which the Parliament iffued the 18th of April laft, concerning the Refusal of the Sacraments. L O N D O N . The Dutch News Writers make themfelves merry with the Conferences at Bruffels; but more prudent People are of Opinion, that if what they fay be true, it will, fooner or latter, be found a very melancholy Truth. Bank Stock, 146 . India Stock, 190. South Sea Stock, n o . F r o m t h e L O N D O N E V E N I N G P O S T. PARIS, May 16. From feveral ele< ftrical Experiments performed by our moft confummate. Naturalifts, in pu'rfuance Of thofe by Mr. Franklyri in Philadelphia, to find whether the tonitruous and eleftricalMatter be notanalagous'; it appears, that to Axon the higheft Part of Buildings, - or Sh'ipS, ( harppointed Iron Bars of ten or twelve Feet, and gilt to prevent Ruft, with a Wire hanging down on the Outfide to the Ground, or about one of the Ship's Shrouds, is a P. refervative againft Thunder. The. Sieur Dalibard having placed in a Garden at Marly an Iron Bar on an eleftrical Body at the Height of 40 Feet, was informed that on the toth c f May, about za'Minutes after T w o , a Tempeft palling over that Spot, the Parifh Prielt and other Perfons drew from the Bar • fuch Sparks and Agitations as are feen in the common electrical Performances. On the 18th, the Sieur d e ' L o t having fixed a Bar at the Height of 99 Feet, on a Cake of Rofin two Feet fquare and three Inchcs thick, drew Corufcations fromit daring half an Hour betwixt Four and Five, whilft the Cloud vvas over it; thefe Scintillations were perfectly like thofe emitted by his Gun Barrel, when the Globe is rubb; d only with the Brtifh, the fame Fire, the fame Crackling; • yvhilft the Rain mixed with a little Hail fell from the Cloud without any Lightning or Thunder, t'no' it appeared to be the Progrefs of a Tempeft which had happened elfewhere: Both thefe Experiments have been reported to the Royal Academy of Sciences, and do evince that Thunder Clouds may be deprived of their Fire, by Iron Bars fafhianed and fixed as above. L O N D O N . Monday Morning one Thomas Wilford was committed to Newgate by julli. ee Fielding for the Murder of Sarah his Wife, hy giving her feveral Stabs, and cutting her Throat in fuch a Manner asalmoft to fever her Head from her Body. — T h e Fiifoner confeffed the Fact, and faid that he had married this Woman on Wednefday laft, that he had a very Tiokr. t Love for her, and that Jealoufy was the Motive to this rath Afiion. He laid his Wife had left him the Night before at Seven, and ft aid out till paft Eleven; that he was vexed at her long Stay, and queftioned her about it at her Return, to which fee gave him very fhortandunfatisfadtory Anfwers. This threw him into a Rage, which being further kindled by provoking Words, he fnatched up a Knife and committed the above F a - f t .— He was extremely bloody, and particularly on one Knee, with which he had knelt on his Wife while he cut .. her Throat.— WJienJtehadpiepstrat* ed this ho'rrid ' Fadt, he ran haftily down from the lecond Floor, Where he lodged, to the firft, and offered t o make his Efcape out at the Window; but a Woman who- lodged in the R o om oppofite to him, who hadheard his W i f e groan, crying out Murder, he ftopt fuddeoly and returned, faying he had killed the Woman whom he had loved beft of all the World, and was contented to faffer for it. After this he made no mors Offer at efcaping, which . he might ealily have effe& ed; but ftaid quietly with the Men of the Houfe till the Conftable came, and took him into Cuftody. He is a young Fellow juft turned of 17 Years of Age, born only with one Arm, of a comely and modeft Countenance, and his Behaviour, with the extreme Horrors with which he appeared to be pofleft, drew fome Pity from the Crowd who were prefent, notwithftanding he confeffed, he. vvas near a Quarter of an Hour in committing the Murder; during which Time it was remarkable, that no Peifon heard more than two or three of the Woman's dying Groans. E D I N B U R G H . We are certainly informed, that by a Letter from the Rf. Hon. the Earl of Holdernefle, one of his Majefty's principal Secretaries of State, to the Lord Juftice Clerk, his Lordfbip takes Notice, , that he had laid before the Lords Juftices an Account of the execrable Murder of Mr. Colin Campbell of Glenure, . committed upon Thurfday the 14 hMay laft; and' their Excellencies having taken into their Conftderation the Iniolence of this Attempt, and the feveral aggravating Circumftances which attend it, have determined to offer a Reward of tool. each to fuchPerfon orPerfons as fhall difcover the Author or Authors of this wicked Adtion, and a free Pardon to any Perfon concerned who fliall difcover his or their Accomplices, fo that he or they be brought to Juftice, excepting ihe Perfon who adtually committed the Murder; and Directions are fent to the Sheriff- depute of Argylefhire, - to affix upon all the Church- doors within his Jurifdiction an Advertifement to ihis Purport. Laft Sunday Night died at Bainfield, in the 14th Year of his Age, Mr. Thomas Stephen of London Merchant, only". Son of Mr. John Stephen Merchant in this City. If filial Duty, fraternal Affection, Integrity of Heart, Generofity of Mind, and the moft univerfal and'difinterefted Benevolence manifefted in the whole Adtions of a Ihort Life, could endear this young Gentleman to Mankind, he dies the Objedl of a juft- Regret; and his Friends have all the Comfort that the Contemplation of his Virtues, and the Sympathy of the Public, afford. Yefterday being the Anniverfary kept in Memory of Mr. George Heriot, Founder of the beautiful Hofpu'al which bears his Name, the Lord- Provoft and Magiftrates went in Proceflion to the new Grey- friers Church, and heard a Sermon fuitable to the Occafion preached by the Rev. Mr. Jardine, one of the Minifters of this City, from Prov. iii. 2.8. The Boys, all new clothed, as alfo' the Girls belonging to the Merchants and Trades Hofpitals, walked to Church in Order, and made a very agreeable Appearance. The Boys deck'd the Statue of their famous Benefadtor with a Variety of beautiful and curious Flowers, and Thoufands of youthful Spectators were highly pleas'd with the Elegance of the Show. We hear from Glafgow, that good Oat- meal fells there at 10 d. per Peck, and' that as there is a fine Piofped over the whole Country there is no Doubt of its being f; on cheaper. — And that two large Detachments o f the Welfh Fufneersare . gone from thence to work upon the new Road making, between Taindrum and Fort William. - We hear that 200 Soldiers- belonging to Fort Willi am keep Garrifon at the Laird of Appin's Houfe, where we are told' they will continue till the Search for the Murderers of Mr. Campbell of Gknure is over. They write from NevVcaftle, that the following melancholy- Accident happened at. a. Public Houfe there: Evan M ao donaM, a Soldier in Guife's Regiment, now quartered at that Place, being at Supper, fprne Company Coming- in gave him provoking Language, which he warmly refe- ucd, and a. Scuffle enfued, where. n he unhappily wounded a young Man in the Neck fo dangeroufly that lie died foon after,, upon which the Soldier was committed to Prifon and put in Irons.— Such are the gloomy Conferences 01 rafh reflecting Difco'urfe, afcd revengeful taffiton. 1 T H I S ' D A Y I S P U B L I S H E D , And ( old by K I N C A I D and D O N A L D S O N , t . y H E Trial of Mary Blandy Spinftcr, for the Murder L o f h e r Father Francis Bland y Gent- at the Affixes held at Oxford, before the Hon. Baron Legge and Baron Smyth, publifhed by Permiffion of the Judges, Price One Shilting. 2. Memoirs iliuftrating the Manners of the Prefent Age, wherein are'corttainecl the remarkable Incidents in the Life of a young Nobleman, tranflated from the French of Monl. du Clos, i vols. n m o . 3. The World in Miniature, or Entertaining Traveller, giving an Account of every thing necelfary and curious in all the Nations of the World, adorned with a great many Cuts and Maps, 1 vols. izmo. 4. TheComedics of Terence, tranflated into Englilh Profe, to which is prefixed an Account of the Author and the Dramatic Poetry of the Antients, by Mr. Gordon, n m o. y. The Life of Mahomet, tranflated from the French of Count Boulinvilliers, i2mo. 6. Harvey's Meditations, a new Edition, with Copperplates, i vols, l i i n o. F O R L O N D O N . THAT THE GOOD SHIP T H E E D I N B U R G H MERC H A N T , David Bowman Mailer, for London,, is now lying in the Harbour of Leith, taking in Goods and Palfenger- s, and will lail the 14: 11 Day of June, Wind and Weather ferving. The Mafler to be fpoke with Tuefdays and Fridays, at Edinburgh, at Alexander Lefly's Vintner in Writers Court, and at John'Crichton's011 the Shore in Leith, and at the Ship. The faid Ship has good Accomreodation for Paflengers. ^ | H E R ti is to b- fold by way of public Roup, upon J[ Monday the iyth of June current, beginning againft Ten of the Clock Forenoon, at the Middle of the Tolbooth Wynd in the Canongate, a H E A R S E , lately mounted with all fafhionable Furniture and two Velvet Palls, Coaches, Landaus and Chaifes, wiih 18 Horfes, fundry Harnefles and other Goods, al! in good Condition. The Hearle, Landaus, Coaches, Horfes, & e. with the Articles of Roup, may be feen upon Friday and Saturday preceeding the fame, at the Coach yard in the forefaid Wynd, • where Attendance will be given. The Roup to continue till all be fold. N . B . The Coach- yard, Houfe, Stable arid Loft is to be fet at the fame time, and entered to immediately after the Roup. B Y A D J O U R N M E N T , TO be fold by voluntary Roup, upon Friday the fth of June inft. in the Britifh Coffeeho- ule, Edinburgh, betwixt Four and Five in th^ Afternoon, me Lands of W E S T E R H O U D O U N , lying in the Parilb of Mid- Calder and Sheriffdom of Edinburgh, nine Miles Weft from Edinburgh, the Rental of the Lands in the Tenants Hands being 3581. Scots, including Prefents as converted by the Tack, befides about 31 Acres of Ground, divided by feveral Inclofures and well watered, with a good deal of Planting growing thereon, and a Garden of five Roods, inelofed by a Stone Dyke three Ells high, with a Manlion- houfe of nine Fire Rooms, moftly finifhed, befides^ Clofcts and Garrets and Stable, all flated, Barn, Byre, Cellar, Walhing- houfe, Chaife or Coach houfe, and Cart- houfe, all in, the Proprietor's Hands, not rentalcd-, which Lands hold of his Grace the Duke of Buccleugh for Payment of loMerks yearly. The Rental, Progrefs and Conditions of Roup to be feen in the Proprietor's Hands, to be found in the Britifh Cofteehoufe, with whom any inclining to make a private Purchafe before the Roup may commune and agree. . T O B E S O L D , THE Lands and Eftate of N E W L I S T O N , lying in the Shire of Linlithgow, within feven Miles of Edjnburgh; the free yearly Rent thereof is 431I. 18I. z t} » 1- 3 ds Sterling, befides above 60 Acres in a Garden or fine Park, and 42 Acres planted, and many other Convenienc e s ; the Eftate holds of the Crown. Any Perfon who . inclines to purchafe may treat with John Dalrymple of Stair, Efq; the Proprietor, or Charles Brown Writer in Edinburgh; and they will be fhown the Houfe, Gardens, See. by David Baillie at Haugh. THE Lands of S C A R L A W , in the Parifh of Cranfhaws and Shire of Berwick, a Stock- Farm in the Neighbourhood of Byrecleugh, paying 40 1. Sterling o£ yearly Renr, - with Deduction only of Minifter's Stipend and Schoolmafter's Salary, are to be fold by public Roup, at Edinburgh, in the End of July or Beginning of Auguft next, to be afcertained by a future Advertifement. — For further Particulars inquire of Thomas Cockburn, Writer to the Signet, who will treat with any Perfon inclining to make a private Bargain. TO be fold by public voluntary Roup, upon Monday the 15th Day of June inft. in the Laigh Coffeehoufe in Edinburgh, betvvixt the Hours of Three arrd Five Afternoon, the Lands and Eftate of B R O I C H , with the! Teinds, paying yearly of free Rent 1737 1. 7 s. 1 r d. Scots,, holding Blench of a- Subjeift, and lying about 7 Miles W e ft of Stirling, in the Shire thereof and Parifh of Kippen,. bounded on the North by the River of Forth. Theie is a convenient newly repaired Manfion hoafe about the Middle of the Eflate, confifting of five Fire Rooms, beftdes Garrets and a vaulted Kitchen and Cellar, and other Convcniencies, with good Offices built within thefe four Years, two Gardens, one upon the Eaft and the other on the Weft Side of the Hotife, both well fenced, and containing a Variety of Fruit Trees of the bell Kinds, and both planted round with barren Trees of about 3a Years old, and a Row of Firs of about ? o> Year old, an Avenue with regular Planting well advanced, and other Planting round the Houfc. There is alfo a pleafant Wood near ' the Houle, confining of Oak, Elm, Alb and Birch, that may be cur within feven Years, and when fit for cutting may be fold, as it has been formerly, for about i c a l . Stcrh There is a Water running through the Wood and- clofe by the Houfc, which emptieth itfelf into the Forth, as does alfo another Water that runs down the other Side of the Houfe. Of • the Lands in the Proprietor's own Hand-, mentioned in the Rental, there are 20 Acres well difpofed and fenced with Ditch and Hedge in good Order. There rs alfo belonging to the Eftate 100 Acres of Mofs on the Banks of the Forth, not half a Mile from the Manfion- boufe, and which may be all made, and is daily making arable at a fmall Expencc; • tbe Proprietor has already improved Part of it into fertile • arable Ground. There is on the South Side a very improvable large Muir, with the Privilege of Limc- Craig lying almoft comiguou& to it, whereby it can be greatly improv'd.. The Progrefs ot Writs, Rental of the Lands, and Conditions of Roup, to be feen in the Hands of Charles Robertat rheHsufe of Mr. William Robertlon. Writer in the Old Aflembly d o l e , Edinburgh. T O be L E A P T at, Little Pinkerton near Dunbar, % well- fizcd, well- made BLACK HORSE, of Hamlet's Breed, rifing five Years old, at twelve Shillings Leap and Trial. Inquire for Thomas Dudgeon B Y Order of the Court of Seflion, to be fold by public Roup, in Wholesale or Parcels, within the Parliamenthoufe in Edinburgh, on Tuelday the ? th of June next, ' cwixt Two and Four Afternoon, before the Lord Ordinary on the Bills for the Time, the LANDS and ESTATE of B U R L E I G H , lying in the Shires of Fife ami Kinrols, confifting of the following Particulars: Feu- duties fo be fold Barony of BURLEIGH, - - Barony of Si RATHMIGLO, - • Lands o f Newton of FALKLAND, Coal at DEADSNOOK, - - - - free of all Dedu& i- • onl, ViSiual, & c. converted into Scots Money. L. s. d. 6 8 7 9\ 13 s 1814 H f 44 Rent of tbe Proper, ty of tbe Lands feued, converted into Scots Money. L. 40 n 102 j f46 d. 8 o o Tree Rent of tbe Lands not feued, converted into Scots Money. L. 704 1 7 1 7 8 7 * d. o 3i 4 Prices at which tke Particulars are f be fet up. L. 62822 1 0 5 8 1 333i d. 8 •> 4 8 3s l y o 2 7 r 8 1 N. B. The whole Lands and Tithes are held Blanch of the Crown, and are valued at an eafy Rate, viz. at i t or » 2.£ Years Purchafe, and a great Part of the Superiorities at 25 Years Purchafe. The Coal is held of the Abbacy of Dunferm ine for Payment of 7 1. Scots of Feu duty to the Abbacy, and 3 ' Loads of Coals weekly to the Proprietor of the Ground under which the Coal lyes. The Rental and Conditions of Roup to be feen in the Hands of Alexander Rofs Depute- clerk of Seflion, and of John Ruffel junior Clerk to the Signet. TH A T upon Friday the 11th of June current, the R O O M and L A N D S of F A L S I D E , which exceed 300 Acres of arable Ground, lying in the Parifh of Carnbee and Shire of Fife, is to be fet in Tack by public Roup, for the Space of 21 Years after Martinmas next, within the Houfc of James Johnfton Vintner in Anftruther, betwixt the Hours of T w o and Three Afternoon.— The Conditions of Roup to be feen in the Hands of the Proprietor, at his Houle in Anftruther. JO H N C A M P B E L L of C A L D E R , Pryfe Campbell younger of Calder, and Alexander Brodie of Lethen, are refolved ftriftly to preferve the GAME on their refpective Eflates in the Shires of Invernefs and Nairn, and have appointed proper Perlons to apprehend and give Information of any who ( hall be found tranfgreffing; it is therefore expefted, none will venture to hunt on thefe Eftates, with Dogs, Guns or Nets, otherways they may expeft the Rigour of the Law to be put in Execution againfl them. " T " ' H A T the Lands and Eftate of the deceafl GEORGE X WINRAM of EYMOUTH, confifting of the Lands and Barony of Eymouth, Feu- duties and Cuftoms thereof, holding Feu of the Crown ; the Salmon- fifhing on Tweed called Streams- bank, holding formerly Ward, and now Blench of the Crown by a late Aft of Parliament 5 and the Half of the Lands of Gunfgreen, ho'ding Feu of Sir John Home of Renton ; all lying in the Shire of Berwick; ARE to be fold by public Roup, before the Lords of Seflion, on Friday the 10th Day of July next, betwixt the Hours of Three and Five of the Clock Afternoon. The free Rent of Eymouth, befide the Feu- duties and the free Teind, and converting the Viftual at the ufual Rates of the Shire, is 12001, i t s . i o d . and is valued at 23 Years Purchafe; the free Teind is 881. 4 d. and is valued at five Years Purchafe ; the Feu duties of the faid Barony are 103 I. 4s. 2 d. and the moft of them are valued only at 22 Years Purchafe; and the whole Value put upon the Barony, and including the Kain and Carriages thereof, is 30515 1. r i s . tod. the faid Filhing of Streams- bank is valued at 1200 1. Scots in Bulk; the free Rent of Eymouth's Half of Gunfgreen, after Deduftion of the Feu and Teind Duties thereof, and converting the Viftual at the Rates of the Shire, is 165 1. 4 s. 2 d. valued at 20 Years Purchafe, and makes, with tbe converted Prices of the Kain and Carriages thereof, 3 4 1 . 3. S. 4 d. and fo the proven Value of the whole Subjefts under Sale is 352511. i f s - 1 d. all Scots Mofiey. " The Articles and Conditions of the Sale to be feen in the Hands of Alexander Keith, one of the under Clerks of Seflion, and of James Halyburton Writer to the Signet. TO be expofed to public Roup and Sale, by Authority of the Lords of Council and SefTion, within the Parliament or New Seflion- houfe of Edinburgh, upon Wednefday the 17th Day of June 1752.. betwixt the Hours of T w o and Five in the Afternoon, before the Lord Ordinary on the Bills for the Time, the Superiority and Feuduty of the Four Pound three Shilling four Penny Land of old Extent of the lands of E A S T E R and W E S T E R .* GAIRbRADDS, lying in the Barony Parifh of Glafgow, and Shire of Lanerk, which is to be expofed at 6591. 15 s. 1 d. Scots, being the Price fet thereon by the Lords. The Articles and Conditions of Roup, and, Progrefs o f Writs, to be feen in the Hands of Alexander Finlayfon, one of the under Clerks of Seflion. TH E S E are to give Notice to the V A S S A L S, and other Perfons called in a Summons of Reduftion and Improbation, at the Inftance of his Grace A R C H I - B A L D Duke of D O U G L A S , wherein Certification was pronounced the 15th February 174?, who have neither entered as Vaflals, nor produced their Rights in the faid Procefs, That the faid Decreet of Certification will be extracted upon the 20thDay of June next 1752. This Advertifement is given, that the Defenders, againft whom the Certification doesftrike, may, betwixt and the faid Day, either produce their Writings in the Hands of Alexander Rofs, one of the Depute Clerks of Scflion, and Clerk to the faid Procefs, or in the Hands of Archibald Stewarr, Writer to the Signet, Doer for his Grace, in order to their being cntred. Edinburgh, Printed for R. F L E M I N G and Company, and fold the firft fore Stair below the Laigh Ccffee hoafe, crppofi te to theCrofs, North- file of the Street} where Advertifements and Commiffions are taken in
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