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The Edinburgh Evening Courant


Printer / Publisher: R. Fleming and Company 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant

Date of Article: 30/03/1752
Printer / Publisher: R. Fleming and Company 
Address: Edinburgh
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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T H E EdinburghEvenin MONDAY MARCH 30. 1752. MAILS from HOLLAND, LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 14. NAPLES, MARCH 7. LAST Week an Express arrived here with some Dispatch- es relating to the Negotiation that is carrying on be- tween the Empress Queen, and his Catholick Majesty, for maintaining thc Tranquillity of Italy. The Workmen em- ployed by the Court in digging up the Ruins of the ancient City of Heraclea, have lately discovered some cxtreame fine Marble Statues, very little defaced, STOCKHOCM, MARCH 17. The Report of some distur- bances between the Russians and us in Finland, are entire- ly without Foundation. We have received Advice from divers Places of this Kingdom, of their having lately felt se- veral Shocks of an Earthquake, and particularly at Fahluo, and in the DistriCt of Tholland, but that they had happily . gone off without doing any considerable Damage. We learn from Gothenbourg, that they are in daily Expectation of the Arrival of two of our east India Company's Ships from Chi- na, richly laden. COPENHAGEN, MARCH IS. The Society established in this City for the Encouragement of Matrimony, and for. the Rc- . lief and Support of Widows, Orphans and Invalids, have at length chosen Directors for the Management of that Society. • GENERAL EVENING POST, MARCH. 24. MADRID, MARCH 7, The Interdiction. against the Ham- burgers has been executed throughout this Kingdom to its ut- most StriCtnesS; his Majesty absolutely insisting, that before any Mitigation of the former Sentence, the City of Ham- burgh shall absolutely renounce any Correspondence or Con- nexion with the Barbarians- That all Engagements cf- any. Kind must be totally dissolved without any Evasion. The " Syndic alledged, that if Hamburgh absolutely renounced all Treaties with Algiers none of their Ships bound to Spain would safely reach their Port. To this it was Replied, that this Inconveniency admitted of an easy remedy; for since • the City of Hamburgh could spare such a considerable Sum annually in Presents to its Infidel Allies, that Expcnce might be put to a better Use, and serve to keep two Men of War for the Protection of their Trade in thc Mediterranean, be- sides that which they might naturally expeCt from his Ma- Jesty's Ship's. STOCKHOLM, MARCH 14. The Earthquakes continue in several Parts- of'the Kingdom, and cause such a Consterna- tion, being unusual, as to apprehend hat thc general Disso- lution is at hand.' LEGHORN, MARCH TO. By thc Accounts of all the Mas- ters of Ships which have lately arrived here, the Sicilian and Sardinian Seas swarm with Corsairs, who are the more formidable, having divided themselves into several small Squa- drons, to make sure of any Ships which they can come up with, the better to copc with Ships of Force, who may have the Heels of them. RATISBON, MARCH 24. The Affair of Hohenloe, which was thought to be quite concludcd, begins to make a Noise again; he Margrave of Anspach having acquainted the Prince of Hohenloe, that if he did not restore to the Protestants what he lately carried to be taken from them, Measures would bc taken to oblige him: to it by Forcc. BERLIN, MARCH 25. The King who neglects nothing that may contribute to promote the Commerce of his Subjects, has ordered that two Packet- boats shall be constantly em- ploy'd, as well to carry Passengers as Merchandise, between Embden and London. DUSSELDORP, MARCH 26. As the Report continues, that the French intend to have a Camp upon the Moselle, and tha; a Commissary is already arrived in this Country to buy up provisions for those Troops, ' tis assured that the EmpresS Queen will form a Camp in the Territory of Luxembourg, for which several Regiments will be order'd from Bohemia. PARIS, MARCH 24. We learn from Nantz, that the Augusta East Indiaman is lately arrived there from Pondicherry very richly laden. This Ship brings Advice-, that Mr. Dupleix, Governor of Pondicherry, continued in striCt Union with Mouzafersingue, Nabob of Golconda, and that they were taking Measures, in concert with each other, to render a- bortive the Designs of the Mogul, in case he should attack them. We have Advice by the same Channel, that the Dif- ferences between the French and English concerning the Li- mits of their respeCtive Factories were, likely to be renew'd, and that Mr. Dupleix had caused it to be signified to the Go- vernor of Fort St. George, that he desired nothing so much as to preserve a good Understanding, and would do every thing on his Part to contribute to it; but that, if contrary to all Expectation, any Attempt should be made to encroach upon the Territories under his Government, he would not Only not suffer it, but should think himself obliged to oppose it openly. LYONS, Mar. 5, An Affair has lately broke out here which is very remarkable. An eminent Trader of this City, who had had acquired an easy Fortune, had a Couple of handsome Daughters, whom he married to his Liking, and divided between them all he had, upon an Agreement that he should pass the Winter with the one, and the Summer with the other Before the End of the first Year he found sufficient Grounds to conclude, that he was not a very acceptable Guest to ei- ther; of which, however he took no Notice, but hired a handsome Lodging, in which he resided for a few Weeks. He then applied himself to a Friend, and told him the Truth of thc Matter, desired him to give him two hundred Livres, and to lend him fifty thousand in ready Money for a few Hours. His Friend very readily complied with his Request. The next Day the old Man made a grand Entertainment, to which his Daughters, and their Husbands, were invited. Just as thc Dinner was oxer, his Friend came in a great Hur- ry, told him of an unexpected Demand upon him, and de- fired to know if he could lend him fifty thousand Livres. The old Man told him, without any Emotion, that twice as much was at his Service if he had wanted it; and going into the next Room brought him the Money. After this he was not suffered to stay any longer in his Lodging: His Daughters were jealous if he remained but a Day more at one House than the other; and after 3 or 4 Years spent in this Manner, he died last Month;, when, upon examining his Cabinet, instead of Riches, there was found a Note, in which were these Words, ' He who has suffered by his Virtue, has a Right to avail himself of the Vices of those by whom he he suffered; and a Father ought never to be so fond of his Children, as to forget what is due to himself.' LONDON. They write from the Hague, that the Princess of Orange accompanied by the Prince Stadtholder, and the Princess Ca- roline, will meet the King at Helvoetsluys, to return his Majesty Thanks for the Honour he has been pleased to con- fer on the Prince Stadtholder, is making, him a Knight of the Garter. The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed Capt. Dennis. to command his Majesty's Yacht the William and Mary, to. attend his Majesty to Holland, on. board of which, we hear,, Lord Anson intends to hoist his Flag. We hear that a Clause will be added to all future. Natura- lization Bills to oblige all Foreigners that obtain such Bills to reside some Part of their Time in his Majesty's Domi- nions, See. and not to enjoy the Privileges of a British born Subject, without contributing, any Thing towards the Sup- port of the State. Several Vessels are taken into the Service of the Govern- ment, to carry Naval Stores for the West Indies. Last Night as Capt. Hume was on his Return home to Limehouse, he was seised with an apoplectic Fit, and died this Morning. On Friday the Royal Duke, Capt. Cummins,, for the East- Indies, came into the downs with a Jury Fore- top Mast. She had been obliged to cut away her Anchor with 35 Feet of Cable, and has also lost her Long- boat. The Five Brothers, Morris, bound to Dunkirk, is staved to Pieces. Yesterday the sixteen Malefactors were, executed at Ty- burn, pursuaut to their Sentence. When they were called down into the Press- yard to be halter'd, Broughton and Hayes refused coming, without a clean Shirt and Stockings to be hanged in. Broughton, Hayes, Fox, and Agnew, the Rio- ters on Friday Night, were all executed in their double Irons. The dead Warrant is come to Newgate for the Execution of Capt. Laurie. To- morrow at Execution- Dock;. and he. is afterwards to be hung in Chains at Blackwall. The Punishment which Captain Laurie is doomed to suf- fer is said to have alarmed the Masters of Merchant Vessels, who therefore intend to make Application for an Enlarge- ment of their Power; but it is to be hoped that Care, will be taken not to discourage the Increase of our Sailors, by expos- ing them to Tyranny and Oppression. Capt. Laurie's Crime cannot be imputed to the Want of Power,, but to the Abuse of the Power which he had. Next Saturday is fixed, for the Execution, at Chelmsford, of Miss Jeffries and Swan. Swan is to be drawn from the Goal to the Place of Execution in a Sledge, and afterwards to be hung in Chains on Epping Forest, near Walthamstow, We hear thar the Bill for the better regulating the Pawn- brokers. is put off for a. Month. WHITEHALL EVENING POST MARcH. 14. They write from Italy, that a gentle Insinuation has been given to a certain Italian Prince, that he would do. well to re- duce his Troops to his usual Complement, - and to think no more of a certain Port. Advices from Francfort say, that they begin to be very ap- prehensive the Election of a King of the Romans may excite fresh Troubles. in the Empire; both the French and them- perialists intending to have Camps at the. Opening of this Summer. By Letters from Paris we are assured, that the Grand Sig- ner has directed Presents for the Duke of Burgundy,, to the. Value of half a Million of Crowns. The Priscilla, Kerton, is arrived at Plymouth from the Bay of Honduras, who brings Advice, that on Friday the 17th of December,, came into the. Bay two Gallies, a Tartan and a Brigantine under Spanish Colours, and took a Snow belong- ing to Bolton, a Brigantine belonging to ditto, a Brigantine belonging toRhode Island, and one other Vesel; there were Sail more in the Bay: : They intended to have bullied them: But the Captains Belschies, Littlejohn and Griffln, mann'd their Ships with some others out of the Fleet, maintained their Post in a brave Manner till the 29th of January when they had Intelligence of a twenty Gun Ship being sent for to the Assistance of the Spaniards; but by the Assistance of a good Pilot the Vessels retreated through a narrow Passage unknown to the Enemies, who I believe had a pretty good Belly- full from Capt. Littlejohn, of the Robin- Hood. The above 10 Gun Ship brought Troops and Artificers to build a Fort on the Island of Rattan, and they are building a Fort at the Mouth of the River Blace; on the 9th of Jan. sailed the Godolphin,. Belschies; the Robin- Hood, Littlejohn; Eltham, Griffin, not full laden; and the Indian King, Trump, belonging to New- York, who was one of the above Captains that were for de- fending the Rights of no Search. KiNGsTon in JAMACiA, Jan. 2.8. TheDeclaration of John Gasney, late Master of ihe Ship Eagle, of Boston, lately ar- rived here in his Majesty's Ship Fox, from the Havannah " That on the 19th of May, 1750, he sailed from Port Royal in Jamacia, bound for Corracoa, in Ballast and five Negroes, but meeting with tempestuous Weather, violent Squalls and Tornados, with Calms and a strong Current to the West- ward, was forced to the Leeward of Rattan, where he fell in with a Spanish Half Gally of 8 Guns and 65 Men, and - i Sloop of 10 Guns and 70 Men, commanded by Don Pablo Gratia Tolon, who soon came up with him, and fired 4 Shot thro' his Sails and Rigging, desired he would immedi- atly come aboard of him with his Boat, or he would board him, and cut him and his People to peices; whereupon the said Master taking his Papers to shew him he was upon a law- ful Trade, went with four of his People on board the Gally; but to his great Surprize, was, by the said Don Pablo, in a warlike and hostile Manner, detained Prisoner on board the Gally: That a Number of the Spaniards entred his Boat,, and went on board the Ship Eagle, which was then eight Leagues from the Shore,, and as Pirates and Robbers upon the high and open Seas, robbed and plundred the said Ship Eagle's Stores and Provisions, breaking Locks and Chests, and in a most inhuman and unchristian Manner tearing and destroying every Thing that did not seem to be of Service- to them. EDINBURGH. Wednesday, last the Royal Bounty and Edinburgh, two Vessels belonging to the Greenland Fishing Company here, sailed from leith on their Voyage to Greenland. Friday Morning a new- born Infant was found floating in- a. Well in the Links of Leith,. where it is supposed to have been for some time. StriCt Inquiry is snaking for the inhu- man Murther. The Trial of John Matthie Blacksmith from Dumbarton, for counterfeiting the current Coin of the Kingdom, appoint- ed as this Day,, before the Court of Justiciary, by a Grand and Petit- Jury, is delayed to ihe Month of June next. EXTRACT, of the SENTENCE of the Justices. of the Peace of the Shire of LINLITHGOW, In the Process at the Instance of Mr. James Dundas of Philipston Advocate, and the Fis- cal of Court for his Interest, against ALEXANDER BELL, Town Clerk of Linlithgow, for his writing, printing and dispersing a defamatory Letter addressed to the Complainer. AT Linlithgow, the twenty- fourth Day of; March One' thousand seven hundred and fifty two Years, in a Court of the Justices of the Peace of the said Shire, held this Day, there were present the Justices of the Peace after mentioned, viz.: John Bucknay Provost of Linlithgow, Thomas Baillie of Polkemmer, George Dundas of Dundas, Captain Walter Hamilton of Westport, Robert Ramsay of Blackcraig,. John. Dundas younger of Duddingstone, Alexander Innes of Cath- law, William Wardrope younger of Quilt,.. John Gillon, of Wallhouse, Andrew Marjoribanks of Marjoribanks, John Paterson of Kirktown,. Mr. Patrick Haldane of Bearcrofts Advocate, one of his Majesty's Solicitors for Scotland, and;: James Hamilton, younger of Innerwick, who made Choice of the said George Dundas of Dundas to be their Preses; the said Ptocess WAS called, , and Parties present, and the Justices having , considered the Complaint, with the Letter libelled on, and Defences, and having heard Parties thereon, repelled the Defence, and found, that the said Paper or Letter libelled on, signed by Alexander Bell, addressed to Mr. James Dun- das, dated the id of December 1751, is a false, scandalous and injurious Libel against the Pursuer; and found it proven, by the Acknowledgment of the said Alexander Bell in his Defences and in Court, that Alexander Bell, the Defender,, was the Writer, Publisher and Disposer of the same; and therefore decerned him in Payment of seventeen pounds Sterling of Damages and Expences to the Pursuer, to which they modified the same, in Consideration of the Defender's Circumstances, and fined and amerciated the Defender in three Pounds Sterling to the Fiscal, and decerned him to be carried from the Bar to the Prison of Linlithgow, to remain there for the Space of fourteen Days from his Commitment, and thereafter ay and until he pay his said Fine of three Pounds Sterling : But in case the Defender should be willing to appear before a Meeting of the Justices, to be held at this Placc, on the twenty sixth current, at the ordinary Court Hour, and there judicially to acknowledge, by a Writing under his Hand,, to be signed by him, to the Satisfaction of the Court, that he is sorry for the Offence given, and ask the Pursuer Pardon, then he is to be liberated from the Bar, in case he shall have paid his Fine, otherways to be returned to Prison till he pay the same; and the Keepers of the said Prison are hereby au- thorised and required to receive and detain him accordingly. And the Justices appointed an Extract of this Sentence to be inserted in both the Edinburgh News Papers. Signed GEO. DUNDAS, Pr. Extracted by AND. BUCKNAY. Arrived at Leith, the Christian and Mary, Hans Len, from Christiansands,. with Dales and Trees; the May, Alexander Bayter, from Guernsey, with Wine; and the Elizabeth, John Cromartie, from Orkney, with Beef and Oil High Water at LeitH, Morning. Afternoon. Tomorrow 17th Day of the Moon,. 11 H. 48 M. 11H. 14M. Wednesday 18th,. 11 30 n 50 Thursday 2.9th, 1 3 1 ADVERTISEMENTS; TO BE SET, TWO LODGINGS of the Mansion house of STEN- HOPSMILLS, with Officehouses, and a Park for a Cow's Grass, a Garden with a high Stone Wall, likeways a House which was built for Weaving, pleasantly. situate amongst Planting on the Water of Leiih, about two Miles West from Edinburgh: The Park and Garden may be en- tered to immediately, and the Houses at Whitsuntide. For further Particulars inquire at Mr. John Loch, Laigh Cof- feehouse, Edinburgh, N° TICE is, hereby; given, that the Mansion house, Office houses, Parks and Garden of ABBOTRULE together with twelve Acres of arable Land, are to be set in Tack for the Space of three Years, beginning at Whit sunday next, by public Roup, to be held at the House of Abbotrule, upon Monday the 13th of April next. The particular Conditions are to be seen in the Hands of Mr. John Ainstie Town- Clerk in Jedurgh; or at the said House — As also, upon the 13th of May thereafter, the whole Houshold Furniture and Stocking upon the Ground of the said Parks are to be sold by public Roup likeways. ATHREAD STOCKING MANUFACTORY at Stone* house Mills, two Miles West of Edinburgh, being given up, the Frames, a Copper, Warping Mill, Twisting Mill, with a Parcel undrest Thread Stockings, are to be disposed of. Any Person who inclines to purchase may call for Thomas Hepburn, at his Shop Lawn- mercat, Souths west Corner of the Tolbooth. THAT upon Saturday Morning the 28th instant, the SHOP of JOHN PEAT, a little above the Tot- booth, South- side of the Canongate, was broken open a- bout Two or Three o'Clock in the Morning, and all the most valuable Goods carried off, such as sundry Pieces of white Linen, several Pieces of Cotton and Linen Checks, a Piece of fine printed Cotton Cloth, a Piece of Drugget, a Piece of large Napkins, a Quantity of fine Tea, two Greybeards of Spirits, and sundry other Goods. If any such Goods be ottered to Sale in Town or Country, by suspected Persons, it is craved, that all honest People will stop such Goods and Persons, till they acquaint John Peat or the Publisher of the Evening Courant. THE ST. ANDREW SNOW, about 140 Tons Bur- den, one Year old, Plantation built, now lying at Leith,. is to be sold by public Roup, at Forth's Coffeehouse there, on Wednelday 8th April, betwixt Two and Four o'Clock Afternoon. The Inventary and Conditions of Sale to be seen with Mr. David Loch Merchant in Leith, or with Captain Robert Donaldson at Mrs. Allan's on the Shore.— Arrived by the said Ship from New- York, a Quan- tity of good Lint- leed, which is esteemed preferable to the- Dutch, and will be sold upon reasonable Terms by Messrs. Andrew Johnston and Son Merchants in Anstruther, and- James Seton and Company Merchants in Edinburgh. N- B. A reasonable Allowance will be given to those that take 20. Hogsheads or more. THAT James Moir and John MacGibbon Writers in Stirling, Arbiters in the Submission and Agreement among the Creditors of the now deceas'd GEORGE R I N D, late Merchant in Stirling, hereby desire, that such of said George Rind's Creditors ( if any be) who have not yet acccded to and subscribed the said Submission, would do the same, and lodge their Claims, and Vouchers there- of, in the Hands of James Tower Writer in Stirling, Clerk to said Submission, betwixt and the zoth of April next;, with Certification, that the Arbiters will immediately there- after proceed to determine in the Matter. upon the Claims then presented. And that upon the said 20th of April, betwixt the Hours of Eleven and Twelve Forenoon, with in the House of George Henderson Vintner in Stirling, the Tenements of Houses and Yeard in the Town of Stirling,, which pertained to the above dcceased George Rind, are to be sold by free and publick Roup, either jointly or se- parately as Purchasers shall offer. The Articles of the Roup and Conditions of Sale to be seen in the Hands of the fore named James Tower.. AT upon Wednesday the 1st of April next, betwixt the Hours of Four and Five in the Afternoon, there is to be exposed to Sale by Roup, within the Laigh Cof- feehouse in Edinburgh, Four FORE BOOTHS or SHOPS,, whereof two high and two laigh, which last two are now joined in one Cellar, lying within the Burgh of Edinburgh. upon the South- side of the High- street thereof, a little a- bove the Cross, the two upper Shops presently possessed by Peter Milne, and James Baird, and the Cellar by James Murray ; the antient Rent was 33J. Sterl. but, from care- less Management for Years past, they have only paid 23 1.' Sterl. but from Whitsunday next are fet at 24I. Sterling. The Purchaser's Entry will be at Whitsunday next. A clear and distinct Progress, with the Conditions of Roup, are to be seen in the Hands of Mr. John Loch in the Laigh Coffeehouse.. To be IETT for seven Years, by public roup, to the highest bidder, at the House of Edmund Aleyn Vintner in Bridge- neise, on Friday the 3d Day of April, at Noon, WIND MILL at BRIDGENEISE, near Borrowstounness, lately rebuilt, and the Machinery formed after a Plan of one of the best Mills of that Kind near London, for manufacturing Wheat, being furnished with a Pair of the beet French Burr Stones, two exceed- ing good Sheeling Stones, a Barley Stone, Bolt Mill Sieves and Fanners, all drove by the Wind, and which performs - with greater Expedition and fully better Work than any Mill of its Kind in Scotland; also makes Barley to great • Satisfaction, and with almost incredible Expedition; hath - very good Accommodations, such as Barns, Kilns, a Dwel- ling- house, and two Acres of arable Ground, with some Grass Ground lying at the same, and a commodious Place for landing Grain. She is pleasantly situate upon a rising • Ground, within a Musket- shot from the Sea- side, lyes within A Quarter of a Mile of Borrowstounness, in the Heart of a populous Country, and convenient for the Glasgow Mar- ket, and may have Garrets for Grain from the Proprietor on very reasonable Terms. For further Particulars, and - ihe Articles of Roup, inquire at David Stevenson Shipma- ster in Borrowstounness the Proprietor, or at the House of the above Edmund Aleyn. TO be SET for 5, 10, or 19 Years, as shall be agreed betwixt the Proprietor and Tenant, the Mills of Blair hall, called SHYRES - MILLS, lying in ihe Parish of Culross and Shire of Perth, with the astrict- ed Multures and Services due to the said Mills; together also with a Farm of Land, either large or small, as the Te- nant who takes the Mills shall incline. The Tenant's En- try to the Mills to be at Lammas next I752 and to the Farm at Martinmas thereafter. For further Particulars in- quire at John Stewart of Blairhall, at his House of Blair- hall, who will show the Mills and Lands to be set, and the Rental thereof, and adjust the Terms of the Tack. N. B. The Thirl to the Mill consists of above 80 Ploughs of Land. BY ADJOURNMENT, TO be sold by public voluntary Roup, within the Ex- change Coffeehouse in Edinburgh, on Friday the jd of April next, betwixt the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, the two Oxengate and Quarter Oxen- gate of Land of the Lands of POCKNAVE, lying within the Parish of Airth and Sheriffdom of Stirling, with the Teind Sheaves and Parfonage Teinds included, the Rent of which is 34 Bolls Meal, i; Bolls 1 Firlot 2 Pecks Bear, 11 Bolls 1 Firlots 5 Pecks Pease, and 24 1. of Money Rent, holden Feu of a SubjeCt for Payment of 3 1. Scots of Feu duty pro omni also onere. The Rental, Pro- gress of Writs, and Conditions ot Sale, to be seen in the Hands of Alexander Orme Writer in Edinburgh. TO BE SOLD, AHOUSE within the Court on the West Side of Niddery's Wynd, belonging to Mr. Lockhart of Carnwath, and presently possessed by him. Any Person having a mind to see the House may call at Mris. Lawson's in Carrubber's Close, who will show the same. And for further Particulars inquire at John Pringle Writer to the Signet. THAT on Wednesday the 15th of April next, be- tween the Hours of Four and Five in Afternoon, there will be exposed to Sale by public Roup, within the CofFeehouse of Dumfries, the Lands of TARRAUCHTIE, belonging to John MacGeorge of Meikle Cocklick; they lye about a Mile . and a half from Dumfries, have a Wood on them, and hold Feu of Sir David Dalrymplc of Haills Baronet for Payment of 2,01. Scots yearly; the up- set Price will be 8001. Sterl. The other Conditions of Roup and the Rights are to be seen in the Hands of William Clark Writer in Dumfries.— And, at the same Time and Place, the Superiority and Feu duty foresaid will be set up to Sale by Roup, at 10001. Scots; and any Person inclining to that Purchase will be satisfied as to the Right thereof by An- drew Chalmer Writer in Edinburgh. FOR LONDON, THE PRINCESS OF WALES, John Beatson Master now lying at the Foot of Willie Water's Close in Leith Harbour, ready to take in Goods, and will sail the 8th of April; the Ship has extraordinary good Accommo- dation for Passengers. The Master is to be spoke with e- very Day before Noon, at the Laigh Coffeehouse in Edin- burgh, Evenings and Mornings on board the Ship, or at John Scot's on the Shore of Leith. PERTH BLEACHFIELD for the Year THAT ALEXANDER CHRISTY and GEORGE SWAN at Perth will begin to bleach as soon as the Season permits, and bleach at the following Prices, viz. All Cloth wrought in an 1100 and under at 3 d. Halfp. and 1300 at 4 d. 1400 at 4 d. Halfp. 1500 at 5 d. 1600 at f d. Halfp. 1700 . and all above at 6d. per Yard, Yard wide, Damasks and Diapers at reasonable Prices. Cloth for this Field is taken in, at Edinburgh, by James Lorimer Merchant in the Lawn- mercat; at Dundee, by Robert Ramsay Merchant there; at Montrose, by Tho- mas Christy junior Merchant there; at Perth, by Alexan- der Christy, at his Whiskey Shop at the Sign of Bacchus, a little below the Guard, where Malt Spirits of all Kinds are sold at the lowest Prices. But no Cloth taken in after the Middle of July to be returned white this Season. BY ADJOURNMENT, TO be sold by public voluntary Roup, upon Wednes- day the 8th of April next, betwixt the Hours of Three and Four Afternoon, within the Laigh Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, the Lands, Baronies and Estate of ELLON OCHTERELLON, and ARDGRAIN, with the Salmon Fishing upon the Water of Ythan, all holding of the crown, and lying within the Parish of Ellon, and Sheriffdom ot Aberdeen; and the Lands of MUIRTACK, lying in the Parish of Cruden and Sheriffdom foresaid, holding of the Countess of Errol. The Conditions of Roup and Progress to be seen, some time before the Roup, in the Hands of John Lumsdaine Writer to the Signet, or John Lumsdaine jun. Writer in Edinburgh, at their House in the Parliament Close, Edinburgh. N. B. There is a large new built House, with conveni- ent Offices, and a fine Garden, with a considerable Quan- tity of growing Timber, and great Plenty of Moss upon the Estate. Edinburgh, Printed for R. FLEMING and Company, and sold at the second Shop below the Laigh Coffee house, opposite to the Crofs, North- side of the Street; where Advertisements and Commissions are taken in
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