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The London Morning Penny Post


Printer / Publisher:  J. Nicholson
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No Pages: 2
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The London Morning Penny Post
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The London Morning Penny Post

Date of Article: 12/08/1751
Printer / Publisher:  J. Nicholson
Address: near the Session-House in the Great Old-Baily, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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Ihe ornm From Friday A U G U S T 9, to Monday A U G U S T N , 1 7 7 1. Continuation of A ' Narrative of the Dangers and Diftrejfes which befel I S A A C M O R R I S , and feven more of the Crew, belonging to the Wager St ore- Ship, which attended Commodore Anfon, in his Voyage to the South- Seas. H E Y feldom l i v e l o n g in one Piace ; for whrn their Horfes have eat up the Paiture in one Piace, they remove their Town and all their Goods, which is foon done, a few Miles from the former; and this fcveraltimes in a Year ; fo that they have no fettled Abode. They have fcatter'd Habitations all over the C o u n t r y , and but few Huts together; the T o w n where their Chief refides has three times the Number of Dwellings t o any of the reft which I faw. T h e y feem to have fome Notion of a Deity and pay a fort of W o r f h i p , to the Sun and Moon ; efpecially at at every N e w Moon, they colledt themfelves in a Body, and make a folemn Proceflion round the T o w n , one goi n g before with a kind of Hoop in his Hand, round which are tied little Brafs Beils, adorned with Oftriches Feathers which he would frequently fwing round his Hand ; and then the whole Company would make a moft hideous Noife, which, I fuppofe, they defigned for Singing. This Ceremony ufually lafted Half an- Hour. This Method with their Hoop and Bells is likewife ufed when any of them arefick or dying. A white Flannel Cloth is hung Up before the tick Perfon, and the Man with his Hoops and Bells, who is generally one of his Relations, comes to vifit him; and, after a few Minutes Converfation he leaves him, and walks feveral times round the H u t , j i n g - ling his Bells, and talking aloud in a Variety of Accents, which we could underftand nothing of, but imagined he defigned it for Prayers for his fick Friend. When any of them dies, they foon bury him generally the next Morning. They roll up the dead Body in a Hide, with every T h i n g that belongs to him, as Bows, Arrows, Sec. and carry it, without any Ceremony, at iome Diftance from the T o w n ; where they throw it into a large round Pit, dug o n Purpofe, which they afterwerds fill up with Earth. Yet notwithftanding they have no Ceremony, at the Funeral, their Mourning for the Dead is very ftrift, which t h e Friends of the Deceafed obferve for three Months, during which T i m e they remove themfelves at a Diftance f r om any of the reft of the Houfes, and ccnverfe with nobody ; but are fupplied with Provifions from the whole Town,"| by the King' s Order, ' till they Time of Mourni n g is over. They feem to have fome Notion of the Devil, at leaft are afraid of Apparitions ; for none of t h em wiil ftir out of his Hut, when dark without Company. And one Night in particular we heard a great Noife in the Town, likfe feveral Drums beating, which, next Day, we found to be fome of the Indians beating the Sides of their Houfes, which were made of Horfes Skins, with large Stiks, in order to frighten away the D e • vil. - Each Indian has but one Wife, and they live together in. a vety losing Manner. When any of them lye- in there's a Provifion made for them different from what they are accomodated with at another Time ; for the Entrance of the Hut, which at other Times is always open, is fhut up with Horfes Skins as foon as the Woman begins to be in Travail; and no one goes in till ftie comes with the Child in her Arms, which is prefentlv wrapt up in a Sheep's Skin, and, inftead of a Bed or Cradle, is laid on a Machine fomewhat like our Handbarrow', the Bottom of which is likewife covered with a Sheep's Skin. ( To be continued. ) . Since our laft arrived a Mail from H O L L A N D . Algiers, July 16. As Malteze Ships feldom fall into the Hands of the Corfairs of Barbary, here was great Rejoicing at the Taking of that off the Ifland of Rhodes, and the more fo as this VeiT. l had b~ en~ cruifi n g many Months in the L? vanf, and had taken feveral Barbary Ships. The Dey has prefentej the Captain who took her with a Slave and IOCO Piaftres, 200 Saq u i i i S to the Turk who firft boarded her 100 to the fecond, fifty to the third, thirty to the fourth, arid fifteen to the fifth. Madrid, July 27. The King,- being convinced of the A ( vantages which vvoij'd accrue from a tjreater Number of^ Europeans fettling in kis . American Dominions, has c- iict'U confi- Jtrahle Privileges, Exemptions and Advantages to Italian Families, who wil! go and eftablifh themfelves in that Country. Rome, Augujl 2. They write from Nocera, that they have lately had there feveral Shocksofan Earthquake, one of which was fo violent, that many Houfes were greatly < larnag'd, particularly that wherein Cardinal Spinelli, Archbilho^ of Naples,, lodg'd ; and that this Accident had determined him to fet out with Precipitation, in order to return to this Capital. Leghorn, Augujl. 3. A great Number of Ships are failed from this Port to the Levant, to load with Corn, the Price of that Commodity augmenting every Day on Account of the bad Harveft there has been this Year, as well in Lombardy as in the Kingdoni ot Naples. - Chamberry, Aug. 4. Laft Friday Morning we receiv'd here the difagreeable News, that the Day before there had happened " at La Roche, a little T o w n in the Province of Faucigni, a Fire; which in a fhort Time reduced more than thirty Houfes to Afiies. Pofnania, Aug. 4. They write from Meferitz, and feveral oftier Places upon the Frontiers of Silefia, that the Locufts appear in great Numbers, and continue to make terrible Ravages in thofe Parts. Vienna, Aug. 4. Count d'Azldr, Minifter Plenipotentiary from the King bf Spain, has prefented, in the Name of their Catholick Majefties, to the laft- born Archdutchef?, their God Daughter, Jewels to a high Value, confuting of a Collar with a fine Crcfs, Ear- Rings, and a Suitana of BrillantSj of e> quifite Workmanfhip. Berlin, Aug. 10. Count Lowendahl arrived here Yefterday in the Evening from Drefden, and was accompanied by the young Count de Sultowfk; , Chamberlain of the Prince Electoral of Saxony. Thefe Lords will be prcfented to the King, who is expected every Moment from Potfdam. O. i the the Princefs R. oyai of Piuflia was " happily brought to Bed of a Pi ir. cefs. Copenhagen, yluguft 7. It is allured the Queen is again with Child, and that it will fhortly be declared at Court. Hamburgh, Augujl- 10. The laft Advices which we have received from the Frontiers of Turkey by the Way of Poland, intimate, that the Turks haJ all onafudden fufpended the Preparations of War which had been making on the Side of Moldavia, and little Tartary, which is attributed to the News of the Death of the late King of Sweden, and the Declaration which the new King has made upon his Acceffion to the Throne of that Kingdom. Hanover, Augujl 10. All the Letters which have been r'eceiv'd from the teveral Parts of this Ele& orate, are lull of Accounts of the extraordinary Damages which the late Storms have caus'd, as well in the Cities as in the Country. The Hopes that had been conceiv'd of a plentiful Harveft, are vanifh'd, moft of the Corn having been deftroy'd by the Hail, and the Waters that have fallen from the neighbouring Mountains. Cologn, Augujl 12. They write from Bonn, that a Detachment of 150 Men of the Troops of that Garrifon was fet out for Olepes, a little T o w n in Weftphalia, in order to reduce the Inhabitants who had rifen againft the Magiftracy. Paris, Augujl 9. The Premier Prefident repaired the 3d of this Month, by Order of the King to Compeigne, when his Majefty order'd him to tell his Parliament, " that he difapprov'd of the Steps lately taken by that Body in refpedt to the Government of the Hofpitals and cxprefly forbad them from interfering for the future, in any thing more than examining into the Condudt cf the Sub- Dire£ tors ; and order'd them to iffue no more Arrets againft the Regulations which the Archbifhop of Paris fhould think proper to make for the good Order of the Hofpitals ; and, as well in this Refpe^ as in all others, the King defires. his Parliament to forbear making any more Remonftrances, his Majefty infifting upon being obey'd without Reply. TheBreft Squadron was met at Sea failing South Weft ; it's generally reported to be deftin'd for the American Colonies. \ Hague, Aug. 15. It's determin'd that the Marquis de St. Conteft, Ambaffador from France, will make his Publick Entry next Month. His Excellency will on that Occafion diftribute Medals, which have been flruck for that Purpofe at Paris. I R E L A N D . Dublin, Augujl 3. We hear that on Account of the prefent Combinations of the Journeymen and Artificers of the feveral Trades in this Kingdom, a Bill will be brought in next Seftion of Parliament, to put a Stop to this growing Evil, fo prejudicial to the Trade and Manufactures thereof. Dublin, Aug. 3. Late laft Monday Night a Gentleman going through i lerCe- alley in Fifhamble- ftreef, was attacked by two Gabbard Men, who took off h: s Hat and W i g , and then ftruck him violenly over the Hea<-, whereupon he cried out Robbers, when a Man and a Woman happening to come that Way, upon hearing the Gentleman cry our, ran to his Afliftance, which the Robbers feeing endeavoured £ 0 make their Efcape, but the Woman feizing one of the Villains by the Collar, after fofne Struggle got him down; the Man, with the Help of the Gentleman that was attacked, purfued the other Vi'lain and took him, and. they were both committed to Newgate. We hear that they are the Perfons who murdered a Watchman belonging to the Baliaft Office on George's Quay fome time ago. Judith Brenan, that was to have been executed fome time ago, but fet at Liberty on Condition that fhe would tranfport herfelf, w2s this Week, with another Lady^ oj, the T o w n , fent to Newgate, for robbing a Ge whom they pickcd up in the Street. On Thurfday Part of a Houfe fell down in Lane ; but fome of the Chimney falling firft it the Perfons within, who immediately ran out, lea young Child in the Cradle, which providentally w^ by ihat Part of the Houfe not giving Way. S H I P N F. W S. Deal, Aug. 8. Yefterday after Poft came down, and failed the Smith, Salifbury, for Liverpool ; the Richmond, Taylor, for Dublin; the , Douger, for L; fb) n ; and the Fox, Read, for Smyrna. Several of the Ou: ward- bound that failed Yefterday are put back, and remain with the Happy Return, Ferriter, for Madeira ; and the Danifh Ship as per laft. Wind W . by N. blows frefh. L O N D O N . By Letters brought by Friday's Poft we learn, that the Ships which lately went out under the Command of Corr.- rnodore Rodney, in fearch of the Ifland of which Information upon Oath was given to the Lords of the Admiralty, are returned to Spithead, without having been able to make the leaft Difcovery of fuch Ifland. According to the laft Accounts frortl a ccrtain Infant Colony, there is too much Reafon to fear the French will gain their Ends on that Side. We have heard of Regiments being ferit over from Time to Time, from England and Ireland, and certain it is that feveral Regiments were tranfported thither; but it now appears, by thefo Advices; that all put together do not make above one complete Regiment; every Company fhould confift of 29 private Men, but they have generally no more than 11, 12 or 13 Men ; and of thefe fome are daily lopp'd off by the Indians in the French Intereft, who harrafs them perpetually with furprifing Animoiity. Such of thefe Indians as are initiated into the Chriftian Religion, are made to believe, by the French Miftionaries, that Jefus Chrijl was a Frenchman, and his Crucifiers Englijhmev. In fhort, they omit nothing toplague that new Settlement, ' tis faid the G — : — — r is quite lick of his Poft, feeing himfelf fo ill fupported. Capt. Rous, who { 00k a French Brigantine laft Summer on that Coaft, was fent fome T i m e ago with a Sloop of War to look into a certain Creek or Bay in that Neighbourhood ; and when this Account came away they began to be uneafy about him, being informed that a French Man of War had failed foon after in qutft of him. They write from Nova Scotia, of the 12th of June, that feveral Skirmifhes having happened near Chebufto with the Enemy, Major Cotterell was fent out with a Party of 170 Men to reconnoitre the Woods, and to lie in Ambufh for the Indians; which Defign failing, in • order to difcover if the Indians had any Real Courage, he crofted the- R. iver, and made towards a Blockhcufe, upon which both French and Indians immediately retir'd, but foon returned, and fired a Swivel Gun, which wounded one of our People; and as they were too powerful, Major Cotterell thought proper to repafs the River. An Extrail of a Letter from Halifax in Nova Scotia, dated June 25, 1751. < W e have had feveral Skirmifhes with the Indians, by which feveral of our People have been killed arid fcalped ; fome Days ago about fixty of them attack'd the T o w n of Dartmouth, whofe Fence is only a fma'i Brufh, and kill'd about eight of the Inhabitants, and afier that, exercifed their Cruelties, by pulling down fome Houfes, and deftroyiug all they found, not fparing Men, Women, and Children; a Serjeant, who was in his Bed, came to the Inhabitants Afiiftance whom they purfued and kili'd ^ and not being content with his Life, cut his L: ft Arm off, and afterwards fcalped him. In returning from the T o w n , they carried off about fourteen Prifoners in Triumph. During this Engagement, we had no Affiftance from the Company of Rangers, for which a Serjeant has been tried bj a. Court- Martial, but acquirted; and notwithftanding thefe troublefome Times with the Indians which the French fend us, arid the D- v i i fenaj » 1*;<. ch, we have ftill Ships continually arriving, with i MTiilies on Hoard to People this Colony j hut our great . lx .. station and Hopes are on the Arrival of Commodore ;'\> e, with five Bntifli Ships of War, who we daily exoect, with ail Military Implements. Our Forces have J » Fi. fleffioii o a large" Tra£ i: of Land, near Chinedfego, v'nc. i is of great Service; and our Governor' to encourage ail Perfons about four Months ago, to extirpate he Indian., promifed a R ward of fifty Pounds lor every Indian Scalp, fince which there has only one been brought m, they having always Outfeouts to carry off • n s i f Dead.' They write from Maryland, that the latter End of June died Knot Benger, Efq; Poftmafter General of all ins Majefty's Dominions of America. By a Letter from the Cape of Good Hop?, dated the JOth of April Jaft, to a Ge;: tiem » n in th s Town, there . i Advice that at that T i m e there were at the Caps two French outward bound India Ships, full of Officers and Soldiers, and that eleven others, provided in. like manner, had gone before, which they pre ended was only to repair the li- rfTcs they had iuftained ; but it alarmed our People with ftrange Apprelisnlions. Thurfdjy laft was heiil a Board of Admiralty, when • heir ' Lordihips were pleafed' to appoint Mr. Thomas per to be a Clerk in, the Yard oi Porifmouth. fame'Day their Lord/ hips ordered the Offer Sloop ar to be paid- or at Deptford, and put out of Com- ; ev likewife ordered P. merrt ofal! Perfons- employ'd r. c Royal and Port Antonio to be paid to the Time two Forts were broken up. Day fix Months Pay will be Ifiued out at the Pay • Office, Whitehall, to the Garrifons in Great Bri- " v. n, from the 25th of June to the 24th of December At the famejime fix Month's AUowancs for Fire and Candle, will be ifiued out to the faid " Garrifons, to the Time abovemenrioned. On Tutfday laft died Robert Hall, Efq;. fitft Clerk in the Secretary's Office, belonging to ' the Victualling Office. And ' On Wedntfday Mr, Dove, who has treen feveral Years jr. theYaid Office, was appointed to fuccesd him. And Mr. Hedges to fucceed Mr. Dove. Oil Wednefday died Aged 76 at his Lodging in Fovver Street* Mr. Eiias Pert hard, many Years an eminent Broker in Exchange Alley. By a private Letter from Cardigan { hire we have an Account, that the Rev. Mr. John Pugh, of that County, is now m. trr- ied to fvs fourth Wife, what is remarkable, . h: » - next Door Neighbour on one Side is married to his ftllfi Wife « iid his next Door Neighbour on the other ' Side is married to his third Wife ; fo that between three Hufbands thire has been twelve Wives, nine dead, and three no v living.. Laft Tiiurfday- Night his Grace the Dike of St. A'bag's airiv'd in Town from his Travels to' foreign Parts. We hear from Tunbrid'ge We". Is that the Company there is very brdiiant. The French Ambaflador, with his Lady and numerous Retinue arc arrived there : Other new and genteel Company are continually coming and going 5 the Change is very frequent for want of their Gaming to fix them, the Country Gentlemen having tak: n the laudable Resolution not to fuller any. O,: e- or two Accidents of Note have happened there a young . Lad had'a Fail, picthed his Shoulder againft Stone Steps, juft at the Joint,- by which the Blade Bone wac felintered and cracked like a Glafs Salver, the Pieces not 2o be countejl... Sir Charles Sedley, from his natural humane Difpofition, fent to Mr. \ Vatfona Surgeon, then in the Place to be taken Care of,- who managed him fo, that he could feed himfelf with that Arm and Shoulder in two- Days Time.. The. other Accident was a? a Cricket- Match, Lucas, E'q; who was - ftanding by, was ihuek fo violent £ Blow with a Ball, that his Thumb was put out of Joint, - I'ld the Fiefli all tore from the upper Part of his Hand. t l s was immediately relieved by the fame Surgeon, who Happened tojftop there in his Return from Suflex to the Weils, arid was luckily known to fome- cif the Gentlemen jnefent. . t A few Days fince 3 dreadful Fire happen* d at By fleet j* ar Wej'bridge, in the County of Surry. Mr. Smith, a M after Carpenter of that - Place, who alfo kept a Public- Houfe, thebign of, thf? Leathern Bottle, and had a Quantity of T u t / brought hpm'e, which was placed in the Xqrf- houfe adjoining { o; tie Dwelling- honfe ; but it not thoroughly dry ,7tocjcfJre, and communicated thereto when all the Family werein Bed, the Flames of which being fortunately obferved by a Perfon who was watching a Warren about a Mile Diftance, he made hafte into the Village, and though he made a confiderable Noife at the Door, it was fome time before he could roufe Air. Smith, who, with his Father, Mother, Wife, and five Children, had time only to fave themfelves and a few Cloaths. The Lofs is reckoned to bs 200 I. to Mr. Smith, the Houfe in'. ng his own, which W3S fhe Fru't of his own Labour ajidht'iieft Induftry ; but we hear that feveral Gentlemen oi Fortune in the Neighbourhood are determined, by an .- let of Beneficence, to make his Lofs as light as poffible. Laft Thiirfday Nighf, about Ten o'CIocfc, Robert Darby alais Jones, who robb'd the Weftern Mail on Blackwater Heath on Monday the 39th of July laft, was taken at Gravefead, by an Acquaintance of his, who had purfued him from Place to Plate for fix Days lucceftively: The firft D<* y he was fo near being taken, that he was obliged to leave the Cloaths he robbed the Mail in behind him, and which ihe Boy has fince fwore to. When taken he appeared in the Drefs ot a Foreigner, with a feather'd Hat, and was endeavouring, to get a Paffage from thence to France, not tnnktngit fo fafe to go to Dover. ( • 1 Saturday laft was commitred to the N e w Goal, Southwark, by Sir William Richardfon, Knt. charg? d on Oath to have affaulted Jane Patmore an Infant of th" Age of four Years and tour Months, with an Intent to commit a Rape on the Body of the faid Infant. On'Saturday Elizabeth Sturt of Guildloid, was committed to ths N e w Goal;, Southwark, by Jude Storer, Efq;' charged qn an Inqueft taken by Jonn Shoter,' Gent, one cf the Coroners of that T o w n , with the Murder of a new born Female Infant, bo 11 of- her Body. On Thurfday Francis Bodens,. a Frenchman, between 60 and 70 Years or Age, was commited to N e w Prifon by Juftice Chamberfa\ ne, for aiTaulting with an Intent to ravifh a Child about five Years old, the Daughter of one Tyboz by the Seven D. ais. Wed'nefday laft a poor Man, by Virtue of an Fxtent from the Comm ffiontrs of the Lxcife, was'committed to his M a j e f t f s Goal of Newgate, being cohviSed for felling o Spirituous Liquors without Licenfe, on the new Act, and not having. Eftefts to pay the Penalty of ten Pound. On TuefJay Night laft thirty four loofe idle, and difor. derly Perfons we: e taken up, by Mr. WeLh, High Conftabie of Holborn Divifion, by Virtue of a Search Warrant under the Hands of Richard ChamberJayne ani Phillip Dyett, Efqrs; and confined in the Rou'ndhoufe till Wednefday Morning, when they were ail brought before the ( aid Gentlemen at the Houfe of Henry Fieleing, Efq; in Bow- ftreet, Coven t Garden, and after a long Examination, fome were admitted to Bail, and others cnmmi: ted to CLrkcnwell Brid we'll to hard Labour. Cn Wednefday Evening laft- as Williams, Efq; and his Lady, were returning in their Chariot from Vauxhall to Putney, they were robbed by two Highwaymen of Five Guineas, one of Tie Higwaymen gave the Foot- boy a Guinea to drink his Health. Oiv Wednefday Night laft, as a poor Women who fells Earthen Ware was coming hom: over Lock Field to Weftminfter, fhe was knocked down and robbed by a Fellow dreflcd in a Sailors Habii, who- took from her 9 s and fome Halfpence, beat her in the cruel Manner, and then made off. On Thurfday laft Farmer Ban left,' of Ripley, coming to ' Town was attacked upon Putney Heath, by a fingle Highwayman, well drelied and mounted. ' Fhe Farmer might, eafily have rode eft' had he not been deceived by the Fellow's DreC<, for imagining him to be a Gentleman coming up to him to enquire the Road, he did not endeavour to ride Irom him, t ut was foon undeceived. by the f i i e n d i y Salutation of Friend I muft have your Money. ' Fhe F a n n y replied he had but little, snd did not chufe to part witti thai. But upon the Highwayman's producing a Piftol,. he gave him a Bag, which contained Seven hillings and a Penny ; anc his Watch was demanded bu' faying he had none, ihe Fellow returned him Three Shillings and his Bag again, and dt fired him to take no Notice of having feen him. T he fame Man foon after robbed two Coaches near the fame Place. Lately the Remains of an ancient City was difcovered by fome Workmen near- Colchcfter, in Eflex, which has ' caufed a great many ingenious and learned Gentlemen to go thither to fee it . On Friday came Advice, that the Wolf mentioned to have infefted the Viilage near Wolverhampton to the Terror of all the Inhabitants was killed on Saturday laft in Cannock Wood, near Litchfield. On Friday exaflly at Three o'Clock, in the midft of the great Shower of Rain, a Gentleman very richly drefi'ed f t 3 down on his Knees, julf by the Great T o y - i h op in St. Paul's Church- Yard, and pulling out a fine Crucifix ftuck it in the Poft, and there pra. ed very "" devoutly for feme time, which brought a great Number of People about him ; but the Bigot took not the leaft Notice of them, but when he had done put the Crucifix again in his Pocket, and wallied off with the utme ft feeming • Gravity. Lxft Tuefcby a Child about four Years old in Air Street Piccadilly, being left alone while the Mother was gone to Market, threw down a Saucepan of boiling Broth, which ScaiJed it in fodreadful a Manner, that ft expired foon after in the grcateft Ago iie-. Extract of a Letter f- am Gofport, Augufl 6 ' On Saturday ar, veil, at Spithcad, Commodore Edgecumbe in his Majeft)' s Ship the Monmouth, in Company with the Monarch arid Fogueux Men of War from Gibraltar, having on board his Majefty's Royal Regiment of Foot, commanded by Brigaels r General Wolf and Col. Skeltou's Regiment of Foot. They were twenty two Days on their Paffiige, and met with bard Gales of ftoxmy Wind, nohvithftahdibg which both Soldier? and Sailors arc in good Health. Off Lifbon they met with a French Fleet outward bound, confifting of four large Ships of War, and five Frigates, commianile i by an Admiral who had white Flag at the Mizer. i r - p m j Hea but did not tell where they was bound; they had me with hard Gales in the Channel and two of their Fleet wa3 put back, being damaged. ' On Monday the Soldiers were difemljSrked, General Woll's on this Side ; when Ended, and after taking a. fhort Refreihment, they marched through the Town with the Drums beating and th- Colours flying andenale a.. Very fine Appearance being a Parcel o; jolly likely Men. Their Route, is for Sal fbury. ' Co). Skelton's Regiment landed at Portfmouth. High Water at London- Bridge this Day at 25 Minutes after. 3 in the" M o r n i n g , and 4 0 after 3/ in the A'teinoon. To- morrow, at 53 Minutes after 3 in the Mo; nine, and 6 Minutes after 4 in the Afternoon. Bank Stock, 139 3 4ths a 5 8ihs. Inetia Stock, 184 a 1B- 3 1 4th. bouth i e a Stock. 113 1 half. Ditto Old Annuities, firft Subfcripiion, 106. Ditto fecond Subfcription, 1 0 4 1 4 ' h . Ditto New, ift Subfcription, 104. Ditto 2d Subfcription, 102 5 8ihs. Bank Annuities 1746, i f t Sub. 1- 03. Ditto 2d Sub. 102. Lottery 1747, ift Sub. 103. Ditto 2d Sub. ro2. Ditto 1747, 1748 and 1749, ift Sub 104. Ditto 2, d Sub. 103. Three per Cent. Annuities, 100 3 8ths a 1 half. Three per Cent. Ind. a Annuities, 100 3 4ths. Three 1 half ditto, 102. 3 4- ths. Bank C i r c u l a t i o n , 4 1. 12 s. 6d. Prem. India Bonds, 5 1. 7 s - a 8 s. Prem. Three per Cent. Sub, 1751, 99 a 1 8th. Lottery Tickets, n 1. 12 s. Trices of Goods at Bear- Key. Per- QUARTER, Aboard in Sacks Wheat Red 27s. to 28s. 6d. D i t t o White :— 28s, to 28s. 6d. Rye 17 s. Barley —— r4s. to IJ. S. 6d. Oats 17 s. to 183. he Scheme of the State Lottery, i 75* 1, No. of Piiz. cs. Vain of 4 5 8 20 + » l o o 410 5> 3oo of' each. £ IOOOO yoco 5 c o o eooo l o oo JGO 100 SO 20 Total Value, £ I0CO9 20000 i yooo 1 S e co ZOCOD 2oy. oo ' 20000 2 lOOO 1SSOCO l o s o o Prizes F i . l t Drawn I , a l t D awn Socoo blanks at 61. 338^ 00 J oo l ceo 3S0C00 7ooco . Tickets at 1 o I. 700000 H h Tickets, Snares of T i c i i c t s , and Chances, are fb. d by J. H A Z A R D, Stock- Broker,; Tickets icgifter'd at Six- pence per Number, and the earlieft Account fei. t ot their Si ccefs to any i- art of Great Britain or I: eland. ( Wno f Id i Shares the Tickets \' o. 41, r;;, and No. A 280, drawn Prizes of TEN THOUSAND POUNDS each; a d No. 26,817, a P.' he of TWO THOUSAND POUNDS, to a Cmb in Sp tal- Kield-.). At his St/ its- Lcttcry- OfJice under VJje Royal- Exchange, at his Houfe in Lu^ rate- flreet, and at the New State- Lottery- Office the Corner of Spring- Garden, Charing- Crofs. The Siaulesa. d Prizes 10 be transferriWe Annuities at the South' Sea H- . nfe, bearing 3 per Cent, per Ar. num. Hank, India, end South- Seat Stocks, with^ th ; ir fe^ cal Annuities, India Eoudi, Navy and Vicinal ing Bils, and all ivi. ids ofCrc- Vernment Securities b o u g h t and ield- by Coinmilfion. Schcmes of the L o T : n v g ven gratis, and Letters ( Poft paid) duiy anlwered. The TEN THOUSAND POUND Prize was fold in Share* as follows, viz. £ One Fourth to a Lady, which enti led her to 2 yoo One Fouitil to a Servant, 1 25- 0 One Fourth to a Lady, _______ ijco One Eigi. th to a Gentleman's Clerk, 12,0 Oiip Eighth to a Lady in the Countrv, nyo O R Cherries, Rafberries, and all Sorts of Fruit, the-- Proprietors of the Original Englifb Grape Brandy lFarehoitfey the Bottom of BartbolorniVj- Lar, ey give Notice, That that fo rnufbefleemed Commodity, is Jlill Sold at 4 s. per Gallon, and v/ ill continue fo till further Notice, by Meffrs. WEBB and Company. ' M A T T H E W W I L S O N , Clerk- This Day is pibhfb'd, [ ftrice 4c!.) T H E ' Hertfordllitre Witches : Or, the Country Hobg. Win". Containing an Account of the antient and modern Wizards and Witches, Conjurers, Giplits, and Fertunctellcrs. Including thof.- of Greece, Lapland, the Kortes, Pianino;, ( from whence is derived the prefent Race of Coffee- Ground Ca- Iters), and Covent- Carden. Wrote by a Gentleman of T R I N G, On the Con » i< 3ion of Thomas C if y, at the Summer AfI5z. es at Hen ford, for the b. i batons Murder ot Ruth O. boin, at T r i n g , in in t f i e l a id C o u n t y , in t h e Prefence of 10000 Pcrfons, on aSuppaition of her being a V^ i ^ h. Sefio a his teneros cculus mihi fafcin. it agnos- VIRGIL. Printed in. Grccn- Aibour Court, near the Little Old- Baiicy, ami may be had of alt the News- Carrier- JL O N | D O N i P r i n t e d f o r j . N i c s t e t s o n . , near ths Sci. g. Mis- rJoufc, in the Grtat Old- Bail)
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