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The London Evening-Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3710
No Pages: 4
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The London Evening-Post
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The London Evening-Post

Date of Article: 01/08/1751
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: In the Old Baily
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3710
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Trial of Thomas Colley for the Murder of Ruth Osborne at Tring a "Witch"

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The London Evening- Post Numbs 3710 From TUESDAY July 30, to THURSDAY August 1, 1751. Yesterday arriv'd the Mail from France. Vienna, July 21. N Monday last the Emperor accompanied by Prince Charles of Lorrain, and attended by several of the principal Lords of the Court, arriv'd in this City; and this Morning his Imperial Majesty set out, with the Prince his Brother, on his Return to Presbourg. In Consequence of the Scheme which is on Foot for the bet- ter Regulation of the Commerce of Hungary, Magazines are going to be erected there in divers Places, in which are t0 be deposited all the surplus Grain, and other un- perishable Productions of that Kingdom, and the Duties that used to be paid on all Corn, Wine and Cattle, are going to be considerably lessened, in order to facilitate, by that Means, the Sale of such Part of those Commo- dities as shall be transported from Hungary into the He- reditary Countries. Francfort, July 29. Several Prussian Officers are lately arrived in this Neighbourhood, to raise Recruits in their respective Regiments. Rome, July 17. We have receiv'd Advice hereof a smart Skirmish, which lately happened near Tronto, be- tween a Detachment of the Soldiers who are appoinied to guard the Coasts of the Adriatick Sea, and a Gang of Smugglers of. about 18 or 20 ; in which several were wounded on both Sides, but at last the Soldiers put the Smugglers to Flight, and made six of them Prisoners, who were immediately confined in the Prisons of Fermo. Parma, July 17. Publick Prayers are still continued in all out Churches, in order to implore the Almighty to send down some Showers of Rain to refresh the Fruits of the Earth, which are already greatly damaged by the excessive Drought which has raged here for a consider- able Time. Parts, aug. 2. From Amiens we have Advice, that on the 17th of last Month they had a terrible Storm,' with Hail, Rain and Thunder: One House in the Town was set on Fire by Lightning, and the Flames spreading to the adjacent Houses, twelve of them were reduced to Ashes. Some of the Hail stones weighed four Ounces. Paris, Aug. 6. Last Monday we had a violent Hurri- cane, attended with Hail, Thunder and Lightning, whereby a Barn at the Village called Gros Caillous was set on Fire and entirely consumed, and several Trees were torn up by the Roots in the Wood of Boulogne, as also at the Petit Cours and in the Elysian Fields. Some little Damage was likewise done at Nanteuil by the Lightning, but not worth mentioning. COUNTRY NEWS. Newcastle, July 17. We hear from Kendal in West- moreland, that last Week died there Mr. John Wilson, a noted Botanist of that Place, and Author of a Synopsis ef British Plants after Mr. Ray's Method. He had uncom- mon natural Parts, which ( without the Advantage of a learned Education) by his own Industry in Study and Application, he had so much improv'd as to become, perhaps, one of the most knowing Herbalists of his Time. Last Week as Sir Henry Gray, Bart. was fowling near Cheviot Hills, he shot a very large Eagle, which had seized his Dog in its Talons, and was endeavouring to carry it off, had he not put a stop to its Flight. The neighbouring People Have suffer'd great Damage from this Eagle among their Lambs, & c. for some Time past ; one Person in particular having lost Lambs to the Va- lue of six Pounds. Yesterday se'nnight, at the Assizes at Hull, W--- S was found guilty of uttering Guineas, know- ing them to be impair'd, and received Sentence of Im- prisonment for one Year, and to give Security for his good Behaviour for one Year more, himself in 2000 1. and his Securities in 1000I. each, to be given before the Lord Mayor of London. The Number of diminish'd Guineas he offer'd to Mr. Blount for Bills was 379. Salisbury, July 29. Monday last the Rev. Mr. Gilbert was elected Canon of this Cathedral, in the room of the Rev. Mr. Canon Bampton, deceas'd. LONDON. Some inquisitive Emissaries, who thought long before now to report the Sorrow and Chagrin with which those Persons of Distinction were tormented, who lately quitted a superior Sphere of Action, are utterly disappointed; since these high mettled People not only keep up their Spirits, and appear as much as ever in Publick, but also take the air at Kensington with as much Satisfaction as any of those they left behind them. There are Letters in Town which say, that two Men of War, one of seventy the other of sixty Guns, were upon the Gold Coast of Africa in the Month of February last, where they practised all the Measures that French Com- plaisance could suggest, to corrupt the honest old Negro Chief; but John valued himself upon being an English- man, and being quite tired out with their Compliments, replied at last to them in Bullets ; so that it is plain Nobody can deprive us of that trade but ourselves. Some private Letters from Lisbon mention a Concern of great Confequence, that has not yet taken Air. It seems that his most Faithful Majesty has thought proper to make several Alterations, from Motives that are not yet explained; and, amongst the rest, has order'd some. Gentlemen to go and divert themselves in the Country, ' till he shall have occasion for their Service. Last Saturday died, sincerely lamented, the Rev. Mr. Aaron Thompson, aged Sixty- nine, Vicar Broad Chalk in the County of Wilts and Diocese of Sarum. He was a sound and universal Scholar, of the strictest Piety, and firmest Integrity ; had no Superior, and very few, if any Equal : This great and Good Man, deser- ving the utmost Dignity in the Church, calmly, and without Envy, beheld many superlatively his Inferiors, hoisted to the highest Pinnacle of Preferment; a gla- ring Instance how much corrupt Party and sordid Inte- rest overbalance the profoundest Learning and purest Orthodoxy, which ought to be the shining Character of every Prelate: But he is gone, where all Inequalities will be adjusted by that Great King of Kings, who is no Respecter of Persons. Last Saturday, at York Assize, a sort of a French strolling Doctor, who had taken up his Abode, for near six Months, in a Village not far from Richmond, and there began to practise, brought his Action against a Farmer for Business done for his Family, and in Court produced the following Bill. 13 Dec. 1750. Mr. W. Allen, of Leyburn, Debtor to Mr. TURNER, Surgeon. To Elexir of Life To Physique To Universale Balsams — To Alexitereales Medicaments To Escharotiques ditto To Maturetiss ditto To Paregoriques ditto To Absorbans ditto To Analeptiques ditto To Patheretiques ditto To Incarnatiss ditto To Cataleptiques ditto To Attendance, since the 19th of Au- gust to the 8th of Dec. 1750. £ 48 1 Si The Trial, which was a very diverting one, lasted about three Hours; when the Jury gave the Doctor six Gui- neas. Yesterday being the Birth- Day of her Royal Highness the Princefs Augusta, eldest Daughter of his late Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who enter'd into the 15th Year of her Age, his Majesty receiv'd the Compliments of the Nobility and Gentry at his Palace at Kensington, on that Occasion; as did also her Royal Highness the Princess Dowager of Wales, at Leicester House. Yesterday Orders were sent to General Belfour at Woolwich, to acquaint him that a General Review of the whole Train of Artillery will be made on Monday next on Charlton Heath. The Train consists of Bom- bardiers, Engineers, Gunners, Matrosses, Cadets and Pioneers, who are all to be new cloathed; at which will be present the Prince of Wales, Prince Edward, Duke of Cumberland, and most of the General Officers of the Army. On Monday last his Majesty was pleased to appoint Hugh Lee, Esq; to be a Major in Col. Churchill's Re- giment of Foot, in the room of Major Burd, deceas'd. The same Day his Majesty was pleased to appoint George Osborne, Esq; to be a Captain in the same Re- giment, : n the room Of Major Lee. And also to appoint Alexander How, Esq; to be a Lieutenant in the same Regiment, in the room of Capt. George Osborne. The Lords of Admiralty have appointed Mr. Collet to to be Senior Messenger of the Admiralty, in the room of Mr. John Wooley, now Porter of Greenwich Hos- pital. And Mr. Thomas Traunter to succeed Mr. Collet as Junior Messenger in that Office. On Saturday last Capt. Baker, Commander of the Stafford Indiaman, lately arriv'd from China, was mar- ried to Miss Small, Daughter of the Lieutenant- Gover- nor of St. Helena ; a Lady of fine Accomplishments and a large Fortune. Last Sunday was married at Windsor, Charles Bur- goine, of Oxfordshire, Esq; to Miss Henrietta Small- brooke, Daughter of Capt. John Smallbrooke, of Col. Forbes's Regiment of Foot; a beautiful young Lady with a large Fortune. On Tuesday Night died at his House in Walbrook, Mr. Sparkes, Partner with Mr. Dukerty, an eminent Merchant of that Place. Yesterday died at his HoUse in Tyburn Road, Mr. Spilman, an eminent Conveyancer, reputed to be worth 20,0oo 1. The Rev. Mr. Henry Shepherd, Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Queensberry, is presented to the Living of Friskney, in the County and Diocese of Lincoln, worth 2001. per Annum. Last Tuesday the Rev. Mr. Archer was presented by the Right Hon. the Lord How, to the Rectory of St. Martin's le Cray, in the County of Suffolk, worth 3001, per Annum. The Rev; John Noyes Jones M. A. was a few Days since presented to the united Livings of Hilve; aliaS Culve and Strington, both in the County of Somerset and Diocese of Bath and Wells worth 1801. pet Annum. On Saturday the Assizes ended at Stafford at which David Crosley and John Platt, for House- breaking; and John Wakefield, for Horse- stealing, remov'd from War- wick, were capitally convicted. William Lovatt; for stealing four Snuff- Boxes, & c. and Edward Tomlinson, for stealing a Saddle are order'd for Transportation Thomas Foster, John Murrall, Thomas Pulford, Tho- mas Baddeley, and Sarah Brookes, condEmn'd and re- priev'd last Assizes, are now order'd to be transported for fourteen Years Mr. Taylor, a Clergyman, was tried on an lndictment for writing and publishing a fcandalous Libel on the Go- vernment, which was a Letter to recommend a Person who was at the Battle of Preston Pans and Culloden in order that such Person, on the traiterous Merits men- tion'd in the Letter, might ask Alms of People Who were thought to be disaffected to his Majesty's Person and Go- vernment. The Trial lasted from SiX o'Clock on Satur- day Morning ' till Seven in the Evening. The Jury were out near five Hours, and then found the Defendant Guilty ; and was sentenced to be two Years imprison'd, to pay a Fine of 3001. and give Security for his good Behaviour for seven Years; himself to be bound in 1000l and his two Sureties in 500 1. each. Samuel Higgins, Stephen Higgins, and Thomas Wig- gin, concern'd in a Riot at Walsall the 29th of May 1749, have given Bail to appear at the King's Bench the first Day of next Term. No Bill was found against the Persons for attempting to pull down a Meeting- hOuse that was building there ; but we hear they are to pay the Sum of 101. and the Building is to be erected at a farther Distance from the Church. A Person, said to be a Dissenter, went into a Com- pany, in hopes they would drink the Pretender's Health, that he might inform against them for so doing. He lead the Way by drinking it first himself, Whereupon the Company broke up and inform'd against him ; and at the said Assizes he was sentenccd to be imprisoned six Months. Wike Hill was indiCted for following the Trade of a Tallowchandler, and fined Forty Shillings. Last Tuesday Evening the Assizes ended at Hertford, when Edward Mead, for a Burglary, and Thomas Colley, for the Murder of Ruth Osborne, at Tring, re- ceiv'd Sentence of Death. It appeared on the Trial of Colley, which lasted many Hours, that some of the Neighbours thinking the Deceas'd was a Witch, and her Husband, John Osborne, a Wizard, they had it cried in three Market Towns, that they were to be publickly duck'd on Mon- day the 2id of April last, in Tring, which brought to- gether a Mob of upwards of 10,000 People, who went t0 the Workhouse to demand the poor wretches, ands not finding them there, pull'd down Part of the House„ and was going to set Fire to what was standing ; but be- ing inform'd that the Man and Woman were in the Vestry Room adjoining to the Church, : hey went there, broke it open, seiz'd and stripp'd them, and tied their Thumbs and Great toes together, then tied them up in two Sheets, and carried them to Marlston Meer, in the Parish of Tring, where the poor old Woman, aged seventy, expired, by Suffocation in the Mud and Water, the Meer not being above three Feet deep. Edward Mead was repriev'd before the Judge left the Town, and Thomas Colley is order'd for Execution, pur- suant to his Sentence. The Trial of Henry Worster, indicted for being con- cern'd in the said riotous Assembly, and who was also in Custody, was put off ' till next Assizes. There are many more Persons indicted who were con-, cern'd in the said cruel Affair, and Warrants are issued for apprehending them. At the Assizes at Buckingham; held for that County, before Lord Chief Justice Willes and Mr. Justice Foster, eight Prisoners were tried, three of whom were cast for Transportation, and five acquitted. At the Assizes at Northampton, before Lord Chief Baron Parker and Mr. Justice Wright, one person was capitally convicted, viz. John Price for a Burglary, At the Assizes at Oakham, in Rutland, which ended on Saturday, only two Persons were tried, and order'd to be whipp'd. At the Assizes at Worcester, which prov'd a Maiden one, three were order'd for Transportation ; and a Wo- man, convided of Petit Larceny, who fell in Labour in Court, was sentenced to be whipp'd as soon as her Month is up. Last Sunday Morning as Mr. Walker, a Dissenting Minister, Master of the Academy at Plaisterer's Hall in Addle Street, was going to Kingston, he was stopp'd on Putney- Heath by two Highwaymen, who robb'd him of a Guinea and some Silver. He had a watch and two Rings, which they refused; but they told him they hoped that he thought he was very civilly used. Yesterday Morning early four Fellows, who the Night before had robb'd several Persons in Whitechapel, were taken in Half- Moon- Alley, Whitechapel; and the same Day three of them were committed to New- Prison, and the other to Clerkenwell Bridewell, he being admitted an Evidence, WAKEFIELD RACES. ON Monday the 2d of September next Fifty Pounds in Specie will be run for, on Wakefield Out- wood, by any Horse, Sic. that has not won a Fifty Pound Prize, Matches excepted 5 five Years old to carry nine Stone, six Years old ten Stone, and aged Horses ten Stone eleven Pounds; three Heats, tour Miles each Heat. On Wednesday the 4th of September, Fifty Pounds in Specie will be run for, by four and five Years old Horses, Sic. that have not won a Fifty Pound Prize, Matches excepted ; four Years old to carry nine Stone, and five Years old ten Stone; three Heats, three Miles each Heat. Certificates each Day to be produced. All the Horses, & c. that run for the Sums abovemen- tion'd, to be shewn and enter'd at or near the Starting Post, 0n Wednesday the 28th of August, betwixt the Hours of four and Six in the Afternoon. All the Horses, & c. to enter and run according to Articles that Will be produced at the Time of Entrance. A'. B. No Horse, & cc. that u as the Property of Mr. Pren- tice, the Owner of Trimmer, at the last Newmarket Meeting, or has been his Property since, will be allow'd to start for either of the abovemention'd Plates. NORTHAMPTON RACES, 1751. ON Wednesday the 18th of September next will be run for on the New Course near Northampton, a Purse of Fifty Pounds, free for Hunters only, that never started for Plate or Prize, except a Hunters Plate, and that never won any Plate or Prize ; each Horse to carry 12 Stone, and to run according to the Articles which shall be produced at the Time of Entrance : A Subscriber to pay one Guinea En- trance, a Non- Subscriber three Guineas, and if enter'd at the post to pay double ; the Stakes to be paid to the second best Horse. If but one Horse to start for the said Purse to have j. Guineas allow'd him, and not to run for the same. The winning Horse to pay one Guinea to the Clerk of the Course, and one Guinea more for Trumpet, Scales, flags and Ropes. The Horses, & c. that run for this Purse shall enter at the Red- Lion Inn at Northampton on Saturday the 14th of the said Month, by Six o'Clock in the Evening. The Particulars and Days of Entrance for the other two purses will be speedily advertised. Ordinaries and Balls will be at the usual Inns. WHEREAS THOMAS SCOTT, a Youth about 17 Years of Age, very thin, who has lately had a very bad Swelling under his Right Ear, which is scarcely yet well, Apprentice to Mr. Daniel Clifton, Brush- maker in Birmingham, has left his said Master's Service ; this is to forewarn ail Persons from employing or entertaining him, and to give him Notice, that if he will immediately return to his Master, and behave well, he shall be forgiven, 0r otherwise he may depend on being dealt with as the law directs. SUCH of the Creditors of Alexander Wilson, Esq; as have not already executed the Deed of Trust relating to his Estate, may execute the same at his House in Queen- Street, Westminster, any Morning between the Hours of Eight and Twelve, where Attendance is given for that Purpose. THE Creditors of ROBERT Chappell, late of Ormskirk in the County of Lancaster, Woollendraper and Mercer, who have proved their Debts under the Commis- sion of Bankrupt issued against him, are desir'd to meet the surviving Assignee of his Estate and Effects on Wednesday the 21st Instant, at Seven o'Clock in the Evening, at the Sun TaVern in Milk- Street, London, in order to assent to or dis- sent from the prosecuting those persons who have concealed the said Bankrupt's Effects, and to enter into a proper Agree- ment for that Purpose, and on other special Affairs relating to the said Bankrupt's Estate ; and such of the Creditors who live in the Country, are desired fully to impower a proper person to act for them at such Meeting. Wokingham, Berks THE Rose Inn in this Town, late in the Occu- pation of Mrs Mary Mogg, ( being compleat repair'd) is now kept by John Chaplin, late Butler to the Right Hon. the Earl of Portmore, where all Noblemen, Gentlemen and others may be assured of the best Entertainment and the most civil usage, from Their most oblig d humble Servant, JOHN ChAPLIN. N. B. It lies in the Reading Road, through Staines and Egham. Ipswich, June 12, 1751. This is to inform all Gentlemen, Ladies, and Others, THAT GEORGE ALMOND is Remov'd from the Golden Lion to the Cross Tavern, haVing fitted it up and made it more convenient for their Reception than it has been for many Years ; and all those who please to favour him with their Company, shall meet with the best Accom- modation. and the most grateful Acknowledgment, from ' Their obedient and oblig'd humble Servant, GEORGE ALMOND. JAMES BUNNY, Bricklayer, In Love- Lane, Wood- Street, near Cheapside, London, UNDERTAKES to cure all Manner of SMOAKY CHIMNIES in the most effectual Manner, n0 Cure, no Pay.. And whereas several of the Nobility and Gentry have been very grosly imposed upon by ignorant Pretenders, I do here- by promise all Persons, either in Town or Country, who will please to favour me with their Commands, that I will execute the same in a Workman- like Manner, having never failed in any of my Undertakings of this Kind ; the Truth of which can be testified by the several Persons that have done me the Honour to employ me. I likewise have invented a STOvE for ironing of Clothes, in such a Manner as to save a third Part of the Coals; and the same Fire that heats the Heater, will heat the flat Irons. And any Person Who is willing to try one of them, may have it for three Months; and if not liked, I will take it again. It may be set either in the Kitchen or Laundry. To be SOlD, ASmall Freehold Estate, called PIMLICO, in the Township of Clithero, and County of Lancaster ; con- sisting of about twelve Acres of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, with Privilege of Common, 0n Clithero- Moor,: There is a very good Dwelling House 0n the Estate, two Barns, and all other Outhouses necessary, and great Plenty of Lime- Stone in every Field. The whole Estate is very well water'd, has many great Conveniencies, and is pleasantly situated near the great Road from Preston to York. Enquire for further Particulars of Mr. Wiglesworth of Mars- den in Lancashire; or of Mr. William Laycock, the present Tenant on the Estate, who will shew the same. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Order of the Assignees, on the 9th of August next, THREE several Waggons, with six Horses to each, and Harness complete, belonging to the Estate of William Connop, late of the Borough of Southwark, Tobacconist and Portsmouth Carrier, a Bankrupt. The respective Teams may be seen at the King's Head Inn in the Borough, on Monday and Tuesday next, and on Thursday and Monday following, and also on Thursday the 8th of Au- gust, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve o'Clock in the Forenoon, and 0n Friday the qth of August between the same Hours, at the King's Head Inn aforesaid. The whole will be sold to the best Bidder, either in separate Teams or together, as shall be agreed by the Company then present; together with the Utensils and Furniture belonging to the said Waggons at the said Inn. To be SOLD, to the best Bidder, AFreehold Farm at Cobham in the County of Surrey, now lett by Lease to Stephen Pim for 14 Years, from Michaelmas 1748, at 271. a Year. Four Acres of Freehold Arable Land, lying in Ockham in the said County, now lett to Waterer at 21. a Year. Two Freehold Messuages divided into four Tenements, standing in the Town of Kingston upon Thames, in the said County, between the Church- Yard and the Horse- Fair. A Farm at Leatherhead, in the said County, being Copy- hold of Inheritance, now lett to James Street at 40 I. a Year. A small Farm at Ockshott, In the said County, also Copy- hold of Inheritance, now lett to Edward Kindred at 201. a Year. A Freehold Farm call'd Hooper's, in Lingfield in the said County, lett to William Simmonds at 301. a Year. And also Three small Farms in Lingfield aforesaid, call'd Underhill's, Mathew's and the Dodges, all untenanted, and lying conti- guous to the said Farm call'd Hooper's. Enquire for further Particulars of Mr. Richard Glover, At- torney at Law, at his Chambers in Hare- Court in the Temple; or at his House in Croydon, in the said County of Surrey. THOMAS HARVEY, WHO served seven Years Apprenticeship to a Vintner in London, and kept the George Inn in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, for these nine Years last past, is now removed to a new, large, handsome and commodious Inn of his own Building, opposite the Market- House, in Cheltenham aforesaid, call'd the SWAN; where all Noble- men and others, who shall be pleased to use his House, shall be sure to meet with good Entertainment and civil Usage, Their most obedient humble Servant, THO. HARVEY. N B He has a large commodious Yard, with Stables for up- wards of sixty Horses, stall'd and basl'd; and Coach- Houses NoTe also, He continues the Coach- way from the Hill, thro' the Grounds, to this Inn, as usual. To be Sold to the best Bidder, On Saturday next, the 3d of August, at One o'Clock, At Tilshead Buildings in Wilts, AHOUSE, so called, with the Furniture belonging to the same ; situated 0n the Downs, in a fine Sporting Country, four Miles from Market- Lavington, eight from Warminster, and twelve from Salisbury : Consisting of four Bedchambers, a large Parlour, a Hall, a large Room, forty Feet by twenty, three light and two dark Closets, on the Ground Floor; nine Garrets and Closets, Kitchen, Cut- houses, a Brew- house, a Grainary, a large Barn, Stabling for twenty Horses a Dog- Kennel; with a Garden well planted with Fruit- Trees, and a small Inclosure adjoining. For Particulars enquire at the said House. N. B. The Furniture to be sold separate. A To be LETT, And enter'd upon at Michaelmas next, Farm at Wood- Green, consisting of good Dwelling- House, Barns, Stables and other Outhouses, and 92 Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture and Wood- Land, lying in the Parishes of Tottenham and Edmonton, in the County of Middlesex, now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. John Atkins. Enquire for further Particulars of Mr. Richard Glover, at his Chambers in Hare- Court in the Temple. To be LETT, And enter'd on immediately with the Crop, or at Michaelmas next, At Stanwell in the County of Middlesex, fifteen Miles from London, two from Colnbrook, two from Staines, seven from Uxbridge, seven from Brentford, and four from Windsor, with several other very good Market Towns within seven Miles round, AVery good Farm, consisting of a good Farm- House, Barns, Home- Stall, & c. with 46 Acres of in- clos'd Meadow, 27 Acres of Lammas Meadow, 50 Acres three Roods of inclos'd Arable, and 16 Acres one Rood of Arable in the common Fields; containing in the whole 1 38 Acres, with a Right of Common for Cattle and Sheep ; Lands cropp'd as follows, Wheat 27 Acres, Barley 11 Acres, Beans six Acres, Oats eight Acres, pease four Acres; all 111 good Condition, and contiguous to the said Farm- House. And if any additional Buildings should be desired by a Tenant, it shall be made, provided they will allow a reasonable Interest for the Money laid out. For further Particulars enquire of Thomas Rolfe, at the Right Hon. the Earl of Dunmore's at Stanwell. N. B. One hundred and eleven Acres three Roods of the above Land pay but half Tythes. A SCHEME of the STATE LOTTERY, 1751. The Tickets, Shares and Chances are sold, as usual, by F. WILSON, who has been remarkable for selling the largest Prizes, at his State Lottery Office at Charing cross, and at his House in Cornhill, London, This Day is publish'd, Price 1 s. THE Discourse which carried the Premium at the Academy at Dijon in 1770, 0n this Question, proposed by the said Academy, Whether the Re- establishment of Arts and Sciences has contributed to the Refining of Manners. By a CITIZEN of Geneva. Translated from the French Original. Printed for W. Owen near Temple- Bar, and sold by the Booksellers in London and Westminster. This Day is publish'd, Price 2 s. 6 d. THE Scripture Meaning of ALEIM and BERITH justified. against the Exceptions of Dr. Sharp, in his two Dissertations concerning ELOHIM and BERITH By JULIUS BATE, M. A. Printed for F. Withers at the Seven Stars next the Inner Temple Gate, Fleet- Street. Where may be had, by the same Author, An Answer to the Objections of Mr. Berington. This Day is publish'd, Price 1 s. NATIONAL Expectations on the late Change in the MINISTRY. In a Letter from a Member of Parliament to a Gentleman in the Country, wherein the se- veral Struggles between a great Man and the F— t— n are enu- merated, and the Advantages display'd that we have Reason to hope for under his Administration. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster Row. This Day is publish'd, ACATALOGUE of the LIBRARY of BOOKS of the late learned Dr. ABRAHAM HALL, Physician to the Charter- house. Which will begin to be sold this and every Day ' till the first of September ( for Ready Money Only) the lowest Price fixed in the Catalogue, At T. OSBORNE's, in Gray's Inn. At the same Time will continue selling, The Libraries of EDWArD WEBBE, Esq; and others. Catalogues to be had it every noted Town in England, Scotland, France and Ireland, and at the Place of Sale ; where may be had Money- for any Library or Parcel of Books, Prints or Manuscripts, This Day is publish'd, Price 1 s. COMMON SENSE a COMMON DELUSION or, The generally receiv'd Notions of NATURAL CAUSES, DEITY, RELIGION, VIRTUE, & c. as exhi- bited in Mr. Pope's Essay 0n Man, prov'd ridiculous, im- pious, and the Effect of Infatuation, and the chief Cause of the present formidable Growth of Vice among Christians, and the streat Stumbling Block in the Way of Infidels. Earnestly recommended to the Perusal of all Men of Good Sense, and Lovers of Truth. By ALMONIDES, a Believing Heathen. Printed for T. Reynolds, at the Golden Leg in St. John's Lane; and sold by R. Baldwin, at the Rose in Pater- noster- Row; W. Owen, at Homer's Head near Temple- Bar; R. Davis, the Corner of Sackville Street, Piccadilly; and all other Booksellers in Town and Country. In a few Days will be publish'd, ( Price is. 6d. bound) THE RUDIMENTS of the French Tongue; or, A plain and eafy Introduction to French Grammar. Wherein the Principles of the Language are methodically di- gested. With useful Notes and Observations, explaining the Terms of Grammar, and further improving its Rules. By L. CHAMBAUD. Printed for A. Millar, at Buchanan's- Head, opposite Catha- rine- Street in the Strand. Where may be had, 1. His French Grammar, Price 3 s.— 2. His Treasure of the French and English Languages, Price 2 s.-— 3. His Theme's Francois & Anglois. Price 3 s.— 4. His Exercises to the Rules, of Construction of French Speech, Price is. This Day is publish'd, In TWO VOLUMES, Quarto, DIZIONARIO ITALIANO ed Inglese, ed Inglese ed Italiano. A Dictionary Italian and English, and English and Italian ; containing ail the Words of the Vocabulary della Crusca, and several Hundred more, taken from the most approv'd Authors; with Proverbs and familiar Phrases. By F. ALTIERI The SECONd EDITION, corrected and improv'd, By EVANGELIST PALERMO, Teacher of the Italian Tongue. Printed for William Innys in Pater- noster Row. Where may be had, A new Grammar, Italian English and English Italian; Which contains a true and easy Method for acquiring those two Languages, with many useful Remarks, which are not to be found in any other Grammar of this Kind. By F. AL- TIERI, Author of the above Dictionary, 8vo. This Day are publish'd, Proposals for printing by Subscription, In FIVE VOLUMES FOLIO, A TRANSLATION of M. DE THOU'S ( THUANuS'S) HISTORY of his OwN TIMES. By JOHN GEE, M. A. Rector of Moulton in Suffolk, Vicar of Burwell in Cambridge, shire, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Earl Cowper. CONDITIONS. I. The Book will be printed 0n the same Paper, and with the same Letter, as the Conditions in the Proposals. II. Every Volume will be ornamented with a Copper- plate Frontispiece, describing some remarkable Occurrence in it. III. The Work will be put to press before next Christmas. IV. Sixteen Sheets, stitch'd 11; blue Paper, will be deliver'd to the Subscribers every Month, at 2s, 6< 1 each Number, ' till the Whole is compleated. Proposals are deliver'd and Subscriptions taken in by the fol- lowing Booksellers; Mr. Thurlbourn and Mr. Merrill, in Cambridge; Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Prince, and Mr. Barrett, in Oxford ; Mess. Whiston and White in fleet Street, Mr. Dod Ave- Mary- lane, Mr. Ward against the Royal Exchange, Mr. Nourse, Mr. Vaillant, and Mr. Millar, iu the Strand, Mr. Dodsley in Pall mall; Mr. Brindley in New Bond- Street, Mr. C. Davis in Holbourn, and Mr. Osborne in Gray's- Inn, Lon- don ; Mr. Hilyard at York, Mr. Creighton in Ipswich, Mr. Leake and Mr. Frederick in Bath, and Mr. Pote in Eton. *** Gentlemen who are inclin'd to encourage' this Under- taking may depend upon its being carried on with Diligence and Fidelity, Lately publish'd, Price 1s. The THIRD EDITION, beautifully printed Dedicated to her Highness the Lady AUGUSTA, ThE LADY's PRECEPTOR ; Or, A Letter to a young Lady of Distinction upon Po- liteness. Taken from the French of the Abbe D'Ancourt, and adapted to the Religion, Customs, and Manners ot the English. Nation. By a Gentleman of CAMBRIDGE. Adorn'd With all that Earth or Heaven could bestow. To make her amiable :— On she came, Grace was in all her Steps, Heav'n in her Eye, In every Gesture Dignity and Love. MILTON . Printed by and for J. Watts and sold by him at the Prin- ting- Office in Wild- Court near Lincoln's- Inn- Fields ; and by B. Dod, at the Bible and Key in Ave- Mary- Lane, near Sta- tioners- Hall. Just publish'd, in One Volume m Twelves, Illustrated with 197 Cuts, the Fifth Edition of DR. CROXALL's FABLES aeSOP and Others, newly done into English. With an Appli- cation to each Fable. garrit aniles Ex re Fabellas Ho R. Printed for j. and R. Tonson, and J. Watts. Of whom may be had, The SIXTH EDITION of Mr. GAY's fifty- one NEW FABlES in Verse, ( invented for the Amusement of his Highness WiLLiAM duke of Cumberland ;) with Fifty- one Cuts, design'd by Mr. Kent and Mr. Wooron, and engrav'd by Mr. Baron, Mr. Vander- gutcht, and Mr. Fourdrinier. Lately publish'd, The SEVENTH EDITION, Price l s. 6 d. sew'd in Blue Boards, LETTERS OF ABELARD AND HELOISE. TO which is prefix'd a particular Account of their lives, Amours, and Misfortunes: Extracted chiefly from Monsieur Bayle. Translated from the French by the late John Hughes, Esq; printed for and sold by J. Watts at the Printing Office in Wild Court near Lincoln's- Inn- fields, and the Booksellers of Town and Country. Also the Sixth Edition of The FAIR CIRCASSIAN, a Dramatick Performance. Done from the Original by a Gentleman Commoner of Ox- ford. To which are added several Occasional Poems, by the same Author. sine Me, Liber, ibis in Urbem. Ovid. And the Second Edition of Lucius JUnIUS BRUTUS, a Tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury- Lane, by his Majesty's Ser- vants. By Mr. Duncombe To this Edition is prefix'd, An essay on Tragedy. By Mr. Voltaire. This Day is publish'd, Price i s. AN Inquiry into some late Proceedings in Vindi- cation of the University of Oxford, relative to an Of- fence of a certain Member of the same. In which is shewn, how far such Proceedings have been agreeable or repugnant to the Canon, Civil, Common, Statute and Academick Laws. The Remonstrance of some Members of the said University are inferred and vindicated from the ridiculous Aspersions cast 0n it, by certain Screeners of the Offender, and the Equity of a publick Enquiry into the Offence, it is hoped, will appear to all serious, unprejudiced Readers. Printed for J. Goddard, jun. near St. Paul's, and sold at all the Pamphlet Shops in London and Westminster, and by all Booksellers in Town and Country. This Day is publish'd, Price bound 2 s. 6 d. AMATHEMATICAL Miscellany. In Four Paris. Containing, 1. A Solution of the 45 surprizing Paradoxes in Gordon's Geography. a. Fifty five new and amazing Paradoxes, some in Verse and some in Prose, with their Solutions. 3. An Algebraical Solution to the hundred Problems left unanswer'd in Hill's Arithmetick and Alexander's Algebra, in the Solution of which the young Algebraist will find such a Variety of Examples perform'd, after so concise a Method, as will enable him to comprehend the most abstruse Parts of that sublime Science. 4. Miscellaneous Rules about forming Enigmas and Ques- tions, the Doctrine of Eclipses, of Pendulums, the Equation of time, concerning Easter, & c. Printed for M. Cooper at the Globe in Pater- noster Row. This Day is publish'd, Neatly printed in Octavo, dedicated to the Royal Society at London, and the Medical Society at Edinburgh; by whom it has been revised and approved, AN ESSAY towards a complete new System of MIDWIFRY, Theoretical and Practical. Together with the Descriptions, Causes and Methods of removing or relieving the Disorders peculiar to Pregnant and Lying in Women, and New- born Infants. Interspersed with several new Improvements; whereby Women may be deliver'd, in the most dangerous Cases, with more Ease, Safety, and Expe- dition, than by any other Method heretofore practised. All drawn Up and illustrated with several curious Observations, and 18 Copper Plates. In Four Parts. By JOHN BURTON, M. D Si quid novisti rectius istis, Candidus imperti; si non, his utere mecum. Hor. Printed for James Hodges, at the Looking Glass facing St. Magnus Church, London- Bridge. This Day is publish'd, Price 1 s. In OCTAVO, THE INSPECTOR. Containing a Collec- tion of Essays and Letters lately publish'd in a new Daily Paper, called, The London Daily Advertiser, and Lite- rary Gazette. Printed for W. Shropshire, in New Bond- Street; S. Baker, in Russel- Street, Covent- Garden; L. Davis, in Fleet- Street; J. Ward, in Cornhill; R. Griffiths, in St. Paul's Church- Yard ; J. Fletcher, in Oxford ; and T. Merrill, in Cambridge. The abovemention'd News- Paper, besides the most au- thentick Occurrences of the Day, is constantly supplied with a Letter or Dissertation on the most useful or entertaining Sub- jeCts, viz. Morality, Natural history, Pieces of Humour and Entertainment, or Accounts of the Contents and Merits of the various new Productions in the Literary World. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who chuse to take in the LoN- DON DAILY ADVERTISEr, may depend on being regu- larly serv'd every Morning by the Hawkers of the other News- Papers, any where within the Bills of Mortality. N. B. All Coffee houses and publick- houses may be supplied in the same Manner, This day is publish'd, Price 6 d. ( Beautifully printed on a new Elzevir Letter) Illustrated with a curious Frontispiece and engraved Title ; a Head of Peter the Great, Czar of Muscovy; a large Folio Plate exhibiting the Warrant and the proper Hand- writing and Seals of those who signed it, for the beheading of King Charles I, With a Song, an Air for the Flute, and a Country Dance set to Musick THE UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE of KNOWLEDge and PLEASURE. Numb. LVIII. VOL. IX. Printed for J. Hinton, at the King's Arms in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; and sold by all the Booksellers in Great- Britain and Ireland. Where also may be had, The Eight Volumes, neatly bound and letter'd, Price il. 16s. 6d. or half- bound 11. 12 s. 6d. or any single Num- ber from the Beginning, at 6d, each. N. B. Number LIX. will be publish'd the first of September, Price 6 d. Note, Be careful to ask for the unIVErsAL MAGAzINe. This Day is publish'd Price 6 d. APOLLO, Which concludes the Second and Last Volume of THE STUDENT : or, Oxford and Cambridge Monthly Miscellany. Containing among many other curious Particulars, A Frontispiece and General Title to the Volume, r. Of Retirement. 2. Advice to a young Gentleman of Cambridge, how to spend the Summer Vacation. 3. Account of several publick Buildings in Oxford, never before described. 4. A Rhapsodic Vision. 5- Conclusion of the Letters on the Reality of Religion. 6. A new System of Castle- Building, Book II. Chap. 3. On the Profound. Written in the Room under the Cellar. 7. On the sudden Death of a Clergyman. By Mr. Christo- pher Smart. 8. On the Art of Preaching, a Fragment; in Imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry. By the late Mr. Christopher Pitt. 9. Epilogue design'd to be spoken at Drury- Lane. 10. General Index to the Volume. Oxford, Printed for J. Newbery, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; J. Barrett in Oxford; and T. Merrill in Cambridge. Where may be had, the First Volume. Now PRINTING by SUBSCRIPTION, And will speedily be ' publish'd, Neatly printed in Demy Octavo, Price unbound 6 s. Dedicated to his Royal Highness GEORGE Prince of WALES, Patronized and encouraged by the Right Rev. the Bishops, the Rev. the Clergy, and the Nobility and Gentry of the Princi- pality of wales, ABRITISH, or WELSH- ENGLISH DICTIONARY: Containing many Thousand Bri- tish Words more than any Welsh Dictionary hitherto publish- ed. All the Authorities or Examples which the learned Dr. Davies gives, in his British Latin Dictionary, from ancient Poets, Historians, & c. are inserted in This, as they are accu- rate Proofs of the Significations assign'd to those Words; and rhe Words which are added, are often exemplified in the same Manner. And to make this Work more Compleat, besides the Explica- tions and Etymologies of Words, many valuable British An- tiquities are interspers'd through all the Parts of it. By THOMAS RICHARDS, Curate of Coychurch. Besides the Author's Collections from his own Reading and Observations, and what is contain'd in Dr. Davis's British Latin Dictionary, this Work hath been greatly improv'd out of Mr. Edward Lhwyd's Archaeologia Britannica, Dr. Woot- ton's Glossary, & c. The Publick will easily perceive that this is a Work of great Labour and Pains, and of infinite Service to those who have but slightly studied the Idiom of their Mother Tongue: By this Dictionary a person of small Education, or Know- ledge, may be made familiarly acquainted with the Welsh language, which is herein interpreted by English, and by which an Englishman may easily learn Welsh ; and the Welsh may with greater Facility learn English. To render this Work yet more useful, there will be prefix'd to ir, A compendious WELSH GRAMMAR, with all the Rules in English : As also Directions concerning the Pronun- ciation, and the proper Force or natural Sounds of the Welsh Letters. Subscriptions are taken in by Messrs. Knapton, Longman, Innys, Birt, Ware, Davis, Osborne, Cox, & c. and by Mr. Richard Morris, at the Navy Office, london ; by R. Raikes, at Gloucester ; and by all the Booksellers of North and South Wales; by Mr. Harper, at the Golden Lion in Brecknock ; Mr. Richards, at the New Passage; by the Author, at Coy- church near Cowbridge, Glamorganshire; and by Felix Far- ley, Printer, in Small- Street, Bristol. This Day is publish'd, in Octavo, Price bound 5 s. For the Use oj SCHOOLS, THE GRAMMARIAN'S GEOGRAPHY and ASTROnoMy, Ancient and Modern, exemplified in the Use of the Globes, Terraqueous and Coelestial; in which all the Terms of Art, Parts of the Globes, and Problems there- on to be perform'd, with the Use of Maps, are so plainly and methodically consider'd and treated of, as scarce ever to be forgot. In Two Parts. Particularly adapted to the Capaci- ties of young Gentlemen studying the Classicks; as well as useful and entertaining to all others. The Geographical Part comprehending the ancient and mo- dern Names, Situation, Length and Breadth of most Places in the World, in View of the Latin and Greek Classicks, Homer, Virgil, Herodotus, Justin, Xenophon, Casar, Plutarch, Livy, Thucidydes, Sallust, Dionysius Periegetes, Pausanius, Josephus, Eusebius, Silius Italicus, Lucan, Floras, Nepos, Eutropius, Quintus Curtius, and the rest: With the Adventures, Voyages and Travels of Ulysses aEneas, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, A- lexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, our Saviour Jesus Christ, St. Paul, the rest of the Apostles, and many others in both sacred and profane History. The Astronomical Part containing a Description of the Laws, Order, Number, Names, Distances, Magnitudes, Mo- tions and Appearances of the heavenly Bodies; an Account of the several Systems of the Universe; the History of Astro- nomy and the Classical Stories relating to the Planets, Signs and Constellations. The Whole illustrated with necessary Maps and Schemes, neatly engrav'd 0n Copper. By JOHN HOLMES, Master of the Publick Grammar School, in Holt, Norfolk. Sold by C. Hitch and L. Hawes, in Pater- noster Row. Of whom may be had, any of the Author's other Works, This Day is Publish'd, Tbe EIGHTEENTH EDITION, Beautifully printed, adorn'd with a Frontispiece, finely en- graved, { With a Preface by the Editor, in which there is a full Account of the Improvement made in this Edition of the Work ; also an Index is annex'd, to which the Reader may turn for more par- ticular Information of the Contents of the Whole) APlain and Familiar Method for attaining the Knowledge and Practice of COMMON ARITHME- tICK By EDMUND WINGATE, of Grays- Inn, Esq Wherein the Additions and Emendations made by Mr. John Kersey, in his Appendix ; and Mr. George Shelley, in his Supplement, are introduced in their proper Places 5 and all the Improvements in this Science that have appear'd in other Writers since that Time, are carefully inserted. Also sundry others, that are entirely new, are added. By JAMES DODSON, Accomptant and Teacher of the Mathematicks. Printed for J. and P. Knapton, in Ludgate Street ; and J, Hodges, facing St. Magnus's Church, London Bridge. This Day is publish'd And to be sold by the Proprietors, A. MILLAR, J. and R, TONSON, in the Strand, for 1 1. 5- s. in Sheets, And to be had of all the Booksellers in Town and Country, THE WORKSof the Learning ISAAC BArROW, D. D. late Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. The FIFTH EDITiON, in three Volumes Folio, Containing in * Vol. I. Thirty- two Sermons, preach'd, on several Occasions; a brief Exposition of the Creed.; the Lord's Prayer, Decalogue, and the DoCtrine of the Sacraments ; a Treatise of the Pope's Supremacy ; and a Discourse 0n the Unity of the Church. Vol. II. Thirty- four Sermons, and Expositions upon all the Articles in the Apostle's Creed. Vol. III. Forty- five Sermons 0n several Occasions, With Tables of Contents to each Volume. Being a complete Collection of all his English Works. The Whole publish'd by his Grace Dr. JOHN TILLOTSON, Late Archbishop of Canterbury. To which is prefix'd some Account of the Life of the Author. This Day is publish'd. Price 1 s. 6, d. The SIXTH EDITION, To which is now added, The Method of suing out and passing Fines and Recoveries, the exact Fees paid at each Office and other useful Additions, of AN ATTOrNEY'SPRACTICE Epitomized; or the Method, Times, and Expences of Proceeding iii the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from the Commencement of a Suit to the Trial, final Judgment and Exe- cution ; so advantageously placed in opposite Columns, as to shew at one View, the Agreement or Difference in the Prac- tice of the said Courts; whereby many Defaults and Irregula- rities ( which frequently happen) may be prevented; and bu- siness transaCted in Town or Country with Ease, Expedition, and Certainty. ' Perused by several Officers of the Courts, and by many emi- nent Attornies and Agents in London.' Printed for, and sold by J. Worrall, at the Dove in Bell- Yard, near Lincoln's Inn ; and W. Reeve, at Shakespear's- Head, near Serjeant's Inn, Fleet- Street. This Day is publish'd, Price 5s. ADescription of WESTMINSTER BRIDGE. To which are added. An Account of the Methods made Use of in laying the Foundations of its Piers, and an Answer to the chief Objections that have been made thereto ; with an Appendix, containing several Particulars relating to the said Bridge, or to the History of the Building thereof; as also its Geometrical Plans, and the Elevation of one of the Fronts, as it is finish'd ; correctly engrav'd on two large Copper- Plates. Drawn up and publish'd by Order of the Right Hon. 6lc. the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament for building and maintaining Westminster Bridge. By CHARLES LABELYE. Sold by John Nourse at the Lamb overagainst Katherine- Street in the Strand. This Day is publish'd, Price 5 s. The SECOND EDITION, of GRammatica Anglo- Lusitanica & Lusitano- Anglica; or, A new Grammar, ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE, and PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH ; divided into two Parts: The First, for the InstruCtion of the English, who are desi- rous to attain to the Knowledge of the Portuguese language. The Second, for the Use of the Portuguese, who have the like Inclination to the English Tongue. The First Part of which is corrected and amended, and the Second executed in a plain, familiar, and easy Method. To which is now added, Grammatica Anglo- Lusitanica & Lusitano- Anglica ; ou, Grammatica Nova, INGlEZAe POrUGUEZA, e PoRTu- gUFZAe INGLEzA ; dividida em Duas Partes: A Primeira, para a Instruicao dos Inglezes que dezejarem alcancar o conhecimento da Lingua Portugueza. A Segunda, para o uzo dos Portuguezes que tiverem amesma Inclinacao a Lingua Ingleza. Das quais a Primeira esta corrigida e emendada, a Segunda executada por Methodo claro, familiar, e facil. Por J. CASTRO, Mestre e Traductor de ambas as Linguas. Printed for W. Meadows at the Angel in Cornhill; and E. Comyns at the South Gate of the Royal- Exchange. This Day is publish'd, In QUARTO, Price One Shilling, Printed for J. NOURSE, at the Lamb, against Katharine- Street in the Strand, iNTRODUCTION a L'ARITHMETIQUE VULGAIRE. En DEUX PARTIES. La premiere est proprement l'Arithmetique des Enfans: Elle contient les lecons les plus Simples du calcul, en nombres entiers, propres a les y exercer, avant meme qu'ils sachent ecrire, & a les preparer pour l'teude de la seconde partie, qui contient les principles regles de l'Arithmetique, en nombres composes, avec la maniere d'operer la plus simple, la plus fa- cile & la plus curieuse: Composee pour l'usage de la Nouvelle Ecole de Charite des Enfans des pauvres Francois refugies. Chez J. Nourse, a l'Agneau, dans le Strand. Where may be had, the 3d Edition of The new English Spelling Book, adorn'd with 30 Copper- Plates Price is. 6d. or without is. By J. PALAIRET. Preceptor to their Royal Highnesses the Duke, the Princess Mary of Hesse, and the Queen of Denmark, LONDON. Yesterday as Moses Mendes, Esq; was returning from his Seat at Mitcham, he was attacked between Clapham and Tooting by six Footpads, who presenting their Pis- tols to his Breast, robb'd him of his Watch and some Silver. Yesterday Margaret Johnson and Mary Maccartney were; committed by Henry Fielding, Esq, the one to the Gatehouse and the other t0 New Prison, for Coining. Yesterday a Sharper came to the Coach and Horses Alehouse in Burlington Street, and order'd the Mistress to send a Pot of Beer 10 Lord Hinton Pawlett's, in the same Street, with Change for a Guinea, which she did accordingly, thinking he liv'd there, being without his Hat ; out before the Boy got there, the Sharper met him, took the Beer and Change, and gave him a Guinea, as the Boy thought, in return, bidding him fetch a Pot of ' I'wopenny, and make Haste the Boy carried it, but finding the Servants knew nothing of the Matter, he went home again; when his Mistress beginning to sus- pect the Cheat, examined what the Boy had given her, which prov'd to be only a Shilling gilt. Last Sunday in the Afternoon, as some Company were visiting at Mr. Fleming's in Mount- Street, a little Miss who was one of the Company, and a little Boy belong- ing to Mr. Fleming, were at play while the Company were at Tea ; the Boy found a Pistol in the Beauset, and said he would shoot her, and accordingly fired it off, and shot the Girl in the Shoulder, of which Wound she died on Monday Night; and Yesterday the Jury sat on the Body, and brought it in Accidental Death. On Tuesday Night a Fire broke out in the House of Mr. Eades, in Cherry Garden- Street, Rotherhith, which burnt Part of the House; but by timely Assistance it was happily prevented from communicating to several old Timber Houses adjoining. The Chard, late Leach, belonging to Bristol, is cut off by the Negroes on the Coast of AFrica, the Master kill'd. A Dutch Ship, of about 140 Tons, is lost off White- haven, not without Sufpicion of Fraud, there having been a Hole in her Bottom. To the AUTHOR, & c. SIR, ISuppose it will be allow'd that Gaming is a Vice very pernicious to the People, and that, therefore, very severe Laws have been made to suppress it. What then must we think of that Administration which condemns one Sort of Gaming, and establishes another Sort of worse Consequence. There seem to be many weighty Objections against the Method of raising Money by way of Lottery. To name a few of the most obvious; it is taking Advantage of the Simplicity of the lower People; it is borrowing of such as can least spare Money to lend ; It is deluding them out of their industry, and taking them off from their Labour by vain Hopes; it is the Ruin of at least six out of every seven who venture ; it is diverting a vast Sum of Money out of the Course of Trade and Business ; it is giving an Itch of Gaming to Thousands who had it not before ; it is exposing the weak and the poorer Sort, to be devour'd by the Dealers in Tickets. If only the Rich were to be drawn in by that silly atheistical Argument, of being in Fortune's Way, and that other of, he that has no Ticket can't possibly get a Prize should have been silent ; but I could wish the honest lower Sort of People would consider that they are all under the Providence of God, as well as the Rich, and much happier ; and that he will undoubtedly give them, at all Times, what is best for them, be it Poverty or Riches, without their exposing themselves to Ruin, by foolishly venturing that little they are already blessed with, t0 covetous Hopes to be their own Carvers. It is for the Sake of such honest People, that I have made the following true Computations, which I hope you will print along with this Letter. I fear that this Computation will neither be read nor understood by those for whom it was principally made, and therefore I would beg the Favour 0f all Gentlemen, Tradesmen, and other Readers, to take the Pains to ex- plain it to such as any way depend upon their Judg- ments by observing: That one must buy no less than Seven Tickets t0 have an even Chance for any Prize at all ; that with only one Ticket, it is Six to One, and with Half a Ticket, Twelve 10 One against any Prize ; and Ninety- nine or a Hundred to One that the Prize, if it comes, will not be above Fifty Pounds; and no less than Thirty- five Thousand to One that the Owner of a single Ticket will not obtain one of the greatest Prizes. That if one only Person among 35000 Men or Wo- men, was condemned to be whipped or punished two or three Days hence, I believe the whole Number would sleep easy enough, each thinking it impossible the Lot should fall Upon any particular one; and if so, why should the silly fanguine Hopes of the great Prize draw the Money out of so many thousand poor Pockets. That the Lottery, like all other Government Lotte- ries, is as fair as any Lottery can be, while the Tickets are sold for 101. each ; but no Lottery is proper for Per- sons of very small Fortunes, to whom the Loss of five or six Pound is of great Consequence, besides the Distur- bance of their Minds; much less it is adviseable, or de- sirable for either Poor or Rich, to contribute to the ex- orbitant Tax of more than Two Hundred Thousand Pounds, which the first Engrossers of Lottery Tickets, and the Brokers and Dealers strive to raise, out of the Pockets of the Poor chiefly, and the silly Rich partly, by artfully enhancing the Price of Tickets above the origi- nal Cost. As these Engrossers have had their Tickets cheap enough, let them keep them ; it is a fair Lottery, and they can't be hurt, taking them all together. For if any one person were t0 purchase all the Tickets, he would by the Scheme have just all his Money again. I am, & c. A. R. NOBLEMEN, LADIES and GENTLEMEN, AS my Distresses multiply, I beg Leave to renew my Address. The Charity of those few who have been so good as to assist me, though it has not yet amounted to a Sum so as to answer the End proposed. yet has not only supply'd my Family with Bread, which otherwise we must have wanted, but has also enabled me to put off the Foreclosure of the Mortgage of my Estate for a few Terms longer, in hopes the Publick will take Com- passion, and enable an honest Heart to be just to all the World: If I am so happy as by this Means ( which is my dernier Effort) to redeem my Estate, it will be then in my Power; otherwise, the Mortgagee will gain many thousand Pounds, my Creditors remain unpaid, and my Family reduced to beg their Bread. I make no Doubt but this Paper is read by Thousands in most Towns in the Kingdom ; Oh! that some one charitable Person in each Town would give themselves the Trouble to en- quire into the Recommendation Mr. Hoare has in my Behalf; they would thereby be convinced my Misfor- tunes are real; and if so, will, I hope, encourage a small Collection for my Benefit. Surely no humane Per- son would refuse to give a single Shilling to redeem a poor Family from Ruin ; and if all such will please to consider, that Trifle, from each such Person, when col- lected, will be abundantly sufficient to answer the End proposed, and no Soul suffer the least Inconvenience. The Ingratitude, Slights and Oppressions I daily expe- rience, are too many to be contain'd in this Paper; but I am satisfied would merit Compassion from every good- natur'd Soul living, could they be made sensible of them. Mr. Hoare, the Banker, is so good, by the Re- commendation of a Nobleman, as to permit his Servants to receive what is intended for the Benefit of the unfor- tunate Cha. T--- This is to give NOTICE, THAT the Sale of Welch and Scotch Cattle will be held at Barnett, in the County of Hertford, as usual. July 29, 1751. GENERAL POST- OFFICE. WHEREAS the Post Boy, bringing the West Mail to this Office, was this Morning, between One and Two o'Clock, on Black- Water- Heath, attack'd and robb'd, by a single Highwayman, mounted on a Brown Horse or mare, who took out of the said Mail, and carried off the following Bags of Letters, viz, Plymouth, Honiton, Blandford, Exeter, Tiverton, Lyme, Truro, Crewkerne, Axminster, St. Columb, Taunton, Bridport, Bodmin, Wellington, Wimborne, Camelford, Minehead, Christchurch, Oakhampton, Chard, Pool, Barnstaple, Ilminster, Cranburn, Totness, Shaftsbury, Fordingbridge, . Ashburton, Salisbury, Kingwood, Dartmouth, Dorchester, Basingstoke, and Launceston, Weymouth, Whitchurch. V! i Person who committed this Robbery was a middle- siz'd man, and had on a brown Duffile Surtout Coat, and rode on a Brown Horse or Mare, about 14 Hands high. This therefore is to give Notice, that whoever shall appre- hend and couvict, or cause to be apprehended and convicted, the Person who committed this Robbery, will he intitled to a Re- Ward of Two Hundred Pounds, over and above the Reward given by act of Parliament for apprehending of Highwaymen Or if any Person, or Persons, whether Accomplice in the said Robbery, or knowing thereof, shall make Discorery, whereby the Person, who committed the same, may be apprehended and brought to Justice, such Discoverer, or Discoverers, will, upon Conviction of the Party, be intitled to the same Reward of Two Hundred Pounds, and also have his Majesty's most gra- cious Pardon. by Command of the Post- Master- General, GEORGE SHELVOCKE, Sec. TAKEN out of the Wcftem Mail, on Monday lalt, the following Bank Note, Bank Polt and other Bills, vii. Jan. 28, t7ro, No. C. 78, Bank Note to Mr. William Hart, ior 1001. May 24, 175- 0, No. K. rfgr, Bank Pott- Bill, payable to Samuel Cam and Co. for jo 1. Other Bills. June 12, 1751, drawn by Thomas Blake 011 Samuel Birt, pay- able to Wadham Wyndham, Efq; for tool. June 17, 175by ditto, 011 ditto, payable to ditto, for ditto. July id, i7yr, hy Samuel Cafe, jun. 011 Tl. omas. HuckeJJ, to James Harriett, Kfq; for 4001. July 2r, 177', hy Thomas Hiyrer, 011 Thomas light, to John Hitches, for 2jol. July 1.7, 1771, by Thomas Cooper, on MeiT. Peers, to John ^ ooprr, for 1601. Payment being Itopp'd, as well' of the Bank Note and Bank- Poit Bill, as of all the other Hills, it" any Body Ihoukl otter to negotiate them; give Notice to Mr. J0I111 Hitches, No. 17, of Clifford's I1111, London. JOHN HOPKINS, Goldsmith, & c. | At the GOLDEN CUP and COVER in Fleet- Street, Within Five Doors of Fleet- Bridge, ( Name Ho PKINS under, as per Margin) continues, as he has done for Twenty Years past, to deal in SECOND HAND PLATE, JEWELS WATCHES, & c. But begs to be excus'd signifying Parti- , ctilars he may have by him, as Things ne- ver continue long on Hands, which makes his Demand the same much greater. He also still employs the Most Masterly, most Experienced, and best Workmen the Kingdom affords in the New Way ; as Number's of the Nobility, Gentry, and Others, have, to Satisfaction, sufficiently Experienced. N. bR. He always heps by him various Sizes of TEA- ABLES, and different Patterns of DISHES and PLATES. W'i HERE AS Richard New, Apprentice to Richard Ayars, Glazier, in Fell- Yard near Temple- Bar, absented Himself from his Master's Service on Sunday the 20th past, and was seen the Tuesday following at New- bury in Berkshire, going for Bristol: Whoever entertains or employs him be it at their Peril, and whoever brings him to his Master shall have a broken Quarte for their Trouble. He is about 17 Year| of Age, about four Feer ten Inches high, of a fair Complexion, wore a dark Wig, walks lame in his Feet, and had 0n When he went a lightish Coat, rather too big for him, and Leather Breeches. MONEY recommended on Mortgage of Lands, Houses, or Government Securities, estates, Annuities Advowsons, Reversions, Post obits, & c. bought and sold by MichAEl NEWNAM, who for many Years hath assisted Gentlemen in the above Particulars, on advantageous and easy Terms. Letters directed to the British CofFee- house in Finch- Lane, near the Royal Exchange ; the Ordnance Coffee house, in Pa- lace- Yard, Westminster, or to Stock well in. Surrey, will :. e duly regarded. Note, Ready Money for any Quantity of standing Timber; and several Purchasers ready for large Estates, especially in Dorsetshire. Speedily will be publish'd, PLANS, Elevations, Sections, and other Orna- ments of the Mansion- House belonging to the Corpo- ration of Doncaster. This Day is publish'd, Price bound 3 s. 6 d. the SECOND EDITION, with large Additions, of THE Complete PSALMODIST. In Four Books. CONTAINING, 1. An Introduction to the GROUNDS of Musick, both Theoretical and Practical, Vocal and Instrumental; teaching; all the Rudiments of Musick, and Composition in all its vari- ous Branches: To which is added, A new Alphabetical Dictio- nary, explaining, almost to the meanest Capacity, all such Greek, Latin, Italian, and French Words, as are generally made Use of in Musick. II. A Set of Services, commonly called Chanting Tunes - together with four and twenty excellent Anthems, composed of Solos, Fuges, and Choruses, after the Cathedral Manner. III. The whole Book of Psalm Tunes; containing near Two hundred different Tunes, collected from the best Authors now extant; with several new Tunes, never before in Print, being proper for Parish Clerks, and useful to Country Congregation 1 IV. A Set of Divine Hymns, suited to the Feasts and fasts of the Church of England ; with several Canons of Two. Three, aud Four parts in One. The Whole is composed for One, Two, Three, Four, and Five Voices, according to the most authentick Rules, for the Use of Country Choirs. By JOHN ARNOLD, Philo Music. Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red Lion, in patcr noster Row; J. Hodges, at the Looking- Glass, over- against St. Magnus's Church, London- Bridge ; and J. Buckland, at the Buck in Pater- noster Row. This Day are to be had, At GEORGE BICKHAM'S in May's Buildings, Covent- Garden i. THE Twenty- one Numbers of BRITISH 1 MONARCHY : or, A New description of all the Dominions belonging to Great Britain, with Views of each County in England, their Cities, Towns, Villages, Forts, Ri- vers and Roads; with their Miles, Distance from one to the other, and from london. Engrav'd in a new Taste ; and each Number sold, according to the Proposals, which may be had as above, gratis. 2. The Beauties of Stow ; or, A Description of the pleasant Seat and noble Gardens of the Lord Cobham, with above 30 Designs engrav'd on Copper plates, of each particular Building. • Price 4 s. sew'd, j s. bound. 3. Twelve Folio Copper plates of Gardening, in a new Taste, as Temples, Arches, Gates, Bridges., Alcoves, & c. all' in the Chinese Manner, extreamly ornamental in the Gardens of the Curious; with, 24 different Specimens of Chinese Pailing. Price 6s. plain, 12:, colour'd. LONDON: Printed by j. MERES, in the Old baily, where Advertisements are taken in
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