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The London Evening-Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3670
No Pages: 4
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The London Evening-Post
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The London Evening-Post

Date of Article: 30/04/1751
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: In the Old Baily
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3670
No Pages: 4
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The London Evening- Post Numb. 3^ 70 From SATURDAY April 27, to TUESDAY April 30, 1751. Yesterday arriv'd the Mails from France and Holland. Stockholm, April 23. T is worthy of Observation, that the Act of Assurance which the King solemnly exe- cuted upon his Accession to the Throne ( to maintain the present Constitution of the Kingdom) he deliver'd him- self to M. Panin, the Russian Minister, and at the same Time expresses himself in the following Manner: ' I hope that this Act will convince her Imperial Majesty of all the Russias of my Sentiments towards the Swedish Nation, and of the Desire which I have, that they may enjoy the Sweets of Peace, by my endeavouring to maintain the most perfect Harmony with the neigh- bouring Powers of this Kingdom, and by avoiding, in the Manner I now do, to give them the least Cause of Umbrage.' Leghorn, April 17. The Master of a Ship arriv'd from Alicant reports, that two large Men of War were sail'd from that Port against the Corsairs of Barbary, attended with feveral Xebecks. very well mann'd; and that the Court of spain had sent Orders to several Sea- Ports to fit out all the Ships that were fit for chasing, in order to go in Pursuit of those Pirates ; besides which it was expect- ed a very strong Squadron would be sent to cruize upon the Coast of Barbary. Genoa, April zo. The Master of a French Ship lately arriv'd from the Coast of Provence reports, that on the 11th Instant Orders came from Court to Toulon to send out forthwith the Triton of 64 Guns, and the Gracious Frigate of 14 Guns; but their Destination is not known, as the Captains of them are not to open their Orders ' till they get into a certain Latitude. Other Advices from Toulon inform us, that they have lately launch'd an 8o Gun Ship, and call'd her the Thunderer : They continue building with all possible Di- ligence ; the Ships actually on the Stocks are call'd the Redoubtable and the Warrior of 74 Guns each, the Lion and the Stag of 64, the Rose Frigate of 36, the Serpent and the Cunning Xebeques of 18 and zo Guns. They receive now and then large Quantities of Timber and other Naval Stores to Toulon, so that we may infer the Court designs to have a strong Fleet in the Mediter- ranean. Vienna, April 14. By the List of the Empress's Forces just publish'd it appears, that they actually consist of 56 Regiments of Infantry, 18 of Cuirassiers, 13 of Dra- goons, and ten of Hussars; besides four Regiments of Carlstadians, and two of Warasdins, iz Troops of Hussars on the Repartition of Hungary, three Regi- ments of Sclavonians and one Regiment of Hussars on the Repartition of the County of Sirmia: Making in all about 170,000 Men. We are assured that the Pope has granted an Indulto, authorizing her Imperial Majesty to levy the Tenth of all Ecclesiastical Revenues in the Hereditary Provinces. Dusseldorp, May 1. The british Court having lately offer'd some additional Advantages to such of the Pro- testants of Switzerland as have a Mind to settle in Pen- sylvania, two Vessels are gone down the Rhine with a Number of those Protestants, in order to carry them to Holland, in their Way to England. Utrecht, May 6. This Day Letters from Petersbourg dated the 16th of last Month, came to Hand: They take Notice, that they had but just then receiv'd the News of the King of Sweden's Death by a Courier from Stockholm, and mention nothing farther because the Interval between the Arrival of the Courier and the De- parture of the Post was too short to know what pass'd at Court on the Receipt of that News: So that we must " Wait ' til next Post, which will bring us Letters of , the 19th of April. Paris, April 10. The Earl of Albemarle, Embassador from the King of Great Britain, who was preparing to set out for England, has receiv'd Dispatches from thence, which oblige him to suspend his Departure ' till further Orders. LONDON. To the A U T H O R. SIR, IAm firmly persuaded that the following Song to the Tune of ARNO'S VALE) will be highly acceptable ' both to yourself and the Publick. I am, Sir, Your humble Servant, CLIO. BRITAIN's ISLE. A SONG. Writ the Day after the DEATH of his Royal Highness FREDERICK Prince of WALES. By the Author of ARNO'S VALE. WHO but remembers Yesterday, Remembers Britain happy, gay. each Bard inspir'd with sprightlier Lays, Already sung Saturnian Days. Already Science, Hand in Hand With Art, had FREEDOM'S Temple plann'd. All wore an universal Smile: Such were the HOPES of Britain' s Isle. But now, since Fate has wrapt in Night, The Nation's and Mankind's delight Since FREDERICK now for ever sleeps, Art droops again, and Science weeps. Corruption ( who had spread her Wing, To fly before the PATRIOT KINg ;) Her Flight, now doubtful, stops awhile.— Adieu the HOPES of Britain's Isle. This Day a Court of Hustings was held at Guildhall, for the Election of a Chamberlain of this City in the room of Sir John Bosworth, who had resign'd, when Mr. Deputy Thomas Harrison was declar'd upon the Majority of Hands. On Thursday the 25th Instant the Races began at Lambourne in Berkshire, when a Purse of Fifty Pounds was run for by the following Horses; four Years carry, ing eight Stone ten Pounds, and five Years old nine Stone twelve Pounds ; four Miles each Heat, viz. Sir John Phillips's Grey Horse, Cornwall,) bred by R. Cornwall, Esq; got by > Spinner, four Years old Mr. Stephens's Grey Horse, 4 years old— Mr. Ashley's Chesnut Horse Golden Locks, got by Old Golden Locks — Mr. Sparrow's Chesnut Gelding, Little John, got by the Duke of Bolton's s. Little John, five Years old J Mr. Swimmer's Bay Horse, Satan, five Years old Mr. Pembroke's Grey Gelding, Poacher, > got by Blaze, five Years old j Mr. Martindale's Grey Horse, Frostyface, bred by Mr. Bilton, got by Blaze, four Years old Mr. Phillips's Bay Gelding, Fortune,} four Years old -—- J Mr. Trewhitt's Chesnut Horse, Obadiah, \ got by True Blue, four Years oId.( This Horse broke away with his Ri- der, and ran out of the Course ) On Friday the z6th the following five Years old started for Fifty Pounds, carrying nine Stone four Pounds. Lord Portmore's Grey Horse, Prim, got ? by Crab --- $ Mr. Martindale's Bay Horse, Gustavus, got by Forrester Sir Charles Goring's Bay Horse, Tom Thumb, got by Golden Locks Lord Craven's Chesnut horse, Cartouch, got by Young Cartouch —— } The Odds in London were fix to four on Gustavus, and at starting the Bets were even. Great Sums were depen- ding on the last Day's Sport ; the Heats were admirably disputed between the two first- mention'd Horses, who are esteem'd in the highest Form of Horses, rising six Years old. On Wednesday last Mr. Robert Turner, Merchant, was married 10 Miss Sophia Burryaw, Daugher to Za- cariah Burryaw, Esq; of Southampton- Row, Blooms- bury. Last Thursday died at Bednal Green, Mrs, Byrne, Wife of Gregory Byrne, Esq; an eminent Wine- Mer- chant in Fenchurch Buildings. This Gentlewoman was Niece to the late Earl of Derwentwater. A private Letter by yesterday's French Mail brings Advice of the Arrival of the Achilles from India at Port l'Orient, by which they have receiv'd an Account of the Siege of Pondicherry, importing, that the Mo- gul's Troops having attempted to carry the Town by Storm, were beaten off with great Loss, and then broke up their Camp in such a Hurry, that they let Part of their Baggage fall into the Hands of the French: And that the Indian General sent afterwards a Herald to the Commandant of Pondicherry, offering to treat about Terms of Peace. On Friday last the Duke of Newcastle acquainted the House of Lords, ( and the Chancellor of the Exchequer the House of Commons,) that he had a Message from his Majesty, which was read by the Lord Chancellor, and is as follows: GEORGE R. HIS Majesty having it entirely at Heart to secure the future Welfare and happiness of his People, has maturely consider'd, That nothing can conduce so much ( under the Protection of the Divine Providence) to the Preservation of the Protestant Succession in his Royal Family, and the Support of the Religion, Laws, and Liberties of these Kingdoms ( which have always been most dear to him) as the making proper Provisions for the Care and Tuition of the Person of his Successor, and for the regular Administration of the Government, in Case such Successor should be of tender Years; by Means whereof their Safety and princely Education may be secured; the publick Peace, and good Order main- tained ; and the Strength and Glory of the Crown of Great Britain suffer no Diminution: For these Reasons, his Majesty, out of his paternal Affection and Tender- ness for his Royal Family, and for all his faithful Sub- jects, earnestly recommends it t0 both Houses of Parlia- ment, to take this weighty Affair into their most se- rious Deliberation ; and prOposes to their Consideration, That, when the Imperial Crown of these Realms shall descend to any of the Issue of his Son,- the late Prince of Wales, being under the Age of 18 Years, the Prin- cess Dowager of Wales, their Mother, should be Guar- dian of the Person of such Successor, and Regent of these Kingdoms, until they shall attain that Age; with such Powers and Limitations, as shall appear necessary and expedient for these important Purposes. The Joint Address of the House of Loids and Com- mons was presented to his Majesty on Saturday last, at tended with the following Ceremonies: His Majesty being seated in his Chair of State under the Canopy, in the great Ball- Room, with his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales standing on his Right Hand, and the Duke of Cumberland on his Left, the Lord Ghancellor and the Speaker of the House of Commons, attended by se- veral Members of both Houses, presented it to his Ma- jesty, each of them having hold of it. The Lord Chan- cellor read it, and when he named the House of Lords, made a low Obeisance, as did the Speaker, when the House of Commons was named. To which his Majesty was pleafed to return this most gracious Answer: My Lords and Gentlemen, IReturn you my hearty Thanks for this very dutiful and affectionate Address. The Zeal you for me and my Family, and the Sense you shew of my Care and Concern for the Interest of my People, is very agreeable to me. The Right Hon. the Countess of Middlesex is appoint- ed Mistress of the Robes to her Royal Highness the Prin- cess of Wales. James Douglas, Esq; is appointed Chief Clerk of tha Green- Cloth to the Princess of Wales. 7— Mills, Esq; succeeds Andrew Ram, Esq; as one of the Chief Clerks in the Admiralty. And Philip Stevens, Esq; succeeds Mr. Mills. A few Days ago died at Edinburgh Mr. Robert Ren- ton, General Examiner of the Excise ; a Gentleman of very honest friendly Character, and much regretted. Saturday was se'nnight died at Bristol, of a violent Fe- ver, Mr. Thomas Blagdon, Attorney at Law, and De- puty Chamberlain of that City. Last Thursday died, at Bladdesdon Hall, near Woo- burn in Bedfordshire, Thomas Page, Esq; Brother to Sir Gregory Page, Bart, of Blackheath. Last Sunday died at Walthamstow, Mr. William Van- ham, late an eminent Jeweller of St. Bartholomew Close, West Smithfield. On Saturday Mr. Murray was brought to the King's- Bench, before Judge Wright, Judge Foster, and Judge Denison ; when a Motion was made for his being ad- mitted to Bail ; but it being over- ruled, he was reman- ded back again to Newgate. They write from Trieste, that a Ship lately arriv'd there from the Coast of Barbary, the Master of which avers, that in the Beginning of April, no less than twenty- eight armed Vessels sail'd from the Port of Algiers, and steer'd for Sicily and the Adriatick; They add, that upon the Receipt of this Intelligence, the Court of Naples, the Grand Master of Malta, and the Republick of Genoa, were fitting out divers Ships of War, to go in Quest of those Pirates. [ An Extract of a Letter from Tring in Hertfordshire, April 24. 4 On Monday last a shocking Affair happen'd here, A Person who keeps a Publick House had given out he was bewitch'd by one Osborne and his Wife, of Long Marston ( inoffensive People, near 7o Years of Age) and had it cried at several Market Towns, that they were to be tried by Ducking the Day aforesaid ; when, about Noon, a great Concourse of People, to the Number of five thousand, appear'd in the Town, The Officers of the Parish had privately remov'd the poor old Couple in the dead Time of the Night into the Church, as a Place of Safety. The Mob demanded these unhappy Wretches at the Workhouse, but on being acquainted they were not there, they pull'd down the Pales and Walls, broke all the Windows, and de- molished- a Part of the House: After searching the Chimnies and Cielings without Effect, they seized the Governor, hawled him down to the Stream, and de- clar'd they would drown him, and fire the whole Town, unless they deliver'd these poor Creatures into their Hands. ' The. Mob ran up and down with Straw in their Hands, and were going to put their Threats into Execution, had they not found the two unhappy Wretches, who were conceal'd in the Vestry Room at the End of the Church: they immediately seiz'd these miserable Creatures, stripp'd them stark naked, tied their Thumbs to their Toes, dragg'd them two Miles in this shameful Manner, and threw them into a muddy Stream. After much duck- ing and ill Usage, the poor old Woman was thrown quite naked on the Bank, at- most choak'd with Mud, and expir'd in a few Mi- nutes, being kick'd and beat with Sticks even after she was dead ; and the poor Man lies dangerously ill of the Bruises he received- To add to their Barbarity, they ' put the dead Witch ( as they called her) in Bed with her Husband, and tied them together.' - Extract of a Letter from Tring, April 27. 4 On Thursday last Joseph Atkinson, esq; Coroner ' for the County of hertford, with a jury of twelve April 19, 1751 GENERAL POST- OFFICE. WHEREAS the Post- Boy, bringing the Cirencester Mail to this Office, was Yesterday Morning, be- tween Two and Three o'clock, on Gerrard's cross Common, between Wickham and Uxbridge, attack'd and robb'd, by a single Highwayman, mounted on a Bay Mare, who carry'd off Bristol, Exeter, Tiverton, Taunton, Wellington, Bridgewater, Wells, Oxford, Burford, the Person who Witney, Chippingnorton, Campden, Evesham, Worcester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Woodstock, Bath, committed this Robbery Cirencester, Gloucester, Thame, Wickham, Beconsfield, Gerrard's Cross, Abingdon, Faringdon, was a tall lusty black ' Man, about six Feet high, between Forty and Fifty Years of Age, mark'd with the Small- Pox, and had on a blue Surtout or Horsemans Coat, and under it a dark colour'd one; with white Metal Buttons, and Wore a black or dark colour'd wigs and rode upon a large Brown Bay Horse or Mare, r; Hands high, with a bald Face and a dark black Mane, the Tail lately dock'd and nick'd, the Wounds not healed. This therefore is to give Notice, that whoever shall appre- hend and convict, or cause to be apprehended and convicted, the Person who committed this Robbery, Will be intitled to a Re ward of Two Hundred Pounds, over and above the Reward given by Act of Parliament for apprehending of Highwaymen; Or if any Person, or Persons, whether Accomplice in the said Robbery, or knowing thereof, shall make Discovery, whereby the Person, who committed the same, . may be apprehended and brought to justice, such Discoverer, or Discoverers, will, upon Conviction of the Party, be intitled to the same Reward of Two Hundred Pounds, and also have his Majesty's most gra- cious Pardon. By Command of the Post- Mafter General, GEORgE SHELVoCKE, Sec. London, April 18, 1751.^ wHEREAS the following Bank Notes were taken out of the Bristol Mail this Morning viz. No. C rq, for 1. to Mr. Samuel Mills No. 8 <; tor 201. to Mrs. Eliz. Lyell TETBURY RACES, Gloucestershire, TO be ran for on Tetbury- Common, the first Week in July next, two Purses of Fifty Pounds Value each. The Particulars whereof will be inserted In this Paper in due Time. No. K7, for fol. to Mr. James Miller No. 364, tor ao 1. to Mr. Tho. Gibson Mo 86, for 201. to Mr. Matt. Collet No. C 6, for 20 J. to Snow and Donne No. C 13' i, for 201. to Mr. Geo. Wolley Likewise the following Bank Post Bills, No. K 6791, to John Meres Faggs or Order, for 20I. Oft. 23, ljfo. Ko. X 7K3-, to Thomas Brown, Esq; for 5ol. Nov. 20. No. L 732, to the Earl of Fitzwalter, for 251. Dec. 31. No. 1H62, to John Tempest, for 20 1. February No. L 244V, 10 William Rutter, for 40]. February 16. No. L 2X14. ro ditto, for 20 1. March 11. The above are stopp'd at the Bank, and Notice given to all the Bankers in London ; so that they are of n0 Use but to the Owner. Whoever will bring them to Mess. Knight and Jack- son, Bankers, in Lombard- Street, or any. Part thereof, or give Intelligence of them, so as the Whole, or Part, be reco- ver'd, shall receive at the Rate of 10 per Cent, for so much as shall be recover'd, and n0 Questions ask'd. rugby RACES. ON Thursday the 27th of June will be run for, on Rugby- Heath, a Purse of fifty Pounds, free for any Horse, Mare or Gelding; those of five years old to carry nine Stone, six Years old ten Stone, and aged. Horses ten Stone ten Pounds ; the best of three four Mile Heats. On Friday the 28th will be run for, 0n the same Course, a Purse of Guineas, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that has been used as a Hunter last Season, and has not taken a Sweat before Lady- day, and never started for any thing except Hunters Plates; to carry twelve Stone, the best of three four Mile Heats. The Subscribers to pay one Guinea, a Nonsubscriber three Guineas Entrance for each plate. All the Horses, & c. shall be obliged to enter at the Rear at Rugby on Thursday the 20th of June, or pay double Entrance. N. B. No Horse, Mare or Gelding, that was the Property of Mr. Prentice, the Owner of Trimmer, at the Time of the last Newmarket Meeting, or shall belong to him at the Time of these Race: shall be allow'd to start for either of these plates., No less than three Horses to start for either of these Plates; Certificates of their Qualifications to be produCcd at the Time of Entrance. All Disputes to be decided by the Majority of _ NOTTINGHAM RACES, 1751. ON Tuesday the 2d of July, will be Run for, on Nottingham Court-, his Majesty's Plate of One Hun- dred Guineas, by any Horse, Mare or Gelding, not exceeding six Years old; to Carry twelve Stone, bridle and Saddle ln- clnded. The Certificates of their Age to be produced at the Time of Enterance ; and to run according to the Articles of the King's Plate. On Wednesday the 2d, will be run for, on the same Course, a Purse of Fifty Pounds, by any four Years old carrying nine Stone, or five years old carrying ten; the best of three two Mile Heats. On Thursday the 4th, will he run for, 0n the same Course, a Purse of fifty Pounds, free for any Horse, Mare or Gelding that has not won the Value of Fifty Pounds since the first of March last ; those of five Years old to carry nine Stone, six Years old ten Stone, and aged Horses ten Stone ten Pounds ; the best of three four Mile Heats. The Horses 10 enter for the last Plates at the Starting Post, on Saturday the 29th of June, between the Hours of Three and Seven, paying Three Guineas Entrance, and a Crown to tiie Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post. Certificates of their Ages, 6ic. to be produced from under the Hands of the Breeders; and to run according to the Articles of the King's Plate. All Horses, & c. that run for either of these Plates, shall stand at the House of a Subscriber, and be plated by one, and no less than three reputed Running Horses to start N. B. No Horse, Mare, or gelding that was 0n the 7th Day of April last the Property of Mr. Prentice ( who was then the Owner of Trimmer) or shall belong to him at the Time of these Races, shall be admitted to start for either of these Plates. All former Advertisements were put in without our Assent or Authority, ' RoBErT SuTTon CHARLES SedLEy This is to give NOTICE, TPIat the famous ftrong Chesnut Horse TARTAR, ( late his Grace the Duke of Ancaster's) that won several Fifty Pound Plates; Likewise the King's Plates at Litchfield, Guildford and Newmarket, will serve Mares this Season, at Two Guineas a Leap and Trial, and Two Shillings the Man, at Mr. Anthony Smith's, at Oulston near Easingwold, York- shire. TARTAR is N0 more than Eight Years old this Grass, is near fifteen Hands high, and free from Blemish. Grass for Mares. N. B. TARTAR was bred by Edward Leeds, Esq; and got by Mr. Croft's Partner; his Dam was Meliora, got by Fox ; his Grandam was Witty's Milk- Maid; ( he was got by Sir William Blacket's Snail, out of a Mare called the Shields Gal- loway, bred by Mr. Curwen of Workington. Ths is a true Pedigree, As witness my Hand, EDWARD LEEDS. Likewise in the same Hands, A Grey Horse known' by the Name of bADGER. In 1743 be won the Prince's Plate at Epsom, the King's Places at Guildford, Salisbury and Canterbury, which were the only Plates he started for that Season. He is a fine strong Horse, full fifteen Hands high, and free from any natural Blemish, and will serve Mares this Season at One Guinea a Leap and Trial, and One Shilling the Man. N. B. BADGER was bred by Mr. Croft, and got by Partner, his Dam by Woodcock, Son of Merlin, Son of Bustler, Son of the Helmsley Turk) his Grandam by Wastell's Turk; his Great- Grandam by Hautboy ; his Great- Great- Grandam by Place's white Turk ; his Great- Great- Great- Grandam by Dot- sworth, out of a Layton Barb Mare. , This is a true Peditree, As Witness my Hand, JOHN CROFT. ~ W A N T E D, APlace in a little Village 100 Miles from London, where a single Gentlewoman might board cheap ; if IN a genteel Farmer's House would be more agreeable : Any one that this may suit, please to direct your letter, Post- paid, for M. T. to be left at Drue's Coffee- House, Peters Street, Blooms- bury, and they will be directly answer'd. MIDDLESEX. At the General Quarter Session of the Peace held for the County of Middlesex at Hicks's Hall in St. John's- Street, in and for the said County by Adjournment, on Thursday the 18th Day of April, in the 14th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second. WHEREAS that Part of Chertsea Bridge which is in rhe County of Middlesex, being very much damaged, and being a County Bridge, is to be repair'd at the Costs and Charges of the Inhabitants of the said County, this Court, pursuant to the Statute in such Case made and pro- vided, do give Notice to all Workmen that are willing to contract for Repairing the said Bridge, That a Particular of the Repairs wanting and necessary to be done to the said Bridge is left with Mr. John Higgs, treasurer of the said County, at his House in Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane ; where any Workmen may apply and take a Copy of the said Parti- cular in Order to make their Proposals for the doing of the said several Works therein specified; and such Workmen as shall be willing to contract for the Reparation of the sAid Bridge, are desir'd to leave their proposals, seal'd Up, with the said Mr. Higgs, on or before the Sth Day of May next. By the Court, WALLER. WHEREAS upon the Estate belonging to the Earl of Powis in Montgomeryshire, there bath been found the richest Lead Mines in this Kingdom, and there is n0 better Prospect any where for good Mines: If any Gentle- men are willing to take any Part of the Hills for that Purpose, they will be lett upon reasonable Terms. Persons may be treated with by sending a Line directed to Mr. William Goostrey upon Ludgate- Hill, London, who will immediately answer the same; and if they are inclin'd to view the Mountains, they will be directed to a proper Person upon the Spot to shew the same. WHEREAS Henry Kelway, a Native of Saltash in Cornwall, but late of Plymouth, Apothecary, deceas'd, by his Will gave a considerable Estate to Trustees, who were to employ the Produce thereof in educating, in Plymouth, two or more children, Boys or Girls, of Testators Relations, and in providing for them Schooling, Diet, Cloath- ing and Books, ' till fit to be placed out; who are then to be sent abroad to Trades or Professions, and maintain'd ' till Twenty- four, if Boys ; or if Girls, ' till they attain that Age, or sooner marry. And Whereas, though the next of Kin, and those of Mr. Kelway's Surname, are to be preferr'd, if equal in Merit; yet, for want of such, the Trustees are in like manner directed to educate some proper Persons of the Towns of Plymouth or Saltash.— The Trustees do hereby give Notice, That if any of Mr. Kelway's Relations are willing to have the Benefit of this Trust, they are desired to send their Claims and Qualifications to Mr. Thomas Veale, Attorney, in Plymouth, before Michaelmas next, when the number that can be provided for will be filled. N. B. It will be in vain for any of the Name of Kelway to apply unless they can prove themselves related to the Donor. WHEREAS Richard Hutchinson, Apprentice to John Lenthwaite, Brasier, in Loughborough, Leicestershire, left his said Master on Sunday the 14th or Monday the i? th Instant; has a pale Face, long Nose, pock- ard; wears a black Wig, lightish short Hair, in a black drild Coat, grey Waistcoat, and buckskin Breeches. If he'll return to his Matter, he shall be receiv'd ; otherwise, if any Persons harbour him, after this Notice, they shall be punish'd as the law directs. To be peremptorily SOLD, Pursuant to a Dccree and subsequent Order of the High Court of Chancery, on Saturday the 18th Day of May next, be- tween Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, before Peter Hol- ford, Esq-, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Symond's- Inn, Chancery- Lane, TH E Perpetual Advowson of the Vicarage of Wendron, wirh the Chapel of Helstone annex'd, in the County of Cornwall, of the yearly Value of 2501. 0R thereabouts. Farther Particulars whereof may be had at the said Master's Chambers. THE Bath CARAVAN begins flying on Monday the 6th of May, in two Days; sets out from the White Horse, Holbourn Bridge, at Three o'clock in the Morning, every Monday and Thursday, and the fame Hour and Days from Bath. To Bath Twelve Shillings, and the rest of the Road in Pro- portion. N. B. No Money, Plate, or Jewels accounted for, except enter'd and paid : or as such. Goods and passengers taken in at the Three Kings, Piccadilly. To be Sold by AUCTION, By Order of the Executrix, on Friday the 3d of May next at the Plough and Harrow in Tooley- Street, Southwark, between the Hours of Three and Fine in the Afternoon', SEVERAL Leasehold Estates, late of Mr. John Wicks, Victualler, deceas'd, in the following - Lots, viz. Lot 1. Thirty- one Messuages or Tenements, situate in Tooley Street above- mention'd, near the May Pole, well te- nanted and in good Repair, of the yearly Rent of. 142l, or thereabouts, subject to a Ground Rent of 631. a Year, out of which the Land- Tax is allow'd. About 23 Years of this Lease are now to come. Lot 2. Four Messuages or Tenements, with Gardens adjoyn- ing, situate in long Lane, in the Parish of Bermondsey, of the yearly Rent of 241. subject to a Ground- Rent of 40s. a Year, out of which the Land tax is allow'd. Sixty Years of this Lease were to come at lady day last ; and these Premisses are capable of very great Improvements. Particulars may be had of Mr. Cottle in Clifford's- Inn ; or of Mr. Metcalfe, Bricklayer, in Shad Thames, Southwark. To be Sold by AuCTION By JOHN HEATH, On Tuesday the 14th of May next, and the following Days, at the Earl of KILDARE'S House, in Arlington Street, St. James's, PART of the Collection of Bronzes, Bustoes, Statues, Pictures, natural Curiosities, fine old China, Japan, Dres- den Porcelaine, about 18,000 Ounces of Plate, with some houshold Furniture, belonging to his Grace the late Duke of RICHMOND. The Whole to be view'd on Thursday the 9th of May to the Time of Sale, ( Sunday excepted) which will begin each day precisely at Half an Hour after Eleven o'clock. To be SOLD " AFreehold Estate at Elton, in the Parish of Thorn- ton, in the County of Chester, five Miles from the City of Chester, five Miles from Liverpool, nine Miles from Warrington, and two Miles from Frodesham ; well tenanted and in good Repair; lett at the yearly Rent of 561. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Satchwell, at the Golden Sugar Loaf near Whitechapel Church: or of Mr Tho. Satchwell, in Sarchwell's Rents, St. Matthew, Bethal Green, london; or of Mr. Hugh Wishaw, Attorney at Law. Chester City. * Now on SALE, By Order of the Assignees of John Cuff, Optical Instrument Maker, at his shop the Sign of the Reflecting Microscope and Golden Spectacles, against Serjeants- Inn- Gate in Fleet- Street London HIS entire Stock in Trade, consisting of all Sorts of the most curious Optical Instruments as Refracting and Reflectibg Telescopes; Microscopes of several Kinds, & c. particularly ths Double Microscope of a new Construction in- vented by the said John Cuff; the Solar Microscope as impro- ved by him ; also the Opake Microscope, with Wilson's poc- ket Miscroscope, Culpepper's, & c. the Chamera Obscura Ma- gic lanthorn, Convex and Concave Speculums, Multiplying Glasses, Prisms for Sir Isaac Newton's Experiments on light and Colours, Barometers, Thermometers, Speaking Trumpets, and various Sorts of Mathematical Instruments; likewise 0pera Glasses, Reading Glasses, and Spectacles made of Brazil Peb ble, and the finest flint glass, venetian Green, and superfine Crown Glass, ground on brass tools, in the Method appro- ved by the Royal Society. Catalogue; of which are deliver'd gratis at the Place of Sale: and for the Conveniency ot the buyers, the Goods are number'd, and the Prices fix'd at very low Rates. FRANCIS WATKINS Optician From Mr. Scarlet's, at Sir Isaac Newton's Head, Charing- Cross , begs Leave to inform the Nobility and Gentry, THAT he has finish'd a complete POCKET MICROSCOPE, which he flatters himself will be al- low'd to be the m0st universal of any hitherto, as it adapted as well for Opake as Transparent Objects, and the Trouble of screwing and unscrewing is entirely avoided, which has been the material Objection to Wilson's, or what is generally cal- led Culpepper's Microscope. He also makes all Sorts of Optical and Mathematical Instruments with the greatest Accuracy. *+* This pocKet Microscope is applicable to the Solar Apa- ratus. Notice is hereby given, THAT the several Shops, and other Buildings, for the Making of And s, and Manufacturing of all Sorts, of Iron Wares, and the tools and Utensils thereunto belong- ing ; together with several Houses, Warehouses, and other Buildings, and a large Key and Crane, and a Field of eight Acres of land thereunto adjoining; situate at Dunston on the River Tyne, near Newcastle; being Copyhold of inheritance subject to a yearly Rent of Six Shillings and One Penny; will be sold by Publick Sale to the best Bidder, on Wednesday the 3d of July next, at Five o'clock in rhe Afternoon, at the Royal Exchange Coffee- house in Threadneedle- Street, London. The Particulars of all which may be had at Mr. Heaton's, in Threadneedle Street, London; Mr. Joseph Tranter's, in Bristol; Mr. William Cookson's, in Hull; Mr. Lancelot At- kinson's, at Newcastle upon Tyne; Mr. William Spencer's, in Liverpool; and at Mr. Christopher Sideman's, in Birming- ham. To be SOLD, On wednesday the 8th of May next, to the best Bidder, at the Manor House at Garsdon, either together or in Parcels, at shall be thought most convenient at that time, AN Estate in Wiltshire, with the Manor, of the yearly Rent of 640 I. besides Estates held upon lives of the yearly Value of near 300!. in the Lord of the Manor's Power to renew : It is mostly leased upon single Lives, and those old ones; a very good and convenient House and Offices, Fish- Ponds, & c. a perpetual Advowson of 93 I. a Year an- nex'd, within two Miles of Malmesbury, sixteen from Bath, and sixteen from BristoL N. B. There will be Attendance at ths said Manor House for that Purpose. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Penefold. at the White Peruke in Great Marlborough Street by Carnaby Market, London; or of Mr. Thomas Ovens at Garsdon aforesaid. to be SoLD, At Mr. TROUGHTON'' s, Wine- Merchant, in Brook Street, near David- Street, by Grosvenor Square, GUERNSEY, commonly call'd Southampton Ports, at 18s. a Dozen; Methuen Wine, little inferior to the best Burgundy, at 18s. a Dozen ; Red and White Streights Wine, at 14s. a Dozen ; and other Wines at the lowest Prices, for ready Money only , sent to any Part of. the Town without Expence to the Buyer. The Bottles to be directly paid for at is. 6d. a Dozen ; the Money to be repaid upon their being return'd. At the same Place may likewise be had, for Mr. Troughton of Fareham, extraordinary fine pale Hampshire strong Beer, at 3 1. 18s. a Hogshead, and 6 s. 6d. a Dozen, in any Quantity not less than three Dozen, Cask and Bottles included. Two Shillings a Dozen paid for the Bottles when return'd. N. B. A large Bottle- Rack, that will hold ten Gross of bottles, to be sold cheap. 1 " To be SOLD At a Survey to be held for that Purpose on Monday the 6th day of May next, by Three o'clock in the Afternoon, at the House of James Thorne, known by the Sign of the Crown, and lying in Wiveliscombe in the County of Somerset; THE Fee- simple and Inheritance of a Messuage and Lands call'd WAY and HILLAND, now lett to a good Tenant for a Term of Years at the improv'd Yearly Rent of 44I. Also of another Messuage and lands, call'd BEER, adjoining and proper to be added therewith, and now also lett to the same Tenant for a Term ot Years, at the Yearly Rent of 29I. The abovemention'd Premises were the Lands of Mr. Ro- bert Talbot, lately deceas'd, and lying in Chipstable, about four Miles from Wiveliscombe, six from Wellington, and nine from Tiverton ; and there is now growing thereon a large Quantity of prosperous young Timber Trees. . Enquire of Mr. Philip Lane, Attorney at Law, in Crediton, Devon, for further Particulars. To be SOlD, TH E Manor of East Deane, within six Miles of Chichester, in the County of Sussex, containing thirteen Miles in Circumference ; having great Quantities of young Oaks, Ashes and Batch, growing 0n the Commons and Wastes thereof The Copyholds ( being Estates of Inheritance and the Fines arbitrary) are computed at 3231. IT s. per Annum, and the Quit- Rents at 171. 16 s. f d. per Annum. Also the Annual Rents of two Copyhold Estates upon Lives, at 1ol. 5 s. per Annum. Also the Manor farm, whereon is a good Farm House and other convenient Offices and Buildings, and Common of pas- ture for a large Number of Sheep, now lett at no 1. a Year. The Tenant pays one Third of the king's Tax, his lease expires at Michaelmas 1753, and the Rent is capable of being consider- ably advanced. Also a small Farm call'd Glover's Farm, now lett at 151. a Year in Charleton Parish, contiguous to the Manor Farm. Also six several inclosed Coppices, containing about 630 Acres, Parcel of the Manor, wherein are growing Oak Timber and a large Number of Tellows; all 111 the Parish of East- Dean, and in Charleton aforesaid. Note, The Profit of the extensive Waste is considerable, the Timber Tellows and Underwoods growing thereon, and in the respective Coppices and Commons, are very improveable, and the Manor it a Receptacle for and abounds in all Sorts of Game. Particulars of the said Manor and Estate may be had of Mr. Gascoigne, ac No. 5, Clement's- Inn, London ; or of Mr. Tutte at Chichester. DESERTED the 23d Instant from Capt. Monck's Company of the Royal North British Fuziliers, JOHN BARTON, aged about thirty Years, born in Hampshire, and by Trade a Miller; he had on his full Regimental Clothes, is of a brown Complexion, much pitted with the Small Pox, bald headed, wears his own Hair short and of a flaxen Colour, and stoops very much. Whoever will secure him in any of his Majesty's Gaols in Great Britain, and gives Notice to George Ross, Esq in Conduit- Street, London, Agent to the said Regiment, shall have one Guinea Reward, over and above what is allow'd by Act of Parliament. His Father now lives near east Cowes in the Isle of Wight. Last Saturday was publish'd. Price 6 d. Numb. 111. of the Second Edition of THE CONTINUATION of Mr. RAPIN's History of ENLAND, from the Revolution to the End of the Reign of King George I By N. TINDAL, M. A. Illustrated with the Heads of the Kings and Queens, and of several illustrious Persons, engrav'd lyy Mr. Howbraken, 0n 36 Folio Copper- Plates; also 20 Maps and Sea- Charts. This Work will be publish'd in 105 weekly Numbers, each Number containing four Sheets, including the Heads, Maps and Sea- Charts, at Six- pence each, and will not exceed the Price of 21. 12s. 6d. Printed for J. and P. Knapton in Ludgate- Street. This Day is publish'd, Inscrib'd ( by Permission) 10 the Right Honourable the Countess of Middlesex, the SECOND EDITION of AMONODY to the Memory of his Royal High- nefs FREDERICK Prince of WALES. By W. K E N R I C K. Printed for F. Stamper and E. Downham in Pope's- Head Alley, Cornhill; J. Robinson in Ludgate- Street R. Wilson, Bookseller to his Royal Highness the Duke, in Pall- Mall ; and H. Constapel in Conduit- Street, Hanover- Square. This Day is publish'd, Price 6 d". THE BRAMIN. An Eclogue. To EDMUND NUGENT, Esq; By the Rev. Mr. DUNKIN. Printed for R. Baldwin in Pater- noster Row. This Day is publish'd, Beautifully printed in z Vols, iirno, Price bound 5 s. THE Life of HARRIOT STUART. Written by herfelf. Printed for J. Payne and J. • MJl'rt m Parer- jsofter Row. Lately publish'd, in One Volume in Twelves, ( Price Bound is. 6d.) Beautifully pointed on a very legible Character, and on a super- fine Dutch Paper, with a curious Frontispiece, engrav'd by Mr. Vandergucht, LE NOUVEAU TESTAMENT de Notre Seigneur Jesus CHRIST, Nouvelle Edition, d'apres le texte de M. Martin, mais retouche sur le langage en faveur des jeunes gens; avec une Table des matieres. Par D. Durand, Min. de la Savoye, & M. de la S. R. Printed by and for J. Watts, and sold by him at the Print- ing- Office in Wild- Court, near Lincoln's- Inn- Fields ; and by B. Dod, at the Bible and Key in Ave- Mary- Lane, near Sta- ioners- Hall. To morrow will, be publish'd, On a fine Paper, in one Volume, Octavo. MONITA & PRIECEPTA MEDICA. Auctore R. MEAD. Printed for John Brindley, Bookseller to his late Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, in New Bond Street; and sold by R. Baldwin in Paternoster Row. This Day is publish'd. Price 1 s. ASuccinct and impartial History of all the Regen- cies, Protectorships, Minorities, and Princes of Eng- land, or Great Britain and Wales, that have been since the Conquest ; with a proper Dedication to a great Duke. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe, in Pater- noster Row. In a few Days will he publish'd, Price 1 s. With a Frontispiece to this Book, and an emblematical Fron- tispiece to the whole, also an explanatory Preface, and a ge- neral Index,) The SIXTH and LAST BOOK of THE SCRIBLERIAD. A Mock Heroic PoEM. By RICHARD OWEN CAMBRIDGE, Esq, Printed for R. Dodsley, in Pall- mall; and sold by M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row. Where may be had, the five former Books. This day is publish'd, Price 1 s. The SEcoND EDITION of THE ART and MYSTERY of VINTNERS and Wine COOPERS. Printed for R. Adams, at Dryden's Head, Holbourn- Bars, and to be had at the pamphlet Shops in London and Westmin- ster. In the P RESS, And next Week will be publish'd, ( Dedicated to SAMUEL FOOTE, Esq;) In two Pocket Volumes, most elegantly printed, MEMOIRS of a MAN of PLEASURE or. The Adventures of VERSOrAND. ' Printed for T. Osborne in Gray's Inn. . This Day is publish'd, Price I s. OF BENEVOLENCE. An Epistle to Eumenes. Printed for A. Millar opposite to Katherine Street in the Strand. , This Day is publish'd, No. IV. of THE Historical List of HORSE RACES, & c. for the Year 1751, to be continued annually on every other Tuesday during the Sporting Season, and at the Expira- tion thereof reprinted 111 a Book ; the Price of the Whole Half a Guinea a Year. Any Noblemen, Gentlemen or others, who have not already favour'd me with their Commands, and who chuse to become Subscribers, shall have their Orders punctually comply'd with, by directing to Mr. David Smith's, in Collier- Gate, York. Mr. Robert Norris's, in Beverly, Mr. Lord, Bookseller, in Wakefield, Mr. Barr's, at the Castle in Winchester, or to Their most oblig'd, and Obedient humble Servant, REGINALD HEBER, in Cold- Bath Square, London. Where may be had, Calculations for Cocking, 0n Copper- Plate, Price 1 s. NEW MUSICK. This Day is publish'd. Price 3s. SI X SONATAS or DUETS, for two German Flutes ; compos'd in a pleasing fine Taste, by Sig. Gio- vanni Aggrell, F. Aurelli, L. Vinci. Op. zd. Printed for J. Walsh in Katherine- Street in the Strand. Of whom may he had, Just publish'd, Handel's second Sat of 80 Songs, selected from his Oratorios for the Harpsichord and Voice. N. B. They also may had for Concerts for violin , In Six Parts, This Day is publish'd, Price only two pence, or Twelve for is. fid. to those that w ill give them away, AShort Account of the Application made to Par- liament by the Merchants of London, upon the Neglect of their Trade, with the Substance of their Evidence, as summ'd up By Mr. RICHARD GLOVER; And his Remarks thereon, in a Speech before the Hon. House of Commons. Printed for J. Osborn, at the Golden Ball in Pater- noster Row. N. B. By the above Pamphlet every Liveryman of London will be able to judge for himself whether Mr. Glover is not a very proper person to succeed Sir John Bosworth as Cham- berlain of this City. This Day is publish'd, Two NEW EDITIONS, both in Twelves, viz. One in the ordinary Twelves Size, the other in a smaller, printed on a fine Writing Paper and Elevir Letter, Price of each J S. bound, of THE COMPLAINT: or, Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality. To which is added, A Paraphrase on tHe Book of Job. Sunt lachrynm rerum, mentem mortali tangunt. Virg. Printed for A. Millar in the Strand ; and R. Dodsley in Pall Mall. Where may be had, in Rvo. An Edition of the same Work. Price y s. bound. This Day is publish'd, OBservations on the past Growth and present State of the City of London ; wherein several new and im- portant Articles of Political Arithmetick are amply discuss'd, with various Tables annex'd. By the AUTHOR of a Letter from a BYSTANDER toa MEMBER of PARLIAMENT. pudet h& c opprobria nobis Et dici potuisse, & non potuisse refelli. Sold by M. Cooper, and H. Woodfall in Pater- noster Row; and George Woodfall at Charing- Cross. in a few Days will be publish'd, Proposals for Reprinting by Subscription, With his MAJESTY'S Royal Licence and Protection, CYCLOPAEDIA : or, An Universal Dictionary of ARTS and SCIENCES. CONTAINING, An Explication of the Terms, And an Account of the Thing signified thereby, in the several ArtS, both Liberal and Me- chanical ; and the several Sciences Human and Divine. The Figures, Kinds, Properties Productions, Preparations, and Uses of Things Natural and Artificial: The Rise, Pro- gress, and State of Things, ecclesiastical. Civil, Military and Commercial: with the several Systems, Sects, Opinions, & c. among Philosophers, Divines, Mathematicians, Physicians, AntiquarieS Criticks. & c. The Whole intended as a Course of Antient and Modern Learning. Extracted from the best Authors, Dictionaries. Journals, Me- moirs. Transactions, Ephemerides, & c. in several Lan- guages. By E. CHAMBERS, F. R. S. Illustrated with a large Number of Copper Plates: *#* The General Character and Established Reputation this Work has obtained, is sufficiently manifest from the univer- sal and uncommon Approbation it has already met with. Therefore, to prevent Imposition on the Publick, by any Abridgment or Performance injudiciously imitating this Ex- cellent Work, and to accommodate such persons who do not chuse to purchase the Whole together, the Proprietors propose to publish a Weekly Edition. Subscriptions will be taken in by W. Innys, T. Longman, C. Hitch, and L. Hawes, J. and P. Knapton, S. Birt. J. and J. Rivington, T. Osborne, J. Ward, j. Hodges, R. Hett, J. Shuckburgh, M. Senex, D. Browne, A. Millar, and all the Booksellers in Town and Country. N. B. The Sixth Edition, in two Vol. Folio, from which the present is printing verbatim, may be now had of the Booksellers abovementioned. This Day is publish'd,, In Two VOLUMES, THE Letters of PLiNY the Younger, with Observations on each Letter ; and an Essay on Pliny's Life. Address'd to CHARLES Lord BoYLE. By JOHN Earl of ORRERY. Printed for Paul Vaillant facing Southampton Street in the Strand. This Day is ' publish'd, Price 1s. ADissuasive against receiving the Small Pox by Inoculation. In two Letters to a Gentleman ; in the latter of which the Treatise publish'd by Dr. D is par- ticularly raken Notice of and examined. Printed for J. Robinson in Ludgate- Street. This D. iy is publish'd, Price 6 d. MARCELLUS, a MONODY, humbly inscribed to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. By Mr. DELAP, Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. Printed for R. Dodsley in Pall- Mall, and sold by M. Cooper in Pater- noster Row. This Day is publish'd, Price 6d. TERPSICHORE. Numb. VII. Vol. II. of THE STUDENT : Or, Oxford and Cambridge Monthly Miscellany. Oxford, Printed for J. Newbery, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; J. Barrett in Oxford; and T. Merrill in Cambridge : By whom Letters for the STUDENT are receiv'd. This Day is publish'd, Beautifuly printed in 8vo. Price bound J s. ESSAYS on the Characteristicks of the Earl of SHAFTESBURY. 1. On Ridicule consider'd as a Test of Truth. 2. On ths Obligations to Virtue, and the Necessity of re- ligions Principles. 3. On Reveal'd Religion and Christianity. By JOHN BROWN, M. A. . Printed for C. Davis, opposite Gray's Inn Gate in Holbourn L. Davis, at Lord Bacon's Head in Fleet- Street; W. Thurbourn at Cambridge; and J. Fletcher at Oxford. This Day is publish'd, The FOURTH EDITION of PRACTICAL DISCOURSES upon the LORD'S PRAYER. Preach'd before the Honourable Society ot Lincoln's Inn. By THOMAS MANGEY, D. D. Prebendary of Durham. Publish'd by the special Order of the Bench. Printed for W. Innys in Pater- noster Row. Where may be had, A Course of Sermons 0n the Lord's Prayer, preach'd at the Rolls- Chapel. By Thomas Bisse, D. D. Also by the fame Author, The Beauty of Holiness in the Common- Prayer, as set forth in four Sermons preach'd at the Rolls Chapel. The 10th Edition. This Day is publish'd, Price 4 s. bound, In one large Volume Octavo, ANew Treatise on British and Foreign Vegetables, which are now constantly used in the Practice of Phy- sick ; with an exact Description of them, their Virtues and various Effects on human Bodies, and the several Diseases they are peculiarly useful to remove or prevent. Being an Improve- ment upon the Materia Medica. of the celebrated Steph. Fran. Geoffroy, M. D. and made generally useful, both to private Families as well as to Physicians, Surgeons, Chymists and Apothecaries. With complete Indexes of the English and Latin Names. Printed for W. Owen, at Homer's Head near Temple- Bar. This Day is publish'd, With his MAJESTY's ROYAL LICENCE, In Two Volumes, Quarto, Price 11. 10s. neatly bound, T'HE ELEMENTS of ALGEBRA. In Ten Books. By NICHOLAS SAUNDERSON, LL. D. Late Lucasian Professor of the Mathematicks in the University of Cambridge, and Fellow of the Royal Society. To- which is prefix'd, I. The Life and Character of the Au- thor. a. His palpable Arithmetick decypher'd by Mr. Professor Printed for J. Whiston and B. White in Fleet- Street, and W. Thurlbourn at Cambridge. principal Gentlemen of the said County, sat on the Body of Mary Osborne, who was barbarously mur- der'd on Monday last, ( as mention'd in my last,) and brought in their Verdict Guilry of Wilful Murder, against the following Persons, viz. Thomas Mason, William Myatt, Richard Grice, Richard Wadley, James Proudham, John Sprouting, John May, Adam Curling, and Francis Meadows, besides twen- ty others whose Names are unknown. And on Thurs- day James Osborne, her Husband, died of the cruel Treatment he received at the same Time, as a sup- posed Wizard, by the above barbarous Wretches Letters from Ireland mention a dreadful Fire having happen'd at Athlone, which had burnt down a great Part of the Town. Last Saturday in the Afternoon Mrs. Anne What- more, who formerly kept a Distiller's Shop at Gravesend in Kent, and who was unfortunately drown'd on the 30th of November last, with 16 other Persons, in their Passage from Gravesend to London, was taken out of the Thames near that Place. She had 200l. in her Pockets when lost, none of which was found with her. Last Tuesday was committed to Norwich Gaol Tho- mas Catchpole and John Cunningham two Outlaw'd Smugglers. On Sunday, last a Coalheaver in Newtoner's- Lane, ha- ving Words with his Wife, who had a young Child in her Arms, and, endeavouriag to strike at her, unfortu- nately gave the Child such a violent Blow that it in- stantly died. The Father was secur'd. Tuesday Night came Advice to the Custom House, that his Majesty's Sloop of War the Wasp, Capt. May, had taken a Smuggling Vessel from Bolougne, off Dungeness, laden with a large Quantity of Cambricks, French Lawns, Brandy, Tea, See. for the Use and Ad- vantage of the Frenchified Part of the English Nation ; the Captain took out four Persons from the Smuggler, into his own Ship, for Safety, and mann'd her with his own Men for the River. It is said the Capture is worth several Thousand Pounds. At the Court at St. James's, the 24th Day of April, 1751. PRESENT, Tha King's Most Excellent Majesty is Council. " Whereas in the Act of Uniformity, which establishes the Liturgy of the Church of England, Provision is made for such Alterations in the Prayers for the Royal Family, as from Time to Time shall become necessary, and be directed by lawful Authority: It is thereupon this Day order'd by his Majesty in Council, That in the Morning and Evening Prayers, in the Litany, and in all other Parts of the Publick Service, as well in the Occa- sional Offices, as in the Book of Common Prayer, where the Royal Family is appointed to be particularly pray'd for, the following Form and Order shall be observ'd, viz. Their Royal Highnesses George Prince of Wales, the Princess Dowager of Wales, the Duke, the Princesses, and and the Royal Family. And his Majesty doth strictly charge and command, That no Edition of the Common Prayer be from hence- forth printed, but with this Amendment ; and that in the mean Time, ' till. Copies of such Edition may be had, all Parsons, Vicars, and Curates within this Realm, do ( for the preventing of Mistakes) with the Pen, cor- red and amend all such Prayers in their Church Books, according to the aforegoing Direction: And for the bet- ter Notice hereof, that this Order be forthwith printed and publish'd, and sent to the several Parishes and that the Right Rev. the Bishops do take Care that Obedience be paid to the same accordingly. William Sharpe. In Pursuance of an Act pass'd in the tenth Year of her late Majesty Queen Anne, wherein Provision is made for Praying for the Royal Family in that Part of Great Britain call'd Scotland, it is order'd by his Majesty in Council, That henceforth every Minister and Preacher shall, in his respective Church, Congregation, or As- sembly, pray in express Words for ' His Most Sacred Majesty King George, their Royal High- nesses George Prince of Wales, the Princess Dowager of Wales, the Duke, the Princesses, and all the Royal Family. Or which all Persons concern'd are hereby required to take Notice, and govern themselves accordingly. William Sharpe. Whitehall, April 27. The King has been pleased to grant unto the Right Hon. James Earl Waldegrave, the Offices of Steward of the Duchy of Cornwall, and of the Borough and Manor of Bradninch, 111 the County of Devon, and Steward of all the Castles, Manors and Lands within the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, Parcel of the said Duchy ; and of Warden and Steward of the Stannaries, and of the Stannary Courts; and of Rider and Master of the Forest and Chace of Dartmore, Parcel of the said Duchy, during his Majesty's Pleasure. The King has been pleased to grant unto Jonathan Wells, Esq the Office of Steward, or the Stewardship of all the Lordships, Manors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments to his Majesty's Honor and Castle of Windsor in the County of Berks belonging ; and also the Office of Clerk to the Constable of his Majesty's said Castle of Windsor, and the Office of Clerk of his Majesty's said Castle, and of Keeper of the Seals of the said Courts, in the room of George Prodor, Esq; lately deceased. BANKRUPTS. John Burrell, of Belton- Street in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, in ths County of Middlesex, Baker and Chapman. John Widdows, of the Borough of Southwark in the County of Surrey, Clothworker and Chapman. David Thew, late of Patrington in Holderness, in the County of York, Grocer and Chapman. Inscrib'd to the Memory of Laurence Coster, a Native of the Town of Harlem in Holland, first Inven- tor of the mysteriouS Art of Printing, Anno 1420. THOU learn'd Inventor of that curious Art, Which with true Wisdom's Physic cures ths Heart, All hail ! when thick'ning Darkness threaten'd all, Thou fill'dst with Splendor the benighted Ball; Drov'st far the Shades, which Dulness wou'd have spread, And mad'st fair Learning rear her laurell'd Head: All hail to thee! whose quick unbounded Mind Cou'd for a second Chaos Order find. The Grecian Muses, but for thy kind Aid, Had slumber'd, known to few, in Clasic Shade ; Monkish Supiness, and illit'rate Pride, Had wrap'd in gloom the wretched World beside : Thou frustrate mad'st the Negromancer's Skill, And open'd Knowledge to th' industrious Will. May round thy Tomb the Muses sing their Lays, And give to thy immortal Merit Praise ! What pity Homer had for ever slept In some dull Convent, or a Casket kept, That Virgil, Horace, had by few been read, And Scholiasts broke secure old Priscian's Head: Yet this had been had thou ne'er seen the Light,') And all been wrap'd in one Saturnian Night; S Thou said'st. Let Order be and all was bright. J. Then Superstition check'd her artful Lore, Priests modest grew, Monks fabulous no more Fair Truth regain'd her antient radiant Throne, And Knaves and Ignorance exploded mourn. Such were Directors then of Learning's Store Such now are G— n— rs of India's Ore: Heav'd into Post by Party, Folly, Pride, While it's due Trust to Merit is denied ; Unequal sit, and with a shameless Brow Look down upon Fidelity below, Contemptuous — knowing whence their Honours rose— From Debts, from Bribery, and jarring Foes. Like haughty Popes, oppressive Captains now With Pride or Spleen make all beneath them bow With Insolence the Want of Worth supply, And arm'd by Pow'r Remonstrances defy. Wills Narrative pathetic shews, that Man Is capable of the most savage Plan ; Can in anothers mis'ry take Delight, And gratisfy at Life's Expence his Spite : Can ev'n deprive of Joy fair Innocence , And Tyrant for meet Spleen and Whim commence. Here let me praise thee, noble Bath ! who stood The gen'rous Patron of the public Good ; Oppos'd th' Advances of unlawful Sway, And drove encroaching Clouds from Learning's Day ; Would have the Font or Knowledge unconfin'd, And Liberty the Right of all Mankind : Superior to each low unmanly Art, Fair Truth, thou judg'st alone could win the Heart Nor feard'st the Press wou'd injure thy just Claim To a bright Station in the Shrine of Fame. Watson, I wou'd not pass thy Merit's Praise But consecrate thy Name in tuneful Lays; Who shew'dst thy Gratitude to that wise Mind, Which bless'd with artful Printing first Mankind, At length let England's noble Genius rise, And ev'ry selfish Interest despise ; Let Arrogance be curb'd, and bloated scorn, Fair Virtue have the Name of Nobly born ; Let Wealth and Knowledge spread as free as Wind, And England be rever'd of all Mankind. PHILALETHES. WILL. HENRY DRAPER. * Miss Morley, aged six Years, brought from India, under Capt. Crab's Guardianship, and refus'd by him to visit her Grandfather, Mr. Draper, though invited to it. This Day Bank Stock was no Price. India Stock 189 r qr. to iRq. South Sea Stock 113 1 qr. Ditto Old Annuities, lit Sub. 104 1 <] r. Ditto 2d Sub no Price. Ditto New, lit Sub. 104 Ditto id Sub. 110 Price. Bank Annuities 1746, ill Sub. 103 Hrhs. Ditto it! Sub. 102 1 qr. Lottery 1747 1st Sub. 103 3 8ths. Ditto id Sul. 102 1 qr. Dittro 1747, 1748 and 1749, • ilt Sub 104, 38ths. Ditto id Sub. 110 Price. Three per Cent.. Annuities too. Three per Ccitr. India Annuities 99. Three 1 half per Cent, ditto, lor 1 qr. Hank Circulation 3 1. ros. Prem, India Bonds 4 J. 17 s. to 18s. Prem. Three per Cent. Subscription 1751, 3 q* s. Lottery Tickets for Receipts, 111. To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of Southampton. My Brother's Seat in Parliament being vacated, by his Decease, I take the Liberty to offer myself a Candidate for the County in his room; give me Leave therefore, Gentle- men, to apply to you for your Votes and Interest in this publick Manner, ' and to assure you, that if I am so happy as to meet, with your Approbation I shall make it my constant Endea- vour to discharge my Duty, and approve myself on all Occasions, your most obliged and obedient, Humble Servant, ALEXANDER THISTLETHWAYTE. At a personal Application is impracticable, it is hoped Gentle- men will be so good as to excuse it. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders the County of Southampton. GENTLEMEN, / Am infinitely obliged to such of you as have engag'd your- selves in my Favour at the ensuing Election ; and though I have met with great Probability of Success, yet as I find several Gentlemen for whom I have the greatest Honour, and who have always acted in the same Interest shall always promote, engag'd to Mr. Thistlethwaite, therefore, for fear of prejudicing an interest that I think has the Welfare of this Country at Heart, I beg Leave to decline standting, and take this Opportunity of assuring you I shall always retain a grate- ful Sense of the Honour intended me. I am, GENTLEMEN, Your most obliged, And most obedient humble Servant, H. STANLEY. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Surrey,. UPON the unfortunate Death of your late worthy Repre- sentative, the Right Hon. the Lord Baltimore, it is hoped that you will not previously engage your Votes, until a General Meeting of the Freeholders of the said County can he held at Epsom, according to Custom, to consider of a proper Person to represent you in Parliament, in his Stead; which Meeting will he had in a short time ; and of which meeting publick Notice will be given in this and other publick Papers. Genera] Meeting of the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholder of the County of Surrey will be held at Epsom upon Thurs- day the id of May next, in order to consider of a proper Person to represent that County, in Parliament, in the room of the Riggt Honourable Charles Lord Baltimore deceas'd. Mercers Hall, 25 April, 1751. TH E President, Vice President and Council, of the Society if the Free British Fishery, do hereby give Notice, that a General Court will be held on special Affairs, on Saturday the 4th of May next, at Ten for Eleven precisely, at this Place when all Persons duly qualified are desir'd to attend. By Order of the Council, JOHN LOCKMAN, Secretary. To the Worthy Liverymen of the City of London GENTLEMEN, YOUR POLL and INTEREST are desir'D for Deputy THOMAS HARRISON, CITIZEN and HABERDASHER, To be CHAMBERLAIN of this Honourable City, in the room of Sir JOHN BosWORTH, Knt. who has resign'd: HE being well versed in the Laws and Customs of this City, of great Experience in Business, and zealously affected to his Majesty King. GEORGE, and our HAPPY Constitution both in Church and State, and if he should be so happy as to be elected, he will relinquish all other Business, and make the; Duties of that Office his only Care. He was this Day declar'd to have the Majority of Hands, The Poll begins To- morrow Morning at Nine o'Clock. THE Worthy Liverymen in the Interest of Mr. Deputy THOMAS HARRISON, Citizen and HA- berdasher, are desir'd to meet To- morrow at Haberdashers- Hall in Maiden- Lane, Wood- Street, or at Mercers- Hall in Cheap- side, to go in a Body from each Place, at the Hour of Ten Twelve, and Two o'clock, to Poll for the said MR HARRISON to be Chamberlain of this City. To the Worthy Liverymen of the City of London-, GENTLEMEN, YOUR POLL and INTEREST are desir'd for RICHARD GLOVER, Citizen and Ironmonger, To be CHAMBERLAIN of this Honourable City in the room of Sir JOHN BOSWORTH, Knt. who has desir'd Leave to resign; he being a Person zealously affected to his Majesty King GEORGE, and to our present happy establishment in Church and State, and a steady Asserter of the Rights and Privileges of his Fellow- Citizens. . The Poll will begin To- morrow Morning at Nine o'Clock, and Mr. Glover begs Leave to apprise his Friends, that Gold- smiths- Hall in Forster- Lane will he open'd for their Reception To- morrow Morning at Eight o'Clock, and every Day during the Continuance of the Poll. STOLEN on Monday Night, the 22d Instant, from John Heasman, in Worcester- Park, near Ewell in Surrey, a square black Cart Mare, above 14 Hands high, a sleek Coat,, a white Slip in her Forehead, and a Hole bored through each Ear , and when taken away very near her Time of Foaling. Whoever will give Notice thereof to the said John Heasman, or to Mr. William Bown, Baker, at Kingston upon Thames, so that she may be had again, shall receive a. Guinea Reward and all Charges. be SOLD, At the Sign of the Greyhound in Stockport, in the County of Chester, on Wednesday the 8th Day of May next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, ONE Twelfth Part or Share of the old Silk Mills in Stockport aforesaid, and of the Stock in Trade there- to belonging, wherein Mr. Jonathan Gurnell of London., Merchant, and others, are Partners; which Share belonged to Alexander Nowell, Esq; deceas'd, and now proposed to be sold by his Executors. Enquire for further Particulars of Mr. Robert Toller at the saidMills ; or of Mr. Thomas Starkie in Preston, Lancashire This Day are publish'd, Beautifully printed in 2, Vols, 12- m0, Price bound js. LETTERS from FELICIA to CHARIOTTE containing a Series of the most interesting Events, in- terspers'd with moral Reflexions, chiefly tending to inspire an amiable Idea of the Deity, Virtue, and human Nature. • Printed for j. Payne and J. Bouquet in pater- noster Row. This Day is publish'd, Price 6 d. THE genuine Memoirs and most surprising Ad- ventures of a very unfortunate GoosEQUILL ; with an Introductory Letter to Mrs. Midnight's Tye- Wig. Printed for M. Cooper at the Globe in Pater noster Row ; and G Woodfall at Charing- Cross. This Day are publish'd, THE Works of BEAUMONT and FLETCHER. In Ten Volume, Octavo. Collated with all the former Editions, and corrected ; With Notes Critical and Explanatory. By the late Mr. THEOBALD, Mr. SEWARD of Eyam in Derbyshire, and Mr. Sympson of Gainsborough. Printed for J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, in the Strand ; and for T. Longman, J. and P. Knapton, C. Hitch, T. Wood ward, J. Walthoe, A. millar, j. Hodges, J. Ward, C. Bathurst C. Corbers J. Brindley, and J. Cooper. This Day is publish'd, Price i s. AVINDICATION of the Name and Random peregrinations of the Family of SMALL WIT, - In a L E T T ER to a friend, Printed for R. Griffiths at the Duncaid in St. Paul's Church- yard; and G. Woodfall the Corner of Craig's Court, Charing- Cross. LONDON: Printed by J. MereES, in the old Baily, WHERE Advertisements ARE TAKEN in,
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