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The Rememberancer


Printer / Publisher: W. Owen George Cadwallader
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 108
No Pages: 4
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The Rememberancer
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The Rememberancer

Date of Article: 30/12/1749
Printer / Publisher: W. Owen George Cadwallader
Address: Homer's-Head, Temple-Bar, in Fleet-Street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 108
No Pages: 4
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T H E By GEORGE CAD WALLADER, Gent. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1749. [ No. 108. | N Politics as well as Phyftc, He, who having a crazy Conftitution to manage, only prefcribes for the Sake of Form, or the Sake of his Fee, is a Quack, by whatfoever Name or Title diftinguifhed ; and as well for amufmg as robbing his Patient, deferves equally to be difgraced and punifhed. Now, what with bad Habits, and worfe Practice, the Condition of tbis Country is become defperate e- nough to ftand in need of an / Efculapius : And yet, for aught that appears bv their Cures, the higheft: Character of our political College will fcarce out meafure that of Dr. Rock. Thefe are Expreffions that, I know, will fhock the delicate Ears of Thofe who arrogantly call them felves The G ; and who, afting with a Licen- tioufnefs beyond Example in every m 1 Difpo.- fition, complain of the Licentioufnefs of the Times. But I am very little difpofed to do Homage to a Poft becaufe of the Trophies hung upon it ; and lefs to fear the Effe& s which fuch an uncourtly Stub- bornnefs may bring upon me. On the contrary, having no End to ferve but what is founded on the Good qf the Community, nor any private Attachments inconftftent with the Public Service ; having as much Loyalty or Regard for the Laws, as the moft profeffing Courtier ; aim- ing to reform, not todifturb ; and ambitious to have the prefent happy Eftablifhment rendered perpetual, by being grafted on theHappinefs of the People ; I know of no Obligation I lie under, to fupprefs a li- beral Sentiment ; or to defeat my own PurpcFe, ( which is to make Men a « £ t like Men) by doing the Office of a Licencer of the Prefs, in depriving thofe Sentiments of their Virility. If, therefore, by placing myfelf on the higheft Ground in England, I could make my Voice be heard from the remoteft Cavern in the North, to the Britijb Channel, and 1 had any Thing to commu nicate that was of Confequence to the Britijh Na- tion, I would communicate it as freely and fully, as if I had a Commiffion to do fo from Heaven. We are come to the Clofe of another Year, in the • fame crippled and enfeebled State that we were in, at the Clofe of the Laft : And the Refloratives talked of, are, in their own Nature, fo tame and ineffici- ent ; require fuch a Length of Time for their Ope- ration ; and, for that Reafon, are liable to fo many linifter Accidents, that, in my humble Opinion, they are Prefcriptions merely for Form's Sake, and are not cakulated for real and effential Service. Tbat the Land ought to have Reft, after fo many Years of Preflure, muft be admitted by thofe who know the true State of it : But then that Reft fhould be natural and real, not ideal, or the Effeft of In- toxication. While the Charge of Government continues on its prefent exorbitant Footing, exorbitant Taxes will be neceffary for its Support: And it may. be eafily proved, that Abatements on one Hand, muft be re- placed by Managements, olfome Kind, on the other. On this Head, therefore, I cannot help declaring, tbat the CONSIDERER upon a Reduction of the Land Tax, appears abundantly too ccroplaifant, in building his whole Syftem on the prefent Plan of Expeuce : What is, has been too long connived at: What ought to le, too long negledbed : And, however chimerical fuch Severity may be reprefented, nothing but the fe- vereft Regimen Can eradicate the inveterate Ma- lady that confumes us. There is not a Clafs of Men in this whole Com- munity ( except fuch as, in the M. 1 Land of Gojhen, live on the Fat of the Land) who is not over- taxed: And the fame Load of Oppreffions which bears fo hard on Individuals, does the fame on our Manufactures, Navigation, and Commerce; and will, in the End, as infallibly ruin the one, as the other: For as to the prefent Over- flow of Trade, which has been fo loudly boafted of, we are not to efteem it a regular Current, arifmg from a natural Sourfe, but a fudden, tranfient Gurge, partly the Refult of the Stagnation occafioned by the War, and partly of the ill Condition of our Rivals. The Land, therefore, ought not only to have Reft, but our Manufactures and Commerce Ihould be relieved by an Abatement of fuch Taxes, as are moft grievous to the Poor, and moft burdenfome to Trade : And as in Policy this ought to be done for the Sake of the Nation in general ; fo in Equity, the public Creditors, who are to have fo much of their annual Income pared away by the Redu& ion of Intereft, have a Right to infift on the fame Thing: For in Proportion as they are ftraitened on one Hand, they ought to be confidered on the other. As I never was one of Thofe, who think the pre- fent Age under no Obligation to make a due Pro- vifion for the Security and Welfare of the next ; I may venture to fay, after the Parliament of Paris, in that vigorous Remonftrance of theirs to their So- vereign, which fo far furpaffes all the Efforts that the Spirit of Patriotifm has, of late Years, been able to produce among us, That our national Circumftances require immediate Relief on one Hand, and Regulation on the otber. No Security can be given, Tbat theSa- vingpropofed to be made by the Redu£ tion of Inter- eft, will or can be applied to the Diminution of our Debts. The Public has already been fo egregioufly deceived on a Plan of the like Kind, that they de- ferve to be beggar'd, if ever they rely on m— i Faith again : Nor is this all : For we are no longer in a Condition to direct the Mealures and Motions of Europe : And if the P- w- rs who have now the Lead, fhoukl dire£ t them againft us, public Neceffities will defolve public Obligations, and the Bubble will again burft before our Eyes. Thus if fuch a Saving could really be made, as is" given out, and with ever fo upright an Intention, there is no Extravagance in the moll: romantic Brain that deferves lefs to be relied on. The gradual Difcharge of the public Debt is in- deed a moft defirable Thing . But whoever confiders how great a Proportion of it is due to Foreigners, and compares the Sum- Total of the current Cafh of the Kingdom with that Proportion, will fee Caufe to conclude, That there is no rational Way of dis- charging it, but by the growing Profits of our Com- merce ; which leads us back to the Neceffity infifted on above, of towering our Taxes,- and making a Re- duction of the Charge of Government, the Bafis of our national CEconomy. But even thefe Reductions are not the only In- gredients to be made Ufe of in the Regimen we ought to contend for. Unlefs we can obtain • i. free and equal Reprefentative *. Unlefs every Man's Quota of Taxes is proportioned to his Property : Uniefs the Cominerce, Colonies, and naval Strength of Eng- land become the feremofi Conftderations of the Ca- binet : Unlefs a rational Militia by Rotation is efta- [ Pace TWO- PENCE. J blifhed in Lieu of an Army of Mercenaries : Ur. Iefs the Laws and Magiftrates are re- invefted with Au- thority : Unlefs the Land- Marks of Right and Wrong are re- eftablifhed : Unlefs Rewards and Punifhments are diftributed with an impartial Hand ; Unlefs Prin- ciple and Confcience are once again brought into Fa- fliion: Unlefs a due Value is fet on Fame and Glory : Unlefs the Hearts of Sovereign and Subjects are united by Reverence on one Hand, and Affection on the other : And unlefs the Dignity and Majefty of Go- vernment is in full reftored, we fhall hav- a. Reafon to complain of QUACKERY always ; we ( hall recover the Health, Strength, and Vigour of our antieat Conftitution never. And now, to apply all that is here faid to the com- mon Senfe of the Community : If any or all of thefe Points are worth the Perfuit of Englijhmen, and yet are not perfued by the Perfons to whom fuch Mat- ters more immediately belong, it is in our own Power to perfue them, perhaps effe£ tually, without any Offence lo the Laws, or any Irreverence to our Superiors. The Way to the Throne is as open to the People of England, as to the People of France : The Latter have remonftrated : And WE may remonftrate with as much Caufe, and more AfTurance of Succefs. If a Company of poor French Players could affe£ t the Pajfions of the People, furely ' fuch Conftdera- tions as thefe ought to affect their Reafon : And if we thought it worth our while to intcreft Heaven and Earth in the obtaining a fingle Vote in P 1, . when a hundred would not have turned the Scale, furely fuch Confiderations as thefe, which comprife all that P ts can do for our Sakes, ought not to die of Negleft. We have, teen, that, without any formal Applica- tion from tbe People, the Licence granted to thofe Players, though an ASt of State, grounded upon an Alt of Parliament, has been fufpended ; which ar- gues, that the Senfe of the Public is ftill a Matter of fome Importance ; and if fo, to bring it into Ope- ration, we need only to make it known. To fay all in a Word: The Nation is at prefent in the miferable State of the Cripple, by the Side of tbe Pool of Bethfaida : The Angel has troubled the Water ; and we are too helpiefs to take the Benefit of it. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. ITALY. Lisbon, Dec. 4. By the Mafter of a Spanifli Ship wh'ch arrived Ytfterday at this Port we learn, that two of the Merchantmen which failed the 15th of laft Month for Rio de Janeiro, being feparated from the reft of the FieeC by a violent Storm, were attacked on their Voyage by three Barbary Corfairs, but that after an obftinate Engage- ment of feven Hours, they funk one of the Pirates, and obliged theotji'. r two to fheer oft". Naples, Dec. 9. The Queen and the new l~<> rn Princefs are as well as can be expciled, and the Day before Yeiter- day Cardinal Spine' Archbtfhop, baptized the young Princeh by the Name of Marie- Francoife- Antoinette- Xaviere- Francoife de Paul Serapliine. Several Perfons have lately been taken up here for talking too freely of the Situation of the Affairs of Italy. The Corfairs of Barbary not having appeared much cf late, the Men of War, ar. d other armed Veflels, which were fent to cruize againft them, are returned into this Port. Leghorn,' Dec. iz. The Subftance of the laft Letters from Algiers, are as follows. ' Some of oar Corfairs are ftill at Sea, bat are expedted ' home very foon : Thofe that are returned have brought * in but very few, and thofe infignificant Prizes. The ' Fortifications of this Place are daily improved, and aug- ' mented with new Works; but this is only by Way of ' Precaution to fecure us againil any Infults. We cannot * perfuade ourfelv. es that any Power in Europe would at- ' tempt to attack this City, as it would require a very ' powerful Army to befxege it by Land, which is not very * practicable; and no Veffel can approach the Harbour ' without running a Risk of being funk by the Cannon ' of the Fortrefies ; befides which, the Regency feems to ' be well affured of Afiiftance from the Ottoman Porte. Parma, Dec. 12. It is generally believed here, that the Ifland of Corfica will foon be under the Dominion of the Duke our Sovereign ; and it is pretended that the Mini- fters of his Catholic Majefty, aud thofe of the Republic of Genoa, are adtually employed in drawing up a Conven- tion concerning the Celjion of that Kingdom. SWEDEN. Stockholm, Dec. 16. They write from Ule2, in La- ponia, that the Winter had been fo fevere there ever fince the Beginning of Odtober, that the Inhabitants could fcarcely ftir out of tbeir Houles; but that towards the Middle of November the Weather grew io mild, that not only the Snow difappeared,' bul that the Land was more fit for Tillage than it ufually was in milder Climates in the Spring ; which the Inhabitants looked upon as an " Omen of a very fevere Winter. Stockbcim, Dee. i6. On the 8th Inftant the Knights of the Order of the Seraphins held a grand Chapter of that Order in the Prefence of the King and of the Prince Sue cefTor. The fame Day his Majefty difpofed of feveral Military Employments. On th J 14th we received Advice from Yftadt of the Death of Co- nt jean Augufte Meyer feld, Lieutenant- General and Governor of Swedifh Po- merania. DENMARK. Hambiurg, Die. 23, N. S. The Sieur Wachtler, who had been taken here into Arreft, at the Requifition of the Duke of Saxe Gotha, for having embezzled a pretty large Sum of Money, in colledling Part of the Cuftoms of that Prince, wa< delivered over a few Days ago to an Efcort of two Sergeants and two private Men, who had been fer. t from Goiha to condudt the Prifoner thither. Hamburgh, Dec. 26. The Report of one of the Sons of the King of Poland, Ele& or of Saxony, being to be nominated a Coadjutor of Coiogn, begins to be renewed ; and it is allured, that this is the Motive of the Journey which the King of Poland has determined to take very loon into Weftphalia They write from Hanover, that the Apartments at Herenhaui'en are fitting up for the Re- ception of his Britannick Majefty, who is expedted there about the Middle of May. According to the laft Advices from Conftantinople, the Plague rages there with great Violence, and iikewile in feveral other Provinces of the Dominions of the Grand Signior. The fame Advices add, that the new Mufti had been arrefted upon Account of fome illicit Correfpondence which he had been ac cufed of. GERMANY. Vienna, Dec. zo. Her Imperial Majefty has approved of the Plan- that was fame time fiuce laid before her for eftablifhing a Manufa& ory of Silk in Bohemia. This Day thsMarquis de Palavicini arrived here from Milan, and will foon be admitted to an Audience of the Emprefs, in order to acquaint her with the Situation of her Affairs in Italy. The Government of Efclavonia has been given to General Count de Guifruggi, and that of Tirol to General Guadagni. The Court having received Advice, that the King of Portugal intends to name a Minifter to refide here in the room of M. Caravalho, it is expedted a Perfon of Character will foon be named by their Im- perial Majefties to refide at the Court of Portugal; and it is generally thought that General Hagenbach will be appointed for that Employment. The Prince of Tour Taxis, the Emperor's Principal Commiffary to the Diet of the Empire, fet out this Morning for Rati J) on. FRANCE. Paris J- 1 ft- main, Jan. 2. The Marquis de St. Germain, his Sardinian Majefty's AmbafTador in Ordinary at our Court, had his Audience of his Moft Chriilian Majefty on Tuefday laft ; at which Time he acquainted his Majefty with the Marriage of the Duke of Savoy with the Princefs Maria Antonietta of Spain. The joyful News of . her Royaii Highnefs the Drfuphi- nefc's Pregnancy was laft Week made public to the Court; and that, as we are credibly informed, was the principal Rcafon why the intended Journey to Choify was poftpon'd. The Marquis de CQvan uvias de Pegna Bianca, one of his Majefty's Lieutenant Generals, died at Veifailles on the 24th of December laft, in the 69th Year of his Age. On Sunday laft a young Woman who came into St. Stephen's Church, during the Time of Divine Service, was fo confufed and furprized at every thing ( he faw, that Ihe could not refrain from asking the firft Perfon that fhe met with, a great many Queftions; which the Party ap- plied to, being unable to refolve, he condudted her to the Vicar, who, after a pretty clofe Examination, thought pro- per to carry her before the Lieutenant of the Police, who examined her over again j but all they could get out of her was to the following Effedt; namely, that finding the Door where ( he lodged open in the Evening, fhe went out, and ftrolled about theTown all Night, without know- ing where ihe was; that Ihe came accidentally into tbe great Houfe where they found her, that nothing was to be feen out of the Window * lie re ihe lodged, but the Tops of fome Trees; that fhe lived with a Gentleman, who Ihe called her Papa, and that Ihe had a Sifter; that her before- mentioned Papa had a great Number of Swords and Watches in his Lodgings; that it was cuftomary for him to go out as foon as it was dark, and not to return till early in the Morning. Upon this impertedt Declaration, it is generally con- jedtured, that her Papa, as fhe call- him, is fome High- wayman, tha' had maintained tbis Girl from her Infancy without giving her any farther Education or Inftrudtion, than what might be ,,- f Service to promote his wicked Perpcfes ; for wi n Reafon hey have ordered the Girl to be kept in Ciiftody at the Convent of St. Winifred, till this odd Adventure can be more fatisfadtorily explained. From the LONDON GAZETTE. At a Court Martial held on board his Majefty's Yacht the Charlotte, at Deptfofd, on the nth, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, igth and 20th Days of Decem- ber, 1749 ; PRESENT, William Rowley, Efq; Rear Admiral of Great Britain, and Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majefty's Fieet, President; Sir Edward Hawke, Vice- Admiral of the Blue, The Hon. John Forbes, Efq; Rear- Admiral of the White, Capt. Merrick de L'Angle, Capt. Thomas Sturton, Capt. William Parry, Capt. Rich a. d Haddock, Capt. Matthew Buckle. The Court, purfuant to an Order from the Right Hon. lhe Lords Of the Admiralty to William Rowley, Efq; dated the ill Inftant, proceeded to enquire into the Con- duel: and Behaviour of Charles Knovvles, Efq; a Rear Admiral of his Majefty's Fleet, in and relating to an Ac- tion which happened on October the 1 ft, 1748, between a Britifh Squadron under his Command, and a Squadron of Spain ; and having heard the Witneffes, as well for the Crown as the Prifoner and alfo what the Prifoner had to fay in his Defence, and thoroughly confidered the fame, the Court do unanimoufly agree, That it has appeared that Mr. Knowles, by forming the Line to the Northward upon feeing the Enemy in the Morning, afled properly and like an Officer; but, while he was Handing for the Enemy, he might, by a different Difpofition of his Squa- dron, have begun the Attack with fix Ships, as early in the Day as four of them were engaged, and that therefore, by his r. eglefting to do fo, he gave the Enemy a manifeft Advantage; but in the Situation the Squadron was at the time the Tilbury returned the Enemy's Fire, the Rear Admiral feems to have adted properly in making the Sig- nal for Battle, and beginning the Engagement then as he did ; that it appears the Cornwall continued in clofe and fmart Adtion better than an Hour, and that Mr. Knowles remained on board her, with his Flag, after fhe was dif- abled from continuing the Adtion, though he might, upon her being difabled, have fhifted his Flag on board another Ship ; and the Court are unanimoufly of Opinion, that he ought to have done fo, in order to have conduced and diredted, during the whole Adtion, the Motions of the Squadron entrufted to his Care and Condudt; but as it appears that Mr. Knowles expreffed great Earneftnefs and Zeal to get into Adtion, and, while the Cornwall was en- gaged, fhewed great perfonal Courage, Therefore, the Court do unanimoufly think, that his not removing his Flag arofe from a Miftake, and not from Backwardnefs to bring his Perfon into Adtion ; and upon Confideration of Mr. Knowles's whole Condudt relating ro the Adtion, the Court doth unanimoufly agree, that he falls under Part of the 14th Article of the Articles of War, namely, the Word Negligence, and no other, and alfo under the 23d 1 Article. And the Court do therefore unanimoufly ad » judge, That he be reprimanded, for not biinging up tli « Squadron in clofer Order than he did, and not beginning the Attack with as great Force as he might have dons, and alfo for not fiiifting his Flag, upon theCornwall's be- ing difabled. And he is hereby reprimanded accord- ingly. Wm. Rcwley, 7bo. Sturton, C. Fearne, Edw. Hawke, Wm. Parry, Jud. Adv. John Forbes, Rich. Haddock, Mi. de V Angle, Matthc- wBuckle. LONDON. Monday being Chriftmas Day there was a numerous and fplendid Appearance at. Court to pay their Compli- ments to . his Majefty, and the Knights Companions of the Garter, Thiftie, and Bath appealed in tjieir Collars, At Noon his Majefty, and the reft of the Royal Family, preceedcd by the Heralds and Purfuivants at Arms, went to the Chapel Royal, and heard a Sermon preached by the Archbifhop of York ; after which they received the Holy Sacrament from the Hands of the Lord Bifnop of London, aflifted by the Bifhop of Briftol ; aiid his Majefty made an Offering at the Altar of a Wedge of Gold, ac- cording to Cuftoin; We hear his Majefty has ordered his annual Gift of 1000I. to be given to the poor Houfe- keepers of the Parifhes- wiihin the City and Liberty of Weftminfter. It is faid the Right Hon. the Lord Salton, Second Baron of Scotland, will be chofen one of the Sixteen Peers in the room of Lord Craufurd. On Saturday came on at Chrift Church in Hants, the Eledticn of a Member to ferve in Parliament, in the room of Sir Thomas Robinfon, appointed Maiier of the Great Wardrobe, when the aforefaid Gentleman was unani- moufly re eledted. Andrew Stone, Efq; lately appointed one of the Lords of Trade and Plantations, was laft Week re- eledted Mem- ber of Parliament for Haftings, wilhout Oppofition. Wc hear that Peter Bold, Efq; of Bold in Lancafhire, intends to offer himfelf a Candidate for that County which he formerly reprefented, in the room of Richard Shuttle- worth, Efq; deceafed. We hear that the late Eatl and Countefs of Cromartie have taken a Houfe in Panton- Square to refide in. On Saturday the ttight Hon. the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, attended by their Officers, made a Gathering of Money and Provifions in the feveral Markets of this City, which were equally diftributed amongft the Prifoners in Ludgate, Newgate, the two Compters, & c. according to Annual Cuftom. On Saturday laft the new born Son of John Crewe, Efq; Knight of the Shire for Cheftiire, was baptized at his Houfe in Upper Grofvenor Street, by the Name of Thomas; the Sponfors were, the RightFlonourable the Lord Windfor, and the Hon. Richard Edgecumbe, Efq; Member of Parliament for Leiftwithiel in Cornwall, and the Lady Crewe. Laft Saturday five Waggons, with the Treafure of two Ships lately arrived fioip Cadiz, came to the Eaft- India, Houfe from Portfmouth, the fame being purchafed by that Company, in order for Exportation. And The fame Day feveral Waggons came to the Bank from Portfmoath, which brought a large Quantity of Money, lately arrived from Lisbon, for the Merchants of this City. baft Week came on to be heard before the Lord High Chancellor, a Petition of the Affignees of Edward Richard- fon, a Bankrupt, late Under City Marfhal; when it ap- peared he had abfeonded and negledted his Duty ever fince Odtober laft, to avoid being taken upon a Warrant iffued by the Chancellor for the Commitment of the Bankrupt to the Prifon of the Fleet, for not furrendering his faid Office to the Court of Lord- Mayor and Alder- men, in Obedience to an Order made for that Purpofe; when the Chancellor was pleafed to recommend it to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen as an Adt of Juftice to difmifs the faid Bankrupt from his faid Place, and to admit Mr. Henry Buck, the Purchafer, thereto. There have been in the Compafs of three Week, five Robberies within the Walls of Chelfea College. The Churches at. prefent in Manchefter being found inefficient for that populous Town, the Inhabitants are going to eredt two new Churches at their own Expence, the Grounds being given by two worthy Gentlemen of the Town ; and fome Architedts are already employed for that Undertaking. The Lord Chancellor has appointed the Firft General Seal to be held at Lincoln's- Inn Hall, after Michaelmas Term, on the 12th of January next. And the Second General Seal to be held January 18. Exlratl of a Letter from Peterborough. * One Day laft Week a weil- dreffed Woman was feen hanging on a Tree in ihe Road near Peterborough, and cut Ha'. vn by a Per/ on then pafiing by, and af. er bleeding, & c. biought to herfelf, though when firft taken down, thought to be dead: The Account ( he gave of herfelf was, That ( he Was a Native, and came from the lilar. d of Guernfcy ; was married a few Years ( ince to an Iiiftlman, who had with her 40001. the greateft Part of which he had fpenc with her, but fotne Time ( ince had ftripc her of every Thing and left her; but having received Information that he was married to a Woman ofFortune at Lynn, had left her Home to go in Qaeft of him, and had reached fo far on her Way, when being Penn y Lei., and aimoft periih ing for Want, her Misfortunes had drove her into that Fit of Defpair. This Stoiy had fuch an EfFeCt on the Specta- tors, that they not on! y contributed very largely them- felves, buc made it their Bufinefs to col.' eCt for her: But unluckily for the Impoftor, a Ne gnboaring Clergyman - came in, who had leen her in thtfe v ry Circumftances near Richmond, aad knew her, had her before a Ma- giftrate, who committed her to Huntingdon Goa'.' " Tis faid the Commiffioners of Weitminfter- Bridge will be allowed iz, oool. this Seffion to enable them to com- plete that Work, By a Letter from Shavington in the County of Dorfet, dated the 20th Inftant, we have Advice, that all the Coun- try about that Place are jn great Coniternarion about their Cattle, the Diftemper having broke out at Mr.. John Barnes's, who had ioft upwards cf Fifty Cows, old and young, being his whole Stock, in a Fortnight ; and aifo that it had broke out amongft the fat Cattle of a Noble- man in that Neighbourhood, and had carried off a great Number in a few Days. They write from Aberdeen, that the Perfons loft in the Kinghorn Boat, which was drove afhore the 1 3th Inftant, on Forgue Sands, were, the Mafter, five Hands, a young Man and a Woman Paffengers; and that 22 Packs of Wpol, three Bales of Leathei, and 500 Weight of Tow ar£ miffing That one John Macrandal of the Parifh of Forgue, going from Shillagreen to Frendraught was lately attacked on the Hill of Foundiand, by ttvo Fellows armed with Ptftol and Hanger; but that by the ftout Re- fiftance he made, and the Afiiftance given by his Dog, he at length gof clear of the Villains, after having received fevcral fevere Cuts on his Head with the Hanger, and a Stab in the Thigh. - And that on Thurlday laft a poor Woman, iivirig ac the Bridge of Don, was robbed of three Pounds by a Fellow, who entered ner Houfe late at Night, locked the Door behind him, went to her Cheft, and took out the Money, and walked off, without giving her the leaft Difturbance. A voluntary Subfcription is carrying on at Edinburgh, for the Gravelling and Beautifying Hop,; Park, and' a new . Walk is intended to be made from th^ Park to biunit- field Links, which commands a fine ProfpeCt of the River, Shipping, and the adjace. it Country. There are already the greateft Number of Homed attle drove to Failure within two Miles of London, purfuant to a late Order of Council, as war- ever feen in the Memory of Man. We hear that the Diftempe amo'rgft the Horned Cattle continues to rage about Sidgefield, and other Places in the County of Durham. We hear the French Players are embarked for France, On Tuefday laft was rung by the Society of Eaflern Scholars, on the twelve Belis of Sc. Bride's in Fleet- ftreet, a complete Peal of 6072 Bob Maximus, being the firft Trial, and completed in four Hours and forty- five Minutes. Tuefday Night feveral Fellows were feen by a Watch- man getting into a Mahoguny Warehoufe n, ear Carnaby Market, whereupon he prudently let them all get up the Ladder, and enter the Houfe, then privately took away the Ladder, and calling his Brother Watchmen, fecurcd them. Wednefday a Marfhal of the Miiicia, who had been out a Boxing, got drunk, by the Charity of his Matters, and was fetched from an Alehoufe by his Wife, who having fecured him in the Bedchamber, began to give him a. feafonable LeCture on the Mifapplication of the Chriftmas Bourty ; whereupon he ref lved to give her a little whole- foine Discipline with his Hanger in the Scabbard, which falling off in tiie Scuffle, it is very probable he would have murdered her ( without Defigii) had not fome Neigh- bours feafonably interpofed. On Tuefday a Woman decoyed a Child from its Pa- Tent's Door in Gray's- Inn, and then ftripp'd it, in the Fields leading to Pancras: She was foon after taken, and being carried before a Magiftraie, was committed to New Prifon. Laft Week the Bilhop of Winchefter ordained, at Aud- ley Chapel, feveral Priefts and Deacons. We hear that Col. Bofcavven will be appointed Colonel cf a vacnt Regiment of Foot. We hear, that the Right Hon. the Earl of Loudon will fuccced the Earl of Craufurd as Colonel of the Regiment of Scotch Greys, and as a Lieutenant General. And That Major Douglafs will be appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the faid Regiment, in the room of Alexander Forbes, Efq; Lieutenant Colonel of the faid Regiment, who will be preferred to the Command of a Regiment of Foot. William Whiteford, Efq; is appointed a Captain in Sir Robert Ricii's Regiment of Dragoons, in the room of Capt. Wilfon, who has refigned, on account of his being appointed Lieutenant Colonel of Col, Holmes's Regi ment of Foot. The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed Mr. M'Leod, who was greatly ferviceable at the Time of the late Rebellion in Scotland, in piloting the Men of War in and out of the Hai'bours there, to be Surveyor of the Barges and Boats in the Harbour of Portfmouch. Extract-, of a Letter from Alicant, Dec. 10. N. S. ' On the 4th Inftant arrived here, in a Boat belonging ' to the Cornelia Galley, a Dutch Ship, Capt. Eelmer * Leyen, bound for Genoa, and laft from Gibraltar, ' where ( he took in Nine Genoefe Paffengjrs; the Crew * confines of the fame Number, whereof fix came and ' reported. That the Genoefe had, on account of the Cap- ' rain's refi ling them Water, killed him, his Son, and the ' Boatfwain. They got inco Town, a- belonging to fome ' Ship in Port, but the Governor fent them to the Caftle ; ' and the next Day a French Ship brought in Six of the ' Genoefe The Fad is found to be, That the Dutchmen ' had robbed the Ship at Gibraltar, and the Mafter threat- ' ning to have them chaftil'ed at Genoa, they threw him ' ovei board, oft" of Ivica, and killed his Son : The Ge- ' noefe hearing the Noife, and running co the Trailer's ' Afliftance, 3 were killed; but ; he Fourth luckily got a ' Muoket, and ( hot the Boa fvvain, and fo retir- ed with the * reft; and as the Dutch Sailors could not get St them, ' they hoilted out the Boat, and fet fire to the Ship, with Intention to burn the Genoefe, but Providence took ' Care of them, for when the Malts went over board, ' they got upon the Pieces, and continued ' till the Flames ' were obferved by a Frenchman, who fent his Boat out, ' and took them up This, barbarou' Virlainy was, I ' think, committed about Ten o'Clock at Night. It is ' fuppofed. che Villains will be kept here ' till they are fent ' for by the States.' On Saturday laft about Noon, a Youth of about 14 or 15 Years of Age, came to the Shop of Mr Gregg, Watchmaker in St James's- ftreeC, under Pretence of buy ing a Warch for his own Wear and whilft he was poiming with one Hand to a pa ;; cular Watch which hung in the Glafs Cafe, very dextroudy wich the other conveyed a Gold Waich and Chain of a confiderabli Value, which Jay on the Vice Boaid, into his Pocket, and made off wich it undifcovered, pretending to return immediately after confultirig a Relation in the Neighbourhood about the Price. We hear that the Boy who defrayed the above Gen- tleman of a Gold Watch, went firit into the Shop of Mr. Gray, his Maj fty's Watchmaker there, and had conveyed ! a Gold Watch into a Pocke: under his Arm, which Mr Gray obferved, and cook it from him, and turned him , out of the Shop; notwithftanding which, he had the Im- pudence to go to Mr Gregg's, which is but a few Doors higher in the fame Street, and there, under Pretence of buying a Watch, ftole one. Saturday Night as Mr. Nelham, a Shoemaker in Broad St. Giles's, was carrying home two Pair of Shoes in Lin- coln's Inn Fields, he was attacked by two Fellows near the Duke of Newcaftle's, who robbed him of his Shoes and Three Shillings. Sunday died, aimoft fuddenly, at his Houfe in Upper Brook- ftreet, in Grofvenor- Square, the Right Hon. John Lindfey, Earl of Craufurd and Lindfey, and Vifcount Kil bemey in Scotland, Lieutenant General of his Majefty's Forces, Colonel of a Regiment j his Lordfhip was Adju- tant- General of the Forces in Flanders, and one of the Sixteen Peers for Scotland. His Lordfhip was a Volun- teer under Prince Eugene at the Battle of Crotzka in Hun- gary, and received fo many Wounds that he was left in che Field of Bactle, which Wounds obliged his Lordlhip to walk with Crutches ever fince. Laft Sunday Evening died of a ConfumptJon, Mrs. An- nefley, Wife to the Hon. James Annefley, Efq; who claimeth the Eftate and Honours of Earl of Anglefey, leaving only one Daughter, a Child fix Years old. Tuefday laft died at Ipfwich che Rev. Mr. Peter Hinge- fton, fen. Rector of Capel and Litile Wenham. BANKRUPTS. Barton Miles, of Portfmouth, in the County of Hants, Victualler, Inn holder and Chapman. Zachariah Murwith, now or late of Darlington, in the COunty of Durham, Carrier, Dealer and Chapman. This Day is published, ( Price One Shilling. ) QEafonable and Affecting Obfervations on ' the MUTINY BILL, ARTICLES OF WAR, and USE and ABUSE of a STANDING ARMY : In a Letter from a Member of Parliament to a Noble Lord. ' If we look through tbe World, we fhall find in no Country Li- ' berty and an Army fund together ; fo tbat to know whether ' a People are Free or Slaves, it is necelfary only to ask, Whe- * ther an Army is kept among them ! — This Truth is fo ob- ' vious, that the moft bare- faced Advocates for an Army do not 1 directly denv it, but qualify the Matter by telling us, That a ' Number not excce- iing 15 or 70,000 Men are a Handful to fo ' populous a" Nation as this: Whereas, I think that Number * will brine as certain Ruin upon us, as if they were as many ' Millions.' TRENCHARD on Standing Armies, Printed for W. Owen, near Temple- Bar. This Day is published, Price is. The SIXTH EDITION of AN Examination of the Principles, and an Enquiry into the Conduft ofthe TWO B** » ** RS, in regard to the Eftablilhment of their Power, and tbeir Profecation of the War, till the Signing of the Preliminaries. In a Letter to a Member of Parliament. ' Nimirum, ut quidam morbo aliquo, et fenfus ftupore, fuavita- ' tem cibi non fentiunt: tic libidinofi, avari, facinoroli, veras ' laudis guftatum non habent— fed fi vos laus allicere ad re£ te ' faciendum non poteft, nec metus quidem a faedillimis faftis ' poteft avocare ? Judicia non metuitis ? Si propter innocen- ' tiam, laudo : li propter vim, non intelligitis, ei qui ifto mod © ' judicia non timeat, quid timendum lit ? Quod fi non metuitis ' viros fortes, egregiafque cives: veftri, vos mini credite, ' diutius non fercnt, nifi vero majoribus benenciis obligatos, ' quam ille quofdam habuit ex iis, a quibus eft perditus— An ' vos eftis ulla re cum eo comparand! ? Fuit in illo ingenium, f ratio, memoria, litene, cura, cogitatio, diligentia. Multos ' annos regnare meditatus, magno labors quod cogitarat effece- * rat, muncrlbus, mcrnumentis, congiariis, multitudinem impe- ' ritam delenierat; fuos praemiis, adveriarios clementise fpecie ' devinxerat— quid multa ; attulerat jam liberie civitati, partim 1 metu, partim patientia, confuetudinem ierviendi. Cum illo * ego vos dominandi cupiditate conferre poffum, ceteris vero ' rebus nullo modo eftis comparandi — fed ex plurimis malis quas ( ab ilio Reipublicas fur. t inufta, hoc tamen boni eft, quod * didicit populus Romjmus, quantum cuique crederet, quibus fe ' committeret, a quibus caveret. Cic. ORAT. PHILIP, 2da. Printed for A, Price, near Temple- Bar. JVhcre may be had, ( Price One Shilling. ) AN Occafiorial Letter from a Gentleman in the Country, to his Friend in Town, concerning the Treaty negotiated at Har. au, in the Year 1743 ; the Manner in which is was rejected ; and the fatal Effeits which that Rejection has produced. " You, who muft well remember the Clamour raifed againft Lord " G , and againft his -—— himfelf, on Account of this " Tranfadtion, will undoubtedly ftand amazed, nay wiil hardly " think if poffible, for the Two B -— rs, to have been, inFadt, " the Authors of continuing the War, which might have been u happily and honourably ended at that Time." Examination of the Principles of the Two B rs, & c. P, g. Printed for A. Briton, near Temple- Bar. A L S O, In an Oiftavo Pamphlet, Price One Shilling, The ESSAYS from the Firft 12 Numbers, of THE remembrancer. B Y GEORGE CADWALLADER, Gent,. That it may not be in the Power of the Adverfary to mifreprefent the Plinciples on which that PAPER is founded. ' Nil defperandum. Hos. Printed for and fold by W. Owen, Publiflier, at Hcmer's- Head, near Temple- Bar ; and by all the Newfmen in Town and Country. N. B. Next Saturday will be publiihed, No. CIX. Price zd. to be continued Weekly. LIKEWISE, ( Price One Shilling. ) AShort DISSERTATION upon that SPECIES of MISGOVERN MENT called an OLIGARCHY. Printed for J. Freeman near St. Paul's. The Word Oligarchy having been frequently ufed in a certain dijiinguijh'd Weekly Paper *, as the true Name of a new Difeafe, which had not only infeCted, buc threaten- ed to deftroy, the Conftitution, the above Treatife was compofed, at the Inftance of a Friend, to explain the Rife, Growth, and Tendency of that Evil, at other Pe- riods- of Time, and under different Syftems of Govern- ment , and having fvvelled infenfibly from a familiar Letter into a formal Differtation, at the Inftance of the fame Friend, is now made public; that all being made fenfibie of their Danger, all might co- operate for their Prefervacion. * See The REMEMBRANCER. This Day is pub'ifhed, In tivo yolunes Ttoel- ves, Price bound 6s. I. H AR SAM ON D, or the new Knight- Errant • jn which is tntr duced the Story of rhe Fair Jfncboe*, with that ot Tar mi an* and her unfortunate D- itighter. Wr'rren prig> nally i i French, by Mr. He Ma- rivautc. Member of the Fte< cb Academy ir, Parts, Author cf Mari. mrie, Sc-. Trjull t. dinto En^ li/ h by Mr. Lockman. iiold by If Owen, at Rimer's- Head, ne ir Temple Bar Where may bs bad the following Pieces, writ, com- piled, or tt ( inflated by Mr. LOCKMAN. II TRAVELS of the JESUITS into various Parts of the World, extra£ Ud from tiieir Letters, N. nv full attempted in Englijh : Intermixed with an Ac- count of the Manners, Gove nment, Religion, & c. of the feveral Nations vifited by thofe Fathers. With Ex- trafts from other Travellers, and mifcelluneous Notes; lerving either to illullrite th ir Relations, or to difplay their abominable Tenets and Practices. Adorned with Maps t. nd Sculptures. In two Voiumts Svo. Price bound III. npHE LOVES of CUPID and PSYCHE, A in Vcrie and P ole, from she French of the cele- brated la Fontaine To which is prefixed, a Vetfion of the lame Story, from . he Latin of Apuleius; with a new Lite of la Fontaine, extra£ led ftom a great Variety of Authors. The whole iiluftrated with Notes". " The Tra'nflator has endeavoured to copy la Fan- " tuttiS* eleginr Simp'icity. Not fatished with " Bately tendering the Ideas . f his Original, he " likewife exhibits ir to us in all its unattested '* Be « uty. ilis Verfes imitate thofe of ! a Fontaine, " w. th regard to Harmony and Vleafurr. Molt of " the Ftanftatoi's Notes relate to Tafte and Senti- " merit. Heircquenily rake-. Occafion, from a rc- < 4 tifiedTiiought of his Author to quote others from '' Chapelle, Dejhculieres, Chaulieu, St. Evttrr. ond, " Gieffet, & c. whofe Deiici- cy he preserves tn bis fevera! Imitations of them. In a Word, this " Verfion has all the Air of an Original; and the " Essgllfb Reader will therein find la Fontaine and " his Graces. Extrjfleri from La Bibliotheque rai- fonnce, Tom. 32, Part I. p. 233. Amfterdam,\ i44. ( Being the only Book extant of the Kind.) QENTENZF. e Motti piacevoli, raccolte da U gli autori piu accreditati; or the Amufing Inftrudtor, confifting of a ColleCtion of choice Maxims or Adages, fmart Repartees, £ sfc. from the moft celebrated Italian Authors, in Italian and Englijh. To which is prefixed, an Accourt cf the Decay ot the Latin Tongue, uod the Rife of the Italian ; with the Charafter of the moft famous Italian Authors, antient, and modern. Price is. 6d. in Sheets- V. ( Price One Shilling.) • HpO the Iong- con'cealtd firft Prorroter of J. the C mbric and Tea- Bill:; an Epiftle-. Levelled chiefly at the S. nugglers. Non tu Corpus eras fine Peilcre. Hor. Epift. IV. Lib. I. At fubitce - - - adfunt Harpyet. * - Triflius baud illis monfiium nec fievier ulla, Fiftis tt Ira Deum Stygiisfefe txtulit undis. * The Smugglers. Virg JEaeid III. VI. . Tj OSALINDA, a Mufical Drama, per- iv formed at Mr. Hickford's G. eat Room, in Brewer's Street, by Mr. Beard, Mrs. true, Mr. Reinbold, & c. Set to Mufic by Mr. J. C. Smith. To which is prefixed, An Enquiry into the Rifs and Progrefs of Operas and Oratorios; alfo fome Rtfleftions, on Lyric Poetry and Mufic. Price is. VII. DAVID's Lamentation over SAUL and JONATHAN; a facred Poem. Set to Mu- fic by Dr. Bi) ce, and performed by the Gentlemen of the King's Chape', & e. St alio by Mr. J. C. Smith; and per- t > rmcd by. Mr. Beard, Mrs. Arne, tsfe. at Mr. Hichford'i. Fi th Edition. Price 6d. This Day is published, ( Price One Shilling ) The SECOND EDITION of ASecond Series of Fa£ ts and Arguments, tending to prove, that the ABILITIES oi the Two B r » are not more extraordinary than their VIRTUES. In a Letter to a Member of Parliament. By tbe Author of An Examination of th*- Principles, £ sV. Profperum ac fadix Scelus Virtus vocatur.—— 3INICA. Printed for A. Price, near Temple- Bar. GLEETS and SEMINAL WEAKNESSES. SO deftruftive to the Conflitution, and ruinous not only to the unhappy Individual labouring under them, by draining away the Radical Moifture or very Effence of Life, and inducing Confumptions, Nervous Diforders, & c. but to Pofterity alfo, inafmush as thofe afflicted with fuch Gleeticgs, if not wholly difabled, as many are, from propagating their Species, are yet rendered incapable • f begetting any other than puny, miferable, and ( hort- lived IfTue. Thefe wafting Gleetings, occasioned by Self- Pollution, exceffiveVe- nery, fevere Purging for Veneral Injuries, or by violent Strains, Sec. and which have been- deem'd hy almoft all PhyGcians and Surgeons to be fo very difficult to overcome, are now fo certainly known to be directly, and in a manner at once perfectly cur'd by the Grand Reftrictive Bal* fammick Electuary, that not one, how bad foever, need defpair of being entirely fet to Rights by it in a few Days. It is from this its moft extraordinary Efficacy, that fo many Practi- tioners ill Town and Country now fend for it for their Patients, as find- ing it to be the only fure and infallible Remedy that can be fafely rely'd upon in thofe Cafes. The Price of this Grand Medicine is 6s. a Pot, fealed up, with a Book of Infractions, highly neceffary to be read by all Perfons who ever were afflicted with any Diforder of tht Semi- nal Veflels or neighbouring Parts. Note, This famed Balfamick Electuary is now, by the Author's Appointment, to be had only at Mr. Eglinton's, ( Mr. Radford being deceafed) at the Great Golden Pair of Spe< ftac! es againft the Eaft End of the New Church In the Strand, London. Ask only for a 6s. Pot of Balfamick Electuary. No Letters anfwered uniefs Pelt- paid.. The only Jhori and infallible Cure, For that reigning Dl/ eafe the SCURVY, and all Scorhu- tick Hu/ r. curs, tho' arrived to the high eft and mofi itivt- tstate Degree, or of e< vtr Jo many Tears Standing, and • without any fenfible Evacuation, or the leaf} Purging, • which by unaccountable Miftakt is generally adyiftd, tho' always found rather to increaft and confirm the Scurvy than cure it, by tbt ft> much famd and mofi phafart Cly- mieal Drops* WHICH, without the leaft Trouble, Con- finement, or Di I order whatever, do at once/ hike at the true Catile of the SCURVY, and entirely dc- ftroy it, and * U fcorbutick Humours and Effedts, Root snd Branch, lb as never to return again, as many Thonfands of h< th Sexes have experienced, and as all who rake them in three Days Time are convinced; for they almoft inftantly alter the Morbid State of the Juices, purify the Blood, fwceten all the Fluids, cleanl'e them from Impurities, and d! re£ tly c ear the Habit from all Spots, Blotches, black and b'ue Marks. Itchings, fon[ Eruptions or Breakings out, Wearinels of the Limbs, lan- guid Heavinefs of the whole Body, wandering Pains, Weak- ness of the Back, and all the vaft Variety of Symptoms by which the Scurvy imitates, and often lies concealed under the Appearance of the Rheuniatilin, and many other Dileafes. And for ftrengthening the Stomach, immediately crc. ttitig a good Appetite, caufing a regular and eafy Digeftiori of Food, and curing all windy F. ffcfts and Diforders of the firft Paflage ( whence proceed Head ache,, Vapours, and other Indifpof) tions) no Bitters, or any other Medicines upon Earth can compare with them, infomuch, that befidea infallibly curing the Scurvy in all its Shapes and App ararices, they alfc aflur- edly and immediately cure the Green Sicknef's in Virgins, Worms of all kinds in Young and Old, and almoft all other Chroniek Di ft ales, ( which are chiefly occafioned by Indigcftion and flatulent Crudities in the Stomach and Bowels) and ccr- tainly prevent Fevers Agues, and other acute IllnelTes. They are wonderfully Cordial and Reiterative, ftrengthen and enliven the whole Mzchine, and as foon as taken, make the Patient pleafantly lightfome, bri3k, vigorous to Admi- ration, and are good for all Sorts of Ptrlonsto preferve, as well as to procure, a found and healthful State of Body. But the great Reparation thefe fo much fam'd and moft plealiint Chymical Drops have fo univerfally gained, among Perfbiis of Eminence, for their fuddenlyand infallibly curing the Scurvy, and all Scorbutick Humours, and other Chronick Diftempers, in fuch an ealy and agreeable Manner, have occa- fioned many to imitate them, fome under the fame, and o- thers under other Names; be careful, therefore, not to be deceived, but be fure to have the right, which, by the Au- thor's fpecial Appointment, are to be had only at the Gentle- woman's at the Two Blue Pofts in Haydon- Yard in the Mine? riei, at 5. ( Sd a Bottle, with Dire& iona. The fo- much Famed HYPO- L) ROPS, 1S7LIICH in a few Days infallibly cure W . HYPOCHONDRIACS MELANCHOLY in MEN and the VAPOURS in WOMEN, lo as never to return again,' te they ever tb fevere, or of many Years ftanding, and even after ail other Remedies have proved ineffectual-, and thas by immediately ftrikirig at the very Root or true Caufe, aa well as remedying the Kftefits of thole perplexin? Maladies and all their Variety of Svmptoms, by which they mi nicfc, by Turns, almoft all the Difeaies poor Mortals are afflid- td with and have their Rife from a depraved A » pet'te, vici. • otis Ferments in the Srorr. ach, and Indigeftion of Food, whence proceed Credit '. es; and ftarnlcnt or windy Difordeu in the firft Paffages, ill Fumei, fi- ur Belchings, Cholick m l Uneafinefi in rhe Bowels ; which Crudities offend the Nerves,- snd by Confert of Parts, affect the Head, and produce lbme. tirres G. ddinei's, Dimoeis'of Siphr, confufed Thoughts, per- t; niLious Watchings, tronblc- lbme SSeep^ Frige's, trormdlefj Fears, and che dcepeft Melancholy, with direful views, and teirible Apprehenfions ; ar other Times . Fi ts, Kindling Heats, Resciiings, Faintnefs, Lownefs and Sinking of Sp rite, Pal- pitation of che Heart, Startings, Tremblings, . ind Twitch- irgs in the Limbs and other Pares, with minj conviiifive Dii- ordcrs, ( harp Pains, fixed or wandring Psins and Weaknets in the Back, and other almolt innumerable and grievous Symptoms, v jiich mifcrably afBidt v » » Numbers of kotb Sexes, Aii wh; ch Symptoms, in their it;, - ft Paioxyfms, theft io much ta >,'-.! and moft pleafant Drops, ( which are ChymieaUy prcpar'd from the molt valuable Specificks in the Miners!, Vegetable, and Animal Ki gdonis, « r, d extlred to the highcft Perfett. on p'oifible) inftantly quell, and ac the lame- T5ms, anni)> il< t « their real Csute, dirc& ly bringing the Stomach in. to r. gbt Order, cresting a g" od Appctire, rcitifyng the Drgeiiion, occafioning a laudable Ch* le, and of Courie, good Bl, od, Plenty ct c. ilm, free, and cfoearful Spirits, a regulai Circulation of all rhe Fluids, and Strength of Nerves, lo that loth fhe Cmfe ard Effeit of Melancholy and Vapours, ir. thoroughly removed by the;-, almOft on the Spot, as the many houtands of both Sexes they have perlectly uied, inc « k Wi; ot\ er takes th « m for three rays only, will be lenfible they are abibiureiy to be depended nponf r an effirQiia! and lafting Cute, and certain it i « , that no Medicine on Ear h can equal them ; be cartful therefore to have the right Drops when areco be had only at Mrs. Holt' 3, at the Cro Is Keys arid Star , below the Royal Exchange, in Cornhill, at Three S tilling xnd Sixpence a Bottie, with Direitions. ANTI- SIPHYLICON. " THE only Ihort and moft infallible Cure * in the Univerfe for the Venereal Diftafe, from the flighted Infe& ion to the moft extreme and deplorable De- giee of it, even wben the Blood and Juices are thoroughly contaminat ed with its maiignant Virus, and the very Bones arv affected with it. Prefh Infections, called C'aps, with all their attendant Symptoms, though ever folevere, are intirely carried off by it in a few Days, and fo as effe& ually to prevent the EiooJ and Juices from being tainted with any remaining Relitta on on Hand, or a Seminal Gleet or Weaknels to happen on the other* An 1 that moft inveterate Degree fof the French Illnefs, at- tended with Nocturnal Pains, univerfal Breakings out, and all other the moft exafperated Syu ptcms, arc foon overcome by it, and effectually and much more litfcly cured than by Sali- vation . Imingation, or any other Method whatever, and in fo eafy and pleafant a Manner, without impairing Strength, or occafioning any Inconvenience, as loudly to fcel'peak ii . th.' only appofite Remedy, or true Venereal Antidote in the World ; and this fome Thoufands liave to their great Joy experienced' It is pleafant to take, occafions no Sicknefs or Diforder, nor requires Confinement; but may be taken, and the Cure be acComplilh'd, wirhjjHt the Knowledge of the neareft Friend. Thofe who fufpeit tliey have received an Injury, may by only a Dole or two of it, be perfectly freed from all Appre- henfions; for itfiiffers no lurlting Venom to lie hid in th « Body, bnc w'holly extirpates it Root and Branch, in z gentle, eafy, and moft elleClual Manner. All fuch like- wife" as doubt they have remaining Relicks cf former Injuries, may by a few Dofes of ir, entirely free them- I'elves iioni all Sufpicions of that Kind ; for it admits of no Fotdnefs, Corruption, or Putrefaction whatever, to remain in the Fluids,' or to adhere to the Solids, and on that Account: in all Scorbutick, Scrophulotis, and even Leprous Erupt- ons or Fonlneffes of the Skin, Glandu ous Swellings and . Im » purities of the Juices, it does more b/ one Dole than any- other Medicine yet known can by ten. ThePrice of this Grand Anti- Siphylicon is but Six Shil. ing3 a Pot, which confidering its extraordinary Efficacy, one Pot ordy being fuBicient in moft: Cafes to accorepliih the Cure, is hot a tenth Par" of its Value ; and is ready fealtd with a Book of Inftructions, by the Perufal of which, all Perfohs who were ever affefted with any Degree of che Venereal Difeafe, may perfectly underftand their own Condition, and certainly know when, and when not the Ve- nereal Poifon is entire! v rooted ouc of their Bodies. Note, This Grand Anti- Siphylicon is now, by the Author's Appnimmenr, to be had only at Mr. F. glmton's, ( Mr. Radford being dectaled) ar. the Great Golden Pair of SpeCtaclts, againft the Eaft Endol rhe New Church in the Strand, London. Ask only for a Six Shilling Pot tor tht Scurvy. No Letters anfwert d unlefs Poft- paid. LONDON: Printed by W; OWEN, PUBLISHER, at Ilomer's- Head, Temple- Bar, in Fleet- Street; Where Advert tifements, and Letters to the Author, are taken in : Sold alfo at the Pamphlet Shops at the Royal- Exchange, St. Clements, Charing- Crofs, the Court of Requefls, St. James's- Street, the New Buildings, & c. Such Perfons as fhall encourage this Paper, are defired to give Orders to the above Publiflier, ( W. OWEN) or to the Newfmen, who will take Care to fjpply them weekly.
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