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Old England


Printer / Publisher:  J. Purser
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 192
No Pages: 4
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Old England
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Old England

Possible Jacobite Reference
Date of Article: 03/01/1747
Printer / Publisher:  J. Purser
Address: Red-Lion Court, Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 192
No Pages: 4
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O L D E N G L A N D O R, The BROADBOTTOM J 0 U R N A L 1"' •• • • •—-— i— —-— ' • 1 ' " i 1 1 • '."' " • By A R G U S C E N T O C U L I , InfpeSlor- General of Great- Britain. S A T U R D A Y , J A N U A R Y 3, 1 7 4 7. [ N ° . 1 9 2 .] AJ L D E N G L A N D having lately encreafed in the Sale, encourages the Gentlemen concerned, to give it, for the V y future, better Paper j and, in order to make Room for other Advertifements, ( which, at a moderate Length, will be infer ted at 2 s. 6 d. each) the Medicinal Advertifements Jh all be, occafionally, confined to the lajl Page. Having not been able to fupply the great Demands made for the two laft Papers in Time, the. firft ( of the loth ult.) has been pirated, andimpos'd upon the Town for 6 d. each, under the feign'd Title of The Comparifon between Orator H. and Orator P. We have therefore, to oblige the Public, reprinted the faid Papers ; the firfl • for this Day's Entertainment, and the other to be fold at the ufual Price. Pro Rege Lege femper. D O N ' T propofe to retail out the TranfaClions of rny famous Britifh Society in a regular hiltorical Manner, but only as they occur to my Mind, and ftrike my Fancy, agreeable to the Humour I may happen to be in. In the corrupt Times and Declenfion of the Society, Two Perfons, furnifh'd pretty equally with an Exuberance of Effrontery, were dignify'd by the Multitude with the diftinguifhed Appellations of Orator Bronfe and Orator Bronfo: Whether they deriv'd their Names from their refpeCtive Families, or from talents more peculiar to themfelves than others, does not appear in my Manufcript; but the latter feems molt probable. They flourished' at the fame Time, tha' in different Situations. Bronfe was the degenerate Son of a good, honeft, well- meaning Father j of a bold, enterprizing Difpofition, and molt obflroperoufly noify aud facetious over a Cup; by Profeffion a Druid, by Practice an afteCtedDiffenter to the utmolf Extent of AffeCtation of diffenting, lo as to have^ ried andquarter'd the whole Circ'e ot Religions, and to fhelrer himfelf at laft in Svperjiition. B'oufo was the legitimate Defendant of an Afialic Renagfide, and like him h. » d a peculiar Genius for Plunder and Diffention : In his Coat of Arms he bore a Boat/ wain's Whittle in a Swabber s Hand, and was a fullen, gloomy, unamiable Character. Their Stories are fo interwoven as to become infeparable : Bronfe, by an early Mifapplication of his Time, and a boilterous Exercife of uncommon Talents among Publicans and Sinners, fell into fuch Difrepute as to be rujlicated by the learned Londono to his Cure, which, rather than obey and quit his riotous Excefles, he abdicated. Vindictive in his Temper, and profligate in his Manners, he fet up a public Stage in the Shambles, mounted it, and hung up the fhamelefs Flag of ' Defiance againft the Law, againft Virtue and Decency, while he impioufly mock'd his God, and ridicul'd the Religion of his Country, together with the whole DtvidicalOrder. He drew the Dregs of the Multitude after him by his Ribaldry, and cracking obicCne Jokes, like a Jack Pudding in Bartholomew Fair, at the fameTime that he was clad in the venerable Veltments of the facred Order, and with the Volume of Salvation in his Hand ; while his dirty Auditory, crying Smoke the Parfon, rung Peals of Marrow- Bonts and Cleaners to their Orator's Praife. In this odd Manner he proceeded, unmolelled by the Law and the Magiflrate, which drew upon him the Envy of Bronfo, who was refolv'd to rival him, and fet up for Fame in the General Court, where he had the Honour to be the lawful Reprefentative of the Proprietors of an old < iecay'd FarmTIoufe, two ruinated Foundations, a complete Hogftye, a Broken Sheepfold, and a Henroolt; Bronfo % laudable EleCtors! Streighten'd in his Circumftances, he came up to the General Court, bent to improve them at any Rate, and fo found Means to jnfinuate himfelf with the antiquated Edentula Aurea, who had corruptly acquir'd an jmmenfe Fortune from the Society, by abufing the Credulity of a generous Milhefs, and facrificing the Honour of her Lord to mercenary Views of Bargain and Sale. Bronfo, obferving ( he affeftea to reward Patriotifm in a high Character who really was in the Court of Directors what Btortfo feenid to be in the General Court, tnought fit to affeCt in his Turn ; and perceiving Edeutula" s Favour to the Gppofition, proceeded more from an implacable Diflike ( lie had conceiv'd againft the Virtues of the governing Family, than from any Love fhe had to her Country, refolv'd to improve it to his own Advantage ; and fo took all Opportunities in his InveCtives agaii. lt Corruption, Placemen, and Penfioners, not to forget the Governor. The Golden Dame became pleas'd witn his Henleian Periods, which the made him oft repeat and atl by her Bed- Side, where he paid very affiduous Court and Attendance, and frequently ftoop'd fo low as even to affile in the meaneit Offices of an officious Kane. This gain'd fo much upon her, that fhe left him a very confiderable Legacy, for ferving his Country fo well, but with this private Article annex'd, That he was to accept of no Pojl under the Governor, hut to continue his Rancour at all Events, and thro' all Administrations, againft him forever. And thus, by a Diffimulatkm as profound as that of Aurenzebe's, he robb'd one of the moil amiable Members of the Court of DireSors of Part of that Fortune which ought to have defcended to him. Edentula died, the Times chang'd, and Bronfo along witji them, who, forgetting her Injunction, made his Court to the new Sub- Governor for a Poll, who, difdaining the corruptand wicked Courfes of Leviathan, his Predeceffor, vvas determined to found his Adminiltration in Virtue : This in no wife correfponding with the Views of Bronfo, he had the Meannefs to deprecate for his InveCtives with thofe who had been once the Obj'eft of his Contempt; and fo enlilted himfelf in fhe Service of Leviathans wretched Remains, who were underhand forming a Party to reinftate his corrupt Meafures, foas to juftily him and themfelves. Info this Scheme, under the fpecious Pretence of Reformation and a Coalition of Parties, they drew in fome Malecontents, whofe Expectations were balk'd by the Sub- Governor's overi looking their little Merit, or perhaps disregarding them as not worth his Attention. They fought all Occafions to put their Purpofe in Execution, and fince they could not find a real ObjeCt for Clamour, they refolv'd to make one by Mifrepreientation and Calumny, and fo pitch'd upon Bronfo to found the infamous Trumpet of Sedition. The dirty Work - Suited his railing Genius well, which he perform'd fo very Leifterotifly as tho' the Manes of tire vociferous Boatfwain had infpir'd his' turbulent Mind with Matter, and his unmannerly Tongue with Language to utter it. The Sub- Govoruor, allowed by all Parries and Diftinftions of Men a5 the moftconfummate Politician of the Age, which a Series of many Years had glorioufly manifefted in a Iteady, virtuous, and well- animated Oppofition to the deltruClive Meafures of Leviathan, and his petty Inflrttments of Power; I fay, this great Man was tradue'd by Orator Bronfo as a Novice, in negotiating a Treaty, which, from his own narrow Conception, or from the Rancour of his Mind, he called dangerous to the Society; whereas it evidently appear'd to have been wifely calculated for its Good, and in the Event proved to be tiie moil ufeful that had been negotiated in the CourSe of thirty Years before ; which would have turned to the Confulion of any Perfon with left Bronze than our State- Oiator. Not content with calling the filthy Sweepings Of Blllingfgate in the Face of the" Sub- Governor', he attacked the Governor himfelf, his Family, and native Country, with fuch aProfufion of Scurrility as was never heard in the General Courrbefore! He infinuated MifcortduCt in Battle againft him, and even an Abfenceof Courage, the glorious CharaCteriliic of his younger Days and Family ! tho' it was notorious that, by the Governors Conduit alone, he had extricated the Army from fome Difficulties which a Diffention among his Generals had brought it into ; and that, by his perfonal Courage, he had led his brave Troops thro' fuperior Numbers of the Enemy, which, in oppofing his Paflage, he left countlefs gafping, or dead, upon thebloodv Field, while he purfued his Purpofe, and marched victorious to join his Allies; which the invidious Bronfo malignantly would haveiullied with the ignominious Stains of a Flight, to gratify the. Views of his coalizing Friends. As nothing could recommend him more to the Favour of the Coalition, and efpecially to his more immediate Patrons the Two Brothers, he became exceedingly carefs'd by them ; while, growing elate with his dirty Oratory, he was refolv'd to ( hew his Talents were not fo much tum'd to InveCtive but that he could play the Ambodexter, and excel in Panegyric on Occafion ; fo Signalizing one of the Two Brothers for the ObjeCt of it, he fore'd an Opportunity in the General Court to oratorize his Praife, which he did in fuch fulfome Daubings as nothing but the molt ccnfummate Affurance and abjeCt Flattery could give, and the moft extravagant Vanity and Self- Conceit receive. But nothing was fo diverting, and at the fame Time fo aftonifhing, than to hear, fomrtime after, the venal Bronfo labouring thro' the arduousTafk which his new Patrofis had impos'd upon him, and exceeded the Severity of Egyptian Tafk- Mafters: It was worfe than making Brick without Straw, as it was to make a Speech without Matter, and againft Truth and Conviction too notorious to be deny'd, in J unification of thofe very Meafures under them as he had fcurriloufly decry'd and revil'd under the laft Sub- Governor. He proceeded however with unparailel'd Effrontery, nor hefitated to give himfelf the Lie in every Particular which his Rancour had prompted him to advance before ; and perceiving one half of fhe Court was in a contemptuous Laugh, and the other in a difguflful Aftonilhment, he concluded with an audacious Appeal to his own UNLMBARRASS'D C o u N T E N A N C E . So g r e a t a D i f i t g a r d to Decency, fo infolent an Impofition on the Undemanding of the Auditory, and fo profligate a Prollitution of Confcience, fhock'd even fome ot the very Friends of Corruption itfelf, and difgufted others fo, that they abandotl'd the Patron, and defpis'd the Proftitute ! Triuruphint in the Succefs of hypocritical Fraud cn the credulous and vindictive Edentula, to the apparent Injury of her lawful Inheritors, whom he had, in a great Meafure, meanly fupplanted ! recking with the Steams of Calumny and Defamation againlt every thing that was great, good, and commendable, the Governor, his illuftrious Race, his Country and Friends, and even the Arms and martial Prowefs of his own Countrymen ! vilely doing tho dirty Bufinefs of an ill- concerted Coalition and the Enemy together ! — was this ill- manner'd Therfitesmoit cruelly obtruded, not only into the Prefencc of the jurtly offtndrd Agamemnon, but into one of the moft lucrative Poits under him in the Difpofition of Cafh; where, but a ve• y few Years before, he would not have been trufted with a petty Clerk's Place, for Fear of Temptation and the ftrong Impulle of Neceffity. My Manufcript reflefts with Concern to find the Governor, not only refus'd the Privilege in common with the mcanelt Inhabitant in the Kingdom, - of appointing his own Servant, but overpower'd by the unexampled Conduit of thofe already in his Service, to receive into it a Perfon who had made himftlf fo very difagreeable to him ; tho' he refilled their Importunity long, it was in vain, for they perflated in their Demand, and made a Poim of carrying it, fo far as firft to threaten, and then to take Advantage of a critical Time, when the Affairs of the Socitty were, by their own Mifinanagement and Ignorance, in the utmoft DiitraCtion and Diftrels, to withdraw from ins Service. I he Governor was glad of the Occafion, but furprized to fee a Sett of People fo ready to quit what they had, not long before, fought to retain in the moft deprecating Terms and abjeCt Submiffion, he commanded the k t e Sub- Governor to refume his Office, who, after giving Way to the firft Sallie^ of hit injur'd Maftir's juft Refenrnient, took an Opportunity of 1 \ rn'kr Msmatif W unveil the Miftery of their Conuucl, by reprefentirg The Unfeafonablenefs and Inconvenience, « • both to him& if and to the Society, cf changing Hands " at that Junflure, as the Bufinefs of'the Year was unpro- " vided for, and the Seafon too far advanc'd tore- conlider " it; and that, confidering the Labyrinth of Diforder and " Confufion they had involved the publick Affairs in, he " could not do them a greater Pleafure thnr. to permit them " to withdraw from their own Intricacies: Bcfides, the. *' Danger of their joining the Arms of the Infurgeuts, « ' which, as they had for their own Safety and Views " fuft'ered to rife to fo great an Height, they might, from " the fame Motive and a Defperation, contribute to their « ' final Sncscfs . And therefore wifely pray'd him to recall the Abdicated, and temporize with their Infolence till better Times ; which was accordingly done, but upon Condition however, to provide fuch a Station for Bronfo, as might never bring him into his Preface ; for which Reafon he was to be tranfported for half a Place to a Country, faid to abound with Families of his own Name Quality : But the aforementioned Poll becoming vacant they broke Terms with their Mailer, and fill'd it up with the proftituted Bronfo, whom they likewife introduc'd into the Committee of Secrecy-. Poor Bronfe perceiving himfelf outdone by the emulating Bronfi, for no ether Reafbn than that he was more modeft in his Oratory, refolved to run the fame Lengths, and attack the Governor and his Court too, and fpare them not, under Shelter of certain Puns and Conundrums, which he poured cut moft: plentifully from his Stage Bajhum; but running out beyond the Bounds of Cover, he was catched, dismounted, accufed, and tnrned over into the Iron Hands of Power ; where he became woefully convinced, that it was jnuch fafer to abufe the Governor and his Family alone, than in Conjun& ion with his Ofiicers, and that 1 nveftives utter'd within the Walls of Privilege, in Combination with the Great, are much more tolerable, than thofe delivered under the frail Authority of the Order of Druids, within the Boundaries of the Shambles. It has not yet clearlyappeared to me what became of Bronfe, though there is fomething in my Manafcript that feems to infer he was hanged at 7 ' — b » , for the very fame Thing, and by the very iarrns Men, as his Pupil Bronfo was preferred at C 1. Llle Crucernprecium fieleris tulit, hie Diadima. As his lewd Pi& ures were of fifiall Et& ft, So fhall thy Libel fink into Neglefl ; The bale Inveitives of thy fpiteful Pen Make no Impreffion on thy Countrymen t Sure to lofe a Poft has been thy Lot, Which Poft is fill'd by fome deferving Scot. S C O T O BSUTANNUS. To A R G U S C E N T O C U L I. T i l R E E Orators to lett, for different Ufe : This for a Shilling bellows from the Pulpit. For Legacy and Place, the Senate- Houfe, Sonorous, rings the many- worded Dull- P— t. Strix, for a Fee, fets up an hideous Howl, Difcordant, like an Afs or Highland Owl. N. B. The Author of the Verfes found in Wejlminjler- Hall too obfeure, I Forefaw my Friend. Aretine would draw down the Vengeance of a Highland Broad- Sword, or a Loivland Pen upon him. I could have wifli'd Scoto Britannus had not tattch'd me fo near, as Iago ( ays, on my proitiis'd Impartiality; for being fo urg'd, I can't refufe the following Verfej a Place, as they are condufled with Decency, and conclude with a very good Turn, We ought not to. charge .. the. Rebellion as a National Affair upon the Scots,; fincp » ft . piay turn to our Disadvantage, in ( hewing they have Sited . on a National Principle $ than, which, in my Opinion, nothing can be more honourable', ho. wever wrongheaded they may feem to us: And I can't fee that we have any Right to injpofe a Principle upon them. If by fair Means and gentle Ufage we could wean them from their own, it would be very happy for them and us: . But Reproaches ferve only to irritate and ftir ap Prejudices and 111- Will. Our Hiftories are full of Examples of the fame Difpofition in the Welch, whofe National Attachment to. the Princes of their own Blood, could never be fubdued by Force of Arms, fevere Laws, Threats, and' Impofitions : ' Twas Lenity alone overcame them ; firft by the Privileges given them by the Wifdom of Henry theSeventh, and afterwards by Henry the Eighth's incorporating them with the reft of his Englijh Subjefts, and making both Nations one under the fame Laws, I wifh fomething of the fame Nature could be thought of at this Jun& ure with refpeft fo the Scots: Charity- Schools I think may go a great Way towards it, and perhaps proxe « ffe£ lual, in le. fs than half an Age. This Subjelt fyejls under my Pen, and demands a larger Extent of Paper titan I can at prefent afford it. I will therefore fafpend jny Thoughts on thisliead to another Opportunity. But. asto. the particular Charafler of Strix, f have nothing to objeft againft it r_ All well- founded Complaints of that Kind fhall be always well receiv'd by me ; as Charafters of that Complexion, if any fuch there be at this Time, are common Enemies to. Mankind ;. and I fee no Reafon why a fordid Fellow for a Fee fhould be permitted to abufe his Betters without Recrimination.. This Subjeft too abounds under my Pen,, and it is with Difficulty I relbain. it Co give Room to Scoto Rsitannus. S I R„ A S you have borne the Charafter of being impartial from the Beginning of your Infpcdtorfhip, it gives me Hopes that you will favour a young Man by inferring the following Lines in your next. To A R E T I N E . Falfhood and Fraud Jhoot up in every Soil, The P'roduB of all Climes-,.— England basils Admirals. A P D I S O N . F O R E I G N A F F A I R S. I T A L Y. Leghorn, December ig. An Englifh Man of War will fail To- morrow, to Convoy a Number of Veffels laden with Provifions for Villa- francha, the Army being in great want thereof.— The 17th at Night an Imperial Commiffary, by the powerful means of 3000 Scudes given to the Rebels, found means to efcape from them, and to arrive here : He fays, that if the Victuallers don't get down in a few Days, the whole Army will be ftarving, by the Lofs of their Magazines. Tiie Rebels are now laid to be 3000c Men in Arms; they have taken about 3000 Germans Prifoners, be fides a large Booty, faid to be above 50,000 Scudes.— This Morning a Genoefe Family arrived, who came away the 17th in the Morning. They fay that General Botta was retired to the CaftLe of Gavi, and not to Reggio. The Rebels have fortified the Bochetta with Cannon, & c. and the People of the two Valleys have joined them. They conflrained the Doge's Brother to help to draw the Cannon, and burnt the Commiflary of the Valleys Houfe, for giving back to the Germans their Arms, after they had difarm'd them. The Nobility are in great fear, left their Rage may be turn'd againft them. The Rebels have demanded of the Senate, that all the Gaballes ihould be abolifhed, which they offer'd to comply with for two Years, but Was reje& ed ; they infill on their Demand being complied with. They have lodg'd the German Prifoners in the Palaces of thofe Nobles who were the principal Managers of the Republick's joining the French aetnlidu^ Spaniards, aanaud falrite unuovwv preparing a Body to ^<) to rafft the Siege of the Caftle of Savona. G R E A T is thy Wit, much greater is thy Spleen, - Like Sucgefs follows thee- and Aretitu 1 S C O T L A N D . Edinburgh, Dec. 22. Friday laft the Honourable Mr. Patrick Boy les, was admitted Lord of Council and Sellion, after having gone through the ufual. Trials, and took his Seat under the Title of Lord Shualton. On Saturday Morning 50 Tumblers, drawn by two Horfes each, were fent off the Weft, with Ammunition to to the Regiment lying at Glafgow, and Stores for the Ufe of the Garrifon of Fort William, to be fhipt at Newport Glafcow for that Place ; and to receive and carry back to the Caftle of Edinburgh, the Arms diftributed among the Weftern Militia, and thofe delivered up by the Rebels, which are all at prefent depofited in Dumbarton Caftle. Laft Night feven Carts with Baggage, belonging to the Dragoons that are to embark for Ireland, came into the Abbey from the Eaft Country. Friday a Gentleman of the Name of Frafer, lately mentioned, fet out from the Caftle here for London, attended by one of his Majefty's Meffengers, to bejr Evidence in the Trial of Lord Lovat. Edinburgh, Dec. 23. We hear that laft Week a Ship belonging to Irvine, was in her Paffage home from Dublin eaft away. All the Hands were faved, excepting two Paffengers, one of whom was Mr. Telfer of Glafcow, Watchmaker, a very ingenious Man. By a Letter from Iflay we are told, that on the 25 ult. the Jofeph and Mary of London, Henry Kerr, Mafter, about 150 Tons Burthen, bound for Bofton, was in a hard Gale of Wind, driven from her Anchor in the Sound of May on the N. W. Coaft of J u r a ; but by the Affiftance of a Gentleman in Iflay who carried Men and Boats, aud unloaded her Cargo, fhe was got a float and carried into Portfgag in Iflay.—' Several other Veflels have fufLred on that Coaft. The Endeavour, Dunbar, from Montrofe; and the Cuthbert, Whitby, from Leith, aie both fafe arrived at Newcaftle. William Service, Mafter of theSufannah, of Saltcoats, is taken by a French Privateer, and carried into St. Auguftine. r—— During his Stay there, which was fix Weeks, there was fent in a Sloop, John Adams, Mafter, from Antigua for Philadelphia, with Rum and Sugar ; Charles Stewart, from New- York to North- Carolina ; and Capt. French,, from Lifhon to South- Carolina. We have Accounts from Bamff, that Companies of the Military ftationed at Strathbogie and Lenn, are very active in apprehending the outftanding Rebels lurking m that Country, and that they are bringing them down. to Bamff Prifoners every Day. Edinburgh, Dec. 25. The Poll for the E! edtiOn* Sf Magiftrates and Councilors for this City has received the Royal Approbation, whereupon Provoft Drummond had the Hononrto lifts his Majefty's Hand, and afterwards that of the Prince and Princefs of Wales, & c. He is expefted in Town every Day. Monday laft about forty- five Cart Load of Baggnge, belonging to Major- General Hamilton's Dragoons, fet out from hence for Liverpool, in order to be tranfported to Ireland, whither the Regiment is deftined. We hear that Commodore Smith, Commander in Chief of his Majerty's Ships on the Coaft of Scotland, is to fet out for London in a few Days. f j & d f £ — C O U N T R Y N E W S . '— Neivcaftle, Dec.. 27. On Wednefday laft arrived at his Houleln this Town from London, Walter Blacker, Efq; one of our worthy Reprefentatives in Parliament: And Yefterday was diftributed the Charity annually given by \ him to fome Hundreds" of poor Perfons recommended b j r \ Q the Church- Wardens of the feveral Parifhes of this T o w n , vy viz. to each Perfon from eight to ten Pounds of Beef, a Six- penny Loaf, and Six- pence in Money. \ Yefterday a Match was run upon Blyth Sands for 120 >-/ Guineas between a Horfe of Mr. Softley's, of N . Shields, and a Mare belonging to Mr. Bradley of this Town, twelve Miles without rubbing; which was won by the farmer. Tovk, Dec. 23. To- morrow the Duke of Montagu's Horfe, quartered in this City, will be broke by General Wentworth, who comes down from London for that Purpofe , and a new Regiment of Dragoons will be raifed. We hear that all the Officers will accept of Commiffions in the faid new raifed Regiment. On Sunday laft the following Perfons who had been detained in the Caftle on Sufpicion of treafonable Practices, were difcharged by Order of his Grace the Duke of Newcaftle. The four firft were fufpefted of being Roman Catholick Prieft : Martin Hownfwell, Thomas Wilfon, Mr. Green, Luke Pots, alias Cowper, James Nefbit, James Gillepfy, Elizabeth Hough, Abraham Whitup, Jofeph Smithfon, aud George Colbreth, and Andrew Graham. i i * i L O N D O N . From the LONDON G A Z E T T E. Munich, Dec. 29, N. S. This Day we have receiv'd Intelligence from Italy, of the Surrender of Savona to t he Troops of the King of Sardinia, which cannot fail to be attended with great Confequences with Regard to the War in Provence, as well as the City and Territory of Genoa. Hague, Jan. 6, N. S. The Advices about Genera! Brown's Army are, that his advanced Guard was at Brignole, and it is faid that fome of his Parties had beaten up feveral Poft's of the Enemy within four Leagues of Aix, and that he had ordered the Parliament of that Town not to quit it. The Surrender of Savona is confirmed. Letters from Geneva of the 28th paft mention, that they had received the News there of the Surrender of Antibes; and from Italy that General Botta was retired to Gavi, and had been attacked at Ponte Decimo by a Body of armed Peafants; that he had left 600 Sick at Voltagio, and that they knew nothing at his Camp on the 13th, what Fate the three Regiments which he had left at Befagrto had met with. They write from Florence of the 17th paft, that five Couriers have gone through there in a few Days to Naples, and that- they had been followed by Prints Doria, who polled through without flopping any where.. Count Waffenaer is gone back to Breda, whither M. Puyfieux is likewife returned. St. James's, Dec. 17. His Majefty in Council was this Day pleafed to confirm the Eledlion of the following Perfons to be Magiftrates, Councellors, and Deacons cf Crafts of the City of Edinburgh, ( to wit) George Drummond, Efq; Lord Provoft. Robert Montgomerie, 1 y I ( i J William Hamilton, John Brown, Andrew Wardrope, Thomas Allen, James Grant, Archibald M'Auley, James Mansfield, David Flint, James Vaugh, Alexander Kincaid, Alexander Lindfay, William Alexander, \ Bailies. Dean of G uild. Treafurer. Old Provoft. Old Bailies. Old Dean of Guild. Old Treafurer. Merchant Councillors. Trade's Councillors. Council Deacons. ' a John _ A " Alexander James Milrey, William Keir, Alexander Monro, George Cunninghame, James Ker, Thomas GifFoord, William M'Yey, Samuel Neilfon, V Alexander Eliot, J Letters from Conftantinop'e, by the Way of Venice fay, that the Inhabitants of that Capital are greatly diflrelfed for want of Provifions and Water, there having no Rain fallen in thofe Parts for near nine Months. Some Accounts inform us, that a few Days before the Infurre& ion begun at Genoa, there had bein warm Debates in the Senate, concerning the Maintenance of the Aullrian Troops; that fome of the Members almoll came to Blows, and that the Doge, feeing the Party in Oppofition to General Botta's Demands llronger by a third than his own, broke up the AiTembly without fuffering any Refolution to betaken. Itis added, thatfeveralAppearances in this Infurredlion make it now fufpecled, there may be greater Perfons at the Bottom of it, than was at firft ap prehended ; fuch as, the Mob aflembling at the Sound of a Bell; the taking Poffdlian of the moll proper Gate to favour their Defigns; the fparing all the Palaces, except a few which feem to have been marked out; the Inaction of the Genoefe Troops, and the Difcovery p{ fome of their Officers among the Jnfurgents; the Precaution of feizing the Poll- Office, and getting into their Hands all the means of Intelligence; with fome other Particulars, which feem to be dictated by other Ideas than thofe of a Headlefs Populace ! Thurfday being New- Year's Day, the fame was obferved at Court, when the Knights Companions of the moll noble " Orders of the Garter, Thillle, and Bath, appeared in their refpeftive Collars, and attended his Majelty to the great Council- Chamber, where fhe Ode compofed by Colley Cibber, Efq; Poet Laureat, was performed before his Majefty, the Royal Family, and a great Number of the Nobility and Perfons of Diltindlion, according to annual Cultom. His Majelly according to Annual Cuftom, has ordered joool. to be given to the Nine following Parilhes, within the City and Liberty of Weftminfter, to be dillributed amongll the Poor. St. Margaret's, St. John's the Evangelift, St. Martin's, St. Ann's, St. James's, St. Clement's, St. Mary le Strand, St. Paul, Co vent- Garden, A N D St. George's Hanover- fquare. We are affured that Thomas Page, Efq; has declined going on with the Scrutiny which was demanded for him, for Alderman of Aldgate Ward, againft Sir William Smith, Knt. And on the 8th of January a Wardmote will be held by the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, to which Time the faid Court was adjourned, when Sir William Smith will be declared duly elefled Alderman of the faid Ward. Thurfdaya Roman Catholick Bookfeller in Drury- lane, was taken into Cullody by Mr. Carrington, one of his Majefty's Melfengers, oil Sufpicion of High Treafon. We have received the following Particulars of the Robbery intended to be committed Ialt Saturday Evening on the Woodford Coach, at Epping Forell, viz. That the Coach was attacked by four Footpads, and there were four Men and a little Girl in it, one of whom had a loaded Fowling- Picce; the Villains having made the Coach Hand, come all to one Door, but the Man who owned the Piece not , ' being quick enough in delivering, the Rogues went round ' to the other Door, on which the Man got out and took the Child with the Fowling- Piece, and laying the Child on the Ground, went and took Aim at the Fellow, and Ihot him through the Breaft, the Ball coming out at his Shoulder, after which he gave fuch a Blow at the fecond, as broke the Stock of his Piece, and then the Villains made off, and while the Fray lalted, the three other Men that were in the Coach got out, and ran away too, leaving the Man who fired and the Child alone. The Rogue that was killed is fuppofed to be a Smith at Stratford, and Hill lies for publick View in a Barn near the Crown at Layton, but has not been owned as yet. / w - On Three Sillers, Equally Fair. J HEN the Goddeffes llrove ^ For the Empire of Love, Paris quickly the Conteft decided ; But if Umpire he were, ' Twixt our Three Fair, The Apple had then been divided. We have Account that the Pepperell Gaily, Robins, from Bofton, is arrived at Rochelle, with French Prifoners. • v. W / A D V I C E to the R E B E L L I 0 U S. O L D Englifo Jacks, old flubborn Scot, No more rebel— no more complot— A God, the King, the Church, the State, Infurgents ftrike with dreadful Fate : Review the Cafe each Side the Ttveed, The Heads of Fadlions jullly bleed— They felt the Law of Axe and Rope, As Dupes to Chevalier and Pope. Then who would fpend fah'e Zeal and Breath, That only end in Goals and Death ? In Duty, Oath, and Conl'cience bound, Live peaceably on Englijb Ground, This Ground no Freeborn Subjeft awes, It loves G E O R G E , Liberty, and Laws. The fit ft deferves our Loyal Hearts, The J'econd'Nature's Rights imparts. The third keeps Property and Peace, And makes tumultuous Riots ceafe— 1 Enjoy this happy State at home, And wait, till God ordains your Doom—> Ere fince Af oft ate Angels fell, Rebellion lies confin'd in Hell, > Except where Gallick Emijfaries dwell. 3 They keep that Spirit lliil alive, And only by Sedition thrive ; ' Tis they dilturb the World's Repofe, ' Tis they all Bloody Plots compofe. Let Genoa and Scotland Show The Marks of that perfidious Foe—• Sicilian Vefpers French outdo, , And Hands in Majfacres imbrue. Let Ettropejom, and Vengeance call On all- deceiving, cruel Gaul. If ancient Carthage' final Doom Was— Extirpation— fix'd by Rome, As Punick Faith and Gallick Word Are both the fame on vile Record, The fame— Delenda— fix'd by Fate, Becomes thy Due, oh Faithlefs State! A righteous God, with awful Hands, In luftice Blood for Blood demands. WILLIAMITE. Letter from Gofport, Dec. 28. " The Kingllon Man of War failed to St. Helens on Thufday Afternoon, but the Wind coming foul, { he is come toSpithead again. There has been a very hot prefs in this Town for three Nights paft, when a great many Sailors and others were taken and carried on board their proper Ships, that have been lurking about the Town for fome Time paft. Yefterday Morning Admiral Warren llruck his Flag, and fet out for London." Letter from Dover, Dec. 28. " Capt Gravener, of the York Privateer, has taken and fent in here a Filhing Veffel, which he took off Calais ; and has likewife taken and fent into this Harbour, the Elizabeth, Capt. Stevens, from Campvere, bound to the Ifle of Mon : Her Loading is Mountain Wine, Tobacco, Stalks, China and Tea, which they intended to have fmuggled on Shore before they reached the l i e of Man." The John. Riven, bound from New- York to Amllerdam, was taken fome time fince by the late Duke d'Anville's Squadron. Yellerday Advice came, that the Borce, from Bayonne for St. Domingo, is taken and carried into new York. Alfo that the Expeditif, Nodain, from Bayonne is taken offHifpaniola. This Day are publijtid, ( Price Two Shillings.) By Order of the H O U S E of P E E R S, TH E whole Proceedings in the H O U S E of PEERS, upon the Indictments agairift WILLIAM Earl of KILMARNOCK, GEORGE Earl of CROMARTIE, and ARTHUR Lord BALMERINO, For H I G H TREASON, in levying War again!! his Majefty. " The Proceedings in Weftminfter- Hall being begun on Monday the 28th Day ot July, and continued on Wednefday the 30th of July, and Friday the ift of Auguft, 174S. On the laft of which Days J udgment of High Tieafon was given againft them. N. B. In thefc Proceedings are contain'd the only true and genuine Speeches of the Earls of Kilmarnock and Cromartie, and whoever fllall prefume to publifh them, or any Part of them, will be guilty of a Contempt, and piofecuted with the utmoft Severity. Printed for Samuel Billinglley, in Chancery- Lane: Of whom may be had, lately publijtid, (" Price as. flitch'd.) An Order of the High Court of Chancery, made by the Right Hon. Philip Lord Hardewicke, Lord High Chancellor uf Great Britain, with the Advice of the Mailer of the Rolls, in relation to the Fee, of the Officerslof the ( aid Court, and other Regulations, for the Benefit of the Suitors thereof. To which are added, Three othet General Orders of that Court. Alfo the Argument of the Lord Keeper Sommers, on his giving Judgment in the Banker's Cafe, delivci'd in the Exchequer- Chamber, June 13, 1696. Price 3 s. ftitch'd, B A N K R U P T S . Jofeph Crefwell, of the Parilh of St. George Hanover- Square, Toyman. John Brewfter, of Boutham near the Walls of the City of York, Coach- maker. Jofeph Andrews, of Bolton in the Moors, in the Count/ of Lancaller, Chapman. this Day is publijtid, The S I X T E E N T H E D I T I O N of ON A N I A : Or, The Heinous Sin of Self- Pot lution and ail its frightful Consequences ( in both Sexes) confidered, witti Spiritual and Phyfical Advice to thofe who have ailready injured themfelves by this abominable Prattice. A3 alio the S I X T H E D I T I O W of the S U P P L E M E N T tp it, both of them Reviled and Enlarged, and now printed together in One Volume. * And as the l'everal Pafl'ages in the former Impreflions, that have been charged with being oblcure and ambiguous, are in thel'e clearcd. up and explained, there will be no more Alterations or Additions made to them. Taefe Editions contain fome further and fnrprizing Inftanres of the Mifdhiefs by that filthy, finful Commerce with ones felf, which is Co notorioully practifed, as well by the Adult as Youth, Women as Men, Married as Single, to the weak'ning their Generative Faculties, and hindering procreation, as their Letters of Complaint to the Author herein inferted, Ihew. And, amongft » chers, a curious Letter from a Lady, with his Anlwer to it, concerning the Ufc and Abule of the Marriage- Bed ; together with divers CafuifHcal and other Letters from both Sexes, of fome lecret unnatural Effeminacies, neceffary to be known both by the married and fingle of each Sex. To which is added, A Curious PIECE tranllated out of the Latin, from L S. SCHMEDIER, » s i t i s infeited in the A£ ta Lipfienfii; concerning the Return of the Seed into the Mai's of Rlootl; well worth the Perufal of Phyficians, Surgeons, Anatomifts, and all others of Art and Curiofity. As alfo Dr. QUlNCY' 3 Tranflation of Dr. CARR's remarkable Anfwer zo a Lettei Jent by a Divine, concerning two Nuns in Rome, reported to have changed their Sex. Likewife Dr. DRAKE'S aril feveral other Phyficians Opinions of Hermaphrodites, and Women brought to a Refemblanceof them, by the Praitice ot Self- Pollution, as was the Cafe of a young Lady of 18, whofe well- wrote Letter to the Author, del'cribing and lamenting her Condition, is fin ouler to deter others) inlerted. A very grave and learned Divine and Phyfician having perilled this Difcourfe, before it went to the Prefs, returned it with his Opinion of it in thefe Words. ' This little Book ought to be read by all Sorts of People, ' of both Sexes, of what Age, Degree, Proieflion, or Condition ' 1' oever, guilty or not guilty of the Sin declaimed againft in it.' Is now loll ( Mr I S T E D , Hookfeller, at the Golden Ball, in Fleetftreet fccing dead) by C H A M . E S COBUBTT, Bookfellcr, at Addifon's Head, oppofite St. Dunftan's Church* FIcetftieet, and by H m i t i C O O K under the Royal Exchange. Price Bound 3 6 d. The True Cordial QuINTHSSKNCK of Vi p*. its, the < voft Noble and Grand Preparation in the whole Materia Medica, for the real, fubftanlial Cure of Imporency in Men, and Barrennels in Women ; and is vajlly preferable to Viper Wine, or any other Preparation of Vipers whatever, as being replete with the full and whole Virtues of them. A Few Drops of it only, gives fcch a generom Warmth, and fo excesdingly delights the Vital and Animal Spirits, Senfes, and Nerve3> as foon to Ihew what i t will do, upon a little Continuance of i t ; for it not only promotes, and prompts to a Dcfire, but alio turnifhes proper Matter, for the Support and Eflablifhuient of » irue lafting Inclination and Power. By this Means it anfwers the End as wellof Food as Phyfick nor is there any thing in Nature befides, that can in that R e f p , S come up to it confidering that it univerfally nourilhes and refUirei in all the Dec'ienGons of Defireand Vigour, without theleali forcirg the VelTell, or ftimulating the Parti, at moft other Medicinei'for thafe Purpofesdo: A n d t h o ' i t b e a Maxim in Phyfick ihst « INSS C E R E R E & B A C C H O F R I G E T V E N U S , th » , in itfelf, is fo fi rcciently nutritious i s to warn no Afliftance thst Way; rot but it rr. tiff be allowed, that good Eating and Drinking with it> cirnot but infome Degree, at lead as an Auxiliiry contr bute to its Efficacy. Nor don it only furnilh Matter and creare Defirf. but a l f o t ru Power ( ai it brakes up and corroborates the Telles) and gives an el. ftick Sprinjiinefs ro the Mufculi Ercilores Penit in Men, sr . d correa-, ck a- iei, and comforts the UteruSi cr Wimb, in Won en, the L « nknef « and Laxity of the former, and the Full ncfj, Coldpt- fs, or Obftruflion of the latter, being raor « the Ctufc of Impottncy or Infertility, in tneoi e S? x, and Indiff rency or Stirility in the orher fh . n any Thing elfe btfide ) and chat i t i s Baifimick, and gr-„ tly. R ftirative, is confirmed by long Experi « nce, and we have msny tnlhnces 111 fhyGcal Writings, of Perfons arriving to a healthful ild Age, as well » s recover'd from deplorable Decays and W ^ k - ndlfS, by a continued Ufe of ' h « common Prep^ rstions of Vipers, which this Qtiinteffence, by being of vaflly more Effi^ ry, brings ibout in a Quarter of the Time, and with the Tenth Part of the Quantify. Thofe who but orce try it, will fo plfafantly « xperieree it « nutritive quickening Proprrties, in exhi'. erating the H< nrt; revivicg the Spirits, comfortingthe Vitali, circulating rhe Juice, Slid rrcrei t i ng and renovating, as it were the whole Man, that they will never be without i f , f o r i t is fuch a prefentHtlp, in Tim » ol Meed, i t that on the taking then bur a Dofe or two more of it than ordinary, it will fo inftantaneoufly animate the dull ina& ive • ipiriti, and rouieup, and afluate the fltiggifh enfeebled Ftculries, , n both Sexes, as to excit? and capacitate where it could hardly be expefled, and at the fame Time feldom fails tormder th » tconjug » Intercourfe Prolifick, Price Half a Gnineatbe Bottle. Mr. Weft, Goldfmith, who us'd to fell thefe Dotll'l, fceirglately de « d, it is now Sold only by his Son- in- Law, Mr, Johnfiin. a Baker, at the Seven 3 t i r t in Vere Street, Clare- Market fealtd u p , .' with Dirc& ions ( for anf M « flengei) uponuknig fat only a 0on! « of Quinuflence. f J S T I - S I P H Y L ICQ) N TI B only fhirrt and motl infallible C U R E \ r, t t i e Uatverfe for the Venereal Difcafe from the ftightclt lnfefticn t o the moft extreme and deploiable Degree vf i « , e » en when the Blood and Juices Are thoroughly contaminated with its malignant Virus, and the very 8- mes are afTcftwl with it. " Frefh Infeftions, o l l ' d Claps, with all their attendant Symptoms, t h o ' ever fo fevere, are entirely carried off by it in a few Days, and f o as effectually to prevent the Blood and J uices from being tainted with any remaining Relicks, on one Hand, or a feminal Gleet, or Weakneft, t o happen on the other. And the m « ft inveterate Degree of the French lllnefs, attended with noaumai Pains, universal Bteakiugs- out, and all other the moft « - • fperatea Symptoms, are fuon Overcome by i t , a n d effeftually and much more fafelv cured than by Salivation, imingation, or any other Met h o 1 whatever, and in f o eafy and pleafant a Manner, without impairing Strength, or occafioning any Inconvenience, as loudly to belpeak i t the only appofite Remedy, or true Venereal Antidote in the World, and this fome Thoufands have, to their gieat Joy, experienced. I t ia pleafant to takef oceaiions no Sicknefs or Difotder, nor requires Confinement, but m a y be taken, and the Cure bt accomplifhed, without the Knowledge of the nearelt Friend. Thofe who fufpeft they have received an Ir. jmy may, by only a Dofe or two uf i t , be perfeftly freed from all Apprelienfions j for I t fuffers no lurking Venom to lie hid is the Body, but wholly extirpates it, Root and Branch, in a gentle, cafy, and moft effectual ^ A l T f u c h , likewife, as doubt they have fome remaining Relicks of former Injuries, may, bv a few Dofes of it, entirely free themfelves rom all Sufpicions of that Kind ; lor it admits of no Foulnefs, Cortuption, or l'utrefaflion whatever, t o remain in the Fluids, or to ad here to the Solids } and, on that Account, in all Scorbutick, Scrophulous, and even Leprous Eruptions, or Foulncffcs of the Skin, or gland u l o u s Swellings, and Impurities of the Juices, it do « more by one Dofe than any other Medicine, yet known, can by ten. T h e Price of this moft noble Anti- Siphylicon is but fix Shillings a P o t , which, confldcring its extraordinary Efficacy, one Pot only being fuilkient, in ninft Cafes, to accomplish the Cure, is not a t e n t h Part uf its Value and is appointed by the Author to be had only at Mr. R a d f o i l ' s Toy- fhop, at the Rnfc and Crown, againft St. Clement's Church-- ard, in the Strand, ready fealed up, with a Bi'uk of Infiruttions, by the Perufai of which all Peifons who were ever affefted with any Degree of the Venereal Difeafe nj> y perfectly underftand their own Condition, and certainly know when, ^ ndwhen not, the Venereal Pol fori is e n t i r e l y tooted out of their Bodies. Note, Ask only for < 1 Six Shilling Pot { or the Scurvy. Concerning Gleet! and Seminal M'eakneffet of all Kinds. ALL juiutous Pbfjieians and Surgeons allow, that nothing is more difficult to cure than Stubborn Gleets and Seminal Weakness whether occaj. ai.' d by too fevere purging for Venereal Injuries, violent Strains, l'ollutiofui, or any other Caufe whatever t and that they are iancenus in their Confe^ uences, as well as difficult to cure, is as certain find they exceedingly weaken the Generative faculties, ipfeeble the • whole Nervous Syjlem, often britg on HeBick Heats, a labes Dorfalis, or Confumpiton "} the Back, or an Atrophy or XerviMS Coufumption whith frequently terminate in Death itjelf. . . . , . 1 _.,!... I . . . . TLI. VL. RT... nocturnal J onulluns, ur * /•/ uj 1 e aiMR « ri| i. icitD. Dr uiaader, the Diabetis, hicontinency of Crine, or Difficulty of holding then Water, would doubtlefs be glad to meet with a certain, fafe and fpeedy Cure, which they » (/) affuredly may, by the taking only a fmall Quantity of a tranfeendent Balfamick Kejiriftive Eleftiary, nowpublijhed for a general Good, after having for many Tears it) private Practice been experienced never once to jail perfeSly curing the Jiubborn Gleet, known, in a few Days, without Difficulty ortroublc 1 as alfo all other i I Pa flag's to their natural^ Tone andprifiine V'gour, in a ver) txttaoidinary Manner, and by taking a few Dofes of it only. Xhistranjceudent Jialfamick RejlriBive Elettuaryis neither difagree, able to tiike, rnr nccajions the leajl Diforder, but is a wonderfulRejlorativc in all H'eaknefs and Decay of Confiitution of any Kind, and parti, ulayly jtrengthens the back, Reins, Seminal and Urinary Veffels, to an 1 immnift Degree, info- much that in any Debility of them, one Dofe of it does wore than ten of any other Remedy yet found out ; and all Perfons fatigued with Gleets or Seminal Weakneffes of any Sort, or H'eakneffe, of the Urinary Vejfels, who take it, will in three Days time find it fo very rffsBuaU that they will Ire mnjl agreeably furprifed at it. If hen a Medicine will infallibly accomplish fuch a Ufe, fpeely and terfeS Cure of fuck difficult Maladies, as hleets aniSeminal iVeakn'. jfes are, as this Great Remedy truly and direHly will, even after all ower Means and Medicines, have been try d in vain j too much cannot he [ aid in Fraife of it, and this all who ever took it for any of the abovemention'dj'urpofes, have readily declared. the Pricc is hut 6 s. a Pot, altho' for its abfolute Efficacy, one Pot etlone being jufficient in mojl Cafes te ascomplijh a Cure, worth ten time, ss much, and by the Author's fpecial Appointment, is to be bad only at Mr. Kadjord's Ioyjhrp at the. Rofe and Crown again/ l St. Clement's Church lard in the Strand, ready fealed up, with a Book of injlruttieHs, which whomfoever carefully reads will be complete Master of his own Cafe, and perjeSly know^ when the Gleet or Weaknefs he is affliSei withfucceeds a Venereal Injury, whether all the Malignity of the Tout Difeaje is intirely extirpated or not. Note, Ask only tor a 6 s. Pot of Balfamick EleSuary. * To all Gentlemen, Builders, and Othert. T H O M A S E T T E R I D G E , C O L O U R M A N , ( Son in Law to the late Mr JOSEPH EMEHTON, < wbo in hit Life time chi- fly managed his Bufintfs') Jt tie HELL and SUN, over- againfl Norfolk- Street, between St. Clement's and the New Church in the Strand, London, CO N T I N U E S to Sell, in the fame Man ner his late Father did, all Sorts of C O L O L R S , ready prepared ( at the to we ft Priced that any Gentlemen, Builders, & c may fet their Servants ox Labourers to Paint their Houfes, only by the Help of a printed Ditcdion, which he gives with his Colours. He likewife fells to the Ladies all forts al W A T E R COLOURS> nd V A R N I SH wi » h every thing neccfEuy for the New J a p p a n n n g i and gives a printed Direction, for the doing of i t t o the Kicarert Perfection, to thofe t h a t huj Colours. Alfa Italian Powder for cleaning P i 8 u t e s , and fine PiHure Varnifh. He dealt nniyror RKADV MONEV H i s Houl « faces Norfolk- Street, and not Arundel- Strcet, in the a .: Strand. , w , ' 7- 7 - thl tv'yjhrt S-£ infatSiittCure fur that reigning Qdeje t* e SCUMI^ and all Scorotettck Humonrs, f ho' arrived in the hiihejl or - moji tutiets rate Degree, or of ever fo many Tears ftandivi, ani that without ant fe Jible Evacuation, or the leajl Purging, wfitch, by an maccnuntable ihtHakc, is generally advifed, altbo* always fo una rather to encreafy an., confirm the Scurvy than cure i t. Ly the fo much fam'd ani mojl pleafant Chymicat DROPS. SX/ H , C H, wuhoui the i< ait Trouble. Coi finesnent, or any Diforder w h s t e r e r , domt onee ftrike at the true C t u f i ot the Scurvy, ind entirely deftroy it, and all Seorbutii- k Huiaort end RfFeSt, Rou> ind Br* nrh> fo t s never to return t f t ' ^ n , » • many T h o a f t n d s of both Sexes h a r e experienced, and at all wno take t h e n , - n Three Dayi 1" i » e » re convinced i Cur they tlmnft infiantly titer the morbid 8t* t> » f th* Juices purify the Blond, fweeten all the Fluids, eleanfe them r o d I n p u r i t i e t i and directly clear the whole Habit from > 11 Spots Hutches, black and blue Mai k s , I tchmgs, foul Eruptions or Breaking) sot, Weaknef* of che Limbs, languid Hesvineli of the whole Body, wandering F l i n t , Weakoeft of ( he Btck, and all the » s( t Variety ol tymprooii by which - be Scurvy i n i t n t i t r d often lies eoncetl'd undai he Appearance of the Kheumst'lmi and many other Diliertipers. And for ftren^ chtnmg the St imtch, imtaed ately eretttng 1 goot Appetite, ctufing a regular snd eafy Digeffion of Food, and curing at windy Effects « nd Dif'orders ot the tirll Faflaget, ( whence proceed tieid- Achs, Vapours, and other lndifpofitiont) no Bitters, nor anj other Medicine upon Earth can compere with them, inlomuch thai irfides infallibly curing th « Scurvy, in til itt^ hapes and Appesrtncei ney sfl'uredly and dire& ly cure : he Sreen- Sicknefi in Virgins, Worro, of all Kinds, in Young 01 Old* and iiwoft ail other Chronic* D i f e t f ct which « re chiefly occafumed by [ ndigefiion tnd flatulent Cruditiesir, the Stomach tnd Bowels) and certainly prevent Fevers, Agues, am icher acute l i l m - fW T h - y are wonderfuDy Cordial and Reflorative, flrengthen tnd enen th » whole Mschine, and as f i o n ai taken, mtke th^ Pirient ileiftntly lightlome. brisk tnd vigor'u> to Admirt i o n , sndsre g x d for all Sorts of ferfons, to preferve as w . l l i t 10 procure a found and healthful S t t t e 01 Body. bat the greti Reputt'ion thefe fo much flnt'd tnd moA p l n f t nt Chyimdl D R O P S htve lo umvtiJal y gtip'd s » ong Perfons o* Erainence, for their fuddenly tnd infallibly curing the Jcurvy t ni ill Scorbutick Humors, tnd other Chronick Difeafes, in ft c h i n « « i; . r, d agreeable Mtoner, have occufioned n, any ru iiaitare tiinm, fora jndei the frtne, and otners under other Naraesj be carefui tharefori dot to be deceived, but be lure to htvt the Rieht, whichi by tht Author's fpecial Appointment, i r e to be bad, only at the Gemli- wo men's it the t w o b b « Pofls inHtydon Y t r d i n t h t W> noriet at 31. fid t Bottle, w i t h D i r e f i i o n s. l i e fo- mveb Fam'd fifTPO- DROPS. y s r H l C H in a few Days infallibly care ISyfccion. rijilKMeUothdy in Men and the Vapvtns ID Wtmen, fo » » never to retun- dgain, bi they ev^ r fo levere, or of mtny Years tfaiviing, and even atter lit other Remedies h t v a prov'd ineflef. uali and tfratby immediately . f n k i n g t< the very Root or true Caule, ts well Is - remedying ttie KSs^ it, ol thole perplexing Maladies and til their Variety of Sycaptytttt, by which they mtuiick, by T u r n s , alrnoft all Che D ilea fet poor Mortals are afBi& ed with, tnd hive their Rife f r o n • depraved Appetite, Viciout Ferment in the Stomsch, ar. d lndigeflmn of Food| whence proceed Crudities and flatulent Ol windy Difordera in the S'. FL Paflagea. ill Fumes, lour Jielchinge, Cholisk, andUneafinefa in the BoWe' » > which Crudities offend the Nerves, i n d , by Confent > f Parts affaft the Htad. and product fometimes Giddinefi, Dimneito< Sight; confuftd Thoughts, peronacioui Watchings, troublelom « Sleep, Frights, ground lets Feara, and the deepeft Melancholy, ivirh direful Views and terrible Apprehenfionsi i r o t h e r t i m e t , Fits, fl'jfhing Heals, Retchings, Fsintnefs, Lownefs t n d Sinking of Spiind PalpirstiOn of the Heart, Starting*, Tremblings and Twitching! m the Limbt ar dother Parts- with many convulfive Di for d e n , fh'trp Pains, fix'd of wandering, P t i n and Weaknefs in the Back, and other, almoftinnumerableandgrievoua, Symptoms, which mif » > • sbly t f l l i a vail Nnmoert of both Sexes. All which Symptoms i n their Ifatrpefl Paroxyfrat, thefe foroach fam'd and tnofl pleafa. it Drops, ( which i r e Chymittlly preptr'd from the mod Valuable Specihckt in the Mineril, Vegetable- and Animal Kingdom, and exalted to the hfghefi Degree of Perteifion ^ oflible) iriUntly quell, ind at the fame time annihilate their real £. « ufe, direAly bringing the Stomach into right Older, creating 1 sood Appetite, reflifying the Digeilion, occvfioning laudable Chyle, mid, ol' courfe, good Blood, Plenty of calm, free, and chetrfui Spir i t / , a regular Circulation of i l l the Fluids, and Strength of N r i v e sj .' o tlitt both Caufe i n d . E f f e f t s o f Melancholy and Vapours, are thoroughly removed by them, ilmoft on the Spot, te the rainy Thoufands of both Sexes they hive perfectly cured, evince. Whoever takes them for three Days only, will be fenf. ble they i rs ibfoiutely to be depended upon for i n efit&. ial 1 nd tailing Cure, ind certain it ia, tha!" fio Medicine upon £ i r t h can equal them i be care f u l therefore to have the right Drops, which are to be had amy it Mrs. Holt's, i t rhe Crofs- Xeya and 8tar below the Royal Exchange, n Cornhill, it ; a. < 4. % Bottle, with D i r e f t i o a t , at large. An infallible and infant Cure for DEJBNESS rlilCKJiZSS ./ HE. AX1NG, PA IK. or NQISli ir. tkr EjtK. il, 0c. By the true, chymic* l, ffeufiek DROl'S. VV H I C H infinitely excei all other Medicines ever offered to the * Publick, or known in the whole World; for they direftiy cure Deafnefs, be it ever fo bad, or of ever fo long ftanding, ani ill Th. iknefs of Hearing and Noi/ e in the Ears, almofl at once ind that after all other Means have failed, and without Trouble of . he leaft Uneafinefs, as mtny Thoufands have experienced They Efte& ually remov « ill Pain occafioned by Cold, ftrengthen ; he Tympanum or D r um of the F. ar, free the auditory Nerve ftom ObflruSion. i n d infallibly cure all Defefts of the Hearing Faculty Ilmoft in in I n l l a n t j caufing thofe to hear exceeding quick and well, who were belore in a Manner totally deaf. Hundreds who were not able to hear a Drum when belt clofe- b j them, and therefore defpair'd of being ever reliev'd, have been iminediately and perfectly cured by them, co their great J o y and Admiration. I n 1 Word, they may abfolutely be depended upon for the direfl ind infallible Cure of DEAFNESS proceeding from what Caufe foever; but the great Efleem and Reputation they have defervedly gained for many Years pail, have occafioned ( as ufual in fuch Cafes) m ny Counterfeits to come Abroad. Beware thereforeof fuch Im positions. Tbefe chymical ind only true Specifick Drops being by t h e Author's Appointment, to be had only at the Gentlewomen'!, i t rhe T w o Blue Pofts in Haydon- Yard in the Minoriei, 11 j 1. < d . 1 Bottle with Dre& mnj, ind no where elfe i n England. • Royal BEAUflPYfVf.'- V^- fjOr C O cxceedirigly valued by the Ladies 01 Qr. aiity al) who hMi u f e d " t , tor ts tranfeendent Excellency in beautitying the Facts Neck and Handa to the moft exqmfite f- erteflion poliible, is to b » had only at Mr. R A D F O R D ' S To, fh(/ p at the Rofie and C r o nn igainft Sz. Clement's Church- Yard in the Strand. It gives an inexpreflible fine Aire to the Features of the Face oa the Spot, and a furprizing handfomenefs t o the Neck a id Hands, which it immediately makes exceeding fmootn, fine and delicately w h i t e . Nothing in the World can fooner or more certainly take away a 1 • lifa/ reeable Rednels, Spots, Pimples, Heats. Rnughnefs, Morpnew Worms in the Face, Marks of the Small pox, Sunburn or any other difcolouring, nor remove all Wrip. cles fo perfe& ly; for it q u i c k l/ makes the Skin become fo incomparable fine, ciear, plump, foftt tnd beautifully f « tr as to caufe Admiration in the Beholden. It really gives a moft engaging refplendent Brightnefs tothe whole Countenance, and caufes fparkling Life, Spirit, and juvenile Bloom* to reign in every Feature, and yet is nothing of Paint, hut far e x - ceeds it, by i n bringing the Skin, whether of the Face, Nfck or Hands, and tho' brown, red or rough, c j I natural youthful F t i r n e f t, Smothnefi and moft charm- nj Delicacy, which Paint only faintly imitates; neither ia this Royal Beautifier prepared from che leaft4 Particle of Mercury, or. any thing Metaline, but is perfeftly Harmleft. and may be given inwardly even to Cbildien. It has alfo * pleafant Scent, will not foil Che fineft Liwn, and i< very agreeable to ufe. Rut thefe its admirable Propertiea, by which it vaftly exceeds any chin g whatever for the like Purpofe, have occafion'd many to imi • t s t e i t under vairousother Names, beware therefore of fuch impofitionii the true R O Y A L B B A U T I U V I N G PttiiD, that has given fucb umverfal Sarisfaftion to fo many Ladies of Diffinftion, being only to be h « d It Mr. Radford'* Toyfhop at t h e R o f e a n d Crownajjainft St C e m e n t ' s Churcb- Yard in the S r a n d , as above- mentioivd f i . r a Botde, With DireAiona, and no where effei n England. A Large, Fine, New, Sheet . L M A N A C K , for for the Year 1747. Containing ( tor Every Month., in ih » ' Year) Thole Thing?, that rUlfhe Common A L M A N A C K S ought to mention, Yet none of them, fpeiik » Word of. For every Fanii'y, and Perl'on in Bufiiiel's, throughout the whole Kingdom, to Hang up in View, in their Hollies, and Shops, Or, Fold up in thsir Pocket Book, for a Pocket ALMANACK, to Guide themfelves by. It Contain ng, vrhae Perfons will remember, All their Lile Times, Ever Alter. This A L M A N A C K is G I V E N G R A T I S, At Mr. BURCHELL's, at the ANODYNE NECKLACE, in LONG- ACRE. London. And, To Prevent any Difawpointment, in having this New ALMANACK, It being, Az a very Grsat F. jpence, moft Exquifltely Beautifully Prir. ted, On a Large Sheet, of the very Fineft Royal Piper; It will not be Given to Any Boys, or Girls, Pretending to be lent for it, But, Only to Such'Perfons, as are l. kely to mats a Right, and Pjoper Ule of it. At the fame Place is aifo GIVEN GRATIS, The Receipt of the EASY Remedy, for TWO Cafes. Of Whirh, the Late Dr Turner, [ of the College of Phyficians of London! in his Tieatile on the Venereal Diftemper, Page 73, Edit. 5. Says us. follows For Perfon3, Whom, 1 would r. ot Put to CHARGES, for thair Cure, of the Venereal Diftemper, or a GLEET. I have Wrote Numbers of Bills for them, to their Apothecaries, ot One Litt'e EASY Thing, to Cure them. And, l or which, I have Received Abundance of Thanks,, in but a Few Days after they had Had ir, Having been from One Dr. to Another, Harr. tflcd with Medicines, to no Purpol'e. Whereis, This Thing, Prel'ently Cured them, At Once. With it, I very Lately Cured a Poorifii Man, who had Spent ilmoft All he had, for Four Months, amongft Do& ors, And, indeed, I have often Wondered, that I'o Fetf of Our Writer?, have Taken Notice of this Noble Remedy, There not being ANOTHER fuch a Remedy, to Compare with it, in the World Again, fur thefe Difbrders Infomuch that Thofe, who Know it, will Find ic Do More, in ONE Day, than Other Remedies, in a Month. Ic may be carried in the Patient's Pocket, 8c Cures, fo very EASILY, that No Manner of Living of the Perfou, can Betray them to be Under fuch Circumftauees, to the Neareft Friend, they Converfe with. For Perfons Then, Who May bt- Deli rout to Know What this Remedy is, to Make it, themfelves, and fo SAVE CHARGES. The Prefcr. ptlon of it" Which is of Only FOUR Little Eafy Things ' Always to bit had) & Put Together tor Ufe, in Two Minutes Time, With Prinred Dire& ions, How a Perfon fhall not Miftafcff their Cafe, 2c fo Delay their Cure, Defirous ( as Moft are; M Put off the EVIL DAY. Is ( To let it be Known) GIVEN here GRATIS. To All Perfons, RICH and POOR, tliat will but fter, into the Shop, and Only Ask for it, By the Difguilcd Name of The- E A S Y Remedy. In L O N G - A C R E , At Mr. BURCHELL's, Above- mentioned. L O N D O N t Printed for J. P U H S S R , in Red- Lion Court, Fleet- Jireet. Where Advertifements, and Letters to the Author, are taken in. • '
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