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The London Evening-Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2931
No Pages: 4
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The London Evening-Post
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The London Evening-Post

Date of Article: 19/08/1746
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: In the Old Baily, near Ludgate
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2931
No Pages: 4
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_ tte& 2 tj^ I The London Evening Post From SATURDAY August 16, to TUESDAY August 19, 1746. Madrid, Aug. 2. THEY write from Cartagena, that the Intendant of that City had receiv'd Orders to disarm the five Frigates which were in that Port, together with the St. Isabella . and Hercules Men of War, and to discharge all the Sailors who have been press'd into the Service of the King. Ratisbon, Aug. 15. Mr . Hu- go, Minister From the King of Great Britain as Elector of Hanover, has lately deliver'd a Memorial to the Diet, whereby he formally protests against the Vote of East- Frizeland, of which the King of Prussia is put into Possession, and demands that this Vote should be sus- pended, in Consideration of the Differences which in this respect subsist between the Courts of Hanover and Berlin. Warsaw, Aug. 5. Prince Wolhowki, who has been sent hither by the Empress of Russia, has had frequent Conferences with the Senators and Grandees of the Kingdom. We are assured, that his Commission is to insist on an Augmentation of the Troops of the Repub- lick, and that he proposes to do it by Way of Confede- racy, in case the Well- intentioned cannot make it pass at the approaching Dyet. Most of the great Men re- lish this Project; but will enter into no Engagement ' till they see whether the Court judges the Thing fea- sible at the present Conjuncture. This Augmentation, which has been talk'd of so many Years, would have been approv'd in the latter Dyets, if the Republick had not been in the same Condition as the Empire of Ger- many, in which there are always Princes who listen to the Insinuations of Foreign Powers, preferable to the Desires and Advice of the greater and more judicious Part of the Nation. Dresden, Aug. 14. The Assembly of States is to sepa- rate this Day, after having in Form taken Leave of his Majesty. They have granted the Court nine Millions of Crowns; and we are assur'd, that in order to raise that Sum, a Capitation and a Tax upon Effects will be levied, to begin the first of January next, and continue nine Years, it is pretended here, that the March of 75,00c Russian Troops through Courland, Poland, and a Part of the King of Prussia's Dominions, into the Em- pire, is a Thing decided; but what is said upon this Subject is very confus'd. In the mean Time Couriers go and come frequently, and most of their Dispatches are laid to relate to a general Peace. Paris, Jug. 19. The Prince of Conti and the Count de Clermont, ' tis said, are both banish'd from Court; the first to the Castle of Isle Adam, and the latter to Auvergne. Amidst the present State of Confusion we have the melancholy News, that the Mortality which reign'd among the Cattle in Bassigny, now prevails amongst the Human Race. Paris, Jug. 19. The Brother of the young Pretender is returning hither from the Castle of Navarre. The Court appears extremely satisfy'd with the News that it has receiv'd from Spain, particularly since the Arrival of a Courier from the Bishop of Rennes, who brings Advice, that King Ferdinand had assur'd him, in the most positive Manner, that he would agree to no Terms of Peace but in Concert with his Majesty. From the London Gazette. Camp at Viler, Jug. 17. Advice is just brought from Marshal Bathiani's Quarters, that the Enemy, who have been for three Days past in continual Motion, ate advancing towards us, which gives us reason to expect a general Engagement very soon. We have lately had good Success in our Skirmishes. Some Days ago two Squadrons of French Horse, with the Lieutenant Colo- nel and seven Officers, were made Prisoners, and the greatest Part of Egmont's Dragoons cut to Pieces, and 14 Officers of that Regiment taken. Yesterday Morning there was a smart Engagement on our Left, in which our Irregulars and Free Companies killed and took Pri- soners several of the Enemy, with the Loss only of two Men on our Side. Lord Garrnick, who is Aid de Camp to Lord Craufurd, was yesterday mistaken for a Frenchman by our Hussars, who fired at him. In en- deavouring to escape from them he fell into the Hands of the Enemy, and was carried before Marshal Saxe, who immediately released him. Hague, Jug. 19. Letters of the 16th from the Camp of the Allied Army near Namur inform us, that Mar- shal Saxe, after having sent off a large Detachment on the 15th Instant, had the next Day broken up his Camp and march'd to the Left, whereupon our Army made a Motion to the Right towards the Mehaigne, by the Way which leads by Tourine les Beguines to St. Tron and Tongres. Hague, Jug. 22. By our Advices from the Allied Army of the i8th Instant, it was then posted along the Southern Side of the Mehaigne; and had pass'd all the preceding Day under Arms, expecting an Attack from the French, who had appear'd drawn up in Order of Battle on the opposite Side of that River. Marshal Saxe did not push his March, at the farthest, beyond St. Tron, before he faced about and drew up to the North Side of the Mehaigne. Brigadier General Houghton, with the Regiments of Wolf, Pulteney and Sempil, pass'd by Helvoetsluys last Saturday on their Way from Leith to Willemstadt, where they arriv'd the same night. Hague, Jug. 25. By Letters from the Army of the loth Instant, Marshal Saxe had advanced his Left, as Prince Charles had his Right, lower down the Me- haigne, the former having his Head Quarters at Hen- nuye, and the latter his at Bourdenes. The Report of Marshal Saxe's being declar'd Generalissimo, is now as confidently contradicted as it was lately affirm'd ; and it is represented only as an Expedient which the French King had once entertain'd Thoughts of, for putting an End to the Contest between that General and the Prince of Conti; but which has fallen to the Ground by the Latter's withdrawing himself from the Army. Letters of the 15th from Italy mention, that the King of Sar- dinia was then repassing the Po, and General Botta had advanced to Castel St. Giovanni. The poor Remains of the French and Spaniards were said to have fled beyond Tortona, abandoning their Baggage and Artillery in their precipitate Retreat. PLANTATION NEWS; New- York, June 10. The General Assembly of this Province have order'd Provisions to be made for 450 Men, for the Militia of that Colony, and 50 Indians, to be posted on the Northern Frontiers, in such a Manner as the Governor and Council shall approve of, including the Men already sent thither by Order of his Excellency, and the Force of 120 Men for the Blockhouses, and those Men posted, are to be sent from thence to Saraghtoga. The Letters from the Northern Colonies are fill'd with Accounts of the Barbarities daily committed by the Indians on the English in those Parts; Mr. Cook, and several Negro Men, were kill'd by a Party of them at a Plantation call'd ConneCticut; and Mr. Jones, of the same Place, has for fome Time been missing frOm his Family, and ' tis fear'd he was carried away by them. About the same Time a Man near Lewenburgh, was kill'd, and scalp'd, and his Horse's Head cut off, and carried away. The Man had 500 Old Tenour in his Pocket, in New Bills of Credit on the Province of New England, which he was going to pay to some of the Forces in the publick Service, which Sum the Indians carried off. SCOTLAND. - Edinburgh, Aug. 11. Tho' we have inserted the Pre- tender's Motions as they came to our Hands, yet the following Account of them, as being the exactest we have met with, may not be disagreeable to the Publick. On June 28th, under the Disguise of a young Lady's Maid, he sail'd in a Small- Boat from South Uist to the Isle of Sky, and next Day, being in the same Habit, landed at a Gentleman's House, but not ' till he had got a Signal from a trusty Friend whom he sent on Shore about half an Hour before. T' . dined there with several others, but refus'd the moft urgent Solicitations to stay that Night; she removed with her Maid, who having put on Man's Apparel, hired one M'Kinnon, a Boatman, to Raza, from whence he return'd to Sky, and at last set Sail for the Continent. Here, it is said, he was join'd by Barrisdale, in manifest Violation of the Protection which his Royal Highness had given him; and notwithstanding of the Vigilance of the se- veral Parties who guarded tha Passes, he escap'd thro' Glengary to Badenoch. General Campbell, who was in South- Uist, after ordering a certain Chieftain's Lady, who had not only protected him, but contriv'd his Escape, to be seiz'd, set out directly for Sky, having previously dispatch'd Capt. Ferguson in a Cutter. They landed below the Gentleman's House much about a Time, went straight to it, and enquir'd at his Lady anent her two Guests; but as she knew nothing of the Secret of the Matter, she could give no Satisfaction, except as above. During this Hunting for him, several, such as Capt. O Neal, three Priests, one of them Lochiel's Bro- ther, the old Laird of M'Kinnon, & c. were taken by Capt. M'Neil, of the Argyllshire Militia. A Party of the Corps under Col. Campbell, has apprehended in Moidart, the Lieutenant- Colonel of Clanronnald's Re- giment, with his Servants, in a Cave. Capt. Noble has laid hold of Capt. Ranald M'Donald, a Brother of Kinlochmoidart. Vast Quantities of Arms and Am- munition, and several Saddles and Boots have been found in the Rocks. Some English Horses, as they were roaming in the Woods, were secured. All the Cattle of the outstanding Parties have been brought into the Camp by the General's Orders; so that the Rebels must either surrender, leave the Country, or starve. There was found in Barrisdale's House a Hellish Engine for extorting Confession, and punishing such Thieves as were not in his Service ( for as he took Black Mail * for preserving the Cattle of the Country round about to a great Extent, he entertain'd many such;) it is all made of Iron, and stands upright; the Criminal's Neck, Hands and Feet are put into it, by which he is in a sloping Posture, and can neither sit, lie, nor stand. By Letters from Fort- Augustus we are told, that a French Cutter having appear'd on the North- West Coast, with 15 Volunteers on board, on Design to faci- litate the young Pretender's Escape, detach'd one of their Number to make Enquiry after him, who disguis'd himself and went to the Camp, where he was appre- hended retailing Spirituous Liquors, and convicted of being a Spy, was immediately hang'd.—— The Cutter has since been taken by Commodore Smith. About fifty Rebel Prisoners were brought here last Night in their Way to Carlisle, to take their Trials. On Friday last upwards of 150 Rebel Prisoners were carried from hence, under an Escort of Lee's Regiment, to Carlisle, to take their Trials; three and three were tied together with small Cords, and those that rode had their feet tied below the Horse's Belly. The principal Gentlemen were allow'd to walk with the Officers. * Black Mail is a Scots Phrase for Money paid to the King of the Gypsies, or a Captain of the Thieves} for not doing Mischief in a certain District. Edinburgh, Aug. 12. We hear the Camp at Fort Au- gustus will break up on Thursday next ; and that the Right Hon. the Earl of Albemarle will be in Town this Week. The French Cutter mentioned in our last, had on board twenty- two Officers all in rich laced Clothes, but five of them made their Escape; the other seventeen were put on board the Glasgow Man of War. M'Kinnon, who ferry'd the young Pretender From Sky to Raza, says, that he walk'd twenty- four Miles with him, from Eight o'Clock at Night, to Eight next Morning; and that he carried on his Back a Wallet, containing two Shirts and a Bottle of Brandy; and that he would not allow him, M'Kinnon, to carry the Wal- let; Old Glengary; is now a Prisoner at Fort Augustus as is also Barrisdale, for the second Time, having broke his Parole. It is the general Opinion, the Pretender is still in Scotland. The Embargo on the Western Coast is taken off. LONDON. We hear that before the Execution of any of the Re- bels, the Advice was taken of the most able Lawyers concerning the Officers in the Service of France who were born Subjects of Great Britain, and yet employ'd in the Rebellion; when the Decision was, that no Person, born a Subject of these Kingdoms, can be jus- tified in the Action of taking Arms against the King Acting against his Majesty in the Service of a with whom he is at open war. Those Lawyers are to have added, as their further Opinion, that it appear'd to them that the Rigour of the Law ought to extend to all those Officers, who being in the Service of France, have not kept to their own Corps, but aCted separately by Commissions from the Pretender's Son, engaging People in his Service, and exercising the King's Subjects in a Mili- tary Way to act against his Majesty. On Saturday last died, aged 78, at Lamer, the Seat of Sir Samuel Garrard, in Hertfordshire, the Lady Garrard, Relict of Sir Samuel Garrard, Bart, formerly Lord Mayor of this City ; and hath left behind her three Sons, the present Sir Samuel, Thomas Garrard, Esq; Common Serjeant of this City, and Benet Gar- rard, Esq; She was a Lady truly pious, without Affec- tation ; friendly, without Dissimulation, and charitable without Ostentation ; her Good- nature and Affability render'd her greatly esteem'd by all her Acquaintance, and her Death is much lamented. It is remarkable, that three of this Family have been Lord Mayors of this City, and that in the Reigns of the three Queens, Mary, Elizabeth, and Anne. Right Hon. the Earl of Albemarle, is elected Member oF Parliament for the City of Chichester in Sussex, without Opposition, His Majesty has been pleas'd to appoint the Hon. John Forbes, Esq; eldest Son to the Lord Forbes, to be Captain of a Company in General Handasyd's Regiment of Foot. Last Week died, at his House in Sackville- Street, Piccadilly, Mr. Greene, an eminent Upholster and Undertaker. On Saturday last died, after a long and tedious Illness, William Richardson, Esq; many Years Accomptant to the London Assurance- Office in Cornhill. Yesterday Morning died Mr. Newman, Master of the George and Blue Boar Inn, opposite Red- Lion- Street, High Holbourn. Yesterday Morning, about Six o'Clock, a large De- tachment of Life- Guards and Horse- Grenadiers, and fifteen Men out of each Company of the three Regi- ments of Foot- Guards, march'd through the City for Tower- Hill to attend the Execution of the Earl of Kil- marnock and Lord Balmerino ; and the same Morning the Sheriffs of this City ( with their Officers, and the Executioner) went from the Mitre Tavern in Fen- church-. Street, to the House hired by them on Tower- Hill, for the said Lords. At Ten o'clock the Block was fix'd on the Stage, and cover'd with black and ten Sacks of Saw- Dust Were carried up to the Stage ; soon after their Coffins were brought ver'd with black Cloth, with gilt Nails, & c. for the Earl of Kilmarnock was a Plate with this In- scription, viz. Gulielmus Comes de Kilmarnock, decollat 18 Augusti, 1745, aEtat. su 42. with an Earl's Coro- net over it, and six Coronets over the six Handles ; and on that for Lord Balmerino was a Plate with thir In. scription, viz. Arthurus Dominus de Balmerino, decollat 18 Augusti, 1746, aEtat. su 58, with a Baron's Coro- net over it, and six others over the six Handles. At half an Hour after Ten the Sheriffs went to the Tower, and after knocking some Time at the Gate, they were admitted ; and the Prisoners, on their giving a Receipt, were deliver'd to them. Mr. Sheriff Blachford walk'd with the Earl of Kilmarnock, and Mr. Sheriff Cockayne with Lord Balmerino, to the House provided for them, where they spent about an Hour; and at half an Hour after Eleven o'Clock, the Earl of Kilmarnock, with the Sheriffs, Mr. Foster the Divine who attended him, and some other Gentlemen came upon the Scaf- fold : His Lordship was dress'd in Black, and having spent a little Time in Devotion, he took the from his Hair, and by the Help of his Gentleman pull'd off his Coat and Neckcloth, and put on a Cap made of a Damask Napkin, after which he spoke to the Execu- tioner ( who was dress'd in White) and saluted his Friends; his Hair seeming to be in the Way he put it under his Cap, and his Shirt and Neck of his Waistcoat were tuck'd in, after which he knelt down at the Block on a black Cushion, and laid down his Head, and rais'd it again five several Times ; then the Cap being drawn' over his Eyes ( a great Piece of Scarlet Cloth being held under SEA SERJEANTS Meeting. ON Saturday the loth Day of September next, in the Evening, will be held the Anniversary Meeting of the Honourable Society of Sea Serjeants, at Cardigan in the County of Cardigan, when all the Members and Probationers of the said Society are desir'd to attend. RICHARD GWYNNE, President. BURFORD RACES. TO be run on the Seven Downs, near Burford in the County of Oxford, on Thursday the 4th of Septem- ber next, before the Meeting , a Match between Velters Cornewall, and Anthony Keck, Esqrs. for One Hundred Guineas each, half Forfeit. On Monday the 8th of September next, will be run two Matches, one between Velters Cornewall, and James Lenox Dutton, Esqrs. for One Hundred Guineas each, half Forfeit, and On the same Day another between the Right Hon. the Lord Chedworth and Hugh Barker, Esq; for 501. Play or Pay. On Tuesday the 9th will be run for, a Purse of 5o1. free for such six Years old Horses, dec. or Aged Horses, & c. that never won a Royal Plate; six Years old to carry ten Stone, aged Horses ten Stone and nine Pound. To be enter'd that Day se'night before Running, at the George Inn in Burford, be- tween' the Hours of Twelve and Six. Certificates of their Age to be produced under the Hand of the Breeder, at the Time of Entrance. On Wednesday the 10th, will be run for, the Noblemen and Gentlemens Subscription Purse of 80 Guineas, to carry twelve Stone. To be enter'd that Day se'nnight at the Angel Inn in Burford, between the Hours of Twelve and Six. On Thursday the 11th will be run for, a Purse of 5o I. by four Years old, that never won 50l to carry nine Stone two Pounds. To be enter'd that Day se'nnight ar the Bull Inn in Burford, between the Hours of Twelve and Six. On Friday the 12th, will be run for, a Purse of 50l by five and six Years old Horses, & c. that never won a Royal Plate ; five Years old to carry nine Stone two Pounds; ux Years old ten Stone. To be enter'd that Day se'nnight at the George Inn in Burford, between the Hours of Twelve and SIX. And on Saturday the 13th will be run for, the Noblemen ana Gentlemens Subscription Purse; of 70 Guineas, by five Years old Horses, & C. To be enter'd that Day se'nnight before Running, at the Angel Inn in Burford, between the Hours of Twelve and Six. Certificates of their Age to be produced under the Hand of the Breeder at the Time of Entrance. N. B. A Subscriber to pay One Guinea Entrance, a Non- subscriber Three, or double at the Post. To run the best of three Heats : And if one Horse, & c. wins the two first Heats, he shall have the Purse or Plate, and not be oblig'd to start again. The Stakes each Day for the second- best Horse, 6ic. i o start between the Hours of Twelve and One at Noon. No Booths, & c, to be pitch'd on the said Course, but by a Subscriber to the Town Plate. . , No less than three Running Horses, & c. to start for either Purses. If there is not a sufficient Number of Horses, & c. Ten Guineas to be allow'd the Horses enter'd each Day ; and the Plate or Purse to be run for next Year. To run according to Articles, which will be produced when requir'd, by the Clerk of the Course. Other Diversions as usual. Certificates to be produced of the Ages from the Owner or Breeder of the Horses, & c.' enter'd for either of the Plates. The Matched Horses not disqualified for starting for the four Years old Plate. ODSEY RACES, Near Royston. in the COunty of Hertford, on Thursday the 18th of September 1746, the best of three Heats, a Purse of sixty Guineas, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, carrying twelve Stone Weight, that has been in the Possession of a Subfcriber, from the 1st Day of January last, that has never started for any thing but a Hun- ters Plate, and has been us'd as a Hunter the Season before. No Subscriber to start more than one Horse, & c. Any Horse, & c. that wins the two first Heats wins the Plate; the Remainder of the Subscription to go to the second best Horse ; to run ac- cording to tlie Rules at Newmarket. To be enter'd at the Red- Lyon at Royston the Day before Running. On Friday the 19th will be run for, on the same Course, a Purse of fifty Guineas, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that never won a King's- Plate, nor the Value of fifty Pounds at any one Time since the 1st of March last ; aged Horses, & c. carrying twelve Stone, six Years old Horses, & c. car- rying eleven Stone four Pounds, and five Years old Horses, & c. carrying ten Stone, seven Pounds, Bridle and Saddle in- cluded. Certificates of the Ages of such Horses as are under seven Years, old, to be produced at the Time of Entrance for the above Plate, under the Hands of the Breeders, or they will not be allow'd to start. Every Horse, to enter at the Red- Lyon at Royston for this Plate the Day se'nnight before Run- ning ; a Non- subscriber paying three Guineas Entrance, a Subscriber one. Each Horse, & c. at Entrance for both these Plates, to pay Half a Crown to the Clerk of the Race, and a Crown towards the Charges of the Course. The Entrance- Money to go to the second best Horse, & c. If any Disputes arise, to be determin'd by the Majority of Subscribers for each Plate there present. To run according to the Rules ar New- market. Every Horse to Start at Three o'clock for both these Plates ; and the Horses, & c. that run for the last Plate, to stand at such Houses in Royston as subscribe Half a Guinea to- wards the said Plates. There will be an Ordinary and an Assembly each Night at the Red- Lion. Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, THE Creditors of Sir Brian Delves, heretofore call'd Sir Brian Broughton, late of Broughton in the County of Stafford, Bart. deceas'd, are to come in and prove their Debts before Robert Holford, Esq; one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Symond's- Inn, Chancery- Lane, London : And for the Conveniency of the Creditors that live in the Country, a Commission for examining their Witnesses to prove their Debts, and also for the Examina- tion of the said several Creditors touching the Reality and Quantum of their Debts, will be executed 0n Monday the 15th day of September next, at the House of Samuel Walker, the Sign of the King's Arms in the Town of Eccleshall, in the said county of Stafford, where they may take the Benefit of proving their said Debts. ALL Persons who stood indebted to Daniel Preve- rau, Esq; ( late First Clerk in his Grace the Duke of New- castle's Office) the 2d of April last, the Time of his Decease, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mrs. Preverau, at her House in Craven- Street in the Strand, his Widow and sole Executrix, and to none else but the Person producing a lawful Authority from her so receive the same : And she will esteem it a Favour if those Persons who have had any Concerns with Mr. Proverau, and who have already sent Bills or Money in Discharge of their respective Debts, will be pleased to send her a line, directed as above, giving an Account of the Value of the Bills, to whom sent and made payable, and 0n whom drawn, from the 1st of March last, as also what Stun in Mo- ney they have paid, to whom paid, and on what Account, since the 2d of April last, v sTOLEN or Stray'd out of a Ground of Thomas Hill, of the Nunnery- Farm, near the City of Worcester, on Monday the 30th of June last, a Brown- bay Gelding, about if Hands high, three Years old, has a large Star and a Blaze down his Face, three white Feet, a little white Spot 0n the Fetlock Joint of the Near Foot before, the Hair is worn off the Collar- place, short dock'd and a sprigg'd Tail. Whoever will give Intelligence of the said Gelding, so that he may be had again, shall receive a Guinea Reward and be allow'd reasonable Expences by the said Thomas Hill. AMBROSE GODFREY, Chemist, STILL continues to carry on his Trade in South- ampton- Street, Covent- Garden, in the same House it was usually carried on, where he hopes to find the Continu- ance of Favours from his Friends, and where all Persons may depend 0n being serv'd with Chemical and Galenical Medi- cines faithfully prepar'd, Wholesale and Retail. Note, At the same Place only is prepar'd the burning Phos- phorus that subsists in Water. JOHN NEWTON, Of the City of Litchfield, herewith acquaints his Friends, THAT he has not been concern'd in the Cyder Way with James Hubbard since the Year 1741, nor with Brandies, Rum, & c. since the Year 1744; at the End of which Year their Copartnership was dissolv'd ; and all Debts now in Account for Cyder, Brandy, Rum, & c. in theYear 1741, or before ; and all Debts in Account for Brandies, Rum, & c since that Time, or in the Year 1744, that are still due to the said John Newton and James Hubbard, in that Copartnership , our Friends are hereby desir'd to pay the same to the said James Hubbard when he is upon his Round in September next; for it will be unavoidably necessary ( if they are not paid) that an Attorney must collect what remains as soon after as it can be done : The aforesaid John Newton does therefore desire all his Friends, that they fail not to pay, to prevent the Charge that may ensue ; and hopes the good Understanding, which has ever been between them, may still subsist; which is the hearty Desire of their Respectful Friend and Servant, J. NEWTON. To be Sold by AUCTION, At the House of James Wrigley, being the Sign of the Golden Lion in Dale- Street, Liverpool, on Thursday the 11th of September next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, THE Capital Messuage and tenement, call'd Walton- Hall; being the Freehold Inheritance of Mr. Lawrence Briers in Walton 0n the Hill, situate about two Miles from Liverpool; and 84 Acres of and thereunto be- longing, after eight Yards to the Rood, lying in Walton and Fazackerley ; the Lands lie conveniently together, and there are in it about 15 Acres of Waters Meadowing and a Right to a considerable Commoning belonging to the Estate. The House and Out- holding are in good Repair, and the Estate capable of very great Improvements, To be SOLD to the best Bidder or Bidders, On Wednesday the 10th Instant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal Exchange, by the Assignees under a Commission of Bankrupt lately awarded against WILLIAM WINSMORE, of the City of Wor- erster, Merchant, THE said Bankrupt's Freehold, Leasehold, and Copyhold Estates, in the Parish of Lanvair Kilgedin, near Abergavenny and County of Monmouth ; consisting of the following Farms, viz. one Farm of the yearly Rent of 29l one other Farm of the yearly Rent of 80l. one other Farm of the yearly Rent of 20l. 15s. one other Farm of the yearly Rent of 111. 7s. one other Farm of the yearly Rent of 19 1, one other Farm in the Parish of St. Michael in the East, near Monmouth aforesaid, of the yearly Rent of 26I. being all as commodious Farms as any in the County, and two Farms in the Parish of Hollow, near the City of Worcester, of the yearly Rent of 381.— All which Estates and Premisses are very well tenanted, and the Buildings in good Repair. Particulars may be had of Mr. Nash Mason, of the Chan- cery- Office; Mr. James Bernard, Attorney, in Budge- Row, London; Mr. John Ingram, Attorney, at Bewdley in the County of Worcester; or Mr. John Karver, Attorney, 111 Worcester. To be SOLD to the best Bidder, By the Assignees under a Commission of Bankrupt awarded againjl Caesar Ward, of York, Book seller, on Thursday the 4th Day of September next, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon, at Peel's Coffee- House in Fleet- Street, ONE undivided Moiety of a Freehold Farm, for the Life of the said Caesar Ward, consisting of a Dwel- ling House, a Barn, two Stables, with an Orchard, Garden, Out- houses, and about sixty Acres of Land, situate at Head- corn in Kent, now lett to William Peachy at 37l. per Annum, subject to an Annuity of y 1. payable to the said Parish of Headcorne for ever. Particulars may be had of Mr. Middleton Howard, Attorney, in Crane- Court, Fleet- Street, London. To be LETT, and enter d upon directly, At Potnal Park, in the County of Surrey, and Parish of Egham, A Very good House, four Rooms on a Floor ; good Out- Houses, and Stabling for eight Horses; a large Barn, and other out- Houses, with above a hundred Acres of Arable and Pasture land, and joins to the Forest; fit for any Gentleman Hunter; being but three Miles from his Royal Highness the Duke's Lodge in Windsor Great Park, and two Miles from Sunninghill Wells, three from Chertsey, and five from Staines. To be lett with or without the land, by the Year or Lease. To enquire of Mr. Hatch, at Cowworth ; Mr. Philip Stone, Brewer, in Eghamhive; Mr. Joseph Banks, at Virginia Wa- ter ; or at the House. To be LETT at Michaelmas next, At MILL HILL, near Hendon in Middlesex, AFarm, near 40 Years in the Occupation of one Tenant, lately deceas'd. Enquire of Mr. Holcombe, at the Ring and Pearl in Great Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, facing Tom's Coffee- House. Mr. HOGARTH hereby gives Notice, THAT the Print of Mr. GARRICK, in the Character of RICHARD the Third, is now finish'd, and ready to be deliver'd to the Subscribers. The said Print will continue to be sold at 7s. 6d. each, at the Golden Head in Leicester- Fields; where also may be had, all his other Works. Certainty nothing can be a clearer Proof of the Excellency of any Commodity than the Appro- bation it meets with if so THE ENGLISH GRAPE BRANDY may justly claim a Superiority over all other British Productions, from the constant and large Demands the Com- pany have from all Parts of the Kingdom. To convince the Curious how fitly it is adapted to all manner of Mixtures, viz. RASBERRIES, CHERRIES, &. There is now prepar'd a large Quantity of SHRUB with the said BRANDY, and ORANGES when in the greatest Perfec- tion ; which is no Ways inferior ( either as a Dram, or for Punch) to that made with the best Coniac. Shrub at 6 s. per Gallon, Brandy at 4 s. At the Warehouse the Bottom of Bartholomew- Lane, near the Royal Exchange. Sixpence per Gallon allow'd to those who take half a Hogs- head or upwards. THOMAS RAWLINS, Clerk to the Company. To be SOLD. At Mr. RECULEST'S, in Brook- Street the Corner of David- Street, by Grosvenor- Square, METHUEN WINE, little inferior to the best Burgundy, ata Guinea a Dozen, and STREIGHTS WINE, preferable to Red Port, at 16s. a Dozen, and CO 8- SICA WHITE- WINE, as strong as Mountain, at 18s. » Dozen, all in good sizeable French moulded Bottles, of thir- teen to the Dozen ; or in French Wine Hogsheads, the Methuen 201. and the Streights if 1. and the Corsica 17 L a Hogshead, for ready Money only, sent to any Part of the Town without Expence to the Buyer. The Bottles to be paid for at Two- pence Halfpenny each, the Money to be repaid upon the Return of them. Note, Constant Attendance from Eight in the Morning till Twelve at N00n. ALarge Parcel of curious Right Irish USQUE- BAUGH, from Drogheda in Ireland, both green and Yellow, immported by Arthur Hendricks Merchant, ani sold at his House in Madox- Street, near Hanover- Square. Where may be had, Right Barbadoes Citron Water. It is very well known that Hendrick's Green and Yellow Usquebaugh are highly recommended by the most eminent Physicians as the safest and best Stomachick Cordial in several Cases, especially in keeping the Gout out of the Stomach and it there, for forcing it from thence; as also the m0st ef- fectual Remedy for the Cholick, and the Green in particular is beneficial in the Stone and Gravel. It is likewise to be sold at my Warehouses at the Practical Scheme at the South Gate of the Royal- Exchange, and at the King's Anns the North Gate, where constant Attendance will be given by Thomas Bowen, Warehouse- keeper. At Mrs. UNDERWOOD'S Hungary Water Warehouse, the Black- Boy and Comb, the Corner of Bell- Savage yard, Ludgate- Hill, ( being rcmov'd from the next Door to the London Punch- House) IS a fresh Parcel of Rich French Hungary Water, of the same Sort that has been sold at the said Place many Years, and Lavender Water, at One Shilling and Three Pence each large Half- Pint; if Bottles return'd the Three Pence al- low'd. Likewise true Italian Honey Water, Calm Water, and Sy- rup of Capillaira ; and also fine French Combs. Note, To prevent Counterfeits, the Black- Boy and Comb is pasted 0n each Bottle, with the Name UnDERWOOD. Note also, The great Demand for my Hungary Water his occasion'd another Shop to fell it, and to put up the Sign of the Black Boy and Comb, and paste it 0n their Bottles, in or- der to make them pass for mine; of which the Buyer is desir'd to be cautious, and to observe that my House is the Sign of the Black Boy and Comb, as abovemention'd. *** At the same Place is sold, Bath lamb Gloves, Bath Coating for Ladies, with Variety of Ladies Hats and Capu- chins ; with several other Sons of Goods, all at low Prices. IALEXANDER M'COLLOH, Printer, without Temple- Bar, having had the Temerity to print and pub- lish, in two News- Papers, in which I am concern'd, the Speech of the Lord High- Steward of Great Britain, in giving Judgment against William Earl of Kilmarnock, George Earl of Cromertie, and Arthur Lord Balmerino, in Breach of an Order of the House or Peers, and of an Appointment of his Grace the Lord High- Steward aforesaid, prohibiting it to be printed by any other Person than S. Billingsley, in Chancery Lane, for which I was order'd into Custody of the Black Rod ; do hereby express my hearty Sorrow for the said Offence ; most humbly beg, that this publick Confession of it may atone for it ; and I do promise never to be guilty of the like. Temple- Bar, Aug. 15, 1746. ALEX. M'COLLOH. To be LETT, At Langley Bury, in the County of Hertford, within three Miles of Watford, AFarm, consisting of 414 Acres of Arable Land, 46 of excellent Pasture Ground, by a River Side, and 20 of Floated Meadow, at the yearly Rent of 250l. the whole Tythe- free. Enquire for further Particulars at Lord Raymond's, at Langley Bury. N. B. The Farm lies within five Miles of four Market- Towns. This Day is publish'd, Price 1s. NUMBER CVII. ( Containing four Sheets, and Plate I. and II. of the Medals of Queen ANNE, beautifully engrav'd) - THE CONTINUATION of Mr. RAPIN'S HISTORV of ENGLAND; from the Revolution to the Accession of King George IL By N. TINDAL, M. A. Printed for John and Paul Knapton, at the Crown in Lud- gate- Street. Where may be had, The preceding Numbers stitch'd, 0r the first Volume of the Continuation, sew'd up in Pasteboards. Also, Mr. Rapin's History of England. Translated by N. Tindal, M. A. The Third Edition, in 2 Vols. Folio. Illustrated with the Heads and Monuments of the Kings, and other Copper- plates. Price 2I. 12s. 6( 1. 111 Sheets, or 3 1. bound. *** Mr. Tindal's Continuation is printed in Octavo, for the Accommodation of those who have Mr. Rapin's History in that Size. Those who have not yet taken this history may begin with No, I, and continue them. A JOURNEY to the WORLD Under- Ground. BY NICHOLAS KliMIUS. Translated from the Original Latin. Containing, Chap. I. The Author's De- Chap. IX. The Author's Jour- ney round the Planet N A Z A R, and the marvel- lous Things he met with on his way. X. The Author's Banishment to the Firmament, and what befel him there. Chap. XI. The Author's Voy- age to the Land of Wonders. Chap. XII. The Author's Ar- rival at QUAMA. Chap. XIII. The Rise of the fifth Monarchy. Chap. XIV. The Author is elevated to the Imperial Dignity. Clmp. XV. The Catastrophe. Chav. I. The Author's Re- turn into his own Country, and his being, taken for the Wandering jew, & c. scent to the subterraneous World, through a deep Cave on the Top of a Mountain. Chap. II. His Descent upon the Planet NaZAR, With his Reception among the Inhabitants. Chap. III. A Description of the City KEBA, Customs of the People and Court. Chap. IV. The Court of the Potuan Empire, and the Reception he met with from the Prince. Chap. V. The Nature of the Country, the Genius and Manners of the People. Chip. VI. Of the Religion of the Roman Nation. Chap. VII. Of their Policy. Chap. VIII. Of rhe Academy, their Exercises, Manner of ABLINE's Appendix. Promotion, Administring,) Justice, & c. I Printed for T. Astley, in Pater- noster- Row ; J. and J. Ri- vingtOn,, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, and B. Collins, BooK- seller, in Sahsbury. Lately publish'd, ' f Humbly inscrib'd to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cum- land) The ROYAL SOLDIER; ASERMON preach'd before the Right Hon the Lord Mayor, & c. at Sr. Lawrence Jewry Church. By WILLIAM BEST, D. D. Sold by A. Millar in the Strand, J. Rivington in St. Paul's Church- yard, R. Dodsley in Pall- Mall, and at the Exhange. By the same Author, An Essay on the Service of the Church of England, consi- der'd as a Daily Service; with a View of reviving a more general and conllant Attendance upon it. Recommended by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. Sold by B. Dod in Ave- Mary- lane, J. Rivington in St. Paul's Church- yard, R. Dodsley in Pall Mall, and at the Ex- change. This Day is publish'd, Price 3 s. THE GALLANT COMPANION ; Or, an Anti- dote for the Hyp and Vapours. Containing, I. The Hobgoblin, or the Amorous Sylph. II. The Heart a Shittlecock ; or, The Inconsiderate Lover. III. The Generous Rival; or, the Female Volunteer. IV. The Heroick Victory ; or, Love and Duty reconciled. V. The Fatal Mistake ; or, Beware of Jealousy. VI. The Fortunate Slip; or, the Successful Intrigue. VII. The Cat's Paw ; a Fairy Tale. VIII. The She Duellists; or, Don Quixot in Petticoats. Printed by and for G. Woodfall, at the King's- Arms, Cha- ring- Cross; E. Withers, at the Seven Stars near the Inner Temple- Gate, and W. Reeve, at Shakespear's- Head, next Ser- jeants- Inn- Gate, both in Fleet- street. N. E. These eight most excellent Novels were never before in the English Language, and are universally esteem'd by all that have read them. This Day is publish'd, Price I s. The SECOND EDITION of POPISH INTRIGUES and CRUELTY plainly exemplified, in the affecting Case and Narrative of Mrs. Frances Shaftoe. Containing an Account of her being eleven Months in Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe's Family ; where hear- ing, among many other treasonable Things, that the Pre- tended Prince of Wales was Sir Theophilus's Son, she was trick'd into France by his Daughters, Anne and Eleanor, and most barbarously used, near the Space of six Years, to force her to turn Papist and Nun, in order to prevent a Discovery. With the Deposition of a Swiss Protestant Woman, who ef- fected her Escape from a Nunnery in France, into Switzer- land, ( taken before the Lord Chief Justice Holt) from whence she return'd into England, in December 1706. Tantum Religio potuit suadere malorum ? Lucret. Printed for M. Cooper at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row. PROPOSALS for ENGRAVING and PRINTING, on a fine Writing Paper, ANew and Compleat Set of SCRIPTURE PRINts, Cuts and MAPs, for the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT ; a Work often attempted, but never yet perfected, from Designs of the best Masters, and engrav'd by the most ingenious Artists. This Day was publish'd, No. IX. Containing FOUR PRINTS for One Shilling. Plate' JACOB wrestling with an Angel. 34. Joseph sold to the Ishmalites. JUDAH's incest with TAMAR. Annunciation to the Virgin MARY. Printed for S. Austen in Newgate- Street. Where may be had, the former Numbers of the PriNTS. N. B. The Ninth Number of Mr. StackhouseS'S history of the Bible, was publish'd at the same Time and any per- son may begin to take in the best Number either of the Hi- story or Cuts, and be supply'd Weekly. This DAY is publish'd, Price 1s. Dedicated to Dr. MEAD. AN ESSAY on the KING'S EVIL. — Quod Medicorum est Promittunt Medici. HOR. By ROBERT WILLAN, M. D. Printed for J. and P. Knapton, in Ludgate- Street; T. Long- man, in Pater- noster Row; T. Osborne, in Gray-' s- Inn ; and sold by M. Cooper, in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is publish'd, Price 6d. The SECOND EDITION, of THE MOURNeRS COMPLAINT, consider'd and apply'd, in a Funeral Discourse far WILLIam BELDAM, who died of the Small Pox, December 29, 1741, in the 26th Year of his Age. By THOMAS GIBBONS, sen. To which are added, An Elegy, and some other Poetical Pieces on the same Occasion. By THOMAS GIBBONS, jun. Printed for R. King, iu Fore- Street; J. Buckland, in Pater- noster- Row ; and M. Marshall, in Newgate- Street. This Day is publish'd, Neatly printed in two Volumes, Octavo, Price bound in Calf 8 s. THE MODERN PRACTICE of PHYSICK, as improv'd by the celebrated Professors H. Boerhaave and F. Hoffman, Physician to the late and present Kings of Prussia : Being a Translation of the Aphorisms of the former, with the Commentaries of Dr. Van Swieten, so far as was necessary to explain the Doctrine laid down ; and of such Parts of Dr. Hoffman's Works, as supply the Deficiencies of Boerhaave, and render the whole Practice of Physick com- pleat ; wherein the various Diseases to which the humane Body is subject, are distinctly consider'd; whence the Diog- nosticks and Prognosticks, together with the Method of Cure, are regularly deduced, and the Prescriptions adapted thereto, from Boerhaavc's Materia Medica, are added to every Apho- lism. By R. JAMES, M. D. Author of The Medicinal Dictionary, in 5 Vols. Folio. Printed for James Hodges, at the Looking- Glass over- against St. Magnus Church, London- Bridge. This Day is publish'd, Price 1s. Adorn'd with a curious Frontispiece engrav'd by G. VANDER GUCHT, < TU SECOND EDITION of THE UNIVERSE. A Philosophical Poem. Intended to restrain the Pride of Man. By HENRY BAKER, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Member of the Society of Antiquaries in London. Rex Jupiter omnibus idem. Virg. Printed for and sold by J. Worrall in Bell- Yard, near Lin- coln's- Inn; also sold by R. Dodsley in Pall- Mall. At both which Places may he had, publish'd by the same Author, The Microscope made easy. Illustrated with Copper- Plates. The Third Edition, with Additions. In the Press, and speedily will be publish'd, THE Life of JAMES late Duke of Ormond ; containing an Account of his Conduct in his Civil and Military Employments; with the History of his Time ; and ail Enquiry into the Principles and Measures of those Parties which he either supported or opposed. Printed for M. Cooper, in Pater- noster- Row. As this is not a Time in which Truth is to be sacrificed to any Considerations of private Interest, or in which the Knowledge of any question, in which the publick is interested, ought to be witheld, the Writer of this Life hopes that he shall not be suspect- ed of false Praise, or causeless Infectives and as he therefore has no hope of being rewarded, he has no Fear of giving Offence, This Day is putblish'd, Price is. 6d. MEMOIRS of the LIFE of Lord LOVATT. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is publish'd, Price I s. AFree Examination of a modern Romance, inti- tled, Memoirs of the Life of Lord LoVAT ; wherein the Character of that Nobleman is set in its true Light, and vindicated. Hic fugit omnes Insidtas, nullique malo latus, obdit apertum, Cum genus boc inter vitae versetur, ubs asris Invidia, atone vigent ubi crimina ; pro bene sano, Ac non incauto fictum, astutumque vocamus. hor. Lib, I. Sat, 3, Printed for W. Webb near St, Paul's. This Day is publish'd, In one Volume in foluo, Price 1l. 10s. bound, THE JUSTICE of PEACE: A Treatise contain- ing the Power and Duty of that Magistrate, compiled rom the Statutes at large ; the best and latest Reports; and other Books of Authority in the Law ; with many new Cases never before printed. interspers'd with Variety of Pre- cedents generally form'd upon the Words of the Acts of Parlia- ment. Together with a Tables of the Title and the Principal Matters. By THEODORE BARLOW, Of the Middle- Temple, Esq To which is added, An AppENDIX, being A Summary of all the Acts of Par- liament, whereby one or more justices are authoriz'd to act either in or out of Sessions. In the Savoy: Printed by Henry Lintot ( Assignee of Ed- ward Sayer, Esq for John and Paul Knapton, in Ludgate- Street, and John Nourse, without Temple- Bar. This Day is publish'd. Price 6 d. REMARKS on A Pamphlet, entitled INFI- DELITY SCOURGED; or, Christianity vindicated, Written by JAMES BATE, M. A. Rector of St. Paul's, Dept- ford. Wherein the Origin of Deism is enquir'd into and assign'd, and Mr. Bate's Treatment of the Quakers detailed and expos'd. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row and sold by the Booksellers and Pamphlet sellers of London and Westminster. Dr. ROBERT EATON's Dr. BALSAMICK STYPTICK, Truly prepar'd and sold at the Doctor's late Dwelling- House now, Mrs. Dutton's, in Salisbury- Court, Fleet- street. THIS Medicine restrains, in a most surprizing Manner, all internal, as well as external Hemorrhages, i. e. it infallibily and quickly stops all dangerous Bleedings at the Nose or Gums, spitting or vomiting blood ; also the im- moderate Hint of the Hemorrhoids or Menses; bloody Urine or Stools, bleeding of large Wounds, & c. ( if used according to the plain Directions given with it) as will appear by the cer- cificates of several eminent Physicians, and in the large Ac- count of this Medicine, written by the Doctor himself and dedicated to the College of Physicians a little before his Death. It keeps good for many Years, at Sea or 0n Shore in all Climates ; therefore must unversally useful, This Day is publish'd, { Price 2S. 6d. sew'd,) PHYSICAL Experiments upon Brutes : In order to discover a safe and easy Method of dissolving the Stone in the Bladder, by Injections. To which is added, A Course of Experiments with the Lauro- Cerasus; in order to investigate its Effects on Animal Bodies, when given in such small Doses as not to kill. Likewise an Account of several Experiments and Observa- tions on the Fumes of Sulphur ; shewing by what Means they destroy an Animal Body. Which were read before the Royal Society at several of their Meetings. BV BROWNE LANGRISH, Of the College of Physicians, London, and Fellow of the Royal Society. Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red- Lion in Pater- noster- Row. Where may be hath by the same Author, 1, The Modern Theory and Practice Physick. Price 1 s. 2. A new Essay on Muscular Motion, founded on Experi- ments, Observations, and the Newtonian Philosophy. Pr. is. MR. BANKS, Surgeon, universally known for his infallible, and by him invented, Cure for DEAF- NESS, encourag'd by the daily and surprising Numbers of Gentlemen, Ladies, and others, whom ( under the Blessing of God) he has perfectly restor'd to their Hearing gives Notice to the Publick, that he sets out from LONDON 0n his annual Tour thro' Kent, & c. & c. on Wednesday the 20th Instant ; when all Persons labouring under the Misfortune of being Deaf, may apply to him for certain and speedy Relief, at the following Places, viz. On Thursday 21st, at the Excise Of- fice in Tunbridge Wells; Friday and, at the White Hart in Lewes; Saturday 23d, at the Dolphin in Chichester; 011 Monday and Tuefday the 25th and 26th, at the Fighting Cocks in Portsmouth; Wednesday the 27th, at the Anchor in Southampton; Thursday the 28th, at the George in Winches- ter; Friday the 29th, at the Three Golden Lyons in Salisbury; Saturday the 30th, to Monday Night, at the Three Tuns in Bath; 0n Tuesday September the 2d, at the Angel in Marlbo- rough ; Wednesday the 3d, at the Post House in Hungerford; Thursday the 4th, at the Ship in Reading ; Friday the 5th, at the Bear in Maidenhead, and from thence to London, The doctor not only obtaining his Majesty's letters Patent for the sole Vending of this most excellent Medicine but also a Clause in a late Act of Parliament, exempting the Me- dicine from inspection of the Cemors of the College of Physi- cians, to which all other Medicines are hable. N. B. The late Learned Dr. CHEYNE in his Excellent Piece, entitled, The natural Method of Curing the Diseases of the Body, & c. prefers Eaton's StypricK to Helvetius's and other Stypticks ; and speaks of it as follows every one knows the agglutinating quality of sweet Blood, and I ap- prehend it is t0 this, that EATon's Styptick owes its soft mild soldering Efficacy. It is more mild substantial and soft, than the mildes Steel Preparations, and more fit to patch a Hole, or glew up a Rupture, or t0 give a balsam to the acrid and inflam'd flowing Blood of the Patient. He says, he is confirm'd in this by a Physician of great Worth and Candor, who has great Opportunities of dealing in such Cases, by his Practice in Midwifery' See p. 182. For the VENEREAL DISEASE. THE shortest, safe and regular, Cure this day in the World from the slightest Infection to the most inve- terate Degree of it, by a Medicine as pleasant to take, and as easy in its operation as it is effectual for a thorough Cure ; so that the unfor- unate Patient gets suddenly and surprizingly well, without Distaste to his Palate, the least disorder of Body, or any Confinement whatever. This is that great Remedy, now so well known and long experienced to be truly infallible, and is the Grand ANTl- SYPHILICON that Radcliffe and Garth used to say would totally extirpate tge Venereal Disease from the Face of the earth, were it but Universally known, and properly taken. Fresh infections call'd Claps, with all their cruel attendant Symptoms, it presently cures and if taken in time, even prevents their taking Place. It is a safe gentle, and pleasant Family Purge, even for Children as well as grown perions in all Cases where Purging is necessary ; nor can the deepest Scurvy, Rheu- matism, Gout, Evil or Leprosy, stand before i , but are pleasantly cured and thoroughly extirpated by it, well as the highest and most inveterate State of the confirm'd Venereal disease, which, with all its most raging SymptomS it soon eradicates restoring health, Strength, and Vigour to the body. Those who once take it will never have Re- course to any thing else. One Pot in most Cases is suffcient for a cure, and can be had only at Mr. Radford's Toyshop, at the Rose and Crown against St. Clement s Church- Yard in the Strand, at 6-. a Pot, seal'd up with a Book of Instructions, by which all Persons may fully under- stand their own Condition, and certanely know when, and when not, the Venereal Poyson is rooted out of their Bodies. Note, Ask only for a six shilling Pot for the scurvey. No letters answer'd unless Post- paid. The only fam'd and true Specifick Tincture For the TOOTH- ACH, and all Disorders and Defects of the TEETH and GUMS, has given intire Satisfaction to the Nobility and Gentry for above these twenty Years past, ON E Drop of it gives infallible and in- stant Ease in the most tormenting Pain, when nothing else wil1 and not only takes it away in a Moment, but absolutely cures the TOOTH- ACH, so as certainly to prevent its Return. At only once using, it makes the foulest TEETH most beautifully white, assuredly fastens those that are loose, and infallibly preserves the TEETH from growing rotten, and those a little decay'd from becoming worse: It perfectly cures the Scurvy in the GUMS, cau- sing them to grow up to the Teeth again ; and also occasions a sweet BREATH. It is neither disagreeable to the Smell or Taste , but effectually preserves the TEETH and GUMS from all manner of Foulness, Keeps them sound, good and in most beautiful Order, and may be depended upon to answer the Character here given of it, literally, and in every respect, as Persons innumerable have experienced. But beware of Counterfeits, many having endeavour'd to imitate it under the same Name, and even in the very Words of this Adver- tisements The Right Tincture being to be had only at the Gentlewo- man's at the Two Blue Posts in Haydon- Yard in the Minories, London, at 5s. ill. I Bottle, with printed directions. An immediate and never- failing Cure for DEAFNESS, Thickneas of Hearing, Noise or Pain in the Ears, & c. BY a noble Chymical Preparation, the most excellent Medicine for this Purpose that ever was known, far exceeding all Things ever yet publish'd, or made Use of; its Vir- tues are beyond expression, and cannot be truly known but by Expe- rience: Words come short of its just Praise. It is a certain, and, as it were, an instant Cure for Deafness, Thickness of Hearing, Noise or Pain in the Ears, from what Cause soever, or of ever fo long standing, having cur'd vast Numbers of Persons of both Sexes and all Ages, that have been in a Manner to- tally deaf, after all other Means and Medicines, external and internal, by Advice, and also by Publication, have fail'd, with the greatest Ease and Safety, and to their utmost Satisfaction and Wonder; For In a peculiar Manner, it strengthens, softens and loosens, the Drum of the Ear, which, by being dried or shrivell'd, is often the first and chief Cause of every complaint of want of Hearing, or of Noise, or Pain in the Ears, & c. to remedy all which, this noble Me- dicine is a true Specifick that never fails perfectly to cure all possible curable Cases, after all other Means and Medicines have utterly fail' , which is more than can be said of any other Thing in the whose World besides it self: Any Cold in the Head, or any Hurt by con- geal'd Matter in the Ears, it instantly cures. It is sold for ; s. 6 d. each Bottle, by the Author's special Appoint- ment, at Mr. Richards's Tinshop, the Sign of the Black Horie and Star, i » Fleet- Street, near Fleet- Market, and no where else in England. The Great RESTORATIVE. In all Histerical Disorders, which hath gained so much Reputa- tion, that it needs no Patent to recommend it, It being a pleasant compound Medicament, chymically prepard of the choicest Anti- hystericks in the whole Art of Chymistry, WHICH speedily and infallibly cures all Hysterick diseases, whether Hypochondriac Melancholy in Men, or Vapours in Women, however circumstanced, or to what Degree soever advanced. This Medicine having cur'd Thousands of Men and Women of Melancholy and Vapour , may be depended on for a perfect Cure; for it strikss immediately ar the first cause of the Dis- temper, and entirely destroys it Root and Branch, recifies that vitiated Ferment in the Stomach, which is generally the first and chief Cause, and thereby cures Indigestion, purifies the blood and Spirits strengthen* the Brain and Nerves, chears the whole frame, stops Vomiting, clears the Head from confus d Thoughts, removes Fears, Sadness, disturb'd Sleep, Twitchings of the Arms and legs, cures Palpitation or Tremb- ling of the Heart, and indeed all other the many and various Symptoms that attend this grievous Distemper; for take away the Cause, and the effect will cease. it is sold at as. fid. the Bottle, at Mr. Sandwell's Toyshop, at the Sign of the Griffin the Corner of Bucklersbury in the Poultry. under the Block to catch the Head in) he laid down his Head, and in about five Minutes gave the Signal, and the Executioner at one blow sever'd his Head from his Body, excepting a small Piece of Skin, which was cut, and wrapp'd in the Scarlet Cloth, and the Body was put into the Coffin. He behav'd on the Scaf- fold with great Decency, but was weak in Body, having been indispos'd for some Days past: He was very penitent, and appear'd in every RespeCt melan- choly ar his unhappy Circumstances, notwithstanding he bore his Death with the Conduct and Resolution of a Man. As soon as the Scaffold was clear'd from the Blood of the executed Lord, the Sheriffs went for the Lord Balme- rino, who soon came upon the Stage, dress'd in his Re- eimentals, a Blue Coat turn'd up with Red, with Brass Buttons, and a Tye Wig, with the Air of a Man going to a Wedding: He read the Inscription on the Coffin, and afterwards read a Paper to the Sheriffs, which he deliver'd to them, and for some Time walk'd about talking, seem- ingly under very little Concern : He enquir'd after his Hearse, and ask'd for the Warder of the Tower, to whom he gave his Wig and some Money ; he then pull'd off his Coat and laid it upon his Coffin, put on a Cap made of Scotch plad, took up the Ax. and felt the edge of it, then call'd for the Executioner and talk'd to him some Time, during which he gave him Directions how to perform the Execution, and in about two Mi- nutes after pull'd off his Waistcoat, tuck'd down his Shirt, and knelt down on the wrong Side of the Block, of which being inform'd, he got up again and went to the other Side, and laying down his Head gave the Executioner the Signal before he was prepar'd for it: Ha receiv'd the first Blow partly on his Shoulders, the second went about two Thirds through his Neck, ( on which ihe Body fell down) and being immediately rais'd a third Blow took off his Head, a Scarlet Cloth re- ceiving it, as it did the other; and the body being put into the Coffin they were both carry'd to the Tower: He did not appear so calm and sedate as the Earl of Kilmarnock, but behav'd upon the Scaffold with the same Heat and Resolution he had acted all his Life- time. The Number of Spectators at this Execution was in- credible, and very little Mischief done, except some having their Heads broke by the Populace throwing Stones; and the Arm of a Tree near the Postern, where- on several People had got, broke down, by which Means a Man's Arm was broke, a Boy was very much hurt, and some others bruised. Last Saturday the Gentlemen of the Grand Inquest for the County of Surrey, receiv'd Notice from the High Sheriff to appear before the Judges at St. Marga- ret's Hill on Saturday next, to find Bills against Sir John Wedderburn, and other Rebels who were taken at the Battle of Culloden. On Saturday last at the Assizes which ended at Chelmsford, for the County of essex, before the Lord Chief Justice Lee, John Skinner, late a great Oilman and Dry- Salter just without Aldgate, receiv'd Sentence of Death, for shooting his Servant in the Year 1744, for which he fled. He lately came into Essex to take possession of an Estate, and was seiz'd and committed to the County Gaol. The Assizes at Hertford prov'd a Maiden one, there bring only three Persons to try. Yesterday the Coroner's Inquesft finish'd their Enquiry on the Death of Mr, Blomier, lately kill'd in Swan- Alley, and brought in a Verdict, that Mr. Thomas Ely, who kill'd him, did it in his own Defence. By our last Advices from Petersbourg it appears cer- tain, that the Czarina has an Intention of marching a body of between 60 and 70,000 Men thro' Coutland and Poland, irto Germany ; agreeable to her Treaties with the House of Austria and her Allies. And It is thought that his Polish Majesty will take the Opportunity of the Passage of the Russian Forces, to propose in the ensuing Dyet the Augmentation of the Troops of the Crown with 30,000 Men, in which he fail'd last Year. The Jews in Bohemia being again in Danger of seeing themselves driven out of that Kingdom ( as having been already forced out of Prague) have applied to almost all the Courts of Europe, to obtain their Interposition to the Imperial Court in their Favour. Two Abbes have been imprison'd at Paris for having undertaken to predict the Death of the Dauphiness, and also for foretelling the End of the World. The States General talk of sending a Minister to Ma- drid, where they have had no Resident for five Years past ; and it is expected that M. Calkoen will be nomi- nated to that Office. The Wife of a young Mason, at Brieg in Silesia, has brought into the World five Children within twelve Months, viz. two boys in August 1745, and three Girls 1) 1 July 1746. They were all Christen'd except one Daughter. We have Advice from New York, that about the Middle of June arriv'd at that Province the Privateers Dragon Snow, Capt. Seymer, and the Greyhound Brig. Capt. Jefferies, and with them the Grand Diable Sloop, a Spanish Privateer, which they had taken and made a Cruizer of. The Dragon and Greyhound, cruizing m the Bay of Mexico, fell in with a large Spanish Ship of 56 Guns and 3oo Men ; they engag'd for the best Part of two Days; but the Privateers were oblig'd to leave her, a perfect Wreck, after expending most of their Ammunition, and they themselves not in a better Condition. The Mercury Privateer, of Charles- Town, and the Cruizer Snow, of Philadelphia, have taken the St. Crispin Privateer, a large Spanish Sloop, in her Passage from the Havanna for La Vera Cruz; she had forty Men on board, who escaped except two. Capt. Lam- pree, a Commander of one of the above Privateers, has also taken a small Sloop and sunk another. Capt. Clymer, in Concert with Capr. Lampree, was taken by two Xebeques. The Lyon, Woodward, from Cork to Antigua, was taken off the Island by a French Privateer, in Company with two other Vessels, one of which ran ashore, and the other got in. This Day is publish'd, in Quarto, By Order OF the KING and CouNcil, PHARMACOPCEIA Collegii Regalis Medi- corum Londinensis, Printed for T. Longman and T. Sewell, at the SHip in Pater- noster Row ; and j. Nourse, at the Lamb against Ka.- therine Street in the Strand. N. B. There are a few Copies to be had upon Royal Paper. This Day is publish'd, In Five neat POCKET VOLUMES, Price 15s. The THIRD EDITION ( with Additional Notes) ef THE MEMOIRS of CHARLES LEWIS baron de POLLnIT Z. ( Chamberlain to the late and present Kings of Prussia) Being the Observations he made in his TRAVELS through BRANDENBOURG, BAVARIA, TUSCANY, HANOVER, POLAND FRANCE, SAXONY, VENice, FLANDERS, HOLLAND, MENTZ, ROME, COLOgN, GENOA, ENGLAND Discovering not only the present State of the most noted Cities mid Towns, but the Characters of the several. Princes And Princesses, and of their most noted Generals. Ministers and Favourites, both laye and present Interspers'd with divers curious and entertaining Narratives, as well regarding Affairs of State, as those of Love and Gallantry. Printed for Daniel Browne, at the Black Swan without Temple Bar. A. MILLAR, Bookseller, Opposite to Katherine- Street in the Strand, HAVING purchased a few remaining COPIES Bishop BURNET's history of his Own Time; From the Restoration of King CHARLES II. to the Conclu- sion ot the Treaty ot Peace at Utrecht., in the Reign of Onsen Anne. ^ To which is prefx'd, A Summary Recapitulation of Affairs of Church and State from Xing JAMES I. to the Restoration in the Year 1660. At also the Author's Life by the Editor. In two Volumes folio. Formerly sold for 21. 10 s. are now propos'd at the moderate Price of 11. 10 s. in Sheets. where may be had, The Second Volume, Price 18s. in Sheets, to complete Gentlemens Sets, who are possess'd of the first Volume. This Daty is publish'd, In FIVE VOLUMES in Octavo, ( With all their CoaTS of ARMS curiously Engraven) Price One Pound Fifteen Shillings bound, THE ENGLISH BARONETTAGE. CONTAINING, A Genealogical and Historical Account of all the ENGLISH BARONETS, Their Descents, Marriages, and Lines; memorable Actions in War and Peace ; Religious and Charitable Donations, Deaths, Places of Burial, and Monumental Inscriptions. To which are added, AN Account off such Nova Scoria Baronets as are of English Families, now resident in England. Printed for T. Wotton, and sold by Edward Withers, at the Seven Stars, between the Two Temple Gates, Fleet- Street, This Day is publish'd, . In Two Volumes, Octavo, ( Price 12s. bound) illustrated with 23 Copper- Plates, MEDICAL ESSAYS and OBSERVATIONS,, publish'd by a Society in Edinburgh, in six Volumes, Octavo, abridg'd and dispos'd under general Heads. CONTAINING VOL. I. Meteorology, Mineral Waters, Materia Medica and Phar- macy, Animal CEconomy. N G, VOL. II. Anatomy and Chirugery, Essays 0n particular diseases, Histories of Morbid Cases, Improvements and Discoveries in Physick. By WILLIAM LEWIS, M. B. F. R. S, Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red Lion, and T. Astley, at the Rose in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is publish'd, In Two large Volumes in Octavo, MEDICAL ESSAYS ami OBSERVATION'S relating to the Practice of PHYSIC and SURGERY: Abridg'd from the Philosophical Transactions, from their first Publication down to the present Time. The Latin Papers are English'd, some occasional Remarks are made, and the Whole illustrated with necessary copper- plates. By SAMUEL MIHLES, M. D. Printed for S. Birt, at the Bible and Ball in Ave- Maria- Lane, near Ludgate- Street. Lately publish'd, The Second Edition, Price 3s. in Calf, of ANew ROMAN HISTORY. By Way of QuESTION and ANswER . Design'd principally for the Use of SCHOOLS. Extracted from the best antient Authors, and the most cele- brated among the modern ; and interspers'd with such Customs as serve to illustrate the History. Also lately publish'd, Being a proper Present for young Gentlemen and Ladies, The Fifth Edition, Price zi. 6d. in Calf, of A new HISTORY of ENGLAND, As well Ecclesiastical as Civil. by Way of question and Answer: Extracted from Mr. RAPIN, and other Historians. Which gives a most particular and accurate Account of the Monarchy, the State, Government, and Geography of Great Britain and Ireland ; Also the Wars and Revolutions that have happen'd in these Kingdoms; with an Account of the Conquests and Government of the Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans in England : Likewise, a particular History of each King, from the first Establishment to his late Majesty's Reign. To every King's Reign there is a chronological Table prefix'd, shewing what, Popes, Emperors of the East and West, Kings of France, & c. have reign'd : It also gives an Account of the m0st eminent Men that flourish'd in each Reign : By what Means the Kingdom of Ireland came to be dependent on the Crown of England ; what Wars have hap- pen'd in Ireland and Scotland. This little Book deserves a Place IN the best Study, and yet it is so easy and intelligible, that it will delight and improve the meanest Understanding to that Degree, that even Children may become excellent Histo- rians, and give a good Account of these Kingdoms, and the Government thereof. printed for T. Astley, at the Rose in Pater- noster- Row. LONDON : Printed by J. MERES in the Old- Baily, near Ludgate, where Advertisements are taken in t The Orange Tree, Maguins, from Rochelle to Bo- loign, laden with Brandy and Sugar is brought into Dover by the Carlisle Privateer We have Advice from the Sound of the 16th Instant, N. S. that Capt. George Sympson, of Whitehaven, from Dublin for Narva, in his Passage from the Ork- neys, fell in with three French Privateers out on a Cruize from Dunkirk; one was a small Frigate of 14 Guns, another a Snow of 16 Guns, and the third was a small Deal Cutter, but her Force was not known; and after rummaging the Vessel of what they thought proper, demanded 1oo1. more for her Ranfom. These Privateers cruize between the Orkneys and the Naze, and have taken a great many Ships they have their Rendezvous there and at Stavenger. BANKRUPT. Thomas Cope, late of the Parish of St. James, West- minster, in the County of Middlesex, Perukemakcr and Chapman. General Post- Office, London, August 4, 1746. WHEREaS the Post Boy, bringing the West Mail from Hartford Bridge to Stains, was, this Morning, between the Hours of Twelve and One, attack'd ON the High- way, near a Place call'd the Hither Black- Water, in the County of Surrey, by a single Highwayman, who carried off the following Bags, - viz. Plymouth, Truro, St. Collumb, Bodmin, Camelford, Oakhampton, Barnstable, Ashburton, Totness, Dartmouth, Launceston, Crewkerne, Ilminster, Axminster, Lyme, Chard, Bridport, Taunton, Welling- ton, Minehead, Shaftsbury, Weymouth, Dorchester, Bland- ford, Salisbury, Wimborn, Christ- Church, Pool, Cranbourn, Fording- bridge, and Ringwood : The Person who commit- ted this Robbery is a lusty Man, and had on a brown co- lour'd loose Horseman's Coat, and rode on a bay horse with a bald Face and his off Legs white, and appears to have made bis Way towards Weybridge or Cobham. This therefore is to give Notice, that whoever shall appre- hend and convict, or cause to be apprehended and convicted, the person who committed this Robbery, will be entitled to a Reward of Two Hundred Pounds, over and above the Re- ward given by Act of Parliament for apprehending of High- waymen : Or if any Person or Persons, whether Accomplice in the said Robbery or knowing thereof, shall make Discovery, whereby the Person who committed the same may be appre- hended and brought to justice, such Discoverer or Discoverers will, upon Conviction of the Party, be entitled to the same Reward of Two Hundred Pounds, and also have his Ma- jesty's most gracious Pardon. By Command of the Post- Master- General, GEORGE SHELVOCKE, Secretary. This Day is publish'd, Beautifully printed on two Sheets of Imperial Paper, ANew and Curious Map of ITALY, beautifully engrav'd by R. W. SEALE, compos'd and drawn at the Expence of the Duke of Orleans. By Mr. DANVILE. Geographer to the French King. Containing above 15oo Names of Places more than, any Map of Italy of that Size, This Map is described in a Treatise, entitled, A Geographical Analysis of Italy, whereby it appears, that not only the Di- visions of the several Territories are exactly described ; but the true Latitude of all the Towns from actual Observation and their Bearings from each other by Trigonometrical Trian- gles; as likewise all the Episcopal Sees, with the Situation of all the old Towns of Note, whereby it answers the End of an antient as well as a modern Map. Printed for J. Nourse, at the Lamb, over- against Catherine- Street in the Strand. . Where may be had, The Introduction to the Analysis of Italy. Note, The Map of Hungary, by the same Author, will be publish'd as soon as the Plate is finish'd. This Day was publish'd, Price 2 s. ( Dedicated to his Excellency PHILIP Earl of Cheslerfield, Lord Lieutenant General, and General Governor of Ireland) AN Authentick Narrative of the Success of TAR WATER, in Curing a great Number and Variety of Distempers, with Remarks and occasional papers relative to the Subject. To which are subjoin'd two letters from the Author of SIRIS. Shewing the Medicinal Properties of Tar- Water, and the best Manner of making it. By THOMAS PRIOR, Esq, To do Good, and communicate, forget not heb. xiii. 16. Dublin printed, London re- printed for W. Innys, C. Hitch, and M. Cooper, in Pater- noster- Row ; and C. Davis, in Holbourn. Where may be had, SIRIS: A Chain of Philosophical Reflections and Enquiries concerning the Virtues of TAR WATER. By Dr. GEORGE BERKELEY, Lord Bishop of Cloyne. This Day is publish'd, Price 611. AN Appeal from the late DAVID MORGAN, Esq; barrister at Law, against a late scurrilous Paper, en- tituled, A faithful Narrative of the wonderful and surprising Appearance of Counsellor Morgan's Ghost. Nos Anima viles inhamata infletaque turba Sternamur Campis. VIRGIL. Printed for W. Webb, near St. Paul's.
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