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The London Evening-Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2923
No Pages: 4
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The London Evening-Post
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The London Evening-Post

Date of Article: 31/07/1746
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: In the Old Baily, near Ludgate
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2923
No Pages: 4
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• - Numb, 2923 The London Evening- Post. . From TUESDAY July 29, to THURSDAY July 31, 1746, Batavia., October 20, 1745. WE are extremely sensible here, of the great Genius and inde- fatigable Application of his Excellency Baron Imhoff, who, sinCe his being in this Country in Quality of Governor Gene- ral, has neglected nothing that could be desir'd, and has done many Things that were never before thought of, nor proba- bly would have been thought of by any but himself, for promoting Commerce and the . Publick Good. He has establish'd several Companies here by Charters, or, as we stile them, Octroys, under proper Restrictions, for managing particular Branches of Trade that have not been hitherto improv'd ; and he has ad- justed the Terms in such a Manner, as that whilst the interests of Persons concern'd are consulted, those of the Company are not forgot. He has also erected a College for the Education of such as are intended for the Service of the Church, and in which there will be bred up thir- ty six Scholars at a Time it is intended that they shall be instructed in the Portugueze, Malayan, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew Languages, as well as Philosophy, History, Geography, Chronology, and the Mathematicks, that they may be the more able to succeed in preaching the Christian Religion through all Parts of the Indies, This Seminary is divided into five Classes, each of which has proper Masters. There is another Thing hitherto alto- gether unthought of, which his Excellency has likewise provided for, and that is, the setting up a publick Ga- zette here, in which will be contain'd all the News from the different Parts of the East, so as to secure as regular an Account of what is done in China, Siam, Pegu, & c. as is to be found in the European Gazettes of what is tranfacted in France, Spain, and Italy. There is no Doubt we shall reap considerable Fruits from these Re- gulations, which in the mean Time give us great Satis- faction and Pleasure. Madrid, July it. King Ferdinand has confirm'd all the Courtiers in their Employments; notwithstanding which, some Alterations are talk'd of after the. Funeral of the late King. Petersburg, July TZ. ' Tis said that the Activity and Success of the approaching Diet of Poland will depend chiefly on the Negotiations of the Count de Vitzhum, who is coming hither with the Character of Embassador Extraordinary All that we know concerning the Impa- Army assembled in Livonia is, that the Cavalry have Forage only to the End of July, and that Orders have been given to exercise frequently all the Corps, both Infantry and Horse, that compose it. M. D'Allion having lately receiv'd a Courier from Versailles, we are assur'd he has told our Ministers, That his Most ' Christian Majesty has been much surpriz'd to hear, ' that, according , to the general Report, the numerous ' Troops which the Empress has assembled, for some Time past upon the Frontiers of Poland, were de- to act offensively against France, in Favour of the Courts of Vienna and London, notwithstanding the repeated Declarations of his Ministers, concerning his Majesty's Disposition to accept the Mediation offer'd by Russia for an Accommodation, while the Courts both of London and Vienna had absolutely re- fused to listen to her Imperial Majesty's pacifick In-. tentions.' It is not yet known what Answer was given to this Minister; but we are persuaded, that whatever may be the Resolutions of the Court, they were not taken ' till after mature Deliberations, and will not be departed from, whatever Representatioas may be made to the contrary. Stockholm, July 19. It is pretended that the great Ar- maments of Russia, which still continue, begin to ex- cite the Attention of this Court, especially since it is given out that several Russian Garrisons upon our Fron- tiers have been reinforced. Certain, however, it is, that the Russian Ministers, from Time to Time, renew the strongest Assurances that this Kingdom has abso- lutely nothing to fear from those Armaments; and we perceive that the French Emissaries are the only Persons who spread the contrary Reports, in order, it possible, to set our Court against that of Petersbourg, and by that Means carry her own Point. We hear from Got- tenbourg, that another Fire has broke out there, but that such effectial Means were taken to stop its Pro- gress that only one House was reduced to Ashes. By the combustible Matters that are found in many Places, this is thought to he the Work of some Incendiary, and a Reward of 500 Silver Crowns is offer'd for any one who can discovcr the Offender. Paris, July 25. It has been resolv'd that the young Princess, of whom the Dauphiness was lately deliver'd, shall be provisionally distinguish'd by the Title of Madam. Another Courier is arriv'd at Versailles from the Bishop of Rennes, the King's Minister at Madrid. His Dis- patches bear Date the nth, and confirm the Contents of the preceding, with regard to the new King's Disposi- tions. ' tis certain that his Catholick Majesty appears firmly resolv'd to maintain the Engagements that sub- sist between his House and the Crown of France ; but he had signified, at the same Time, that being fill'd with true Affection for the spanish Nation, he will endea- vour to make it enjoy, as soon as possible, the Advan- tages of Peace, provided he can obtain it upon honour- able Conditions, without Prejudice to the Interest of the Princes to whom he is united by Blood. Amsterdam, Aug. The more the Publick regrets the Loss of the late Mr. Samuel Van de Putte, the famous Traveller, the more Reason there is to hope they will be pleas'd with such Papers of his as can be recover'd and preserv'd. It is with this View, and to encourage others who may have more valuable Fragments of his in their Hands, that we send abroad the following Ex- tract of a Letter written by him, July 19, 1742, from Pattena. To Mr. John Albert Sichterman, Counsellor Extraordinary of the Indies, and Director of Bengal. ' After quitting Lhasa, the Capital of Thibet, I pass'd thro' all the Great Tartary, or Asiatick Scythia of the Antients, quite to the North of China, tra- versing Countries which are not so much as mention'd in our Charts, if we except Lukanoor ; which is as much as to say, the Blue Sea, so call'd by the Elut Tartars, because the Surface of the Water appears to be of that Colour. I had passed in three different Places that famous and incomparable Barrier, which the Emperors of China have rais'd some Ages ago, to defend their Country from the Incursions of the Tar- tars, and I have now pass'd it the fourth time, under a fictitious Name, after having disguis'd myself the best I could, and under Pretence of Sickness, concealing as much as possible, whatever might discover me to be an European, and particularly my blue Eyes. It was by the Help of a numerous Train of Camels belonging to a Lama, ojr Great Priest, and by holding one of those Animals by the Bridle, that I had the very good Fortune to escape the Vigilance of the Chineze Guards, who, since the Beginning of the War, which still con- tinues between the Emperor of China and the Sion- gares, have receiv'd repeated Orders not to let any Person pass or repass that wonderful Wall, without having a Passport from a Mandarin. Such was the Method I took, and having once got into the Coun- try, I continued my Journey to Peking. As it was not possible for me on account of the before- mention'd War, to find an Opportunity of going from, that Ca- pital into Russia; and, as there was likewise no Pos- Ability of getting to Canton on account: of the Perse- cution of the Christians ; I took my Route through the Upper China, or by the Western Provinces, tra- versing a very mountainous Country, which is not particularly describ'd in our Charts, and repass'd Lhasa, of which I have spoken before. I pursu'd my Journey from thence by the Sources of the Ganges, through the charming District of Cachimir, and pas- sing through the Lesser Guzurat, and by Lahor ; I am now arriv'd at Indostan., & c. From the London Gazette. ' At the CAMP of Allied Army at Viler Aug. 3. Count Daun has been detach'd ever since the 26th with 10,000 Men upon our Right Flank: General Trips, with a Corps of Hussars and Pandours, is ad- vanced a little March from him upon his Right Flank ; and Baronai, with another Corps and our Free Compa-. nies, is Half a March in the Rear of Count Daun, upon his Right Flank also: Every Party of the Enemy that appears is attack'd, and generally with Success. The first Instant we pass'd the Mehaigne in six Columns and march'd in Order of Battle, the Cannon at the Head of each Battalion, and encamp'd our Right at Wasseige, our Left towards Longechamp and Ostin, Count Daun, between Athe and Sr. Germains, General Trips at Athe, and the Pandours advanced to St. Den- nis: Count Lowendahl was then, at Judoigne with 14,000 Men, Count Clermont between that and Tirle- mont with 1o, ooo, 15oo in Gemblours, the French Grand Army still behind Louvain, raising Redoubts, & c. They are call'd 80,000, and the whole is believ'd to be 130,000 Men. An Hour after our Arrival on this Side the Mehaigne, the Marshal had Advice that Count Lowendahl had march'd 10 Gembours and Sombref with all his Corps; that Marshal de Saxe, by very forced Marches, was come from Louvain to Con- roy and the Seven Stars; and that the Prince of Conti had made a Detachment from Charleroy to reinforce him. Upon this our Corps de Reserve was immediately order'd to march to support Count Daun and Prince Charles, with the other Generals in Chief, went the next Morning with all the Grenadiers to St. Denis, about a Mile from Count Lowendahl's Body, to see if it was possible to attack him ; but they found him cover'd by the River of Gemblours, Woods and large Redoubts, at which they work'd all Night, and also supported by Count Saxe's whole Army, and therefore the Design was not practicable. Charleroy has surren- der'd in less than three Days from the opening of the Trenches before it. The Enemy are now within Sight of us at the strong Camp of Gemblours, and the Prince of Conti at Fleurus. A Battery is to be planted this Night to dislodge them from the Castle of Mazy. Na- mur is out of all Danger of being besieg'd. Yesterday Morning the Hussars took sixty Men and five Officers, Prisoners, and kill'd 40. Another Party kill'd 300 French Pandours, Deserters from our Army and brought into Sr. Denis also another Party of 40 Swiss, taken within Musket Shot of the French Camp. Hague, Aug. 2. By our last Accounts, Prince Charles's Head Quarters were on the 29th past at Warem, near Leige. We hear that the French have sent off all their heavy Baggage to Brussels; this Step, and the Posi- tion of the two Armies, raise the greatest Expectation of the next News from that Quarter ; tho' the Return of the French King is fix'd at but the 10th Instant. Letters of the 19th past from the Austrian Army upon the Po, confirm the Junction and Joint Commands ha- ving taken place on the 16th; and add, that every Thing was prepar'd for entring upon Action; tWo Bridges have been thrown by his Sardinian Majesty over the Po below, and two above Placentia. Our Advices from Paris say positively, that the Brest Fleet and Transports are sail'd for America. Hague, Aug. J. The Letters of the 23d past from the Combined Army upon the Trebia, speak of the prepa- rations still continuing for its passing the Po ; and fix the th ditto for the Execution of it. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, July 24. Captain Millar writes from South Uist, that he was in close Pursuit of the Pretender, WHO had made his Escape to the Island of Sky, and from thence to the Main- land in Lady Clanronald's Cloaths; Our Army is in a Line betwixt Inverary and Fort William, and 1000 Men scouring the Hills Yesternight Lieutenant General Hawley arriv'd here ., from the Army. From Perth, that Semple's, wolf's, and Pulteney's Regiments lying there, are to march from thence for Kinghorn the latter End of this Week ; and to embark on Monday the 28th. COUNTRY NEWS. Newcastle, July 16. On Tuesday Night last arriv'd in Town the Right Hon the Marquess of Granby, from the North: His Lordship's Regiment, that has lain here for several Months past, march'd South 0n Wed- nesday Morning to be disbanded. About One o'Clock last Wednesday Morning arriv'd here his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, from Scotland: His Royal Highness was attended hi- ther by Lancelot Allgood, Esq; High Sheriff for the County, and Sir William Middleton, Bart, in a Coach and Six, and was welcom'd to Town by Cuthbert Smith' Esq; Mayor, William Cuthbert, Esq Recorder, and • several other Persons of Distinction, at Newgate, after a polite and genteel Manner. His Royal Highness was immediately presented with the Freedom of the Town in a Gold Box, by the Mayor: And also was presented with the Freedom of the Company of Masters, Ma- riners, See. of the Trinity- House, by Francis. Heath, Esq; Master of the said Company, in another Gold Box, being both of curious Workmanship: both which his Royal Highness accepted very graciously. LONDON We are credibly inform'd that his Cathorlick Majesty, the late King of Spain, has by his Will left the Re- version of his Crown, after his own Sons, to the Right Hon. W P -, Esq; - - - About three Weeks ago Sir William Duckenfield Daniel, of Duckenfield and Tabley, Bart. and Thomas Assheton, jun. of Ashley and Holford in Cheshire, Esq; lately Captains in the Right Hon. the Earl of Cholmon- deley's Regiment, were married at Chester; the former to Miss Vernon, Sister to Henry Vernon, of Hilton. Esq; the latter to Miss Clayton, One of the Daughters and Coheiresses of the late Richard Clayton, of the County of Salop, Esq two very beautiful young with great Fortunes and most amiable Qualities; Soon after their Nuptials both Couples set out for Sir William Duckenfield Daniel's Seat at Tabley, where their Wed- dings are kept with the utmost Splendour and Hospi- tality. ' On Saturday last died at Stamford in Lincolnshire, Mr. Thomas Hurst, an eminent Attorney, and chief Steward to the Right Hon. the Earl of Exeter ; to which Place he was recommended by his faithful Ser- vices to the late Charles Bertie, Esq; and has enjoy'd the same many Years with great Reputation. Yesterday the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, attended by the Aldermen, Sheriffs, & c, went to Stratford, and held a Court of Conservancy for the County of Essex, and from thence they cross'd the Water at the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich, and held a Court of Conservancy for the County of Kent : after which an Elegant Enter- tainment was provided there on the Occasion. " Yesterday the Rev. Mr. Burges was unanimously elec- ted by the Court of Directors of the East- India Com- pany, to be their Chaplain at Bencoolen, in rhe room of the Rev. Mr. Fordyce, promoted to Fort St. George', The same Day Capt. Hancock, Commander of the Norfolk for Madrass, Bencoolen and Benjar, took his Leave of the Court of Directors of the East- india Com pany, in order to proceed on his intended Voyage with all Expedition. On Saturday Evening died, of the Gout and Dropsy, at his House at Cookham in Berkshire, ths Rev. Mr. Thomas Aleyn, Rector of that Parish. On Monday Night died, Mr. Richard Carter, Master of the Queen's- Head Tavern in Thames- Street, near Gar- lick- Hill. Last Tuesday died Thomas Hucks, Esq; an eminent and wealthy Brewer in Southwark. A few Days since the Rev. Mr. Gibson, Son of the Bishop of London, resign'd his Prebend of Sr. Paul's in favour of his elder Brother, who was immediately in- ducted into the same. The three Scotch Lords now under Conviction are all of very antient Families, that had distinguish'd them- selves before they were rais'd to the Peerage. The Title of Elphingston Lord Balmerino bears date in 1604, and the Father of the present Lord was in the Reign of Queen Anne elected one of the sixteen Peers to serve in the Parlia- ment of Great Britain. The first Boyds, Earl of Kilmar- nock, was so created by King Charles II. in 1661. Mackenzie, Earl of Cromartie was raised to that Dignity -- in 1688, by King James II. ( of Scotland VII.) in Person of Sir George, a Man famous both as a Scholar and a Soldier, Before the Lords proceeded to give their Votes on Monday last, whether the Lord Balmerino was Guilty or not, one of the Bishops mov'd in behalf of himself and the rest of the Bishops, for Leave to withdraw, which was accordingly granted, it not being customary for the Bishops to Vote on such Occasions. WHEREAS several Persons who associated and sub- scribed for the Defence of his Majestys Person and Go- vernment, by raising twelve Companies of Men in this County of Sussex, have neglected to pay some one Third and some two Thirds of their several Subfcriptions, which by several Orders from the Committee they have been desir'd to do, at a Com- mittee of Colonels this Day met at Lewes, it is order'd that they, on or before the 20th Day of August next, pay into the Hands of the Receivers of the said Fund, which were former- ly appointed, their first and second Call of one Third of their several Subscriptions not already paid, otherwise their Names will be printed at full Length in the publick Papers, with the several Sums which they subscrib'd, and have hitherto neglected to pay and if the several Sums are not paid by the said Day, Orders will be given that those who have not paid shall be immediately prosecuted, in order to confirm the Otders of the Committee, and to do Justice to those who have paid both Calls. N. B. Copies of all the Monies receiv'd and disburs'd are order'd to be made and left at the principal Towns in each Rape in the County, that every Subscriber may be satisfy'd how his Money subscrib'd and paid has been dispos'd of and what Sums remain unappropriated are ~ to be refunded by Poundage, or otherwise disposed of by the general Consent of the Sub- scribers Sussex, Lewes july 25, 1746 CHIPPING- NORTON RACES, In the County of Oxford. ON Tuesday the 16th of September will be run for, 0n Chapple 0n the Heath, near Chipping- Norton, a Purse of Fifty Pounds, by six Years old or aged Horses, & c, that never started for above the Value of Fifty Guineas; the six Years old to carry 11 Stone, all above that Age 11 stone; 10 run the best of three heats, four Miles to a Heat; paying, one Guinea Enterance if a Subscriber, or three at the Post; a Non- subscriber three Guineas, or five at the Post. And On Thursday the 18th of September will be run for, on the same Course, a purse of Fifty Pounds, by any four, five, or six Years old Horses, & c. that never started for above the Value of Fifty Guineas; nor since the 1st of April last won the Value of Twenty rounds at any one Time: The four Years old to carry eight Stone, the rive Years old to carry nine Stone and four Pounds, the six Years old ten Stone; to pay one Guinea Enterance ; to run the best of three Heats, four Mile each Heat: No Horse, & c. to run for the last Purse unless the Owner subscribes two Guineas towards the Purse ; both Purses to be run for accordmg to Articles ; any Horse, Sic. may enter at the Post paying five Guineas. All horses & c. that enter for either of these Purses, must enter that Day se'nnight before they run, at the White Hart in Chipping Norton, between the Hours of Three and eight in the Afternoon ; and n0 Horse, & c. to be kept at any House but where the Landlord subscribes Half a Guinea at least to the last Purse; nor any Smith to plate any horse, & c. but who is a Subcriber. All Horses, & c. to stand in Chipping- Norton from the En- terance to the Day of Running ; no less than three reputed running Horses, txc. to start for either of these Purses. N. B. There will be Balls as usual. AS the Assizes will be held at Hertford on the nth of AUgust, it is thought proper to put off the School Feast of Bishop Stortford in Hertfordshire, to Tuesday the 19th of August when the Gentlemen who have been educated there, and their Friends, are desir'd to favour that Meeting with their Company. Sir CoNYERS JOCELYN, Bart. . JOHN COOKES, esq, Certainly nothing can be a clearer Proof of th Excellency of any Commodity thin the Appro- bation it meets with—— if so, THE ENGLISH GRAPE BRANDY may justly claim a Superiority over all other British Productions- from the constant and large Demands the Com- pany have from all Parts of the Kingdom. To convince the Curious how fitly it is adapted to all manner of fixtures, viz. RASBERRIES, CHERRIES, There is now prepar'd a large Quantity of SHRUB with the said BRANDY, and ORANGES when in the greatest Perfec- tion ; which is 110 Ways inferior ( either as a Dram, or for Punch) to that made with the best Coniac. Shrub at 6 s. per Gallon, Brandy at 4 s. At the Warehouse the Bottom of Bartholomew- Lane, near the Royal Exchange. Sixpence per Gallon allow'd to those who take half a Hogs head 0r upwards. THOMAS RAWLINS, Clerk to this Company. LO S T out of Hungerford- Common, in the County of Berks, on Tuesday the 22d Instant, a black, strong, thick made Gelding, with a Star in his Forehead, about nine Years old, some Saddle Spots 0n his back, a Sprig Tail, thick upon the breast, and about fourteen hands and a half high. Whoever will bring the above Gelding to Mr. Thomas Woodroffe, of Hungerford aforesaid ; or to Mr. James Wood- r0ffe, in Gracechurch- Street, London, shall receive a Guinea reward and all reasonable Charges. WHEREAS a Perfon of a fair Complexion, about 22 Years of Age, and of a middle Stature, dress'd in lightish colour'd Cloaths, did, on the 17th Instant, hire a brown Chesnut Gelding ( of John Early, Cornchandler, in Carnaby- Street; near Golden- Square, to, go to Ripley in Surrey, and was to have return'd. rhe next Day) about 14 Hands high, full- aged, and a little tender in his fore Feet : And whereas the said person has not yet return'd the Gelding, and the said John Early hath great Reason to apprehend the said Person hath rode away with it with Intent to defraud him ; this is to give Notice, that whoever, will stop the said Person. and gelding, and give Notice to the said John early thereof, shall receive all reasonable Charges, and, a very handsome Gratuity for their Trouble. N. B. The Man has two Fingers wanting on his Left- hand. JOHN NEWTON, Of the City of Litchfield, Herewith acquaints his Friends, THAT he has not been concern'd in the Cyder Way with James Hubbard since the Year 1741, nor with Brandies, Rum, & c. since the Year 1744; at the End of which Year their Copartnership was dissolv'd ; and all Debts now in Account for Cyder, Brandy, Rum, & c. in the Year 1741, or before ; and ail Debts in Account for Brandies, Rum,& c. since that Time, or in the Year 1744, that are still due to the said John Newton and James Hubbard, in that Copartnership , our Friends are hereby desir'd to pay the same to the said Janus Hubbard when he is upon his Round in September next; for it will be unavoidably necessary ( if they are not paid) that an Attorney must collect what remains as soon after as it can be done : The aforesaid John Newton does therefore desire all his Friends, that they fail not to pay, to prevent the Charge that may ensue ; and hopes the good Understanding, which has ever been between them, may still subsist; which is the hearty Desire of their Respecful Friend and Servant, J. NEWTON. to be Sold by AUCTION, At the House of James Wrigley, being the Sign of the Golden Lion in Dale- Street, Liverpool, on Thursday the 11 th of September next, at Three 0 Clock in the Afternoon, THE Capital Messuage and Tenement, call'd Walton- Hall; being the Freehold Inheritance of Mr. Lawrence Briers in Walton on the Hill, situate about two Miles from Liverpool ; and 84 Acres of Land thereunto be- longing) after eight Yards to the Rood, lying in Walton and fazackerley ; the hands lie conveniently together, and there are in it about 15 Acres of Water, Meadowing and a Right to a considerable Commoning belonging to the Estate. The House and Qut- housing are in good Repair, and the Estate capable of very great Improvements, to be SOLD, At Mr. RECULEST'S, in Brook- Street, the Corner of. David- Street, by Grosvenor- Square, METHUEN WINE, little inferior to the best Burgundy, ac a Guinea a Dozen, an STREIGHTS WINE, preferable to Red Port, at 16s. a Dozen, and COR- SICA WHITE- WINE as strong as Mountain, at 18s. a Dozen, all in good sizeable French moulded Bottles, ot Thir- teen to the Dozen ; or in French Wine Hogsheads, the Methuen 20I. and the Streights 151. and. the Corsica 17 I. a Hogshead, for ready Money only, sent to any Part of the Town without Expence to the Buyer. The Bottles to be paid for at Two- pence Halfpenny each, the Money to he repaid upon the Return of them. Note, constant Attendance from Eight in the Morning ' till Twelve ar Noon. To be SOLD, At Ash, in the Parish of Stour Paine in Dorsetshire, tlree Miles from Blandford, and eight from Shaftsbury, THE Fee Simple and Inheritance of the Manor and Farm, call'd AsH , consisting of a Farm- House, Stables, Barns, and other necessary Out- houses, 500 Acres of Arable,_ Pasture, and Down, 20 Acres of Coppice, and 20 Acres of Meadow, and four Houses leas'd out for Lives; all of the yearly Value of 1601. or thereabouts. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Woolfreys, at Kingston, near Woodberry Hill in Dorsetshire ; Mr. Glover, Attorney, at Shaftsbury ; or of Mr. Maddock, Attorney, in Crane- CoUrt, Fleet- Street, London. be SOLD, AFreehold Estate, being a well accustom'd and . well tenanted Inn, at Kingston upon Thames, with ten Acres and a half of Pasture Land belonging t0 it. Enquire of Mr. Mathew Combe at his Chambers in New- Inn; of Mr. Patterson at Kingston ; . or of Mr. Henry Simeon at Reading. To be SOLD, ThE Wood, Underwood, and Wood Ground, call'd St. John's Wood, in the parish of Chepping Wy- comb, in the County of Bucks, late the Estate of Richard Mead, of Chepping Wycomb aforesaid, Timber Merchant, deceas'd, and held under Letters Patent, in which there is a Term or near 18 Years to come, at the yearly Rent of 30 1. There is a Messuage and brick Kiln upon the Premisses, which are lett ar the yearly Rent of 101. 15S. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Jacob Loveday, at Chepping Wycomb aforesaid ; or Mr. John Fell, at his Chambers in Gray's Inn. N. B. All Persons who are indebted to the Estate of the said Richard Mead, are forthwith to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. Loveday, or Mr. Fell, who are im- power'd by the Representative of the said Mr. Mead to receive them, otherwise they will be sued for the same. And all Persons who have any Demands upon the Estate of the said Richard Mead, are desir'd to bring in the same as above. To be SOLD, BRANCASTER great MALT- HOUSE, in the County of Norfolk, situate within three Miles of Burnham Market ; together with a Dwelling- House, Store Rooms, Offices and Gardens, in very good Repair. This is the largest Malt- House in England, and was built on account of the Situation, which is the most convenient for foreign Trade and Home Merchandize, standing a Mile from the Sea, and having an exceeding good Harbour and Key that adjoins to the Buildings, where Ships come up for their Loading, This Malt- Houie will steep 180 Quarters of Barley at a Time, and the Floors, Kilns and Store- Rooms are answerable to it. And the Situation of the Whole is reckon'd to be, for a Mer- chant or Maltster, the most convenient of the Kind in Eng- land. Enquire for farther Particulars, and a Plan of the Whole, of Mr. Cauldwell, at Holkham, near Burnham Market; or of Mr. Perkins, at Number 7, in Lincoln's- Inn, Lond0n. To be LETT, At Langley Bury, in the County of Hertford, within three Miles of Watford, AFarm, consisting of 414 Acres of Arable Land, 46 of excellent Pasture Ground, by a River Side, and 20 of floated Meadow, at the yearly Rent of zyo I. the whole Tythe- free. Enquire for further Particulars at Lord Raymond's, at Langley Bury. N. B. The Farm lies within five Miles of four Market Towns. This Day is publish'd. In one Volume in Folio, Price 1l. 10 s. bound, THE JUSTICE of PEACE: A Treatise contain- ing the Power and Duty of that Magistrate, compiled from the Statures at Large ; the best and latest Reports ; and other Books of Authority in the Law ; with many new Cases never before printed. Interspers'd with Variety of Pre- cedents generally form'd upon the Words of the Acts of Parlia- ment. Together with a Tables of the Title and the Principal Matters. By THEODORE BARLOW, Of the Middle- Temple, Esq To which is added, An APPENDIX, being a Summary of all the Acts of Par- liament, whereby one or more Justices are authoriz'd to act either in or out of Sessions. In the Savoy: Printed by Henry Lintot ( Assignee of Ed- ward Sayer, Esq; for John and Paul Knapton, in Ludgate- Street, and John Nourse, without Temple Bar. WHEREAS CHARLES POOLE, of Lieute- nant- Colonel Hemington's Company, in his Ma- jesty's Regiment of Foot- Guards, had a Furlow . from Ghent in Flanders, in January 1742, and has not return'd to the Re- giment or Company; these are therefore to give Notice to the said Charles Poole, that if he will return to the Regiment and Company before the 15th Day Of August next, he will receive a free Pardon ; and if nor, any Person who shall apprehend the faid Charles Poole, so as that he may be brought to the Regiment, shall, on their giving Notice thereof to Capt. Wilkinson, Agent to the said Regiment, in Brewer- Street, Golden- Square, receive a Reward of Five Guineas. Note, The said Poole is about five Feet eleven Inches high, about 29 Years of Age, born in Devonshire, by Trade a Tan- ner, small Legs, of a black and swarthy Complexion, a long Chin, and pitted with the Small- Pox. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Company, J0HN FLETCHER, late a Serjeant in the said Company, aged 29 Years, about five Feet nine Inches high, born in Duffield in. Derbyshire, a Husbandman, of a fresh Complexion, short light Hair, and had a Wound of a Musquet Ball 0n the Left Side of his Face, under the Jaw, and stoops a little in the Shoulders; he deserted 0n or about the 10th Day of March 1745. Whoever shall apprehend the said John Fletcher and Notice tliereof at the Orderly Room at Whitehall, shall ceive a Reward of. Two Guineas, over and above what isAl- low'd by Act of Parliament; he had on when he went off a red Coat faced with blue. Mr. HOGARTH hereby gives Notice, THAT the Print of Mr. GARRICK, in the Character of RICHARD the third, is now finish'd, and ready to be deliver'd to the Subscribers. The said Print will continue to be sold at 7s. 6d. each, at the Golden Head in Leicester- Fields; where also may be had, all his other Works. This Day is publish'd, Price 6d. THE BATTLE of the GIANTS. A Poem, To the DUKE. By S. BARRET, M A. Quis MARTEM tunica tectum adamatina Digne scripserit ant ope Palladis Tydiden sisperis parem ? HoR. Printed by E. Cave, and sold by M. Cooper, in Pater- noster Row. Where may he had, by the same Author, Bucolica Alexandri Popii, ( Quatuor anni temporum inscripa titulis) Latine reddita. This Day is publish'd. Price 6 d. By AUTHORITY. A LETTE R from WIL LIAM SHIRLEY, Esq; Governor of Massachuset's. Bay, to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle: With a Journal of the Siege of Louis- BouRG, and other Operations of the Forces, during the Ex- pedition again it the French Settlements on Cape Breton ; drawn up at the Desire of tiie Council and House of Repre- sentatives of the Province of Massachuset's Bay; approv'd and attested by Sir WiLLiAM PEppErell, and the other Principal Officers who commanded in the said Expedition. Printed by E. Owen in Warwick- Lane. On Saturday next will he publish'd No. I. And to be continued every Saturday Price 4 d. THE PARROT. To which will be regularly added, a Compendium of the Times, in a Method hi- therto unattempted. By the Authors of the FEMALE SPECTATOR. Printed by T. Gardner, and sold ar his Printing Office, at Cowley's Field, opposite Sr. Clement's Church in the Strand, and by all Booksellers in Great Britain and, Ireland. Of whom may be had. 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Ciceronis de Natura Deorum, Libri tres, 8vo. 6. Disputationes Tusculanae, 8vo. 7. Demetrius Phalareus de Elocutione, five Dictione Rheto- rica, Gr. Lar. 8vo. 8. Epicteri Enchiridion ; Cebetis Tabula, Prodici Hercules, & Cleanthis Hymnus, Gr. lat. 12m0. 9. Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianae :' Editio n0- vissima, Erroribus innumeris passim expurgata. Cum Notu- lis Joannis Clerici, & c. 12mo. 10. Horatius Ad Lectiones probationes diligenter emenda- tus. & Interpunctione nova aepius illustratus, 12mo. II. M. Antonini Imperatoris corum quae ad seipsum Libri XII. Gr. Lar. 8vo. 12. Pindari Omnia quae extant, Gr Lat. 12mo. 13. Phaedri Fabulae, ex Editione Burmanni, 121110. 14. Sophoclis Tragoediae quae extant septem. Additae funt Lectiones variantes, & c. Gr. Lar. 2 Vol. 8vo. if. Theophrasti Characteres Ethici, Gr Lat. t2mo. 16. P. Terentii Afri Comoediae Sex ; Ex Editione Westcrho- viana, 8vo. 17. C. Corn. Taciti Opera, quoe extant omnia. Ad Editio- nem optimam Joh. Fre. 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Andrew Ferguson's Humourous Account of most of the Scotch Lords, and other Persons of Note engag'd in the Late Rebellion, exhibiting their true Characters at large, and their main inducements for taking Arms in Fa- vour of the young Chevalier : Also Memoirs of the most re- markable Transactions of their Lives ; and to the Whole is prefix'd an Account of the Author. Printed for j. Robinson, in Ludgate- Street. ( of whom also may be had, Price 6d. The Political Will and Testament of the late Rev. Dr. Jona- than Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. Many Gentlemen and Others being curious to know the principal Particulars of the Rebellion rais'd and carried on in Scotland, in the year 1715 ; as also what follow'd upon the Suppression thereof; With the TRIALS of the Peers and others concern'd in it ; This is to give NOTICE, THAT in the MONTHLY MERCURIES, pub- lish'd in the Years 1715 and 1716, are contain'd the fol- lowing curious Articles, viz. In Aug. 1715. An Account of the Invasion of Scotland. Sept. dit. The Earl of Mar's Declaration ; the Progress of the Rebellion, 6lc. olc. Nov. dit. Gen. Wills's Account of the Reduction of the Rebels at Preston : An Account of the Battle of Dunblain: Lists of the Prisoners, kill'd and Wounded, Sic. In Jan. 1716, The Impeachment of the seven Lords. Feb, dit. The Attorney General's speech : The Articles of Impeachment: The Impeached Lords , Speeches before Judgment: The Lord High Steward's Speech upon Judgment pass'd : Lord Derwentwater's Speech at the Place of Execution, & c. April, dit. Lord Nithisdale's Escape Proceedings on Lord Wintoun's Trial, Sec May, dit. Col. Oxburgh's, and Mr. Gascoigne's Papers deliver'd at Tyburn. July, dit. Dying Speeches of Parson Paul and Justice Hall, & c. This work began November 1688, and was continued down to the year 1736, in forty- seven Volumes. Gentlemen may have the Whole complete of Mr. Roberts, in War- wich- Lane, or single Months, at 6d. each, from July 1690, to January 1736, inclusive. This Day are publish'd, In THREE VOLUMES in FOLIO, Collected from about out Thousand original Draughts, in the Possession of Dutton Seaman, Esa, at Guildhall, Comp- troller of the Chamber of the City of London, PRECEDENTS in CONVEYANCING, settled and approv'd by GILBERT HORSMAN, late of Lincoln's- Inn, Esq, Containing Conveyances and Settlements, nor only of Estates real and perfonal, known to - former times, but also of Stocks, Bonds and Annuities of the publick Companies, Ex- chequer Annuities, Fortunes in Ireland and Holland, and Plantations in America; likewise many new Clauses and Pro- visions in Consequence of Acts of Parliament, and of Deter- minations in the Courts of Justice. Printed for j, and P. Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate-; Street. 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There are a few Copies left of the Quarto Edition, with ! the Cuts colour'd, which may be had at the Subscription Price of One Guinea. N. B. A Translati0n of the BuCOLICS and the AEnEiDS, in Quarto and Octavo, with Notes, are preparing for the Press by Dr. MARTyN , and will be publish'd with all SPeed. Some Observations on the real and peculiar Virtues of the LIQUID SHELL, Discovered by the learned and ingenious Baron Schwanberg,' a Nobleman of Mechlinburgh. in Germany, who was well known to the learned throughout Europe, for his extensive Knowledge in the most abstruse Operations in Chemistry ; which, to Demonstration, is proved to be a Dissolvent for the STONE and GRAVEL. THE Rev. Dr. HALES, and others, have demon- strate'd by various Experiments, That the Virtues of the celebrated Medicine of Mrs. Stevens, for the Gravel and Stone, and, for the Discovery of which, the Parliament of Great Britain gave a Reward of 5oool. depend entirely upon the Salts of Lime in the Alicant Soap, and calcin'd Shells -, but: the enormous Dose of that Medicine renders it so nauseous, that it is almost impossible to take it in a Manner sufficient to answer. any good End. Now the ingenious Baron Schwanberg discover'd a Method of procuring calcin'd Shells, which is the strongest Species of Lime, in a Liquid Form ; yet not in the least corrosive, which, in his Lifetime, he communicated to Walter Baker, his particular Friend ; who since his Decease, has improv'd, and publish'd it to the World, in so neat a Manner, that, if taken in a small Quantity, it will give almost immediate Re- lief in the most violent Pains of the Gravel and, if duly persisted in, will, in Time, dissolve a Stone in the Urinary passages, when too large to pass ofF otherwise. And it is remarkable, that those who take it for the Stone have a Sediment in their Urine, resembling powder'd Chalk: Now, that this Sediment is a Portion of the Stone dissolv'd, is evident from an Experiment in the Power of every one to make; for, put an human Stone, form'd in the Urinary Pas- sages, into a Vial of, the Liquid- Shell and in Time, it will gradually dissolve into a white powder, exactly resembling that in the Urine of Persons who take it as a Medicine for the Stone, without any Heat. But, in order to prove it much more Efficacious, when taken - into the Body, let a Stone be put into a Vial of the Liquid- Shell, in a moderate Sand - Heat, it will in few Hours be dis- solv'd, or broken to Pieces; which no Menstruum besides, yet known, unless corrosive, was ever capable of perforating. This Medicine is safe, the Dose small, and so far from being unpleasant, that a Person who nauseates Physick, may with Pleasure take it; for it makes little or no Alteration in the Human Body, unless making Urine, and expelling Wind. But if it meets with an Acid in the Stomach, being a grand Alkali, it gently purges, and carries the Cause entirely off. Dr. Robert James, Author of the Medicinal Dictionary, ij Three Volumes, Folio, under the Article Calculus, speaking of Mrs. Stephens's Medicine for the Gravel and Stone, says, That M. Schwanberg, ( whom he personally knew ) a Ger- man Gentleman, extremely well versed in the most abstruse Operations of Chymistry, had a Method of making calcined Shells limpid as Rock Water, extremely alkaline, tho not cor- rosive :' And that he had, Known great Relief produced by it in Nephritic Disorders And what is pretty sUrprizing, will, upon the Affusion of a particular Fluid into a Glass of this Medicine, be instantly converted into a white powder, resembling fine Basket- Salt; which, when washes off and the Powder dried, is exactly the Shell restor'd to its former State. This Experiment the Proprietor will, if desir'd, shew the Curious. It is also an absolute Cure for the Wind CholiC and all Kinds of Flatulences; and, by Experience, is found to be so innocent, that it may be taken by a Child in the Month ; and proves the best Remedy known for Gripings. Fevers, Con- - vulsions, and those Uneasinesses, which Children are subject to, from Acidities, the well- known Cause of most of their Disorders: Nor is it attended with the general bad Effects of Opiates, which only give a temporary Relief; but afterwards do a great deal of Prejudice, by exciting Costiveness, a Con- sequence that proves fatal to Thousands of Children. Tiie Bottles are seal'd, as in the Margin, with Baron Schwanberg's Coat of Arms, viz. A Field Gules, charged with a Swan proper, supported by two Greyhounds, with a Marquis's Coronet. By Appointment of the Proprietor, Walter Baker, it is sold Wholesale only, by William and Cluer Dicey, and Comp. at Dr. Bateman's Warehouse in Bow Church- Yard, London, and at their other Warehouse in Northampton; at loth which Places it is alfo fold Retale, Price is. 6d. the fmall Vial. Sold Retale also at my House in Helmet- Court, near Kathe- rine Street in the Strand, London. W. BAKER. The Royal BEAUTIFYING FLUID. SO highly esteem'd by Ladies of Distinc- tion and the finest Women in Europe, has for several Years stood the Test against many vain Endeavours to imitate its now allow'd superior Excellency to all other Things. For it gives an inexpressible Air to the Features of the Face on the Spot, and a surprising Handsomeness to the Neck and Hands, which it makes exceedingly smooth, fine. and delicately white. It takes away all disagreeable Redness, Spots, Pimples, Heats, Roughness, Morphew, Worms in the Face, Marks of the Small Pox, Sun- burn, or any other Discolouring removes all Wrinkles, making the Skin become incomparably fine, clear, plump, soft, and beautifully fair, to Admiration. It causes sparkling Life, Spirit, and juvenile bloom to reign in every Feature, and yet is nothing of Paint, but far excceds it, by bringing the Skin, whether of the Face, Neck, or Hands,. and tho' brown, red, or rough, to a natural, youthful Fairness, Smoothness, and Delicacy, which Paint only faintly imitates; neither is this ROYAL BEAUTIFYER prepared from the least particle of Mer- cury, or anything Metalline, but is so harmless it may be given inwardly even to Children. It has also a pleasant Scent, will not soil the finest lawn, is very agreeable to use, and can be had only at Mr Radford's Toyshop at the Role and Crown against St. Clement's Church- yard in the Strand, at 3 s. 6 d. a Bottle, with Directoins, and no where else in England. The HEMORRHOIDS or PILES. A very troublesome Distemper, common to many Persons of both Sexes, and all Ages, and if neglected, or ill ma- nag'd, often proving. dangerous in the Consequences and being seldom thoroughly cur'd without Relapse, IS the Reason of this Publication that all such Persons of either Sex, or any Age, may know where t0 have present relief, and in a few days a perfect cure let their Case be ever so bad, or the Piles of any Kind, viz. inward or outward, swell'd or bleeding, or of the very worst sort that ever was known. By a pleasant and delightful Chymical powder, so certain in its Ef- fects, that not one in five thousand that take it miss of a cure ; and safe in Operation, that the most aged, or even young Infant's, may take it with the greatest safety, for it neither purges nor causes the least disorder to the Patient, only operates gently by Urine and keeps the Body cool and temperate ; but it very powerfully rectifies. both the Blood and juices, takes off the Acridness thereof, which is the, true Cause of this Distemper, and destroys it Root and branch, as the many Thousands that have taken it find to their unspeakable Comfort and satisfaction. It is sold for 5 s. 6 d. cach box, at Mr. King's Picture shop in the Poultry, near the Royal Exchange; and at Mr. Martin's Shop, the Sign oi the Duke of Cumberland in CranboUrn- Alley. near Leicester fields, and no where else in England, the GRAND SPECIFICS: for cleansing and strengthening the Reins, & c. THE only infallible Specifick for those Purposes that ever was known; for it may be certainly de- pended 0n for carrying off by urine safely and speedily, all the Remains of pernicious unskilfully prepar'd Mercurials, Gleets or Weaknesses, through tedious or ill- manag'd Cures of the Venereal disease, or from Self Pollution, inordinate Coition, & C. Also any Weaknesses of the Vessels from Wrenches, Strains, Blows, Sec. and all Other ObstructionS in the Urinry Passages, even Stranguaries Ulcers, & c. This, noble Specifick is also of singular and very extraordinary Use and efficacy, where there is any Gravel or small Stones, Slime, or any other Matter that obstructs the Urine ; bringing all away in a few Times taking, as has been happily experienced by great Numbers of both Sexes; and particularly, by a Gentleman whose Case has often been mention d in ths Advertisement, by a Certificate of his Cure; who in taking but a little of this noble Specifick, voided above an Ounce of Gravel, One Bottle in most Cases is sufficient for a perfect Cure. Sold for 7s. 6d. a Bottle, at Mr. Sandwell's Toy- Shop, at the Griffin, the Corner of Bucklersbury in the Poultry, This Day is pubblish'd price 1s. ADEFENCE of several PROPOSALS for raising of three Millions for the Service of the Govern- ment, for the Year 1740 . with a postscript, containing some Notions relating to publick Credit. 0 JOHN BARNARD, Knt. Printed for J. Osborn at the Golden Ball in Pater- noster Row . LONDON. The Court at Westminster, being set Yesterday Morning after the time Manner as on Monday last, and the three peers there convicted of High- Treason, being brought to the bar to receive Sentence; the Lord High Steward ask'd Lord Kilmarnock, if he had any Thing to offer why Judgment of Death should not pass upon him ? To which he reply'd, he could say nothing in Arrest of Judgment, but desir'd Leave to speak a few Words, which being granted, he said, That ever since he had been capable of Judging, for himself, he had, by all his Actions, whenever he was in his Power, endeavour'd to shew the strictest Attachment to his present Majesty ; that he had a Son who had the Honour to bear his Ma- jsty's Commission, who by all his Actions had fully testi- fied he had educated him in the highest Notions of re- volution Principles, which were the same he was taught , by the best of fathers, without which, it was im- possible for the Liberties, & c. of the nation to subsist; that he did not engage in the Rebellion. ' till late, viz. after the Battle ot Preston Pans, and that it had been his constant Care the whole Time of his being with them, to prevent as much Mischief as possible, being commit- ted upon his Majesty's Subjects, Soldiers, or others ; that he might very easily have got off at the Time he surrender'd, being pursu'd by none, out being sensible he must preserve his Life by the same Methods which had been unhappily made use of for the Destruction of his Country, he chose rather to Submit to his Majesty's Mercy : That he had heard the French King had inter- fered, on Pretence of getting Pardon for them: That he abhorred the Thoughts of a French King's presuming to dictate to a King of Britain how he should treat his of- fending Subjects, and if he had any Mercy, should only desire to receive it by the Intercession of Britons-, but if Justice would not permit Mercy to take Place, he should with his last Breath pray for his Majesty's Posterity, and the Prosperity of his Country. The Earl of Cromartie recommended himself to the King's Mercy, and desir'd their Lordships Intercession. As for the Lord Balmerino, pleaded that the Grand Jury of Sur- rey had no Right to find Bills against him as being at the taking the City and Castle or Carlisle, since it had not been all prov'd that he was present thereat; he therefore said, if they had no Right to find Bills against him, he humbly mov'd the Indictment might be quash'd, or that he might be allow'd Council: The Lords after some Debate agreed he should have Council assign'd. him, and accordingly at his Request Mr. Wilbraham and Mr. Forrester were appointed , and the Lords or- der'd him to prepare for Judgment on Friday. We hear that both houses of Parliament will rise some Day next Week. And, That the Earl of Kellie and the Lord Lovat will not be tried ' till the Meeting of the Parliament again. Last Tuesday a Reprive for three Weeks was sent to the Sheriff of Surrey for the following Rebel Prisoners, viz. Charles Deacon, William Battraugh, John Saun- derson, Christopher Taylor, James Wildey, Thomas Furnival, James Gadd, and Alexander Abernethy. Yesterday Morning, about Eleven o'Clock, the other nine Manchester Rebels were carry'd from the New- Gaol, Southwark, to Kennington Common, in the following Manner, viz. First a party of Dragoons, then a large Party of the foot Guards, follow'd by the three Sledges, in the first of which were Francis. Townley, John Berwick, Andrew Blood, and the Executioner with a drawn Scymeter; in the Second, Thomas David Morgan, Thomas Deacon, and Thomas Syddal; in the Third, james Dawson, George Fletcher, and Thomas Chadwick, surrounded by the Foot- Guards, who also brought up the Rear. When they came to the Place of Execution they were all put into a Waggon, and the Faggots for burning their Hearts, Entrails, & c. was im- mediately set on fire; they were genteely dress'd, and behav'd with great Resolution: After they had pass'd some Time in Devotion they desir'd to speak to each other by themselves, which was granted ; the Discourse continued near a Quarter of an Hour, with great Ear- nestness and Devotion, at the End of which they all flung their Hats, Prayer- Books and some Papers, among the Spectators ; the Executioner then pull'd their Caps out of their pockets, and putting them on drew them over their Eyes, and they were immediately turn'd off. When they had hung about three Minutes the Sol- diers pulled off their Shoes, Stockings and Breeches, and the Executioner soon after pull'd off the rest of their Cloaths, then cutting them down sever'd their Heads from their Bodies, took out their Hearts and Entrails and threw them into the Fire; after which their Limbs were scarr'd, but not sever'd from their Bodies, and then carry'd back to the New- Gaol. Three of their Heads were kept, viz. Morgan's, which is to placed upon Temple Bar; Townley's at Carlisle ; and another at Manchester. There were present the greatest Number of Spectators ever seen together in the Memory of Man, some Thousands of whom waited in the Rain several hours to see the Execution of these unhappy Men. The Fourth and last General Seal, which WaS ap- pointed to be held at Lincoln's- Inn- Hall, before the Lord High Chancellor, as last Tuesday, was put off till this Day. The King of Denmark has resolv'd so to augment the Marine of his Kingdom, that he may have 18 or 10 Men of War ready to put to Sea upon Occasion, and the necessary Orders are given to the Yards for that Purpose. We hear from Reading, that on Monday last 16 Hor- ses wete enter'd there to run for three Plates on Bull- marsh- Heath near that Town, as follow, viz. For Tuesday the 5th of August, Seven, Wednesday the 6th, Six, and, Thursday the 7th, Three: And that it is very well assur'd that several others will enter at the Post : So that there is likely to be as great Sport as ever was known at that Place. We hear from Hereford, that on Thursday last was committed to their Gaol, one Hooper and his Son, for the murder of a Gentleman Unknown, on the 3d of May last.— A Servant Girl, that liv'd with the said Hooper, could not be at Peace in her Mind, ' till she had discover'd this horrid fact. The Prince Charles, Taylor, from Boston for Antigua, is taken and carried into Martinico. The King Solomon, Skull, from Antigua for Lon- don, is ashore near Youghall in Ireland j but the Cargoe will be sav'd Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, dated july 27 Yesterday arriv'd at Spithead his Majesty's Sloop the Viper, lately launch'd at Pool the Lieutenant of which, in her Passage round, went with his Boat mann'd to impress some of the Shipwrights at Work on the Men of War building near Southampton; on which a Quarrel ensued and the Lieutenant was se- verely handled, having his Skull fractur'd, and very much wounded: In the Scuffle the Boat went off with one of the Ship wrights and left the Lieutenant, and had not some People come by at the Time, they would have murder'd him; but he is so dangerously ill, that it is thought he cannot recover. _ • ' This Morning a Duel was fought between Major Beard, of the Young Buffs, and Captain Harling, of the Tilbury Man of War, now lying at Spithead; when, after several Passes, the Major was dangerously wounded. We hear that the Major, on some Words with the Captain at a Coffee- House, struck him ; on which the Captain calmly said, This is not a proper Place; but call'd the Major up the next Morning, when they fought. The great Match at Cricket between the County of Kent and ail England, that was to have been play'd To- morrow, is t0 be play'd on Saturday at Bromley Common ; the second Match in the Artillery Ground on Monday next. N. Bt This Match is deferr'd to Sa- turday by Order of the Noblemen and Gentlemen, it be- ing impossible for them t0 be present 0n Friday. The Grand Anniversary of the HIGH BORLACE will be celebrated at the King's Head Tavern in Oxford, on Monday the 18th of August. Diseases and Casualties this Week. Diseases. Aged 26. Consumprion 64. Convusion 116. Dropsy 14. Fever 67. Small- Pox 41. Teeth 21. Casualties. Drown'd 2. Hang'd themselves 2. Kill'd by a Fall. Overlaid 1. Christen'd Males 125 Females 125 in all 170 Buried Males — 101 Females 203- In all 404 Decreas'd in the Burials this Week 51. The assize of bread made of Wheat, set forth by Order of the Court of Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the 29th of July, 1746, to commence and take Place 0n the Thursday following: s. a. f. The Peck Loaf, Wheaten or best, is—— 1 9o Houshold or second sort, 1 33 This Day Bank Stock was 133 to 1 qr. India Stock 175? to 177 1 halfro 3qrs. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities 102 1 half to 38ths. to i half Ditto New icr to 1 8rh. without Dividend. Four per Cent. Bank Annuities 99 1 half to 3 qrs, to 58ths. Three per Cent. Annuities H6 to 1 half. Million Bank 11$ Price. Equivalent 110 Price, Royal Assurance 76. London Assurance 10 1 half. English Cop- per ditto 51. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no price. Five per Cent, ditto n0 Price. Bank circulation 8 1. Prem. India Bonds al. 16s. Prem. Three 1 half Salt Tallies no Price Three 1 half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets us. 6d. to 12 s. Prem. Life Annuities 13 Years purchase. Custom House, London, July 29, 1746. WHEREAS the Commissioners of his Majestys Customs have receiv'd Information upon Oath, that on Satur- day the 14th of June last, John Norton, William Fursman, Thomas Lowe, John Digerson, Henry Knott, Richard Saffery, and John Forrest, Officers of his Majesty's Cuftoms in the Port of Deal, in the County of Kent, did, upon Information given, seize a Quantity of Brandy, conceal'd under Ground, at Woolwich- Green, ahout nine Miles from Deal aforesaid; and that as the said Officers were returning to Deal ivith the Brandy, they were pursued by a Gang of ten or twelve Per- sons supposed to be Smugglers) arm'd with Blunderbusses, Pistols, and Cutlasses, and were stopt between Six and Seven in the Evening by the said Gang, within a Mile of a Village call'd Frogham, in tie County aforesaid, who insulted and assaulted the Officers with their Pistols and Cutlasses in the most outragious and barbarous Manner ; and, particularly, that John Norton, one of the Officers, receiv'd two wounds on his Head, being struck and beat by one of the Gang with a Cutlass ' till it broke, his Horse being ' also wounded in the Belly • and that Henry KnottT Richard Saffery, John Forrest, and John Digersony four other of the Officers, were beat over their Heads and Shoulders with Cutlasses and Whips by the said Gang, in a most barbarous Manner ; and that William Fursman, another of the Officers, when endeavouring to ride away and escape their ill Treatment, was pursued by three of the Gang, one of whom fired a Pistol at his Breast ; And after the said Gang had beat the Officers as aforesaid, they robb'd and took from John Norton a pistol and Hanger, from Richard Saffery one Pistol, from John Digerson one Pistol, and from Henry Knott two Pistols and a Powder- Horn ; and that they likewise rescued and took away from the Officers the Brandy which they had seiz'd. And it appearing upon Oath, that Austin Paine, a Farmer and Maltman, of Nunington in the County of Kent, came with the said Gang, stay'd the whole Time, and went away with them, the Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, in order to bring the said Austin Paine, or any others of the Gang who were concerned in this Robbery and Assault of their Officers, to Justice, whose Names are as yet unknown, do hereby promise a Reward of Twenty Pounds, to any Person or Persons who shall apprehend the said Paine, or any others of the said Gang, who were con- cern'd in the said Affault and Robbery , ( over and above any other Rewards they may be entitled to by Law) to be paid by the Receiver- General and Cashire of the Customs, upon Con- viction of the Offender or Offenders. By Order of the Commissioners, WILLIAM WOOD, Sec. This Day is publish'd, in Quarto, By Order of the KING and COUNCILS PHARMACOPOEIA Collegii Regalis Medi- corum Londinensis. Printed for T. Longman and T. Sewell, at the Ship in Pater- noster Row ; and J. Nourse, at the Lamb' against Ka- therine- Street in the Strand. N. B. There are a few Copies to be had upon Royal Paper. AT a, Meeting of the Honourable the Trustees for Reparing the Turnpike Road, neer Bagshot Heath, in the County of Surry, held the 12th Day of May 1746, It was or- der'd that the next Meeting should be held on Monday the 4th Day of August following, at ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the said Lyon in Egham. JOHN HOPKINS, Goldsmith At the Golden Cup in Fleet Street, near Fleet Bridge ( name Hopkins under, as per Margin) COntinues making it his principal and chief Business as he has done for fifteen years past f to deal in Second- hand Plate, jewels,. Watches, He likewise at all times keeps by him Variety of new plate, & c. of exquisite Workmanship ; and in both Ways always makes it his constant Rule to sell at the most reasonable and lowest prices: As well as that he gives the very utmost for old Plate, & c. the continual Call he has for Quantities thereof, giving him an Opportunity beyond any other of affording most Money for the same. N. B. Nothing engrav'd, wili ever be exposed to sale without first taking out the Arms, & c. Nor any Credit given or requir'd neither way. The NeW Inn or Golden Lion, in Honiton in the County of Devon, Which hath many years been in the Possession of Mr. William Courtenay, being lett to John Page, who Latey kept the Sun Inn in Newton Bushell, in the said County, to hold from . Lammas next, He hereby, gives NOTICE, THAT the usual Accommodation will be continu'd at the said House, and that from thence he'll use his best Endeavours to please and oblige all Gentlemen and others by a civil and agreeable Entertainmeny of them and is Their most humble and obedient Servant, JOHN PAGE. Mr. Thomas Courtenay, the said Williams Brother, being the Proprietor of the said House, will esteem it a great fa- vour if the Gentlemen who have hitherto used it, will be pleas'd to continue so to do. This Day is publish'd, Beautifully printed on two Sheets of Imperial Paper ANew and Curious Map of ITALY, beautifully engrav'd by R. W. SeALE compos'd and drawn at the Expence of the Duke of Orleans. By Mr. DANVILE. Geographer to the French King. Containing above 1500 Names of Places more than any Map of Italy of that Size. This Map is described in a Treatise, entitled, A Geographical Analysis of Italy, whereby it appears, that not only the Di- visions of the several Territories are exactly described ; but the true Latitude of all the Towns from actual Observation and their Bearings from each other by Trigonometrical Trian- gles; as likewise all the Episcopal Sees, with the Situation of all the old Towns of Note, whereby it answers the End of an antient as well as a modern Map. Printed for J. Nourse, at the Lamb, over against Catherine- Street in the Strand, Where may be had, The Introduction to the Analysis of Italy. Note, The Map of Hungary, by the same Author, will be publish'd as soon as the PLate is finish'd. Lately publish'd, The Second Edition, Price 3s. in Calf, of ANew ROMAN HISTORY. By Way of QuESTION and ANSwER. Design'd principally for the Use of SCHOOLS. Extracted from the best antient Authors, and the most cele- brated among the modern ; and interspers'd With such Customs as serve to illustrate the History, Also lately publish'd, Being a proper. Present for young gentlemen and ladies, The Fifth Edition, Price 2s. 6d. in Calf., of A new HISTORY of ENGLAND, As well Ecclesialstical as Civil.' By Way of Question and Answer. Extracted from Mr. RAPIN, and other Historians. Which gives a most particular and accurate Account of the Monarchy, the State, Government, and Geography of Great Britain and Ireland : Also the Wars and Revolutions that have happened in these Kingdoms; with an Account of the Conquests and Government of the Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans in England: Likewise, a particular History of each King, from the first Establishment to his late Majesty's Reign. To every King's Reign there is a chronological Table prefixed, shewing what Popes, Emperors of the East and West, Kings of France, & c. have reign'd It also gives an Account of the most eminent Men that flourish'd in each Reign: By what Means the Kingdom of Ireland came to be dependent on the Crown of England; what Wars have hap- pen'd in Ireland and Scotland. This little Book deserves a Place in the best Study ; and yet it is so easy and intelligible, that it will delight and improve the meanest Understanding to that Degree, that even Children may become excellent histo- rians, and give a good Account of these Kingdoms, and the Government thereof. Printed for T. Astley, at the Rose in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is publish'd In Quarto, Vol. II. of THE ROMAN HISTORY, from the Build- ing of Rome to the Ruin of the Commonwealth, Illustrated with Maps and Plates, By N. HOOKE, Esqr, Sold by C. Hitch, in Pater- noster- Row, and G. Hawkjns, at Milton's Head, between the two Temple- Gates in Fleet- Street. . 4 Subscribers Books will be deliver'd by G. Hawkins. This Day is publish'd, In Two Volumes, Octavo, ( Price 11s. bound) illustrated with 15 Copper- Plates, MEDICAL ESSAYS and OBSERVATIONS, publish'd by a Society in Edinburgh, in six Volumes, Octavo, abridg'd and dispos'd under general Heads. CONTAINING, V O L. i. Meteorology, Mineral Waters, Materia Medica and Phar- Animal CEconomy. VOL. II. Anatomy and Chirugery,. Essays on particular Diseases, .-. Histories of Morbid Cases, Improvements and Discoveries in Physick. By WILLIAM LEWIS, M. B. F. R. S, Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red Lion, and T Astley, at the Rose in Pater- noster- Row. LONDON: Printed by J. Mere'S in the Old Baily near Ludgate, where Advertisements are taken in
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