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The London Evening-Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2886
No Pages: 4
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The London Evening-Post
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The London Evening-Post

Culloden - Page 4
Date of Article: 06/05/1746
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: In the Old Baily, near Ludgate
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2886
No Pages: 4
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NUMB. 2886 Since our last arriv'd a Mail from Holland. Petersbourg, April 16. T is apprehended that some new Change- has happen'd late- ly in our Councils, which the most intelligent Persons attri- bute to the last Expresses ar- riv'd from Berlin, but that the Fact is really so, appears plain- ly from hence, that the great Body of Troops in full March from Moscow to Lithuania, is countermanded,, as is also the second Train of Artillery that was going to Riga. Berlin, May 3. The King being always desirous of shewing how much he has the Interest of the Protestant Cause at Heart, his Majesty, who fome Time ago re- solv'd to interest himself in Favour of the PrOtestants in Poland, has taken the same Resolution in Favour of those of, the Kingdom of Hungary, and the Principa- lity of Transilvania: For this Purpose the King has charged his Minister at the Court of Vienna to make the most amicable Representations to the Empress Queen, to the End that this august Princess might cause the Grievances of the Hungarians, who profess the Protes- tant Religion, to be examined into, according to the Laws of Equity, and that all Things might be regula- ted in such Manner, as that every Subject of fresh Com-. plaint may be prevented. It's not doubted, but that the Ministers of England and Holland at the Imperial Court, will support the Instances of the King's Mini- ster there. His Majesty has likewise sent Orders to his Envoy at the general Dyet of the Empire, to recom- mend on all Occasions the Interest of the Protestant Cause, and that the Treaty of Westphalia may be in- violably maintained, and that if this Treaty1 has been infring'd in any Part of the Empire, a Remedy may be applied without Delay. Francfort, May 5. Tne Imperialists are still quiet in their Quarters, which we attribute to the heavy Rains and the Badness of the Roads. The Circle of Franconia has not: hitherto declar'd for the Neutrality ; on she contrary it is presum'd, that the Troops of that Circle Will replace the Impirialists as soon as they begin 10 march. ; We hear no more of the 12,000 Saxons that were to have been taken into the Pay of the Maritime, Power, So that some Credit is now given to a Report, formerly spread, as if had offer'd a considerable Subsidy not, for the SerVice-' of these Troops, but to prevent their going into any other Service. We have lately had a much stranger Report than that, viz. That'a great Body of Prussian and Pala- tine Troops would shortly encamp in the Territories of the last- mention'd Prince, but with what View it is im- possible to say. Lier, May 5. The French King arriv'd Yesterday at Brussels; and ' tis assur'd, that it has been resolv'd to take Antwerp let it cost what it will. It is just now confidently reported, that 50,000 French are advancing in two Columns, in order 10 attack the Army com- manded by Field- Marshal Count Bathiani. This Gene- ral puts his Troops into a proper Posture of receiving them in case they should dare to attempt it, aud for that Purpose has chang'd his Camp, and posted himself on the other Side of the Nethe, where it will be impossible for the Enemy to employ, their Horse. From the Head Quarters of the Imperial Army on the Taro, April 25. The Marquess de Castillar, who retir'd from Parma with a Corps of between 7 and 8000 Men, has made a Shift to get clear thro'the Mountains, in spight of all the Diligence of Count Nadasti; the latter came up wiih his Rear on the 22d, but they decamp'd in the Night, and it is thought have taken the Route of Tuscany. General Nadasti has sent several Detachments in Pursuit of them, who have made abundance of Pri- soners, ' and afforded an Opportunity for great Numbers to desert, so that we consider this Corps as in a Manner ruin'd. The Garrison of the Citadel of Parma is more numerous than we imagin'd, inasmuch as it consists of 56 Officers, and near 1000 Men. We have found in the Place thirty Pieces of Cannon, three Mortars, 8000 Bullets, and a great Quantity of Ammunition. Our Army still continues encamp'd on the Banks of the Taro, as the Enemy does on the other Side, and it is believ'd we shall very soon march to attack them. Paris, May 2. Letters from Nice of the 20th advife, that the Count de Maulevrier, who commands in that County, being inform'd that 4500 Piedmontese were marching to attack the Post of Castillon, immediately order'd three Battalions, which he had detach'd for the Army of M. de Maillebois, to return and relieve that Post. Accordingly these Troops, join'd with those at Castillon, attacked and defeated the Enemy, and obliged them to retire to Sospello, with a considerable Loss. This Advantage is the more important, because, if the Piedmonteze could have made themselves Masters of that Place, they would have cut off the Communica- tion of the County of Nice with the State of Genoa. Paris, May 6. The Brest Fleet sail'd the 17th of last Month, but as yet nobody knows their Destination. SCOTLAND. Glasgow, April 18. We are inform'd by a Gentleman who arriv'd here on Saturday last from Monteith, that 300 Rebels are. on the Braes of Balquhidder, under the Command of Macgrigor of Glenayle : They keep close all Day, but' sally out in the Night and plunder the Country. Expresses have been sent to the Commanding Officers at Perth and Sterling, and there is no doubt that we shall very foon hear of their being either dispers'd or destroy'd. Lord John Drummond. with the Ladies Macintosh and Ogilvie, were pursu'd to Lord Lovat's House at Castle Downie, of which some of their Hussars had taken Possession before, who upon the Approach of the King's Troops fir'd and kill'd four, which so in- cens'd the Men, that after making Prisoners of those who were in the House, they burnt it down to the Ground.. The Marquess of Tullibardine, and an Officer in the French Service, were yesterday taken by the young Laird of Drummykill, near his House in Ross, who carry'd them safely to the Castle of Dumbarton, where they are at present confin'd. 7 Edinburgh, April The Accounts from the Army are still continuing favourable, beyond the warmest Wishes. By an Account of the killed, it appears that 1700 were buried from the Field of Battle ; and in the Pursuit, Obstinacy made a great many fall; it appears in all, that 3600 have been kill'd. Sullivan, to whom the Magazine gives such a large Character, is taken dangerously wounded ; Lord Balmerino is a Pri- soner,. and Glenbuckey ; Cluny, Chief of the M'Pher.- sons, is seiz'd by a Detachment of the Garrison of Fort William. The Clans come in Hourly to surrender ; and his Royal Highness has now 1400 Prisoners. He has, shipp'd off the French for Newcastle. Ten Deserters from different Regiments are hang'd. The Earl of Cromarty and his Son, with the second Barisdal and 150 Men, are brought to Inverness. They were taken by the Sutherland and Lord Rae's Militia : And one Letter says, that rhe Dispute was obstinate, many kill'd, and several pushed into the Sea, where they, were drown'd. In general, the Rout has been so total, that we are well assur'd there are hun- dreds, nay thousands, which in the Cloud of Night, have pass'd at the Ford of the Frey; Higgin's Nook, & c. The Pretender's Master of Horse, was one who is catch'd, and on Friday last was examin'd by General Blakeney ; he declared that the Victory was entire, and that the D. of Perth at Ruthven in Badenoch, had given him a Crown, and bid him shift for himself, along with many others, and that their Body was dispers'd for want of Provisions.—— The Stirling Militia is raised, and guard the Frew, & c. Ten Prisoner are already fallen into their Hands. The Earl of Loudon, and the Lord President, are dai- ly expected at Inverness. The Argyllshire Men, under General Campbell, are The Transports with the four Regiments on board are sailed North.' Several Letters from the North, Mearns, and Perth- shire, mention, that the Rebels are come down in Shoals ; and tho' mostly without Arms, they are under Apprehensions of their committing Disorders : To pre- vent which, the well- affected Gentlemen in these Coun- ties have rais'd their Tenants, and arm'd them with such Instruments of War as they could procure ; and had al- ready taken several of the Rebel Run- aways, General Huske is march'd from Inverness with a strong Detachment, entirely to suppress the rebellious Part of Lochabar and Baderloch. The Rebels are in no considerable Body. COUNTRY NEWS. Canterbury, May 3. Last Monday Night four Soldiers endeavour'd to get out of Maidstone Gaol; they got upon the Leads for that Purpose, and having tied a Cord round a small Chimney, one of them letting him- self down, pull'd the Chimney after him, upon which the Guard was alarm'd, and the other three secur'd. He that got off was nam'd John Rossal, belonging to Fitz- James's Regiment of Horse in the French Service, was a Man of a black Complexion, had short Hair, about five Feet ten Inches" high, with a light Drab Coat, and a Buff- colour'd Waistcoat. LONDON. The Palace at Kensington is getting in Readiness for the Reception of his Majesty and the Princess Amelia, who are to dine there on Thursday next. Yesterday their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prin- cefs of Wales went from Leicester House to their Seat near Epsom, where they intend to reside during the Races. His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland is ex- pected in a few Days from Scotland. ' Tis reported that upwards of fifty Persons will be attainted for being concern'd in the Rebellion in Scot- land, & c. On Saturday last Capt. Chambers's Company of Ma- trosses, Bombardiers and Gunners, with some additional Men, amounting in the whole to 140, embark'd at Woolwich, and the same Evening fell down the River, in order to sail round to Spithead. And we hear that 10,000 Men will be immediately embark'd at Portsmouth. Yesterday some Experiments were made at Wimbleton Common, before General Sir John Ligonier, Knight of the Bath, and several other Persons of Distinction, with four small Cannon, of a new Contrivance, upon one light Carriage, which was drawn by one Man from Place to Place; each Piece discharg'd either near a Pound Ball, or from fourteen to twenty- four Musket Balls; and they were judg'd to be very useful for De- tachments on any expeditious Service, as one Horse may gallop with the Whole; whereas the common Field- Pieces require each two or three Horses'; but that they might have been more commodiously mounted. Yesterday William Pitt, Esq; lately appointed one of the Vice- Treasurers of Ireland, kissed his Majesty's , Hand, on his being appointed Paymaster- General of his Majesty's Forces, in the room of Thomas Winnington, Esq; deceas'd. On Friday died Mr. Turner, Master Painter to his Majesty's Yard at Deptford. On Saturday last died, after a short Illness, Sir Simon Urlin, Knt. Recorder of the City of London, and Ser- jeant at Law ; a Gentleman who fill'd his Offices with great Uprightness, and was much respected by all. that knew him. The following Gentlemen are talk'd of to succeed him, viz. Sir Richard Lloyd, King's Council; Mr. Mildmay ; Mr. Garrat, the Common- Serjeant ; Mr. Morton, Mr. Stracey, the two Judges of the Sheriffs Court; and Henry Bankes, Esq; Member of Parliament for Corfe- Castle in Dorsetshire. Late on Suaday Night died, at his House in Great St. Helen's, Bishopsgate- Street, Walter Bernard, Esq; an eminent Packer and Alderman of Broad- Street Ward', in which Place he was chosen on the 22d of June, 1742, on the Death of Charles Ewer, Esq; and' serv'd the Office of Sheriff of this City, with Sir Samuel Pennant, Knt. in the Year 1745. Last Night there was a general Meeting of the Deputy, Common- Council and Inhabi- tants of the said Ward, at the Crown Tavern in Threadneedle- Street, for the Choice of a proper Gentle- man to succeed him, when they agreed to support the Interest of Thomas Rawlinson, Esq; The Election will be To morrow at Eleven o'Clock at- Drapers- Hall. On Saturday last a great Match was ran over the Beacon Course at Newmarket, between Mr. Martindale's Horse Sterling ( being a Challenge against any Horse, & c. in England) and Mr. Parsons's Bay Horse Babram, nine Stone each, which was won by the former by about a Length. The Odds before Starting were Two to One against Sterling. There was exceeding good Sport, and great Sums of Money were laid. Yesterday se'nnight a Fire broke out at Bungay in Suffolk, by Which unhappy Accident near 20 Houses were, burnt to the Ground. Last Friday Mr. Henry Goose, a Sheriff's Officer, be- longing to Woodstreet Compter, hang'd himself at his House in Noble street, near Goldsmiths Hail ; and on Saturday last the Coroner's Jury brought in their Ver- dict Lunacy. Yesterday Edward Davis and William Burn, two no- torious Housebreakers, of the Black- Boy- Alley Gang, with their Accomplices, Catherine Lowry and Mary Kipping, alias Morrett, were committed by Sir Tho- mas De Viel to the Gatehouse, New- Prison, and Clerk- enwell- Bridewell. for breaking open several Houses, out of which they took Wearing Apparel, Plate and other Things, to the Value of upwards of 401. and particu- larly two Silver Salvers, one large and heavy, and one of a smaller Size, the Arms upon them as follow the Field blue, charg'd wiih six Martlets, three and two, with a Half Moon for Distindtion of second Brother, the Woman's Coat impaled blue, an Eagle display'd, and a Chief Ermin. Yesterday arriv'd Letters from Commodore Mitchell, dared the jd Instant, on the Coast of Flanders, wherein it is said an Account is given, that the Commodore had been inform'd, by three different Vessels', one particu- larly from Flushing, who brought a Letter from Lord Rothes, that the French King, soon after his Arrival in the Army in Brabant, had sent Count Lowendahl, with twenty- four Companies of Grenadiers and fifteen Piquets, to reconnoitre the Allied Army under Count Bathiani, which was encamp'd at Rosendahl; upon whose Return a Council was held, in which it was resolv'd to march and attack the Allies in their Camp, which was accord- ingly done on Friday last, but that in their Attempt to force the Lines, they were so warmly receiv'd by Count Bathiani, that they were repuls'd with the Loss of 7 or. 8000 Men, kill'd, wounded, and taken Prisoners, and retir'd with some Precipitation towards Ghent. The Dutch are said to have had no Share in this Action. The Charming Judith, with Stores for Georgia, and the Children of the Soldiers that were kill'd at Det- tingen, is arriv'd at that Colony, after a long and sickly Passage, having lost nineteen Passengers by the Spotted Fever, and also her Commander, Capt. Quarme ; a Gentleman well known and esteem'd by the Mercantile and Seafaring Part. The Fortune, Green, from Africa for Jamaica, is ta- ken, with 354 Slaves on board, and carry'd into Porto Cavallo. The Brothers, Evans, from Carolina for Cowes, is taken and carry'd into Granville. The Swift, Bartholomew, from Maryland to London, mention'd to be taken lately by the French, is carried into Rochelle. Extract of a Letter from Bristol, May 3. ' This Day arriv'd the Mercury Snow, Matthews^ ' from Jamaica. She came out the 15th of March", and ' in the Windward- Passage came, up with the Countess ' of Leicester Packet- Boat, Capt. Harman, who sail'd ' the Day before under Convoy of a Man of War: In ' which Passage a Pirate Sloop came along- side the Mer- ' cury, and was going to board her, which the Man of ' War seeing, fir'd at her, and so disabled her, that she 1 struck. All the Men are carry'd into Jamaica, where ' I hope they will be hang'd. She belongs to Montser- ' rat, and was run away with by the Boatswain and ' some other Villains. They had taken a Vessel from 4 the Continent, for Jamaica, but don't hear what they ' did with her. Captain Matthews parted with the 4 Countess of Leicester Packet off Crooked- Island. 4 About ten Days before Capt. Matthews left Jamaica, 1 4 fifty French Merchant- Ships, under Convoy of three 1 Men of War, sail'd from St. Domingo for Europe. from SATURDAY may 3, to TuesdAY May 6, 1746. Navy- Office, May 5, 1746. THE Right Hon. the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, having been pleased to direct, that Bills made out with Interest, and registerd on the Course of the Navy, Victuallirg and Transports, shall have the Interest which may become due thereon paid quarterly ' till the principal Money is paid off, the principal Officers and Commissioners of his Ma- jesty's Navy do hereby give Notice thereof, and that they will, from Time to Time, advertise in the Gazette, and other publick Papers, the respective Days on which the said Interest shall be paid at the Office of the Treasurer of the Navy. Victualling- Office, May 5, 1746. THE Right Hon. the Lords Commissoners of his Ma- jestys Treasury having been pleased to direct, that Bills made out with Interest, and register'd on the Course tf the Victualling, shall have the Interest thai may become due thereon paid quarterly, ' till the principal Money is paid off, the Commissioners for victualling his Majesty's Navy do here- by give Notice thereof, and that they will, from Time to Time, advertise in the Gazette, and other publick Papers, the respec- tive Days on which the said Interest shall be said at tbe Office of the Treasurer of the Navy. BURY RACES, SUFFOLK, 1746 ON Wednesday ths 21st of May will be run for on Bury Course, a Purse of Fifty Pounds, by any Horse, Mare or Gelding, that has for twelve Months before starting been the Property of some Gentleman or Gentlemen of the' Counties ot Suffolk or Norfolk, and during the said Time has been used a Hunter, or for the Road ; that has not been in Sweats from Michaelmas 1741, to Lady- Day 1746, and that never started amongst Running Horses; to run ths best of three Heats, four Miles to a Heat, and to carry twelve Stone. On Thursday the 22d will be run for tbe Ladies Purse of Fifty Pounds, by any four, five, or six Years old Horse, Mare, or Gelding ; four Years old to carry nine Stone, five Years old ten Stone, six Years old eleven Stone; to run the best of three Heats, four Miles to a Heat; Certificates of the Ages from under the Hands of the Breeders to te produced. O11 Friday the 23d will be run for a Purse or Plate of Fifty Pounds, by any horse, Mare or Gelding,- that never won above fifty Pounds at any one Time 5 to carry twelve Stone, and to run the best of three Heats, four Miles to a Heat. Every Horse, & c, that runs for either of these Purses or Plate, to be enter'd on Tuesday the 20th Day ot" May, be- tween the Hours of Eleven and Two, at the Angel on the Angel- Hill ia Bury, aforesaid. paying, if a Subscriber, one Guinea Entrance, a Non- subscriber two Guineas and a Half; to go as Stakes so the second best Horse, & c. to subject- to the farther Articles then to be produced, and all Disputes aud Differences that may in any respect arise, either at the Enter- ing or Running, to be decided and finally determin'd by the Majority of the Subscribers then present Every Horse, & c. that runs for either of these Purses or Plate, to be obliged co be kept at the House of one of the Sub- scribers to the Town Plate, at least a Week, before starting, or to pay double Entrance. No Horse, that wins one ot these Purses or Plate, to start for either of the other, and not less than three actual Running horses to start for each of tiie two latter of these Purses or Plate, and not less than three Hunters or Road horses to start for the former. And if but one Horse enters, he shall have ten Guineas and his Entrance return'd; if two enter, they shall Have each five Guineas and their Entrance return'd. The Winner of each Purse or Plate to pay two Guineas to the Clerk of the Course for Drums. Weights, Scale's, & c;. N. B. There will be Breakfasting;, at Mrs. Rooks's Coffee- house each Morning, and Ordinarys and Assemblies as usual. AGentleman would purchase an Annuity of two or three hundred Pounds a Year for two or three lives, to be well secur'd by Freehold or Copyhold Lands of Inheri- tance- and would also lay out one thousand or fifteen hun- dred Pounds in the Purchase of an Annuity during the Joint- Lives of Himself and the- Seller, Any Person- wishing to grant either of the above Annuities, may direct a Line for Mr. Richard Jones, at Child's Coffee- House in St. Paul's Church- yard, Loudon, and he shall be immediately treated with. River Dee Office, St. Swithin's- Lane, near . London- Stone, May 8, 1746. THE Committee of the Company of Proprietors of rhe Undertaking for Recovering and Preferring ihe Navigation of the River Dee, hereby give Notice, that they will, on Wednesday the 14th Instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, proceed to sell by Auction, at their Office- in St. Swithin's Lane, London, to the best Purchaser or Pur- chasers, who shall bid. for tbe same, so much of the Stock or Stocks of the Person or Persons who have made Default in paying in their Calls, as will satisfy and pay the Principal and Interest due for such Calls. Further Particulars m. ay be had of the Company's Secretary, at'their said Office. ACOCK- MATCH by Subscription will be fought at the Crown Inn in Farringdon, Berks, between the Noblemen and Gentlemen that fought the Subscription Match in May last ; to weigh the 20th Instant, and fight the three following Days, being Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, before Bridgnorth Match. This is to acquaint all Gentlemen, THAT the fine- Bay Arabian Horse, brought over by Mr. Moscow from Constantinople, is now in the Hands of Mr. Charles Wilson, in Down- Street, Hyde- Park- Corner, will cover this Season at Two Guineas a Leap and Trials, and Two Shillings to the Man ; the Money to be paid at the Stable Door : He is near 15 Hands high, and free from any, Blemish. A COACH and Four Horses WILL set out from the King's Arms in Dor- chester, 0n Thursday. the 15th Instant, and will carry Persons at reasonable Rates 10 London. From the neat Character which THE ENGLISH GRAPE BRANDY has so justly acquir'd, the Proprietors beg Leave to in- form the Publick, that its Excellency does not wholly consist in its being an agreeable Dram, or when made into Punch ; but that ic is equally adapted to any Sort of Fruit, as a Proof of which, there is now prepar'd, from the same Brandy, a large Quantity of Fine ORANGE SHRUB, Which for its delicate Flavour is n0 Way inferior, except in the Price, to any of the foreign Productions, So great is the Perfection of the British Distillery .' The Shrub at 6 s. per Gallon, tbe Brandy at 4 s. At the Warehouse the Bottom of Bartholomew- Lane, near the Royal Exchange. Sixpence per Gallon allow'd to those who take half a Hogthead or upwards. THOMAS RAWLInS, Clerk to this Company. LEFT the first of last March, opposite to Grays Town in Grays Reach, by the Ship Harrington, John Hunter, Commander, and since taken away a small Bower Anchor about twenty- six hundred Weight, with about fif- teen Fathom of seventeen Inch Cable to it: Whoever brings the said Anchor, & c. 0n Board the said Ship, now in Mr. Stanton's Dock, shall receive ten Guineas Reward, and no Que- stion ask'd ; or whoever will give Notice, so that it may be had, to the Subscriber, or Mr. John Hanbury, Merchant, in Tower Street, shall receive six Guinea. Reward, JOHN HUNTER. At Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, To be LETT, and enter'd upon directly, A Handsome Dwelling House, with a large'com- modious Shop, Cellars, Warehouses, Gardens, & c. late in the- Occupation of Anthony Appleby, Grocer, deceas'd, Enquire at the said House, , A be LETT from Midsummer next, N old accustom'd Draper's Shop, over'against To be SOLD, At Mr. RECULEST'S, in Brook- Street, the Corner of David- Street, by Grosvenor- Square, METHUEN WINE, little inferior to the best . Burgundy, at a Guinea a Dozen, and STREIGHTS WINE, preferable to Red Port, at 16s. a Dozen, and COR- SICA WHITE- WINE, as strong as Mountain, at 18s. a Dozen, all in good sizeable French moulded Bottles, of thir- teen to the Dozen; or in French Wine Hogsheads, the Methuen 20I. and the Streights 1- ]. and the Corsica 17 b a Hogshead, for ready Money only, sent to any Part of the Town without Expence to the Buyer. The Bottles to be paid for at Two- pence Halfpenny each, the Money to be repaid upon the Return of them. Note, Constant Attendance from Eight in the Morning ' till Twelve at Noon. the Middle of the Market- House in Watford, 1n the County of Hertford, now in tlie Possession of Mr. Swannell. Enquire of Mr. Edward Finch, of Watford, Apothecary ; Mr. Serjeant Skinner in Chancery- Lane; or Mr. Thomas Whitfeld in Bartlet's- Buildings, London. To be SOLD, THREE Hunters, two Geldings'and a Mare, two Six, the other Seven Years old this Grass; fresh, sound, and fit for immediate Use ; the Property of a Person of Distinction parting with his. Hounds; who will Warrant them, upon his Honour, sound in every Respect. Tne hunters to be seen at Mr. Williams's, at. the King's- Head at Egham. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Parbery, at the Duke of Chandos's, in Upper Brook- Street. N. B. The Horses being brought to Egham for Coveniency of Sale, they will return again in a weeK into the Country, if not sold before. To be SOLD to the best Bidder, At the Porthouse in Thirsk, Yorkshire, on Monday the 19th Instant, between the Hours of ten and Twelve, ACopyhold Estate, situate at Cold Kirby, near Black Hambleton in Yorkshire ; consisting chiefly of several Inclosures of Meadow Ground, fome of which adjoin 011 ths Moor, call'd Hambleton, Where the Race for his Ma- jesty's Plate is run, with a Right or Common upon the said Moor ; in one of which Inclosures, adjoining to and front- ing the said Moor, is neatly built with Stone, and cover'd with Slate, a large and convenient new Dwelling- House, wirh five Stables and Granaries, and other convenient Out- Offices; the House is commodiously situate for an Inn, and the Convenience of keeping Race- Horses;- the Estate ( exclu- live of the said new houfe and Stables) is lett at ij 1. a Ye, u-; it pays a small annual Rent of 4 s, 6d. co the Lord of the Manor, and a small Fine certain. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. David Burton, At- torney in Yarm, Yorkshire; or of Henry Barnes, in Took's Court, Chancery- Lane, London. - To be L E T T, AGood well- built House at Hounslow in the Coun- cy of Middlesex, near the Heath, late in the Possession of General Wills, desceas'd, in which are several very good Rooms, particularly a grand Dining- Room, with exceeding fine Vaults, Coach- house, and a Six- Stall Stable; with large Gardens planted with all Sorts of the best Fruit, together wnb or without- seven Acres of' Pasture Land lying near the same. Enquire of Mr. Taylor, at his House at Heston near Houn- slow, or at his Chambers in Lyon's- Inn ; or of Mr. Purse, a Carpenter at Hounslow. To be L E T T, And ente'd upon at Michaelmas next, AFarm, called CLITTERhOUSE FARM, in Hendon in tbe County of Middlesex ; containing 200 Acres of Land, or thereabouts; now in the Occupation ot Mr. Daniel Kemp. Enquire at the Compting- House within St. Bartholomew's Hospital. N. B. Tbe Governors of the said Hospital will meet at the Compting- House there, 0n Thursday the 8th Instant, at Ten o'clock m the Morning, to receive Proposals for Letting the same. To be LETT upon Lease, at an easy Rent, And enter d upon immediately, At Wreasbury in the County of Bucks, one Mile from Stanes, two from Colnbrook, and three from Windsor, THE Manor- House call'd ANKERWYKE, situate near the River Thames, with Conveniencies fit for a large Family, with six Acres of Garden- Ground, well planted and cropp'd, and with or without twelve Acres of Meadow- Ground adjoining to the House, a Dove- house, and a fishery which supplies two Canals in the Gardens, with Stabling, Out- houses, and ail other Offices suitable thereto. Enquire of Mr. James Gooding, Sadler, near Mitre- Court, Fleer- Street, London ; or of Mrs. Barret, at the White Hart in Windsor; or at Ankerwyke- Farm near thes said House. Te be Lett for a Term of four or seven Years, Commencing at Lady- Day Last, Or as shall be agreed upon. THE Capital Mansion- House of Sandridge, within tlie Parish of Stokegabriel, in tiie County of Devon, with convenient Stables, Coach- house, Brew- house, Pound- house, and other convenient Out- houses, together with very good Fruit Gardens, well Treed with Wall and other Fruit, about eight Acres of well planted Orchard, a Pear Garden, and about sixteen Acres of very good Meadow and Pasture Land thereunto adjoining, being late in tbe Possession of Mr. George Rowe, Merchant, deceas'd, and lying on the River Dart, most pleasantly situated, having a fine View of that River, very good Land, about four Miles from Totness, four from Dartmouth, nine from Newton Bushall, all large Market Towns, and twenty- two Miles from the City of Exon. Note, The said House and Out- house, and Gardens, if any Perfon so chuses, may be lett without the said Meadow and Pasture Ground. Any Person taking the same, may buy any. Part of the Furniture of the said House, being all new, and brought lately from London.. Application to be made to Mr. Cary, at the said House, or to Mr. Pering, Attorney, in Darmouth. T- To be SOLD or LETT, And enter'd upon immediately, In Newinn Lane, Epsom, Surrey, HE late Dwelling- House of Mr. Alderman Perry, consisting of a Hall, three Parlours, Kitchen, and House- keeper's Room, four exceeding good Bed Chambers, wirh Dressing Rooms 0n the first Floor, and seven Garrets over them, very good Out- houses, two Coach- houses, Stabling for eight Horses, and Chambers over the same, a very good Laundry, and all new- built, and well water'd, with an ex- ceeding good Garden, wall'd round, well planted with Fruit Trees of the best sort, two very good Meadows, containing six Acres', adjoining to tbe House, and twelve Acrcs of Arable Land, in the Common Field. For further Information enquire at the said House the Particulars. WANTED, In an airy Street, near Guildhall, London, A Convenient House or separate Apartment, ( un-- furnish'd) consisting of a Kitchen and Parlour on rhe Ground floor, three or four Chambers, a Garret, and a good dry Cellar : Any Perfon having such a one to lett, by sending, a Line or two of the Conveniancies, in what Street ii is in- the lowest Rent, and where the Person is to be found, directed to A. Z. at the Aldersgate Coffee- House iu Aldersgate- Street, ( if approv'd on) may hear of a Tenant. DESERTED from Major - General Charles Frampton's Regiment of Foot and Lieutenant- Colonel Henry Ravenhill's Company, on the 12th of April last, SAMUEL HOOPER,- aged about 32 Years, of a fair Com-' plexion, full faced, grey short Hair , and inclinable to be fat about five Feet, four Inches and three Quarters high well limbd, by Track a Taylor, went oft' in bis Regimental Coat with a short Chints Waistcoat and blue Cloth Breeches. ' Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Company on the i8th of April, THOMAS RIRKAM, aged ' about 30 Years, five Feet six Inches high, very much pock- mark'd, black short Hair and bad limb'd ; he went off in a blue Coat turn'd up with red, and had been a Gentlemans Servant. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment. and Major Lewis Marcell's Company on the 19th of April, JOHN RICHARD- SON, aged thirty Years, five feet six Inches high of a fair Complexion, light- colour'd Hair, and was born in Lincoln - by Trade a Millar.' " * Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Capt. Ralph Bendish's Company, 011 the 14th of April, JAMES BENNE- Field, about 40 Years of Age, of a light Complexion, with a large Cut under his left Eye, five feet six: Inches high, bom in the County of Suffolk ; listed at Bungay. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Capt. James Gisbourne's Company, on the 10th of April, Bullo TOngue, about 26 Years of Age, six Feet three Indies high born in Botten of the Moor, Lancashire, by Trade a Linnen- weaver, and teaches the Back- Sword; long visag'd, a Mole 0n his Left Cheek, grey ey'd and fair streight Hair. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Company on the 19th OF April, WilliaM PARKEr, aged 27 Years five Feet 11 Inches high, born in Littleborough, near Ratchdale a slender thin Man, by Trade a Weaver, or Scribler. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Capt.- James' Gisbourn's Company, 0n the 19th of April, JOHN MAT- THEWS, a Drummer, born in Lisnigarvie in the County of Down, Ireland, five feet five Inches high, 28 Years of Age,, bushy fair- brown Hair, much mark'd with the Small- Pox, and by Trade a Surgeon. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Company, 0n . the 19th of April, WILLIAM GLASgOW , aged 40 Years born in the Shire of Air, Scotland, five feet ten inches high,. by Trade a Weaver, broad set, thin faced, thin lank brown Hair, a little bandy legg'd, speaks broad Scotch ; went away from Chipsted. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Capt. John Christie's Company, 0n the 26th of February, JOHN DyE, aged 21 Years, born at Bungay in Suffolk, inlisted at North- walsham in Norfolk, by Trade a Carpenter, five Feet six Inches high, dark brown lank Hair, smooth faced, a small sharp Nose and, well limb'd ; went off with his Regimentals and Hanger. Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Company, on the 26th of February, JOHN WEyly, aged 18 Years, born at Aylsham in Norfolk, inlisted at Northwalsham in Nor- folk, by Trade a Labourer, five Feet eight Indies high, light brown lank Hair, smooth faced, a short thick nose, went off in a Marine jacket, a red and yellow forraging Cap, and old Leather Breeches; and carry'd his Hanger with him.' Deserted from the abovesaid Regiment and Capt. Richard Harward's Company,- on the 26th of March, SAMUEL MARiAT, about five Feet six Inches high, well limb'd, of a fresh Complexion, black Hair, with a small Stoop in his Shoulders, by Trade a Heelmaker, born at Toucester in North- amptonshire deserted from Orford in Kent. Deserted at the same Time from Shoreham in Kent, Edw. CHAMBErs, of the said Company, a thick well made Man, five Feet five Inches high, of a fair Complexion, by Trade a Husbandman, born at Tunbridge in Kent, and has a Wife and family at Lewes in Sussex : They both went off in their Re- gimental Clothes. Deserted jOHN WRigHT, of the said Regiment and Major Edward Stillingfleet's Company : He is of a brown Com- plexion, by Trade a Taylor, about 30 Years of Age, five Feet six Inches high without Shoes: He went away upon Furlow some time ago to Wallingford in Berkshire, and is suppos'd to be still there or thereabouts. Whoever apprehends- them , and sends Notice thereof to Maynard Guerin, Esq Agent to the said Regiment, in St., James's- Park, shall receive 20s. for each, besides what is al- low'd by Act of Parliament. This Day is published, Price 6d. AN ODE on the Success of his royal HIGH- NESS the Duke of C U M B E R L A N D. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Rowv This Day is publisb'd, Price 6 d. A free Protestant People, and a Popish Prince in- compatible : SERMON preach'd Nov. 10, 1745, at the. - British Chapel in St. Petersburgh. By JOHN FORSTER, A. M. Rector of Beer- Crocombe, in the County of Somerset, Chaplain to his Excellency the Right Hon. JOHN Earl of Hyndford., Ambassador Extraordinary and P lenipotentiary from his Britannick Majesty to the Court of Russia} and to the British Factory. Publish'd at the Desire of his Excellency, the Honourable the Russia Company, and the British Factory. Printed for H. Whitridge, at the Royal- Exchange. This Day is pubish'd, Price 7 s. 6d. The SECOND EDITION, In three neat Pocket Volume's, of THE TRAVELS and ADVENTURES of Mademoiselle de RICHELIeu, Cousin to the present Duke of that Name ; who made the Tour of Europe, dress'd in Men's Cloaths, amended by her Maid LUCY as her Valet de Chambre. Now done into English from the Lady's own Manuscript, by the Translator of the Memoirs and Adven- tures of the Marquess of BRETAGnE and Duke of HAr- COURT. Printed and sold by S. Ballard, at the Blue Ball in Little- Britain. This Day is publish'd, Adorn'd with Cuts, Price 5 s. THE History of the Stage, from the Restoration to the present Time including the Lives, Characters and Amours of the Actors and Actresses, viz. i. The Lord Oxford and Mrs. Marshall. a. Earl of Rochester and Mrs. Barry. 3. Mr. Goodman and the Dutchess of Cleveland. 4. Nell Gwin and tlie King. . y. The Duke of Devonshire and Miss Campion. 6. Mr. Maynwaring, & c. with Mrs. Oldfield, & c. Also the lives of Mr. Betterton, Mr. Booth, Mr. Wilks, Mr. Quin, Mr. Milward, Mrs. Bracegirdle, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Clive, & c. With Instructions for publick Speaking, wherein the Action and Utterance of the Stage, Bar and Pulpit, are distinctly consider'd. By Mr. Berrerton. Printed for E. Curll, at Pope's Head, in Rose- street, Covent- Garden. His Day is publish'd, in QUARTO, ( Price t6. s. bound) MICROGRAPHIA ILLUSTRATA : The Knowledge of the MiCrOSCOPE explain'd : Toge- ther with a, 1 Account of a new invented Universal in gle or double Microscope,- and Solar Apparatus. This Treatise contains a Description ot the Nature, Uses, and magnifying Powers of Microscopes in general ; together with full Directions how to prepare, apply, and- examine, as well as preserve, all Sorts of minute Objects: The whole being, as it were", . a Natural History of a Multitude of Ae- rial, Terrestrial, and Aquatick Animals, Seeds, Plants, Sec. To which it added, a Translation of Mr. Joblott's Obser- various ou the Animalcula that are found in many different Sorts of Infusions; and a very particular Account of that sur- prizing Phenomenon the fresh- water Polype, translated from the French Treatise of Mr. Trembley : And is illustrated with Of Copper- Plates, curiously engrav'd, which contain above 56 j Pictures of Microscopic Objects. By GEORGE ADAMS, Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instrument- Maker, at Tycho Brake's head in Fieet- Street. . Printed for and sold by the Author as above, and by Mess. Stapler and Barstow, Booksellers in York ; Mr. Fletcher, at Oxford -, Mr, Thurlbourne, at Cambridge, and Mr. Wickes, at Norwich. Note, At the End of this Treatise is an extensive and expla- natory Catalogue of all the modern Instruments in the above-, mentoin'd Sciences, never before printed. This Day is publishd, Price 1s. SEVERAL CASeS in PHYSICK and one in particular, giving an Account of a Person who was inoculated for the Small Pox, and had the Small Pox from the Inoculation, and yet had it again ; together with two or three other very remarkable Small Pox Cases, To which added, A Letter to Dr. Lee, giving him an Account of a Letter of Dr. Friend's, concerning that Fever which infested the Army under the Conduct of the Earl of Peterborough, while lie was Physician to it, Anno 170;, & c. in Spain 5 together with tl- e the said Letter. By PIERCE DODD, M. D. Fellow of the College of Physicians, and Physician to St. Bartho- lomew's Hospital. Printed for C. Davis, in Holbourn, Printer to the Royal Society; and sold by M. Cooper, in Pater- noster Row. Where may be had, Lately publish'd, Dr. Lobb 0n the Small pox. The Second Edition, with large Additions, 8vo. This Da y is publish'd, CRITICAL OBSERVATIONS on SHAKESPEARE. By JOHN UPTON, Prebendary of Rochester. Printed for G. Hawkins, at Milton's Head in Fleet- Street. Where may be had, by the same Author, Epicteri que supersunt Dissertationes ah Arriano collecate, nec non Enchiridion Fragments in duos Tomos distributa, Grace & Latine, & c. & c. Thursday, May 1, was publish'd^ Stitch'd in blue Covers, Price 6d, THE LONDON MAGAZINE, fot APRIL, 1746. Containing greater Variety, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of the same Price, 1. Debates in the Political Club ; 0n the Bill tor the Regu- lation of Pawnbrokers; and on the Bill for repealing the Al- dermens Negative. 2. Sir John Barnard's Proposals for raising three Millions for the Service of the Government : And Extract of a Letter to him on that Occasion, with large Remarks, by a Person unknown. 3. Earl of Chesterfield's Speech to the Parliament of Ireland, 4. Remarks on publick Stocks and Mortgages y. Account of an extraordinary large Fossil Tooth, and Bones, of, an Elephant, with curious Observations; and Hy- pothesis Of Alterations in the Earth's Position.. 6. The solemn Declaration' of Matthew Henderson, the Murderer of Mrs. Dalrymple. I. Of the Murderer at Cambridge, with a Letter concerning the Universitie. ' 8. Essay towards the Assertainment of the English Lan- guage. 9. Amount of the Customs for the four last, compar'd with that of four other Years. 10. Letter concerning Smuggling. 11. The Manual Exercise of the foot Guards, concluded. 12. Motions of the Rebels, and of the King's forces,, as publish'd by Authority ; Journal of the Siege of Fort Wil- liam 13. List of Prisoners who belong'd to the Hazard Sloop. 14. Accounts, publish'd by Authority. ' of the Battle of Cul- loden ; wherein the Rebels were defeated. 15. Poetry : Advice to Britain; Ode to the Duke of Cum- berland ; Advice to rural Chloe; Extracts from a poetical Epistle ; on poor Dickey on Mag, & c. & c. A Executions; Sessions at the Old Baily Acts pass'd, & c. & c. 17. Copy of the Rebels Orders before the Battle of Colloden. 18. Promotions; Marriages and Births; Deaths; Bankrupts. 19. Foreign Affairs. 20. A Catalogue cf Books and Pamphlets, with their Prices. Printed for T. Astley., at the- Rose in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is published, Printed for T. OSBORNE, in Gray's Inn, DISSERTATION on the DISEASES of TRADESMEN; Or those Disorders which arise from particular Climates, Situations, and Methods of Living, to which they are subject by their particular Callings; witn the Method of avoiding and treating them. The first by rhe celebrated Frederick Hoffman, Professor of Physick at Hall in Saxony , and Physician to the late and present King of Prussia. The second by Bern. Rantazini. Professor of Physick at Padua. Newly translated, with a Preface, and an Appendix, i y Dr. James. Price 3'-. 6 it. Where may be had, lately publish'd, the following Books: 1. The Symptoms, Nature, Causes, and Cure of the Febri- cula, or Little Fever ; commonly call'd the Nervous, or Hy- steric Fever ; the Fever 0n the Spirts , Vapours, Hypo, or Spleen. By Sir Richard Manningham, Knt. M. D. F. R. S.' and of the College of Physicians, London. Price is. cd 2. New and extraordinary Observations concerning the Prediction of various Crises by the Pulse; independent of rhe Critical Signs deliver'd by the Antients; made, first, by Dr. Don Francisco Solando de Luone,- late of tiie City of Ante- quera in Spain ; and sublequently by several other Physicians. lllustrated with many new Cases and Remarks. To which are added, Some General hints on the Nature, the antient Observance, and modern Neglect of Crises. By James Nihell, M. D. Price 2s. 6d. 3." An. Enquiry into the Exility of the Vessels in a Human Body ; wherein Animal Identity is explain'd, and shewn in communicable to any Individual throughout the whole Species. By Clifton Wintringham, jun. Fellow of the Royal Society. Price 1 s. 4. A Treatise of all Sorts of Foods, both Animal and Vege- table ; ' also of Drinkables : Giving an Account how to chuse the best Sort of all Kinds, of the good and bad Effects they produce; the Principles they abound with ; the Time, Age and Constitution they are adapted to. Wherein their Nature and Use is explain'd, according to the Sentiments of the most eminent Physicians and Naturalists, ancient and modern. The Whole divided into 176 Chapters, with Remarks upon each. Written Originally in French by the Learned M. L. Lemery, Physician to the King and Member of the Royal Academy. Translated by D. Hay, M. D To which ere added, An In- troduction, treating of Foods in general ; a Table of Chapters; and an alphabetical Index. A Work of universal Use to all who are inclin'd to know the good or bad Qualities of what they eat or drink, Price 3s. 6d. The Treatise of Foods of the Learned Dr. Lemery is very en- tertaining, useful, and worthy to be printed, and no Fa- mily ought to be without it. Edward Brown, President; Walter Charleton, Elector and Censor ; Charles Goodall, John Bateman, John Woodward, Censors ; of the College of Physicians in London. This Day is publish'd, Printed for T. OSBORNE, in Gray's- Inn, In TWO VOLUMES in Folio, LETTERS and MEMORIALS of STATE, in the Reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles I. and King Charles II. Wrote and col- lected by Sir Henry Sydney, " Knight of the Garter, Embassador into France^ Lord Deputy' of Ireland, and Lord President of Wales, in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. By the famous Sir Philip Sydney; and his Brother Sir Robert Sydney, Lord Governor of Flushing, in the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James, alio Lord Chamberlain and Earl of Leicester. By Robert the second Earl of Leicester, Embassador in France and Denmark, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in the Reign of King Charles I. And by his Sons, Philip Lord Viscount Lille, and the Honourable Algernon Sydney, both of the Council of State of the Commonwealth, & c; Also by the other Ministers of State, and famous Persons of those Times, with whom they held Correspondence. The Whole contain- ing the antient. State of the Kingdom of Ireland, and the Esta- blishment of the English Interest there in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth : The ancient Government of the Principality of Wales. The Wars between the Spaniards and the States- Gene- ral in the Netherlands. Negotiations between the Courts of England, France, & c. and rhe Intrigues of the Ministers, with other remarkable Transactions, both at Home and Abroad, during thofe Times, not hitherto known. Faithfully trans- crib'd from the Originals at Penshurst Place, the Seat of the Earls of Leicester, and from his Majesty's Office of Papers and Records for Business of State. Whereunto is added, Genealogical and Historical Observations; with Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of the Sydneys, and their Noble Ancestors, the Dudleys, Grey, Talbot, Beauchamp, Berkley, and Lille; and a Defence of Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester, wrote by Sir Philip Sydney. Collected from Records, Ori- ginal Papers, Manuscripts, & c. By ARTHUR COLLINS, Esq N. B. There are but a small Number of this valuable Work printed, over and above what, are already subscribed for ( which is done at the Expence of the Family) which are in- tended for the Curious. This Day is publish'd, Vol XI. of THE ROMAN HISTORY, from the Foun- dation of Rome to the Battle of Actium : That is, to the End of the Commonwealth. By Mr. CREVIER, Professor of RhetoriCk in the College of Beauvais, being the Continua- tion of Mr. RoLlin'S Work. Translated From the FRENCH. Printed for John and Paul Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate- Street. Where may be had the preceding Volumes. Also, Rollin's ancient History, 10 Vol. 12 mo. History of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients, 4 Vol. 8vo. Rollin's Quintillian, 8\' o. This Day is publish'd, Price 2 s. THE IMPORTANCE and ADVANTAGE of CAPE BRETON, truly stated, and impartially consider'd. With proper Maps. — Si quid novisti rectius istis Candidus imperti: Si non, his utere mecum. HOR. Ep. IV. Lib. I. Printed for John and Paul Knapton, at the Crown in Lud- gate- Street. This Day is publish'd, Price bound 6 s. The SECOND EDITION of LEONORA; or, Characters drawn from real life. Containing a great Variety of Incidents, inter- spers'd with Reflections moral and entertaining. These Sheets in moving Scenes display The little God's fantastick Sway, How the fond Nymph with Rapture burns, - How Love, how Reason rules by turns; How Wit can triumph, tho' distress, And be by greatly daring blest. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster Row, On Thursday next will be publish'd, THE WORKS of Mr. THOMAS EMLYN. CONTAINING, I. A Collection of TRACTs relating to the Deity, Worship, aud Satisfaction of our Lord JESus CHRIST, & C. With large Additions; II. OBSERVATIONS on the Notions of Dr. WATER- LAND. III. MEMOIRS of the List and Sentiments of Dr. SA- MUEL CLARKE. These two now first publish'd from the Author's MSS, IV. SERMONS on various practical Subjects. To the whole are prefix'd, MEMoIRs of the Life and WRItings of the Author. In three Volumes. The Fourth Edition. Printed for John Noon, at the White Hart in Cheapside ; and John Whiston, in. Fleet- Street. This Day is published, Price 6 d. LETTER to Dr. J s, upon his Tran- slation of Simon Pauli's Treatise of Tobacco: From T. Hughes, Tobacconist, and Snuff maker to his Majesty. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is publish'd, Price 1 s. Detection of the Views of those who would, m the present Crisis, engage an incumber'd trading Na- tion as Principals, m a ruinous expensive Land- Wars: In answer to a Pamphlet lately publish'd', entitled, The important Question discuss'd, 6zc. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row - " This Day is published, In Two Volumes Octavo, The SECOND EDITION, with large Additions,- THE ATTORNEY's PRACTICE in the Court of Common- Pleas; Or, An Introduction to the Knowledge of the Practice of that Court, as it now stands under the Regulation of several late Acts of Parlia- ment, Rules and Determinations of the said Court; with Va- riety of useful and curious Precedents in English, drawn or penned by Counsel, with a compleat Index to the whole. By the Author of the Attorney's Practice in the Court of King's- Bench. Printed and sold by J. Shuckburgh, against Chancery- Lane, in- Fleet- Street; . G. Hawkins, at Milton's Head, be- tween the Temple- Gates.; , T. Waller, at the Mitre and Crown against Fetter- Lane, Fleet- Street; and J. Osborn, at the Gol- den- Ball in Pater- noster- Row. N. B. The second Volume may be had alone. Of whom may be had, the Second Edition, with large Ad- ditions, of 1. The Attorney's Practice in the Court of King's- Bench,' in 2 Vol's. 8vo. 2. LAWS relating to the POOR, from the 43d of Queen Elizabeth to the 3d of King- George the Second, with Cases- adjudg'd in the Court of- King's Bench upon the several Clauses of them, in a Method entirely new. The Second Edition corrected. By ROBERT FoLEy, Esq; Barrister at Law. 3. Modern Entries, 2 Vol. Folio, being a very useful Book of English Pleadings. This Day is publish'd, corrected, and with additional References, ( With the Author's Effigy curiously engrav'd by Mr. Ver. ue) The SECOND EditiON, of THE REPORTS of CASES Argued and Deter- mined in the High Court of Chancery, and of some Special cases Adjudged in the C0urt of King's- Bench. Collected by WILLIAM PEERE WILLIAMS, late of Gray's- Inn, Esq; publish'd with Notes and References, and two Tables to each Volume, by his Son WILLIAM PEERE williams, of the inner- Temple, Esq; Printed for T. Osborne, in Gray's Inn. Where may be had, just publish'd, Price 1s. The RoyAL CHARTER, establishing an Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of exposed and deserted young Children; together with the By- Laws of the said Corporation, and the regulations for managing the said Hospital, read and approv'd by the General Committee the 29th of January 1745, and printed by their Order; together with the Accounts of the said Hospital from its Commencement till the 25th of March 1745, and a List of the Governors 0n the said 25th of March. This is to inform the Publick, THAT I MARTHA MISAUBIN, Widow to the late Dr. John Misaubin, continues making and selling his famous Antivenereal Pills: As I am the only Per- son that prepar'd them during his Life, and since his Death, no body else having the Secret but myself, have now taken in my House, in St. Martin's- Lane, near Slaughter's Coffee- House, my Nephew Charles Angibaud, Surgeon, to attend my Patients, and to whom I intend to leave my Secret, and to no body else. The only infalible and speedy Cure for THE most confirm'd LEPROSY, either of the moist or dry Kind, by a pleasant Electuary that has been for many Years sold, with much and happy Benefit to the Publick, by Mr. Read, for 5s. a Pot, at h; s Great Corner House in White- Fryars, Fleet- Street. JAMES READ, in great Letters, is wrote over the Door. For all Leprous and other stubborn Breakings- out on the Skin, whe- ther of the whole Body, or in particular Parts only; this incom- pararable pleasant Electuary is the only safe and easy Cure, which, after all the usual Methods and Medicines, and even Salivations try'd in vain; perfectly eradicates those inveterate Maladies, though of many Years standing, so as never, to return again, accomplishing that in a few Days, which no other Means can possibly perform in many Months, and that with the greatest Safety in the World, and without any Confine- ment, as has been happily experienced, by many Hundreds. All other slight Foulnesses of the Skin it completely cures, almost in an Instant ; and for the worst Scabbiness, and most grievous Lepros , may certainly be depended on as absolutely infallible, as the patients themselves in three Days time will assuredly find. Note, It may be taken with equal Success in extreme Weather, hot or colds by following the printed directions given with It. The GRAND SPECIFICK for cleansing and strengthening the Reins, & c. THE only infallible Specifick for those purposes that ever was known ; for it may be certainly de- pended on for carrying off by urine, safely and speedily, all the Remains of pernicious unskillfully prepar'd Mercurials, Gleets or Weaknesses, through tedious or ill- manag'd Cures of the Venereal Disease, or from Self- Pollution, inordinate Coition, & c. Also any Weaknesses of the Vessels from Wrenches Strains, Blows, & c. and all other Obstructions in the Urinry Passages, even Stranguaries This noble Specifick is also of singular and very extraordinary Use and Efficacy, where there is any Gravel or small Stones, slime, or any other Matter that obstructs the Urine; bringing all away in a few Times taking, as has been happily experienced by great Numbers of both Sexes, and particularly by a Gentleman whose Case has often been mention'd in this Advertisement, by a Certificate of his Cure ; who in taking but a little of this noble Specifick, voided above an Ounce of Gravel, One Bottle in most Cases is sufficient for a perfect Cure. Sold for ' 7s. 6d. a Bottle at Mr. Sandwell's Toy- Shop, Griffin, the Corner of Bucklersbury in ths Poultry, LONDON. An accurate Account of the Battle of Culloden, with Remarks on the Dispositions of the respective Armies. ON the 16th of April, between Four and Five in the Morning, the King's Army began their March from Nairn, form'd into five Lines, of three Battalions each, headed by Major- General Husk on the Left Lord Sempil on the Right , and Brigadier Mordaunt in the Center; flank'd by the Horse under the Generals Bland and Hawsey ; who, at the same Time, cover'd the Cannon on the Right and Left. They march'd in this Order about eight Miles ; when a Detachment of Kingston's Horse, and of the High- landers, having advanced a- head of the Army, discover'd the Van of the Rebels moving towards them ; 011 No- tice whereof, his Royal Highness commanded the Army to form in Order of Battle, which was thus executed. The three Battalions of the second Line defiled 10 tke Left of the respective Battalions in the Van ; that is to say, Barrel's to the Left of Monro's; Scotch Fuzileers to the Left of Price's ; and Cholmondeley's on the Left of the Royal: Then marching up, form'd the Front Line of six Battalions; between each of them two Pieces of Cannon. At the Head of this Line, and in the Center, the Earl of Albemarle commanded ; on the Right Wing three Squadrons of Horse, commanded by Major- General Bland ; on the Left three other Squadrons, commanded by Lord Ancram. The second Line consisted of five Battalions, placed to face the Openings of the Front Line, with three Pieces of Cannon placed between the first and second Battalion, on the Right and Left of the same Line, i » order, that if the Enemy either broke thro' the Center, or out- flank'd either the Right or Left of the Front, they might conveniently play upon them. To support both, and as a final Reserve, was placed the remaining four Battalions, Wing'd on the Right and Left by Kingston's Horse. In this Disposition the Army continu'd some Time ; but the Body of the Rebels not advancing, it fell into Marching Order again ; which continued until the Front were within a Mile of the Enemy : Then form'd again into Fighting Order, as before. The Rebel Army form'd their Front in thirteen Divi- sions, being so many Clans under their respective Chiefs, with four Pieces of Cannon placed before their Center, and the same Number on each Wing. The Center was headed by Lord John Drummond; the Right Wing by Lord George Murray ; and the Left, by the Person who calls himself Duke of Perth. To support the Front Line occasionally, and cover'd by some Stone Walls, on the Right was dispos'd Fitz James's Horse, and four Companies of French Picquets; on the Left the Body of Horse, made up with the young Italian's Guards, some Hussars, and the Perthshire Squadron ; and five Companies of Lord John Drummond's Foot. Open to the Cenier of the Front Line was the young Italian, placed with his Body Guards. In his Rear a Line, of Reserve, consisting of three Columns: The first, on the Left, commanded by Lord Kilmarnock ; the Center Column by Lord Lewis Gordon and Glenbucket; and the Right by Roy Stuart. Next, and directly in the Rear of Glenbucket, was the Regiments of Perth and Ogilvie station'd, as the final Reserve. In this Order, the Rebels- began firing on the King's Army, about Two o'Clock, with their Cannon ; which being ill serv'd, did little Execution. The Firing was return'd by the King's Army with such Success, an put the Rebels in great Disorder. They dislik'd this Way, of Fighting, and therefore made a Push on the Right of the King's Army, when his Royal Highness waited to receive them in Person. This they did in a Kind of Bravado, to draw the King's Troops forward ; but find- ing themselves deceiv'd, they turn'd their whole Force to the Left, and the Weight of their Fury fell chiefly on Barrel's and Monro's Regiments, where they at- tempted to flank the King's Front Line; but Wolf's Re- giment advancing, ' entirely defeated their Design : In the mean Time, the Cannon kept playing upon them with Cartridge Shot. General Hawley, with some Highlanders, had open'd a Passage thro' some Stone Wails IO their Right, for the Horse, which advanced on that Side, While the Horse on the King's Right wheel'd off upon their Left, dispers'd their Body of Reserve, and met in the Center ot their Front Line in their Rear ; when being, repuls'd in the Front, and Numbers cut off, they fell into a universal Confusion. The Horse on their Backs made a dreadful Carnage ; the Foot mov'd only in due Order; but Kingston's Horse, from the Reserve, gal- lop'd up briskly, and falling in with the Fugitives, did excellent Execution; the rest the Reader is to guess: Having only left to observe, that on the Appearance of the two Bodies of Horse and Dragoons advancing from the King's Right and Left, upon the Rebels Body of Reserve, the young Italian never made the least Motion to oppose them ; but instantly wheel'd off with his Guards to the Right, and rode Full Gallop through, be- tween Glenbucket's and Stuart's Columns; and, as some say, never look'd back ' till he arrival at Aird. - The different Dispositions of these two Armies were in some Measure owing to their respective Situations. The King's Army was to fight uncover'd; the Rebels cover'd, behind Walls: But when their Impatience to get out of the Way of the King's Cannon, push'd them on attacking, they necessarily, either lost the Benefit of their Reserve, or the Reserve must lose the Benefit of the Cover: which they not chusing to do, the Impe- tuosity of the Front carried them too far from their Re- serve ; and then having no Guard in their Rear, the Horse from the King's Right and Left easily did their Business. On the other Hand, the Disposition of the King's Army was, perhaps, as just as the Mind of Man was ca- pable of contriving. If one fail'd, a second supported ; and if that fail'd, a third. The Enemy could no Way take two Pieces of Cannon, but three must play di- rectly upon them : nor break one Regiment, but two was ready to supply the Place. If the Rebels were re- puls'd, they were routed ; if any Part of the King's Army broke, they rallied, and were supported. Had the King's - Army attack'd, it might not have been so well; because - then the Rebels would have been close and cover'd, and, consequently, the breaking of them more difficult. Success is sometimes the Effect of Accident ; but in this Cafe, chiefly of Skill. If his Royal Highness did not form the whole himself, it is immaterial ; he that knows when he is well advis'd, is a Judge of what's right: And to pursue good Advice, is one of the di- stinguishing Characteristicks of a great General. From the London Gazette. \ Whitehall, April 2.9 This Day an Express arriv'd from his Royal Hignness tha Duke of Cumberland, with the following Advices. Inverness, April On Monday Mr, Grant, with 600 of his Followers, came to join us, and for the present they are order'd to be quarter'd in the M'Intosh's Country. The Grants having taken the Lord Balme- rino, delivered him up to his Royal Highness: He is the Person who, after the Battle of Dunblain in the last Rebellion, deserted to the Rebels at Perth. He was then Capt. Elphingston of Shannon's Regiment of Foot. All the French Officers and Soldiers who were left here, are now Prisoners; and yesterday 310 of them were shipp'd off for Newcastle. Almost all the Pre- tender's Son's Servants are come in, and as they were all French, and had not been with him before became to France, his Royal Highness has given them Passports to go home. Lord Sutherland is with 8 or 900 of his People, in the Head of the Frasers Country, and near the Chisolms of Strath Glass. Lord Loudon, who is at present with 1300 Men in the Isle of Skye, is order'd by his Royal Highness to land in the Country of the Glenranolds, and 10 march up to Fort Augustus. Lord Cobham's Regiment is this Day march'd for Montrose, to guard the Sea Coast. St. James's, May 5. This Day the Lord Mayor, Al- dermen and Common- CounCil of the City of London, waited on his Majesty with the following Address. To the King's Most Excellent Majesty, The humble Address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in Common- Council assembled. Most Gracious Sovereign, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Subjects, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in Common Council assembled, beg Leave to approach your sacred Person with our most sincere and hearty Congratulations upon the late glori- ous Success of your Majesty's Arms; which, under the Command of his Royal Highness the Duke, has defea- ted the rebellious Attempts of your deluded Subjects, assisted by the most inveterate Enemies to the British Constitution. Permit us. Sir, to return our most unfeigned Thanks to your Majesty, for the Appointment of his Royal Highness the Duke to this important Service; whose Conduct and Bravery, so early conspicuous, have, by the Blelfmg of the Almighty, produced this our happy Deliverance; a Glory reserv'd for one of your illustri- ous Family, endowed with those princely Qualities, which render him amiable to those under his Command, and formidable to his Enemies. As Disgrace and Ruin have fallen on the Heads of those wicked Persons who have been Confederates in this abhorr'd and detested Rebellion for the Subversion of our happy Constitution, and depriving us of all that is dear and valuable to us; so ( we trust) that by Divine Providence, from their Disappointment and Destruction, Stability will redound to your Majesty's Throne, Unity of Affection to your Royal Person and Family, and Glory to your Government, over a free and happy People. May a Series of Success attend your Majesty's Arms, until Tranquility be restor'd to Europe;, and your Subjects firmly establish'd in the Possession of their just Rights of Trade and Navigation. Give us Leave to add, that it shall be always our firm Resolution; as it is our indispensible Duty, to op- pose every Attempt of the common Disturbers of the Peace of Europe, against the Rights of your Crown, and that Happiness winch we hope this Nation will ever enjoy under a Succession of Protestant Princes of your Majesty's Royal House, To which Address his Majesty was pleas'd to return the following most gracious Answer. Thank you for this affectionate Address. The Sa- tisfaction you shew in the Success of my Arms, against the Enemies of our happy Constitution, and in the Conduct of my Son the Duke, is a fresh and most agreeable Mark of your Duty to me, and Zeal for my Government. They were graciously receiv'd, and had all the Honour to kiss his Majesty's Hand. BANKRUPT. John Holdman, of the City of Norwich, Grocer. This Day at Noon Bank Stock, 124 1 qr. India Stock 166. South Sea Stock 97. Ditto Old Annuities 96 1 qr. Ditto New 97 3 qrs., Four per Cent. Bank Annuities Three per Cent. Annuities, 8l. Million Bank no Price. Equivalent Royal Assurance no Price. London Assu- rance 9 3 qrs. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. English Copper ditto 71. Seven ( ier Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price, five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 61. Prem. I. ottery Tickets 7s. Prem. India Bonds 18 s. Prem. Three 1 half Salt Tallies, no Price. Three 1 half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent, ditto 110 Price. Life Annuities 12 Years Purchase. To the FREEMEN of the City of WORCESTER. GENTLEMEN, BEING encouraged by several Gentlemen and Freemen to offer myself a Candidate for your City to serve in Par- liament, m the Room of your late Member Mr. Winnington; I desire the Favour of your Fetes and Interest at the ensuing Election, upon Tuesday the 13th Instant. The Shortness of the Time prevent my personal application, therefore you will be pleased to admit this way Address at present from GENTLEMEN, May 1, 1746. Your most obedient humble Servant, THO. VERNON. TO the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders, of the County of Bucks. GENTLEMEN, AS I have had the Honour of repreSentING your County for fourteen years, and flatter myself with the Approbation and to the Satisfaction of my Constituents, I take this publish Method of acquainting you, that in case any Vacancy should happen for the County of Bucks, before the Choice of a new Par- liament, I design to offer myself as a Candidate. I take this early Step to prevent my Friends long engag'd, and beg the Fa- vour that they will reserve their Votes and Interest ' till I can have an Opportunity of applying to them in Person, which will very much oblige, May 1, GENTLEMEN, 1746. Your most faithful humble Servant, WiLliam STANHOPE. NOTICE is hereby given To the Stewards, and rest of the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Essex, THAT their Annual Meeting will be held at the White Hart in Brentwood, on the Thursday next before Midsummer- Day, viz. on the 19th Day of June, 1746, by Or- der of the Society. To be sold by AUCTION, without Reserve By Mr. BROWNING, ALL the genuine Houshold Goods, Plate and Books of a Gentleman leaving off Business, at his late Place of Residence in Allhallows Court; by rhe Cross- Keys Inn in Gracechurch- Street; consisting of Six and Worsted Damask Camblet, printed Linnen and Serge, in Beds, Window Cur- tains, & c. very good Feather- Beds, Blankets and Quilts, Va- riety of Chairs, Tables, Chests of Drawers, Cloaths Chests Book Cases, large Sconces, pier and Chimney Glasses, Marble Tables, Skreems and Turky- Carpets; a large and well chosen Collection of Books of all Kinds, mostly Law, neatly bound and a Parcel of fashionable Plate and China Ware. ' Catalogues are deliver'd gratis, at Mr. Browning's, Up- holder, in Threadneedle Street, and at the Place of Sale. The Sale will begin To- morrow, the 7th Instant, and the Days following, exactly at Eleven o'Clock, ' till which Time the Goods may be view'd. N. B. The Books Will be sold on Friday next at Four o'Clock. This Week will be publish'd, EXPERIMENTS and Observations tending to illustrate the Natuire and Properties of Electricity, in one Letter to MARTIN FoLKES, Esq; President, and two to the Royal Society. By WIL LIAM WATSON, F. R. S. Printed for C. Davis, against Gray's- Inn, Holbourn, Printer to the Royal Society. Where may be had, lately publish'd, Dr. Lobb's Treatise on the Small- Pox, the 2d Edition, with large Additions. 8vo. This Day is publish'd, In one large Volume, Octavo, ( Price Half- bound, Five Shillings,) THE HISTORY of the REBELLION rais'd against his Majesty King GEORGE I. by the Friends of the Popish Pretender, from its first Rise, to its final Extinc- tion. In which is given a full and distinct Account of all the chief Families engaged in it, particularly of the Clans, many of whom are now in the present Rebellion. By the Rev. Mr. PETER RAE. To which is added, A Collection of Original Letters and Authentick Papers, relating to that Rebellion. Printed for A. Millar, opposite to Katherine- Street in the Strand. The FIRST NUMBER of THE New Set of SCRIPTURE PRINTS and MAPS, engrav'd from Original Pictures and Drawings, was publish'd this Morning, by S. AUSTEN in Newgate Street and though this Undertaking has been at- tended with a very great Expence to the Proprietor, yet the Prints, & c will be sold only at Three- pence each, as it is ap- prehended they will be taken into many private Families, therefore they are proposed on such reasonable Terms. Notice is like- wise given, thar the First Number of Mr. STACKHOUSE'S History of the Bible will be deliver'd out at the same Time, and continued without Intermission, for Six- pence a Week, ' till the Work is complete. v This Day is publish'd, Price 5 s. The FOURTH EDITION, Corrected, of ThE ART of MIDWIFERY improv'd ; ful- ly and plainly laying down whatever Instructions are requisite to make a complete Midwife. And the many Errors in ail the Books hitherto written upon this Subject clearly re- suted. Illustrated with 38 Cuts, curiously engraven on Copper- Plates, representing, in their due Proportion, the se- - veral Positions of a Foetus. Also a new Method, demonstra- ting, how Infants ill situated in the Womb, whether oblique- ly or in a strait Posture, may, by the Hand only, without the Use of any Instrument, be turn'd into their right Posi- tion, without hazarding the Life either of Mother or Child. Written in Latin by HENRY A DAVENTER. Made Engish. To which is added, A Preface, giving some Account of this Work, by an emi- nent Physician. Printed for W. Innys, and C. Hitch, in Pater- noster Row; H. Pemberton in Fleet- Street; and J. Hinton in St. Paul's Church- Yard. This Day was publish'd, Price 2s. AN Authentick Narrative of the Success of TAR WATER, in Curing a great Number and Variety of Distempers, with Remarks and Occasional Papers relative to the Subject, By THOMAS PRIOR, Esq; To which are subjoin'd two Letters from the Author of S I R I S. To do Good, and to communicate, forget not. Heb. xiii. 16. Dublin printed, London re- printed for W. Innys, C. Hitch, and M. Cooper, in Pater- noster- Row ; C. Davis, in Holbourn, E. Dod, Temple- Bar, and J. Robinson, Ludgate- Street. Where may be had, lately publish'd, SIRIS : A Chain of Philosophical Enquiries concerning the Virtues of TAR WATER, and divers other Subjects connec- ted together, and arising one from another. By rhe Right Rev. Dr. GEorgE BERKELEY, Lord Bishop of Cloyne. LONDO N : Printed, by J. MERES in the Old- Baily, near Ludgate, where Advertisements are taken in
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