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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3517
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Jacobite Uprising 1745
Date of Article: 03/02/1746
Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Address: near the Pump in Little Britain
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3517
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The General Advertifer. NUMB. 35tf> MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, LY^" 6- Sailed on a Deal, February i. IS Majelly's Ship York fail'd laft Night after Poft to the Weftward. Came down his Majefty's Ships Mary Gaily and Ruby, and remain with the Louifa, Admiral Mayne; the Tilbury, Devonfhire, Defiance, Folkftone, Vulcan, Deptfbrd Store- fnip, with the Hinchinbroke, Hor- net, and Badger Sloop', and Syren. Cruize his Majefty's Siiip the Squirrel. The Gideon, Piers, from London, is arrived at Oporto. The Mary, Ramfey, from Galway, at Portland. Since our laft arrived three Mails from Holland. Venice, Jan. zp. We have received Letters from our Conful at Durazzo, importing that the Grand Signor has been depofed, and that Ofman Ibrahim, his Brother, born in 1703, has been railed to the Ottoman Throne in his Room. We wait for the Confirmation of this News. Paris, Jan. 28. The King has had a Cold, which had no bad Confequences. He has fix'd the 10th of next Month for reviewing the Houihold Troops, which are af- terwards to file off towards the Frontiers. It is ftill f-' id, his Majefty will fet out the Beginning of March, to put Kimftlf at the Head of . the Army in Flanders, from whence we expeCt News of great Confequer. ee. According to fome Letters from Normandy, the Embar- kation projefted at Boloigne and Calai= wili not take place there : But poffibly may be made at fome other Port?, cer- tain Troops having been ordered for Lower Breta^ ny, in order to embark at Breft. Stockholm, Jan. 24. The Princefs Royal was happily delivered this Day of a Prince, of which an Account has been lent by Exprefs to the Foreign Courts. Drejden, Jan. 29. Count tie Harrach, Great Chancellor of Bohemia, who has been here for 10 or 12 Days paft, lias frequent Conferences with the Miniftry, whichregard particularly the Reftoration of Commerce between this Electorate and Bohemia. This Lord is alfo faid to be charg'd with a Commiffion for taking a Number of our Troops into the Pay of the Emprefs- Quein. The 10,000 • Men that are entred into the Service of the two Maritime Powers, are kept in Readinefs to march; and we hear, that an Exprefs is arrived from theHague, in order to make the neceffary Demand both for his Britannick Majefty and the States- General. Hague, Feb. 6. We have received Advice, that about 600 Huflars, who were in Brnff.- ls, have found Means to get out of that City, and, after making their Way thro' tne French Troop?, arrived happily at Mons. Count de Caunitz has written to the Prince of Waldeck on this Occa- fion, that the Garrifon was well provided and in Spirits to make a vigorous Defence. The Prince of Waldeck is aflembling his Troops near Walem, and will be reinforced by fome Regiments in our Frontiar Places. We flatter ourfelves, that he will foon be in a Condition to oblige the French to retire out of the Neighbourhood of Bruflels-. Turin, Jan. 22. The Chevalier de Sinfan has beat 3000 French near Afti, and the Baron de Leutfum has taken the ' Caftle de B; Hanger beyond the Tanaro, and made the Garrifon Prifoners of War. Milan, Jan. 22. We are affured, that Baron de Roth has got into the Citadel in Difguife. Vienna, Jan. 26. Field Marfhal Bathiani is getting his Equipage in Readinefs, and the common Opinion is, that he will command in the Low- Countries. Munich, Jan. 27. The Report, that a Body of our Troops would enter into the Pay of the Maritime Powers, is reviv'd with more Confidence than ever. Beltgna, Jan. iz. The Spaniards have taken Poffeflion of. Graitalla, giving Affurance to the Duke of thfft Name, that they will obfervc an exact Difcipline. LONDON. Private Letters from Paris fay, that the Miniftry is> ery bufy in forming PLns for a general Peaee, which the Peo- ple hftwever doubt will not take Place this Year. Ic is not yet krfown whether the Court haf refolved to revoke the Arret of pectmbqr the 31ft laft, which fets aiide the Tfeaty of Commerce of 1739. But it i thought, tiiat the Dutch' Will at leaft have Liberty to fend Fifh into the French Porte, that Commodity being'very, much wanted. While Preparations of War go vigOroufly on, the French King has cabled it to be infinua; ed,- by. his Minfftry in Foreign Courts, That he will not confent to an Accommo- dation, unlefs Cape Breton be reftored, the Engkfh agree not to infift on the Re- demolition of Dunkirk, and there be an Eftablifliment for. Don Philip in Lombardy : But if thefe Points are given up, his moft Chriftian Majefty will entirely abandon the Caufe of the Pretender, and de- liver up all his late Conqu'fts. According to Lifts publifhed in France, the Forces of the French King and his Allies will amount to 360,000 Men for the next Campaign : But they expeCt that the Al- lies, in War with France, will have 392,000. Bruffels has been for fome Time invelied, the French having found Means to pals the Canal of Vilvorden, and to take Poffeflion of the Town of that Name, as well as of the Fort of Trois Fons. The Garrifon of Bruffels, how- ever, conflfts of 10,000 Men, and the Weather has lately been fo bad, that the Siege is not begun, and the Troops that were to form it are obliged to canton in the Villages round about. Niveile is taken Poffeffion of by the Enemy, the fma'l Garrifon therein having fo. nd Means to retire in Safety. Mons is invefted, and the fame Thing is reported cf Luxem'oourgh. Louvain is already in the Hands of the Enemy, and great Preparations are making to fave Mech- lin. The People of Antwerp apprehend themfelves at pre- fent out of Danger. We hear from fevcral Places, that the King of Pruflia's Equipages are ftill kept in Readinefs, and Levies are ma- king to rqcroit his Army ; but whether this Monarch me- ditates any new Defign, or only intends to preferve his In- fluence, and put his Troops in the fame Condition a3 before the late War, is a Point the Politicians about him do not pretend to determine. The SweJifh Officers at Gottenburgh, in the Service of France, are faid not to be forward to fet fail, for fear of the Englifh Ships of War. There has been a great Fire at Gottenburgh, which was left burning when the News came away, and had confumed one third of the City. Great Numbers of Ruffians are ftill faid to be intended for Livonia; but with what View is not certain. Some of the Auftrians have already enter'd the Man- tuan, and the reft are in full march for that Country. From the London Gazette. Edinburgh, Jan. 28. We have received here, with the greateft joy, the News of the Duke of Cumberland's in- tended Journey hiiher ; we are now every Day in Expec- tation of his Royal Highnefs, and the Army will be ready to - parch at an Hour's Warning after his Arrival. By our laft Accounts from Stirling, the Cannon from the Caftle continued to do good Execution upon the ReBs- 1-, who have not yet, by what we can learn, fired a fmgle » Shot from their Batteries upon it, neither has General BJakeney loft a Man of his Garrifon. By the beft Accounts we hare, they continue in great Want of Provifions. We have diftreffed them all we can, by fending out Parties towards the Weft ; and our Sloops have burnt feveral of their Boats which arc employed in bringing over Meal, & c. from. Allowa. This Morning another Sloop went up the Forth with fome Cannon and Foot on board, to be employed upon the fame Service. We have Advice, that the Hazard Sloop, which was fome Time ago taken by the Rebels in the River Tay, is refitted, and failed for France, as is . fuppofed. The fol- lowing are the Particulars of the Advices received from Stirling : The Rebels had Yefterday ereCted two Batteries agairift the Caftle, one at Gavan- hill, within 40 Yards of the Caftle, and one at Lady's Hill, upon which they gave out they lhould have their Cannon mounted this Day, con- fining of 2 Eighteen- pourfders, 2 Sixteen- potmders, - and 3 Twelve- pounders. A Drum had been fent round the Town, with Notioe, that every Perfon that was taken near the Caftle fhould be fhot; and that if any of the Towns- people entertained any of the Wives or Children of the Soldiers who were in the Caftle, they fhould be pu- nifhed with Military Execution. Upon the 26th they fiied feveral Platoons of Small Arms againft the Caftle, but without doing any Harm ; whereas the Lofs wh; » h they . have fuftained by firing from it is very confiderable. Seven French Officers are faid to have been killed The pricni- pal Part of their Army remain? about Falkirk. All the f rifoners ( except Officers) taken by them in the late Ac- tion, were fent from Stirling on the 25th to Down Cattle, and upon the fame Day the Baggage of the Pretender's Son w as fent to I. eckie- houfe. They were fecuring all the Me. d that they could get in the Country. Dcalt Jan. 50. By a Ship which came from Dieppe the 23d Inftant, we are informed, that there were in that Harbour two Doggers of 8 Guns each, two Snews, one of 14, the other of 12 Guns, and two Sloops of 10 Guns each ; that there were 100 Dieppe Fifhing- boats, of 80 or 90 Tons at Boloigne ; that on the 22d Inftant, one of the Tranfport- Boats came from Boloigne to Dieppe, clean tallowed; and that they expeftedmore of them as foon as an Opportunity fhould ferve. Whitehall, Feb. 1. The King has been pleafed to confti- tute and appoint Abraham Hume, Efq; to be Commiffary- General of Stores, Provifions and Forrage, to all his Ma- jefty's Forces at Home and Abroad. Yeftcrday arrived an Exprefs from Admiral Mayne in the Downs, which we hear brought an Account, that he had received certain Advice from Flufhing, that 15 or 1 SOO Ir fh Soldiers were actually embark'd at Oftend, and waited only for a fair Wind to fail for Scotland, to join the Rebels. At the Tims the above Account came from Flufhing, it was currently reported, there, that an ACtion had happen'd near Bruffels between the Auftrians and French, greatly to the Difadvar. tage of the latter. On Friday laft Admiral Martin, in his Majefty's Ship the Yarmouth, with the Monmouth l- md Sunderland fail'd from the Downs, with the Outward- bound and Coafters under his Convoy. His Royal Highnefs the- Duke of Cumberland, when he left Newcaftle on Tuefday Meraing laft,. ( on Account of the Mafs- Houre being fet on Hie," in the preceding Night) directed the Dutch General to give all the Af- fiftance that fhould be requefted by the Juftice's of the Peace there, to fupprefs immediately any Tumults or Mobbing?, if there fhouid be occafionv.. : • We hear that his Royal Highnefs. arrived at Edinburgh it* perfect Health, , on Wednefday about § tqoh.. « . We hear that an Account is come froirf the.' North, of Part of the Rebels- having Deferted their Mock Prince's Service, and got away ; and it was confidently faid laft Night, that they were the Athol Men, with Lord George Murray at their Head. We wijh this News may prove true. On Saturday laft his Grace the Duke of Montague's Regiment of Horfe march'd thro' the City, in their way < to Canterbury. It is faid, that the Rebels are to be brought to Town To- morrow. A Treaty cf Marriage is on foot, and foon will be con-* fummated, between Charles Churchill, Efq; Son of the late General Churchill, and Lady Maria Walpole, Daugh- ter of the late Earl of Orfard, a fine young Lady, with a very great Fortune. - - The, Mary, Bryne, from London to Tinmouth, is loft near Sandwich. The Mary, Ogiivie, from Maryland for London, is loft near Yarmouth. _ Laft Week the LordEdgCumbe, Chancellor of the Dut- ch)' ofLancafter, prefented the Rev. Mr. Alexander Hod- ges, A. M. to the RcCh ry of St. Michaels in the County of Derby, void by the Deceafe of the kit Incumbent. ' On Friday laft the Hon. Commiflioners of the Excife appointed Mr. Forreltej- to be a Collector of that Revenue iu the Ifle of Wight, in the room of • Sherman, Efq; deccafed. OB Saturday laft died at Eaft- Ham in Effex, Mrs. Smith, ReliCt of Thomas Smith, Efq; of that Place. She was a Gentlewoman, who by her kind and benevolent Difpofition had gain'd a geheral Love and Efteem : Many of her Relations, who we're conftantly near her, and had the Pleafure and Benefit of her Company, greatly regret their Lofs, which can no ways b? compenfated by the For- tune fhe may have left among ' em. Her real Eflate of 500 1. per Ann. devolves to Mr. Thomas Bettefworth,. Son to the lat « Mr. Arthur Bettefworth, who was a very emi- nent Ecokfeller in Pater- nofter- row. OB Saturday laft died, at his Houfe on St. Mary Hill near Billingfgate, Mr. Edwin Sommers, a very eminent and wealthy Barbadoes Merchant, greatly efteem'd by all that knew him. The fame Day died Mr. Gerard Lethuillier, an eminent i.' erchant of this City. Yefterday Morning died, at her Houfe in Fket- ftreet, Mrs. Lambert, Wife of Mr. Lambert, who kept the Bull- Hcad Tavern in Fleet- ftrtet, ( Brother to Mr. Alderman Iambe t.) She was Daughter of Mr. Carpenter, who formerly kept the Horn Tavern in Fleet- ftreet. "~ B A" N K | R U P T S. Henry Hicks, of Munden, in the County of Hertford^ • Grocer and Chapman. Peter Qtlenovault, of Nicholas Lane, Merchant. J^ HIS is B I K T H- D A Y at the B ^ A C K. A D V ERTISE M E N T S arc taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, « V Lombard- Street. t/.' K Hjg: Water at London- Bridge, this Day a: 2 1 Minutes ifn- r 6. Bank- Stock 122 1 half. India Ditto 15; 1 half. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities 96. Ditto New € 4. i half. Three perCent. Annuities 74 1 ha'f. Ditto 1742, 74 1 half. Ditto 1743 and 1744, 74 1 half. Ditto 174 74 t hall. Million kiank 110. Equivalent 100. Royal Aiturance 77. London Afl'urance 9 i half. Engliih Cop- per 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 10 s. IjaJia Bond* 54 s. a 55 s. Difc. ' I'hree and a half Salt Twlies t6' Due. 7 hree and a half per Cent. Exchequer Qrxlelrs no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. H A Y-. M A R K E T. AT the K I N G's T H E AT R E in the HA- Y'- MARKET, To- marrow, will be performed a New OPSilA, ejii'd It. TR ION FO DE I. L A CONTIN EN Z A. With DANCE" and other- DECORAIJONS Entirely N w. Pi: and Roet to be- put together, and no'Piifon's to be adruitted w ' I cfce. s, which will be delivered Jthst Day, at the Opera- Gj& ce in rhe- Hay- Marker, at Hair a Gfeinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS M A J EST Y's COMMAND, Xo Pertnns whatsoever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery- to i. e Open'd at Four o'Cleck. Pit and Boxes at Five. To tegin at Six o'CIeck. D K U R Y - 1 . A N E. At the pariicuhr Def. re of feveral Perfcns of By His Majefly's Company of Comedians, A T the Theatre - Royal in Drury - Lane, this Day, will be prefented 1 he B E G G A R's O P ERA. The Part of Capt. Macheath by Mr. Lowe ; Peachum, by Mr. Mackiin; Lockit, Mr. Berry j Filch Mr. Raftor; Mat o'th' Mint, Wr. Blakes; Mrs. Pcachum, Mrs. Mackiin ; Player, Mr. Wood- burn ; Beggar, Mr. Winftone; Ben Budge, Mr. Simpfon) Bagfhot, Mr. Leigh ; Crooltfinger'd Jack, Mr. Ufher ; Nimming Ned, Mr. Vaughan ; Wat Dreary, Mr. Branfty ; Drawer, Mr. Gray. Diana Trapes, Mrs. Mackiin ; Mrs. Slammakin, Mifs Minors ; Jenny Di- » er, Mifs Royer ; Sukey Tawdry, Mrs. King; Mrs. Vixen, Mifs Cole ; Dally Trull, Mifs Pitt ; Molly Braxen, Mifs Bradlhaw ; Mrs. ' Coaxer, Mrs. Horfmgton ; The Part of Polly by Mifs Edwards; And the Part of Lucy by Mrs. Clive, In Acl III. A Hornpipe by Mr Yates." End of the Opara. A Dance by Monf. and Madera. Meehel, tee. To which will be added a Farce, call'd The ANATOMIST; Or, SHAM- DOCTOR. Monf. Le Medicine, Mr. Blakes; Crifpin, Mr. Yates ; Old Ge- rald, Mr. Collins; Young Gerald, Mr. Ulker ; Martin Mr. Branftty. Angelica, b; MifsBradffiaw; Beatrice, Mrs. Beiuiet; Wife by Mrs. Bridges ; Maid, Mifs Cole. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. Firft Gallery is. Upper Gallery is. To begin exaft'y M Six o'Clock. * » To- morrow a Play ( never afled there but Twicel call'd The TEMPEST. As written by Shakefpeare. C O V E N T- G A R D E N. Not Abled this Seafon. AT the Theatre Royal in Covent- Garden, t! » is Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd l he MERRY WIVES of" WINDSOR, With the Humours of Sir JOHN FALSTAFF. The Part of Mr. Ford by Mr. Ryan j Sir John Falftiff, by Mr. Bridgwater; Jufti. e Shallow, Mr. Chap- man ; Sir Hugh Evans, Mr. Hippilley ; Slender, Mr. Woodward ; Mr. Page, Mr Cafhell ; Hoft of the Garter, Mr. Rolco; Dr, Cains, Mr. Stoppelaer ; Piftol, Mr. James ; Simple, Mr, Vaughan ; Bar- dolph, Mr. Marten; Fenton, Mr. Gibfon. Mrs. Page, Mis. Hal*; Anne Page, Mrs. Vincent; Mrs. Quickly, Mrs. James ; And the Part of Mrs. Ford by Mrs. Pritchard. With Dancing by Mr. COOKE and others, vix. LE GONDALIER. To which, will be added a Farce, call'd DUKE and NO DUKE. The Part « f Lavinio by Mr. Hale ; Brunttto, Mr. Gibfon ; Bar- buino, Mr. Roto £ Alberto, Mr. Carr ; Mago, Mr. Arthur; Pu- ritan, Mr. Hippilley ; Officer, Mr. Bencraft; Ifabella, Mrs. Blaad j Prudentia, Mrs. Vincent; Flametta, Mrs. Hale; The Part of Trapolin by Mr. Chapman. Boxes js. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery is. Upper Gallery Is. To begin cxaftly at Six o'Clock. For SALE by the C A N D L E, At the MARINECoffee- Houfe in Birchin- Lane, In a few Dap, ALarge AfTortment of Worded Goods, fit for the Spanifh, Italian, Portugal, and New- England Trade, or Home Confumption. Confifting of Printed and Plain, Camblet- lees and Callimancoes, Broad and Narrow Cambltts, Camblets 200 Yards long, Bl » ck Crapes dy'd and undy'd, Caii'oys, Flower'd Sat- tins, Allopeens, and Variety of Silks. Likewife fundry Casks of Havannah and Scotch Snuff. Catalogue of which will be Timely difperfed by ROBERT KIRKE, BROKER, In St. Martin's It- Grand. By panic DESIRE. By His Majejlfs Company of Comedians, AT the ' 1 heatre- Royal in Drury- Lane, on Saturday next, will be prefented a Comedy, eall'd The MERCHANT of VENICE The Part of Shylock by Mr. Mackiin; the Merchant, Mr. De- lane ; Baffanio, Mr. Havard ; Gratiano, Mr. L. Sparks ; Lancelot, Mr. Neale; Lorenzo by Mr. Lowe, wiih Songs proper for the Cha- racter; Gobbo, by Mr. Ray ; Morochius, Mr. Woodburn ; Tubal, Mr Tafweil ; Duke, Mr. Winftone ; Solarino, Mr. Blakes; Solanio. Wr. Berry ; Balthazar, Mr. Simpfon. Nerifla, Mrs. Bennet; Jef- fica, Mifs Minors; The Part of Portia by Mrs. CLIVE. With Entertainments as will be exprefs'd in the Bills of the Day. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery I s. Places a* d Tickets to be had of Mr. Hobfon, at the Stage- Door of the Theatie. To begin exaflly at Six 0' Clock. G O O D M A N's- F I E L D S. AT the Late WELLS, the bottom of I e- mon- ftreet, Goodman's- Fieldt, this Day, will be performed a Concert of Vccal and Inftruraental MUSIC'K. Divided into Two Parts. Boxes » s. 6d. Pit or Firft Gallery 1 s. 6 d. Upper Gall. 1 » . *„* Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, a Comedy, call'd LOVE FOR LOVE. The Part of Valentine by Mr. Cutting ; Tattle, Mr. Kennedy; Scandal Mr. Furnival ; Sir Sampfon Legend, Mr. Paget ; Ben, Mr. Morgan ; Forsfight, Mr. Julian ; Jeremy, Mr. L. Hailam. Ange- lica, Mrs. Haliam ; Mrs. Forefight, Mrs. Bambridge ; Mrs. Frail, Mrs. Cu/ h ng ; And the Part of Mifs Prue by Mrs. Phillips. To which will be added a Farce, call'd The M O C K- D O C T O R. The Mock- Doflor by Mr. Cufking ; Dorcas, Mrs. Phillips. With Singing between the Acts by Mr. Barlow. And Dancing by the Two Mafters and Mifs Granier. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. *„* Tickets delivered out for the Benefit of Mr Devcto for laft Wednefday, will be admitted this Night. For the Benefit of Mrs. HOOPER. AT the Lite Wells, the bottom of Lemon- Street, Goodman's- Fields, on Wednefday next, will be a Concert of Vocal and Inftrumental MUS1CK. Divided into Two Parts. Boxes 4 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery a s. Upper Gallery I s. Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, The B E G G A R's OPERA. The Part of Polly to be perform'd bv Mrs. HOOPER, ( Being the JirJl Time of her appearing upon that Stage ;) Capt. Macheath by Mr. HAYMAN, [ Being the frji Time of hit performing upon that Stage j). With an Occafioftal Song fung by Mr. I lay man. To which will be added a Farce, call'd The DEBAUCHEES. With Dancing by Mr. Jofeph, Mifs Polly, and Mailer Jack Granier. To begin exaflly at Six o'Clock. Quldhall, London, 24 Jan. 1745. rr~ HE Committee of the Guildhall Subfenption, Oner and abo ve the Sum of 50001, formerly jet apart for rewarding fuch Soldiers, who fhould be maimed or wounded in fuppreffing the prefent Unnatural Rebellion, have ordered that the like Sum of 5000 1. be alfo fet apart to be djiri- luted in Rewards, among fitch Private Soldiers und Non- Commiffion Officers, who fhall by their Bravery and Cou- rage diflinguijh themfelves in fuppreffing the Rebellion, and whofe Behaviour Jhall be reprejented by the G, vera! Officers to merit the fame. By Order of the Committee, T. FORD, See-. Guildhall London, Dec. 31, 1745. l77/ E Committee appointed for the Difpofal of ' the Money arifing by the Subfcription, begun by The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and others, for the better Relief, Support and Encouragement of the Soldiers employed in fuppreffing the prefent unnatural Rebellion ; gi ve Notice, that the faid Su fcription is flill kept open at the Chamber- lain's Office, at Guildhall, where proper Perfons are ap- pointed to attend, from Eleven o'Clock to Two, to receive the Contributions offuch Perfons ay Jhall be difpofed to Subfcribe to the fame ; and for the Satisfadion of the Publick, the Committee intend to publijh a Lijl of the Names of the Sub- fcribers, the Sums contributed, and the Application there- of. By Order of the Committee, T. FORD, Secretary. AL L Perfons interefted in and Trading to the Britifh Sugar Colonies, and concern'^ in the Linnen Manufaflures of Great Britain, and Ireland; and alfo the Sugar Refiners, Grocers, and Diftillers of Melaffcs, are defired to meet at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal Exchange, To- morrow, at Six o'Clock in the Evening prccifely, t< 5 tcscive ths Report of the Committee. For SAL E h tht CANDLE, At LLOYD's Coffee- Houfe in Lombard Street, On H'ednefdai next, at Twelve o'Clock, '" p* H E good Ship Margaret, JL with 10 Carriage ahd 4Swivel Guns, Square- ftern'd, New - England built, and ^ g^ R^^ SgSTi ( hcathed, Burthen i « o Tons more or lefs, "'' k F0P0rt' 0na'>' e Dimenfions, now lying < k the Stream, againft the 1tiver- J! ain, Francis m^ ti^ kSlS Moore, Commander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. To be heardxjf Daily at his Office ( for Affiring Ships and Mer- chandiaejoppeflte Jonathan's CnSee- houfe in Exchange- Alley ; or » t Lloyd's Coffee- hnufe in Lombard- ftreet. For SALE by the - CANDLE, At L L O Y D's Coffte- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Wednefday next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, TH E Ship J E NNY, with 16 large Carriage Guns, Square- ftern'd, Plantation- built, and lately new fheathed, Burthen 220 Tons more or lefs, with proportionable Dimenfions, and weii f'und, now lying at SbuJueli- Doet, Samuel Staples, Commander. Inventories to be feen pn Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold ty SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. ~ For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffte- Houfe in Lombard- drees, On Wednefday the 5 th of Fi brua v, at Iw.- lve 0' Clock, rr^ ' qpH E ' good Ship Hafle- A . mere, wiih IS Carriage, andSSwi- Et I ytBi. rr? . ve! Guns, a Prime Sailor, Square- ftern'd, River- built by Mr. Robert Carter, an & fheathed, Burthen 320. Tons more or lefs, with excellent Dimehfiom for the Straits or Weft- India Trades, and well- found, now lying in the Great Vi ' et Dock, Thomas Wal- ker, Commander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe in Lembard- fireet, On Friday next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, ^" p H E good Ship Friend- X ft>': p, with 18 Guns, a French Prize* about 4 Years old, an exceeding fine Sailor, Square- ftern'd, Burthen 300 Tons more or Jefs, with veey good Dimenfions, and welt- found, now lying near Sbadwell- Dock, Ninian Beale, Commander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For S A L E by the C A N D L E, At LLOYD'S Coffce- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Friday, February 14, at Twelve o'Clock at Neon, TH E good Ship Dragon, with IS Guns, a French Prize, a- bout 18 Months old, Square- ftern'd, Bur- then 300 Tons more or lefs, with excellent Dimenfions for the Virginia or Weft- India Trades, now lying zfhore at Mr. Carter's Yard at Limebcufe- Hile, Join Spenef, Com- mander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Wednefday next, at Twelve o'Chck at Noon, THE good Snow L'At- mable Ssifanne ( 3 Prize taken by the K'luh Kan Privateer, Capt. Jcfeph Barker) Foreign built, Burthen 120 Tons, more or lefs, with proportionable Dimenfions, and 10 Carriage Guns, and two Swivels, now lying eff Princes Stairs. Printed Inventories to be had on Board the ths faid Snew, at Sam's Coflee- hcisfe F. ear the Cuftom- houfe, at th ® - Place of Sale, and of D. H. S. AUG1ER, BROKER. For SALE by AUCTION, At the EXCHANGE Ccflee- Houfe in BRISTOL, On Monday the 1 oth Day of February next, THE Duke of MARL- BOROUGH Privateer ( lately call's The Prime Mirifler) Burthen about 300 Tnns, built at Sborebam in the Year 1740, a Prime Sailor, with 21 Carriage, 6 and 9 Pounders, now lying at the Key of Brifiol, having a very large Inventory of Scores. Which Inventories are to b « Iseir at Lloyd', Coffce- honfe, Lombsrd- ftreet. V Per S A L E by the C A N D L E, At GARRAWAY'S Coffee Hofife in Exchange- Alley, On IVedneJ'day the 5 th of February next, at Four 0 Clock in the Afternoon, TH E CARGOE of the Sr. PA LIT., a French Prize, from. St. Dimingo, taken fay Admiral Mar* tint Squadron, 366 Hogfheads ~ j 7 Tierces > of Sugar. 15; Barrels J 17 Pipos 44 Hogflieaas \ of Indigo. 19 Barrels J 3 Barrels ? T - f{ hU I Bag J I Pocket of Cotton. 38 Hides in the Hair, Samples to be feen from this Morning to the Time of Sale, it No. 8. Dyers Hall. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale, at Dyers Hall, and of JONATEIAN POPHAM, Broker. For SALE by the CANDL E, At L L O Y J)' s CofFee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Thurfday the 10th Infant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, ^ pHESt. PAUL aErcnch | Prize, with 10 Carriage Guns, Bur- then 300 Tons more or lefs, with good Di- menfions, Square- ftern'd, taken on her firft Voyage by Admiral Martin's Squadron, now lying at Plymouth, to be delivered there. Printed Inventories to be feen on Board, at Earl's Coffee houfe, Plymouth, at the Place of Sale, and of JONATHAN POPHAM, Of Abchurch- Lane, London, Sworn- Broker. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- Hmfe in Lombard Street, On Thurfday next, at Twelve o'Clock, Hp HE SANDWICH, late | a French Prize, Burthen about 300 Tons, Square- ftern'd, and very well found, now lying at the Red- tLufe, Deptford. At tbe fame Time and Place • will be Sold, The CHARMING BET'EY Snow, Plan- tation built, Burthen about 120 Ton, now ly- ing at Pitchers Point, George Spencer, Com- mander. Inventories to be feen on Baard the faid Ships, and at the Place of Sale., CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. O'uer- againfi LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe. wm 1 To be SOLD by AUCTION, At KINSALE, on Thurfday the zotb of February, TE1 E AMIABLE ROSE Privateer ( Prize to the Le Jiojf Pri- vateer) Burthen about 80 Tons, Spanl/ h built, now lying at Kinfale with her Stores. Inventories of which will be delivered at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee- Houfe, this Day. For SALE by AUCTIO N, At KINSALE, on Thi'. rfday the 20th of February, LIE LEOSTOEF Pri- vatee, Charles Fielding, Comman- der. Burthen about 380 Tons, built in the King** Yard, a Prime Sailor, with 24. Car- riage Guns, now lying at Kir,[ ale. Having a large Inventory of Stores. Which Inventories will be delivered at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee- houfe, this Day. JAMES E M O N, Turner, At the Two Blue Balls, the Upper End of the llaymvket, St. James's, London, gives Notice to his former Cufio- mers, and others, Til A T he conti- ues to make and fell his true Englifh BLACKING BALLS, which he has with a great deal of Labour brought to the greateft Perfeftio. i, they far ex- ceeding any Thing in this Kind ever made or fold; an;] when dry, will not ftain a Catnbiick Handkerchief, though rubb'tl with it. They are to be had of me, and no where elfe, with printed Di- rections ; Price from 6 i. to 3 s. each. Polifhing Brufhes made on purpr- fe. I alfo make the true Turkey Strip9 for Razors, the belt that ever were made. I alfo mske the P. ftebeard Meads for Ladies to drefs Frcnch Caps on. Likewiis Feather Brooms, tin very belt Thing' sver found out^ ta clean Piflures, carved Work, and gilt Frames. O T I C E is hereby given to he XT L Officers and Company 0/ his Majefty's Ships Sunde- landar. i Cb- fter, who were on Board at the taking the EUpbant Prize, that they will be paid their refpettive Shares for the faid Ship and . Cargo, viz. The Sun. Mand, on Board the Ship at Plymouth the 18th of February ; the Chejler, at the King's Arms on Great Tower Hill, the 25th of February ; and the Share* of fuch Perfons of the above Sh'ps, as are not then demanded, will be paid at the above mention'd King's Arms, the fecond Tbur Ay in e> ery Month for Three Years to come. WHEREAS the Recalls of his Ma- jefty's Ships, Captain, Lenox, and Prirtefs Lcuifa, for the Puzes taken by Admiral Martin's Squadron between the 26th of March 1745, and the 9th of May following, was Advertifed for the loth and 13th Inftant, and the Defiance and Taviflock Sloop, for three Retaken Ships the fame Days at the Crown Tavern behind the Exchange. Thefe are therefore to give Notice, to fuch PerfoDs whofe Shares remain, undemanded, that thofe for the Captain and Lenox, will be paid oh Friday the 7th inftant, and the Louifa, Defiance and Ta- vifloci Sloop, Saturday the 8th Inftant; and fuch Shares as fhall remain undemanded will be paid at the King's Arms en Great Tower- Hill, the fecond Wednefday in every Month for thtee Years. This Bay is publijhed, Prite I s. TH E Occafional Writer, being an An- fwer to the Second Manifefto of the Pretender's Eldeft Son ; which bears Date at the Palace of Holy- Rood- Houfe, the loth Day of October, 1745. CONTAINING Refleflions, Political and Hiftorical, upon the laft Revolution, and the Progrefs of the Prefent Rebellion in Scotland. Tandem Triumpbans. Motto of Pretender's Standard, Nondum Immemoris. Anfwer. The Second Edition Corrected, to which is prefix'd, an Adver- tifement from the Publifher. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- nefter- Row. This Day is publijh d, Price 6 d. TEI E ENGLISH PROTESTANT'S An- fwer to the Wicked Sophiflry of fome late Treafonable Papers, and especially of the Pretender's Son's Declaration, dated the roth of Oflober I745. Spetioja verbis, re inania aut fubdola : quantoque magis Libertatis imagine tegebantur, tanto eruptura ad infenjiusprvitium. TACIT. Annal. Lib, I. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick- Lane. This Day is publijhed, Price i s. 6 d. CAPTAIN TEMILE WEST'S" Defence againft Vice Admiral LESTOCK'S Charge relating to his Conduft in the Aflion offToulon, between hisMajefty's Fleet, under the Command of Admiral Matthews, and the combined Fleet of France and Spain. With Remarks upon the Sentence of the Court; and Ar uments brought in Juftification of his Conduft, from the Sentences before pronounced on other Captains, and from the Difcipline requir'd by the Inftru& ioni. . Printed for S. Baker, in Ruffel- flreet. Covent- Garden ; and fold by J. Rofainfon, in Ludgate- ftreet : and R, Amey, at Charing- Crofs, and the Court of Rcqueft. This Day is publifhed, In TWO VOLUMES, OCTAVO, ( Price 12 s. bound) Uluftrated with 23 Copper - Plates, ME D I cA L ESS A Y S and OBSER- VATIONS, publifhed by a Society in Edinburgh, in Six Volumes, Oftavo, abridg'd, and difpos'd under General Heads. CONTAINING, V O L. I. VOL, II. Meteorology, Anatomy and Chirurgery, Mineral Waters, Eflfays on particular Difeafes, Materia Meaica and Pharmacy, Hiflories of Morbid Cafes, Animal Oeconomy, Improvements and Difcoverias in Ph) field. By WILLIAM LEWIS, M. B F. R. S Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red- Lion, and T. Aftley, at the Rofe, in Pater- nofter- row. This Day is publijh'd, Price 6 d TH E LONDON MAGAZINE. For JANUARY 1746. Containing ( Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of the fame Price.) I. The Speeches of the Gentlemen who affum'd the Charafters of R 1 V— n— r, Efq; N— rr— s B— tie, Efq; Ph- p G— bb— n, Efq; and Sir W m Y nge, in the Dsbate on the Addrefs for Courts Martial to inquire into the Condudl of Admiral Matthews Vice- Admiral I. eftcck, Capt. Burrifh, & c. and to try them in' relation to. the Engagement off Toulon. II. A Letter to the Secretaries of State, by the Minifters of the Roman Catholick Powers refiding here, complaining of a Claufe in his Majelfy's Proclamation againft Popifh Pri: lis: And the Anfwer return'd to it by the faid Secretaries of State. III. King's Speech, with Addrefl'es, and his Majefty' » An- fwers. IV. Two remarkable Speeches of Queen Elizabeth. V. Account of the Rebel Officers and Soldiers taken at Car- line. VI. Motions of the Rebels in [ Scotland, and of tl; e King's Forces in order to oppofe them ; Aftion near Falkirk, & c. VII. A Letter publifhed foon after [ the Difmiffion of the brave A 1 V' n. VIII. A Reprefentation of the Manual Exercife of the Foot Guards.. IX. A Speech faid to be delivered by the D. of Perth. X. Letter from Commodore Knowles, concerning the French Pre- parations for an Invafion. XI- Explanation of the Oxford Almanack. XII. From the Weekly Papers: An imaginary Journal of Events, fuppofing the Rebels had fucceeded in their Defigns ; Encomium on the Duke of Cumberland ; of Legacy- Huntrrs, & c. XIII. Poetry : To the Earl of Chefterfirld, by a Journeyman Biicklayer ; to Peter Thompfon, Efq; on his being knighted ; to Mr. Merryweather on his Marriage ; to Mifs B y T d; Kitty Mac Eune ; Epitaph on Mis. Green. r4- Foreign and Dameftick Affairs. 15. A Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets, with their Prices. Printed for T. Aftley; at the Rofe in Pater- nofter Row, Of whom may be had, compleat Seta from the Beginning to thit Time, neatly Bound or Stitch'd, or any fingle Mench to eompleat Set's, Tljis Day is publijhsd, In S E V E N V O L U IvI E S, FOLI6, Illufiratcd w th 224 Copper- plates, and g'eat Variety ef Head- pieces and Tail- pieces, all benutif lh defign d . by Fe'- ri- irJ Pic u t, and cririou/ ly engraved by the bt'Ji Hands in Eno; e. ( Formerly fold fir Nine Pcur. ds in Sheets, but now to be had for Foot- Pounds Ten Shillings in Sheets) T HE CEREMONIES and RELIGIOUS CUSTOMS Of the Various N A T I O N S Of THE Knsu n W O R L F) : Together with Hiftorical Anhotatians, and Tevf- ral curious Difcourfes, equally in- ftruttive and e- nteriainine. Tranfiated from the F R E N C H. Sold Ky C. Davit"! eppofite Grays- Inn in Holborn ; T. Longman » and C. Hitch, in Pate - nofter Row ; and A. Miliar, Sppoflt; Cathc-- rinS- ftreet in the Strand. IVbere m iy be bad, to ccmpleat Gentlemen's Setts. The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Volumes, feparate, ar 16 s. per Volumfe. Th: 6th and 7th are reckort'd only as one Volurrie. This Day is publijhed, Price i s, N UMBER LXXXV. ef ( Contain; g Four Sheets, and the Head of S.' uah Dutchefs of Marlborough, finely engraved by Mr. Hculrakit;-, . from an Original Piciure in tbe ColleSipn of the Htmeu rable John Spencer, painted by Sir Godfr ey Kneller,) RFHE CONTINUATION of" Mr. P. A- JL PIN'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the Revolution to the A^ ccition of King GEORGE 11. By N. T I N D A L, M. A. Refior bfi Atverfi ie in Hatnppire, and Chaplain to the Royal Hofpital at G: eenvJcb. Printed for John and Paul Knapton, at the Crown in Ludjate- ftrcet. Where mqy be bad The preceding Numbers flitch'd, or the Firft Volume of the Con- tinuation fewea tip in Pafteboards. A; l, j Mr Rapin's Hiitory of Enaland, tranflatcd by N. Tindal, MA. The third Edition, in Two Volumes in Folio, illuftrated wi; h the Heads and Monuments of the Kings, and other Copper- plates. Pr. ce 2 1. iz s. fid, in Sheets, n jl, bound. Nile, Mr, Tindal. t Continuation is printed in Oftavo, for the Acc.- mmodation of thofe who have Mr. Rapin's Hiftor. y in that Size, Thofe who have notyet taken Mr. Tindal's. Continuation, may begin with Number I, and continue them. This Day is publijhed, In THREE VOLUMES in FOLTO, CollcBed from above One thoUfand Original Draughts, i> t the Poffefjion of Dutton Seaman, Efq-, at Gui d- hall, Comptroller of the Chamber of the City of London. PRECEDENTS in CONVEYANCING Settled and Approved by GILBERT HORSEMAN, Late of Lincoln's'Inn, Ef]-, Containing Conveyances and Settlements, not only ef Eftatei Peal and Perfonal, known to former Times, but alfo of Stocks, Bonds and Annuities of the Publick Companies, Exchequer An- nuities, Fortunes in Ireland and Holland, and Plantations in America} likewife many new Claufes, and Provifwns in Confequence of Acts af Parliament, and of Determinations in the Courts of Juftice. Printed for J. and P. Knapton, at ths Ciown in Ludgate- Street. BOOKS by AUCTION, At PAULV Coff. e- Houfe in S . Paul's Churchyard, exaclly at Six this E veningj The Firjl ' Night's Sale of THE valuable Libraries of the Reverend and Learned WILLIAM STUART, D. D. Cha- cellor of Ex* eter ; and of his Nephew, the Rev. Mr. CHARL5S STUART, lately deceafed. Containing a curious Colleftion of Clafiical Books, in elegant Condition, and many on Royal Paper, In this Night's Sale aft, Hyde Religio Perfaium. Conciliornm Cctllefl. Reg. 37 v* Poplh Controverfy, 26 v. comp. Biblia Polyglotta, 8 v. PlutarchiOp. Gr. & L. H. Steph. Calvini Opera, 9 V. r3 v. Dugdile's Mon. Ang. 3 v. Relan- 4 Paleftina, 1 v. the fame Eng. 3 v. Vilalcand in Ezech. 3 v. Cor. tiir. * Summons, large Paper. Mackenzie's Scots Writers, 3 v. Sr. Paul's. Sanchez de Matrimonio. •" •• • • Origines Juridiciales. Bible, 3 v. with MSS. Notes. This Day is pub'iipjcd, Colletlio SeleSia Brindleiana : Or, CATALOGUE ofa Curious and Rare Colleflion of Antient and Modern, Italian, Flemifh and French Prints, after the greateft Mailers, and by the beft Engravers. VIZ, Michael Angelo, Paul Rubens, Titian, Carlo Maratti, Salvator Roffa, De La Bella, Coracchio, Cefio, Tintoret, Raphael, Baffan, Bourdon, Bioemart, Barbietta, Hollar, Heemfk: ik, Sir Godfrey Kneller, Ant. Van- Deeck, Arb, Durer, Darct, Nanteuii, Pouflin, Callot, LeBrun, Mignard, Le Blond, La Fage, J. Boitard. Which will begin to be fold Extraordinary Cheap, To- morrovr" the Price mark'd upon every Lot, and continue till all are Sold. By J O H N B R I N D L E Y, Bookfeller to his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales, in New- Bond- Strec;. This Day is pubiifhed, ( Price Two Shillings,) ACHART of the GERMAN OCEAN, torrefied from the bed Surveys and Aftronomical Obferva- tions; by which the Bearing and Diftances of all Places on the Coaft of Great Britain, from the North of Scotland to the Start Point; and of the Contirent from the Coaft: of Norway to the Cape de la Hogue in Normandy, may be readily found. Publilhed according to Aft of Parliament by A. Millar, oppofite to Catherine- ftreet in the Strand. lyhert may be bad, A compleat and correft Map of the LOTHIANS, being a View ef that Country from Sterlin^ fliire to Berwickihire, Survey'd by Mr. Adair, Price i s. 6 d. Coloured 2 £. Ar. d speedily will, be publijhed, A new and correct Mercator's Map of North- Britain, carefully laid down from the lateft Surveys and. moft approved Oblervations, according to the ftrifteft Regard to Mathematical Truth. In which are included all the King's High Roads. By the Hon. Jchn El- phinftone, Efq; P. Engineer. Price 2 s. 6 d. This Day is Publijhed, In One Volume in Folic, ( Price 1 1 ios. bound.) . H E J UST I CE of PEACE : A Treatife, containing the Power and Duty of that M2giftrate, compiled from the Statutes at large, the oeft and lateft Reports, and" other Rooks of - Authority in the Livs 5 with many new Cafes never before printed. Interfperfed with Variety of Precedents generally formed upon the Words of the ASs vf Parliament. Together with a Table of the Titl'es and the principal Matters. By TH fcOPOKE B ARLOW, Efq-, Of the Middle Tern; le. To which is added, an Appendix, being a Summary of all ths Afts of Parliament, whereby one or mere Jiiicices are authorized to Aft either in or out of Seffion*. • In the Savoy : Printed by Henry Lintot ( Affixes of Edward Sayer, Efq;) for John and Paul Knapton, in Ludgitc- Streef, and John Nourfe, at the Lamb, oppofite Kathcrine » . Stre « t in the Strand This Day is pub'. ifhed, Price 6 s. bound, TH E GEOGRAPH Y ofENGLAND, done in the Manner of Gordon'i Geographical Grammar, each County being considered undsr the following Heads, viz. The Name, Situation, Air, Soil, Commodif'es, Rivers, Chief Towns, Noblemen's Seats, Curiolities Natural avi Artificial, remarkable Per- fons, various Particulars. To each County is prefixed a compleat Map from the lateft and beft Observations ; ihewing, the chief Towns, Parks, Rivers, and Roads, both direft and acrofs; alfo a feparate Map of England, of the Roads, of the Channel, and a Plaa of Lon- don ; likewife by Way of Introduction, a clear and diftlnft View of our Conftitution, and every Branch of the Legiflatnre. Printed for R. Dodfley in Pall- Mall j and M. Cooper in Pater- noller- Row. This Day is publifh'd, ( With the Imprimatur of the Royal Society,) 7bf Third Edition in Odla vo, Price 5 s. HP H E MICROSCOPE made Eafy ; or, jL 1. The Nature, Xjfes, and magnifying Powers of the beft Kinds of MICROSCOPES defcribed, calculated, and explained, for the In lruftion of fuch, particularly, as defire to fearch in: o the Won- ders of the minute Creation, tho' they are nor acquainted with Op- tics. Together with full Directions how toprepare, apply, examine, and prefrvciH Sorts of Objefls, and proper Cautions to oe obferved U viewing them. 2. Ah Account of what furprifing Difcoveries have been already mtde by the Microfcope ; with ufeful Reflections on them. And alfo a great Variety of new Experiments and Obfervatisns, pointing out many uncommon Subjefts for the Examination * f the Curious. By HENRY BAKER, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Member of tbe Society of Antiquaries in London. Reruns Natura Yiujquam magis quam in minimis tcta ejl. Plin. Nat. Hift Lib. 9. C. 2. Printed for R. Dodfley, at Tully's H^ ad in Pall- Mail; and fold by M. Cooper in Pater- nofter Row ; ana J. Cuff, Optician, in Fleet- ftreet. This Day is publifhed, u T W O VOLUMES, FOLIO, With HIS MAJESTY'S Roy.: LICENCE, The f fth Edition, of CYCLOP EDIA ; or, an Univerfal Dictionary of ARTS and SCIENCES. CONTAINJNG, An Explication of the Terms, and an Account of the Thing lignified thereby, in the feveral Arts, both Liberal and Mechanical; and the feveral Sciences Human and Divine. The Figures, Kinds, Proper'ies, Productions, Preparations, and Uie's of Things ' Natural and Artificial: The Rife, Progrefs, an! State of Things Ecclefiafii. al, Civil, Military, and Commercial : With the feveral Syftems, Sefts, Opinions, & c. among Philofophers, Divines, Mathematicians, Phyficians, Antiquaries, Critics, See. The whole intended as a Couife of Ancient and Modern Learning Extrafted from the beft Authors, Dictionaries, Journals, Memoirs, TranfaCt ons, Ephemeridcs, & c. in feveral Languages. By E. C H A M B E R S, F. R. S. ** Printed for D. Midwinter, M. Senex, W. Innys, A. Ward, J. and P. Knspton, T. Oltorne, S. Birt, D. Browne, T. Longman, R. Hett, C. Hitch, J. Hodges, J. Shuckburgh, j. Penberton, A. Mil- lar, F, Gofling, J. Rivington, and the Executor of J. Darby. Jttfi puHifljed, Price i 1. 5 s. < ( Beautifully pointed in One large Volume, in Folio,) f THE Hiftory of the Incarnation, Life, Doftrine, and Miracles; the Death, Refurreftion, and Af- cenfi jn of Our Bleffed Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. In Se- ven Boohs, Illuftrated with Notes; and irtterfperfed with Difl'erta- tations, Theological, Hiftorical, Geographical, and Critical. T) which are added. The Lives, ACti. ns, and Sufferings of the TWELVE APOSTLES. Also OF St. P A U L, I St. L U K E, and St. M A R K, I St. B A R N A B A S. Together with a CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE. From the Beginning of HEROD the Great, to the End of the Apoftolic Age. The Whole collefted from the Books of the New Teftament, the moft judicious Commentators, the beft Ecclefuftical Historians, and other Eminent Writers. Adorned with Thirty- three Copper- plates, reprefenting the moft remarkable Hiftorical PafTages; and two very ufeful Maps, in which are delineated all the Travels of Our Saviour and his Apoftles. By a DIVINE of the Church of ENGLAND. Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red- Lyon in Pater- nofter Row. This Day is publifced, In FIVE V O L U M E S, Odtavo, ( With all their Coats of Arms ctirtiufly engraven) Price 1 1. 15 s. Bound, THE ENGLISH B A R o N E T T A G E , CONTAINING, A Geneal igical and Hiftorical Account of all the E N G L IS H B A R O N E T S, NOW EXISTING: Their Defcents, Marriages, and lffues ; memorable Aftions both in War and Peace ; Religious aud Charitable Donations ; Deaths, Places of Burial, and Monumental Infcriptions. COLLECTED From Authsntick Manuscripts, Records, Old Wills, cur beft Hi- ftorians, and ether Authorities. LIKEWISE, Exaft Tables of Precedence ; particularly with Refpeft to the Wives, SOBS, and Daughters, ef Baronets and Knights. To which are added, An Account of fach Neva Scotia Baronefs as are of Englifh Fami lies, now Refident in England. " It is of very great Ufe to a Man in all great Stations, to be " well acquainted with the Defcent of the Principal Families 0/ " . his own Country, which enables him very much to form a " juft Judgment of their Views and Ways ef Thinking ; and " to know how he may conduct himfelf with them, or to " guard againft their Intereft, by knowing with what Familie# " their Alliances principally lie. To confirm this, we need " only to mention the Praftice of Two of the greateft Minifters " of State produced in this Ifland. The Lord Burleigh, who < l was firft Minifter to Queen Elizabeth for a Space of near 40 " Years ; and the Earl of Oxford, Minifter to the late Queen Anne. The latter of thefe had a great Regard for this " Learning, and made the greateft Colleftion in that Kind of " any Man in England. As to the Lord Burleigh, his " Knowledge of the families of all Men of Figure in this King- " dom, was reckoned among his extraordinary Qualifications. " And he was fo much addicted to. this Study, that in the Heat *' of his greateft Occupations, he always found fome Leifure- " Time. to be. employ'd this Way, leaving bellied him many " Volumes of Pedigrees in his own Hand- Writing." Genealogical Hiflory of tie Houfe of Tvery in the IntroduEtion, Page 36. Printed for Tho. Wotton ; and fold by Edward Withers, at the Seven Stars, next the Inner- Temple Gate, in Fleet- ftreet. Ibis Day is publifh'dy ( Being a proper Prefent at this Seafon for all fuch as are Rellgionfly Difpofed,) ( Neatly printed on a Superfine Paper,) P/ ice bound 3 s. HpH E Neweft MANUAL of Private De- votions. In THREE PARTS. PARTI. Containing Devotions fuited to moft Perfons and Cafes, particularly Morning and Evening Prayers for Private Perfons, and for a Family for every Day in the Week. To which are added, Some Seleft Pray- ers for the Ufe of Clergymen, taken from the Manufcript of a late Eminent and Pious Divine. PART II. Offices for tbe Sick, and Prayers in various Circumftanccs of Af- fliction; with Exhortations againft the Fear of Death, and Direc- tions how to prepare ourlelves to Die well, PART IIL The Neweft Week's Preparation for the worthy Receiving the Lord's Supper ; confiding of fuitable Prayers, Forms cf Self- Exami- nation and Confefiion of Sins ; with Meditations to Live well, after Receiving the Holy Sacrament, and a Companion to the Lord's TaHe. By LEONARD HOWARD, D D Vicar of Taunton, Devon -, Leflurer of St. Magnus and St. James, Gar lick- Hill; ana Chaplain to his Royal High- nefs the Prince of Waks.*_ Printed for the Author, and fold by James Hodges, at ihe Look- iag- Glafs, over- againft St. Magnus Church, London- Bridge. Note, The Third Part, being the Neweft Week's Preparation for the worthy receiving the Lord's Supper, will be fold feparate, Price One Shilling. Where is likewife to be had, jufi publifhed, by the fame Author, in One Volume, Oflavo, Price 5 s. Sermons on feversl Occasions ; Preached in the Parilh- Churches of Si. John, Southwark, and St. Botolph, Aldcrfgate, This Day is pttblifhed, Printed for R. DODSLEY, at Tuily's Head in Pall- Mall,- SELECT Effays on the BELLES LET- TRES, tranflated from the French, via. On the EfTence of Po- etry by Mr. Racine. On the Origin and Progrefc of Rhetoric by Mr. Hardion. On the Rife and Progrefs of Sculpture and Painting, by Mr. l'Abbe Gedoine. On the Antiquity of Painting by the Abbe Fraquier. A Difcourfe on Peifpeftive in Painting, by the Abbe Sal-" lur. Some Reflections on the Politeuefs of the Romans, by Mr. Simon. Or. Imitation by Mr. Racine. Plato and Homer compared' by the Abbe Maflieu With many other Effays on curious Subjefts' by the moft celebrated Wits of France, in One Volume, Oftavo.' Price 5 s. . Dr. B ATEMANV Original and Only True Wholcfale and Retale Warehoufe at the Printing Office, facing the South- Door of Eow- Church, the lower End of thcChurcb- Tard, London. TH E daily Succ- fs which has conftantly attended the Taking Dr. B A T E M A N's PECTORAL DROPS, in the leveral Diftempen of Colds, Coughs, Pains in the Breaft, Limbs and Joints ; has gained them fo univerfal a. Character,. that few Families care to be without them in their Hcufes.—- Bcfiiea the Diftempers above- mentioned, there is no one Medicine, fince the Difcovery of the Art of Phyfick, that will give a fpecdicr Relief and Eafe in a'l Rheumatic Pains, Gout, Stone, Gra- iel, Cholic, See. . Innumerable Inftances m: ght be given cf tbe happy EffeCts thereof, but we chufe to refer to a Book, eiW'i, A Short Treatife of the Virtue1 of Dr. BATE. VIAN's PECTORAL DROPS, given Gratis at the Waie- houfe abovefaid; where all Shop- keepers, Sec. in any City, Town or Village, where thefe Drops are not already fold, mzy be fupplied, . vitli good Allowance to fell again, by directing or fending to the Patentee., B£ NJ AM 1 N OXELL, WIL. and CLUES DICEY. The furpr: 2ing Encouragement, which by conftant Succefs, thefe rr. oft valuable Drops have, for upwards of Twenty Year3, met with, not only in Great- Britain and Ireland, but in all Parts of the Weft- Indies, and other Foreign Countries, has lately induced feveral mean and merecrrary Pretenders to counterfeit them ; and by i r ita- ting our Seal, Bill of Directions, and Shew- Boards, with our Method of Adverting, as near as they can or dare to do, without making fjiem the fame ; thereby impofing their dangerous Compofitionsupon . he un- wary and credulous Shopkeepers both in Town and Country, for the True and Genuine Sort. The PATENTEE and Company therefore, in Gratitude for the univerfal groci Reception they have fo long met with, and for the Safetv of thnfe who for the future may be defiroui of ufing the fame, think themfelves abfolutely obliged to give this neceffary Caution ; Which they earneJUy requeft may be ebferved, That the Bottle they Buy is r. ot only Sealed with the Boar's Head, but has alfo thefe Words round it, By tbe King's Patent, as is in the Ma- pin ; and alfo that the Names of the Patentees Benjamin Okeli, William and Cluer Dicey be in the Bill of Directions given with each Bot- tle ; without which you may be affur'd it is a notorious Counterfeit, and may be of the moft dangerous Confluence, The moft wonderful Ckanfing and Strengthening DROPS,/ sr all Sorts ^ Gleets and Seminal Weakness andImbecillities of the Generative Parts and Facultie preventing Mifcarriages in Women. And to cleanje and firengthers tbe Reins, Kidneys and Bladder ; care weak Backs, S'tranguaries, Gravel, and Stoppage of the Urine-, and for which it bath gainxd fuch Repute, that near 6000 Bottles ha< n been [ oldJinct April 1734, that they werefrfi publijh'd. XHESE Incomparable DROPS which for the abovefaid Diforders are not to be equall'd in the whole- Medicine, were prefcribed by the late Dr. RatclifFe, for a cer-. tain noble I. ord, who for a long Time had been vexed with an old obitinate Gleet and WeaknelV, of which he was cured by- them in a few Days, beyond all Expectation, after he had been harrafs'd vri. tb Eleftuaries, Bolus's, Pi lis, Potions, Injeftions, and a hundred other Medicines, for many Months together in vain. Tht Apothecary who prepared them for him according to the Doftor't Prefcription ( which he has ftill upon his File) has made ule of them ever fince, to Numbers of People, ia tho very worftof Gleets, feminal and grtital Imbecillities and Infertilities, Pains in thr Bade and Reins, Diforders of the Urine and Gravel, & c. with the utmoft Succefs a.-. d Safety ; as alfo in all Weakneffes from Strains as well AS Venereal Relicks, exceffive Coition, Self- Pollution, feminal Emifiioa in the Sleep, Falls', Blows, and the like in both Sexes. And as they have never once fail'd him, even in Cafes thought to be incurable, he now, for general Good, has made themjublick ; and that the meaner Sort of People might partake of the Benefit of fo divine a Remedy, as well as the Rich, he h? s put them. up inBottiea of but 3 s. 6 d. each, tho' for the Excellency of their EffeCts, they are worth their Weight in Gold, more el'pecially, as one Bottls » f them generally cures, even in the moft draining Gleets, and rjievous - Relaxations and Weakneffes of the Seminars and Genitals that arts Nor can there be prepared, by any Art or Skill, a more cleanfiag and healing, or a more ftrengthening and invigorating Medicine, or one that c n more effeftuaily cure Impotency or promote Fertility, than this, as every one that but once tries it will fay, by their foon finding the Difference between this and other Remedies; for it will do more in one Day, towards reftoring in thefe Weaknefles, than any others can in ten, and is of fo corroborating a Nature, . thatit may be entirely rely'd upon for curing perfectly and firmly, without Fear of a Relapfe, even in the tendereft Conftitutior. s, which can hardly be faid of any other Medicine; and it is withal fo elegantly pleafant to the Palate, and fo agreeable to the Stsma'h, that the niceft Perfoo is delighted with it. Mr. Weft, Goldfmith, in the OM- Bally, who tifed to fell thefe Drops, beina dead, they are now fold only by his Son- in- Law, Mr. " ohnfon, a Baker, at the Seven Stars in Vere- ftreet, near Clare- marr : et, feal'd up with Directions, for any Mcffenger, uposi only asking for a Bottle of Drops, and trying 3 s. 6 d. I LOND 0 N: Printed for H. WOODFA LL, jun. near the Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate Length are taken in at Two SHILL I NGS each. ADVERTISEMENTS are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- againft the Kings- Arms Tavern, in Pall- Mali-, George IVoodfsll, at the Kmg'i- Arms, near Craig's- Court, Charing- Crofi -, Mrj Shuckbutjh, at the Sun, next the Inner Tenfple Gate, Fket- flrett Mr. Bnckflvm, at ; he Globt Cornhill; and by T. ASTLEY, Removed from St. Pud's Church- yard> to the Rofejn Paler- nojier Row.
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