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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3486
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Jacobite Uprising 1745 Letter from Appleby
Date of Article: 28/12/1745
Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Address: near the Pump in Little Britain
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3486
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The General Advertifer. NCMB, 3nS5. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1745. < u cu £ o £ u > c75 b £ Deal, December 27. 3A. VIE down the Scroop, Rafbcry, for St. Kitts. Arrived the Trimmer, Lott, from St. Ubes. His Maje- fty's Ship Monmouth, Admiral Ver- non, is under fail; with fix Men of War and three Sloops, bound to ( he Weltward. Rema n his Maje- fty's Ship Yarmouth, Admiral Mar- t n, with three Men of War, and a Sloop. Wind W. byN. Grave/ cud, Dec. 26. Pafs'd by , Hammond, from Madeira ; Sufar. nah, Grace, from Lifbon ; the Peter and Mary, Afhington, from Maryland; and York, Lafcellcs, from India. The Royal Ringer, Bufcomb, from Earbadoes; De- light, Tolboh, from Antigua; Charming Betty, Smith ; ami Diligence, Child, from Rhode Iiland ; and Ranger, Howard ; and Ruby, Miller, from Bolton, are arrived at Philadelj hia. The Sarah and Mary, from Jamaica, at Whitehaven. The Gordon, Boys, from Virginia, at Lochendale. The Rider, Carrig, from Africa, at Jamaica. The Sufannah, Grave, from Oporto, in the River. LONDON. Letter from Appleby, Dec. 20. * I believe you mult have heard before now, what I am 4 going to tell you, which has juft happened in our County; * but as almolt all Accounts vary in their Relation, and that * I might not be thought to neglect you, I trouble you ' with mine. ' On Saturday the 14th Inftant, the Duke of Perth, ' Lord George Murray, and fev » al other Perfons of Dif- 4 tinftion, in Number about 120, being the Van- Guard ' of the Rebel- Army, came through Kendall about 10 ' o'Clock in the Forenoon: It being the Market Day, ' and the Country and Towns People being exafperated againft them ( by the La fa they had fuliained i n their - March up Southward) begun to pelt them with Dirt and ' Stones; the Townfinen got the molt offenfive Weapons * that were neareft, as Clubs, Butchers Striking Knives, ' -& c. & c. and drove thein down a Street, call'd Stramin- ' gale, where the Rebels returned upon the Mob, and ' fired amongft them, and killed two Kendal Men ; but ' ftill the Mob purfucd them, killed one of the Rebel'-, ' and took one of their Horfes, and drove them out of the ' Town. The Rebels made to Shapp that Night, and ' early next Morning rid towards Penrith ; but being in- ' formed, that a Party of Soldiers beipg fent there to * guard Lowther- Flail and Penrith. The Country People * alfo were all up in Arms; they made their Retreat to- ' wards Shapp again, but returned through Whinfield- ' Park and Lanonby Moor, where there were near 2000 * Country People, moltly on Foot; about 60 or 70 Horfe * purfued them, and came up with two of the Duke of ' Perth's Chaifes, and got Part Plunder. The Chafe after ' thefe grand Villains was the molt extraordinary ever * known, but they got to their main Body, which was then ' come from Lanealler to Kendall. Thefe Robbers being * provoked by the Purfuit of the Country, threatned to ' dellroy all before them. This Country loft the richeft * Pria; that ever was purfued in Weftmoreland. ' Laft; Tuefday Night about n o'Clock, Mr. Carleton ' had a Letter from the High Conftab.' e that informed « him of his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland's * Army, near 4000 Horfe, being got up, and that the * Duke would only refrelh hiiftfelf at Kendal, and would ' be up with the Army in the Morning. Upon this Ad- ' vice Mr. Carleton fewt to all the Villages to raife the * Country, and beat to Arms in this. Town, where we rai- ' fed about 70 Horfe and fome Foot pretty well armed : ' The Place of Rendezvous was Countels Pillar within ' two Miles of Penrith { the main Body of the Rebels being 4 at that Time in Penrith.) We got to near Countefs Pi 1- ' lar about Day- Break. A Council of War being held, * it was agreed to go towards Shapp, to join the Forces; ' accordingly we marched through Whinfield Park, and * having got near Thrinby, we took two or three Rebels . Prifoners, who were threatned to be Ihot, unlefs they . would confefs what Number of the Rebels were behind; , they to gull us into a Snare, told us only 30; upon , which we marched forward in high Spirits up a Hill, , and faw the Number the Villains told us of. Upon . this the Drum was beat, and the Trumpet founded, and « we huzza'd them and went forward ; but good God what a Panick was our poor HorfemGii in ( being only ' 80) upon feeing near 400 of the Rear Guards of the Re- bel-, endeavouring to iurround the Hill tte were upon : * Then it was Ride Hilly, Ride, etc. in fhort our 80 Cart * Horfes fojnd more reajv and nimble Fret that D1/ [ ' than eve* before, or perhaps ever will again : If we had ' had Patience to have ltaid at Countefs Pillar, we ftiould ' have been reinforced by near 2000 Country People, but ' when we met them, the falne Panick had taken them, ' fo that we were difperfed in about an Hour and a half s ' Time, yet a great many went to join our happy Deli- ' verer towards Shapp, where they met him with about ' 4000 Horfe and Dragoons, who marched dire& ly to- ' wards Clifton. The Plunderers and Villains being there, ' and his Highnefs being informed of it, ordered about ' 200 Dragoons to alight, and march on Foot towards ' Cbfton. The Rebels Tiad lined the Hedges, and were ' ready to receive them. A fmart Engagement enfued, ' but our brave Soldiers drove them out ot their Kennels, ' but it be. ng dark, they killed 11 Men, and wounded a- ' bout 24 ; amongft them is Sir Philip Honeywood, who, ' we hear, has five Cuts on his Head, but none Mortal; ' the Soldiers and Cojntry People took about 70 Rebels ' Priioners that Night and next Morning, who are all * now in Appleby Prifons, one of them a Captain named ' Hamilton. ' Kendal and Penrith have both fuffer'd much by thefe ' Robbers and Plunderers, and if his Highnefs the Duke ' had not come that Evening, it is believed this Town ' would have had the fame Fate. ' I have been near a Fortnight moftly on Horfeback to ' bring Intelligence, and in Purfuit of this Banditti; this ' Town fent 60 or 701. Value of Provifions to the Army ' at Penrith, and I went as a Guard to it, I think 1 fhall ' never fee fo glorious a Sight again. Our brave Men ' make the fine It Appearance imaginable. Two or three ' thoufand Foot came into Penrith while I ftaid, all « mounted on the Country Peoples Horfes. His High- ' nefs has now invefled Carlifle, but ' tis fear'd the Main of ' the Rebels have got into Scotland. The City cannot hold • out long. ' P. S. We have all the wounded Soldiers in this Town. ' Sir Philip Honeywood, is at Mr. Carleton's. One of ' the wounaed Men died this Day, and fome others are not • expefted to live. Any other News worth a Poft Let- * ter, fhall advife you of. Yefterday his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumber- land's Baggage was brought to Town from Northampton. The fame Day the Train of Artillery, Pontoons, Bag- gage Waggons, Sec. pafs'd thro' the City to the Tower, from the Camp at Me.' idan. Yefterday 18 Pieces of Cannon were ftiipp'd on Board at the Tower for Newcaftle; at the fame time a large Quantity of Arms were fent to Invernefi for the Forces under General Blakeney. Yefterday Cannon, Powder and other Warlike Stores, were fent from Woolwich for the Iflands of Jerfey and Guernfey. • We are allured that General Campbell, with the Arms for the Ufe of the well- affefted People in Scotland, ar- rived at Greenock on the 16th Inltant. By Letters Yefterday we have certain Advice, that in the late Action oft' Martinico, Admiral Townihend, out of 41 Ships, took 15, burnt 8, funk 5, and drove 7 alhore ; but the Magnanimous and Fleuron Men of War, with 6 Ships got lafe info the Ifland. ' I'lie Sarah and Mary, Capt. Yeates, from Jamaica, for Lsncalier, is arrived at Whitehaven, and brings Letters of" the 28: 11 of September, by which we have Advice, that all was well in the Ifland; that the Trading Sloops from Porto- Bello, & c. were all, except one, return'd to King- fton, and had made a Succefsful Voyage; and that Ad- miral Davers had appointed a Convoy for the Trade to Europe, which was to depart the latter End of Oftober. We hear that the Hon. Mrs. Temple has paid 50 1. into the Chamber of London, towards the Relief, Support and Encouragement of the Soldiers employ'd in fupprefling the prefent unnatural Rebellion ; and we have the Pleafure of acquainting the Publick, that that laudable Undertaking has been- greatly advanced by the generous Contributions of many other well difpofed Ladies. ,, On Wednefday laft the Rev. Mr. Edward JefFeries, Mailer a£ the Young Gentlemen's Boarding School at i He worth was inftituted to the Living of Throcking in Hertfordfhire by the Prefentaticn of Carey Elwes, Efq; void by the Death of the Rev. Mr. William Claydon. Mr. Brindley, Bookfeller to his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales, is appointed one of the Receivers of General Poft Letters, at his Houfe the Sign of the Feathers in New Bond- ftreet. Yefterday there was Advice that the Amity, Wire, fnnGlafgow for Jamaica; a Brigantine, Wilfon, from Jamaica, for Bofton ; and a Snow, Anderfon, from Ja- maica for Briilol, arc taken and carried into the Havan- nah. Captain Quay, of the St. George, from Barbados, is arrived at 1 ovvey in a Cartel Ship; from St. Sebaftiar. s i and gives an Account of the following Ships being car1 ried into Bayonne, viz. Jafon, Pietily, from Carolina ; St. George, Quay; Catherine, Harrifon; from Barbadces ; Phcenix, Newton, from ditto ; Elizabeth, Sword, from Ireland ; Anne and Fanny, Wilfon, frcm Virginia j the Vernon, Banniller, from Jamaica; and the Nottihgham, Chapel, from Virginia.' On the 23d, t.: e Cartel Ship fell in with the Dragon, a French Privateer of 26 Guns and 300 Men; two Leagues eft' Scil'v, bearing N. W. The Eagle, Hellins; Succcfs, Allen ; and Jamaica Frigate, Lauderdale, from Cork, for Jamaica, were all well on the 6th inllaut. The Warren Privateer ( late Ecyce) is arrived at Ply- mouth, from a Cruize. Thurfday laft died at Hackney, Sir Edward Melton, one of the Jultices of the Peace for the County of Eerkfhirti and Deputy Lieutenant of the faid County. Laft Thurfday died in King- ftreet Weflmiiiller, Mrs;- Piikington, a Gentlewoman ot confiderable Fortune. Yetterday Number 11,009 was drawn a Prize of ictsc 1. 4,612, 500 1. 3nd 22,411,42^ 35, 12,636, and 23,242 were drawn Prizes of 1001. each. We are affurcd, that the nominal Dr. Kirkham, Well known at the Cullom- houfe, and Hark'e Hari'e, cf Wa- ter- Lane, were intitled to the 1000 1. Prize drawn Yefter- day ; to the general Joy of all their Acquaintance. WeaHahear, that the 5001. drawn the fame Day, be- longs to Capt. Rogers of Moorfieids. We fhall infert the Farmer's Second Litter to tlce Pro- tefants of Ireland, on Monday next. As it mult fill the Heart of every true Briton with Joy, eftablilh in them the highelt Opinion of the undaunted Courage and indefatigable Pains that his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Comberland, the Darling of the People, has been at, in quelling the unnatural Rebellion, the Inltru- ments of which, without his Afiiduity, under Providence, in the Opinion of every one, would have reach'd this great Metropolis,- George Sterrop of St. Paul's Church- yard, is preparing a Medal in Honour of that glorkus Adtion ; in the pet forming of which he is determined to fpare no Pains or Expence to render it worthy the Appro- bation of the Curious. It will be finilh'd in a few bays, being in great Forwardnefs.— N. B. Some of them will be ftruck in Metal. ? n> rf- O » 2. n> c 13 o C O U N T R Y - N E W S. Tori, Dec. 24. The Duke of Ancafter's Regiment, _ which marched through this Place laft Week, to joinGe- 1^ ncral Wade, are return'd, and march'd back toward Hull, >- t & c. And the Eaft- Riding Forces, under the Lord Irwin, ^ who have been here fome Days, we hear, will take the fame Route this Day. The Land- Forces under Lord Ir- win were reviewed at Campus- Ing- Pallure, near this City, on Friday laft ; they made a fine Appearance, and went thro' all the Evolutions and Firings with the gieateft £ x- a it nefs. The Archbilhop of York, andl'evcral other Gen- tlemen of Rank and Quality were prefent, who gave their Performance a general Approbation. We hear fioin Neweaftle, that on Sunday Morning, about three o'Clock, one of our Volunteers, who was up- on Guard, at one of the Gates, was fnot at by fome Vil- lain. The Ball went clofe by the Gentleman's Face, and lodg'd in the Gate. 7 he Magillrates have offer'd a Re- ward of 501. for apprehending the Rogue. Penrith, Dec. 21. The Rebels came in here on Wednes- day laft in their Return ; all the Townfmen were forced to fly, as they had made fo vigorous a Stand againft their Van- Guard on Saturday Night, and all Day On Sun- day ; they were rcpulfed by the Country in Arms, and a Company of Foot we had from Marlhal Wade's Army, and forced to retreat to their whole Body at Kendal. How- ever poor Penrith fuffer'd fufficiently for it, by being plun- dered very inhumanly, and would have been burnt in all Probabilty, bad not the Duke's Army appear'd moll pro- videntially in the Evening ; the Rebels detached a Body of aooo towards Lowther and Clifton- Moor, and the Woods ^ by Bird- neft, and the Command was given to Lord George Murray. They had lined every Pais fo ftrongly, that it * was more than probable they might have annoyed its March. General Oglethorpe, who was to fecure a Pafs to the Bridge, very narrowly efcapt 1 an Ambufcade, and made a Retreat without. T. 0fs: Bland's Regiment was in the Advanced Body on the Right, ogham's on the I, eft, and Kingfton's in the Centre : Bland's lolt Goj Honeywood wounded, but is at Appleby in a fair w '.„. The Lofs on the Side of the Rebels, was much more confiderable, than ours; fome of their Officers killed, Capt. Hamilton taken I'rifoner, and two more wounded, beiides thofe of no Rank. ? £ 2 S l- t ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, in Lombard- Street. No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power. < We have had 80 Prifoners brought in fince the Skir- jnifli. The glorious Duke left us this Morning early, and marched to Carlifle. We have no certain Account whether the Rebels have quitted that Place or not ; immediately after the Skirmilh, the whole Body marched from hence with great Precipi- ation | for Carlifle, which we hope will foon be in our Hands. To the Author of the GENERAL ADVERTISER. SIR, 1Don't fee that arty of the Papers have yet mention d the gallant Appearance the Gentlemen and Yeomen of Eaft- Kent with their Tenants and Servants, made on Sunday laft on a large Common about fix Miles from Dover, in order to oppofe the Landing of the French on thofe Coafts, of which the " vigilant Admiral Vernon had given t{ iero' Notice. They- were upwards of 30' cp and tolerably well Arm'd confidering the Ihort Warning, and have mutually engaged to meet in ftill greater Numbers, if there be occafion. And after difcharging their Arms, and confuming the Provifions they had brought with them, they returned Home with great Satisfaction, at having tnet fo many of'their Fellow Subjedb fully determined to hazard their Lives, rather than uift'er their Country to become a Prey to the" French Ncigiibours.— If > ou peafe to Print'this Account, it will be doin^ a Piece of Juftice to the Gentlemen concerned ; and may be an Example to other Places to" Yoitzs up that Martial ' Spirit for which we were once fo remarkable, as to be a Terror to all Inva: tiers. ' 1 am, Tour Confiant Reader. - To the . Author of the GENERAL ADVERTISER. SIR, Ir will be doing the Publick an Important Piece of Service to inform the good People of England of our prefent Situation; and to ea'e them of thole groundlefs Fears, and Apprehenfum; of imminent Danger, Which are tndUftrioufly propagated by our AdvirfaHei. • In the Country thefe wicked Arts arc practifed with more Eafe, and more Fatal Succefs than in large Towns. For in thefe, whatever Rumour is fet abread, its Truth of Fallhood is foon discovered, and the Error extinguffhed in' a few Hours: But in the Country the Cafe is otherwife ; if the Panick feizes, it fpre. td like Wildfire, the Lye ihcreafes, and thofe who would, cannot oppOfe it, for want c'f In- telligence that may be relied on. THie Prejudices arifing tothe Publick from fuch malicious Attempts to deceive the People, are infinite. A Country Tradefman is told, that, tho' the Rebels are retreating, yet they are gathering frefh Forces in the North, are powerfully back'd by theFrench, who areaftually defigning' to nvade us ; and every other terrible Circumitance is deli cribed to him, that is capable of damping his Hopes. He naturally confiders,' what hvuft be the Gonlequenfce'to him- felf : He has a Family to maintaih," he hits Goods' in" his Hand , but thefe may be taken from himf: Money alone can be concealed, and Whilft he has this, he is fo far fecure. But he forgets in the mean while tiiof- whom he deals with j and' burigs that Cafh in his 6Wh Hands, wliich- ought to be in his Merchant's j and the M'erchant,' for Want of it, niuft be reduced to the" loweft Shifts ; and' • very fubllanttal Tradefman be'left hardly in a Condition 40 fuppOrt their own Credit, much ' lefs to contribute to that of theNation." This i? the real Source of the prefent Stagnation : Re- move the Ca'afe and the EFFCDT mult'teafe': Eafe the Peo- ple of their Fears and Trade will ievive. To do this, nothing farther is- requifite, than to inform the People of the following Facts. Bid them trull' their Reafon, and look upon every Man asi an Enemy to his Country, who buiie. hinifelf - in fpreadihg falfe Alarms thro'the Neigh- bourhood. '-' ' <> v - " - - ' ' :>" t ' l'eil the Publick therefore, that the Rebels are preci- pitately- retreating into Scotland, in a miferable Condition, With the brave Duke of Ciimbtrland and a Veterah Army 1 « £- their; Heels:: • ' " 1 "" - - ,, ' I ei- 1 them, that Marfhal Wade is advancing with another •. Army, fupci ior fto all the Rebel Forces in Scotland, WhcJ Will hinder' them from coming near Edinburgh', as the Duke's will prevent them • front ltopping- MGldfyoS) or farcing a Pafi'age: aiC Staling. •"* *' ' ''• Inform them,' that the Rebels have a Chance for palling into'the Hi^ lAdnds, betwixt'' thefe Places,' where Numbers will irrfalHSiy' dejfert in fpite of their Chiefs, and perhapi pftShafe their own'Iives, by deliveringuptte Authors of thefe Tumults : WhiSt the reft will be hunted frpfir Placi tOf piace ' by- the fiSthfwl Clans, fitftforred hv a competent I^ mber- of• Regular'- TWe. • Inform thera,- V igilance of our Admirals will render nation - frcwr Fittn'er ^ s mji& ftii& fele,/ as it -. a now be rafh. The Milittf are afrti'd, the People eiirag'd, 50,000 of the befPTroo^ s'in Europe are ready to fitH upon them. This Nation- is unanimous and loyal ythe Majority of the Scotifb Nation is' fot And further " ar^ refolved, now they have Arms, to demontfrme their Duty • ad, Affe& iw w tic prefem Government, - by joining the- Regular Forces, not only '. to fupprefs, bat to deftroy the Seeds of Rebellion ; and to eftablifh the Peace of both Nations upon a more lafting Foundation than it ever Jhas been. Inform them, that Peace | is actually concluded betwixt the Empire, Saxony and Prujfia; that this laft is become of an Enemy, our Ally ; that Prince Charles's Army is now " at Liberty to fall upon the French, make them draw off their Forces from the Netherlands, and defend their own Provinces in Lirrain and A If act; and that the King of Sardinia will now be aflifted to do hi'mfelf Juftice over the perfidious Genoefe, and drive the French and Spaniards out of Italy. Bid them confider our Naval Affairs. Our Fleets arrive in Safety ; whilft the French Commerce is diftreffed, their Merchants ruined, their Colonies famiihed, their Ships rotting for Want of Provifions to fend them home. In a Word, bid them refleft, that the richett Jewel in Ame- rica is fnatched from their Crown, and added to our own, in the important Conqueft of Cape Breton. Bid them be thankful to Gcd for their happy Deli verahce, be loyal to the beft of Kings, juft to the. f CoCtn try, and ftudious of its Happinefs, and the Encreafe of Piety and Virtue. Commerce will then revive, as Credit is retrieved ; Peace will { ucceed, and Plenty follow : And we'may yet live to fee France humbled ; the Dutch become our Faithful, as they are our. Natural Allies; Spain fenfible of her true Intereft ; the Emperor gra eful to us and indufgent to his Proteuant Sabjefts; the King of Sardinia's Services rewarded ; and the whole World bluffing oar Ilfuilrious Sovereign, as the happy Inftrumen't ' of reltoring a fblid and laiting Peace to all - Europe. As I cannot but apprehend that this Information may, be of Ufe, render it as extenfively publick as poflible; and it will extremely oblige, A Friend to his Country The SUBJECT. N*. XV, T Do not forget that according to my Promife, I am to ex- 1 amine thofe' Grievances which the Rebels pretend that we have fufferedever fince the Revolution. If this Coin- plaint be made in general, it may be fufficient to give a ge neral Arifwer to it, that we have fewer G riev ances now, do not fay we have none) than ever we had fmce we were a Nation. I fhall come to Particulars by and by. Perhaps they think- it a Grievance, that our Kings don't live ten or twelve Years together without Parliaments ; the_ n fummon one in Hafte, and diffolve it in Hafte, then another according as their Whini or PafTion lead?. That they don't imprjfon Meihfeers cf ' Parliament for oppofing t'lieir Meafnres in the fioufe'^ or tha't, they don't continue One t'arirament for feventeeri or eighteen Years, apd in an angry Mood: prorogue it. fpr fourteen er ' fifteen Months. aV bnce, Thefe were the. Bfeilings'we enjoyed under. the Stuarts. Perhaps they think'it. a Grievance, that there is no EcclefiafticaT Commifiiori'tb frighten and filence the Or- thodox Clergy, and tp fufpend both them and their Bifhops for doing their Duty.' That we> do not profecute thofe ^ e- Verehd'rrefates. who are not able to bring their Confciences to aft in direft Defiance of, the Law. Is it a. Girjcsvance, that the King has not" yet endeavoured to make his Pro- clamatTbns'as valid as an Aft. of Parliament, and by them to repeal the plained Afts of Parliament in the World?, ; That'he'has never yet levied one Penny of Money, but by ' Aft ' of Pa'rliaineht; nor executed, fined, whrpp d or im- prifon'd any one Perfon, but according to the dueCourfe of * EaW t If tKefe ar'e Grievance's, I coiifefs, we of this Na- tion are moft miferabje. ' Thefe are Grievances we never c'. efire to get rid of. ' Let us confider the Copduft of our Princes fince the Re- ; volution': The " Excellence of * King William's perfonal Qualities, I fuppofe" his very Enemies" will not deny. His ', Cotirage', his" C6hduft, his . Prudence, are allowed by all. ' But the great and true'Q^ eftion'is, how thefe Qualities, are 3 exerted : " Whether foror. againft the Inter.. ft of England?' Tj^ t'he'. refe'ued us from Popery and Arbitrary Po\ yer" Ae ' Pa^ ifts tfipthfelves muft acknowledge.* Nay, it is the very * Thing they C'bmplain of.' TheFaft is undifputed. The only Difpute that can be made is," Whether in fo doing . he " did lis any Good. And upon this Head, it is likely Pro- ' te'ftantj and Papifts will always think differently; and ( I " was going to fay) t hope they always will. That he was, through the whote Courfe of hii Life, an : Energy'to France, I readily ' agree. That he advifed an- ? nt » Hy" with Parliament^ fhat he encouraged our Trade, 1 th'at lie procured Liberty for tender Confcience?, that he ! e-' ' cured theProtefiant Succeffion, arealfunquettioiiabip Fafts.' In a'Word, I am apt to think he regarded the( Infereft' of his'Pfco'ple beyOnd any Prince,' that ever fway'ci tire E - gliJh •" Stejitre before him. Perhaps I need. not except the fe- * nowri'ci Queen' Elizabeth. " ' '* ' Queen Anne carried the Glory of this Nation to a Pitch higher than had been known* for Ages. The. French' have : R£ tfda to Remember it. The ltrtter Part of her Re gn. in-' deed We 6bjeft to : But can the Friends of the Pretender do' ^ fo ? It Was too fatally liftening to them, that otir fnterefts werefhamefully facrificed to France. Under, their Influence it was that Pafflve Obedience and Non- Refiftance, Indefel-' fible Right and Jure Diwino Slavery began again to grow fafhjonable Doctrines. By them was that damned Schifm- Bill promoted and carried, than which a more devilifh En- gine of Perfection never was fet 011 Foot by any of the ' Heathen Emperors. • Siculi non invenert Tyranni 1 Tormentum majus. I impute not thefe Things to her Majefty, but to the Friends of the Pretender. King George I. was perhaps one of the beft of Men. I fliall not attempt his Charafter. It would be great Vanity in itie to do it, after what Mr, Addifon has faid in Num- ber II. of his Freeholder. Let it only be obferved, that all the Proteftant World rejoiced at his Acceflion. That under him \ yere dillipated thofe Clouds of Ignorance and Error, which had begun to overfpread our H orizon. He fuffercd, nay tte encouraged the People to affert their Rights, both Civil and Ecclefiaftical. He promoted Mr. Hoadly. He granted further Liberty to Diffenters, and ontinued his Proteftion to the Church of England. He fecured and extended our Commerce, and upon all Occa>- fioris was defirous to take the Advice of Parliament, and to have every Thing tranfafted in the manner agree- able to Law. Did tne Stuartive Kings aft in this Man- ner ? High Water at London- Bridge, this Day at 2 Minutes after f. HAY- MARKET. THE SUBSCRIBERS to the OPERA are ' defired to make the lafl Payment of their Subfiription- Money to the Treafurer, at the Opera^ Ojfice in the Hay- market, inhere Attendance ivill be given this and ra ry Day, from Ten ' ftV/' fwu, to receive the fiame, and deliver cut the Silver Tickets. D R U R T- L A N E. Rf His Majejly's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre- Royal in Drury- Lane., this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The CONSTANT COUPLE; O R, A TRIP TO THE JUBILEE. The Part of Sir Harry Wildair by Mr. FOOT ; Cel. Standard, by Mr. Delane; Alderman Smugler, Mr. Tafwell ; Beau Clincher, Mr. Yates; Clincher jun. Mr, Neale; Vizard, Mr. Havarsl; Dicj^ y, Mr. Rflrj Tom Errand, Mr. LejgJi ; Qeqftable, Mr. Turbutt, Angelica, Mrs. Mills j lady'Darlmg, Mrs/ Bridges; Parly, Mrs, Macklin ;' And the Part of Lady Lurewell by Mrs. Woffington. With Entertainments, viz. Aft III- Singing by, Mr. Lowe, Aft Y, A Dance by Monf. Mechel and others. To which will be added, The LOTTERY. The Part of Jack Stocks ( alias Lord Lace) by Mr. Macklin ; Mr, Stocks, Mr. Blakes ; Lovemnre by Mr. Lowe ; Teague, Mr. R,; r- rington; Mfhift, Mr. Leigh ; Mrs. Stocks, Mrs. Bridges ; J « nny, Mils Cole:; The Pjart of Chloe ( alias Lady Lace) fey Afrs. dive. Boxes 5 s. ' Pit 3s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upner Gallerv I 9. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Hob/ on, at the Stsge- L) o » of the Theatre. To begin exaflly at Six o'CJoclr. COVEN T- G A R DEN, At the particular Deft re of federal Perfons of AT the Theatre Royal in Covent- Garden,, this Day^ will be . prefented a Comedy, call'd The, S I L E N T W O M A N. Written by Ben John& n. The Part, of the Silent Woman to be performed by Mrs. Pritchsrd ; Truewit, Mr. ttale; Morofe, Mr. Bridgwater; Sir Amorous La, Feel, Mr. Woodward ; Dauphine, Mr. Cafliell ; Clerimont, Mr, Ridout j Capt. Otter, Mr. Martin,; ; Cutbeard, Mr. James. Lady Haughty,' Mrs., H » lp ; Mrs. Centaure, Mrs, Bland j Mrs. Doll Ma- vis, Mifa Hippifley ; Mrs, Otter, Mrs. James; And the Part of Sir John Daw by Mr. Cibber. To which will be added, A Dramatic Entertainment of Mulick, call'd O R P H E U S and EUR Y D I C ¥.. Intermix'd with a Pantomime in Crotefque Characters, cali'd ihe Metimorphofes of HARLEQUIN. The Part of Orpheus by Mr. Bears! 5 Rhodope, Queen of Thrace, Mrs. Lampe; Eurydice, by a YQUNG GENTLEWOMAN, Firlt Nymph, Follower of . Eurydire, by Signora Catppiotfi Harlequin, Mr. WOODWARD; Cplombine, Mrs. Havard; Pantaloon, Mr. Arthur; ' SquireCaw-? key, Mr. Bencraft; Mrs. Mannerly, Mrs. Martin ; Goody Gut- ton, Mr- Marten ; Drudge, Servant to Pantaloon, Mr. Hippifley • Woman Dwarf, by > French Boy ; Country L? ds by Mr. ViJIeneuve, Mr. Delegarde, Mr. Dupre, and Mr. Deftrade • Country LalTcj- by Mrs. Vauglian, Mrs Ville'neuve, Mrs. Le Brtin, Mrs. Gondou ; - A Rural Nymph by Signora CAMPIONl. Boxer JS. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery is.' Upper Gallery it. To begin exaftly at, Six o'Clock. Bank- Stock 127. India Ditto. 163 i half. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities 100 t 4th. Ditto New no Price. Three per Cent. Annuities no Price. Ditto 1742, no Price. Ditto 1743. and 1744, no Price. Ditto 174;,- no Price, Million Bank 110. Equivalent 102. Royal Alfurance 79. London Affurance 10. Englifh Copper 5 I. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price: Bank Circulation if 1. 10 s. Difc. India Bonds 3 1, i3s. Difc. Three and a half Salt Tallies 14 1 half. Thr.- e and- a, half pier Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets no Price. Life Annuities do Price. G O O D M A N's F I E L D S. AT the Late W EL, ESs the bottom of I e- mon- fireet, Goldman's- Fields, this preftnt Evening, will be per- form'd a Concert of Vocal and Inll- rumentalMUSICK. divided into Two Parts. Boxes is. 6d. Pit or Firft Gallery 1 s. 6 d. Upper Gallery 1 s. Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, a Tragedy, call'd HAMLET, Prince of DENMARK. The Part of Hamlet by Mr. Furnival ; " the King, Mr, Roberts ; the Ghoft, Mr. Paget; Polonius, Mr. Julian ; Laertes, Mr. Ken- nedy; Horatio, Mr. Cufliing; Ollrick, Mr. Blakey ; I. ucianus, Mr. L. Hallam; Gravediegers by Mr. Morgan and Mr. Dove. Queen, Mrs. Bambridge ; Player Queen, Mrs. Cufhing * And the Part of Ophelia by Mrs. Phillip!. To which will be added a Ballad Farce, rall'd DAMON and PHIL q I D A. With Singing between the A& s by Mr. Brett, And Dancing by the Two Matters and Mils Granier. To begin exactly- at Six o'Clock. » „* Gentlemen and Ladies who had Tickets for Mr. IV. HallamH Benefit of RICHARD lit. and could not come then, Mf. Hall am hopes they. will come. this. Night, and th » if Tickets will be admitted. Admiralty- Office-, Dec. 25, 1745. CP'H E Court Martial for enquiring, into the Caufe of the Lofs J his Mijeftfs late Shop the Falcon being- over-, the Lords Commijfioners of' the Admiralty do hereby ftrikly diren all. tbe Petty- Ojficers and Foremaft Men late belonging to tbe. faid- Slo-. p, to repair forthwith to Portf- mouth, and apply te Vice- Admiral S1EUART, who < u ill direct, them to . go on Board one of hisMajefifs Ship), where they will be paid thi - Wraget due to theiajor, the Kalcon, and Conduct . Money\ and. Carriage for their. Chefts and - Bedding, will be allowed for their Travelling te Portfmouth ; but if any . oft he faid Mets fail to repair to Poitfmouth, a s direc- ted,. they . will not onlj loft the IVages due to them, fir that sjeop, butiheMarjhalof the Admiralty will be ordered to apprehend them j in order to their being Tried at a CourtJ Martial at Diferters, THO. GO RBET. T. , Guildhall, London, Dec. 23, 1745. The L- O R D - M A Y O R, in the Chair. cjfH. E Committee of the Guildhall Subfcription •*•" begun by the Right dim., the Lord- Mayor and Others, far. the Rztiffi . Support, and iEncouragement of'' the Soldiers employed infuppreftng tbe frrfeut Unnatural Rebellion, in- Purfiuance of a Let ten / » his- Lordjhip from his Royal High- tsefs the Duke o/. Cumberland ; and aljo of another from'his Excellency Mdrjhal Wade; Have umsmrnmfly Rejoined and - Contrastedfor 12,000 Pair of Breeches. u, ooo Shirts. 10,000 Woollen rCaps, and 10,000 Pairof Woollen Stockings, to- - be: immediately providedfor - the TJfie of the Army. And have further alfo Contrasted for 1000 Blankets: 12,000 Pair, of Khit Woollen Gloves, and • 9900. Pair, of Woollen Spatterdafhes, to be forthwith provided and- fietit down • tothejaed Firess. Attd it was alfo Rejolved, That the Sum of $ 000 1. Part of the faid Sabfeription Money already1 raifed, be fet apart for. the Rewar- ding of fuch Soldiers, who fhall be Maimed or Wounded in the faid Service ; and that the fur- ther Sum of 300.1. be applied as Marlhal Whde - fhall direft, for the more fpeedy Recovery of- the SickSoldiers under his Command; in- Augmenta- tion of the Allowance granted by the Crown in that Behalf. Note, A further Sum is intended to be - applied to the - iike Purpofes, in Proportion as the Laid Subfcription fhall encreafe : And the Suhfcription Rolls are ordered to- be liill kept open at Guildhall, from Eleven o'Clock ' tiH Two every Day, netwithftanding the Holy days. fy- Order of the- Committee, < T. FORD, Secretary. - JJ7~ H ERE AS it has been reprefented te the Right Hon. the LordMayor, and the refi of his Ma- jeftfi; Commifijioner's of Lieutenancy for the City cf tmdon, at a Court of Lieutenancy held at Guildhall, on Thurfdaythe 26th Day of December 1745, that feveral Perfons, now ferving in the Six Regiments of the City Militia, have not been Lift eel Md S- ivortt. U is therefore ordered by ibis Court, that no Perfon be at arty Tiffie hereafter fent, or do in his own RigJjf, attempt to feivt as a Soldier in the City Militia -, utileJs be has al- ready been- L ' fied or Sworn-, or been apprtrJd of by the Com- manding. Officer of the1 Company hi whith be ti to fer- ve, is ready to be Lifted and S- iVorn, tti ti& AH " f Parliament in that Cafe dire its. Sign'd by Order of the faid Court, EDWARD GROSE, Cl. fl/ II ERE A S His Majejiy has been plea fed to direct, that Alarm- Pofts Jhould be appoint id, and proper Signals be fettled, for giving Nitire to the fiveral Guards, winch are to be in Readinefs to march upon the fir ft Notice of any Tumult or InfurreBion, within tbe Cities of London or ^ Weftminfter ; and that the faid Signal fhoidd be by je- ve/ i Cannons, one to be fired every Half Minute at the Tower, to be anfwered by tbeJdme Signalfirom St. James1 s Park, and vice Verja'. ft is therefore Ordered by the Right Honourable the Lord• Mayor, and the reft of his Majejlfs Commijjioners of Lieutenancy for the City of London, that every Officer and Soldier in each of the Six Regiments of the t ity Militia, without waiting for Beat of Drum, or any othe r Notice, do immediately , on hearing theJ'aid Signals, repair, with their Arms and ufiial Quantity of I'cwder and Bail, tt the Places hereunder mentioned-, for the Rendezvous " f the faid Regiments reJpe'Sively ; ( that is to Jay) The RED Regiment on Tower- Hill. The GREEN Regiment in Guild- Hall Yard. The YfcLLOW Regiment in St, Paul's Church- Yard. The WHITE Regiment at the Royal Exchange. The BLUE Regiment in OldFiJh- Jlreet. And The- OR AN GE Regiment in IVeft Smithfield. ! And all Per fans negleSling to appear as above direflid, will \ be punijhed as Defierters, Dated at Guild- Hall, the Fcur- I teetith Day of Decem ber, 1745. Signed - by Or> der of the Right Honourable the Lord- Mayttr, and the reft of His Majeftfs Commijjioners of Lieu- tenancy for tbe City of London. EDWARD GROSEV Clerk. AT OTIC E is hereby given to the Officers and Companies of his Majefty's Ships undermentioned, who were at the taking. the fallowing Prix. es, viz. Pallas, | Mercurie, Marie Marguerite, 11 Graeieufe, St. Anne, I And Amiable Jeanne," | Diana Privateer. ALSO, Ann Snow, "] r. Friendfhipj- \ Ships. Flambro'sPrise, J That they will be paid their refpe& ive Shares for fuch of the above Prizes as they are entitled to, at the following Times and Places, viz. Captain, the 6th of ' January, on Board the Ship at Portfmouth. Louifia, at the Crown Tavern, behind the Royal* Ex- change, the 22d of January, to the Aiiignees of the M6tv and Attofnies of the Officers, the Others to be paid on Board when the Ship arrives in Port. Monmouth, the 24th of January, at the Fountain Tavern, Plymouth. Defiance ?- the 15th of January at theCfown Ta- Taviftock, ) ' . vern, 1- behind the Exchange. Hampton Court, f^ v ^ February m Board the Prince Frederick, \ Sh. ps at Plymouth, if returned , , ) from their Cruize, or at the Foun hdmbssrgh, £ tain Tavern in Plymouth. Note', * The Recalls will be-' the firft'Tharfd'ay in every Month, beginning in February, at the Crown Tavern 3- faid; ' except for the Ships which are to' be paid - at Ply- mouth. Crown Tavern behind the Exchange, December 23, 174;. " T » H E'Gentlemen who are for ruing a Bbdy of Horje for tht Defence of bis Majeftfs Perfon- and- the Royal Family, and for the fecuring the Peace ofirtbe Cities of London and Weftminfter, and Parts adjacent, met this Eve- ning,- and - adjourn d - to- Thurjdtry- Jan" 2," at ' thv - Jam?" Place, at Five o'clock, where they will be glad to meet any ' Gentlemen whs are willing to engage in the fume Service. Enquire fior Numbed j. por SALE by the CANDL % At L L O Y D's CofFee- Hoiife in Lombard- Street, On Friday, January 10, at Twelve 0' Clock at Noon THE DUKE Privatee^ with iS Carriage Guns, g Poun- ders, and z ditto, 4 Pounders, all New, a'h exceeding fine Sailor, Sguare- ftern'd, built in the River Thames fey Mr. Kenry Bird, and launched in February laft, Burthen about 30a Tons, with an extraordinary Inventory, every Thing being New when ( he went to Sea, now lying. in. Sea, Mil!- Doit, Briftol, and to be delivered there, Capt' John More cook, Commander, Inventories to be had on Board the faid Ship, at Sam's Coffee- houfi: near the Cuftom- houfe, at the Place of Sale, and of CHARLES ROGERS, roker. Over- agairft LLOYD's Cofifee- Houfe. For SALE by the CANDLE* At LLOYD'S Cojfee- Houje in Lombard- Street, On Friday tbe iQth of January, at Twelve dClock at Norn, AFJA^- HP HE Prince FREDERICK JL Privateer, with 18 Carriage Guns, Iz Poande. rs, and 6 ditto y Pounders, 4 ditto 4 Pounders, all New, an exceeding fine Sailor; Square- ftern'd, built in the Raver Thames, by Mr. Elias Bird, and launched in February . laft, Burthen about 500 Tons, with an exlra- • ordinary Inventory, every Thing being new when fhe went to Sea, now lying in Sea, Mill- Dock, Bnftol; and ta be delivered there, Capt. James Talbot, Commander. Inventories to be had on Board the faid Ship, at Sam's Coffee- ho'ufe" near the Cuftom- houfe, at the Plsee of Sale, and of CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. • • •" This Day is pv. bliflfed, Beautifully printed in a neat Pocket Volu'tre, Price f. itcb'd is. 6d. Bound 2 s. ALETTER of Genteel and Moral Ad- vice to a Young Lady. Being a Syftem of Rules and Infor- mations digefted into a new and familiar Method, to qualify the Fair Sex, to be ufeful antf happy in every Scene of Life; By the Rev. Mr. WETTENHALL WILKES, Minifter of Hounfow, Middlefex. The Fourth Edition, carefully Revifed and Enlarged. Printed for C. Hitch, at the Red- Lyon in Pater- nofter Row ; and J; Leake in Bath. tVbere may be bad, The Third Edition, in a neat Pocket Volume, Price it. 6 d. illuf- trated with Copper- Plafes. Aftronomical Dialogues between a Gentleman and a Lady; wherein: the DoQrine of the Sphere, Ufes of the Globes, and the Elements of Aftronomy and Geography are explained, in a pleafant, eafy, and familiar Way, with a Defctiptiori of tht famous Inftrument Called the Orrery. By John Harris, D. D. F. R. S. JuJl Pullifhed, Price i s. The THIRD EDITION, Beautifully Printed, ( Dedicated to Her Highnefs the Lady AUGUSTA,) 1^| HE LADY's PRECEPTOR; or, a . Letter to a Young Lady of Diftinflion upon POLITENESS, Taken from the French of the Abbe d'Ancourt, and adapted to thp Religion, Cuftoms, and Manners of the Engliih Nation. By « GENTLEMAN of CAMBRIDGE. Adorn'd With all tbat Earth or Heau'n could beJlo< w, To make ber amiable : On Jhe came, Grace - was in all her Steps, Heau'n in ber Eye, In every Geflure, Dignity, and Love, The CONTENTS. Milton, Of Politenefs in general. Of Politenefs in Religion, and a- gainff Sujierftition. Of Devotion. Of Behaviour at Church, Of the Duties and Decorums of Civil Life. Of Behaviour to our Superiors. Of Converfation. Of Complaifance. Of Flattery and Servility. Of Appearing Abfent in Com- pany. Of Contradiflion. Of Calumny and Detraction. Of Vain- Glory.' Of Prejudice. Of being tab InquilitiVe. OfWhifpering and Laughing in Company. Of Applaoding and Cenfuring People raflily. Of M- micklng others. Of- being, Blind to What giVes us ~ Of Huufwifry. Of Infincerity. Of Friend/ h p. OfDoi'ng Good Offices. Of Anger and Refentment. Of Gentlenefs and Modefty. Of Keeping and Imparting S » » crets. Of Receiving and Paying VifitSi Of Egotifm. Of the Imitation of others. Of Compliments and Ceremony, Of Afking Queftions. Of Talking before Servants. , Of Behaviour towards rude young ' Fellows. Of Ridicule. Of Politicks. OfTrufting to Appearances inH" Reports. Of Hope and Belief. Of Idlenefs. Of Appearing often in Piiblick Places. Offence. Of Gallantry from the Men> OfFrlertdlhip vifh Men. Of L « ve. Of M^ rin » sriv. Of Duty tb Parent!. . Of Prlde and Cond- fcenli'on. Of True and Falfe Nobility. Of 9eif Cortce! t and ' LoVe of Va- nity. Of Humility and Pride. OfAffaftatton.- Of going to. Court and Courtiers Of Frugality and Covetoufnefs. Of the Learning proper to a young ' Lady. Of Letter- Writing. Of the Choice and Entertainment of Books! OfDrefs. ' peras,' and O- Of Gaming. Of Self Convetfation. Of Good- Nature and Charity. Printed for andSoia By j. Watts," at the Printing- office in Wild- Court near Lincoln's- Inn Fields; and by B. Dod, at the Bible ani Key is Ave Mary Lane, near Starioners- Hall. Shis Day is publifhed, In One large Volume in Gitavo, ( Pi ice Five Shillings Jittti'd in Boards-,) >" Tp H E HJSTOR V of the REBELLION, JL Railed againft His Mijefty King GEORGE 1. by the Friends « f the Popiih Pretender. Cc iitaining, An Account of the Settlement of the Sucrtfiion to the Crown - of Great- Britain,! in the Ilhiftrious Family of lli/ K- vtr, and the Tory Scheme to defeat it, during the kft four. Years of Queen Ami.:. Of his Majefty's happy Accefiion, the . Rebellious Confpiracy termed by his Enemies, and the Execution thereof; both by tile High- Cliirchvtob, on Pretence of the Church's Danger under his Majefty's Adminifrration, and ky fhe open Rebel- on, which is here cx^ ot'ej in aS its Parts, from its fitft Riie to its wal E/. til. Cliei'i. By the Reverend Mr. PETER RAE. SECOND EDITION. To which is now added, a ColleCtion of Original Letters and Au- thteticV Papers relating to that Rebellion. Printed for A. Millar, eppefite to Catherine flreet in the Strand. This Day is • paHiJtid, Frice 6 d. TH E Ca mpaign i n S A X O N Y, or a SuccinCt Account of the . Motives, which induced the King • f Pruflia'td invade that Country ; the Proportions made by him be. fore the Taking of Lefpiclf ; a true Relation of the Battle of Wiif- iort, and the Surrender of Drefocn ; the Pacific Negotiations carried en there, and the Confcquences of a Definitive Treaty of Peace. In a Letter from Major BI. AIR, ah Officer in the Piuffun Service to his Uncle, an Officer in the Service of the King of Grsat- Britain. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Glabe ul Pater- nofter Row. Note, This Pamphlet is entiir'd at Stationers- Hall, to prevent it^ keing pyratcd, of printed in the Publick Papers. Speedily will be publifhed, Dedicated to Dr. MEAD. AN ESSAY concerning the Mortality of the HORNED CATTLE now raging in Europe; wherein ii ( hewn from the Hiftory of the D fcafe, as it lately appear'd in Holland and the Low Countries, and now fprnads in Englasd, that it is Of a highly infectious Nature; feveral Arguments are brought fo prevent all Apprehenfibns of its Contagion with Regard 40 the Human Race. TogethVr with fome Experiment to determine whe- ther Meat is really infeCted, or not : A plain and e3fy Method is laid down, i> y which Farmers may treat their own Cattle with the freatelt Hopes of the fame Succels, wherewith it has been attended in many Plau » about London. And laftly, lome Reilons againft Co- vering the Dead Beafts with Quick Lime. ' By R I C H A R D B R O C K L E S B Y, M. D. This Day is publifh'd, Jl/.' n* a proper Pre [ tut at the approaching Sea/ on. The Whole beautifully nigrald on Copper- plates, containing gredt'er Variety than all the little Things of ( hit Kind ex- tant. Pr'ct only One Shilling. tIE CHILD'S DELIGHT, or Little Mafter and Mifs's ieftruClive and diverting Companion, f" artl. Containing the Alphabet of Eafy Syllables, & c. Part II." Confiding of pretty Songs, Tiles, Catchei, and other hu- mourous and innocent Stories, adapted to the Age of thofe they are • rfpn'd for, wiih a PiCture at tile Head ofe^ ch. " The whole calculated to render the Learning to Read, a Diverfion Kthcr than a Talk. By LOVER of CHILDREN. Printed for J. Robin!!. n, at the Golden Lion in Lud^ pte- ftreet; and J. Hodges, at the Loaking- GIafs, over- ajainft St. Magnus Church, London- Bridge. Where ii Jiterorfe to if hid, jul pM'jKed, Price 6 d. The Child's New Year's Gift, or a Collection of chafte and fig- aificant Riddles, ' on the moit familiar Subjects. Adorned with curi- ous Cuo. The Whole engraved on Copper plates. Recommended to a'l kind Mothers, as an inflruftiv'e and entertaining Companion for " their Children. Ju l publifhed, Hp HE HOUSE- KEEPER'S POCKET JL feoox ; and Compleat FAMILY COOK. Containing above S « ven Hundred Curious lind Uncommon Receipts, in COOKERY, PICKLING, PASTRY, CANDYING, PRESERVING, COLLARING, £?(. With plain and eafy InftruCtions for preparing and dreffing every Thing fuitable for an Elettant Entertainment, from Two Difhes to Five or Ten, & c. And Directions for ranging thtm in their prtpei Order. To which is prefix'd, Such a copious an! ufeful Bill of Fare of all manner of P/ ovifionsin " jeafoii for every Month of the'Year, that ao Perfon need' be a: a Lots to provide an agrieab.' e Variety of Diihes, at a moderate Expence. With Directions for making all Sorts of Wim>, Mead, Cyder, tb- ui, Soc. and difti ling Strong- fffrteri, & c. after the moft approv'd Method. ' "' Concluding with many excellent Prefcriptions, of Angular Efficacy ia molt Datempers incident to the Human B. dy ; extracted ' rom the Writings of the moft eminent Phyficians. Bv Mrs. S A Ra h HA RRISOS, of Devon Hi ire. The Third Edifion, CorreCted and Improv'd with the AJJftloiJ. . f 400 Genuine Receipts fent to' the Author"? Pe " ^ Printed for R. Ware,^-^ * %* Wtck- LTtie. frficv i " This Day is publifhed, Price i s. Beaut fully printed in a nent Pocket Volume, with a Cttrhftt frontifpiece, Addt- efid tp C 1 M—— y, Secretary to the R- / 5 - J, and the Reft of the Virtuoftof the Age, AComplete and humorous Account of all the remarkable CLUBS andSQCIETIES in the Cities of Lon- don and Weftminfter, trom the R 1 S y down to the Lumber- Troop, & c. Their Original, with Charaflers of the moit noted Members ; containing great Variety of entertaining Difcourfes, Fr& licks, and Adventures of the principal Managers and Members; a Work of great Ufe and Curiofity. Compiled from the Original Pa- pers of a Gentleman, who frequented thofe Places upwards of Twenty Years. The SeconJ Edition. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- nofter Row. This Day is publifhed, In Two Volumes: Odlavo, adorned with Cuts, Prict- Tan Shillings Bound in Calf, THE HISTORY of the LIFE of the Emprefs CATHERINE. Containing a fhort HISTORY or tne RUSSIAN Empije, from its Foundation to the Tim* of the Death of that Princefs : With an Account of Her ORIGIN j and of Her CONDUCT during the Life of the Emperor PETER. By JOHN M O T T L E Y, Eft?-, Printed for the Author, and Ibid by T. Aftley, at the Rof « ia Patw- nofter Rovf, Of < wbom may te had, • MOTTLEY's Life of the CZAR PETER. Adorned with a great Number of curious Copper plates. In three Volumes, Price 9 s. An Hiftorico- Geographical Defcription of rhe North and Eaftern Parts of Europe and Afia, particularly RUSSIA, SIBERIA, and Great TARTARY. With a large and accurate Map of thofe Coun- tries ; and Variety of Cuts, 4to. The LIFE of STANISLAUS I. Kisg of Poland, tec. To which is added, a Relation of his Retreat from Dantzick. In a Letter writ- ten by himfeif to a Perfsn of Diftindtion, una, Price 1 s. fid. NEW EDITIONS of BOOKS, Printed ftr A. MILLAR, eppofte Katherine- llreet, in , the Strand, i. A Complete Collation of the Works of / i the Hon. Robert Boyle,. Efq; 5 v. Fol. » . Jac. Angufti Thuani Hiftoria fui Tetnpoiis. Edita per S. Buck- ley, 7 v. Fol. 3. The Works of Francis Bacon, Lord High Chancellor of Eng- land, 4 v. Fol. 4. A complete Colleftion of the Hiftorical, Political, and Mifcel- laneous Works of John Milton, 2 v. Fol. 5. Oceana, and cither Works of James Harringtos, Efq; Collefled niethodii'd, and revis'd by John Toland, Fol. 6. An H. ftorical and Political Difcourfe on the Laws and Govern- ment of England. By N. Bac » n, Efq; The fourth Edition, cor- lefted and improv'd, Fol. Note. There arc a few of the above fix Books printed on a fupcrfiae Writing- Paper. 7. A General Dictionary, Hifcorical and Critical; in whieh a new and accurate Tranflation of that of the celebrated Mr. Bayle is inclu- ded ; interfpers'd with feveral thoufand Lives never before publiflied, 10 v. 8. The Univerfal Hiftory, from the earlieft Account of Time to the prefent, 9 v. Fol. 9. The Hiftory of London, from its firft Foundation by the Romans tothe prelent Time. In nine Books. By W. Maitland, F. R. S. Foi. 10. The true Intelle& ual . Syftem of the Univerfe : Wherein all the Reafon and I'hilofophy of Atheifm is confuted, and its Impoffi- bility demonftrated, See. By Ralph Cudworth, D. D. 2 v, 4to. BOOKS lately printed for R. DODSLEY, At Tully's Head, Pali- Mall. I. A CoHe& ion of Old Plays, 12 vol. Jf\_ 2. Jarvis's Don Quixote, 2 vol. 4to. 3. Les Avantures de Telemaque. A fine Edition, The / Eneid of Virgil. Trandated by Mr, Pitt. Vida's Art of Poetry. By the fame. 6. Dialogues on Government. By the Hon. Henry Nevi'le. 7. The Geography of England, with Maps of each County, X. The Novels of Boccace. A new Tranflation. 5. The Inftitutian of a Prince. 10. Sele£ l Ellays on the Belles Lettres. 11. Hiftory of all the Theatres in Europe, is. Mrs. Rowe's Works. 13. The Works of Roger Bovle, Earl of Orrery. 14. Letters of Algernon Sydney to Henry Saviljc. 15. The Microfcopc made eafy. By Mr. Bake't. 16. A Natural Hiftory of the Polype. By the fame. it. TheRleafures of Inia^ ination. 13. Foilr Sermons. Bv Dr. Swift. 19. A new Volu/ ne of his Works, in which the Sermons ate in- cluded. 20. The Complaint; or. Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality- si. A ifiort Courfe of ( landing Rules far the Conduit of an Army. By Lc'd Mole! worth. 22. The Sailor's Companion. » 3. England's Heroical Epiftle*. 24. Leifure Honrs Amufeme. Bts. • 5*. The Child's new Play- Thing. 26. Philomel: A fmall Collection of only the bed Songs. 27. Adam's Luxury and Eye's Cookery ; or, The Kitchen Garden. With niany other Poems and Pamphlets, » 8. The Hiftory of Greece. 29. Reflections upon Church Government. This Dty is . publifbeti. Primedfor R. DODSLEY, Mt Ttily's Head w Pall- Mall, H E JENEID of VIRGIL, tranfktecfc ^ by Mr. PIT. - In two fmali Pocket Volumes. Priie 5 ii sljo in theJ^ me o. i' .. r., i Letter, VlDA's ART of POETRY, translated by the fame Authori Price a s. 6 d. This Day is publfhed\ ( Being a pr. iper Pi efent at this Seafon for all fuch as are Rellgionfly Difpofed,) ( Neatly printed on a Supeifine Paper,) Price bound 3 f. TH E Neweft MANUAL of Private De- motion. In THREE PARTS. PART 1. Containing Devotions fuited to moft Perfons. and . Cafes, particularly Morning and Evening Prayers tor Private Perfons, and f. ir a Fami. y for every Day in the Week. To which are added, Some Se.' eifc Pray- ers for the Ufe of Clergymen, taken from the Maxiufcript of a Jatc Eminenfrand Pious Divine. PART II. Offices for the Sitjc, and Prayers in various Circumftances r* f Af- fliction ; with Exhortations ajjainft the Fear of Death, and Direc- tions how to prepare ourleives to Die well. PART IH. The Neweft Week' « Preparation for the worthy Receiving the Lord's Sapper ; confiding 0/ / Mts> s. le Prayers, Forms, of Jioifi- Exami- nation and Confeflion of Sins ; with Mediations to Live well, atier Rectivinj the Hoiy Sacrament, and a Companion to the Lord's Table. By LEONARD HOWARD, D. D. Vicar of Taunton, Devon-, LtSlurer of St. Magnus avd St. fames, Car lick Hfl i and Chaplain to bis Royal High- nefs the Prince of Wales. Printed for the Author, and fold by James Hodges, at the Lock- ing- GIafs, over- againft St. Magnus Church, London- Bridge. Note, The Third Part, being the Neweft Week's Preparation for the worthy receiving the Lord's Supper, will be fold feparate, Price One Shilling, Where ii hit wife to be bad, juft fMijbed. by the [ am: Author, in One Volume, Oftavo, Price 5 s. Ssrmons on fevers! Occafions ; Preached in the Parilh- Churches of it. John, Southwark, and St. Botolpli, Alderfgate. TICHBOU R N. Trufs- Maker, REMOVED From the Golden Ball in tbe Minnries, to the Golden Ball between Red Lion and Dean Strteti, near tbe New Inn and Three Cufn Holborn, PERFECTLY cures by the Bleffu g of God, all forts of RUPTURES, BURSTEN, or BROKEN BELLIES, either on Old or Young, in a very little Time, and for a fmall Charge, and makes and fells TruITcs fcr the Groin or Navel, and Bags for Ruytures of all kinds; after a Manner entirely new, which for Eafe, Certainty and Cheapnefs, far excel any others hitherto invented. Numbers who have wore them have experiefle'd the Excellency of them, for with them you may ufe any Exercife with Safety , for they never fret or gall, as all other Steel Truffes do, but keep the Parts afl'eGed perfectly tight, without injommoding, and feldom or never fail of performing a Cure, in ConjunCtion with two Medicines, to be externai-' y ufed, without any Paio to, or Con- finement of the Patient. Thefe two Remedies need no other Recommendation than them- felves will manifeft in two or three Days ufing, having by their ad- mirable, and even aftonilhing Succefs, gain'd the Reputation they juftly deferve, both in City and Country, foe above thefe thirty Years J a ft paft, after wearing Steel Trufles for many Years to no Purpofe. Sold at 5 s- the Parcel. Note, Strait Stockings, Ankle- Pieces and Knee- Pieces, for Gen- tlemen and Ladies, are made well, and fold cheap. Perfons in the Country ( ending which Side the Rupture is on, and how big round the Waift, may be fitted with a Trvfc and have it fent with this Medicine. Letters ( Pi. fl- p » id) will be anfwer'd. Proper Attendance for either Sex to any Part of the Town. in ANODYNE NECKLACE, ( Now) LONG- ACRE, BY His Majefty's Royal Patent, PATIENCE, and FLAN- NEL, Confidered, in the GOUT, and Rhm- maiifm,— with PLAIN TRUTH, in Vener. al CLEET, and Unnatural, Unclean Cafes, All, Laid Extremely OPEN, to Shew Erery ONE, their Own Private C3fe, and SHORT Cure, Without Telling their Cafe, to Any One. Being, the moft Intelligible Book or> thefe SubieCt;, Ever publiflied And, I « GIVEN GRATIS, At Mr. Bunhetl's, Cutler, and Toyftop, ( now) The Sign of the Famous ANODYNE NECKLACE, for Children'* TEETH, Fits, Fever's, & c. and Cafe of Knives, Next Shop to Drury- Lane, in LONG- ACRE. Where Alfo' Are GIVEN GRATIS, The Se^ iand Part, and Continuation, —— Of RANTUM SCANTUM, or Town Topicks, From Dan3 to Berjheia, From the Higheft, to the Loweft, From the Lady, to the Cobler's Wife ; Ar, d, From St. James's Park, All the Way Along, to Rag- Fair. Taking Particular Notice, in the Way, — Of, ThelMall in the Park, — Tothil- Fields Bride. well,—- Ghiring- Crofs," The Company of Undertakers, At Exeter Change,—•—- The Temple, Fleet- Street, ——— Ludgate, Newga te,—— The Royal- Exchange, The Tower, ... .. And foon to Rag tair. Quictjuid Agunt Homines, Nijlri Farago Libelli. Juven. Nate, The Author of the Firft Part, Page id, Gives bis Reafona for this fo Very ODD Title of his RANTUM SCANTUM, Lately Published, At All the Pamphlet Shops. LONDON: Printed for H. WOOD FALL, jun. near the P- ump. in Little- Britain* where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate Length are taken in at Two SHILLINGS each. ADVERTISEMENTS are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- againft the Kings- Arms Tavern, in Pall- Mall-, George IFoodfall, at the King's- Arms, near Craig*!- Court, Charing- Crofs ; Mr. Shuckburoh, at the Sun, next the Inner- Temple Gate, Fieet jirut Mr. Brsckffvne, at : he Ghb t CombiiL \ and by T. Asjury,, R# Ki9ved frtm Sj, Paul's Qhurtf- yartl, t9 * he Rofe in Pater- nofler Raw.
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