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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3485
No Pages: 2
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Jacobite Uprising 1745
Date of Article: 27/12/1745
Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Address: near the Pump in Little Britain
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3485
No Pages: 2
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The General Advertifer. N U M B . F R I D A Y , D E C E M B E R 27, 1 7 4^ Deal, December 2 6. RRIVED his'Majefty's Ships Folkftone and Try ton, with the Badger and Weazel Sloops; and a Dutch Ship from Oporto; and remain with the Moamouth, Yarmouth, York, Nottingham, Norwich, Tilbury, Princels Louifa, Faulkland, Saphire, Ruby, and the Hir. chinbroke Sloop, with the Outward- bound Ships for- Wind . SW. Harris, from Barbadoe.% is arrived in O £ merly mention'd. 5 The Rainbow, the Downs. i-, TheSampfon, Baker, from Newfoundland, at Waterin ford. 0 L O N D O N. 7 From the London Gazette. Whitehall, Dec. 26. Letters received Yefterdy by Ex- ' prefs from Blichall near Carlifle, give an Account, That upon the March from Penrith thither, his Royal highnefs the Duke had received the News of the Rebel Army having quitted that Place, and lift in it only 3 or 400 Men, who, according to the bell Intelligence, conlilled chiefly of their Englilh Recruits, and Gordon of Glenbucket's Men, - Commanded by one Hamiiton. The King's Forces arrived within Si , ht cf the Town the 2 ft about Nocn, and Major General Bland had invefted it on the Scotch Side with St. George's Dragoonr, and 300 Men of BFgh's Regimept, with Orde- s to prevent any Pafl'age over the Bridge up : n the Riv. r Eden, which leads directly to the Scotch Gate. Major Adams with 200 Foot was polled in the Suburbs of the Englifh Gate, to prevent any of the Garr fon's efcaping that Way : Major Meirac at the Iri! h Gate with the fame Orders, and Sir Andrew Agnew at the Sally Port with 300. All the Horle, and the Foot Guard', were canton'd round the Town, at a Mile or two Diftance. The Rebels, who were left, made a Shew of intending to defend the • lace, firing their Cannon upon every body who appeared in- Sight of it. The Artillery fr<) m Whitehaven was expected to arrive in a Day or two at the Army, and it was propofed to have a Battery ereiled by the Morning of the 2 ; th ; after which it was not doubted but his R iyal Highnefs would be Mafter of the Town ip Twenty Four Hour-, in which he intended to leave a fufficient Garriion. The Rebels left their Cannon behind them in Carlifle, excepting three Pieces'; and M:: jor General Bland had taken 16 Carts laden with their fc Tents. Letter from Kendall, Dec, 20. / P ' On Saturday about nine o'Clcck, the Van of the ^ « Rebels, with the Duke of Perth, came thro' here, being 90 Horfes or upwards, and as we had been informed that theywere flying, the jell of them being furrounded, and they going through our Town without calling for any Thing, eur M< b fell upon them with Pitch- Forks, Sticks, Stones, Sec. killing two and taking three, with the Duke of Perth's Mail: in this Fray three of our People were ( hot, who are i l l dead. They went forward to near Penrith, but the Country being all in Arms, and the Van hearing that thofe behind were fafe, they return'd to this Town on Sunday Night to join the main Body, who were then come up. I had quartered on me 38 Men and 6 Horfes, and other People in Proportion : They took a Pair of new Shoes from me, and a Pair from my Man, worth together Tun Shillings. On Monday Morning the Van march'U out again about Five, and the Rear at Nine, after flripping Numbers of their Shoes in the Stree s, and exaCling 170 1. from the Town V . t h e I n f u l t they had r e c e i y ' d. " " - uv (\ ight about 12 the Van of our Horfe ' Sn ' eLU p ' V1Z' t i l c vork( hire Hancersand others, to the ' Number of 100. On lueiday the of our Army : marth'd in very fail, and went forward without alight- !• " ig- a n d w e kept a Sort of open Houfe for them in the f treet. It was about Four when the Duke enter'd with the Main Body, which made us fo joyful, that it was juft like raifing us from the Dead. " On Wednelday Morning his Royal Highnefs march'd outat W e n , and in the Afternoon came up with the Rear of the Rebels, ahout three MNes ( horr Of Penrith. Two thousand Foot were coming in here from Prellon from Nine o'Clock at Night till Four on Tuefday Morning, and fet out at Eight on Horfeback, and as the Stragiers came in, we mounted them as fall as poflible. The Account of the ' Aflion near Penrith Hands thus : The Rebels had placed * themfelves behind the Hedges, and firing on our Ad- ' vance Guard, kiil'd 10 and wounded 25, and three or ' fonr Officers, among whom was General Honeywood, * who was fhot in the Leg, in the Aim, and cat in the ' Neck, but it is hoped notmortaliy. Sixty or ( event/ of ' the Rebels were taken Prifoners, and 30 of them have ' been found thrown into Lowther River. Our HJorfe * flood all Wednefday Night in Order of Battle, but the * Rebels took that Opportunity of running away to Car- * lifle, where feveral of them now are, as weare inform'd. " We hear that General Hufke i< nigh them, with 3000 * Men, and cur Forces will be all up at Carlifle as this * Night. The Country being up in Arms, bring in fome ' Rebels to the Duke hourly. One Hamilton, a Captain * of their Huffars, is taken and now in Appleby Goal, ' with fome others ; and we are told Lord Elcho is kiil'd. * The Town of Whitehaven hath offered the Duke 30 ' Pieces of Cannon, 10 of them Eighteen- pounders, 2 * Twelve pounders, and the reft Ship Guns. His Royal ' Highnefs feem'd extremely well pleafed with- his Recep- ' tion in this Town ; and his Troops tell us that the whole * Country in general has fhew'd them the greatell Re- * fpeft, fcarce any Body taking a Penny either of the ' Horfe or Foot. I hope to give you a better Account ' ihortly. I am, bfc. u > CJ en o £ • P. S. I believe I have not have had fix Hours Sleep fince this Day fe'nnight, and have nothing left but an empty Cellar, an empty Cupboard, and an empty Pocket, except a Rebel Gun.' ExtraS of a Letter from Deal, Dec. 25. • f I can't help mentioning the great Succefs that has attended Admiral Vernon's taking under the King's Pay, and his Dire& ion, the three Dover Privateers, whofe Captains are known to be the beft Pilots in thole Seas, and their Veffels of the utmolt Service on Account of their Drawing fo little Water, not to mention the great Gallantry and Experience of the Commanders. And indeed that brave Admiral has made a moft excellent Ufe of them, for they have taken and fent into Dover, five Galliot- Hoys from Havre- de- Grace, which certainly ' were to aflill in the French Embarkation ; and three ' large Shallop Filhing- boats from Dunkirk to Calais, la- ' den with Military Stores, fuch as Cannon, Field- pieces, ' SEC two f unk, and twelve chafed aihore, moft of which ' have been fince wreck'd ; and a Velfel blown up, laden 4 with five Pieces of Cannon, feveral Field- Carriages, ' above a hundred Barrels of Powder, & c. befides taking a ' Dogger- Privateer of 6 Guns, and to Men; in which 4 laft Adtion, Capt. Gravener of the York, was fhot in the ' Shoulder, one of his Lieutenants in the Throat, and ' feveral of his Men wounded, fome of them mortally ; ' but the French Captain, his Lieutenant, and fome of 4 die Men were kiil'd; and many wounded. ' In this Engagement two other Privateers attack'd Capt. • Gravtner, who notwithllanding, brought off his Prize ' very gallantly, tho' in a flutter'A Condition, and mull ' have perilh'd afterwards, but that the Tryton, Captain ' Hill, an . thcr of the Admiral's Cruize,- s, took Capt. ' Graven or in tow, and conduced him fafe into Margate ' Road ; and alio gave fome Aiiiftance to the Dogger ' that was taken, by putting fome of the York's Men on ' board.— One Ship was chas'u on Shore by the Saphire, • but was not effectually oeitroy'd, becaufe the Pilot could ' not venture in nigh enough. I can wifh great Pleafure ' add, that by thi » Met: od, this brave Friend to his ' Country, has continually got pofitive Intelligence of our ' Ensm. es Views and Intention:-, as to their Embarkation; ' and no doubt terrifies them from attempting to invade ' the Country which lie guards.' Ex trail of a Letter front Dover, Dec. 2;. ' I am glad : o hear that Captain Gravener is lik? to do ' well; his AClion was a very Gallant one, having to do ' with three Frenchmen all at once, one of them a Dogger ' Privateer which he boarded and took after the firft Broad- ' fide the- others a Privateer Sloop, and a Ship of 18 ' Guns ; koth which he oblig'd to Sheer off notwithftanding ' his Malls were Shot awav. ' One c f Captain Owen's Prizes is unladen ; her Cargo ' coniifts, amongft other things, of about one Ton of • tJ uninmi'. fer, HHenrMT^ Of^ ttrBhnets',- m e Erifs Mftrrar ' of eight Inches Bore with Carriage ; and about 200 ' Iron Shells ; one Brafs Field- Piece a Four- Pcunaer, ' with about 2 - o Iron Four- Pounder Shot, fomeCheveivax- ' de- Frize, 12 Horfe Collars, and about 30 Calks of Am- ' munition- Bread, Sec. One of the Chief Fore: gn Minifters at Paris h: s wrote to his Friends in Holland, that a Declaration of War againlt the Republick was in the Prefs: But this News however is not much believed, the Letters from Verlailles of the 19th not faying a Word of the Matter ; but on the contrary infinuating, that the French Court is inclined to an Accommodation. The Dutch are going to compleat the fourth Augmentation of their Troops, nine Battalions of which aie ltill wanting. The Number of Huffars, ia the Service of the State, is to be doubled ; and there is great Appearance that a fifth Augmentation will take place. It is in order to agtee upon every Thing relating to this Affair, that the States of Holland anticipates, for 10 Days, the Time of their Aflembling. ' T i s generally reported that great Part of Lord John Drummond's Regiment have deferted, a^ d furrSndcred themfelves to Gennral Blakeney in Stirling- Caftle. On Wednefday Evening Admiral Vernon, with a Squadron of Men of War, failed from the Downs, to watch the Motions of the French. The greateft Part of the Foot that made upthe Army of his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, have already pafs'd thro' the City, for the Places aflign'd them in the Counties of Kent, Surry and Suffex. Monday Lift the New- born Son of the Earl of Lincoln, was baptiz'd at his Lordlhip's Houfe in Downing Street, Weftminller ; by the Name of George, his Majefty and the Duke of Neweaftle were Godfathets, and the Dutchefs of Montague Godmotlier. Yellerday 1 go French Prifoners were conduced from the Borough to Portfmouth under a ftrong Gu trd of Soldiers, two of them who are Irifh Officers are confin'd in the Marfhalfea and fetrer'd, and will be tried as Traitois. Yetlcrchy the Hon. the Court of Lieutenancy met at Guildhall, and among other Things, ordered that but four Companies of the City Militia fhoujd do Duty in the Night ; fo that now it will come to every Man's Turn but once in Twelve Nights. The Saltafh Privateer, Capt. Powell is arrived at Oporto from a Cruize, and has carried in a Spanifh Privateer, A Brigantine belonging to Cork, from Cape Breton, with Oyl and F. ifh ; a Snow from Jamaica, with Sugar and Rum; and a Ship from Maryland with Tobacco, are all taken by the Bifcayan Privateer, of 22 Guns, and i oo Men. The Leopard ofLeverpool, with 170 Hog ( heads of Tobacco on b& ard, is re- taken by the Durfley Privateer of Briftol, 17 Leagues S. W. of Cape Clear. O • - d » t o I On the 20th Infl. was wreckt near the Mount of Penzance, the Charming Saliy, Dumerifque, laden with Tobacco, Iron, Staves, and Plank. She was taken the 16th by the Medufa Privateer of Dunkirk, and both driven into this Bay ; the Night before the Privateer being perceived, and known, fhe was driven off by the " Battgries. The Profperous Ellher, Milne, from V irginia, is arrived at Ilfordcombe. She was taken by the Heroine, a French Privateer ; but ranfoined. Mr. Lucas of Crane- Court, is appoint^ Deputy Prothonotory cf the Dutchy and County- Palatine of Laccafter, in the Place of I homas Fofter, Efq; who is feiz'd with a Dead- Palfy. And Mr. John Bolton of Prefton is appointed Secondary and Affiilant Deputy for the Office- Buiinefs there. 2 La 11 Week the Rev. Mr. Edward Clark, was prefented to the Reftory of Sutton cum Marfton in the County of CD Suffex, by the Lord Biftiop of " Winchefter void by the Deceafe of the Rev. Mr. Strange. On Wednefday laft died, at his Lodgings at Hatnpftead, William Bruce, Efq; a Gentleman of good Eftate near Nottingham. Yefterday Morning a Man was found dead in Eafl- Smithfield, fuppos'd to have died of exceflive Drinking. On 1 uefday laft one Mr. Spike a Carpenter, had the Misfortune to fall from the T o p of a Houfe at Woolwich, and was kill'd on the Spot. On Monday laft an Affidavit was made before the Right Hon. the Lord- Mayor, by Mr. William Page, Mr, John Lucey, and Mr. William Gifford, belonging to the Wor- ( hipful Company of Bntchers, that they had feized on Monday laft Week in Leadenhall- Market, at a Publick Stall, two Hind- Quarters of a C'QW, wheh were unwholefome, not fit for Human Food, and as they apprehended the Cow was fick when ( he was kiil'd : Whereupon his Lordfhip ordered the City Marihals and other proper Officers forthwith to deftroy the fame, by Burning or otherwile, fo that it might not be eaten by any Thing.— And the Meat was Yefterday burnt in Smithfield accordingly. VVe hear, that in order to deter People from bringing fuch Meat into the Markets for the future, thefe who are caught, will have proper Polls fix'd up at their Stalls, to denote what Sort of a Commodity they chufe to deal in. At the Cellars under Wenman's Punch Houfe, at the Royal- Exchange, are to be fold very large Quantities of Coniac Brandy and lamaica Rum, at 8 s. perGallon. The; Over- Proof on the Rum, to be paid for only as charged at the Cuftom- houfe, which will tend greatly to the Advantage of the Buyer.— Small Quantities for Samples may be had at the fame Price, except the Over- proof Rum, which will be 1 s. 3 d. per Pint, or 9 s. a Angle Gallon. N. B. Such Perfons that take them from the Keys, at the Time of Landing, will have a fmall Abatement. Yefterday Numbers 46,675 and 32,015 were drawn ^ Prizes of 100L each. O y D I R E C T I O N S for the Religious Keepi n g of CHRISTMAS. I. T T ' E E P in Mind, through all the Seafon, who fe Birthit is you are to rejoice at ; and often devoutljr repeat the Angels Song at his Nativity. II. Meditate on the amazing Love of God the Fatlier. and the Son fhewn in Chrift's Incarnation ; and obferve well that the Defign of it was tj deftroy Sin and Wickednefs. III. Improve the Opportunities which offer for religions Worfhif, and imitate the Trader's Example ; compute your pall Gains and Lojfes in Religion, and examine whethec. you have laid up any Treafurt in Heaven this Year, or ar$ any thing richer towards God. IV. Remember, all the while, that nothing can be more oppofite to the End of Chrift's coining into the World, ai. d the commands of his Gofpel, than mifp: nding precious ' l ime, and giving in to Excejfes that lead to Drunkenneis and- Gluttony, V. Be careful therefore left your Temper and Praftic ® fhould highly offend him, and difrace his Religion, at the very Sealon you pretend to honour the holy Jefus, and te have a Zeal for his Cauie. VI. Wifely choofe your Affociates, and ( hun the Com* pany of irreligious and intemperate Men. and their Entertamments : or where this can't be done, draw a Comparifon. between their Words and Anions and your Saviour's Whith may well inflame your Love of hirii, and fix your Abhorrence of their Principles and PraClices. VII. Forget not that Charity to the Poor, or the fmalleft good Office ( if you are not able to do mere) to the Neceffitous, rfpecially if religious, will now, and always be very pleafing to the Redeemer, if it proceed from a. Principle of Love and Obedience. VIII. Think ferioufly, that however you may rejoyct for his Birth, if you are not born again of tb( Spirit, and thereby turned from yout Sins unto God, and interefled in Chrill'sDeath ; his fecond Coming will greatly terrify you, as it will prove to the ekrnal Sorrow of your Heart, and Damnation of your Soul. High Water at London- Bridge, this Day at 16 Minutes after 2. Bank- Stock no Pri. e. India Ditto 163 1 half. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities 100 1 half. Ditto New no Price. Three per Cent. Annuities 80. Ditto 174a, 80, Ditto 1743 and 1744, 80. Ditto 174.5, 8 o - Million Bank 110. Equivalent 102. Royal Aiiurance 79. London Affurance 10. Englifh Copper 5 }-. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 151. a to s. Difc. India Bonds 41. 2 s. a 3 1. 18 s. Difc. Three and a half Salt Tallies 141 half. Three and a half perCent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets no Price. Life Annuities no Priie. S A D V E R T I S E M E N T S are taken in lor this Paper, ac L L O Y D ' S COFFEE- HOUSE, in Eombard- Screec. No Wooden Shoes, No'Arbitrary Power. H A Y - M A R K E T . c r H E SUBSCRIBERS to the OPERA are 1 de fired to make the laft Payment of their Sub fcription- Money to the Treafurer, at the Opera- Office in the Haymarket, where Attendance will be given this and every Day, from ten '' till Two, to receive the fame, and deliver tut the Silver Tickets. D R U R Y - L A N E . By His Majefiy's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre- Royal in Drury- Lane, this Day, will be prefented The B E G G A R ' s O P E R A . The Part of Capt. Macheath by Mr. Lowe ; Peachum, by Mr. Mackiin; Lockit, by Mr. Berry ; Filch, Mr. Raftor; Mat of the M i s t , M r . B l a k e s ; Mr>. Peachum, by Mrs. Mackiin; Player, Mr. Wooburn ; Beggar, Mr. Winftone ; Ben Budge, Mr. Simpfon ; Bag- Ihot, Mr. Leigh ; Crookfinger'd J a c k , Mr. Ufiier; Nimming Ned, Mr. Goodfellow; Wat Dreary, Mr. Branlby ; Drawer, Mr. Gray. Diana Trapes, Mrs. Mackiin ; Mrs. Slammekin, by Mifs Minors; Jenny Diver, Mifs Royer ; Mrs. Coaxer, MilsCopin ; Sukey Tawdrey, by Mr » . King ; Mrs. Vixen, Mifs Cole ; Dolly Trull, Mifs Pitt ; Molly Brazen, Mrs. Bradfhaw ; The Part of Polly by Mifs. E D W A R D S , And the Part of Lucy by Mrs. C L 1 V E . Jo A f t 111. A Hornpipe by Mr. Yates. To which will be added, The A N A T O M I S T ; Or, SH A M - D O C T O R. Monf. Le Medicine, Mr. B l a k e s ; Crifpin, Mr. Yates ; Old Ge- » ald, Mr. Collins; Young Gerald, Mr. Ufiier ; Martin Mr. Leigh. Angelica, bj MifsBradlhaw: Beatrice, Mrs. Bennet ; Wife by Mrs. Bridges ; Maid, MifsCole. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. Firft Gallery i s , Upper Gallery is. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Hobfon, at the Stage- Door ® f the Theatre. T o begin exaflly at Six o'Clock. C O V E N T - G A R D - E N. AT the Theatre Royal in Covent- Gjrden, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The L O N D O N C U C K O L D S. The Part of Ramble by Mr. Ryan; Townly, Mr. Hale; Alderman Wifescre, Mr. Hippifley; Alderman Do . die, Mr. Marten ; Alderman Dafliwell, Mr. Woodward ; Loveday, Mr. Chapman 5 Eugenia, Mrs. Hale; Peggy, Mifs Hippifley Aunt, Mrs. Martin ; Roger, Mr. James ; Engine, Mrs. Bland ; Jane, Mrs. Dunftall j And the Part of Lady No by Mrs. Pritchard. T o which will be added a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The R A P E of P R O S E R P I N E j With the Birth and Adventures of Harlequin. Ceres by Mrs. Wright; Proferpine, Mrs. Lampe ; Jupiter, Mr. Roberts; Mercury, Mr. Reinhold ; a Follower of Proferpine, by Signora Campioni ; 2d Follower, Mifs Vanderfluys, 3d Follower by Mrs. Phillips ; 4th Follower, Mrs. Viileneuve; 5th Follower, Mrs. Gondou Piuto, Mr. Lcveridge ; Diemons by Mr. Viileneuve, Mr. Delagarde, Mr. Duprc and Mr. Deftrade. Harlequin by Mr. Woodward ; Colombjne, Mrs. Havard ; Yeoman, by Mr. Bencraft; Clodpole, Mr. Hippifley ; Old Man, Mr. Smith; Old Woman, Mrs. Vaughan ; Gardeners by Mr. Deftrade and Mr. Dupre. Country Lads by Mr. Villeneuve, Mr. Delagarde, Mr. Dupre, and Mr. Deftrade. Country Lafles by Mifs Vanderfluys, Mrs. Delagarde, Mrs. Phillips, and Mrs. Gondou. A Rural Nymph by Signora C A M P I O N I. Boxer j s. Pit 3 s. Fiift Gallery z s. Upper Gallery I s. T o begin exaflly at 9ix o'Ctock, G O O D M A N's- F I E L D S. A T theLate WELLS, the bottom of ( e- . Jj\_ mn- flreet, Goidmsn's- Fieldt, this prefent Evening, will be perfcrm'd a Concert of Vocal and Inftrumental MUS1CK. Divided into Two Parts. Boxes a s. 6 i , Ph or Fiift Gallery 1 s. 6 d. Upper Gallery 1 e. * » * Between t h e T w o Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, a Comedy, call'd The M I S E R. Lovegold by Mr. Hallam ; Frederick, Mr. Blakey ; Clerimont by Mr. Cufhingj Ramilie, Mr. Kennedy ; Lappet, Mrs. Pail lips. T o which will be added, F L O R A ; or, The C O U N T R Y W A K E. With Singing between the A f t s by Mr. Brett, And Dancing by the T w o Mailers and Mils Granier. T o begin exaflly at Six o'clock. Gentlemen and Ladies who had Tickets for Mr. t f . Hallam's Benefit of R I C H A R D III. and could not come then, Mr. Hallam hopes they will come this Night, and their Tickets will be admitted. Admiralty- Office, Dec. 25, 1745. cr'H E Court Martial for enquiring into the -*• Caufe of ihe Ltfs f bis Majefty's late Sloop the Falcon being oner, the Lords Commifiioners of the Admiralty do hereby fir icily dire SI all the Petty- Officers and Foremaft Men late belonging to the faid Slo; p, to repair forthwith to Portfjnouth, and apply to Vice Admiral S1ECJART, who it ill dire ft them to go on Board one of his Majefiy's Ships, where they will be paid the Wages d.. e to them Jor the Falcon, and Condutl Monty and Carriage for their Chefts and bedding, • will be allowedfor their 1 ravelling to Portfmouth ; but if any of the faid Men fail to repair to Portfmeuth, as directed, they will not only lofe the V/ ages due to them for that Sloop, but the Marfhal of the Admiralty will be ordered to apprehend them, in order to their being Tried at a Couri- Martial as Defirters, THO. C O R B E T T. Crown Tavern behind the Exchange, December 23, 1745- rT% H E Gentlemen who are forming a Body of Horfe for the Defence of his Majefty s Ferf on and the Royal Family, and for the fecuring the Peace of the Cities cf London and Weftminfler, and Pa, ts adjacent, rnet this Evening, and adjourn d to Thurjday, ' fan. 2, at the fame Place, at Five o'Clock, where they will be glad to meet any Gentlemen who are willing to engage in the fame Service. Enquire for Number 5, c j j ' H E Guildhall, London, Dec. 23, 1745. The L O R D - M A Y O R , in the Chair. Committee of Guildhall Subfcription begun by the Right Hon. the Lord- Mayor and Others, for the Relief, Support, and Encouragement of the Soldiers employed in fuppreffing the pre fent Unnatural Rebellion, in Purfuance of a Letter to his Lordjhrp from his R- yal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland ; and aljo of ar. ithrr from his Excellency Marfhal Wade, Have unammotly Refolvedand Contrastedfor 12, coo Pair of . Breeches. 12, ooo Shirt-. 10,000 Woollen Caps, and i c , o o o Pair of Woollen Stockings, to be immdiMtcly provided for the life of the A> my. And have further alfo Coneratled for 1000 ftlankcts. 12,000 Pair of Knit Woollen Glows* and 9000 Pair of Woollen Spatterdaihes, to be forthwith provided and fent down to ihe fad Force.. A/ nd it was alfo Rcfolved, That the Sum c f t; ooo 1. Part of the laid Subfcription' Money already raifed, be let apart for the Rewarding of fuch Soldiers, who lhall be Maimed or Wounded in the faid Service ; and that the further Sum of 300 1. be applied as Marfhal Wade fhall direft, for the more ipecdy Recovery of tne Sick Soldiers under his Command, in Augmentation of the Allowance granted by the Crowa in that Behalf. Note, A further Sum is intended to be applied to the like Purpofe?, in Proportion as tlve faid Subfcription fhall encreaie : And the Subfcription Rolls are ordered to be ltill kept open at Gwldhali, from Eleven o'Clock ' till T wo every Day, notwithstanding the Holyday-. By Order of the Committee, T. Ford, Secretary. JJ/ H ERE AS it has been reprefenied is the Right Hon the Lord Mayor, and the reft of his Majefty's Commifftoners of Lieutenancy for the City of London, at a Court of Lieutenancy held at Guildhall\ on Tbwfday the ibth Day of December 1745, that feveral Perfons, now firving in the Six Regiments of the C,. y Militia, have mt been Lifted and Sv.- orn. It is therefore ordered by this Court, that no Perfon be at any Time heieafter fent, or do in lnit~ oh, n Right, attempt to fe've as a Soldier m the City Militia, unl- js he l as e, lleady been Lfted or Sworn, or been approv'd of by the Commanding Officer of the Company in which he is to fcrve, is ready to be L Jled and Sworn, as the ' £& of Parliament i> that Cafe directs. Sign'd by Order of the faid Coast, E D W A R D GROSE, CI. 7\ 7 OTIC E is hereby given to the Officers and, Companies of his Majefty's Ships undermentioned, who were at the taking the following Prizes, MS I I E R E AS His Majefty has been plea fed to dirett, that Alarm- Pofts Jbould be appointed, and proper Signals be fettled, for giving N. tice to the feveral Guards, which are to be in Readinefs to march uptn the fir fl Notice of any Tumult cr Infurreflion, within the Cities cf London or Weftmirfter ; and that the faid Signal fhould be by feven Cannons, one to be fired every Half Minute at the Tower, to be anfwered by t be fame Signal from St. James's Park, and vice verfa. It is ti e ( fore Ordered by the Ri} bt Honourable the Lord Mayor, and the reft of bis Majefty's Commifjioners of Lieutenancy for the City of Londin, that every Officer and Soldier in each of the Six Regiments cf the City Militia, -- without waiting for Beat of Jdri m, or any othf r Notice, do immediately, or, hearing thefaid Sipnals, re'air, with their Arms and ufual iffuantily of 1' r. wde>• and Ball, to the Places hereunder mcnt oned, for the Rendezvous ( f the faid Regiments refpeflively ; ( that is to fay j The R E D Regiment on Vewer- Hill. The G R E E N Regiment in Guild- Hall Tcrd. The Y E L L OW Regiment in 47. Paul's Church- Yard. The W H I T E Regiment at ihe. Royal Exchange. The BLUE Regiment in OldFifb- fireet. And ' The O R A N G E Regiment in Weft Smitl. field. And all. Perfons ncgleEling to appear as above du cc'tsd, will be puiiifhed as Defer ters, Dated at Guild- Hall, the Fourteenth Day of December, 1745. Signed by Order of the Right Honourable the Lord• Mayor, and the reft of His Majefty's Cemmiffioners of Lieutenancy for the City of London. E D W A R D GROSE, Clerk. E S S E X S U B ' S C R I P T T O ~ N! c~ rHE Committee of Sulfcrib: rs of 50 1, cr up- 1 wards, for currying the Purpofe of the faid Suhfa ipt ion into Execution, are dejired to meet this Day, at the Ctow. i Ta aern behind the Royal- Exchange, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Wis Day is publifhed, In One large Volume in Odlavo, ( Price Five Shillings feve'd in Boards,) TH E HI S T O R Y of the R E B E L L I O N , Raifed againft his Majefty King G E O R G E 1. by the Fritndsi of the Popifli Pretender. Containing, An Account of the Settlement j of the Succefiion to the Crown of Great- Britain, in the Illuftrious I Family oillwrver, and the Tory Scheme to defeat it, during t r e ; laft four Years of Queen Anns. Of his Majefty's happy Acceffiun, > the Rebellious Conlpiracv fi rmed by l. is Enemiei, and the Execution thereof; both by the H'gh- Chursh viob, on Pretence ot the Church's Danger under his Majefty's Adminiftration, and by'the open Rebel, on, which is here expofed in ali its Parts,, from its firft Rife to its ina! BEys t intf lhioen . Reverend Mr. P E T E R R A E . Tbt SECOND EDITION. T o which is now added, a Colleftion of Original Letters and Au « thenti^ k Papers relating to that Rebellion. Printed for A . Millar, oppofiteto Catherine ftreet in the Strand. Pallas, Marie Margt- erite, St. Anne, Amiable Jeanne, A L S O , Mercurie, Gracieufe, And Diana Privateer. } Retaken Ships. 1 Ann Snow, A u r o r a , Friendihip, Fiambro'sPrnc, _ That they will be paid their refpeftive Shares for fuch of the above Prizes as they are entitled to, at the following T i m e s a n d P t a c e s , v s C.. p'air, t} ie f ijy 0f January, on Beard the Ship at Portfmouth. Lot. ij-', at the Crown Tavetn, behind the ^ oyal- Excliange, the, z - d of Jarnnry, to the Affiances of the Men, and Attornies > f the Officr'rs, the OmerS to be paid on Board when the Ship arrives iij- Port. Monmiuth. the 24th of January, at the fountain Tavern, Plymouth. Lenox, ) . Defiance ( t ! i e : " t h c' J a i l u a r y at the Crown Ta- Tavifiock, j vern> b e h i n d t h e Exchange. Hamp'on Cout- r, Prince Frederick, Edinburgh, ' the 4th of February on Board the Ships at Plymouth, if returned from their Cruize, or at the Fountain Tavern in Plymouth Note, 7 he Rccalls will be the firfl Thurfday in every Month, beginning in February, at the Crown Tavern afaid, except for the Ships which are to be paid at Plymouth. For S A L E by the C A N D L E , At L L O Y D ' S Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Wednefday, Jan. 8, at Twelve '' Clock, T H E V E R N O N P r i v a - teer, with Twenty- fix large Carriage Guns, an exceeding fine Sailor, Squareftern'd, Bofton built, for the Weft- IndiaTrade, Burthen 330 Tons, more or lefs, with very good Dimeofions, and extreamly well found, now lying at Stone- fiairs, John Harvoood, Commander, Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. S A M U E L B R O O K S , BR O K E R. To be heaid of C » ily at his Office ( for Afluring Ships and Mer* chandize) oppofite Jonathan's Ccffe- houfe in Exchange- Alley ; or at Lloyd's Coffee- houfe in Lombard- ftreet. For S A L E by the C A N D L E , At L L O Y D's Coffee- Hoofe in Lombard- Street, On Friday, January I a, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, TH E D U K E P r i v a t e e r, with 18 Carriage Guns, 9 Poun- • ders, and z ditto, 4 Pounders, ail New, an exceeding fine Sailor, Sqtnre- ftern'd, built in the River Thames by Mr. HenryBird, and launcfied in Febraaty laft, Eurth n about 3019 Tons, with an extraordinary Inventory, every Thing being New when ( he went u Sea, a w lying in - Sea, Mill- Ps'l, Brificl, and to be delivered there, Captjobn Mortcock, Commander. Inventories m be had on Board the faid Ship, at Sam's Caffce- houfe nesr the CuftomC- hHoufAe, Rat LtheE PSl ace Rof OSaGle, EanRd Sof , roker. Over- agairft LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe. V . r S A L E by the C A N D L E , At LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Strerr, On Friday the leth of January, at Twelve o'Clock at N on, TH E P r i n c e F r e d e r i c r Privateer, with ig Carriage Guns, ai z PPnouunn^ d. reer s, illa nMd. .. 6.. di— tt o 9 Pouj- n derrs , 4„ d., i tto -, v u. ilv j ruuur. ers, 4 nirta 4 Pounders, all New, an exceeding fine Sqoire- ftern'd, built in t h e " . . February bovy iMvjri.. tEnJiaass Boiirad, and .. m. F e b• r ' m - y lift, Burtner, 500 Tons, with an extra- — ^ o r d i n a r y Inventory, every Thine W g new when Ihe went to Sea, now lying in Sea. Mill- Dock, Br, pi, and to be delivered th- re Capt James Talbot, Commander. Inventories to be ha'd on Board the faid Ship, at Sam's Coffee- hou/ e near the Cuftom- houfe, at the Place of Sale, and of CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. On ' Monday next will be publifhed, ' ( Prife Six- pence,) Times of Public Diftrefs, • limes of Trial. Being TH H Subftance of fome S E R M O N S prrach'd in the Tren- Cbsireb of Edinburgh, in the Month of N' ovBemyb eGr 17l4i5- O ORn GOccEafi on Wof LIhe SPreHfenAt RRebeTllio, n . M. A. Qne of the Pinifters of Edinburgh. Printe « for A . Mi'lar, nppofite Katherine- ftreet in the Strand; and fold by M . Cooper in Pater- nofter Row. At the Golden Bali, in Bow- Churchyard, Cheapfide, I" IVETH G. WEST, a Regular Surgeon; j j_ J upwards oi Twenty Years Pr?. ft; ce, who coreth all the various Syu- ptomsnfthe F - F. NCH D I S T E M P E R , whether freihcontracted, or oflona Continuance, by a new fpeedy and fure Method j and a R E C E N T C L A P , in a few Days, without Confinement, Hindrance of Bufmefs, or the l-'. i* w! edge of a Bedfellow. And as for f . ch unfortunate Perfors, who by Neglefl of themfelves, or for Want of the timely Ufe of my never failing Remedies, lie- under the mifereble Circuipilantet of virulent Runnings, old Gleets, " Heat of Urine, Cordees, Buboes, Shankers, tumify'd Tefticles, Ulcers in the Nofe ot Throat, daily or nofturnal Pains, or any o t h « filthy Symptoms attending this Diftemper, I cure according to the beft approved Method now in Praftice. Note. There is a Back- Door into Goofe- Alley, a Golden BaU hanging over It, that leads to my Surgejy. / ( Advice and proper Remedies in aU Cafes in Surgery.) Reinov'd from Whitecrofs- Street. 1,0ND ON: Printed for H. W O O D F A L L , ; « « . near the Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate- Length are taken in at Two S H I L L I N G S each. A D V E R T I S E M E N T S are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- againft the Kings- Arms Tavern, in Pail- Mall; George [ Foodfall, at the Kitg^- Atms, near Craig's- Court, Charing- Crofi ; Mr. Sbuckburgh, at the Sun, next the Inner- Temple Gate, Fleet- flrett Mr. Brackfiane, at ihe Globe Cornhifl; and by T , A S T L . E Y , Removed from St. Paul's Churchyard, to the Rofe ia Patfr- ncfer Row,
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