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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3484
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Jacobite Uprising 1745
Date of Article: 26/12/1745
Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Address: near the Pump in Little Britain
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3484
No Pages: 4
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ADVERTISEMENTS art taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, in Lombard Street. No Wooden Shoes, No Arbitrary PoweT o £ Deal, December 25. ' EM A IN his Majefty's Ships, and the Outward- bound, as in my laft. Came down laft Night two Men of War, and two Sloops, but it blow- ing hard can't get their Nalries. Wind S. W. Poole, Dec. 23. Came in the King Tamerlane, Wood, from Newfoundland. Wind S. W. Southampton, Dec. 24. Since my laft arriv'd the Succefs, Le Grelly, from Jerfey ; and Adventure, Anderfon, from Ditto. Wind W. S. W. The Friendlhip, Roffiter, from Shoreharo, is arrived at Lilbon. LONDON. ExtraSl of a Letter from a Surgeon in the Duke's Army, dated Dec. 21, from Penrith. • In the late Skirmilh at Clifton, the Rebels took all 4 poffible Advantage, and got behind Stone Walls, Hedges, ' and fome of them into Houfes, when our Troops began ' to attack them ; notwithftanding which our Men puth'd ' them with fuch Intrepidity, that in lefs than an Hour 4 and a half they quitted the Field, and the Town; how- ' ever, they made a Ihift to carry off all their Dead, ex- ' cept live Men, which they left in the Field.— It feems 4 they thought, by this means, to conceal their Lofs; but there has been, upwards of 40 of their Dead found in 4 Lowther River, which was but a fmSll Diftance from the ' Place of Aft ion ; in which we have loft only 10 Private 4 Men kill'd, viz. fix of- Bland's, three of Cobham's, and 4 one of Ken's; andzi wounded befides; Col. Honey- ' wood who is very much wounded in the Head, and • ' Capt. Earl a large Wound in his Neck; and a Cornet ' and a Volunteer almoft cut to Pieces.— On the Rebels QJ 4 Side Capt. Hamilton is the, only Perfon of Note that we ^ ' know cf that fell; he was a bold defperate Fellow, and ' commanded the Hutfars; but one of the Duke's Huf- « fars prov'd the better Man, and cut him down, tho' not ( Q 4 without an uncommon Refinance.— We have like, wife ' taken one of their Huffars, who was brought here by 4 one of Oglethorpe's- Rangers, befides about 70 Private 4 Men, taken by the . Country People.—— I am in a hurry 1 at prefent, having the wounded Officers in my Care : * But as the Duke's Army is march'tl in three Columns, ' in puiiuit of tlie Enemy, I hope my next will furnilh you 4 with a better Account.' Ex trail of a Letter from Lancafter, Dec. 2 z. ' This Inftant an Exprete arrived to our Mayor, which ' brings for certain the following agreeable News, viz. ' That the Duke with 3500 Horfe and zooo Foot, was • arrived before Carlifle, and ". hat. the Poffe Comitatus, 4 with eight Pieces of Cannon was got to Hawfe- Bridge, • in order to lay Siege to the City. The Rebels in at- 4 tempting to crofs the River Efke, loft a great Number of 4 Men ; and the Floods are fo encreas'd, by the late heavy i and Rains, that it is apprehended their Paffage - • • * / i 1... » 4 over the Rivx. be impracticable.— , the other Hand, it is liiU, that the Main Body of the Rebels were gone, and had left c- n'y a few, to feem to de- fend the Town. ExtraB of a Letter from Wakefield, Dec. 23. 4 I have fent you an Exprefs that came from Mr. Mil- ^ ' nes. Merchant, from Penrith, Saturday Two o'clock.— 0> 4 ' I here are now kiil'd and taken Prifoners of the Rebels "• J3 4 160. Lord Elcho is taken : He got a Cut in his Throat § 4 byaHuffar, which > yas tewed up, but ' tis doubtful whe- • jr* 4 ther he could recover. Capt. Hamilton is taken, and u, ' one Or n who came from Manchefter ; he ha Rogue, P- l 4 firing a Piftcl at a Huifar after Quarter. On Friday Q 4 about 150 of the better Sort of the Rebels advanced to- ^ 4 ward the River Eden, but General Hufke being there " 4 with a large Body of Men, Part of Marfhal Wade's " Army, and 2000 of the WJiitehaven Men that join'd ' him qblig'd the Rebel? to retreat to Carlifle. There 4 are 12 Pieces of Cannon, and two large battering Pieces 4 brought from Whitehaven to the Duke's Affiftancc. His 4 whole Army will march, from Penrith towards Carlifle « this Morjiing ( Saturday) and General Wade with his ' Army was at Newaitle and Hejtham on^ Thorfday Night 4 laft. We are informed that proper Perfons will be appointed to take care of the Horfe ( when call'd for) that will this Day and To- morrow be oft'erd for his Majefty's Ufe at the Crown Tayern behind the Royal- Exchange. - And yet on We hear that feveral of the Newfoundland Ships are put into Seilly. The Jafou, late Atkinfon, bound from Carolina to Bri- ftol,' is taken, and carried into Eayonne. Yefterday arrived a Mail from Lilbon. Upon the Rev. Dr. Sumner'^ being elected on Friday laft, by the Provoft and Fellows of Eaton- College, Head- Mailer of that School, in the Room cf the Kev. Mr. Cooke,- who has refign'd, the Rev. Mr. Dampier, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, was cholen to fucceed Dr. Sumner, as Second Matter. Tuefday laft 150 Chefts of Arms with Belts, Cartridge, & c. were fent from the Tower to Arm the Country Peo- ple pn the Kent and Suffex Coaft, in order to oppofe any Foreign Enemy. The fame Day died at his Houfe in Cheftam's Rents in Snow Fields, Mr. Corderoy, an eminent Woollen Dyer, reckon'd very rich. A'ewcaftle, Dec. zt. We are allured from good Au- thority, that the Rebels in Perthfliire, apprehenfive of a Vifit from the Argylelhire and Lord Lowdon's Men, have entrenched themfelves near an old Citadel at Perth. The Argylelhire Men are at leaft 2000 in Number. We hear that a French Tranfport is ftranded in the Mouth of Tay ; and that their large Privateer of 36 Guns had been fo fhattered by the Ludlow Caftle, that fhe lies a perfedtWreck in Montrofe River. They write from York, that feveral Popiih Priefts, and others of that Profeffion, are daily brought in there and im- prifoned in the Caftle. A Lift of the Forces defignd to guard Stirling Bridge. Military, Horfe and Foot, 1900; the Glafgow Mi- litia, 700; Stirling Town Volunteers, 200 ; Stirlinglbire ditto, 200, all now at Stirling; - the Argylelhire Men 270 ® , Slid Lord Loudon's Men, 2000, both on the Road thither: In all 7700. On Saturday Night laft Alexander - Rich, John M'Pherfon, Daniel Robinfon, John Graham, Alexander Brody, and Robert Read, Rebels, were brought in here by the Captain of the Night- Watch from Penrith, and committed the fame Night to Newgate. And On VVednefday Stephen Fitzgerald was brought hither, and' committed to the tame Place. On Tuefday Evening laft an Exprefs arriv'd from the County of Durham, advifing, that about zoo Rebels were got'as far as Lancltefter, about nine Miles hence, in their Way to this Place, upon which a Command of 30 of the Military was order'd out: And this giving an Alarm, within lefs , than half an Hour above 100 of our Volunteers affem- bled, and, with the greateft Alacrity poffible, offer'd their Service to go where ever order'd, ( being glad of an Oppor- tunity to participate in that Glory that will hereafterredound upon thofe who will be call'd Rebel Ctchers, & c.) but to their great Mortification ( whilft under Anns, and expecting to march every Moment) an Exprefs arriv'd contradicting the former, fo that the Gentlemen difmifs'd. A Subfcription is enter'd into, and meets With great' I Encouragement, by feveral Gentlemen, & c. of this Town, for the Support and Relief of the Soldiers Wives and Chil- dren, detain'd here by Sicknefs fince their Hufbands laft March from this Place in Purfuit of the Rebels. We have Advice from Carlifle, that the whole Body of Rebels came in there on Tuefday Night and Wednefday Morning laft, and were very bufy all that Day in Ihoeing their Horfes j and it was given out that they were for march- ing direftlyj but, as they have given Orders for feveral Tons of both Corn and Hay to be brought into the City, ' tis believed their Departure will not be fo foon as defired by the Inhabitants. Yelterday Afternoon about Two o'Clock General Wade arriv'd here with his Aid de Camp, & c. Alfo The fame, Afternoon the Train of Ai tillery belonging to the GenefaTs ' Army, arriv'd at Gatelhead. Laft Night a Mefler. ger arriv'd in Town, with the News of a b'kirmifh between fome of his Royal Highnefs the Duke's Horfe and fome of the Rebels : He fays hefaw the A£ tion, and that there were'eight of our Horle or Dra- goons kill'd, and feven of the Rebels kill'd ; but that we took 60 of the Rebels Prifoners, fome of which arc Chief Officer?; Edinbu rgh, Dec. tg. In the County of Dumfries, the Coun try have rifen in \ e>, y confiderable Parties, to prevent the Returning of Stragglers. This Morning 47 Carts loaded with Arms were fent from the Caftle to Glafgow, and the South- Weft Parts ot this Country, to enable the Inhabitants to fecure fuch as may ba found fb aggling thro' thefc Parts. This Day Charios Kinnaird, Efq; and Walter Scot, 2 O n> rt- o C3 P- " t Servant to Sir James Johnltone of Wefterhal.', were libe- rate oi t of Prilon. - . ' The Reverend Minifl'ers of die Prefbytery of Hamilton, have raifed at their own E) fpence, a Company of 60 iVIeni in Defence of his Majefty's Perfon and Government; and are ready to march wiicre his Majelty ' 3 Service Ilia 11 re- quire. « ' - ' P. S. By two Expreffes arrived this Evening at Six o'Clock, one from Falkirk, the other from Lithgow, we have certain Advice, that a Party cf Dragoons on l-' oot, and Militia, went this Morniig to Higt en's Nook, and that hone of the Rebels have as yet pafied there. Gloucefter, Dec. 24. On Sunday the Right Rev. the Lord Bilhop of this Diocefe ordain'd five Deacots and two Priefts. Laft Wednefday was brought to the Caftle- Goal Wil- liam Gibb.% of Ebrington, Taylor; being cliarged on Oath with breaking open, on tlie 8th Inft. in the Night-, time, the Hou'e of Mr. Richard Fletcher, of the tame f Place, and wounding him and his Nephew, in divers Parts of their Heads, with a Maion's Hammer. To the Author of the GENERAL ADVERTISER. SIR, IT will be doing the Publick an Important Piece of Ser- vice to inform the good People of England of our pre- fent Situation ; and to cafe them of thofe GroundleL Fear ; and Apprehenfions of imminent Danger, which are iudul- triOufly propagated by our Adverfaries. In the Country thefe wicked Arts are praftifed with more Eafe, and more Fatal Succtfs than iit large Towns. For in thelc, whatever Rumour is fct abroad, its Truth or Fali'e- hood is foon difcover'd, and the Error extinguilh\ 1. in i few Hours: But in the Country the Cafe is ouicrwife : ] f the Pannick Iei7. es, it fprcads like Wildfire, the Lie cn- creafes, and thofe whoyould, cannot oppOie it, fcr Want of Intelligence that may be relied on. The Prejudices arifing to the Publick from fuch mali- cious Attempts to deceive the; People- ire infinite. A Country Tradclinan is told that, thj' the Rebels are re- treating, yet they are gathering frelh Forces in the North-, are powerfully back'd by the 1 lench, who arc actually de- figning to invade us, and ev. ry other terrible Circujtwtancc is dcfcribed to him that is capable of damping, his Hopes, He naturally considers what niuft be the Confequence to himfelf: He has a Family to maintain, he has Goods in his Hands, but tiiele may be taken from hirii: Money alone i- g can be concealed, ana whilft he lias thir, he is lb fir ft- o cure. • But he forgets in the mean while tnofe whom lie deals with ; and buries that Calli in his own Hand-, which ' ought to be in his Merchant's ; and the Merchant for Want of it muft be reduced to the loweft Shifts; and every fab- llanti. il Tradefmen be left hardly in a Coad. tion to fupport their own Credit, much lefs to contribute to that of the Nation. ' This is the real Source of the prefent Stagnation : Re- move the Caufe and the Effedt" niiiftceafe Fife the People of their Fears and Trade will revive. To do this nothing farther is requifite, than, to ii firm the Peorle of the fol- lowing Fafts:— Bid them truft t. ieir Reafoi , arii look upon every Man as an Enemy to his Country, \ v„ o buftes him- felf in fpreading falfe Alarms thro' the NeigiibeurhcOd. Tell the Publtck therefore, that the. Rebels are precipi- tately retreating^ into Sc tland, in a miftrable Condition,' w ith the brave Dake of Cumberland and a Ve. e. an Anriy at' their Heels. Tell them, that Marlhal Wade is advancing with ano- ther Army, fuperior to all the Rebel Forces in' Scot land; who will hinder them from coming near Edinburgh, as the Duke's will prevent them from itopping at Glafgonv; Or forcing a Pallage at Stitlmg, < Inform them, that, the Rebels have a Chance farpafling into the Highland', betwixt thefe Places, where Numbers will jpfaliiby defert in Spite of their- Chiefs, and perhaps purchafc their own Live-, by delivering up the A- urhors o. f O thefe Tumults : Whilft the rejt will be hented from Place CO to Plare by the faithful. Clans, fupported by a competent fS" Number of Regular Troops. < Inform them, that the Vigilance of our Admirals will ' lender the Invafion from France as impracticable; as'it V? would now be rafti. The Militia are arm'd, the People * enrag'd, 50,000 of the beft Troops in Europe are ready to fall upon them. This Nation is unanimous and loyal; the Majority of the Scottijh Nation is fo : And further are refolved, now they have- Arms, to demonilrate their Duty and Affeition to the prefent Government, by joining the Regular Forces, not only to fupprefs, but - to defiroy the Seeds cf the Rebellion ; and to eftablifh the Peace of both Nations upon a more lading Foundation tkan it ever has been. Inform them, that Peace is aftually concluded betwixt the Empire, Saxony and Pruffia ; that this, laft is become of an Enemy, our Ally; that Prince Charles's Army is now at Liberty to fall upon the French, make them draw off their Forces from the Netherlands, and defend their own Provinces in Lorrain and Alface; and that the King of Sardinia will now be aflilted to do himfe'rf" Juitice over the pernicious Genoefi, and drive the French and Spaniards out of Italy. Bid them, confider our Naval Affairs. Our Fleets ar- rive in Safety ; whilft the French Commerce is dittrefs'd, their Merchants ruih'd, their Colonies famifh'd, their Ships rotting for Want of Provilions to fead them home : In a Word, bid them reflect that the richeft Jewel in America is fnatched from their Crown, and added to our own in the important Conquell of Cape Briton. Bid them be thankful to God for their happy Delive- rance, be loyal to the bell of Kings, j'. ift to their Country, and ftudious of its Happinefs, and the Encreaie of Piety and Virtue. Commerce will then revive, as Credit is re- trieved ; Peace will fucceedj and Plenty follow: And we may yet live to ee France humbled, the Dutch become our Faithful, as they are our Natural Allies, Spain fenfible of fer true Intereft, the Emperor grateful to us, and in- dulgent to his Proteftant Subjects, the King cf Sardinians Services rewarded, and the whole Woild Blefliug our 11- luftrious Sovereign, as the happy Inltrument of reftormg a folid and lalling Peace to all Europe. As I cannot but apprehend tiiat this Information may be of Ufe, render it as extenfively publick as poffible, uiiU it will extremely oblige A Friend to his Country. To the Reverend the CLERGY of the Diccefe of Hereford. REVEREND GENTLEMEN, IHA VE feen a Scheme offer'd to the Confideraton of the Right Rev. Bilhops and Clergy of England, for raifing a Tenth of the Annual Value of each Spiritual Preferment, to be employ'd tor the Defence of Lis Majefty and his King- doms ; which appears to me fo reafonable, and likely to produce fuch happy Confequences, that I'm furpriz'd it has not generally been carry'd into Execution. The only Objec- tion which ( I conceive) can be made to it, is, that in moft Places the Clergy have had an Oppoitunity of Ihewing then- Attachment to our happy Conftitution in Church and State, in the AffociationsandSubfcriptions promoted in almoll eve- ry County. But tho', unfortunately, this is not our Happinels; tho' our Religicn, our Liberty, our Property, every Ihing that is of more Value than Life itieif, is in Danger from the prefent unnatural Rebellion, I don't hear cfany Step taken by us to avert fuch a. Complication of Evils. An Addrefs indeed ( t am inform'd) has been fubferib'd by fome few only of our Clergy— but if weare in Earneft— 5/ eElemur agendo. What I would therefore with all due Deference, and in the moft humble, yet importunate Manner, ' ecommcnd, is, that fome Gentleman of eminent Station in our Church would appoint a Meeting of the Clergy, of this Diocefe, and open a Subfcription f. r the Defence of the prefent Government; • and I'll venture to affirm ( from what 1 know of the good Difpofition of the narrow Circle of my own Acquaimance) fuch a Sum will be fubferib'd, as will bean ample Demon- ftration, both to Friends and Enemies, cf their Zeal for the bell of Churches, and their Loyalty to the belt of Kings. If this Method fhould be thought irregular, I hope a better will be recommended, and put in Practice. No Order of Men, furely, is more nearly interefted in the Event of this wicked Rebellion, than Ours. We hate, as well as the reft of our Fellow- Subjefts, an Intereftinthe Prefervation of our Civil Conftitution and Liberties;— and we are appointed the immediate Defenders of our holy Re- ligion. When therefore our wieked Adverfaries are crying, Down with it, down with it even to the Ground, We efpe- cially ought to be more pcaloujly affected for, and contend more earnejlly for the Faith which was once delivered to the Saints.— We believe, that our Religion is the moft pureand uncorrupt of any in the World, and therefore we profefs it: Our Studies peculiarly enable us to know its Value, and therefore we reverence it.— And what wili our Enemies give us in its Stead ? Something which 5s the Reverfe of true Religion, aad what is compounded of Abfurdity, Ido- latry, and Contradii on.— And the only Choice » e ihall probably have will be, Whether we will be Profelytes to ( what they call) theiraReigon, or die Martyrs to our own I fhall only add ( on a Subjeft which is fo well underftood) this awakening Refleftion, that if ( which God forbid) his prefent Sacred Majelty fhould ceafe to be King, we fhould not long be the Clergy of England. I am, Is c. HEREFORDENSIS. High Water at London- Bridge, this Day at z i Minutes after i. The SUBJECT. N « . XIV. ^ T THEN the Arch- Enemy in Milton, having found \\ Entrance into Paradice, was taken and brought by thofe two fair Angels Ithuriel and Zephon, into the Pre- fence of their Commander Gabriel, £ bat Warlike I. eader expoftulated with the bold Invader in Terms which I can- not forbear tranferibing : Why hafl thou, Satan, broke the Bounds prefcrib'd To t! y TranfgreJJtons, and dijlurb'd the Charge Of others, who approve not to tranfgrefs By thy Example, but have Power and Right To qxejlion thy bold Entrance on this Place ; Employ d it feems 10 violate Sleep, and thofe Hhofe Dwelling Goo hath planted here in Blifs. To this he anfwers, that the Pain which he endur'd in Hell prompted him to fly wherever he might hope to find a more comfortable Subfiftence, : And foonejl recommence Dole with Delight. — But being told that this Regard for his private Happinefs did not feemto befit one, who took upon himfclf to be a Chief, he then bethinks himfelf of a new Excufe, and al- Iedges for his Pka, that he came for the Publick Good, as ore deputed from the Populace to wing the dcfo » ate Abyfs, and, through" Ways of Danger, to procure for his Subjefts Better Abode, and my afflided Powers To fet'. le here on- Earth. His doubling in this Manner, and flying from one Pre- tence to another, is an ex . ft P. rallel to what we meet with in a late Declaration or Maniftfto, wherein the Author firft gives out that he is come to affert his Father's Rights: But, upon fecond Thoughts, imagining that Ten Millions of People would hardly choofe to make themfeives mifera- ble merely to t; o him a Pleafure, he then puts on the fpe- cious Pretext of Publick Good, and all his Aim ( good Man !) is to ca e the People of their Grievances. Hear now the Anf » ver of Gabriel. To fay, andflreight unfay, pretending frfl Wife to fly Pain, prof effing next the Spy, Argues no Leader, but a Liar trace'd. Satan, and couldfl thou Fa thful add? O Name, O tacred Name of Faithflnefs pi of an' 3 } Faithful to whom ? To thy R. bellious Cre w ? Army of Fiefids, Jit Body to fit Head. And thou, Jly Hypocrite, who now wou/ dj! feem Patron of Liberty— wherefore, but in Hope To dijpoffefs him, and thyfelf to reign ? Tut mark what 1 eiread thee new, avant ; Fly thither whence thou fiedfl: If from this Hour Within theje hallow'd Limits thou appear, Back to th' Infernal Pit I'll drag thee chain'd, And feal thee fo, as henceforth not to fcorn Ihe facil Gates of Hell too fiightly barr'd. The whole Paffage is fo beautiful, that I cannot but re- commend it to my Readers Perufal. If there ieems to be any Coarfenefs of Language in it, it is wl at our Divine Poet has thought proper to put into the Mouth of an Arch- Angel. H « w appofite it is to the prefent Occafion I leave the Reader to judge. Decency i$, I confefs, a commen- dable Thing even towards an Enemy— perhaps toward a Rebel. But it is hard to keep one's Temper, when we are to be difpofTefTed of every Thing that is valuable, and ( which is a Circumftance which adds to the Provocation) by a Man who tells us he comes to do us infinite Service. To ave our Souls by the Infallible Receipt of Popery, our Bo fdies from Imprifonment and Execution by the merciful Methods of Arbitrary Power, and our Eftates by laying afide the Ufe of Parliaments. I do not fay that he gives us this in dirett Words, but this is exaftly what King James II. praftifed, even after the moft folemn and repeated Declarations to the contrary. And why we fhould expeft betterMeafure frem theSon that? we had from the Father, I can't conceive; efpecially after the long Edu- cation he has had in the very Metropolis of Popery, and under the Di reft ion of his pretended Holinefs: And if any Man will give me the leaf! Proof that Rome, France and Spain fhould join to fet the Pretender on the Throne upon any other Account than to fubjeft this Kingdom to Popery and Arbitrary Power, I will prom- fe to renounce my Reafon, and from henceforth to believe any Thing he would have me even Tranlubftantiat ion itfelf. Beware therefore, my Countrymen and Fellow- fubjefts, beware of Counterfeits. And if you are to be made mi- ferable, let it be by downright open Force and Violence, and not. by your own fond Credulity or tame Submiffion. We are told in the New Teftament, that the Adverfary goeth about like a roaring Lion feeking whom he may devour. But weare told likewife, that if we refift hun he will flee from us. And in that PaJTage which I cited in the Begins ning of this Paper we find that when Providence held fortU the Golden Eallar. ce, The Fiend hok'd up and knevi His mounted Scale aloft: Nor more, but fled Murmuring, and with him fed the Shades of Night, Bank- Stock 128 a 1261 half. India Ditto 1633163 a 163 1 half. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old An- nuities 100 1 half a 1 4th. Ditto New no Price. Threw per Cent. Annuities no Price. Ditto 1742, no Price. Ditto 1743 and 1744, no Price. Ditto < 745, 82 a 80. Million Bank 110. Equivalent 102. Royal Affurance 79. London AfTurance 10. Englifh Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 1; 1. a 16 1. Difc. India Bonck 3 1. 10 s. a 4I. 10 s. Difc. Three and a half Salt Tallies 14a 15a 141 half. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three perCent. Ditto no Price, l ottery Tickets 15 1. a 15 s. Life Annuities 12 1 haifa3 4ths Years Purchafe. HAY- MA R- XET. < THE SUBSCRIBERS to the OPERA are * defired to make the lafl Payment of their Subfcription- Money to the Treafurer, at the Opera- Office in the Hay- market, where Attendance will be given this and every Day, from Ten ' till 7- zvo, to receive the fame, and deliver out the Silver Tickets. DRURY- LANE. By His Majefty's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre- Royal in Drary- Lane, tftis Day, will be prefented the Hiftorical Play of King HENRY the Eighth. Containing, The Death of the Duke of Buckingham j The Tryal and Divorce of Queen Catherine ; The Death of Cardinal Wolfey. The Chtiftning of the Princefs Elizabeth ; With many other Hiftorical Paflages. The Part of King Henry by Mr. Berry ; Cardinal Wolfey, Mr, L. Sparks; Duke of Buckingham, Mr. Winftone ; Duke cf Norfolk, Mr. Havard; Surrey, Mr. Marfhall; Cranmer, Mr. Bridges ; Suf- folk, Mr. Blakes; Lord Sands, Mr. Neale ; Lord Abergavenny, Mr. Mozeen; Lord Chamberlain, Mr. Woodburn ; Cromwell, Mr, Stevens; Campeius, Mr. Turbutt; Gardiner, Mr. Tafwell ; Sur- veyor, Mr. Goodfellow ; Sir The. Love], Mr. Ray ; Brandon, Mr. Bianiby ; Serjeant, Mr. Ulher; Dr. Butts, Mr. J. Sparks ; Capu- chius, Mr. Branfby ; Guildford, Mr. Marr ; Porter, Mr, Barrings ton. Anna Eullen, Mrs. Ridout; Lady, Mrs. Crofs ; And the Part of Queen K. 3therine by Mrs. Giffard. Alfo a REPRESENTATION of the CORONATION, AND The Military Ceremony of the CHAMPION in WESTM inste R- HALL. Aft V. A Dance by Monf. MECHEL, and others. - To which wiU be added a Farce of Two AfU, call-' a The DEBAUCHEES. Or, The JESUIT CAUGHT. The Part of Old Laroon by Mr. Ya'tes; Father Martin, by M » . Tafwell; Young Laroon, Mr. Mozeen: Mr, fourdain, Mr. Neale- Ifabel, Mrs. Ridout. ' Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 1 s. Upper Gallery 1 >. Piacei for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Hobfor, at the Stage- Doof of the Theatre. * To begin exaflly at Six o'Clock. COVEN T- GARDEN. AT the Theatre Royal in Coven t- Gardeir, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The REHEARSAL. Written by George Duke of Buckingham. The Part of Bayes to be perform'd by Mr. C1BBER i Mr. Johnfon, Mr. Ryan ; Mr. Smith, Mr. Johnfon ; the Two Kings of Brentford by Mr. Arthur and Mr. Dunftall ; Prince Pret- tyman; Mr. Hale ; GentlemanUflier, Mr. Hippifley ; Prince Vol- fcius, Mr. Gibfon j Phyfician, Mr. Rofco j Drawcanfir, Mr. Mar- ten ; Lieutenant General, Mr. Ridout; Tom Thimble, Mr. James ; Thunder, Mr. Bridgwater ; Lightning, Mrs. Vaughan ; Sua, " by Mr. Bencraft ; Moon, Mr. Leveridge ; Earth, Mr. Roberts; Aimaril" lis, Mils Hippifley; Chloris, Mrs. Bland ; Pallas, Mr. Woodward. And two Sing- S « ng Dancing Spirits by Mrs. Lampe and Mre. Dunftall. Players, Soldiers Horfe and Foot, Heralds, Cardinals, Judges*, and Serjeantsat Arms by the reft of the Comedians. With all the Mufick, Songs, Dances, Scenes, Machines, Habits,, and other Decorations proper to the Play. The Vocal Parts by Mr. Leveridge, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Bencraft, Mrs. Lampe, Mrs. Dunftall and Others. Alfo an Additional Re- inforcement of Mr, Bayea's new rais'd Troops. With a new Occafional Ballad to be fung by Mr. Beard, And at the Play. Godfavetbe King, See. To which will be added, A Dramatic Entertainment of Mufick, call* d O R P H E U S and EURYDICE,. Intermix'd with a Pantomime in Grotefque Charafters, call'd- ihe Metimorphofes of HARLEQUIN. Boxtt J s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery is. Upper Gallery it. TJJ tegin txaftly at Si* o'Clock. G O O D M A N's- F I E L D S. AT the Late WELLS, the bottom o f Le- mon- ftreet, Gorman's- Fields, this prefent Evening, will be per- ? brm'd a Conceit of Vocal and Inftrumental MUS1CK. Divided into Two Parts. Boxes 2 s. 6d. Pit or Firft Callery i s. 6 d. Upper Gallery i s. %* Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, a Play, call'd The T E M PEST; Or, The ENCHANTED ISLAND. Profpero by Mr. Furnival ; Ariel by Mrs. Kennedy, With all the Dances proper to the Pi ay. To which will be added, FLORAi or, The COUNTRY WAKE. With Singing between the Afts by Mr. Brett, And Dancing by the Two Matters and Mils Granier. To begin exaftly at Six o'clock. Gentlemen and Ladies who had Tickets for Mr. IV. Ha/ lam's Benefit of RICHARD III. and could not come then, Mr. Hallam hopes they will come this Night, and their Tickets will be admitted. Admiralty- Office, Dec. 25, 1745. Cr'H E Court Martial for enquiring into th Caufe of the Lofs ' f his Majefty's late Sloop tlx Falcon being over, the Lords Commijfioners of the Admiralty do hereby flrialy direB all the Petty- Officers and Foremnft Men late belonging to the faid Sio p, to repair forthw th to Portf- mciith, and apply to Vice Admiral SlEUART, who will direct them to go on Board one of his Ma. eifs Ships, where they will be paid the Wages d « e to them j or / A/' Falcon, and Condutt Money and Carriage fir their Chrfts and bedding, will be allow, d for their Travelling to Ponfmouth ; but if any of the faid Men fail to repair to Portfmouth, as direc- ted, they will nit only lofe the Wages dlie to them fir that Sloop, but the Marfhal of tbe Admiralty will be ordered to apprehend them, in order to their being Tried at a Court - Martial as Deferters, THO. CORBETT. ~\ J OTIC E is hereby given to the Officers and * Companies of his Majefty s Ships undermentioned, who * were at fee taking the following Prizes, viz. Pallas, Marie Marguerite, St. Anne, N Amiable Jenne, Mercurie, Gracieufe, And Diana Privateer. Ann Snow, Aurora Friendfhip Hambro" A L ip O, low, " J [ hip, . f RttakenZh^ ro's Prize, J • That they will be paid their jefpedlive Shares for fuch of the above Prizes as they are entitled to, at the following Times and Places and Places, viz. Captain, the 6th of January, on Board the Ship a1 Portfmouth, or, if iail'd, at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal- Exchange. if", 5 mouth, 1 Louifa. Monmouth Lenox, Defiance, Taviftock, Hampton Prince Freder, Edinburgh the loth < 5f January, on Board the Ships in the. Downs, or, if fail'd, at the faid Tavern, the 15th of January at the faid Tavern. { Court, ftheg4t - ederick, < , '• 1 £ M the 4th of February on Board the " hips at Plymouth, if returned om their Cruize, or at the Foun- tain Tavern in Plymouth Note, The Recalls will be the firft Thurfday in every Month, beginniug in February, at the Crown Tavern a- forefaid. If any of the Ships fhould fail before the above Times of Payment from the faid Ports, and arrive either at Portfmouth or Plymouth, Notice will be given, and the Payments made on Board there. ESSEX SUBSCRIPTION- ZffH ERE AS at a General Meeting of th Subfcribers of this County for En lifting of Men into his Majefty's Foot- Guards, or Marching Regiments, held at the Black Boy at Chelmsford the t yh Inftant, it was agreed and ordered, that the firft Payment of 10 per Cent, in Part tf the faid Subfcription Jhotid begin to be made this Day, the 26 th Inftant, the faid Subfcribers are defired to pay, the fame unto Mejf. Honyvjood and Fuller, Bankers, in Lom- bard ftreet, London, where proper Receipts will be delivered, figned by the Treafurer Samuel Bofanquet, Efqifor the. rtf- feflive Sums fo paid in, ESSEX SUBSCRIPTION. ( THE Committee of Subfcribers of 50 J. or up- •/ wards, for carrying the Purpofe of the faid Subfcription into Execution, are defired to meet To- morrow, at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal- Exthange, at Eleven of • the Glfci in lbe Fonnostt. Guildhall, London, Dec. 23, 1745. The LORD- MAYOR, in the Chair. CT* HE Committee of the Guildhall Subfcription begun by the Right Hon. the Lord- Mayor and Others, for the Relirf, Support, and Encouragement of the Soldiers- employed in fupprejfing the p- efent Unnatural Rebellion, in Purfuance of a Letter to his Lordfhip from his Royal High nefs the Duke of Cumberland ; and etlfo of anzth r from his Excellency Marfhal Wade, Have unanimouHy Refolved u/ id Contrastedfor 1 2, coo Pair of Breeches. I 2,000 Shirts. 10,000 Woo'Ien Caps, and 10,000 Pair of Woollen Stockings, to be immediately provided for the Ufe of the Army. And have further alfo Conerafted for 1000 Blankets. 12,000 Pair of Knit Woollen Gloves, and 9000 Pair of Woollen Spatterdafties, to be forthwith provided and fent down to the faid Forces. A » id it was ctlfo Refolved, That the Sum of 5000 1. Part of the faid Subfcription Money already raifed, be let apart for the Rewar- ding of fuch Soldiers, who fhall be Maimed or Wounded in the faid Service ; and that the fur- ther Sum of 300 I. be applied as Marfhal Wade fhall direO, for the more fpeedy Recovery of the Sick S ddiers under his Command, in Augmenta- tion of the Allowance granted by the Crown in that Behalf. Note, A further Sum is intended to be applied to the like Parpofes, in Proportion as the faid Subfcription fhall encrea'e : And the Subfcription Rolls are ordered to be ftill kept open at Guildhall, from Eleven o'Clock ' till Two eatery Day, notwithstanding the Holydays. By Order of the Committee, T. FORD, Secretary. JJ/ HE RE AS His Majefty has keen p'eafed to direil, that Alarm- Pofts Jhotdd be appointed, and roper Signals be fettled, for giving N tice to the fiveral Guards, which are to be in Readir. efs to march upon the fir ft Notice, of any Tumult or InfurreHion, within the Cities of London or Weftminfter ; and that the faid Signal fhould be by feven Cannons, one to be fired every Half Minute at the Tower, to be anfwered by tbe fame Signalfrom St. Jamesrs Park, and vice verfi. It is therefore Ordered by the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and the reft of his Majefty's CommiJJioners of Lieutenancy for the City of London, that every Officer and Soldier in each of the Six Regiments of the City Militia, without waiting for Beat of Drum, or any othl r Notice, do immediately, on hearing the faid Signals, repair, with their Arms and ufual Quantity of Powder and Ball, to the Places hereunder ment oncd, for the Rendezvous of the faid Regiments refpeSlively ; ( that is to fay J The RED Regiment on Tower- Hill. The GREEN Regiment in Guild- Hail Tard. The YELLOW Regiment in St. Pauls Church- Yard. The WHITE Regiment at the Royal Exchange.- The BLUE Regiment in OldFifh- ftreet. And The ORANGE Regiment in Weft Smithfield. And all Perfons negletting to appear as above diretted, will be punijhed as Dejbters, Dated at Gutld- Hall, the Four- teenth Day of December, 1745. Signed by Order of the Right Honourable the Lord- May or, and the refl of His Majefty s Commijfioriers of Lieu- tenancy for the City of London. EDWARD GRO. E, Clerk. Crown Tavern behind the Exchange, December 23, 1745. " T* HE Gentlemen who are forming a Body of Horfe for the Defence of his MajeJlfs Perfon and the Royal Family, and for the fecuring the Peace of the Cities of London and Wftminfier, and Parts adjacent, met this Eve- ning, and adjourn'd to Thurjday, Jan. 2, at the fame Place, at Five o'Clock, where they will be glad to meet any Gentlemen who are willing to engage in the fame Service. Enquire for Number 5. The BATH and BRISTOL WAGGON IS Remov'd from the King's Arms Inn at Holborn- Bridge t « Gerard's Hall Inn in Bafing- Lane near Bread- ftreet, London, where it comes- ia every Thurflay, and fets out » - gain on Friday Mornings, and carries Coods and Paffengers at reato- nable Rates. For the greater Conveniency of Gentlemen, & c. Goods are taken in at the White and Black Bear Inns, and the White Horfe Cellar, all in Picadilly. Another Waggon fets out from Peter's Pump, Briftol, the fame Day as from London. Conflant Attendance is given at Gerard's Hall Inn above- mention'd for taking in and delivering out Goads. Note, No Money, Plate, Bank Notes, Jewels, or Writings, will be utfur'd, unlefs deliver'd, and paid fer as fuch. Perform'd by WILLIAM DAY. For SALE by the C A N D L E, At L L O Y D's Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Friday, January 10, at Twelve a* Clock at Noon, Hp H E DUKE Privateer* • —'" i?! Carriage Gulls, 9 Pour,* 8 with ders, and 2 ditto, 4 Pounders, all New, an exceeding iine Sailor, Sqiiare- ftern'd, built in the River Thames by M'. Henry Bird, and launched in Februai^ laft-, Burthen about 3c ® Tons, with an extraordinary Inventory, every Thing being New when the wenr- toSea, row ly'ng in Sea, Mill- Doti, Brijicl, atid to be delivered there, Capf John Marscock, Commander, Inventories to be had on Board the faid Ship, at Sam's CdfFee- houfi near the Cuilom- houfe, at the Place of Sale, and of CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. Over- agairfl LLOYDV Coffee- lloufe. B, r SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD's C'fee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Friday the v^ thofi January, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, THE PrinceFRfiDERicK Privateer, with 18 Carriage Guns, 11 Pounders, and 6 ditto 9 Pounders, 4 ditto 4 Pounders, all New, an exceeding fine Sailor, Square- ftern'd, built in the R-. ver Thames, by Mr. EKas Bird, and launched in February laft, Burthen about 500 Tons, with an extra- ordinary Inventory, every Thing being new when ( he went to Sea, now lying in Sea, Mill- Deck, Brijicl, and to " be delivered there, Capt, James Talis!, Commander. Inventories to be had on Board the faid Ship, at Sam's Coftee- houfe near the Cuftom- hocfe, at the Place of Sale, and of CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. This Day is publifh'd, Price 6 d. HpHE Campaign in SAXON Y, or a IL Ruccinft Account of the Motives, which induced the King of PruiTia to invade that Country ; the Propofitions raaic by him be- fore the Taking of LeipSck ; a true Relation of the Battle of Wilf- dorf, and the Surrender of Drefden ; the Pacific Negotiations carried on there, and the Confequcnce , of a Definitive Treaty of Peace. In a Letter from Major BLAIR, an Officer in the Pruffian Service to his Uncle, an Officer in the Service of the King of Great- Britain, Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- nofter Row. Note, This Pamphlet is enter'd at Stationers- Hall, to prevent its being pyrated, or printed in the Publick Papers. Lately pubttfhed, THE following DRAMATICK PIECES, viz. The Provok'd Hulfcand, written The Prodigal, or Recruits for the by the late Sir J. Vanbrugh Queen of Hungary, and C. Cibber, Efq; The Virgin Queen, by Richard Love in a Riddle, by C. Cibber, - Barford, Efq; Tirr. o'eon, by Benj. Martyn, Efq; The Modiffi Couple, by Charles The Parricide, or Innocence ill Bodens, Efq; Diftrefs, by Mr. Shirley. Ths Independent Patriot, or Mu- The Fate of Villany. fical Folly, by Fr. Lynth. The Beggar's Opera, Oftavo, The Cornifh Squire. Done from by Mr. Gay. the French by the late Sii J, The Tunes to" the Songs in the Vanbruaji. Beggar's Opera, firigle. TimoniriLove, or the Innocent Double FaKhood, or the Diftreft Theft. Lovers, by W. Shakelpeare. The Lorer, by Mr. Theophilus Scanderbeg, by Mr Havard. Cibber, Comedian. Achilles, by Mr. Gay. The D. flembled Wanton, or my The Highland Fair, or- Union of Son get Money, by Mr. Wei the Clans, by Mr. Mitchel. . fted. The Jovial Crew. The Widow bewitch'.!. The Village Opera, by Mr. John- King Charles I. by Mr. Havard. fon. The Tragedy of Zara, by A. Hill, Momus turn'd Fabulift, or Vul- Efq; can's Wedding. Caelia, or the Perjured Lover The Fafhionable Lady, or Har- Periander, King of Corinth, by lequin's Opera. John Tracy, Efq; Printed for and Sold by J. Watts, at the Printing- Office in Wild- Court near Lincoln's- Inn Fields; and by B. Dod, at the Bible'and Key in Ave Mary Lane, near Starioners- Hall. This Day is publifhed, The SIXTH EDITION, of THE FAIR CIRCASSIAN, a Dra- matick Performance. Done from the Original* by a Gen- tleman- Commoner of Oxford. To which are added, feveral Occa- fional Poems, by the fame " Author. fine Me, Liber, ibis in Urbem. Ovid. Printed for J. Watts, at the Printing- OHice in Wild- Court, neaf Lincoln's- Inn Fields ; and fold by B. Dod, at the Bible and Key ia Ave- Mary Lane, near Stationers- Hill. Of - whom may be bad, Ltelypuhhjb'il, tbe following FARCES, vi%. Bickerftaff's Unburied Dead, a Damon and Phillida, by C. Cib- moral Drama. The Lottery. An Old Man taught WiHom, or tbe Virgin Unmaflc'd. The Mock Doftor, or the Dumb Lady Cur'd. The Tragedy of Tragedies-, or Tom Thumb the Great, The Covent- Garden Tragedy. Tumbledown Dick, or Phaetoa in the Suds. The Letter Writers, or a new Way to keep a Wife at Home. The Old Debauchees. The Coffee- Houfe. The Pifture, or Cuckold ia Con- ceit. An Hcfpital for Fools, he Intriguing Chambermaid, The Fatal Extravagance. ber, Efq; Britons Strike Home, or the Sai- lor's Rehearfah Trick for Trick, by Mr. Fabian. The Livery Rake, and Country La fs. The Boarding- School. The Devil to Pay, or the Wivet Metamorphos'd. The Merry Cobler, or the Se- cond Part of the Devil to Pay. The Lover's Opera, by Mr. Chel- wosd. Patie and Peggy, or the Fair Foundling. The Lover his own Rival, The Chambermaid. The Quaker's Opera. Robin Hood. The Generous Free- Ma( otu This Day is Nullified, Toe S E V E N T H EDITION, of T7 ACTION DETECTED bv the Evidence IP of FACTS. Containing an Impartial View cf PARTIES at Rome, and AFFAIRS Abroad, Quo qui [ ccltjii ruitisf slut eur dexteris ApSar. tur enjes conditi ? ffon » r fuperbas invidee Cartbagsms Romanus arees ureret ; * Sed ut, fecundum vota Parthoritm, fuu Urbs btec periret dextera. iVrque tie lap's mat, nee fuit letnibux XJnquarr. niji in difpar feris, Turorne cescus, an rapit T iiacritr ; An culpa ? Refponfum date. ' Tacent, {=? era pallor a'. bus infeit• Mtr. ttfqut pertulf< r fitipent. Hor. Epod. OJ. VII. Printed for J. RobCits in Warwick- Lane, This Day is publvfhea, Printed fir R. DODSLEY, at Tully's Head in Pall- Mall, THE ^ ENEID of VIRGIL, translated by Mr. PIT. In two fmall. Pocket Volumes. Price 5 1. Alfo in the fame. Sim and Letter, VIDA's ART of POETRY, tranflated by the fame Author. Yt. cc is. 6d. JuJi publifhed, Price i 1. 5 s- ( Beautifully p' inted in One large Volume, in Folio,) THE Hiltory of the" Incarnation, Life, Doftrine, and Miracles; the Dcarh, Refurrefiion, and Af- senfi m of Our Bleffed . Lord and Saviour J ESUS CHRIST. In Se- ven Books. Illuftrated with Notes '; arid, interfperfed with Differta- lations, Theological, Hiftorical, Geographical, and Critical, To tvLich are added. CTke Lives, Aai » as, arid Sufferings of the TWELVE APOSTLES. ALSO OK- St. P A U L, | St. LUKE, and St. M A R K, I St. B A R N A B A S. Together with a CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE. Tram the Beginning of HEROD the Great, to the End of th » Apodolic Age. The Whole collected from the Boojci of the New Ti:( lament, the moft judicious Commentators, the belt Ecclefuftical iiiftorians, and other Eminent Writers. Adorned with Thirty- three Copper- plates, representing the moft remarkable Hiftorical Paffages; and two very ufeful Maps, in which are delineated all the Travels of Our Saviour and his Apbftles. By a DIVINE of the Church of ENGLAND. Printed for C. Hitcfc. at the Rei- Lyon in Patoc- nofter Row. Juft publifhed, THE HOWSE- KEEPER'S POCKF. T- - Boost ; and Compleat FAMILY COOK. Containing abbvs Siren Hundred Curious and Uncommon Receipts, in ' COOKERY, PICKLING, PASTRY," CANDYINCj, PRESERVING, COLLARING, & c. With plain and eafy InftruAlons for preparing' and dreffing every Thing fuitable- for an Elegant Entertainment,- from Two Dilhes to Five or Ten, tec. And Directions for rangir. g thtm in'their proper Order. , To which, is prefix'd, S, rich, a copious arirt ulTeruT Bill of Fare of all fanner of IVovifions in Seafon for every Month of the Year, that so Perfon need bejit a Lofs to provide an agreeable Variety of Difliis, at a moderate Expence. With Directions for. malting all Sorts of TVtmi, Mead, Cyder, tbrub, See. and diftilling" Sirmg- lVattrs, Set. after the moft approv'd Method. Concluding with many excellent Prefcriptions, of Angular Efficacy i « moft Diftemoers incident to the Human B„ dy ; extracted from the Writings of the moft eminent Phyficians. By Mrs. SA RAH H A R R ISOM, of Devonfhire. The Third Edition, CnfreCled and Improv'd, with the Addition of 400 Genuine Receipts fent to tlie Author by feveral worthy Pe.- fons. ' Printed for R. Ware, it'the Bible and Sun in Amcn- Corner, War- wick- Lane. Price 1 s. 6 d. This Day is published, 9 utifislh printed in two neat Pot let Volumes, with the Author's Pitlxre finely Engraved, IERSILES and SlGiSMUNDA • A celebrated Novel, intermix'd with a great Variety of delightful iiftortes and entertaining Adventuras. Written iu Kbanifh by MI- CHAEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA. Author ef DON QUIXOTE-. Translated into Esglifh from the Original. < This Book was printed in Quarto- at- Madrid, - in tbe Year 1617. • Cerva'nte fays himfelf, that- it dsresto vi4 with Hejiodorus; and Don ' Gregorio obferv'd, thai the- LoteS rfccurtted thirein arc moft chide, " Fecunc'ity of Invention rnatveiloul, ifllbmuch that he is w.- iftcful of his Wit, and exceffive in the Multitude of his Euifode. The Ihei- " deBts are numerous and vaftly various. Ift feme we fee an Imitation ' of Hcliodorus, and in- others, Heliodorus greatly Irfi'pftVij'; and In ' the reft, a- perfect Newoefs of Fancy ftines forth in th « trifl con " fpicuous Manner. The farther the Reader proceeds IntMiWoik, ' the greater is his Delight in reading It. Briefly,- thistVrfbmunce 5i ' of better Invention, more artificial Contrivance; afid ef a ojete fub- " s lime Stile, than that of Don Quixote de la Mancta.' Vide Payle'i Otn. Hift. TUftSVil. 9;' Pagt g. Printed, for J. Robinfon, at the Golden- Lion in Ludgate- Street 5 and J. Hodges, over- againft St. Magnus ChttrA, LcKdon- EriJje. Tibis Day is fublij 111 One large Volume in Octavo, 1 ( Price Five Shillings fe. w'd in Boards,) THE HISTORY of the REBELLION, Raifed againft his Majefly King GEORGE I. by the Friends of the Popifh Pretender. Containing, An Account of the Settlement of the Succefiion to the Ctowa of Great- Britain, in the llluftrious Fami'y of Hanover, and the Tory Scheme to defeat it, during the laft four Years of Queen Anne. Of his Majefty's happy Acceflion, the Rebellious Conlpiracy formed by bis Enemies, and the Execution thereof; both by the High- Church vlob, on Pretence of the Church's Danger under his Majefty's Adminiftration, and by the open Rebel- on, which is here expofed in ali its Parts, from its firft Rife to its inal Extinction. By the Reverend Mr. PETER RAE. Toe SECOND EDITION. To which is now added, a Collection of OriginaJ Letters and Au- thentick Papers relating to chat Rebellion. Printed for A. Millar, oppofiteto Catherine ftreet in the Strand. This Day is pttblifh'd, Being a proper Prefent at the approaching Scafon. The Whole beautifully engraifd on Copper- plates, containing greater Variety than all the little Things of this Kind ex- tant. Price only One Shilling. THE CHILD'S DELIGHT, or Little ' Ma. fter and Mifs's i-- ftruCtive and diverting Companion. " Part I. Containing the Alphabet of Eafy Syllables, & c. Part II. Confiding of pretty Songs, Tales, Catches, and other hu- mourous and innocent Stories, adapted to the Age of thofe they are defign'd for, with a Picture at the Head of eicb. The whole calculated to render the Learning to Read, a Diverfion rather than a Talk. By a LOVER of CHILDREN. Printed for J- Robinfon, at the Golden Lion in I. udgate- ftreetj and J. Hodges, at the Looking Glafs, over againft St. Magnus Church, London- Bridge. Where it like- wife to be hid, jul pubhfbed, Price 6 d. The Child's New Year's Gift, or a ColleCtion of chafte and fig- nificant Riddles, on the moft familiar SubjeCU. Adorned with curi- ous Cuts. The Whole engraved on Copper plates. Recommended to all kind Mothers, as an inflruCtive and entertaining Companion for their Children. GREEK WATER, By His Majefty's Royal Patent, THIS Water is the beft Medicine, that has yet been invented for the Cure of the Ve- nereal Difeafe, and is alfo a never- fail- ing Prefervative from all Venereal. jH- v^ J feCtion, as great Numbers of both Sex experience daily ; great Numbers cf Affidavits trade before a Juftice of Peace, proves the real Virtue of this Greek Water. Though this Medicine is more univerfally fuccefsful than any Thing of the Kind everyet made Pub- lick ; yet in the Cure of fome particular Cafes, an Alteration may be neceffbry : Therefore the Author who practices Phyfick, may be Confulted with any Evening at his Houfe; fuch Petfons as don't chufe t o call at the Doctor's Houfe, ( hall be waited on if they pleafe to let him know where and when, in a Letter. This Water is fold at Dr. Profily's Houfe in Exeter- Court, near Exeter Exchange in the Strand ( ivbere the original Affidavits may be feen at any Time ;) at Mr. Roger's, at the Civet Cat and Orange in the Poultry; and at the Acora over- againft the Angel Inn in Pica- dilly ; Price Half a Guinea a Battle with Directions. Tbe Royal BEAUTIFYING FLUID, SO exceedingly valued by Ladies of Qua- lity, and all who have ufed it, for its tranfeendent Excellency in beautifying the Face, Neck and Hands, to the moft exquifite Per- fection poflible, is to be had only at Mr. Radford's Toyfhop, at the Rofe and Crown againft St. Clement's Church- yard in the Strand. It gives an inexpreffible fine Air to the Features of the Face on the Spot, and a furpiKng Handfornenefl to the Neck and Hands, which it immediately make « exceedingly fmooth, fine, and delicately white. Nothing in the World can fooner or more certainly take away al difagreeable Rednefs, Spots, Pimples, Heats, Roughnefs, Morphew, Worms in the Face, Marks of the Small- Pox, Sun- burnt, or any other Difcolouring, nor remove all Wrinlfles fo perfectly; for it quickly makes the Skia become fo incomparably- fine, clear, plump, foft, and beautifully fair, a » to caufeAdmiration in the Beholders. It really gives a moft agreeable refplendent Brightnefs to the whole Countenance, and caufes fparkling Life> Spirit, and juvenile Blood to reign in every Feature, and yet is nothing of Paint, but far exceeds it, by its bringing the Skin,' whether of the Face, Neck, or Head; and though brown, red, or roughf te a natural, youthful Fairneft, Smoothnefs, and moft charming Delicacy, which Paint only faintly imitates; neither is this Royal Beautifier prepared from the leaft Particle of Mercury, or any Thing Metalline, but is perfectly harm* lefs, and may be given inwardly even to Children. It has alfo a pleafant % ent, will not foil the fined Lawn, and- is very agreeable. But thefe its admirable Properties, by which it vartly exceeds any Thjflg whatever for the like Purpofe, have occafioned many to imi- 1 ta » it under various other Names j beware therefore of" fu* ch Tmpsfi- tionfe; the Trui Royal Beaut'ifying Fluid, that has giveq. fuch uo'i- • verfal Satisfaction to fo m- tny Ladii's of DiftinCtioh, being to be had only at Mr. Radford's Toy ( hop, at the Rofe and Grown againft St. Clement's Church- yard in the Stra'iid, as abbve- menticined, at J « . 6i, a Betrte, Wfth Direfttoas, and nO Where slfe inEngTahd. . " Jufl Pttblijhed, Written by the fate Dr. ARBUTHNGT. ASermon preached to the People at the Me'rcat- Crofs of Edinburgh, on the SubjeCt of the Union iti the Year 1706, while the ACt for uniting the Two Kingdoms - v. aa depending before the Parliament there. With a Preface by the Jd'tor> fetting forth ( in Remarks on the refpeCtive Article;} the . Advantages which have, in Fad, accrued to the Kingdom of Scotland by its Unun with England. N. B. Tho* this Piece is drawn up in the Form of a Serrnm, t » fuit the Tafte of the Scotch People, it is an Apology for the Union, and entirely Politicil. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick- fane. Where may be had, Price Six pence, The Highlander Delineated; or the Character, Cuftoms, and Manners of the High'anders: chiefly ColleCted from the celebrated Scotch Hiltorians George Buchanan and Mr. Drum? » ond of Haw- thorqden. With1 a Spevimen cf their Heroic . Exploits in fotmsr Times. Alfo where may be- had, Price Six- prnce, The Complicated Guilt of the Late Rebellion Written by John Hughes, Efq; now firft pubiifhed. With a Preface, occafioned by the prcfent Rebellion in Scotland. Concerning Gleetj and Seminal Wcakrufjes vj all Kinds. ALT,, judicious Phyficiins and Surg; ons allow, that nothing is more difficult to cure than ftuMiota Gleets and Seminal Weakneffcs, whether occafioned hv too fevert Purging for Venereal Injuries, violent Strains, Pollutio fui, or anj other Caufe whatever ; and that ihey are dangerous in their Coa- fequences, as well as difficult to cure, is as certain, fince they ex- ceedingly weaken the Generative Faculties, infteble the whole Ner » vous. Syltem, often bring on He& ick Heats, a Tabes Dorfalis, or Confumption of the Back, or an Atrophy or Nervous Confumprton, which frequently terminate in Death itfelf. All fuch, therefore, who have the Misfortune to be troubled v. i h Old or Stubborn Gleets, Seminal FfFnfions, involuntary Emiflicns, exceffive NoCturnal Pollutions, or any Weaknefs of the Kidneys, Ureters, or Bladder, the Diabetis, Incontinenty of Urine, or Dif- ficulty of holding their Water, would, donbtlcfs, be glad to rrcet with a certain, fafe, and fpeedyCure, which ihey n o.' t afiiiredl)! may, by taking only a- fmall Quantity of a tranfeendent Balfam'ck Reltri& ive Ele& uary, now publilhed for a general Good, after having, for many Years in private Practice, been experienced mv.- r fince to fail of perfeSly curing the molt ftnbborn Gleets known in a f* w Days, without Difficulty or Trouble 1 as alfo all other Weaknefles of the Back, Reins, Seminal VCffels, and Urinary Pal- fages, which it almoft inftantly cures, bringing to rights. anjd redo-, ring all thofe Parts and P. iffages to their natural Tone and prift'ine Vigour, in a very extraordinary Manner, and by taking a fewDo- fes of it only. This jranfcer. dent Balfamick ReftriCtive EIe< 9uary, is neither dif- igreeable to take, nor occafions the leaft Diforder; but is won* derful Reftorarivc in all Weaknefs and Decay of Cpnftitution of * nf Kind, ai> d particularly ftrengthens the Back, Reins, Seminal and Urinary Vefiels to an immenfe Degree, infomuch that in any De- bility of them, One Dofe of it does more than Ten of any othef Remedy yet found out; and all Perfont fatigued with Gleet* or Sieminal Weakneffes of any Sort; or Weaknefles of the Urinary Veffels, who take it, will, in three Days Time, find if fo very cfteiSual, that they will be moft agreeably furprifed at it. When a Medicine will infallibly accomplifh fuch a fafe, fpeedy and. perfect Cure of fuch difficult Maladies, as Gleets and Seminal Weakneffes are, as this Great- Remedy truly and direCHy will, even after all other Means and Medicines- have been try'd in. rain » too, much cannot be faid in Praife of in and this, All who ever took it for any of the above- mentioned P . rpofes, have readily declared. " the Price is but 6 s. a Pot, altho' for its abfi^ lute Ffftcacy, . one Pot alone being fufficient, in moft Cafe. s, to accomplifh a . Curs, worth ten Times as much ; and, by the Author's fpecial Appoint- ment, is to be had only- at Mr. Radford's Toy- fhop, at the Rofe an< J Crown againft St, Clement's Church- yard in the Stfa'nd, ready fettl- ed up, with a Book of InftruCtions; which, whoever cjarefully. reads will be a compleat Mader of his own Cafe, and perfectly knov » when the Gleet or Weaknefs he is affliCted with fucceeds a Venereal Injury, whether all the Malignity of the Foul Dit'eafc is entirely extirpated, or not. R E C T O RY, Given GRATIS, T N the 2d Pagf of tbi-. Book*. I. Any Venereal, or GLEET Patient, will Plainly fee their Own Cafe, ExaCtly Defcri- bad. And How to Cure themfelves Privately, without Telling their Cafe to Any One, With, • the Fzmovis Montpellirr Little F. afy Bolus, the BignefsofOnlya PEA to Take, 5 M'hich makes the Perfon Eafy At Qr. ct, And, Another Blus, Carries eff the Infeey- 1M. Price Only I s. With Full Direftions, for Thole who BUY it.'' But, This BOLUS, is GIVEN GRATIS, Without a Pe^ fon's Paying Any Thing at all for it, ( And Welcome, Any Perfon is, SO [ for Nothing] to have it) To Thofe Mentioned, in the nth Page pf the Venereal and GLEET Patient'^ DIRECTORY. Which Book, is Givtn Gratis, To Any One',' that will only Step in for it, ' At Dr. Ruffd's Houfe, In the Parlour Strait Forward, Facing the Entry, In at the GREEN HATCH, againft Gray's- Ian, Holborn. Where, Is Alfo, Given Gratis, For the Year 174$—— The New Thee & Thou A L M A lN A C . K' Calculated, For the Meridian, of the People Called QUAKERS, Containing NeW YSA, and NAY Obfervations, for Every Mouth in tjie Year. With the QUAKER'S Opinion, Of the HOOP PETTICOAT, j Of the Unfortunate WOMEN of the Tsnurt, And, Of AFTER NOONS TEA PRINTINGS. LONDON: Printed for H. WOOD FA L L , j- iin. near the Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate; Length *—- - are taken in at Two SHILL 1 NGS each. ADVERTISEMENTS are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- againft the Kings- Ar'te's Tavern," In Pall- Mali" George PFoodfall, at the Kixg'iv Arms, Mi: Craig's- Caurt, Chdring-' lrofi ; Mr. Shuckburgh, at the Sun, next the Inntr- Temple Gate, Fleet- ftmt Mr, BrackftQ* et at the Globe Curubtfi « and bj^ T. AST^ BY, . Removed from St, Paul's Q^ urc^ h- fpar< i> to. the Rqfe in Pater- nofler Row.
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