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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3469
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Jacobite Uprising 1745 A Serious Warning by the Ministers of the Synod of Dumfries, to all Persons within their Bounds, concerning the Danger of Popery and Slavery
Date of Article: 11/12/1745
Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Address: near the Pump in Little Britain
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3469
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The General Advertifer. NUMB. 3469. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER MI, To the Author of the GENERAL ADVERT^ ER.. SIR, t S You obliged many cf your Rea- | ders with the Admonition of the | Synod of Glafgtyw and Edinburgh, we fend you that of the Synod Provincial of Dumfries. What makes it more remarkable, and 8? ( hews their Zeal is, that they met and iffued this ferious Warning two v —- Days after the Defeat of Sir John Cope's Army, and when the Capital of the Kingdom was in Poffeffion ol the Rebels. A Serious Warning by the Minifters of the Synod of Dumfries, to ail Perfons within their Bounds, concern- ing the Danger of Popery and Slavery, by the prejint unnatural Rebellion, Sept• 23, 1745. TXT E the Minifters of the Synod of bttmfries, affembled on Account of the melancholy Situation of Affairs at this Juncture, judge it our Duty to God, and a juft and ne- ct- flary Service we owe to our moll gracious Sovereign Xing GEORGE, our Country, Ourlelves, and our Polterity ; to warn Perfons of all Ranks, of the imminent Danger of l'opery and Slavery, to which thefe and are expolcd by the prefent Unnatural Rebellion, raifed in Favour of a Po- piih Pretender, headed by a Son ofhis educated at Rente, in all the Maxims of Popery and Arbitrary Government. V, hen the Rebels have in ioihort a I ime made fuch an ala'ming l'rogreis, when they have got Poifeffi an of the Capital of eur Cjuntry, and defeated Part of his Majelty's Troops that engaged them; when our Religion, our Liberties, our excellent Conftitution in Church and State, and all that is valuable to us as iVien and Chriftians, are in luch imminent « Danger, it is h gh Time to awake out of Sleep, andlhake pre that Indifference and Lukewarmnefs, wjhich hath ieized ^ too many : Indifference in fuch a Cafe is criminal, and as Q a Heathen obferved, when our Country is in Danger, the p ; Mari that is neutral or indifferent, isan Enemy. -• 6 . Let none deceive themfcives, ana vainly imagine, that tjr t'. ar Religion and Libei :.: es nayleo fa.' e, Ihould the prefent Gomnfcient," and the Pfctelta « - Sfeera; Hfr- in the iliulkious Houfe of Hanover', be overturned; which God forbid?'' For in that melancholy Event, a Papift mult afcei,' d she ' lluone of thefe Lands, and' the Perfon who'calls himfelf Regent, aiidheads tne prefent Rebellion, doth not pretend to be a Protectant; and, as is reported, hath for hi- chief Courdeilors and General, noted i'apiils. That any Perfoh acquainted with the lillory jofthe Pretender's Family, and their Education at Rome, Ihoald think they ate Proteitants, or may become fo, as is artfully hinted, mull bealtrarge Deiulio: t. and a B. iit by which ( we hope) no thinking Per- fon will be caught As he is a Papift, in wliofe f avour the prefent Rebellion is railed, no Regard is to be had to his Proinifes or Declarations; of whatever Sort; for it is a Point cllablifhcd b/ the Council of Ccnflance, that Faith is not to be kept with Hereticks, and all Proteftant; are fuch in their \ ccoant., Whatever they may pretend, they have on various < l - ecafions adled agreeably to litis Principle, and violated the moS lac, ed I loinifes and iolemn Oaths, of which m my Inltances are upon Record in Hiltory. Can we imagine, that a Popiih Pretender railed to the Britijb Throne, by the combiVd Force of France and Spain, thofe cruel and treacherous Enemies, will protect us in the fjee Enjoyment of our Rights ar. d Privileges, will he not ever be under the Influence of thefe Popifh Powers, to whom lie is fo greatly indebted ? By his Religion he mu't be a Slave to Rome : By his Interell and Policy, he mull £ receive Laws from F.- amce ; and will he not be reckori'd a Monfler of Ingratitude, if he do not raife his Friends, the declared Enemies of our Religion and Liberty, to the d) chief Places of Power and Trull in the Nation : And for a Proteftant to imagine, that he lhall be fafe In the Exercife of his Religion, and Enjoyment of his Liberties, under fuch " a Government, is great Infatuation. O Whoever reads and confiders, the Hard/ hips and Suffer- ings to which our fathers were expofed, in the Reigns of jving Charles 11. and James the Vflth ; and the great Encroachments made upon our Conftitution both in Church and State, in that perfecuting Period, notwithftanding the moll folemtj Engagements to the contrary ; would not wiih thele Severities to be acted over again upon hinifelf and Children. Who would not dread the Thoughts of having one, who boalts of fuch. Anceilors, rais'd to the Britijb Throne ? And mull he not be wilfully blind, who expe& s fo much as a Toleration to Prefliyterians, ( hould the prcfent Rebellion focceed ? A Review of the arbitrary Meafures and lawlefs Cruelties of thefe Times, mull make every one fenfible of the t tellings enjoyed by us fince the late happy Revolution, and that our prefent Condition is as much preferable to what we can expect, if this Government be overturned, as Light is to Darkneis, and Freedom to Slavery. Whatever Grievances may be alledged, they are not comparable to thofe our Fathers fuffered, nor to thofe we mull expeft to fuffer, if the Pretender be rais'd to the Throne of thefe Kingdoms, which we hope in God will never be the Cafe. And tho' fair Promifes to relieve our Country of forae Taxes be artfully made to ferve a Turn ; yet lure they are a meer Blind to deceive the Unwary, and never can be ful- filled : No Government can fubfilt without Taxes, and if the Pretender fucceed, his own Debts, added to tho. e al- ready contracted by the Nation, mull greatly increafe the publick Burdens; especially, as he mult keep up a nume- rous Army to maintain his violent Ufurpatiou, whereliy our Yoke will become intolerable. We know no other Foundation upon which we can fe- curely reft for the full Enjoyment of our Rights, than that excellent Conititution with which we are biefs'd, and have now a long Time been happy under. The Interefts of the Bi itijh Nation, and thofe of his prefer. t Majelly's Family, are iufeparably connected, and the Protellant Succeffion in that Family has ever been clteemed the only Bulwark under God of our Reiigion ar. d Liberties, by all wife and good Men. It would give the Minillers of the Synod no fmall Con- cern to find, that any under their Care Ihould ever be delu- ded by a common but deceitful Argument ufed by the Pre- tender's Friends, that he hath as natural and legal a Right to the Crown of thefe Realms, as the Son of ar. y Gentle- man hath to lucceed to liis Father's Ellate. For befides what may be faid with Refpedl to theSufpicionsof his fpu- riousBiith, fuch an Argument dilcovers a real or affetted Ignorance of the true Nature and iDefign of Government in general, and of the Nature of the Hritijh Conftitution in particular. As the very End of Gover.. mentis the Good of the Governed, and as Governments are appointed to be Guardiario of the Ihterells of the Subjects, " it wpuld be a moil dangerous Puiitioli toluppofe, that it- can never be in the Power of a Nation to rid itlelf of any particular reign- ing Perlon or Family, whole We Aim w. .0 make their Subjects ,:; eer Sl. cvc' l is well known, that by the Con- Juration of Great- Britain, the King is, as much obliged to rule by Laws-, s.'; rhe'Subjedts aie bound .0 obey : Nor is it i left evident from tiiC Hiiiory of this Kingdom, th. it when j thj King hath a ( Tun - d to himfelfan arbitrary and defpotick | Power, the Subjei'ts, after all other. Methods tried, but tried Iin vain, to bring hint fo a better Mind, have fet him afide and placed another on the Throne, having llill on fuch Oc- cafions as much Regard as po- iible to the lineal Succeffion. ' I'is af. vays to be cdi. iiJcrcd, that Britain is not like any Eftate whereof the King is fole Proprietor, and the People mecr Tennants it Will, much lels Slaves to his Pleafure ; but that thele fui damentalLaws of the- Kingdom, which fettle the Prerogative of the Crown, fecure likewile the Liberty and Property of the Subject. Upo.. the whole, the Minilters of the Synod earneftly exhort, and obteft People of all Rank5, to take Care not to be impofed on by the deceitful Pretences of the avowed Enemies of our prefent happy Eliabiifhment, but to perfe- vere lledla.'. ly in tr. eir Loyalty and Affettion to their Sove- reign King George and the Protellant Succcffion in his Royal Family, and to continue in a firm Attachment to our excel- lent Conftitution in Church and State ; by which under God is fecurcd to us every Thing dear and valuable in So- ciety. And they further recommend to ail their Number, to be very cart fjl both in publick ar. d private, to lay before their People, the Errors of Popery ; to warn them of the Danger of it, and the Hazard thereby, of an entire Subver- fion of the Prefbyterian Government of this Church, now happily enjoyed by us, agreeably to the Word of God, and inviolably fecured to us by our Revolution Claim of Right, and other Fundamental Laws of the Kingdom, to excite in their People a jult Stnfe of the Miferies ct Arbitrary Power, to guard them againlt all wicked and undue Art> that may be uled to alienate their Minds from the prefent Royal l a- Lmily and happy Conititution ; and to llir them up to Fixed- nefs and Resolution, in Defence of the Religion and Li- berties of their Country ; letting them know, that if they fliall vigoroufly appear for thele valuable Interefts, they may thro' the Help of God confidently hope, from the Goodnefs of the Canfe, and the fr. quent Intcrpofitions of a kind Providence in former Times in Support of it, that it fliall not now be fuffered to link, but will glorioufly triumph over the prefer. t wicked Oppolition. And further, the Minilters of the Synod ferioufly exhort all Minifters and People in their Bounds, to be frequent and earncft in Prayer to Almighty God on this Occafion ; particularly to pray, that in Mercy to thefe Lands, he may direift the Councils of our Sovereign Ring Geo ge, prolper his Arms, and animate ail his Subjects tu appear with a be- coming Zt; d and Harmony for the Interells of his Fsupily, and their own valuable Rights and Priviledges no .7 endan- gered, would defeat the beligns of our Flnemies both nt Home and A broad,- put afpeedyEnd Co all our^ Troubles, and in afpecial Manner, the prefent unnatural Rebellion. And on this important Occafion, let us all be of good Courage and play the Men for our People, and the Cities of our God, and the Lord do that which feemetli him good. And hereof they appoint Intimation to be pub'ickly made JS from the Pulpits in the refpedhve Parifhes within their o Bounds. • " t Deal, December 9. SAIL'D Yefterday after Poll the Duke of Bedford on a Cruize. Came down and failed the Elizabeth^ White, for Bolton. Remain in the Downs his Majelly's Ships Norwich, Admiral Vernon i the Ruby, Saphire, 7 ryton, Folkftone, Pool, and Sheernefs, with the Dutch Men of War. Wind E. N. E. The Tryton, Saunders, from Portmahor. e, is arrived at Smyrna. The Aldborough, Smalllhaw, from Peterlhurg, at II- fordcombe. Yefterday arrived a Mail froth Holland. Napla, Nov. At Two o'Clock this Morning, the Queen was happily delivered of a Princels. Hamburg, Dec. 10. They write fi\. m Drefden, that they flatter themfelves that an Accommodation will be loon made between the Courts of Saxony and Pruflia-; a Nego- tiation for that Purpofe being thought to be far advanced, becaufe it was by exprefs Orders of his Pruilian Majtif-, that M. de Codewils, firil Minilter of his Cabinet, had ^ fet out for the Army. Mr. Viiiiers, the Britifli Minifter, C has alfo departed from Drefden far Prague, to communicate to the King of Poland, the lait Difpatches he had received from I. ondon, which are faid to be veryimportant, and re- <; lative to a Peace. The King of Pruffia's Army is reckon'd Q about 30,000 Men ; and that of the Prince of Deflan, v< t almoft as numerous : The latter is obliged to extend over a " ' vaft Traft of Country, in order to fubfift. By the fame Letters, the t>. txon A nay, inching A « ( lrinns unilef General Grune, is made to amount to near 40,000 Men , and Prince Charles is laid : o be advanced to Leutmeritz in Bohemia with 25,000 Men, having not gone fo far to the Left as Prague. Heidelberg, Dec. IO. ' Tis reported that the Garrifon of this City, which confifts already of 4000 iVi en, will be re- inforced. Worms, Dec. 11. The French have for feme Time paft, been very much in Motion within their Lines, and large Magazines are forming in Alface, with more Diligence than thofe in the Palatinate. At Landau the Magazines ate very conflderable, moll of them in general are already full, and thofe at Strafburg, Weiltcnburg, Colm. tr, Haltzburg, See. are now filling. All the Oats and Iby that couid ht; met with, has been bought up for tliis Purpcfc ; and the Dcfign of thefe Preparations is thought to be, that they may a£ t t arly and vigoroufly iri the Spring. It is find the French will draw off during the Winter, many of their Troops in the Nether'ands towards Lorrain, the Mofella, and Alface. I The Inhabitants of the Palatinate, who flatter'd themfelves that the French, by approaching the Rhine, or palling that River, had delivered them from the Winter Quarters of the Auftrians, fee themlelves frultrated of this Hope, and complain much both of the Quarters y and Contributions. Fraocforl, Dec. 12. There is a Report, that two Pa'a- tine Regiments will enter intJ the King of Pruflia's Pay. It is added, that the Court of Manheim has imparted this ^ to the general Dyet of the Empire ; alledging, ' That as Cj" • the Princes ot the Empire have already been permitted 3 ' to let out their Troops, as they thought moft for their « Interell, without having their Neutrality look'd upon to Q • be infring'd, ( of w: hich there has been a late Inltance in * - ' the Elector of HelTe Caffel) his Highnefs hoped that he ' might enjoy the fame Privilege. Paris, Dec. 10. : The Abbe de la Ville, who has adted as the French Minifter at the Hague Unce the Departure of M. de Fenelon, has . obtain'd the Place of firft Clerk for Fo- reign Affairs, in the Room of M. du Theil, who has re- fign'd. His Majelly has caufed two Million of Livres to be diftributedto ilis 1 roops whofervedlall Year m Flanders. Part of the Army on the Rjiine is to re- enter the Palatinate, A D V E RT1SE M E N TS are taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, in Lombard- Street. No Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power. learn, that an advanced Party had reacncd- Mii " Eleven at Night,- and that the-, main B. dy in order to take up Winter Quarters there; and we are told that 10,000 Men will crofs that River, and take Po'feflion of Manheim, at the Requifition of the Elector Palatine. Hi gue, Dec. 16. We have Advices that another Em- barkation of Troops is preparing for England at Dun- kirk. Tint upon the oth a Courier arrived at Verfailles from Maifhal Maillebois, with an Account, that the Town of Trin in Piedmont had furrendered by Capi- tulation to the Infant ; and that a violent Storm upon the 28th paft had done great Dannge to all the Ships in the Road > J Breft, and to moil of the Shipping in general . upon the Coait cf France. LONDON. From the London Gazette. Doncafier, Dec. 8. The I- forfe and Dragoons of Marfhal Wade's Artiiy are in this Town, and the Foot at Ferry- bridge. Merriden, December 9, Six in the Morning. Yelterday Morning his Royal Highnefs put hinvfelf at the Head of all the Horfe and Dragoons, and a Thoufatid Volunteers, to endeavour to flop the Rebels, and give the Foot J ime to come up ; but we hear that they are retiring Northward with great P. ecipitation. Sir Johniigoiiier is this Moment marching from hence with the Brigade of Guards and Sunpil's Regiment to Litchfield . ,; Lite/ field, Dec. 9. Oar ffeftiefl Accounts concerning the Prc greU of the Rebels are fcf'ig^ Night. By rh in " ' TarichelJer at of them inarched out cf Leek Yeilerday Morning. Some finall Parties of them had nufjd^ Alar. iUS. at NcwcjiiHe ; and we hear that they do more" Mifchief now in die Country than vvhep ihvy caine. : "'*;'.••:• ..-. His Royal Highnefs is heie' v\ itli " all the Cavalry-,- and a Body of i'oot moentcJ, and preparing to continue hjs March in Purfuit of the: Rebels. The following i's. a Liit- of ti. e Officers Sec. taken Prifc- ners off Montroie, on board" the Lewis XV. by the'- Mil- ford Man of War, viz. In Birlkeley's Rsgiment, Nicholas Morris, and Richard Nagle, Captain? ; Patrick Meagher, John Ryan, Dennis Mshoity, and Derby- Mahony", Lieutenants ; and George Mathews, and Francis' . Mathews Cadets j two Serjeants, three Corporals, one Drum, " and 46 Men. In Clare's Regiment, James Conway, and Val. Mernyne Captain 3 ; Bernard OBrieir,' and John Egar, Lieutenants; two Serjeants, three Corporals, one Drum, and 46' Men In Berwick's Regiment, James Macraith, and Stephen Cullen, Captains; Chriifophtr Plunket, and George Bar- ' navall, Lieutenants • three . Serjeant , three Corporals, one Drum', aftd 47 Men. John Diver and Thomas Hogan, Surgeons j and four Servants. Want Commiffions. Captain Macraith, Capt. Conway, ' Capt; Nagle, ' Capt. Cufieir; Lifeutcitam Ryan, and Lieut. Egar. Ejrjraci-. ofi a Letter from 5 hre. itfbu: y, Dec. 7. ' Lall Thurfday 6:. r M iyor reci. ved a Mdfage from < his Royal Iligiine'fs the Duke of Cumberland, acquar. i- ' ting him to Secure the bell; Effetls cf tha Town, to '• prevent them frpm falling ' into the' Hands cf the • Rebels provided they make this way for. Wales ; ever < fince the Inhabitants have beep . packing up their Plate, ' Linnen and other valuable furniture. We have this ' Inftant received an Exprefs which a little allays our ' « Fears, that th? Rebels intend to gq to Mancheiler ' in their way to Scotland, and if not llopt in their ' Journey every To'-\ n they go through will fall a •< Sacrifice to Plunder, Rapine and Robbery. ExtraSi of a Letter from Macclesfield. « The Rebels are fuch a Ragg'amuffin Crew as never « were feen, tho' there^ re a'Number of floutMen amongll < them. There were about 7- 000 of all forts, including ' the Recruits of Lancathire, which were not near 300. « This hasdampt the Spirits of ' their Chief, who expedled -". great Numbers from thence ; and when he reviewed • thefe. latter at Macclesfield, faid they were only fit for • Pioneers, and feme were draughted for that Purpofe ; ' others who enter'd as Officers, were redue'd to private • Men, with this Provfo, tnju they fliould have their ' Commiffions renewed, when they could make good their ' Pvomife to him, which he faid was, to raife a Regiment of 1200 Men, or more. • - Yefterdav two Gentleqnen arrived Exprefs from Admiral • Rowley* with Advice, ( sswe hear) thai he had made hiai- felf Mailer of the wh. de Ifland of Corfica. OU Saturday laft one .' Mr. 1' acktlon, who had been in the Horfe Guards marry Years, but had been difcharg'd fome Time ago, on Account oft a Fortune being left him, waited on the Right. Hon, the Lord Delaware, and defied to be admitted as a Voluntier into the Firll Troop of Xiuaixls, to ferve his'- King and Country at this Critical J unsure.-- An Example, worthy a . True- Englifhma?. Yeftetday the Train of Artillery was brought back again from Fiachley- Copimon to the Tower. We are informed that the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, has received a particular Order relating to thafe who- have been returned as'Papifts and Nonjurors. Yellerday the Court of Lieutenancy met again at Guild- hall, when they order'd that after this Day the Duty for the Train'd Bands in the Day time, ( hould for the prefent be difcontinued, andoniy one Regiment go out at Night. They write from Lyme, that a French Privateer ha: h taken a Wool Ship oft" Topftiam- Bar, fuppos'd to be Capt. Saunders of Rye. The Mayflower, -, fromBodon, to London, is ta- ken off Beachy He'd, and carried ipto Disppe. The King Black, from Antigua, is taken by the Spa- niards, in fight of Gibraltar. Yelieiday was held, at Doflors Commons a CoJrt pf Admiralty when the Notre Dame de Deliverance, a French Ship valued at 1 ;, ooo 1. laden with Linnen, taken by the Saphite Man of War, and carried into Lifbun, was condeian'd as a legal Capture. At the fame I ime the St. Jofeph taken by the Mermaid Man of War, the Penelope, taken by the Mercury Pri- vateer, tke Btda by the Monmouth Mar. of War, and the • Profperity by tke Lion Man of War, a" French Shipr, were condemn'd as kg » L Prizes. . We hear that the young Lady who leapt out of the Win- dow at Mr. Term's, when t. ie Fire happen'd, on :> un< fey Night, i; not dead, as was reported; and that, there ate hoses of her Recovery. ' On M.-.- nday ! afl died, at her Lodgings in Broad- ftrcet, Mrs. Sar. t! i Lloyd, in a very advanced Age; fcer Fortune, wljfch is- confiderablc, fhe has left to Charitable Ufes. On Moliday. Night died, at his Houfe in the Long- s'' alk near Wefl- sniithfie; d, Mr. Rider an eminent Mer- cer, a l'e fon of exceeding - good Character. Ycfterday Mary Lindfey was committed to the Gate- houie, by Sir Thema- De Veil, for felonioufly and pri- vately picking the Pocket of Mr. Henry Stowe; s of a Gold W atch, his Propeity, found upon her. Yeilerday Number 4i, z6i was drawn a Prize of 500 1. and 1,767, 20,588, 13,096, 49,061, 35,951, and 3,1.77 Prizes of too l. each. The following Med cine is recommended to the Puhlick, as a Cure for the Dijlemper, which at prefent reigns amongfi the Cows, and which is apprehended to be the Murrain. Take Sullad Oyl 1 Quart; Ar. nifeed, cr Anglica Water 1 Quart; Pmnigreek, and Turmcrick, of each 6 Ounces; Bole Armoniack 4 Ounces; Madder 2 Ounces; London Treacle j Quart; Common T reacle 1 Pint ; Saffron 1 Drachm ; Alloes 2 Oun- ces : Put all thefe into llrong Ale ; and give a Pint, or better to every Beafl; and the Beait fliouid be Blooded the Mo ning before this Medicine is given, and a large Draught of Salt and Water after the Bleeding. BANKRUPTS. Philip Edward Reade, of Golden- lane, near Wfiitecrofs- Itreet, London, Dilliller. Thomas Paddon, ofCrediton, in the County of Devon, Serge- maker .- md Chapman. High Water at London- Bridge, this Day at 24 Minutes after 1. Bank- Stock 131 1 4th a 30 5 8th=. India Ditto 167 ! half, South Sea Stock 97. Ditto Old Annuities no Price. Ditto New 101 a ' Oo 1 4th. Three perCent. Annuities 83 a 82 3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 83 a 82 3 4ths. Ditto 1743 and 1744, 83, a 8a'J4ths. Ditto 174;, 83 1 4th a 83. Million Bank 113. Equivalent 104. Royal Alfurap. ce 79 1 half, London AlTtuance 101 4th. Eng- lifla Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 110 Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circula- tion 4 1. Difc. India Bonds 2 1. 14 s. a 17 s Difc. Threa and a half Salt Tallies 12 Difc. Thi> e and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders no Price. Three per Cent. Ditio no Price. Lottery Tickets 10I. 12 s. a 11 1. 14 s. Life Annuities 12 3 4ths Years Purchafe. H A Y - M 4 R K E T. - THE SUBSCRIBERS to the. OPKRA are /' defired to make the lafl Payment' of their Subf rpt. an- Monei to the TreaJ'urer, at the Opera- OJice in the Ray- market, where Attendance will be g. v. n this and erj- rt Day, ft ont lev ' till Two, to receive tie fame, and deliver out the Silver Tickets. The MIDDLESEX and WESTMINSTER ASSOC I AT IO N. ' THE Committee of Subfiribers of 100 1. or up- .*. wards, will meet in Covent- Garden Vefiiy Roitn, on Friday neat, at Tin/ the iClock at Noon. DRURY- LANE. Not Auled this Seafon. Bf His Majejiy's Company of Comedians, AT rhe Theatre - Roval in Drury- Lane, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, cali'd L O V E's LAS T SHIFT; O R, The FOOL IN FASH- ION. The Part of Sir Novelty Fa& ion, to be perform'd by Mr FOQTE; Lovelefs by Mr, Ciffard j Sir William Wifewood, Mr. Tafwell; Eider Worthy, Mr. Havard ; Young Worthy, Mr. Mills; Snap, Mr. Yates; Sly, by Mr. Neale ; Lawyer, Mr. Woodburn ; Porter, Mr. Gray. Amanda, Mifs Furnival; Miliaria, Mrs. Mills ; Flareii, Mrs. Bennet ; Mrs. Ann, Mifs Cole ; And the P, » rt of Narciffa by Mrs. Woffington. With Entertainments, viz. Afl II. A Dance by Monf. and Ma, rem. Mecjiel and others. Aft IV. Sinking by Mr. Lowe. To which will be add » d a Ealiad Farce, call'd The VIRGIN U N M A S K'D. The Part of Mifs Lucy by Mrs. Clive ; Quaver, Mr, Lowe ; Cou- pee, Mr. Yates; Blifter, Mr. Turbutt ; Wormwood, Mr. Wood- burn ; Goodwill, Mr. Tafwell; Mr.- Thomas, - Mr. Branlhy. Buxes 5s. Pit 3s. Firft Gallery is. Upper Gallery Is. ' " To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. C O V E N T- G A R P E N. T the Theatre- Royal in Covent- Garden, A • his Day, will- be prtfentetl an Hiftoricaf Play, cill'd Kiiit Filth- HEN R Y the As written by Shakefyear. Containing, The Memorable Battle, of Agincourf. With the Total Overthrow of the French Army, And many other Hiftorital PafTages. The Part of King Henry by Mr. Haje ; Exe ter, by M' * Rid. out y Archbi/ hop of . Canterbury, Mr. Chaproan Captain Flueliyti, Mr . Hipp fl - y j PiftoJ, Mr. Cibbei j EnglJh Soldier, Mr. Rcfco j Kinji of France, Mr. Johnfon j the Dauphin, Mr. Woodward; th § " C( in ftabJe, Mr. Bridgwater j Trench Soldier, Monf. Deftrade ; Queen of France, by Mrs. Bland j Princefs Katherine, Mis. Hale; Hoilefs, Mrs. James. With the Chorus ( after the Manner of the AncientsJ by Mr. Ryan, To which will be added, The LOT T E R Y. mtb the SCENE of tie DRAWING. The Part of Lovemore by Mr. B.- ard; Jaclt Stocks ( alias Lord Lace) by Mr. Woodward ; the Part of Chloe ( alias Lady Lace) ty Mrs. DunftaU. A1& Entertainments of Dancing by Mr. COOKE and Madctn. CAMPIONI, viz. A new Comic Dance, call'd The Pcafanti by Mr. Cooke and others, Alfo a new Grand Ballet, call'd Let dllentundcs by Mr. Cooke, Madem. Campioni, and others. Boxes 5 s, Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery I u To begin exaftly at Six o'Clock. G O O D M A N's- F IELDS. For the Ben- fit of Mr. OATES. AT the Late WELLS, the bottom of Le- mon- ftrctt, Goidmjn'i- FiMt, this prefent Evening, will be psr- form'd a Concert of Vocal and Imtrumental MUSICK. Divided inte Two Parts. Boxes 3 s. Pit and Firft Gallery zs. Upper Gallery 11. *„* Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, a Comedy, catl'd RUi E A WIFE and HAVE A WIF*'. The Part of the Copper Captain by Mr. Oates; Leon, Mr. Paget ; Cacafogo, Mr. Morgan ; Duke, Mr Kennedy ; Don Juan, Mr. Cu • filing ; Alor. ao, Mr. Blakey ; Saochio, Mr. Shepard ; Old Woman ?. nd Mad by Mr. L. Hallani and Mr. Julian. Altea, by Mrs. Banr- bridge j Lady Margaritta, Mrs. Phillips; And the Part of Eftir'ania by Mrs. Hallam. To which will be added a Fatce, cail'd The LYING VALE The Part of the Lying Valet by Mr. Oates. With Singing between the Afts by Mr. Brett, And Dancing by the Two Mailers and Mils Gtanirr. To begin exaftly at Six o'clock. On Monday next will be perfaru'd RICHARD the Third. For the Benefit of Mr. W. HALLAM. For SALE by the CANLLE, At the MARIN E Coffee- Houfe in Birchin- Lane, In a femi Days, by Order of the Affignees, THE Stock in Trade of Mefis. JOHN and WILLIAM TAYLIORS, of Dcvonfhire- ftritt, Mer- chants ; and Mr. RICHARD JOHNSON of Grays, Linen- Dra- per, Bankrupts. Confifting of a large Affortment of Linen- Drapery and Ma » ehefter Goods. Catalogues of which will be Time'y difperfed by ROBERT KIRKE, BROKER, In St. Mar tie's It- Grand. RALPH T A Y L O R, BRICKLAYER, to his Royal Highnefs the Prince cf WALES, in St. Alban's- Street, Pall- Mail, Sc. James's; ^ U RLTFI Smoaky Chimrties, no Cure, no Money ; he hath had the Honour to peiform fsr His Royal Highnefs the Prince 0/ WALES, His Grace the Duke of Richmond, Hi. Grace the Duke of Roxburgh, His Grace the Duke of St. Aiban't. The Right Reverend the Lord Bilhop of Lndtn, c. brift li ( pita!, Guy's Hofpitat, And many more too tedious to infert her?. The. fa id TAYLOR oerforms all Manner of Chemical Furnaces, *„ » The faid TAYLOR hath followed the'faid Bufinefi near 50 Ystrs. T. Admiralty- Office, Dec. 4, 1745- " THE Leave of Abfence given to the Petty- ' Officers and Foremafl• Men late belonging to his Majfiy'. s Ship the Neptune being expired, and the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty having ordered them to be turned over into the Devonfhire, and the Regulating Captains to pro vide Ten- ders to carry the / aidM-. n down to tbe Devonshire at Chat- ham ; their Lordfhips do hereby direct the faid l etty.- Off. cers and Fore m eft- Men immediately to apply to the Regelating Captiins at the Cattle in Mark- Lane, and receive their Direction to go on Board fuch Tenders as thiy have appoin- ted to car ry them, with their Chefs and Bedding, on Board t/ oe Devonihire, where they will be pa'd the ' A ages due to rfjtm fir the - Neptune kef- re the Devenfhire proceeds to Sea-, ' but in Cafe they fail to repair as above directed, they will not only lofe their Wages fir the Neptune, but the Marfhal of tbe ' Admit altywill be trdered to apprehend them, ' in Order to ' be Tried at a Co- t- Mart al as Deferters. .. ' I HO. CORBETT. W A d m i rail y - Office, 9 Dec. 1745. ' HERE AS fever al Officer i and Men, who are attending the Court Martial holding by Sir C'HALQ. NER OGLE at Deptford, for enquiring into the Condu'Si'oJ feveral of h s Majejiy's Officers in the late Engagement off of Toulon, were trdered down to the Nore, in order to be employed in his Mafefty's immediate Service ; and whereas fo many other Officers and Mm have Volun- tarily offer'd them/ fives to It en. ployed on the prefent Oc- cafion, that the calling them off Jnm atten ding on the faid Court- Martial is not any longer necjtffvy the Lords Coirmifjinurs of the Admiralty do he. eby din ft the. faid Officers and Men to return to L.' eptlord to ' attend the Court Martial, and. to a'ply to the Commanding Officer of his Majffly's Ships at the Nore, to fkrnifk them wish a Veffel to car ry them thither. e THO. CORBETT. For S A L E by the CANDL E, At LLOYD'S Cofke- Hxrufe ih Lombard- frect, This Day, at Twelve dClock at Neon, T.- HE SEA NYMPH Jf Brigantine, Square- ftern'd, Planta- tiorr- built, Burthen too Tons more or lefs, with proportionable Dimenfions, now lying at King Edward Stairs, Alexander Jobnfioun, Commander. v , Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. ' To be heard of Daily at his Office ( for Alluring Sfcips and Mer- chandize joppofite Jonathan's Coffee- houfe in Exchange- Ahey ; or at Lloyd's Coftee- houfe in Lombard- ftreet. For S A LE by the CANDLE, At L L O Y D's Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Friday next, at Twelve dClock at Noon, Plac » of Sale- THE good Ship AD- VENTURE, with 12 Carriage Guns, French built, Burthen 350 Tons more or tefs, with excellent Dimenfions for the Virginia or Weil- India Tra'des, and well- found, now lying at King James't- Stairs, John Mafen, Commaoder. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For SALE by / feCANDLE, At LI. OY'D's Coffee- H « ufe in Lomhaid Street, On Friday the loth Inllant, at Twelve o'Clock al Noon, XHE good Ship MARY, with 12 Guns, Squaee- ftern'd, River , Burthen 140 TOES more or lefs, with good Dimenfions for the Wine Trade, now lying in the Stream againft the Tower- Stain, Wil- liam Stuart, Commander. Inventories to be fean on Bo^ L and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. The BATH and BRISTOL WAGGON IS Remov'd from the Krny.' s Arms Inn at Holborn- Bridge to Gerard's Hall Inn in Baiing- Lane near Bread- ftreet, London, where it comes in every Thurfday, and fets out a- gain 00 Friday Mornings, and carries Gdods a » - id PafT: ng; rs at reafo- nable Rates. For tbe greater Conveniency of Gentlemen, Sec. Coo ls are taken in at the White and Black Bear Inns, and tjie White Horfe Cellar, all , in Picadilly. Another Waggon fets out from Peter's Pump, Briflol, the fama Day as. from London. Conftant Attendance is given at Gerard's HalLInn above; mcntion'd f^ r taking in and delivering out Goods, Note, No Money, Piste, Bank Notes, Jewels, or Writings, will b; inte'd,. j( i* lefs dcjivotld, aod. pa.- d- fer_ js. fuch. Perform d by WILLIA M DA V. WILL BE SOLD by AUCTION, This and the following Days, al his Gieat A- tci in- Ro. m in Pall- A all; T- H E Houfhold Fu niture, & c. of a Gen- tlemin near Golden- Square, having retired into the Coun- try. Confining of Silk and Worfted Damafk, and other Furniture, in' B ' 1ft, Chairs, Window Curtains, and Hangings, fine Feathetbeds, Blankets, Quilts and Counterpanes large Pier, Sror, ees and Ch mney Giartes, Mahogany, Waljiuttree, Defkanl Book- Cafes, ChefH of Drawers, Chairs- and Tables, Turkey Cirpets, curious fine oU Japan, and Italian Cabinets, a GoileClion of P. fturcs, fome fine- old Chita, both ufeful and ornamental, and other curious Effift:. The whole M be view'd, and Catalogues to be had this Day the roth, te the Time of Sale. By Order cf the Executrix, Te- morr- w, a. icl the two fil lL < w i fig Days, H E genuiqe Houfh Ui Furniture,, & c. JL late of Mf. HENRY WARCOI'P, dVccafoJ, Linen draper to his Majefty King George the Second, at the King's Arms and Wbire Lyon, Cbarin - C'Ojs. Confiding of Genoa D. nraft, Wrought, Dimity, Needlework, Dutch CafFoys, Worded, Damask, and other Furniture, in Beds, Winiow- Ctirtains and Chairs, made and unmade, fir. e Blankets, Quilts, and Featherbed?, Mahogsnv and Wilr. utiiee Cabinet Work, a Wardrobe of Houfhold Linnen and App. T- rel, a fmall Sideboard of fjfhio -. ab'e Plate, fir e old China and Japan, India Cabicets, Pictures, and. a Colieftioc of Books, a large LeaJ Cidern and Copper, with pood Kitchen Furniture, and fundry other Effects, liltewife the Counters, Preffi- s, fee. The Goods 10 be v ew'd this Day, to < he Tinw'.- j" Sale, w8kh will begin cadi Day at. Half an Hour after Eleven pr- cdsily. Catalogues will be deliver'd Qratis tire D^ ys of Viewing at tbe Place of Sale, and at Mr. Wright's, Upholder,, in Butkingham- ftrcct, York- Buildings. JOHN 11 it. AT H, Auctioneer. To be SOL \> by ATJ~ C T I 0~ NT~ On Tburfdity tine | qfh Irrjia- ii, and the foll. witg Days, TH ti. genuine Houfhoid F- urro lire of a Gentleman leaving off Houfekeeping, atliis D- vel'jng- houfe, being a White Houfc, tbe ttirthe- moft Quarter on th-' R ght Hand in Hatton- Garden. Confill- ing of Siik, Damafk, Mohair, wrought Dimity, Deckerwork Furniture in Br, is, Window- Curtains, Chairs and Counterpanes, richChimney- GJafTes anti Sconces, fine Goofe Fea- therbed', Blankets and Qu: lts, Mahogany and Walnuttrce Chairs, Tables, and fine Stove Grates, feme HoufhoU Llnnen, and a fma l Quantity ofChinj. The Goods, & c. ( being all clean and fafhtonable not been put up abdve two Years) aie to be view'd on Monday next, ' till the Ti; ne of Sile. which will begin each Day precifely at Elevoji o'clock. Catalogues will be deliver'd Gtalis tbe Days of Viewing, at the Place of Sale ; and at Mr. Price's, Upholder, Pall- Mall. In the firft Days Sale will be put up to Audtion, the Leafe of the faid Houfe, being at a very fmall Rent.' of which there are five Years to come from Laiy- Day 1746, with Power for the Tenant to, renew for feven Yearsmore at the fame Rent, from the Expiration of this Leaf- if he defires ir. Note, The faid Hoofe was lately fitted tip, and is in giod Repair, confiding of two large Rooms on a Floor, with good Vaults and two Kitchens, a large Garden with a Wafh- houfe at the Enl, w th Grates, Coppers, and other Fixtures to the Kitchens, and Wafii- houfe newly put up. To be SO L > > to the Beft Bidder, Afy the AJJignf ' s ynder a Commiffton of Bankruptcy, agai- f Richard Tilflcy, of the Par Jh of St. Leonard, St. oredttt>.\ in the County of Middle fx, Carpenter, On Tburfday tbe jgtb tf tbis Injlant, at 7iv0 o'clock in the Afternoon at tbe S- wan Tavern, near tidyniell- Lane, Sbarcditch, TH E feycral Leatehokt hftau-, s of the faid Richard Tilfley, fituate in Shoreditch, Hoxton, Shackle- well, and Windmill- Hill. Particulars whereof may be had at the Swan Tavern aforefaid j or of Mr. Stagg, Attorney, in Red- Crofs Street, London- JOHN WARD, STAYMAKF. R, At the Golden Dove in Hanover Street near L n' Acre, rc- niov'd from t~ e Blue. Ball in Belton- Street, MAKES Tabby all over for a Citii ea and half.; Tabby and Ticken for « 1. 5 s. In my general Ad- vertifement no Perfoa that has read it can be fo ignorant as to d Re- lieve the Certainty of my ufing the very bed of Go- ads, inafmuch as there is not a Word of it dependi upon nay Word ; but 00 the con- trary having the Wordsof thofe that would gladly difprove it, was there the lead Shadow of Deceit or Untru'h in it, as they oughr to do if there was, I challenge any I'erf. n t'nat can difprove there is not a reafonakle Profit, not that the Generality of the Trade can nuke them at the fame Price, b- caufe they often g, ve Credit, lay rut of their Money a long Time, and fometimes m : et with Lofl'es v,- h: ch I ain entirely free from. My Dealer lives at tbe Whale and Raiven near Beauford Buildings in the Strand, where any Peifon may, by calling, or diredting a Letter for Mr. Rowe, Whalobjne Merchant and Haberdafher, be affiir'd that I do u-' e the bed Goods; further you may ft- c up- m the bed Goods ( old elfewhere, and I will be obliged to ufe them for the Perfon that doe* In, provided the Pjifon be not actu- ally prefent, beeaufe that would difcover the Pr- r'it. Tho' that does nor, as they give out, except of this Propofal, excludes themfelves not only of laving as much Money, but of wearing the airieft and eaSeft Stay that I ever faw, quiet, clofe, and Art in the Back, drait o.- with a genteel, full, free, and ea'y upon the greaft, without th'' lead Bulge in any Part of the Stay. Th s I only fyeai by the Wa to present Dcubu. I deal for Ready Money. i WH F. k E A S the Sale of the remaining Par- of the Cargoe of the St. JOSEPH N. S. de la OR A* NAD. A from the Havnnnall, taken hv the K uli Kan Privateer, Capt. Jot- pb Barker, was ariVertis'd for Sale on Thurfday next the lath I. oflant. This is to give Notice, ibat the flid Sale is put off ' till fur- ther Notice be given in this Paper. ABRAHAM LESTOURGEON, Broker. Thiy Day is pi'Mifhed, Price 6 d. • N Account of the pr.- fent Epidemical D'. demper anjorg^ tile Black Cattle. Together with a Me- thod of Cure, deduced - from a Knowledge of the Difeafe, and confir- m: d by Experience ; and aifo fuine Arguments to pro7e that it'is not Conta^ iuus. - , a M r. M 3 F. R of the College of Phyficians. Quit dubitet, eos procul a weriy utilis, bireftique fi/ tibus- digrcJJaroi\ qui. i. Jcino Mediftrum aligiism Ob\ urgatione _ d- gnum exijtimareni^ quo'd me * tern, ' coghaiifinimque- ad gr'ttifft* nt. is: mod* pefti lent tie e$ af<[ ui Frcpagtid- ir. is ceufas e'tulwendax adjusret ? Lmcjijus de Bovilla Pcfts. Printed for A. Millir, oppofite ( o - Gatherine- ftreet in the Strand f and fold by M. Copper in Pa t sr.- no ft er Row. Thi^ Pairjphlet being E'tred IK the Stationers Hall Book, ac- coruiiig AiV. of Parironicnt, wiioO ever ( hall repaint or pyrale Uie fam^, will be profecujted according to Law. This Day is piiblijhed, In a neui Poch't lrtjL, mesori ^ Coppe-, l- Ia- te^ Price hound 6 S4 eoljii'sd i 2 s. (€> ntnixing a mere cmbrecerji've Idea rf Scuth Britain than any Thing yet publ: jh\ iy t^ ra- xvn by Order and for the Ufe of his late i/ lajefty King George, in his intended Tour through England, by Thomas B IDT. DKDE,- Surveyor,) ' I fOROGR APf ilA BiUTANNliE : or, A new Set of Maps of ali'the Counties ia . England and Wales. To which are prefixed, The following jjvntral Maps, r. An accurate Chart of the Sea Coaft. A Majp of England and Wjles, as divided into Couijtlfjf. q A Map of ali'the great Roads from Loii- lon to all Part j of South Britain. ^ A Mjap of all the Cr-. f-, Roads' from one great Road to another, - with their Diftances. Printed for J. Cli- k, at the Golden Ball in St. Paul's Church- yard ; C. Hitch, - df the Red- Lion in Pater- noflcr Row ; and W. H. Jotr. s, in Union Caurf, Holborn. This Day is pitblifhed, A SF. R. MO Nr, preach'd at the Cathedral i. Church of YORK, Sept. 22, 1745 ; on Occafion of the pie- fent Rebellion in Scotland. Ey . tbe moil Reverend Father In God, T HOMA Lord Archbifhop cf YORK. York, - Printed for John Hildyard ; and fid by J. and P. Knapton, in Ludgate - Street ; T. Longwan and T- SltcwelJ, in Pater- nofler- Row ; and A. Dodd, in the Strand ; London. 1745. Price 6 d. N. B. This Sermon of his Grace th: Lord Archiifhop of York, b-:- , ing e. iter'd in the Stationers, Hall- Book, according to ACt cf Parlia- ment, whofoeverfhall dare to Reprint cr Pirate the fame, will be pro- f « cutcd according tp Law. This Day is pubUfj'd, Price i . nd now publifh'd for the Ufe of the Young Students in the Two Univerfities. By JOHN DALTON, M. A. r'f. d Ee'. Iony of Petri's College, Oxford. Printed for R. Dodfley, at Tully's Head in PaU- Mall ; Mr. R:- vington'in St, Paul's Churchyard ; Mr. Clements at Oxford; Mr. Tl- urlbourue at Cambridge; and Mr. Luke at Bath. Next Week will be publifhed, In One large Volume in Octavo, T^ IE HISTORY of the REBELLION* J_ Raifed againft his Majefty King GEORGE I. by the Friends of the Popifh Pretender. Containing, An Account of the Settlement of tbe SticcelTion to the Crown of Great- Britain, in the llluftrjous Family o( Hanover., and the Tory Scheme to defeat it, during tha iaft four Years of Queen Anne. Of his Majefty's happy Accefiian, the Rebellious Conspiracy termed by his Enemies, and the Execution hereof; b > th by the High- Church V* ob, on Pretence of the Church's Danger under his Majefty's Administration, ard by the open Rebel- linn, which is here expofed in ali its Parts, from its firft Ri to its final Extir- dtion, By the Reverend Mr. PETER RAE. lit SECOND EDITION. To which is now added, a Cnfleftion 0/ Original Letters and Au- thentick Papers relating to that Rebellion. Printed for A. Millar, oppofiteto Cathtiine ftreet in the Strand. Laft Saturday was Publjh'd, ( Price Six- penee,) Number LXXXV. which finifhes the Firft Volume, of ^ HE Complete SYSTEM of G E O- i GRAPHY. Nile, This Number contains Fjve Sheets, and Two C- pper- plates. of the SOLAR SYSTEM, with fcveral SPHERES, & c. Number I. XXXVI. which begins the other Volume, will be pub- lift.- d next Saturday the 14th Jnftant; and tie Whole concluded in 200 Sheets more. Printed for J. and P. Knapton in Ludgate- ftreet; R. Ware in A- men Corner; A. Ward in Little- Britain ; J. Ciarke, H. Whitridge, and E. Comyns, at the Royal- Exchange ; W. Innys, T. Longman, 5,.,! c. Hitch in Pater- nofter Row ; R. Hett in the Poultry ; T. Of tvirne in Grays- Inn ; S. Auften in Newgate- ftreet ; J. Hodges and T. Harris on London- Bridge j A. Miilar in the Strand ; C. Corbett in Fleet- ftreet; f. Rivington in St. Paul's Churchyard ; and by al other Book fellers in Town and Country. This Day is publijhed, ACatalogue- of the l ibraries of JOHN DUKE, £ fq; ofSarfon near Wheyhill, in Hampshire ; and of WILLIAM HAMDEN, Counfellor at Law, deceafed. Contain- ing ( belides a valuable Collection, relating to the Civil, Can m and Common Law) fcvcral Thoufand Volumes, in Hiflory, Antiquity, Voyages, Travels, Memoirs, Lives, Geography, Aftronomy, Ma- themiticks Phyfick, Surgery, Trade, Huibandry, Gardening, Di- vinity, Controverfy, P etry, Plays, Novels, and Clafiic Authors, in Greek, Lat n Italian, French and Englifh. Be fides many others of equal Value, are the following in Folio, Chamber's Difl. 2 vol. heft Cay's Abridgment 2 Vol. • Coetiigoc'-. Univerfal Hift. 2 vol. Coke' Inltitutes, bell. Harris's Voyages, 2 v> l. Chryfoftomi Opera, 8 tcm. Churchil.' s Voyages, 6 vol. Seldeni Opera. 6 torn. State Trials, 6 vol. Spelman's GlofT. Edit. Ont. Walter Raiti; h. 2 vol. belt. Guiliim's Heraldry, belt. Hope's Horferoan Breval's Travels, 2 vol. Rarin, 2 vol. by Tindal Poole's Annotations, 2 vol. Hammond's Works, 4 vol. PuffendorfF » Laws of Nat. Arpian Alexand. H. Steph. Plowden's Reports, t>- ft. Aretajus, Oxon Croke's Reports, j vol. btft. Wilkins Leges Ang- S2x. Levinz's Reports, » vol. beft. Lutw. ch's Report a Vol. Raymond's Reports, belt. Pollexfen's Reports. Year Books, 11 vol. beft. Vaughn's Reports. Coke on Littleton, beft. Twenty- three Velumts of Sermons in Manuscript. Which w ill begin to be fold very cheap, the Price of each being mark'd in the Catalogue, oil Monday next, By H. S L A T E R, Bookfellcr, Jit the Golden Key, that Corner of Clare- Court, next to Drurj Lane, Where miy he. had, fhe moft Money for any Library or Parcel of • Bonks Book* neatly bound. Catalogue to be had Gratis at Mr. Brindley's in New Bond- ftreet ; Mr. Tackfonfin St. James's- ftreet; Mr. Bickerton in Temple- Ex- change Fleet- ft reef; Mr- Robinfon, at the Golden Lion m Ludgare- ftreet; Mr. Strahan in Cornhillj Mr. Fletcher at Oxford; Mr. Merril at Cambridge, Bookfellers, and at the Place of Sale. ' this Day is Pubhjbed, Pi ice 3d. ' TP II E SPANISH ARMADA. An ODE, Fugimus rrfulias ; rclucrei fic, compede rupta, Aucupis cvadunt, yuat ihetuere vtar. ui. Art. Jonft. Pfalm. David, p. 280. Printed for John Ofwald, at the Rofe and Crown near the Man - fion- Houfe, Where may. be had, lately publifhed, tr. I110 targe Volunds, Quzrto, Price bound One Guinea, The H ftory of Popery, containing both the Doctrine and Pr.'. CHce of the Papifts from the Beginning of Chriftianity to thefe latter Times, Wrote by Henry Carr, Gent. who was tried and condemn'd for writing it by Judge Jefferies at the Guildhall, London, and now continued down by feveral Gentlemen, This Day is piblifhed, Price f s. ( E>, gra- vxd on a large Sheet of Paper,) TH E Vi& orian or Dionyfian Period, or Great Pafchal CYCLE of < 132 Years. So difpofed in Two Tables, as to Ihew for evar the Golden Number and Epaft, the Cy- cle of the Sun and Dominical Letter, the Number of Direftion, move- able Feafls, and Terms. AH'o a Dermal Table of Imertft, for any Sum, and at any Rate, in a new Method. Printed for J. Millan at Charing- Crofs, and R. Dodlley in Pa] I- Ma. il. Lately pttklijh'd, Price 4 s. lllujirated • with Copper Plates, SSAYS and Oblervations on the follow- Inftru^ tions for making Svdcr, Obfervations on the Linnen Ma- nufactory, On Drcfiing Flax, On Brewi » g. ine Subjefts, viz. On Trade, On Hufbandry and Flax, On Railing Banks againft Tides and Floods, On Hops, Directions f r making Roads, | PubUjbed by a Scciety of Gentlemen in Dublin. Dublin printed, Londcp re- printed for C. Hitch, at the Red Lyon in Pater- nofler Row. TVbere may be bad, ( Price 1 s. 6 d. in Sheep, 2 s. in Calf,) the Third Edition, with large Additions, of The Ger. tleman ANGLER; containing ihort, plain, and eafy In- flruitions, whereby the moft ignorant Beginner may, in a rtiort lime, become a perfcCt Artift in Angling for Salmon, Salmon Peal, Trout, Pike. Carp, Perch, Birbel, Tench, Bream, Chub, Greyling, Mul- lets, Flounders, Roch, Dace, Gudgeons,& c. with feveml Obfervations on Angling, Angle- Rods, and Artificial Flies; how to chufe the beft Hair, and Indian Grafs; 6? the proper Times ar. d Seafons for River and Pond- Fi/ hing ; when Filh fpawn ; and what Baits are chiefly to be us'd, Sec. By U Gentleman ivbl has mile ANGLING bit Divcrjicn, for up- wards of ' Tiventy- eigbt Years. Concerning Ulects and Seminal IVeakneffes of aJ Kinds. LI, judicious Phyficiins and SiKgtons allow, that nothing is more difficult to cure than ftubbotn Gleets and Seminal W'eakneffes, whether occafioned bv too feveie Purging for Venereal Injuries, violent Strains, Pollutio fui, or any other Caufe whatever; and that they are dangerous in their Co„- fequences, as well as difficult to cure, is as certain, ( ince they ex. ceedingly weaken the Generative Faculties, infeeble the whole Ner- vous ; Syftem, often brlnR on Hedlick Heats, a Tabes Dorfalis, or Confumption of the Back, or an Atrophy or Neivous Confurrption, which frequently terminate in Death itfelf. All fuch, therefore, who have the Misfortune to be troubled with Old or Stubborn Gleets, Seminal Effufions, involuntary Emillions, exceffive Nocturnal Pollutions, or any Weaknefs of the Kidneys, Ureters, or Bladder, the Diabctis, Incontinenry of Urine, or Dif- ficulty of holding their Water, ivould, doubtlefs, be glad to meet with a certain, fafe, and fpeedyCure, which they n oft afiuredly may, by taking only a fmall Quantity of a tranfeendent Balfamick Rc- Hriiilive F. leilu. iry, now publilhed for a general Good, after having, for many Years in private Practice, been experienced niver fince to fail of perfectly curing the moft ftubborn Gleets known In a few Days, without Difficulty or Trouble 1 as alfo all other Weakneflcs of the R.- rk, Reins, Seminal Vtlfels, and Urinary Paf- fages, which ir almoft infirmly cures, bringing to rights and refto- rin^ all thofe Parts and Paffages to their natural Tone and priftine Vigour, in a veiy extraordinary Manner, and by taking a few Do- fes of it only. This tranfeendent Balfimick Reftriflive Elefluary, is neither dif- • greeible to take, nor occafions the lead Difordcr ; but is won- derful Rcftorative in all Weaknefs and Decay of Conftitution of any Kind, and particularly flrengthcns the Back, Reins, Seminal and Urinary VefTcls to an immenle Degree, infomuch that in any De- bility of them, One Dofe of it dot s more than Ten of any other Remedy yet found out; and all Perfons fatigued with Gleets or Seminal Weakness of any Sort, or t\ eakneffcs of the Urinary Vefl'els, who take it, will, in three Days Time, find it ( o very effectual, that they will be moft agreeably furprifrd at it. When a Medicine will infallibly accomplilh Inch a fafe, fpeedy and perfril Cure of ( rich difficult Maladies, as Gleets and Sor. inaJ Weakncfles are, as this Great Kemedy truly and direCWy will, even after all othei Means and Medicines have been try'd in vain ; too much cannot be faid in Praifeofiti and this, All who ever took it fur any of the above- mentioned Purpofes, have readily declared. The Price is but 6 s. a Pot, altho' for its abfolute Efficacy, one Pot a rone being fufficient, in moft Cafes, to acccmplifh a i^ ure, worth ten Times as much ; and, by the Author's fpecial Appoint- ment, is to be had only at Mr. Radford's Toy- fhop, at the Rofe and Crown againft St. Clement's Church- yard in the Strand, ready feal- ed up, with a Book of Inftruftiom ; which, whoever carefully reads will be a compleat Mafter of his own Cafe, and perfectly know when the Gleet or Weaknefs he is afflifted with fucceeds a Venereal Injury, whether all the Malignity of the Foul Difeafe is entirely extirpated, or not. TTENCE, and FLANNEL, Confuted, in the GOUT, and Rbtumatifm,— with PLAIN TRUTH, in Venereal, GLEETS, and Un- natural, Uncltan Cafes, Laid Extremely O- PEN, to Shew F. very ONE, their Own Pri- vate Cafe, and SHORT Cure, Without Tel- 1 ng their Cafe, to Any One. Being, the moft Intelligible Book on thefe SubieCb, Ever publiihed. And. Is GIVEN GRATIS, At Mr. BurcbelTs, Cutler, and Tnyfrwp, Tie Sign of the Famous ANODYNE NECK- LACE, for Children's TEETH, Fin, Fever,, & c. and Cafe of Knives, Next to Drury- Lane, in LONG- ACRE London. Where Alfo Are GIVEN GRATIS, The Travels of a SHILLING — The In- terpretation of WOMEN'S DREAMS. — Of WOMEN, that Br>„( a Man to a Morfel of Dread. Prov. vi. 26 And, The HOOP- PETTI- COAT Vindicated, and the Objefkions Invalidated, that Ill- Nature, and Peevijbnejt, having Railed, againft i;. LONDO N: Printed for H. WOOD FALL ,; « » . near the^ Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate; Length are taken in at Two SHILLINcseach. ADVERTISEMENTS are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- againft the King's- Arms Tavern, in P all- Mall; George tToodfall, at the Kinf<- Arm<. near Craig's- Court, Charin^- Crofs ; Mr. Sbuckbitr^ h, at the Sun, next the inner- Temple Gate, Fleet- flrett Mr. Bratkfime, at the Glebe CornbiU \ and bv T. ASTLEY, Removed from St. Paul's Church- yard, to the Rofe in Patir- nofter Row. For the E Y E S, ' The fo much fani'd Chymical Liquor . WHICH at once infallibly cures all In- flammation, Sorenefs, - and Weaknefs of the EYES, Deflul- iofis of ftiarp Humr- urs, Dimnefs of Sight, Specks, Films, or begin- ning CataraCls, and that after all other Means have faii'd, and wim- < ut caufing the leaft Trouble or Uneafinefs in ufing. It direClly heals and cures ail rr. ahncr of Sorenefs of the in Children or grown Perfons, tho' of many Years fianding, ard whe- ther proceeding from the Evil, or any other Diftempcr. It effectually takes away all Specks,- Films, or incipient C-. tarad* to Admiration, as aifo all Fiies or Gnats that fcern to fw.' m- fitforr the Sight; it wonderfully ftrength.- ns the Optick Nerves, comfort ® the Eyes, immediately rerpove* all Dimntfsj clearing the Sitht, and infallibly preferring it ftrc. ng and good to exceeding Old Age. Hundreds who were fo very dim- fighted for Ibme Years, as fcarcely able to diflinguifh any thing, and imagin'd their Age to be the Oco'- fion, have b< en perfectly and almoft- inftantly cu-. cd by it, fo as to read the fmalleft Print without SpeChcIes; and for Optha'ir, ic « , < r Sore, Blcodfhot, or Rheumy Eyes, no Medicine upon Earth can cotr. e- near it ; Thoufands j f Men, Women, and Children have been cured by it of the very worfl Sort, almoft upon the Spot, and BHndneftteai prevented in Abendance, who had tried ; ill other Remedies in vain. No Family ought to be without ir, ror ever will, after they has- t had but one Day's Experience of its " admirable Efficacy. " It is to be had only, by the Author's Appointment, at the Gentle- woman's, at the Two Clue Pofts in Haydon- Yard in ihe Minnies, London, at 3 s. b d. a Bottle, with printed DieCtions at large. The G) eat RESTORATIV I£ In all Hyferic il Diforders, ' which has gain\ d fi much Re- putation, that it lueds no Pat'cnt to recimpienJ it. Being a pleafant compound Medicament, chemically prepaid of the choiceft Anti- Hyficrickl in. the tvbtle Art of Chymiflry. WHICH fpeedily and in fa I lit ly Cures ali Hyfterick Dif'eaf^ s, whether Hypochondriac, Melancholy in Men, or Vapours in Women, however cirrumftanced, er to what Degree foever advanced, or of ever ie long ftanding, fo as never to return again. This Medicine having cur'd Thoufands of Men and Women of Melancholy and Vapours, may be depended on for a perfeCl Cure; it ftrikes immtdiaiely at the fi^ ft Caufe of the Diftemper, and en- tirely defrays it Root and Branch, rectifies I hat vitiated Ferment of the St'cmach, which is generally the frft and chief Caufe, and thereby cures Indigeft: on, purifies the'Blood and Spirits, rtrengihtd, the Brain and Nerves, chear, the whole Frame, flops Vomiting, dears the Head fr m confus'd Thoughts, removes F* ars, Sadnefs, difturl'd Sleep, Twitching! cf the Arms or Legs, cures Palpitation or Trem'a! ing of the Heart. It alfo inftantly, asitwere, lays any violent or convulfive Motions in the Bowels, tic. occafioned by any fudden Fright, or other indi- rect Caufe, and leajes the Bo> vels as quiet as when in perfeCt Health, and indeed all othe r the many and various Symptoms that atrend this grievous Diftemper; for takeaway the Caufe, and the FffeCt will ceafe. It is fold for 4 s. 6 d. the Bottle, at Mr. San< Jwell's Tovfliopat the Sign of the Griffin, the Corner of Bucklerfbufy in the Poultry, and no where elfe in England, where it has been fold al^ ve 20 Years, v, ith the greatcft S. tccefsand Penefit to the Publick, notwithHanding the many Counterfeits fmcc its firft Publication, At the Golden Ball, in Bow- Churchyard, Cheapfide, J IVETH G. WES V, a Regular Surgeon, 3 J upwaids i f TwentV Years PraCtice, who cureth ill the rariom Symptoms of the FRENCH DISTEMPER, whether frefhconrrac- ted, or of long Co- tinuance, by a rew fpeed'y and fure Method; and a RECENT CLAP, in a few Days, wrtfesutCcnfinement, Hindrance of Bufinefs, or the Knowledge of a Badfellow. And as fnr fuch unfor- tunate Perfor, s, who by NtgleCt cf themfeives, or for Want of the timely Ufe cf my never fating Remedies, lie under the ir. ilereble Cir- cumifances of virulent Runnings, old Glerts, Heat of Urine, Co- dees, Buboes, Shankers, tumify'd Tefticles, Ulcers in the Nofe or Throat, daily or noCturnal Pains, or any other filthy Symptoms at- tending this Diftemper, I cure according to the beft approved Method now in Practice. Note, There is a Back- Dior into Goofe- AHey, a Golden Ball hang- isg over it, ihat leads to my Surgery. ( Advice and proper Remedies in a'l Cafes in Surgery.) Remov'd from Whitecrofs- Street. ANODYNE NECKLACE, in LONG- ACRE, Y His Majefty's Roval ' Patent, and Special Approbation, PA
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