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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3461
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Jacobite Uprising 1745 French Vessel runs ashore at Montrose
Date of Article: 02/12/1745
Printer / Publisher:  H. Woodfall, jun.
Address: near the Pump in Little Britain
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3461
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Part of a report of a French Ship at Montrose in 1745 with "two Companies and a half of Lord John Drummond's Regiment"

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The General Advertifer. Numb. 346 b MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1745. O £ Deal, November 30. lEMAIN in the Downs his Majefly's Ships Norwich, Admiral Vernon ; Ruby, Trytcn, Sheernefs, and Suc- cefs, Duke of Bedford, and Earl of Sandwich, with the Dutch Men cf War ; and theOutward- bound Ships, as in my la ft. Came down the Gi- braltar Packet, Wright, for Gi- braltar. Wind S. W. > The Hamburgh Arm?, Frederickfon ; , Knopp ; rt RofTenboom, \ anderfmiffen ; and City of London, Mel- CO life, from Hamburgh, are arrived at Oifordnefs. The Ellen, Culhnane, from Barbadcee ; and johnGally, —, from Oporto, at Briitol. The Venu?, Kirkley, from St. Kitts and Milford, at Plymouth. The Lucy, Purches, from Oporto, off Dover. The Daily Hope, Faulconer, from Narva for London, in the Firth. The Prince Charles Privateer, is arrived at Brifbl, from a Cruize. Since our laft arrived the Mail from Holland Peterfiurgh, Nov. 16. The Great Chancellor, Count Beftucheff, " gave Audience Yeiterday to two Tfchigodars, which had been font Exprefs by the Vizir Haffan Aga, with a Letter notifying the Death of the State Counfellor Wifckniakers, who relided at Conftantinople in Quality of Minifler from the Emprefs, and adding the ftrongeft A flu- ranees of the Grand Signor's conftant Friendfhip for her Imperial Majefty, and his Inclination to improve the good Harmony between the two Empires: For which Purpofe his Sublime Highnefs defires her Majefty to fend another able Minifter to the Porte, as foon as poffible, to fupply the Place of the deceafed. Ratijbon, Nov. 29. The Prince of Furftenberg, firft fc^ Commiflary of the Emperor, arrived on the 26th from j- J Munich. The Directory cf Mentz notified Yefterday to p., all the Minifters of die Dyet that are here, that the fir ft O Seflion would be held this Day. It has been held accord- ingly ; but nothing of Confequence was done, which is at- O . ti buted tp the . great^' umber of Minifters wao are not yet arrived. The Dutchefs Dowager of Bavaria, who came hereon the 25 th will continue hex'Journey two Days hence for her Eftatesin Bohemia. Franc fort, Dec. 72. The Contingent of the Circle of Swabia has begun to be in Motion : It conlifts of five Re- giments of Infantry, of 1690 Men each, and two of Ca- valry, containing ^ 92 Men. Large Magazines are form- ing, by Order of the Court of Manheim, at Oggerfhcim and Franckendahl, and the French Troops are expected foon in the Palatinate. Zittau, Nov. 25. Prince Charles is returned hither with his Army fince the Affair of Henncrftoff, and has bfen joined by the Remainder of the four Regiments. General Buchner, who commanded them, is wounded, and in the Hands of the Enemy ; but we have no Kews of Colonel Obyrn. It is not yet known, whether the King of Pruffia will follow the Auftrian Army, or extend his Troops along the Country. If the firft ( hould happen, the General Opinion is that Prince Charles will retire into the Circle of Buntzlau, and endeavour to make a powerful Diverfion in Lower Silefia, by entring thro' the Defiles of the Moun- tains, of which his Light Troops have already Poffeffion. Paris, Dec. 3. On Saturday laft the King declared pub- ^ lickly before all the Court, that the Dauphinefs was with 0> Child. His Majelly gave Orders on Tuefday to Marfhal "" O Belieifle, to repair to the Army on the Rhine, and Mat ^ Lord, whofe Departure was fixed for he ift Inftant, anii- • J- J cipated it one Day, having fet out on the 30th of Novemr vi ber. ' I hey wr ite from Luneviile, that the Queen of I'o- P- i land is at the Ialt Extremity. The Prince of C'onti keeps Q his Troops continually in high Spirit?, and ready to march on the firlt Orders from Court, which M. de BcIIeifle is bringing with- him. It is thought, that upon the Arrival of this General, they will immediately enter the Empire, in order to make the Aullrians retire out of the Palatinate. Cologne, Dec. 3. In Confutcration of the Sicknefs among the Cattle, the Elei'lor has exempted his Subjeffs who have fuffcred, from their Contingent of the Publick Taxes, in Proportion to their refpeftive LofTes. li. igue, Dec. 6. There is Advice that Lord John Drum- mond's Regiment, with 50 Men of each Regiment of the Jrifh Brigade, a Number of Volunteers, and feveral Offi- cers of Dirtinttion, were failed from Dunkirk for Scot- land,, ihe laft of them on Monday the 29th pafl, N. S. Another Embarkation was to be ready to fail in about a Week after, which was to confift of Fitz- James's Regi- ment difmounted, but with all their Horfe- Furniture; and another Draught of Irifh Foot. Hague, Dec. 7. Ry Advices from Paris of the 3d Inltant, there is an Account, that the Marquis of Sabran arrived at Verfailles the Sunday before from Italy, with News that M. de Chevert had inadfc himfelf Mafter of Alii, four Days after opening the Trenches; that the Garrifon; con • filling of 413 Men, hid been made Prifoners of War ; and that M. Pignatelli had taken Verrue Sword in Hand; by Means whereof, the French Troops were become Matters of all the Places on this Side of tae Po to Turin, except the Utadeis of Alexandria and Cafal, the latter of which was very brifldy attacked} and would not, it was thought, hold out long. LONDON. The King of Poland, with all the Royal Family, fet out from Drefden f r Prague laft Wednefday was fe'nnight, and having fignified his Pleafure to the Foreign Miniilers, by the Count de Bruhl, that they ihould follow himthkher, they have fent to their refpeftive Courts for Orders on that Subjeft. Letters from Madrid fay, that they talk publickly of a Refolution to embark 10,000 Men at Ferrol, to be tranf- ported either into Scotland or Ireland ; and that all the Officers of Marine had Orders to repair to that Port, where they likewifeexpefted the quadron from Carthagena. They write from Copenhagen, that M Schulen, Secre- tary to the King of Denmark, has declared to M. Titley, by his Majeity's Order, ' That the Engagements which ' fubfift between his Majeliy and the Coart of Verfailles, ' will not hinder him from making good thofe before con- ' trailed with the King of Great- Britain ; that, upon tn is ' Principle, his Maje. iy will not fail of fending an Auxili- £ ary Body of Troops for Scotland, if the Rebels of that * Kingdom continue their Progrefs, or if any Foreign Power ' whatfoever fhall fend Troops to their Affiftance; that ' the King will even employ ail his Forces, if it fhall be ' found neceirary, to reduce the Rebels, and maintain the ' Reigning Family upon the Throne of Great- Britain, ' againft the Efforts an/] Machinations of all thofe who * may undertake to pla.: e thereon a Pretender abjured by ' the Nation, againtt.^ honv the Laws of the Kingdom ' hare made an eternal Barrier. M. tchulin added, ' That theneceflary Orders had Edlually been already expe- ' dited to the Troops, and that all the Difpofitions were * making for a conliaerable Embarkation, to be fent either 1 into England or Scotland, as Neceftity may require, or ' as his Bri annick Majefty may judge proper.' The Bri- tifh Miniaer has difpatch'd a Courier immediately to Lon- don, with this agreeable News. It is faid, that the Ren- dezvous for the Troops defigned for this Expedition, and whofe Numbers are not exaftly known, will be at Coldin- gen, from whence they will march to Rypen, there to go on board the Tranfport Ships that are getting ready for that Purpofe. T he Jews at Berlin have fent into Silefia 300,000 Livres, for the Ufe of the King of Pruiiia, having the neceffary Orders from Paris for that Purp ft. The Prince of Anhalt- Deflau is in Poffeffion of Leipfick, from whence we are told that his Troops commit no Ex- ceffes. Upon the Advancement cf a Pruffian Detachment to Zittau, Prince Charles retired to Gabel in Bohemia, where he is calling together ail the Detachments of his Army, in Order to come to a decifive Adlion. From the London Gazette. Whitehall, Nov. 28. By Advices of the 26th, from Man- cheller, there is an Account, that fix Quarter Mailers belonging to the Rebels came into Prefton, at Eleven o'Clock that Day, to provide Quarters for their Army, which was to rendezvous on Prefton Moor upon the 27 th ; and they give out that from thence they propofed to advance to Manchester. They have prodaim'd the Pretender in every Market Town, and have levied the Excife. Whitehall, Nov. 29. By Letters from Edinburgh of the 25th Inftant there is Advice, That on Saturday laft about Five o'Clock in the Evening, a Ship attempting to come into the Ha hour of Montiofe, having no Boat to conduit her, run . fhore on the Beach on the South Side of the River, and upon the Hazard Sloop's firing, fhe put out Britilh Colours, but that fome Hours after it was found out that fhe was a French Ship, and had brought over two Companies and a half of Lord Joi. n Drummo'nd's Regiment, and had 16 Carriage Guns befides Swivels ; and that fhe .. - 1 rt 1 '. 1 .1 « 1 r ... came out with th ee other Ships with the reft of that Regiment, and had parted with them in the Stormy Wear ther, and knew not what was become of them ; and that they obferving the Hazard Sloop in the Harbour, fup- pofed it one of them, but on finding their Miftake, the/ were employed that Night in carrying the Canton afhere from their ilr- tnded Sh'p, and maki ig a Battery to com- mand ihe Haibour, which ccciifions icmf: Pain for the Hazard Sloop. That Admiral Byng had fent off imme- diately a Forty Gun Ship towards Montrofe, and was to follow himfe'f the next Day. That upon the News of ^ Lord John DrummOnd's Regiment feeing embarked for Scotland, Admiral Byng had ftnt out fomfc Ships to cruize ja on the Coatt, particularly between Montrofe and Stciie- haven, where the French Ships formerly 1 . rtded, but tiiat - rj they had been driven off by Storms. That cn the 2 2d a n Bo t belonging to the Hazard Sloop had been attacked by a Party of the Rebels that had been hovering about the Harbour of Montrofe for fome time, who killed one Mah and took 4 Prifoners, and the Boat. That the Milford which had been blown* off the Coaft with the Ludlow Caftle was return'd on the 24th very much fhattered. That the Number of Rebels in Perthfhire and the neigh- bouring Parts were confiderably augmented. Whitehall, Nov. 30. A Letter juft received from War- rington of the 28th mentions, that two Perfons were ta- ken there that Morning, who, after Examination, con- fefl'ed that they were come to t efpeak Provifions for the Rebel Army, which, according to their Account, was to march the fame Day for W'igan, and that they believed they would be at Warrington tha Day following ; and that the lame Advice was confirm'd by a Meffenger 01 their own, who faw a Party come into Wigan, and de- mand Quarters for 8000 Men. A Poftfcript to the fame Letter mentions, that fome few of the Rebels Were, fince writing what is above, come into Warringfan, and that fome were gone to JV1 anciielter. Whi ehall, N<. v. 30. By Letters received this Day from Lancafhire, of the 27th, there is Advice, that oh Mcnday Night a Body of about 2co of dilorderly Perfln.. hear Ormfkirk, had affembled in that Town with a Driuh; beating up for Voluntiers, to enter into the Pretenuxr's O Service, and openly in the Night proclaimed him King : CO That the Townfmen had rofe upon and fought them, and pj"* took 10 or 12 Prifoners, anddifperfed the relt : That thcie < which were taken v, ere impri oned. . White ' all, Nov. 29. Letters from LItch/ ield Yefterday, mention the Arrival of His Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland at that Place the Evening before, and that by the frefheft Advices they had receivVi,- an ad- vanced Party of the Rebels had been the 27th at Liver- pool, to demand Quarters for 2000 Men, Whitehall, Nov. 30. Letters received to Day ffrorn Litchfield of the 2 8th Inftant, bring Advice,- that the Troops under the Command of his Royal Highnefs the Duke cf Cumberland, which were arrived, had been canton'd from TamWorth to Stafford, with the Cavalry in Front at Newcaft'e under Line; and that they had Ac- courttsjf Marfhal Wade's being advanced to Peifbridge on the 28th. By an Exprcfs of the 29th from Litchfield, received fince the above, it is written, that the two Battalions of Guards which went from hence 011 Saturday laft, were expected there To morrow, a great many Horfes having been fent from thofe Parts to Coventry to forward their March, and the Town of Birmingham having diftin- guifhed itfelf, by providing 200 Horfes for that Purpofe at their own Expence. Whitehall, Nov. 30. This Morning Archibald Stewart, Efq; late Provolt of Edinburgh was taken into Cuftody ^ of two of his Majelty's Meffcngers. q" 1 Whitehall, N: v. 29. By Advices from Deal of the 28th, the Crew of the Ship brought in thither by the Sheernefs,'. ^ were all fent to Dover Callle, and the remaining Priloners n> d. ftributed in the feveral Men of War in Admiral Vernon's Squadron. By the Accounts that fome amongft them give, 3 they failed from Dunkirk, bound for Scotland, with two more Tranfports in Company, but were feparated by bad- 2 Weather: That the Prize came on the Coaft of Scotland, * but being chafed by a Man of War put to Sea, and was taken by the Sheefnefs fome Days after. Amongft the Prifoners there appear to be fome Englifh, who were taken Prifoners the lalt Campaign in Flanders, and were after- wards inviegled into the French Service. There are alfo fome Deferters from die Scotch Regiments in the Dutch Service, and feveral Scotch and Irifh Men, and alfo fome French Men. Lift of the Principal Prifoners, as their Names were givru in by thtmfclves. Mr. Radcliffe, called Earl of Derwentwater, Captain in Dillon's Regiment. Mr. Radcliffe, faid to be Son of the former, Captain in Dillon's. Robert Cameron, Captain reformed in Rgoth's. ADVERT! SS M ENTS are taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, in Lombard- Street. Mo Wooden Shoes. No Arbitrary Power, Thomas Nairn, Son to Lord Nairn, Firlt Lieutenant in lord John Drummond's. Sam. Cameron, Second Lieutenant of Drummond's, Patrick Fitzgerald, Captain in Buckley's. James Ohanlow, Captain in Berwick's. William Fitzgerald, Second Lieutenant in Buckley's. Curn. Mac Carty, Ensign in Buckley's. Alexander Bailie, Captain in Lord Drummond's. Alexander Mac Donald, Captain in Drummond's.- Adam Urquhart, Lieutenant in Drummond's. Lewis Shee, Captain in Ruthe's. Thomas Renally, Lieutenant in Lawley's John Riley, Lieutenant in Buckley's. Murdock Gennis. Captain in Dillon's, James Seaton, Captain in Ruthe's. Edward Dunn, Lieutenant in Ruthe's, Merseiel Devant, Lieutenant in Saintouge's^ Edmund Riley, Lieutenant in Dillon's. Robert Grace,. Captain reformed in Lally's. Clerment Mac Dermet, Equerry to the Person called Lord Derwentwater. N. B. The Ship taken by the Sheerness Privateer, was formerly called the Soleil, but the Name ihe now goes by is the Esperance. Leicester- House, Nov. 27. This Day the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen of the City of London waited on their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, with their Compliments on the Birth of the young Prince, to which his Highness return'dthe following Anfwer My Lord and Gentlemen, Return you my Thanks, and the Thanks of the Princcfs, lor this fresh Instance of your Regard to " us ' The City have fliewn fo lauiable an Example of " Duty zfid Affection to the King, that his Family inuft " always retain a grateful Remembrance of it. " May the Reflection on the present Troubles ferve frill " to unite you to animate your Zeal, and ftrengtiien the " Tie be'tween my Father and his Peop'e. ' You may always depend on my heaarty good Wilhes for your Welfare, and the Profpsrity of Trade. Letter from Altringham in Cheshire. ' Ihave juft an Opportunity to tell you that 300 of the 4 Rebels have enter'd Manchester, and demanded Provi- ' sions. Quarters for 3000 more; no sooner had they • enter'd but they demanded a Month's Excise. Jt is ex- • pefted they will plunder that rich and flourilhing Town, ' According to their usual Custom. Messages are arrived ' from General Legonier, to prepare our Barns, Cow- hou- • ses, & c. for the Reception of 4000 Foot, expected here, » and at High- Leigh, Knotsford, Rostern, and all the « Villages in this Neighbourhood : This has put Spirits into •* the Country People, who are ready to furnish them with ' every thing necessary.— Lord Warrington, with the Earl • of Cholmondely, Sir Willoughby Ashton, Bart. Peter Leicester, Esq; Edward Leigh, Esq; Peter Brooks, Esq; • and several other Gentlemen, are at the Head of the Mi- ' Iitia at Budworth, ready to Join the King's Forces; • when we hope, by God's Assistance, to preserve this • Country from thefe ungrateful Villains.' By a Gentleman who came laft Night from Gravesend, we are assured, that the Transports, with the Horfe from Flanders, arrived at the Nore early Yesterday Morning, and were expected at Gravesend the next Tide. On Friday last Lord Cobham's Regiment of Horfe march'd through St. Albans, to join the Army commanded by his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland. The Winchelsea Man of War, Capt. March, is arrived' at Dartmouth, from Lisbon. The India Company have received no Account of the Arrival of their Fleet at Torbay, notwithstanding what has been inserted in the other Papers. A few Days fince died at Abingdon in Berkshire, in the 74th Year of his Age « , the Rev. Mr. William Fuller, a Dissenting Minifter, possess'd of a handfome Fortune, and greatly esteem'd for his faithful Discharge of his Office. He had been a Preacher 50 Years, and upwards of 40 Pa- llor of a Baptist Congregation in that Town ; his va- luable Character is well known to all who had the Happi- nefs of being acquainted with him. On Saturday laft died, at his Houfe in St. James's Market, Mr. Thompson, a Man of fair Character. The Tilt Boat that was lost some Nights ago in a Gale of Wind, was weighed up on Friday laft ; but nothing found on board her. Saturday Number 12,004 was drawn a Prize of 50p!. and Numbers 39,031,16,129,41,144,42,984, and 24,818, were drawn Prizes of 1001. each. A large and frefh Parcel of Genuine IRISH STUFFS made in the neatest Manner, isjuft arriv'd at Wells and Hartley's Warehoufe at the Naked Boy and Woolpack in Ludgate- ftreet, with the greattft Variety of entire New, and Uncommon Mixtures, in all Colours and Qualities. They fell other Sorts of Sculis and Cheap Goods, and deal as largely in Silks, as ufual. The PATRIOT'S Prayer. Supreme Difpofer of the Hearts of Men ? Almighty Arbiter of Thrones and Kings! Sacred Difpenfer of the Battle's Fate ! Stretch forth Protection o'er the Royal Ytmlh, Gone forth thy Delegate, to fight thy Caufe ! ' Gainft impious Bart'rers of thy Holy Will, Who pledge for Gold the Grace they never knew. O ! ( hed thy pow'rful Spirit o'er his Bands ? Infufe His gen'roas Ardour thro' each Breaft ! To fcatter hence this ruthiefs Herd of Rome l- And give fair blanching Peace to Britain's Sons f IRELAND. Dublin, Nov. 23. Laft Tuefday being the Anniversary of the Birth of her Royal Highnefs the Princefs of Wales, the fame was obferved here by all Degrees of People with the greateft Demonftrations of Joy. Her Excellency the CouRtefs of Chefterfield and many other Ladies of the greateft Quality and Fortune, appeared at the Caille in Irifh Poplins; as they alfo did in the fame Manufacture at the Theatre Royal^ laft Thurfday Night, where there was a molt numerous and polite Audience at Mr. Sheridan's Benefit. We hear from Muff in the County of Donegal!, that the Troop of Horfe Militia commanded by George Heart, Efq; was reviewed there on Tuefday the 14th Inftant. The Officers and moil of the private Men appeared in uniform Regimentals ; they went through their Exercife v. ith fuch Regularity and Exaftnefs, that they itemed rather a Troop © f Veterans th n Militia'. From the Parade they marched with their Laptain to his Houfe at Killderry, where they and the neighbouring Gentlemen were moit elegantly entertained. The Rev. Dr. Coins, Senior Fellow of our UimerSty, hath been prefented by the Prov. ft and Fellows to the Livings of the late Rev. Dr. King in the Diocefts of Rnphoe. We hear, that a Bill hath paffed the Houfe of Com mons fcr the Naturalization of Jews in this Kingdom. Laft Wednesday the Rev. Dean Maturine ' was eledted Dean of St. Patrick's, by the Chapter of the laid Cathe- dral, in tr » e room cf the late Dr Jonathan Swift. Captain Piper. Matter of the Devonlhire of Whitehaven who arrived here from that Port ialt Tiiurfday livening brought over eighteen Pieccs of Cannon from thence, to prevent the Rebels getting Pofl'effion of them. SHERIFFS appointed by his Excellency the Lord Lieu- tenant, for the Year 1746. Antrim. James Stewart of Biliee, Esq? Armagh. Herculus Hutchinson of Curry, Esq ; Carloiu. Richard Vickars of Ballinekillbeg, Efq; Cavan. Richard Ellis of Dromale;, Efq} Clare. Robert Westrop, Efq; Corke. Hugh Lumbly of " Bally mallow, Efq; Donnegal. William Jenkins of Castlemurry, Efq; Down. David Hunter of Grangefield, Esq; Dublin. John Gore Booth, Esq; Galway. Arthur, French of Headford, Efq; Kerry. Robert Leslie of Tarber, Efq; Fermanagh. Sir St. George St. George, Bart. Kilkenny. Francis Flood of Polestown, Efq;. Kildare. Augustin Ievers of Mountrice, Efq » King's County. Thomas Colly of Killarin, Efq; Leitrim. Chidley Conyngham of Carrtown, E: q; Lowth. Matthew Fortescue of Darver, Efq; Limerick. Stephen Raswson Stepney1, Efq; Longford. James Gledstanes of Turboy, Efq; Mayo. William Chambers of Kilbayne, Efq; Meath. Charles Tisdall of Mount Tisdall, Efq; Mdnnghan. Colliu Johnston of Tullyard, Efq; Queen's County. Thomas Hawkshaw of Shane, Esq; Roscommon. Christopher Kirwan of Ashford, Elq; Sligo. Annesley Gore of Cotestown, Elq; Tipperary. Francis Sadler of Sapwellhall, Efq; Tyrone. William Belcher of Brokin, Esq; . Waterf ord. Borr Uniack of Woodhouse, Esq; Westmeath. Thomas Smith of Dromcree, E.' q; Wexford. John Leigh of Rosgarland, Elq; Wicklow. Robert Boswell of Ballicurry, Elq; High Water at London- Bridge, this Day at 19, Minutes after 5. Bank- Stock 133 5 8ths a 3 4ths. India Ditto no Price. South Sea Stock no Price. Ditto Old Annuities 103 1 8th. Ditto New 103 1 4th. Three per Cent. An- nuities 84 1 4th a 38ths. Ditto 1742, 84 3 8ths. Ditto 1743 and 1744, 84 3 8ths. Ditto 1745, 84 1 half Million Bank 113. Equivalent 110 i half. Royal Alfu- rance 79 1 half. London Affurance 10 1 4th. Englifti Copper 5 1. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 2 1. 1 o s, Difc. India Bonds 43 s Difc. Three and a half Salt Tal- lies 10 5 8ths Difc. Three and a half per Cent. Exche- quer Orders no Price. Three p « r Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets 101, a 8 s. a 4 s. Life Annuities 13 1 8th Years Purchafe. BANKRUPTS, Edmund SKdlard, late of Old. Fiih- ftreet, Londoif, Merchant. Jonathan Nunn, late of Much Clacktcn in theCounty of ElTex, Grocer and Chapman. * HAY- MARKET. ( THE SUBSCRIBERS to the OPERA are I defired to make the laji Payment of their Subfcript'. on- Money to the Treafurer, at the Opera- Off. ce in the Hay- market, ' where Attendance will be given this and every Day f from Ten ' till Two, to receive the fame, and deliver out ihe Silver Tickets. D RURY- LANE. A tied but Once this Seafon. Bf His Majefty's Company of Comediansf AT the Theatre - Royal in Drury - Lan- e, thii Day, will be prefented The B E G G A R's O P E R A. The Part of Capt. Macbeath by Mr. Lowe ; Ptachum, by Mr. Macklin; Lockit, Mr. Turbutt ; Filch, Mr. Raftcr; Mat of the Mist, Mr. Blakes ; Mrs. Peachum, by Mrs. Macklin ; Player, Mr, Wooburn ; Beggar, Mr. Winftone ; Ben Eudge, Mr. Simpfon ; Bag- : ( hot, Mr. Leigh ; Crookfioger'd Jack, Mr. Uflier ; Nimming Ned,- Mr. Goodfellow ; Wat Dreary, Mr. Brjniby. Diana Trapes, Mrs. Macklin; Mrs. Slammekjn, by Mrfs Minors; fenny Diver, Mifs. 1 Royer; Sukey Tawdrey, by Mrs. King ; Mrs. Vixen, Mifs Cole ; Dolly Trull, Mifs Pitt ; Molly Brazen, Mrs. BradAaw j The Part of Polly by Miss EDWARDS, An4 the Part of Lucy by Mrt. CLIVE, I Being rbi zd Time of their apf taring in tbofe Char alters upcr. tint Stage. Act II, A Dance by Monf. and Madem. MECHEL, and others. In Aft III. A Hornpipe by Mr. Yates. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firlt Gallery is. Upper Ga.' lery 1 s. Place! for thj Boxes to be taken of Mr. Hobfon, at the Stage- Dots of the Theatre. To begi « eaaflly at Si* o'Clock. c o V E N T- G A R D E N. AT the Theatre- Royal in Covent- Garden, this Day, will be prefented a Coaiedy, call'd- The CONSCIOUS LOVER S. The Part of Seville jun. by Mr. Hale ; Indiana, Mrs. Pritcbard j Myrtlf, Mr. Ryan; Cimberton, Mr. Hippifley ; Tom, Mr. CQlter f Sir John Bevilfe, Mr. ETridgwatei ; Mr. Sealand, Mr. Rofco ; Hum - phry, Mr. Marten. Phillis, Mrs. Vincent ; Lucinda, Mrs. Hale J Mi.. Sealand, Mrs James ; IfaWlia, Mr . Bland. In AO. II. A Song by Mr. Beard. To which will be added, A Dramatic Entertainment of Mufick, call* d O R P H E U S and EUk IfDICE, Intermix'd with a Piiltcmime in Grotefque Charaiters, call'd ihe Met. imorphofes of HARLEQUIN. The Part of Orpheus by Mr. Bears! • Rhodc^ ie, Queen of Thrace, Mrs. Lampe; Eurydice, by a YOUNG GENT1. EWOM/ iM, Fir- 1 Nymph, Follower of Enrydice, by Signoia Campioni Harlequin, Mr. WOODWARD; Ciilombine, Mrs. Havard; Pantaleon, Mr. Arthur; ' SquireGaw- key, Mr. Beneraft; Mrs. Mannerly, Mrs. MaTtin i Goody Gur- ton, Mr' Marten; Drudge, Servant to Pantaloon, Mr. Hippifley • Woman Dwarf, by a French Boy ; Country i* ds by Mr. Villeneuve, Mr. Delegarde, Mr. Dupre, and Mr. Deftrade ; Country Laffes by Mrs. Vaughan, Mrs Vi! leaeuve, Mrs. Le Bran, Mrs. Gondou ; A Rural Swain and Nymph by Mr. COOKE and Sig. CAMPION!. Boxes 53. Pit J s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery Is. Te begin exactly at Six o'Clock. G O O D M A N's- F I E L D S. For the Benefit of Mr. Howard, Mr. Powell, and Others. AT the Late WELLS, the bottom of Le- mon- flreet, Gvdmani- FitUi, this preient Evening, will be pet- form'd a Concert of Vocal and Inftrumental & 1USICK. Divided _ inX » Two Parts. Boxes 3 » . Pit and Firft Gallery u Upper Gallery Is. » * » {% particular Dcfire) between the Two Parts of the Concert will be giva » Gratis, an Hiftorical Play, eall'i King HENRY the Fourth, With the Humours of Sir JOHN FALSTAFF. Written by Shakejpear. The Part of Falftaff by Mr. Paget; King Henry, Mr. Fur nival j Prince of Wales, Mr. Culhing; Hotfpur, Mr Lee; Northumberland-, Mr. Dove ; Worcefier, Mr. Julian ; Sir Walter Blunt, Mr. She- pard ; Poins, Mr. Ketrtedy j Peto, Mr. Blakey ; Bardolph, Mr. G. Hallam ; the Two Carriers by Mr. Dove and Mr. Morgan ; Fran- cis, by Mr. L. jjHalJam. Lady Percy, liy Mr » . Hallam j the Hoftefe, Mrs Bambridge. To which will be aided a Farce of Two Afti, cajl'd The DEBAUCHEES. Or, The JESUIT CAUGHT. The Part of Old Laroon by Mr. Morgan ; Father Martin, Mr. Paget; Yosng Laroon, Mr. Kennedy ; Old Jourdain, Mr. Cuihing ; Beatrice, Mrs. Culhing ; Ifabel, Mrs. Phillips. With SingiBg between the ACts by Mr. Brett, And Dancing by the Two Mafters and Mi/ s Granier. To begin exaftly at Six o'Ctock. This Day is puhlifhed, ACOPY of a LETTER from Lord L— v- t, in Anfwer t ® the Lord P— f— d—. it's Letters* Oflobei 29U1. J Printed for W. Webb, atif St, pau!',. Admiralty- Office, 25 Nov. 1745. fylCE - Admiral STEUART being directed forthwith to hold a Court- Martial at Spithead, for £' i/ uiring into the Caufe of the Lofs of his Majeflfs late Sloops the Falcon and Wolf; the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty do hereby direfi, that all the Office's and Seamen, who lucre on Boa: d the faid Sloops -- when they ' were taken, and are now in England, do repair immediately to Ports- mouth to attend the faid Court Martial, as they mil! an- fiver the Contrary^ it their Peril j and tJjey are to apply to Vice- Admiral STEUART, < w': en they arrive there, and obey his Orders. THO. CORBETT. Admiralty Office, Dec. 2, 1745. ' T"// E Leave of Absence given - to the Petty- Officers and Foremast- Men late belonging to bis Mai'fly's Ship the Lynn being expired, and the Lords Commijfoners of the Admiralty halving Ordered them lo be turn. d o- ver into the Hastings, and the Regulating Captains to provide a Tender to carry the said Men down to the Halting?, at the Nore ; their Lordjhips do hereby direct the faid Petty- Officers and Foremaft- Men | immediately to apply to the Regulating Captains at the Caftle in Mark- Lane, and reai- ve their Direction to go on board fuch ' lender as they have appointed to carry them, with their Chefs and leading on board tbe Hailing?, where they •' will be paid the Wages due to them for tbe Ly » n bef, e the Hallings proceeds to Sea, but in Cafe they fail to repair as a'. ovt directed, they will not only l. fe their Wages for the Lynn, but the Murjbalof the Admiralty will be ordered to appnhnd them, in Order to their being tried at a Court Martial us Oeferters, THO. CURBETT. General Poit- O. Ecr, London, 12 November 1745. ITS HERE AS a Number of Packet Boats have * been, f. r Jome Time pa!}, appointed, and are no il al- mofl prepared to take on Board of them his Majefly s Mails ojLetters, and Packets for the Weft- Indies. Publick N tice is hereby given to all Me* chqnts, and all Others, in general, • whom it may concern, that all Letters elnd Packets for_ the Islands of ' Jamaica, Barbadoes, Ante- goa, Mont/ err at, Nevis, and St. Christopher ' s, -- will, for tbeflime. to come, be taken in, and received, at this Office, upon the Tuefday, Thurjday and Saturday of the Tear through- out, upon their being % aidfor after the Kates fettled by Aft of Parliament, viz. For a . Single Letter, One Shilling and Sixpence, a Double Letter, Th, ee Shillings. a Treble Letter, Four Shillings and Sixpence. an Ounce, Six Shillings. And farther Notice is hereby given, that the M"' ls fo contain the Bags of Letters, for the feveral IJlands above, • wilt be conflantly made up at this OJfice, upon the lajl Sa- turday of every Month in the Year, to commence the lift Sa- tw . U: y of this i> refent Month, in Order to be forwarded by the Pofl of that S igh: to Falmouth, where the faid Pacquets are to be ft ationed, and from whence th, y are, in turn, to fail, for the We/?- Indies, as afore faid, Wind and Weather permitting, upon the Ihurfday next after the laft Saturday tf every Month of the Yeur Letters 6r Packets for tbe Weft- Indies will be taken in at the feveral Receiving Houfes in Town, and Poft- Houfes in the Country. Note, 7 he full Port or Prflagi oj tbe above Letters and Packets muft be paid into this Office, at the Time of Deli- very, or they will not be foi warded from hence. The fame is to be underflood of fuch of them as are, or may be, put into Receiving Hotfes in Town, or Offices in the Country. The Inland- Poflage to London muft be alfo paid for all Weft- India Letters, from the Country, or they will not be forwarded. By Command of the Pod- Mailer General, GEORGE SHELVOCKE, Sec. AT a Meeting of Merchants, Traders^ Citi- xens, and others, held the 1.7th pafl, purfuant to theAdvertifement in this Paper, It was unanimoujly agreed to Subfcribe to the Loan on the Land Thx for the Year j 746, at 4 per Cent. And it was alfo Re/ olvd, that the faid Meeting be adjourn'd ' till To- morrow the 3d Infant, then to declare the fever a I Sums which any Perfon jhall think fit to fnbfcribe to the faid Loan, in Order to return the faid Nagtes and Sums to the Exchequer. Purfuant to which Reflution the faid Adiourned Meeting will be held that Day, at the Crown Tavern behind the Ex- change, at Ten in the Forenoon, and continued '' till Five in the Evening. This Day is publifh'd, Price 6 d. THE SPEECH of the Honourable James Drummond, commonly rall'd Dt^ ke of Perth, at a General Council of War, held at Brampton, in Pre fence of the Prete" nder's El- deft Son. Communicated in a Letter from a Gentleman at Bramp- ton, who recaived a true Copy from one of the Rebel CWefs. Printed foF M. Cecper, at the jSlobe in * Pat » rna( ter Row. WILL BE SOLD by AUCTION, On Wednefday the nth of December, and the following Days, at his Great Au£ iion- Room in Pall- Mall; TH E Houfhold Fu niture, & c. of a Gen- tleman near Golden- Square, having retired into the Coun- try. Confifting of Silk and Worfted Damafk, and other Furniture, in Beds, Chair*, Window Curtains, and Hangings, fine Featherbeds, Blankets, Quilts and Counterpanes, large Pier, Sconces and Chimney Glafles, Mahogany, Walnuttree, Delk and Book- Cafes, Chefls of Drawers, Chairs and Tables, Turkey Carpets, curious fineote Japan, and Italian Cabinets, a Colle& ion of P. dlures, fome line old China^ both ufeful and ornamental, and other curious Effe& s. The whole to be view'd, and Catalogues to be had on Friday the 6th, to the Time of Sale. London, z8 Nov. 174;. YESTERDAY a Subfcription was begun at Guildhall by the Right Hon : ur able the Lord- Mayo and feveral Aldermen, the Preamble of which is as follows, We who'e Name6 are here underwritten, in Commife- ration of the particularHardfhips and Inconveniencies which mull be fullered by fuch Soldiers as now are, or lhall here- after be employed in his Majefty's Service, during the Winter Seafon, to. vards the Suppreffiun if tLj pvefent Un- natural Rebellion, Do her by voluntatily. fubfcr. be and pay the feveral Sums let by us againft our refpettive Names, to be applied towards'their R el iff, Support, and Enccuragi ment, in fuch Manner, and in fucii Proportions, as lhall be de med to be moll necelfary and expedient by a Com mittee which Ifcall hereafter be appointed for that Purpofe by us, or the Major Part who fha; l be prefent a: any Ge- neral Meeting, purluant to an Advertife. nent m the LjntLn Gun tte. Which Subfcription Roll is ordered to be dep'flttd in the Chamberlains Office, and Per fans are appointed to receive a '< Juch Sums of Money as Jhull be cont/ ibuted to the Jarne, from the Hour if Nine in the To en- jon ' till Three i* the sf- ternoon November 29, 174;. AT a Meeting this Day of the Suhfr iters to the VETERANS Scheme, a Committee nas appoin- ted to forward tbe immediate Dijpatch of the Ncceffories pro- pifed for carrying the faid Scheme into Execution, and it was order d that the Ballance Jhould be paid into the Su't fcriptim now carrying on at Guildhall, for the Relief, Sup- poi t, and Enc uragement of his Majeffs Forces •, and atl Perfons who are willing to contribute to fi humane and lau- dable an Undertaking, are dftrd to Jubjcribe at Guildhall accordingly. December 2, 174?. " T* H E Committee appointed to carry the V E- TY. RANS Scheme into Execution on Satuid. y lafl, contra, 1e 1 for. fo miny Paillajfes, as with the 6oco al eady contrail dfor by the Wefiminfier Aff'uciation, tiili be f- ffi- c entf. r all ihe Troops. And ( on Monday next J they will provide fo many If atch Coats, as with tl. ofe alrean'y pro vided by St. James's Pai if, will likewife be fufficient for all the Troops, And the faid Committee will meet at theL'. nd& i- AJfurance Office in Cornhill, this Day, at Eleven. • For SALE by the CANDL E, At GARRAWAY's Coffee- Hou/ e in Exchange- Alley, On Wednefday next, at F: me o'clock in the / fern-, on, TH E following GOODS, lardy Impor- ted fromjMantferrat, v: z. 132 Hotheads of Martinique Sugar. s Hog/ heads"! 9 5 Barrelj S. Ditto Coffee. 6 Bags J 1 Calk Anotto 6 Bags Cotton Wool. 7 Keggj Preferr'd Ginger. The Goods to be view'd at Smart's Key, from this Dday ' till th » Time of Sale, Catalogues will be Timely difpers'd by JOHN BRADSHAW, Broker. Brillo!, Nov. 16, 1745. For SALE by AUCTIO N, At the EXCHANGE Coffee- Houfe, on Thurfday the $ th of December TH E following Goods re- taken by the Cruizer Privateer, Capt. " John Sutherland, and the Prince Charles Privateer, Capt . Charles Givyn, from, on Board the Ship Kind's IVtfton, from Antigua. t4TietTS } Mufcovads Sugar. 31 Bigs of Cstton. About 5 Tons of Fuflick. 4 Tons of Lignum Vita. Catalogues are delivered at the Place of Sale. At tbe fume Time, The KING'S WESTON will be Sold with all her M » t « ria! « . WILLIAM HUNT, Broker, For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Friday next, at Tv. elve o'clock at Noon, THE SHIP PARHAM CLt/ B, with g Carriage and 4 Swi- vel Guns, Square- ftern'd, River- built, and ( heathed. Burthen 180 Tons more or Ws, with proportionable Dimenfions, nov/ lyingat Shadivell- Dock, Jobn Burton, Commander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and a: the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. To be heaid of Daily at his Ofiice ( for Atfuring Ships and '< » . tt- chandize) oppofite Jonathan's Coffee- houfe in Exchange- ALey j or \ t Lloyd's Coffee- houfe in Lomfeard- ftreet. For SALE by the CANDLE, At L L O Y D's Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Friday next, at Twelve o'CLck at Noon, THE Ship NANCY with II Carr'age Guns, Square- fternV, French built, Burthen 150 Tons more cr '. efs with proportionable Dimenfions, How lyiijg at { Shadwcl'.- Dock, Timothy M'- Daniel, Com- mander. Alfo tOt tit fame Time and Place, The FANNY Pink, Round- ftern'd, Plan- tation- built, Burthen 200 Tons more or Jefs, now iying againft the Tmver, fVtiliam Macltar, Commander. Inventories to be feea on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROICER. 7 j tor S A . L, E by th$ CANDL E, At LLOYD'S Coft- e- Houfe in Lcmbard- ftreet, On Wedt. efday the 1 1 th Infant., at Twelve 0 Clock at Noon, T- H E good Ship Duke ot RICHMOND, with 31 Guns, Square- flern'd, River- built, and Ihcathed, Burthen 275 Tons, m& re or lefs, with very good Di- mensions for the Virginia or H'cji- India Trades, lately Docked, Graved, and Rigged fHr the Sea, and is fit for immediate Service, now lying at Ratherhith- Jlairs, George Juad, late Commander. inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER.. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- Houfe in Lombard Street, On Thurfday, December at TiLtlze o'Chek, TH E Connteis de la Rivi- ere, a French Privateer, with 20 Car* rifij^ e Cuns, taken by his Majefly's Ship Au- guj1a, the Hon. Hamilton, Efq; Com- mander, now lying at Plymouth, and to bs delivered there, Burthen 276 Tons, more or lefs, Lengih by the Keel about 77 Feet, Breadth about 26 Feet, Depth in the fluid abaut II Feet 3 Inches, Height between Decks, abj- jt 4 Feet 6 Inches. Inventories may be had on Board the faid Ship, at Mr. Morfhead's, Merchant, in Plynvuth, at Sam's Cc.( Fee- houfe near the Cuftom- houfe, Loadou, at the Place of Sale, an. d of WILLIAM JAMES GAMBIER, Broker This Day is publifhed, In Two Volumes, Qttavo, Price 10 5. bound. To which is prefixed a Copper- plate of the Wheel double Plough, neatly Engraved. AGRICULTURE improv'd-, or, The Praaice of HUSBANDRY Difplay'd. Chiefly lliewn by perform'd in all Sorts of Land, according to the Old Plain, and the New Drill Way T> f Farming. A Receipt how to iirprove an Acre of Barley for Sixpence Charge. How to improve that noble large Fowl the Bulbrd. Nature of Kind Infeftf j alfo of Serpents j and how to cure their v « » nomoub Bites, & c. How to prevent ths Mifc'iiefs done to Farmers by Sparrows. Of St. Timothy's Grafc ( five Feet long) which will maw. four Times a Year. Of Night as well as Day Fifliing, Tench Broth, its Reftorative Nature; and how to make it. Mr. Worlidge's Notes en Hu& andry commented upon. Of Improving of Eftates, Soils, Eogs,& c. Ot the Management of Bees. How to prevent Damage done to Peas by Pidgeons, See. Accounts of feveral' new- invented Engines and Implements, of great Ufe in Hulbandry. How Farming may be carried on by the Drill- Plough, without Dung, Manure, or live Cattle. How to preferve Wheat in Granaries from D> mps, Vermin, Sec. How to defend Crops of Turneo- feed from Field Fowls. Of Encouragements from Landlords to promote the Induftry of Te- nant:. Ths prefent State of bad Hulbindry in Scotland, with Propofali tar remedying it. The Che/ hire and Lancaihire Wsy of managing their Wheat and Barley Crops. Of the bad Confequancei! of wrong Manuring, wrong Ploughing, Dan » ge done by greedy Tenants to themfe'ves and LamUords, by ploughing up the poor Lands of Would?, ID wns, and Commons. With many other curious » nd ferviceable Matters, never before pub- By WILLIAM ELLIS, A Farmer of Little Gaddefden, near Hempfiead in Hertford- fbire, Author of the Modern Hulbandman. Printed for T. Olborne in Grays- Inn j J. Hildyard at York; Mar- tin Bryfon at Newcaftle j and J. Leake at Bath. tyiere may be had, The Modern HuAandoian, j Volt, by the ab* ve Author, To morrau mil fc pubhJleJ, Pi ice i r. lf'itb a Preface ' occafoncd try the liebehiin, < r r HE CH Ah GE- of ISAAC Lord Bifhop X ofWORCESl ER, totheClergv of hit Di- cefc, at his Pri- mary Vfitition, ho'den at feieral Places ia the Month of July 1745- Sold by M. Cooper, at the G! ub= in Pater- iiu(?; r Raw j and G. Vocdfall, at the King's Arms at Charing'- Crofs. IVhu e mat be bad, Pr ce 4 d. The Lord Bift ip of WorceHer's Letter ta the Clergy of his Dio- ttfe ; and hi" Loidlhip's Speech upon the prcfenting an Affociation and Subscription « t the Town- Hall of the City of Wo. eefter, Oftobcr * he 4th, » 745, This Day is pubhjh d, Price 6 d. PHARISAISM revived in POPERY : A SERMON preach'd Sept. 19, at the Parifli Church, of Fryern- Barntt ; and, OKober 13, 1745. at High- gate- Chapel, Middlefe*. By B. L I P T R O T T. Printcd for the Author ; and fold by J. Newton in Little- Britain. Where may be had, Ready Money for any Library or Parcel of Bocks. • This Day is puoltlh'd, Price i s. HP HE STORY of the INJURED LADY. JL Being a true Piflure of Scotch Perfidy, Lift Poverty, and Engl / h Partiality. With Letters and Poems never before Printed. By the Rev. Dr. SWIFT, D. S. P D. PrinteS for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- nofter Row. Where may be had, Dircftions to Servants. By the fame Author. This Day is publijkcd, Price i s. ON Pub lick Virtue, a Poem. In Three Bonks. Book T. Inicribed to the Right Honourable Kenry Pclham, Efqj Utile prepvfutt nobis Exemplar. Hor. By GEORGK S P I L T I M B E R, Of G ays- Inn, Eft; Printed for W. Bickerton, in the Temple- Exchange, Fleet- Street. This Day is publijhed, In a neat Pocket Volume, on 5 5 Copper- Flutes, Price bound 6 E. eohu: ed 12?. ( Containing a more comprekenjive Idea of S'- uth Britain than any Thing ye! pubhfh'd, drawn by Order and for the Ufe af his late Majejly Kmg George, in bis intended LTcur through England, by Thomas Badeflide, Surveyor.) CHOROGRAPHIA BRITANNfiE : or, A new Set of Maps of all the Counties in England and Wales. To which are prefix'd, The following gertial Maps, r. An accurate Chart of the Sea Coalh 2. A Map of England and Wales, as divided into Counties. 1 A Map of all the great Roads from London to all Parts of South Britain. 4. A Map of all the Cn. fs Roads from one great Road to another, with their Diftances. Printed for J. Claifc, at the Golden Ball in St. Paul's Church- yard 5 C. Hitch, at thfe Red- Lion in Pater- nofter Row; and W. H. c Toms, in Union Court, Holbein. This Day is pullijhed, And Ready to be delivered to the Subfcribers, x. H E Itinerary of Mr. John Leland the Antiquary ; firft publilhed by Mr. Thomas Hetme, in Nine Volumes ; now collated with the Original MSS. and reprinted with fome neceflary Improvements, and the Addition alfo of a General Index to the whole Work. 2. Re/ i fVariuieenfis Htjloria Rerum Anglia. Firfl publiftied alfo by Mr. Thomas Hearne, and now reprinted. OXFORD ; Printedat the Theatre for James Fletcher, Bookfeller, jn the Turt; and Jojeph Pole, Beokfeller, at Eton. Note, The Subfcribers Books are delivered by the Undertakers a- t> » vementioned ; 25 alfo by Mr. Whifton in Fleet ftre- et, London ; of whom alfo, and of Mr. Rivington in St. Paul's Churchyard, Book- fellers, may be had the few Remaining Copies at the following Prices in Sheet?, viz. Leland, Small Paper, 2 1. 2 a. Large Paper, 3 1. 3 s. J{ ij/< Hifteria. Small Paper, 5 s. Large 7 s. 6 d. This Day is pub iflf d, Number III. ( to be continued Vr eekly,) Price 6 d. THE Soldier's Pocket Companion, or » he Manual Exereife of our Briiilh Foot, with the O.' Bcers proper Salutes, lie. As alfo the Ufe of the Small Sword, & c. The Terms are as follow, 1. To be printed in a neat Octavo, and on a fine Demy Paper. 1. To contain in the whole near i » o Pletes, befides Letter Pre fa Work. 3. Sixteen Plates to be delivered Weekly at 6d. per Number. 4. The whole to be eomprizsd ia feven Numbers, or if it makes more, the Overplus ro he given Gratis. 5.. The 6rft Number was publifhed on Saturday the i6tl> ofNovem- ber, and a Number to come out every Saturray ' till compleated. By the Proprietor B. COLE, Engraver, At the Corner of Kings- Htad Court its Holbosn. To be had of the News Carriers in Town and Country. This Day is publijhed, Price i s. THE Poetical Works of the Inimitable ]> jn CARLOS, commonly called The Young CHEVA- LIER. With an introductory Letter from a Gentleman in Edin- burgh to his Friend at London, giving a very curious Account of this pious Bard's Sentiments about Religion and Morality. Cedebant hoc grande nefas £= f morn fiandum. Juv. Printed for J. Oldcatlle, near St. Paul's. This pay is publljhed, beautifully printed, Price Sixpence, TH E LONDON MAGAZINE. For NOVF. MBER 1745. Conta* ing ( Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of the fame Piiee.) i- The Speeches of the Gentlemeji who aflum'd the Charaflers of^ the D. of B- df- rd and the L. S-- nd-- s, in a Debate on the Bill for enlarging and regulating the Turky Trade. 5. Addrel's and Alfociation of the Lord Chancellor, Judges, and other the mod eminent Gentlemen of the Law, with Jus Majefty's Anfwcr. 3- Account of the horrid Inquifition, with the Sentence againft the famous Galileo. 4. n. lhop of Cloyne's Letter to the Roman Cathollcks of his Dis- co fe. c. Motions of the Rebel*, and Preparations againft them. 6. Motions of Maifliai Wade, with his Proclamation to fuch Re- bels as would lay down their Arms. 7. Journal of Sir John Cope's Expedition. § Obiervations in feveral Voyages and Travels in America. 9. Batavns's Letter in Vindication of the Dutch, with the Remarks of the WeftminHer Journal in Anfwer to it. 10. The Opinion of the Phyiicians, with feveral other Pieces con- cerning the Diftcroper among the Black Cattle, and Remedies againft it. 11. The Pri. ffrjn Minifter's Memorial to the States. 12. From the Weekly Eff rys: Popery an Enemy to Learning and common Senfe j its horrid persecuting Spirit j how nccefla- y it is that all Proteftant States fliould guard againft it ; Archbrfhop Tillotfon's Pourtrait of if. 13. Selea Pieces of Poetry. 14. The Monthly C. ronologer : Proceedings of the C urt Martial; Carl. ile furrender'd ; French Ship with many Officers taken, & c. Stc. 15. Eareien Affairs. 16. A Catalogue of Becks, and Pamphfets, with their Pricer. Printed fi. r T. Aflley, Remov.' d ti- om St. Paui'sChiirchjard, to the Rofe in Pater- nofler Row. BOOKS lately prin ed f< r R. DODSLEY, At q^ ullyVs Head, Pall- Mall. 1. A Collection of Old Plays, 12 vol. Jfy,^ 2. Jarvis's Don Quixote, a vol. 4to. 3. Les Avantures de Telemaque. A fine Edition. 4. The aSSntid of Virgil. Tranflated by Mr. Pitt, y Vid. i's Art of Poetry. By the fame. 6. Dialogues on Government. By the Hon. Hen'y Nevi le. 7. The Geography of England, with Maps of each Ceunty, & c- g. The Navels of Boccace. A new Tranflation. j. The Inftitution of a Prince. IO. Seleft Eflays on the Belles Lettres. Hiftory of all the Theatres in Europe. Mrs. Rowe's Works. The Works of Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery. Letters of Algernon Sydney to Henry Saville. The Microfcope made eafy. By Mr. Baker. ,6. A Natural Hiftory of the Polype. By the fastf. 17. The Pleafures of Imagination. 1S. Four Sermons. By Dr. Swift. 19. A new Volume of his Works, in which the Seimons are in- cluded. - 20. The Complaint j orc Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality. 21. A ihort Courfe of ftaaiding Rales for the Conduit of an Army. By Lord Molefworth. r - 22. The Sailor's Companion. 23. England's Heroical Epiftles. 24. Leifure Hoe. rs Amufements. 25. The Child's new Play- Thing. 26. Philomel: A fmali Collection of only the beft Songs. 27. Adam's Luxury and Eve's Cookery ; or, The Kitchen Garden. 28. The Hiftory of Greece. 29. Reflexions upon Church Government. 30. Seven Conferences on Painting, from Felibian. With many other Pueins and Pamphlets. Juft publijhed\ Being in the Catalogue of Hooks recommended by the Society for Promoting Chriflian Knowledge, and by the Society for propagating the Gafpel, and may be bad on their Te. rns, by the Correfonding, as ivell as Subfcribing Members ; THE ENGLISHMAN DIRECTED in the Choice of his RELIGION j Shewing, I. Why it is necef- f. ry to be of any Religion at all. 2. Why we are, or ought to be of the Chriilian R- eligion, rather than ot any otherth. t has prevailed in the World. 3. Whether we fhould be of the Number of Papifts or Proteftant. 4. Whether we ilumld chufe to be Churchmen or Diffen- ters Thb Second Edition. Price • s. bound. Printed for Tho. Aftley, at the Rofein Pater- nofter- Row. Ot whem alfo may be had, pyitb a large Allowance to fucb Perfons as buy Numbers. to give away ; A COMPANION for YOUTH ; confifting of proper inftruflions for thofe who through Want of Expeiience and due Confideration, are in Danger of running into Evil Courts. By Richard Peers, M. A. Vicar of Farringdon, Berks; Authorof the Companion fur the Aged, which is recommended by the Society for promoting Chriftian Know- ledge) The Second Edition. Price 1 s. bound. An Abridgement of Mr. Nelfon's Companion for the Feftivals and Falls of the Church of England : Together with a fhort Explanation of the Morning and Evening Service in the Common Prayer. Writ- ten for the Ufe of a Priva te Charity- School. - Price 1 s, b;> und. The Retired Chriftian exercifed in Divine Tbouihts and Heavenly Meditations for the Clofet. By Tho. Kenn, D. D. late Lord Bilhop of Bath and Wells. The Fourth Edition. Price 1 s. bound. Popifh Oljpflions aga'nft Proteftants briefly anfwered. By Gregory ones, M. A. Ref> or of D nb: gh, in i2mo. Price 4 d. BWhop Be/ eridae's Sermon on the Nature and Eternity of Heaven's Joys and Hell's Torments. Price 4d. His Sermon on the Happinefs of Saints in Heaven, Price 3 d. Bifhop of London's Sermon againft Mafquerader, Preach'd before the Society for Reformation of Manners. Price 4 d. This Day is puMfo'd-, Price 4 s. (/. v uliib particular Regard been had to the P. ici s, and Roads, both d: i e: t c tid acrcfs,) AN: w Set of POCKET MAPS of nil till Counties of ENGLAND and WALtS. Shew'ng the Situa- tion of all the Cities, Boroughs, Market Tuwfrfj and mod confide- rable Villages, with the Distances between each. Together with a leparate Map of ENGLAND, a Plan of the RoaJs, and a Chart of the Channel. Printed fur R. Dodfiey in Pall- Mall; and M. Co' pcr in Pater- nof- ter Row. * » * ' I he Plans of the Roads, or the Chart of the Channel mij be had feparate. Piiee 6 d. each. This Day are Puulifljed, New Edit,- ns of tht Tito f thvjing Books, both written ( y the fame Authar, to each of which is now added a cim- fleat LtJex, ^ TVfATHO: or* The COSMO 1 H EORIA - LTJL PtHitis. A Dialogue. In * hich the firft Principles of Phil. fophy and Aftronemy are at. commodated to the Capacity of young Perfons, or fuch as have yet no Tincxure of the^ e Sciences. Hence the Principle's of Natural Religion are deduced. In Two Volumes Oitavo. The S- cond Edition. II. An Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul, wherein tie Immateriality of the Soul is evine'd, from the Principles of Reaion and Philofophy. In Two Volumes Ociavo. The Third Edition. He who- would fee the jufteft and p- ecijejt Notions ',. f God and the Sia), may read this Bi'k ; or. e of the mojl jinifhed of the Kind, in mr- humble Opinion, that the prefent limes, greatly advan. ed in trui Pblhfephy, ha- ve produced. Warburton's Divine Legation of Mofes demonftrated. Printed for A. Miliar, oppofite to Catherine- ftreet, in the Strar. d. Where may be h'd, 1. A New Edition of Mr. Thomfon's Works, carefully corre£! a3, with the Addition of about tooo new Lines. In Two Volumes, Svo, on good Paper and large Letter; containing his Seafons, all hit other Poems, ar. d his three Tragedies Price bound fo s. 2. His Seafons, printedin a Pocket Volume. Pf- ce 3 s. bound. ~ In the PRE S S, And will be puhlifhed ui b all piffible Expedition, THE DIC i IONARY and CON- J. COftOANCF. of F. MAR1TJS de CALASIO. In Four Volumes, Folio, w th great Additionsand Emendations. By W. R O M A I N E, AM. N B. This Work will be printed on a very goed Paper, and with a beautiful Letter, a new Set of Hebrew Types being cut for that Pur- pofe. The Price to Subfcribers, confidering the extraordinary Ex- pence of the Hebrew, the Care which muft be obferved in « . ompo( ing the Numeral Letters of the Chapters and Verfes which occur in al- moft every Line, ar. d the great Number of Marginal Notes, cannot be lefs than two Guineas and a half each Volume ; that the Pub; ic may be aflured I have no other View ' out to get this moft valuable Work publirhed, I expe£ t no Subfciiption- Money to be paid till the Delivery of the Two Firft Volumes, and then ea> h Subfcriber to pay Five Guineas, the Reft on the Delivery of the Two Lad Volumes, in Sheets. 1 defire that fuch Perfons ai intend to promote this Publi- cation of Learning will be expeditious in fubferibing, that their Names may be annexed to the Work. • W. Romaine. Propo& ls more at targe, with fome Account of the Work, ta be had at the Editor's in South- ftreet, near Grefvenor- fquare, and the following Boekfellers, viz. Mr. Innys in Pattr- nofter- Row ; Mr. Oiborne, in Gray's- Inn; Mr. Hodges, on London• Bridge; Mr. Clarks, under the Royal- Exchange ; Mr. Brindley, in New- Bonj- ftrcet ; Mr. Millar and Nourfe, in the Strand ; Mr. Birt, in Ave- Maria- Lane; Mr. Davis, in Holborn ; Mr, Whifton, in Fieet- Street ; Mr. Manby, on Ludgate- Hill j Mr. Robinfon, Ludgate- Street; Mr. Waller, in Fleet- Street; and Mr. Dodflev, in Pall- Mall. DIRECTORY, Given GRATIS, 1Nthe2dPageof thi- B ok, Any Venereal, or GLEET Patient, will Plainly fee their Own Particular Cafe, Ex- artly Defcribed. And How to Cure themfelves Privately, without Telling their Cafe to Any One. With, the Famous Montfells; r Little Eafy Bolus, the Bignefs of Only a PEA to Take. V hich makes the Perfon Eafy At Or. ce, _ _ _ tho' Before, in Great Milery.. And, Ana- ther B. lui, carries off a Venereal InfeClion, and a GLEET. Price Only 2 s. Each, Sealed Up, With Full Direflions, along with it, for Thofe who BUY it. But, This Famous Ami Venereal BOLUS, is GIVEN GRATIS, Without a Pe. fon's Paying Any Thing at all for it, ( Ar. d Welcome, Any Perfon is, SO [ for Nothing] to have it) To Thcfe Mentioned, in the nth Paee of the Above- mentioned. Venereal ^ vsh GLEET Patient's DIRECTORY. Which Book is Given Gratis, To Any One, that will only Step in for it, At Dr. Rulfel's Houfc, In the Parlour Strait Forward, Facing the Entry, In at the GREEN HATCH, Over- againft Gray's- Inn in Holborn. Where, Is Alfo, Given Gratis, For the Year 1746. The New Thee & Thou A L M A N A C K Calculated, For the Meridian, of tb? People Called QUAKERS. Containing New YEA, and NAY Obfervations, for Every Month in the Year. With the QUAKER'S Opinion, Of the HOOP- PETTICOAT. Of the Unfortunate WOMEN, of the Toun, And, Of AFTER NOONS TEA DRJNKINCS. Length LONDON: Primed for H. WOODFALL, near t; he Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate are taken in at Two SHILL I NGS each. ADVERTISEMENTS are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- against the King's- Arms Tavern, in Pall- Mall \ Georgw Woodfall^ at the Kixg'*- Arms, nea.' Craig's- Court, Charing- Crofi ;- Mh Sbucibur^ h, at the Sun, next the Inner- Temple Gate, Fleet- street Mr. Brackstone, at the Globe Cornhill \ and by T. ASTLEY, Removed from St. Paul's Church- yard, to the Rose in Pater- noster Row.
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