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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: H. Woodfall, jun. 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3523
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Date of Article: 10/02/1745
Printer / Publisher: H. Woodfall, jun. 
Address: Near the Pump in Little Britain, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3523
No Pages: 4
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• V* The General Advertiser. a— ,.. MONDAY, FEBRUARY JQ, 1745- 6. REASONS Duty against laying any New on SUGAR, THE Point in Question has undergone a strict Examination in one House of Parliament, and after a most solemn Debate, the Duty was dropt the last Session but one. The same Reasons that were then so justly alledged against it; founded on Facts still subsisting, remain in _ their full Force. And whoever will take the Trouble to compute the ac- cumulated Charges brought on the Sugar Colonies since the War began, will be convinced, that they are at tins Time equally unable to bear any additional Duty. For it is apparent, that Sugar hath been less profitable t0 the Planter for these last two Years, than it has been at a Medium of 20 Years before the Commencement of the War, and then it yielded but a small Recompence for the Planter's Labour. This last was so acknowledged a Truth, and so well- known to the Legislature, that several Acts of Parliament passed within that Period of Time for the Relief of the Sugar- Colonies. The accumulated Charges upon Sugar, occasioned by the present War, will best appear by stating the Facts. 1. The Rate of Insurance Homewards, which used to be at two Pounds ten Shillings per Cent, in Time of Peace, from Barbadoes and the Leeward- Islands, is now at twen- ty- six Pounds five Shillings per Cent, without Convoy, and fifteen Pounds fifteen Shillings per Cent, with Convoy. From Jamaica, Insurance used to be at four per Cent, k is now at twenty- six Pounds five Shillings per Cent, without Convoy, and twenty Guineas per Cent, with Convoy. 2. Freight Homewards, which used before the War to be from three Shillings to four Shillings for every hundred Weight of Sugar from Barbadoes and the Leeward Island;, has been since the War from seven Shillings and six- pence to ten Shillings per Hundred ; and from Jamaica, from ten to twenty Pounds per Ton. 3. Freight and Insurance of Ships Outward- bound to the Sugar Colonies are increased in full as great a Pro- portion. 4. The Price of Negroes is risen since the War full fifty per Cent, nor is there a sufficient Supply to be had at that Rate. 5. All the Necessaries of Life, Lumber, and all Mare- rials for carrying on a Sugar- Plantation, together with the Taxes paid to the several Governments abroad for their extraordinary Defence and Security, besides a most severe personal Service, and the Labour of the Negroes at the Fortifications, are all of them greatly increased, and most of them in a double, and some in a treble Pro- portion. 6. Besides the Facts before enumerated, there is another considerable one behind : Several Planters have made large Insurances on the Whole, or the greatest Part of their Possessions abroad at a very high Premium. 7. And in the last Place, the additional Duty on Home- made Spirits, which sunk the Price of Molasses from Thir- teen Shillings and Six- pence to Nine Shillings and Six- pence per Hundred- Weight, is another particular that ought not to be omitted, in order to close the Account of the heavy, and almost insupportable Burthens brought on the Sugar- Colonies by the War: But if any new Burthen should be laid upon them, their Ruin and Destruction must unavoidably be the Consequence. For it may be averr'd, with the greatest Truth, that the Planters in general are not rich, as some Persons suppose, but that three Parts in four of them are largely indebted to the Merchants of Great- Britain. Therefore no Argument can be drawn in Favour of an additional Duty from the present Price of Sugar, more es- pecially when Search is made into the Causes to which it is owing. They are these: 1st, The Failure of the Crops in the Sugar- Islands, for the last two Years, by Hurricanes, the Blast, dry Wea ther, and other Accidents. And 2dly, The great Number of Sugar- Ships lately taken by the French in the Mouth of the Channel. It would therefore be a very extraordinary Way of Rea- soning to urge the Consequences necessarily attending the Distress of our Sugar- Colonies, as a Foundation for laying further Distresses upon them. If the Circumstances just mentioned, together with the success of Admiral Townsend, and a Demand for Expor tation to Hambourgh and Holland had not concurred to quicken our Vent, let the Appeal be made to every Mer- chant in Great- Britain, whether Sugars would have yielded . a Price sufficient to have paid the present Duties and Charges attending the Making and Importation of them to Great- Britain. Another Point strongly insisted on is, that all Taxes fall upon the Consumer. Every Dealer in the Kingdom knows that this Supposi- tion is founded on a Mistake. It is so in the present Case. For the Sugar Merchant has been never able to force a a Price upon the Buyer for a Course of Time within the Remembrance of any one Person now concerned in the Trade. 1. Because the Price of Sugar is governed by the Plenty or Scarcity at Market. 2. Because the Importation of that Commodity, taken one Year with another, hath been greater than the Home Consumption. This is so true in Fact, that when the Sugar Colonies did not make half the Sugar they now do, there was still a Surplus remaining, and no Complaint of a Scarcity. Thus the Use of Sugar has been growing with the In- crease of the Colonies, and will most certainly decline when that Commodity lies under Discouragements by high Du- ties, or from any other Cause. For Sugar is not of absolute Necessity for Life, but the Bulk of the People may, and do in a great measure lay it aside, when Reasons of Frugality require it. The advanced Price for the two last Years has had this Effect, the Consumption of late being greatly diminished so that whatever enhances the Price, serves, at the same time, to abate the Consumption ; and when the Consump- tion abates, there will be a greater Surplus at Market. Therefore, if it were in the Power of the Sugar- Seller to throw the Weight of an additional Duty, as the Main- tained of this Opinion suppose, upon the Consumer for a time, the Planter must bear the Burthen of it in the End If an additional Duty on Sugar be considered in another Light, and as a Security for the Loan of Money, it will be found not to answer. For, It has been already observed that last Year our very Pos- sessions in the West Indies we re insured, and Insurance at one time could not be done on some of them for 6 Months only under 10 per Cent, and at another Time the Insurers would not underwrite such Policys at any Rate. What has been may be again. Therefore additional Duties, arising from the Produce of Places, so precariously held as our Sugar Islands are, and laid upon a Trade already taxed in various and innumerable Shapes beyond what it is able to bear, when brought to Market, must be supported by some other Security, out of which the Deficiency must ultimately be made good. And in Fact the double Duty on the Molasses Spirits laid in as a fund in Part for raising three Millions of Mo- ney towards carrying on the Expences of the present War, does not yield so much as the single Duty did before ; and, tho' a real Hardship on the Sugar- Colonies, Refiners, and Distillers, has not proved of any Use to the Government. Nor can the Exigency of Affairs justify the laying an additional Tax, which must deftroy that Trade from which it arises, and with it not only the additional Tax it- self, but all the other Taxes formerly laid upon it. This would be running too great a Risque, and paying too dear for the Shadow of a Security only ; and instead of answering, would serve only to encrease the Necessities of the Government by the Destruction of Trade. t Upon the whole, the laying an additional Duty on Sugars will be in effect, yielding to the French not only all the Advantage, which by the Superiority of our Naval Force, we have lately gained over their Sugar Colonies, but will be also raising them up higher for the time to come, on the Ruin of our own. , On the contrary, it is the constant Policy of France, instead of loading, to ease their Sugar Colonies as much as possible, and in some Cases, even beyond the Mother Country itself: For, it is very remarkable, that tho' they have in the Compass of the present Century put in practice every Measure, just or unjust, that Arbitrary Power could suggest, to drain the Purses of their People in Europe, yet upon Sugars they have laid no new Duty since the Year 1698. * The amazing Progress and Increase of their Colonies be- yond ours since the Peace of Utrecht, is without doubt to be ascribed chiefly, if not solety, to this Cause. In the last place, Experience has taught us this melan- choly Truth, that the French Sugar Colonies and ours can never flourish at the same time ; for whatever depresses the one, tends immediately to the Advancement and the Pros- perity of the other. * Vide the Arrets of Louis the, XIVth. Deal, February 8. SAIL'D Yesterday after Post his. Majesty's Ship Mary Gally, to the Northward. Arrived from a Cruize the Eagle Privateer, who has brought in a French Fishing Boat ; also the Cholmondley, and Lisle ; and remain with the Princess Louisa, Admiral Payne; Defiance, Ruby, and Norwich, with a Dutch Man or War. Wind S. W. byS. The Friendship, Battershall, from Newfoundland, - is arrived at Barbadoes-. LONDON. From the London Gazette. Berlin, Feb. 8. N. S. His Prussian Majesty continues here in good Health M. Klinggraff set out on Sunday last for Dresden, where he is to reside for the Future After the King of Prussia's Departure; for Potsdam, which is fixed for the 15th Instant, the Winter Diversions are to end. Copenhagen, Feb. 5. N. S. The King of Denmark, who has relied very little for several Nights of late was more out of Order Yesterday, than he has been at any Time yet and for that Reason the Council was omitted. But last Night his Majesty slept pretty well, and finds himself To- Day much better. Willemstadt, Feb. 8, N. S. Upon the 3d Instant the Hessian Hussars were embarked. On the 4th the Regiment of Grenadiers, 1 5th-, Prince Maximilian's Regiment; and their Horses 6th; Lieutenant General Mansbach's, J 6th, Six Companies of the Guards: In the Night of the sixth it blew so hard, and the Tide was so high, that the Platform on the Head was washed away, and all Yesterday Morning was spent in- Repairing it it. It being so late before we began to embark again, only six Companies could be got on board with the Horses of General Wolfe's Regiment, and twenty- five belonging to the Artillery. If the Weather had continued moderate, this Day would have compleated the Regiment of Guards, and we should have embarked Donop's Regiment; but in the Night the Wind sprung up at East, and blew excessively hard with heavy Snow, which continues, so that all stands still. If a Frost should succeed, the Snow will occasion so much Ice, that it will greatly disconcert the Embarkation, and the Troops already embarked, be obliged to put to Sea. The Men of War, Yatchs and Transports were seen off the Hender a few Days ago, and all except the Yatchs were obliged to go off the Coast again. They are now got in near Brewer's Haven, to the Westward of Goree. Willemstadt, Feb. 10. Captain Barker, on board his Britannick Majesty's Ship the Gibraltar Man of War, and two others, arrived at Helvoet Yesterday, with 23 Trans- ports from England. Prince Frederick of Hesse. and the Earl of Craufurd, are arrived here from Antwerp, in order to embark with the Hessians Troops, which are commanded by his Highness. Willemstadt, Feb. 15. The Fleet sailed Yesterday After- noon about Three o'clock, and it is hoped will be near their destin'd Port by To- morrow Night or Thursday Morning. The remaining Transports are all gone from before this Town to save themselves from the Ice, fo that the Embarkation of the British Cavalry is re- tarded.' Antwerp, Feb. 10. We have Advices here, that james's Regiment of Irish Cavalry, with their Horse Furniture, and two Regiments of Irish Troops, were embarked at Ostend in six large Tranfports for Scot- land. Hague, Feb. 15, N. S. By an intercepted Letter from a French Engineer, employed before Brussels, to the commanding Officer of that Nation at Louvain, dated 12th Instant, it appears, that the Trenches were opened on the 9th Instant. That on the 12th there were but Six Mortars, and Four Pieces of Cannon in Battery. That the Garrison kept an incessant Fire, having killed in that Space 180 Men of the Enemy ; and had made several small Sallies which had retarded their Approaches. ThiS said Engineer adds, that from the Countenance and Be- haviour of the Garrison, and the bad Management of his own People, Brussels was like to give them much more Trouble than they had imagined ; and he did not expect to carry the Place under Ten Days more. Letters from Mechlin of Yesterday say, that the French had then got up a second Battery of 14 Pieces, and that they had formed but one Attack between the Gate of Louvain and Scharbeck. As soon as the Austrians, who are said to have past the Maese on the 10th Instant, join Prince Waldeck, he hopes to be in a Condition to give the Besiegers some Disturbance. / . v ADVERTISEMeNTS are taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, in, Lombard- Street, 4 Helvoetsluys 14. The Embarkation of the Hessian Infantry and Hussars was finished Yesterday Morning, and the Transports are new all here ready to sail with the first Opportunity, which it is hoped will be this Evening. His Highness the Prince of Hesse is in good Health on board the Gibraltar Man of War. Helvoetsluys, Feb. 15. This Morning at Six the Men of War, with the Transports having on board the Hessian TroopS sail'd from hence with a fair Wind for Scot- land. A Letter from a Gentleman at Edinburgh to his Friend at London, dated Feb. I. ' I have the Pleasure to acquaint you, that his Royal Highness the Duke arrived at this City on Thursday Morning about three o'Clock, which was finely illumi- nated for his Reception. He went immediately to the Abby of Holyrood- house, where he lodged; and about Noon he received the Compliments of the Burgesses of this City, of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, and of all the People of Distinction here, and in the Evening there was a Drawing- room for the Ladies. His Royal High- ness is as much admired by the People as he is beloved by the Army, and that, I dare say, is as much as any Ge- neral or Prince in Europe. His Presence had an imme- diate and visible EfFect on those Regiments who were damped by their unlucky Retreat at Falkirk. All the Army is encouraged by supplying them carefully with their Necessaries and Provisions ; I am told, that the Earl of Hoptoun caused them to be acquainted, that he will give a Largess of a hundred Guineas to every Regi- ment that shall have the Duke's Approbation of their Behaviour in the next Action, Early on Friday Morn- ing the Duke marched all the Force; about this Place Westward to Linlithgow and Borrowstonness, excepting the Remains of Legonier's and Hamilton's Dragoons. He would have no Volunteers or Low- Country Militia to go along with the Army, nor even Officers whose Regi- ments were not there, tho' a good many such are here, and in Consequence ordered the Earls of Hume and Glen- cain to remain here with the Regiments raised in this Place. The Argyllshiremen under Lieutenant- Colonel Campbell, he took with him. It would delight you to see what a Figure they make ; I think they look to be the cleanest and best made Men I ever beheld, and I am persuaded they'll behave gallantly.— It is said, that about 600 more from Argyllshire joined the Duke this Morning, and now there are from that Quarter more good Men than might have been sufficient to quell the Rebellion, if they had been armed some Months ago. ' Tis now 11 o'Clock at Night, and the latest Accounts we have from the Duke were dated about One o'Clock, when his Royal Highness was marching briskly on Foot at the Head of the Army near Falkirk, and ' tis said, that Numbers of Country People about Stirling were come with Intelligence that the Rebels were moving West- ward toward to the Ford of Frew, about four or live Miles above Stirling, in which Cafe ' tis hoped, that the Duke will have a Detachment in Stirling this Night.— We have got in here this Evening Blyth's Regiment of Foot from Berwick in two Days, having been carried by the Country Horses from Dumbar this Day, besides 600 armed Militia from the Parishes near to this Town. Yesterday and Thursday have been as favourable Weather as could be wished for in this Season, a hard Frost, clear, without Snow or much Wind, and the Roads as good as in Summer. Yesterday Morning arrived an Express from Scotland, which we hear brought Advice, that his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland had certainly pass'd the Forth on Tuesday last, and was march'd in pursuit of the Rebels, who ' tis said have divided themselves into two Bodies, and are marching from his Royal Highness with the utmost speed. We hear, that the Lord Lewis Gordon, who has been very vigorous in raising large Sums of Money, under Pain of Military Execution, from the poor People of Scotland ; upon his being applied to by the Pretender's Receivers, for the Cash, declared he would only pay a Part of it for the present, and when their Cause had a better Face, he would deliver up the Remainder ; for it was now high time to think a little for himself.—' Tis said he has col- lected together nigh 30,0001. Letter from Deal, Feb. 8. Capt. Beazley, in the Eagle Privateer, has brought in a French Fishing Vessel, bound to St. Valaries; the Master of which gives an Account, that he met with 40 Sail of small Transports, from Boloign, bound to Dieppe, but had no Men on board, except those necessary to work the Vessels. We arc just now inform'd, that Capt. Beazley drove 14 of the above- mention'd Transports on shoar.' The Hawehorne, Gray, from Lisbon for London, is re- taken by the Jamaica Sloop of War, and brought into Plymouth. The Italian Merchant, Dowglass, from Jamaica to Lon- don, is taken by a French Privateer, and carried into St. Maloes. The Privateer was afterwards lost, and all the CrEW perish'd, On Saturday last his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cum- berland's Baggage, & c. was brought back to Town from Gravesend. Yesterday the Rebels, taken at Carlisle, were at En- field, and will certainly be brought to Town this Day about 12 o'Clock. Yesterday was married at St. Paul's, Mr. Ambrose, an eminent Attorney in Bishopsgate- street, to Miss Clark, Daughter of Mr. Clark of Grays in Kent, a beautiful young Lady with a considerable Fortune. Yesterday Morning died at his House in Shroedith, Mr. Thornton, advanced in Years, reckon'd the oldest Velvet Weaver in England. Last Tuesday John Franklyn, John Cozins, and Anne Hipson were committed to Salisbury Goal, for Counter- feiting the Coin of this Kingdom, several Pieces of false Coin and Tools being found upon them, diligent search is making after several others. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Feb. 4. We are inform'd that the High- landers are dispersing in fmall Parties, and that they are forcing the Country People to exchange their Habits for their Highland Clothes.— The Duke has caused his brave and loyal Highlanders, to pass the Forth as Yesterday, along with the Horse, and this Day intended to follow, and allow the Rebels no Time to rest. Last Week the Hazard Sloop of War taken at Mon- trose, when the French landed under Lord John Drum- mond, and now in the Possession of the Rebels, sail'd from that Harbour, with the Person stil'd the French Ambas- sador, and some others of Distinction on Board. The blowing up of the Powder Magazine at St. Ninians, was attended by the Death of several who were too near when the Explosion happened ; and even some of the Highlanders themselves perished by the rash Attempt. Yesterday the recovered Invalids of the Army march'd to join his Royal Highness. The Officers taken Prisoners at the Battle of Preston, and who were retaken in the Absence of the Rebels have by his Majesty's Order, put on their Swords and Coc kades. P. S. We are just now inform'd, that the Pretender's Son with the Clans, are march'd to the Highlands ; and that the rest of the Rebel Army abandoned Perth Yester- day Morning. On the Flight of the Rebels. A Savage Race rous'd from their howling Dens, Issu'd tumultuous o'er our happy Plains, With lawless Rapine vex'd Britannia's Isle, And check'd her generous Force with brutal Wyle ! But WILLIAM comes, the just Report of Fame Lo, they are scatter'd at his awfull Name! As conscious Guilt from Goodness shrinks away, Or as the Darkness flies before the Day. In Heroem celeberrimum GULIELMUM CUMBRIAE DUCEM. Laetus diuque nobis intersit Fortissimus Dux Cumbriae Juvenis egregius! PATRIS OPTIMI, Filias haud degener ; Patriae propugnator ? 1 Quanta laude dignus Qui, coeteris frustra conantibus Primus nos, tali tempore, Tanto metu liberavit f Multo acrius vigilans. Ad Salutem Quam hostes nostri nefarii Ad Perniciem Reip. Qui Latrones, impio Latrocinio exultantes, Bellum servile moventes, Caede, ferroque impune grassantes, Pie feliciterque repressit. Qui celeritatem eorum fugiendi, Qua maxime confidunt, Majori persequendi celeritate Incredibiliter superavit. Qui, Patrice amore victus, Nullis conditionibus detinendus, Venit, Vidit, Vicit ! BANKRUPTS. Jeremiah Godfrey, of Ashwell in Hertford, Linnen- draper, Shopkeeper, and Chapman. Edward Sparkes of Bristol, Mariner, Factor, and Mer- chant. High Water at London- Bridge, this Day at 1 Minutes after 4, HAY- MARKET. AT the KING's THEATRE in the HAY- MARKET, To- morrow, will be performed a New OPERA, call'd IL TRIONFO DELLA CONTINENZA. With DAnces and other DECORATIONS Entirely New. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Persons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be delivered that Day, at the Opera Office in the Hay- Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAJESTY'S COMMAND, No Persons whatsoever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery to be open'd at Four o'Clock. Pit and Boxes at Five. To begin at Six o'Clock. DRURY- LANE. By His Majesty's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre - Royal in Drury- Lane, this Day, will be presented a Comedy, call'd The MISER. The Part of the Miser by Mr. Macklin; Frederick, Mr. Ha- vard ; Clermont, Mr. Mills ; Ramilie, Mr. Neale ; Marians, Mrs. Woffington ; Harriet, Mrs. Mills; Mrs. Wisely, Mrs. Cross; James, Mr. Vaughan ; Decoy, Mr. Ray ; Furnish, Mr. Rastor; List, Mr. Woodburn; Sparkle, Mr. Leigh ; Wheedle, Mrs. Bennet; And the Part of Lappet by Mrs. Clive, In which Character will be introduc'd a Song called The Life of a BeaU With Entertainments, viz. Act II. Singing by Mr. Lowe. Act IV. A Cantata by Mr. Lowe. Act V. The Italian Peasants by Mons. and Madem. Mechel, & c To which will be added a Farce, call'd The CONTRIVANCES. The Part of Rovewell by Mr. Lowe ; Argus, Mr. Collins ; Ro- bin, by Mr. Yates; Hearty, Mr. Bridges; Bitty, Miss Minors ; Neighbours by Mr. Barrington, Mr. I. Sparks, Mr. Bransby, & c, And the Part Arethusa by Mrs. Clive. Boxes J s. Pit J s. Fir It Gallery x s. Upper Gallery 13s To begin exactly at Six o'Clock, COVENT- GARDEN. AT the Theatre Royal in Covent- Garden, this Day, will be presented The BEGGAR's OPERA. The Part of Macheath to be performed by Mr. Beard ; Peachum, Mr. Hippisley ; Lockit, Mr. Marten ; Lucy, by Mrs. Pritchard ; Mrs Peachum, Mrs. Dunstall; Player, Mr. Anderson ; Beggar, Mr. James; Mat o'th' Mint, Mr. Stoppelaer ; Filch, Mr. Vaughan ; Ben Budge, Mr. Bencraft ; Jenny Diver, Miss Allen; Mrs. Slammekin, Miss Hippisley ; Mrs. Coaxer, Miss Ferguson ; And the Part of Polly t0 be perform'd by Mrs. CIBBER. With Dancing by Mr. COOKE and Madem. CAMPION I. Boxer 5 s. Pit 3 s. First Gallery is. Upper Gallery is. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. GOODMAN's FIELDS. For the Benefit of Mrs. PHILLIPS. AT the LOWELLS, the bottom of Le- mon- street, Goldman's- Fields, this Day, will be perform'd a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental MUSICK. Divided into Two Parts. Boxes 5 s. Pit and First Gallery i r. Upper Gallery 1 s. Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis. » The RELAPSE OR, VIRTUE IN DANGER. With ENTERTAINMENTS, To which will be added, The INTRIGUING CHAMBERMAID. Mr. Phillips humbly begs leave to inform his Friends, that being under Confinement in the King's Bench, he has not at present an Opportunity to wait on such Gentlemen and Ladies, as he hopes he may have the Honour to esteem his Well- Wishers. But in Order to render Mrs. Phillips's Entertainment as agreeable as possible to the Publick, Mr. Phillips will be there on this Night. Tickets to be had At Mrs. Phillips's Lodgings, at Mrs. Norman's in Ayliff- street; and of Mr. Phillips in the King's- Beoch Prison in Southwark. THE Owners, Freighters, and Recaptors of the GENEROUS, Capt. Bakewell, new arriv'd in the River from Barbadoes, are desired to meet at the Crown- Tavern by tht Royal- Exchange, this Day, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon. Enquire for Number 1. ALL Persons Interested in, and Trading to the British Sugar Colonies, and concerned In the Linnen Manufactures of Great- Britain and Ireland j and also the Sugar Re- finers, Grocers, and Distillers of Melasses, are desired to meet at tha Crown Tavern behind the Royal- Exchange, this Morning, at Eleven ' Clock precisely, for the Purposes on at the last Meeting Admiralty- Office, Feb. 1745. WHEREAS the Court Martial held for the Trial of several Officers for their Conduct in the Action off Toulon, in February 1743, stands Adjourned to the 18th of this Month the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty do hereby direct the Captains of all his Majesty'. s Ships in the Rivers Thames and Medway, and at the Nore ; who are not under Orders to proceed to Sea, to meet on board his Majestys Ship the Prince of Orange at Deptford, upon that Day, in order to assist at the said Ceurt. And their Lordships do also hereby strictly direct all the Officers, Petty- Officers, Seaman, and others, who have been summoned as Witnesses upon the Trials of Mr. Lestock 0r Admiral Matthews, to give their Attendance on board the Prince of Orange, on the aforesaid 18th Day of this Month, and to continue to attend there during the Sitting of the Court, till they shall be properly discharged from attending any longer as Witnesses. THO. CoRBETT. Guildhall, London, Feb 5, 1745. THIS Day the Contributions to the Subscrip- tion begun by the Right Hon. the Lord- Mayor and others for the Relief, Support, and Encouragement of the Soldiers employed in suppressing the present unnatural Rebellion, amounted to the Sum of 18,4351 of which the Committee have appropriated the Sum of 17,256 1. 16 3. 2 d . in the following Manner J £ For Rewards to the Maim'd and Wounded For Rewards to such Soldiers and Non- Commission Officers whose Bravery shall merit it 3 Sent to Newcaste for the Relief of the Sick Soldiers £ _ For 12,000 Shirts 15,000 Pair of Breeches 10,500 Pair of Stockings— 10,00o Woollen Caps . 12,000 Pair of Gloves - 9100 Woollen Ancle Spatterdashiers 10oo Blankets By sundry Imprests, to answer the Ex- pence of Insurance and Freight to Scotland, Carriage, and other contin- gent Expences —— Debtor. To Monies received Creditor. By Monies appropriated Ballance undispos'd of 18435 00 00 In Order to extend the same good Purposes the Subscrip- tion is still kept open at the Chamberlain's Office at Guild- Hall, where proper Persons are appointed to attend daily from Eleven o'Clock till Two, to receive the Contributions of such Persons as shall be disposed to subscribe to the same ; and for the Satisfaction of the Publick, the Committee intend to pub- tish a List of the Subscribers, the Sums contributed, and a particular Account of the Application thereof. By Order of the Committee, T. FORD, Sec. Friday February 7, 1745- 9. ThiS Day several Merchants having met, in Order to consider of a proper Day for a General Meeting of the Merchants and Traders of the City of London, to take into Consideration tbe Numerous Captures of Ships, and the great Necessity of the most earnest and speedy Appli- cation for the Prevention of the same for the future. This is therefore to desire, that all Merchants and others who are concern'd in Trade and Shipping, will please to give their Attendance, for tbe good Purposes aforesaid, at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal Exchange, on Wednesday next, at Five o'Clock in the afternoon, at which Time it is proposed to chuse a Committee to procecd immediately in this most important Affair. N. B. Business to be preceded on exactly at Six. For SALE by the CANDLE, At New BEAR- KEY Coffee- House in Thames- Street, This Day, at Eleven e Clock in the Fortnoon, THIRTY Puncheons of RUM, lately Imported from Barbae! oes. Six Ditto, lately Imported from Montserrat. Now lying in No. 3. on Smart's Key. * Samples to be Tasted at the aforesaid Coffee- House from Friday next ' till the Time of Sale. Catalogues will be Timely dispers'd by JOHN BRADSHAW, Broker. This Day is published, Printed for R. DODSLEY, at Tully's Head in Pall- Mall LETTERS of the Hon. ALGERNOON, SYDNEY, to the Hon. HENRY SAVILLE, Ambassador to France in tbe Year 1679. Price 3s. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- Street On Wednesday next, at Twelve 0' Clock at Noon, THE Ship JENNY, with 16 large Carriage Guns, Square- stern'd, Plantation- built, and lately new sheathed, Burthen 420 Tons more or less, with proportionable Dimensions, and well- found, now lying at Shadwell- Dock, Samuel Staples, Commander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. To be heard of Daily at his Office ( for Assuring Ships and Mer- chandize) opposite Jonathan's Coffee- house in Exchange- Alley j or at Lloyd's Coffee- house in Lombard- street. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- street, On Wednesday next, at Twelve 0 Clock at Noon, TH E good Ship Hasle- mere, with 18 Carriage, and 8 Swi- vel Guns, a Prime Sailor, Square- stern'd, River- built by Mr. Robert Carter, and sheathed, Burthen 320 Tons more or less, with excellent Dimensions for the Straits or West- India Trades, and well- found, now lying in the Great Wet Dock, Thomas Wal- ter, Commander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- Street, On Friday next, at Twelve 0 Clock at Noon, THE good Ship Dragon, with 18 Guns, a French Prize, a- bout 18 Months old, Square- stern'd, Bur- then 300 Tons more or less, with excellent Dimensions for the Virginia or West- India Trades, now lying ashore at Mr . Carter's Yard at Limehouse Hole, John Spence, Com- mander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker: For SALE by the CANDL E, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- Street, On Wednesday the 19th Instant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, THE good Ship Neptune, with 12 large Carriage Guns, River- built for the Greenland Trade, Burthen 310 Tons more or less, with good Dimensions, now lying in Mr. Elias Bird's Dry Dock, at the Great Wet Dock, Richard I'on, Commander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. For SALE by the CANDLE, At tbe MARINE Coffee- house in Birchin- Lane, On Wednesday next the 12th Instant, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, 186 Calks French Sugar, 7 Baggs Cotton. 8 Butts Cowries. The above to be seen from this Morning, Ten o'Clock to Five in the Afternoon, each Day, to the Time of Sale, at Ralph's Key, and Samples of the Cowries at the Place of Sale. Catalogues to be had at Sam's Coffee- house, at the Place of Sale, and at William and Benj. Vaughan, Brokers. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- Street, On Friday, Feb, t 4, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, THE PANTHER, with 14 Carriage Guns, 9 Pounders, 16 Swivel Guns, Burthen 180 Tons, more or less, a Prime Sailor, and a new Ship, now lyr ing in the Great Wet Dock. Inventories to be seen on Board, at Sam's Coffee- houfe near the Custom- house, and of WILL, and BENJ. VAUGHAN, Brokers. This Day is published, Price i s. 6 d. TH E Fatal Effects of the Present Re- bellion Exemplify'd in a true but melancholy Account of the Life and Death of Mr. Sydenham, ( Son of tbe late Mr. Sy- denham, Merchant in Bristol) whose untimely End was occasioned by the Arbitrary and cruel Treatment which he received from the Rebels, in their March from Manchester to Derby. Together with some other authentic Instances of what the Coun- try has suffered by the tyrannical Behaviour of the Pretender's Fol- lowers. In Two LETTERS, from a Gentleman at Manchester, to his Friend in London. Printed for M . Cooper, at the Globe in For SALE by THE CANDLE, At GARRAWAY's Coffee- Houfe in Exchange- Alley, On Thursday, March 6, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, THE following Goods being Part of the CARGOES of the Louis Erasmus, and Marquis D' An- tin Prizes from the South- Seas, taken by the Prince Frederick and Duke Privateers, viz. 410 Ton Guaquilla Cocoa. . About 6000 Ounces of Occidental Bezoar. 870 lb. Jesuits Bark. 1 Bag ditto Dust. 17 Cocoa Cups tipt with silver 1 Lamp. 3 Models of Altar Pieces. 1 Picture of the Virgin Mary; 6 Scripture History Pieces in Alabaster. 3 Bags Wool. ,. I Ship's Bell. The Particulars of which will be publish'd in due Time, by CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. Over against LLOYD's Coffee- House. With HIS MAJESTY'S Royal Privilege and Licence. On Saturday next will be published, Number LXX. ( being the First Number of tbe Second Volume of HARRIS's COMPLETE COLLECTION VOYAGES and TRAVELS. The First Volume of which, Dedicated to the MERCHANTS of GREAT BRITAIN, may now be had Complete. Containing, A copious PREFACE, shewing the Nature and Utility of the WORK; an extensive INTRODUCTION, in which are laid down the Principles of Cosmography, Geography and Natural Philosophy, so far as is necessary to the Understanding Books of Voyages and travels a regular and complete Series of all the Circum- Navigators, or those who have sailed round the Globe, from Ferdinand Magellan'to Ad- miral Anson, and a Methodical History of the East India Trade, from the earliest Accounts of Time to the present. Printed for T. Woodward, A. Ward, S. Birt, D. Browne, T. Long- man, H. Whitridge, R. Hett, C. Hitch, S. Austen, W. Bickerton, J. Hodges, J. Fuller, B. Dod, J. Robinson, J. Hinton, T. Harris, and J. and J. Rivington. This Day is published, Price i s. THE Third and Last Letter to a Gen- tleman dissenting from the Church of England ; wherein the Design of the Second, ( which was to refute the great and popular Objection of Dissenters against Communion with the Church of Eng- land, and to reflect them back upon themselves) is further pursued and completed. To which is added, an Appendix, concerning Subscriptions, and the Inconsistency of the Dissenters Principles and Practices touching that Matter. By JOHN WHITE, B: D. Sometime Fellow of St. John's College in Cambridge Printed for C. Davis, against Gray's- Inn, Holborn ; W. Craigh- ton at Ipswich ; and M. Cooper in Pater- noster Row. 1. The First and Second Letter. 2, A Sermon preach'd on the Fall- Day, concerning the present Rebellion in Scotland. The Beginning of last Month was publish'd For JANUARY, And this Day is Publish'd, the Second Edition, of THE MODERN HUSBANDMAN, or, the Practice of Farming: As it is now carried on by the most accurate Farmers in several Counties of England. For the Month of FEBRUARY. Containing the following Particulars, vin. I. The Author's Discovery of Four Sorts of new excellent Wheats, two whereof exceed the common red Lammas; for making the finest Flour and Bread. II. The good and bad Properties of sowing Wheat in Febru- III. Several Accounts of Sowing and Setting of Beans and Pease. IV. Crops of Corn, how they may be got seven Years together, without Dung or Manure. V. How Farming maybe carried on to great Profit in many Pla- ces, without any other live Cattle than Horses. VI. Copies of several curious Letters relating to Husbandry, with the Author's Answers. VII. An Account of an excellent new invented Horsebreak, that Plows and Houghs all at once. VIII. The Irish and English Ways of improving Potatoe- Plan- tations. IX. A new Account of Grass- Sesds, X. How Arable Lands are to be improved by converting them into Meadow. XI. How the last new Drill Husbandry employs poor Men, and eases Parish Rates. With many other curious, serviceable Matters, never before published. By WILLIAM ELLIS, A Farmer of Little Gaddesden, near Hempsead in Hert- fordshire. Printed for, and Sold by T. Osborne in Grays- Inn ; and M. Cooper, at the Globe, in Pater- Noster- Row. Price Stitch'd Two Shillings. MARCH, is in the Press, and will be publish'd with all Speed. The first Impression of this Work ( which is allowed by all Judges of Husbandry, to be the best ever published on this Subject) being all sold off ; the great Demand there has been for them, has encouraged us to publish a second Edition of this, and the rest of the Months, at two Shillings each Month, to the End ef the Year. this Day at Noon will be published, By AUTHORITY AN Extraordinary GAZETTE, contain- ing Advices from the NORTH. Printed by E. Owen in Amen- Corner. Price 1 d. This Day is published, In a Neat Pocket Volume. Price bound 3s. A Full View of all the DISEASES in- cident to CHILDREN. Containing a Translation of Dr. Harris's Book upon the Acute Diseases of Infants, and of the eminent Dr. Boerhaave's Treatise upon all their Diseases, as well Acute as Chronical. Together with a careful Abridgment of the best Authors Who have wrote upon their particular Diseases, viz' SYLVIUS on the Thrush. ANDRY on Worms WILLIS on the Epilepsy BURTON on tbe Chin- Cough. SYDENHAM on the Small POX. GLISSON on the Rickets. ' ON the Measles. WISEMAN on the King's- Evil. Teething, with all the various Accidents which attend that cri- tical Stage of Childhood, and the most effectual Methods . to pre- sent or remove them, as fully laid down by Boerhaave and Harris, are contained in this Collection. Printed for A. Millar, against Katherine street in the Strand. Where may be had, Orthopaedia : or, The Art of correcting and preventing Deformities in Children, by such Means as may easily be put in Practice by Parents themselves, and all such as are employed In educating Children. Translated from the French of M. Andry, Professor of Medicine in the Royal College, and Senior Dean of the Faculty of Physick at Paris. In z Volumes with Cuts. Price bound Six Shillings; This Day is published, In Octavo, ( Price 3s. 6d. bound.) AGeneral and Compleat TREATISE 6n all the Diseases incident to CHILDREN from their BIRTH to the AGE of Fifteen. By J. ASTRUC, M. D. Regius Professor of Medicine at Paris, and Chief Physician to his present Majesty the King of Fr ance, & c. Printed for J. Nourse, at the Lamb against Katherine Street in the Strand. Where may be had in Octavo. Price 4 9. bound. Boerhaaves MEDICAL CORRESPONDENCE, Containing the Various Symptoms of Chronical Diseases, the Professors Opinion j Method of Cure, and Remedies, to which is added his Practce. In the Hospital of Leydon. Note, In this Collection are contained many Letters, wrote Origi- nally in English to the Doctor by Persons of Distinction, Gentlemen, Ladies, See. with his Answers such are marked the Rest are translated from the Latin. This Day is published Price 1s. 6 d. CAPTAIN TEMPLE WEST'S Defence against Vice- Admiral LESTOCK'S Charge relating to his Conduct in the Action off Toulon, between his Majesty's Fleet, under the Command of Admiral Matthews, and the combined Fleet of France and Spain. With Remarks upon the Sentence of the Court; and Arguments brought in Justification of his Conduct, from the Sentences before pronounced on other Captains, and from the Discipline requir'd by the Instructions. Printed for S. Baker, in Russel- street. Covent- Garden ; and sold by J. Robinson, In Ludgate- street 5 and R. Amey, at Charing- Cross, and the Court of Request. This Day is published, In One large VOLUME FOLIO. I Price bound One Pound five Shillings.) With an ADDENDA, containing the Statutes of 16, 17, 18 and ig, GEORGE II. And all the Modern Cases of Authority publish'd since the Year 1742, down to the fresent Time. THE COUNTRY JUSTICE : Containing the Practice, Duty and Power of the JUSTICES of the PEACE, as well in as out of their Sessions. By MICHAEL DALTON, Of Lincoln s- Inn, Esq; and one of the Masters in Chan- cery. Wherein all the Statutes in Force and Use from Magna Charta 9 Henry III. to 15 and 16 George II and also all the Cases in Law, relating to the Jurisdiction and Authority of Justices of the Peace, are carefully collected and digested under proper Titles. For the better Help of such Justices of Peace as have not been much conversant in the Study of the Law of this Realm, there is added, AN APPENDIX; Being a Compleat Summary of all the ACTS of parliament, shewing, the various Penalties of Offences by Statute, and the particular Power of One, Two, Three, or more Justices, in their Proceedings snd Determinations, under several distinct Heads, in Alphabetical Order. With FOUR TABLES, The First, of the Heads of the The Third, of the Divisions and Chapters. Sub- divisions contained in the The Second, of all the Statutes Appendix And, relating to Justices of the The Fourth, of the Principal Peace. Matters. And the Precedents Translated into English. ' Sold by S. Birt, at the Bible and Ball in Ave- Mary- Lane ; D. Browne, at the Black SWan without Temple- Bar ; and J. Shuck- burgh, at the Sun next the Inner Temple- Gate in Fleet- street. Note. The ADDENDA, may be had alone, Price 1s. BOOKS by AUCTION, At PAUL's Coffee- House in Sr. Paul's Churchyard, exactly at Six this Evening, The Seventh Night's Sale of THE valuable Libraries of the Reverend and Learned WILLIAM STUART, D. D. Chancellor of Ex- eter ; and of his Nephew, the Rev. Mr. CHARLES STUART, lately deceased. Containing a curious Collection of Classical Books, in elegant Condition, and many on Royal Paper. In this Night's Sale are, S Chrysost. Ed. Ben. 8 v. Mattaire Annalcs, 5 r. S. August. Ed Ben. iCv. Fabricii Bib. Gr. 14 v. S. Basil. Ed. Ben. 3 V. Kennet's Parochial Antiq. S. Hieronymus, Ed. Ben. v. Long's Astronomy S. Athanasius, Ed. Ben. 3 v. Synodus Exon, M. S. on Vellum S. Irenaeus, par Massuet Theocritus Heinsii Grabe's Septuag, ch. m. cor. tur. Hesiod, Heinsiii Millii Test. cor. rus. Eschylus, H. Steph. Mabillon de Re Diplom. Hesychii Lex. Gr. Da Fresne Chron. Paschale N Musgrave Antiq. 4 v. By Consent of the Gentlemen who attend this Sale, no Auc tion on Ash- Wednesday in the Evening. This Day is published, And at the Request of several Genlemen and Ladies, who are large Collectors of Prints, and who may want One or Two only out of different Lots ( to oblige such) all the Prints, in the different Lots will be prized separately. Collection Selecta Brindleiana : Or, A CATALOGUE of a Curious and Rare Collection of Antient and Modern, Italian, Flemish and French Prints, after the greatest Masters, and by the best Engravers, VIZ. Michael Angelo, Paul Rubens, Titian, Carlo Maratti. Salvator Rossa, De La Bella, Coracehio, Cesio, Tintoret, Raphael, Bassan, Bourdon, Bloemart, Barbietta, Hollar, Heemskirk, Sir Godfrey Kneller, Ant. Van- Deeck, Arb. Durer, Daret, Nanteuil, Poussin, Callot, Le Brun, Mignard, Le Blond, La Fage, J. Boitard. Which will begin to be sold Extraordinary Cheap, this day, the Price mark'd upon every Lot, and continue till all are Sold. By JOHN BRINDLEY, , In New- Bond- Street. - This Day is publish'd. Price 6d. NUMBER LXXXVI. of THE CONTINUATION of Mr. RA- PIN's HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the Revolution to the Accession of King GEORGE II. By N. TINDAL, M. A. Rector of Alverstoke in Hampshire, and Chaplain to the Royal Hospital at Greenwich. Printed for John and Paul Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate- street. Where may be had. The preceding Numbers stitch'd, or the First Volume of the Con- tinuation sewed up in pasteboards. Also Mr. Rapin's History of England, translated by N. Tindal, M A. The third Edition, in Two Volumes in Folio. Illustrated with the Heads and Monuments of the Kings and other Copper- plates. Price 2 1. II s. 6 d. in Sheets, or 3 1. bound. Ntte, Mr. Tindal's Continuation is printed in Octavo, for the Accommodation of those who have Mr. Rapin's History in that Size, Those who have not yet taken Mr, Tindal's Continuation, may begin with Number I. and continue them. This Day is published, In THREE VOLUMES in FOLIO, Collected from above One thousand Original Draughts, in the Possession of Dutton Seaman, Esq, at Guild- hall, Comptroller of the Chamber of the City of London. PRECEDENTS in CONVEYANCING Settled and Approved by GILBERT HORSEMAN, Late of Lincoln's- Inn, Esq Containing Conveyances and Settlements, not only of Estates Real and Personal, known to former Times, but also of Stocks, Bonds and Annuities of the Publick Companies, Exchequer An- nuities, Fortunes in Ireland and Holland, and Plantations in America; likewife many new Clauses, and Provisions in Consequence of Act of Parliament, and of Determinations in the Courts of Justice. Printed for j. and P. Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate- Street. Lately published, In One large VOLUME FOLIO, Dedicated to the Right Honourable the Lord Chancellor, the Master of the Rolls, and the Twelve Judges. REPERTORIUM JURIDICUM: Or, an Index to all the Cases in the Year- Books, Entries, Reports and Abridgments in LAW and EQUITY, shewing at one View all the Books in which any Case is printed, ( altho' by different Names, as it often happens} and under what Title it is or ought to be common plac'd. Containing near Forty Thousand CASES. With an Alphabetical Table of the TITLES referring to the CASES. By a BARRISTER of the Middle- Temple. ( Price Bound One Pound One Shilling,} Sold by Benjamin Nutt, and the Booksellers of London and West minster. This Day is . ( Price Two Shillings,) " ACHART of the GERMAN OCEAN corrected from the best Surveys and Astronomical Observa- tions; by which the Bearing and Distances of alt Places on the coast of Great Britain, from the North of Scotland to the Start Point and of the. Continent from the Coast of Norway to the Cape de La Hogue in Normandy, may be readily found. , Published according to Act of Parliament by A. Millar, opposite Catherine- street in the Strand. Where may be had, A compleat and correct Map of the LOTHIANS, being a View that Country from Sterlingshire to Berwickshire, Survey'd by. Mr. Adair, Price Is. 6 d. Coloured 11. And speedily will be published, A new and correct Mercator's Map of North- Britain, carefully laid down from the latest Surveys and most approved Observations, according to the strictest Regard to Mathematical Truth. In which are included all the King's High Roads. By the Hon. John El- phinstone, Esq; P. Engineer. price » s. 6 d. This' ay is published, Price 2s. bound. Neatly Printed in a P0cKET VOLUME, For the peculiar Use of thole Gentlemen and Ladies, who are desirous to write and Speak correct, as well as for the Use of Schools. ANEw ENGLISH GRAMMAR: O , Guide to the English Tongue, with Notes : Wherein a particular Method is laid down to render the English Pronunciation both more fix'd among ourselves, and less difficult to Foreigners And a sufficient Number of suitable Examples are inserted to every Figure of Speech, both Grammatical and Rhetorical, with an Explanation of all the Terms. The whole being the Result of many Years careful Observation, as well upon the Pecularities of our own, as its Conformity with other Languages, especially the Latin, its Agreements with which being all here particularly distinguish'd, to anticipate, as much as possible, the Labour of such as are designed for that Study. To which is added, A Brief Latin Grammar, upon the same Foundation. By JOHN KIKBY, A. M. Printed for R. Manby and H. S. Cox, on Ludgate- hill. This Day is publish'd, In SEVEN VOLUMES, FOLIO, Illustrated with 224 Copper- plates, and great Variety of Head- pieces and Tail- pieces, all beautifully design'd Bernard Picart, and curiously engraved by the best Hands in Europe. ( Formerly sold for Nine Pounds in Steels, but now to be had far Four Pounds Ten Shillings in Sheets THE CEREMONIES and RELIGIOUS CUSTOMS Of the Various NATIONS Of THE Known WORLD: Together with Historical Annotations, and several curious Discourses, equally in- structive and entertaining. Translated from the FRENCH. Sold by C. Davis, opposite Grays- Inn in Holborn; T. Longman, and C. Hitch, in Pater- noster Row ; and A. Millar, opposite Cathe- rine- street in the Strand. Where may be had, to compleat Gentlemen's Setts, The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Volumes, separate, at 16 5. par Volume. The 6th and 7th are reckon'd only as one Volume. - This Day is published, Printed for Richard Ware, at the Bible and Sun, Amen Corner, in Warwick- Lane. The THIRTIETH EDITION. ( TO which is now added An Appendix, containing many additional Lessons in Prose and Verse ; first in Words of one Syllable only, and then mixed ' with Words of two, three, four, five, and seven Syllables) of DYCHE's GUIDE to the ENGLISH TONGUE. In Two Parts. The First, proper for Begin- ners i Shewing a natural aad easy Method to pronounce and express both common Words and proper Names ; in which particular Care is had to shew the Accent for preventing vicious Pronunciation. The Second, for such as are advanced to some Ripeness of Judgment ; con- taining Observations on the Sounds of Letters and Dipthongs, Rules for the true Divisions of Syllables, and the use of Capitals, Steps and Marks, with large Tables or Abbreviation and Distinction of Words, and several Alphabets or Copies for young Writers. Where may be had, by the same Author, Ir The Fables of Phaedrus ( who was made a Denizen of Rome by Augustus Caesar under the following Heads, viz. The Weakest goes to the Wall ; Chuse the least Evil ; Be content in your Station; All covet all loose ; Keep not too great Company, & c. Rendered into familiar English. The id Edit, Price I s. » . A Spelling Dictionary ; or, A Collection of all the common Words and proper Names of Persons and Places, made use of in the English Tongue, Carefully compared with the Original Languages from whence they are derived and mark'd as they are to be pro- nounced k whereby Persons of the meanest Capacity may attain to Spell and Write English true and correctly. The 4th Edition, cor- rected, with large Addition!, Price I s. 6 d. or both bound together as. 6. d. J. A Latin Vocabulary. The Sixth Edition. Being a Collection of Latin Words, with their Signification in English, after the Order of the Eight Parts of Speech. LONDON: Printed for H. WOODFALL, jun. near the Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate Length are taken in at Two SHILLINgs each. ADVERTISEMENTS are also taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- against the King's- Arms Tavern, in Pall- Mall; George Woodfall, at the King's Arms, near Craig's- Court, Charing- Cross ; Mr. Shuckburgh, at the Sun, next the Inner Temple Gate, Fleet- street Mr, Brackstone, at the Globe Cornhill; and by T. ASTLEY, Removed from St. Paul's Church- yard, to the Rose in Pattr- noster Row, *
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