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The General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: H. Woodfall, jun. 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3521
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser
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The General Advertiser

Date of Article: 07/02/1745
Printer / Publisher: H. Woodfall, jun. 
Address: Near the Pump in Little Britain, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3521
No Pages: 4
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The General Advertiser. NuMB. 3521 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1745- 6- Deal February 5. SAILED Yesterday after Post his Majestys Ship Hastings, Commo- dore Knowles, with the Syren and Vulcan. Arriv'd his Majesty's Ship Salamander from a Cruize; and remain with his Majesty's Ships Princess Louisa, Admiral Mayn ; Defiance, Ruby, Norwich, Mary Gally, Hornet, and Hinchinbroke sloops ; a Dutch Man of War, and the Duke of Bedford Privateer. Wind N. E. byN. Gravesend, Feb. 5. Pass'd by Westmoreland, Brown, from Jamaica ; Friendship, Murray, from Virginia; and Janverin, Backerill, from Barbadoes. Plymouth, Feb. t. Since my laft came in his Majesty's Ship the Captain, Capt. Legg, from Portsmouth ; the Li- zard Snow, fiom ditto. Came in also his Majesty's Ship the Faulkland, from the Downs; the Three Friends of Leverpool, Allen, from Barbadoes, for London, in seven Weeks Passage. This Day came in his Majesty's Ships the Monmouth, Capt. Harrison; and Sunderland, Capt. Brett, both from the Downs; Mary Gally, of and for Boston, Nicholson, from London : And this Afternoon the Dorothy, Bowman, for Whitehaven, who went lately from thence to Dieppe, with a Cargoe of Tobacco, by Vertue of a Passport ; he has put ashore near this Place, 19 Englishmen, which he brought with him from Dieppe on Friday last. The Prisoners say they have in Dieppe four Privateers, two of them Snows, and two Doggers; one of the Snows ( who took the Albany, Bryant, of New York, to which these Prisoners belonged) has 12 Carriage Guns, and 20 Swivels, and was to sail the Day they came out. There also sailed out of the same Harbour for Lon- don, another Ship, who had been likewise there with Tobacco, by a Passport; on board of which were put 5 ; more English Prisoncrs. these are not Cartel Ships. Naples, Jan. 28. We continue to embark Cannon, Bombs, Ball and Powder, on Board of three Tartans, which are to transport them to Genoa. The eight mounted Squadrons, the Battalions of Farnese, Corsica and Bonr- bon, besides two Piquets, have Orders to be ready to march, it is thought, for Lombardy. Leghorn, Jan. 22. We have an Article of News from Genoa, which is look'd upon to be true only by those who wish it so. It is, that there has been an Action, near Ajaccio, between the Corsicans that are true to the Repub- lick, and the Malecontents that had advanced thither, that the latter had been defeated, having a great many kill'd, wounded and taken Prisoners; that a Vessel from Ca praia had taken another, laden with Wine, and sailing un- der the Colours of Bastia; that Commissary- General Mari had caused a new Fort to be erected at Calvi, and furnish'd it with Artillery, in order to frustrate the Attempts of the English ; and that he was well provided with all Necessaries. These Advices add, that three Catalan Barks had arrived at Genoa, having on board 600 Spaniards, and 2000 Bar- rels of Powder ; that 3000 Men of the same Nation were also arrived at Nice, the Cavalry being likewise expected by Land ; and that to make Room for these, a good Number of French were upon the March from Nice for Genoa. Vienna, Jan. 29. Orders have been sent to several Ge- nerals, and a good Number of Regiments to repair in: o Hungary ; but is not certainly known on what Occasion. There are People however who say, that fresh Troubles are apprehended on that Side. LONDON. From the London Gazette. Whitehall, Feb. 6. Late last Night another Express arrived from his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumber- land, with Letters dated Stirling, February 2, giving an Account, that his Royal Highness arrived there at One o'Clock that Afternoon, without meeting the least Ob- stacle or Resistance, as Brigadier Mordaunt had also done the Night before, but too late to pursue the Rebels. Their precipitate Flight is not to be described: They were all to be at Perth the 2d; where, as their own Men declare, they would not ftay for his Royal Highnefs to come up to them. When the Rebels heard that his Royal Highness was got to Linlithgow, they held a Council, and drew out their Men, declaring, that they would meet him ; but as soon as the Baggage and the Cannon they lately took, were moved off, they told the Country People, that they were going to meet a Reinforcement; but that, as they could not carry away all their Plunder, they would give it to them, and that it was in St. Niniens Church, where they had made a Magazine of Powder and Ball; and when the Country People came to fetch it away, the Rebels attempted to set Fire to the Magazine, but fortunately the first Train missed, so that several escaped ; but the Second was so soon fired, that many poor People were blown up, and buried in the Ruins. After the Rebels had crossed the Forth, many of the Leaders told their Men to shift for themselves.. They talk publickly of going from Perth to Dundee, and so on to Montrose ; and his Royal Highness has sent proper Orders to Rear Admiral Byng to prevent their getting off. As soon as his Royal Highness can get the Bridge at Stirling mended, he will follow to Perth, and so on whilst the Rebels remain in a Body. About twenty of their Sick have been taken at Stirling ; and Captain Fitzgerald, of Monro's Regiment, and an Ensign of Lee's, are re- taken. His Royal Highness is pleased to commend extremely the Behaviour of Major General Blakeney, who, by his Conduct, as well as Courage, has saved the Castle of Stirling, which is a Place of the greatest Importance, from falling into the Hands of the Rebels. The Castle would have held out, but the Provisions and Firing were almost consumed. Extract of a Letter from a Captain of one of his Majestys Sloops ; dated fiom Barrowstoness, Jan. 27. ' The Reason you have not heard from me, since I have been in the North, is, becaufe I have been always at Sea, and at my Return was order'd up the Firth of Edinburgh, to prevent the Rebels crossing from side to side ; and at my Arrival off the Town of Airth, whose People are all in the Pretender's Service, I found 300 Rebels, who had seiz'd a Brig the Day before I came there, and car- ried her up to the Town of Allowa, a Place on the North, about two Miles above the former. She was in- tended to have cross'd with their Cannon, in order to batter Sterling- Castle ; and to secure her passing, the Rebels open'd a Battery at Airth', within Musket Shot of my Ship, the very Morning after I got up there ; it was quite unexpected, till about 9 o'Clock they began to play upon me, and you know a Sloop is not at all de- sign'd for battering ; but however I got a spring upon my Cable as soon as possible, and return'd their Compliment. IN about three Hours we dismounted two of their three Guns, and kill'd their Principal Engineer, and 16 others. My Fire drove them all cut of the Town, and then I went in my Boats, and burnt three Ships that were in their Possession, but with great Hazard; for they lay within a Lake that leads up to the Town, and they had thrown up a Trench for Small Arms on both Sides; and while we were setting fire to them, they kept con- tinual firing Platoons at us. All this would not do, for we made an End of their Ships. The next Day they remounted their Guns, and got two more from Fal- kirk, where the Body of the Army lay, which is about two Miles East of this, which made them five in all; and the next Morning they carried them to Elphinstone, which is a Point about a Mile above Airth, on the same Side, and there open'd a second Battery to prevent my passing up to Allowa, where the Brig, was, that had the Cannon on Board, in order for passing over to batter Stirling- Castle. This very Day an Officer of Blakeney's Regiment came up, with 300 of the King's Men in order to sur- prize the Rebels in the Night, but that would not take at all, and the said Officer and I soon agreed to act in Concert, in any thing that should be found conducive to his Majesty's Service. We agreed the first thing that was to be done, was, to get Poffeflion of the Battery at El- phinston, and, in order to do that, was, that we should go up and dismount the Guns, if possible, and then he was to land his Men, and I was likewise to go on shore, at the Head of 100 Seamen; the next Morning the Ur- sula arm'd Vessel, under my Command, and self went up accordingly, and brought our Ship within Half Mus- ket Shot of the Battery, upon which there began a warm Fire from both Sides. I likewise dismounted a Gun there in a Quarter of an Hour, and some Time after two more, but by the Time we had engaged three Hours, they shot away the arm'd Ship's Cable, which set her adrift: She was a good deal damaged, and had 11 Men very much wounded. ' I lay there some Time after she was gone, but missing her, found it was impossible to do any farther good, the Tide ebbing very fast, and not being able to lay afloat at Low- water, came away for Fear of falling a Prey to the Enemy. My Loss was three Men kill'd outright, and six loft their Legs and Arms, and about nine more wounded, and both my Pilots lost their Legs. The Loss on the Rebels Side was 46 kill'd, many wounded, and one of my Men shot the Duke of Perth in the Thigh with a Musket, out of our Main- top. I forgot to tell you, the Night before I sent out my Boats to reconnoitre them and they had a Skirmish on the Strand, we kill'd two of them, and shot another in the Knee. They say they will give me no Quarter if ever I fall into their Hands. They take me for a Scotchman by my Name, and say I am the greater Rebel ( as they call us). I was ordered to come down to Leith the Day of the last Battle; but had not been down there long ' enough to get a little Rest, before the Well- wishers to the Present Government begg'd the Admiral would send me up again, which he accordingly did ; and am now in in Sight of the Rebel- Army, and this Night going to burn a Vessel, for ail they have a strong Guard round her, as she lays at the Key. We flatter ourselves with the Notion of the Duke's coming into thefe Parts, if so. the Rebels will never give Battle, for his very Name strikes a Terror in them"' They write from Vienna, that, the King of Sardinia has given fresh Assurances to that Court, that he will persist in- violably in his Engagements, and that he will use his ut- most Efforts to recover the Places, of which the Enemy made themselves Masters the last Campaign. Orders are sent for all the Artificers and Workmen in the several Yards belonging to his Majesty, to work dou- ble Tides, in order to fit out the Ships for Sea Service, with all Expedition. Yesterday the Lords of the Admiralty appointed Captain, George Edgcumbe, Commander of the Salisbury Man of War, of 50 Guns; now fitting out at Portsmouth. Yesterday died at his house at Stepney, advanced in Years, Captain Ambrose Brinknell, many Years, Deputy Governor of Gibraltar ; he was a brave and experienc'd Officer, and greatly esteem'd by the late Duke of Marl- borough. James Gregory, Esq; Collector of the Customs for the Island of Antigua, died there the beginning of December ; a Place of considerable Profit, in the Gift the Lords of the Treasury. On Wednesday last died, after five Days Illness, Captain Bridgwater, Commander of the Dolphin, lately arrived from Jamaica, in which Island he had a considerable For- tune, and was much esteem'd by all that knew him. The N. S. de Geneatio, Gonsalis, from Faro, is arrived at Milford. The Price Frigat, Masham, from Jamaica for London, is taken, and carried into St. Jago de Cuba. On Saturday last were committed to Maidstone Goal, Jeremiah Glennan and John Bunley, on the Oath of Mary the Wife of John Dain, for committing a Rape on her Body; and the said Glennan stands charged on the Oath of Mary Maundy, Widow, for committing a Rape on her Body. diseases and Casualties this Week. Diseases. Aged 57. Consumption 96. ConvuL sion . Dropsy 29. Fever 73. Small Pox 51. Teeth 18. . Casualties. Drown'd 1. Excessive Drinking 2. Found dead 2. Overlaid 1. Christen'd Males 129 Females 121 In all 250 Buried Males 287 Females 290 In all 577 Decreas'd in the Burials this Week 74. To the Author of the GENERAL ADVERTISER., SIR, ' THE following Copy of Verses was sent to a lady, with a loyal Sermon preached before the University of Oxford, on the 5th of November, by the Rev. Dr. Free, Vice- Principal of Alban College. They are written with so much. Zeal for the Government and the Cause of Li- berty, that I hope they will afford some Entertainment to your Readers. . . WHile for his Country's Weal your gallant Lord Mounts the fierce Steed, and draws his glitt'ring Sword; s If, at a lonely Hour, your pensive Eye Glance thoughtful round, and see this Treatise lie, Deign to peruse what English Sages write In the same Cause that English Heroes fight. — The Cause of Liberty !— as Ages since She blest alike the Peasant and the Prince. Ere Tyrants rag'd, or Factions took her Name To cover Fraud ; or sanctify their Shame : ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in for this Paper, at LLOYD'S COFFEE- HOUSE, in Lombard- Street. Ere Superstition crampt the Human Mind In Racks or Chains, and led our Reason blind. Oh glorious Times ! oh blest Simplicity ! How Manners still and Principles agree ! When the great { a) Patriarch, with a Father Hand, To Warlike Feasts his willing Subjects train'd ; Their Cause was Liberty Their Kin distress'd, They crush'd the growing Tyrant of the East. With Joy the Neighbour- Kings beheld his Fall, The Cause of Freedom was the Cause of All. One ' midst the rest, whose Fame must never cease, ( His Name was Righteousness, his Country's Peace) The great Melchisdeck the Vistor meets : And with a Sacerdotal Blessing greets. See ! the bright Paths in which the Ancients trod, The Kings were Priests, for Priests were Priests of God. No Image- Servants; to no Stocks they bow'd, Nor taught Delusions to th' adoring Crowd. Free from these Frauds, lo ! Abram's Soldiers dine, The King produc'd no venal Bread and Wine, Nor said the Mass— yet still his Blessing given Was deem'd the Blessing of the God of Heaven. Content with this the grateful Warriors part: For Abram's Soldiers bore a gen'rous Heart. For plunder'd Wealth they let their Comrades vie, Pleas'd with the Cause of God and Liberty. Thus where his Troops our Hero WILLIAM led, The brutal ( b) Sons of lawless Rapine fled ; If aught our Foreign Aids, perchance, purloin'd, The English Soldier bore a better Mind, Their Chief, and they one glorious End pursu'd, The Public Safety and the Public Good. Oh may our Sovereign teach these rugged Climes To prize the Wisdom of those happy Times: When Subjects ne'er a Righteous Prince withstood ; And Monarchs thought the Cause of Freedom Good. By WILLIAM's Arm may War and Faction cease : And still a BRUNSWICK be our King of Peace. And you, bright Nymph, as oft in Converse near You entertain Augusta's Royal Ear, If chance she ask, " Who in her Father's Cause, Lights of the Church, or Guardians of the Laws, Or plumed Chiefs, or Soldiers firm in Fight, Stood forth with Words or Arms to do him right?" Oh not for me— but for my Country tell, There are on Isis ( c) Banks, who think so well, Who know his Merits, feel, with grateful Hearts, The Blessings that his gentle Reign imparts: And wish the Streams, that from this Fountain [ d) flow, May propagate AfFection as they go : And in their peaceful Channels ever bring Health to the Land, and Honour to the King. ( a) Abram, see his History, Gen. c. xiv. from m. 14 to the End ( b) Tbe Highlanders. ( c) Tbe River at Oxford. ( d) Tbe University. THIS is a BIRTH- DAY at the L BLACK. Dads- Me! HAY- MARKET. AT the KING'sTHEATRE in the HAY- MARKET, To- morrow, will be perform'd a New OPERA, call'd IL TRIONFODELLA CONTINENZA With DANCE and other DECORATIONS Entirely New. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Persons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be delivered that Day, at the Opera Office in the Hay- Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAJESTY's COMMAND, No Perfons whatsoever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery to be open'd at Four o'Clock. Pit and Boxes at Five. Te begin at Six o'clock. AL L Persons Interested in, and Trading to the British Sugar Colonies, and concerned in the Linnen Manufactures of Great- Britain and Ireland; and also the Sugar Re- finers, Grocers, and Distillers of Melasses, are desired to meet at the Crown Tavern behind the Royal- Exchange, on Monday Morning next, at Eleven o'Clock precisely, for the Purposes agreed on at the last Meeting, D R U R Y- L A N E. By His Majesty's Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre Royal in Drury - Lane, this Day, will be presented a Comedy, call'd The COMMITTEE OR, The FAITHFUL IRISHMAN. The Part of Teague by Mr. Barrington; Col. Careless, Mr. Gif- fard ; Blunt, Mr. Berry.; Mr. Day, Mr. Ray ; Obadiah, Mr. Tas- well; Abel, Mr. Neale; Lieut. Story, Mr. Blakes; Committeeman, Mr. Goodfellow; Bookseller, Mr. Collins ; Bailiff, Mr. Simpson; Soldier, Mr. Usher ; Jack, Mr. Marr. Arbella, by Mrs. Bennet ; Mrs. Day, Mrs. Macklin ; Mrs. Chat, Mrs. Pitt ; And the Part of Ruth by Mrs. Woffington. And Entertainments of Dancing, viz. Act II. The Italian Peasants by Mons. and Madem. Mechel, & c. Act III. A Captata by Mr. Lowe. Aft V. A Grand Dance by Mr. Muilment, Mr. Picq, Miss Hilliard, Mr. Desse, Miss Scott, and others. To which will be added, DAMON and PHILLIDA. The Part of Damon by Mr. Lowe ; Areas, Mr. Winstone ; Cory- don, Mr. Taswell ; Mopsus, Mr. Barrington ; Cimon, Mr. Collins; And the Part of Phillida by Mrs Clive. Concluding with a new Country Dance. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. First Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1 a. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. * » * To- morrow ( by particular Desire) The MERCHANT of VENICE. COVENT- GARDEN. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. AT the Theatre Royal in Covent- Garden, this Day, will be presented a Comedy, call'd Mr COURTLY NICE; O R, IT CANNOT BE. The Part of Sir Courtly Nice by Mr. CIBBER ; Lord Belguard, Mr. Cashell; Mr. Farewell, Mr. Hale ; Surly, Mr. Bridgwater; Crack, Mr. Chapman ; Hothead, Mr. Woodward; Testimony, Mr, Hippisley. The Aunt, Mrs. James ; Violante, Mrs. Horton ; And the Part of Leorora by Mrs. Pritchard. The Flocks shall leave the Mountains, a Trio, from Acis and Ga- latea, compos'd by Mr. Handel; and perform'd by Mr. Beard, Mr. Reinhold. and Mrs. Lampe. And the Occasional Ballad of O'er the Hills and far away by Mr. Beard. To which will be added a Mock Opera, call'd P Y R A M U S and THISBE.' Written by Shakespear. The Musick compos'd by Mr. Lampe. The Part of Pyramus to be perform'd by Mr. Beard ; Lion, Mr. Reinhold ; Wall, Mr. Laguerre; Moonshine, Mr. Roberts; And the Part of Thisbe by Mrs. Lampe. With Dancing by Mr. COOKE, Signora CAMPIONI, and Mr. SODI, ( Being the second Time of his appearing upon that Stage.) Boxer 5 s. Pit 3 s. First Gallery is. Upper Gallery 19. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. • # To- morrow will be presented a Play ( not acted this Season) call'd PAPAL TYRANNY in the Reign of King JOHN. GO ODMAN's - FIELDS. AT the Late WELLS, the bottom of l e- mon- street, Goodman's- Fields, this Day, will be perform'd a Concert of Vocal and Inftrumental MUSICK. Divided into Two Parts. Boxes 2s. 6d. Pit or Firft Gallery is. 6 d. Upper Gall. is. Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, a Comedy, call'd The COMMITTEE; OR, The FAITHFUL IRISHMAN. Col. Careless, Mr. Furnival ; Col. Blunt, Mr. Paget; Lieutenant Story, Mr. Blakey ; Mr. Day, Mr. Julian; Abel, Mr. Kennedy ; Obadiah, Mr. Morgan ; the Part of Teague by Mr. L. Hallam. Arbella, Mrs. Kennedy ; Mrs. Day, Mrs. Bambridge ; Mrs. Chat, Mrs. Dove ; and the Part of Ruth by Mrs. Hallam. To which will be added a Farce, call'd The LYING VALET. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. By particular DESIRE AT the Theatre- Royal in Drury- Lane, To- morrow, will be presented a Comedy, call'd The MERCHANT of VENICE With Entertainments as will be express'd in the Bills of the Day. Places and Tickets to be had of Mr. Hobson, at the Stage- Door of the Theatre. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. At the particular Defire of several Persons of Distinction; For the Benefit of Miss TURNER. AT the Castle Tavern in Pater- noster Row, Monday the 24th Instant, will be perform'd a CONCERT ' of Vocal and Instrumental MUSICK. The Vocal Parts by Miss TURNER, and her SISTER. The Instrumental by the Best Masters. Tickets 5 s. each. To begin exactly at Seven o'clock. Tickets to be had at the Mourning- Bush, at Aldersgate ; the Globe Tavern in Fleet- street; Mr. Johnson's Musick- shop in Cheap- side ; Mrs. Turner's in Silver- street and at the Place of Performance. For the Benefit of Mrs. PHILLIPS. AT the late Wells, the bottom of Lemon- street, Goodman's- Fields, Monday next, will be a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental MUSICK. Divided into Two Parts. Foxes 5 s. Pit and First Gallery 21. Upper Gallery 19. Between the Two Parts of the Concert will be given Gratis, The RELAPSE; O R, VIRTUE IN DANGER. With ENTERTAINMENTS. To which will be added, The INTRIGUING CHAMBERMAID. *„* Mr. Phillips humbly begs leave to inform his Friends, that being under Confinement in the King's Bench, he has not at present an Opportunity to wait on such Gentlemen and Ladies, as he hopes he may have the Honour to esteem his Well Wishers. But in Order to render Mrs. Phillips's Entertainment as agreeable as possible to the Publick, Mr. Phillips will be there on that Night. Tickets to be had at Mrs. Phillips's Lodgings, at Mrs. Norman's in Ayliff- street; and of Mr. Phillips in the King's- Bench Prison in Southwark. . Guildhall London, Dec. 31, 1745. THE Committee appointed fur the Disposal of tbe Money arising by the Subscription, begun by The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and others, for the better Relief, Support and Encouragement of the Soldiers employed in suppressing the present uunatural Rebellion ; give Notice, that the said Subscription is fill kept open at the Chamber- lain's Office, at Guildhall, where proper Persons are ap- pointed to attend, from Eleven o'clock to Two, to receive the Contributions of such Persons as shall be disposed to Subscribe to the same ; and for the Satisfaction of the Publick, the ' Committee intend to publish a List of the Names of the Sub• scribers, the Sums contributed, and the Application there- of.. By Order of the Committee, T. FORD, Secretary. Guildhall, London, 24 Jan. 1745. THE Committee of the Guildhall Subscription Over and above the Sum of 5000l formerly set apart for rewarding such Soldiers, who should be maimed or wounded in suppressing the prefent Unnatural Rebellion, have ordered that the like Sum of 50001. be also set apart to be distri- buted in Rewards, among such Private Soldiers and Non- Commission Officers, who shall by their Bravery and Cou- rage distinguish themselves in suppressing the Rebellion, and whose Behaviour shall be represented by the General Officers to merit the same. By Order of the Committee, T. FORD, Sec. THE Owners, Freighters, and Recaptors of the GENEROUS, Capt. Bakewell, new arriv'd in the River from Barbadoes, are desired to meet at the Crown- Tavcm by the Royal- Exchange, on Monday next, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon. Enquire for Number 1. To be LETT, And Entered upon at Lady- Day next, at Hornchurch in Essex, about Fourteen Miles from London, and but Two from Rumford, a very good Market Town. ADwelling House in substantial Repair, late in the Possession of Benjamin Harrison, Esq deceased ; the Premises are well- water'd, and very pleasantly situated, with a handsome Garden, Coach- house, and Stabling for four Horses, a very good Barn, and a Field of aoout Five Acres contiguous. ' For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Thorne, at the White Hart in Hornchurch aforesaid ; of Mr. John Scraston, at the White Swan at Stratford in Essex ; or of Isaac Murry at the Wine Vaults, against the Church on St. Mary Hill near Billingsgate. LOST, On Tuesday Evening the 28th of January last, between the Victualling- Office, Tower- Hill, and Harp- Lane, Tower- street ; ABundle of Papers tied round the Middle with a Piece of Red String or Tape, and directed at one End to Mr. Parrin, containing sundry Letters and Accounts most of them signed by Martin Wilson and Leeds Booth. Whoever brings the said Bundle of Papers to Robert Parrin, at tbe Victualling- Office Coffee- House shall receive a Reward of One Gui- nea, and no Questions asked. As the said Papers are of no Use but to the Owner, it is therefore hoped whoever has found them, will bring or send them to the said Robert Parrin. No greater Reward will be offered. This Day is published, Price 1s. 6d. CAPTAIN TEMPLE WEST'S Defence against Vice- Admiral LESTOCK'S Charge relating to his Conduct in the Action off Toulon, between his Majesty's fleet, under the Command of Admiral. Matthews, and the combined Fleet of France and Spain. With Remarks upon the Sentence of the Court; and Arguments brought in Justification of his Conduct, from the Sentences before pronounced on other Captains, and from the Discipline requir'd by the Instrustions. Printed for S. Baker, in Russel- street, Covent- Garden; and sold by J. Robinson, in Ludgate- street; and R. Amey, at Charing- Cross and the Court of Request. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- house in Lombard- Street, This Day, at Twelve o Clock at Noon, THE RAINBOW Snow, Square- stern'd, Plantation- built, Burthen 1oo Tons more or less, with proportionable Dimensions, now lying at Fountain- Hole, Rotherhith, Leach Harris, Commander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. To be heard of Daily at his Office ( for Assuring Ships and Mer- chandize) oppofite Jonathan's CofFee- house in Exchange- Alley ; or at Lloyd's Coffee- house in Lombard- street. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- street, This Day, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, THE good Ship Friend- ship, with 10 Guns, a French Prize, about 4 Years old, an exceeding fine Sailor, Square- stern'd, Burthen 300 Tons more or less, with very good Dimensions, and well- found, now lying near Shadwell- Dock, Ninian Beale, Commander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For SALE by the CANDLE, At L L O Y D's Coffee- Houfe in Lombard- Street, On Wednesday next at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, THE FERRET sloop, a Prime Sailor, Square- stern'd, Plantation- built and sheathed, Burthen 100 Tons more or less, now lying at Mr. Snell- grove's Yard, Limehouse Hole, John Jarret, Commander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- street, On Wednesday next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, TH E good Ship Hasle- mere, with 18 Carriage, and 8 Swi- vel Guns, a Prime Sailor, Square- stern'd, River- built by Mr. Robert Carter, and sheathed, Burthen 320 Tons more or less, with excellent Dimensions for the Straits or Weft- India Trades, and well- found, now lying in the Great Wet Dock, Thomas Wal- ker, Commander. Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, BROKER. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- Street On Wednesday next, at twelve o'clock at Noon, THE Ship JENNY, with 16 large Carriage Guns, Square- stern'd, Plantation- built, and lately new sheathed, Burthen 220 Tons more or less, with proportionable Dimensions, and well- found, now lying at Shadwell- Dock, Samuel Staples, Commander. I Inventories to be seen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- House in Lombard- Street, On Friday, February 14, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, TH E good Ship Dragon, with 18 Gun?, a French Prize, a- bout 18 Months old, Square- stern'd, Bur- then 300 Tons more or less, with excellent Dimensions for the Virginia or West- India Trades, now lying ashore at Mr. Carter's Yard at Limehouse- Hole, John Spence, Com- mander. Inventories to be feen on Board, and at the Place of Sale. Tube Sold by SAMUEL BROOKS, Broker. For SALE by AUCTION, At the EXCHANGE Coffee- House in BRISTOL, On Monday next, the 10th Instant, THE Duke of MARL- BOROUGH Privateer ( lately call'd The Prime Minister) Burthen about 300 Tons, built at Shoreham in the Year 1740, a Prime Sailor, with 21 Carriage, 6 and 9 Pounders, now lying at the Key of Bristol, having a very large Inventory of Stores. Which Inventories are to be seen at Lloyd's Coffee- house, Lombard street. For SALE by the CANDLE, At New BEAR- KEY Coffee- House in Thames- Street, On Monday next. at Eleven 0 Clock in the Forenoon, THIRTY Puncheons of RUM, lately. Imported from Barbadoes. Six Ditto, lately Imported from Montserrat. Now lying in No. 3. on Smart's Key. Samples to be Tasted at the aforesaid Coffee- House from Friday next ' till the Time of Sale. Catalogues will be Timely dispers'd by JOHN BRADSHAW, Broker. For SALE by the CANDLE, At the MARINE Coffee- house in Birchin- Lane, On Wednesday the 12th Instant, at Four 0 Clock in the Afternoon, ABOUT 200 Casks of FRENCH SUGAR. Eight Casks of French Prize Cowries. Catalogues will be Timely difperfed by William and Benj. Vaughan, Brokers. For SALE by the CANDLE, At LLOYD'S Coffee- Hosfe in Lombard Street, On Friday,' Feb, 14, at Twelve 0' Clock at Noon, THE PANTHER, with 14 Carriage Guns, 9 Pounders, 16 Swivel Guns, Burthen 180 Tons, more or lefs, a Prime Sailor, and a new Ship, now ly- ing in the Great Wet Dock. Inventories to be seen on Board, at Sam's Coftee- house near the Custom- house, and of For SALE by AUCTION, At KINSALE, on Thursday the 20th of February, THE LEOSTOFF Pri- vstecr; Charles Fielding, Comman- der Burthen about 380 Tons, built . in the King's Yard, a Prime Sailor, with 24 Car- riage Guns, now lying at Kinsale, having a large Inventory of Stores. Which Inventories will be delivered at the Bar of Lloyd's CofFee- house, this Day. For SALE by the CANDLE, At L L O Y D's CofFee- House in Lombard- Street, On Thursday the 20th instant, at Twelve o'clock at Neon, HE St. PAUL a French Prize, with 20 Carriage Guns, Bur- then 300 Tons more or less, with good Di- mensions, Square- stern'd, taken on her first Voyage by Admiral Martin's Squadron, now lying at Plymouth, to be delivered there. Printed Inventories to be seen on Board, at Earl's Coffee houfe, Plymouth, at the Place of Sale, and of JONATHAN POPHAM, Of Abchurch- Lane, London, Sworn- Broker. For SALE by the CANDLE, At GARRAWAY's Coffee- House in Exchange- Alley, On Thursday, March 6, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, THE following Goods, being Part of the CARGOES of the Louis Erasmus, arid Marquis D'An- tin Prizes from the South- Seas, taken by the Prince Frederick and Duke privateers, viz, 420 Ton Guaquilla Cocoa. About 6000 Ounces of Occidental Bezoar. 270 lb. Jesuits Bark, r Bag ditto Dust. 17 Cocoa Cups tipt with Silver. 1 Lamp. 2 Models of Altar Pieces. 1 Picture of the Virgin Mary. 6 Scripture History Pieces in Alabaster. 3 Bags Vigonia Wool. I Ship's Bell. The Particulars of which will be publish'd in due Time, by CHARLES ROGERS, Broker. Over- against LLOYD'. Coffee- House. At RAPER's Toy- Shop, In St. Martin's Court, by St. Martin's- Lane, near Leicester- Fields ; ARE Sold FOUNTAIN PENS; also the best made Round- Hand, and the finest Italian and Drawing Pens, for the Use of Gentlemen and Ladies at 4s. per Hundred, neatly cut with a Penknife, made of proper Quills, and suited to all Hands: They are cleared by a peculiar Method, and allow'd to be more durable, and to write much finer than any Quills of a larger Size, such being generally of a more spungy Nature. At the same Place only is also to be had the finest and blackest Writing Ink, sea- led up in Six penny Bottles, with Directions. Also new Sets of Lines, one Sort for Bills, another for Letters, These Sets are better calculated for Dispatch and writing strait, than any yet published, and therefore very useful in in Famllies. This Day is pubished, Printed for R. DODSLEY, at Tully's Head Pall- Mall, AN Historical and Critical Account of the THEATRES in EUROPE, - viz. The Italian, French, Spa- nish, English, Dutch, and German Theatres. Intermix'd with many curious Dissertations on the Stage ; particularly an Essay on Action, or the Art of Speaking in Publick, and a Comparison of the ancient and modern Drama. Translated from the French of Lewis Riccoboni, the most famous Actor at Paris. In One Volume, Octavo, Price 5 s. This Day is published, Price 1s. 6d. TH E Fatal Effects of the Present Re- bellion Exemplify'd in a true but melancholy Account of the Life and Death of Mr- Sydenham, ( Son of the late Mr. Sy- denham, Merchant in Bristol) whose untimely End was occasioned by the Arbitrary and cruel Treatment which he received from the Rebels, in their March from Manchester to Derby. Together with some other authentic Inftances of what the Coun- try has suffered by the tyrannical Behaviour of the Pretender's Fol- lowers. In Two LETTERS, from a Gentleman at Marchester, to his Friend in London. Printed for M. Coopsr, at the Globe in Pater noster- Row. Lately published, In One large VOLUME FOLIO, Dedicated to the Right Honourable the Lord Chancellor, the Master of the Rolls, and the Twelve Judges. REPERTORIUM JURIDICUM: Or, an Index to all the Cases in the Year- Books, Entries, Reports and Abridgments in LAW and EQUITY, shewing at one View all the Books in which any Case is printed, ( altho' by different Names, as it often happens}, and under what Title it is or ought to be common- plac'd. Containing near Forty Thousand CASES. With an Alphabetical Table of the TITLES referring to the CASES. By a BARRISTER of the Middle- Temple. ( Price Bound One Pound One Shilling.) Sold by Benjamin Nutt, and the Booksellers of London and West minster. This Day is publish'd, Number VI. of the Eighth Volume of, THE HARLEIAN MISCELLANY : Or, a Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Entertaining Pam- phlets and Trails, as well in Manuscript as in Print, found in the late Earl of Oxford's Library. CONTAINING 1.' Mock- Majesty, or the Siege of Munster, being a true Story of the fine Things performed by King John Becock, at first a Botcher of Leyden, and his Companions, after they were Masters of that City, with the Issue of the whole Mock- Show. 2. The grand Designs of the Papists in the Reign of our late Sovereign King Charles the First, and now carried on against his present Majesty, his Government, and the Protestant Religion. 3. An authentick Relation of the many Hardships, and Sufferings cf a Dutch Sailor, on the uninhabited Isle of Ascension, put on Shore there, by Order of a Dutch Commodore ; with a particular Diary of his Transactions from May 5 to October 14, when he miserably perished. Note, This Work will be compleated in eight Volumes, and con- cluded at Lady- Day next : And therefore it is desired, that those Gentlemen, who have not compleated their Sets, will do, it before Lady- Day ; after which Time there will be no single Numbers of Volumes to be disposed off. And those Gentlemen who have not already taken in this Work, and intend to have them, are desired to do it speedily, for there is not fifty Sets left of one Thousand of which this Impression consisted. Printed for T. Osborne, in Gray's Inn ; and J. Robinson, Ludgate- street. The Beginning of last Month was publish'd, For JANUARY, And this Day is Publish'd, the Second Edition, of THE MODERN HUSBANDMAN, or, the Practice of Farming: As it is now carried on by the most accurate Farmers in several Counties of England. For the Month of FEBRUARY. Containing the following Particulars, viz. I. The Author's Discovery of Four Sorts of new excellent Wheats, two whereof exceed the common red Lammas for making the finest Flour and Bread. II. The good and bad Properties of sowing Wheat in Febru- ary. III. Several Accounts of Sowing and Setting of Beans and Pease. IV. Crops of Corn, how they may be got seven Years together, without Dung or Manure- V How Farming may be carried on to great Profit in many Pla- ces, without any other live Cattle than Horses. VI. Copies of several curious Letters relating to Husbandry, with the Author's Answers. VII. An Account of an excellent new invented Horsebreak, that ploWs and Houghs all at once. VIII. The Irish and English Ways of improving Potatoe- Plan- tations. IX. A new Account of Grass- seeds. X. How Arable Lands are to be improved by converting them into Meadow. XI. How the last new Drill- Husbandry employs poor Men, and eases Parish Rates. With many other curious, serviceable Matters, never before published. By WILLIAM ELLIS, A Farmer of Little Gaddesden, near Hempstead in Hert- fordshire. Printed for, and Sold by T. Osborne in Grays- Inn ; and M. Cooper, at the Globe, in Pater- Noster- Row. Price Stitch'd Two Shillings..- MARCH, is in the Press, and will be publish'd with all Speed. The first Impression of this Work ( which it allowed by all Judges of Husbandry, to be the best ever published on this Subject) being all sold off ; the great Demand there has been for them, has encouraged us to publish a second Edition of this, and the rest of the Months, at two Shillings each Month, to the End of the Year. This Day is published, Price i s. Very necessary for these that are possess'd of Mr. Hogarth's Prints. MARRIAGE A- LA- MODE: AN Numerous Tale, in Six Canto's, in Hudibrastic Verse ; being an Explanation of the Six Prints lately Published, by the ingenious Mr. HOGARTH. Printed for W. Bickerton, in Temple- Exchange Fleet street. This Day is published, In Octavo, ( Price 3s. 6d. bound.) AGeneral and Compleat TREATISE on all the Diseases incident to CHILDREN from their BIRTH to the AGE of Fifteen. By J. ASTRUC, M. D. Regius Professor of Medicine at Paris, and Chief Physician to his present Majesty the King of France, & c. Printed for J. Nourse, at the Lamb against Katherine Street in the Strand. Where may be had in Octavo, Price 4s. bound. Boerhaaves MEDICAL CORRESPONDENCE, Containing the Various Symptoms of Chronical Diseases, the Professors Opinion ; Method of Cute, and Remedies, to which is added his Practce. In the Hospital of Leydon. Note, In this collection are contained many Letters, wrote Origi- nally in English to the Doctor by Persons of Distinction, Gentlemen, Ladies, with his Answers such are marked *„*, the Rest are translated from the Latin. This Day is publish'd, Price 2s. 6d. THE NAMES of the ROMAN CATHOLICKS, NONJURORS and others, who refused to take the OATHS TO his late MaJESTy King GEORGE. Together with their Titles, Additions, and Places of Abode; the Parishes and Townships where their Lands lay ; the Names of the then Tenants, or Occupiers thereof ; and the Annual Valuation of them, as esti- mated by themselves. Transmitted to the late Commissioners for the Forfeited Estates of England and Wales, after the Unnatural Rebel- lion in the North, in the Year 1715. As appears by the Return of the Clerks of the Peace for the several Counties, pursuant to an Act of Parliament made for Registering their Estates, in the First Year of the Reign of his said late Majesty. Taken from an Original Ma- nuscript ot a Gentleman, who was the Principal Clerk to the Ac- comptant General's Office, belonging to the said Commissioners. And now Published with a generous View to promote and serve the true Protestant Interest of these Kingdoms. By JAMES COSINS, Of the Middle- Temple, Gent. Sold by J. Robinfon, Publisher, at the Golden Lion in Ludgate- street ; Mrs. Nutt under the Royal Exchange ; Mr. Dodsley, and Mr. Owen in Pall- Mall ; Mr. Shropshire in Old Bond- street ; Mr. Brindley in New Bond- street; Mr. Chapelle in Grosvenor- street; Mr Woodfall at Charing- Cross ; Mr. Robinson at Dockhead, Southwark and T. Lister, at the Bible without Temple- Bar. ' •„* Mr. Cosin has obtain'd an Injunstion to stay the Printing or Publishing of the Piratical Copy of this Book. This Day is published, Price 1s. The Second Edition Corrected; to which is prefix'd, an Advertisement from the Publisher. TH E Occasional Writer, being an An- swer to the Second Manifesto of the Pretender's Eldest Son; which bears Date at the Palace of Holy- Rood- House, the loth Day of October, 1745. CONTAINING Reflections, Political and Historical, upon the last Revolution, and the Progress of the Present Rebellion in Scotland. Tandem Triumphans. Motto of Pretender's Standard. Nondum Immemoris. Answer. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster- Row. This Day is Published, With a Curious Frontispiece, Price 3s. 6d. bound, TH E AVIARY, or Magazine of British Melody. Consisting of 3144 choice SONGS, with many of the Tunes prefix'd, dispos'd in Alphabetical Manner for the more ready finding out each Song. This Book is recommended to all Sorts of People, particularly to those who delight in LOvE SONGS, MARTIAL SONGS, DRINKING SONGS, SAILORS SONGS, RURAL SONGS, SCOTS SONGS. Of all these there are many to please every Taste and Humour. And altho' all indecent Bawdy Songs are carefully omitted, yet there are such as will give pleasing Ideas, without offending a nice ear ; insomuch that Children may learn most of these Songs, and be thereby greatly forwarded in their Reading. The whole is calculated as a Purge for the Hvp, Spleen, or Va- pours, and by giving Attention to them will effect a perfect Cure. And to demonstrate to the Public that this is the cheapest Collection ever yet publish'd, it contains 836 Songs more than any other, and the Price is advanc'd no more than 1s. 6d. " Tis not doubted but the Master of every Public House will be at this small Expence for his Guests, that when they are inclined to be merry, they may be furnished with Songs of all Sorts for their Amusement. Printed by and for J. Mechell, at his Printing- Office, the King's Arms, in Fleet- street. Sold alfo by Mess, Landman and Shewell, and C. Hitch, in Pater- noster- Row ; R. Ware, in Amen- Corner ; S. Birt and B. Dod, in Ave- mary- Lane; J. Rivington, T. Astley, and J. Clarke, in St. Paul's Church- Yard ; J. Brotherton and W. Meadows in Cornhill ; and J. Hodges on London- Bridge. This Day is published, ( Price Two Shillings,) ACHART of the GERMAN OCEAN, corrected from the best Surveys and Astronomical Observa- tions; by which the Bearing and Distances of all Places on the Coast of Great Britain, frem the North of Scotland ' to the Start Point; and of the Continent from the Coast of Norway to the Cape de la Hogue in Normandy, may be readily found. Published according to Act of Parliament by A. Millar, opposite to Catherine- street in the Strand. Where may be had, A compleat and correct Map of the LOTHIANS, being a View that Country from Sterlingshire to Berwickshire, Survey'd by Mr. Adair, Price 1 s. 6 d. Coloured 2 5. And speedily will be published, A new and correct Mercator's Map of North- Britain, carefully laid down from the latest Surveys and most approved Observations, according to the strictest Regard to Mathematical Truth. In which are included all the King's High Roads. By the Hon. John El- phinstone, Esq; P. Engineer, Price z s. 6 d. This Day is published, Price 2 s. 6 d. Bound, THE FAIR MORALIST, or, LOVE and Virtue. A NOVEL. By Mrs. CHARLOTTE M'CARTHY. The Second Edition, Corrected and Improv'd. To which is added, the Author's Observations; or a Looking- Glass for the Fair Sex. Also several additional Poem , never before publish'd. By the Same. Printed for R. Baldwin and J. Jefferies, at the Bible and Crown near Stationers- Hall, near Ludgate ; and B. Stichall at the Bible in Blackmore's- Street, near Clare- Market. Where may be had, just publish'd. Price 1s. Bound, Spelling new Modell'd, or the most natural and easy Way to Spell and Read English. By William Pardon, Author of the New Gene- tal English Dictionary. This Day is published, In a Neat Pocket Volume. Price bound 3 s. AFull View of all the DISEASES in- cident to CHILDREN. Containing a Translation of Dr. Harris's Book upon the Acute Diseases of Infants, and of the eminent Dr. Boerhaave's Treatise upon all their Diseases, as well Acute as Chronical. Together with a careful Abridgment of the best Authors who have wrote upon their particular Diseases, viz SYLvius on the Thrush. ANDRY on Worms. WILLIs on the Epilepsy. BURTON on the Chin- Cough. SYDENHAM on the Small Pox. GLISSON on the Rickets. on the Measles. WISEMAN on the King's- Evil. Teething, with all the various Accidents which attend that cri- tical Stage of Childhood, and the most effectual Methods , to pre- vent or remove them, as fully laid down by Boerhaave and Harris, are contained in this Collection. Printed for A. Millar, against Katherine street in the Strand. Where may be had, Orthopaedia : or, The Art of correcting and preventing Deformities in Children, by such Means as may easily be put in Practice by Parents themselves, and all such as are employed in educating Children. Translated from the French of M. Andry, Professor of Medicine in the Royal College, and Senior Dean of the Faculty of Physick at Paris. In 2 Volumes with Cuts. Price bound Six Shillings. This Day is published, Price 2s. bound. Neatly Printed in a PoCKET VOLUME, For the peculiar Use of those Gentlemen and Ladies, who are desirous to Write and Speak correct, as well as for the Use of Schools. ANEW ENGLISH GRAMMAR: Or, Guide to the English Tongue, with Notes : Whereis a particular Method is laid down to render the English Pronunciation both more fix'd among ourselves, and less difficult to Foreigners; And a sufficient Number of suitable Examples are inserted to every Figure of Speech, both Grammatical and Rhetorical, with an Explanation of all the Terms. The whole being the Result of many Years careful Observation, as well upon the Peculiarities of our own, as its Conformity with other Languages, especially the Latin, its Agreements with which being all here particularly distinguish'd, to anticipate, as much as possible, the Labour of such as are designed for that Study. To which is added, A Brief Latin Grammar, upon the same Foundation. By JOHN KIRBY, A. M. Printed for R. Manby aad H. S. Cox, on Ludgate- hill. BOOKS by AUCTION, At PAUL's Coffee- House in St. Paul's Churchyard, exactly at six this Evening., The Fifth Night's Sale of THE valuable Libraries of the Reverend and Learned WILLIAM STUART, D. D. Chancellor of Ex- eter ; and of his Nephew, the Rev. Mr. CHARLES STUART, lately deceased. Containing a curious Collection of Classical Books, in elegant Condition, and many on Royal Paper. In this Night's Sale are, Plato Ficini, Francof. 1602 Lamii Harm. Evang. 2 » . Herbelot Biblioth. Orient. Baluzii Vitae Paparum, 2T. Blount Censura Auth. Sprat's Royal Society Marshami Canon. Chron. Fresnoy's Art of Painting. Index Villaris Cranmer's and Ridley's Injunct. Mezeray's France Test. Gr. Geneva. Coke upon Littleton Pope's Homer's 11. 6 vol. Institutes, ad, 3d and 4th. THis Day is published In THREE VOLUMES in FOLIO, Collected from above One thousand Original Draughts, in the Possession of Dutton Seaman, Esq; at Guild- hall, Comptroller of the Chamber of the City of London. PRECEDENTS in CONVEYANCING Settled and Approred by GILBERT HORSEMAN, Late of Lincoln's Inn, Esq, Containing Conveyances and Settlements, not only of Estates Real and Personal, known to former Times, but also of Stocks, Bonds and Annuities of the Publick Companies, Exchequer An- nuities, Fortunes in Ireland and Holland, and Plantations in America ; likewise many new Classes, and Provisions in Consequence of Acts of Parliament, and of Determinations in the Courts of Justice, Printed for J. and P. Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate- Street. This Day is published, Price bound 2s. 6 d. The Eighth Edition ( with some very material Additions, and several vulgar Errors concerning the Female Sex refuted of APractical Discourse on Impotency and Seminal Weaknesses in MEN, from whatever Cause proceeding, and also on Barrenness in WOMEN : Directing how they may be in- fallibly cured, and those Men become able to propagate their Species, who through Imbecillity, Seminal Disorder--, & c. have for several Years thought it impossible, and such Women render'd Fruitful, who have been, deemed incurably Barren for many Years. With a clear and very particular Account of Generation and Conception ; and a Digression concerning the Method of begetting Sons rather than Daughters, or of Daughters rather than Sons. Also of Miscarrige in Women, and how it may be assuredly prevented, even in those who have miscarried nine or ten Times before ; with Directions to Ladies how to conduct themselves during their Pregnancy, and in Child- bed, and how to cause a safe and easy Delivery. Likewise ample Instructions to Midwives and Nurses, how to treat their Child- bed Women with Safety, and Success, and several Remedies proper to be administer'd, communicated without Reserve ; as also Directions for the better Management of new- born Infants, fo as more certainly to preserve their Lives ; with a Dissertation concerning suckling of Children, and bringing them up by Hand. To which is annexed, The LADIES PHYSICAL DIRECTORY : Or, A TREA- TISE of all the Weaknesses, Indispositions and Diseases peculiar to the FEMALE SEX, from Eleven Years of Age to Fifty and upwards ; by which Women and Maids of the meanest Capacity may perfectly understand the Symptoms, Nature, and true Cause of their own Illnesses, and readily know how to manage themselves under their Infirmities. With proper Remedies, in English, prescribed for the Green- Sickness, Obstructions, immoderate Fluxes, Hysterick Af- tections,' the Piles and every other Disorder or Distemper the Fair Sex are peculiarly liable to, whereby they may certainly and quickly cure themselves without Trouble, or the Advice or Knowledge of any other Person. The Whole illustrated with various Cases of Persons cured, proper Hints, useful Cautions, Observations, and Instructions, the like, for general Benefit, never before published, and highly necessary for every Family in the Nation. By a Physician. Printed, and sold only by the Author's Appointment, at the Gen- tlewoman's at the Two Blue- Posts in Haydon Yard in the Minories Price bound 2 s. 6 d. ANTI- SIPHYLICON.' THE only short and most infallible Cure in the Universe for the Venereal Disease, from the slightest Infection to the most extreme and deplorable Degree of it, even when the Blood and Juices are thoroughly contaminated with its malignant Virus, and the very Bones are affected with it. Fresh Infections, call'd Claps, with all their attendant Symptoms, tho' ever so severe, are intirely carried off by it in a few Days, and so as effectually to prevent the Blood and Juices from being tainted with any remaining Relicts in one Hand, or a Seminal Gleet or Weakness to happen on the other. And the most inveterate Degree of the French Illness, attended with Nocturnal Pains, universal Breakings out, and all other the most ex- asperated Symptoms, are soon overcome by it, and effectually and much more safely cured than by Salivation, Inungation, or any other Method whatever, and in so easy and pleasant a Manner, without impairing Strength, or occasioning any Inconvenience, as loudly to be- speak it the only opposite Remedy, or true Venereal Antidote in the World ; and this some Thousands have to their great Joy experienced It is pleasant to take, occasions no Sickness or Disorder, nor require Confinement ; but may be taken, and the Cure be accomplish'd with- out the Knowledge of the nearest Friend. Those who suspect they have received an Injury, may by only a Dose or two of it be perfectly freed from all Apprehensions ; for it suffers no lurking Venom to lie hid in the Body, but wholly extirpates it Root and Branch, in a gentle, easy, and most effectual Manner. All such likewise as doubt they have some remaining Relicks of for- mer Injuries, may by a few Doses of it, entirely free themselves from all Suspicions of that Kind ; for it admits of no Foulness, Corruption, or Putrefaction whatever, to remain in the Fluids, or to adhere to the Solids, and on that Account, in all Scorbutick, Scrophulous, and even Leprous Eruptions or Foulnesses of the Skin, Glandulous Swel- lings and Impurities of the Juices, it does more by one Dose than any other Medicine yet known can by ten. The Price of this most noble Anti- Siphylicon is but Six Shillings, Pot, which considering its extraordinary Efficacy, one Pot only being sufficient in most Cases to accomplish the Cure, is not a tenth Part of its Value ; and is appointed by the Author to be had only at Mr. Radford's Toy shop, at the Rose and Crown against St. Clement's Church- yard in the Strand, ready feal'd up with a Book of Instrut- tions, by the Perusal of which, all Persons who were ever affeCted with any Degree of the Venereal Disease, may perfectly understand their own Condition, and certainly know when, and when not, the Venereal Poison is entirely rootod out of their Bodies. LONDON: Printed for H. WOODFALL, jun. near the Pump in Little- Britain, where ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate Length are taken in at Two SHILLINGS each. ADVERTISEMENTS arc alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over- againft the Kings- Arms Tavern, in Pall- Mall; George JVoodfall, at the Ki* f<- Arrn, nea_- Craig's- Court, Charmg- Crofi •, Mr. Shuckburgb, at the Sun, next the Inner- Temple Gate, Fleet- ft rett Mr, Br a kflow, at the Gkit CersbiU v md by T. AS. TLEY, Removed from $ j. Paul's Chtutb-^ ard^ to tht RoJl in Pakr- mjler Row.
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