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The Daily Gazetteer


Printer / Publisher: M. Cooper 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3217
No Pages: 2
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The Daily Gazetteer
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The Daily Gazetteer

Date of Article: 01/09/1744
Printer / Publisher: M. Cooper 
Address: At the Globe in Pater-Noster-Row
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3217
No Pages: 2
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1744. Naples, August 4. THE Troops that were lately debark'd on our Coast, were those employ'd to cover the Lines in Sicily, when the Plague prevailed, not long ago, in that Kingdom. They con- tinued their March immedi- ately towards the Camp at Ve- letri, There, having lately been some Apprarances here, which seem to threaten a popular Insurrection, the Regency thought it necessary to order all the Cannon from on board the Ships in the Port to be landed, and dispos'd in such a manner through the City, as might restrain the People within the Bounds of their Duty. They write from Abrazzo, that a Detachment of 600 Spaniards having advanced as far as Fermo, in order to surprize a Corps of 100 Hussars, the latter retired in Time ; have- ing first burnt their Magazines, in which were a vast Quantity of Corn and Forage ; they likewise left behind them four small Pieces of Cannon, which belong'd to their Foot, and were to have been employ'd in reducing some of the Towns in the Neighbourhood, in case they had not arriv'd as they did. Pirna, August 16. His Prussian Majesty arriv'd here on the 19th. On the 24th he passed the Elbe, and To- morrow the Army assembles at Leutmaritz,. It is very certain, that the Queen of Hungary's Forces are all in Motion ; and that a Body of Irregular Troops are actu- for Dunkirk, with Brandy and Salt, which he took near the Edystone, the said Privateer is since sailed on her Cruize. Pool, August 29, Wind W. a fresh Gale. Sailed the Lamb, Johnson, for London. Cowes, August 19. Wind W. Since my last came in the Constant Sarah, Ayres, from Amsterdam, last from Portsmouth, for this Place ; and the Rachel, Pallion, from Southampton for Guernsey, and sailed again Ye- sterday. Just now came in the St. Francis, James Gaul, of and for Dublin, from, Havre de Grace, being there. when War was declared against England. ' The Master reports, that a large Privateer was fitting out there, which wou'd mount Carriage Guns, and was almost ready to put to Sea. Dover, August 50. Wind N. W. Came in the Eliza- beth, Newman, from London for Bristol ; the Rebecca, Bedlington, and the Billing, Stonehouse, both for Sun- derland. ' The Tide is now higher here, than ic has ' been since the Year 1720.' Deal, August 30. Wind N. W. Remain in the Downs his Majesty's Ships the Grafton, Lenox, Sutherland, Hec- tor and Merlin Sloops, with the Outward- bound Ships as per last, and Six East- lndia Ships; the Royal Guardian being sailed for the River., High Water this Day ^ at London- Bridge.^ LONDON. Private Letters from Hamburgh say, that, accord- ing to their last Advices from Stockholm, there will speedily assemble there a Dyet of the States of Sweden, in order to consider some important Propositions that ally arrived in the Neighbourhood of Prague ; but it is, at the same time, no less certain, that most ot the Bo- hemian Nobility are retiring out of that Kingdom, with their Families and Effects. Besides the Army that his Prussian Majesty is marching this Way into Bohemia, he proposes to employ a large Corps of Troops in the Upper Palatinate, to force a Passage that Way into Ba- varia, while the Imperial Army attempts the same Thing thro' the Circle of Franconia. Hague, September 1. According to private Letters from Metz, his most Christian Majesty's Distemper was| a malignant Fever. The Physicians Dumoulin and Hel- vetius, are, at present, there; having been sent for from , Paris, as foon as the King was thought to be in Danger. They very much approv'd the Application of Leeches, and advised his Majesty to take the Air, eat nourishing' Things, and not fatigue himself, either with Business, j or Travelling, for a Fortnight or three Weeks. The same Letters say, that the Dauphin has been very ill j which was occasioned by his over- heating himself in his Journey from Paris. They write from Franckfort, that his Imperial Majesty has written to the French King, to desire that, in case he sends an Army into Germany this Year, the Command of it be given to M. Belleisle; but it is very much doubted whether this will be com- plied with, the Disgrace of certain Ladies having, in some Measure, lessen'd his Excellency's Credit at Court; however, it is thought M. Mallebois will be employed, once more, on the Side of Westphalia. To be SOLD, FINE New Chianti Florence Wine ( just Imported) by Messieurs Smith and Wilcox, at the Three Conies in Cannon Street. IRELAND. Dublin, August 25. Last Thursday Morning died Upton Peacock, Esq; Physician- General to the Army in this Kingdom. The same Day died of an Apoplexy, at Castle- Belling ham in the County of Lowth, William Aston, Esq; Knight of the Shire for the said County. He was a Gen- tleman of an exceeding good Character, and his Death is greatly lamented. His Majesty has been pleased to appoint William Co- nygham, Esq; a Cornet in Sir John Ligomer's Regiment of Horse. HOME PORTS. Dublin, August 25. Arriv'd the Two Sisters, Boyce, from Christiansands. Sailed the Louisa, Ruble, for Bour- deauX; and the Agatha Margaretta, Arboe, for Dron- theim. Falmouth, August 27. Wind S. W. The Duke of Corn- wall Privateer, Capt. Caswell, has sent in here a French Ship, with Oil and Fish from Newfoundland. Plymouth, August 28. Since my last came in the LO- retta, Husbands, from Barbados for London. ' She came out in Company with the Captains Walker, Rogers, Lindsey, and Pipon, who are gone North about; the above Ship has been six Weeks in her Passage. Came in the Dispatch and Dover Privateers, from cruizing. Dartmouth, August 28. Wind S. W. The 25th sailed from hence the Young Ceres Privateer, Capt. Soper, and returned next Evening with a French Ketch from Nantz The fame Letters say, that great Remittances had been lately made to that City from France; destin'd, as is believed, for the Service of One, or more, of the Northern Powers ; and which are to be at the Disposal or a Minister that is shortly expected from Paris, in his Way to Stockholm. They write from Dresden, that a Courier lately ar- rived there from Warsaw, with Orders for the Duke of Saxe Weissensels to make the necessary Dispositions for the March of 20,000 or his Majesty's Troops; which, it is thought, will be sent into Bohemia. The last Letters trom Strasbourg inform us, that the French Army have suffer'd exceedingly by forc'd Marches; and that Numbers of these Soldiers are ill of the Flux, occasion'd chiefly by their being but indifferently pro- vided with Victuals. The last Letters from the Hague say, that the An- swer of the States to the Memorial of his Britannick Majesty's Minister, was expected last Friday ; and that it is not doubted their High Mightinesses will very soon declare War against France. His Majesty's Ship the Port Mahone, Capt. Harrison, on the Bristo Station, has taken a French Banker, and was left in Chace of two other Ships. The Constant Mary, of 14 Guns, and 38 Men; and the Pacifick, of 16 Guns, and 40 Men, are both taken, and carried into Barbados, by the Argyle Man of War; they were bound from Bourdeaux for Martinico. A French Snow from Gueney, with 250 Negroes, is taken by a Privateer, and carried into Barbados. The Curtain, Captain Verdon, from London for Ja- maica, was drove on Shore last Sunday off Rye, and is since entirely lost. Yesterday died, after a tedious Illness, Mr. Lasher, a great Plummer without Bishopsgate. The latter End of last Week died George Osmond, Esq; Receiver- General of the Land Tax for Part of the County of Devon. The Place is in the Gift of the Lords of the Treasury. Yesterday died at VauxhalI, after a lingering Illness, Mr. Watfield, a great Master Builder ; said to have died very rich. The same Day died, at his House near Lambeth Marsh, of the Gout in his Stomach, William Hartwell, Esq; a Gentleman possess'd of a considerable Estate in the County of Surrey. For SALE, ON Tuesday the 18th of Sept. 1744, at the Town Hall in Gosport, at Ten o'clock 111 the Morning, the Ship La St. Piere, with her Cargo, from St. Domingo ; consisting of the following Prize Goods, taken by his Majesty's Ship. the Kinsale, Robert Young, Esq; Con's- mander. 553 Hogsheads and 89 Barrels of Sugar. 25 Hogsheads and 69 Barrels of Coffee. Two Hogsheads and two Barrels of Cocoa. One Pipe and 13 Casks of Indigo. 11 Bags and two Pockets of Cotton. The above Goods to be viewed three Days before the Sale, at Mr. Child's Warehouse near the Chapel in Gosport; when Catalogues will be delivered, and Inventories of the Ship to be seen ; as likewise on board the said Ship in Portsmouth Har- bour. Catalogues of the Goods may be had, and Inventories of the Ship may be seen from Monday the 10th Inst. at Sam's Coffee House, near the Custom House, London; and at William and Bejamin Vaughan's, Brokers. This Day is Published ( Price One Shilling) SERIOUS Considerations on the present State of Affairs, both at Home and Abroad, and the Fatal Consequences reasonably to be expected from thence ; with Critical Remarks upon our Conduct, and that of the Dutch, as explain'd and vindicated in a late Pamphlet as also upon his extraordinary Manifesto; and the Emperor's Commissorial Decree. The whole in a Letter to ihe Lords B. and C & Printed for C Corbett, st Addison's Head, against St. Dun- stan's Church, Fleet- street. Last Tuesday Mr. Wilkinson, a Butcher in Carnaby Market, was stopp'd on Finchley Common by two High- waymen, Well mounted ; who robb'd him of 4l. In Conformity to what was insisted on on Monday last by several Persons of Distinction, then present, RUCKHOLT- HOUSE will be opened on Monday next, the 3d of September, with Singing by the youngest Miss Turner, jointly with her Sister Miss Molly Turner, as desired. Concertos and Solos on the Violin, by Mr. Kneller, and on the German- Flute, by Mr. Burk Thumoth. Breakfasting to begin at Ten of the Clock ; and the Evening Entertainments at Two, and end at Seven. This Day is Published, Printed for T. WOODWARD, ANTi - MACHIAVEL: Or, an Examination of MACHIAVEL's' Prince-. With Notes Historical and Political Published by Mr. De VOLTAIRE. Translated from the French. This Day is Published, [ Number XVIll. Price Sixpence] Containing four Sheets, beautifully printed in Folio, af THE CONTINUATION OF Mr. RApin de ThOyras's HISTORY of ENGLAND, Containing the Reigns of King William and Queen Mary, Queen Anne, and King George I. By N. TINDAL, M. A. This Work will be illustrated with the Heads of the Kings Queens, and several eminent Persons, engraved- by Mr. Hou- braken, also with whole Sheet Maps, Plans of Battlej, Medal and other Copper Plates, beautifully engraved. s The Numbers will be published every Saturday, and sent to the Houses of those who order them. For the Accommodation of those who have Mr. Rapin's History of England, in 15 Vols, in 8vo, this Continuation will also be printed in that Size. For which Gentlemen are desired to send in their Names, that a sufficient Number may be printed Printed for J. and P. Knapton in Ludgate- street. Where Subscriptions are taken in ; and by the Booksellers in Town and Country. Where may he had, Mr. Rapin's History of England, Translated by N. Tin- dal, M. A. In Two Vols, in Folio. The 3d Edition Il- lustrated with Heads, Monuments, and other Copper Places Price 4 1. 12 s. 6 d: In Sheets. The same is now publishing in Weekly Numbers at Sixpence each. Gentlemen may have all the Numbers of Mr. Rapin's Hi- story which are published, or begin with Number 1. add con. tinue them. The Daily Gazetteer. This Day is Published., ( Price Eight- Pence) EUROCLYDON, or the Dangers of the Sea consider'd and improv'd, in some Reflections on St. Paul's Voyage and Shipwreck. Acts XXVII. They that go down to the Sea in Ships, that do Business in great Waters-, these see the Works of the Lord, and his Won- ders in the Deep. Psalm CVII 23, 24 By JOHN BREkeLL, Author of the Christian Warfare. Printed for J. Noon, at the White Hart in Cheapside ; R. King, at the Bible and Crown in Forestreet, M. Waugh, at the Turk's Head in Gracechurch- street; R Fleetwood, in Li- verpool ; M. Bryson, in Newcastle ; T. Cadell, in Bristol; J. Eason, in Yarmouth ; and J. Manby in Hull. This Day is Published, ( Price Sixpence) ALETTER from HANOVER, Shewing the true Cause of the present Broils of GER- many and Confusions of Europe,; and particularly, the pro- table Motives and Consequences 01 the King of PRUSSIA'S Se- cond Invaison of the Austrian Territories; with Observations on his Prussian Majesty's late Manifesto, and tbe Disinclina- tion of the Dutch to declare against France. Done into English from the original HIGH- DUTCH. Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater- noster Row. This Day is Published, ( Price Four- Pence,) AThanksgiving SERMON preached at Little St. Helen's, to the Society that support the Lord's Day Morning Lecture there; on the First of August, 1744. In Commemoration of the happy Accession of the pre- sent Royal Family to the Throne of Great- Britain. By E. SPILSBURY. Published at the Request of the Society, and several Ministers. Printed for J. Brackstone, at the Globe in Cornhill; R King, at the Bible and Crown in Forestreet; and M. Waugh, at the Turk's Head in Gracechurch- street. This Day is Published, In Two Neat Pocket VOLUMES, ( Price Bound Six Shillings) ( Illustrated with near Tour hundred ' figures, copied from the Original) A New General History of BIRDS, including the Methods of Breeding, Managing, and Teaching of SONGBIRDS. Containing proper Obser- vations upon the different Species and Kinds ot BIRDS, throughout the Known World. Extracted from the most Cu- rious Naturalists, Virtuoso's, and Travellers, both Antient and Modern. Printed for J. Osborn, at the Golden Ball in Pater- noster Row. Where may be had, 1. AEsop's Fables, with instructive Morals and Reflexions, abstracted from all Party Considerations; adapted to all Ca- pacities ; and designed to promote Religion, Morality, and Universal Benevolence; containing 140 Fables, with a Cut engraved on Copper to each Fable; and the Life of AEsop pre- fix.' d. Price bound: 1 s. 6 d. Note, This is the AEsop quoted in Pamela. z. One hundred seventy- three Letters written to and for particular Friends, on the most important Occasions; divert- ing not only the requisite Style and' Forms to be observed in writing Familiar Letters, but how to think and act justly and prudently in the common Concerns of Human Life. The Second Edition. Price bound 2. s. 6 d. This Day is Published, NUMBER XI! Of the SECOND VOLUME of THE Harleian Miscellany : Or, a Col- lection of scarce, curious, and entertaining Tracts and Pamphlets, as well in Manuscript as in Print, bound in the late Earl of Oxford's Library. CONTAINING, I. A true Account of a late horrid Conspiracy to betray Holland to the French, with the Trial, Confession Condem- nation, and Execution of Jacob Martinet, Sheriff of the Town of Sluys, and Cornelius Reolands, who were executed for the said Conspiracy. II. A Proposal for an equal Land- Tax. III. The Designs of France, against England and Holland, discovered: Or, the Intrigues of that Crown for the utter Ruin of both those Nations, laid open. IV- A short History of the English, Rebellion, compiled in Verse, by Marchamont Nedham. . V. The Dissenting Ministers Vindication of themselves from the horrid and detestible Murder of King Charles I of glorious Memory ; with their Names subscribed. I648. VI. The Beggars Petition against Popery; wherein they lamentably complain to King Henry VIII of the Clergy. Presented to the said King a little before his Death. 1536 VII. A Case of Conscience resolved: Concerning Ministers meddling with State Affairs in their Sermons. Interspers'd with Historical, Political, and Critical Notes. Printed for T. Osborne, in Gray's- Inn; and Sold by J Ro- binson, at the Golden Lion, in Ludgate street. Where Pro- posals at large, with an Account of this Undertaking, may be had gratis, and of all Booksellers both in Town and Country. N. B. Gentlemen who have not yet taken in this Work, may begin with No 1 the First Volume, and go on pro- gressively. T This Day is Published, ( Stitch'd in blue Paper, Four Sheets for Sixpence) - NUMBER II. of AN authentick Journal of the late Ex- pedition under the Command of Commodore Anson; containing a regular and exart Account of the whole Proceed- ings and several Transations 0f that Expedition, particu- larly at Madeira, St Catherine's, St. Julian's, St. Juan Fer- nandez.; their Manner of living there upon Sea- Lions, Sea- Dogs, the taking of Payta; their cruizing on the Coast of Acapulco, Chequatano Bay, Tenian, one of the Ladrone Islands, and Macao; the taking of the rich Spanish Galleon, called Nenstro Signora de Cabodongo, from Acapulco, bound to Manilla commanded by D0n Geronimo Montero, a Por- tuguese ; their going to Canton in China; and other remark- able particulars too tedious here to mention To which is added, a Narrative of the Extraordinary hardships suffered by the Adventurers in this Voyage. Printed for J. Robinson, at the Golden Lion in Ludgate- street Note, This Work will be compleated in seven or eight Num- bers, if it exceeds, the Overplus will be given gratis. This Journal has been acknowledged authentick by an Officer of the Centurion-, whereat the Publick have been impo'd on by other Things pretending to be such, which are either very imperfect Accounts, or notorious Piracies. BOOKS Sold by J. OSBORN in Pater- noster Row. PAMELA ; or, Virtue Rewarded. In a Series of Familiar Letters, from a beautiful young Damsel to her Parents. And afterwards, in her Exalted Con- dition, between her and Persons of Figure and Quality, upon the most Important and Entertaining Subjects in Genteel Life. In Four Volume s, 8vo- Published in order to cultivate the Principles of Virtue and Religion in the Minds of the Youth of both Sexes. Adorned with Twenty- nine Copper Plates, designed and engraved by Mr. Hayman and Mr. Gra- velot. Price bound 11 4 . 2. Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded. In Four Volumes 12mo. Price hound 12s. 3 Pamela on, La Vertu Recompensee. Traduit de l'An- gloise. En Deux Tomes. Price 6 s. Where also may be had, 1. The Principles of Painting, under the Heads of Anato- my, Altitude, Accident, Architecture, Composition, Claor obscuro, Contrast, Colouring, design, Disposition, Draperies, Expression, Harmony, History, Invention, Landskip, Lights, Proportion, Passion, Pourtraiture, Sculpture, Style, Truth, Unity, & c. In which is contained an Account of the Athe- nian, Roman, flemish, and Venetian Schools. To which is added, The Balance of Painters ; being the Names of the most noted Painters, and their Degrees of Per- fection in the four principal Parts of their Art. Of sin- gular Use to those who would form an Idea of the Value of Paintings and Pictures Written originally in French by Mons. Du Piles, Author of the Lives of the Painters; and now first translated into English by a Painter. z . AEsop's Fables: With Instructive Morals and Reflections, abstracted from all Party Considerations, adapted to all Capa- cities, and design'd to promote Religion, Morality, and Uni- versal Benevolence : Containing 240 Fables, with a Cut en- grav'd on Copper to each Fable. And the Life of aEsop pre- fix'd. 3 Annuities on Lives, and for Limited Terms of Years, considered : Being Observations on what hath been lately advanced by divers Authors, tending to depreciate the Value of Estates on those Tenures. To which is added, A Supple- ment to the Gentleman's Steward and Tenants of Manors Instructed. By John Richards, of Exon. 4. A Treatise ot the Education and Learning proper for the Different Capacities of Youth; founded on the Prin ciples of Natural Philosophy : Whereby all Parents, Tutors, and Governors of Youth may be informed what Sort of Learn- ing best suits with each Genius. Principally extracted from the Examen de Ingenios of the famous Spaniard Dr. John Huartes. Price bound z s. 5 The Matrimonial Mirror. Instructing all those who intend to enter into the Holy State of Wedlock ; and Remind- ing all those who have enter'd into it, of their respective Du- ties Extracted from the Sacred Scriptures, and from the Matri- monial Office in the Book of Common Prayer ; As a, proper Present to be made by the Minister to the Contracting Parties at their Marriage , or to those who are married, by Either to the Other; in order, if they think fit, to be always carried about them ; or, to be put in a Frame, and hung up in the Gentleman's private Closet, and in the Lady's Dressing- room, next the Glass. He that getteth a Wife, beginneth a Possession, a Help like unto himself, and a Pillar of Rest. Ecclus xxxvi. 24. 6 Fore- warn'd Fore- armed : Or, The Batchelor's Moni- tor. Being a Modest Estimate of the Expences attending the Married Life. With a Curious Copper- Plate, Design'd and Engrav'd by Gravelot, representing the Temple of Hymen. 7. The Lady's Advocate ; or, An Apology for Matrimony. In Answer to the Batchelor's Monitor. With a Curious Copper- Plate, Design'd and Engrav'd by Gravelot. S. Letters To and For particular Friends, on the most im- portant Occasions, directing not only the requisite Style and Forms to be observed in writing familiar Letters, but how to think and act justly and prudently in the common Concerns ot Human Life Containing 175 Letters. The Second Edi- tion. Price 2s 6 d. 9. The Plain Dealer: Being select Essays on several curious Subjects, relating to Friendship. Love and Gallantry, Mar- riage, Morality Mercantile Affairs, Painting, History, po- etry, and other Branches of Polite Literature. In Two Vo- lumes, 8vo 10 Henry and Minerva. A Poem on the Downfal of Super- stition, by the Reformation, and on the Introduction of Polite Learning into England. Form'd on the Models of Spencer and Chaucer. With explanatory Notes. By J. Breval, Esq; Price is. 6d. BOOKS Lately Published, And Sold by J. WALTHoE, over- against the Royal Exchange, Cornhill. MR. BAYLE'S Dictionary, Historical and Critical Tbe Second Edition, carefully collated with the several Editions of the Original. In which many Passages are restored and the Whole greatly augmented pa- ticularly with a Translation of the Quotations from eminent Writers in various Languages. To which is prefix'd the Life of the Author, revised, corrected, and enlarged, by M. Des Maizeaux, F. R. S. Gentlemen that want single Numbers to compleat their Sets, may be supplied with them , or if they have the first Number to dispose of, may have the full Value for them. II. The same Work in Large Paper. III Bayle's Miscellaneous Reflections, occasioned by the Comet which appeared in December, 1680. chiefly intended to explode Popular Superstitions. z Vols. 8vo. IV. BAYLE'S Philosophical Commentary on these Words of the Gospel, Compel them to come in, that my House may be full, z Vols. 8vo. In which all the Arguments for Persecution are refuted. V. PHOENIX BRITANNICUS Being a Miscellaneous Collection of Tracts, Historical, Politi- cal, Biographical, Satirical, Critical, & c. which are no where to be found but in the Closets of the Curious. Interspersed with choice Pieces from Original Manuscripts. collected by J. MORGAn, Gent. Formerly Published in Six Parts, now collected into One Volume, with a compleat Index to the Whole. This Volume Consists of above Seventy scarce and curious TRACTS ; among which are contain'd, I. A Sermon no less fruitful than famous, by Wickliffe, 1538 z. The wonderful Year, 1603. 3. A Narrative of the Proceedings at Winchester, where the Lord Cobham, Lord Gray, and Sir Griffin Markham, all attain- ted of High Treason, were ready to be executed on the 9th of December, 1603. With his Majesty's Warrant for suspend- ing their Execution. 4. A short View of the long Life and Reign of Henry III. By Sir Robert Cotton. 5. The Danger wherein the Kingdom now standeth, and the Remedy. By the same Hand. 1618. Vox Civilatis; or, London's Complaint. 1615. 7. Protest of the House of Commons ( in 1604) against cer- tain Infringements of the Court, & c. MS. 8. Remarkable Passages which occurred from the Meeting of the Parliament the 23d of January 1657, to their Dissolu- tion. Also a List of their Names who sat in the other House, so greatly design'd for a House of Lords ; with a brief Descrip- tion of their Merits and Deserts, 9. A most notable Speech concerning the other House March 1659. 10. Valour anatomiz'd in a Fancy. By Sir Philip Sidney, 1581. 11. The Last Will of George Fox. 12. William Lithgow's Account of his inhuman Racking by the Spaniards at Malaga in 1620. 13. Count Gondomar's Transactions, during his Embassy in England. Two Parts, 1610 and 1614. 14. A true and exact Narration of the miraculous Delive- rance of Ann Green : Who, being executed at Oxford the 4th of December 1650, afterwards revived. Together with the Manner of her suffering, and the particular Means used for her Recovery. 15. A Declaration of the Life, Treasons, and Execution of Dr. John Story, 1571. 16 Sir Walter Ralegh's Ghost. M. S. 1622. 17. The Anatomy of the English Nunnery at Lisbon. 1622. 18. Tbe Life of Henry Welby, who liv'd at his House in Grubstreet 44 Years, and in that Space was never seen by any And there died the 29th of October 1646, aged 84. 19. A true Historical Relation of King Richard the 2d's wonder working Parliament. 20. The End and Confession of John Felton ; also of Thomas and Christopher Norton, executed 1570. 11. The Fatal Vesper, the 16th of October, 1623. 22. Robert Earl of Essex's Ghost, 1624. 23 Confessions, & c. of Edmond Campion, and other con. demned Priests, 1582. 24. A Record of some worthy Proceedings in the House of Commons, 1611. 25. A Narrative of Anne Jefferies, who was fed S Months by Fairies. 26. A Declaration of the Causes, moving the Queen of Eng- and to give Aid to tbe Defence of the People assisted and op- pressed, in the Low Countries, 1585. 27. A Declaration of the King's Majesty's Intentioun and Meaning toward the lait Actis of Parliament., Edinburgh, 1501. NB- Gentlemen possessed of any Part of this Work may have the Remainder to complete the Volume. VI. A New Method of IMPROVING cold, wet, and barren LANDS, particularly Clayey Grounds. ( lllustrated with Eight Copper- Plates, exhibiting the Figures of the Instruments necessary for these New Improvements.) Price 1 s. 6 d. Sed samam extendere factis Hoc virtutis opus. VIRG. This Treatise contains, 1. The best Methods of draining wet Lands, either arising from their Situation or Springs. 2. Directions for burning Turf, Mole- hills, and Clay, for the Improvement of such Lands. 3. The many Advantages that arise from boggy Grounds by turning them into Plantations, according to the Nature oi the Soil, and Situation of the Place. 4. Directions for making of Fishponds and Ditches for feeding or breeding of Fish; and carrying off the Water. 5: The Method of burning barren Land in North Britain. 6. How to ascertain the Value of Hilly Grounds, a Thing ex- tremely useful to Landlord and Tenant. 7. Directions for making Gardens in clayey Grounds, and a certain Method of improving Fruit- trees. LONDON: Printed for M. COOPer, at the Globe in Pater- Noster- Row
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