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The Penny Morning Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  J. Nicholson
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 202
No Pages: 4
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The Penny Morning Advertiser
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The Penny Morning Advertiser

Date of Article: 13/08/1744
Printer / Publisher:  J. Nicholson
Address: near Black-and-white-Court, in the Old-Bailey, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 202
No Pages: 4
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The Penny London Morning Adverrifer, NO. 1Q2, From FR I D A Y , A U G U S T IO, to MO N D A Y , AU G U S T 13, 1 7 4 4 - Continuation of a Voyage to the South- leas, the fleet wider the Command of Commodore A N- 5 O N. IS) N ths iotlr, about Ten at Night, we fell in with two fmall Iflands, v. hich about eighto'Clock the nest Morning bore W. N. W. This Morning we loft Sight of the Pearl and Severn. By the Compafs we imagine ourfelves to be in the Lat. 54. 00. South. Some of the Officers on Board are of Opnion, that they are the Illands which Jay off Brewer's Streights, Lat. 54. 50. South. Long. 84 : 56 Weft. The n t h and 1 * th Days a more violent Storm nevet blew from the Heaven^. The " Wind was ft 11 Weft, and fuch a S. vefl was never feen. Abundanceof the Seamenon Board our Ships were greatly terrified, declaring they nev. r faw a 4k* a rife fo high, notwithftanding they ad L*# r'a! Times failed in that Part of the Ocean. The Wind blew fo violently on the i i t h at Midnight, that not a Soul on Board us ever e x p e n d to fee Day- Light. Our Ship was very tight, or Ihe mult have gone to the Bottom ••, but our brave Commodore, his wellexperienced Officers, and brave Seamen, got th; better of " Wind and Weather, and " kept her above Water, tfro' her Mails, Rigging, and Sails were greatly damaged. On the 13th in the Morning we faw nothing of tne Pearl or Severn. Being under Reeft Courfes, the Commodore bore down under the Wager's Lee Quarter, and fpoke with her. His Honour asked Capt. Cheap, I f his Capf enter was returned from on ' hoard the G'oucef'ter. The Captain reply'd. ' No Sir, he is « not and I u- o-. der that Capt. Mitchell « foot Id detain him, when he knows that I <• want him on Board my own Ship.' The Commodore told him, he would fpec. k with thi Gloucefter, and order him on ' Board. The Wager s People gave a difmal Relation of the Hardships that they had undergone in the Storm. About Six o'Clock the Morning before, the Gunner of the Wager being OA the Watch, and holding on the Topfail- Hallyards to Windward, there brokeaSeaon the Shig, which carried him over the Wheel, bilged the Cutter, and canted her off the Sheet's Bottom up athwart the Barge ; it a! fo half filled the Long Boat 5 on this the Boatfwain was for heaving the Cutter over board, which, however, was prevented by fome of the other Officers, who informing the Captain ( who was at this Time fick in his Cabin) of the Boatf^ ain's Defign, the Captain ordered his Lieuteisanr, and fame others of his Officers, to ufe all poffible Means tofave the Cutter, which was happily executed, the Lieutenant having got the Cutter in her Place, fcuttled the Long Boat, and got the Spritfail- Yard and Jib- Boom in. The 14th the Commodore asked Capt. Cheap of the Wager, why he did not fet his Topfail, and make more Sail ? He replyed, " My Sails and Rigging are all gone, my " Tackling broke fore and aft, and greatelt " Part of my People fick ; but I will f « ,- t them " as foon as poffible.'' The Commodore faid, SPray d>, and make, the left Sail you can after me. On I4the h the Weather was a little calm, on which the Gloucefter hoilted out their Boat, and fent the Carpjnterof ths Wager on board her ; he imrslediatly waited 011 the Captain, who ordered him to look on the Cnain Plates and Chains, to give his Opinion of the Mail's going away. The Carpenter, after having ix amined them, as ordered, told the Captain the Chain Plates were a'l broke j on which he ihook his Head. ( T o be Continued) Thejiijiory of the Town of TOURNAY, coHtjnjied from our laft. ' T ' H I S was the Condition of Tournay, as ' Ring Chilperick the Firft of France left it, in the Year of our Lord 587, the laft Year of his Life, when having compleated its Inclofure, as the laft Token of his good Will to ( it, he declared it a noble Town, and gave ir all the Privileges of a City, with this Coat of Arms, Azure, a Ca/ tle triple- towered Argent. It continued fo in , the fame State, and in the Power oi ' he Princes of the fame Nation, without any further Addition or Change befalling ir, either in its Building or. Government, till the Days of Charles the Second, firnamed The Bald, King of France, and'Emperor of Germany 5 who having lharp War, in his Time, with the Danes and Normans, that were then come fro n the North, in the Defign to make an Irruption into France, in the Year of our Lord 880, they befieged and took Tournay in their Way, and deftroyed it with Fife; and Sword. It lay in Ruins for thirty Years, that is, till the Year 910, when, in the Days of Charles the Fourth, firnamed The Simple, King of Frarce, ' it was begun to be built,- and, in the Space of a few Years, it came t o be in as good a Condition as formerly. ( To be Continued. ) T From the L O N D O N G A Z E T T E . Berlin, Jugujl 10N. S. TratiJZatien of the King of ' Prvjfia's Manij'eRo. H E King thinks himfelf obliged to inform- Europe of the Meifures, which the prefent Conjunftu'res oblige him to follow, for the Publick Good and Tranquility. His Majefty not being able to look with Indifference any longer upon the Troubles that defolate Germany, after " wing tryed in vain, all Ways of bringing about a Reconciliation, finds himfelf obliged to make Ufe of the For ces which God has given him, towards reeftablifhing Peace and Order, and for reltoring the Laws to their Vigour, and the Head of the Empire to his Authority. Since the Succefs which the Hungarian Troops had in Bavaria, the Queen of Hungary tar from proceeding with the Equity and Moderation which became her, has treated the Emperor's Hereditary Countries with infinite Hardheartednefs and Cruelty. This Princefs and her Allies formed Defigns unmeafurably ambitious, the pernicious " End whereof was, to put Fetters for ever upon the German Liberty, tin doing which has been, for above an Age paft, the principal Objedl of the dangerous Policy of the Houfe of Auftria. One need only examine the Fa£ ts which have paiSed thefe two laft Years, in ordei to judge of the Malign'ty of the Intentions of the Court of Vienna, and to fee clearly, that, in all her Proceedings, Ihe has adled in a Manner ent i r e l y contrary to the Laws and Conftitutions of the Empire. Germany has feen itfelf over- run with Foreign Troops. They have been fubfifted to the great Detriment of Neutral Princes of the Empire.. They have been marched, without making previoufly ths cuftoiuary Requisitions, The Queen of Hungary has concluded Alliances, to r. Jemnny certain Powers lor the extraordinary Succours which they have affvrded her 5 and thufe Indemnifications have confided as well in Fiefs of the Empire, as in Hopes given with Relation to a t t a i n Bi/ hopricks. The Generals of that Princefs have attempt' ed feizing by Force fo a e Imperial Towns; her Min ft- rs have threatned fome Electors, and have endeavoured to feduce others, and to turn, by thofe Means, this Republic!:, compef. d of fo many Sovereigns, and whom r. otnirig but their Union enabled hitherto to refill the Shocks which have fo often indangered ir. How great a Contempt has been put upon Publick Faith, in the Infraftion of the Ca} i: ulation Braur. au, and in the A ttack of the Imperial Troops intrenched under the Neutral Imperial T o wr. s, and tin ! ertheFcrtreffesof the Empire, and even in forcing them to quit the Borders- of the Empire, whereof their Mailer is the Head ? Without tak'tig Notice, t! at it may very well be reckoned a direct Affr; Stand Contempt upon the Imperial Dignity and Majelly, to allow the Officers of the Queen of Hungary's Troops to treat it with Indignity, as there are but too many Examples of their doing. In a Word, to crown all the Infults offered by the Court Of Vienna to the Majefty of ths Roman Empire, one need only read the Protefts of that Court, delivered in to the DiMature of the ElcSor of Mentz, whereby the Queen of Hungary declares the Election of the Emperor void to all Interfsand Purpofes, though made unanimoufly, aad pretends that the prefent Dyer of Frankfort, is illegal there] y endeav uring to withdraw all the States ol the Empire from the Obedience they owe to the I k a i - whom they have elected • So n. any Fadls, and fo many Proceedings, openly contrary to the Honour and to the Glory of the German Name, and to the Conftirutipns of the Germanick Body, clearly enough denote, that the Defign of the Court of Vienna, to ufurp, in Favour of a foreign Prince, without any Pofilfliops in Germany, the fupreme Digsity devolved, by the unanimous and free Choice of all the German Nation, upon the molt ferene Eleflo.- of Bavaria. Thcfe are Attempts, which it is inconfiftent witk me Honour and the Dignity of every Eleflor, and of every Prince of Germany, to tolerate any longer 5 and it would be a horrid Bafenefs in the facred Members of that Auguft College, invefted, from Time immemorial, with the Authority of ele£ ling their own Head, to fuffer the Defpotifm and the Violence with which the Queen « 1 Hungary would force this Right from them, in fo ignoaiinioufly oppreffii. g his Imperial Majefty. It is not to the Emperor that the Queen do^ s the Injury, but to thofe who have elected him, and whom this Princefs defpifes to fuch a Degree, as to believe them inienfible to their own Honour, and capable of fo great a Weaknefs, as not to fupport, in the Perfon of his Imperial Majefty the moft noble of their Prerogative. The King has no particular difpute with the Queen of Hungary. He has no Pretenfions upon her : He defires nothing for himfelf, and enters no otherwife than in Quality of an Auxiliary into a Quarrel which concerns the Liberties of the Empire 0" ly j and the open War, which the Queen of Hungary has lately declared aga; nlt Germany, by the Hoftilities which her Troops have committed there, would be a Reafcm fufficienr, if there wereno others to juftify xhe Conduft of his Majefty. If the King thinks hirrifelf aft prifenf obliged, for thefe Reafons,. to take Violent Meafures, it is not without R.- grct, nor without having firft t . i sd every Method of Recor. otliation. He ma " a Steps towards obtaining it with the King of England, when that Prince was encamped a : Hanau. — T i l - Emptor too declared, at the fame Time, that, for the Sake of Peace, he would for e v j r renounce ail the Pretentions which he had tmcn t . e Houfe of Auftiia, upon Condition of the Reftifution of his Hereditary Dominions. Thefe advantageous and raofl moderate Terms were fl- itly rejected by the F n g l i lh Mi niiler ; a fufficient Proof that the Intention of the King of England was not to reltore Peace to the Empire, but rather to make his Advantage of its 1 ' roubles. The King did afterwards offer his Mediation jointly with that of the Empire, to the Maritime Powers, in order to put an End ro this fatal War. But the Republic]: of Holland, being fenfible of the O'oftacles which ihe i Would meet with from the SfifFnefs of the Courts of Vienna and London, declined it in a pretty categorical Manner. H i s Mnjefty al ways full of the fame Zeal, and employing himfeif with the fame Activity in evtry T h i n g which might re- cftab! iih the Repofe of Germany, thought, that, making jail and equitable Propofals of Peace, direftly to the Queen of Hungary, would be the ihorteft Method of manifeftina his falutafyDefigns. ' 1 he Propofals thas- were made at Hanau, were repeated at Vienna. The Empe> or, who means nothing but the Good of the Empire, offered his Cpufent to every Thing ; and this magnanimous Prince; like a true Father of his Country, was determined to facrifice to it his own Interefts. % A generous Action 1 which for ever juftifies the Choice which was made of h; m. But the more Moderation the Emperor f h e w i d , the more vifible was the inflexible H- iughtinfifs of the Queen of Hungary. Therefore that Princefs ought t>. blame the defpotiek Maxims of her own Council only, which rajfes up new Allies to her Enemies. But if flie attacks the Germanick Liberties, fhe roufss the Defenders of them. And as ( he undertakes to ftrip the principal Members of the Empire of their Rights, / he ought to think i t j u f t for them to make u f c o f t h e Me ns which i h e obliges them, to make Choice of for their Support. The Race of thofe ancient Ger* mans, who did for fo miny Ages defend their Country and their Liberties, againft all the Majefty of the ancient Roman Empire, iiill fubhfts, and will defend rhem with the fame Zeal at this Day, againft thofe who dare to attack them. This is what appears by ti e I. eague ' of Franckfort, wherein the molt refpedled Princes of Germany have united themfeves to oppofe its D e f i n i t i o n . The King has joined himfeif with them, judging, that it is the Duty and Intereft of every Member of the Empire, to maintain tke Syltem thereof, and to afiift the Weak againft the Oppreffions of the Mighty. His Majefty thinks that the rmift noble and the moft worthy Ufe which he can make of the Forces which God has entrufted him with, is, to employ them in the Support of his Country, which the Queen of Hungary would enilave ; to avenge the Honour and the Rights of all the Electors, which that Princefs would forcibly deprive thern of 5 to afford a powerful Affiftance to the Emperor, to fupport him in all his Rights, and upon that Throne, from which i'j. t Queen of Hungary would pull him down. In u Word, the King demands nothing, and the Q j e f t i o n is not about his perfonal Intereft; but Ids Majefty has Recourfe to Arms for no * viifr Reafons but that of feftoring. Liberty to the Empire', Peace to the Emperor, and Tranquility to Europe. - F O R E I G N N E VY S.. Warfav, July 24. The' opening of ths Ge era! Dyet of Grodno is fix'd for the 24 h of next M'viirh. The great Point there will b; t procuring an Augmentation of Force* ; which, it is todeer, wil be violently oppofed, The C » urt appeals to be, of la'e, in great Agiration ; and it it believed, that Ibmerhing of very great Importance is on the'Carpet ; the rather, becauie rhe King has declared lie wiil notdifpofe of any of the vacant Emplojmerrs till after the Preliminary Dyets are over. We talk again of an Interview between the King ou'Sovereignand theCzarina a t K o w , b it it is very ur. cerai/ i whither it will takeE; ri£ l; but however that may be, we ate th roughly ierfible that t . v i Courts cannot hold a more pe.' feft Understanding than fybfilts at nreient be'ween this and that of Mofc w. Turin, July i f . The Ki. g has ftrongly reinf reed ths Pi ft of Torra ta, near fijian, which c > vers his Camp, in the Valley of - St. Peter; in which Camp, he has been lately reinfireedby t< jur Buiailionv ; and the Baron de Lautrum is on his March .{ i\, m the Va'ley of S ilk, with four Bat tall i^ ns m re. The Troops that ; vere car.' tor.' d in the Va'aieS of Malra and Grava, are l i k e wife on theirMarch fo join the Royal Army. The Count de la Rocca, ar. d the Vatquis Pallavjcini, have l i k e w i i e j ined i rm wish the Troops wh'ch Were under their C<# nrnand, in. the Valley of Sruta, as well as the Life Guards and the Cavalry. We are fati. fied, that h s Majafty is already at the Head of s j , 6 c o Foot, a,, d 4 o t c Horfe. It is believed, however, tha » his Maj- fty will dra. v 10, coo Men more out of I his ftrong Place « , th i" he may be in a Condition to defend himla.' f, it! Cafe the Prirce of Conti means as hs ; who has puhlickly declared, thar he wou'd fi: ft drive the Royal' Army out of the Field, and thea march diu t l l y to this City. The Firmnefs and Intre p d'ty / l l n by his Majeity, erciturages every one to d > ' heir Du* y cheailully; ardit may be very truly fai^ l, that never Troop* were feen in h'gherSpirit, than our owr. We are preparirg a large Train of Artillery, whici will be ready in a very few Days ; and will then feS forward for the Royal Army. Rome, July 2 5. T h s Pope having refolv'd t ' raife in the Ecc'efiafHck Sta'e. a Reginnentof Dragoon*, and two Regiments of Foot, one of which is to be a'l Grenadiers, rhe Grand Prior Antmii ovi is appointed Colonel of the Grenadier. 1, O unt^ AJbert Bu/ li Colonel of the Dtag'ions, a d the th'rd is given to ths Maiq eis Vhellir The o- her Puits in the- le Regtinenrs are l'kewile filled up. The Militia of Perugia, Arta, Todi and Saff) Ferrato, cor. fifti g of about 4 0 C 0 Men, arriv'd here la ft Monday: They are tn be under the Command of the Governor of : his City and patrol every Night in the feveral Quarters of it. Hague, Auguft 1 3. Gouat Waffenaer, Lord of Twickel, has given the States General an Account of what pifled in the Conferences he has had with the King of France's Minifters, and, in particular, of the Anfwet he received to the Propofals he made them citneerning the Means to bring abeut a general Pacification. M. de Calkoen, late Am ballad or at Cor ftantTnople, has Iikewife informed their H gh MightinefTes of the good Difp jfitions the Purte was in when he came aj^ ay. Exrracf from* ' Private Letter, dated from the Auftrian Head Quarts: sat Hochfelden, Auguit 7, 1744._ ' - i ' In all probability we / kail continue fir f ! tne time in this Camp, where we are in the moil advantageous Situation that it is portable to conceive- The Right Wing is covered by the Body under the Command of General Nadafti » which is fo polled, as entirely to command ibe narrow I'afles of Plabzbourg. General Berentlau, with the Forces under hi* ComtKUKl cover their Left Wing 3 and e x e : d [ their Puftsfrom the ForJft of Brumft quite fo the Rhine. General Ghilani, with h u Corps, is advarced three Leagues beyond the Centre of the Army. ' At the Foot of <>_ ur Camp run; the River Sore, and behind us we have the Motter. Theie two Rivers throw themfelves into the Rhine at Dru'enheirn, where we have fixed our OJommtuiication with theEmpire ; whence we draw, with the^ utmoft Safety and Eafe, whatever Kind of Subfiftence we fht^ uld be at a Lois to find a- Aiface. I muftalfb pbf^ rve that fi) long as our Army continue in this happy Pofiiion, Fort Louis is effa£? ua! ly biock'd UJ a'd altogether ule'efs to the Enemy ; as is all'i) Landau. We lent away Yeiltrday 80 French De'ersers-, in order to cleaii- the Camp of ; htm ; but we have already as ma^ y more, to whom we have given Pafsports. It is obfl rvtd, that moft of them ch> ofe to go to l u l y . - ' It was not as has been reported, the Marqji- s de ChamiHi, but the Marq. il'sde Chatal t t , who commanded at Saverne. M, Coigni and Field MariJial Secticend > rfFcontinue, with their Army, behi d the Canal of Maifheim j wb. e e they are endeavour'u g to fttengthen themie'vss, by drawing all the oJd Troops out of S'tiibuurg and ihe other fttong Places in Alface. It is certain, that thefe Generals have hitherto agreed very we'll t i g e t h e r j but, in all humane Probability, there will not be any . great Harm.. > i » ilv.- ir Counci's, when they are grounded by the Matfhals Noailles and Belleiile, tyho are both to Dims in Comraarvd.' - j ^ S H I P N E W S Deal, Au3 a f t 9. Cam. e l . i i - the Difpatch Tender j » ;' d t^ tmk" his Majafty's. Ship rhe Lenox. Wi. id South. L O N D O N OB Friday* k i t Harvay Adton,' Efq; Corone.- lor fhe County of'Sunvy, fummon'd a Jury to meet at Camherwell,' to enquire in. o tile Dtath of a Female Infant tbat was found in a Bog houfe in that T o w n ; when, after examining jfeveral VVitneffes, it appear'd that the murdor'd Infant was the Baltard Daughter of one Ann Woo: ley, a Gardener's Servant in the Neighbourhood, and that fhe had con* fe'fsu - i > • hen ftie was firft nppreher. ded } on which tlie , - brought her in guilty of Wilful Murder, : -: h a Coroner fent iiis Warrant to the Ne>. ' 1 in Southwark, charging her with the faid 1 fer. Lail Saturday Morning two U'ows, who were convifted at Guilford " Seffiono, ; or counterfeiting the Hands of feve'- al juftices of the Peace, and travelling in Surrey, Suflex, and Hampf] lire, with a falfe Pafs, pretending they were Farmers of Norfollr, ana had fuftamed great Loflfes, were carried from Southwark Bridewell to Guilford, and. vvhipp d from the' Town's End to the Gallows. On Saturday next they are to be whipp'd twice round the Market- Place at Kinglton : The Saturday following they are to undergo the fameDifcipline at Croydon: And on the Saturday Fortnight afterwards, they are to be whipp'dt'rom Bridewell to the Bear at the Bridge- Foot, and back again to Goal, where they are to continue fix Months to hardLalxnir; and are afterwards to be fent for Soldiers to iome of the Plantations in America. They wr ite from Li bon, that a French licens'd Ship for the South Seas, called the Marcfaionefs d'Antin, was wreck'd on New- Years Day in the Mouth of R i o Gr3 id, on the Coaft Brazil ; ail the oii^ p's Company, cor lifting of 400 Men, together with 4 0 Jefuits and 14 Mtfit maries were loft ; her Cargo is valued at a Million of l » iec « t of Eight. They write from Arras, that when the French King received the Difpatehes which the Prtaffian Courier had Orders to deliver into his own Hand, he faid, after he had read them, ' My Brother of Pruflia will k- » p hi* Word and give aiblid Pcace to Europe, Letters fropj Frankfort fay, the French King has propofed raftering the Frontier Towns to tba Dutch, and renouncing all Claims to the L o w Countries, on Condition that the States General obferve a ftrift Neutrality. Private Letters from Berlin fuggeft, that his Pcuftian Majefty has taken Offence at the new . A tance negotiating ^ at Mofcow, which has determined him to march fuch Bodies of Troops as may awe Poland and Saxony, and thereby prevent the Conclufion of any fuch Alliance. >• According; to fome private Letters from the Army in Flanders, M. deSaxehas been again oufcvitted ; inftead of Lille, the Allies intend to befiege Doway, in which, all the heavy Train of Frehch Artillery is laid up. Count de Saxe attempted to reinforce the Ganifon without Effeft. Friday the Lords of the Admiralty appointed Capt, Jacob Archer to be Capt. of the " Winchefter, a tfo Gun t h i p. Xaft Wednefday the Ldrds of the Admiralty appointed Mr. Steward to be Pay Mafter of Chatham Yard in the room o f Mr. Leddington, deceas'd. On Thurfday Edward Strangeways, Efq; was appointed Purvey. > r to the BritifhFtorces at Ofte d Bruges and Ghent in the room ofChriftopher Medlicote, Efq; who has refigVd. Thurfdav carr. e Advice that the Naffau Man of Warhad take', two Spar. ifh Privaree- s, of 2 0 Guns each, and lent them into Gibraltar. Friday came Advice, that the under- mentioned French Ships havs been lately taken by an E. g l i fh Man of War and carried into St. John's in Nevfoundland ; the Crews of which are arrived at Nantz ; as appears by a Letter from ther. ee, dated the 1 i t h of Auguft, N. S. V 7S Che St. Philip, of Dunkirk, The CorCord, of Vannes, The St. Peter, of Nantz, The Venuj, of Rochelle, and The Peace, of Bourdeaux. Two of the above Ships were homewardbound from Martinic and the other three from St. D > mingo. It was on Friday repor'ed that the Kinfale Man of War, in his PafTage to Newfoundland t t o k eleven more Frer. ch Ships than what are above- mentioned: And one of theBriftol Pri vareers fell in with and took two other Martin co Ship*. They came out in one Fleet from Martinico and St. Domingo. Their Lading confifts of Indigo, Cacao, lbme Money, See. Three rich Martinico Ships are taken by the King George Priva'eer, Capr. Cr'afton, the Prince Frederick,' Capt. Dennis, and the Prince William, Captain Allen, all ofRhode- Ifland. The Pretty Betfey, Cole, (" late Hawkirt) bound from Falmouth to Maryland, was taken the 25th of May laft by a Spanifh Ship from the Havannah ; who funk the Ship and carried the People into Cadiz. On Tuefday laft failed from Plymouth his Majefty's Ships the Eltham and Saphire, wi? h the outward- bound Ships under their Convoy. On the 7th Inftant failed fi om Cowes for Mountsbay, an & rmed Sloop, which has been particularly appointed to prote£ l the M/ liery at that Place. Letters from Harwich advife, that laft Saturday two French Privateers appear'd oft that Coalt and funk feveral Fifhing Boats j a Cruelty hardly to be paralleled and if not prevented, the Fiftiing Trade, fo beneficial to England, muft be totally loft. On Friday laft it was currently reported, by the Gentlemen in Exchange- Alley, that the French King was dead ; but fuch invented Storiei will oot always pafs upon the World for Truth. On TaurfdayMorning a Wardmote was held at Leatberfellers- Hall, by Samuel Pennant, Efq; Aldcrmia of Bi/ hopfgate Ward, for the Eiecfria# ef t+ ifee Common- Coirncil Men in the room of Francis Cokayne, Efq; chofen Alderman of Cornhill Ward, and' of Mr. William Poole and Mr. Robert Fawdery,' deceas'd, 1 When the following Gentlemen were chofen without Oppofition, viz. Mr. John Tuff, Grocer; Mr. Henry Hall, Cyder Merchant; and Mr. William Hufley, one of rhe C: ty Atrorr. ies. O11 Thurlday Sir Thomas Sneil.' the prefer, t High Sheriff for Gloucefteriliire, was elected Mafter of the Drapers. Company" for the Year enfuing. La it Monday the P\ ev. Mr.' Alexander Newton, one i f th; Prebendaries of Worcsfter was married at Guildford in Suriey to Mils Maria GonIon, of Brook Stree', Grofvenor Square; a celebrated Beauty with a Fortune of 7000I. Dr. Newton, of Hertford College, Oxon, was lately married to Mils Hickman, Sifter to Sir Willoughby Hickman, Bar., of Derbyfhire a very agreeable Lady with jjoo ® 1. Fortune; Laft Monday Mr. Keeling, an eninent Brewer at Clerkenwell, was married to Mrs, Piummer, Relift « ' f Cornet Hummer, of Hodfdon in Hertford fh ire, an agreeable Lady with a Fortune of 2 5,000 1. On ThurftTay' Morning died at his Seat at Canons, after an Mnefs of three Weeks, the moft noble James Duke of Chandos, fo fairly diftinguiili'd by the Sweetnefsof his Temper, the Fame of his Beneficence, and above all, the . Brotherly f. ove which entitles him to the Notus in Fratres Animi Paterni, and to the Reputation which in Confequence of it, muft lait far Ages. His Grace's Character is too' . extinfive for the- Com pafs of this Paper, and too well known to want a Place in it. The good Man, and the fine Gentleman, will be now, as univerfally lamented, as he was always loved and honoured for his many amiable Qualities : And as for his Failings, ( if he had any ) there is Reafon to believe that he hss fcarcely left behind him fo much as a fingle Enemy to difcovtr them. We hear that Flenry Moore, Efq; will . ba a- Candidate f > r Bifh < ps Caftle in cihropfliire, in the ro< m of ihe Right Humiorable the Marqijs of Carnavon, now Duke of Chand )*, and a Peer of Great Britain. By Letters from Jamaica we have Advice, that the Hon. Daniel Sherrard, Third Son to the Earl of Harborough, and Lieutenant of his Majefty'* Ship the Falmouth, died lately at that Jfland. Laft Tuefday died at Bath, after a few Hours I Inels, Henry Vaughan, Efq; pr. e of his Majefty's Juftices of t h e Peace for the Cour ty of S. ) merlet. On Wednefday about'One o'CIock died at Bath of a lingering lllnefs, Sir Henry H » Keate, Bar*. As he died unmarried, the T i t le defcends to his only Brother, the Rev. William Keate, L. L. D. Laft Week died, at his Seat in N srthumberlaml, Edward Delaval, Ef'qj a Perfon of an undoubted Charatfler, and great Eftate in that County. Laft Wednefday Night died, after a fliort lllnefs at his Houfe in Salisbury- Court, Fleet Street, Mr. Hughes, one of the m > ft confiderable Mafter Taylors of this City 5 reckon'd worth r o , o o o l. On Thurlday Morning died of an Apop'ectick Fit, at his Houfe in O< errd. on- Stre « ', near the Hay- marker, Mr. Hull, a Surgeon'of confiderable Praftice, and cfteemed by his Acquain'ance. Friday Morning died at his Houfe at Newington in Surrey, Mr. Cornwallis, his Majefty's Purveyor fur the Ports of Chatham, Dover, and Deal. Thurfday was enter'd at the Cuftom Houfe, forlmportatton fr im theWeftlndies, upwards of 8oo, ooolb. of Sugar and i o o , o c o l b . of C, co3j the greateft Quantity that has been imported in one Day fur many Years. On Wednesday Night a Woman, who had liv'd f » r fomo Years in St. John's Court, Gow Crofs, hang'd herfelf in her Room, T h e y write from K e t t e r i n g that m tns unhappy Fire there, the Clerk of the Parifh,' who had been in that Office upwards ; of 40 Yeaif-, was unfortunately burnt to Death,' On Wednesday Night a young Gentleman,' whofe Name was Hemnait was f. iand drowned in a Pond near Mary le bone ; h'isi Cloaths were lying at the S i d e of the Pond, and therefore it is co' jedlured he was taken with the Cramp whiffi he was wafl'iing b'mfelf Thurfday Morning a . young Woman well drefs'd, was found fuffocated in a Ditch between Batterfea and Wandfvvorth'; as there were f.' ver. il Marks of Violence; on different Parts of her Body ' tis"'- fuppos'd Ihe was mur~ der'd. E% traft tf d Letter from Cart ere t- C cunty { or Courfj- Snon) inNorth Carolina, Ma) eh - 7 . 1744' . ' A wo:, derful Dtfcovery has Ia'ely been made here of three boiling Springs lying very near each other, in the back Woods between the S. W. and N . W. Branch of New- River j tht^" ooil very much, yet the Water is fo clear that you may fee a Pin i;; the Bottom of each* although the Water is near four'v'oot dee'pj and are fas is reported) about the Bignefsof a Barrel: The Water cureth all Manner of Sickr. efs, Difaafes and other Ailments, and when all Remedies fail'd, many have been recover'd by i t ; it has cur'd fL> m? that har e been falivated twoor three Times and could not be cur'd ; it alfo cur « s fca! d Heads, Ague, Fever, Pains, LT'cers, crippled Limbs, and even the Too h A c h ; f ) that People flock to it from all Parts where they have knowled ? te o f it, and near 160 have been there at one Time, fome 4 ' tisfaid, come n- e< tr 200 Miles; none ever, as I have heard of, went awav without being cur'd ( except the Petticoat Diftemp? r) it wants no Confirmation among us, for many , of our Neighbours have been there j and two Davs ago ten People went from thisPlace in a Whale Boat. If it be carried away from rhe Wells in wooden VefTels it loofeth its Virtue; f > r it works fo ftrongty that it will lul'e all its Strengh and Talte. It fmells and taftes' very ftrongofOil, and makes Peoples Lips and Mouth very greafy. as tboy drink it. The Way that it's us'd ; thsvdriiik out ofone Well and bath themfelva- in the other.' Extract of a Letter jrom Manheim, dated Auguft iz. ' The March of the King of Pruffia is rid longer doubtful, the Eledlor our Sovereign having received Intelligence that a Body of 5 0 , 0 0 0 of his Troops have enteied Bohemia^ and are marching direffly rn- Prag'us, where it was reckoned, they w" u! d arrive To- morr> w, while another Body of 30,000 of the fame Troops march diredlly to Olmuta in Moravia. His Pruffian Majefty has notified to our Sovereign and the other Princes of tha Empire the Motives that induce him to take this Step, i. e. the Go d and Tranquility of the Empire, and the Neceffity he is under to a i t as an A u x i l i a r y to his Imperial Majefty, wsthoutdefigning to make any Conq'lefts for himfelf in particular ( a I s i n t to be ciear'dup* hereaf erj having refolded upon this not ' till after the Court of Vienna's repeated Refufajs to liften to the moft reafonable Propofah for an Accommodation. His Pf. fTun Majefty ha* invited our Sovereign and other Princes of tfcft Empire, to come into his Meafures and to j « n their Troops to his, in Order to put the Emperor a gain in Porfeffion of his D iminionf,' and reftore Peace in Germany. Oar Troops^ to the Number of 14,000, are in Motion, and afe to join the Heffian Troops, and ' tis faid, they will be employed in prelerving the Empire from being plundered by the Auftriart Troops aflually in Alface, who feem to be under a Neceffity to repafs the Rhine. General Berenciau, as we hear, having already laid A Bridge for drawing off the Corps under his Command.' On Sunday Night as one Mr. Weft, a Shopkeeper in Holborn, was goitjg home from the Five Canns in Little Turn- ftile, he was arfack'd by a fingle Fellow, who put his Hand into his Pocket, and robb'd liim of fiime Money j but M » Wtft laid h Id of him, ar cl dragg'd him to the Said Hou.' e, and tent for a Co liable, in order M fecure hirrr for tha; Night, ' till he ewnkl be c u r l e d before a Magiitra- e : hut in a few Minutes a Gtt'g of Villains rufh'd into the Houle, beat every body that but ieerr.' dto oppole rh^ m, and carried off their Fellow Rogue in Triumph. B A N K R U P T S . Henry Williams,, of the Pari/ h of St. Giles in the Fields, in the County of Middlefex, Wollendraper. John Gibos, cf Curzon firmer, near H mover Square, in the County of Middlefex, Dealer and Chapman. Saturday South Sea Stock was N o Price South Sea Annuities i n ' i half. New Sou;.. Sea Annuitie 110 to ,7 3tns. Bank Circulation 5 1.15 s. India 177. Three per Cent. Anitgities 94. Ditto 1743, 94- Ditto 1744, 93 Lottery Tickets t i l . 4 s. C O N Y E h . ^ H A R R I S O N , Efo; having with great Care and Pains, wiote a new Hiltoryoi the Life and Reign of Queen Anne, wherein ail ti e memorable Trai) fa, tio.- s i n h- r Time are i/. ithlully compiled . rom the belt Authorities and imparuahy re< ateci, b e e n prevailed on by ieveral Oi his Friends to print tne f a n e , that fo valuable, a W ork may not be buried m U o l m o n 111 M . S. i n a Study. The faia Work will be printed in One Neat o £ h v o Volume, and will be adorned with many beautiful Heads of the greateit Perfonages, and Copper Plates of the moll rcntarkaole Battles in her Reign; alfo Maps oi Italy, Germa y, and the L ow Countries, the prelent Seats of War, and which were file Seats of War at that T i m e ; that Perfons of all Ranks and Condition may have it in their Power to purchafe it, it will be publiihed Weekly in Three Penny Numbers, andbccompriz'd in Twenty two the firlt of which will be publiihed on Monday the zoth Iv. ftant. h- e W OR LD, performed fiom the Month ol Sep emb> r in the Y- eav I74J>, to June 174.4., by C unfoodore A N S O N, in his Majsfty's Ship the Ceatu ion, h ving under his Command ihe Gloucester, PCIHI, Severn, Wager, Trial, and two Store Sli ip1. B y an O F F I C E R. o f the SQUADRON. This Work rem ains a ve y fai liful and exa& Relation of the many Difficulties aed Da gers the F- eet m t with in th; Voyage. An Account ot the Lofs ot their Ships, atil what dreadful Ivtileries and Htar ifiiips the poor Sailors met with, being forced on deiolate Llands, where . any of ; i< em perilhd or Want. Alfo an A c e unt of the Manner of their L ' v i c g in the Vovago on Seals, wild Horfis, Do^ s, & c. the ere. ifclc Hard t. ips tliey Ireque. tly met with for want of Food of any Kind. The Lo! s of the W » ger, nd the Re. , haviour of the Captain, ( who that one ot Lis Matesj the Officers and the Crew, fully and iai. hiuliy ) elated T eir plundering and dcltroying th: City ot I'ayta, where the Commodore gtx iiriraenie Riches, and 1ns ( ailing alter wards into the We>;- Indies, where he was well received by the Vice King of China, whs furnifhed him with ProviGoiis and Bth-. r Neceffaries to enable him to purfue his Voyage to gUnd, with a particular Account of his taking the rich Aquap'tico- Ship. This Book will give a compleat Defcription of the icveral Places w: ere the Fleet touch'd : how they plundered and dlftrifleJ the Spaniar's , th Mann rs. Cuftoms, Religion, : T; a e and M . nufatlpres of the People who inhabit rbi* . largfc, tho* a; raoit . unknown t'artof t: e ^ Vorld, trc. Tlie whole will be certainly concluded 11115 Numbers, a. th* Price of Two- pence each, and wi. l neatly piiatcd in OSav. , containing a P a g e s : and a fiumbet wis! b » dtlivtr'd every . Saturday Morning ttire ' din biue P^ pc till finifli'd ; and wi; n Number I. will be given gratis a Print of c ommodore Aafotr. Such as pleafe to encourage this Work ffiall be c s i e f J ly fupply'tjby fen/ iiiu to R. Walker, Printer, in Fieet- Lane ; ® r by fpcaking to any of the News Cauieis, or to ' he Peron who fej- vts this Paper. Of whoni may be had any or aU cf the former Numbers J O H N E A S T M A N , STAY- MAKER, A N D C S N & D ' I - C O A T - M A K E S . , At No. 9, Rei CrcJs- C. ourT, Great Tewer- Jir- eer, Servant to ths late : M<\ H U GH A N D R E W , of Leicester fields, LONDON, dcceafed. T o all E courjg « ri cf FAIR T R A DR WH E R E A S fever* 1 Pretenders have adver. tifed to malts STAYS with : he bed i f Materials, and covered all over tiitb Tabby at very inconfiderable Prices ; nay, lome liave propo cd ihj like f jr a Guinea % Pair, whicl) are Offers not only detrimental to the Fair Tieder, bnt extremely p'rejudical to the well meaning Calfomer, as Hund- eds can, bythei. own fad F,*- pe. iencc too well ttfftify.- Such Perfons, therefore, who are willing to avoid the above Snares, and will ple. fe to encourage my Kideavours, may depend on be ng faithtully ferVcd by me with the btfl of Wcrk at a moderate Price: An> I am determined o be always provided with th. very bed i f Mateiials and Afliftances, to perform, what I propofe in the molt compjeac Manner. And that thc. fi who ihall ple. fe to f i v ^ ursie with their Gott niaflci, may not be deceived in their Expectations, it they dillikt my Propofals when 1 meafure th- m, or my Work when I try it on, they areas welcome CO refufe it as if their fiift Order had not been given: Therefore I hope none will take it the worfe of me hr taking this Method of making my felf known '. o ti » ? Publkk , the Reafon is 1 have a vtry large Fain iy to mtin'ain, and but few Friends corecommei dme: And further to oblige thofe, who would r . ' h r ha e thj Beauty o New S: ays often, than to go to a r aftnable Price for a real good Pt r at firlt, they fliall be as well fe. v. d by ms, at any of thtfe aforementioned Pretenders Prices; but with this Difference, I will not make any Perfin belLve they are the vary beft Work, wh 11 ' cis impolfibie, beuufe tney may look fair to the Kye, yet they fh; ll be made as good as any Mail can make for t h r P i i c e ; fo t . at n/ Pcrfon need to fear the ' ea: t Iinpofition fr m me, lor 1 will always fia'd to the Proof ot my Work, and make i t j , o o i gratis, if it pr ' Vts not according to the Price and Ex . eclat ons of every one that fiia. ll pleafe to employ me. But to fuppofe thac thefe Pretenders can make the very belt of Work fo much cheaper th n o: her Men, is imp, < fible j the very beft o f - Bone, Tabby, Silk, Trimmings, and Journeymens Wages, brill" at f tt Prices, and not to be hid cheaper by o » than another, as any Perion may inform themfelvei, by aski g any D. aler in the aforemention'd Commo i t i e s ; and as 1 propofe nothing but what is/ ult ai d honourable, 1 lltall leave thofe that try o n , to judbe with how mnch Hjnour 1 ait, who am, Gentlewomen, You' mo'l humhle and obedient Servant to command, J O H N E A S T M A N . Note, I will wait on any one cn Notice given by Letter or otherwife, at any DiltanCe, rot exceeding twelve M'les trom London, without further Trouble Charge, or any Abatement in the Good efsof their Work whatever. Nor ( hall any Man deal fairer or work cheaper ; which I can do by reafon l buy and fell with and tor r « ady Money only. Dr. Rock's truly- fam'd Antivenerea' Els£ tu3ry. To be had at bis Houje, the bottom of liintfs Arms Court on L d^ are Hi'I, o- ne t 2) oor to the Shepherd and Goat Ahbo. fa at the Uitch- Side. BE I N G a c h o ' c c C o m p o f i t i n n madf- « p of Ingredients tiuly valuable for their beir. g- Vcry righdy adapted to cxpe. the Ventretrl Inlefto: . Wr'ti" certainty cures f'elh Claps and carries tht Rr. k : tl~ cured Old- ones, be tli » y evil' fo obstinate j it n » fpreading Malignity, at ratlin, by its infinu& ting Fa ultj" . the Venom, or morbific Matter, ( a* a Loadft . nt doea' Tron ; heals, ( lengthens arid » 1JV goiatea th « r. i(. Parts, vri. ho: t ( as is common) leaving any RemiSa" df; Taint bcain ,. This it p- rforms lo gently and pleafantly, t- a -' fee Nature's Band- maid, only by giving an , a f v Help th « moK besign Manner imaginable, foi'certainly '- ji , afy Opeiation may be juftly fj. deemed. Tnc Do.' r ; s but . riv: a. ' i iB ! , , ui m « ' s than a fmali Nuem- g. a. rvy Way tuiceii to the nicrlt Palace, a.- msfcat • n. As therefore the who- ig Phyfical Proftifien cannot fu: n. . U a more efficacious Rfrnedy, fo kind and mild n its Operation, always afti with < ertainty anj Satety all ^ b* various Intentions of Cure. 1 thail ther. fort fay noth'nu more o. its i . ' ir EscoeUency, fo many av; ng areadv experienced - h „ id F. Rf e f l s tntreo', a a leave it to pave its . wn Way ior tii » genera' Good of Ma. ikihd. Any Meffcng^ r may have ir at my Houfe aforefaid, only asking for a Six Shilling Pot ot Electuary for the Ri. earn at ifm. W H I T E - C R O S S - S T R E E f , A: the Surgeon's Sign near Red lycx- Ma kef, ( S Luke's, fortnerl Cripplegate Tar ifn} ' V E T H G. W E S T , S u x - t o n, who cureth all Symptoms of the FRENCH DISTEMPER, :| jWJ) cther fivfli co^. tradied, or of long Com!.. trance T by a ncv . yt and fure Method: And a Recent CLAP in. few Dais, without Coi. ti'- ehnenr, Hindrance of Buf. n- s, or tU;- Knowh dgc of a< ___ . ,. d: ellow.- And us tot fuch uidoi^ fc a[ e PerhfcdCiaai=- J » f fonygfco by Ncgl ft of themli ive.-, o for want of the timely tT^ of my Nev: r ailing Rotne..- ies. 1 i& under the mifnrable CirCuiSitances of virtdem H ' 0s OH Gleets, Heat of Urine, Cprdee . But es, .- ha- i tumtfy'd Teflicles, Ulcers in the Nofe or Tl'roa:, Daily or No& ureal Pains, or other filthy > yrap'. nis *<, < J . < g this DiUetnp- r, I cure according to uiv fce. t appiovec 4?- cbod now in Pra£ tice. N- B. la the Paflage go'ng to Red Lyon Market. By the T mbev- Merchant's, is a Back- door, la Surgeon's Sign hangr ine . ver ie, that ieads to my llo- u1?, t S " Advice and proper Remedies ' n all Calesin Surgery. L Dr. Newman's Famous Anti- venereal PIL'L. Which to the Surprize of all. who take it cures all JDegre: s of the Venereal 1 i l e a f e j it fpeedily removes Pains in the Head, Aims of Legs, takes av ay the Running, Coi*- dees, Heat of. Uiine, Sorenefi and ( nlla.! i; nariou of the Parts, or any old Gleets, though of many Ye rs flandinji, it perleflly cures wiihout Hin- I r r ^ p ^ ^ ^ C l ^ ^ ^ diance of Buftnefs, or Confineir. ent o n 2 Hour . Nay, if you have Nodes, tumefied Tefticlts, pocky V/ arts, Buboes, Sharkers, Phymofes, Paraphymoles, Ulcers in the Throat or Palate, tor if you are in Scabs and Blotches from Head to Foot, iu a fhort time you will be well, two or three beingfulHcienc when the Diltemper is gentle or fredt contracted : If it has been long on the Patient, or in the Blood, a few mora are required for a Cure. There is but one in a Dofe, no bigger than a ( mall Pea, having neither Talle or Smeil, and are fold at fo eafy a Price as Two Shillings each They are likewife put into Boxes of Half a Guinea to a Guinea Price, being fufficient in the worfl Cafes. Whera may be had ready to be delivered to any Meifenger, th$ only Medicine in the World for all Seminal WettkiiefTeSj, trom Falls, Blows, Wrenches, Strains, hard Labour,, Mifcarriages Fluor Aibus in Women, the Remains eft Mercury unskilfully prtpared, foul fettling in the Urine,, old Gleets, Relicksof the Venereal i ilVafe, il damaged by Self- Pollution, a Dripping of Matter, I'ain in the Back,, or often Occafion to make Water, and Weaknefs of the Vefiels after any former Curp, at Five Shiliingsa Vial. Ix ought to be t k e j af'er every Cure, to flreugthen the Body after the Phyfick. Not:, Thefe Pills and Drops - - B be readily fent by the Polt to any Part of Englann, if you f « cd your Money in a Letter by the Stage Coaches. J l-' kewife have a Chemical Water that cures the Itch, and -. 11 Itchy Breakings out. I liave an Elefluary which cures Ctiughs, Colds, Shortnefs of Breath, Althma's, Confumpti > n , vit r e i ! o't Appetites, and purifiei the B'loo.' It is at- infallible Remedy* tor the Gravel and Stone at j .-•. 6 d. j s. and IOS. 6 d. th » Gallipot, with printed D reftions. Attendance is given every Day by the Auti. or, a r r a ua'e Pliyfician, who liveth at the Bine Ball hi Hand Court, atmoft over- againft theTnrnflile, Holborii. Advice Gratis. L O N D Q N I Printed for J. N I C H O L S O N , near Black- and- white- Court in the Old- Easley.
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