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The Caledonian Mercury


Printer / Publisher: Thomas and Walter Ruddimans 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3002
No Pages: 4
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The Caledonian Mercury
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The Caledonian Mercury

Date of Article: 26/06/1739
Printer / Publisher: Thomas and Walter Ruddimans 
Address: Parliament Close, Edinburgh
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3002
No Pages: 4
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Num 3oo2 The Caledonian Mercury. Edinburgh, Tuesday, June 16, 1739. Wye's Letter, verbatim, London, June 21. our last arrived a French Mail. BY which they tell us from Vienna, that an Action had happened between the Imperialists and Turks near Ratscha, in which General Olme and 2000 Germans were killed, but that the Turks lost 4000 Men. From Jamaica, that some of the Spaniards on board the Tartan lately carried in there, had died, and that the rest were condemned, as Pyrates, to hang in Chains. Under the present Juncture it cannot be very agreeable to us to hear, that a Treaty of Alliance offensive and defensive is concluded between Spain and France, into which the Kings of the two Si- cilies and Sardinia are invited and that this Trea- ty will be published on the Celebration of the Marriage of Don Philip with Madam of France: By this Treaty each of them is to keep in Readi- ness for the Use of the other 30,000 Men to march on the first Orders, also 20 Men of War, & c. and that a Marriage is on the Tapis between Pr. Charles of Lorrain and the 2d Madam of France. Mean time it is still said, that an Express is hour- ly expected from Spain ; and as that Nation has lowered the Interest of Money, it shews they are much in want of it: Which with the News she has or shall receive of our great and powerful Sea Armaments, and conscious of the many Provoca- tions she has given us, must incline her to think that it will fall heavy at last, and consequently ex- cite her to a hearty and sincere Desire of comply- ing with our Terms. The Conferences at Madrid seem to be at a Stand, the Marquis de Villarias having represented to Mr. Keene in very smart Terms, that the Bri- tish Court did not conduct itself with the Sincerity expected, having failed in what it had solemnly stipulated, as if little concerned about keeping its Promise to Sir Tho. Geraldino, viz. That Admi- ral Haddock's Squadron should be recalled but instead of that, it had received Orders to sail to and remain at Gibraltar, and this at a Time when the Galleons were expected from the West Indies. It is not ( said the Marquis) that we are in the least afraid of Admiral Haddock's undertaking any thing, we are quite easy in that Respect; but it is to shew you, that your Court, instead of perform- ing its Promises, acts altogether contrary to them. All this every Body must look upon as nothing but a Spanish Rodomantade, no such Promise having been made, but upon Condition that the Articles of the Convention on the Part of Spain should have been exactly performed. The S. S. Company have dispatched Orders to all their Factors or Agents in Spain ; and ' tis said they have sent for their Effects in Mexico, which amount to a considerable Sum, which the Spani- ards threaten to sequester: But as the Stopples are now supposed to be taken off the Mouths of the British Guns, tis ten to one that more than Spa- nish Ears must pay for their Insolence and Depre- dations. Sir Thomas Geraldino continues still here, but we know not how long. It was even this Day talked on Exchange, that Admiral Haddock had had an Engagement with the Spaniards, and had taken and sunk several Spanish Ships. Mean time we have such groundless Reports raised on Ex- change as were formerly by the Jews and Stock- jobbers on the Alley. The ten Regiments from Ireland are expected over the 1st of next Month. ' Tis said the 3 Re- giments of Guards will encamp in Hide- Park. And yesterday the Recruiting Officers fet out for all Parts, proposing to complete their Corps by the End of July i each Voluntier is to have four Guineas. Yesterday the Commissioners for Victualling the Navy bought several 300 Ton- Ships, as Vi- ctuallers or Transports for his Majesty's Service. ' Tis said Rear- Admiral Balchen is to hoist his Flag aboard the Russel of 80 Guns, at Chatham, which was yesterday put in Commission - 3 also the Sunderland. Yesterday a great Number of Men impressed in Westminfter, & c. were carried by a strong Guard on board the Yachts. At the same time the Pro- clamation has the desired Effect, for Voluntiers flock to inlist. This shews they only wanted En- couragement. m mm L O N D O N , J im 21. They write from Paris, that there is now great Likelihood of a Peace between the Emperor and the Turks, which evidently manifests itself by the Court of Vienna's shewing less Aversion to a sepa- rate Peace than heretofore. Great Notice has been taken of a Discourse that the Prince de Lich- tenstein held at Versailles, where he said, That the Emperor my Master had not undertaken this War, but at the Solicitation of Russia. He has done all he could to employ the Turks in Hun- gary : But it was impossible for him to forsee the fatal Events which have befallen him amongst tbe rest, that of the Plague, against which the utmost Human Power is insignificant. One need not therefore be afraid to advance, that his Im- perial. Majesty is no longer in a Condition of continuing the War, and is under an absolute Necessity of making Peace. letter from Charles Town in S. Carolina April 5. The Spaniards of St. Augustin, near Georgia, have issued a Proclamation, giving Freedom to all white Servants, and Negroe or Indian Slaves, belonging to Carolina, Purisburg, or Georgia, that will go over to them, and have allotted them Land near St. Augustin, where upwards of 700 have been received, to the great Loss of the Planters of those Parts, which will prove their Ruin if a Stop is not put to such vilianous Proceedings. This is a certain Proof of their In- tent to attack Georgia, in which Case these Ser- vants and Slaves will be their Pilots and our worst Enemies, Private Letters from Brest say, that 17 Sail of Men of War have lately sailed from that Port, by Two, Three and Four at a Time ; and that Ten Sail more were equipping with great Diligence in ether Ports, the Men working even on Sunday ; and that the third Class of the Register'd Seamen had received Orders to be ready to be ship'd at a Day's Warning. Two of his Majesty's Messengers are gone over to the Hague, with his Excellency Mr. Walpole, to be dispatched as Occasion requires. An Order is come to the Commissioners of the CustomS that all foreign Ships have Leave to depart with their Cargoes- tho the Embargo is to continue 6 Weeks. Last Night died suddenly. at Dartford the Rev. Mr Whitfield the famous Methodist, who was soon to have embarked for Georgia. Last Tuesday the Lord Mayor of this City granted 400 Warrants for impressing of Seamen within the Bounds of the City. And the same Day and yesterday Morning, the Marshal, attended by the Constables, & c. im- press'd 250 Men. Yesterday new Commissions of the Peace for most of the Shires in Scotland, passed the Great Seal as did also new Commissions of tbe Peace for the County of Somerset, and the Isle of Ely, in the County of Cambridge. His Majesty's Ship the Shoreham, Capt. Bos- cawen,' is sailed for her Station in the W. Indies. S. S. Stock 92 x half a 1 qr. a 93. EDINBURGH, June 26. Tuesday last the Lords of Session determined the Cause betwixt Mr. Lyon Pursuer, and Miss Blair Defendant, relating to the Estate of Kin- fawns, in favours of Miss Blair, without dividing. Yesterday the High Court of Justiciary went a- gain upon the Trial of the noted James Ratcliff, alias Walker, alias Rattray, alias Black, for House- breaking, Theft, & c. The Pannel discovered during the Trial a peculiar Mettle, and a compe- tent Taste of the Laws, in cross- questioning the Witnesses by pertinent Interrogators, and appeal- ing to their Souls and Consciences, & c. At Night the Jury inclosed, and at 1 this Afternoon are to return a Verdict Their Lordships delayed pas- sing Sentence on Robert Thomson for a few Days. Letters this Post from London advise, that Or- ders are issued for the 4 Regiments of Horse, and 8 of Dragoons in Britain, to take up their Horses from the Grass. The Prospect of a War has raised the Premium of Insurance to foreign Ports, but that to Spanish Ports they refuse writing at any rate. This Day, the 2d Day of the Moon, it is ^ High Water at Leith, Forenoon, at 3 o'clock, 30 M. Afternoon, at 3, 54 M. Wednesday, Fore- noon, at 4, 18 M. Afternoon, at 4,42 M. Thurs- day, Forenoon, at 5, 6 M. Afternoon, at 5, 30 M. Whitehall, June 19. The following Paper is published by Order of the Trustees nam'd in an Act of Parliament, in- tituled, All for providing a Reward, to Joanna Stephens, upon a proper Discovery to be made by her, for the Use of the Pu. blick, of the Medicines prepared by her for the Cure of the Stone. A full Discovery of the Medicines given by me Joanna Ste- phens, for the Cure of the Stone ' Gravel; and a par- ticular Account of my, Method of preparing and giving it. MY Medicines are a Powder, a Decoction, and Pills. The Powder consists of Egg Shells and Snails, both calcined. The Decoction is made by boiling some Herbs ( together with a Ball which consists of Soap, Swines- Cresses burnt to a Blackness, and Honey) in. Water. The Pills consist of Snails calcined, Wild Carrot Seeds," Burdock Seeds, Ashen Kevs, Hips and Hawes, all burnt to a Blackness, Soap and Honey. The Powder is thus prepared : Take Hens Egg Shells vell drained from the Whites, dry and clean; crush them small with the Hands, and fill a Crucible of the 12th Size ( which contains nearly 3 Pints) with them lightly ; place it in the Fire , and cover it with a Tile then heap Coals over it, that it may be in the midst of a very strong clear Fire till the Egg shells be calcined to a greyish White, and acquire an acrid salt Taste: This will take up 8 Hours at least. After they are thus calcined, put them into a dry clean earthen Pan, which must not be above 3 Parts full, that there may be Room for the Swel- ling of the Egg shells in Slaking- Let the Pan stand unco- vered in a dry Room for 2 Months, and no longer. In this Time the Egg Shells will become of a milder taste, and that Part which is sufficiently calcined, will fall into a Powder of such a Fineness as to pass through a common Hair- Sieve; which is to be done accordingly. In like manner, Take Garden Snails with their Shells, cleaned from the Dirt, fill a Crucible of the same Size with them whole, cover it, and place it, in a Fire, as be- fore, till the Snails have done smoaking, which will be in about an Hour, taking care that they do not continue in the Fire after that. They are then to be taken out of the Crucible, and immediately rubbed in a Mortar to a fine Powder, which ought to be of a very dark grey Colour. Note, If Pit- Coal be made use of, it will be proper, in or- der that the Fire may burn the sooner clear on the Top, that large Cynders, and not fresh Coals, be placed upon the Tiles - which cover the Crucibles. These Powders being thus prepared take the Egg Shell Powder of 6 Crucibles, and the Snail Powder of One, mix them together, rub them in a Mortar, and pass them thro' a Cypress Sieve. This Mixture is immediately to be put up into Bottles, which must be close stopped, and kept in a dry Place for Use. I have generally added a small Quan- tity of Swines- Cresses burnt to a Blacknesss, and rubbed fine ; but this was only with a View to disguise it. The Egg Shells may be prepared at any time of the Year, but it is best to do them in Summer. The Snails ought on- ly to be prepared in May, June, July, and August; and I esteem those best which are done in the first of these Months. The Decoction is thus prepared: Take 4 Ounces and a half of the best Alicant Soap, beat it in a Mortar with a large Spoonful of Swines- Cresses burnt: to a Blackness, and as much Honey as will make the whole of the Consistence of Paste. Let this be formed into a Ball. Take this Ball, and Green Chamomile or Chamomile Flowers, Sweet Fennel, Parsley and Burdock Leaves, of each one Ounce. When there are not Greens, take the same Quantities of Roots; cut the Herbs or Roots, slice the Ball, ani boil them in two Quarts of soft Water half an Hour, then strain it off, and sweeten it with Honey, The Pills are thus prepared: Take equal Quantities by Measure, of Snails calcin'd as before; of Wild Carrot Seeds. Burdock Seeds, Ashen Keys, Hips and Hawes, all burnt to a Blackness, or, which is the same thing, till they have done smoaking ; mix them together, rub them in a Mortar, and pass them through a Cypress Sieve. Then take a large Spoonful of this Mix- ture, and 4 Ounces of the best Alicant Soap, and beat them in a Mortar with as much Honey as will make the whole of a proper Consistence for Pills. Sixty of which are to be made out of every Ounce of the Composition. The Method of giving thefe Medicines is as follows : ' When there is a Stone in the Bladder or Kidneys, the Powder is to be taken 3 times a Day, viz. In a Morning after Breakfaft, inthe Afternoon about 5 or 6, and at go- ing to Bed. The Dofe is a Dram Averdupoiz, or 56Grains, wh: ch is to be mixed in a large Tea Cup full ofWhite- wine, Cyder, or Small Punch; and half a Pint of the Decoftion is to be drank, either cold or milk- warm, after every Dofe. Thefe Medicines do frequently caufe much Pain at firft ; in which Cafe it is proper to give an Opiate, and repeat it as often as there is Occafion. If the Perfon be coftive during the Ufeof them, let him take as much Lenitive Eleftu3ry. or other Laxative Me- dicine as may be fufficient to remove that Complaint, but not more: For it muft be a principal Care at all Times to prevent a Loofenefs, which would carry off the Medicines; and if this does happen, it will be proper to increafe the Quantity of the Powder, which is allringent, orleflen that oftheDecoftion, which is laxative, or take fome other fuit- able Means by the Advice of Phyficians. ^ During the Ufeof thefe Medicines, the Perfon ought ta abftain from fait Meats, red Wines, and Milk, drink few Liquids, and ufe little Exercife, that fo the Urine may be the more ftrongly impregnated with the Medicines, and the longer retained in the Bladder. If the Stomach will not bear tbe Deco& ion, a 5th Part' of the Ball made into Pills muft be taken after every Dofe of tbe Powder. Where the Perfon is aged, of a weak Confiitution, or much reduced by Lofs of Appetite, or Pain, the Powder muft have a greater Proportion of the calcin'd Snails than according to the foregoing Direction; and this Proportion may be inCreafsd fuitably to the Nature of the Cafe, till there be equal Parts of the two Ingredients, The Quan- tity alfo of both Powder and Decoition may be leffened for the fame Reafons. But as Toon as the Perfon can bear it, he fhould take them in the above- mentioned Proporuons and Quantities. Inllead of the Herbs and Roots before- mentioned, I have fomirtmesufedothers, as Mallows, Marfh mallows, Yar-; row redand white, Dandelion, Water- CrefVes, and Horfs Radifh Root, but do not know of any material Difference. This is my Manner of giving the Powderand Decoftion. As to the Pills, their chief Ufe is in Fits of the Gravel, at- tended with Pain in rhc Back and Vomi: ing, an4 in Sup- preffi. ins of Uur. e from a Stoppage in the'Ureters. la thefe Cafes, the Per for; is ro take 5 Pills every Hour, Day and Night, when awake, till the Complaints he removed. They will alfo prevent the Formation of Gravel and Gra- vel- stones in Confiitutions fubjt-& to breed them, if 10 or i<; be taken every Day. jf « « e 16, 1739. ' y. STEPHEN.?, And this Day Mrs, Joanna Stephens- was paid the Sum o£ 5C0.0 1. for the abovs Difcovery. ADVERTISEMENTS. That there is a Decreet of Certification againft the Cieditors of the deceafl" William Martine ol Harwood, which was put lip in the Minuti• book the Day of Ju.' ie current : This is therefore adveitiling the fiver a 1 Credicors of the faid dcceaft William Martine toproduce their like refis in the Hands of Thomas. Gibfon one of the Under- slerks of Selfion, Clerk to the Ranking and Sale of the Lands of Harwood and Murraylton, & c. which j> er- tainedto him, and that betwixt p.- nd the laft Day of July next, agair. lt whidaTime the DjJcreec of Certification ' w » iY > be extracted,- ALEXANDER DUNBAR Merchant, at his Wine and Spirit Ware- house at tbe Head of Bess- wynd opposite to the Tolbooth, Edinburgh, sells for ready Money all kinds of Wines and Spirits, at the lowest Prices, viz. REd and White Wines, Zerry, Canary, Malaga, and sundry other Wines, all fresh and good of their kinds; Brandy, Rum and Arrack of the best kinds, neat as im ported; Aquavitas, Cinnamon, Limon, Orange, Speirmint and Annise Waters, Irish Usquebaugh, Genever, with sun- dry other Home Spirits all exceeding good, done by the best Hands, to be had at the same Rates as in any Shop or Distiller's Warehouse; To that Families and others may depend upon being duly served with all sorts of Wines, Foreign and Home Spirits, of the best kinds: And to pre- vent Embezlement, or Servants going elsewhere, a Seal will be put on the Bottles with the Price paid; or if the Goods are demanded in Stoups, a Bill of the Goods and Price with the proper Seal will be sent along with the Goods. Such Gentlemen as incline for a Bowl at their Lodgings will be readily served with the best of Spirits, Fruits and Sugar, or with Sheerbed, done after the most approved Method, at the lowest current Prices. * N. B. Best of Wines, Punch and Drams are sold at Mr. Dunbar's House, immediately above the Warehouse and in the Back Apartments of the Warehouse as formerly; and such as send for the smallest Quantity to their Houses will be thank- fully and reasonably served at all Times. That the Good Ship The PROVIDENCE of Bor- rowstounness, one of the London Packets. Burthen about 90 tuns, British built, John Henderson Master, with her haill Furniture and Apparelling, as she now lies in the Harbour of Leith, will be exposed to Sale, by way of pu- blick voluntary Roup on Thursday the 5th of July next, betwixt the Hours of 2 and 4 Afternoon, at Brodie's Cof- feehouse in Leith, where the Inventary of said Ship and Conditions of Roup may be seen, as also in the Hands of David Ramsay Shipmaster in Leith. That upon the 30th Day of August next, betwixt the Hours of 2 and 4 Afternoon, there will be exposed to voluntary Roup and Sale, within the Sheriff clerk's Office in Perth, the Lands of EASTER CAPUTH, with the haill Pertinents thereof, lying within the Barony of Ichtuthill, Parish of Caputh, and Shire of Perth, holding Feu of Mr. Kenneth Mackenzie of Delvin Advocate, and paying of yearly free Rent 16 Bolls Bear, i4Bolls 2 Firlots Meal, and 317 1. 11 f. 4 d> of Money, besides the Liberty and Privi lege of Moss and Muir for Fewel. The Rental, Articles of Roup, and Progress of Writs, are to be seen in the Hands of George Richardson Writer in Edinburgh; and the Rental and Articles of Roup in the Hands of Alexander Wood Writer in Perth. f § f That the Magistrates of K1RKALDY have resol- ved, that there shall be an ANNUAL MARKET held in that Town, on the first Wednesday of July; where will be sold, Custom- free for three Years, all Sorts of White Linnen, Chequered Linnen, Tyking, and other Home- Ma- nufactures. All manner of Encouragement will be given, and Civility shewn, both by the Magistrates and Inhabit tants, to the Merchants and others. By ADJOURNMENT, to be sold by voluntary Roup on Thursday the 28th of June inst. betwixt the Hours of 3 and 4 Af- ternoon , in the Laigh Coffee- house of Edinburgh, The Lands of BERRYHAUGHS, holding of the Crown, lying within the Parish of Coldingham and Shire of Ber- wick, upon the Water of Eye, two Miles above Aytone, paying of yearly free Rent 853 I. 7 s. Scots, besides Kains and Carriages, and having the Convenience of a good Peat moss, and a House well finished, and Inclosures. The Rental and Progress of Writs to be seen in the Hands of Mr. James Baillie Writer to the Signet, at his House over- against the Head of Marlin's Wynd. By ADJOURNMENT, That the Lands and Barony of CARBERIE, lying in the Shire of Edinburgh and Parish of Inveresk, holding Blanch of the Crown, and paying yearly about 60001. Scots of free Rent; Are to be sold at a publick voluntary Roup in the House of Patrick Grant Vintner in Edinburgh, up- on Tuesday the 31st Day of July next, betwixt the Hours of 3 and 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, The Rental of which Estate, with the Progress of Writs and Articles of Roup, are to be feen in the Hands of Mr. Alexander Macmillan Writer to the Signet, at his Writing- chamber in James's Court. N. B. The Lands are to be sold with or without the Coal, as can be agreed upon with the Purchaser. . Dropt from a Gentleman, in the Month of May last, betwixt Edinburgh and Clifton- hall, A Double POCKET- BOOK, ot Red Turkey Leather, containing several Papers that are of no manner of Use but to the Owner, other than a 10 L Note of the Royal Bank. Whoever will deliver the Pocket book to the Publisher of tbe Caledonian Mercury, ' who is ready to prove the Pro- perty; shall have the 10l Note, besides the Gentleman's Friendship, and no Questions asked. Whereas several Persons of late have very much destroyed the GAME, by hunting, fowling and shooting within the Lands and Estate belonging to JAMES Duke of HAMILTON and BRANDON., and likewise destroyed the Fishing in the Waters belonging to his Grace: These are therefore to advertise all concerned, that whoever shall hunt, fowl, shoot or fish within the said Duke his Lands or Waters in Time coming, without a Licence un- der his Hand, shall be prosecuted and punished as Law di- rects; all former Licences granted by him being hereby recalled. Upon the 20th of July next, betwixt the Hours of 2 and 4 Afternoon, the Five Pound Land of ALLANTON is to be exposed to Sale by voluntary Roup in Muirhead's Coffeehouse. The Lands ly in the Parish of Galston and Shire of Air, hold Blanch of the Earl of Marchmont, are capable of being much improved, and have plenty of Lime, Stone and Coals within a quarter of a Mile. The Pro- prietor hath Right to the Teinds, and the Tenants pay the haill publick Burdens. They will be sold jointly or se- parately as Purchasers incline. The Rental, Rights of the Lands, and Conditions of Sale to be seen in the Hands of William Crawford Writer, at his Chamber in Libberton's Wynd, Edinburgh. EDINBURGH: Printed For and By Thomas and Walter Ruddimans. Sold at the Print- ing- house in the Parliament- close ; where Advertisements and Subscriptions are taken in.
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