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The County Journal or, the Craftsman


Printer / Publisher: R. Francklin Caleb D'Anvers
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 264
No Pages: 4
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The County Journal or, the Craftsman
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The County Journal or, the Craftsman

Date of Article: 24/07/1731
Printer / Publisher: R. Francklin Caleb D'Anvers
Address: Covent-Garden, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 264
No Pages: 4
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if. iO M E late Occurrences and Pro- ceedings ha\ e induced me once more to reconfider my own Conduct ana compare it with the Conduct of my A iveifaries. Though I hive fre- l- quently done This upon particular Occaftons; yet I apprehend that it w —_ will be of Service, at prefent, to lay the Sum of ou life Confroverfies in one View before the Publick. Such a curfory Recapitulation will not ( inly juftify my Writings, but naturally bring us back to the great Poiyt in P a'e, fromybicK.' our Adverfariei have endeavoured to divert us byperfonal Abufe, and ex- traordinary Appeals to the fitcular Arm• The general Defign of this Paper hath been fufRciently cxpiain'd upon feveral Occ. ifions ; particularly in my late Dedication to the People tf En.' land. What We proposed to ourfelves, in this Undertaking, may he funim » d up in a Very few W > rds. It was prft, to eftablilh thofe general Pr nciples of Government, upon which the true Intereil, H; ppinefs and Glory of this Nation aFe founded, and upon which only They can fubfifl ; feeonily, to give our Countrymen, from Time to Time, a genuine Account' and Information of all great Tranfactions of State} which might occur, whilft We continued to write. This was the Defign, which We profe/ s'd at our firft fettingout; which We hive hitherto purfued with in- flexible Conflmcy ; and which We arc Hill determined to purfue, unlets fonic Ait of Po:- er fh mid render it ab- folutely impracticable.— This is .1 Dcfigu fo honeft, fo juft, fo legal, fo neceflary, and therefore io popular, that even the Men, who are hired to wrile gain ft us, . have not dared directly to attack it ; and yet their Attacks have really and in Truth been level'd againft the Defign itfelf, ' and not, as They preter. d, againft our Manner of con- ducting it. They have therefore endeavoured to fix other Defigns upon us by filfe Interpretations given to feveral Parts of our Writings. Thefe Interpretations have been nccalion OIy refired ; and therefore I { hall on- ly obferve here, that fuppofing my Defign to be what I profefs, I cannot fee, upon Recollection. how it is pof- fible to carry it 011 in any other Manner than That, which I have hitherto purfuid, and upon which the Objecti- ons againft me are founded ; from whence it follows, by jieceflary Conference, that the Objections are made to the Defign itfelf, and not to the Manner of conduc- ing it. I will not pret nd to fay that no particular • E xpreflions have ever fallen from my Pen, or from the Pens of my Correfpondents, in the Hurry of writing, or the Warmth of a juft Oppofition, which may not be wrefled to bear fome malicious Comments. If there are any fuch Paf- i'ages, or Exprellions in my Writings, I have often de- clared my Readinefs to explain, or retract then, and am very forry tliey fhouid give an Umbrage, which I did not intend. But whit I muft infill upon is, that the general Tenor of thefe Writings hath been anfwerable to the profefied, original Defign of them. This general Tenor muft be preferved, or We muft abandon Qur De- fign, and Thofe, who write againft us, mull be left to give what Accounts they pleafe of publick Affairs, and make what Impreflions They are able on the Minds of Men, without Contradiction ; the Confequences of which will be immediately explained. But what is this Manner of writing, to which fo many Objections have been made ; or how is it poflible to avoid thefe Objections, if We purfue our Defign? We know very well, by Experience, how far our Adverfaries are willing to allow the Liberty of Writing, and to what Bounds they wouldjeftrain the tffe of it; that is, to Pa- negyricks and Encomiums on all minifierial Schemes. To make any Doubt of the Wifdom of theDefigo, or the dextrous Management of thefe Schemes, is fufficient, ac- cording to thefe Men, to concert the moft decent and well- intended Writings into feditious and even traiteroui Libels.- If we forewarn our Countrymen againft any Meafures in Agitation, which We apprehend to be dan- gerous, it is call'd furnijhing Arguments to the King's Enemies If We chufe to avoid this Imputation, by waiting for the Event of them, and then- condemn the Meafures, which produced fuch an Event, We are charg'd with defaming bis Majeflft Government , Let me ask now what is to be done in this Cafe, or what is the plr. in Meaning of thefe Objeftions ? Why, that we ought not to write againft the Management of publjck Affairs at all ; for if We do. We muft write cither before, or after They are tranfa£ led ; and both, you fee, are reprefented to be criminal. Another Ofcje£ Uon - to our' Manner of writh;; is, that it is perfonal, and that V/ e always bring our Reflation* home to gne Max. But how, again, can thi; ce avoided, confidently with our Defign-, in the prefent Circumftanoe of Affairs ? Can V/ e, or ought We to animadvert on Mil- managements in Government; and yet decline taking any N tice of the Author of them ? In other Times, We might have foui d Fault with one Man for the Con- duct of Maritime Affairs, and with another for the Ma Mgement of Land Affairs- We might have complained of one; for the ill. Cord.(£ 1 o'f foreign Negotiations, anc of another, for the Mifapplication of the Revo, ye r. t / « —-— But is This the Cafe at prefect ? I? the mini ferial Power of the Nation divided ? Is there a inixt Administration of many Perfons. in different Depart merits; or is there more than one Spring of Action? • Do not the Writers again 1 us feem to take a particular Pleafure in ( lyiing their Patron the Prime Minifler ? Hath He not avowedly condyfted all our Affairs at heme ? — Hath He not directed, and transited by Himfelf, or his Brother, all our Affairs abroad ? —- Did not this very Man make Himfelf anfwerable for the Succels of Meafttres, which every Body elle thought to be wrong at the Time of negoti ting them, and which the Event hath lince proved to be wrong ? — Why fhould We therefore be any longer accufed of perfonal Pique, or private Refent ment? Are there not Re,, fons fufHcient, of a pubfick Nature, to juftify our Coniuct ? If We have frequently reflected on this Gentleman, He mull acctife his own Am- bition, his own jealoufy, his own engroffing Spirit, which have monopol zed all Power in Himfelf, and center'd all Complaints in his fingte Pe- efon- In Ike Manner, when We have enter'd upon the Slib- jeft of Government i. i general, We have been charged with a Defign of attacking his Majefly's Government in particular, and of undermining the Protefbnt Succeflion ; though nothing is more evident than that We have afiert ed the very Principles, upon which his Majefly's Go- vernment is founded, and up„ n which till Pr^: eftant Sue ccflion muft be fupported. Great Pains have been taken to interrupt our Exami nation of the prefent Times-, by reviving the Tranfactions of a former Adminifiraiion. Our Anfwer to This fliall be very fhort and plain. It the Craftfman had appeared, as a Writer, in Queen Anne's Reign, We are very free to declare that We fhould have written againll feveral Meafures of her Adminiflration; but, at the fame Time, We fhould have been more impartial than our Adverfaries. We fhould not have condemn'd the Meafures' of her Reign by wholefale, and when We did condemn, We fhould have fairly affigned to every Man in Power his parti- cular Share of Blame. We fhotild have had the utmoft Contempt for the Advocates of that Adminiftration, if They had endeavour'd to run us oft" from the Confide- ration of prefent Grievances, by perpetual Declamations on the Mifmanagements, real or fuppofed, of K. William'sv or any former Reign— If I had written, at that Time, I fhould, for Inftanse, have blamed the Minifiers for not obtaining a proper Diftri£ l of Ground about Gib altar ; but when the want of it hath been fo fully demonftrated- bv fatal Experience; when fo many fubfequent Treaties have been made, and fo many favourable Conjunctures have offer'd Themfielves; fliall We be diverted, by con- tinued Complaints of that Omiffion, from complaining that nothing hath been done fince, to fupply that Defici- ency ? Shall we not rather transfer all our Complaints on Hint, wko hath not only neglected to fupply that De feti, but hath even brought our Right to that important Place, which his Predeceffors left indifputable, into the chief Point of Contention ? Let us confider the Folly and Chicanery of this Reafon- ing in another Inttjmce— T do not remember that any Objections have becn( lately made to thofe Mir. ifiers for what They d: d in the Cafe of Dunkirk. The Demoli- tion of the Fort and Harbcur was fully ftipulated; and, notwithftanding the affefled Delays and Artifices of the Court of France, the Stipulation was at laft fully exe- cuted.— Ought the prefent State of Dunkirk therefore to beoverlook'd by us, becaufe We might have'been induced at that Time, to have cenfured fome other concurrent Meafures of the Adminiflration ? Shall' our prefent Ad vocates of Power be fuffer'd to draw our Attention, when They declaim eternally againft thofe Mifiifiers for being too much in the Hand's of France, vih . lfl Dunkirk is un- deniably reftored to the Condition of being an Harbour again, and We have too much Reafon to apprehend that | it will, be likewife fortify d an crti But thefe perfonal Altercations and mutual Recrimina- tions are of little Confequenct to the Publick. What chiefly flicks with me, aad what muft flick with every Man, who hath any Regard for his Country ; what is the fiiileft J unification of my Writings, and the ftrongeft Con- deui'natioo of my Ad . vrfaries, does not proceed alone from our different Opinions, concerning particular Tranfaftions; but from the general Principles, which haVe been main- tained on one Side and on the other. What monftrous Pro- portions have the - Writers againft us been led to aflirt, yi the Courfe of this Debate ? — Though They h ive been often touch'd upon before, it may be of Ufe to collect them together, is They lye fcati'er'd i. p and down in their Works, that cur Readers may be the better able to judge whether thefe Men can be properly faid, in any Senlej to be Friends of Liberty, or the Britifb Conflitution. 1. *-(- The Proceedings of^ the Star Chamber ir\ d the cruel Punifliments inflicted upon Writers, 111 the moft ar- bitrary Reigns, ought to be made Precedents, in the fame Cafes, at prefent; though my Lord Clarendon very juftly obferves that the Exorbitances of this Court raife'd a general Une finefs in the Nation, amongfl all Degrees of People, and at laft occafion'd the Abolition of it by Parliament, in a very extraordinary Mariner. 2. The * corrupt Dependency of the Parliament on the Crown is neceffary to preferve the Balance of our Ccn- flitution. We fay the corrupt Dependency ; becaufe having allowed and even contended for that Dependency, which the Conftitution forms, of one Part of the Legiflature on the others, thefe Men, who continue to write againft u.% irmft either write for a corrupt Dependency, or for no- thing. 3. The Independency of f Country Gentlemen ( who are very decently fliled Fox- hunters) ought to difqualify- them from being chofen Representatives of their Country ; for as Corruption is neceffary to fupport the Conflitution, thafe Perfpns ought to be kept out of Parliament, whofe Independency may place them above Corruption- The % People tu England are no longer fit to be trufted with Liberty ; for though funding Armies have generally been the Deftrudtion offree Governments ; yet. the Brit fb Conftitution being in a declining Way, and even near its Difloluiion, a tlanding Army is necelfavy to protract its Date a little longer, in Oppofition to the Le- - vity an.! Cornpti n of the People. 5. As a Jlav. ding Army in Britain is necefi'ary to pre- ferve the Conftitution of Brit aim fo it is reafonable and expedient to maintain a + J / landing : Army a'roa- l, in order to protect his Majefly's foteign - Dominions i and becaufe the Parliament are r. ot refts » in'd from providing for thefe Troops, what They were once induced to do, upon. a particular Occafion, ought to be a Precedent iii ill fu'cceding Times. We could mention fcveral more- Pofitione of the fame Tendency ; but Thefe are fufHcient to- our Purt ofe, and We chufe to mark them out particulaiiy to the Refcntment of the Publick, beeauii They are fyfleniatic. !, and depend upon each o; her in a regular Concatenation. Mow let us fuppefe, lor a Moment, that- thefe Dsflrines fhould be generally" received by the Nation ; what muft be the Confequence ? Would not our Cdnllitution be at once overthrown ? Would not the great Work of the Re- volution beat once undone ?— Was not t;, e Reftoratiori of free Pai'liaments, againft Clofcting and all other indi- rect Influence, one of the moft prevailing Motives to that glorious Undertaking ? — Was not the Apprehenfion of a military Government one of the principal Reafons for de- pofing King fames', and hath it not been insinuated, that if He had been leis fparing of his Money, ( that is, iti other Words, if He had procur'd a corrupt Dependency of the Parliament On the Crown) his arbitrary Power would have been eliablifh'd, and donfequently our Re- ligion and Liberties tnuft have been fubverted ? To' cohiple. it and fecure the Succefs of this noble Sf' item, They have not been afhamed to borrow from the antient Doctors of Slavery; nay, even from that modern Dofior of it, whom They accufed of caftifi?' blrUK and odious Colours on the Revolution. / What elfe can be the * f The Doctrine of Libels difatfd, * The Cambridge Letter pftblifh'd in the Courant, o:> Saturday May S. f J Letter to Caleb D'Anvers, Efq; on vis proper Re • ply, OV. p. 48. { Some Obfervaiions on th^ prefent State of Af. r. rs, £ 5V. p. : t| The London Jom nal. May.^ 1 j. . Meaning of their infixing fo much, of late, on the long ' exploded Do& rine of * hereditary Right, and waving, as it were, thit much more glorious and [ table Title, the Eftablifljment of this Family on the Throne by the Au- thority of the People in Parliament, who nominated Them particularly to fucceed, as They had before excluded Pa- pits ? — Here are pretended Whigs arguing for arbitrary Power, pafji^ e Obedience and hereditary Right; Men, who call Themfelves Writers for the Government, undermining thp Foundations,' on which it is built ; for We fhall leave the World to judge whether Li'erty would rot be as ef feflually deftroyed by the Eftablifhment of tbefe Doctrines, as it would have been by the Exercife of the Preroga- tive in the largeft Extent asd the higheft Degree, that was ever claim'd, or pleaded for, in any former Reign. To refume therefore what was faid above— If the Dif- pute turn'd only on my Opinions, and the Opinions of thcfe Writers, concerning fome particular Tranfaftions ; ( though even in thefe Opinions I am confirm'd by the concurrent Senfe of Mankind) a Difpute , thus con- fiu'd. hiwever the Craftfman had written, or whatever the Craftfman might have faid, would never have rais'd the publick Clamour, fo unjuftly complain'd of, nor the private Uneafineffes, fo imprudently negle& ed. That, which gives Life and Strength to both, is the abomi- nable Syltem, which I have juft now epitomized. Man kind behold with H ) mr the Propagation of fuch Princi- ples tf Government, as are calculated not only to fcreen the Weaknefs a- d fan_ ftify the Guilt of any prcfent Minifter, but as t: nd neceffarily to deftroy the Freedom of our Government, and open a Way to the Exercife of the moft lawkfs and uncontroulable Power. This Scheme tends, like all Schemes of the f< me Na- ture, to riduce us to Be gary, as well as Slavery ; for if We lye under a Neceffity, as the Writer of the London Journal alferts, of paying Armies and Subftdies abroad, for the Support of foreign Dominions, We may find our felves, at one Time or other, even in a worfe Condi- tion than That of a Province; fiuce though a Province 5s oblig'd to follow the Interefts and Policy of the Mi- ftrefs- Count- y, Ihe is likewife intitled to her Proteflion ; where;$ if We are obliged, at all Times, to fupport fo- reign Dominions, whofe Interefts are not immediately and neceffarily united with ours, and whofe Policy can- not be fuppos'd to be dire& ed by ours, We ( hould really aft ihe Part of a Province to thofe Countries, and it would be ludicrous to fuppofe that They could give us any Prote& ion in Return. What is the natural Cor. clufion of. 11 This? Can tbefe Writers charge me with unjuft Imputations? Do I put any violent ConftruiSions on their Words ? Have I had Recourfe to reifiote Innuendoes ? No. Thefe are the Principles, which They propagate and endeavour to eftablifh, at the Expence of the Britijh Conftitution and Intereft. They feem fully prepaied to give up the Li- berties, of their Country, in order to preferve their Pa- tron from the Hazard of being, one Day, punifh'd by the Laws of their Country. Thefe are the Men, and Thefe are the Dodrines J have oppofed It is a Caufe, which I have carried on, I hope, with fome Succefs ; I am fure with much Ap- probation. It is a Caufe, which I will continue to pur- "**' fue, at any Hazard, as long as my poor Endeavours may be of any Ufe. It is a Caufe, in which, if I was to be opprefs'd, and if Thofe, who are faid to affifl and fup- port me, were to fall the Vi& ims of infolent Power, would never want an Aflertor, as long as there remain'd in the Hearts of Britons the lealt Spark of publick Spi- rit i the leaft Degree of Ze. il for the Laws and Liberties of their Country. I am fo fully convinc'd of, the Juftice of this Caufe, that if my Doctrines and the Do£ trines of my A lverfaries fhoLild be brought to the Teft of all the grand Juries in England, where Gentlemen of Fortune, Birth and Dift'notion attended, I fhould make no Doubt whofe Writings would be prefented as falfe, feditious and fcandalous Libels• If nothing of this Kind hath been or ( hould be done, I am fure it does not proceed from any Want of a due Senfe of that prefumptuous and un- precedented Licence, which hath been affumed by fome State- Incendiaries, for a- few Tears paft, of writing againft the Ctnft.' ttion, under the Pretence of writing for the Go- vernment ; but frotn a juft and tender Regard for the fa- cred Liberties of Britain, and particularly the Liberty of the Prejs. They lo . k on the Publication of thefe Doc- trines as the Hid Effedts of a good Caufe, and abhor the Thoughts of cutting up Liberty by the Roots, becaufe Ihe fometimes roduces fuch milchievous and, I may even lay, unnatural Excrefcencies. Having thus given the Publick a fhort View of the general Principles, advane'd in Oppofition to us, We fhill take anothei Opportunity of explaining the Manner in which They have been apply'd to the State of A - fairs, for fome Years paft. This Day is Publijhest, [ Price One Shilling.] An Anfcver to one Part of a late infamous Libei, inti- tled, Remarks on fhe Craftfman's Vindication of ITOO honourable Patrons; in which the Character of vlr. F. is fully vindicated In a Letter to the rault Noble AUTHOR. Hominem efle arbitror neminem, qui Nomen Iftius audierit, quin Fafta quoque Ejus nefaria commemorate poffit 5 ut mihi magis timendum fit ne multa Crimina praetcrmittcrc, quam ne qua in iItuiw fingerc cxiitimcr Cic. Printed for R. FR. ANCKI. IN in Ruflel- lheet, Cogent Garden. Juft V u bli filed, Neatly printed in J even Volumes in 12 mo, The CRAFTSMAN j conraining all the Tapers, publifhed under that Name from the firft Beginning of them to the Conclufion of Mr. Okajlte's Remark-; with an hardfome Frontilpiece and a ci mpleac Index 10 each Volume. To the whole is prefix'd a Dedication to the People nf England. K B. In this Edition at-- incertcd feverai Traits upon the Affairs oi Europe, which h.-. ve been well received, in or der to make the Colkdlion compleat; particularly Mr. John Trot's Letrer in Anfwer to the Defence nj the Enquiry; thejhort View of the State cf Affairs in the lear 17251; the Treaty of Se. ville Examined; and the Cafe of the Hejfian Forces in tie Pay oj Grc. t Britain ; as well as leveral other lmaller Puces both in Prole and Verfe. Printed for R. FRAHCKIIH in RufTell- ftreet, Covcnt- Gardeo * The Daily Courant, June 24. This Dai is Pub'ijhed, [ Price Sixpence.} A final Anfwer to the Remarks on ihe Criftf • « . < • , « . 1tc* ttM„ t- i ,.,' i t all he Libs is wb'Ci- ' av come or may c .. ; « iron. S. ft o a ' ir aiain' 4 the P rl. wi, l~ ft mentU. ! r. the of i>. » / ii. P « inwU for R. k'KA- NCKi FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The following Article from Drefdeny concerning the Count DE HOYM, late Prime- Minifter to his Poltjh Mt jeflf, is of fo extraordinary a Nature and io mu? h for the Honour of that Pi ince, that We cmrot oblige our Rea ders, this Week, with any foreign News mt agreeable to Them than a Tranfcript of it. Drefden, July 13. The Count de Hoym having often importun'd his Majefty for a Pardon, and owned hinifelt guilty in general Terms, the King fent Colonel dc Rochetu, his Aid de Camp, and M. Gunther, Privy Counfellor, to give him his Choice either to take hi5 Tri.. l upon the following Articles of Impeachment, or fign his ' ..; nteffion of them, 1 His Difobedience. 2. His difpoiick Admini• ftration. 3. His private Interejl in Prejudice to the Pub lick. 4. His ill Treatment and Removal of PARTICU- LAR PERSONS. 5. His keeping Matters lecret r.- oni the King his Mafter. 6. Adting sgainft his Orders. 7. E- quivocesting and retracing his OWN W:> RDS. 8. Abu- fing his Poft in prejudico to the Publick. 9. Giving in FALSE ACCOUNTS. 10. ill Behaviour during the King of Prujftas Stay at that Court. 11. Treating with Foreign Nations without the King his fvtafter's ex- prefs Leave, 12. Ading againft the KING'S Preroga tive. 13. Affuming the DireBion of Affairs not with::, his Poft. 14. Touching the Manufi& ure of Porcclaine. difregarding Orders, and ailing voholty iv th a V iew t his own Intereft. 15. Changing, erafirg, and thereby preventing the Execution of Part ef the King's Orders. 16. Lavijhing the publick Treaf, re 4 d creating UNNE CESSARY EXPENCES. The Count cht> fe to fign, and fubmit to the King's Mercy; accordingly his Majefty was gracioufly pleafed to p? rdon him under the follow- ing Rcftriaions, Firft, The Lofs of all his Places• Se condly, Banijhmentfrom Drejden, or wherever the Court reftdes. Thirdly , Retirement to his Eft ate for Life Fourthly, Reftitution of the PUBLICK MONEY imbez- zled by Malverfati- jn. L O N D O N, July 24. Tuefday Morning Ivlr. RICHARD FRANCKLIN was taken into Cuftody by feveral of his M. ijelty's Meffen gers, at his Houfe in RjfTe'- ilreet, Covent- Garden, for the late Pamphlet call'd, An Arrjwer to one Part of a lat, infamous Libel, intitled, Remarks on the Craftfman s Vin- dication of his two Honourable Patrons, in which the Cha- racter and ConduSl of Mr. P. is fully vindicated ; in a Letter to the moft noble Author, & c- and was carried to Hampton- Court to be e. vamined. Late on Saturday Night the Seffions er. dcd at the Oki Baily, when the eight following Malefaftors received Sentence of Death, viz. Thomas Granger, alias Corfield, for ftealing 38 Guineas from his A after, Benj . min Huf- fam, Efq; John Davies, for two Robberies on the High- way, and for Murder. John Drinkvvater, Bernard Fink, William Yates, alias Warrington, John Armftrong, and Nathaniel Lamprey, for feveral Street Robberies. Alfo Thomas Clarkfon, for robbing Edward. Philips, on the Highway. Three were burnt in the Hand, and' thirty two or- der'd for Tranfportation. The Veffel that carried the Earl of Orrery from Holy Head to Ireland was bec.< lm'd for fome Days; fo that his Lordfhip with the other Paflengers, was driven to the utmoft Extremities for Provifions and Water The Mafter fent the Earl's Cook in the Boat to the Welch Coaft ; but a Wind at length fpringing up the Vefi'el hap- pily arriv'd at Rings End. The Admiralty has receiv'd no Account of Sir Charles Wager's Squadron, fince the fime was out of ight from Spithead; lb that the Report of his being driven into Torbav is without Foundation. The King's Filher, one of the South- Sea Company's ohtps, b arrived in ' he River with three Whales from Greenland, whicn fhe caught in about thirty Hours ; but by a Storm a, t Eaft was forced from the Ice. She ftw feven more pf the Company's Ships, but ' by the Badnefs of the Weather was prevented from fpeaking with them, fo knows not their Succefs. Wednefday the Suffolk Man of War failed from Chat- ham to Blackllakes, in order to take in hei Guns. Thurfday the Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty came to a Refolution, that no Ships trading Coaftwife, Outward- bound, nor Colliers, fhall be any ways' molefted or pref'd. Monday three Smugglers, hand- cuff'd and fetier'd, were brought up from'Ipfwicl* by the Under . Sheriff of Suffolk, and about fifteen Officers carrying Fire- Arms £ being brought before the Lord Chief Baron Reynolds, they were Committed by his (. ordfhip to the Fleet Pri- fjn ; and Mr. Richardfon, his Loidfhip's TipftafF, carried them thither accordingly, having kindly taken off their Irons as foon as they came under his Charge. Laft Tuefday Se'nnight enme on a Trial at Weftmin- fter, before the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Juftiee Ray- mond, wherein John Wicker, Efq; Lord of the Manor of Stepney, was Plaintiff, and John Franks, a Carpenter in Spittlefklds, Defendant, on an Aflion of Debt for Recovery of an Amerciament fet upon the Defendant by the Cour^ Leet of the faid Manor, for refufing to pay Ojedier. ce to a Summons for his appearing to do Suit and Service at the faid Court; when a Verdidt pafs'd in Favour of the Plaintiff, with Cofts of Suit. W: learn from Llandaff, that the Lord Bifhop of that Dioce. e feeing the great Decay of the Cathedral thcre^ had been pleafed to write circular Letters to the Clergy, & c. to ex ite their Contributions for repairing it; and his Lorufiiip obferves, with Regard to its Antiquity, that according to Hiftorians, it was founded between the Yaars 156 and 180, and the Rebuilding of it was com- piejted in 1119. A few D.. ys fince came on the Eleftion of a Towiir Clerk for the City of a Briftol, ( a Place worth about' 700 1. per Ann.) in the Room of Heary Blaake, Efq; deceafeoi; when William Cann, Efq; Barrifter at Law, was unanimoufly chofen. Monday between Two and Thres in the Afternoon, a Pitch- Pot which was boyling in a Boat between the Harbin, Captain Crookenden, and the Charming Mary, Capt. Bell, off Olyphant Stairs, Rotherhith, took Fire, and the Flame was convey'd to the Ships. The Charm-,, ing Mary was cut loofe, and fell down with the Tide to Hanover Hole, where fhe was entirely burnt, as was a Snow lately arrived from the Weft Indies; a Ship, one K.- tteridge, Mafter, was very much burnt, as was the Hanover, Capt. Kitchingman, juft arrived from Norway whofe Cargo had taken Fire between Decks, and about eigiit in the Evening ' twas doubtful whether fhe could be prelerved. Many Ships received Damage in their Malts, & c. but the Seafaring People, by their timely Affillance, prevented farther Damage. On Tueiday Lilt the Right Hon. the Lord Harrington, one ot" his Majelty's Principal Secretaries of State, came to Town to his iloufe at St. James's; and the next Day returned to Hampton Court, toaffiftata Council of State that was heid on Thurlday about Affairs of Confequence. Wednefday Night when the Company of Comedians at the Theatre in the Hay- Market was going to perform the Fall of Mortimer, the High Con ft able, with feveral Petty Conftables, came with a Warrant from feveral Ju- fticesof the Peace, to feize Mr. Mullet, who play'd the Part of Mortimer, and the relief the Performers? but they all made their Efcapes. Wednefdsy Mr. Alderman Barber, attended by the Common Council Men of his Ward, went from Houfe to Houfe to colleft Money for the poor Sufferers by the late Fire* at Blandford and Tiverton; and we hear the Contributions from the Inhabitants of the faid Ward were generally handfome and generous. Tuefday at the Quarter Sellions for the County of Surrey, held at St. MargaretVHill, Southw^ rk, feveral Fugitives for Debt were difcharged ; and the faid Sef- fions is farther adjourned to the fixth of Auguft next. Rob. Laft Saturday Mr. John Fielder of Efher in Surrey, was attack'd by two Highwaymen at Saint George's Hill rear the faid Place, both mask'd, one on a grey Horfe, the other on a bay, who robbed him of ten Pounds. Mar. Tuefday Morning John Francklin of Wysbych, Efq; was married at Finchley Church to Mifs Foftcr of Barfort near Bedford, a young Ltdy of 20,000 1. For- tune.— Mr. Samuel Chorley, of Fleet- ft- reet, an eminent Dealer in China, to Mifs Perry, an agreeable young Gen- tlewoman in that Neighbourhood Dead. Laft Saturday Morning dkd Sir W. Iter Yonge, of Culliton in Devonfhire, Bart. Firft Comnvfli r. er of the CuHorns; and is fucceeded in Dignity and Eitate by his only Son, ( now) Sir William Yonge, Bart. Knight of the Honourable Older of the Ba'h, one of the Lords of the Treafury, and Member of PjrJument for Honit^ ti in Devonfhire.— Mr. Holland, Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Lord Weymourh, and Rc& or of Sutton in Wilts. — Mr. Crokact, a Mercer 011 Ludgate- Hill. The Lady B. ilti. nore, / Mother of the prefent Lord Bal- timore. Thurfday South Sea Stock was 103. South Sea An- nuity 107 7 8ths. Bank 146 1 half. India 197 7 8ths.. N. B. The Account vie gave in our Lift of Mr. At- kinfon, the Man Midwife m Bozv- lane being robtfd, is, intirtly falfe and groundlefs. JAMES LIVINGSTON, Lately arrived from FRANCE, . ft » s bro gKt with h'. n a Parcel A' excellent Cllrets, both old and n; w, of the belt Growths, which he fells from ii 1. to per Hogihc3tl He JS 10 he heard of every Day from Ten in the Morning to Three ift the Afternoon, either at Garraway's in Exchange- Alley, or at the Goldfmith's Coffee Houfe in Ball- Alley, Lumbard- ftt eer. near the Vault where the Wines arc lodged. cko. e. i or Siray'i^ oa tSe^ 27th of Jun~, Off MARTIH COMMON, in the County of ^ UR R F. T. ' A Bay GET. DING. 13 Hinds hieh, a fma!! Blaz* in hit Forehead, Switch Tail, a " black Lift down his Ea. k, two Splints, and fcven Years old laft Grafs. Whoever brings him to Mr. Joyc « i. at the white Hart at Mitcham, or gives Novice, lotha he may be bad again, fllall have a Guinea Reward and no Que lb on s asked. Juft Publiflled, For APRIL, MAY, JUNE, 1731. A Literary JOURNAL: Or, A Contimiatio of tbaMcnsuirs of Literature. Bv the fame Author. Thk Part of the Journal con. " V U the Thid Volume Sold by R Knaplotk, it. m',.,, 1 St. P . ul's Chur. h- yard ; P. Dunoyer » t a* tfie fWhop't Head ... „„. . . , T „ . Br Onus's Head near Soulhamplon- ftrcet in the Strand ; J Roberts in Warwick- Lane ; and Bvthe Au.' hor. at Air. Gray s in the Court nrtt to the Pcwiefer's, at the lower End of St. Martins Lane. Vlicc Two Shillings. . To be S O L D, The WHETSTONE Stage, FIX HORSES and two COACHES and HARNESS; all in good Order. Enquire of Mr. Edward Maflbn a' Whcftone, or at the Golden Lyon in St. John- ftreet, near Smithficld- Bars. _ T) : » e SO L O, Fine, old, foreign BRANDY, neat, at 6s. 6d per GaHon, by the Importer, at the b! ue Anchor on Snow- Hill, near Holbouni- Bridge. * This is to give Notice, Thar the GEORGE YARD in the Hay- Market to be Lett by Mrs Anne Hammond, next Door ; or Mr. Davies, at the Red Lyon Inn at the End of Sulfolk- fttee., near Chaung- Crofs. ' To be SOL D, under Twenty Guinea., A good, fe.- ond- hand COACH and CH ARIOT, with Six GlafFes, Four larger and Two fmaller, and Harncfs for a Pair of Hotfcs. Enqui e at Jnhn Raby's, at the Barber's Poie in Bell- Yard, againft Whitechapel Church. You may have good Druggets, Sagar- hie, and D. uoy Suits made well and fafhionable for the firft Siie Men at 3 1 los. a Suit, and the larger Site at j 1. and Cambist Suits for 4) and + 1. I os. a Suit, and Livery Suits for + 1. and 4 1. 10s. colour'd ar- d black Cloath Suits for 5 1- and s 1. to s. a Suit, at the two Golden Balls in Grcat- IIart- fticet, the upper End of Bow- ftreet, Covcnt- Garden. And Horfmens great Coats are to he told ready made, at 10 s. a Piece; Morning Gowns, Calliminco both Sides, at 30 s each; blue • Cloak- Bags, ready made, at t< S s. " each ; blue Roclers ready made. To He LETT, fit- or a large FAVIL. Y; At RICKMERSWOHTH in Hartfotdlhire, : 3 Miles from London, and a Stage- Coach paifing and rc- paffing three Davsin a Week, The Manor and HURY Hu'JS !.•'., ' • t = s 1 , n. venient Outhoufes, Coach- houfcs and Stables, Gardens and O chard, the Gard- n exceedinglyw* ll planted with the bcft of WallFuit, now in ^ erfeftion, with a Canal and 15.- fin well flored with Fifh. in the Garden, and four Meadows adjnin'ng, withi*. forty P..' e. cf the River fo famous for Trout. Enquire ot Mr. Winton, 1' n'mon- gcr, at Temple- Bar, or at Mr. Waikford's atRickm' fworth Note, It was the la c Dwelling- Houfc of Temple Fotheriy Whit- field, Efq; and adjoyns to the Church- yard. T o D I S T I L L E R S. JONATHANT PEAD, Chymift, near the White Swan in Ncw- ftreet Square, between Shoe Lane and Fetter- Line, Prepares ant Sells a t". ie CALCINAT: O . O CARTA R, which has given a general Satisfaction, by clcanlin^ Malt Spirits from all th. irfcetid Flavour, rendering them fof-, fwtet ar. d plea- tant, fit fur any Mixture, imnrovirg every Day. If upon Trial it does not anfwer, the Money fllall be repaid. N B. Six Pounds are fuffkient for a Pine, and requite but tine Difli'. lauoil. ___ This Day isPubliHtcd, A VINDICATION oi r , e MIRACLES of our BleKcd Saviour ; in which Mr. Woolfton's Difcourfes on them are particularly examin'd, his pre. ended Authorities of the Fathers a- gninft the Truth of their literal Senfe are fctin a jud Light, and his Objections in Point ofR-. ifon are aifwer'd. Vol ,11. In which the Three laft Difenutfe, of Mr. Wot, Won are conlidcr'd By the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard Lord Btlhop of Litchfield aiidCoventry. " But thtfeare written, that ye might believe that Jefus is the " Chrift.'' John y. x. 31. " As fr- e, and not ufmg your Liberty for a Cioke of Maiiciouf- ncf , but as .. he Servants ol Cod.' 1 r Pet. ii. 16. Printed fi^ r James and John Knapton, at the Crown m St. Paul's Church- yard. Where mav be had, The firft Volume of his Lord ( hip's Vindication of MIRACLES; in which the Three firft 13: f: ourfc of Mr. Wooitrcn are c. nludcr'..! Alfo, a Charge concerning the Evidence of the ' 1 ili. ui Religion, delivered to thcClc.: gy of tiie Diocefe of St. David's. This Day is Puhli/ licd, The Third Edithn, with Additions, of Ti- e Rights of the CLERGY of that Pirt of Great Britain called England, a « eftabliftled by the Canons, < he Common Law and the Statutes of the Realm. Being a n. ctV. o. iic. il Colleton, under pro; er alphabetical Heads, of all Things rdatirg to the Clergy, which lie defoers'd ill the Volumes of ihofe Laws ; but chicflv ot fuch Things Which depend on Aft, of Parliament, and upon. folemn Rcfolulion> of the judges in ihe Courts of W minfter- Hall, in Cafes concerning the Rights,. Duties, Power 3 d Privileges of the CleigT. By WILI. IAM 14 Blioir, of the ; a; die Temple, Ei'q; Printed for Me if. Ward and Vv icklicatl in the Inner Temple- Lane, London. This Day is Puhlifhed, Beautifully- printed in Twelves, price 3 s the Fourth Edilion of An A 8 R I D G Vf h' N T of Mr. LOCKE s Effiiyconcerning human Underftanding Bv the Rev. Dr. JOHN WYNNE, Lord Bifitop of St. Afaph. P: in ted for J. and J Kuapton, at tlje Crosvn, T. Aftlevat the Rofr in St. Paul's Church- yard ; A. Rettefnor'h and C Hi: ch, at the Red Lvon in Pater- nofter- R( » w ; and J. Pemberton agiinft St. Dunftan's Church in Flcet- ftreet. Of whom may be hid, Mr. LOCKE ' s Work-, 3 Vols. Folio. « • Effavs. 1 Vols 8. J- To all Gentlemen, Builders and others, ALEXANDER EMERTON, Colour- Man, at the Bell avetka^ aivft Arundel- ftreet, in the Sir tid, LONDON, Sells all forts of COLOURS ready prepared ( at the loweft Prices) that any Gentlemen, Builders, & c. may fct their Servants or Labourers ro paint their HoufesC only by the Help of a printed Direction, which" he gives vith his Colours. N. B. Five Pounds Worth of Colours will paint as much Work, as a Houfe- Painrer will do for Twen. y i^ ounjs. He likewifb fells ( t « > tlie L^ a- ics) all C> rts ot ^ Tater- Colon's and Varmili, with every Thing neccfiary for the New Japaniiing : and gives a printed Dirc;£ lion, for the doing of it to the great en Pcr- rcftion, thofe ih. it buy C olour? — Alfo Italian Powders fo? cleaning Piclurcs. He deals oniy for Ready Money. This D^ y is Pub'iflied, ( Dedicated t bir J N EYLES, Baronet) T!> e LONDON ME R 0 H A N T : Or, The Hiftory of GEORGE BARNWELL. AS it is oow Afting at the Theacre- Royai in Diur; - Lam Hy Mr. Li'lo. Learn 1.0 be wife ixmn o hers Harms And YOU 111 all do full WEJI - C. d R. llad of the L) dy? sFal!. Printed for J Gray, ar the Crof - K vs in the P - ultry, ana fold b> J- Roberts in Warwick- Lane, Price 1 s 6d.- B. There are a few Copies printed, on a iine Roval Paj- er, P act as. jS d. To John A res- bine*. S O L D, k- p. R. n- t: SCOTS COAT S, be r " Jo'PV. dreskiney of .-; the bcft from Scotland, at the Warchoufe at White- Fryat's Dock. It is a fweet and clean Fuel, will roaft and boil in lefs than two thirds of the Time that Ncwcaftie take, and is fie for heating Ovens or Stove's, in pbcc of Charcoal, fo thac t] cv arc av < & ap, 1 cheaper,_ j han Newcastle. They are delivered to any Plocc* in Lon- don or Weirniinfler, from the { aid Wavchoufe, at 31 s. per I on, or in ; he Poo] for 25 s. by MefT William and John Vofs, at the New- caftie"" Coffee- Houfe near . BQHngfga'te'j where Attendance is given from Nine in the Mor in. g 10 One in he Afternoon 5 and by John i.* ranklin ai the aforefaki Warchoufe, a-: ali Times, where Com- mands Verbally or by Letter Hiail be duly executed. This Day is Publiflied, A CHAR G K c.' d ' o rhe CLERGY of Middl fex, at the Primary Vifitnion held May 19, ,731 By DANIEL WATFRLAJTD, L L>. Archd racon of Middltfex. Printed for John Crown fie ; d a; the Rtfing Sun in S - a uj's Church- yard, and lold by Cornelia* Crownnei- 1, Printer ro rhe Univerfity of Cam- b- jdg « . _ _ Vhe)- mav be had, juft pabiiflri Q^ Sepvimii Florcntis T- t tulliani Carthaginienfis Presbyteri ad*- verfu^ Praxean. five de T in^ ate Liber. Rcccnfuit noiilquc illuftra vit Edvardus Weichman A. M. Archidiaconus Cardtg n. Ceil Metton quondam Sociu . Aif<> may be hr » d [ Price 4 d.] the xd Edition of Pcace and Jov the Reward of Kighteoufncfs; In a Sermon on Ifaiah 31. Pari^ th- \ .- Ac. Ry Richard Croili. g, B. D. Pre fid en 5 of Pemhrcke- Hiil ' n Cambvidge. Tlus Day isPubli/ hed, The Fifteenth and laft Volume of, The HISTORY 0f ENGLAND* as well Ecclefiaflical as Civil, fly Mr. DE RAPIN THO? RA$. Containing, I. The Reign of King James II Ii. A brief Stunmary cf ihe Hiftory of England, from the Inva » fion of Julius Ceefar, to the Revolution in 16Sb.. Doire into Englifil from the French, with large and » fc£ ul Notes, by N. TINDAL, M. A. Vicar of Great Wal ham in Eflcx. Printed for JAMES and JOHN KNAPTON, at the Crown in St. Paul's Church- Yard. Where mav be. had, compleat Setts, in Fifteen Vols. N. 3. The Tranflator intends in due Time to continue this Hi* ftory to the End of tb. c Reign of King GFO^ GE I, in the fame Method, and with the fara; Impartiality which Mr. Rap in has obferved tHtoughout theHiftory FRENCH and COUNTRY DANCES. ( At hiif a G line a) Are EO'V pr'nted in Words pla? n to any Capacity: Compaft '> nd very neatly bound in a Book the Size ot a SnutT- Box ; Thereby in- ftmfting Gentlemen and Ladie- o fci any Couu- try Dance at Sighr, nd ihemfelves rot feen in ufing i 5 and preventing them ever forg tiing One Step in either Minuet, Rigauoon, or i^ ouvrc with moft perfeft DireQidnsfor Time and Cariiage. COUNTRY DANCES above 100 ufeful Ones, well chofcn from- three Thoufand j and thofe for the prefent Year : All with prop g Mufick curicufly engraved. At 4s. SOLD, in tli s fllort, practical fV ethod, only by J. LAA'PTON, Ma< lrr, at the Hand and Pen, ihe F? e] d, Knd. of King- ftreer, Btoo-\ FST? TJR Y. WKH RE himfc If and proper Mafters attend ( and abroad, if required) for Writing, Merchants Accounts, Lauh:, Greek, French aud Dancing.- N. B. . A lare- Room, x8 Yards long, is ae\ v built, for the bet? terReception and Teaching Gentlemen and Ladies^ jjk- wifc very convenient for a Ball, Conlbrt, 3cc. Alfo inolr Part of a very c. m nodious Houfe » . o be Lett. r^ ni- ii, : riv- invented CLGUK- LAVlP, wd, cornpleat MACHINE, ard fo artfully contriv'd, that it fh: ws Hie Hour o£ the Night, fuf plying at once the Ufe of a Clock and Candle, ancbhas been approved by the moft Ingenious; ' tis managed with i" o lit: ie Trouble, and fo very rcai, that it can give 110 Offence : It may be taken to pieces to clean or pack up, without Da- mage, which is a Convenience others have and io very ftroiig thai it will I4it an Age In ftlort, they need no farther Com- mendation than thofe that have try'd ihesn; and ( he extraordinary Demand he has for them, bejond all oth< pr>, is a convjncii g Proof thar rhey give the Pub- lick a general Satisfaction ; and that they far exceed ail o> hc-- v, all judicious Pejfons will'reaijly allow. So id only by the In- venror J. v^ alkcr, Brafitr an i Ironmonger the H. oife and Bell' in Cheapfirir, ocar ; Sr. Paul's, at Mr Mocquet's, a Bf. » fier in Pi'l at half a Guinea each 5 with oper Oyl forvitaa? - Where may be had c new fafiiio- icd French na- v.', in the greatctt Variety, very cheap, he b- ing che Mak r* aj. J the Lamps at 15 s. in the fame Metal: Alfo the Patent profitable Candlcftick. This Day arc Publifhcd, The Ninth and Tenth* be ng the ' UJl Volume of S E R M O N S on fevr- ral By SAMUEL CLARKE, D. D late Rcftor of St. James's, Weft mi utter. Pul- lifiied fiom the Author's ManuTcript. ' V'ith a cOmplcat INDEX of the Texts of Scrinture preached upon j a Second of theTex. s oc- cafionally explained ; and a Third of the piincrpal Ma. uer> con- ' " " • JOHN CLARKE, D. D. The - ne, r » r » gir; ajs royaj, chvmial W'ASf B-^ LlS, be the very original Wa/ h Balls, novwiihftanding any Thine ~! 0 the contrarv. She hasfomcdme iince been removed two Dpoi v l, i<> hce of the Flovvr de- Luce, joining to the Royal* Union CofF- c- iioufe. Thcfe HALLS have not the leaft Grain of Mercury or any Thing Pernicious in them, and are the'only . Things for m- king the Ski a i': fr, fmeoth and fair, taking off Sun- burn. Morphew, Tetters, Pimples, Se rf, Picts or R - dncfs of t! ie Small j ox ; admirable for fliavmg the Head and comforts the Brain and N^ tvcs, ^ nd prevents catching Cold j highly cfteemc. d by a • that ufc them, for rhe- r powerful Vi. tue and harmlefs hatur- They are one Shilling each, and Allowances by the Dozen Beware of Count- rf-' s Sue i; kc- wiie frlls all Sorts of G. oves M us " Velvet Cays, Nigh, C > p, Rib- bon, Silk and Vdve: Ha^ s, Handkerchief Mcn^ and v/ om ns Hole, at reasonable Rate. N B. Th Ch) micai Liquor tor the Hair is fold at the fame Place. ThTlies i RKi'Ak A . / t. A A Compo irion . o gos-. l, wc chalVng^- .. th- W r! d to produce the like f r the f . flowing Virtues. It eff. i? lually " reaisves Pimples, Heats, and Sunburn : It . rev- nth fcarring, re i..• iV and evt. i pitting by the Small- Pox: It cures or hinders . he cho n„, .£ the Lips: Ii is a mot ercrllent Pielcivcr of the Skin; fo wi. i'h Reafon a M. tilri'ude'of La. « i s ufe it every T: m ibey clean the Nrci and Face ; it tend- rs the SKIO delicate, fair and foft, sr, d i fallibk Riluedy for the mod inveterate red Face: I. gives imme- diate Eafc ai. J cures the Piles, it heals Chafing or Soieiicls in uien or Women, occafion'd by riding or walking, and is parricu. a, iv good for Chafing in Children : It will keep good twenty 7 ; —.. fl. B Thi « Preparation is beiuriful to the Sight, and pr « * tf'- j rp the Scent, ihere is ncitlier Pain> or any Mrrciiriil li- gre/ iieni in it, the whole is lia ailefs and im ot- ept; tliofe whobavr c itfttmrlv u-' d it o clean the Skin, as a Prefcrvative only, have m . intain'd i' : r ^. ncf in their Co. in. enance and a peculi ir Handfomenefs without Wrinkles 10 o. d A^ e Sold wi- h DirettionS tor three Shilling sh Preparttioti, by Thomas Warner at the Black Boy- i, Pa e'r- noftcr- R.^ v A& amlt .' he V b. N h K H A I. D I S P A S R The famous ITALIAN SO t, US has fo gicai S . ce. d i » he Cure of the Venereal Dit'- afe; * . r - ve. y arid R heurnatifm. - h.;. ' fit of he g~ czt Nnmhe's that ioily - ifc it, n- if- ,, t a Derfeft Cut^ j and though fo » cr » cheap ai t s. o d. each, ye! two 01 h.-^ e iniall Bcs- iurTes aiways pcrto. nl a p-^ feft Cure ; which > f i. fails 10 to, i- our ! w!.* • . y is returned. Sold oniy at the Flaming Sword a> the Coin*. of Rulfel- ftrcei 0v* t tgainft Will's Cuf'e,:- Houfr.. 1 t- venV- G* n; 11. VOL. too grea X. Anxiety ^ eafonah enefs of Chriftianity, Sva —- EiTay 011 Government, « vo. taineti m th • toregoing Volumes. Dean of Saturn. Vol.. IX Men have natural Abilities of k iow ing God The Wifdon- 1 f God in the Re- demption of Man. Or tlie Ho-' es of Happineli thro' Chtift. ' Of tne Fundamentals of Chrifti- anicy CKriftians ought to endeavour to artain Perfecfion The Reward of Juilice. The abandoning of Iniquity the Catifc of i s a'nounding more. The Wickcdnefs of Chrillians nc Argument jgainil Chrifiiantiy. GOi; will tew. rd all Men accoid- ntg to rheir IVfcrta. Of the D ceiifulnefs of Sin. Ttiat true Chriftiansare fiee from . ill Habits of in, ^^ That Mens true H. apri'iefs con- iifts in the Favour of G d. That Godlinefs generally makes Men happy in tnis Life Pe fevcra . ee in Kcligion the on Iv Title to the R' ward of it. Diifcrent Degrees of Sinners dif- ferently « o be tr- ated. Of the Duty of Prayer. Printed for James and J°^ n Knapton at the Crown i;? St. Paul's Church- yard. Where may be had, Complere Sets of Dr CLARKE's Poll humous Sermons in Ten Vols.- Alfo his Seven teen Sermon's on feveral O cafions publiflied in one Volume in his Life- time.- His Sermons ar BovhLeftures on the Being and Ar'ribute?. of God, and the Evidence of natx& crf and reveal d Religion His Expoliti< in of the Church Catcchiim, and all bis other Works. Agaii. ft worlr'ly Matters. Of Forgivencf, of Injuries. Of ' he Nauue and End of the SaKbath. The Parable of the Sower cx- plais- ed. The End and Defign of the Jew- ifll Law. The Practice of Virtue thegreat- efi Securiry ' againft our ' Ene- mies. Of the Nature and Extent of falfe Wiin< fs. § OF the Sin ot delibcrare Fraud. Of fh Hcinoufncfs of the Sin of wilful Murder. Of the feveral Sorts of Hypo- crify. Who are ihe true Church of God. Rebellion ag \ i ft God as malig- nant as Wiichcr^ t. All Sin procecds froha fome Mif- apprehenlion.'. of Cod. Of Religious Meknrholy. Of punlickly denouncing CurP: s upon Sinners. JULA^' IUM ASTHMATICUM or the A ; htw i.± if, which is known bvmjny Years Experience to be a never- fail- r •'••>'•. /• i<- l 11 « >• 1 ri llld ilhfl- i tlHf A ftlii- il'i'. MrK. vi <. . ' ... - f » ing iVtcdi in a Moms , y , . that are anntcrcifully . trijub eforheNight and Mi ccllent Remedy for^ Shortn- fs of firea- h upon anyA' oti^ n. Breathing with. Difficulty, Strait nef> of the . fccafV, v. . fh H,' T/ R . >.- I- T .1- T\]/ » L f' V rr**.'. V- LLTN >• » UL- T .. . dicioe in old. obftinate Aftlima't, whole 1' ufFocaii. g i 1 men*, j it gives a pe rtcc't U. lief in ftrlining, . ih. 1, i;, v.. v . OUghs nd in d Wheeling. Notl. iii j, exceeds this admirable Jui.-' p, fo: b, " tvinf the Krone hi.! Dufts and Pnenmonick Pall" ges, ir riiei rates in t, he irmoft Reccfie- t of the Lungs, and the. c mcetirg with ro.. gh, ! .• k cold, clammy, ilirny Pltltgut, t. attenuates, divides, move, an - works It, lha. by'coughing and i'pitwne, i, cxprftoraves a.. d throw „ » ill ftxh M'Iter « 1 h the grcateft E tie and Plcafure. theiebt . 1. ling and treeing the Bicath and Longs w hen rtutf: .1 up and ei. with a heavy pJad. audfo prevents Cor- futnptions OUer- t. f. hcL- t ^ s & c. Not., ft is. afat': and plcafao r Medicine, tobcfk. cn by St. ofn- fuls, aceotding to he printed Dir- fti. tns, wi hour . he leaft con- finement, or danger tVcacchine Cold. To he had at Mr G £ r iji. m at the Goidcn Ball07tr- againft ihe Royal Exchange, Coritluil. and at no other Place. Price is. 6 d. TINCTURA. NERVOSA CARDTACA : Or, The CORDIAL TINCTURE f r th, X- ERVF. S. B- ini" an appr- i\' cct e. ypesicnre. t ' • ev.? r » - Medicament in linking, ' anguilhing and Lonvncf of Spirits, Pal i' tation ot Tr '. n: din£ i - he Kcarr, in v| i paral. i : k, foi. l. o.' fc ".. rti coovullive ! ' ilKm;'. r- and in ali Afflictions of ihe Hc;. d • d . - lr infallibly pieven. S the bed i- tf. Gs of Cpffcc , :: i{ 7 ., ' "',- J H. r xs, wiiich ocetl'ious in nioft the ih- iccnic;.; , ., .{ / . . .. er ( wi'hnt ey mue, which you'll at . Targe in in . in.- ed of Direfthin ) 1 11! yet by laki ' g » few Drops e. t his m. ft de'icat- Cordial in the Di< h ' ufti or Tej, yi. u d. i- k .1! Lii- ettv, pr at- Medisine penen.: . ih <•„ . h, whole n- rv - J'' ' " " a fill L. lla the firft Dl< li of Coff. i- etrv, fir ..' is pr arAled-. i. i LIS St ft tit, and In recruits the Brain ar d l-.; d exuKjng jpirii , w- hich perfo nt. the ' ufinei ' Hurl* •> Celai. c CM pe Functt n v. ith frelh Aiac; 1 ty and lieB i kr. eC, fo whieh lay fet: h! c .' id wavering, now' fails a beiti p. ' wi h gr a'E/.. jffn fs ; o. cr. . t ideri t fiy d! t' etfes i , nets, cotifufcdT: ioughts^ Twiti- hings of l i' Legs an t /'• r: ' i lit fie d Sleep, and all . lie difrn .1 Ttai'. of Va; tiurs and A. c. t 1. l.' kewif fton Vomiting, puts oft Ncufeoiifi. fs- pioeure th. goteullt , and : now in gieat EfteeiT f, fl ( J; u , , tmrf Sad- , die holy, tod < f ih. li. ft A one ri Rank- . . Coruhill, overagtinft the Royal Exchange, aii'J' at no other i'lactf, Price as od. Sold oily at G. S . raha BookfelKitj - 1 Ac Got.. en Bell MIIT fa i kJ 1 ' o-!. ^ IT JL moft immediate Cure . is tfie. Ifamdas . M& iYtpcllier little Bp I, US. Bcc'a'ufe'" ON E only or '" tlje- ni-^ immcuiarely takes aVay ?>,* . tJaiiigyan' 3 Smarcii^ of Urine - And A SECOND Bolus Cures ; hcivunnmg, '- otowcs and Sfscncfs-' df . the art, wi?: tout ftayinj* ar- Homey . Or any Sfifpieion" or Troublfc. But as Any AdycTtifv- m;. J! t is far too ilvprt to inform P^ ifuns- as much af-^ hey. want, ajiv? ought' TO know- « vS?.< hsjr DtR? mper, « ind . its Cure, Thcr/^'/ r a . j^ ftn^ f^ Treai- uc . o** r. lw. VeccrfcalDifesfe, Gi^ ET is- Givc.- n Grati*, and the t- oius with full Dire& ions feskd up Vi?- ih i- tj is io yy^ y cheap, as only.- 2 5 r » d. ILach. Ac the ' G* ct^ v'- JH ch in- Naked Boy Cpim, whicli turns in next ' to the Static: x= r.-, Parae .. Doors from ; S. fre- iidrjLa'iic End, almoft cver- sg^ uiil the- K< v'' v - Ciiu^ ch-. in the Strand. , - " Where 55 alfo to oe- hady. The fu^ ous, Great DiURETjfK: CUanfing ana S. tren « thning Elixir uvOun a GLEET. anA to bring away BYURINE the Relicks- of any Venereal ' LaicCiioh," Price the Jostle \ vith Di » .....: . •• ... - ___ ~ . ; } ARY WATER # a « : houfe, ^ S^ x& P^ II At" the BL AcK BOY and COMB, next ffl Door to the Paftrj- Cook's da Ls4gate- hiH, i? gsr if juft, sKsi' sd > a Q47entity of the following Oom- j? rood: fie3* vis, Rrgflrt, French Jiu^ ary Wars*, f H * d'. « * ch large HaJJ- pint Flint' Bottle 0MH t| Sne Florence Gyl, at & s,. pet • Flaskj right O- tan^ e Flower Water at is. 6d per. Flask 5 tad'dsi Citron Water at' _ ndall forts of Bermudas, Lejfqom, ' and fine Siik Hats ,£ or Ladies," And *<"' - prsven^ heing. i « ipof ® '&,- apb'. n by . Counterfeits., the -" Black- Boy; Cosn'BJ fsmr THOMAS WIARS. T^ ihi is pafkd on « ach Bottle aad, FU> k- A- fpeedf and infallible Can. fir the Venereal ' Dipripe I Drip ft and Rbeimdtifrrh By an incomparable Eleftuxr^ Bein^ a Prep ration fo peculiar; ^ C^ fiw^ the " Contagion,- and rhe very " Boiies" f- aetl with. the Mai ail v ; ^ hich fan p^ eulurly adapted to all Degrees a- cl Stmpt, t « K> of the YKE^ CH from tho ili^ tcft Inl^ ioa to" thc nioil- yirul< y » t . Degree there- of, that not one of ih. e great iMini- bcrs that daily take it ever Kit f?. of . i ' pe^ icct Cu.: c, even when ' the Blood and' juice is are' tainted with A* E AF-' ' f& ziiig ^ and kno^' n Succefs, renders it the . Wonder of Man kind : ai- d is now d'efesvediy e^ srni'd .( ft the only VENEREAL AJNTIDQTK poiiihle to be^ rcpar'd. or thought on ^ which" great Namhris hive " happily cxp^ it rfced"-, ' after all oihe;- Medicines' Have proviid ititftcctnaL " All < 3on'bfrT> « j^'; dr Claps'thai arc firefli cc:;' t?'< ct. d, w'irH all -'^ hirlr rfttcnd- i- n t"' Symp^ oni's", tho1 ever fo fc. v. re, are fpcedity and tofatiy extirpated,. Root arid"' Branch, id a few D. iv>' j by this incomparable l^ frint. " The Oofe is no bigger than a Pcz j.' it is. plea'fa. n. t to tafteV occafions no Sick- nefs, nor requires Confinement 5. but may be rzkpn ' and' the Cure ac- compliflted " with ^ the " litrnioft Secrecy. ' Thofc like wife who Tuff c£ l they have received any Vciiereat.' Injxrry, taking one JDrde of this Elcftuary* may inirrr. ly free themfejves from a{ l Apprchcnfiifiis of that Nature.; ' Lrkewife all-. Pcff& ns that have been tainted with aity. IZenercai lnteftion, and are doubtful chat forrie remaining Rclicks Sill lurk in & e Body, by iaking" one © o_ fe orJ. y, ate " fur pri singly rc- ftoirU to. their native Mea) th :' and pviiline Vigour 5 for it • enriches the Blood ami Spirits, tenj^ benS .- he B^ ck- and fpemiatick Veflels,- comfortnou.- riihe- and prcfervcs the Genital P ir:. s in . h-:>; h Sexes and at'the fame' Time ' drives all V) egtccs and Symptoms of the Vcr rcr^ l'Malady before it 5. which is aTupcrior USxcciicncc peculiar'to- thi; Me'iciiic, that BO OM ^ Preparation can TFPAFT- of 5, to the Want whereof maybe imputed the. frequent Gleets " and' WeakuefTcs. tl; at follow un . kilful and ill manig'd Cures. A'fo in all Sccrbutick, Scro- phuJous and even'Leprous . Eruptions,. Glanduh^ s Swellings, and Im- purities of the Juices, no A^' can parallel,' nor- Tongue . fufikiently defer; be the Virtue of ihis Elc£ Vuary. Sold by the Author, Doctor HOCK, at the Hand anci Face near lUack Fryars Stairs, pxho may be advifcd with Gratis Price Six Shillings the Pot with Dire& hons. — » ' N. B Ask for'a Six Shilling Pot tor the Rjieuma^ fm. Dr. R I AH A R D . For 0 looth- AcJi Cured] WiB imAwm& M A' O C K ' S ' I 1 N C T u R E the. T E E T H, Which makes the fou'ep. TEETH moh he^ urifjill'y white, atvone- c- or ufrng 5 and'fp? cdily icutes all piforcers of, the Gums or - Tec ill . what ever. It giv « s immcdi- htc'EaCc in, t| tcmoft" viclejjt Pain, s n d - pVcyen t. s'H 5 K. e turn 5 i t:: » rc fcipye's the Tt f- ih from growing rotten, and ' VI' 6ns rhd'ft. thpe^ a/ c j. vpf^ h ' pe'r- TcftiY'cures the Scurvy in thesaurus, i:; u.. A auon j and is V'. O LA's. chymical . ter- uan?, near' E- Ja^ iC-; r- ryaf5 stairs 5 at JVtr;- iSfoelt7s, the ; Eif{ © « SeYpciit '. in - ICshg- Rreet, yGoven't- Garden J. at tljft affee- houft hear' Ficbt-' RJiiige'- j: ; md at Mr. Bagfhaw's ' iazza at Biriingfgate,' ftaled" with she Martin updn. a caufing them to_ grp, w exceeding good for an ill- fcentei Beware of Coantejfti? v ^ „ ... T. mfture for the Teeth. bripg io - he h. vd at his Houf-,. the Sign of the Hand arid Face, wit Kin two Doyrs of the white Harr AJe- 1 joule in Water- Lao?, near; FJack- Kryars Sinirs ; zr > 1 r. F- rook's, ' Sign of the Eif « • ' ' ""* Rainbow Coffee- under the Piazza i^ Hingfgate. Rock. Price © ne Shilling i! i « £ o, ttie; withDiregions. — Note, The'- Au&' s Name, " R. ROCK, is wrote in large Gold Letters uhder thc- SigH.' NELSON., M. p. hciag vrell known to have made the Cure , of fctffirial and genital Iinhcfilities his chief Study and PrafHcc for many Years, docs rccojiimcpd his - ihofl:. noble clcanhng and ftrength enin'g ' E LlX lE, as the Only Mcdicine iii the World, i'or ( kcct* and a: k- ifeffes, the- Banc ot Virility in one Sex, and Etoftroyer of Firtility in the othsr, wl e- theiv proceeding from the fccret Difeafe or inordinate Coition, or Self- poUution ( which Spoils all our Youth, by nipping thefr Manhood in the Bud) or from Fails, Blows, Sttakis, t Wrenches, lyatd Labour, Mifcarriages, or o- ah « Caufes, which drain, dtv up, and wither, as it were, the- Gene- rative Faculties and caufc ImpotenCy in Men, and Baircnnefs in Women, and in the long Run ( by impoverishing the Biood and Spi- , s& ts) Melancholy, Vapours, Decays of Nature and Confdmptkjns. No lULc&' tcinc can be more plcafant to take, i> or any thing upon Earth more cffe&' ual for the purpofe 3 for let the Imbecility be ever fo great or ofe- ver fo long ftanain^;, and be either in the Back or ( permatick 1/ e. tlels, with Pain, or without, it certainly cures, by reviving and enriching the Blood and Spirits, Comforting, nourishing, ftiengthen- ing and reftorine the, Reins and Genital Farts in both Sexes, how jsiuch foe wr Weakened, rendcr'd colder deadn'd, and - bringing them to tlieir natural Force, Warmth and Vigour, which 110 Lotioil or je& iort can poflibly do,: as the Scat of tnefe Malidics is chicfly in the Seminals and Parts contiguous, and known fo by the Seed's being thin, waterifh, and fometirncs yellowifli, and Cohlequcntly to be out of the Reach of Topical Applications; All Diforders of the Urine, as difficulty in the making or retaining it, or its dnblihg away, hot or fmarting3 or foul, flim\ , thready or ftinkinare likewife fpcedily « ; uitd by it, and the Water made to be held as ftrongly, and yet brought away as freely, eafxly, full- ftream'd and . clear as e ver. Price five Shillings a Bottle. Prepared by the above fa id Author, and fold crJv ( fealrd up with DircBions how to take it) at Mr. ISTED's Hookleller, ift the Golden Ball between St. Dunftan's Church and Cliaacirj - Lane dnd in Vieet- fttect. Ask only for a Five Shilling So Ale or K*. IX JR. THICKNESS of HE|.& ISG, PA. IN>. or JMO- ISE is . the S, 7& C> By the true, cfcrnioL fpeajick Li RO P A, Which infinitely excel other M E. D>, G I N K s ever offered to the Publick, or known. in the whole World 5 for they . di-' ; he leaft "^ ncalincfs, as many Thoufands have experienced. T'- ray effectually remove all Pain occafiojncd by Cold, Pi re ng then the Tympanum or Drum of the Ear, free the nu< li ory Ncxve f; om Ob£ kruction, and infallibly cure all Defefts of the Hearing Faculty . aim oft in an I- nfta. nt 3 < aufi*. ie thofe to hear exceeding quick and well, who were before in a M inner totally deaf. . Hundreds who were noi abJe to hear a Drum when beat clofe by - them, and therefore dcfpaircu of being ever relieved, havr heen im- mediately and perfectly cured by them to their great Joy and Ad- , mir ation: - In a W ord, they may absolutely be depended upon . for the dire£ t andirjf.- d- lible Cure'of DEAFNESS,, proceeding from, what Caufc fccycr. But the great Efleem and Reputation they have - dcfcrvcdly gain'd for many Years pa ft, have occalioned ( as ufual in fcch Cafes) many Counterfeits to corner abroad. Beware therefore of fuch Impofitibns; thefe chymical and ofily true fpecifirk-' D. R O PS, being by the Author's Appointment, to be had only at the Gentle^ woman^ s, at the Two Blue'Pafts in Ha yd on Yard in the Min. ories,. .. at 3 s. 6 d. a Bottle wi. th> Brrc£ Vioris, and no " where clfc in England. N The HEMORRHOIDS or PDu^ S of any kmd, or in cither Sex, abfolutely cined. To as not to return again, By a pieplant £ L^ E CTUARY,' now recommended by ths rr\ ott celebrated Phyficians, as the only certain Medicine fur that Indifpolltion in the World; for in tlie Vharpeft Pain and raoft inifcrablc Torture, it gives furprizing Relief and aimoft miraculous. Enfe. No £ ooncr is it taken fecrctly, but all manner of Uncafincfs vanifhes, as if by Inchantment, and the Patient becomes . as peiftftiy well and free from pain, as if no fuch Malady had ever been. 5 and. this it not only • accor^ olifhes for the prelent hi alf perforis whatfocver but alfo by totally fubduing all fuarpnefs in the Blood and Juices, it; certainly prevents any return of the. PHe's for the future, To as en- figrely to- cure that Tllnefs, and thereby< prevent Fiftula? s and other direful conf& qucnccs that cannot be too'much dreaded. Hundreds of Men and Women, who had many Years more or lefs been wretchedly affli& ed with- the Piles, have at once been perfe& ly cured by^ this great Remedy, to their no lefs joy and comfort than admiration.- It is fo Tafe that a fucking Child might take it without Inc< invenicncc \ for it never occafions the leafV Trouble or Diforder, and is fo very agreeable as not to give diftaile to the pjceft Palate, - is. Told only at Jacob's Coffee- houlc again ft' the An gei and Ciown Tavern in Broad- lireet, behind the Roval Exchange, at 5 s the Pot, w ith Directions. C O N S U MP T IONS of a( l Sort s AS V H M A s, And all Diforders of the BREAST and L U N O s, Dire£ Hy and infallibly cured, By the. Great, C H Y M I C A L ELIXIR, Which has reilorM- To marry ThouTmds l. ibodrmg un- der the deepeft Confumptions and moft- deplorable Afthma's to- per- Health and Strength in a few Day^ rime, after all other the moft celebrated Methods and Medicines had bean trv'd in vain. It at oncc ftrikcs at, and'' abfolutely eradicates the firlt Principle or Caufc of Cuniumptionji, whether of the Langs or of atiy other KM, as alfo of Afthma's or fiiortnefs of- Breath, reduces the vi- cious Ferrrie'iit of-- the'JBlood. and Juices, correct - tlie acrid Salts which erode the Lungs; frees them from, all oMfcruvtirig VifiOiliies, ard does' more real Good in one Day than any other, Medicine whatever. can in Ten. / It a flu redly retrieves the Patient, tho' reduced,, to- a meer Skeleton and immediately cures the mo ft tedious Wafting and almoft fnffi » « -. v- tingCough, Ho. trfnefs, Wheelin'^;, ftio tncis <> f Breath, difficulty of Breathing, pain or weight in the Brcaft, fpi tting of Blood, fo re- liefs of. the Stomach, Throat, or- Windpipe j alfo Catarrhs or Dc- fluftions of Thar o Rheum, and all Ptiiieal. and Afthma-. ick Effofts, Hcftick Fever, mcltiiig Night Swcats aud Diarrhea's or Loofcnciies in a pleafant and moft agreeable Manner. It is balfa- mick, healing and ftret gth « iing beywid Comparifon, reft ores in all inward wafttngs, weaknefs, and Decay ofConftitation whatever, pcifeftly cures Ulcers in th ; Lungs or in any other inter - nal Part, caufes free a.: d cafy Refpiraiion or long BreatJiing, and fpced'ily and infallibly cyxfes ASTHMA'S- AND all forts of Coni'ump- t. ons, be they ever fo bad, without the lea ft Di ford ^ r, Trouble or Confinement ; and is indeed the only true Remedy that Can he. fure- ly depended Upon For the intire Cure of thofe Maladies, " Nor can the whole Materia Mdicn aftord- ya quickcr cr more ccrUin' Cure for common Coughs and Colds; but tht. great ' Chav-^ t'l;: r- this mo ft noble CHVMICAI- Er- ixia has fo juftly gained for the dircct and infallible Cure of Confumptions, ike.- has occasioned many Attempts to counterfeit it- 3-/ be Careful there fore to have the •• Right, which is to be h?. d only at Mr. Radford's Toyrtiop, at the Rofe and Crown againft St. Clement's Church- yard in the Strand, * at 3?. 6d. a Bottle, with Directions, and at no other Place u\ • England. .„_ ^ . « AN T X SYP H I L I C ON," " The only fhort and molt in aliicle Lure in the Uni- verftforthe VENEREAL DISEASE, from the fliglucft Infec- ? vo" n to the mdft extreme and deplorable Degree of ir, e ven w'heiv the Blood and Juices arc thoroughly - contammatcd with iis malignant Virus, and the vtry Bones arc a rafted with it. Frcih Infections, call'd CLAPS, with all their attendant Symp- ' toms, tho' ever fofevere, are intirely carried oif by it in a few Days, and fo as effeftually to prevent the Blood and JuicesTrom being tain- ted with any remaining Rclicks, on one Hand, or a Icminal Gleet, or Weaknefs, to happen on the other. And the moft inveterate Degree of the French IBnefs, attended with nofturnal Pains, univcrfal Breakings out, and all other the mo ft exafperated SymptociSj are foonovercome by v.\ and eftc&' ually and much more fafcly cured than by Salivation, Inungaiion, or any other Method whatever, and in fo eafy and plcafant a Manner, without impairing Strength, or occafioning any Inconvemtncies, as loudly to bespeak it the only oppofitc Remedy, or true Venereai An 1 idore in the World ; and this fome Thoufands have, to their " great joy experienced. It is plcafant to take, occafions no Sickneis. o:- Di{ or- der, nor requires Confinement, but may he taken, and the Cure be accomplished,^ without_. tb'c Knowledge pf'the nearcft Friend. Thofc who Tufpeft they havre received an Injury may, by o^ ilys a Dofc or two, be perfeftly freed from all Appfehcnfions y for it fulfcrs no lurking Venom to lie hid in the Body, but wholly extirpates it, Root and, Branch, in a gentle, eaiy and moft effisftuat'Mariner. All f 1 r ' ^ former ; from all SuTpicions ot that Kind y _ _ .. ^ ruption, © r Putrtfaftion, whatever, to remain in the Fluids, or to adhere to the Solid'syand, on that Account, in all fco? hutick, fcto- phulous, and even Leprous Eruptions, or FoUlnencs of the Skin, or glaridulous Swellings, and Impurities of the Juices, it does more by one Dole, than any other Medicine, yet known, can by ten. Th< 71 ' A— * aPoi, ing fuflFicien ., — Part of its Value ; and is- appointed by the Auhor to be had only at Mr. Radford's Toy- fhop, at the Rofe and Crown again!? St Clement's Church- yard in the Strand, icadv fealed up, with a Book of Inftruftions, by the Perufal of which all Pcrfons who were ever ij^ efted with any Degree of the Venereal Difcafc, may pej&^ ly un- " dcrftand their own Condition, and certainly know when, and- wpsn not, the Venereal Poifon is intirely rooted out of rhcir Bodies; Note, Ask only for a fix Shilling Pot for the Scurvy. iot and. xiranch^ ea* y ana molt ejjectuat jyianner. Ill fuch, like wife, as doubt they hare fome remaining Re licks of mcr Injuries, may, by a few Doles of- it, entirely free thsmfelvcs m all Suspicions of that Kind & for it admits, of 110 Foulnefs, Cor- LUS- A'I IV K, JVKYB rtptfA. RC..; FYFFLLFTH - CURES. All H Y S T R-& 1 § rjjrisii AA. I i,. whether ' as'- KcjanchcJ.?' Vapo^ rS; ia- Women however c- ircuihfl- i'ix^ d,' or ro v: bat P'egi- f ioeyer pL of evcrfo lo^' Sanding Jo ^" htvs: > 0 rctcii? / compound dicarnerit, Ch> Tnic?- Uy " pr^ jijea d'thc choi^ ft Anu- Hyftericks f » the v/ hole . Asi ' of Ch- Aiiittiy. '. Thl^ Medioinchaving c- i. sd: Thoufar. ds; of Mt\+ ^ Womin, cfM « i Unclioly r. I. A V AV- OUI'S , -^ DRVVR DS^ N SSJT'IC PEFFCFT ^ GTFC; it fthkts irAnediat^ IR a I •'' !'.•:•• .';.-;'• . AA:- LIFT'. • ; f A CII . T-' ET^ DCFTI^ V ® it Root and' Branch, RE& IIISS THAT vitiateS1 • FERNI « I'IP'- IN.:- THIS ach3 which U generally the firft and CJUCF ' geftion, purifies THE Blood 2nd Spirits, YC^^ BRAIN. AN^ Nerves,, chears the whok " Frame, IROPS " cieir'S the; HE'I^ V trom confufed Thoughts, removes Fears', Twitchings of - the- Arms or Legs, cures I'alpit^ tife^^ Y li- the Heart, and- Indeed all - other - the many vd'fje^ Sytsb^ rdrhs tha4ii • ^ > ' attend this grievous Diffccmpei 5' fof^ take'away • •>. feft will ceafe. " - ^ It is foid for 4s 6 d the Bottle,' at ' Mr..' Sand'^ W'Tbyflimr if * the Sign of the Griffin, the Ccksser of. Bucklershury - in the'Poultry 9- and no where clfi- • " • • To SMELL to, & c. The Moft Nobis Volatile SMELL 1 aG- BOTTTE in thd World", which fmellcd to; momentarily fetches the moft Fainting or Swooning FITS, and in a Moment, removes Fltiihings^.'•• Vapours, Duinefs, Hcad- Ach, Megrims, &' c. It takes off all heavy Sleepinefs, retards Swoonings, keeps up the Spixits to' a Miracle, an4 by its Ufe admits of no Fainting, but invigorates and en'livens the whole Man j recreates and makes cheajful, aitho' never fofad, and in a Mopaent raifes all t'he fenfitive Faculties. It is alfo to be taken i nv/ ardiy by Drops, which effechiaHy takes off and eradicates the very Caufe 5 for it potently relieves, comforts and ftrengthens, the Brain, creates and corroborates^ a Stomach, removes Sicknefsfrom it, helps Digeftion. cleanfes the Blood ^ arrd, in a Word,- is. the greateft Cephalick, Stdmac'hick, Hcnatick,. and powerful Aro- matick poilible, therefore is extream neceitary for all Gentlemen. Ladies, & c. always to be carry'd in their Pockcts. Sold now only afc Mr. Ma? kham'i> Toyfilop, at the Seven Stars under St. DmiftaiiV Church in Fleet- ftyec't, and at Mr. King's Picture- Shop in the Poultry9 Price i s. < 5 d. The SOVEREIGN SALVE F or, FAMILY PJIAISTER, Which not only cure's alFGrfeer* Wounds- \ vhatevtr, hut old Sores,.- whether come ' of themfclves or jjy. any Accident In* ca'n" c< a' Breafts it lias b^ eu ' fc unu remarkably Tbcccfsful, and not lefs fo.,.. in curingSore'S " prociedi-. g f>: om- the foul Difca'fe. Vio ent Scalds a: zd B irnings it - cutes alaio'ft to a Mix? c- ie, raking out life Fire arid hearing the VVounds. how daipcra;* c focyee they have eaten irfto the Flefli. It takes away any Humour in the Face, rend ring the Skin fin eft W- afhcs could have no Effect, '.' it gives no' Pain to the Patient, and is To inilbcent that it may be-' taken hi ward-.' ly/ and may be laid upon the iv e Tor any Pain or Bruife, with no lefs Safety - than Succef.. For hyJtcric Vapours it. is a^ ioft adnxiiable Remedy, exceeding Galbanum by far. Li was ' communicated to the Maker by an eminent Phyllcian, now* " dee'eafed^ who from long Ex per ien. ee,- was fo fenfible of its Virtues^ that he ufed frcqu/ ntly to Tav, if it were bur known to the Publick^. no Family would be without ic\ Itmny now be. had,. with princcd Direclions for the Ufe ofit,. fo « f; is. a"* R.: » ll, fe'ilcd with . the M k--' s Coat or Arms, as above. reprc- fented, at Mr. Strahan's, BookfeJUt, at the Gulden Ball againft "" the R*'.< y- ai 5'> X e'Ki'prge'; Mr. Parfons, Hofiet^ at Vh^ Hat and Feather a-' gai. Vft ihe tdoin Tavern in Fleet- ftreer ; Mr. Grcg^-:, Bookfcllcr, next « .' o. Nor mmberi a ad Ho-^ fe, Chasing- Crofs j iV; lr Hall, Grocer, at the. greenCanifter in ' Shorcditc'h 5 Mrs. ATariis, at the Golden An- chor in Rig- Fairy Mr. Abrefr, P inter at Canterbury tf Mr. Bailey^ Pinter Ba- y y Mr. Croffgrove, ^ fiuter'at Norwich^ Mr. Allen at Y i.- mou' h j and Mr. Tofcph Wryght, Stocking- Wcav- r at ' Notting- ham.——- N. B. The Buyers ;> ced not fufpeft they arc impos'd upon,, if ihey purehafe this Salve " of: differeht. Colour:? .; whicn Variation i » . only occafioned by its ditfsrent Dc^ ees of Heat at- 1 the Ti'mCof rol'^ ling up- ^ " ' . V'' • ; ."..'• The G& A& B SFEiAlFLCKj For Clearing, and - Strengthening, tire Veins', See. A ME D ICINR that nisv be depended, on as abfo- lutely eiTeaual for carrying off by Urine, fafely and fpcedily, all' the R. click:- os fee ret Injuries, Regains of pernkious, unskilfullv prepared? Mcrcnria'is, Gleets or Weakn^& es,.'. through teaious QI I- fl- manag'T$ Ouesof the Venereal Diicafc/ br trphi Self- Polution, inordinate Co- ' ition, ^ c. _ ^ Alfo- anv Wcaknelles of the Veffci;-. from Wrenches, Strains^ Blows, or Fails, and all other ObftrucHons in the. Urinary Palfagcs, even Scrangusie^ Ulcers, < fec. arc perfectly cur? d by'it. ' be tliay of- ever fo lone . irandiii » : Which Rclicks and Aiimenrs are in par* white, where th< difcovercd bv thefe following Symptoms, viz . Wcukrefs and Pain ia- the Back, a Sharpnefs in the IJrine, its ftrong Smeii, Films or Hair* is it wcie floating about fn it, and in . fome lup frequent Occafionta make it. This noble SPECIF1. CK. is alfo of- ftngular and very extraordinary Ufc and Efficacy, where there is any Gravel or- even fmali Stones SJime ot any other Matter that obftnifts the Urine y btmging'alS away- in a few rimes talcing with Safety, and" to" the very great Sa>- tisfa£* ion of the Patients. It alfo ftrengthens and recovers after a peculiar Manner, all R « ? la Rations of the VcBels, con^ ims the Parti, bringing all into rights Order, and thereby perfects the Cure ' to. Admiration." Its avert plcafant Medicine, and will he found of uncomnK. n Benefit to botW Sexes beyond Exportation fill tried 5 which is the Rcafcn of it » being made Public, and to obviate the I jnorincc of Pretenders in all the difficult Cafes ahoveuimt ionedv One Bottle, in moft Cafes, is fufr- ficientfora perfeft Cure, as you. will fee by the 1 » ire£ tions ?; vcn wita it. Sold ioi r S. a Bonk 4t Mr. Sahdwell's Tovftiop, at th « , Griilln, the. Coyo^ of BuckUrshuryiin the Poulirv * ' 1 ' bis Day | is Pubiift- ed, ^ A> Per ions on .1 JOURNEY curing, VC> ^ I- I th'eixifclves of the SECRET DISEASE. \> or a- GLEET, whilft they. Bair, oir Umt ™ - ^'> 1 * cr u? at their Xnn, wirhput the Knowledge C5 Mof an Vonc' FOUR limes fooner anil J2? ( Wij^ r^ V^ vi. h infinite lef. Trouble, than they cve « # ^'^^ TpoCtbly can by t- aking Phyfick AT HOME. J W° c he KING ot ir- ANGE's Children having Cut thtir Teeth ai! fafcly, and Thri- T^^' ved extremely w'ii- h Dr. Chambcrlen's, famous ANCUVNE NUCKLAC • , and HOW it cam ® w TO be introduced to them ; Alfo of the Lady who Her Self Put ir about the Ncck of the Young DAUPHIN; See the Letters from France at the End of the New Treatife ore. the GOUT, and P- henmaiilrn that- is Give- ft' Gratis, as are alfo the New ALMANACKS, and the 1 rtafifc on thefe Rare Nccklaces. All which Books are Given Grais Up One Pair of Stairs at ths. Sign of this Celebrated AIFODMI NECKI- ACE for Children's Teeth,, FITS, Fevers, Convulfions, (.- Price f, s with X> irc£ liops)•? Overagainft Devie^ x-- Court wi ihout Temple- Bar. And by the Author's SDHVAKT R BratUhaw, at the Golden Ke^ in- Bambridge- ftreet, - near RufPel- ftrcet End, St. Giles's in the Field'*. Note, Any. Carrier, Uouinrv Man, 0V other Perfon- may hs^ c as ' RKASOWAI » I. E PAR CEIV of rhc- f-; Books to tVnd info the Country; f: L Q N D O N : Printed b/ R. FRANCKL lit, in Cm » t G « ri* I where Adver- tftissnts » AJ L « en to tiie A- thnr are- taitcn: is.
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