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Daily Courant


Printer / Publisher: E. Owen 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 8431
No Pages: 2
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Daily Courant
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Daily Courant

Date of Article: 17/10/1728
Printer / Publisher: E. Owen 
Address: Amen Corner, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 8431
No Pages: 2
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Numb. 8431. Thurfday, " October 1.7, 1728. ' Lisbon, September 24. ^ H E King, who continues in perfect Health, as well as all the Royal'Family, is now and then in Conference with his Minifters about the prefent Jun& ure. \ ye are ftill without Certainty as to the Time v^ hen the- Princefs of Afturias will be exchanged for the Princefs of Brazil. Don Diego de Mcndoza Corte Real, lately his Majefty's Envoy Extraordinary at the Hague, is come Home by the Way of France and Spain, and has had the Honour to wait upon his Majefty to give him an Account of kis Negotiations. Within thele few Days came into the Tago a great Number of Merchant Ships of feveral Nations, as likewife four Maltefe Men of War, with' a Corfair of Sallee whom they have taken j there are- alfo arrived three Englifh Men of War ; Captain Weller, who commands one of them, being come in 15 Days from Sallee,, reports, thai be had left three other Englift Met), of Wai crwling off that Port, to hinder thofe CoHaiTs from coming out; and- that the Saletines had indeed promiled to let go the Englifh Prize they had made in its Voyage, from Marleilles to Hainbourg, tut had afterwards confifeated the Ship and Cargo, and fent the Crew in Slavery to Mequinez. We | iave received Letters from Rio de Jane/ ro, dated, the/ 30th of April laft, with Advice, that the laft Portuguele Man of War fet out from hence for that Port, was- tafely arrived there, having on board the Crew of our Lady de Montferrat, another Man of War, which was caft away in the padage ; that there was plenty of every Thing at Rio de Janeyro; ahd they computed that the Merchant Fleet, which is ready to let fail, might be in the Tago agaiuft the Clofe of November next. Thofe Letters add, that one of our Men of War arrived the 30th of April from Goa into the Bahia. The Engliih Packet Boat the Hanover, i § arrived here in four Days from Falmouth. < Peters& ourg; Sept. 2 5 . T h e y are ftill taken up, v Cronftadt with unrigging the Fleet, purfuant to the'Emperour's OTc fers fent to General Count de Munich, who after having delivered them to- Admiral Gordon to fee them executed, fet out for Catherine HofT; from whence he is daily expe& ed here! As the Rivers and Canals" are commonly frozen up in thefe Parts about the Middle of O& ober, the Merchants lofe no Time,, being continually lading a great Number of Veffels with all forts of Merchandizes, in order to fend then* by the Canal of Ladoga to Mofcow and other Places of the Empire. A Plan of a new Road from hente to Mofcow has been prefented to the Emperour, which will be fhorter and more convenient: JTis'allured, that this . Plan having been approved, they will fet Men at Work next Spring for its Execution. This Road, whieh in its dircdt Line croffcs feveral Forefts, and paffes through Novogrod and Olonitz, will be one oi the fiheft in Europe; We have received Advice from Spain, that our Ships . which were in the Ports of that Kingdom were returning Home with rich Cargoes. The Directors of Commerce are finding out Means for increafing the Trade with Spain ind France, by fending thither a greater, Number of Ships, and ' tis aflured the • Emperour has promifed to order Men of War for their Convoy to fecure them againft the In'iults c* f the Corfairs. The Sum fubferibed for that Commerce' amounts to 800,000 Rubles; befides the other Sums' which will be advanced by the Merchants for carrying on the Commerce to China.: . Madrid, Sept. 28. The King keeps ftill his Chamber, but the Royal Family takes daily the Drverfio'n of walking m the Palace Gardens, and elfe where. " OilThurfday, the Anniverfary of Don Ferdinand Prilice of Afturias's Birth- Day, who then entered into his rtfth Year, was celebrated at Court with great Magnificence ; that Prince, after having received Compliments on this Oecafiori of the Grandees, Minifters and Officers of the Court, and the foreign . Minifters, dined in pubiick with the other Infahtes ip the Princels of Brazil's' Apartment, who made him a Prefent of two fine Brafs Statues richly gilt, arid the Queen prefented him alio with a Gold Watch fet with Brilliants. Don Jofeph Patinho, Prefident of the Chamber of Finances, came back fome Days " ago from Segovia and St. Ildephonfb, whither he Weot to view the Mints, The chief Merchants, feconded . by fome fbreigh Minifters, have made ftrong Remonftrances to thfe Court againft the laft' railing of the Species; but we do not hear as yet that any Regard has been had thereto:.. The Marquefs de Brancas,. the Fferich Ambaffadaur, is going to make a Tour to St. Ildefonfo for. change of Air. As we have received'ho- News about the Duke of Ripperda fince the laft Poft; there i$ no Hopes of overtaking him'; ' tis even thought he has embarked at Oporto for a foreign " Country : Mean while the Dutchefs his Lady has ftill a Guard of id Soldiers and a Subaltern Officer let otfer her, but her Danghter is at Liberty. The laft Exprefs the Court received from-( Cadiz, has been fent back again with new Inftru& ions and though ' . - - -< • '^ wm^. m/ t? v i " V; i > . I ' I* \ they be kept lecret, confidently reported, thaifour Men of' War | p a Frigate. are . ready Aere for Sailing, with t \' r- Ships freighted for tlie Tranfport of aooo Sailors and a great Quantity of Provifions, to the Groin, w'sere they will le^ rn their farther Deftination. Some Advices from St. Andero import, that there are iikewife three Meii of War and two Frigates ready to put to Sea, and that it is very likely they will joyn thofe coining from Cadiz to meet the Galleons ; the Truth whereof muit be left to Time. There are, Letters from Gibraltar, importing; among other Things, that the Dey of Tiipolyhas been maflacred by the Populace of that T6wn.; , „> ^ , • „ ; Warfaw, Oft. 2. An Officer is arrived here, difpatc'hed by the Crown General, with Advice, that the rebellions Tartars, headed by Sultan Galga, having drawn together in Ukrania to the Number of 36000 Men, feemed as though they had amind to make an Irruption into the Territ o r i e s of the Republick; That upon this News the laid General had polled 40 Pplifti Companies, and four Regiments of Regular Troops afong the Dniefter, to difpute with them t, Ke Paffage of that River ; and that the Bafhaw of Choczim apprehending iikewife an Invafion from thofe Tartars, had marched fome Thoufand Men towards t'ne Frontiers, and had offered the" Crown Genera! to joyn his Troops to thofe of the Republick to, aft in Concert againft the Rebels. A Courier has been difpatched to Drefden with this News, and todefire. his Maiefty to haften his Return to this Kingdom. t .... ... ,4 " Presbourg, Oft. 5. The Dyet of this City has not yet taken any Refolution about the Eipperours" Demands. , As feveral of the chief Members continue to meet; in fmall Numbers up and down in the . Couutry to cpncert Meafdres iuitable to their Intereft, Count Bathianl, Vice- Chancel- 1 our of Hungary, has published a. very fevere Der cree, whereby the Emperour ftriftly, forbids any Meetings out of the Dyet, arid . enjoyns thofe who met among themfelves to repair to the Dyet, in order to take a final Refolution upon the Points for which they have been convened, on Pain of his Imperial Majefty's tiigheft Difoleafuie. ' Vienna, Oct. 6. The Auftrian Commiffioners appointed to examine the Project propofed to the JDyet, for difmembring fome Places from Hungary to incorporate them into Auitria, and to make thereupon a new Regulation of Limits, had indeed met . at Count Gundacker « le Staremberg's, at his Country Seat called Podepdorf, but could no ways agree, though his Imperial Majefty had offered to incorporate to Hungary all Servia, with tlie Capital City of gelgrade, conquered iri the laft War vyith the Turks, to compeniate for the few Towns which are to be jpyned to Auftria : Wherefore the faid. Imperial Minifter had appointed another Meeting, but none kjf the Hungarian Commiffioners came,, fo that nothing could be. done in this Affair. On. Sunday laft Prince Eugene arrived here from Gratzj from whence they write, that the Emperour being a Hunting,; and his, Fuzil halving flafhed without going , off, his Imperial Majefty gave it a, Lord near him to examine the Touch- Hole, when on a ( udden the Piece difcharg'ed, but the Emperour received noiiirrt. 1 1 1 : t . \ - ' - ' f - M - ' - r . i 1 1 1 : \ y . FdTmuth, . , 0 f t . 1'%.-^ eftwday p o t - f e c i ; by Contrary. Wiryjsjithe; Expedition' Jacket- iibat> which failed for Lisbon the -; th Inftant. ' - , Liverpool, Oft- 1 ?• - Since my laft arrived the Whitehaven from Virginia ; arid Richard and Henry from St. Chriftopher's. :;>/ r j • • • vi.: i 2) ea{, Oft. 14. Moft of tEe outward- bound failed ti: is- Day, and all the reft aie preparing t^ fail. This Day came down and faileH through, the; Margaret . for New- York ; Ann for Bourdeaux j WUl'an\ and Sarah for, Bofton in New- England; and Sufanna for Madera. Laft Night arrived the Five Sifters from Jamais , having had a very long Paflage.;,; and the Apollo from Sti Chriftopher's; fhe came, from thence about; the ' 28th of Auguft, when they had good Weather there. , Tjandon, Oftober 17. • v. i « > Yefterday South- Sea- Stock was 103 r 8th. to 1 qr. South Sea Annuity 106 1 8th^ » Bank 134, to 1 qr. India 172, to 1 qr. Three per Cent. Annuities 93 5 Sths. Royal Exchange Aifuranee 88.- , London Alluraijce 12 1 half, to $ 8ths., South, Sfa Bonds 3 1. 14 1 Premium. Indi? Bonds 4 1. i t 5. Premium. Bahfc: Circulation 3 § tf) s. to 4 1. Premium. Million; iBank- to& Englifh Copper \ 1. 17 s. double Share... Welch Copper 2 1. 10 s. pgr . Share. African 44. York Buildings 153 qrs. to 16. . M .'. > Englijb Copper, Houfe, Q£ f. i s , 1728. £ .. This is. to give Notice, that a. t a General Couit pF the Govejnour and Cotnpany of Copper- Miners ia England held the 10th Inftant, it:, was ordered, That filch of the Proprietor! who hid negie& ed td'trahsfer a Moiety of their Shares to the Company's Trufteesj purfuant to the RefolutiOns of a General Court of tb « 4 n t h of July laft, fhould have Time to the sotbof Dtfr cember next to make theii- Transfers, agreeable to fuch Refelutioni ; and that fuc{ v Proprietors upon fucfi Transfers fhall be intituled tp the Dividend of Mi* ehaelmasHft equal with thofc who bad then made their Transfers, which they will then receive. To be Lett upon a Building Leafe by the Company - ° f Cutlers. > * . A Piece of Ground with divers Mefluages or Tenements in Woolfack Alley in- Houndiiiitch, in the , Parifh of St. Buttolph's witliout Aldgate, containing irom Eaft to Weft zio Foot, add Irom Northto SouthiSo topi or thereabout, with Ground lor Two Houfes and a large Gate- way fronting Hounfdicch. A Plan, or Platform of the ( aid Premifes may be feen at • Mr. Thotaas Cox's Mafter - of the- faid Company, at his Houfe in Mew- flrectj- Fetter- Lane, or at Mr. Francis, Hyde's Warden of the faid Company, i againft the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, , er at Cutf ler's Hall; at either of which Places Propofais will be received in order to treat for the fame. Whefeas I Diriiel Bell, Cabihet- MakSr, Ih St. Martin's- Lane, had the Misfortune to W e my Houfe and W o :^ Shops deftroy'd by Fire on Sunday Morning laft, the l? th of Oc* tober : This fs to give Notice, that I have taken a convenient Houfe and Work- Shops oppolite to my late Dwelling ' Houfe, Where all Bufmefs iri' Trade will go forward Without the leaft Hirfi derance of Time, and where I lhall be in Perfon to give Attendance, and receive proper Orders. DANIEL BELLi A very good Coach arid Six able Horfc's feti oiit for B A T H on Monday next, being the 21ft of October Inftant, from the Coach and Six Horfes in Wobd- Street ; any Perfon wha has a- mind to go thither, or to- any Part on that p. oaaf ihall be accommodated ac reafonable Rates by T' ' ' JOHN TEA. L 0 N £> 0 N i P r i n t e d b y B . O m * i n A m t n J C w i fK
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