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The Norwich Gazette


Printer / Publisher: Henry Cross-grove 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1097
No Pages: 4
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The Norwich Gazette
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The Norwich Gazette

George Frederick Handel (Hendell) preparing for the Coronation of George II
Date of Article: 14/10/1727
Printer / Publisher: Henry Cross-grove 
Address: near the Church in St.Giles's Parish
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1097
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Handel and Coronation Anthem (Page 2 Col 2)
Coronation celebrated at Norwich (Page 4 Col 1)

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From £? atltrtmf October 7, to ^ featUtDap October 14, 1727. M; QJ^ bAY, Odobcr 5?. Laft Saturday arrived . a Mall from Holland. •'.... 7. ;.' '•• ' * : i - 6, Y> at v. oD • \ T.- 0 S.,. « \ - .. » . u-. • Rome, September. 29. A ST Thurfday thePope receivM an F. xprefsfrom the Prince, is Clementine Sobie, ski, with At! vice' of- the Depar- ture of that Princess from Bolngnj for Avignon'; where.' fhegye's taj - r the • Preteriilc^ her Cbn'foH,' and to re fide ' there* with Him ami her Two Sons. The t\ Vo Ambaflaelors of France and Spa- in have receiv'd Orders from their refprifivcf Principals to fet on foot a Negoti at; on fot c u'lri vating a ri'e wH. ir mony among each other's Dorbefiicks, in 0;' der, that the An- cient Amiry which fubfiftfcd between rhofe Twp Crowns may be once mote, reviv'd as, it ought to be. Yefferday Morning died Cardinal. EabrOni. Leghorn, September 20. The Captain of an Engli'fh Veflel arriv'd in 11 Days from Gibraltar reports, That having met near Alicant another . Englifit Veflel going to Naples, the Ma- tter hereof told him, that he had feen off of Cadis 4 Spanifh Men of War, who ferv'd as Convoy to 1,2 other Veil els which were thought to be the Galleons; and that the Spanifh Admi- ral- having fired a Cannon purfu'd his Way afterwards, without coming to an Anchor in that Bay as he firfl defign'd. But we give no Credit to this Ship- NEws, it being very abfurd to think they will be permitted ro return Home till there be an Accom- modation, and for them to return by Stealth or Force is what we all know cannot be; Madrid, September 2.0,. Orders are fentto the Officers w ho commanded in the Carop* at St. Roch, to detach 3 Regiments of Foot and 4 of Horfe to march forArragob: Next Week a new Men of War are to be launch'd at St. Anderb arid Sr. An- tonio, and 4 more will be ready to launch by the 15th of No- vember next: ' Tis faid there are at prefent 16 Spani/ h Men of War in the Bay of Cadix, which when joinYl with the other 6 aforefaid will make 2 2. ftrong Ships there, tho' not all of the Line. Petersburg, Septemb. a © .- Prince Mentzicoff who but lately was rais'd to the higheft Pitch of Honour, is now intirely out of Favour with our young Emperor, divefted of all his Ho- nours, depriv'd of all his Places, and exiled to Siberia, on Ac- count of the many Complaints brought in againft him by the Nobles and Governors of Provinces. Some fay his fudden Fall was chiefly occafion'd by the Princes Dolhorucki and Galickfii^ who when they return'd from their isip baffles to Sweden and Pert!), laid fomething fo very material to his Charge as could not fail of Difgracing him. V- ienna,• September 27. ' Tis affur'd His Excellency Count Coningfek, who is at the Court of Spain with the Character of Ambatfador of the Emperor, has been appointed Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples. Count Zinzendorff is preparing to fet- out fhortiy for England. Paris, Oftober. tf. Letters from Modena fay, That the Prin- cefs Clementine Sobieski is gon iro. n Bologna for Avignon, to- gether with her Two Sons. The Duke of Vera Crux, appoin- ted Am baffador from the Court of " Spam to His Molt Chriitian Majefty, is fhortiy expeflcd here. ' Tis confidently ralk'd, that His Moil Chriftian Majelty is to have 40 Ships of the Line at Sea next Spring, ro exerci e the Mariners: And that Lines are already drawing, and the Ground marking out tor building a Foft near Fontainbieau, which is to be befieged in Form by way of a Mock- Siege with an Army of 40000 French j wbjcti Action, as we hear, is for the Diveriion of His Majesty, and to give him a true Idea of a Siege. Amfterdam, October to., Letters from Petersburg, Riga, and other P; aces, confirm the Difgrace of Prince Mentzicoff: We have alfo here. the, Copy of a Placart in the Ruffian Lan- guage, ( dated the 8th uf September Old, Sd. e) which was pub- li. fh'd b'y Beat of Drum at Petersburg, and patted up at tne Comets of every Street, declaring, That 110 Orders iiiaed by that Prince . fhou d be obey'cl. Hague, OiSober 10. Mynheer Vander Meer, Ambaflador of this State at the Court of Madrid, was apparentlymistaken in the Accounts he fome Time fince wrote to their Higji Mighti- neffes, concerning the Accommodation of the Differences tubfi- iting. between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, which he then flatter'd himfelt to be upon the Point of concluding : For by the Non- Arrival of His Excellency's healing Exprels,> and by the Steps firice'taken by the ivirig of Spain, it is evident that His Catholick Majeffy is not fo redely to give up his new Pretentions as the Heer Vander Meer among others imagin'd : And ' tis faid that Count Coningfeck the Emperor's Amuiaa- dor's Influence' at Court is as rapid as ever, bearing down ail before it ; nor will the Spariifh Mini flay take a Step, without confuiting thole of Vienna : " Thus the Co. dnels that was obfer- ved at Madrid with Ref pccl co the Imperial Court, when firft the Preliminary Articles were fign'd, is quite gon off, and Phi- lip the Vth is a greater Friend to Charles the Vlth than before. The fame Letters add, That the Reconciliation b^ twoen Two Crowns is nothing near fo hearty as was given ( 4, td%" the . King of Spain perce. ving tnat the King of France wiiljiiotTup- port him in any of his Pretentions againft Great Britau). ; London, 3 - i London, Oftober 7, WYE's Letter to Day has thefe 6 Para- graphs following, viz. Our laft Letters from Madrid add, That theKing of Spain is ftill averfe to theReftoring the Ship Prince Frederick ; and ' tis even faid, that he will reftore no Ships ta- ken fince the 2d of July. ' Tis hard to imagin what fhould be the Caufe of His Catholick Majefty's obftru& ing the good De- figns of the Allies of Hanover, for Eftablifhing a general Peace in Europe 5 efpecially if we confider that France will not fup- port him in any one of his Pretenfions on Great Britain, not- withftanding the Difcourfe that has been and ftill is railed on the Reconciliation between the Crowns of Spain and France : The laft of which has notified in Form to the Senate of Venice, the Birth of the Two young Princefles. ' Tis remar'd, That the Imperial AmbalTador's Intereft is fo ftrong at the Court of Madrid, that the Spanifh Minifters will undertake Nothing without firft Confulting thofe of Vienna : And the Marquis D'Abrantes, the Portugueze Ambaflador, re- ceives now the Compliments of the Foreign Minifters, upon the Inter- Marriages of the Prince of Afturias and the Infanta of Portugal, and of the Prince of Brazil and the Infanta of Spain, ' Tis faid that the Accufations brought againft Prince Ment- zicoff are, his having been the Caufe of the Death of the Cza- rowitz the prefent Emperor's Father, for diffuading the late Emperor from removing his firft Sponfe from a cJofe Prifon to a Place more agreeable, for Frauds in the Taxes and retaining to himfelf one' half of the Impoft on Tobacco, for falfly accu- fing divers Perfons who had well ferv'd their Mafter, and for endeavouring to fubborn the whole Ruffian Army and engage them into his Party. The Time drawing near for the Elcftion of Members to re- prefent this illuftrious City in Parliament, divers Letters are publifh'd fetting forth the great Abilities, Integrity, and Merit of Sir John Eyles our prefent Lord Mayor 5 particularly, that he refolutely purfu'd and attain'd the great End he propos'd of fettling the Affairs of the South Sea Company upon a lafting Foundation, and that he was fignally concern'd in the obtai- ning a Remiffion of the immenfe Debt that Company groan'd under : The Affiftance of the Three Grand Companies, ' tis thought, will go a great way towards carrying this Gentleman's Election. On the other hand ' tis reported, That Sir George Mertins, Kt. & Alderman, ( who is made Prefident of Chrift's- Hofpital) John Crawley, Efq; and fome other Aldermen, will bring in vaft Numbers for Alderman Parfons. Yefterday there was a Rehearfal of the Coronation Anthem in Weitminfter- Abbey, fet to Mufick by the famous Mr. Hen- dall: There being 40 Voices, and about 160 Violins, Trum- pets, Hautboys, Kettle- Drums, and Bafs's proportionable ; be- fidcs an Organ, which was ere£ id behind the Altar: And both the Mufick and the Performers, were the Admiration of all the Audience. Incredible Numbers of Favors are preparing againft the Co- ronation; they are painted and embroidered with Gold, and have divers Mottoes, among which are thefe, viz, God [ end no End to Line Divine, of GEORGE and Royal CAROLINE. And others have Two flying Angels holding a Crown over the King's Head, with this Motto,- We are come do- yon, to fix the Crown. Thefe Favors are continually fold from a Shilling to a Guinea each, and make well for the Ribbon- Weavers in par- ticular. The Amfterdam Courcforof Saturday laft fays, that a certain Court has at laft agreed to bear Part of the extraordinary Charge the King of Spain was obliged to be at in bringing Home the Flotilla. And that the French defign to have Forty Men of War of the Line of Battel at Sea early next Spring, to train up their Seamen to the Working . of a Ship, Cfdt^ gfOM's THURSDAY, O& ober 12.' This Dafs Toft brought the following Accounts. o Petersburg, September 23. N the 19th, the Day after Prince Mentzicoff was Ar- retted, the following Placard was publi/ h'd by Beat* of Drum, and pafted up in all the publick Places of this City, viz, We Peter II. by the Grace of God, Emperor and abfolnte Sovereign of all Ruffia. Whereas We have refol- ved to affifl henceforth in ' Perfon at Our Supream ' Privy Coun- cil, and to fign with Our own Hands the Refults and Ordi- nances thereof; We enjoin by thefe Prefents, and declare that Our Will and Pleafure is, That no Orders, of ' what Nature, and under what Pretext foever, written or difpatchd by the Prince Mentzicoff, or any other private Perfon, be hereafter accepted or executed, upon Pain of Our highejl Difpleafure. This Order iffued from Our Senate fhall be publifhed through- out Our Empire, and efpecially among Our Troops, and a Re- port of the Publifhing thereof is to be made to Our Supream Privy Council. Given in Our faid Council the 10 th of Septem- ber 1727, and Jign'd, PETER. This Placard was immedi- ately communicated to all the Chanceries and other Colleges, with Orders to fend it forthwith to alt the Cities and Provinces of this vaft Empire, to be likewife pub'. ifh'd there. Prince Mentzicoff, after having been divefted of the Order of St. An- drew, and his Sword broke over his Head, was on the 21ft banifh'd, and fent with his Spoufe and whole Family under a ftrong Guard to his Eftate at Orianenboom, 100 Miies beyond Mofcow. Tbe following 8 Articles of Accufation againft him, are handed about here, viz. 1. To have been the only Caufe of the Death of the Czarowitz Alexis Petrowitz, the prefent Em- peror's Father. 2. Tt3 have diffuaded the late Emperor from removing his firft Confortfrom a clofe Prifon, to a Place more agreeable to her. 3. To have defrauded his Sovereign in the Excife, by which he amaffed immenfe Sums. 4. To have re- fervd to himfelf One Half of tbe general Impoft on Tobacco, wherof he was Superintendant, and which amounts to about 6- 00000 Rubles a Tear. 5. To have falfly accufedfeveral Per- fons who had well ferv'd their Majler, and deprived them of their Honours and EJlates. 6. To have fet no Sounds to his Ambition after the Death of Peter I. which appear'd by his Defign to marry his Daughter to tbe prefent Emperor, in Or- der to get the Regency of tbe whole Monarchy into his Hands, and to fupprefs the Authority of all the other Councils. 7. To have labour d Night and Day with a View to fubborn the Ar- my, and engage the fame into his Interefl ; for whenever the Emprefs wanted Money to pay the T'• oops, he always fupplied Her with confider able Sums, which he afterwards got in again with large Interefl. 8. To have placed vafi Sums of Money in the Banks of London and Amfterdam. By Vertue of the 5th Article Baron Schafiroff, and divers others who were ba- ni/ h'd fame Days before the Death of the Emprefs, have been recall'd 5 and ' tis not doubted, but the faid Baron will be em.-' ploy'd in the Privy Council. Vienna, October 1. Yefterday an Exprcls arriv'd here from London, which is the firft that has been receiv'd fince the Mif- ; underftanding between the Two Courts : Count Zinzendorff, Great Chancellor of the Court, went immediately to commu- nicate the Difpatches brought by the faid Exprefs to the Em- peror : ' Tis faid that the King of Great Britain declares there- in, That he will never confent to the Admiffion of a Minifter from the Pope at the enfuing Congrefs, nor that any Affair con- cerning the Pretender fhall be treated of in the faid Congrefs. Count Kinski, who is appointed Ambaflador Extraordinary to the CrofjS- pobe's the Court of France, will carry thither the laft Refolution of His Imperial Majefty, and of the King of Spain, in Regard to ~ Gibraltar and Port Mahone. The Emperor has given Orders for compleating all the Regiments on the Foot of the laft Aug- mentation, as alfo to augment the Stores of all the Magazines, to be made ufe of in Cafe t> f Need. Yefterday Morning died, after an Illnefs of 3 Days, Count Conrade de Staremberg, the late Envoy Extraordinary from this Court to that of Great Bri- tain. Hague, Oftober i2. We have Advice from Paris which fay That the Moft Chriftian King had receiv'd no Exprefs from Count Rothemburg, who was gon to Madrid with Powers to fettle the depending Differences! Yefterday and this Day fe- veral of our Gentlemen of Rank imbark'd for England, to fee the Coronation. London, Odiober 10. This Day at a Court of Huftings held in Guild- Hall, came on the Election of Four Members to repre- fent this City in Parliament ; when the Sheriffs upon View were pleas'd to declare, That Sir John Eyles, Bart, and Lord Mayor. Sir Richard Hopkins, Kt. & Alderman, Sir John Thompfon Kt. & Alderman, and Micajah Perry, Efq; had the Majority of Hands: But a Poll being thereupon demanded in Behalf of the Four Worthy Gentlemen following, viz. Humphry Parfons, Efq; & Alderman, Sir John Williams, Kt. & Alderman, Ri- chard Lockwood, Efq; and John Barnard, Eiq; the fame was granted, and agreed to begin to Morrow Morning at 7 a Clock ; but to continue only for Half an Hour, by Reafon of the Coro- nation. The Court of Common- Council having laft Thurfday ap- pointed a Committee to invite the King and Queen to Dinner in the City on my Lord Mayor's Day, the Committee confifting of 4 Aldermen and 8 Common- Council- Men, all Worthy Loyal Gentlemen, the four Aldermen being, Humphry Parfons, Efq; Richard Brocas, Efq; John Barber, Efq; and Sir John Wil- liams, Kt. On Sunday the faid Committee waited on Their Majefties accordingly, who were gracioufly pleas'd to accept of the Invitation, and to confent to fit to have their Pictures done to put up in Guild- Hall: The faid Aldermen afterwards defi- red, that the Duke of Cumberland, and the 4 young Princeffes, would alfo honour the City with their Prefence; to which their Majefties faid, they would give them Leave; but as they were then in a Di/ habille, defir'd the Gentlemen of the Com- mittee to come up to Court again on Friday next, when they fhould be permitted to invite them perfonally. They are laying the Boards from Weftminfter- Hall Gate to the Weft Door of the Abbey, for the grand Proceffion of the Coronation ; which, ' tis the general Opinion, will exceed that of any other Monarch in Europe : The new Crown that the King is to wear on this folemn Occafion, is valued at 2 50000 Pounds Sterling. And we hear that in Cafe it fhould rain to Morrow at the Time of the Proceffion, a light Covering of Oyl- Cloth is prepar'd to be ere£ led on high Poles, and held up the whole Way by the 5 Regiments of Foot- Guards ' Tis faid His Majeky will be at Weftminfter- Hall to Morrow Morning by 7" of the Clock. The Court Martial that was held laft Week i n the Downs, has declar'd Sir Hugh Middleton, Bart. Captain of His Maje- fty's Ship the Pearl, and Peter Anderfon, Efq; Lieutenant of the faid Ship, both incapable of His Majefty's Service ; the for- mer for notorious Breaches in his Duty, and the latter for not acquainting the Board of Admiralty therewith, but concealing the fame. Captain Yoe, who was alfo to have been Tried by the faid Court Martial, having acquitted himfelf of the Mat- ters alledg'd againft him before the Lords of the Admiralty, the Warrant for the Court Martial's fitting upon him has been as we hear fufpended : But tbe former Officers ' tis faid are broke. We hear that His Majefty has been pleas'd to order that His Royal Prince William Duke of Cumberland / hall walk in the Proceffion as a Knight of the Bath, and in the Robes 3- pp'fcr~ taining to that moft honourable Order .- His Royal Highness- is alfo, ' tis faid, to affift in the Support of His Majefty ' s Train 5 As are alfo the Earl of Eufton, eldeft Son to the Duke of Graf- ton ; the Lord Cornbury, eldeft Sort to the Earl of Rochefter and Clarendon ; the Lord Brudenell, eldeft Son to the Earl of Cardigan; and the Lord VifcountHermitage. Their Royal Highneffes the Princefles Artne, Amelia, and- Carolina, affifted by Three Ear Is Daughters, viz. Pembroke, Nottingham, and B. riftol, are to fupport the Queen's Train in the Proceffion. The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole is to walk in Robes ap- pertaining to the moft Noble Order of the Garter. And the Lord Mayor of London in a Crimfon Velvet Gown, the Col- lar of SSS, a Plume of Feathers on his Hat, wi th White Shooes and Stockings, and a full- bottom'd Peruke. A great Number of Foreigners of Diftindftion of both Sexes, are arrived here to fee the grand Ceremony of their Majefties Coronation : And ' tis even rumor'd, that a Sovereign Prince is arriv'd here incog' to fee the Solemnity. But however that may be, ' tis certain that fuch Numbers of Foreigners of Diftin- dtion never Came over to fee any Coronation before, as they do this of their Majefties, On Friday Night an Experiment Vi/ as made of lighting the Candles in Weftminfter- Hall for the Coronation : The Num- ber of Candles is about 1800, which will be all lighted in Four Minutes, by Strings of Tow dipt in Spirits hanging down froni the Wicks. ^ . .. Spencer Cowper, Efq; kifs'd the King's Hand Yefterday, on his being made one of the Judges of the Common Pleas, in the Room of Judge Page j who is made one of the Judges of the King's- Bench, in Room of Judge Fortefcue. We hear that His Majefty has been pleas'd to conferr the Ho- nour of Knighthood upon George Walters, Efq; and Colonel Lambert, whb are to reprefent tha Dukes of Acquitaine and Normandy at the Coronation. J^ R. DAFFEY's ELIXIR, The moft'Famous Cordial in the World, truly prepar'd in London, and appointed to be Sold at CROSS- GROVE's Printing- Ortice near Sc. Giles's Church in Nor- wich ; where ' tis now to he had either by Wholefale or Retale, with Good and Full Allowance for inch as Sell it again ; not taking lei's than a Dozen Bottles at a Time, and paying Ready Money. ' Tis the great Preferver of Mankind, and above 60 Years experiene'd to lie a certain Cure ( under God.) in the following Diftempers, viz. 1. The Gout md Rheumatifme, with all their torturing Pains. 2. The Stone and Gravel, liffolving them in the Bladder or Kidnies. 3. The Pothifick, in Oid or Young, vhen almoft loft for Want of Breath. 4. The Dropfie, known by the Bignefs of t he Belly, and Swelling, of the Limbs. 5. Exulcerations of the Kidnies, whiclj rnke the Patient's Urine like Blood. 6. The Scurvey. 7. Surfeits: and Pert. nee. 6. Fits of the Mother, and Valours from the Spleen. 9. Green- Sicknefs, 10. It cures alt Difteiripers incident to Children, as Convtilfions, Rickets, Gripes, opl weak w - their former Strength. 12. Agues it" cures to Admiration. 15/ The Hemer* hoids or Piles. 14. Tis infallible in the Gripes, Vomiting, or Loofenels. 15, ." Tis a per: eft Ucanfer after the Small- Pox and Mealies. And 16. ' Tis a moft exceir ent Cordial after hard Drinking, cleanling the Head, and reviving the Spirit: this Noble ELIXIR islam dthro' aU. Eur. ope, particularly France and Poland, ivhere Thoufands have futfer'd by the Hague; and the taking one Spoonful of it Morning and Evening when in Health, will ( by GOD s Bleffing) prevent any infectious Diftempers. ' Tis highly neceffary tor all Perfons who go to Sea, or who ta. e long Journeys; and ' tis of fo innocent and fare Operation, that it may lately be taken ac any Seafon of the Year. And to prelerve, your Health from being rtiin'd by Spurious Counterfeits, ( many of which are made here irt Nor- wich! and to prevent being impos'd upon by. l'uch, you are defir'd to obfeive, That every Bottle of this True DAFFEY's ELIXIR is Sealed wife the lam? Coat of Arms as is here above plac'd, and has alfo a Londoti Bill of Cures given along with it, appointing it to be Sold no where in Norwich but at CROSS- GROVE s Pi inting- Office in St. Giles's Parilh ; and . to be particularly caretul, that the Bot- tles are riot lealed with a Buck's Head, nor a Lyon. SATURDAY, Oaober 14. Thurfday lajt ar- rwd a Mail from France. Paris, Oftober 18. LEtters from Cadix fay, That many Veflels are come into that Port, laden with Carriages and other Utenfils us'd in the S; ege of Gibraltar ; which makes People think they are going to raife the Siege. London, October 12. Yefterday was perform'd the Grand Proceffion and Solemn Ceremony of their Majefties Coronation, which was the moft Splendid and Illuftrious ever known, and the loud and joyful Acclamations of the numerous Spectators are not to be exprefs'd by Words. The Dutchefs Dowager of Marlborough, being in an advane'd Age, walk'd with a Cane being adorn'd with coftly Jewels Mr. William Gibfon the noted- Quaker, has hir'd Plaifterers Hall by Wood- Street, to fet up a Congregation of Reformed Quakers, and will hold forth there next Sunday. Thefc fure muft be fweet Babes'of Grace ! This Night the Polls for London Candidates ftood thus, viz. , Sir John Eyles, Hart. Lord Mayor, 963. Sir Richard Hopkins, Kt. & Alderman, 916. Sir John Thompfon, Kt. Z$ Alderman, Micajah Terry, Efq; Humphry Parfons, Efq; & Alderman, Sir John Williams, Kt. & Alderman,— Richard Lockwood, Efq; John Barnard, Efq; • 928. 938. 849. 835. 916. Norwich, October 14. Wednefday laft being the Coronation of their Majefties, exceeding great Rejoicings were made in this City : The Bells rang all the Day, and at Night were Fire- Works, and a general Illumination throughout the whole City. In St. Giles's was'a large Bonfire made, which lafted from 7 that Morning till Thurfday Night,; and Variety of Drolls and Dances perform'd there, upon a Stage erefted in the Street. In a Word, here was a general Face of Joy ; no Contention being feen, but in Expreffions and Demonstrations of Joy and Loy- alty to their Majefties. Baptiz'd in this City the laft Week 20, and Bury'd 21. A& FEERTIFEMETTTG. Continued to be Sold by SAMUEL MORRIS and WILLIAM LOMBE, fenior, both right againft the Church in St. Andrew's in Norwich, New HOPS fuperfine, ot tne Growth of the belt Plantations in England, and will fell them Cheaper than any Man in Norw eh whatfoever: They defne all Per- fons to view and judge. N. B. The faid Samuel Morris continues to fell Hops by Retale at 8d. a Ponnd, Sugars and Fruits of all Sorts, Capers and Anchbves, and fine new Florence Oyl for 7s. a Gallon. He alfo buys Barley, to be deliver'd at ' nis Malt- Houle by St. Andrew's Cockey, and will give as good a Piice as a ny other Buyer, any Day in the Week ; and will l'ell new Malt to Houfe- K. ee- pers, as Cbeap'and as Good as any other Maltftcr. THE King's- Arms, an Antient and Commodious INN, fituate in the Pa- rifh of St. Michael a Plea in the Middle of the City of Norwich, to be Lett immediately, or at Chiiftmas next. Inquire of Mr. Barry Love of Yarmouth, or of Mr. Peter Attelfey in Norwich. WHereas it was Advertifed in this Paper laft Week, that Haiefworth Fairs would be kept as ufual for Lean Cattel: This is to Certifie, That no Cattel will be brought to thofe Fairs either from Scotland, Cumberland, or York- lhire. As Witnels our Hadns this izth Day of October 1727. Patrick Heron, Walter Johnfon, Charles Boyle, John Fergufon, I Drovers. John Graham, / Thomas Dale, [ & c. & c. & c. & c. WHcjers a Court Baron is appointed to be holden for the Manours of Wi farthing, Infoken, and Outibken, at the'ufual Place, on Monday th Day of this inftant O- ftoVrj and another or the Manour of Heywood ; Difs, at the ufaal Place in Difs, the next Day: The Tenants of the faidfevera Manours aie defiled to take Notice, that they do then pay in their Rents and Arrears, or elfc they vvjl be proceeded fgainft tor their Neglcft. RUN away laft Tuefday in the Night- Time, from Mr. Jenney Sheopard at the King s- Head in Hetheiiet, one Robert Wilkinfon, a broad thick Fel- low, with blown Hair: He carried away w: th him a Snuff colour'd Shag Coat, with Rials Buttons on each Side, a! out halt" worms; alio a gray'Cloth Waftecoat . wiili white Metal Buttons round, and feveral other Things, to the Value of 4I. Whofoever ffcures the faid Ro'reit Wilkinfon, ar. d gives Notice to Mr. Jenney Sneppard afoi'efaid, lhall have Haifa Guinea Reward and Charges borne. STOLEN or Stray'd on the 4th inftant at Night, from Mr. William Drofier of Banningham near AyIcltjam in Norfolk, an Iron- Gray Horfe, about 15 Hands, with a Ijght- eolour'd Mane anil Tail, an i ( lis been rowell'd on the Near- fide of his Neck. Whoever brings the faid Horfe to Mr. DroTier aforefitiJ, Ihall have a Guinea Reward, and no Queftions ask'd. THIS is to Certifie, That Mr, Edmund Plumfted of Colteihall, Common Brewer, is refolved to leave off Brewing, and to Lett or SELL the fi- liate he now lives in, containing a very good Dwelling- Houfe, a Malt- Houfe of 40 Combs fteep, a Brew- Houfe, Store- Houfes, witb the Coppers, Coolers, Fats, and all other Brewing Utenfils, with the Running Casks, as Barrels, & c- . Alfo Warehoufes and Statli by the RiverSide, convenient for Mcrchandifmg of Corn, Coals, & c. with si Acres of Land, Meadow. and Arable. Inquire pt the faid Mr. Edmund Plumfted. SAMUEL and THOMAS RINGER, continue to buy Corn every Satur- day in the Forenoon at the Sign of the Wherry in Conis ord in Norwich, and in the Afternoon at the Sign of the Lamb in the Hay- Market; and carry on all other Bufinefs as their Father formerly did. ON the laft Tuefday in May, Yearly, will be continued at Haiefworth in . the County of Suffolk, the Bullock- Market: As alio on the 18th of Octo- ber, Year ly, will be continued t'ne Bullock Fair at the' fame Place. Which Market- Fair will be fupplied'with all Sorts cf Lean Cattel, in the fame Man- ner as hath been done for upwards of Twenty Years. MR. FRANCIS SAUL of Yarmouth, has newly arriv'd Five Pipes of Neat White Lisbon WINE, and Four Cbefts of Choice FLORENCE OYL, which he wil Sell off at the. following Rates, viz. The Wine at 271. per Pipe, each Pipe containing full 140 Gallons ; and the Oyl at 4I. 5 s. per Gheft, each Cheft having 60 Bettys, or 40 Half Flasks. AT Thetford in Norfolk to be now Lett or Sold a very good Dwelling Houfe and Tanning- Office, with all Convenkncies, late Mr. Batche's, with the Stock of Leather and Barke. Inquire ot Mr. Rob. Martin, or Mr. John Wright, of Ttietford ; or of Mr. " Watlon, Attorney in Norwich. WHEREAS Mr. John Creffey of Wood- Norton in Norfolk is lately1 decea- fed, This is to give Notice to all Perfons who were indebted to the laid John Creffey, to pay their Debts forthwith to Mr, William Hook or Mr. John Goldfmith, Executors to the faid Mr. Creffey, or they will be put to Trouble for the fame. WHEREAS great Numbers of Extraordinary Cures ( many of which have been from Time to Time publifh ' d in this Paper) have been perform'd in the City and County of Norwich, and likewife in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, by that True DAFFEY's ELIXIR which is Sold at CROSS GROVE'S Prin- ting Office, juft by the Church in St. Giles's Parifh, and at no o- ther Place in Norwich; which great Cures prove the fame to be Truly prepar'd in London, and not made here in Norwich as fe- veral Counterfeit Sorts are, the Venders of which can boaft of no inch Marks of their pretended Stuff being Genuine: And whereas the Vertues and admirable Effects of the faid DAFFEY s ELIXIR fold at CROSS- GROVE's Printing- Office, and the Accounts of, the many Cures it has done, have caus'd a great De- mand for the fame in thefe Parts, ( as they do likewife in all other) This is to give Notice, That all Country Shop- Keepers, Carriers, or Others, in any Town of the Counties of Norfolk or Suffolk, who will Sell the faid True DAFFEY's ELIXIR, may b. ei'urnifht with the fam. e at CROSS- GROVE s Printing- Office in Norwich afbrefaid, with Good and Full Allowance to all for Selling again, not taking lefs than a Dozen Bottles at a Time, and paying Ready Money.- A nd to prevent all Perfons being impos'd uf on by any i'purious Counterfeit, every Bot- tel of this DAFFEY's ELIXIR truly prepar'd in London, is fealed with the fame Coat of Arms as is placed at the Beginning of this Advertilement, and has ( as a further Mark) given along with it a London Bill of Cures, appointing it to be Sold at no other Place in Norwich but at CROSS- GROVE's Printing- Office aforefaid. And whatever pretended Bottles are Sealed with a Buck's- Head, or any other Seal but the Coat of Arms here above- plac'd, and that have not a Lon- don Bill of Cures along with it as before- mention'd, are none of that DAFFEY's ELIXIR Truly Prepared and Sold only at CROSS- GROVE's Printing- Office as A bove: Therefore for your Health's Sake take Caie that you are not Abuled by pernicious Counterfeits,- which are made in Imitation of this Noble ELIXIR by thofe who know Nothing of the True Preparation; and carefully mind that the Bottles are feal'd with no other Seal but the fame Coat of Arms that is put to this Advertifement; there being now at leaft a Dozen feveral Counterfeit Sorts of it made here in Norwich. NORWICH; Printed by Henry Croft- grove, near the Church in St. Giles's < Parip, 1727.
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