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The Chester Weekly-Journal. Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick


Printer / Publisher:  W. Cooke
Volume Number: 10    Issue Number: 1
No Pages: 4
The Chester Weekly-Journal page 1
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The Chester Weekly-Journal. Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick
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The Chester Weekly-Journal. Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick

Date of Article: 07/06/1727
Printer / Publisher:  W. Cooke
Volume Number: 10    Issue Number: 1
No Pages: 4
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THE Vol. 10. numb. 1. chester Weekly- Journal. Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick. WEDNESDAY, JunE 7, 1727. From the evening Posts May 30. Since our last arrived one Mail from France, one from Hol- land, and One from Flanders. Boston in New- England March 6. wE have an Ac- count from Ma- ryland, that there is a Ship in North Ca- rolina with se- veral Convicts: She came from England bound to South Carolina ; but the Con- victs rose at Sea, and killed the Master, Mate and Surgeon. Boston ( in New- Eng.) April 1o. By Letters from Rhode Island of the 22d Instant, we hear that a- bout 12 o'Clock that Night, a Parcel of combustible Matter was laid, and by all Circumstances wilfully set on Fire under the Porch Floor of their old Church, which if it had burnt but a Quar- ter of an Hour longer, had inevi- tably consum'd it. New- York, March 15. We have Advice from Jamaica, that the Galleons arc arrived at Car- thagena from Porto- Bello, and were unrigged and laid up there ; that the Plate was sent to Parama; and that Part of Admiral Hosier's Squadron lay at Grand Brew near Carthagena. ConsTantinople, ( in Turkey) v April 15 We hear from Ispahan, that the Rebel Esreft having revi- red after the last Victory he got over the Ottoman Troops, assem- bled all the Grandees of the King- dom, to lay before them all he had done till then; that his Con- duct had been generally append- ed, the rather since he placed his Confidencie more in his People, than in his own Forces : That the better to gain the Affection of the Persians, he had made a Reform in his Court, where' nothing but Fasts, Mortifications and Prayers were talked of ; that the Prison- ers were treated with a great Deal of Humanity, that he had even sent back a great Number of them without Ransom, and mark- ed the Rout to be defrayed as far as Babylon; that he would not hear of any Partition of Persia, saying since he has had the good Fortune to conquer it, he thought himself able to govern it whole ; and that the young Sophy being forsaken by all the World, and ha- ving but 3 or 4000 Men, and those poorly maintain'd, he had given over all Hopes of ever recovering his Dominions. All this does not discourage the Grand Vizier, who is resolved this Year to have an Army of 12000 Men in Persia. We are not a little un- easy here on Account of two Mis- fortunes, one whereof happened to a Squadron of eight Sultanas, which was transporting Troops to egypt, and has been dispersed by a Storm; and the other to a Ship having on board 8oo Janiza- ries, which stranded near Chio, 2, 7 And as our last Losses are ascribed to the ill Conduct of the Bashaw of Babylon, the Prime Vizier has sent a Chioux to arrest and con- duct him hither. M. d' Andrezel, the French Ambassador, is dan- gerously ill of a Dropsy, and he has sent for the French Consul at Smyrna to take Care of the King his Master's Affairs. Brussels in French Fland. May 3. Our Archdutchess receiv'd Yester- day a Courier from Vienna, with an Account of the Emperor's Sign- ing the 8 preliminary Articles of the Hanover Allies. A grand Council was thereupon immedi- ately held. Antwerp in French Flanders; May 29. The Imperial Troops in Flanders are daily exercising and reviewing' by General Zumjun- gen, . but no Camp is yet forming: In the mean time, we learn from Paris, that the Preliminary Arti- cles are actually signed as well on the Part of the Emperor as the Allies of Hanover. Our Home- ward- bound East- India Ships, that sailed in 1725 and the Beginning of 1726, are soon expected richly laden, which is the true Cause of the Actions holding up to their Price ; tho' 0n all Hands, ' tis now believed, that this Company must either be suppresed or restrained within such Bounds, as will ren- der it not above one third so be- neficial to the Proprietors as it has hitherto proved. Paris ( in France; May 4. The Letters from the Spanish Camp are of the 11th, and relate, that on the 8th at Night the great Fire from their Camp ceased, and they only fired about 12 of their Can- non and as many Mortars. That the Besieged had begun to play upon the Trenches with 40 Can- non, as well, from the Land Gate Battery as those of Willis's and Queen Anne's. That on the 9th the Spanish Workmen were chief- ly employed in repairing their Bat- teries which were much Damaged by their continual Heats had much incommoded the Soldiers, who are in great Fear of a sort of Ca- lenture, by the Drinking the Spa- nish Wines in abundance. That on the 10th the Count de las Tor- res reviewed the Camp, and gave Orders that the new Reinforce- ment of Troops arriv'd being most ly Irish, should be forthwith put on Duty in the Trenches. And that on the 11th the Garrison continued their Fire with such Vi- gour that several hundred's have been , killed and wounded. Letters from Madrid of the 26th past advise, that there was no propect of the Treasure brought by the Flota being deliver'd to the respective owners. Hague Hague ( in Holland) June 4. The eight Preliminary Articles to the general Peace have not only been approved and signed by the Emperor, but his Minister Fonse- ca at Versailles as well on the Part of the Emperor as the King of Spain, and also by our Ministers and those of Great- Britain and France; and the Congress to be held in the Space of 4 Months at Aix la Chappelle. Brussels June 1. According to letters from Gibraltar, the Spa- niards had been again incommo- ded very much with the sudden Showers, and that the Projeted Mine was said to be laid aside. Preston, May 25. This Day died Thomas Mollynex Esq, for- merly Member of Parliament for this Borough, and younger Bro- ther to Sir Francis Mollyneux, Bart of Teversall, in the County of Nottingham : He is succeeded by his only son Rigby Mollyneux Efq; to whom he hath left a very plentiful Estate. Guildford, May 27. On Tues- day the Royal Plate was won by the earl of Halifax's Grey Horse Sampson. On Wednesday the Galloway Plate was won by Mr. Rice's Dun Mare Gillian of Croy- don : And on Thursday the 50 1. Plate was won by the Lord Ons- low's Chesnut Gelding Senezino. LONDON, May 30. On Saturday last the Lord Waldgrave kiss'd the King's Hand on his being appointed his Maje- sty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Empe- ror of Germany. And on Sunday in the After- noon his Lordship attended by a State Messenger, set out from St. James's for Paris, for to compli- ment the most Christian King on the Queen's Pregnancy, and to proceed thence to the Court of Vienna. Their Excellcncies Horatio Wal- pole and Stephen Poyntz Esqrs ; are nominated his Majesty's Mi- nisters Plenipotentiary to the Congress that is to be formed for restoring the Peace and Tranquil- lity of Europe. Isaac Le Heup, Esq; late his Majesty's Minister to the Diet at Ratisbon, is appointed Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Sweden in the Room of the said Mr. Poyntz; and Mr. Robinson Secretary to the British Ambas- sy at Paris, is to take care of the English Affairs at that Court du- ring Mr. Walpole's Absence at the Congress. Sunday last being the Anniver- sary of his Majesty's Birth Day, who then enter'd into the 68th Year of his Age, there Was a nu- merous court at St. James's to complement his Majesty on that Occasion. The Knights of the Order of the Garter, Thistle and Bath, appeared in their Collars of S. S. and Jewels ; at Noon the Guns were fired in the Park and at the Tower; and the Evening concluded with all possible De- monstrations of Joy throughout the Cities of London and West- minster. Last Night there was a most magnificent Ball at Court in in Honour of the Day, which lasted till Four or later this Morning: Duke Hamilton danced with their Highnesses the young Princesses ; and ' twas observable that his Grace's Dress and Live- ries were the richest that has been seen on the like Occasion. The Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor went to St. Paul's with Musick playing before him, and upon his his Return Home, the Hon. Ar- tillery Company saluted his Lord- ship on that Occasion, and were handsomely treated ; afterwards they marched to Moor- Fields, and perform'd a fire Exercise in honour of the Day. Yesterday being the Anniversa- ry of the Birth and Restoration of King Charles II. the same was observ'd with the usual Solemni- ties. A few days since a very remark- able Cause was heard before the Lord Chief Justice Raymond at Guild- hall, between one Whit- worth a Stocking Weaver, and a Free- Man of this City Plaintiff, and one Jeffs, Under Keeper, and one Gore, Turnkey of Ludgate, Defendants. It appeared that the Plantiff had been confined in that Prison for Debt, but got dischar- ged, and then brought his Action against the Defendants for extor- ting some Money from him to re- venge which the Defendants took an Opportunity of running him in- to a Room by himself treating him in a very barbarous Manner At the end of 7 Days the PlantifFs Friends finding out where he was, procured the Lord Chief Justice Eyre's Warrant for his Release- ment; to which they refused to pay Obedience, and also to a a Habeas Corpus ; but on the Tip- staff's going he was released : and then brought this Action against the Defendants, for false Impri- sonment. It appeared that no Action had been entered against the Plantiff, nor no Pretence of his owing any thing. When he was released he was almost ready to expire with Hunger, and hard- ly capable of standing, his Body being so bruised with Irons. On hearing the whole Matter, the Jury brought in a Verdict: for the Plantiff, with 4001. Damage. His Lordship was pleased to desire the Common Serjeant to acquaint the Lord Mayor wish this Affair that Care might be taken for PRE venting such Abuses for the fu ture. The Elizabeth and Anne Capt. Mayle, bound from London to Fi- gura, was taken by a Spanish Privateer as she was going into Figura ; and the William and Mary, of Gallway, hath been ta- ken by another Privateer near the Isle de Dieu in the Bay of Biscay. From the Evening Posts, June 1. Barcelona, ( in Spain,) May 18. MOST of the Spanish Troops assembled here are actually imbarked, but are not yet sailed, what they are designed for still re- mains a Secret. Rome, ( in Italy) May 17. We hear that the Pope has sent Word to the Pretender, that he hopes when he returns to this City to find him reconciled to his Lady, advising him to live with her, and put his Children under the Tuition of some worthy Prelate. We are perswaded that the Pretender will conform to the Will of the Pope in this Matter, and his Lady seems to be overjoy'd at the Prospect of Accomodation. Benevento, ( in Italy,) May 31. The Arch Bishop of Corfon has printed an Account of' all the Things done by the Pope during" 1 his Stay in this City, together with a Deacription of the Tetro- polis. We are assured among o~ thers that the holy Father wrought the three following Miracles. 1. He has deliver'd a young Woman who was possess'd with a Devil. 2. He has restor'd Sight to a blind Boy of 12 Years of Age. He has restor'd the Liberty of Speech and the Power of walking to a Boy of of 4 Years of Age, who was dumb, and lame in one Hand and one Leg. The Pope has given 15000 ducats to several Churches and o- ther Places of Piety, to buy Or- niments, besides 6000 for the Re pair of our Governor's Palace. ' Vienna, in Germany,; May 24. We are assured that in a Confer- ence the Emperor held at Laxem- berg some time before his signing the Preliminaries, at which the Ambassadors of France, Spain and Holland were present, he declar- ed to the French Minister, that for preventing the Consequences of a Rupture, he made no Difficulty of accepting five of the eight Ar- ticles proposed by the Hanover Allies, and particularly that for suspending the Ostend Company's Grant for 7 Years ; but that as to the three others relating to Gib- raltar, the Galleons and the Effects on board the Flotilla, his Imperial Majesty could come to no Resolu- tion without the participation of the King of Spain, to whom he had written about it. The French _ Ambassador sent a Courier to his Court for Notice of this Declarati- on. Tis reported that the Court of Spain has sent a fresh Remittance hither of 120000 Florins towards the stipulated Sebsidy. The Court has sent a Mandate to the new- Duke of Parmo, prohibiting him to demand the Investiture of his Dominions from the Court of Rome, but to apply for it to the Emperor and Empire. Gibraltar April 30. The Ene- my have continued the Fire from their Batteries, which began to play the 26th Instant at Five in Morning ; and we have returned their Fire with as great a Num- ber of Guns, and above 100 Mor- tars large and small, from our Batteries. By the nearest Com- putation, the Enemy fired on the 26th and 27th about 3500 Shot each Day; but not so great a • Number on the 28th and 29th ; and by what we can judge, their hot Fire had made some of their Cannon melt. This Day, the 30th the Enemy began to fail of their Fire, having discharged only 2 or 3 Rounds, and between every Round a pritty constant Fire of single Guns. They have during these 5 Days directed their Fire against Willis's Battery which has been much damaged ; but the En- gineers are every Night repairing that, and all the other Batteries. We have had killed since the Be- ginning of the Siege about 26 Men, 3nd about 30 wounded. Hague, ( in Holland,) June 7. On the 3d Instant Mr Finch, the British Envoy Extraordinary, received an Express from Berlin, with the News of the Death of the Czarina, and the Accession of the Czarowitz on the Imperial Throne, and the nexc Morning her Plenipotentiary the Count Golofskin received the Confirma- tion of it. Norwich, May 27. This Week- one Dobbs's Son of Postwick was found in the Field strangled with his Whipcord. Also This Week a sad Fire happen'd at Bodisdale, by which several veral Houses were consumed. Bristol, May 27. They write from Trowbridge, that a great Number of Weavers with their Clubs, having high- crown'd Hats on, and their Faces footed, came into that Town one Day in a ri- otous Manner, broke into the Work Shops of several Master*, who obliged their Men to work Under Price and cut a great many fine Broad Cloaths out of the Looms, even into small Frag- ments and Pieces, and then went off again without being known or molested : But ' tis hoped the Act lately past for regulating those Differences between Masters and Workmen in the Woollen Manu- factory, will put an End to those Disorders, which is now in the Press, and will soon be down a- mong us. We hear from Taunton, that laft Week died --- Rich, Esq, a young Gentleman of 1300 1. per Annum, at his Seat about three Miles from that Town, and hath left the Bulk of his Estate to his House Keeper, a young Gentle- woman, With a great deal of rich Furniture, Coach and Six, Cha- riot Chaise, & c. We here have an account of a barbarous Murder-, being com- mitted by a Smith, near Holfwor- thy, in Devonshire. This Smith having got acquainted with a young Woman, she pleased him so well, that he turned his Wife out of Doors, and took her in to his Wife's Room 10 Bed and Board, till at length she took an Occasion to elope, and then the Wife was received again ; but some time after, the Smith chan- cing to hear where his Doxy was in Service, prevailed her to take a Walk with him, and leading her into a Field, after having ex- ecuted his Lust on her, drown'd her in a Pond, for which he was seized and committed to Exeter Goal. LONDON, June 1. Yesterday Mr. Violante a fa- mous Italian Flyer as the Term is, did down a Rope from the Top of the Steeple of St. Martin's in the Fields to the farthest Part of the West Side of the Meuse oppo- she thereunto, in half a Minute, which is computed about 300 Yards: There were present in the Meuse, the young Princesses and several Persons of Quality and Distinction, and a vast Number of others 5 the crowd was so great that the Pickpockets made good Earnings of it. We hear he has also engaged to descend from St. Paul's Cross over the Thames into St. Georges Fields Southwark, in like manner. And That he is to have a Patent for securing to himself the sole Per- formance of this Invention. The King has given Orders for the Yatchts to remain at Green- wich, his Majesty designing after all to imbark there. Yesterday a general Council was held at St. James's, when his Majesty was pleased to declare his Design of visiting his Domi- nions in Germany and to con- stitute and appoint the Lords of the Regency to take Care of the Publick Affairs in his Majesty's Absence. Yesterday his Majesty's heavy Baggage was carried down the River to be put on Board the Yatchts and other Vessels at Dept- ford and Greenwich. Last Tuesday the East India Company received the agreeable News of the Townshend, Capt. Phillip Worth being arrived off Dover from China for which Place she sailed in February 1725- 6. A Midship Man came up Express, Who landed at Dover with Mr. Savoge, the chief Super- Cargo of her, having left her Tuesday ve- ry early in the Morning. They had set their Second and Third Super- Cargoes and - their Purser on shore the 27th at Plimouth. She came from China the 18th " of December, where she left the J^ Kl^ three Ostend Ships, which it was expected might sail in six Weeks after her, They write from Paris, that the Articles Preliminary being signed here by the Ministers of the Emperor, Great- britan France, and the same are to be signed at the Court ot Vienna, in Conjuction, by the Duke of Bour- nouville, Ambassador of France at the said Court: On the Return of which signed as aforesaid, the Plenipotentia- ries are to assemble with all convenient Expedition at Aix la Chappelle, where the Affairs of Gibraltar, Portmahon and the Commerce to the East- indies and South Seas is fully to be regulated and settled. From the Evening- Posts June 3. Yesterday arrived a Mail from Holland. Petersburgh ( in Muscovy ) May 20. THE Empress Catherine Mathweina dy'd here On the 17th Instant about Nine at Night, having but just entered in- to the 41st Year Of her Age, she having been born on the 27th of January 1687. Soon after her Majesty's Death her Will was opened, by which she declared her Successor to be the Great Duke Peter Al- exowitz, . Grandson to the late Emperor, born the 23d of October 1715, and is therefore but in the 12th Year of his Age. Hereupon the said Prince was immediately proclaimed by the Name of Peter Il. Gibraltar April 30. The Yarmouth, Capr. Obrian Commander, has taken a Spanish Ship of Ope St. VinCent, which had on hoard 8 Chestts of money and a great Quantity of Plate, which in all is suppos'd to be worth 700,000 1 She is now in the new Mole here. The 22d of April the Hawk Sloop Was taken by the Spani- ards and carried into Ceuta. The 26th in the Morning the Enemy open'd some new Batteries, consisting in all of 64 Pieces of Cannon,' in order to make a Breach and Storm, in a Day or two's Time, according to the Account a Deserter gave that came into the Garrison just after they begun. They began the Attack about Four a Clock in the Morning, and continu'd till dark. They fir'd twelve Rounds in an hour's Time with all their Cannon ; and likewise flinging of Shells into the Garrison at the same time, by which they mortify'd the old Mole Head and land Port very much, where they to storm but Willis's Battery was an Eye- sore to them, upon which they keep 14 Pieces of Cannon arid 6 Mortars continually paying. The next Day the- Enemy repeated the same Attack with is much Vigour as be- fore, but we keep them employ'd, for our Gunners behav'd themselves so Well that the lord Portmore made them a very handsome present of what they call Yellow Boys, which encourag'd them much: They kept on till Night. The next Mor- ining we waited for a Salute as usual, but receiv'd none last we gave them a Round with all our Cannon but had no Answer-, then we gave them another and a Third, before they would fire a Gun-, but about Six in the Morning they begin to fire 2 or 3 Guns at a Time, and at last they fir'd some few more, but not near so ma- ny as before, which causes us to think we have dismounted great Part of their Can- non. Our old Soldiers here say, that the last Siege was not a tenth Part so hot as this has been. We have lost to the 29th of April no more than 6 Men', 15 Woun- ded 3 and in all from the Beginning of the Siege to this Day, kill'd by the Enemy 27 i by our Guns splitting 12 Men wound- ed by the Enemy 44; by our Guns split- ting 7. LONDON, June 3. - Greenwich, June 3. This Morning about 9 his Majesty arriv'd at this Town from St. James's, and immedi- ately went 0n board the Carolina Yacht, upon which the Guns fir'd from all the other Yachts. The Dukes of Grafton, Dorset, Newcastle, Leeds, Richmond Argyl, and Hamilton, the Earls ol Leicester, Orkney, and Selkirk, the Lord's Delaware, and Finch, and Sir Robert Walpole 3 together with many other Persons of Quality and Distinction, werr on board and took their Leave of his Majesty At 11 the Yachts were all iride; iail, but wi; h little or no Wind, so that they were towed by Boats 3 and the Guards, and his Majesty's Coaches were order'd to proceed 0n the Kentish Road, to be ready in case his Majesty should be becalmed- The Lord Viscount Town- shend, with his two sons are on board the Fubbs Yatcht. ADVERTISEMENT. O yes, O yes, O yes! OUR Sovereign Lord the King's Majesty, In Consideration of the rate and uncom- mon Cures perform'd by a New- inven- ted Medicine call'd. Dr. Bateman's pectoral Drops, onl many thousands of his loving Sub- jects, ( who have been grievously afflicted with the Rhaumatism, Stone and Gravel, the Cho- lick, Ajiues, Coughs, cOlds, Pains, Sue ) To prevent Counterfeits to secure the Pro- perty to Benjamin Oatell, the sole Inventor thereof, and to John Cluer, Robert Raikes and William Dicey, the Persons concern'd with the said Inventor, His Majesty hath been graciously pleas'd so grant His Letters Patents, under the Great- Seal of Great Britain, that they may enjoy the sole Benefit of the said Medicine. The kING being willing to encourage all Arts and inventions, especially such as tend to the Health of his Subjects, strictly com- mands all Persons not to Counterfeit. Imitate, or resemble the same, upon such Pains and Penalties as may be justly insisted on such as Contemn his Royal Commands; and further to be answerable to the abovesaid Persons for their Damage thereby occasion'd. His Majesty also commands all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Consta- bles, and other his Officers and Ministers whatsoever, that they do not in any wise, Molest, trouble. or Hinder the said Persons in and about the said Medicine In Witness whereof, His Majesty was graciously pleased to Grant the abovesaid Patent the 31st Day of March, in the Twelfth Year of his Reign. GOD save the KING. Not only those who Counterfeit this Medicine, by imitating or resembling the same, or by adding to or substracting from it but those who sell a Counterfeit, will be pro- secuted in the High Court ot Chancery for the same; therefore this Notice is given, that unwary Shopkeepers may not be brought into a Premunire. Ten Guineas Reward will be given to any that shall discover any person that Counterfeits this Medicine, or sells a Counterfeit, by J. Cluer of Bow Church Yard, London. THESE Drops arc likewise taken with great Success in Fluxes, Spitting ot Blood, Consumptions, Small- Pox. & c. They carry off the most violent Fever, if taken in Time; ease After- pains, and cure the Rickets in Children. They have brought, a- way Sand and Gravel in abundance, and Stones as big as horse- beans from divers PersonS. At all the Places where this Medicine is sold, a Book of Certificate of Cures perform'd by it, is given gratis. By Virtue of an Order from the KlNG's Majesty, these Drops are appointed, to be sold in Chester, by William Cooke: Also by the Men that carries this News. Price one Shilling each Bottle. ON Little Budnorth Common near Oulton in Cheshire, will be run for on thurs- day the Sixth of July a plate of about 20l. Value, by any Horse Mare or Gelding car- rying Ten Stone. Every Subscriber to pay e Guinea, and every non- Subscriber a Guineat and half which is to to the Second beft Horse & c. ' the Winning Horse & c. to be Sold to any one of the Subscribers within the space of two hours for the sum of 80 Guineas the plate in- cluded, and the Owner if every Horse C c. that runs for the said plate is to pay 5s entrance. 2s. 6d. weighing and the winning Horse & c 5J. the time of Entring to be between the Hours of Four and Six, the Evening before the Day of Running. On Fryday the Seventh Day of July will be run for on the said Common, a Gallway Plate of about IC/. value, by any Horse mare or Geld- ing not exceeding 14 hands. Every galloway 14 hands high to cany 9 Stone, and all under 14 hands to carry weight proportionable, allowing 7 pounds for one Inch. n0 Horse to be ad- mitted to run for this plate, whose Owner has not subscribed half a Guinea, and they who have not Subscibed ten Days before the Day of Runinng, shall not be admitted to enter under a Guinea and half, which is to go to the Second best Horse 3V. the Owner of every Horse & c. to pay 1 s. 6d Entrance, is 6d. for weighing and the Winning horse & c. & c. and they, are to be measured and entred by seven of the Clock the Evening bejire the Day of Running. On Saturday the Eighth if July, will be run for on the said common a poney Plate, of about 51, value, every Poney 13 Hands high to carry Eight Stone, and all under to carry Weight pro- portionably. they are to be measured and entred by seven of tbe Clock the Evening before the Day of Running. the Owner of every Horse must Subscribe half a Guinea and to pay 2S. 6d. Entrance, is. for weighing and the Winning Horse & c. 2s. there will like wise be Cockings all the said THIS is to give Notice that upon Mon- day the 15th of June next, will begin the great Cock- Match between Cheshire and Lancashire: To weigh 3 1 Cocks of each Side, for 10 Guineas each battle, and two hundred' Guineas the odd Battle, and eleven Cocks of a Side for By Battles for two Guir. eas each Battle- To weigh upon Monday and fight the three next following Days, at George Smiths at the Red- Lion in Whitchurch, shropshire. TO BE SOLD ALl together or seperatly, Three several Messuages with the Lands and premisses thereunto belong; ng, in Barnhall about two Miles frem Stockport in the County of Ches- ter; All of them good Estates of Inheritence, with very gook Buildings on them, and well Tennanted , One of them is Sett at about 40 I. per Annum,' the other Two at about 30 1. per Annum each. Enquire of Mr. John By- ron, Attorney at Law in Manchester. MR. Samutl Kent of Sandbach, in the County of Chester Mercer, being appointed an Agent for the SUN- FiRE OffiCE, application may be made to him for new insurances 0n Houses or Goods, and on producing the last Receipt, he is impowered lo receive Yearly Pay- ments on the insurances already made. Proposals may be had Gratis. THere is an Estate or Freehold- Land in Eccleston near PrescOt, of about Twenty Acres of good Land, House, Out- Housing, & c. in good Repair, now 111 the Hands of mr. Edmund Taylor of War- rington • Whoever is mindfull to buy the same, are desired to be at the Legg's of of Man in Prescot, on Tuesday the 20th Instant June, at Two a- Clock in the Af- ternoon where attendance will be given to dispose of the same 3 the highest Bid- der to be the Buyer. CHESTER ; Printed by W. Cooke
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