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The Norwich Gazette


Printer / Publisher:  Henry Crossgrove
Volume Number: 21    Issue Number: 1068
No Pages: 4
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The Norwich Gazette
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The Norwich Gazette

Page 2 Column 1 Death of Isaac Newton
Date of Article: 18/03/1727
Printer / Publisher:  Henry Crossgrove
Volume Number: 21    Issue Number: 1068
No Pages: 4
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MONDAY, March 20. On Saturday last arrivd a Mail from Holland. Petersburg, March 4. therE is already provided for our Fleet 16ocoo Pounds of Salt Meat, 12000 Tuns of Beer, 4000 Hogsheads of Brandy, and Biscuit in Propor- tion ; the Number of Mariners is to amount to i2oao. All these Prepa- rations give Ground to believe, that our Fleet will put to Sea this Sum- mer. Madrid, March 4. The Court- has granted to Colonel Stanhope, Am- bassador of Great Britain, the Passports demanded by him for repairing to Paris, and His Excellency designs to let out on the 9th Instant for Bayonne. The Court has receiv'd 4 Couriers from the Camp before Gibraltar, but conceal the news they brought: However private Letters say, That the Spanish Ar- my is dwindled by Sickness and Desertion to 13000 Men; and that the Garrison had made a vigorous Salley, forc'd the Spa- niards from their Trenches, and nailed up several Peices of their Cannon. Paris, March 19. Asa War is now no longer doubted of, the Court has given Directions for hastening their Troops to take the Field, and fulfilling their Engagements with Great Britain. The Queen, whose Pregnancy goes safely on, enjoys a perfect State ot Health. London, March 18. We hear from several Parts, That the Russian Ministers at most Courts of Europe say, that the Cza- rina has own'd the Duke of Hostein as Hereditary Prince of Sweden ; and that She will declare War and attack the King- dom of Sweden, in Case the King and the Senate come openly into the Hanover Alliance. The King of Prussia has ordered 30000 Men to march towards Wezel and Cleves; He has also given Orders for Cutting of 20000 Pallisadoes in the Wood of Duitsburg, - and forbid on Pain of Death the Selling of any Pal- lisadoes out of that great Wood, which used to furnish the Dutch with them : The States General however hope, that His Prussian Majefty will continue to live in Friendship with them, who have always strove to please that King, and who are fsuch old Allies of his Family. ** WYE's Letters have the 7 following Paragraphs, viz. Advi- ces from Madrid relate, that on the 8th Instant at Night a Cou- rier arriv'd from Cadix with Advice, that Don Antonio Castig- netta safely arriv'd there the 4th Instant from the Havanna with 4 Men of War, having on Board about Half the Treasure ; and on the 7th Instant arriv'd in the Ports of Gallicia Vice Admiral Torres, with most of the Men of War, and the greatest Part of the Merchant- Ships with the other Moiety of the Treasure, which in the Whole consists of 18 Millions of Peices of Eight. Mean- time they add, that One Man of War and several Mer- chant Ships of that Fleet were wanting j and ' tis now advis'd, that Part of Admiral Wager's Squadron are in Pursuit of some large Ships, suppos'd to be of the Spanish Flota that are wan- ting, and are 6 in Number according to private Letters from Amsterdam : So that we hope they may become a Prey to the English, tho' the rest had the Fortune to escape j which causes much Discourse in most Conversations. The Court of Madrid we are told is under an exceeding great Joy that their Riches are come safe Home, and that they have since dispatch'd Orders to all the several Ports in Spain for Sei- zing all the Effects belonging to the British Subjects residing in Spain, or to their Correspondents in England. That the Duke of Liria was now going in all Haste as Ambassador from Spain to the Court of Russia; whence ' tis advis'd, that a Machine was invented for breaking the Ice, in order to disengage their Men of War and Gallies, and to put them out to Sea much soo- ner than they have hitherto been able to do. Several Transports lie at Woolwich, to carry Provisions and Ammunition, and also a Detachment under the Command of Captain Richards for Gibraltar; for which Place also the Ten Companies of the first Regiment of Foot- Guards, will we hear set out next Tuefday from London. Mean- time the Relations given of this Siege are very odd: The Spanish General, they say, has signified to his Court, That the Garrison make a Vigo- rous Defence, and were refolv'd to stand out to the last Extre- mity ; but that he hoped to oblige the Governor to capitulate, as soon as the Batteries were all ready. On the other Hand ' tis said the Hostilities committed at Gibraltar, were unknown at Alicant the 2d Instant new Stile. The Emperor proposes to have a formidable Army of Auxi- liaries in Lower Saxony, as alfo another on the Rhine, and has demanded of the Empire their Contingent on the same Foot as it was stipulated in the Years 1702 and 1714. Our Portugal Merchants having petition'd the Government for Ships of War to secure their Trade, Two are fitting out with utmost Expedition to cruize as station'd Ships on the Coasts of Portugal. ' Tis still believ'd more than ever, that the shortly have Proposals laid before them for the Differences. However it be, we may Peace will be concluded, but what shall be Honourable, and Lasting. ' Tis faid His Majesty has sent Orders to ting ready his Field- Equipage. From SatUrDay March 18, to Saturday March 25, 1727 Cross grove's news THURSDAY, March 23. Last Tuesday arriv'd a Mail from France. Petersburg, March 24. THE English Merchants here, at Archangel, and Mos- cow, were already preparing to send away their best Effects; fearing they should be seiz'd, in Case of an open Rupture between our Empress and the King of Great Britain: But Her Imperial Majesty has given them fresh Assu- rances, that whatever may happen between the 2 Crowns, they had Nothing to fear, and that consequently they might freely carry on their Commerce. Paris, March 16. Letters from the Camp before Gibraltar of the zd Instant import, That the Besiegers had finish'd their Works, and form'd their Trenches: And that they had already 50 Peices of Cannon mounted on their Batteries, and several Mortars, making a continual Fire 5 which is return'd by the Cannon of the Place, and especially the Mortars, which do great Execution on the Befiegers. A Silver Lamp of an extraordi- nary Size and Beauty is making by the Queen's Order, of which Her Majesty intends to make a Present to the Church of Notre- Dame; together with 6 Candlesticks, and a Cross of the same Metal. Hague, March 15. Count Coningseck, the Emperor's Mini- ster here, having got the Memorial presented to the King of Great Britain by M. de Palm, together with Count Zinzen- dorff's Letter to the said Palm, and the secret Treaty between the Emperor and the King of Spain sign'd at Vienna the 25 th of April 1725, privately printed, has employ'd himself some Days past in distributing Copies thereof; first to the President of their High Mightinesses Assembly, then to the Foreign Mi- nisters, and other Persons of Distinction. How such a Step as this will be resented at the Court of France, we know not; but are afraid it will check the good Endeavours, whereof they have not been sparing, to procure at least a Suspensive and Preliminary Accommodation. Edenburg, March 9. Yesterday in the Afternoon Mrs. Mac- cleod was hang'd in the Grass- Market, for Forgery she was drest in Black, with a: white short Apron, a white Sarsnet Hood, and a Fan in her Hand: She folemnly denied any the least Ac- cession to the Crime for which she suffer'd, and died with an Intrepidity uncommon to her Sex. Bristol, March 15. Here is a Discourse that some Privateers will speedily be fitted out to cruize on the Spaniards in the West Indies, & c. Our Sailors keep up for fear of the Press, and will not enter themselves in any Ships but those who have Prote- ctions. London, March 21. Yesterday Morning died ( aged 85) Sir Isaac Newton, Kt. Master of His Majesty's Mint at the Tower, ( to which Place is annex'd a Salary of 5001. per Annum) and President of the Royal Society; ' tis said he will be succeeded in the former Place by the Rev. Dr. Samuel Clark of St. James's, who now scarce admits a Superior in the Mathematick Science, and in the latter by Sir Hans Sloane, Kt. now Vice- President: He was a Gentleman universally known among Men of Letters throughout Europe; often quoted by learned Foreigners, but scarce ever without an Epithet in his Praise, such as Clarissi- mus Anglus, Celeberrimus Isaacus Newton, vir egregie doctus, or somewhat of that Nature. WYE's Letter to Day has the 8 following Paragraphs, viz. The States of Sweden continue to keep their Deliberations se- cret, and ' tis not yet actually known in what Manner they have ' acceeded to the Treaty of Hanover: Mean- time ' tis pretended that some of the Conditions, thereof are not to act offensively a - gainst any Prince, nor to furnish either Men or Shipping, and mention other Things which in Effect is little else than Han- ding neuter; but in little Time we doubt not of hearing such an Account of the Terms on which they have acceeded to the said Treaty, as will fully answer the great Endeavours used to accomplish that important Work. Some Advices from Petersburg relate, That 3 Frigats of a- bout 40 Guns each had Orders to sail forthwith to the Sound, to go into the Service of the King of Spain; who has given Per- mission to some Ships to turn Privateers, accordingly (' tis said) 2 are put to Sea from Cadix on that Account. Letters from the Spanish Camp at St. Roche of the 2d Instant import, That they had finish'd their Works, and form'd their Trenches: And that they had already 50 Peices of Cannon mounted on their Batteries, and several Mortars, making a continual Fire; and were well answer'd from the Town by their Cannon, especially the Mortars, which do great Execution. A Ship arriv'd at Falmouth brings Letters from Gibraltar which mention, That the firing on both Sides was very hot: And by Deserters from the Spanish Camp they had an Account, that great Numbers of the Besiegers were slain, amongst them their Chief Engineer. Yesterday the Lord Mark Kerr set out for Portsmouth, to imbark for Gibraltar: And to Morrow the 10 Companies of Foot- Guards order'd for Gibraltar are to march thro' the City, to imbark at the Tower, their Baggage being already on Board ; each Company consists of 70 Men. They write from Edenburg of the 14th Instant, That a few Days before a great Number of Recruits were shipt off at Leith for the Scots Regiments on the Dutch Establishment, and that they have begun there to beat up for Voluntiers for the addi- tional Troops of Dragoons. Yesterday the Commons pass'd a Bill for paying 11000001. of the Publick Debts, by Means of the sinking Fund. In a Com- mittee on the Supply resolv'd, That 541591. be granted for ma » king good the Deficiency of the general Fund of 7248491. for the Year ending at Michaelmas last. Last Night the Committee sat till past rr on the Election for Petersfield; and at last on a Division it was carried by a Majority of 3 Votes for Mr. Taylor the sitting Member, against Baron Miller the Petitioner. And to Day the Commons made fome Progress in the Bill for better Regulation of the Woollen Manufactures, and preventing Disputes amongst Persons con- cern'd therein. To Day the Lords voted an Address to His Majesty for a. List of the late Promotion of Officers in the Army, distinguish- ing such of the said Officers as were in Half- Pay before the late Promotion. ' Tis said Orders are sent to Biscay, to seize the English Effects there. ' Tis wrote from Lisbon the 9th Instant New Stile, That they had an Account of 2 small Spanish Privateers being at St. Ubes; and that they reported 2 Ships were put to Sea from Cadix on the same Account, one carrying 30 and the other 46 Guns. ' Tis wrote from Bilboa the 15 th Instant New Stile, That the Ships which compos'd the Fleet from the Havanna were all ar- riv'd as follows, viz. 4 at Cadix, 1 at St. Andero, 9 at the Groyne, and 4 at Ferral near the Groyne. We hear that His Majesty hath thanked the Duke of Rich- mond for offering his Service to go a Voluntier to Gibraltar, and desir'd His Grace to desist from that Voyage. We hear that last Week Benjamin Collyer, Esq; Member of Parliament for Grimsby, going to see the Lord Castlemain's great Pond on Epping- Forest, his Coach was overset into it, and he was got out with much Difficulty. The Dead- Warrant is come down to Newgate, for executing to Morrow Two Malefactors condemn'd last Sessions at the Old Baily, viz. Thomas Wheeler and John Fox. We hear that the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole is much in- dispos'd with the Gout. Cross= grove's news SATURDAY, March 25. On Thursday last arrived a Mail from Holland. Ratisbon, March 20. THE Declaration made lately by the Minister of France to the several States of the Empire, has at last been publickly read in the Diet, notwithstanding the Oppo- sition of the Imperial Commissary; but the reading of it was attended with an Imperial Decree full of virulent Expressions, not only against the Steps of France on Account of this Declara- tion, but also against the king of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover, against the Treaty of Herrenhausen, and against the Speech of His British Majesty to his Parliament. Paris, March 24. On the 20th arriv'd here an Express from Vienna, with new Proposals of Peace: But as ' tis not likely the Negotiations can be continu'd, and as a War is look'd upon as unavoidab'e, ( especially since the Arrival of the Flotilla from Spain) we work incessantly ia preparing all Things for Opening the Campaign. » London, March 23. The Earl of Portmore, Governor of Gi- braltar, is set out for Portsmouth with a great Number of Vo- luntiers to imbark for the fore- nam'd Place : And this Day the 1 o Companies of Foot- Guards march'd thro ' this City, in Order to imbark too for Gibraltar : From whence we have Nothing new, the Wind being still contrary. They are preparing at Oftend to overflow the adjacent Coun- try upon Occafion. Norwich, March 25. ' Tis strange that my undeceiving the Publick, by clearing myself of the Imputation of being the Pub- lisher of a News- Paper lately Clandestinely printed without any one's Name to it, in direct Violation of Two Acts of Parlia- ment, and without any necessity that I could conceive for the doing it, and for which I was generally clamour'd ; I say, I think ' tis very odd, That only my Wiping that Obloquy off of myself, without so much as pointing at any other Person, should so ir- ritate Mr. Chase, as to make him break out in such Ridiculous Scurrility ! All which, considering his Well- known Abilities, and the many Proverbs that plead for him, I shall intirely pass by without Regard. However, I affirm that the Fact I clear'd myself of was not only Illegal, but so Mean and Pitiful that I scorn'd the Imputation of it: And whatever Mr. Chase may intend, I declare I will never impose on the Publick in any so unfair and unnecessary a Manner, meerly for the Sake of picking up a few Pence: Therefore if any Paper for the future be cry'd about without my Name to it, I hope such as shall buy it will now know where to lay the Blame if they are trifled with. As to his Threatning like a Bully Huff, I have notwithstanding condescended to take thus much Notice of him ; tho' I am well aware ' tis what he drives at, in Hopes to raise the Sale of his Paper: And should this gentle Reply occasion the Angry Thing to tell me in his next that he sometimes wears a Sword, can walk in the Town- Close, about Five in a Morning, with the whole Et Cetera of Bullying; ( for some Naturalists have observ'd, that a Man of very little Learning may have a mon- strous Share of Courage) I should hardly lock myself up in my Chamber for it, as he can tell who did ( if his Modesty will per- mit) on a remarkable Occasion. For my Part, in Regard to the Profession, I shall always give him Gentleman like Treat ment, and not use him as a Porter ; notwithstanding I know it is the general Opinion, that he would shine much more agree- - ably in this latter Capacity, than in the Quality of a Printer. As to what I either have or shall print, ' tis universally confess'd that he is no great Judge in the Matter: And as to his Loyalty be has often made such a Pother about, with unfair Insinuations at the same Time against as good Subjects as himself, I must tell him. That the greatest Proof of any Man's Loyalty to His Majesty, is his chusing to live in strict Conformity to his Laws z And I dare say this Great Headed Gentleman cannot charge me with being concern'd in Running of Paper, with Printing with- out Stamps and with fictitious Names, nor so much as illegally printing Pamphlets without a Real Name. Indeed, I think his Paper far too mean for my frequent Notice ; yet I shall not fail to do myself Justice when such Clandestine Things are done, and principally with a malicious View of fixing the Odium of them upon me. Let him print as mean and ridiculous Things as he pleases, and Fairly and Honestly subscribe himself the wiseman who does them, I promise I will never cavil at him ; but he must excuse me, if I am not tame enough to bear the publick Clamour due to his Indiscretion. He is very ambiti- ous of weekly Jarrs with me, and like the Fly in the Fable con- ceits he raises a Dust by only Honouring his Paper now and then with the initial Letter of my Name: But let him remember the Fate of Icarus, whose Story I recommend to the Master who teaches his Paper to spell in Charity to inform him ; tho' the silly Fly, who rashly dares the shining Candle, may be the fitted Monitor for him. However I do once more assure him, as [ have heretofore done, that I shall carefully avoid a Paper- War with him ; not only because he aims at it to make his Pa- per sell better, but because I deem him no Match, and unwor- thy my Regard: And that his Vanity may not imagine this a Conceit of my own, I daresay his own Friends can assure him ' tis the Sense of both City and Country. I will now give the Loser leave to rail, and to launch out in his next with all the innate Scurrility he is Master of; and shall only recommend these 2 Truths to his Consideration, That an Ass will still be an Ass, tho' he puts on a Lion's Skin ; and that the Means for a weak Man to seem wise, is to hold his Tongue; for the more fuch an one talks, the more he unveils his Ignorance; or as the Proverb has it, the more he stirs the worse he stinks. On Monday last the Assizes ended at Thetford in Norfolk, when Four Persons receiv'd Sentence of Death, viz. Andrew Barnes for House- Breaking, Iphemia Barnes his Wife for Fe- lony and Shoplifting, James Pigeon for Robbing of a Houfe, and Hamon Towell for Robbing upon the Highway; Andrew Barnes is to be Executed next Wednesday at Thetford, but the Execution of the other 3 is Respited till further Orders. Two are order'd to be Transported to America for seven Years, viz. Francis Edwards and John Toller. I hear that at the Beginning of this Week a Boat or Wherry with 5 or 6 Passengers in it, was lost coming over Braydon from Yarmouth 5 and that most, if not all of the Passengers were Drowned: And a Gentlewoman has fince been taken up near Reedham- Ferry, suppos'd to be one of them. On Wednesday next will be a Charity- Sermon preached at St. Peter's Mancroft, by the Rev. Dr. Herring; and on Friday another at St. Andrew's, by the Rev. Mr. Sutton. Baptiz'd the last Week in this City 1 r, and Bury'd 17, advertisements. THOMAS PARKER, Sadler, who liv'd next Door to Justice Coleburne's in the Hay- Market, is now remov'd to the Corner Shop overagainst Mr. Alderman Weld's, where he Continues his Business and where all Persons may be furnish'd with all Sorts of Sadler's Goods, as neat and as cheap as any where in Norwich. N. B. He has a great Variety of Side- Saddles ready made to sell. AVERY Large and Commodious Dwelling- House, near Coslaney- Bridge in Norwich, fit for either a Master Weaver or Comber, late in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Edward Baist, jun. is now to be Lett. Inquire of Mr. JAMES COBB, living at the next Door. JOSEPH MIDDLETON, Perriwig- Maker from the Close, is now remov'd to the further Lime- Kilns without St. Giles's Gates ; where all Gentlemen may be serv'd with as good Lime, and upon as reasonable Terms, as by any one in Norwich. He alio continues to carry on his Perriwig Business, and will use all Persons handsomely in that Article. N. B. All Persons indebted to him, are desired to pay in their respective Debts forthwith. • THIS is to inform the Publick, That there is now a Per. son at Mr. THOMAS KNOTT's at the Black Swan in St. Giles's in Norwich, who has Striped and Plain DON JARS and POPLINS, of the Newest and most Fashionable Colours, and extraordinaiy Good, which he will Sell by the Peice to any Person as Cheap as they can be bought of any Maker in London. JUST ready for the Press, and in a few Weeks will be pub- lish'd, An ACCOUNT or'the MECHANISM of the EYE, wherein its Power of retracting the Rays of Light, and cau- sing them to converge at the Retina, is consider'd ; with an En- deavour to ascertain the Place of a Cataract, and to shew the good or ill Consequence of a judicious or injudicious Removal of it: To which is added the Method of Operating, & c. with a Preface, in Vindication of the Author. Dedicated to Mr. CHESSELDEN, Surgeon in St. Thomas's Hospital. By JOHN TAYLOR, Surgeon in Nor- wich, late Pupil of the aforesaid Hospital. Printed by HENRY CROSS- GROVE, in St. Giles's Parish in Norwich j and Sold by the Booksellers of Lon- don, Westminster, Norwich, & c. THOMAS SYMONDS, Barber and Peruke- Maker from Yar- mouth, has now taken the Shop in the Close in Norwich late in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Middleton; where all Gentlemen and others may be furnish'd with any Sorts of Perriwiggs, made after the newest Fashion. N. B. He has an intire fresh Stock of Goods, and doubts not but all Gentlemen will upon Trial find his Usage prove to their Satisfaction. TO be Lett at Michaelmas next, at Attleburgh in Norfolk, an Antient and Well- custom'd Baking- Office and Wind- Mill, with 10 Acres of very good Land, a Bain, Stables, Gra naries, and other Out- houses convenient for any Tenant, late in the Occupation of Mr. John Bullock deceas'd, now of his Widow, by whom upon Enquiry any Person may be further inform d. WILLIAM HEY, Tayler, has taken the Gate- House Coffec- House in the Close in Norwich, where Mrs. Sarah Waffe lately lived ; where a 1 Gen - tlemen may be accommodated with a Glass of good Wine, Coffee, and all other Sorts of Liquors. N. B. He continues his Business of a Tayler as formerly, and will use all Customers very handsomely. THE Cardinal's- Cap in St. Benedict's Parish in Norwich, being an Antient and Well- custom'd Inn, with very good Stables and all other Conveniences, to be Lett now, or at Lady- Day next. Inquire of Mr. THOMAS SEAMAN, Merchant in St. Andrew's Parish in Norwich afore- said. AFarm in Saxlingham- Thorp, ; or 6 Miles from Norwich, of between 50 and 60 Acres of Whole- Year Land, a very good Orchard, and suitable Con veniencies, 40 be Lett now for Michaelmas next, the Lease then expiring In- quire of Mr. Henry Potter, ConfeCtioner, next Shop to John- of- all- Sorts, in Norwich. OW to be Lett in the Market- place in Diss in , Norfolk, a very convenient Baking- Office, W1th all the Baking Utensils belonging to if, at a very Reasonable Rate. Inquire of Mr. Thomas Bedford, Upholder, of Stradbrook or of Mr. Ed- ward Browne, Grocer, in Diss aforesaid. THIS is to give Notice to all Persons of Quality, Gentlemen, and Ladies, That an ASSEMBLY will be held at Mr. Catherall's at Chapel- Field- house in Norwich, on Wednesday the 12th of April next, being the Sessions- Week, where will be the City- MusicK, and all other Attendants ready by 6 a Clock. N. B. At the aforesaid Mr. Catherall's Gentlemen and Ladies may be accommodated with very good Lodgings for what Time they please, and may have their Provisions dress'd at reasonable Prices, or may be boarded if they please. The said Mr. Catherall maketh and selleth all Sorts of superfine Mould and Wax- candles, and he will attend any Gentleman to dress or make ready any Enter tainment as usual. NOW to be Lett, a Good Dwelling- House, with an An- tient and Well- custom'd Baking- Office, fronting the Market- place in Northwalsham in the County of Norfolk, late in the Use of Mr. WILLIAM SPANTON. Inquire of THOMAS COOPER, Esq; of Northwalsham aforesaid, Owner of the said House ; or of Mr. FRANCIS JERMY Attorney in the same Town. LEO. WISCARD, near St. Saviour's Church in Norwich, has lately come from London a great Choice of superfine Beaver Hats, fine Beaverets, fine Castors, fine Carolina Beavers, and fine Cloth Hats: Fine Greys, Blues, and Black Hats, for Ladies and Gentlewomen; fine Leghorn and Bermudas Hats, and very fine Straw- Hats: AH of them being fresh- made Goods. All Gentlemen and Others shall be serv'd to their own Satisfaction. AT the Widow Burgess's at the Duke's Palace in Nor- wich, will be fought a Match of Cocks, on Monday next, being the :- th Instant; the Gentlemen of the Coun- ty - of Lincoln, against the Gentlemen of the City of Nor- wich : To show 31 Cocks on a Side, and to fight for Five Guineas a Battle, and 3o Guineas the Odd Battle. N. B. And on Thursday the 30th will be a Piece of Plate of Four Pounds Value fought tor by 16 Cocks, none exceeding 4 Pounds z Ounces, and to enter any Time between this and the 19th Instant. ON Monday the 10th of Apiil next will set out from Mr. Tho. Bateman's London Carrier in St. Giles's in Norwich, a Coach and 4 Horses for LON- DON, to be perform'd in ; Days. He continus to sell HOPS by Wholesale, and will sell as Cheap as any Man can. RUN away from his Master Mr. Robert Bird, Tayler of It- teringham near Aylesham in the County of Norfolk, one George Clarke his Apprentice, about 16 Years old, wears his own flaxen bushy Hair, is very much Pock- broken, and has been gon ever since the Tuesday after Christmas: Any Person that will se- cure him, and bring him to his said Matter, shall have Two Gui- neas Reward; and whoever harbours or entertains him, shall be prosecuted according to Law. TO le Lett at a small Rent a Manour- House, well situated, and in good Repair, with a handsome Grove before the Door, about 10 Miles irom Norwich, in a very fine Air, with Plenty of Water and Game, and all Manner of Conveniences at hand, and very near a Church. Inquire of Mr. Robert Snell, Attorney at Law, in Norwich. , AT the Duke's Palace in Norwich, is a choice collection of the newest- rais'd and most beautiiul Tulips, Auricula's, July Flowers, Anemonies, Polianthers, Junquils, Variagated Lillies, Momum Plennies, several Pair of Myrtills, a large Quantity of Dutch Breeders of all Sorts, and above 600 Yards of French Box: The Auricula's will be Sold when in Show, 14 in a Lot, all different Sorts, to be put up at iss. each Lot: The Garden being dispos'd of, all will be Sold at Reasonable Rates. Inquire of John Mangs, at the aforesaid Garden. N. B. The House late in the Occupation of Mr. THOMAS JENNEY and Mrs. Johnsons, in St. John's of Madder- Market, is now to be Lett. NOTICE is hereby given, That on Easter Monday next a Stage- Coach will begin to run from Norwich to Bury, and from Bury to Norwich, by Way 01 Long- Stratton, Scole- Inn, Buddeldale, and Ixworth, at Seven Shillings a Pas- senger, and to continue Running every Monday. It fets out from the Dolphin in St. Giles's in Norwich, and from the Marlborough's- Headagainst the Shire- House in Bury, eveiy Monday Morning by Six a Clock. Perform'd ( God willing) by Us N. B. Any Person may be there furnish'd Bartholomew Hunton with a Horse, Mourning- Coach, or Chaise, . to any Part of England. Thomas Clements. WHEREAS great Numbers of Extraordinary Cures ( many of which have been from Time to Time publish'd in this Paper) have been perform'd in the City and County of Norwich, and likewise in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, by that True DAFFEY's ELIXIR which is Sold at CROSS GROVE's Prin- ting- Office, just by the Church in St. Giles's Parish, and at no 0- ther Place in Norwich; which great Cures prove the same to be Truly prepar'd in London, and not made here in Norwich as se- veral Counterfeit Sorts are, the Venders of which can boast of no such Marks of their pretended Stuff being Genuine.- And whereas the Vertues and admirable Effects of the said DAFFEY's ELIXIR sold at CROSS GROVE's Printing- office, and the Accounts of the many Cures it has done, have caus'd a great De- mand for the same in these Parts, ( as they do likewise in all other) This is to give Notice, That all Country Shop- Keepers, Carriers, or Others, in any Town of the Counties of Norfolk or Suffolk, who will Sell the said True DAFFEY's ELIXIR, may be furnisht with the same at CROSS- GROVE's Printing Office in Norwich aforesaid, with Good and Full Allowance to all for Selling again, not taking less than a Dozen Bottles at a Time, and paying Ready Money And to prevent all Persons being impos'd upon by any spurious Counterfeit, every Bot- tel of this DAFFEY's ELIXIR truly prepar'd in London, is sealed with the- same Coat of Arms as is placed at the Beginning of this Advertisement, and has ( as a further Mark) given along with it a London Bill of Cures, appointing it to be Sold at no other Place in Norwich but at CROSS- GROVE's Printing- office aforesaid. And whatever pretended Bottles are Sealed with a Buck's- Head, or any other Seal but the Coat of Arms here above- plac'd, and that have not a Lon- don Bill of Cures along with it as before- mention'd, are none of that DAFFEY's ELIXIR Truly Prepared, and Sold only at CROSS- GROVE's Printing Office as Above: Therefore for your Health's Sake take Care that you are not Abused by pernicious Counterfeits, which are made in Imitation of this Noble ELIXIR by those who know Nothing of the True Preparation; and carefully mind that the Bottles are seal'd with no other Seal but the same Coat of Arms that is put to this Advertisement. NORWICH; Printed by Henry Cross- grove, near the Church in St. Giles's Parish, 1727.
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