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The Nottingham Monthly Miscellany


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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 19
No Pages: 12
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The Nottingham Monthly Miscellany
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The Nottingham Monthly Miscellany

Date of Article: 03/11/1726
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 19
No Pages: 12
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NUmb. 19. THE Nottingham Monthly MISCELLANY. T H U RSDAy, November 3: 1726, From the British Journal, October 9. CONSTANTINOPLE, Augufl 20. We are here in the most Confusion, at well by Reason of the Plague which desolates City, at on Account of the ill News from Persia: As to the first here is a Stop to all Trade; there die no less than 4000 Persons a Day the Corps lying a long Time unburied, the Air is thereby so much infected, that the very Birds drop down dead, and the Turtle Doves. which abounded in every Part of this City, are retired elsewhere. The Sultan is shut up in his Seraglio, and communicates with no Body • Most the chief Officers of the Porte are gone into the Country, where they not much safer than here, the Pestilence being ail over Natolia and Romania. The foreign Ministers are all retired into the Country, and some of them removed at far as the Borough of Belgrade. Constantinople, Aug. 58. The Contagious Distempers considerably abated here within this three or four Days, the Number of Dead being decreased above one half. The Grand Signior keeps still within his raglio. They continue to talk variously about our Army in Persia where is Affairs go not so well as it could be wished, some of the Chief Officers being threatned to lose their Heads. Palermo, Sept. Last between the Hours of Ten and Eleven some 2 Shocks of an Earthquake were felt here, which at were not very violent, and did no Hurt, but soon after increasing, it continued With great Violence for the Space of 24 or 25 Minutes, by which most of the Churches in this City, and about a fourth Part of the Houses Were overtumed and entirely ruined. In the Ward of St. Clara, a whole Street gaped on a sudden with a dreadful Noise ; from whence broke out Flames mired with calcined- Stones, and a Torrent of burning Sulphur, which in less than half an Hour reduced the whole Ward to Ashes. The Governor used his utmost Endeavours to spirit up the People, and to stop: the Inhabitants, who huried into the Fields instead of quenching the Fire; bur seeing it was to no Purpose, and that even the Garrison was dismay'd, he let them all go. Those that lived along the Sea Coast be- took themselves to the Ships that lay on the Port. ' Tis reckoned that there have been above 15000 Persons buried under the Ruins of the Hous- * ses, without including those who were swallowcd up in the Ward of St. Clara. It was observed, that the same Day the Air was extreme sultry and overcast with thick and dark Clouds, and that between Fire and Six in the Afternoen, a very hot South Wind began to blow, followed, by a great Shower, which did not at all abate the Wind. The Storm seemed somwhat calmed at the Dusk of the Evening; but between Nine and Ten the Wind grew fiercer, and the Shower fell heavier which was soon followed by the frightful Earthquake, the due Effects whereof we shall soon know exactly. The Edifices and places which have verthrown or damaged, are the Wall de la Marine, which ends at ST Johns which is quite thrown down, the Works of the Port of Salvo, the Palace of Prince de la Rocca Palomba, the Carting House, the Gal- Bery of the Ship Yard, the Chandlers street, the Place of the Pantry, and of Mount peperito, the Milk Folks Place, the Palace of the Duke at Montalbo; the House of Giardmazzo, the new Buildings of St. cholas de Tolentin, the Palace of Bustache, the Palace Salvago, the Place before the Jesuits College, the Steeple of the great Church, and the Convent of Mercy, where the Fire took at the very Beginning of the Earthquake. ' Tis said that Carini, Monreale, Salerni, Coniglione. and several others, have also suffered considerably. Palermo, Sept. The Inhabitants of this City have much ado to- recover from the Fright the dreadful Earthquake has thrown them into. " About 30oo Persons have been taken from under the ruins of the HOU Geneva, Oct e This Day 150 Persons set out to embark for Hol land, and to proceed from thence to Carolina, where, with the King of Great- Britain's Consent, they are to establish a Colony } and they are to be followed by a greater Number of both Sexes, to the Tune of six or seven Hundred, of whom Mr. Perry, a Native of Neuschattel, is to be the Chief L O N D O N, 0ct, 3 The Right Honourable Heneage Finch, Earl of Winchelsea, Viscount Miadstone, baron Fitz Herbert, of Eastwell, Lord or the Royal Man- nor of Wye, and Baronet, died some Days since of the Cholick, in the 70th Year of his Age, after a Week's Illness at Eastwell aforesaid, in the County of Kent: At the Revolution he was Gentleman of the Bed- chamber to King James II and Colonel of the Guards, but since that Time his Lordship retired from Court. They write from Strasburg, that the Wine Merchants of that City had proposed to the Intendant, to import into France as much Rhemln as they design to buy of French Wine , and that they offered to exchange two Hogsheads for one. ' Tis generally believed their Offer will be ac- ted, seeing Wine is this Year mote plenty in Germany than in France; Wednesday at Guildhall, Robert Alsop Esq; was sworn in Alderman of Queen- Hithe Ward, in the Room of Sir John Fryar Bart. deceased They write from St. Albans, Sept 18. That a fine Picture of his Majedty at full Length, was that Evening hung up in the Council- Cham* ber in the Town Hall of that Borough, at the Expence of the Mayor and Aldermen: On that Occasion Mr. Mayor gave a fine Entertainment lor the Corporation, Members of Parliament; Justices of the Peace,, Clergy, Gentlemen, and Populace of the Town. A Pardon is preparing to pass the Seals for Sir Hugh Paterson, of Ban- nockburn, Bart, who, in the first Year of his Majesty's reign. was at- tainted of High TreAson for levying War against his Majesty within this Realm. Extract of a Letter from Cadiz dated Sept N. S. arriv'd here a small Advice Boat from Porta Bello, with the following Account of what lately happen'd there. That the Galleons sold off their Goods well; and that a good Quantity of Mo- mey brought to the Fair remain'd indispos'd of for want of more Euro- pean Commodities: That when Admiral Hosier appeared off that Port, the Governor sent to know what be wanted, and the Answer was, the Royal George, which was thereupon dispatch'd With all Expedition : After that the Governor sent again, desiring him to be gone; but was answer'd, that he would stay till he receiv'd further Orders; and there- upon sent a Man of War to lie within Reach of the Guns of Porto Bello, which remain'd there: That the Treasure, consisting of twenty six Mil- lions ot Pieces of E: ght, was carried Ten Leagues up into the Country: Also that the Flota arnv'd at the Havannah, from La Vera Cruz, Ju- ly .9. and the Treasure thereof landed, being about sixteen Millions of Pieces of Eight •• That the English Squadron suffer'd no Ships to go in or come out without strict Examination, but not taking from them any Seamen that were Spaniards; ' Tis added that the said Advice Boat chased off Cape St. Mary by an English Man of War ; but being favour ed by the Night, got safe iuto the Harbour of Cadiz, The Countess of Albemarle is declared a Lady of the Bed- Chamber the Princeie of Wales, in the room of the Dutchess of Shrewsbury deceased The Duke of Montague is returned from Bewley, in Hampshire, Where a new Port, made at the Expence of his Grace, who has now most compleated it, by a great Addition of Houses, Wharfs, Ware Hon- ses, and other Buildings. And that it may not be a Discouragement to People of Trade ( that cannot conform to the Church of England) to fet- tle there, his Grace has built a Chapplel and indow'd it with 30 1. a Year, whereof the Rev. Mr. Johnson, lately of Thorp, is to be the Minister, Prom the British Journal, October 15, Constantinople, Aug. 18. The Pestilence makes great Chasms in this City, the Number of those that have died of it to this Day amounting to 90000, exclusive of little Children and Persons who have died of o- ther Distempers and as the Heats and Drought are excessive, we are very much afraid that it will be long e're it abates. The dead Bodies are carried our of the City, and they have began to cleanse and purify the infected Houses after the Manner of the Christians. We hear from Adrianople, that the Desolation of that City is be be express'd, they Saving buried 2000 Persons This Day the Commons resolved to address his Majesty for the late Treaty of Peace and Commerce concluded between the Emperor and the King of Spain, to be laid before the House; also resolved to consider of Ways and Means on Tuesday next. Sir Robert Walpole, who mov- ed for the last Resolution, took Occasion to exclaim against the perni- cious and villainous Practices of the Stockjobbers in Exchange- Alley, to lessen publick Credit. and hoped to see a Stop put to them, which Mr. Hungerford said, six Lines in a Bill would do. ' The Press for Seamen continues very hot, most of the. Merchant Ships in the River being cleared of Men ; and we suddenly expect a Call will be made on the Watermen, of whom several Thousands may be spared. We hear that a Manufactury will shortly be establish'd in Great- Bri- tain, for the making of Lace, in Imitation of that of Brussels and Mech- lin : and that very great Privileges will be granted to the Persons who shall undertake a Project so advantageous to Great- Britain. We hear that the Squadron will be commanded by the following Ad- mirals, viz. Sir John Norris, Knt. Francis Hosier, Esq, and Edward Hopson, Esq; On Monday Night the 24th Instant, died Robert Harvey, Esq; of Stockton near Southam in Warwickshire, Councellor and Juflice of ti e Peace, a Gentleman of an Universal good Character, and very much lamented by all that knew him. His Father, who was very well known for his great Piety and Learning, died about 3 Mouths ago. From the British Journal February 5. 1725- 6. Petersburg, Jan 8. Yesterday the new Academy of Sciences, estab- lished here, held their first publick Assembly, which lasted from nine in the Morning till eleven, the Duke of Holstein, with his Court, be- ing present thereat, as were also the Senate, Synod, the Foreign Mi- nisters, and generally all Persons of Distinction in this City. M. Bul finger, one of the Professors, opend the Assembly by an elaborate Dis- course, in which, after having shewn the Design, Duty, and Benefit of such an Academy, he made the Encomium of the late glorious Em- peror, Founder, and that of the present Empress, as Protectress there- of. After which he treated upon the following Query, Whether the Properies of the Loadstone, and of the Needle of the Sea Compass are so far inown, as to enable the Learned to draw from thence a suffici- ent Solution of the famous Problem about the Longitude upon Sea and Land ? was obferved, that the said Professor's Discourse, which is to be published, and the Manner of his handling that Matter, gained him the the Applause of the whole Audience, The Members of the Accademy were afterwards splendidly entertain'd by the Duke of Holstein. The publick Lectures of the Accademy and Seminary are to begin immedi- ately after the Holidays, and the private Assemblies or Lectures will be held every Thursday and Friday, as has been regularly practised since the Arrival of the said Members. The Establishment of this Accade- my is so generally approv'd and commended that it cannot but have ve- ry good Success. Warsaw, Jan. 21. A Fire having broke out in the King's Stables,' the whole Building has been reduc'd to Ashes, and 28 of his Majesty's Horses, and a great Quantity of Forage consum'd. Bremen, Jan. 31. On the 29th a new built Vessel, which is to be sent next Spring to the Whale Fishery in Greenland, was launched in Presence of a Multitude of People, who had plac'd themselves on the Ice of the River; and that breaking all of a sudden, a great many of them were drown'd. Paris, Feb 2. The Dutchess de Lude has bequeath'd, by her last Will, 100000 Livres to Madam la Mareschale de Bouflers; the like Sum to the Marquis de Nangis, payable after the Duke of Suilly's De- ' cease; 10ooo0 Livres to the Duke de Bethune, eldest Son to the Duke de Charost; 600oo Livres to M. de Ravetot her Relation; two Dia- monds valued at 40000 Livres each, to the Duke and Dutchess de Ro- quelaure, which after their Decease are to go over to their two Daugh- ters ; her fine Ruby to the Marshall of Villeroy 4 a Diamond valued at 30000 Livres to the first President in Parliament, who is her Execu- tor ; a Diamond to Madam de Bagnols, Wife to the Intendant of Elan- ders; a Diamnd worth 2coco Livres, to Madam de Herse, one of her Friends ; her Ear Rings to Madam de Suilly; a rich Diamond to M. Belanger her Notary; 50°° Livres to the Carmelites in the Suburb of St. Germain, where her Corpse is deposited the like Sum to the Nuns of St. Mary, where her Heart is laid ; and a like Sum to the Carme- lites of Pontoise where her Body is to be interred; She has also bequeath- ed 10000 Livres to her Steward, with a Pension of 3000 Livres ; 10ooo Livres to her Gentleman of the Horse, with all her Stables; 8000 Livres to her first Valet de Chambre, and a Pension of 400 Livres; her whole Wardrobe, valu'd at above 60ooo Livres to her Waiting Women; 2000 Livres, and a Penfion of 300 to her Swiss: She also leaves Lega- cies and Pensions to all her other Officers and Servants. Tis assur'd that the Duke de Suilly who is her nearest Relation and the next Heir, designs to get this Will annull'd. London ( 9) LONDON.' They write from Dublin of Jan. 22, That on Thursday last died at his Lodgings in Great Britain- Street, Major Michael Moor, of the Hon. Col. Nevel's Regiment of Dragoons. - Some Days ago two or three Gentlemen, as they turn'd down Capel Street from Fowling, were corn- plimented by certain young Fellows with the mobbish Civility of a few Snow- Balls, which they took in such Pet, that one of them threat- ned to return the Compliment with a Shot of his Fowling- Piece, if they repeated the Insult; upon which one Will Matthews their Leader, pre- pared Ammunition, and made a furious Attack, but was receiv'd very warmly by the Gentleman, who performed his Promise so exactly,' that Mr. Matthews will take his Word for the future on the like Occa- sion : However the Harm done is so little, that it is just enough to teach such rugged Gamesters To chuse People like themselves to practise their Insolence upon. They write from Boston in New- England, that about the Middle of laft Month the Honourable William Dummer, Esq; Lieutenant- Gover- nor of that Province, had concluded a Peace with the Eastern Indians, an Event of great Importance to his Majesty's Subjects inthat Part of America. An Express is arrived with Advice, that the States of the Province of Holland are come to an absolute and conclusive Retaliation, of ac- ceding to the Treaty of Hanover; and ' tis not doubted but that the o- ther Provinces will, without Hesitation, follow their Example. Monday last was kept the Anniversary. Fast appointed by Act of Parliament for the Martyrdom of King Charles I. On which Occasion the Lord Bishop of Norwich preached before the House of Lords at the Abbey, Dr. Lockyer before the House of Commons at St. Margaret's, and Dr. Warren before the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at the Cathedral of St. Paul's. The Dutchess Dowager of Marlborough has purchased the Seat, late the Duke of Wharton's, at Winchendon in Buckinghamshire, for 60,0ool and upwards. Last Week one Mr. Meighan, a Popish Bookseller, in Drury- Lane,. was taken into Custody of a Messenger, by a Warrant from one of his Majesties Principal Secretaries of State, for printing and publishing a Libel against the Reformation, intituled, The Conversion and Refor- mation of England, compared. He hath since been admitted to Bail. Dublin, Jan. 25. This Day a Proclamation was issued out, signifying His Majesty's Pleasure for making the Gold Coin of Portugal current in . . ( 10 ) in this Kingdom, at the several Rates therein set forth ; so that the same may pass, and he accepted in all Payments and Receipts, as well to and from his Majesty as otherwise howsoever, viz. The Piece of new Gold Coin of Portugal, weighing one Penny- Weight, three Grains, to pass at 5 s. The Piece of two Penny- Weight, eight Grains, to pass at 10s. The Piece of Gold, weighing four Penny- Weight, fifteen Grains, to pass at 20s. The Piece of Gold,' of nine Penny- Weight, five Grains, to pass at 11. Last Week Mr. Webbv an Apothecary in Covent- Garden, going to visit a Patient, at about one in the Morning, was set upon by three Rogues near Golden- Square, each of them presenting a Pistol at his Head. They took from him his Perriwig, Watch, Rings, and two Bank- Notes,- one for 40l, the other for 20l. and other Things; in all to the Value of 100l. then tied his Hands and Feet, and left him in the Street. On Tuesday, at the King's- Bench Bar Westminster, came on the Tryal of William Johnson, of Only, in the County of Bucks, Esq a justice of Peace; upon an Information exhibited against him by his Majesty's Attorney- General, for encouraging several Persons to steal Deer out of Yardley Chace, in the said County, belonging to the Earl of Northampton, and for promoting those wicked Practices, by buying the Venison so stolen: Which being fully proved, the Jury found him guilty ; and we hear he is to receive judgment on the last Day of the Term. On Saturday last sixty Ounces of Silver were delivered at the Jewel- Office, to be sent to Rye, for the new- born Son of the Mayor of that Port- Town ; it being the usual Present for such Children, as his Majesty does the Honour to stand Godfather to, either in Person, or by Proxy, that are not Noble. From Jackson's Letter, Feb, On Thursday about 3 in the Morning, an unhappy Quarrel happen * ed at the Castle Tavern in Drury- Lane, about a Game at Cards, be- tween Mr. Gore a young Gentleman, and Major Holmby a half Pay Officer, which however was by the Mediation of the rest of the Com- pany thought to be accomodated, and accordingly the Company took Leave and departed ; but as they were going down Stairs, they heard the Room. Door shut on a sudden, and the Clashing of Swords, upon which they return'd in all haste, and forcing the Door open, one Mr. Blunt a Young Gentleman interposing, was wounded by the Majorv And Mr. Gore run through the Body and is dangerously ill} the Major we ( 11 ) we hear has made his Escape. P. S. Mr. Gore dy'd Yesterday. The Commons read the Land Tax Bill a 2d Time, and committed it for Monday. In a Committee on the Supply resolv'd, That 745641. 16s. and 3d. be granted for the Charge of the Office of Ordnance, for Land Service for the Year 1726. And 4847 1. 18 s. for defraying the extraordinary Expence of the Office of Ordnance for Land Service, not provided for by Parliament; and to proceed on Monday, to which Day, the House adjourn'd. A Collector of the Customs in the West of England, having sent up in a Woodcock Pye 1500 Guineas by a Carrier, as ' is suppos'd, to save a small Sum of Money for returning it hither ; the Pye was receiv'd, but without the Guineas, upon which the Collector took out an Extent: against the Carrier, and has confin'd him in Prison, and it seems the Carrier ( who says he knows nothing of it, nor had any Charge of it as Money,) refuses to give Bail, and a Suit of Law is commenc'd thereon. Yesterday Morning, his Grace the Duke of Somerset was marry'd ta the Lady Charlotte Finch, Daughter to the Earl of Nottingham. The same Day, the said Earl went to Court to wait on his, Majesty.. The Earl of Chesterfield died this Week at his Seat at Bretby in Der byshire and is suceeded by his eldest Son Philip Lord Stanhope a Gen- tleman of the Bed- Chamber to the Prince, Captain of the Yeoman of the Guards, and Member of Parliament for Lestwithiel in Cornwall. A Paper War is broke out between the Brewers and Distillers of this City, on the Subject of Geneva drinking, occasioned by a Representa- tion of the Justices of Peace against it. We are told the Fleet is in such Forwardness as to be ready to put to Sea if need be by the middle of next Month. Warsaw, Jan. 15. The King was no sooner removed from the Royal Palace to the Castle, but the Senators repaired thither ; whereupon his Majesty sent for them to come to his Apartment, because after the Li- mitation of a Diet, no Senatus Concilium can be held in Form: His Majesty Handing, deliver'd his Intentions to the Grand Chancellor of the Crown, who explain'd them to the Assembly, in the Manner fol- lowing. YOUR Readiness in coping hither according to the Desire of the King my Master, confirms ' is Majesty in the good Opinion he always had of your Zeal for the Publick Good, his Majefty also judg- ing, that by this you add much to what you merited already of your native ( 12 ) 9 native Country, you may assure your selves, that his Majesty will take hold of all Opportunities to reward you for the same, You have seen already by the Letter of his Majesty; what Reasons he had for desiring your Presence; and you may easily judge how necessary it is at this Juncture to consider of the Welfare ot the Re- publick. 4 The Chancellors will lay before you what has been tranfacted in publick Affairs since the last Dyet, whereby you will better under- stand what Affairs are now to be discuss'd ; his Majesty expects your Advice according to your usual Wisdom and Prudence, both in what concerns Foreign Affairs with several Courts, and Dispositions to be made, and Measures to be taken for the Safety of the Republick, and refuming of the Dyet. The King entirely relies on your Zeal and • Attrition to the Welfare of the Kingdom, of which you have given so * many Instances, that his Majesty does not in the least question your persevering in the like Sentiments in this critical Juncture. " 1 As it always was most acceptable to his Majesty, to receive your wise and wholesome Councils, to will he hearken to them now in the ' like Manner ; neither will he have any other View, in what Resolu- « tions soever he takes thereupon, than to ward off Destruction from 4 this Kingdom, and procure the Prosperity of the Nation, wherein 4 consists the greatest Satisfaction his Majesty can wish for. Warsaw, January 23. Since the last Sitting of the Senatus Concilium many Grandees are arrived, and it has been resolv'd by the Senate, Nemine Contradicente, that the next Diet shall meet after Easter at Grod- no and no where else. They write from Edingburgh, that on the 23d past came on the Try- al of Ralph Burnet, Alezander Napier, and Ellen Hutton, for the Mur- der of Mr Johnston late Post Master of Haddington, and his Wife, and robbing the House, each of them acknowledging the Facts-, but when interrogated which of them was the most immediate Perpetrator of that horrid Wickedness, they blam'd one another; the Verdict against them was to be given next Day. They write from Dresden, that the Troops of of that Electorate are ready to march on the first Notice, and that they have Advice from Berlin, that divers Prussian Regiments have Orders to go and re- in- force their Troops on the Frontiers of Poland; and that his Prussian Majesty had actually dispos'd of the Command of his Army. A Dragoon and his Horse have been devour'd near Bada by 10 Wolves, after after he had shot one and stabb'd three more; The King, Prince, Princess, and three young Princesses, were last Tuesday Night to hear perform'd the Opera of Eliza lately come from Italy, the Musick whereof falls much short of Mr, Handel's Compositi- ons, so that the House was thin, and Signora Cuzzani the celebrated Singer, being indispos'd with a Cold, caused a double Disappointment. They write from Lutterworth in Leicestershire, that about the mid- dle of last Month there were found in that Field, by two Men digging of Clay, 60 Silver, and 8 or 10 Copper Medals of the Romin Coin - the Silver Medals being about the Bigness of a Sixpence but much thicker, and the Copper very near as large as half a Crown, but above twice as thick When the Silver Medals were made clean the Impres- sion appear'd very plain, and they are of Julius Caesar, Trajan, Vespa- sian, & c. but the Copper ones were very much defac'd. From the Evening Post, February 7. The Circuits appointed for the Lent Assizes are as follows, viz. Home Circuit. Ld. Chief Justice Raymond, Mr. Justice Denton. . To begin at Hertford, March 14. Midland Circuit. Mr. Justice Tracy, Mr Justice Reynolds, Northampton, March 15. Derby, Tuesday March 29. Rutland, March 18. at Oakham Leicester, April 1. Lincoln, March 21. Coventry, April 5 Nottingham, Friday March 25. Warwick the same Day. Northern Circuit. Ld. Chief Baron Gilbert, Mr. justice Powys, To begin at York, Tuesday March 29. Oxford Circuit. Mr. Justice Dormer, Mr. Justice Fortescue Aland. Berks, March 7, at Abingdon. Norfolk Citcuit. Ld. Chief Justice Eyre, Mr. Baron Hale. Bucks, March 7, at Ailesbury. Western Circuit. Mr. Baron Price, Mr. Baron Page. Southampton, March 2, at Winchester. From the Post- Office Letter, February 7. They write from Madrid, that the Rumours of War in Spain which had been spread there, were without Foundation; and that his Ma- jesty to obviate all Suspicion had recall'd most of his Troops from the Frontiers of France. The Commissioners for building Fifty new Churches, are about tak- ing a Resolution to build them with Brick to be corner'd with Stone, which will be but half the Charge of all Stone. C Laff Last Sunday Sir John Jennings, Admiral of the White, set out for Chatham to hoist his Flag on board the Sandwich of 90 Guns, Sir Charles Wager Admiral of the Red, went the same Day to Portsmouth to hoist his Flag on board the Monmouth. And we hear the Admi- rals Hosier and Hopson, will go to other Ports. ' On Friday and Saturday last, great Quantities of Oak Leaves de- signed to be exported as Tobacco, and abundance of Elm Leaves for Tea, to defraud the Crown of the Drawback, were burnt publickly on Tower- Hill, by order of the Commissioners of the Customs. We hear there will be a Lottery for abcut 700,000l. Fox says a Million, at 10l. per Ticket. The Commons order'd a Bill to make the River Owse more Navigable at York; and receiv'd a Clause of Credit on the Land Tax Bill. On Friday last there was a Drawing- Room at St. James's Palace, when his Excellency the Morocco Ambassador entertain'd his Majesty and their Royal Highnesses with a Consort of his own Country Musick, Vocal and Instrumental; A very great number of Nobility and Gen- try were present. There were six Performers whom his Excellency brought out of his own Country, and a Place was raised for them 011 purpose in the middle of the Room, The Commons have ordered in a Bill to punish Mutiny and Desertion. From Fox's Letter. Saturday last came in a Dutch Post, advising from Holland, that the States General were adjourn'd for ten Days, having first given Mr. Finch his Majesty's Envoy, the Resolution of the seven Provinces to enter into his Majesty's Alliance, and that if there was a War they would joyn his Majesty's Fleet with their Quota of Ships requir'd by the said Treaty From Hamburg, that the King of Prussia was disposing of his Troops on the Frontiers of Poland in order to be ready to act, it the Assembly at Warsaw comes to no Accomodation. From Turkey, that the Muscovite Envoy was returning home, and that the British and French Ambassadors acquainted the Grand Vizier with the tripple Alliance made at Hanover. Saturday died Mr. Abel Roper, famous for being the Proprietor of the Post Boy ; and the same Day dy'd Mr. Ridpath his Antagonist, for some Years Author of the Flying Post, and several Books. They write from Rome, that Cardinal Tolomei a Jesuit, dy'd there . the 18th ult. aged 77, By his Death there is a 5th Vacancy in the sa- cred College. * New
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