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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic


Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
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No Pages: 6
The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer page 1
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic

Joseph Blake alias Blewskin committed to Newgate (Page 4 Col 1) John sheppard attempts escape and demonstrates ease of picking locks and his brother is reported to be shipp'd to the Plantations (Page 5 Col 1)
Date of Article: 10/10/1724
Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Address: White-Fryars, near Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 6
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British Gazetteer. , Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick. St""' The Confutation of wome Popijh Errors continu'd. SIR, WHEN Fraud and Force are join'd, what dread- ful Havock do they make where they prevail! and what Pity is it when by the Former, Persons are preVail'd on tamely to submit to the Latter ? These, tho' the Reverse to the Banner of Christ, are the distinguishing Marks of the Church of Rome, whose Doctrine teacheth, that Kings and their Subjects are at the Pope's Disposal; and that he may depose such Kings as are not subject to the Papal See; and that in Or- der hereto, he hath Power to absolve their Subjects from their Oaths of Allegiance to them. Nor doth the Church of Rome ever fail to put these Principles in Practice against such, whenever they have Power and Opportunity to execute them, as might be prov'd by a Multitude of sad Examples: Give me leave to instance in a few, for the further Discovery of the Pride of Anti- Christ, and the trai- terous Principles of the Romish Church. Such was the Arrogance of Pope Grigory VII. that he made the Emperor Henry IV. to stand bare- footed and bare- legged, with his Wife and Children, three Days and three Nights, before his Gates, in the Depth of Winter, in Frost and Snow, to intreat for Absolu- tion. Pope Alexander III. made the Emperor Frede- rick fall down to the Ground before him at Venice, and to ask him Forgiveness, which he did not grant till he had first trodden on his Neck, and push'd him twice with his Foot, in which arrogant Action he utter'd those Words, Super Aspidem & Basliscum am- bulalis, & conculcabis Leonem atque Draconem, i. e. Thou shall walk upon the Asp and Basilisk. aud shalt tread upon the Lion and Dragon. Pope Celestinus having put the Crown upon the Emperor Henry VI. made him stoop to his Feet, whilst he spurn'd the Crown from his Head, saying, he had Power to make Emperors, and to depose them. And Pope Sextus cannoniz'd James Cle- ment for a Saint, who was kill'd for murdering Henry III. But I need not instance in Particulars, the Pride and Cruelty of the Church of Rome is sufficiently known through all the Christian World, a large Taste whereo we have had frcm the first dawning of the Reformation down to this Day; What secret Plots were contriv'd, and open Force rais'd, by the Pope a' d his Adherenrs against Queen Elizabeth, and her Successor King James I ? How desperate was the Attempt to murder the King, Lords and Commons, when assembled in the Parliament House, by their horrid Gunpowder Treason ? And ever since the Ro- mish Faction have been unwearied in their wicked Attempts against our Protestant Princes and Nation ; to which it may not be improper to add, the present ( price Three. Half- Pence) Persecution which is carry'd on in France against the poor Protestants there, all which plainly prove the Cruelty of Papists, and of popish Principles, whereby they are led into the same. See ! the Sons of Rome like so many persecuting Sauls, breathing out threatnings and Slaughters against the Disciples of the Lord I Behold them binding and delivering into Prisons both Men and Women; and being exceedingly mad against them, how do they persecute them even to strange Cities! Surely this horrid Doctrine and these hellish Practices of theirs are directly contrary to the Word of God, which commands every Soul to be subject to the higher Powers, and for the enforcing of this Sub- jection, assures us, that there is no Power but of God, and that the Powers that be are ordain'd of God; from whence it is very plain, that the Clergy are, or ought to be, subject to Secular Princes, and that their Bodies and Estates are under their Govern- ment. The learned Leigh observes on the Text of Scrip ture before cited, that the Word Soul is an Hebrew Synecdoche, and intends every Person, therefore the Clergy as well as others, none are exempted; and that the Greek Word rendered subject, signifies to be subordinate, where is insinuated the Order of Go- vernment : Chrysoseome noteth, that he saith not, be obedient, but, be subject, which is an higher Word, comprehending all other Duties and Services: Christ himself owned and submitted to the Power; that then were, and paid Tribute to them : The Apostle Paul acknowledge the chief Magistracy by pleading before them : And before him Aaron the High Priest Was subject to Moses the Chief Magistrate _ So that we see Piety is not opposite to Civil Autho- rity; Religion maketh not Rebels, but Subjects, for Subjection and Obedience to the higher Powers, is one of the Principles of true Religion ; and the Rev. Mr. Skerret, in his Sermon preach'd at St. Paul's, Jan. 30. 1715, faith, " The Christian Religion never " undertook to model States and Kingdoms, nor have " the Doctrines of the Gospel set up any absolute or " fix'd Standard of Government, but have allow'd " every Nation to consult their own Benefit by such " wholesome Laws as should be thought most neces- " sary and conducive to the publick Good." But the Papists have so often and so notoriously opposed this, that it requires a Very extensive charity to allow the Romish Profession to be the Christian Religion. To excite our Obedience to the higher Powers, another Spring of Arguments might be produc'd from the Counsel of Solomon, which I hope will not be thought improper to be taken Notice of; the Words are these, I counsel thee to keep the King's Commandment, and that in regard of the Oath of God, Eccles viii. j. 1 he latter Part of this Verse may be look'd upon as a Reason for, and as an Inforcement of, the former Part of it; it is necessary to yield Obedience to Magistrates, not only out of Fear, but especially out of Conscience toward God, because his Vows are upon us. Possibly here may be Reference to some Covenant and Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity binding them to SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1724. to their Prince; and who knows not the Obligation we are generally under on this Account; yet such is our happy Circumstances, that our Duty and Interest are twisted together, and we can't neglect, much less oppose, the one, without prejudicing the other; for such is the Mildness and Clemency of his present Majesty, that under his auspicious Government we are assur'd by Love, not forc'd from Fear, to yield that Obedience which is our undoubted Duty. How stupid then as well as ungrateful are they who are uneasy under the golden Sceptre of Clemency by which they are or ought to be govern'd, on the Account whereof no British Subject hath any Cause to complain, but on the contrary great Occasion to be truly thankful; and shall we not all express our Thankfulness by our cheerful Obedience? Shall we not continue to pray for his Sacred Majesty King GEORGE, that God, by his protecting Providence, would always preserve him from the secret Counsel of his Enemies, and from the Insurrection of all the Workers of Iniquity who may at any Time attempt to rise against him ; and not only so, but that his Reign may be long and prosperous over us ; and is it not Pity if there be any among us whose hearty De- sires do not go along with these Prayers; and very sad indeed if any oppose them ; what, shall we wil- fully and designedly resist our own Prayers! God for- bid! Let us also remember in our Prayers the poor persecuted Protestants before mention'd ; fervent faith- ful Prayer is like Saul's Sword, and Jonathan's Bow, it never returns empty : Oh, what a powerful Engine are the fervent Prayers of God's People, when wing'd with Faith and perfum'd with the Merits of the ever, prevailing Mediator ! these will open the Prisons for the People of God, or procure divine Cordials for their Support while they are immur'd in them. Were we but unanimous in our Love to, and Zeal for, his Majesty and the Protestant Interest, then should we have no Reason to fear the Powers either of Rome or Hell; for tho' the Dragon may yell on his own Continent, yet, humanly speaking, his Wings will be too weak to bear him to our Island, if they are not assisted by our Canvas, tho' he may boast of Infallibility in all his Designs, and Success in all his Attempts; which Infallibility how very fallible it is shall be next consider'd by Croydon, Oct. 6. ' MITHRIDATES. 1724. and Sir Thomas Gould, who Was of a far later stand- ing, and Henry Cornish, Esq; who had been Sheriff but the Year before, put up against him and a Poll being taken, the Majority fell upon Gould and Cornish till by a Scrutiny it appear'd there had been many false Pollers on their Si'de, who being rejected the Election rested upon Sir William Pritchard who was accordingly Sworn. Mr. Pilkington the late Sheriff in the Court of Aldermen, used some indecent Expressions against the Duke of York; for which being afterwards sued in an Action of Scandalum MagnatUm, in the Court of King's- Bench, he was cast, and an hundred thousand Pounds Damages given the Duke, for which he lay several Years in the King's Bench Prison Nov. 29, Rupert, Prince Palatine of the Rhine Son to the Princess Elizabeth, Daughter to King James I. departed this Life in the 63d Year of his Age, and was bury'd at Westminster, on the 6th of December following. A. D. 1683. The two late Sheriffs, Pilkington and Shute, the Lord Gray of Wark, Sir Thomas Player Mr. Cornish, Mr. Bethel, and eight more, were on the 16th of March indicted for a Riot, for continu- ing the Poll, after the Lord- Mayor had adjourn'd it on Midsummer Day, as above- mention'd; and were all severally fined for the same. The Continuation of the Life of Charles II. King of ENGLAND. For this he two Sheriffs were by the King and Council committed to the Tower, where they lay from Monday to Friday, that by a Habeas Corpus they were bailed. After their Enlargement, they still persisted and declared Papillion and Dubois Sheriffs for the Year ensuing ; while the Lord Mayor went on also, and Mr. Box having the Majority in his Books, he declar'd North and Box duly elected She- riffs for the next Year. The other Party petition'd the Court of Aldermen, that Mr. Papillion and Mr. Dubois might be call'd forth to give Bond to serve as Sheriffs the next Year: To which the Court an- swer'd, That they would maintain the Rights and Privileges of the Chair and the whole City; that they would take Care that such as were lawfully elected should take upon them the Office of Sheriffs, referring the Matter to Law, if the Petitioners thought they did otherwise. All the Bustle was not over, for Mr. Box fined ; so another was to be chosen in his Place; this was rejected by the other Party, who not acknowledging the election of him valid, refused to choose another but clamour'd against it. Nevertheless the Lord- Mayor proceeded, and the Majoricy of Voices fall- ing upon Peter Rich, Esq; he was thereupon declar'd Sheriff, and the Court dissolv'd. On Michaelmas- Day, at the Election of a Lord- Mayor the Heats were renew'd; for Sir William Pritchard, who was the Senior Alderman below the Chair, being according to the ancient Mechod, put up by one Party, was by the other Party opposed, In April following, one Broom, Coroner of the City, at the Suit of Papillion and Dubois, arrested the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs, and some of the Al- dermen, and for some time detain'd them at Skinner's Hall, which being a strange Affront to Authority might well cause a great Consternation; but to pre- vent any Disorder, the Lieutenancy immediately as- sembled, and order'd all the Regiments of the Train'd- Bands to be rais'd with all speed : For this Sir Wil- liam Pritchard afterwards sued Mr. Papillion, ( Mr Dubois dying before it came to Trial) and recover'd 10000 1. Damages against him. These Proceedings in the City, moved to the King,' that he might take away the Occasion of all Heats, to bring a Quo Warranto against the Charter, which was grounded upon some Exactions in the Markets, and the having levied a Tax upon the Citizens for rebuilding the Conduits, & c. in which it was ad- judg'd they exceeded the Bounds of the Charter; and thereupon in Trinity Term, this Year, after long Pleadings on both Sides, in the Court of King's- Bench at Westminfter Hall, the Court declar'd their Opinion, That the Liberties and Franchises of the City of London be seiz'd into the King's Hands. After which the King appointed the Magistrates, all the Time of his Reign, and till the Restoration of the Charter by King James, at the coming of the Prince of Orange. The like Quo Warranto's were also brought against all the other Corporations in the Kingdoms, and by like Judgment were surrender ' d to the King. A fatal Remedy for a slight Disease, just like cutting off an Arm to cure a sore Finger. A Fac- tion among the People was indeed too bold: But the Generality of the Nation were so passionately affected to the King, that perhaps never had any Prince enjoy'd a greater Share of his People's Love, which his Majesty could not be insensible of; and therefore ( to say nothing of the Illegality of the Act) ' tis very wonderful that a King so applauded for his Clemency, could so far forget the paternal Care of a Prince, as to permit ( for the Faults of a few; his Authority to be made use of in laying the Axe to the very Root of all his People's Liberties; for it was no less, since by this seizing the Franchises of Corporations, the King was virtually possess'd or the Power of choosing a large Majority of the People's Representatives in Parliament; and by the Manage- ment of cunning Ministers, would soon have had the Power, if they could have the Will, to have re- peal'd all those Laws which our Ancestors tain'd for the Security of our Liberties. To be continu'd this Day Fortnight. Last Hfc Last Sunday George Bowes, Esq; and his Lady went to Kensington in great State and Splendor, be. ing attended by four Gentlemen, six Footmen in rich Liveries, and two Led Horses. They were introduc'd to his Majesty by the Earl of Sussex, had the Honour to kiss his Majesty's Hand, and were complimented by his Majesty on their Nuptials. The same Day the Reverend Dr. Stanhope, Dean of Canterbury preach'd before his Majesty, his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and many of the No. bility, Sec. They write from Wurtzburg, that in the Scrutiny of the 8th Instant, which was the Anniversary of the Birth of the Virgin Mary, the Baron de Hutten, a Person of great Learning and Moderation, had i< S Votes our of 24 for that Bishoprick, which is Suf- fragan to the Archbishoprick of Mentz. The Day of his Election, and his personal Merit, gave Occa- sion to the following Distich. Vox Populi, vox mera DEI, sit Episcopus Hutten, Plurima vota cui nata Maria dedit. C 2991 ) The Voice of the People, and the Voice of GOD him- self declare, that Hutten shall be Bishop. to whom Mary on her Birth- day, gave the Majority of Votes. The Bishop of that See has supreme Jurisdiction over the City both in Spirituals and Temporals; and when he appears in Publick, the Sword is carry'd before him with this Inscription, denoting both ju- risdictions, Herbipolis sola judicat ense & stola. And when he says Mass, the Sword lies down before him on the Altar The Town was indeed formerly Imperial, but reduced by one of their Bishops, and has since been subject to their See. He is a very Potent Prince, has 400 Villages and Towns under him, and is able to raise 15000 Men. He has the Title of Duke of Franconia, and above 1ooooo Crowns Revenue. His Chapter consists of 24 Capi- tular Canons, and 29 who are domicil'd. They must all make Proof of the Nobility of their Descent; and when a new one is admitted, he must walk through the rest drawn up in a Lane, who give him each a Lash with a Whip on the Back. Monconys, a Frenchman, tells us in his Travels, that he was in the Bishop's Cellar, and saw above 60 great Tuns of curious Workmanship the least of which held 22 or 25 Waggon Loads of Wine, reckoning 6 Hogsheads to a Load ; and there he said he drank Wine which they told him was above 123 Years old, and was clearer than the best Spanish ; but ' tis to be fear'd Monsieur staid so long in the Episcopal Cellar, that his Eyes saw double. By Letters from Tower- Hill we have an Account of a certain Marine Lady, who walking with a Cousin one Night was met by a Gentlewoman very well known by the Name of Madam Geneva, and staid so_ long with her, that she was render'd incapable of taking Care of her Light, that she over set her Lan- thorn and was obliged to walk in the Dark with her loving Cousin : Going thro' a Passage and meeting a Neighbour of her's with a Child in his Arms, the Place being narrow, she brush'd along, more rude than mannerly, and run against the Child's Head which hung over its Father's Arms. This occasion d some Words, when she, to be reveng'd of the Man,, falls down in a pretended Fit, and after she came to herself, said, he was the occasion of it and had struck her on the Breast ; upon which she took to her Bed, sent for a Nurse and Surgeon, and hath recover'd 5 1. of the poor honest Man for Damage. While she was in this Condition, a poor innocent Barber went to see her, and being in her Bedchamber by themselves, it is thought she might long for some- thing which the Barber had, but he not making any Tender of his Service, she starts up in her Bed, calls the Nurse, and tells her that the Barber had robb'd her of three half Crowns, and that he should be im- mediately stripp'd ; upon which the Barber, half dead, pulls off his Cloaths and appear'd before them like Adam, without his Apron of Fig Leaves: Then she made the Nurse strip, thinking, as ' tis suppos'd, the Sight of one might enliven the other, but all to no purpose, for poor Tonsor was more frighten'd than ever • so that after very diligent searching his Breeches they were forc'd to dismiss him without the desir'd Satis- faction, to his no small Comfort, he having seen all the while in frightful Apprehensions of being drown'd in a bottomless Pit. Last Week died suddenly Sir Philip Castleton, Bart, in an advanced Age. We are inform'd that their Royal Highnesses will come to Town from Richmond about the 16th Inst. They write from Philadelphia in Pensylvania, Aug. 6, That the Night before a Shock of an Earth- quake was felt in that City, which, God be thanked, did no Damage Last Friday 7. Night died in the Jail of Newgate Joseph Hatfield. He was the oldest House Breaker in England, was an Evidence against the famous Moll Raby, executed at Tyburn on the 24th of November 1703, had been himself twice condemn'd for Burglary, and, about the latter End of last August, was com- mitted to Newgate for breaking and entering the House of Mr. Appleby in Charter House square, in the Night- time, with Intent to commit Felony. Sir Laurence Anderton of Lostock in the County Palatine of Lancaster, Bart, dy'd at Chaffam 0n Sun- day last. They write from Edinburgh, Sept. 21 That one John Welch was apprehended and committed to the Tolbooth for forging several subscriptions to Bills, who upon Examination before the Magistrates con- fess'd his Crime. On Saturday last the Revd. Mr. Gordon was in- ducted into the Living of the united Parishes of St. Edmond the King, and St. Nicholas Acons in Lom- bard street, to which he was presented by the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor, in the room of the Revd. Dr. Lyndford, deceased. The Industry, Capt. James, from Dublin to Barba- does, was lately taken by an Algerine Corsair, and not being provided with a Mediterranean Pass, was carry'd as a Prize to Algier. There is Advice that the Juliana of Biddeford, Capt. Pardon, and the Heydock of Liverpool, Capt. Hayes, were driven ashore in the late Hurricane at Virginia, but we have yet receiv'd no further Account of their Fate thereupon. They write from Virginia Aug. 13, That a Storm had happen'd there some time before, which had done great Damage to their Crop of Tobacco. His Grace the Duke of Montague hath presented the Revd. Mr. William Denham to the Vicaridge of Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, vacant by the Removal of the former Incumbent thereof to another Living in that Neighborhood. The Revd. Mr. Walker, who had been Pastor of a Dissenting Congregation at Brentford many Years, was interr'd at Ealing last Friday 7- Night with great Solemnity ; six Ministers of the same PersWasion hold- ing up the Pall. He was a Gentleman of a plentiful temporal Estate, of a peaceable and pious Deportment, and was much esteem'd and respected, not only by Dissenters, but also by all his Neighbours of the es- tablish'd Church. Mr. John Emmenies, late a Lieut, in General Ni- cholson's Independent Company at South Carolina, succeeds Lieut. Oldenburgh ( who shot himself at Ply- mouth) in Capt. Carwarden's Independent Company of Invalids there. Last Saturday in the Afternoon, there was brought to the White Hart Inn in Southwark a Vast Quantity of Foreign Specie, in a Waggon, from Portsmouth, under a Guard of twelve Soldiers and a Serjeant, being landed there from beyond Sea, and is for the Use of Mr. Seager, a Merchant of this City. Mrs. Purcel is appointed Dresser to her Royal High- ness the Princess of Wales, in the room of Mrs Hawley. Letters from Edinburgh of Sept. 22, say, That General Wade review'd the six Troops of the Royal Scots Greys at Musselburgh, and Was Very Well pleased with their good Appearance, Last jju II H L / ; I Last Saturday joseph Blake, alias Blewskin, was, by three of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, com- mitted to Newgate, being charged upon the Oath of William Field a noted Evidence, for that he, the said Blewskin, together with John Sheppard and him- self, did break and enter the House of Mr. Kneebone, a Woollen. Draper in the Strand, in the Night of Sunday the 12th of July last, and steal Goods to the Value of 4; 1 for which said Sheppard receiv'd Sen- tence of Death, and was to have suffer'd on the 4th of September last, but escaped. This Blewskin was formerly himself an Evidence against Junks alias Le- vee, Flood, and Oakey, who were executed at Ty- burn for robbing the Honourable William Yonge, Esq; and Colonel Cope near Hampstead. Our Merchants have Letters by their Ships from New- England that the wild Indians continue to com- mit Outages upon the Christians in divers of the Eastern Parts, and particularly that several Fishing- Vessels being employ'd in that Trade in a River there, were attack'd by about 100 Indians who lay in Am- buscade and rush'd out of the Woods on a sudden upon them, so that a Skirmish ensu'd, in which, out of 45 Persons in the said Vessels, 21 were kill'd, the rest captivated, and the Vessels carry'd off. We hear that Mrs. How will be restored to her Place of Maid of Honour to the Princess, as soon as their Royal Highnesses come to Town. Towards the Conclusion of the Drawing of the State- Lottery at Guild- hall, a Prize of 1000 1. came up to Mr. Joseph Master, an Undertaker in St. Mary. Ax. We hear he had purchased the Ticket, together with two others, but the Day before of a Usurer in Whitechapel; who has since attempted to lay violent Hands on himself. Yesterday 7 Night the Commissioners of the State Lottery drew the Indices to determine the Course of Payment in the said Lottery, which is as follows: The Course of Payments. From No 1 to No 1000 both inclusive, to be paid the 68th Payment in Course, and so of the rest. York, Sept. 26. On Monday last came on the Election for Sheriffs for this City, when Mr. Hutche- son, a China and Tea Merchant, and Mr. Carter, were chose, and accordingly declar'd. Yesterday two Girls, Servants here, summon'd two Soldiers that belong to a Regiment quarter'd in this City, to appear before the Lord Mayor, for getting them with Child ; his Lordship was pleas'd to reprimand them for so doing ; but one was so impudent as to say, that they did no more than their Duty, in serving their Country, for he did not doubt but that they should leave a young Regiment of their own raising behind them: And indeed, they have gone a great way towards it; for at this Time, we have almost as many Women with Child in this City as they have Men in their Regiment, who acknowledge the Fa- vour to have been done by some of the Red Coat Fra- ternity. One of the Girls above- mention'd, has been since committed to Prison for biting a Piece of Flesh out of her Mistress's Cheek, only for giving her good Advice. On Sunday last dy'd the Revd. Dr. Thomas Chey- ney, First Master of Winchester School, and one of the Canons of Wells, SIR, AS I was walking with an Acquaintance who is troubled every now and then with an Itch of Rhiming, I happen'd to stumble, and jarr'd my Heel against a Piece of Flint so violently that I could not get into an adjoining Tavern without Assistance. The Pain was for some Time inexpressi- ble; but recovering by the Use of proper Means my Friend presented me with the following Lines with this grave Introduction That I Should now find his repeated Professions of Friendship were real, by his taking this Opportunity, tho seemingly inconsiderable to place me according to my Merit, and celebrate my Fame to future Ages. He indeed was so kind as to put my Sir name, but my Ambition is satisfy'd with having them printed with my Christian one, which if you please to do you'll oblige Your Constant Reader, And humble Servant, Charles ., The Second ACHILLES.' Bright Thetis Son no Mortal's Stroke could feel, But that alone which hit him on the Heel Courageous Charles a like Disaster found, And in his Heel receiv'd a deadly Wound; Phabus and Paris join'd, the Grecian quell'd, But Fate, in Shape of Flint, my Friend assail'd; The same their Chance, the same shall be their Fame' And Charles shall sound great as Achilles Name. A Quarrel happen'd lately in the Fleet Prison be- tween two Prisoners there, about drinking a Health; in which we hear Mr. Fitz Simonds, an Irish Half pay Officer, happen'd to strike one Mr. Middleton, who had been Steward to the Dutchess of Marlbo- rough, and was in at her Grace's Suit, upon the Head with a Chair, who dy'd of his Wounds Yester- day Morning; but, ' tis said, he was not the Person with whom the former had the Controversy about the said Health. Wednesday the Coroner's inquest sate upon the Body, and brought in their Verdict Man- slaughter, it appearing by the Evidence, as we are in- form'd,_ that there seem'd no Malice in the Case, they being intimate Friends; and that the Blow given him on the Head with a Chair, was design'd at ano- ther Person. A Project is on Foot, which seems to promise very great Advantage and Security to our Settlements in South Carolina. The Projector is M. Pury, a French Gentleman, who proposes in his Scheme, that 600 Swiss Soldiers be sent over thither at the Expence of our Merchants, and planted in a Part of the Country very fit for raising Silk and Hemp, so as to be ready at an Hour's Warning to repel the Indians, who make frequent Incursions on our Colonies, to the great Pre- judice of our Trade, and sometimes to the Ruin of entire Settlements. We hear that on the Death of Dr. Only, Minister of St. Margaret's Westminster, that Parish will be di- vided into two other Districts, one for the new Church erecting at the Horse- ferry, and another for the new Chapel in the Broadway, which ' tis said will be con- verted into a Parochial Church by the Commissioners or building the 50 new Churches. Last Monday Night the following tragical Accident happen'd at Reading: A Foot Soldier quarter'd in that Town, who was to have 60 I. a Year after the Death of his Father, had made Love to a Servant Maid of that Place so long, that his frequent Visits to her in his red Cloaths made her Master and Mistress so uneasy, that she desir'd him to desist coming any more in that Habit, or else she should lose her Place: But he having no other Change, she bid him Farewel on Monday last; and said she must see him no more ; upon which he said he cou'd not live without her, and at Night put a Pistol to his Month, and shot his Head as it Were in twain ; so that when dead he was the--, most horrid Spectacle that ever was seen. - A large Oval Font is now making to be erected at the West End of Sr. Paul's Cathedral, with Mar- ble Steps to go up to it. C On the 7th Instant dy'd at his House at Waltham- Abbey, the Hon. William Sharpe, Esq; of a com- plicated Distemper. He was twice Commander in Chief of the Island of Barbadoes, where he admi- nistred the Government very much to the Satisfaction of the People. He was a fine Gentleman, and be- lov'd by all his Acquaintance. The Reverend Mr. Warnford, lately elected one of the Chaplains of St. Saviour, Southwark, in the Room of Dr. Sacheverel, is chosen Lecturer of St. Mary Hill, in the Room of Dr. Browne, deceas'd. Our Merchants have Advice, that the Hope, Capt. Nichols, bound from Stockholm to Newcastle, was lately lost on the Coast of Pomerania. From Yesterday's Daily- Journal. Last Wednesday John Sheppard, the Malefactor, found Means to release himself from the Staples, fix'd in the Floor of the Apartment call'd the Castle in Newgate, where he was confined alone, by taking off a great Padlock from his Legs ; he attempted to pass up the Chimney, but by reason of strong Iron Bars in his Way, was prevented ; in the midst of his Endea- vours, the Keepers came up as usual with his Necessa- ries, when to their very great Surprize, they found him at Liberty in the Room, they searched him from Head to Foot, and found not so much as a Pin, and when they had chained him down again, the Head Keeper and others came and intreated him to discover, by what Magick Art he had thus got himself from the Staples, he reach'd forth his Hand, and took up a Nail, and with that and no other Instrument un- lock'd himself again before their Faces, nothing so astonishing ever known.' he is now hand- cuff'd and more effectually chain'd. This Day 97 Felons are to be carried from New. gate, to be shipp'd for the Plantations, among whom is the Brother of the above- mentioned Sheppard. SIR, ThE Lady who was the Occasion of my Writing the Song I have sent you, has Merit enough to justify me both as a Lover and an Author. If you will give it a place in your Journal, I shall take it at a great Favour done to Your humble Servant, PHILANDER. O Love! thou never absent Thought! Thou only Purpose of the Mind ! All are to thy Subjection brought, Yet, not one Rebel canst thou find : Thou God ! who dealst out every Haman Lot Whose Pow r decrees, who's Happy, and who not. Reign still, thus Mighty, as thou art.' I wish not Liberty restor'd: For the bright Idol of my Heart. was born to Rule, and be Ador'd! But, oh ! the Passion which you raise, prOtect Nor let such Truth be blasted by Neglect Hounslow, Oct. 8. Last Tuesday Morning, two News. Papers of Distinction, viz. The Daily Journal, and The Daily Post, fought a Duel here, in their Way from London to Windsor, the latter is dangerously wound- ed ; the Reason of their quarrelling is imputed to a Breach made between them by an Eminent Surgeon : The Daily Post is under the Care of Mr Veracity, a very Expert News Writer. There were many hundreds of People Witnesses to this Misfortune, and as we have nam'd the Persons we many venture to infert it without calling Surgeons Physcians, Gentlemen of the Army, and others, to justify the Truth thereof. The Revd. Dr. Ingram, Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Speaker of the House of Commons, is made a Prebendary of Westminster, in the room of the Revd. Dr. Only, deceas'd. > 3 ) They write from the Bath; That the Earl of Tank- erville's Mare won the Lady's Plate upon Lansdown, where Mr. Fagg of Sussex rode his own Horse, and was within a Horse's Length of winning the Race. We hear from Gloucester, Sept. 26, That the Thursday before, Mr. Snell's Horse won the Plate on Snow Hill Downs. Yesterday Dr. Waddington, was confirm'd at St. Mary le Bow Church, Bishop of Chichester. We hear that at the Close of last Week Mr. Ingram, Mr. Hough and Mr. Prior, were chosen Fellows of Trinity College in Cambridge. Last Week the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Rochester resign'd the Mastership of Bennet Collcge, Cambridge; and this Week the Fellows of that Col- lege unanimously chose the Rev. Mr. Mawson, B. D. ( Senior Fellow) Master in his room. Last Saturday died the Rev. Dr. Langford, Preacher of the Charter House, and one of the ( Original) Chap- lains of Chelsea College. A Gentleman extremely beloved for his extraordinary Temper, which had a most agreeable Mixture of the Gentleman, the Wit, and the Clergyman. Wednesday last the Rt. Hon. Mr Walpole came to Mr. Graham's in the Pall Mall from Chelsea, to visit his Son Mr. Horace, who has the Small Pox come out very kindly upon him by Inoculation. Mr. jacomb, one of the Land Surveyors at the Custom house, is appointed Chaplain of Land- Guard Fort. The Right Hon. the Earl of Anglesea, and Tho. mas Frankland, Esq; Member of Parliament for the Borough of Thirsk in Yorkshire, are return'd here from Ireland. On the 1st Instant about 5 a CIock in the Morning died at Fontainbleau, Thomas Crawford, Esq; the British Resident at the Court of France; the next Day he was open'd, and his Lungs on the Left side were quite perish'd. He is universally lamented, be- ing a Gentleman of great Honour and Humanity. Wednesday a Centinel of the Foot- Guards was whipt in St. James's Park, with the Halberts revers'd and carried before him, for stealing a Guinea from an In- valid of Chelsea Hospital; he iS to undergo the same Punishment again some time to Day, and afterwards to remain Prisoner in the Savoy till the Invalid has been satisfy'd out of his Pay at Eighteen- pence per Week. On Tuesday there came Advice here from Capt. Gregory, Commander of his Majesty's Yatcht Cathe- nine in the Haven of Ostend, that on the 24th of the last Month a Passage Boat, having on board the Lords James and Charles Cavendish, Sons of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, together with their Governor, Servants and Baggage, was by a sudden gust of Wind overset under the Counter of Capt. Gregory's Yatcht, and were all taken up by Capt. Gregory's People except Loid Charles, who, by the force of the Tide, was drove under the bottom of two Ships, and after that fortunately rose under the Bow of the Catherine, and catching hold of the Head- fast was taken up tho' al- most dead, proper means being used, he as well as hit Brother are recovered, their Baggage was lost : An Express has been dispatch'd to New Market to ac. quaint the Duke of Devonshire with this News, the young Lords being on board the Catherine Yatcht waiting his Grace's Commands On Wednesday the Yacht arrived in the River, with the young Lords and their Retinue on board ; Captain Gregory has received the Thanks of the Admiralty, for the extra- ordinary Care he tock in preserving their Lives, and their Lordships the Compliments of the Nobility and Quality on their happy Arrival. On Tuesday Night the Rich: Hon. the Lord Chan- cellor arriv'd in Town from his Country Seat. Bankrupts since our last List. Felix Foster, of St. Lawrence Lane, London, Jeweller. Thomas Homer, of Tenworth, in the County of StafFord, Mercer. SHIPS C 2 9 9 4 ) SHIPS Enter'd Inwards at the Custom House since our last. The Salisbury from Malaga; Narton from Peters- burg ; and Sr. Peter from Norway. The Warwick from the Streights; Crown from Malaga; Hopewell, and Ripley both from Bourdeaux; Duke Charost, and Catherine both from Calais; St. Peter from Hambro; Blessing from Guernsey; An- thony and Thomas from Dantzick ; Friendly Society, Queen Anne, Blacket, Godfrey, Vine all from Nor- way; Antegoa Merchant from Antegoa; Barmund- sey from Jamaica; Stapleton from Berbadoes, and John's Goodwill from Maryland. The Samuel from Oporto, and Happy Return from Sweden. The Royal Vineyard from Calais; Owners Supply from Sweden ; William and Henry from Petersburgh; Friends Adventure from Stockholm ; Greenwich from Rotterdam, and Abby from Norway. The Anne for Malaga; Robert and John, Adven- ture, Upner Castle, and Quince Tree all from Peters- burgh ; Blessing from Dublin ; Clarendon from An- tegoa, and Joseph and Titus from Norway. The Kingston from Stockhom ; Prince Frederick from Ostend ; Surprixe fiom Amsterdam; Catherine, and Windsor, both from Rotterdam ; Matthew and Anne from Sweden; Owners Adventure, and Wil- liam and Deborah, both from Norway. Clear'd Out The Lambert for the Streights; George for Portu- gal ; John for Sound ; Port- Merchant, and Elizabeth, both for Ireland ; John and Sarah for Jamaica; and the Isaac and Peter, and William and Mary, both for New England. The Edward and Dorothy, and Expedition both for Spain ; Elizabeth for Jersie ; Success for France ; William and Mary for Ostend, and Hannah and Ze- pohrah for Holland. The Dunkirk for Dunkirk; Dunkirk Packet for Flanders, and Wright for Norway. The Diamond for Barbary ; Friends Goodwill for France; Abigal for Holland, and Rebecca for Vir- ginia. The Welcome, and Betty for Lisbon ; Catherine for Calais; John and Elizabeth for France, and Pro- vidence for Guernsey. The Anne for France; Chandois for Holland; and Warburton for Ireland. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Brussels, Sept. 28. We have had the sad News, that on the 21st at Night, a Fire broke out at Han- nuy, above Tirlemont, which burnt with such Fury, that above half that pretty little Town was consum'd.' and several People and Cattle perished in the Flames. A sad Tumult happen'd here yesterday upon the fol- lowing Occasion. The Hangman going to whip a Malefactor of this City convicted of a Robbery there was immediately a Cry of Pardon ; upon which the Executioner turned about to the Magistrate but the latter not giving any Signal that he was informed of such Pardon, the Hangman still laid on, and then branded the Malefactor with the Mark of the City All which was done before the Person who brought the Pardon could get near the Scaffold. This caused such a Disturbance among the Populace, that it was thought the whole Town would have been up in Arms, and the neighbouring Housekeepers were forc'd to shut their Doors; but no other Mischief ensued than the Hurt which several Persons receiv'd by being trampled under Foot, in the vast Crowd of People that came to see the Execution. LONDON: printed and Sold by J. READ, in White- Fryers near Fleet- Street. Where Advertisements are taken in.
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