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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic


Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
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No Pages: 6
The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer page 1
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic

John Shepherd receives Sentence of Death Old Bailey Sessions (Page 4 Col 1)
Date of Article: 15/08/1724
Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Address: White-Fryars, near Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 6
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C 2941 ) THE O R, British Gazetteer. Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick: SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1724. siR, WHILST Mithridates Is so ingeniously, and ( in Spite of ridiculing Pope- lings in Masquerade use- fully detecting and refu- ting the Errors of the Sect that assumes the in- compatible Name of Ro- man Catholick, in their Principles, perhaps it may not be either un- suitable or unserviceable, at such Opportunities as you shall think proper, to give some short Account of the Perniciousness of their Practices in different Countries, particularly here in England in regard to the Publick, not only as to the Blood of their Per- sons but also to that of their Purses, and shew upon what excellent Pretences they have exhausted and ex- ported immense sums out of the Nation, and by what pious Methods they pretended to take Care of, not only their Souls, bur their Silver; by all which it will appear wHat excellent Patriots they are who en- courage that celebrated Maxim so much recommended by some eminent Pillars, viz. It is better to be a Papist than a Presbyterian. ( 1J The first Fleece that we shall mention, is, King Athelwolf's yearly Pension of 300 Marks, grant- ed by him to the Pope, Anno 852, 100 Marks to be bestow'd to maintain Candles for St. Peter, the second 1oo for St. Paul, and the third 100 for a Present to the Pope. ( 1 ) Peter Pence granted by Jua. King of the West- Saxons, t0 Popp Gregory II Anno 616, being a Penny per annum for every Chimney that smoak'd in England ; what' this amounted to we may give some reasonable Guess by the following modest Calculation. Suppose but 9000 Parishes in England, tho' there are more, and but 100 Houses in a Parish, and no more than two Chimneys in a House, one with another, the Total will amount to 7500/. but it is to be observ'd, that a Penny then was worth Two- pence now. Some Persons have imagin'd this and the preceeding Offering to be the same, but they were certainly dif- ferent, King Athelwolf's Pension being limited to 300 Marks, whilst the Peter Pence advanc'd or decreas'd according to the Number of Houses. ( 3.) Another Device was the Annates, so call'd from Annus, a Year, as they were the entire Revenues of one Year, which every Bishop and Clergyman paid to the Pope at his first Entrance into his Living; as for the Bishopricks thyv were thus rated, as they are to be found in Bishop Godwins Catalogue. Worcester, Hereford, Chichester, St. David's, Landaff, Salisbury, Bath and Wells, Bangor St. Asaph, Durham, York, For his Pall, Carlisle, Canterbury, Besides for his Pall, London, Winchester, ely, Coventry and Litchfield, Norwich, O4SO 00 00 4050 00 00 0079 18 06 0337 ro 00 0157 10 00 11* 5 00 00 0172 00 00 0028 07 00 0028 07 Oo 20I; 00 00 4000 00 00 2000 00 00 0225 00 00 Total 29.108 11 06 /. t. d. 2250 00 00 1125 00 00 0675 00 00 4800 00 00 2800 00 00 0S80 00 00 2000 00 09 Besides the Bishops of Lincoln and Rochester, it not ap- pearing what they were rated at; now if so much were squeez'd out of 19 Bishopricks, as all the infe- rior Clergy upon their Entrance paid a whole Year's Revenue, it is reasonable to believe that the Product of a Year's Revenue of their Livings was three times as much as the Bishops, which amounted to a very pretty Sum. viz: near 120000 I. The Reader may take Notice, that the Persons preferr'd being often Men well, advanc'd in Years, the Alterations Were more frequent, and the Grist more plentiful. ( 4.) Another Instance of the Advantages of Popery to England, was, the Pope's demanding and extorting a certain Allowance, call'd Tenths, for in Consequence of his being Pastor Pastorum he claim'd Decimas Deci- marum. To support this rapacious Pretension with A sacred Authority, Gen x v 20. is made Use of, where Abraham, who must needs be a Priest, paid Tithes to Melchisidec the High Priest. They urge also in Justi- fication of their Claim, the Practice of the Levites under the Mosaical Institution, they paying the Tithes of their Tithes to their Priests: Accordingly the Pope had his Agents in every Diocess in the King- dom, who sometimes by Bills of Exchange, but gene- rally in Specie, return'd yearly both these Tenths, and the first Fruits of the English Clergy to Rome, to the great Impoverishment of the Realm. So religious and candid a Use have these Worthies made of- our Saviour's appointing his Followers, Fishers of Men, Mark i. 17. ( tho', by the Way, it's a very great Question among the Learned, Whether they have any thing to do with the Commission.) Cardinal Pole Very fairly tells ye, that the Sense of that Text is, Thou and thy Successors shall have Dominion ever all Men, ruling over Kings and commanding direct- ing and deposing Emperors. After the same Christian Manner they interpret that of the 8th Psalm Thou hast put all Things under his Feet, all Sheep and Oxen, yea, and the Beast of the Field the Fowl; of the Air. and the Fish of the Sea. By this, say they, is clearly meant St. Peter and his Successors in the See of Romef * The other Five Bishopricks, viz. Chester, Glocester, Peter- borough, Bristol, and Oxford were erected afterwards by Pa- tent from king Henry VIII. when he equitably and glori- ously expell'd the Papal Usurpation. ( Price Thie « . Hs* f- Eence.) 19 T to to whom God hath subjected the Sheep, that is, the ' Christians, the Oxen, that is the Jews and Hereticks the Beasts of the Field, that is, the Pagans, the Fishes of the Sea, that is, the Souls in Purgatory, and the Fowls of Heaven, that is, the blessed Spirits and Angels. Now whether the Mufti at Constantinople might not with an Equality of Candour and reason have apply'd the Text to the Advancement of the Mahometan Reli- gion, is humbly Submitted to the Judgment of every impartial Reader. Another Instance of their close copying after a bright Example, is, That because Peter once caught a Fish with a Piece of silver in its Mouth, his unholy pre- tended Successors have infallibly asserted, that they have a Title to fish for Money as well as Men ; and indeed, if we may form a Judgment by their Practice, when- ever they have shewn a Regard to the Last, it has been for the Sake of the First : In PursuanCe of this Right, they have for some Time cast, not only their hooks, but their Draw nets, into all secular Ponds and Rivers, and manag'd the Trade for a long time with prodigious Advantage, suitable to the indefati- gable Pains, Art, and Industry they us'd, none of which were they defective in, but made all Fish that came to the Net. At last several Kings and States being uneasy at what they thought Encroachments upon their Preroga- tives and Privileges, took upon them to examine into the Pope's Title to an universal, free Piscary, so un- boundedly extended, that it reach'd not only all terrestrial Waters, but even the coelestial and infernal ones too Upon an equitable and impartial Inqui- sition, Old Infallibility was found mistaken, his Title invalid, and his Possession usurp'd, and thereupon he Was prohibited to fish any more in the British Ocean, the Baltick sea, the Lake Lemane, in several Rivers in Germany, and was once in great Danger of being ex- pell'd the Adriatick Gulph ; but in many Places the Trade is still driven on with vast Returns of Gain,: nor does his Holiness cease his Endeavours here, not. being quite out of Hopes, nor likely so to be,' whilst there are Englishmen. addle headed enough to promote his Interest by buzzing about imaginary Notions of arbitary Designs, and a fictitious Expor- tation of the Treasure of the Nation. I should now proceed to some other Instances of the former temporal Advantages we receiv'd from Po- pery, but must defer it till another Opportunity. I am, Sir, your humble Servant, BRITANNUS. The Continuation of the Life of Charles II, King of ENGLAND. Abouc the middle of June the Lord Clifford re. sign'd his Treasurer's Staff, and Sir Thomas Osborn created Viscount Osborn of Dumblain in Scotland, and afterwards Earl of Danby in England, was made Lord High Treasurer. And this Year also, Sir Hene- age Finch, Bart, was made Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and created a Baron by the Style of Lord Finch, Baron of Daventry, in the County of Northampton. The King issued out his Proclamacion. requiring all Judges and Justices of the Peace, effectually to prosecute the Laws against all Papists and Popish Re- cusants. About the latter End of November, his Royal Highness the Duke of York was married to the Prin- cess of Modena, a Roman Catholick, after the Par- liament had us'd great Endeavours to prevent it. Tho' the Preparation for War went on vigorously, both on the English and Dutch Sides, yet Overtures of Peace were still set on Foot, and his Majesty condescended to a Treaty at Cologne, which took no Effect. The Dutch in the mean time thought it not fit to desist, but by another Way of Negociation, that is to say, by Incercourse of Letters, they at length prevail'd so far, as to receive a condescending Letter from the King of England, in February 1673, which was shortly aFter follow'd by a Conclusion of the Peace by them so much desir'd. A. D. 1674. Peace being now concluded this Year affords no great Tranfaction of Importance the Consultations of Government being chiefly di- rected to the Preservation of Quietness and Unity at home, in order to which, his Majesty publish'd se- Veral Proclamations against Papists and Jesuits The Duke of Monnmouth, upon Resignation of the Duke of Buckingham, was chosen Chancellor of the Univeifity of Cambridge. The Earl of St Albans giving up the Staff of Lord Chamberlain of his Ma jesty's Houshold, his Place was given to the Earl of Arlington, to whom Sir Joseph Williamson succeeded as Principal Secretary of State. His Majesty having been pleas'd to accept of the Freedom of the City of London, and of the Gold- smiths Company, was, in December, by Sir Robert Viner, Lord Mayor, in the Name of the City, pre- sented with the Copy of his Freedom, in a large square Box of massy Gold, the Seal appending being in a Box of Gold, set all over with large Diamonds About the beginning of January, 1674, her Royal Highness was brought to Bed of a Daughter, christ- ened a; St James's by the Bishop of Durham, by the Name of Katharina Laura ; the Duke of Monmouth being Godfather, and the Lady Mary and Lady Anne Godmothers. A. D. There happen'd this Year a dangerous Plot, carry'd on with greac Secrecy by the Blacks of Barbadoes against the Englifh, which, upon the very Nick of being put in Execution, was detected, and the Conspirators punish'd. , The Natives of New England, under the Com- mand of King Philip Hegamore, rose likewise against the English, and did them considerable Damage; but were in short time curbed for their Insolencies, and driven to their sculking Holes. In September most Part of the Town of Northamp- ton was by a dreadful Fire burnt down ; nothing left standing, except a few Houses in the Out- skirts of the Town, On the 5th of March, 1675, Sir John Narborough concluded an honourable Peace, and of great Advan. tage to the Trade of this Nation, with the Govern, ment of Tripoly. A. D. 1676. The French in the last Campaign lost their famous Marshal Turenne ; and the Dutch Ma- rine Expeditions are this Year usher'd in with a Fate as unlucky to the States; for their Darling, Admiral De Ruyter, on the 29th of April, died of the Wounds which he had receiv'd some Days before in an Engage- ment with the French, in the bay of Augusta, on the Coast of Sicily. But to return home; the first thing we meet with this Year, of Note, is a dreadful Fire, which hap- pen'd the 26th of May in the Borough of South- wark ; it began about four in the Morning, and con- tinu'd all Day, and Part of the Night; and not. withstanding the indefatigable Pains and Diligence of his Grace the Duke of Monmouth, the Earl of Craven, and the Lord Mayor, yet above 600 Houses were burnt and blown up by this sad Accident. His Majesty for securing Trade to and from his Ports, which was much disturb'd by the Insolence of Dutch, Spanish. and French Privateers, amongst whom the War still continu'd ; on the 2d of June caused a Proclamation to be publish'd, declaring all Ships, of what Party soever, that should put into any of his Ports, to be under his Protection during their Stay there ; commanding his publick Officers, and a" other his Majefty's Subjects, to use their best Endea- vours to hinder the roving of any private Men of War so near his Coasts, as might give Apprehensions to Merchant- Men ; That if a Man of War of any Party, and one or more Merchant Men of another, should come into his Majesty's Ports, the Merchant- Men should have the Privilege to sail out two Tides before the Man of War; That none of his Seamen should presume to enter and list themselves on of any foreign Man of War, or any Ship designd for Traffick or the Fishing- trade, without his Majesty's Leave first obtain'd ; with several other Rules relating to the securing of Trade, and his Majesty's reignty in these Seas in Pursuance of which Procla- mation, several PriVateers were stopt and detain'd in many of the Ports of this Kingdom. August the loth. Her Royal Highness was brought to Bed of a Daughter, christned by the Name of Isabella ; the Lord High Treasurer being Godfather, and the Dutchess of Monmouth and Counters of Peterborough Godmothers. October the 26th. His Majesty passed an Order in Council, That none of his Subjects, cxcept the Queen's domestick Servants, should repair to her Ma- jesty's Chappel, or to the Houses or Chappels of any foreign Ambassadors or Agents, there to hear Mass, or English Sermons, upon Pain of having the Laws severely executed against them; and his Ma- jesty appointed Messengers of the Chamber, and other Officers, to wait without at the Houses of fo- reign Ambassadors and Agents, and to take Notice of such of his Subjects as should come out of the said Chappels from Religious Worship, and bring then or their Names to the Council- Board. The Principal Secretaries of State were by his Majesty likewise re- quir'd to repair to the said Ambassadors and Agents, and in his Majesty's Name a quaint them with his Royal Pleasure in executing his Laws, that they might have no Cause to complain of Direspect of- fer'd to their Character, or of any Purpose of in. fringing their Privileges. We hear that Baron Schwartz Is about purchasing the Earl of Tankerville's Seat of DaWley in Middle- sex, together with the Park, & c. valued at about 40000 1. On Tuesday a Maid Servant belonging to a Distil- ler in Cannon- street, stabb'd herself in the Throat with a Penknife, and dy'd immediately; she had for. merly made an Attempt of the like nature upon her- self, being disorder'd in her Senses. One Allen has been committed to Newgate within th: s Day or two. for Felony upon the Bankrupt Act. Last Monday the Hon. John Dawney, Esq;. was married co Mrs. Pleydwell, a Lady of 30000 1. For- tune. To be continu'd this Day Fortnight; Some Days ago Mr. Crispen, Silversmith of this City, carried the fine silver Bathing Vessel ( made for the King of Portugal to his Majesty at Kensington, who was well pleased with so curious a Piece of Workmanship, which can scarcely be match'd in all Europe. We hear that the Revd Dr. Weston, Fellow of Eaton College will be appointed Bishop of Bristol. Gloucester, Aug. 8. The Anniversary of his Ma- jesty's Happy Accession to the Throne was observ'd here with a great deal of Solemnity; the Magistrates went in their Formalities to the Cathedral, where the Dean, Dr. Frankland, preach'd an excellent Ser. mon suitable to the Day, and with a becoming Zeal and Warmth represented the Happiness we enjoy un. der the present Government, and the Miseries we must needs he under if ever we become subject to a popish Prince: The Mayor and Aldermen dined at - the Lord Bishop's, and were splendidly entertain'd. At Night there was a Bonfire at the Tholsel, before which Place were drawn up 3 Companies of Briga- dier Haywood's Dragoons who are quarter'd in the Town, the Officers were invited by the Mayor to the Tholsel, where were the Bishop, Dean, the Chief of the Clergy, and principal Inhabitants of the City, and the King's Health was drank, the Royal Family's, and Prosperity to the Church of England, at each of which Healths the Soldiers fir'd ; also ma- ny other Loyal Healths went round. The Revd. Mr. David Jones, Rector of Marcham, near Abingdon, in Berks, died about 10 Days since. He was formerly Lecturer of one of the Churches in Lombard street, and having preach'd a Sermon against the Sin of Usury, gave such Offence to the Inhabi- tants thereabouts, that in a short time he was glad to quit the said Lectureship for want of the usual Con tributions: He was very famous in Combat; and many People have been made sensible of his extra- oidinary Strength. On Tuesday last died Dr. Lyndford, Prebendary of Westminfter, Archdeacon of Barnstaple, and ReC. tor of Sr. Edmund the King in Lombard street. The Reverend Mr. Edward Willes, Rector of Bar- ton in le Clay in Bedfordshire, is made a Prebendary of Westminster, in the room'of the said Dr. Lyndford.- On Saturday last the Earl of Peterborough set out for Italy : His Lordship goes by the Way of France. Last Sunday the Right Hon. the Countess of Castle- haven was brought to Bed of a Daughter. We are inform'd, that General Nicholson, Gover- nor of South Carolina, is sent for over to answer to some Complaints of certain Merchants trading into those Parts. SIR. Poole, Aug. IO , ONE of the Stoaksbay Gentry having begun to establish a Trade at Bournbottom, which is near the Sea in a wild barren Heath about five Miles from hence and no House near it for three Or four Miles, had the Misfortune to be catched just as he had landed 18 Hogsheads of French Wines, and the said Wine was this Day brought to our Customhouse by one Mr. Backer, a Gentleman belonging to the Custom- houfe : All fair Traders are in great Expectation of the I due of this Seizure. It's said the Proprietor pre- tends, as he always does, that he's no Smuggler; and that he brought the wines from his own House at Gosport, which is between 30 and 40 Miles Distance, and that he brings them hither for Conveniency of wetting the Casks with Water and Sand, and so car- ries them back again from that desart Place. If this clandestine Trade, which is so improbable, be not detected, all fair Traders must be obliged to give up Trade, for there's no doubt but according to his ac- custom'd way, Evidence will not be wanting to serve his Turn, tho' this Case appears so plain that we are in Hopes an Example will be made of this new Trade here, and that the Parties concerned in the Seizure will not give it up easily. His Majesty, and the young Princesses, went Yes- terday to Windsor, where, ' tis suppofed, they will spend the remaining Part of the Summer. Sir William Fownes, Kt. is created a Baronet 0f Ireland. Last Saturday the Countess de Broglio, the French Ambassador's Lady, arrived here from that Kingdom. Thursday 7 Night Father Gouille, the French Je- suit, who arrived lately from China, embarked for Rouen. ' Tis said he intends to be here again in No- vember next, in order to retUrn to China, the East- India Company having offered him his Passage thither, in Acknowledgment of the good Service he did them in that Country, and particularly in hindring two of the Ships from being destroyed, and the Men mur- dered, for having killed a Chinese. Saturday last the Duke de la Force was at the Jews Synagogue, to see the Ceremony of a Circumcision. Sunday Morning he was at a Quaker's Meeting, and in the Evening he went to Kensington, to take Leave of his Majesty, designing to set out next Week for France Several Pages were sent on Board last Saturday for France, being design'd for the Retinue of his Excellen cy Horace Walpole, Esq; our Ambassador at that Court. On Tuesday Night last the Lord Viscount Lanes- borough. was interr'd at St James's Westminster. They write from Newcastle, that on the 31st past, his Majesty Ship the Spy, brought in there two French Smugling Vessels. Dublin Castle, July ri. The Trustees of the Lin- nen Manufacture of Ireland have pursuant to the Powers vested in them by Act of Parliament fined one Will. Russel, Lappet and Stamper of Linnen, in the County of Down 11 I. if >. to reprise Mr. John Finlay of this City for 54 Pieces of Linnen, which were Lapped and Stamped by the said Russel, and be ing disposed of in London, were found to be rotten and unmerchantable, and the said Trustees have taken from him the Seals, Commission, & c. and have super- seded him in his Office, to prevent his committing farther Abuses. - Mr. Read, Exchange, Aug, it, 1724. Mr. Read, AFriend of mine in Fleet- street came to see me the other Day, which i t00k as a great Favour: As we were sitting, as I thought, free from Cares, bye a friendly bottle of Port, my Companion, whomi I found a little disconsolate and melancholy, broke out into the following Acclamation: O! that I had a Soul firm enough to withstiand the powerful Temp tatious of fair A Charms, with what Freedom could I now speak my Mind ! These Words at first, you must think a little surpriz'd me ; but the eager Desire I had to know the Angel, push'd me on to ask her Name; but he begg'd I wou'd not insist on so unrea- sonable a Request, telling me, He knew a certain Sylvan Goddess near Broad street very well; and left me to guess the rest. I immediately ask d his Pardon for my Rudeness, and desired he would accept of the following Advice, viz. Audaces Fortuna Juvat He thank'd me for all Civilities, and clapping the follow- ing Lines into my Hand, desir'd I would apply to you to order to have them Journaliz'd, in doing which you will very much oblige Your Constant Reader, C. Halfwit. . Ah! wretched me! that must conceal my Love, And can't attempt the lovely Fair to move; Nor Day nor Night affords poor me Relief, Ne'er ceasing as my Passion is my Grief; Immortal Powers that rule the Fate of Man, Heal my Disease, or end my Life's short Span! Sadly to languish without Hopes of Cure, Is Pain, no amorous Mortal can endure. Halfmad Friday Night a Committee of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council sate at the Cockpit. to hear and determine Affairs relating to his Majesty's Plan- tations in the West- Indies. They took into particu- lar Consideration a Bill lately passed in the Assembly at Barbadoes, and sent over hither for the Royal As- sent, intituled. An Act to establish Paper Credit in his Majesty's Island of Barbadoes ; which was defended by the King's Attorney and Solicitor- General, but so opposed by the Merchants and others concerned in the Trade of that Island and their Council, that after a full Hearing on both sides, their Lordships gave it as their Opinion that it ought to be rejected. At the Assizes at Gloucester one Malefactor receiv'd Sentence of death, viz. John Tawney alias Bridges for Horse- stealing. Two Men convicted of uttering false Money, know. ing it to be so, were sentenc'd to stand in the Pillory, and to be imprison'd for six Months. Elijah Pitt, formerly convicted of defacing the King's Statue in that City, was fined 1ool, and or- der'd to be kept in Goal till it is paid. At the Assizes at Leicester, none receiv'd Sentence of Death. One George Vellet was ConVicted of as- saulting a Girl between 10 and 11 Years of Age, with Intent to ravish her; and sentenc'd to stand in the Pillory, to suffer six Months Imprisonment, and pay a Fine of 20 1. At Bedford Assizes one Malefactor receiv'd Sentence of Death for killing a Man, by striking him with his fist, and stamping on his Breast with his Knees, so that he dy'd on the Spot- At Huntingdon Assizes six Malefactors receiv'd Sen. tence of Death for several Crimes, whereof two were repriev'd. Likewise at Bury Assizes; out of seven Felons in dicted, six were condemn'd, wherof four were re- priev'd. At Cambridge Assizes none receiv'd Sentence of Death Last Week, Mrs. Thompson, a Brewer's Wife in Warder- Street, Soho. being in a Fever, got up in the Night when her Nurse was fast asleep, and in striking a Light, had the Misfortune to set Fire to her Cloaths, and was so much burnt thereby, that she died soon after. Last Week four Men were committed to Newgate from several Parts of this Town, for having each of them two Wives, and one Woman for having two Husbands. And last Sunday Morning another Man was committed to the said Goal on the like Account John Vincent, Esq; is appointed Captain of an Independent Company of Invalids, quarter'd at Pen- dennis Castle, in the room of Jervis Sybthorp, Esq who hath resign'd to him. Friday 7 Night two Women Servants, belonging to the Prince, were bit by a mad Dog, at his Royal High- ness's House near Richmond ; they were immediately conveyed to Gravesend, to be dipt in the Salt Wa- ter, to prevent the fatal Consequences generally at- tending such Accidents ; the said Dog having like- wise exercised his Fury upon several of the Poultry about the House, they were all destroyed by his Royal Highness's Command ; and on Saturday the Country People, out of Respect to their Royal Highnesses and their Houshold, shot all the Dogs they could find within a Mile of the Place. Last Saturday a young Woman was committed to Newgate by Justice Fuller, on a Charge of Murder for beating a young Child so cruelly, that it died. ' They are building the Scaffolding in Guildhall for drawing the State- Lottery, which begins on Monday next. Monday, at the Sessions of the Peace at Guildhall, one Mrs. Rose Marks, a Jew, was convicted for keep- ing a disorderly House in St. James's Duke's Place; entertaining of Jews at unseasonable Hours at Cards and Dice, the Lord's Day not excepted : But the Court, In Consideration of her Poverty, fined her 13s. 4d. only, and obliged her to give 2001. Secu- rity for her good Behaviour for a Twelve month, and to pay the Prosecutor's Costs in Court. One James Watson was committed to Newgate for threatning to murder some Persons, to whom he was indebted, and for carrying a loaded Pistol in his Pocket for that Purpose, The Deputy Warden of the Mint went lately to Carlisle. and other Places in the North, to prosecute some false Coiners at the Assizes there. The Cargo of the Ostend Ship taken by the Alge- rines is as follows, 2500 Bales of Coffee, besides Silkj, Drugs, & c. also 25.10 Moidores, 70 Pound Weight of Gold Dust, and 1400 Pieces of Eight which was the Return of Goods she fold at Brasil; and she carry'd from Ostend to the Indies 240,000 Pieces of Eight. Informations having been given last Week to some of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace fur the County of Middlesex, that certain Strollers were come to Hampstead, where they acted Plays, Drolls, & c. in Breach of the Law, several of the said Justices granted a Warrant for apprehending them, upon which they are fled. On Saturday last a Soldier was committed to the Gatehouse for treasonable Words. Bowen, the Perriwigmaker in Russel street, who was lately committed to Newgate for the same Fact, is admitted to Bail. Yesterday 7 Night some Rogues set Fire to a Farmers Barn on Muzie Hill, in which were 40 or 50 Loads of Hay, besides other Goods, and while the Farmer and his Family were busy in extinguishing the Fire, they took the Opportunity of robbing his House of a considerable Sum of Money and divers other Things^ Worcester, July 30 Yesterday Morning a poor Man was found dead in a Field of Barley, a Mile from this City ; as his Body had lain for several Days undisco- Ver'd, his Head was almost eaten off, and what re- main'd of it swarm'd with Maggots; by his Cloaths he was known to have call'd about a Fortnight before at an adjacent Publick House, where he declar'd he had got a Surfeit by Drinking, when he was very hot at Hay making; and being advis'd to make the best of his Way to Worcester, ' twas suppos'd he was taken ill by the Way, and lying down under an Oak some Distance from the Road, expired before Morning ; he had two Shillings in his Pocket, and two Shirts ty'd up by him. The Coroner's Inquest bringing in their Verdict Natural Death, he was bury'd last Night in St. Peter's Church. Yard. Last Night dy'd in the Castle, old Farmer Burston, whom we formerly mentioned to have murder'd his own Brother with an Iron Poker. t 294.5 # against the. Protestants i that Kingdom, but without any Success On Monday last the 10th instant began at the Pay- Office Broadstreet, the Recalls of the Arrears of the List of Short Allowance, due to the Companies of his Majesty's Ships of War, which are continued till the same is clear d. On Monday last William Bains. esq; an eminent Merchant of this City, dy'd on Horseback of a Fit of an Apoplexy on the Road from Epsom ThursdayWilliam Stacey, a Labourer was kill'd by a Fall from the top of the new steeple of St. Martin s in the Fields down to the Ground Some counterfeit Tickets of the present state Lot- tery having been purchas'd in, Change Alley, they were carried down to the Managers at Whitehall and examin'd, and a Very strict Enquiry is making after the Authors or so villanous a Contrivance. We hear that Magdalen College, in Oxford is going to be rebuilt. • , At the Sessions- House in the Old Bailey the fol- Persons try'd for Capital Crimes, viz. William Lewis, and Anne h's Wife, Thomas Howell, and Isabella his Wife, were try'd for High Treason, in counterfeiting. the Coin of this Kingdom, and ac- quired, the following PersonS were convicted. Stephen Fowles for Shop lifting ; Joseph Ward for three Robberies upon the Highway ; Anthony Upton for Burglary; Frances Sandes for stealing near 4ol, out of a Box belonging to a Society, or Club, at a Victualling- House in Gray's Inn- Lane, Major Harrison being try'd for killing Mr. Alexander Agnew in a Duel at a Tavern, the Jury brought in their Verdict that it was se defendendo it appearing that, the Deceas'd gave the Aff one, and first drew his Sword. Some Persons of Distinction appear'd in Court on behalf of the Prisoner, and gave him an extraordinary good Character. Benjamin and Francis Brightwell, two Brothers, were try'd for a Robbery on the Highway near Hampstead, and acquitted. John shepherd was try'd for Burglary and cast. Mary Clarke was try'd for the Murder of Peter Barton, an Infant, and acquitted Lewis Hussar, the French Barber, was brought tO the Bar last Thursday, and the Appeal lodg'd against him for the Murther of his Wife was read to him and Time given him to advise with his Council, in order to plead to it as yesterday. The farther Particulars shall be inserted in our next. Letters from Scotland bring an Account of the Death of the Right Honourable Alexander Hume, Earl of Marchmont, Viscount Blazenberry, Lord Pol- warth of Redbrays and Greenlaw, Lord Polwarth of Polwarth and Baronet, and late Sheriff and Lord- Lieutenant of the County of Berwick. The first Lord of this Name was his Father Sir Patrick Hume, whom King William made one of his Privy Council, and created Lord Polwarth of Polwarth in 1690 assign- ing him in his Patent an Orange proper ensign'd with an Imperial Crown, to be placed in a Surtout in Arms, in all Time coming as a lasting Mark of his Majesty's Royal Favour to the Family of Polwarth._ He was afterwards by the said King made Sheriff Principal of the County of Berwick, and one of the four extraor- dinary Lords of Session, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, created Earl of Marchmont, Viscount Bla- zenberry, Lord Polwarth of Redbrays and Greenlaw, and Lord High Commissioner to represent his Majes- ty's Person in Parliament, he was also one of- the Commissioners of the Treasury and Admiralty, and in 1702 was appointed Commissioner to represent the King's Person in the Assembly of the Church, in which Post he was continu'd by Queen Anne, and by his Ma- jesty King George made Sheriff of the County of Berwick. He marry'd Grissel, Daughter of Sir Tho- mas Kerr of Cavers, by whom he had first Patrick Lord Polwarth, who had the Honour in 1698 to sit and vote in the Parliament of Scotland, as Lord High Treasurer, and marry'd twice, but dy'd without Issue, being succeeded by his Brother the deceased, who be- ing bred to the Law, was in 1704 preferred to be one of the Lords of the Session, and married Margaret Daughter The following Letter tending to correct a conjugal De- generacy that is never the more justifiable for being common, we hope will be acceptable to our Readers. SIR THIS very Day makes it exactly Half a Year since I became a Wife. My Husband, when he made his Applications to me, always ap- peared Gay, Genteel and Debonair But about two Months after we had tyed the Gordian Knot, he began to dress in a more careless and negligent Manner. He now appears so much the Reverse of what he did formerly, in Point of Dress, that the Neighbours look upon it as a bad Complement to the Matrimonal State. Before Matrimony, his Chin was scarce shaded, But now, Mr. Tousor, as he calls the Man who trims him, is never sent for but on a Saturday Night. This strange Metamorphosis, - you may naturally suppose is no ways agreeable to me. I do assure you, Sir, I have spared no Pains to prevail with my Deary, to make his Appearance, in a Habit and Manner suitable to his Station. However, my repeated Petitions have all of them hitherto proved ineffectual I do therefore beg of you to give me your kind Assistance in this Affair, and you will highly oblige, Your constant Reader, Sec. CHLOE. It Is certain, the greatest and most remarkable Di- vorces have arisen from small Beginnings. The Very Letter of this young Lady, shews her to be a neat and cleanly Person, and therefore her Complaint of this ( I cannot help terming it so) dirty Usage, car- ries the greater Weight with it, and demands a Re- medy. I can methinks, behold this young Sloven approaching the neat tender Thing, embracing her in a manner that turns PLeasure into a Torment, and giving her the Kiss of Joy and Peace, after so rude a Fashion, as if he rather meant to give Occasion for a Quarrel. I see him hold her struggling against a Kiss, his Arms thrown round her unwilling Neck, force her Face to his cruel and dreaded Lip ; he is put to the Necessity of ravishing, in a manner, an in- nocent Kiss from his own Wife, and yet is ignorant of the Meaning— He takes it, however by Vio- lence.— She looks half pleas'd, half angry, hangs down her Head, hides the Water in her Eyes, pushes him, between jest and earnest, from her trembling Bosom, rubs her glowing and smarting Mouth, calls him rough Thing! with half a tender laughing, and an half whining Tone of Voice The unpolish'd Creature casts a Booby Stare at her, and is still stu- pidly at a Loss to know the Reason why she struggles so hard against what she declares she likes: Unless he is told, point- biank, That his Beard is the Cause of all the Disorder, he cannot perceive that her Cheeks look red and angry with his Kisses, and wear rather the Print of Fury than Love. He must be told, That a delicate Skin was never form'd to be brush'd over by a bristly Beard, that is odious, tough, and stub- born, just like the Humour that lets it grow. I call it more particularly stubborn in this unaccountable young Fellow, for she has told him of it again and again, in plain Term:, and he, notwith- standing all this, pertinacionsly continues to go rough. Now is it not a preposterous Way of acting, after all, tHat, when a Loser, he should shave close, to look sleek and smoorh, for fear of offending the Eye of a Mistress whom he was uncertain of obtaining; and yet let it grow, when a Husband, without having the Fear of wounded Beauty before his Eyes; with, out any Apprehensions of hurting that Face by his Roughness. that charm'd him by its Softness, with- out any Dread or Terror of the ill Consequences that might, at any time, arise from an injured and pro- Voked Wife? Mr. Walpole, his Majesty's Ambassador Extraordi- nary and Plenipotentiary to the most Christian King, hath lately presented a Memorial to the French Court, LONDON: Printed and Sold by J. R E A D, in White- Fryer: NEAR fleet- Street Where Advertisements are taken in. Daughter And Heir by Entail to Sir George Campbel Cesnock, Lord Justice Clerk in the Reign of King William, by whom he had three Sons ( one of whom Is Lord Polwarth, now one of the British Plenipoten- tiaries at the Congress of Cambray) and three Daugh. ters. We have received both Philomusus and Philomathy's Letters, but too late for this Week, and being pre. engag'd for the next, we defire Philomusus to excuse us till this Day Fortnight ; and as to Philomathy's Panegyrical Lines, it would bs very agreeable if he would first gain the Consent of his Subject, we being apprehensive that to publish them would be offensive to that Gentleman's Modesty, and consequently do more harm than good. Bankrupt since our last List. John Wareham, late of Boorne, in the Parish of Holdenhurst, in the County of Southampton, Mer- chant. Ralph Taylor, of the Parish of Rochdale, in the County of Lancaster, Chapman. SHIPS Enter'd Inwards at the Custom House, since our last. The Thomas and George from Galicia ; Duke Charos from Calais; Lintell from Ostend ; Page from Rotterdam, and Catharine and Elizabeth from Ham- bro. The Parker from Lisbon; Expedition from Bou- logne; John from Figura ; Dcptford, and King George both from Ostend ; William and George from Stock- holm ; George and John from Amsterdam; Happy Return from Gallipoly; London from Cadiz ; Susan- nah, Gaboone, and Rose, all from Oporto; Three Friends from Barcelona; Friendship from Figura; John and Margaret from Ostend ; Russel from Lisbon ; William from Bilboa ; Anne and Catherine, and Jo- hannes from Hambro'; Alice and Margaret from Norway; Pope Gally from Barbadoes; Mary from St. Christopher's; Loyal Charles from Jamaica ; and Friends Adventure from Nevis. The Lambert from Venice and Zant; Tuscany from Africa and Maderas; Elizabeth and Mary, Do- rothy, and King William, all from Malaga; Wel- come and Anna Maria, both from Oporto; Granada from Diep ; Mary from Jersey ; Rebecca from Road Island ; Mary and Anne from Virginia; Jeykel from Barbadoes; Loyai Jane, London, Charming Mary, and Sarah, all from Jamaica Clear'd Out. The St. George for the Streights; Ann and Elisa- beth for Spain ; Robert and Samuel for Africa ; Hare for Lisbon; Ann for Roan ; Sarah for Sevil; Tho- mas and Mary for France ; Prince George and Regina both for Oftend ; Catherine for Holland, and Natha- niel and Thomas for Norway. The Eagle for Spain ; Betty and London both for the Sound and Happy Return for Sweden. The William and Mary, and St. Joseph, for Spain; Dunkirk Packet, and Speedwell, both for Dunkirk ; Bury for Ireland; Crowley for Barbadoes; Neptune for the Streights; Kitty for Spain ; Prosperous for France ; and Townshend for Holland. The Sea- flower, and Gloucester, both for France ; Mercury for Holland ; Pheasant for Sound ; Provi- dence for Norway; and Alexander for New York.- C Males 197} Males 179 ( Females i64£ BQr; e( j,) pemales > 7i Christned — U- ill jJU Decreased in the Burials this Week 69. Yesterday at Noon South Sea Stock was 117 3 4' hs. Ditto Annuities to; 7 8ths. India 145 3 4th . Bank 132. Ditto Circulation 5 8ths per Cent. Prem. Afri- can 10. Civil List Annuity 106 3 4ths. York Build- ings 8 J 4th. Ditto Subscription 461. Royal Ex- change Assurance 5;. London Assurancs 7 7 8ths. Welsh Copper 33 s. Million Bank 107. Army De- bentures 1 1 half per Cent. Disc. South Sea Bonds 1 1. 3 s Prem. India Bonds 1 1. 17 s Prem. 20 1. Prizes 1723 middle Course, 19 1, itf 1. Blanks 1713, 7 I- 9 s. Government's Tickets ill. 7 s. Blinds for Windows made of Wire, Gauze Silk, Cane, & c. either painted or plain, by William Rodwell, in Pater Noster- Row, on the Right Hand next Cheapside remov'd from the East End of St. Paul's: Also all Sorts of Screens made, old Pictures clean'd and mended, all Sorts of Pictures bought and sold, and neatly framed ; Stair Cases, Closets, Pannels of Rooms, and Chimney Pieces compleatly fitted up with India Pictures, Prints, or Paintings Allowance to those who sell again. Whereas William Morris, born at Brom- ley, in Kent, aged about 19, of low Stature, wearing his own dark, brown Hair, and a Linsey- Woolsey Ash colour'd Coat Apprentice to John Lawson of Bromley aforesaid, upon the 31st of July last, ran away from his said Master : These are to give Notice that no Person receive or detain him from his Master's Service, and that if he will return unto his Master he shall have all fitting Encouragement. Whereas Thomas Dames, an Apprentice went away from his Master John Saven, Roper, in Wisbich, in the Isle of Ely, on Sunday the 2d of this Instant August. If any Person will discover where he is, so that he may be recover'd either to his Father Thomas Dames Carpenter, in Ronton Holm, in the County of Norfolk, or to Mrs. Semkin, at the Black. Bull in King's Land Read, near Shoreditch, they shall receive one Guinea Reward, with reasonable Charges, He is between 16 and 17 Years old, small of Stature, fresh Complexion, something pitted upon his Nose with the Small- Pox, with lank flaxen Hair, went: away in Cinnamon Colour Coat and Wastecoat, Leathern Breeches, and a pair of Stockings of the same Colour with his Cloaths He is suppos'd to have been entic'd by one William Mallender, a sort of a strol- ling Blacksmith. ALL that are distressed to the last Degree with the French Disease, or any Symptoms of it, and try'd Salivation, the Specified and Arcanum, and all the Diet Drinks, with all the other Mercurial Slip Slops, and tired with taking Medicines to no Purpose, may have a fair, speedy, cheap, and safe Cure: A Clap or Running of the Reins is cured in a few Days, with, out Hindrance of Business ; and so private, that the most intimate cannot take Notice of it. Note, Those that live in the Country may send and be furnish'd with six Doses for five Shillings, thit cure ill Symp- toms of the French Disease, Rheumatism, or Scurvy and will do you more Service in all the aforesaid Dis- tempers, than any 12 Doses sold in England. To be spoke with at the Golden Ball in Three Faulcon Court in Fleet- street, almost over against Water- Lane. Advice in all Distempers Gratis. To prevent the Publick's being imposed upon by Counterfeits, The True Royal Chymical Washballs, which have bern sold upwards of twenty Years, at the Cor- „ f ner of Pope's Head Alley, over- against the Royal exchange in Cornhill, are still sold by John Lambert. Gloveseller. Who is remov'd from thcnce, two Doors higher, to the sign the Flower- de- luce, one Side Mr. Colson's, joining to the Union Coffee- house. These Balls have not the least Grain Mercury, or any thing prejudicial ; but are highly recom- mended by those that use them for beautifying the hands and Face, and making the Skin so soft and smooth as not to be parallel'd by Wash, Powder, or Cosmetick, real Beautificr of the Skin, by taking off all Deformites Tetters, Ringworms. Morphew, Sunburn, Scurf, pimples Pits or Redness of the Small- Pox, keeping it of a lasting extreme Whiteness. It soon alters any rough admirable in shaving the Head, it not only gives Sharpness to the Razor, but so comf ots the Brain and as to prevent catching Cold, and is of a grateful and plea Scent. They are sold only by Mr. Lambert, as above at Mr. King's Toy- Shop, in Westminster Hall. f Shilling each, and Allowance by the Dozen. Beware Counterfeits.
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