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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic


Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer page 1
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic

Date of Article: 08/08/1724
Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Address: White-Fryars, near Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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Being the freshest Advices foreign and Domestick. SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1724. Jeremiah, personating true Believes, prays, Turn thou me, and I shall be turned as knowing he had n0 Will or Power to turn himself, Jer. xxxi. iS. And well migit he thus pray, seeing he knew that the Heart was deceitful above all Things, and desperately WICked, Chap. XVII. 9. And the Psalmist speaking , of the sinful race of Mankind, saith, They are all gone aside they are altogether become filthy, there is none that doth Good, no not one, Psal. xiv. 8. that there is this impotence and Inability in the Will of Man tO that which is good, has been also the humble Acknowledgment of the best of Men in all Ages: St. Augustine opposeth the Doctrine of Free- Will in these Words, Quid tantum de natura possitbilitate prejumitur? vulnerata Sauciata, Vexata, Penedita est: vera confessione, non falsa defensione opus habet, i. e. Why is there so much presumed of the Power of Nature ? it is wounded, it is maimed, it is vexed, it is lost, it hath need of a true Confession not of a false Defence. And the following sentence was given against the Pela- gians in the Second Council of Orange, Anno 5 Divini est muneris cum & Recte cogitamus & pedes nostros a falsitate & injustitia tenemus Quoties enim Bona agi- mus, Deus in nobis atquc nobiscum ut operemur operatur, i. e. It is God's Gift both when we do think aright, and when we hold our feet from Falshood and Unrighteousness ; for as oft as we do good Things, God worketh in us and with us that we may work. The same Council also saith, Si quis, ut a peccato purgemur voluntatem nostram Deum expectare contendit, run autem ut etiam purgari ve- limus per Sancti Spiritus infusionem & operationem in nobis fieri confitetur ; resistit ipsi Spiritui Sancto, i. e. if any Man doth defend that God doth expect our Will, that we may be purged from Sin and doth not confess that this Will of 0urs to be purged is wrought in us by the Infusion and Operation of the Holy Ghost, he resisteth the Holy Ghost. And Prosper ( a Writer of Note in hs Time) chargeth the Pelagians with 4 heretical Notions, viz. 1. That the beginning of Salvation is wickedly plac'd in Man. 2 That the Will of Man is impiously pre- ferr'd before the Will of God ; as if we were assist- ed because we did well, but that our willing to do well was not owing to any Assistance. That a Man originally evil, is erroneously believ'd to begin his receiving of Good, not from the highest Good, but from himself. 4. That God may otherwise be pleas'd than out of that which he himself bestoweth. To the foregoing Testimonies against the Notions of Free Will, let me add the Doctrine of the Church oc England whose iorh Article of the 39 Articles of religion, faith, " The Condition of Man, after the. Fall of Adam, is such, that he cannot turn and ' prepare himself, by his own natural Strength and ' good Works, to Faith and calling upon God • " wherefore we have no Power to do good Works " pleasant and acceptable to God, without the Grace " of God by Christ preventing us, that we may have " a good Will, and working with us when we have " that good Will. Thus much shall suffice concerning the Popish Doc- trine of Free- Will : What their Doctrine of Merits is, and how it opposeth the Gospel, shall next be dis- cover'd by Croydon. July 14, MITHRIDATES „ 13 S Ths The Confutation of some Popish Errors continued. SIR. PELAGIUS was one the first Assertors of Man's Free Will to that which is good, and about the Year 381 sowed the following Errors, viz.. That there is a Possibility in Nature whereby a Man may will and do Good ; and he presumed the Vir- tue of this Free- Will to be so great, that he did not think the Grace of God to be necessary for the helping of it in good Things, at every Act; but that the G'ace of God is given according to Men's Merits. The Semi Pelagians ( as they are call'd) hold, that God doth work in us to will, by his Scriptures, either read or heard by us; but that to consent to them, or not to consent, is so in our Power, that if we will, it may be done; if we will not, we may make the Operation of God, to be of no Force in us; That Man's Nature which was made with Free Will, is sufficient to keep us from Sin, and to enable us to fullfil all Righteousness; That this is the Grace of God, that we were made able to do so by our own Will; and that to this End he hath given us the Law and Commandments ; that he doth pardon Sins past to those that are converted to him ; and that in these Things only the Grace of God was to be acknow- ledg'd, without any help given in every particular Action. These are some of the HeterOdox Tenets of the Pelagians and Semi- Pelagians, and from these, or such like, the Popish Schoolmen did drain their Doctrine of Works Preparatory, which, as they say, merit Grace by way of Congruity ; for these are some of their Word*: That Man hath Free- Will and that for his meritorious Works he receiveth thro the assistance of God s Grace, the Bliss of everlasting Happiness. But that these Notions are the very Reverse of the Doctrines contain'd in the Holy Scriptures, appears from Phil. i>. 13 where it is expresly said, That it is God that worketh in his People both to will and to do : From which Text it is plain, that a Will to improve is as much from God, as the Thing to be improved ; for another Scripture assures us. That a Man can re Ceive nothing, except it be given him from Heaven, " John iii. 27. And the Apostle James assures us, That every good Gift is from above, and is bestow'd from thence by the Father of Lights, & c Jam. i. 17. Besides, it is certain that the Soul is defiled wiih Sin, and that the Depravity of Nature is spread through all the Powers and Faculties of it, and that the Will, as well as the Judgment and Affections. is corrupted thereby : Hence it is that the Apostle speaks of the Mind and Conscience being defiled ; and that the Flesh ( the corrupt Part) warreth against the Spirit, so that Believers themselves cannot do the Things that they would : And hence the Prophet ( Price Three Half Pence.) IV C 2938 ) I, The following Account will fully shew that the pretended Sufferings of the Bishop of Man, mali- ciously ascrib'd to the Earl of Derby, were entirely owing to the Bishop himself, and not to the said Earl. If the Bishop, when fin'd by the Governor and Of- ficers of the Island, ( to which the Earl of Derby was not at all privy) had appeal'd to the said Earl, he cou'd not have been imprison'd as he was, but on the contrary his Fine wou'd have been remitted, if unjustly imposed ; buc he chose to be confin'd rather than thus to appeal, tho' he himself says, in his own Account to Bishop Gibson, inserted in the Second Edi- tion of Cambdens Britannia, p. 1445, that all Appeals ought to be first made to the Lord of the Island. This the King- and Council, to whom he appeal'd, were so fully convinc'd of, that they dismiss'd his Ap- peal to them, as irregular, because not first made to the Lord of the Isle. After this, indeed the Bishop offer'd his Appeal to the Earl, but not being sign'd by the proper Officers, the Earl refus'd it, till that shou'd be done, otherwise he must have acted contrary to the Constant Practice in such Cases. The Officers refus'd to sign it, alledging he had elapsed his Time of ap- pealing : Of this their Refusal the Bishop never com- plain'd to the said Earl, which if he had, and the Earl had found they ought to have sign'd it, he wou'd have oblig'd them so to have done, and then wou'd have heard his Appeal ; but this the Bishop, by his foresaid Management, never gave him an Opportunity of do- ing, so that all these pretended Sufferings and Hard- ships are entirely owing to the Bishop himself, and not to the said Earl. Sir James Carmichel of Boninton in Scotland, Bart, stands Candidate for member of Parliament for the Burgs of Selkirk, Peebles Linlithgo and Lanerk, in the room of Daniel Weir, Esq; deceas'd. Thursday 7- Night a Committee of Council was held at the Cockpit, when the Affair relating to the Char- ter of Tiverton was determin'd, which it seems was forfeited by some late Proceedings there ; but their Lordships order'd a new Charter, and the old Mem- bers of that Coporation to be restor'd. The Earl of Chesterfield is very much indisposed. The Lord Chief Justice King hath sign'd a War- rant for the Execution of Lambert, the fellow who was condemn'd at Chelmsford Assizes for the Murder of Farmer Samford of Clare- Briton, and for robbing and burning the House ; the Execution is to be done at Clare- Briton, where the Body is to be hang'd in Chains. Last Monday Morning, a Working Man fell down dead suddenly in the Temple. Last Sunday Night about 11 a- Clock, a Fire broke out at the Three Pidgeons, a Cook's Shop at Charing- Cross, which consum'd most Part of that House, and Very much damag'd two others. At the same Time another Fire broke out at a Ba- kers in College Court, Westminster, but by timely Assistance was soon extinguish'd. There is Advice, that the Fortune of Whitehaven, Capt. Pearson, was lost in Potomack River in Vir- ginia June 2. with 60 Hoglheads of Tobacco. The Rev. Mr. Worden, is appointed Master of the Library School of St. Martins in the Fields, in the room of Mr. Richardson, deceas'd, which Place is reckon'd worth 150 1. per Ann. Some Days ago, three Foot Pads who had rob'd se- veral Persons on Hampstead Road, were apprehended by Mr. Jonathan Wild, and some Watches, Rings, and a Sword were found upon them ; being carried before Justice Blackerby, two of them were commit- ted to Newgate, and the other to New- Prison On the 29th past the Assizes ended at Maidstone, when three Malefactors receiv'd Sentence of Death, one for House breaking, one for Horse stealing, and the other for the Highway. At the same Place a rich Farmer of 6 or 700 I. per Annum, was convicted of stealing Hogs, and is to re- ceive Judgment ac the next Assizes. Several Curiosities in Arms are providing at the Tower, with a Quantity of Gun- powder, & c. to be sent as a Present from his Majesty to the Emperor of Fez and Morocco, by his Ambassador, Amongst other Celebrations of Saturday last on account of his Majesty's happy Accession to the Crown, Mr. Henry Barnes, Cheesemonger, at the Sign of King George's Head, Shoreditch, well known for his Loyalty and steady Adherence to the present happy Establishment, made a very handsome Enter- tainment for his Friends, and at Night had a noble Bonfire at his Door, his Windows splendidly illumi- nated, and Drink was plentifully given to the Specta- tors. Several Gentlemen riding by, pleas'd with such inoffensive Demonstrations of Loyalty. join'd in and very handsomly encourag'd the Diversion. After the usual loyal Healths, & c. every one peaceably retir'd home withour giving, or ( which is very remarkable) receiving the least Disturbance Mother Needham being indicted in the Crown for keeping a disorderly House, continues still in New- gate, and is to be try'd upon the same in Michaelmas Term next. On Sunday Morning the Duke de la Force, lately arrived from France, came to the Choir in St. Paul's Cathedral, and heard Divine Service with great Ac. tention, and we hear his Grace is about to embrace the Protestant Religion. At the same Time an unlucky Accident happen'd which ' tis to be hop'd will make no evil Impressions upon his Grace, as being a Stranger to our Customs ' viz. Dr. Arbuthnott, one of his Majesty's Physicians', while engag'd at his Devotions, had his Pocket pick'd; of a Gold Snuff Box of about 1o I. value. One of our Ships lately arrived from the East In- dies brought over Father Gouille, a French Jesuit, who has lived 24 Years in China, and is sent by the Emperor with Presents for the King of France, con- sisting of two extraordinary fine Screens, and a great many curious Vessels of old China Ware. Other Ships are expected every Day from the Indies, with four Chinese Mandarins on Board, who are going to Rome, to enter into a Course of Studies there. Fa- ther Gouille has already put his Equipage, with the said Presents, on board a Ship, and will set out in a few Days for France; the Chinese Emperor having such an Esteem for him, that he made him solemnly Promise him that he would return back. On Monday last one Bowen a Perriwig Maker, in Russel Street, Covent Garden, was committed to Newgate by two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, for treasonable, scandalous, and opprobrious Words against his Majesty and his Royal Highness The Commissioners for building the fifty new Churches', we hear, have come to a Resolution, that the Hamlet of Spittle Fields, shall be a new Parish. By a Letter from on board his Majesty's Ship Grey- hound, Capt. Solegurd Commander, off the Capes of Virginia, dated the 23d of June, we have Advice, that a Pyrate fitted out of St. Augustine, had about ten Days before taken two Vessels, and likewise met with one Capt. Jones bound from Guinea to Virginia, out of whom he took 40 Negroes; and that he was so bold as to venture within a Mile or two of the Capes, the Man of War being then in Pursuit of him. On Tuesday Night about 12 a- Clock a Duel was fought at Lubeck's Head Tavern in Maiden lane, Covent- Garden, between Major Harrison and Mr. Alexander Agnew, in which the latter was wounded under the Right Pap, and died soon after. We hear they were always reckon'd intimate Friends, being often together, and that the former was to go a Resi- dent to Vienna, and the latter to be his Secretary; and that an unhappy Dispute arose between them about Religion, or as others say, Roman Authors, which ended so tragically; but we are told, the De- ceas'd before he died, own'd himself to have given the Affront, and first drawn his Sword. The De- ceas'd had been an Ensign in Orkney's Regiment; and was Son of Sir James Agnew, Bart, now Sheriff of the County of Galloway in Scotland. The Coroner s Inquest having sate on the Body, and brought in their Verdict Manslaughter, the Major has since been ad- mitted to Bail. On the Installation Day last Week. Mr. Gregory belonging to the Duke of Newcastle's Office, was shot in the Thigh by a Gun's going off accidentally in the Chaise, so that his Life is in great Danger. S I ft, ( a939 ) Northampton, Aug. 4. SIR. YEsterday a strange and surprizing Creature ' was seen to pass through our Town on Horseback: It had the Face of a young Woman stuck full of Patches, a Perriwig which hung down ' to its Waste, a Hat cock'd with the Smartness of a ' young Officer, a huge Bunch of Ribbons, fastned ' behind its Left Shoulder, a Shirt laid in large ' Pleights on the Breast, and tied close at the Neck ' and Wrists, which, with a Vest of White Satten ' trimm'd with Black, had much the Resemblance of ' a Shroud. Our whole Town was soon alarmed ' with this strange Appearance, and various are still ' the Opinions what it really was: The old People, ' who were the most couragious generally, went pretty ' near to it, with their Spectacles on, to view it more ' distinctly; the younger Sort kept it at an awful ' Distance: Some were of Opinion, that it was a ' Highwayman in Diguise, and accordingly were for ' seizing it; others took it for a Nun ; but by a cer- ' tain arch lear it had with its Eyes, I dare engage ' it had not a Bit of Nun's Flesh about it : However, ' by its pale Complexion, most of my Neighbours at ' last gravely concluded it to be a Ghost, and so took ' to their Heels and left me who am no great Believer in these Things) almost alone wirh it in the Road. I had now an Opportunity, during the Time it was drinking a Glass of Rhenish Wine and Sugar, at the Saracen's Head Inn. to survey if well, and Thereupon ' concluding it to be an Hermaphrodite I enqur'd of the Man, who seem'd to have the keeping of it, if * he intended t0 shew it in our Town, and at what Inn ? for you must know, Sir, that I have a mighty ' Curiosity to see one of those Creatures all over : But the Man wirh an angry Countenance told me. That ' what I took for an Hermaphrodite, was only a young ' Lady, and the Sort of dress she was in. was com- monly worn for a Riding- Habit by most of the La- dies of Fashion at London; But as neither I nor my ' Neighbours can believe it possible for harmless Folks, ' upon no ill Design. to disguise themselves in such ' a Manner, I desire you will inform us of the Truth, • which will tend very much to the Satisfaction of ' the best Part of our Town, who are your Readers, ' and, particularly. Your humble Servant, HANNAH HOME- BRED. For the Satisfaction of this gentle Enquirer, we think it proper to acquaint her, that, by the Descrip- tion she gives, it is very probable the finical Appari- tion she saw, was neither better nor worse than what the Attendant told her, and that there are a great many in this Town that make the like Appearance, who were never suspected of any worse Intention than stealing the Hearts of the Spectators, in which they have been so successful that there are more Instances than one of Females who have made very handsome Conquests. without the least Pretence to any Charm, either of Grace, Shape, Fortune or Face, or any thing else but the Habit, tho' it must be confess'd that the Persons conquer'd, belong'd to that Intelligent Order, whose Essence is altogether 0n their Outside, and whole Heads must always give way to their Heels. We hear from Gloucester, that one Wildman and one Thomas, two Persons suspected of Counterfeiting the Current Coin of this Kingdom, are committed to that Jail. Last Saturday one William Marshall, an Under- strapper belonging to the Play house in Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, rode triumphantly in a Turnip Cart, with a Crown and a Pair of Horns on his Head, and a Mask on his Face; but as he was riding along Great Russel street, the Worshipful Justice Milner ordered him to be apprehended and brought before him, which ac- cordingly was done and he committed him to Clerk- enwel Bridewell, where two other Masks were found upon him ; so ' tis likely more of the same Dispo sition were to join in the Cavalcade. We hear there will be a Sermon preach'd in the British language tomorrow, by the Rev. Mr. Lewis; Prayers beginning about four a Clock In the After. noon. On Monday last a Trial of the Pix was made at the Exchequer, as usual once a Year, on which Occasion Specimens were produc'd out of the Pix or box kept at the Royal Mint lock'd up and seal'd of all the Gold and Silver Coins made at the several Coinages there since the last Trial, and a July of j4 of the most eminent Goldsmiths and Refiners of the city of London being Sworn, of which Sir Roger Hudson was Foreman , the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor gave the charge to them, setting forth, the Nature ard Importance of the Enquiry they were to make, viz whether the said Coins were according to the Standard : After which the jury proceeded to a Trial or Proof thereof by the Rules of their Art, and having found them all to be full Standard, they brought in their Verdict ac- cordingly. At the Assizes held at Kingston before Judge Dormer, 11 Malefactors were convicted of Capital Crimes, of which Number then- was one for Sodomy and One of the Debtors in the King's Bench Prison for the Ri0t that happen'd there, in which Murther was com- mitted ; but Mr Perry, Mr. Burleigh, and the other Persons, who went in on the Part of the Marshal, are to be try'd at the next Assizes, and were accord- ingly order'd to give Bail for their Appearance , but the Assizes not being ended at present, we must re- fer the further Parrculars to our next. The Beginning of this Week came to Town the Lord Bishop of Bristol, who is nominated to rhe Archbishoprick of Armagh in Ireland, in order to pre- pare to go to that Kingdom. We have an Account from Chatham, that the Royal Sovereign of 110 Brass Guns, is now rebuilding in the Dock there Wednesday Morning Mr. Beckington an Under- taker over against the Church at Kensington, going into his chaise, the Horse gave a Start, and drew the Wheel against a Post at the Crown Tavern door, and flung him against another Post, which beat the Breath out of his body, and he dy'd immediately. On Tuesday Nighr about 11 a Clock a Fire broke out at Mrs. Car's, next Door to the King's Head in King's street by Anne's Church, Soho, which con- sum'd that House with its Furniture, and damag'd some others. We hear it was occasion'd by the ser- vant Maid's carelesly leaving her Candle near the WIN- dow or Bed CUrtains, on a Ground Floor, which took fire; and when she open'd the Door and ran out in her Shift, such a Stream of Fire and Smoke follow'd her, that none could enter. The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of this City, have order'd their Thanks to be given to the Reverend Dr. Ibbot, Rector of St. Paul's Shadwell and Chaplain in Ordinary to his Ma- jesty, for his most excellent Sermon preach'd before them cn Saturday last being the Anniversary of his Majesty's happy Accession to the Throne, at St. Paul's Cathedral, from Matthew xxii. Verse 21 Render there- fore unto Caesar the Things which are Caesars, and unto God the Things which are Gods. On Sunday last died at his House near Hyde Park Corner, the Right Hon. James Lord Viscount Lanes- borough, an Irish Peer. Aged 71. His Lordship was married to a Sister of General Compton, but left no Issue, so that the Honour is extinct. but the Estates devolves to Mr. Fox of St. James's Street, Westmin- ster. This Lord just before his Death caus'd the Iron Balcony over the Cupola of St. Paul's to be gilt with Gold at his own Expence His Father was Secretary of State, and Clerk of the Star- Chamber in the Reign of King Charles II. Wc hear that 35o Houses have lately been burnt down at Hollischaw in Moravia; and that the City of Pless in Upper Silesia has likewise been reduc'd to Ashes. except the Castle and Parish Church. The fine Marble Monument that has been for some time erecting in Westminster Abbey to the Memory of the ingenious Matthew Prior, Esq: is now laid open to Publick View. On the Top of it is that cu- rious Bust which was done at Paris by an admirable Hand, and presented to the said Mr. Prior by the late King of France. Mr. ( 2 Mr. Read, Limehouse, Aug. 3, 1724 HAppening t'other Day into a Coffee house, I met with a St. James's Evening Pop, and ob- serv'd, that in it you give an Account of what Ships are Enter'd Inwards, and Clear'd Out at the Custom House. Now, you must know, sir, that I am your constant Customer for Journals, but live in a Part of the World where we seldom see your St. James's Post; but at the same Time, not only myself, but some of my Neighbours, have some Concerns in Shipping, so that we should be glad to see an Account of it in your Journals, in doing which you'll oblige Your constant Readers, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & c. In Compliance with our loving Customers Request, we shall for the future insert in our Journals a weekly Account of SHIPS Enter'd Inwards at the Custom- House, since our list. The John from Stockholm ; Elizabeth from Bil- boa; Fortune from Vickland and Finland; Moore from Diep ; Industry from Boston; and Anthony and Mary from Norway. The Sarah from Bilboa; Brigitta from Sweden; King George from Virginia ; Angel Raphael, Rose in June, Charles and Anne, Qoeen Anne, and Thomas and Elizabeth, all from Norway ; Kitty from Oporto; Love from Dort; Dolphin from Rotterdam; and Young St. Quintin from Norway. The Ostend Packet from Ostend; Lady Lucia, Betty, Lady Mary, and Engelenber, all from Amster- dam ; Greenwich from Rotterdam ; and Henry from Norway. And also of those that are Clear'd Out. The Pearl for Sevil; Elizabeth for Malaga; Mary Gaily for Cadiz; William for Lisbon ; Gilbert, and Minerva, both for France ; Italian Gally for Cadiz ; William and James for Dublin ; Three Maries for Carolina ; and Jane and Elizabeth for New- England. The Swan Gally for Leghorn and Naples; Neptune, and Elizabeth, both for Dunkirk; three Maries for Carolina; Jane and Elizabeth, and Martha both for New England ; Pearl, and Chandois, both for Hol- land ; Anne for Ireland ; and Margaret for Barbadoes. The Swan for the Streights ; Duaro for Portugal; Burgundy, and Hyam, both for Roan; Expedition for Holland ; and Happy Union for Barbadoes, Bankrupts since our last List. George Higbid, of Whipsnade, in the County of Bedford. Butcher. Joseph Smith, late of the Parish of St. Margaret's Westminster, but now of St. George's Southwark, in the County of Surrey, Mealman and baker. Charles Boswick, of Manchester, in the County of Lancaster, Glover. John Briggs, late of Islington, in the County of Middlesex, Chapman. Thomas Hodgson, late of Wainfleet St. Mary's, in the County of Lincoln, Chapman. John Courtney, of Neott, in the County of Corn- wall, Vintner. John Mitchell, of Midhurst, in the County of Sussex, Mercer. Edward Poulter, late of London, Broker. Males 178) ( Males 223 1 Females 171 £ Buried. cmiIes 196 9 4 0 ) \ 1 half per Cent." Disc. South Sea Bonds 1l , « • Prem. India Bonds 2 I. Prem. Welsh Copper 3,5 20 1. Prizes 1723, middle Course, 191.16s. Blanks 1723. 7 1 9s- Government's Tickets ti 1. 9 s, ADVERTISEMENTS. Matthew West, Goldsmith, Clare- street Clare Market, gives Notice, That the Government • Lottery begins drawing on Monday the 17th Instant those Persons that have a Mind to be concern'd in Parts of Tickets, as an eighth Part, or a Quarter, or Half a Ticket, may have them at my House afore- said ; or at my Office in King- street, near Guildhall" at which Places Tickets and Shares of Tickets are taken in and register'd, at 6d. each Ticket, and an Account sent them of their Success in any Part of Great Britain. Note, Whole Tickets are sold at the abovesaid Places. The Fam'd Royal EYE- WATER, publish'd for 30 Years past with great Success and Encouragement. This Royal Eye- Water has gain'd singu- lar Reputation since it was first publish'd, as appears by the many wonderful Benefits it has Wrought, and the great Quantities dispos'd of It was never known to fail curing any red, swell'd or sore Eyes, in 24 Hours: It strengthens weak and watery Eyes, and adds Vigour and Briskness t0 the Sight, especially where the Eye Is naturally dim or of too dull a Wa- ter : If frequently us'd, it will keep the Eyes in con. stant good temper, and preserve the Vigor to a very advanc'd Age, without giving the least Pain or Smart in the Application. In preserving and curing the Eyes after the Small- Pox, it has been found to be in- fallible: And it is of that delicate Composition, that the nicest Persons of Quality may use it without Offence. Sold by Mr Crouch, Bookseller, at the Bell in Pater Noster. Row ; Mr. Huxley, Hatter, at the Black Boy, over- against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet. Street ; and by Mr. Austin, Hosier, at the Rainbow and Dove near Abchurch Lane End, in Cannon Street.' Price 1 s. each Bottle, with Directions for its Use WILLIAM BARMBY, at the King's Arms behind St. Clement's Church in the Strand, the only Clergyman's Warehouse in England, that can furnish upon Sight, With Gowns and Cassocks, for Judges, Barristers, and Students, Livery- Gowns, and for Corporations: Likewise buys, sells, changes, or furnishes by the Year : Also Bands, Roses, Black Cloth, Prunelloes, Princes Black Silks, and Bi- shops Square Caps He has the Honour to work for fifteen Bishops. Where also the above mention'd Goods are sold at reasonable Rates. N B. Any Gentlemen may be furnish'd with Gowns and Cassocks, for what Time they please, which will save them a great deal of Trouble in bringing their own up to Town. Just, publish'd Printed on a Fine Letter. A Short Way at once with Ve- nereal Cures By which any Person Christned L In all 349 J T. In all Increased in the Burials this week 25. Yesterday at Noon South Sea stock was 118 5 8ths. Ditto annuities 1 6 1 half India 146 3 4;, Is. Bank 1331 half Ditto Circulation 58ths per Cent. Prem. African 11 1 half. York Buildings 81 half. Ditto Subscription 48l. Civil List Annuity 105 1 half. Royal Exchange Assurance s4 1 half. London Assu- rance 8. Million Bank 107. Army Debentures i may cure themselves of a Gonorrhea, ot a Gleet much easier, safer, better, privater, and a deal sooner by Dr. Cockburn's Method, without taking of Physick than with. " A Person may be soon and infallibly cured ( of a Gonorrhaea or " a Gleet) by this Method, without taking of Physick: ' But PraCtice does not fail so much into this Way, as it " ( justly) deserves, for fear of making too short Cures. Dr. Quincy Disp. Part 2. and 4. this Treatise is gi- ven Gratis up one Pair of Stairs at the Sign of the Anodyne Necklace for Childrens Teeth, next to the Rose Tavern without Temple- Bar; At Mrs. Garway's original Shop, the Sign of the Practical Scheme at the Cornhill side Gate of the Royal Exchange; At Mr. Greg's, Bookseller, next to Northumberland. House, Charing Cross; And at R. Bradshaw's, ( the Author's Servant) next to the King's Head, in Crown- Street, right against Sutton Street- End, just by Soho. Square. LONDON: Printed and Sold by J. READ, in White- Fryers near Fleet- Street. Where Advertisements are taken in.
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