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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News


Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 12
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News

Date of Article: 05/09/1723
Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 12
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T H S Nottingham Mcrcury: OR, A GENERAL VIEW . OF THE Affairs of Europe, But more particularly of GREAT- BRITAIN BEING A Weekly Account of News, Thursday; September 5. 1723. NOTTINgHAM: Printed by JOHN CoLLyEr. at the hen- CR0SS. 1 Where is to be sold the best Tobacco Snuff, made only of the Leaf of the choicest sweetscented Tobacco at 4d the Also the best plain Spa- nish at 6d. the Ounce. Where all sorts of Books are bound, Gilt, and Letter'd Price of the Mercury Three Halfpence. ( 2 ) Liquids. jji . Calks Wine, 3 Tons Wine Lees, 42 Tons, 8 Barrels Oil. r4 Tons * Brandy, 1420 2 Gallons Rum, 48 gallons Cordial Water, r r Cases of Spaw Water, 57 Gallons of Citron Water from Berbadoes, Holland & c. Spices. 106 C. Ginger, from Berbadoes, & c. Fruits, & c. 5? czoo Lemmons; 97 C. Almonds, 2091. of Cocoa Nuts, 6C. Raisins, •; co Chests Oranges. . 4C. Juniper Berries, from Norway, Lisbon, & c. Foreign Corn, Drugs, Seeds, Weeds, & c. 5 C. Rice, 16112 Casks, 9C Sugar, 280 Bundle Twigs, 7482 Hogsheads Tobacco, from Berbadoes, & c » Material Commodities for Diers. $> 6C. Madder, joiol. Indico, 6? ool. Cochineal, 3 20 C. Logwood, from monsurrat, Cadiz, & c, Goods Imported and Exported at London imported. Linnens, & c. • 171187 Ells of Linaen, 22080 Ells 6{ German Linnen, 124 Cambricks, 42* 0 Lawns, 19- i Bags Cotton, 2020 C. Flax, 90 Yds Lace, 60400 1. of Linnen Yarn, 5 52eol. Incle, 90 Napkins C Table Cloths, jo£. J Bags Cotton Wool, 2000 C. Hemp, 14140 Yards Diaper, 4820 Yds Da- mask, 6001. Sister's Thread, t24 bags Spanish Wool, Sooo Ells Hol- land Duck, 6 Ticks, 6170a Ells Hes- sens, 2420 Ells Canvas, 6Bermil- lions, from Holland, Petersburgh, Flanders, Berbadoes, & c. U1 from August 18. to August 25. EXPORTED.. Woollen Manufacture. Coney Wool ' f> 2ol. Cotton Wool C. Certain Apparel Certain Rugs Cloth Shreds J10 u Double Bays lCl9 Dozens Hose i ® So Double Dozens, Pennistones, 87° Goads of Cotton S(£ ii0 kersies z7 Long Cloths 380 Minikin Bays Sl Perpets 4*°° Single Bays So Short Cloths 7 Serges 7020 Stuffs 4* 3 ® Spanish Cloths 2.0 Blankes J S Yards Frize • Wool- Cloth Siol. Yards Flannel 29020 to Hambro', Virginia, & c. Metals. 1200 Ounces foreign Gold, 50040 Ounce/ foreign Silver, 82 C. Copper, 60 C. Letheridge Lead, jo C. Lead 6 C. 651. Brass, 416 C. Tin, ; 0 C. Pewter, to the Straits, Holland, & c. Corn. 84 Quarters Oats, 1300 Quarters of Wheat, 2 Hogsheads Ale, 106C. Bisket 5 Bushels Oatmeal, 14I. 0f French Barley, to the Sound, Mont- surrat, & c. Wrought leather, Silks Iron, 2 ol. wrought Silks, 381 C. wrought iron, six C. Clockwork, 5105J. wrought Leather, to Smirna, Vir- ginia, & c. Haberdashery. 21 C. Haberdashery, Castors, 5o Doz. of Felts, to st. Christopher's, Flanders, & c. ABortive Aged Apoplexy Asthma Bleeding Bloody flux Canker Cancer Childbed Colick Confumption Convulsion Chin Cough Chrisoms Dropsie Diabates Fever French- Pox Flux f 3 )• London Bill of Mortality, from August 13, to August 20, 1723. Gout Griping in the Guts Headmouldshot Hooping Cough Horshoehead Jaundies Imposthume Lunatick Looseness Measles Miscarriage Mortification Purples Palsie Plurisie Quinsie Rash Rheumatism Rickets Rising of the Lights Rupture St. Anthony's Fire Small Pox Spotted Fever . Stilborn Stone Stoppage i'th' Stomach Strangury Suddenly Surfeit Teeth Thrush Tissick Twisting of the Guts Vomiting Ulcers Water in the Head Worms Christened Males, 20J. Females, 167. in all 402* Buried Males, 531., Females. 344. in all 676' CASUALTIES. 9 Drown'd accidentally, 1, Kill'd by a Cart, 1." Prices of Goods at Bear- Key, London, Wheat from 26 to 38. Rye 16 to 18. Barley 14 to 16. beans 19 to 2* Oats 13 to 16. Peafe 3 2 to 34. Hops 3I. to 41.10s. Brown Malt, 9 EQ 20. Pale ditto 20 to 2?. Amber 24. Distillers malt 14 to 16. Ditto , Wheat 16 to 18. French Bandy 6 s, to 6 s. 4 d. '" • - - - C ( 4 ) From the London Gazette of August 24. 1723. INformation having been receiv'd from leveral Parts ot the Kingdom, vthat IN the execution of an Act passed the last Session of this prefent Parliament Entutuled, An Act to oblige all Persons being Papijis in that part of Great Britain called Scotland, and all Pe'Jons tn Great Britain refuf- ing or neglecting to take the Oaths appointed [ or the security of his Majestys Person and Government, by several Acts herein mentioned, to register their names and real estates. some Doubt hath arisen, whether the solemn Af- firmation and Declaration of the People call'd Quakers, ought to be accepted and taken, as a full compliance with the Directions and Intent 0f that Act, there being no express Provision therein for that purpose by reason of which several Persons of that Perswasion, may through Igno rance of the Law, be unreasonably oppress'd. To prevent therefore any ill Consequences of that kind, it is thought proper to insert in this Ga- zette the inflowing Clauses of several Acts of Parliament. By an Act pass'd the 7th and 8th ot Wil. the 3d. it is enaded, That every Quaker within the Kingdom of England & c who shall. be required upon any lawful Occasion to take an Oath, shall instead of the usual Form be permitted to make his or her solemn Affirmation 0r Declaration in these Words, viz. I A. B. do declare in the Presence of Almighty God the Witness of the Truth of what I say Which shall be adjudged and tak- en to be of thesame Force and effect to all Intents and purposes in all Courts of Justice and other Places, as if such Quakers had taken an Oath in the usual Form. This Act being to continue in Force but for seven Years, it was after- wards by another Act in the 13th Year of his said late Majesty's Reign, Enacted, that it should continue and be in Force for and during the fur- thur Term of Eleven Years, & c. By an Act passed the first Year of his present Majesty's Reign, It is Enacted, that the said first recited Act shall continue and be in Force for ever. In the last mentioned Act, there is inserted the Form of an Affirmation to be taken by the said People, instead of the Oath of Abjuration, which many of them scrupling to comply with and take It was further Enact- ed That every such Quaker shall instead of such first mentioned Declar- ation of Fidelity, make and subscribe a Declaration of Fidelity in the following Words, viz. / I A. B. do solemnly and sincerely promise and declare, that I will be true and faithful to King George, and do solemnly, sincerely, and truely profess tes- tify, and declare, that I do from my Heart abhor, detest, and renounce, at impious and heretical, that wicked Doctrine and Position, That Princes excom- municated or deprived by the Pope, or any Authority of the See of Rome, may be deposed or murthered by then Subjects, or any other whatsoever. And I do declare, that no Forreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State or Potentate, hath or ought to have, any Power, Jurisdiction, Superiority, Preheminence or Au- thority, Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm. , And instead of the solemn Affirmation or Declaration in the Form prescribed by the said Act ot the 7th and 8th Years ot the Reign of his said late Majesty King William the 3d. every such Quaker shall make the solemn Declaration following, viz. I A. B. do solemnly sincerely, and truely declare and affirm, & c. And instead of the Form prescribed by the said Act of the first Year of His present Majesty's Reign, for the effect of the Abjuration Oath, every such Quaker shall take the EfFect thereof in the following Words. I A. B do solemnly, sincerely, and truely acknowledge, profess. testify and declare, that King George is lawfull and rightfull King of this Realm, and of all other his Dominions and Countries thereunto belonging. And i do so- lemnly and sincerely declare, that I do believe the Person pretended to be th-> Prince of Wales, during the Life of the late King James, and since his De- cease, pretending to be, and taking upon himself the Stile and Title of King of England, by the Name of James the Third, or of Scotland, by the Name of James the Eigth, or the Stile and Title of King of Great Britain, hath nor any Right or Title whatsoever to the Crown of this Realm, nor any other the Dominions thereunto belonging ; And I do renounce and refuse any Alle- giance or Obedience to him. And I do solemnly promise, that I will be true and faithful, and bear true Allegiance to King George, and to him will be faithful against all traiterous Conspiracies and Attempts whatsoever, Which shall be made against his Person, Crown or Dignity. And I will do my best. Endeavour to disclose and make known to King George, and his successors, all Treasons, and traiterous Conspiracies which J shall know to be made against him, or any of them. And I will be true and faithful to the Succession of the Crown against him the said James and all other Persons whatsoever, as the same is, and stands settled by an Act entituled, An Act declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and settling the Succession of the Crown to the late Queen Anne, and the Heirs of her Body being protestants and as the same by one other Act, Entituled, An Act for the further limitation of the Crownt and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, is and stands ( 6) - stands settled and intailed, after the Decease of the late Queen, and for de fault of Issue of the said late Queen, to the late Princess Sophia, Electoress and D utchess Dowager of Hannover, and the Heirs of her Body, being Protes- tants. And all these Things I do plainly and sincerely acknowledge, Promise, and declare, according to these express Words by me spoken, and according to the plain and common Sense and Understanding of the same Words, without any Equivocation, mental evasion, or secret Reservation whatsoever, And I do make this Recognition, Acknowledgement, Renuntiationt and Promiset heartily, willingly and truely. From St. James's Evening- Post, Aug. 19. Hambourg, ( One of the Chief Cities of Denmark) Aug. 24. Count Galof- kin, the Russian Embassobour at Berlin, has explain'd himself to the Mi- nistry of that Court in the following Manner, viz. That the Czar his Ma- ster came out with his Fleet, with no other View than to fee himself uot only in what Condition the Ships are in, but also to examine narrowly into the Management of the Commanding Officers and Seamen: Adding, that tho' some Princes had been very pressing to make his Majesty employ his Fleet to their Assistance, yet he, Count Goloskin, could assuire them in the Name of his Master, that the Czar- has the present Tranquillity of the North much more at Heart than to ' undertake any thing in Favour of those Princes, being sensible that it could not but be attended with new Troubles and Commotions. LONDON, August Yesterday 7. Night the Right Honourabe the Lord Chancellour, arriv- ed at Leek in Statfordthire, the Place of his Nativity ; he was met oj » the Road and conducted to the Town by a great Number of Gentry, Cler- gy and other considerable Inhabitants of that Neighbourhood. On the Saturday following, his Lordship set our for the Lord Ferrers's Seat at Chartley last Mr. Riddle, Steward to the Duke of Cleveland, set out for France, to bring over the Body of the Lord Charles Fitz Roy, his Grace ' son, who died lately at Paris of the small Pox) in order to it being interr'd in Westminster- Abbey. The Marshal's Court have made an Order, that no person arrested by a- ny of their Officers for a Sum not exceeding 40s. shall be held to Special Bail , which Order hath been affixed in several publick Places by Order of the faid Court. By Letters from Ratisbon we understand, that the late Difference be- tween the Imperial Commissioners at the Diet, and the Minister of Ha- nover, nover, seems to be on a good Foot of ' Accomodation ; which may be look'd upon as a t'oken of Re- establishment of the good Understandiug between the two Courts. MONDAY'S pOST. From the British Journal, LONDON, August 31. The young Prince of Lorain is mightily caress'd at the Imperial Court; and he has already received the Collar of the Golden' Fleece, from the Emperors own Hands; which is look'd upon as only a Prelude to much greater Favours design'd for him by his Imperial Majesty. They write from Hamburgh, Aug. 31 That the Czar when he went out last with his Fleet, proceeded no farther than Rogerwyck, where he is making a new Harbour, and that he laid the foundation of it when he . was there, and waded up to his Middle into the Water to lay the first Stone and that the Duke of Holstein went in afterwards up to the Neck to lay the second. They write from Rhode- Island . May 23, That Captain William Ben- net brought in there that Day a Whale of the largest Size that ever was seen in those Parts. They got 18 Barrels of Sperma Ceti from the Head, and about 40 or 70 Barrels of Oil. Eight more Whales were brought into that Port last Spring. The Reverend Mr. Stephen Parker was lately presented to the Living of Bas Church in Hampshire. On Wednesday last began the Sessions at the Old- Bailey; three Male- factors have been convicted ot Capital Crimes, viz. Humphrey Angier tor the Highway and Samuel Gibbons and Richard Wynne for stealing a Tankard ' Tis thought the Tryal of the State Prisoners will not come on till after Michaelmas Term. L The 23d Instant the Commissioners for building the 50 new Churches met, and resolv'd, That the Agreement with Mr Mitchel about St. John's Chapel should be made good, and that the said Chapel shall be con- verted into a Parish- Church, the several Objections of the Parishioners of St James Clerkenwell being previously heard: The Commissioners pre- sent, were the Bishop of London, Bishop ot St Asaph, Bishop of Carlisle elect ; Sir John Philips; the Dean of the Arches; William Melmoth esq; and Edward Peck Esq . . Mr. Kelly and Mr. Plucket continue close confin'd in the Tower, none being permitted to see them but the Warders and their Families. Five Pounds per Week is allow'd them by the Government for their Sub- - sistance Mr Kelly we are noW told is to be remov'd in a short - Time to Westchester, and Mr. Plunket to Newgate, where they are to remain during Life. f A Brief is lately come over from Hanover, under his Majesty's Sign- Manual, for the Relief of the unhappy Sufferers by the late dreadful Fire at Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, which consumed a great Num- ber of Houses. , The last Letters from Hanover say, That it was thought there that the Bishop of Salisbury would be translated to the See of Winchester, va- cant by the Death of Dr. Trimnel ; the Bishop ot Hereford to the See of Salisbury ; the Bishop ot Norwich to that of Ely, vacant by the Death of Dr Fleetwood ; and that Dr. Bland, Master ot Eaton Colledge, is to succeed in the See of Norwich, and Dr. Randal, one of his Majesty's Chaplains, in that of Hereford ; but that these Preferments will not b e confirmed till the King's Return from Hanover. On Monday last about Noon the Corpse of the late Right Reverend Fa- ther in God Dr. Charles Trimnel, late Lord Bishop of Winchester, was brought to the Episcopal, Palace call'd, Wodley House in Winchester, where having lain in State under a Purple Canopy, with all the Ensigns ' belonging to his high Function in the Church, till nine at Night of the Day following, it was carried with great Order and Solemnity to the Ca- thedral, where it was met by the Sub- Dean and Chanter, at the West- End of. the said Church, in their proper robes with Wax Candles in their Hands, and conducted into the Choir where the Funeral Service Was per- form'd' by the Sub- Dean, the Dean himself being Brother to the Deceas'd, and chief Mourner on this sad Occasion. The Procession was made on Foot and Dr. Cheney having caus'd one of the head Scholars ot the College whereof he is Schoolmaster, to pronounce a Funeral Oration in Honoir of the Deceas'd, who had his first Education their. The Corpse, according, to the Will of the Deceas'd, was interr'd near the magnificent Tomb of Willam of Wickham formerly Bishop of that See, Founder of Winchest- er College and New College in Oxford, Berlin, Aug. 29 The King and Queen of Prussia, together with the Princess Royal, are gone to his Majesty's pleasant Hunting- Seat at Wust- erhausen, where they propose to stay till the icth, when they will come hither to receive the King of Greaf Britain, who is expected here the 14th of next Month ; and the Apartments in our Castle and that of Charl- efemburg are fitting up for his Britannick Majesty and his Retinue Men time M. de Printzen, Grand Marshal of the Court, is come from his Country- Seat, by Command of his Prussian Majesty, to take Orders about the King's Reception; and Yesterday Mr. Scot, his Britannick Majesty's Minister, returned hither from Hanover, who confirms that his Master will be here ( at berlin ) about the Middle of next Month. Vienna Vienna,( The Metropolis of all Germany) Aug. 2j. They write from Prague that the Hereditary Prince of Lorrain having diverted himself several Days with the Emperor a Hunting, is gone into the Principality of let chen in Silesia which his Imperial Majesty has given him in lieu ot the Pro- tensions which the Duke his Father had upon Montserrat. ' Twas on the l6th that a Fire broke out at Chagensurt, the Metropolis of Carinthia which, with the Suburb, was entirely redue'd to Ashes, nothing escaping the Rage of the Flames but the Convent of the Ursulines, and 5 or 7 o- thcr Houses. Some will have it that it first broke out at a Smith's Forge; and others, that the Town was purposely set on Fire in several Piaccs they having, as they affirm, seen it break out in many Places at once and so great was the Violence of the Flames, that ail the Towers of that Place, as well as of the jesuits College, fell down, the Bells were melted, and the whole City in the space of a very few Hours was one Heap of Rubbish, by which the Inhabitants of the Place weie reduc'd to the ex- tremest Misery. during the Time of the Assizcs, held at Gloucester, there happen'd a most violent Tempest of Thunder and Lightning, which burnt to the Ground at Wotton. within a Mile of Gloucester, five Bays of Buildings full of Corn. with several Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, and other implements of Husbandry. By private Letters from Paris we have Account of the fohowing melancholly Accident- viz That Sir John Gwyn, Bart as he was taking tiie Diversion ot Shooting near that City with an English Nobleman, was himself shot in the Face by a Peasant in shooting at his Game, and had thereby lost the Sight of both his Eyes. ' Tis said the Parliament of Ireland intend to lay a Tax of 100000f. the Papists in that Kingdom. Thursday last David Smith, the young Fellow who attempted the Lives of his Friends, Mr. Campbel and his Wife, in St. Catherine's, as former- ly mention'd in this Paper, was try'd for the same at Hicks's Hall, when the Fact appear'd to be very barbarous; it being fully prov'd by the Oaths of Mr. Campbel and his Wife and the Surgeon who dress'd them, that he gave the Husband no less than 15 Wounds, some of them were dangerous; and the Wife not less than nine. He was acordingly found Guilty, and sentene'd to four Years Imprisonment, to be whipp'd several Times, and to pay a small Fine We hear from Guilford, that the Rt Hon. Lord Onslow, who was shot in the shoulder and Neck on Wedneday last returning from Fox Hunting, by a Person unknown to his Lordship, in a Lane near that Place, is in B a I 10 ) a fair Way of Recovery: The Cause of this horrid Attempt is not yet fully known the Viliran only, confessing. that he hath waited an Oppor- tunity for it this Year and a half, upon several telling him, the Lord On- slow was one that occasion'd all the Taxes; He hath also before and since often express'd great Animosity at his Lordships Activeness in publick matters in that Country. From Foxe's Letter, Yesterday came in a Dutch Post dated the 7 September, advising that the Governour of Flanders had called a Councill together at Brussells, and consulted the Phisitians how to stop the sweating Sickness, which rages at Cambray, Attois, Arras and other Places; and carry's People off m 24 hours, upon this the states of Holland have forbid all Commu- nication with thai Part of Flanders, because the Distemper is catching and very few recover that have it. They write from Vienna that a great City in Farinthia is burnt to the Ground all but 8. Houses, supposed by ncendiaries. The Emperor still insists that his Subjects shall trade to India, from Hambourg that most of the Czars fleet are return'd into their Harbours. The Rioters that should have been try'd for the Riot in Cripplegate Street are put of till next Sessions when the new Sheriff will return the Jury. THURSDAY'S POST. From the Post- Boy, September 3. PARIS, ( The Metropolis of all France; Sept, 3. N. S We are but a little disturb'd at the Fever that has lately raged in Picardie and Ar- tois; because we consider it as the natural Consequence of the excessive Heats of this Summer ; and besides, a specifick Remedy has been found against it, a Sweat always carrying it off. lONDON, September 3. On Saturday last, towards the Evening, about Ten of the Inhabi- tants of Kingston upon Thames were robb'd by a Gang of Foot Pads, who had conceal'd themselves in a Wood near the Gallows belonging to that Town. And on Sunday several more Robberies were committed on People paf sing the same Road; insomuch that they were about to raise the Posse Comitatus, to go in quest of the Rogues. They wrote from Guildford, Aug. 28. that the Lord Onslow, upon whose Life a villanous Attempt was made that Morning about Ten o'Clock, as mention'd in our former, was then returning from Fox hunting with six other Gentlemen, and were come as near the Town as Katharine Hill, where where a Fellow pass'd them with a Gun upon his Arm ready cock'd who when he had gone about 6 Yards, turn'd back, and presented his Piece at his Lordship, and shot him in the Shoulder, aiming, as it supposed, at his Head, which he happily miss'd. Four Surgeons- were immediately sent for from Guildford, who all agreed, that the Wound was not dangerous. His Lordship order'd 30' to the Poor of the 3 several Parishes of Guilford His Lordship was wounded in the left Shoulder with Patridge Shot, a « bout 200 went into his Skin, thro a Prong thick drap Coat, a Wastcoat and Shirt, and were so plac'd that his Blade Bone receiv'd them all, the Rogue went to buy more Shot, but the Seller happen'd to be from Home, so bought other Shot-, he had told several People of his wicked Design to kill my Lord, but it hath beeen his common talk that he would kill this or that Gentlemtn, so that People did not believe him; he his threatn'd his aged Father, lives a very brutish Heathenish Life; and tho' no Mad man nor Lunatick, so fallen and ill natur'd that not a Man in Ten Thou- sand is like him. He seems not any ways sorry. We hear that the Rev'd Dr. Clagger, now at Hanover with his Maje- sly is nam'd to the living of St. Martins in the Fields, at present held in • Commendam by the Bishop of Norwich, who is to be translated to the See of Eli. From the London Gazette Whitehall Sept. 2. His Majesty has been pleas'd to order the proper Instruments to pass the Seals for translating the Right Reverend Dr. Ri- chard Willis, Lord Bishop of Sallisbury to the Bishoprick of Winchester, vacant by the Death of Dr. Charles Trimnel: And for translating the Right Rev'd Dr. Benjamin Hoadly Lord Bishop of Hereford to the See of Salisbury: - As also for translating the Right Reverend Dr. Thomss Green Lord Bp. of Norwich to the See of Ely, vacant by the Death of Dr. William Fleetwood. His Majesty has likewise been pleas'd to order the proper Instruments to pass the Seals for electing the Rev'd Dr. John Leng, into the See of Norwich, and Dr. Eggerton into that of Hereford, when the same shall become vacant by the Translations above mentioned. His Majesty has been pleas'd to appoint the Rev'd Dr. John Holland warden of Merton Colledge in Oxford, to be a Prebendary of the Cathe- drall Church of Worcester, in the Room of Dr. John Laughton, deceas'd. From Jones's LETTER, September 3. Some particular Letters from Prague speak with great Assurance that a Conference will be held Incognito, between the Emperor and the King of Great- Britain; on the Invitation of his Imperial Majesty, in order to adjust adjust the Differences about the Religion in the Empire, as also the Affair concerning the establish'd East India Company at Ostend. The South- Sea Company have Advice, that the Assiento a Stip of theirs, arrived at Falmouth from Buenos Ayres, richly laden. South- Sea Stock 108 Bank m. India 13r, ADVERTISEMENT. DR. ROCK'S and Dr. EDMUNDBURY GODFREY'S fa mous PLAISER for the WORMS, Agues, & c. approv'd of by most Physici- ans in the City of LONDON. THIS Plaister being apply'd to the Pit of the Stomach, speedily brings away and destroy; all sorts of Worms, from the Bodies of Men, Women, and Children; it gives present Relief in Cholick, Ptysick or shortness of Breath ; for any violent Pain, stoppage of the Stomach of ever so long standing ; it cures the Heart burn, trembling or fluttering of the Heart; it create; a lost Appetite, and take; a- way a Pain in any part of the Body, or a bruise, strain, swelling, weakness in your Children* Backs, that proceeds from a Fall or inward weaknesses, or Rickets: For an Ague, or Fver, it is the best Plaister that ever was invented, and so safe, that Child er three Years old may have it apply'd without the least Danger. For the Benefit of the Poor, the said Plaisters with Directions, are sold four for one Shilling. Sold by j. Collyer Printer in Nottingham, and by the Men that carry the News North- wards Account* are daiiy receiv'd cl abundance of Cures done by it Where also i; to be sold The Country man's Treasure, shewing the Nature, Cause, and Cure of all Diseases incident to Cattel; with proper Means to prevent their common Dis. eases and Distempers. Being - very useful Receipts as they have been practised by the long Experience of Five and Thirty Years, and all approved of. Fitted for the use of all Farmers and others that deal in Cattel. By James Lambert, late of Chester- field, Beast Leach [ The second Edition,] with a Table of the several Diseases there- in mention'd,
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