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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic


Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
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No Pages: 6
The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer page 1
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic

Date of Article: 08/12/1722
Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Address: White-Fryars, near Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 6
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Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestick SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1722 The Papists and Jacobites in Tears Have of late observ'd the Papists and Jacobites to weep much as they went t0 and from the Romish Chappels in Lincolns Inn Fields and Great Queen- street. Their excessive Sorrow I imputed to the Discovery of the most horrid Conspiracy form'd against his Majesty and Government, but this Thought I found was not the sole Occasion of their Grief,- for last Thursday reading the News Papers, we have Advice from Rome,' that the Pope is taken very ill with violent Reachings of the Stomach, and has a Fever upon him: Poor Gentleman ! his Illness, who's so ambitious as to think himself above Emperors, Kings, and Princes, must neatly touch the bigotted Papists to the Heart when they reflect that old Infallibility is as fallible as other Men, as to dying ; and that his Keys of Heaven and Hell will do him no other Service after Death, than that the last of those Places claims him as its Right. On the other Hand the Jacobites are as melancholly at the News of the Pretender's being ill dispos'd with Grief, on which his unsanctified Holiness has writ, to encourage him, a Letter, wherein he allures him of giving him and his Wife Charity still; and the Irish Franciscans, and the English and Scotch Monks of the Order of St. Isidore had likewise sent to desire him not to despair, but to be assur'd that he would always have a great Number of Adherents in Great Britain and Ireland Hereupon I need not with St. Paul say, 0 ! foolish Galatians ; but O ! foolish Papijts and Jaco- bites ; for buoying up the Impostor with the Hopes of possessing those Kingdoms which divine Providence have allotted to the Government of King GEORGE j for those Kingdoms in which the Majority and best Of the People unanimously agree to stand by him a- gainst all his Opposers, whether foreign or domestick, with their Lives and Fortunes; and those Kingdoms which will swim in Blood before they will permit a bi- gotted Papist to be Defender of the Protestant Religion ; and one who'll cry and run away as he did at Perth, before he'll fight for the richest Crown upon Earth. In fine, as Heaven his appointed GEORGE to be the Guardian of the Church of England, our Laws,' Liberties, Rights, and Properties, the Papists and Ja- cobites, with all the Machinations of Rome and Hell, will never make good this Article of the Amsterdam Ga- zette, viz. All the Springs are ready to play, and to- morrow there will be an Assembly at my Lord's, to fix the Day of the Execution of our grand Design which may be accomplish'd in an Hour's Time,' and cannot fail of Success. YeS, their Success always ends at Tyburn, which shortly will stock the Romish Ca- lendar with more Saints. I am, SIR. Westminster, Dec. 6. YOur Humble Servant. 1722. BRITANNICUS Price three half pence The Continuation of the Life of HENRY VIII King of ENGLAND. About A. D. 1521, The Emperor Charles passing to- wards Spain, landed at Dover, where the King me: him, and conducted him in great State to London, lodging him in his new Palace in the Black Friars, thtn feasted him at Windsor; and in such Bands of Amity the Emperor and King Henry seem'd to be link'd, that in London this Sentence was set up in the Guild Hall, over the Door of the Council- Cham, ber. Carolus, Henricus vivant, Defensor Uterque, Henri u; fidei, Carolus Ecclesiae. _ The Reason of which Titles, Defender of the Faith and Church, was, for that Charles the Emperor had directed forth a solemn Writ of Outlawry against Dr. Martin Luther, who had then given a great Blow to the triple Crown ; and King Henry had wrote a Book against the said Luther, for the which the Pope gave the Title of Defender of the Church to the Emperor, and Defender of the Faith to the King, and for the same cause he sent King Henry a consecrated Rose. A new Variance happening again betwixt the King- doms of France and England, the King assembled a Parliament at the Black- Fryars in London, which granted him half of the yearly Revenues of all Spiri- tual- Livings to be paid for five Years Continuance, and the tenth Part of all temporal Substance to carry on the Wars against France and Scotland. When the King being furnished with Money sent a great Army into France, under the Conduct of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, who had married Mary, the King's Sister, Queen Dowager of France. This valiant Com- mander first besieged and won Bell- Castle, then took the Castle of Bonguard, Braie, Roie, Lihome, Monde- dier and Boghan: Which done, he return'd King Henry was so enrag'd against the Scots, that he took from all those inhabiting England, all their Goods, sending them into their Country on Foot, with white Crosses sowed upon their uppermost Garments. But Margaret Queen of Scots, solliciting her Brother Hen. ry for a Peace, the Difference between the two Na- tions was for a while reconciled. About A. D. 1525, arose great Troubles in Ireland, the wild Irish casting off all Obedience, and killing many of the King's English Subjects Girald Fitz Gi- rald, Earl of Kildare, was sent Prisoner into England, for that the Earl of Ossory had accused him of many Misdemeanours ; as, that he connived at the Earl of Desmond's Escape, whom he should have attached by Order from the King; that he grew over familiar with the Irish) and that he put to Death the King's best Subjectr. When the Earl was brought to London, he was committed to the Tower by the Cardinal's Means, who did not love him In the Tower he ex- pected Death daily, but with such courageous Reso- lotion, that being at Slide groat With the Lieutenant when the Mandate was brought for his Execution on the morrow Morning, and seeing the Lieutenant struck into a sudden Sadness, he said unto him : By St. Bride. Lieutenant there is some mad Game in that Scroll, but fall how if will, this Throw is for a Hudale. And when the worst was told him. he said, I pray thee. Lieutenant, do no more but assuredly learn from, the King's, own mouth whether his Highness be witting of this or not. Whereupon, the Lieutenant, loVing the Earl well, went to the King, and shewed him the warrant, ' y which which the King seeing, contrould the Sauciness of the Priest, ( for so he then called the Cardinal) and gave the Lieutenant his Signet for Nullity of the Warrant, so the Earl was delivered from the Death threatned, and not long after from his Imprisonment. About or in A. D. 1528. King Henry began to call in question the Lawfulness of his Marriage with his Queen Katherine, who was Daughter to Ferdinand King of Spain, and had been married to Prince Ar- thur ( eldest Son of Henry VII.) when he was about fifteen Years of Age; but he dying e'er he had been married twelve Months, King Henry, his Brother, by the Advice of his Council, took this Princess Kathe- rine to Wife in two Days after his Father's Death, and enjoyed her nuptial Society near twenty Years; in which time she had born him two Sons, both dy- ing in their Infancy, and one Daughter named Mary, afterward Queen. But now, he said, his Conscience was much dissatisfied, doubting it might not be law- ful for him to have his Brother's Wife, notwithstand- ing he had a Dispensation from the Pope for it; there, fore first he refused his Queen's Bed, and having mo- Ved the Doubt to his own Divines, he sent next for the Opinion of most of the Universities of Europe, which concluded against it, and signified so much un- der most of their common Seals. He also sent Agents unto Home, with an humble Request to the Pope, that an indifferent Judge might be sent to determine this weighty Affair. To be continu d; The Continuation of the Trial of Wil. Ireland, Tho. Pickering, Sec. for High- Treason. Then a Letter was produc'd, found in Harcourt's Chamber, written from Peters, one of the Conspira. tors, to one Mr. Tonstall ; which the Lord Chief justice told the Jury could not be Evidence against any of the Prisoners, ' but was brought to fortify Mr. Oates's Evidence, and shew, that there was a Plot in general. Sir Thomas Doleman depos'd, that he found this Letter in Harcourt's Study, who was one of the Con. spirators: And Oates depos'd, that he knew it to be Mr. Peter's Hand. Then the Letter was read. This Letter was dated the 13d of February. 1677, and superscrib'd, to his honour'd Friend Mr. William Tonstall at Burton. Peters tells Mr. Tonstall in this Letter, ' That the ' Provincial had fix'd upon the 21st of April, O. S. ' for the meeting of their Congregation in London, ' that they might be ready to give, a beginning to the ' same the 24th; and warns Mr. Tonstal, as having ' Jus Suffragii, to be there; but adds, that every one ' of them is directed not to hasten to London long ' before the time appointed, nor appear much about ' the Town, ' till the Meeting was over, left Occasion ' should be given to suspect the Design. Finally, Se- ' cresy as to the Time and Place was much recom- ' mended to all, who receiv'd a Summons, as it would * appear of its own Nature necessary. Sign'd Edw. Petre.' Serj, Baldwyn. Pray, Sir Thomas Doleman, did Mr. Oates testify before the Council, that the Consult was to be the 24th of April, before this Letter was found ? Sir Tho. Doleman. Yes, four or five Days before We found this Letter. Serj. Baldwyn- Where are the SealS that were made use of in sealing the Commissions ? Oates. They are in Court, and were taken out of the Provincial's Chamber. Whitebread. I confess they had the Seals out of my: Chamber. Then the Seals were shewn in Court Mr, Finch. These were us'd to seal Commissions for raising of an Army. We have done with our Evi. dence for the King, till we hear what the Prisoners will say, Here the Lord Chief Justice thought fit to observe, that tho' there might be Evidence sufficient to satisfy a private Conscience, as to Whitebread and Fenwick;; yet there being but one Witness against them, and the Law requiring; two, they could not be convicted now, and therefore he discharged the jury of them and remanded them into Custody ' till further Evi- dence should appear against them; but told the other three, they should have Liberty to make their full Defence. Ireland said, that on the 3d of August last he went into Staffordshire with my Lord Aston and his Lady and his Son, and Sir John Southcot and his Lady' who could prove he was all the rest of the Month in Staffordshire; but that it was an hundred to one if they were in Court; for he had not been permitted to send a Scray of Paper. r L. C. J. As soon as your Sister came to me I or- der'd she should have Access to you, and that you should have Pen, Ink and Paper, in order to your De- fence; therefore call your Witness, and prove what you say, as you said you would" To be continu'd. An Astrological Prognostication of the Eclipse of the Sun, which will happen on Mon- day, the 11th of May, 1724, foreshewing the Effects thereof, whether good or bad, which will befall several Parts of Europe, as well as Great- Britain. THOSE Kingdoms and Countries which the Moon's Umbra passes over, during the Time of this Eclipse, will be most subject to the EfFects there, of; and feeing the central Shadow traverses near the Middle of France, than of any other Nation of Europe Ireland excepted, and of Consequence will be longer' in tracing over that Kingdom than any others, there, fore the Effects to be produced by th's Eclipse, will chiefly fall on, and in that potent Kingdom ; and that the adjacent Countries, as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Flanders Holland, and Germany, will somewhat share in the Effects thereof, tho'not so much as France; for to that Nation is the Death of great Men threat- en'd, Insurrections, Changes, and Contentions about Religion. Because at London the Metropolis of this Kingdom,' the Eclipse will be near total, being it is under that Part of the Penmubra, which is adjacent to the Moon's Umbra, beside which the Moons Shadow passes over a great Part of this Nation, we may expect great Portents thereby. Ireland be thou quiet, for great Troubles will fall upon thee, as being under the lunar Shadow ; and at Dublin, thy capital City, the Eclipse falls in the 8th House. Scotland will partake somewhat, for at Edinburg the Sun will be darkned 11 Degrrees; and if Cancer. ( according to the Antients) be its Ascendant, then the tedious Transit of Saturn thro' Capricorn, bodes thee Evil ; being the opposite Sign thereto. Let Holland beware also. Venice, thy Sun sets centrally eclips'd, which threat ens thee with imminent Dangers; thou being a great Bulwark against the Turks, take care that powerful Enemy doth not surprize thee, and cause thy Honours much to decline; for some great Calamity will come upon thee. This Eclipse will produce Action and Matter of great Concern among the northern Kingdoms, as Den- mark, Sweden, Muscovy, Poland, Prussia, and Saxony, from whence will arrive various Rumours concerning the regal Affairs of those Dominions, and other Cases appertaining thereto ; beside which this Defect will be the Messenger of strange and unheard Events to that powerful Prince the Grand- Seignior and his large Dominions Pray God send it may be to the Advan- tage of Christendom. Whosoever has this Eclipfe fall in their 7th House, or in Quartil or Opposition thereto, or in Conjunction Square, or Opoosition to the Lord of the 7th, to them it indicates Qarrels, Contentions, publick Enemies, Law Suits; and to Kings War's, and that even their Boson Friends shall betray ' em. ' After the Moons Shadow has for some time traversed the vast Atlantick or Western Ocean, it falls on the Western Part of Ireland; the Centre of the Umbra passes near litter, Tuam, Kilkenny, and Wexford, and after it has passed the West and South west of that Kingdom. \ / the Shipping ; of 28 Sail of Top- sail Vessels, and 1o Sloops that were in our Harbour , no more than ten are seen, and but five or six of them are repairable. The Frost Frigate of London, Capt. Hingston, drove ashoar, and is loft, but the Men are all sav'd ; the Bershua, Capt. Fray, drove ashoar, but got off the next Day, and sails in a few Days for London ; the Catherine, Capt. Barnet, in the Service of the Country, got into Davies Cove, and rid out the Storm. St. Jago de la Vega, Sept. 3. W; have receiv'd con- siderable Damage in our Buildings in the late Hurri- cane, particularly the King's House, and Secretary's Office. And we have an Account from Old Har- bour, that the Houses and People there are all de- stroy'd, except two. Port- Royal, Sept. 3. The dreadful Hurricane we had here the 28th of last Month, was attended with Rain, Thunder, Lightning, and a great Swell of the Sea, throwing up several Hundred Tons of Stones and Rocks of a large Size, over the Wall at the East. ward of the Town, which was overflow'd with Wa- ter above five Foot high, insomuch, that a more me- lancholly Prospect was scarcely ever seen ; for the Streets are cover'd with the Ruins of Houses, Wrecks of Boats and Vessels, and great Numbers of Dead Bo- dies, 400 Persons having lost their Lives. His Majesty's Ships the Faulkland, Swallow, Wey- mouth, and Happy, lost all their Masts- The Duke of York of London, Capt. Sanders, cast away, the Master and Men, except three, drown'd. The Chri- stabella of London, Capt. Griffin, drove ashoar, and broke her Back, the Men and Part of the Cargo sav'd. The King William of Bristol. Capt. Ruddock, strand- ed, the Men and Part of the Cargo sav'd. The Fre- derick of Bristol, Capt. Good, stranded, the Men sa- ved. The Kingston. Capt. Masters, in the Service of the South Sea Company, with 200 Negroes on Board, founder'd, the Master and most of the Men and Ne- groes drown'd. The Onslow, and another of the Prizes taken by the Swallow, on the Coast of Guinea, from the Pyrates, are lost. The other, call'd the Ran- ger, rid out the Storm , after Cutting away her Masts, Fourteen Sloops, most of them belonging to the I- sland, are lost. Advices from Persia say, that the City of Ispa- han, after a Blockade of several Months, has been oblig'd to surrender to the Rebel Miri- Weys for want of Provisions; and that the Sophi's Son, whose Army Was not in a Condition to make Head against the Rebels, was oblig'd to retreat, and join Forces with his Father. Letters from Con stantinople give an Account, that the Grand Vizier,' a Person no Ways inclin'd to War, had, nevertheless, been constrain'd to assemble the Divan, to deliberate upon the Czar's Enterprises in Persia, and that it was therein resolv'd to send a Capigi Bashaw, to declare to him, that in case he does not desist from those Enterprizes, and give back the Places he has seiz'd, the Porte cannot avoid declaring War against him. Letters from Franckfort give an Account, that the Princess of Hesse- Cassel, Sister to his Swedish Majesty, is dead. On Monday last a Hackney Coachman was indict- ed at Guildhall for an Assault in lashing and abusing a Gentleman, who only expostulated with him for barbarously whipping his Horses, when the Traces were so hitch'd and fasten'd to a Post, that it was impossible for than to go forward, and he was found Guilty of the Indictment; but being a poor Man, was fin'd but 20s and Order'd to suffer three Months Imprisonment in Newgate ; which, ' tis hop'd, how. ever, will be a Warning to others of that Fraternity not to abuse Gentlemen hereafter without any Cause, as they do their HorseS. Bankrupt since our last. Richard Webb of Friday street, London, Ware, house Man. On Monday last, a Man driving his Cart too hastify through a Gateway at Hackney, ran it against a Post with such Violence, that the said Driver and a little Boy were by the Shock thrown out of it upon the Pavement; whereby the latter was kill'd on the Spot, and the former much wounded. The it then crosses the British Sea, between Ireland and Eng- the Centre thereof first touching the Southeast part of england, near Milford Haven, which it crosses; as also the Mouth of the Severn, and thence traverses most of the Countries of the Southwest and South of England ; passing centrally near Pembroke, Bridgwater, Somerton, Shaftsbury, Cranbury, and Lemington, then it comes to the Isle of Wight, the Centre falling near Newport; the Moons Umbra leaves London a little on the left Hand; and having traced the Southern Part Of England, proceeds to transit the Channel, and next passes. over France and Germany, being central near Diep, the Centre whereof leaves Paris on the light Hand in the Umbra ; from thence after a long Passage over France, it comes to the City of Venice, where it nearly passes centrally eclipsed, though the Centre of the Shadow leaves that City on the right Hand, and thence passes down the Gulf of Venice, proceeding to traverse the Mediterranean Sea, whereat that wide O cean I shall leave it. But again you are to observe in the solar Defect in May 1724. that in the greatest Obscuration, the 17th Degree of Scorpio ascends the Horizon, and the 6th Degree of Virgo culminates: The Ascendant ( accord, ing to the most approv'd Rules of Art) represents the Nation: Mars and Jupiter Lords thereof, with the Moon, signify the Commonalty or common People ; the 10th House, and Mercury Significator of the 10th, with the Sun, have Signification of Kings, Nobles, and all great Men. This Eclipse concludes its Effects about February or March, 1725 An Explanation of the Oxford Almanack, for the ensuing Year, 1723. THO' that great Nursery of Learning and Piety, the most famous University of Oxford, hath by ill minded People been misrepresented, by interpreting the Hierogtyphicks they have annually put into their Almanack since his Majesty's Accession to the Throne to a wrong Sense, yet by what I see in that set out for the ensuing Year, I cannot perceive any Thing but what is a propos to the present State of Affairs. For in it you shall first perceive Sol, or the Sun breaking out of the Clouds, who is otherwise call'd Apollo, the God of Learning, to let his Admirers see Wolves in Sheeps Cloathing, that is, a Bishop and others of his Function going to support the Church of England, by bringing in the Church of Rome ; which is typically represented by the glorious Temple of Ephe- sus, idolatrously dedicated to the Goddess Diana, for whom you see several Craftsmen are making silver Shrines on their Anvils whilst Demetrius, the Silver- smith. is calling the Workmen from their Business to make an Uproar about St. Paul, for preaching against their Gain ; and to whom ( as he is studiously com- piling his inspired Writings, by some of his Fellow. Labourers in promulgating the Gospel one approaches on in the Habiliments of mock Majesty, I don't say the Pretender, with Ormond arm'd Cap a pee; behind him, to request that great Apostle of the Gentiles to erase ( we suppose) this Portion of Scripture out of his Epistle to the Romans, viz. Let every Soul be subject un- it the higher Powers. For there is no Power but of God: the Powers that be are ordain d of God Chap. xiii. ver. 1- As well knowing that his' Pretendership's Power in Italy is only ordain'd by the Pope and the Devil, to subvert ( but God's above ' em both) the Protestant Religion. By the last Letters from Jamaica, we have receiv'd the following Advices, publish'd there by Authority. Kingston, September. 3. and 10. ON Tuesday last we had a violent Hurricane, be- ginning at Eight in the Morning, and continued till Ten at Night; insomuch that half the Houses are thrown down, several People wounded, but no more than three Persons have lost their Lives. The Wharfs are all destroy'd, and most of the Sugars and other Commodities that were there, are wash'd away. But the most melancholly Account is from f 34H J the Countess of Thomond, Daughter to the Duke of Somerset, is fallen very ill, occasion'd by her great Sorrow for the Loss of her Mother and Sister. The Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of this City are about to provide a proper Apartment for the Incurables of Bethlehem Hospital, to the End those very unfortunate People may be intituled to the Benefit of the Legacy of 5001 left them by the late Colonel Withers. The Navy- Board have pass'd the Accompts of the Rt. Hon. Richard Hampden, Esq; their late Trea- The Mayor and Aldermen of the County Borough of Caermarthen in Wales, having neglected the Oaths at their late Quarter- Sessions, were obliged to take a Journey to Westminster Hall, to take them in the Court of King's- Bench, before the Expiration of the Term, otherwise their Offices and Charter had been forfeited. On Sunday, as his Majesty was going to Chappel a Pe- tition in French was delivered to him on the Behalf Of Counsellor Layer. We hear that the Lieutenant of the Tower hath re- ceiv'd a Warrant to deliver the Body of Christopher Layer, Esq; to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, or their Deputies, on Wednesday the 12h Instant, at nine in the Forenoon, upon Tower- Hill ; from whence the Prisoner is to be drawn in a Hurdle through the City to Tyburn, the Place of Execution; on which Day a Detachment of the Foot- Guards will be kept under Arms to be ready on Occasion. From Madrid we are inform'd, That the Valet de Chambre and Goldsmith, who had form'd a Design of robbing and murthering Colonel Stanhope, had been condemned to be publickly whipt through the Streets of Madrid, and afterwards to be sent for ten Years to the Gallies. This is the severest Punishment the Laws of Spain would allow of, there being but one Witness against them ; had there been two, they certainly would have suffered Death. On Saturday last some Custom House Officers seiz'd a great Quantity of Run Goods in the Stage- Coach from Salisbury. Some Days since the Rebecca from Gottenbourg, Capt. Nicholson, was also lost off of Lynn. One Night last Week a Gentleman and his Servant coming over Bushy- Heath, were set upon by one Highwayman and one Foot pad, who robb'd ' em, and took the Man's Horse away from him. They write from Gibraltar that Captain Scot, with five of his Majesty's Ships, having been some Days in the Bay, was to sail on the 31st of October up the Mediterranean, and that the Spanish Fleet was gone within the Puntals at Cadiz, in order to be laid up. We hear that the Rev. Dr. St. John is appointed to preach before the Sons of the Clergy on Thursday the 13 th Instant, being the Day of their Annual Feast Our Merchants have Advice, that the Sarah and Elizabeth, Capt. New, bound from Faro to Bristol, and laden with Figgs, was lately lost in Bristol Chan- nel. Last Tuesday the late Marchioness of Carmarthen and her Son, was carry'd out of Town to be interr'd at the Seat of the Family near Leeds in Yorkshire. Monday Mr. Samuel Redmayne the Printer was try'd for a Misdemeanor at the Sittings in the King's Bench, Westminster Hall, for printing a Libel, enti- tuled, The Benefits and Advantages of the Hanover Suc- cession, Part I. and found guilty, and is to receive Sen- tence next Term. The Marquess of Blandford, who came from Italy to Rheims to be present at the Ceremony of the French King's Coronation, and afterwards went to Paris, is since gone to Vienna. We hear, that the University of Cambridge have, upon their making proper Application, procur'd, that the Town of Cambridge shall, for the future, bear With them an equal Proportion of the Land Tax. They write from Scotland, that the Rabble have committed another Insult on the Episcopal Chsppel, or Meeting House, lately erectd there by the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, by breaking the Win- dows, & c. Monday about three a Clock Sir Thomas Clarges and John Cotton, Esq threw up Scrutiny of the Poll for Westminster; upon which the Right Hon. the Lord Carpenter and Charles Montague esq. were return'd Members duely elected to serve In the present Parliament for the said City and Liberties. Preparations are making for the speedy Trial by a Special Commission at the Old Baily, of Cullen and other Pyrates, concern'd in the Murder of Peter Tar- toue, Master and all the Crew, of a French Vessel belonging to Nantes. The 100,000 J. that is like to be levied upon the Estates of Papists and Popish Recusants, is to be for and on Account of their Recusancy, and in lieu of all Forfeitures already incurred ; and also in lieu of two Thirds of their Registred Estates for one Year Monday the Commissionrrs of the Works at the Tower survey'd all the Houses, where the Prisoners of State are now confined ; as also several other Hou- ses, in order to make them stronger and more conve- nient. The second Discourse of the Lecture on the Sub ject of the Holy Trinity, by Appointmet of the Lord Bishop of London, and Encouragement of the Lady Moyer, will be preach'd in the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls on Thursday the 20th Instant, by Edmund Chishull, B. D. Prebendary of that Church, and Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty. The Report grounded upon private Letters, that the Dragon Man of War, Capt. Scot, was lost off of Cadiz, is happily contradicted ; the Lords of the Ad- miralty having received Advice that she is safe, Tuesday came on the Election, at Oxford of a Master of University College, in the room of Dr. Charlett, who died some Days ago, tho' not so soon as was at first reported. He is succeeded in his Living of Hambledon, by the Rev. Mr. Kendrick. Mr. Thomas Rouse, a Proctor of Doctors Com- mons, and Actuary of the Lower House of Convoca- tion, died on Sunday last in the Afternoon. Counsellor Layer, since his Try'al, has only light Fetters, such as he had at that Time. His Wife and Sister frequently go to visit him. , It is reckon'd that the Registred Estates of the Pa- pists amount to 384,000 1. per Annum, and those of the Nonjurors to 91,000 1. per Annum. Monday Money was sent to Deptford for Payment on Thursday last, of the Officers and Companies of his Majesty's Yatchts following, Carolina, Fubbs, William and Mary, Mary, Katherine and Charlotte, to the 31stof December 1721, The same Day Money was sent to Portsmouth and Plymouth, to pay off the following Men of War, viz the Bredah, Yarmouth and Ipswich, at Portsmouth, which two latter are to be reduced to their Compli- ment of Men, as Guard Ships, and the Jersey and Deptford at Plymouth, which latter, iS to be reduced to their Complement of Men, as a Guard Ship. to the Author of the Weekly- Journal. SIR, Dec, 3, 1722; THIS is to acquaint all well, disposed and pious Persons, that there are now in London two Converted Jews, baptized in the Church of England; the first a Convert of 36 Years, and is a Citizen of London, of the Drapers Company, since 1701, and once a substantial Housekeeper for above 30 Years ; the other Convert for many Years-, as will appear by unquestionable Certificates of their constant Good Behaviour, from Persons of the best Character. But by great Losses and Misfortunes are now both re- duc'd to the last Extremities, in a very adVanc'd Age, and sickly, after having sacrificed a comfortable Sub- sistence, and a considerable Fortune, for the com- mon Cause of Christianity. All good Persons, there fore ( are most earneftly desir'd to have Compassion on them, to prevent their Reproach and utter Ruin by their Enemies, and their Charity will b'e receiv'd with the utmost Gratitude, & c. These Persons may be heard of at Mr. Knaplock's, a Bookseller in Sr. Paul's Churchyard ; at Mr. Isbell's, a Grocer near Holborn. Bars; at Mr. Prude's, an Apothecary at the Corner House by the New Church in the Strand; and at Mr. Goody's, a Sword- Cutler in Pall- Mall, near the Hay- Market : Where full Satisfaction may be had in the aforemention'd Particulars, If you favour us with insert ( 2 4 I 5 ) Inserting the aforemention'd Account, you'll greatly oblige, Sir, Your Readers and Friends, D. R. B. F. On the 11th of this Instant will come on the Ele- ction of Citizens to serVe in this present Parliament for the City of Coventry -, where, we hear, the for- mer Candidates do stand again. On Sunday an Express arriv'd from France, dis- patch'd by Mr. Crawford, wich an Account, that the Dutchess Dowager of Orleans died at St. Cloud on the 8th Instant N. S. The Reverend and Eminent Dr. Hugh Lewis, Canon of Hereford, died last Saturday, as did the Reverend Mr. Watts, another Canon of that Cathe- dral, some time since We hear, that the Grand Jury of Rumford, which was adjourn'd to Saturday last, is farther adjourn'd to the 28th Instant ; when, ' tis said, a Bill against one of the Prisoners in the Tower, will be laid before them. A House is hir'd in Hanover Square for Count Nassau, Brother to the Earl of Grantham who is soon expected from the Hague, in the Quality of Envoy Extraordinary from the States- General to this Court. Young Mr. Salt succecds his Father, deceas'd, in the Office of Purveyor to the Prince ; the place, worth about 600 per Annum, being in the Gift of the Earl of Scarborough, Master of the Horse to their Royal Highnesses. ' Tis said, that several new Lights, or Beacons, will be erected on the Western Coasts of this King- dom, to prevent a Surprize from a Foreign Enemy. The Lady Lutwyche, Relief of the late Sir Edward Lutwyche, the great Lawyer, died on Monday Morn, ing last ; and was buried at St.' Bride's in Fleet- street on Wednesday last. Three of the Seventeen outward- bound East India Ships are already sailed for Mocao; and Yesterday four more sailed for the Downs, in order to proceed to Sea for China, with the first fair Wind. Last Saturday Night, the Master of a large Lighter sailing from Galley Key to Wiggins- Key, unfortu- nately fell overboard, and his Body is not yet found. It having been reported, that Dr. Bennet had, upon his Appeal to the House of Lords, obtained a Rever- sion of a Decree in Chancery against him, together with all Costs of Suit, Law and Equity ; it's thought proper to acquaint the Publick , that the said Decree is confirmed by that August Assembly, only with this Alteration, that the said Doctor be allowed his Costs. Mr. Edward Rooke , who was found Guilty at last Rochester Assizes of assaulting Sir John Jen- nings and Sir Thomas Palmer in a riotous Manner, was fin'd last Term Twenty Pounds, and was com- mitted to the King's Bench Prison, until he found Security for his good Behaviour. The Lord Carpenter and Charles Montague, Esq; have taken their Seats in the House of Commons as Representatives of the City and Liberty of West- minster. A Servant of his Grace the Duke Montague falling under a Necessity of being Castrated, the Operation was perform'd this Week in the Presence of Mr. Green, Mr. Dobbins, and several other of the most eminent Surgeons of the Times, at his Grace's House in Bloomsbury. They write from the University of Cambridge, that the Rev. Dr Snape, their Vice Chancellor, was re. ceiv'd there on Friday last with all the Testimonies of Joy imaginable. ' Tis said that a Regiment of the Train'd- Bands will be out in the City on the Day of Counsellor Layer's Execution, and another Regiment out in the Suburbs ; besides a Detachment of the Foot- Guards to be posted near the Place of Execution. Wednesday the Sessions began at the Old- Baily, when three Persons were convicted of Capital Crimes. viz. Edmund Neale and William Pincher for the High- way, and Sarah Nutt for Felony. On Tuesday last a Calender in Kingstreet West- minster, who stood indicted for assaulting a Dyer's Wife in Kingstreet, Bloomsbury, with Intent to Ra vish her, was try'd at Hick's Hall before such of the Justices as are Commissioners in the Commission of Oyer and Terminer, and found Guilty ; but before ' the Jury had brought in that Verdict, the cunning Calender had found Means to escape out of Court. so that Judgment could not pass upon him at that Time; but, we hear, a Warrant was immediately order'd for apprehending him. copy of Verses said to be wrote by Mr. Layer, under his Confinement, and sent to his High- Church Friends To the Tune of Lawson and Clerk. I GOOD People, to this fatal Tree I am come. A Martyr to dye, for the black Cause 0f Rome A Traytor I've been, to God, and my King, To set up a Whimsical Warming Pan thing; Betray'd by Wine, and Women fair, O pitty the Fate of poor Counsellor Layer. II. While young in High Church principles bred, As true Bornatory, as er'e was misled ; By High Church Priests, that for Treason are ripe, Bring all to the Gallows, who dance to the Pipe ; Ye Tories and jacks, I pray now draw near, Take warning by me, and pity poor Layer. III- A Scheme we had laid, it is certainly true, The Nation to ruin, our Country undo ; Our Religion, and Laws to quite overturn, Then Hereticks soon, in Flames you'd see burn This sight no Englishman surely could bear, A Villian am I, then pity poor Layer. IV- And first to begin, this tragical Scene, St James's in Flames, you were to have seen; In cold Blood, the best of Kings were to kill, And the Blood of his blest Royal IssueS to spill O horrible Traytor. O what do I here, Dispatch me, dispatch me, O pity poor Layer' Cadogan the Brave, who never fear'd Foe, Was next to be murder'd you very well know; 1 His House to be ransact, his Friends to be slain, The Innocents crys, would have then been in vain Cut off root and Branch, for none we should spare, O horrible Villain, O pity poor Layer. VI. The Bank and Exchequer design'd to secure, Which fills us with hopes, we should never be poor j To fill up our Pockets, and Coffers were bent, But I fear it is now to 0 late to repent; Alas disappoinred, but drives to despair, Then pitty a Traytor, O pity poor Layer. VII. The Tower was next, as by Scheme it appears, To batter the City about the Whigs Ears; And what in Consequence, next must ensue, But our Hands in good Protestants Blood to embrue You Tories and Jacks, your plotting forbear, Repent now with me, and pity poor Layer. VIII. As to my Religion, if er'e I had any, • L •- i ' Tis that which has brought to this Place very many ' Tis what we call high, for James and the Pope, For which I'am deservedly come to the Rope; That Vagabond fugitive ne'er can come here. O farewell my Friends, and pitty poor Lajier: Next Sunday the Court goes into Mourning for three Months for the Death of the Dutchess Dowa- ger of Orleans, Mother to the Regent of France,! and his Grace the Lord Chamberlain of the Hou- shold hath notified the same to the Nobility accor- dingly. William Burroughs, Esq; Member of Parliament for Ilchester, in the County of Somerset, having since his Elestion accepted of the Place of Auditor of the Accounts of the several Duties on Leather; now under the Management of the Commissioners of the Excise, a new Writ is order'd to be issued out for electing another Burgess for the said Borough, in his room; Thursday Morning Mr George Ayres, Deputy Remembrancer of the First Bruits Office died of an Apoplexy A d 1 M 11 L L III, I, / 1. /( KL' f( C 2416 J A Narrative of the Pyracy, ind barbarous Murders, A committed on the Seas by Philip Roch Pierce Cul- len, Andrew Cullen, and Richard Neal, taken from the Confession, and dying Words, of Richard Neal, who died in the Marshalsea Prison, on Saturday last, the first Day of December, and also the terrible and surprizing Manner of his Death. AT his first coming into the Jail he acknowledge before several Persons, how he came to be con- cern'd with the above mentioned Ruffins: that he was in the County of Wexfo. d in Ireland, when Pierce Cullen writ to him from Cork, and persuaded him to come there, in order to go on board a Ship, of which he was Mate, and that he wanted as able a sailor, as he the said Neal, was, they both having sail'd toge- ther before. Neal, upon the Receipt of Cullens's Let- ter, forthwith repair'd to Cork, where he soon found Pierce Cullen in company with Roch and the other Cullen, who gave him a very hearty Welcome. Neal would by no Means own that he knew any thing of their diabolical Designs, till they were out at Sea; but said, he was shipp'd as a Foremast man by Roch, who then pretended to be Master of the French Bark, but declar'd, that after they had been four Days at Sea, that Roch privately told him, that he and Cullen had very much suffer'd thro' Misfortunes, and that now they design'd to repair their Losses, by destroying the poor innocent French- men, and running away with the Ship and Cargoe, and press'd him to assist, promising him an equal Share of the Booty. Neal said, he then resus'd to come into their horrid Mea- sures. At which Roch threatned him, and declar'd, if he would not comply with their Resolution, he should share the same Fate with the French Boogers, as he so call'd them : He averr'd, that at this Confe- rence the Bark lay by, and that none were upon Deck but Roch, the two Cullens, and himself, and that Roch commanded him to slip the Fore sail, and let it fly, as an Excuse to call up the French Sailors to furl it; which he immediately did : That Roch, when the Men came upon Deck, gave them a Dram each, being Four in Number, three Men and a Boy ; that he offer'd him, the said Neal, a Dram too, but his Friend Cullen bid him not drink: That immediately two French- men went up to furle the Fore- fail at one Side of the Yard, and an old Man and a Boy at the other: That when the two Men had done their Work, they were coming down the Shrouds ; and as they came upon Deck, Roch and the Cullens knock'd them on their Heads, with a large Hammer and a Hand, spike, and then cast them into the Sea without per. mitting them to say, Lord have mercy on our souls. The old Man and Boy perceiving that dreadful Sight, in great Confusion, went up to the Top- mast Head, but were order'd by many Threats to come down ; but the poor Creatures dreading the fatal Consequence, not readily obeying, Roch order'd Cullen to go up and throw them into the Set from the Topmast Head, which he readily obey'd, by throwing the poor Boy from the Topmast, but kick'd the old Man upon his Hands, till he came to the Deck, and then Roch likewise knock'd out his Brains, and cast him over, board. During this bloody scene, the French Mas- ter, and Mate were sleeping under Deck, but being waken'd by the doleful Cries of their Ship- Mates, peep'd up to see what wis the Matter, and seeing the Ships Scuttles run with Blood, crept down into the Hold, and hid themselves among some empty Casks, but were soon found out by Roch, and his Accomplices, who by their base Insinuations, per- swaded them to come upon Deck, promising them to spare their Lives, and put them on the first Shoar they came to, the poor trembling Creatures readily consented, and came upon Deck, where they were that moment tyed Back to Back, and contrary to their Villanous promises thrown into the Sea, not giving them the least Time to say their Prayers, which they in their dying Groans earnestly requested, being by these unheard of Means made Masters of the Bark, they beat the Seas for fourteen Days, when they came to Dartmouth, where they sold part of theCargoe, new painted the Ship and alter'd her to the form of a Snow, then sail'd to Ostend, but not meeting with a good Market there, they sail'd to Rot- terdam, where they sold the whole Cargoe. This said Neal the very Day he died, being ask'd by seve- ral Persons in the Prison many Questions relating to the Affair, declar'd upon his Salvation, the above Declaration to be the Truth of that horrid Fact, he farther declared, that Francis Wife, now a Prisoner in the Marshalsea for the same Fact, wss no manner of way concern'd in those bloody Murthers, and that he himself left the Ship at Rotterdam, at which time Francis Wife shipp'd himself with Capt. Roch for Waterford, he likewise seem'd to own that he was concern'd sometime past, with Pierce Cullen in other Roguerys, particularly of sinking the Ship, upon the Coast of the County of Waterford, which was insur'd, and that they had receiv'd the Insurance Money in London, he declar'd he knew nothing of what hap. ned in the Ship since he left Rotterdam, he seem'd very Penitent in his Sickness, which was very short, and often desir'd he might have a Priest to confess his notorious Sins to, about an Hour before he died, he vomited Blood, piss'd Blood, voided Blood, which look'd as fresh as if he had a Vein breath'd he died in great Agonies, and immediately after his Death, his Body look'd as red as if it had been wash'd over with Blood, and all full of blue Spots. Yesterday 7. Night there was a hearing at Serjeants Inn in Fleet street, before a Court of Delegates, the Dutchess of Marlborough and the Lord Morpeth Plain- tiffs, and the Lord Townshend and the Lord Carteret Defendants, in Relation to seizing the late Lord Sun- derland's Papers; the said Court of Delegates gave it in Favour of the last, and that no private Person whatever can Inspect a deceased Minister's Papers without the King's having first the Revising the same, and that the said Lord Sunderland's Will was declared valid. Yesterday a Fire began at a Bookseller's in Maiden. Lane by Covent. Garden, which burnt down two Hou- ses, and damag'd two or three others. Last Thursday Night, a Gentlewoman and couple of Soldiers coming from Greenwich by Water, the said Soldiers swearing in a most unaccountable Manner, the Gentlewoman reprimanded them for it whereupon one of the Fellows drawing his Sword, ran it up her Nostrils into her Head, of which Wound she instantly died. The Watermen landing at New Wapping Stairs, cry'd out Murder; upon which one of the Soldiers made his Escape, but he that did the Murder was apprehended, and being secur'd in the Round- house, was Yesterday committed to Newgate. In this of last Saturday, Mr. Read being out of Town, he was impos'd upon by a Letter in the Name of October Greenwood, Esq; which Gentleman has left off writing any more Letters, till those written by him for the Weekly Journal or British Gazetteer are reprinted in a Book, which will be publish'd with all Speed. For want of Room, the Copy of Verses, to the Tune of A Turncoat is a cunning Man, we are oblig'd to omit it till our next. LONDON: Printed and Sold by J. READ, in White- Fryers near Fleet- Street,' Where Advertisements are taken in. CASUALTIES. Hang'd himfelf at St. Dunstan at Stepney 1. Kill'd by a Fall from a Ship at St. Paul at Shadwell 1. Over- laid 3. Threw himself out of a Window ( being Dis- tracted) at St. Paul in Covent Garden,
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