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The Evening Post


Printer / Publisher:  E. Berrington
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2033
No Pages: 4
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The Evening Post
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The Evening Post

Page 1 Col 2 Funeral of his Grace John Duke of Marlborough
Date of Article: 07/08/1722
Printer / Publisher:  E. Berrington
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2033
No Pages: 4
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The Evening Post. numb. 2033. From Tuesday August 7. to Thursday August 9. 1722. Since our last arriv'd one Mail from France. From the Paris A- la main, Aug. 15. Paris, Aug. 15;. THE Court has receiv'd Advice, by a Courier from Madrid who arriv'd I the 12th Instant, that the King of Spain has giren his Consent to the Marriage of the Prince Don Carlos his Son, with Mademoiselle de Beau- jolois, Daughter of the Duke of Or- leans : Several other approaching Marriages are also talked of, but with Uncertainty, as of the Prince de Dombes with the Princess of Clermort, Sister of the Duke of Bourbon, and the Count de Clermort with Mademoiselle du Maine. Last Monday, at three in the Afternoon, M. d'Artaignan, Captain of the first Troop of Mousquetaires, delivered to the Marshall de Viceroy, in the Castle of Versailles, a Let- ter de Cachet, by which the Marshall was commanded to retire to Villeroy, his Courtry Seat, ten Leagues distant from this City, immediately the Marshal, attended by Messieurs d'Artaignan and de la Fare, Captain of the Guards of the Duke ol Orleans, with a Detachment of his Troop, set out for Villeroy in a Post- Chaise; near Sceaux the Detatchment of the Guirds of the Duke of Orleans was reliev'd by a Detachment of two Troops of Mousquetaires, who conducted him as far as Villeroy, from whence Yesterday he proceeded to Lions. The Reasons the Duke ot Orleans had for using the Marshal in this severe manner are not declar'd, but unquestionably they must be very Weighty, ' tis generally thought that if the Marshal had expressed a little more Condescersion for his Royal Highness, he might have enjoy'd his high Post till the King's Majority, which is very near. Cambray, Aug. 1O. A Letter from Malta gives an Account, that on the 3d of July five Turkish sultanaS. appeared before that Place, and the Commanding Officer sent in a Letter to the Great Master, requiring him to deliver up all the mahometan Slaves, and to send an Answer to Tunis. Those Ships cruized in Sight of the Town two Days, and then went away Dartmouth, Aug. e. There are seven or eight French Ships in this Harbour urder Quarantain. ' Kensington, Aug. 7. This Day M. HallUngiUs, enVoy from the Duke of Saxe- Gotha, had a private Audience of Leave ot His Majesty. August 4 This Day Count- Staremberg Ambassadour and Plenipotentiary. Minister from the Emperour, had his first private Audience of his Majesty.. M. Van Borssele, Envoy Extraordinary from the States- General, had also a private Audience of Leave of his Majesty. London, Aug. 9. Between Twelve and One this Day, the Procession of the Fureral of the Duke of Marlborough began from his Grace's late dwelling House in Pall- Mall. The Order of the Procession cf the Funeral of his Grace John Duke of Marlborough. DEtachment of Horse Grenadiers. The two Troops of Grenadier Guards. The Four Troops of Horse- Guards according to their Priority. The Cold stream Regiment of Foot Guards. A Train of Artillery, con- sisting of 15 Field Pieces and 2 Mortars conducted by proper Officers, & c. of the Ord'nance. The first Regi- ment of Foot- Guards, of which his Grace was Colonel. A Servant ot the Officers at Arms in Mourning. Eight Conductors. Seventy three Pensioners of Chelsea, the Age of his late Grace, having Badges on their Gowns uith his Grace's Crest. Two of his Majesty's trumpets, with Banners, having his Grace's Arms with Supporters. Two Kettle Drums in Mourning, and Badges ot his Arms. Trumpets' as before. Two Kettle Drums. Forty Gen- tlemen on Horseback in Mourning Cloaks, Hatbands and Gloves. Trumpets. The Standard of Great- Britain, car- ried by a Colonel and supported by two Officers in New Scarlet Cloaths. A led Horse in deep Mourning to the Ground, adorn'd with Feathers, Escutchsons, and Stars, according to the Arms of the Standard, and led by two Grooms. Forty Gentlemen on Horseback in Mourning. as before. Trumpets. An Officer of Arms. The Guidon. A led Horse in deep Mourning as before. Thirty Gentle- men in Cloaks. Trumpets. An Officer of Arms. The Banner of Mendleheim carried by a Colorel and two Cap- tains, to support in Scarlet as before. A Led Horse, adorn'd according to the Arms of the Banner. Thirty Gentlemen in Mourning Cloaks. Trumpets. An Officer ot Arms. - The Banner of the Garter, by a Collorel and two Captains, as before. A Led Horse, adorn'd with Escutcheons of the Garter, & c. Twenty Gentlemen with Cloaks, & c. Trum- pets. An Officer of Arms. The Banner of Woodstock, by. a Colonel and two Captains. A Led Horse, adorn'd with the Arms of the Banner. Twenty Gentlemen with Cloaks. The Secretary on Horseback. Four Chief Officers of his Grace, Chamberlain, Steward, Comptroller, Secretary White Staves. His two Chaplains- Twenty Gentlemen in' Cloaks, & c. Trumpets, The Serjeant Trumpeter with the Mace. An Officer at Arms. The Great Banner, the Arms of the Family carried by a Colonel and supported by two Captains. Chief mourning horse covered with Velvet Caparison to the Ground, and adorn'd with Escutcheons & c Officers at Arms in their coats following each other* bearing the Regalia, - viz. Spurrs, - Gauntlets, Helmet'-' Sword, Shield, surcoat. The open Chariot after the Model of Queen Mary, drawn by eight Horses covered with Black Velvet down to the Ground, adorned with Badges and Supporters. Feathers on the Horses, the Chariot and Canopy covered all with Black Velvet, and Feathers on the Canopy; the Vallen of the Chariot all round with gold Fringe and with four gold Tossels, Lines on the Corners, and gold Lace. The Top of the Canopy, adorn'd with his Grace's Arms, on the Eagle, with Stars and Badges about it. The bottom Part adorn'd with the Arms of the principal Towns taken by him, with this Motto under them, BELLO HAEC ET PLURA. The whole Chariot adorn'd with Banners, & c. of Victory. The Body in a Crimson Velvet Coffin, adorn'd with Water- gilt Nails, and a gilt Copper- Plate of his Grace's Titles, with a Rich Pall of State on the Body, drawn up in Festoons. Upon the Pall a Suit of Armour richly gilt with Gold, lying upon a Crimson Velvet Culhion with Gold Tossels, with a Ducal Coronet and Cap of his right Side, and on his left, the Coronet and Cap of the Empire. A Gold Truncheon in his right Hand, and a Gold Sword on his left Side, girt to him by a crimson Velvet Belt, and the Collar of the Order and George about his Neck and his Garter; a Lyon couchant at his Feet, holding a Banner, and his two chief Gentlemen sitting at the Head and Feet of the Body in mourning Cloaks, bare Headed. Ten Offi- cers in new Scarlet Cloaths on Horseback, carrying the 10 Banner Rolls, viz. 5 of each side of the Hearse in Silk Scarves, Hatbands and Gloves. The eight Horses of the Chariot to be led by 8 Grooms in Black, and 24 more to attend each side of the Chariot with Staves, and 24 Grena- diers to guard the Body. Garter Principal King at Arms. The Horse of State richly caparison'd, and adorn'd, with black and white Feathers j led by Captain Read, his Grace's Gentleman of the Horse, attended by a Groom. Lady Dutchess Dowager's Coach and six, with the Duke of Mountague chief Mourner, having a train Cloak 5 Yards long, and Sir Robert Rich to bear the Train. Eight Foot- men in Mourning, bare Headed to attend. The present Lady Dutchess of Marlborough's Coach and six, with the chief Mourner's 2 Supporters, viz. Earl of Godolphin. and Earl of Sunderland. Six Footmen in Mourning to attend ir. The Duke of Mountague's Coach and six, with two of the Knights of the Garter that support the Pall, in Scarfs and mourning Cloaks with Stars upon them. Six Footmen to attend. The next Coach and six with two more Knights of the Garter to support the Pall. Six Footmen in Mourn- ing to attend. Sixteen Knights of the Garter in 8 mourn- iug Coaches, Assistants to the chief Mourner. Rich Horse of State, led by Captain Fife, her Grace's Page, assisted by a Groom. His Majesty's Coach. His Royal Highness's Coach. The Nobilities Coaches according to their Degree. 100 Horse Guards to close the Procession. As soon as the Body is come to the West Door of the Abby, and is to be taken out of the Chariot and rested on a Beirv where all ths Officers that carry the Trophies enter with their Ban- ners in the same Order as in the Procession. The Bishop and Sub- Dean in their Copes, and the Choir attending sing- ing all the way up to Henry VIIth's Chappel, and a Velvet Canopy carried over the Body all the Time, with the Knights supporting the Pall, and the chief Mourners, Sup- porters, and Assistants following the Body. The Body to be rested in the Chappel with a Canopy over it, and Seats all round the Body for the Mourners, and a Scaffold built and put in Mourning for an Anthem to be Sung consisting ' to 38 Pieces of Musick and as many Singers. When the An- them is over, the Body is to be carried and put in the Grave, and after the Burial, the King at Arms proclaim- ed the Stiles and Titles of the Defunct the Stewards break their white Rods, and all the Horse and Foot make 3 Vol1 leys of Shot. There are now 3 State Prisoners in Custody of Mr. Bill the Messenger, one of them was brought to his House last Tuesday Night. Messengers were sent down to Essex to the House of Mr. Cotton, junr. in order to seize him, but he was not there, we are inform'd that they brought up his Chaplain. Mr. Senikin and his Wife were the Lodgers of him that keeps the Golden Bottle Ale- house in Duke Areet, and John Sample that made his Escape is the Son of Mrs. Senikin by a former Husband ; several Expresses have been sent to Sea- Ports in order to prevent his going beyond Sea. Saturday the Duke of Bridgwater was married to the Duke of Bedford's Sister at Wooburne- Abbey in Bed- fordshire. A Centinel lies under Condemnation in the Savoy for De- sertion, and 5 more were brought in thither from Scotland on Tuesday for the same Crime. The Duke de Charost is appointed Governor to the French King in the Room of the Duke de Villeroy. Tuesday last dy'd the Countess Dowager of Scarborough, Mother of the Earl of Scarborough. Mr. Molesworth, Envoy at Turin, & c. is not dead as was reported. Whereas it was inserted in this Paper of Saturday was 7- Night, the 28th of July, that there was a Hearing be- fore the Lord Chancellor, between Captain Walgrave, Plan- tiff, and the Lord Walgrave, Defendant, for an Estate of about 800 1. a Year, late of Philip Walgrave, esq; the Plaintiff claimed the Estate as Heir at Law, and the Defendant by Will, the Lord Chancellor decreed it in favour of the said Plantiff. We find upon inquiry that we were misinformed, it being intirely false, and that there was not the least ground for the Paragraph aforesaid. This Day a Proclamation was published offering a Re- ward of 1000L. for the appreheading John Sample alias Semple; who lately made his Escape out of a Messengers Hands. This Morning the Drawing of the State Lottery ended at Guild- hall, when Number 26689, as last drawn, came up a Prize of 1000 1. Prizes in the State Lottery Tussday and Wednesday last. Numb. 63468, 100 1. 24,031, 1ool. 54,343, tool. 62,738, 500,1. 60,837, « ool. 64,119, 100 1. 56,300, tool. 36,464, 100L 34,735j- » oo 1. 36,027,1001 62,453, 1001. 33129, 100 1. Yesterday Yesterday South- Sea Stock was 90 1 qr. 90, 90 1 8th. 89, to 89 ore half. Bank 1153 qrs. ton; ore half India J 36 ore half, to 135 3 q s. African 13 I qr. Unsubscrib'd Lottery Annuity 102. York Buildings 17 8ths, to 16 3 q- i- s, Royal Exchange Assurance 4 7 8ths. London As- surance <; 3 8ths. Undrawn Lottery Tickets 20 I. This Day at Noon South- Sea Stock was 89. Bark ii^. India 13* 5 one half. African 13 1 qr. Royal Exchange Assurance 4 7 8ths. London Assurance 5 3 8ths. York Buildings 16 one half. Christned Males 157. Females 165. In all 322. Buried Males 204. Females 190. In all 394. Decreased in the Burials this Week 32. ADVERTISEMENTS. ON Wednesday the 12th of September next, will be run for on Newport- Bury Field, a Plate of 151. by any Horse carrying 10 Stone, and paying one Guinea Entrance. And on the Thursday following, will be run for a Purse of 30 Gui- neas, by any Horse, Sc. carrying 12 Store, to pay one Guinea En- trance if a Subscriber's, if not a Subscriber's 3 Guineas, which Stakes go to the second Horse. Every Horse, & c. that runs for either of these Plates must be shewn and enter'd with the Clerk of the Articles, between the Hours of six and six the Day 7 Night before he runs, and to be kept at a Contri- butor's of 10 s. to the Town Plate, from that time to the Day of Running. Tis likewise expected there will be a Galloway Plate, of which fur- ther Notice thallil be given. ON T hursday the 30th Day of August next, a Plate of 10 I. Value will be run for on Offley- Hay Common, near Eccleshall in the County of Stafford, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that never won the Value of 10 I. in Plate or Money at ore time, to tun 3 Heats, 4 Miles each Hear, and to carry 10 Stone Weight, to pay two Guineas Entrance at the time of Entring, and to be at Eccleshall Five Days before the Day of Running, and en- ter'd before Four of the Clock in the Afternoon, before the Person appointed for that Purpofe, and to be kept there until] theUay they run. And on Friday the 31st, a Plate ot 3 I. Value will be run for by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, not exceeding 14 Hands high, to carry eight Stone, and 10 allow Weight for Inches, to run three Heats, two Miles each Heat, to pay 10 s. at Entrance, and to be at eccleshall three Days before the Day of Running, and enter'd before Four a Clock in the Afternoon, before the Person appointed- for that Purpose, and to be kept there untill the Day they run. On Tuesday the 28th Day of this Instant August, will be run for in the Ham, near Tewkesbury in Glou- cestershire, a Gold Cup of 50 Guineas Value, given by his Royal High- ness the Prince of Wales, by any horse, Mare, or Gelding, carrying 11 Stone with Bridle and Saddle, ( the best of 3 Heats, to be enter'd with the Town Clerk at the Town- Hall in Tewkesbury 4 Days before the Day of running ( which Day shall be deem'd one.) On Wednesdaiy the » 9 h will be run for on the same Courde, the Town Plate of about 20I. Value, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, not above 14 Hands high, carrying 9 Stone with Bridle and Saddle, and allowing Weight for Inches ( that never won any Royal Plate) to be enter'd as above, and each Horse, & c. paying one Guinea Entrance. And on the Thursday the 30th will be run for on the same Course, a Subscription, being a Purse of about 40 Guineas, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding ( that never won any Royal Plate) carrying 10 Stone With Bridle , nd Saddle, each Contributor paying one Guinea entrance, of no Contributor 3 Guineas. ON the second Tuesday in September next, will be run for on Lutterworth Course in the County of lei- cester, a Gold Tumbler, of the full Value of 40 Guineas, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, ( except as is herein after excepted) carrying 11 Stone Weight with Bridle and Saddle, tie winning Horse to be sold for 1 0 1. No Contributor to pay 4 I. Entrance. a Contributor 2 I. and to be in the Town of Lutterworth 10 Days before the Day of Running. On the Wednesday following, a Plate of the full Value of 151. will be run for on the dame Courde, by any Horde, & c. carrying 10 Stone Weight with Bridle and Saddle, the winning Horde, & c. to be sold for ; o I. The Horses, & c. that run for these Plates are to be shewn and enter'd at the weighing Post, between the Hours of 1 a and 2, on tie Day 7 Night before the Days of Running, and to be afterward- kept within the Parish of Latterworth till the Day of Running, at such of the Contributors Houses whose Sublcriptions amounts to 1 J s. or more. No Contributors to pay one Guinea Entrance, a Contributor 10 s 6 d. On the Thursday following, a Purse of 10 Guineas will be run for 011 the same Course, by any Galloways carrying 9 Stone Weight the highest, to allow Weight for Inches, the best of 3 Heats. A Contri- butor to pay half a Guinea Entrance, no Contributor one Guinea, the Galloways to• be kept in Lutterworth J Days before the Day of Run- ning. All Horaes, & c may run for the Plates above, except any Horae, &:. that new is, or hath been in the Possession of Mr. John King of Northampton, within 3 Month, last past If any Disputes arise in Running for either of these Plates, Refer- rence is to be given to the Articles. ON the 18th Day of September next, will be run for on Grantham Course, a Plate of 20 1. by any Horse Mare, or Gelding, 10 Stone, which Horse is to be sold for 50 1. a Con- tributor to pay one Guinea, if no Contributor a Guineas Entrance. On the Day following, a Galloway Plate of 15I. will be run for on the same Course, 9 Stone the hghest, to allow Weight for Inches, the running Horse to be sold or 40 Guineas. On the Day following, will be run for on the same Course, a Purse of 40 I. by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, 10 Stone, the winning Horse to be sold for 100 Guineas, to pay one Guinea Entrance if a Contri- butor, and 3 Guineas if no Contributor, and to enter for all the three Plates on the nth Day of September, and to be kept in the Town of Grantham till the Day of Running. This Day is publish'd, the 4 tb Edition ( to which are added, a Supplement and Postscript) of [*] OLIVER'S pocket LOOKING- GLASS, new Framed and Clean'd, to give a clear View of the Great Modern Collolsus begun by K. C—; carry'd on by K. J—- j augmented by K. w— and now finish'd and thrown down in the Glorious R— of So may the Man of ignominious Might, ( If such there be) come tumbling headlong down ! Whose Gratitude betray'd the Father's Throne, And dares dispute the Daughter's Sacred Right; Printed for A. Moore near St. Paul's. Price 6d. just Publish'd, [*] Tables ( commonly call'd Sir Isaac Newton's) for Renewing and Purchasing of the Leases of Cathedral- Churches and Colleges, according to several Rates of Interest ; with their Construvcti- on and Use explain'd. Also Tables for Renewing and Purchasing of Lives. With Tables for Purchasing the Leases of Land or Houses ac- cording to several Rates of interesT, very necessary and useful for all Purchasers, but especially for them who are any way concern'd in Church or College Leases. The 2d Edition. To which is added, The Value of Church and College Leases Consider'd : And the Advantage of the Leases made very apparent, Printed for J, Wyat at the Rose in St. Paul's Churchyard, ~ This day is publish'd on a superfine imperial Paper, [-{-] The BRITISH GENERAL; a Poem Sa- cred to the Memory of his Grace' John Duke of Marlborough; if scrib'd to the Right Hon. the earl of Cadogan. By. N. Amhurst. Quantos lile virum magnam Mavortis ad Urbem Campus aget gemitus ! vel quae Tyberine videbis Funera, cum cumulum praeterlabare recentem Virgil. Printed for K. Francklin at the Sun against Sr. Dunstan's Church in fleet- street, Price I s. AHandsom Chariot and a pair of Harness litrle the worse for wear, to be sfold a Pennyworth. Enquire at the Faulcon Alehouse, at the upper end of Dean- street, near Soho's tHE Famous Golden ESSENCE for the Hair of the Head and Perriwigs; being the most charmingPerfume in Nature, and the greatest Preserver of Hair in the World, for it causes. that of Perriwigs to retain its Beauty, Strength and Curl as long again as usual, and certainly keeps fair Hair from changing Colour, makes the Hair of the Head of' Ladies and others become incomparably fine and handsome, and immediately causes it to grow thick to Admiration even upon Places that are bald by its shedding ; it assuredly changes red Hair to a fine pale Colour, and by its delicious Fragrancy enlivens all the animal Faculties to a Miracle, it also perfumes Handkerchiefs excellently, and is now exceedingly esteem'd by the Prime Quality of both Sexe « . To be had only at Mr. Radford's Toystop at the Rose and Crown against St. Clement's Church in the Strand, near Arundel- street. Pr. 3 s. 6 d. » Bottle with Directions. RID away with ( from the Stables of Robt. Patience at the 3 Colts in Finsbury) a brown Gelding, 14 Hands and a half high, a Star in his Forehead, one white Foot behind. switch Tail, very thin Forehead, comes 8 Years old, and is pretty flat footed. The Horse was hired July 19th. last by a middle siz'd Man, aboat 35 Years of Age, and had on then a Snuff colour'd Suit of Cloaths, hut neither Boots or Whip. Whoever can give Notice to the aforesaid Robt. Patience of the Man or Horse, To as either of ' e m may become at, shall receive a Guinea Reward. THE most confirm'd Leprosy, and all Leprous and other stubborn breakings out in the Skin, inveterate Itch, & c. whether of the whole Body or in particular Parts only, infallibly cur'd by an incomparable Electuary, which after all the usual Me- thods and Medicines, ard even Salivations try'd in vain perfectly era- dicates those inveterate Maladies, tho' of many Years, tt. i -' » ir g, so as never to return again, accomplishing that in a few Day which no o- ther means can possibly perform in many Months, and that with the greatest Safety in the World, and without any Fatigue. Uneasiness, or Confinement, as has been happily experienc'd bv many hundreds; common Itches and other slight Foulnesses of the Skin , it compleatly cures almost in an Instant. without Trouble ; and for the very worst: Scabbiness and grevous leprosy may be most certainly depended up- on as absolutely infallible as the Patisnts themselves in 3 Days time will assurelIy find. Is to be had only. at Mr. Mile's a Turner at the Griffin next Door to the Bolt and Tun in Fleet street, at j s. a Pot seal'd up with Directions. London, Printed by E. Berington io SiLver- street Bloomsbury, and Sold by E. Morphew near Statitioners- Hall > m H fi {
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