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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News


Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 10
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News

Date of Article: 05/04/1722
Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 10
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is T H S Nottingham Mercury OR, A general v iew OF THE Affairs of Europe, But more particularly 0f great- britain BEING A Weekly Account of News. Thursday, April 1 722 i « NOTTINGHAM: Printed by JOHN COLLIER at the Hen- Cross, near the Old Booksellers Shop. Where is Sold the Spirits of Scurvy- Grass, plain and purging at 1s the Bottle, i'i t The Nottingham Mercury, & c From St. James's Evening- Post, March 29. Petersburg, March 6 AN Ordonnance has been Published here, by which every- bo- dy is obliged to sign the new Act of Succession and all the Lords of the Empire, those of Astracan and Siberia except- ed, have Orders to repair to Moscow before the End of the Month, upon Pain of Death, and Confiscation of Estate. ' Tis assur'd, that all the Officers of the Robes and the Marine, are like- wise order'd to come hither. The Emperor will not stay above 1; Days at Olonitz; and ' tis reported, that on his Majesty's Return to Moscow he will declare for his Successor Prince Nariskin, his near Kinsman, who resided some Years at Amsterdam, where he learn'd the Mathematicks Navigation, and the Art of building Ships; after which be made the tour of France, England, Italy, & c. This Prince, who is endowed with a superior Genius, and eminent Qualities, will, ' tis said, marry the Princess, eldest Daughter of the Emperor. Genoa, March 14. By the last Vessel that arrived from Barcelona, we have Advice, that a 000 Men were assembling there, in order to be sent to Longone, in behalf of the Infant Don Carlos, as presumptive Heir of Tuscany and Parma, A Thousand Recruits are marching hither from the Milanese, in order to be transported to Sicily, with some of General Zumjungen's Horses. Vessels that come from Provence and Languedoc be* ing admitted into Leghorn, after a short Quarentine, the neighbouring States have under Deliberation to cut off the Freedom of Commerce with Tuscany, the rather, because according to our last Advices from Provence, two Persons have died lately of the Plague at Olioules, a Village near Toulon. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, March 20. Last Saturday Night some Persons got into a House of the present Deacon Conveener, and endeavour'd to carry off the Paper s and Charter s of the Trades and Incorporations of this City, as al- s0 their Ensign, commonly call'd, The Blew Blanket, but sail'd of their Design : ' Tis thought that they intended to display the said Ensign, or Blanket; upon which Occasion ' tis commonly talk'd, that all Tradesmen, Journeymen, and Apprentices, think themselves oblig'd to assemble to- gather, and exert themselves, as in Cases of extreme Danger, or Ne- cessity. LONDON, March 29. Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament. Note. Thofe with this {*) were not Members of the last Parliament Bishop's Castle. * Bowater Vernon, * William Peer Williams, Esqs; Weobley. Mr. Serjeant Birch, Nicholas Phillpots, Esq Derby. Lord James Cavendish, Bailey, Esq Cricklade. Sir Thomas Read, * Gore, Esq; Preston. * Thomas Hescoth, * Daniel Pulteney, Esqs; Thetford. ,* Sir Edmond Bacon, * Robert Jacombe, Esq; Shaftsbury, Sir Edward Desboverie, Bart. Edward Nicholas, Esq Highworth. Lord Hilsborougb, Sir John Rushout, Col, Earl, Col. Farmer. Double Return. Haslemere. . Oglethorp, Burrel, Esqs; Ld. Blundel, Moor Molineux, Esq* Double Return. Eye.-, Rt. Hon. Spencer Compton, Edward Hopkins, Esq; Darmouth. * Col. George Treby, * Thomas Martin, EsqS; Bridport. Sir Dewey Bulkley, Kt Peter Walter, Esq; Barnstable. Sir Hugh Ackland, General Witham, Esq; On Tuesday Mr. Hutcheson and Mr. Cotton were declar'd duly E- lected for Westminster. The same Day the Election for the Borough of Southwark began. The Candidates were Sir Fisher Tench, Bart, Edmund Halsey, Sa- muel Rush, and John Meggot, Esqrs; The Mob on this Occasion were more mischievous than ever was known before; their common Cry being, No new Bridge, no Barracks, & c They broke the Shut- ters and Windows of the Presbyterian Meeting House near Horsley- down and were, with much Difficulty, disswaded from levelling it with the Ground, y Yesterday Morning died, in Norfolk- street, in the Strand, the La- dy Harriet Chester, Sister to the late Earl of Suffolk and Bindon, who, about half a Year since, was married to Thomas Chester of Knowl, in the County of Glocester, Esq; On Wednesday Morning, at Three a Clock, the Rev. Dr. Cannon, Dean of Lincoln, died at Kensington, whither he had retir'd for the Benefit of the Air: He was a Gentleman belov'd by all that knew him; his Piety and Learning recommended him to those of the high- est Distinction, and to be valued even by those of different Principles-, he was a stedfast Member of the Church of England, and Zealous at all Times for our happy Establishment. From St. James's Evening- Post March 31, Constantinople, March r. 3Tis assured, that the Grand Vizier has demanded of the Venetian Ambassador, whether the Republick would take Part in the War which the Porte was entring into with a Foreign Prince; to which, ' tis said, that Minister answer'd, That he had not any Instructions to answer thereupon •, that the Grand Vizier knew well, that since the Peace of Carlowitz, the Alliance between the Emperor and the Re- publicks of Poland and Venice, had been confirmed. The Vizier re- ply'd, That he must write to his Masters to gain a positive Anfwer thereupon. We are preparing a Train of Artillery of above 100 Pieces of Cannon, with a large Quantity of Bombs and Grenadoes, with 40000 Cannon- Ball. They continue to Arm both by Sea and Land, and some Troops are order'd to hold themselves ready to March; but yet we cannot penetrate into the true Design. Vienna, . March 21. Prince Eugene has receivd an Express, with Advice that the Count de Virmond Governour of Temeswar, is ex- treamly ill, upon which the Council of War dispatch'd two a- go, an Express to carry Instructions to the Sub- Governour of Temis- war, in case of the Death of Count Virmond. LONDON, March 31. Members chosen for the ensuing Parliament. Note, Those with this (*) were not of the last Parliament. Durham. Charles Talbot, Tho. Conyers, Esqs-, Richmond. John York, Conyers Darecy, Esqs-, Apulby. * Sackvill Tnfton, Esq; Sir Richard Standford, Bart. Malton. Sir William Strickland, Thomas Wentworth, Jun. Esq; Boroughbrigg, 6) , ghbrigg. Conyers Darcey, James Tyrrell, Esqs; Knaresborough. Henry Slingsby, Richard Arundell, Esq; • Aldborough. William Jessop, Charles Stanhope, Esqs Lancaster. * Sir Thomas Lowther, William Heysham, Esq; Great Wenlock. S/> Humphry Briggs, Samuel Edwards, Esq; Wigan. Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Lord Barrimore. Bewdley. Offley, Esq Leverpoole. Sir Thomas Johnson, William Cleveland, Esq; Lynn. Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq; Sir Charles Turner. Tiverton. Thomas Bere, Arthur Askott, Esqs; Okehampton. Robert Pitt, John Cowley, Esqs; County of Warwick. Robert Digby, William Peytoe, Esqs; Cockermouth. Sir Thomas Pengelly, Sir Wilfrid Lawson. Pontefract. Sir William Lowther, John Lowther, Esq County of Gloucefter. How. Henry Berkley, Kinard Delabere, Esqs.; Hereford. Herbert Rudhal Westsailing, William Mayo, Esqs; Monmouth. Edward Kemyes, Esq Rygate. Sir Joseph Jekyll, James Cocks, Esq, Chipping Wicomb. Lord Shelborn, Harry Waller, Esq; Leominster. Sir Archer Croft, Sir George Caswall. County of Cambridge. Rt. Hon. Lord Barley, Sir john Hynde Cotton, Bart. Shrewsbury. Corbet Kynnaston, Richard Lister, Esqs; Chichester. Rt. Hon. the Earl of March, Sir Tho. Miller, Bart. Southwark. Geo. Meggot, Edm. Halley, Esqs ; His Majesty has been pleas'd to appoint Leonard Smelt, Esq, the Deliveries. This Day Buttler Fox, and five other Criminals, were Executed Croydon. On Thursday Night last the late Sir William Lewen was interred Ewell, with great Solemnity Some Days ago one Robert Hicks was committed to Newgate, chargd on Oath with a violent Suspicion of having murder'd his Mary Hicks. r ^ , On the 27th Instant came on the Election for the City of Durham; the Candidates were Charles Talbot, Esq ; Son of the present Bishop Durham; Thomas Conyers, Esq and james Montague, Esq; The first had about 200 Votes more than the second; and the second about 40 more 7 more than the thitd. Accordingly the two first were return'd. Note, This Place Polls 1300. Last Week died Suddenly M. Bonmasari, Private Resident of of Muscovy. Last Tuesday Morning a middle- aged Man was found dead at a Cor- ner of t the new Church in the Strand, who is suppos'd to have been mur- ther'd and afterwards laid there. On Monday night Davis, Esq ; a Gentleman of Ireland, cut his Throat with a Razor, at his Lodging in Stanhope- Court, Charing Cross. From Jackson's Letter March 31. Letters from Spain by a french mail arriv'd this Afternoon ad- vise, thet new Levies were making by his Catholick Majesty in ail Parts of that Kingdom; Magazines Establishing and Fortifications Repairing; that this had raised much Speculation, and the generality believ'd that part of thofe Troops are to be employ'd to guard the Prince Don Carlos to Italy, tho' others say that they are desfign'd to Retake Gibralter from the English. The last Accounts they have at Paris from Provence and Lower Languedoc of the 28th part, con- firm the Health there is now in almost all Parts which had been af- flicted with the Contagion, and that they were about raising the Barriers except on the side of Avignon, where the Plague still con- tinued but not so mortal. A Holland Mail also confirms the Prepa- rations of the Porte, and of the Czar of Muscovy both by Sea and Land. At one a- Clock on thursday Morning some Thieves broke in- to the House of Mrs. Watts in Philpot Lane, and rifled a Gentleman's Lodgings, whence they carry'd away 8001. in Cash and 68001. in bank Notes. From the Evening- Post March 31. Stockholm, March 7. M. Bestuchof, the Russian Minister, has had Audience of their Suedish Majesties, and ' tis said he acquainted them, that the Czar has assumed the Title of Emperor of all Russia, not doubting but the Court of Sweden will honour him with that Title: He recommended at the same time the Interest of the Duke of Holstein, who is depriv'd of the greatest Part of his Territories, as being the nearest Heir to the Royal House of Sweden. He added, that the Czar his Master will grant the Swedish Nobility, who are possess'd of Lands in Livonia, and other Territories belonging to the Czar, all the Privileges they had had formerly, upon Condition that they shall not go into any Fo- reign Service, without Leave from the Russian Chancery at Pe- tersburg. Tis said that he has several secret Articles to propose to this Court. A great many of the Inhabitants of this Country insist, that a firm Resolution be taken about the Succession of this Crown,' in Favour of the Duke Holstein; but, on the other Hand, Endea- vours are used by the contrary Party, that no mention ihall be made of that Duke's Affairs, at the next Assembly of the States of this Country. Heidelberg, MARCH 17. An EdicT is published in all parts of the Palatinate, prohibiting all Foreign Officers to list any men in this Electorate: So that a Prussian Captain, who listed one Man for his Master's Service, is arrested, and will not be released till the Peasant is released. We hear the celebrated Steven Gilbert, alias Steven Shammock, the Printer, will be put up at the next Election at Tyburn, and ' tis generally hoped he will succeed; But some are of Opinion he will resign his Interest to his Brother Candidate. N. B. He desires all his Friends, who intend him the Honour to be at his Riding, to set out with him from the Chequer- Inn in Newgate- street: of which timely Notice will be given in all the Publick Prints. From St. James's Evening- Post, Hamburg, April 3. ' Tis said the King of Sweden designs to take a Turn into Germany, as soon as the King of Great- Britain is arrived at Hanover. We have a Report, that the Duke of Holstein is on his Departure from Moscow for Petersbourg from whence he will soon afterwards re- turn into his own Dominions. The Court of Sweden have not yet declar'd themselves on the Proposals of his Czarish Majesty in regard to that Duke. Frankfort, April 5 According to our Letters from Alsace the French continue to replenish their Magazines of Ammunition and Provision with the utmost Expedition, and by up abudance of Hor- ses for remounting their Calvary. They talk of firming a Camp near Stratburgh, as soon as the Grass is up. The Officers of Savoy are still raising Recruits in Switzerland, from whence we have Advice, that the Italians flatter themselves that the Turks will not break this Year with the Emperor and the Republick of Venice ; but they seem allarmed at the Military Preparations in Spain, and the strict Union between between that Crown and France. Tis given out, that Cardinal Al- beroni laying out a Way for a new War in Italy ; for ' tis reported, that he disguises himself almost every Day at Rome, and by that Means is admitted into the Pope's Cabinet, where he and the Friends of the Court of Rome confer about the present Situation of the Affairs of Europe. ' Tis added, that Cardinal Althan, the Imperial Ambas- sador, upon Notice of these Cabals, has sent to Vienna an Express with Letters to inform that Court, that several Matters are private- ly tranfacting to the Prejudice of his Imperial Majesty. Paris, April 8. N. S. Letters from Province and Lower Langue- doc, of the 18th ult. confirm the Recovery of almost all the Places that have been afflicted with the Plague; insomuch, that they talk of removing all the Barriers excepting that Round Avignon, where the Sickness continues, but not with that Fatality as before We hear the King is to be confirmed at Whitsuntide, and that the Court is soon after to go to Versailles for the Summer. LONDON, April 3. Members returned for the ensuing Parliament. Those mark'd thus (*) were not of the last: Parliament. County of Suffolk. Sir Tho. Hanmer, Bart. Sir Robert Davers, Bart. York. * Sir Wm. Milner, Edw. Thompson, Esq; - Aylesbury. * Rich. Abel, * John Guise, Esqs Agmondesham. Montague Gerrard Drake, Esq ; Ld. Visct. Fermanagh Great Marlow. * Sir John Guise, * Edmund Waller, Efq ; Carlisle. * James Bateman, Henry Aglionby, Esqs 5 Northallerton. Leonard Smelt, * Henry Peers, Efqs ; Heydon. Hon. Wm. Pulteney, Dan. Pulteney, Esqs\ Hull. Sir Wm. St. Quintin, Bart. Nathaniel Rogers, Esq Rippon. Wm. Aislabie, Esq; Baron Scrope. Scarborough. John Hungerford, * Wm Strickland, Esqs j Beverley. Sir Charles Hotham, Bart. * michael Newton, Esq-, Wareham. * Sir Edward Earnly, * Jos Gascoign, Esq; Honiton. Sir Wm. Pole, Bart. Wm. Young, Esq Dorchester. * Edmond Morten Pledwell, * Joseph Dummer, Esqs Brecon. * William Morgan, Esq; Worcefter. Thomas Wylde, Sam. Sandy's, Esqs; Ludlow. * Acton Baldwyn, * Abel Kettleby, Esqs; Glamorgan. Sir Charles Kemys, Bart. Cardiffe 1o) Cardiffe. Sir Edward Stradling, Bart. Thirsk. Thomas Frankland, * Wm. St. Quintin, Esqs Last Satuday their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales went to Richmond, din'd there, and return'd in the Evening to Leicester House. Yesterday his Grace the Duke of Bolton set out with a great Re- tinue for Newmarket. Several Persons who appeared in Tuthill Fields at the late Election of Members of Parliament for Westminster, are dead of the Wounds and Bruises they receiv'd in the Crowd, among them one Allen, who kept a Publick House on Windmil- Hill. near Piccadilly; Yesterday it was currently reported, but we know not what ground, that the King of Poland, and the Regent of Fracne were dead. They write from Cambridge, that on Thursday last when the Lord Harley, and Sir John Hinde Cotton was chosen for the County the Conduit ran with Wine best part of the Day, and Sir Francis, Whichcote, was forced to take Sanctuary in the Lord Harley's Coach, to prevent the Insults of the Populace which were exceeding great. " We hear that the Rev. Dr. Gee Prebendary of Peterborow, is to succeed the Rev. Dr. Cannon in the Deanery of Lincoln. And that the Rev. Dr Mandaville, Chancellor of Lincoln, Is to succeed him in the Prebendary of Westminster. The Letters Yesterday from St. Edmonds Bury give an Account, That Arrundel Coke, Esq; was convey'd in a Coach, about seven a Clock in the morning, to the Place of Execution, which reqUest was granted by Sir Jasper Cullum, Bart. Sheriff of the County, at the De- sire of several of his Relations. The Minister pray'd with him about a quarter of an Hour, and before he went up the Ladder, ask'd him if he knew any thing of Poysoning Mr Crispe's Children; to which he made a short Answer, That it was so long ago, he had forgot. He read a Prayer from a Paper on the Ladder, threw it among the People, and was turn'd off; He sent a Letter about a Week before his Exe- cution, to Sir Jasper Cullum, with one inclosed, requesting that it might not be open'd till three Days after his Death, and Sir Jasper complying with it, the Contents are yet a secret. Woodburn was Hang'd the same Day at the usual Hour; He confess'd, that he gave Mr Crilpe' 3 Child two Sugar- Plumbs by Mr Coke's Order, and that it died some short time after. ' Tis computed that there were 1 11 thousand Spectators present when Wooddburn was Executed. COKE died very sullen ; but Woodburn was very Penetent. 11 From Jackson's Letter, April 3. On Saturday and Yesterday about 20 Persons of the Town of Green- wich were bound over to the Sessions, and about that Number com- mitted to Maidstone Goal, by the Secretary of States Warrant, to be tryed for their Lives, on Account of a desperate Riot about chu- sing Church Wardens, and for refusing to disperse after the Procla- mation against Riots had been 5 times read. The Case was thus, the Tory Party disaproving of the Person propos'd by Sir John Jennings, & c. fell into an Uproar, and beat the other Party out of the Church, as also the Minister, and divers Justices of the Peace, and Pelted with Stones and Dirt, wherewith several were wounded. Nottingham, April 5. Yesterday came on the Election of Knights of the Shire for this County, which ended this Afternoon to the Joy of all such as have a real value for our Religious and Civil Liberties, upon casting up the Books the Poll stood thus; The Rt Hon. the Ld. Visct. How, 1342. Sir Robt. Sutton, 1342* The Hon. Francis Willoughby; Esq* 1265. Levintz, Esq; 12^?. London Bill of Mortality, from March 15, to March 2o, 1721- 2. ABortive t ** Aged 55 Ague o Apoplexy z Asthma 4 Bleeding 1 Bursten o Cancer 1 Childbed 3 Chrisoms r Cholick 2 Consumption 74 Convulsion 160 Dropsie 17 Evil o Fever 41 French- Pox 1 Gout, 1 Griping in the Guts 15 Headmouldshot 0 Hooping- Cough 1 Horshoehead z Jaundies 6 Impostume 8 Infants 0 Looseness 1 Lunatick z Livergrown 0 Mealses z Mortification S Palsie z Pain in the Head • 0 Plurisie 0 Purples 0 Rheumatism 1 Rickets 1 Rising of the Lights ? St. Anthony's Fire o Small. Pox 10 Stilborn ip Stone o Stoppage i'th Stomach 7 Strongullion o Suddenly 1 Teeth $ 4 Thrush 4 Tissick ic Ulcers o Vomiting 1 Water in the Head z Worms z CASUALTIES. dyd suddenly in the Street at St. Lawrence Jewry I. Exe- cuted KilI'd by Falls 2. One at St. Anne in Blackfryerst and One at St. James's in Westminster. Overlaid 1. Christened 347. Buried 506. /.' Decreased in the Burials this Week 22.
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