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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful Account of All Publick Transactions both Foreign and Domestick together with Remarks on Trade


Printer / Publisher:  Anne Ayscough
Volume Number: X    Issue Number: 20
No Pages: 8
The Weekly Courant page 1
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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful Account of All Publick Transactions both Foreign and Domestick together with Remarks on Trade
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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful Account of All Publick Transactions both Foreign and Domestick together with Remarks on Trade

Date of Article: 28/12/1721
Printer / Publisher:  Anne Ayscough
Volume Number: X    Issue Number: 20
No Pages: 8
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THE Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful ACCOUNT of ~ All Publick Transactions BOTH FOREIGN and DOMESTICK. TOGETHER WITH Remarks on TRADE. Thursday Dec. 28. 1721 Vol. NUMB. 20 To be continu'd Weekly, NOTTINGHAM: Printed and Sold by Anne Ayscough in Bridlesmithgate, and by Mr. Martin BooKseller in Leicester, Mr. Canterell and Mr. Allestree Booksellers in Derby, Mr. Hoyle brassfounder in York, Mr. Carlton in Gainsborough, Mr. Dixon in Mansfield, D. Watson in Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Mr. Farnsworth in Newark, Mr. Bradley in Chester- field, Mrs. Taylor in Doncaster. Mr. Barber in Wakefield, Mt. Swales in Leeds, Mr. Austin in Rippon, and at his Shop in Richmond, Mt. Dyson Bookseller in Hallifax, and at his Shop in Huddersfield, Rich. Tatter- shall in Ashbourn, Wm. Green in Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham, Mr. Bartlet and Mr. Greenwood in Bradford, Mr. Ryles Bookseller in Hull, Mr. Hostead in Melton, Fr. Woodhouse in Redford, and Mr. Bloom in Pontefract. At all which Places Advertisements are taken in at two Shillings eac:.. Price Three- Half- Pence. ( 2 ) ! A Catalogue of BOOKS publish'd at London since our last. A Weeks Exercise, Preparatory towards a worthy Reception of the - Lord's Supper, in Meditations, Prayers are Ejaculations, before, at, and after the holy Communion, also Rules and Exercises how to live well after it. II. The History of the Life and inimitable Adventures of Duncan Campbell, a Scots Gentleman, who, tho' born Deaf and Dumb, writes down auy Gentleman- s Name at first Sight, with their future Contingen- cies ot Fortune. III. The End and Design of God's Judgments. A Sermon preach'd before the House of Lords, at the Abby Church at Westminster, on Fri- day Dec. 8, 1711, being the Day appointed for a general Fast. By the Rt. Rev. Thomas Lord Bishop ot Norwich. IV. Grammaticae Latinae in usum Principis Juventutis Britannicae. Cum Notis, necnon . Conjecturis, tam Veterum, quam aliorum Grammatico- rum jungiter, atqui seorsum, subjunctis. Authore SAM. PRAT, S T. P. Dec. Rossens. V. A Refutation of the false Principles assumed and applied by the Reverend Mr. Joseph Pyke, in his Book entituled, An impartial View et the Principal Difficulties that assist the Trinitarian, or clog the A run Scheme, & c. To which is added, some short Remarks on Sir Richard Blackmore's just Prejudices against the Arian Hypothesis : With a Post- script concerning the real Agreement between the Athanasians and Soci nians in the Trinitarian Controversy. VI. The Nightingale a Tale, CASUALTIES. Excessive Drinking 1. Overlaid j. The General Bill of all Christnings and Burials from the 13th of Dec. 1720, to the 12th of Dec. 1721. is as follows. Males 9430 1 1314^ Christned Females— 894.0 > Buried Females— 11996 In all 18370) in all 16144 - Increased in the Burials this Year 688. 3 The Weekly Courant, & c. From the Evening Post. NAPLES, November 18. THREE young English Noblemen who were upon their Tra- vels, came some Time since to this City, intending to satisfy their Curiosity with viewing what is most remarkable here, but about a Fortnight ago the said three Lords and most of their At- tendance dy'd with excessive Drinking of a Liquor, called here Aquetta, made with one Third of Water, and two Thirds Wine, made pallatable with divers Aramatick Ingredients. Rome, Nov. 28". Signior Joseph, Bartholi Perintji. late Gentleman of the Chamberto the Ambassador of Portugal dy'd here lately, and was- Yesterday buried in the Church of St. a Maria in Via. The Corpse being cloath'd in White, with the Cross of the Order of St. James of Portu- gal, a Sword by his Side, Helmet on his Head, and Boots and Spurs on his Legs. Orange, Dec. 4. The Plague here his scarce increas'd or abated for some Weeks past, it is computed that 100 of our Inhabitants have died of it ; there are 16 sick in the Infirmaries, and 18 of them are bcliev'd to be on the Recovery. Eight Soldiers of our Garrison have also been carried off by the Contagion ; the rest are well. The Inhabitants have begun a new Quaranraint which is as strictly observ'd as the first was M. du Bois Dauphin, a very rich Gentleman, died lately in the Infir- mary Hamburgh, Dec. 19. Advices from Stockholm import, thar the Rus- sians in evacuating the Dutchy of Finland observ'd so regular a Discipline that none of the Inhabitants had the least Matter ot Complaint against them. Paris, Dec. 27. Some of our Merchants have form'd a new Company with those of Rouen, for carrying on the Trade to the Levant, which be- fore the late Plague at Marseilles, was wholly in the Hands of the Mer- chants of that City. From 4 From Miller's Letter, Dec. 23. ' Tis advised from Paris, that Monsieur Petterier being arrived from Lions, and accused of several Robberies, was to be tryed in the Presence of the most Chriftian King, on which occasion abundance of the Quality would be likewise present. That his Majesty had received another better from the Dutchess of Vantador, wherein she acquainted him that the Prin- cess de Montpensier propos'd to be at St. Jean de Lux on the 7th of next month, where the Iofanta of Spain was expected at the same time That the Count de Prada, a Grandee of Portugal, and Grandson to the Mar- shall de Villeroy, having lately made his Escape out of Portugal, was much respected at Court, he having been a Prisoner three Years, during all which time his Father, tho' first Chamberlain of the Bed Chamber to King of Portugal, had not been able to obtain his Liberty. His Crime was for not paying Homage enough to a Churchman ; the King of Portu- gal having ordered all the Grandees of the Kingdom to stop their Coach- es whenever they meet the Patriarch of Lisbon's, wh'ch this young Lord neglected to obey the Orders, and on a certain Day meeting that Prelate in the Street, only saluted him without paying any further Respect to that Reverend Archbishop. From the Whitehall Evening Post. Stockholm, Nov 19. The States of this Country will certainly meet soon after the Holydays : In the meantime the King will continue here, to reconcile by his Pretence the Divisions among the Nobility. The Tranfport of Troops to Pomerania is countermanded. Warsaw, Dec. 3. King Augustus designing to tarry in his hereditary Dominions as long as possible, ' tis apprehended the Polish Nobility will hold a general Diet on Horseback. Vienna, Dec. 2. Last Wednesday an Express arrived from Constanti- nople, where the Plague is almost ceased, but extending to the Danube, the Poles have prohibited all Commerce with the Turks. The Express which lately arrived here from England, brought the Ratification ot the Convention concluded between the Emperor and the King of Spain, by the Guarantee of Great Britain and France ; so it is hoped that not on- ly the Cambray Congress will be formed, but likewise the Brunswick Trea- ty, so long projected ; the rather, because the Czar, in respect of the latter, has made several advantagious Proposals. LONDON, Dec. 23. ' Last Week Mr. Warwick and Mr. Redman, two Officers of the Cu. stoms, seized in a Cellar in the Strand near 2000 Wright of Tea; a Part thereof was stowed loose in Brewing Tuns and Mash Tubs On Monday last Sir Paul Whichcot, Baronet, departed this Life, at his Seat in Oxfordshire. Vhe They write from Bath, that the Earl of Holderness having been cut of a Fistula, was given over by his Physiciens. A Suit having been long depending between the Lord Viscount Marton, and the Lord Bishop of Ely, concerning the Chapple built some Years ago in Hatton Garden, the Cornell being about the Ground where it stands, we hear has been determined in favour of the Bishop, who has given it to St. Andrew's Holbourn for a Charity School for the Boys and Girls of that Parish, with a Piece of Ground adjoining, for a Burial. Place to the said Parish. On Friday last the University of Cambridge erected a new Office, viz of an upper Library Keeper of their publick Library ; which, as a Testi- mony of their Esteem, they conferr'd, in a full Senate, upon the Rev Dr. Middleton, by 111 Votes against 49. On Sunday last dy'd suddenly of an Apopletick Fit, the Rt Hon. Richard Lumley, Earl of Scarborough, Lord Lieutenant and CuHos Ro- tulorum of the Bishoprick of Durham, and also of the County of Nor thumberland ; and is succeeded in Honour and Estate by his eldest Son Richard, Lord Viscount Lumly, Master of the Horse to his Royal High- ness : Beside whom, he has left three Sons, Thomas, John and James, and four Daughters, Lady Mary, marry'd to George Montague Earl ot Hallifax, and the Ladies Barbara, Anne, and Henrietta. His Countess was Frances, only Daughter of Sir Henry Jones, Colonel. Yesterday. a Proclamation was publish'd for altering the Stamp upon Hides and Skins to be imported. The Hon. Robert Mansel, Esq; Son to the Lord Mansel, ftands Can- didate for the Borough of Minehead, in the room of Mr. Miller ds- ceas'd. The following Ships were lost in the stormy Weather that happen'd about the middle of last Week, viz. The Josiah and Betty, Captain Bra bant, lost at Ram Head near Plymouth, but the Men saved ; the Hops Captain Overy. from New York, in her Passage from. Portfmouth to Lou don, was lost on Beachy Head ; also a Dutch East India Ship, outward, bound, of 1000 Tuns, 40 Guns and 240 Men, lost off of Plymouth, but the Crew were saved and 13 Chests of Silver. At the same time anothcr Dutch Eaft India Ship, that failed in Company with her, was forced from her Anchors, but afterwards got safe to Plymouth. The Commons read a 1st time the Bill for erecting a Butter Market in York. Yesterday a large Committe of the Commons sat, and heard what the City had to object against making a Bridge over the Thames at Westmin- der. and the Gentlemen in Places said it would be a publick Benefit: in- somuch that there were two to one for it ; but some other People are to be heard against it, and so they agreed to debate it again on Friday ; it From From Fox's Letter, December 13 Yesterday the House of Commons read a Petition from the Clothiers of Devonshire, praying that the Alvage Duty may be taken off. Sir John Ward reported the Bill in favour of the Quakers, which was ordered to be ingross'd. Then they read the Tobacco Bill, and in a Committee went thro' the Bill for encouraging the Plantations by buying all Naval Stores of them and ordered it to be reported the 10th of January. Read another Bill t° prevent running of Goods, and then the Houle adjourn'd to the 8th of January. The Merchants that trade to the North and the Baltick make great Op- position to the Bill for bringing Stores from America, and affirm that they carry out more English Merchandize to the North, than the Americans can take off. The Portugal Ambassador has given out, that he had Letters from Lis- bon, that the Differences between hs Master and the English were made up, notwithstanding which Admiral Wsger's Squadron is Victualling with all speed. We hear, that after the Holydays the King will pass the Bill to prevent the Infection in Cities, and that the Lords by their Amendments have metigated the Severity of it. It's said his Majesty has given the Duke of Wharton a beneficial Grant. The city is filled with a Report, that a new Scheme will be laid before the Parliament, for paying the publick Debts, which will be smoother than the Engraftment wass LONDON, December 13. Yesterday Morning about Ten a Clock, a Reprieve was brought down to Newgate by one of his Majesty's Messengers, for Arthur Grey the Foot man. who stood condemn'd for Felony and Burglary, and in the Dead Warrant was ordered for Execution . Soon after the four following Ma- lefactors were executed at Tyburn, viz. Nathaniel Haw s, John Jones, George Baker, alias Graves, and James Wright; the latter went in a Shroud, and would not admit of any other Garment. On Tuesday last, there was an assembly of the Governors of the Char- nt House for the Dispatch of Business ; and at the same time the Duke of Newcastle and the Bishop of Durham were admitted and sworn Go vernors, in the Room ot the Bishop of Winchester and Sir Nathan Wright deceas'd. t Thursday being St. Thomas's Day, the several Wards of this City chose Common Council Men for the Year ensuing. We We hear that the East India Company have bestowed a Donation of One Hundred and Fifty Guineas on the Redeemed British Captives. There are several Petitions now depending in the House of Commons from Kent, Surry, Southwark, & c. praying for a Bridge over the Thames, from the Ferry at Westminster to Lambeth; and the Belief that a Bill will pass accordingly, has very much advanced the Price of Land; near the Water side thereabouts. We haer that a Farmer of Bethersden in Suffolk of the Brownist Per- swasion, as he used to say himslf. falling sick lately, several Persons suc- cessively watched with him at Nights. The last that performed that Of fice for bim was a Teacher of those Opinions, who not watching like a true Sheperd but falling asleep over his Patient, the poor Wretch got up, and made his way out at the Top of the house, and geting down, travelled to a Farm house about two Miles off, where in an Out- house he hanged himself. Being traced and found, and the Coroner Inquest sitting upon the Body, the Teacher, who had so careleffly watched him was severely reprimanded by the Coroner, who charged this unhappy Accident on the Doctrines of the Brownists, which often hurry weak Minds to the greatest Desperations. We hear thar the Deficiency in the Provision made for Building the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, amounting to about Fifty Thousand Pounds by Computation, will be raised by Ten several l. ottires, for Five- Thousands Pounds each, to be drawn Annually till the Whole shall bt finished, and the Tickets to be valued at Ten Shillings each. But this wants Confirmation The famous Antiquary and Grammarian, MR. Samuel Moreland late Matter of the Grammer School of Bednal Green, died lately at the Bath, John Grundy of Bleasby, Esq; is appoinred High Sheriff for the County of Nottingham. Two Felons who are return'd from Transportation, have been taken and committed to Newgate. We hear that Mr. Law was lately in Danger of an Assault, as he was returning to his Lodging in Hannover Square, which on that Account he has left, and taken new Lodgings in St. James's Street. We hear, that for the new Theater in the Haymarket, designed to- be opened by Aaton Hill' Esq; a Patent was obtain'd in the late Reign for twenty Years, nine of which are already elapsed. We hear that the Sum of fifty thousand Pounds has been lately pro mised, bv way of Subscription, for building a Bridge at Westminster Fer- ry, it a Law can be obtained for that Purpose. ( 8 ) From Fox's Letter. Dec. 26. Sunday and Yesterday came in two Dutch Posts advising from Berlin, That the King of Prussia as he was hunting the Wild Boar at Wester- hausen was struck into the Thigh by the Boar's Turshes, which some think are venomous, and that he was carried to Potsden by his Surgeons, who hoped the Wound was not mortal. From Hamburgh, That the Czar has ordered his Baggage and Mini- sters of Staie to go for Moscow, and is resolved to follow them, and will enter that City as an Emperor, having ordered Triumphal Arches to be erected with the greatest Magnificence, and has declared that he will espouse the Duke of Holstein and the Duke of Mecklenburgh's Interest as much as possible, and tor that End is making vast Preparations for War at Petersburgh, Riga, and Revel; and that another Ambassador from France was arrived at the Czar's Court, to finish a secret League that is near concluded between France, Sweden and Muscovy. Hague the 30th. All our Advices from the Frontiers of France say, the Sickness is broke out in divers Places where it had ceascd, particularly at Thoulon, where they die again in great Numbers. They add, That the French are fitting out a Squadron of 6 Men of War, but not said whether they are to go. From Lisbon, that the Differences with England are not yet compo- sed. All the News at Court is, that the Elections for a new Parliament will be over by the latter End of April ; and in the mean time the Lords of the Council keep open Houses in the Country to promote the King's In- terest. Lord Torrington continues to payoff what is due to the Ships of War with grert Application. From the Evening Post. Leipsick, Dec. 12. Letters from Jacy say, the Disturbances between the Turks and Greeks still continue, but ' tis not confirm'd that the Rus- sians have assisted the latter. Paris Dec. 12. A Gentleman offers the Government a Scheme, by which he pretends 15 Millions in Gold will be shortly brought into this Kingdom. Gevaudan, Dec. 5. Above 200 Sicilian Soldiers, who were in the Ser- vice of the King of Sardinia, have deserted away from their Posts on the Frontiers of his Dominions, and escaped into France and Germany, de- signing to return to their native Country Venice Dec. 2. We hear from Constantinople, that an Officer was arrived there from Tripoli, with 300 Heads of the Ringleaders of the late Tumult there in Favour of the Rebel Cogia ; and amongst the ' Heads
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