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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News


Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
The Nottingham Mercury page 1
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News

Fragment Four Pages mentions the Royal Anne Galley lost of the Lizard in November 1721
Date of Article: 01/11/1721
Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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( 9 Judges, and the only one who had not his Salary augmented upon his Majesty's coming to the Crown, hath now a Warrant for 1ool. per Annum addition to his Salary, and 7001, for the seven Years in which he had no Augmentation. They write from Oxford that Mr. Ward, Fellow of Oriel College, shot himself there last Week. , Yesterday James Milner, Member of Parliament for Minehead shot himself in the Head at his Habitation in Walbrook, and the Ball lodging in his Head, he was last Night Speechless and Convul- live, so that his Life was despaired of. . the Report of the Death of Mr. Watson, His Majesty's Printer at Edinburgh, is contradicted by the Paper which first related the Story. This Morning one Hawes, who broke out of New- Prison last Sa- turday, was again committed to Newgate, being taken on Finchley- , Common by one Mr. Hall of Coventry, whon he attempted to rob, having for that End mounted an old Blind Mare, without a Shoe, 1 which he took off the said Common. On Thursday last one Capt. Tho. Burton, a young Gentleman, was , committed to Newgate for killing a Tub- Woman in Long- Acre ; who, it seems, discharg'd two Pistols about 10 at Night from the Vine- Ta- vern into the Street.- The first Discharge broke the Glass- Window and Shutters of a Barber's Shop opposite to it, the 2d Iodg'd two Balls in the Shoulder and Side of the said poor Woman, fo that she dy'd next Morning. From St. James's Evening Post Nov 28. Turin, Nov. 22. Two or three Days ago a Woman of this Town was brought to Bed of a Child with two Heads . it was Baptized, and dying soon after, was disseted ; but it appearing that all the inward Parts were double and distinct our Casuists are in mighty Pain, because only single Bap- tism was administer'd. Leiden, Dec. 2. ' Tis advis'd from Italy, that the Emperor has written to the King of Sardinia and to the Senate of Venice, exhort- ing them to joyn with him to engage the Pope to declare the Consti- tution Unigentus to have been surreptitiously obtain'd, and that believ'd the Court of Rome is not utterly averse to do so. . L0NDON, November 27. On Saturday about six in the Evening, a Boat with 3 Persons go- ing thro' Bridge, struck on the Pier of the King's Lock, two of them, , B by ( IO ) by the Violenee of the Blow, were beat over- board. and Drowned; the other was drawn up by Ropes unto the Three Neats Tongues Ale- house on the Bridge. Last Saturday Night the Earl of Cadogan arriv'd in Town, having been in very great Danger of being lost at Sea, in a violent Storm which lasted above 14 Hours,- wherein the Fubbs Yatch which his Lordship was in, was forc'd to throw her Guns and Boat over- board, and some Part of his Lordships Baggage, & c. The Mary Yatch, which sail'd at the same Time from Helvoet- Sluice, was driven bask again by contrary Winds Mr. Barton, the Common- Hunt, is made Sword Bearer of the ty, and not Mr. Stewart as was formerly said. On Saturday last in Council, some Ships were order'd to be dis- charg'd from their Quarantain, among others the two Men of War who have on board the Slaves redeem'd from the Sallee, who we hear are to go to St. James's in their Moorish Habits, to thank His Majesty for their Redemtion, by whose Bounty they are freed. The Chitty Frigate from Cadiz is arriv'd in the Downs having a great Treasure 0n Board, said to amount to 300000 Pieces of Eight, being the Effects of our Merchants from on board the Flotilla ly arriv'd there, having left behind in her Passage the Merry Frigate and another Ship, very richly laden with the like Commodities. From the Daily Journal, Nov. 27. Hamburg, Nov. 2>. One of the Deacon's ( alias Church- Wardens) of this Town, having de- frauded the Poor of part of their Monies, was last Saturday put in the Carcan, and afterwards banish'd the Town for ever, Pursuant to this Sentence the Villain was guarded by 4 Dragoons as far as the Territories of Denmark, but there he found a whole Mob gather'd together to receive him, they tore his Cloaths, threw him into a Bag, and there stoned him t0 Death. . LONDON, November 27. The three Persons saved out of the Royal Anne Galley, being arriv'd in Town from Cornwal, were examined last Saturday before a Board of Ad- miralty ; we are assured the following is the Substance of what they depo- sed before their Lordshipst viz. that they had heard the late Lord Bel- haven had pressed Capt. Willis to sail before the Wind permitted, that ac- cordingly they departed from Plymouth on Wednesday the 8th Instant, con- trary to the Inclination of the Commander and the other Officers, and had ( 11 ; had not been ab$ ve 24 Hours at Sea before it was found Impracticable to proceed the Wind being at South West, wherefore Capt. Willis thought to make the Lands End, and, as he thought, took his Dispositions accord- ingly, when ou the 10th between 2 and 3 in the Morning, the eldest Lieu- tenant Mr. Baker being upon the Watch, to his very great Surprize found they were among the Lixzard Rocks, whereupon he immediately allarm d the Ship. The Lord Belhaven, the Captain, and the other chief Persons ou Board came immediately in their Shirts upon the Quarter- Deck, and seeing no possibility of saving the Ship, & c. were about to put off the Long- Boat to save themselves, but before this could be effected the Ship struck to pieces against the Rocks; two of the Men who give this Accountt took to a piece of Wreck on which was one of the Ship Guns, and from e. got upon the Rocks; the Boy who is sav'd was upon another Wreck . with 4 Men,, which he very prudently left, and took to a Rock, and the 4 Men just coming to the Shoar, a merciless Wave dash'd ' em from their Hold into the Sea: Thus these 3 poor Creatures continu'd upon the Rockst amidst the Shrieks and dying Groans of their Ship Mates, which were dashing to pieces against the Rocks on all sides of them ; but when Day- ' light appeared they saw a Sight full as Melancholly and that was, the Cornish Savages at the Sea- shoar, rifling the Bodies of their dead Bre- threw, who instead of sending off their Boats to carry them to Land, continued their Depradations till 3 in the Afternoon, when they vouch- sased to fetch them a shoar. . Thus had they continued from 3 in the Morn- ing till 3 in the Afternoon on the Rocks in their Shirts only, and then Leggs and Arms mostmiserably torn in climbing up the rugged Rocks. Letters from Hollywell in Flintshire, say, that a Fanner's Daugh- ter near that Town affecting to dress finer than her Father would al- low, robb'd his Desk of 5 1. and bo't new Cloaths but finding her self suspected she poison'd her Father, and her Brother who was Butler to the Bishop of St. Asap coming to his Father's Funeral, had the same Fate, which there being some suspicion, of the Minister would not Bu- ry him ( the Son) till some Surgeons were sent for, who found he was poison'd, and the Sister on Enquiry was found to have bo't a sufficient Qantity of Arsenick at Holywell, she is committed to Goal in or- der to tyral next Assizes. From jacksons Letter, Nov. 28. Yesterday the Commons read seve- ral Petitions from Worcester and other Places, praying, that the Du- ties on Soap and Candles may be taken off. Read a second time the Blit ( 1 2 ) Bill for taking off the Duty on Salt used in curing of Red Herring:, consum'd at Home only. Order'd, that it be an Instruction to the Committee for the Malt Bill to receive a Clause for raising Money by another Lottery, and upon a Motion of Mr. Heysham, seconded by the Attorney- General, order'd another Clause to hinder all private Sales and Lotteries, as things detrimental to Trade and the Publick. The Lords pass'd the Land Tax'Bill Receiv'd from the Commissioners of the NaVy an estimate of the Navy Debt, as it stood at, Michaelmas last, also what Money has been expended for extraordinary Repairs du- ring his Majesties Reign, and Resolv'd to go into a Committee on Mon- day to consider of the Causes of contracting so great a Naval Debt. This Day Mr. Law accompanyed by the Duke of Argyle and the Earls of Isla and Stafford appear'd at the Kings Bench- Bar, and on pleaded the King's Pardon for killing Beau Wilson ( some Years since which was allow'd and recorded. Order'd in a Bill: for repairing the Roads in Leicestershire. Bank Stock r 24. India 139- South- Sea 96. Nottingham, Nov. 30, The Bill of Mortality ( or this Town from Thursday last to last Night, inclusive, is as follows. Buried in St. Maries Parish —- In St. Peters In St. Nicholas .
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