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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful Account of All Publick Transactions both Foreign and Domestick together with Remarks on Trade


Printer / Publisher:  Anne Ayscough
Volume Number: X    Issue Number: 8
No Pages: 11
The Weekly Courant page 1
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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful Account of All Publick Transactions both Foreign and Domestick together with Remarks on Trade
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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful Account of All Publick Transactions both Foreign and Domestick together with Remarks on Trade

Date of Article: 05/10/1721
Printer / Publisher:  Anne Ayscough
Volume Number: X    Issue Number: 8
No Pages: 11
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The Weekly Courant Containing a Faithful ACCOUNT of All Publick Transactions BOTH FOREIGN and DOMESTICK. TOGETHER WITH Remarks on TRADE. Thursday Oct. 5. 1721 VoL. X. Numb, 8. To be continued Weekly, NOTTINGHAM: Printed and Sold by ANNE AyscougH in Bridlesmithgate, and by Mr. Martin Bookseller in leicester, Mr. Canterell and Mr. Allestree Booksellers in Derby, Mr. Hoyle brassfounder in York . Mr. Carlton in Gainsborough, Mr. Dixon in Mansfield, D. Watson in Ashby- de- la- Zouch, Mr. Farnsworth in Newark, Mr. Bradley in Chesterfield, Mrs. Taylor in Doncaster. Mr. Barber in Wake- field, Mr. Swale in Leeds, and at his Shop in Wakefield, Mr. Austin in Rip- pon, and at his Shop in Richmond, Mr. Dyson in Halifax, Rich. Tatter- shall in Asbbourn, Wm. Green in Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham, Mr. Bartlet and Mr. Greenwood in Bradford, Mr. Ryles Bookseller in Hull, Mr. Hostead in Melton, Fr. Woodhouse in Redford, and Mr. Bloom in Pontefract. At all which places Advertisements are taken in at two Shillings each. ) Price Three- Half- PenCe 2 A Catalogue of BO0KS publish'd at London since our last. I AN Exposition on the Old and New Testament, in 6 Vollums in Fo- lio. By the late Reverend Mr. Mathew Henry. II. A Supple ment to the Report of the Secret Committee. III. The ComPleat Consta- ble directing Constables Headboroughs, Tithing Men, Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, Purveyors of the Highways and Scavengers, in the Duty of their Offices, wherein the Constables Duty in passing sturdy Beg- gars is fully set forth: To which are added, an Abstract of an Act 12th Q A. relating to Rogues, Vagabonds and sturdy Beggars — Of an Act for preventing Riots— Of an Act for preventing Robberies committed in Hou- ses— Of an Act for preventing Mischiefs by Fire. I V. Two Sermons preach'd before the University of Oxford, 1. Gamaliel's Advice in the Case of the Apostles. 2. the Stumbling Block of Christianity removed out of the Way of the Deists. Both by Mathew Hole, D. D. Rector of Exeter College in Oxford. Commission of Bankrupts have been awarded against the following Per- sons, viz. Robert Hugell, of the Parish of Stepney, alias Stebon Heath, in the County of Middlesex, Bricklayer. John Catesby, of London, Druggist CASUALTIES. Excessive drinking 1. Poisoned himself, being Lunatick, at St. Marga- ret Pattons 1. Chistened 57l Buried Ji9- Decreased in the Burials this Week 40. Yesterday the Prices of the following Commodities at Bear Key were Wheat 24 s. to 30s, per Quarter \ Beans 24 s. to 26 s. Rye 20 s. to 2 as. Pease 16 s. to 30s Barley 15 s. to 17s. RaPe seed 111. to ijl. p. Last Malt 21 s. to 24 t. Hops 2I. 10 s. to 3I. 51. p. Hund . Qats » 14 *• 1Coals 22s , t0 25s Per Chaldron. The Weekly Courant, & c. From the Evening Post. Paris, Sept. 29. THE Castles of Mendon, St. Cloud and St. Ger - main are now furnishing, for the King to make Choice of one of them for his Residence, in Cafe the Contagion should spread in such a Manner as to threaten this City. Hitherto we are under no fear and proper Precautions for fecuring u « againstitare still taking. Paris, Sept. 29, Two Days ago the Mini? sters of the Kings of Great Britain and France, sign'd the Act of Guarantee concerning the Re- nunciation of the Emperor to the Kingdoms and States possessed by the King of Spain, and that of his Catholick Majesty to the Kingdom and States possessed by his Imperial Majesty. The said Act will be deliver'd to Mor- row to the Ministers of the Emperor and King of Spain. Hague, Octob. 6. Prince Curakin, Ambassador of the Czar receiv'd Yesterday, by an Express from his Court, the welcome News that the Trea- ty of Peace between the Czar his Master and the King of Sweden was sign'd at Newsted on the 30th of August O. S. Marvejols in Languedoc, Sept. 9. Almost every House in this City is infected 5 12, 15, or 20 Persons Ge- nerally die in a Day, and 1000 are reckoned to be carried off since the Be- ginning of the Infection. As soon as it gets into a Family it immediately perishes. The Inhabitants who are shut up in their Houses undergo the same Fate with those in the Streets, the Contagion equally destroying both . A Physician from Montpellier, and another from Canorgue, are dead No Body can Penetrate iuto the Nature of the Malignity ; it infests surprizing- ly; So poisonous are its Effluvia, that the Glass Windows of the Church are all crack'd since it has been used for an Infirmary. The Distemper has reached St. Legar, Rechignac la Salle, les Grattons and the neibouring Villages of Regoudel, and Monrodat. Montlimar, Sept. 24. Above 50 Persons have died lately in Bederides, but that is not what ' , Avignon is a much more important Object for us and the I 4 ) resf of the Kingdom. Avignon is attick'd by the Plague in a 1 Its Forms, and has been so probably since th isth of Auguft laft, wh ch the Vice Legate and the Consuls have hidden with all imaginable Artifice, to gain Time to provide for themselves: Thus have they deceived not only their Neighbours who traded with them, in Reliance upon publick Faith, but also M. Medavy, from whom they have concealed the Truth above a Month ; and contrary to heir solemn Promises. which no doubt w 1! be resented against them, Letters from thence say, that the Vice Legife ha- ving ordered a Quarantain of 20 Days, shut himself up > n his Palace with abundance of Provisions; that he sent first of all his Plate to the Con- suls, for the Maintenance of the Poor; that he keeps only 50 Men for his Guard, having sent the rest to the Consuls for the Support of good Order and Discipline in the City. The first Consul the Marqu s de Galean, is also retired to his House, to give his Orders with more Safety. The laft Letters from thence say, that already every Thing is mighty fcarce ; that 152 Persons have died from the 14th of August to the 17th of September, and that 24 died on the 16th. Orange it much suspected, and ' twill be almost a Miracle if it escapes, considering the great Intercourfe it had with Avignon. Betides Avignon and Bederides, the Towns of Sorgues, En- traigues, and Mentaux, are greatly suspected. Paris, Octob. 1. The Composition of the perfume, ( recommended in the Directions to be observed by Order of the Government of France, whth Relation to the Plague) is as follows TO make a QUINTAL ( or hundred Weight) ofPERFUME take. Common Brimstone Gun Powder, 5 o( each ( s Pounds Pitch Refine, I Black Pitch, } of each 7 Pounds an
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