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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News


Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 12
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News
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The Nottingham Mercury : Or A General View of the Affairs of Europe, but more particularly of Great Britain Being a Weekly Account of News

Date of Article: 28/09/1721
Printer / Publisher:  John Collyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 12
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The Nottingham Mercury : OR, A GENERAL VIEW Of THE " : Affairs of Europe, But more particularly of GREAT- BRITAIN: BEING A Weekly Account of News. ' • _ r Thursday, Sept. 28. 1721. NOTTINGHAM: Printed by JOHN COLLYER at the Hen- Cross, near the Old Booksellers Shop. Who sells the best Paper Hangings, and black Lead Pencils. from St. James's Evening- Post. London September ar- Last Sunday Morning Jack Ketch riding out towards Ken- sington, spy'd a Man that thro' discontent had Just hang'd himself on the Galiows, and cutting him down, he came to himself again, and Jack Ketch lash'd him ( severely with his Hand whip for taking his Office out of his Hand. Last Monday died the Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. Nath. Crew, Lord Crew, and Lord Bishop of Durham, at his Seat at stene, in the County of Northampton, in the 38th Year of his Age. He was consecrated Bishop of Oxford in 1671, and translated to Durham 1674. He was of the Privy- Council to King Charles, and K. James the 2d ; and was, in the Reign of the latter, one of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in the Reign of Queen Anne, he was Ld. Lieutenant and Vice- Admiral of the County Palatine of Durham. His Lordship's first- Wife was Penelope, Daughter to Sir Philip Frowde of the County of Kent ; and his second, Dorothy, Daughter to Sir William Forster of Balmsborough- Castle, in the County of Northumberland ; but by neither had any issue. They write from Wexford in Ireland, that 28 Persons have been committed to Goal there for Listing Men for the. Pretender: Tis said that the Duke of Lerida's Commission to raise Men for the King of Spain was found in their Pockets: Five of them are already convicted of High- Treason. On Monday Night last about 2 a Clock, Mrs. Langworth, a Gentlewoman of about Fifty Years of Age, of- a good Fa- mily, and of a very considerable Estate, having been lately disorder'd in her Senses, threw herself out of a Window up two Pair of Stairs, at her Habitation in Love- Lane, and was kill'd by the Fall. The Coroner's Inquest having sat upon the ody, brought in their Verdict Lunacy. Jackson's Letter ) We are assured. that there has been, al- ready discovered fictious Conveyances made by the late Di- serters of Effect and Estates, to the value of 900001. ank- Stock 126 India 141. South- Sea 136. The Nottingham Mercury, & c A LETTER to a FREIND. S I R, WHEN you and I were last together, you seem'd to be migh- ty angry at a certain sort of People, and not well pleas'd with me that I was not as angry as you. You thought all the hard words of Reproach in the World were due unto them, and not only hard Words but that there was no punishment which they did not deserve, and you included great Numbers in your Account. I have further consider'd the Matter, and still I cannot joyn with you either in your Words or thoughts, for when there are extraordinary motives to an Action, I have not that apprehension of the Stability of Mankind, as to wonder and exclaim so much if they go out of the Way. I reckon these three Sorts will pretty well comprehend the bulk of the Humane Race, 1. There are Designers, who in a manner intirely resolve themselves into worldly Ends, and are always contriving that Way, without any regard to any good Rules. There are the worst sort of Men, and you may say as many hard Things against them as you will, and I have no Disposition to con- tradict you but then if you come to Particulars, take care to be sure of your Men. I would hope these do not make the Major part, no not by a great deal, but perhaps they may be too many for you to make Examples of in point of Prudence. There are those whom I shall call considerate ( don't except against the Word, I'le tell you what I mean by it) who understand well and mean well, neither do I say these are the Major part, nor do I mean by them such perfect Crea- tures as never mistake, nor mean ill, no, I know of no such on this sid 4 side the Clouds; but I mean such who generally understand right, and mean well, especially in more important Cases, and which are not past Mans Understanding. Then there is another Sort which I call Mechanic's ( not Manufacturers but) I mean such who either can- not penetrate far, or wont take Time for it, and these go by the influ- ence of their Passions, and of other Persons, and may mean well, but its by chance if they Understand well, and are of the right side. Now here in this last sort are the greatest Number by the far, nei- ther are these three kinds kept perfectly distinct, the Designer may somtimes fall, in with the Considerate, and also the Mechanic may do so too but the Major part shall keep their Characters. We saw a great Instance of Mechanic Influence at the Revolution ; the Principles of passive Obedience and Hereditary Right had been impress'd a long time, but when the Point came to, that all was a going to be lost, the danger superceeded those Principles, and the To- ries were for the Revolution in a high Degree, both by inviting the Prince of Orange over, and going to him when he was come. But when their Passions cool'd, then the old impressions had force again, and accordingly to their different Tempers, some went ofF a quarter, some half, some three quarters, and some intirely, form the Revolu- tion Principles. The Buisiness of the South- Sea is another instance of Mechanic influence, when People were not properly in a rational State but un- der the Government of their own Passions, seeing some grow rich and desiring to do so themselves they laid aside their Reason, and could not judge in this Case as they do in others. Tne Remainder in the next. From St, James's Evening Post, Paris, Sept. 27. THE King upon Occasion of Complimenting the Duke de Boufflers the other Day, on his Marriage with Madamoiselle de Villeroy, said I have a Wife as well as you, but shall not ac- complish my Marriage a long while yet. The. Princess de Soubize is nominated to assist the Dutchess de Ventadour in the Government of the Infanta of Spain; and ' . the ( 5) the Dutchess Dowager de Boufflers is also to meet her at Bayonne, for which she is preparing to set our. The Duke de S. Simon is likewise to depart with all Expedition for Madrid, to make a formal Demand of the Infanta which done, she will be immediately sent out for France. The Dutchesses de Tallard and Mazarine are appointed Ladies of Honour to the Young Queen ; and the Detachment of Guards which is to conduct her hither, will shortly begin their March for Bayonne. On the 24th, the Princess of Carignan was brough to Bed of a Prince, in the Palace of Soissons. The County of Avignon, and the Principality of Orange, are quite block'd up, for fear of the Plague. - LONDON, September 23. Thomas and Robert Harpam, two Brothers, who were ac- cused of uttering the False Moidores, when Mr. Cooper, the Blind Man, was taken up, and committed to Newgate, ha- ving then got on Board a Ship, with a Design to fly from Justice : but being since apprehended, have been try'd for the faid Offence, and convicted thereof; the one at Maidstone Assi- zes, who was Sentenc'd to pay a Fine of 5I. and to give Se- curity for his good Behaviour for three Years the other late- ly at the Borough of Yarmouth, who was fined 20I. And we hear, that Mr. Gould, who kept the Woolpack in Foster- Lane, will be try'd at St. Edmondsbury in Suffolk, for the like Crime. On Saturday Sev'night in the Evening, the Wife of a Mate of a Ship was delivered of a Girl, and the next Morning of Two Boys ; and they are all alive at Clark's Orchard at Ro- therhith. The Cargo of the Brasil Fleet, newly arriv'd at Lisbon, is comptued to be worth 4 or 5 Millions sterl , We learn from Sheerness, that a Person was apprehended there for presuming to bring on shore half a Bale of Silk which was part of the Goods belonging to the two Turky ships ( 6 ) Ships burnt lately upon the Flats, which happened not to be consumed, and was sent Prisoner to Maidstone Goal. A Statue of the Lord Chancellor Hide, Grand- father to the late Queen, done by Mr. Bird of Lincoln's- Inn- Feilds the famous Statuary, is sent down to Oxford to be set up in that University. Not a great Way from the Artillery Ground, lives a Wi- dow, who having a Mind to marry, had some Words with her Daughter about her Consent to have a Father- in- Law ; the Girl is about 13 Years of Age she said as she never knew her own Father, she would never call any other so whilst she liv'd, and going out from her Mother cut her Throat, almost from Ear to Ear, but her Wind- pipe being but gently touch'd, she is not yet dead, and there's some Prospect of her Recovery. Turkey, Spain, and Holland having forbid all Commerce with France, there seems to be a Prospect of a great Increase, in our Trade, particularly in our Woollen Manufacture. Divers Sloops are arming, with all Expedition, to cruize upon the Smugglers, a as Precaution to prevent bringing in the Infection. We have a deplorable Instance of the Consequencss of Pride and Extravagance in a young Man lately dead. He had for some Time, inspight of the Remonstrancies and Admonitions of his Friends, appeared in all the Modern Gayeties and Ex- cesses of Life, till a narrow Fortune he set out with in the World was quite vanish'd ; with that went his Credit, and soon after he disappeared himself, to the Astonishment of all his Acquaintance, who could get no News of him, till a few Days ago that one of them accidently discovered he was lan- guishing for very Hunger, and the Want of the common Suf- tenance of Life, in a mean Lodging, at the obscurest Part of the Town. He had no sooner got Notice of the wretched A- bode and Condition of the unhappy Youth, but he went to the rest of his Associates for their Charities, and gathered a Contribution m Contribution of Thirty Guineas, which he carry'd to him with the utmost Expedition in his Power, but it proved too late, for he, wretched Man, died meerly For want of Bread, a few Minutes before his Arrival. There is a Report, but we do not affirm the same for a Truth, that a Proportion will be made to unite a Neighbour- ing Kingdom, or rather their Parliament, with that of Great- Britain ; that the Peers will send Twelve, of their Members, and the Commons Thirty, in the same Manner as is done from Scotland. Some Days ago Mr. William Taylor, a Custom- house cer, coming down Holborn Hill, seized a Man with half an, Anchor of Brandy ; the Man cry'd out a Thief the Mob as- sisted the Man, and abused and beat the Officer very much ; bat a Constable coming to take the Thief according to the, Outcry, found him a proper Officer the Mob dispersed, and the Man with them, so left the Officer with the Seizure. From St. James's Evening Post, Sept. 23. Extract of a Letter from Marseilles, Sept. 4. No doubt, Sir, you have heard of the opening of our Chur- ches, Courts of Justice, and all publick Places in general ; which is enough to convince you of our being in good Health. Indeed, it was never yet so good the Contagion is no more y and the Pest- Hospital is to be pull'd down next Week: After which, we hope to enjoy Liberty of Commerce : In that View our Intendants of Health have wrote circular Letters to all the Places which formerly traded with us, It is intimated by some Advices of the 17th of Sept ember) from Lyons, that the Plague has penetrated beyond the Line of the Vivarez, and was apprehended to be got into Velai and Alais Bourdeauz, Sept. 16 This City is in perfect Health, and none of: the Gates have been shuti as the contrary has been ma- liciously reported into foreign Countries, to serve private Ends 1 Nevertheless to prevent the Contagion, which is rise in several Part 8 Parts of the Kingdom, front spreadtng it self hither, the Duke of Berwick, who is Governour of this City, and of all Guiennet has caused a Placart to be published, expresly forbidding the In- troduction of all Sorts of Merchandize, as well foreign as of this Kingdom, without shewing authentick Certificates of Health: Strong Guards are also set at each Gate, to visit care- fully every thing that is brought to the City. Some Days ago, six Bales of Thread were burnt, said to come from Rennes, because their Attestations were not good. - Letters of the 14th Infant from Rochelle say, that all Commerce is suspended with the Isles of Jersey and Guernsey, left Goods from suspected Pla- tes be introduced thither from those Islands. Hanover, Sept. 23. On the 8th Instant Mr. John Law, and his Son, arriv'd here incognito, coming from Venice; they dined the same Day with the first Minister, M. Bernsdorf, and the next Day with the first President. On the 20th they went to pay their Respects to Prince Frederick at Herenhausen, and set out the same Day, as ' tis said, toward England. - LONDON. His Majesty has been pleased to appoint the Rt. Rev. Dr. Wm. Talbot Ld. Bishop of Sarum, and Dean of tde Royal Chappel, to be Translated to the Bishoprick of Durham, and the Rt. Rev. Richard Willis, Ld. Bishop of Gloucester, and Ld. Almoner, to that of Sarum. We are likewise assured, that the Rev. Dr. Wilcox, Chaplain to the King, and to their Highnesses the Young Princesses, is nominated to succeed to the Bishoprick of Gloucester. The Rev. Dr. Cannon, Prebend of Westminster, is appointed Dean of Lincoln, in the room of Dr. Willis, Bishop of Gloucester, who held that Deanary with his Bishoprick ; and the Rev. Dr. Gee, one of His Majesty s Claplains, is made Dean of Peter- borough, in the room of Dr. Reynolds, appointed Bishop of Bangor. Last Thursday Night the Lady Carteret was brought to bed of a Son. The ( 9 ) , , The same Day James Bateman, Esq; 2d Son of the Late Sir James bateman, was married to the Daughther of Sir Rob. Chaplin. A Merchant in Town received a Letter, by yesterday's Post' from his Correspondent at Stockholm, intimating that an Express had brought Advice that the Czar was dangerously ill. The last private Letters from Madrid say, that Colonel Stanhopchad wrote to the English Consuls at the several Ports of Spain to procure Estimates of the several Losses the Bri- tish Merchants had sustained by Reprizals being made on their Ships on Account of the late War with Spain, in order to a Restitution. The south- Sea Company will pay the Christmas Dividend of 5 per Cent, upon the Stock arising from the several Money Subscriptions, on the 17th of October next, the Midsummer Dividend of 4 per Cent. on the 31st, and their Transfer Books will be open'd on the 29th Instant. Our Merchants have Advice, that the Ostenders and others have lost considerably by the nine Ships returned home this Year from Surat, China and bengal and that the Captain of the Ship called the Vienna, which returned to Offend a few Days ago, complains of rough Usage in the East- Indies. Upon the Death of the late Bishop of Durham, the Title of Lord Crew of Stene is become Extinct, which was firft con- ferr'd on John Crew, Esq ; of Stene, by King Charles 2d, soon after his Restoration, which he had been a zealous Promoter of, Father of the said late Bishop, who was the youngeft, but only Surviving of five Sons, at the Death of his eldest Brother and Predecessor, Tho. Lord Crew who by his 2d Marriage had four Daughters, viz. the present Dutchess of Kent, the 2d married to Tho. Cartwright of Ayno in the County of Northampton, Esq; the 3d to Sir John Harpar of Calke in Derbyshire, and the 4th to the present Earl of Arran, Brother of the late Duke of Ormond, and on these Sisters, we hear, part ( to ) part of the Estate devolves, in particular the antient Seat at Stene, which is the Head of the Barony, falls to the Duke of Kent. Last Wednesday died the Celebrated Commedian Mr. Tho. Dogget, formerly one of the Masters, of the Play- House in Drury- Lane, who, ever since his Majesty's happy Accession to the Crown, has given a Livery Coat and Badge to be Row- ed for Yearly by six young Watermen on the of August. and at his Death has left 5001. as a Donation to perpetuate the same for ever. His Death happening the same Week with that of the In- genious Mr. Prior, some merry Person of more Wit, than good Nature, has compos'd the, following Distich. Two merry Fellows did this Week expire, DOGET the Player, and the Poet PRIOR. From St. james's Evening- Post, Paris, Sept. 27. The Extract of the Advices which had been received to the 13d Instant relating to the Plague, and communicated by this Court to the foreign Ministers, iS as follows From M. de Cailus, Sept. the 11th and 14th. There is in the District of Avignon, as well as at the Village of Be- darides at the Town of Avignon, a malignant Fever which has carried off some Periods pretty suddenly. M. d' Autaune who commands there, writes that it is not a contagious Dis temper ; and has sent particular Accounts draws up by Phy- sicians certifying the same. From M. d'e Launay commanding on the Line des Baronies, Sep;. 11. and 15. M. d' Autaune has written to his Son, that he would set out on the 16th to invest Bedarides that though the Physicians do not agree that the Distemper there iS contagious, there is ground to fear that Village is infected. As to Avignon, the malignant Fever there has ceased these 11 Days. A Surgeon of Carpentras says in a Letter dated the 10th, that the distemper at bedarides is palliated, that he he saw seven Persons sick there, most of whom had marks of the Plague on them. Another Surgeon writes, that no more than 10 Persons have died there in two Months, and that the Physicians and Servants who tended them, did not fall sick. From M. le Bret, Sept. 12. and 13. At Aix but 79 Persons have been under Quirantain, and some of them are discharged daily j an Inhabitants are perfuming their Houses. There has not been any sick at Arles since the 25th of August. Thoulon is wholly free r Plague, and there are very few Sick in its Territory. Mar- seilles has had none dead or sick for several Days, those that served in the Hospitals are going t0 perform Quarantain. From the Vis- count de Beaune, Sept. 5 and 10. Marvejols continues in a very bad Condition, the Distemper has spread into some of the neighbouring Villages, but the Frontier of Auverhne is guarded in such a manner, that there is all Reason to believe it will not penetrate into that Province. From M. Eury, Intendant in Avergne, Sept. 13. La Canorugue, Banassac, Montferrand, and Serres, are clear of the Plague. St. Le- ger de Peyre, Yaladon, Chapginiez, Villeneuster, and Vergogneux,. continue in a bad Condition. From Jackson's Letter. On Saturday last, the Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament, to Sell the late Directors Estates, met at the South Sea House, and had under examination all of them, in relation to their Deeds & c. which by a Clause in the said Act they are obliged to bring in by the 20th instant, and on refusal, the said Trustees may commit them to the common Goal without Bail or mainprize. Great Numbers of Deeds have been accordingly brought in by them, but upon an Oath tendred to them as the Act directs, namely, that they had deliver'd in the whole they were possess'd of, from, or within a certain time ; they all refused to take it, saying, they thought the Act too strict , and that their Memories might fail them : However at last Arthur Ing- ram, and Francis Eyles Esqs; did take it, as did this Day two more. Yesterday the Corpse of Matthew Prior, Esq; was carry'd from the Jerusalem Chamber and splendidly interr'd in West- minster- Abby. Bank- stock was 116. India 140. South- sea 128. Advertisements' ADVERTISEMENT APurse with 3o Guineas., given by the Right Honourable Earl of Chester field, will. be run for by any Horse, Mare or Gelding, 14 Hands high, car- rying 10 Stone, and all above carrying Weight for Inches. That hath not at a- i, y one Time won the Value of 10 Guineas in Plate or Money, the best of 5 Heats, upon the Rowditches near Derby in Derbyshire. On Tuesday the 17th Day of October next. The Articles to be seen at John Yeoman's in Derby. And on Wednesday the 18th of October, a Purse with 10 Guineas given by the Ladies, will be run for on the ame Place, by any Horse, Mare or Gelding not above 14 Hands high, carrying 9 Stone Weight, give and take. And on Thursday the 19' th of October, a Purse with zo Guineas, given by the Gentlemen, will be run for on the same Place, by any Horse. Mare or Gelding not exceeding 6 Years old, that never won the King's Plate, carrying 1o Stone. Artciles for the two last Purses of Guineas, are also to be seen at the said John Yeoman's. Note, All the Horses, & c. that run for the said Guineas; to be enter'd at the faid John Yeoman's the 10 Day of October, and from that Day to be kept as the Town of Derby till the Day of running. ABlack Mare, with a little Star in the Forehead and some white Hairs on the far Fetlock, which came by a stroke a little above the Cambril, come four Years old; Strayed or otherwise Covney'd. from Little- Sheffield- Mate Sept- If one can give Notice of her they shall be well contented by me William Garvis, in Colepitt- Lane, Sheffield
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