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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic


Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer page 1
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic
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The Weekly Journal : Or British Gazetteer Being the freshest Advices Foreign and Domestic

Date of Article: 22/07/1721
Printer / Publisher: J. Read 
Address: White-Fryars, near Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 2
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British Gazetteer. DENMARK. Hamburgh, July IS. Advices from several Parts say,, that the Elector of Mentz is dangerously ill ; and accOr- ding to our Letters from Dresden. publick Prayers are order'd thru' all that Electorate,. for. the Health Of the electoral Princess of saxony, whose Pregnancy is cast a Doubt. The same Letters add, that the Kng has re- ceived a melancholly Account from Poland, of the Dis- afFection oF the Nobility of that Kingdom, and the Mis- understandings between the Deputies of the several Pala- tinates; which makes it fear'd, that the ensuing General Diet will separate like the former, without coming to any Resolution for the Good of the Republick . NETHERLANDS. Hague, July 26 " 1 here are Letters directly from Stockholm, which say, That the Preliminaries of Peace are not only sign'dr but sent to the respective Courts of Sweden and Muscovy to be ratified : The same Advices add, that the King of Sweden having had a Return of his Fever his Physicians look upon him to be in very great Danger, FRANCE. Canourgue, July 1. Four or five Persons have died of ^" Y- ' within these few dAys at Colongue, la Ro. que tV in the Infirmary, and some likewise in the little Village of Maleville and Branave, for which reason the Houses and Villages are ordered to be shut up, and the inhabitants to retire to the neighbourhood Of Courrejat And this Place. M. de Rothes who commands tho Troops of the Line drawn up in these Parts, has caus'd a Corporal and five Soldiers to be shot to Death, and to be Buried with all their Cloaths, Arms, Tools and Ac- coutrements, for having disobey'd Orders, in going be- yond their Line's towards Courregat to steal Sheep Paris, July 13. The last Letters from Rome advise, that the Pope had some attacks of the Strangury, or stop- page of his Urine, which had hinder'd him from per- forming the Holy Offices on St. Peter's Day, but as he has been since much better, they hope it will be attended with no dangerous Consequences. Last Thursday, the first President of the Parliameent, treated at Dinner all the Princes of the Blood, with a Party of the Dukes and Peers, and several Presidents a Mortier. The Entertain- ment was very sumptuous, during which, several Songs were sung of the Duke de la Force. ' Tis thought the said Duke, after this turn of his Affairs, will retire to some of his Country Seats. The Turkish Ambassador continues to view the Curiosities of this Place, and will, ' tis said, set out next Week, but will take no Audience Leave of the Archbishop of Cambray, for particular Reasons. On the 15th, the Sieur Boit, Member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, and formerly Cabinet Painter to the King of Great Britain, drew the King's Picture in Enamel, In the same magnificent Ha- bit which his Majesty wore when he gave Audience of Leave to the Turkish Ambassador. Paris, July 26. On the 22d the King was somewhat indisposed, but is perfectly well again. On the i; d, the Duke d'Aumont fell into a Fit of an Apoplexy : He was blooded twice, and has since taken an Emetick Medicine j but ' tis much fear'd he will not recover. . „ . - , The Archbishop of Cambray receiv'd Yesterday Ad- vice from Rome, of his Promotion to the Dignity of Cardinal gREAt ITALY. Leghorn, July 5- GERMANY. Vienna, July ii. An Express from the Imperial Se- cretary ic Constantinople, has brought Letters, which advise, that the Grand Vizier has given him fresh Assu- rances of the peaceable Dispositions of the Ottoman Porte buT THE Turkish FOrCeS augmenting about Nissa, and having laid two Bridges over the Danube, our troops keep a watchful Eye on their Motions; and Prince Alexander of Wirtemberg, who commands in Belgrade has already assembled some Forces to oppose the infidels, in case they should attempt to make an Incur- sion into Transylvania. ( Price Three Halfpence.; Saturday, JULY 22, 1721. BY a French Ship, Captain Auger, from Sosa in Bar- baiy, we have Advice by Letters from Tunis, dated the 31st past, that a new English consul was arriv'd there from Port Mahone ; but was oblig'd to perform a Quarantine of 81 Days: That a Vessel was arriv'd from Tripoli, with Advice that the Rebel Coggia had defeated the Army of the Bey of Tripoli, who fearing that the Victor would march directly to that City, and declare himself Bey, had sent his Treasure to the Island of Gerbes, intending, if Necessity urg'd, to fly thither himself. The same Ad- Vices add, that the two Rovers that narrowly escap'd being taken by the Maltese Men of War, who actually took a Third that was in Company with them, being return'd to Tunis, the Bey of thar Place imprison'd the two Captains, who are both Renegadoes ; and that there a Report , that the Algerine Rovers have taken two . Dutch Vessels, one from Holland, the other from St. Ubes, laden with Salt and Brandy, and an English Ship from Ireland, because he had not a Certificate that she belong'd to that Nation. Milan. July 1. We have certain Advice from Rome, that an Express was arrived there from Scotland with a Letter to the Pope, Dispatched by the Pretenders Ad- herents, wherein they beseech his Holiness to imitate the Example of his Predecessor, in making necessary Pro- vision for an abandon'd Prince and his increasing Fa- mily: That thereupon his Holiness immediately assem- bled the Sacred College to Deliberate on the said Affair, and that they had acquiesced to a reasonable Mainte- nance for him, provided the same be not taken out of the Publick Treasury. Milan, July g An Order is come from the Court of Vienna to inspect all the Prisons in this Dutchy, and to from thence all the Prisoners who are fit to serve in the Imperial Regiments here. According to our Ad- vice-, from Genoa, the Regency of that Republick has declared the Estate of the Noble Justiniani, tho' made over in Trust, subject to the Payment of what is due to the English Nation, and intend to send a Minister to the Court of Great- Britain to treat of that Affair. commanded by the Duke of St. Alban's Son, the Lord Vere, who is appointed to Cruize off the Isle of Wight; to oblige the Homeward- bound Ships to perform Qua- rantain: His Orders from the Admiralty are very strict, particularly impowering him to examine all Ships and their Clearings he suspects, and if they refuse to bring too, to fire upon them, and if they are to perform Quarantain, to oblige them to put into the next Place appointed for that purpose. The Royal George, a Ship of 500 Tuns, is almost equipp'd and freighted for Cartagena, Portobello, and Buenos Eyres, on the South Sea Company's Account, and will suddenly put to Sea. ' Tis said an Extraordinary Envoy is expected here to adjust. the Affair relating to M. Justiniano, who some time since contracted large Debts in England. Wednesday Sir David Hamilton went Post to the Earl of Essex's Seat near Watford, to Visit her Grace the Dutchess of Queensberry and Dover, who is fallen dangerously ill there. We hear a Clause is order'd to be added to the South. Sea Sufferers Bill, for allowing Appeals from the Com- missioners appointed to sell the late Directors Estates, to any three of the Judges. On Saturday last the Honourable Anthony Lowther Esq; Brother of the Lord Viscount Lonsdale, ' was unani- mously chosen Member of Parliament for the Borough of CockermoUth, in the County of Cumberland, in the room of the Lord Peircy Seymour, deceas'd.- , : The Royal Exchange and London Assurances having lately petition'd for Relief in Relation to the Sum of Money they are to pay TO the Government, we hear that Wednesday some favourable Resolutions were taken upon that Subject, which are to be reported this Day. Captain Stredwick hath disposed of his Post in the 1st Regiment of Guards, in favour of Captain Titch- burn. The three young Princesses . have been all lately in- disposed, and Princess Anne, the Eldest, hath had the Measles, but so very favourably, that her Highness is al- ready pretty well recover'd It was currently reported some Days ago, that Gene- ral Nicholson, Governor of South Carolina, had dy'd In his Voyage thither ; but the same is now contradicted, there being Advice newly come of his Excellency's being in good Health, and safely arriv'd at his Government aforesaid. They write from Dartmouth of the 16th Instant, that the Caesar of London, bing come from Holland, set sail that Morning for Philadelphia, having on board 130 Palatines that are going to settle in that Country. They write from Standgate Creek of the 18th Instant, that the Vine from Malaga, the Lyon from Rochel, and the Elizabeth and Mary from Bourdeaux, were newly come in there to perform Quarentine. Letters from Weymouth of the 15th Instant bring Advice, that a Fire broke out in the West End of that Town, which consumed four or five Houses before it could be extinguish'd. A Treaty of Marriage is On foot between the Rt. Hon. Henry Coote, Earl of Montrath, in the Kingdom of Ireland, and Representative of the Borough of Knares- borough in Yorkshire, and the Lady Diana Newport, the Earl of Bradford's Daughter. The Rt. Honourable the Lady Viscountess Grimston miscarried last Week at the Bath , but is in a fair Way of Recovery. Wednesday Mr. Greenwood, Author of an English Grammar, was chosen by the Court of Assistants of the Mercers Company, second Master of St Paul's School, in the room of the Rev. Mr. Steel, deceased. Our last Letters fiom Yorkshire inform us, that about a 1oo Men are daily employ'd in Mr Aislabie's Park at Rippon, in cutting Canals, Walks, & c. Last Wednesday the Duke and Dutchess of Marl- borough dined with Mr. Bateman and his Lady, thei Grace's Grand- daughter at their Seat at Tooting in Sur- rey. A Description of the monstrous Fish, or Sea- Dog. which was taken on the Coast of Naples the 6th Day of June. Some little time ago, a Waterman going to fish in the shallow Road, known by the Name of Magdalen Bridge, was unfortunately devour'd by a large Sea Dog; The Rev. Mr. Mills having resign'd being Master of the Free- School at tottenham High- Cross, the Reverend Mr. Thompson is, by the Majority of the Trustees, ap- pointed to succceed him. One Night last Week, Mr. Arnold, Deputy Secretary at War, and Captain Bembow, of the Marquis of Win- chester's Horse, came together in a Hackney Coach to Mr. Arnold's House near Golden Square, where the lat- ter was set doWn, and order'd the Coachman to drive the Captain home to his Lodgings, in the next Street ; but the Coachman instead thereof, finding Mr. Bembow in Wine drove him out towards St. GileS's PoUnd, and was carrying him farther into the Fields'; when the Captain recovering himself, got, out of the Coach and had done himself justice On the Villain, if he had not drove away all the haste imaginable towards Tottenham, and has not been since heard of. 1 . Last Friday Night the Corps Of the Reverend Dr. Newton was interr'd at his own Parish Church of St. Austin, where the Reverend Mr. Oliver, Rector of Ab- church, and Lecturer of St. Austin, preach'd his Fune- ral Sermon. The Doctor has left behind him the Cha- racter of a Person of great learning, and Orthodox Prin- ciples.; there was a very numerous Congregation of both Clergy and Parishoners to hear the Sermon : ' The Pall was supported by six Doctors. Last Monday an Officer of the Horse Guards stabb'd a poor Carpenter yery dangerously, on the road hear Hammersmith; for which he was bound over to the Sessions', tho' it was indeed generally allow'd the Carpen- ter gave the Provocation. The ReVerend Mr Kinnersley, who has been long confin'd. in the King's bench is now enlarg'd, and preach'd last Sunday at his Parish CHurch in the Little Minories', to the great Joy and SatiSfaction of all the Parishioners Last Tuesday their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, attended by several of the Nobility of their Court, took a Walk in Rensington- Gardens before Dinner : Preparations are making at Governor Pitt's House, in the Pall Mall, for the Countess Dowager of Stanhope, who is to lye in their. On Monday last, two remarkable Accidents happen'd at the Earl of Essex's House at Cashebury near Watford in Hertfordshire ; viz. Peter Hewson, the Earl's run- ning Footman who lately won the famous Foot- Race from London to York and back again, attending on his Lord to his Chariot, being in Liquor, fell under the Wheels and was squeez'd to Death : The same Day, a Footman belonging Beau Nash, fell from a black Cherry- Tree, in the said Earl's Garden, and broke his Neck and died on the Spot. The Lord Bishop of London is preparing to set out for the Diocese of Durham, to confirm and to do other Episcopal Offices, on the behalf of the Bishop of that See, who by reason of his great Age and Infirmities, is . render'd incapable_ of acting himself Mr. Arne an Undertaker of King street, Covent- . Garden, is gone down to Buckinghamshire, to bring up the Body of the late Earl of Jersey, in order to its be- ing interr'd in Westminster Abbey. The East India Goods have fallen mightily within this Week past, as is suppos'd, upon the News of the Other east India Ships. ' Some- time next Week a Match of Scolding is to be at Battersea, between four Women for a Holland Smock On Tuesday last the Assizes ended at Hertford, where three Persons were Convicted of Felony, two of which were order'd for Transportation, and one burnt in the Hand One Joseph Moulder was Tried for assaulting Sarih NOrman, a Girl, with intent to Ravish her ; but the Rape not Appearing, he was order'd to be Whipt. On Tuesday last the Right Hon. the Earl of Notting- ham set outfor his Seat in Rutlandshire Wednesday his Grace the Duke of Marlborough set out for Woodstock, to stay there some time. '.', On Monday last the Lord Milsingtown's Horse won ' the Galloway Plate at Hounslow ; as did the Earl 0f Drogheda's Snip Mare the next Day's Plate at the same Place, on which Occasions there was a vast Concourse of : the Nobility and Gentry there. ' His Majesty's Ship Lyme has Orders to take on board 15000I. to pay the Dock- Yard at Plymouth: She is
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