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The Evening Post


Printer / Publisher: Printed E Berington in Silver-street Bloomsbury and Sold by E. Morphew near Stationers Hall 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1869
No Pages: 3
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The Evening Post
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The Evening Post

Date of Article: 22/07/1721
Printer / Publisher: Printed E Berington in Silver-street Bloomsbury and Sold by E. Morphew near Stationers Hall 
Address: White-Fryars, near Fleet-street, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1869
No Pages: 3
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The Evening Post. Numb. 1869. From Thursday July 20. to Saturday July 21. 1721 Petersburg, June 30. tHE Czar, Prince Mensicoff, and the high Admiral Apraxin, were this Day, En- tertain'd at Dinner by Romadofsky. The Young Count Golofskin who was to have attended the Duke of Holstein, as High- Steward, is now appointed by His Czar- ish MaJesty to go and Execute a Secret Commission at a Foreign Court which some say, is that of Spain. ' Tis talked that the Duke of Holstein, who is still at Revel, will wait there the Success of the Negociations of the Congress at Newsted. Rear Ad- miral Gordon is return'd, with the 6 Men of War under his Command, to Cronslot. Abo, July x. This Morning a Fire broke out in a Russian Warehouse, and the Wind blowing very hard at the same Time, 60 fine Houses and 100 Russian Shops were soon burnt to Ashes. A Ship from Lubeck arrived here this Morning, but the Master perceiving the City in Flames, put off to Sea again as soon as possible, , . ."'-- Stockholm, July 9. We have now receiv'd Advice that the Russian Gallies, who for some time past have been pillaging and destroying the Countries along the Coast in the Bothnick Gulf, are with- . drawn, pursuant to an Order brought them from the Czar by a Lieutenant; But although the Hostilities are ceased, yet the Inhabitants of those Parts will not be able to furnish any Supplies this Year by reason of the great Losses they have suffered. • .5 S Vienna July 12. Here is Advice from Rome, that Cardinal d'Althan Mi- nister of the Emperor at that Court, still refuses treating with Cardinal Spinola, as Secretary of State to the Pope. , Copenhagen, July' 18. On the 16th Instant the Queen made her publick , Entry here from Frederiksborg. Hamburg, July 22. The last Letters from Stockholm advise that the News of the Conclusion of the Peace is daily expected from Neu- stad, the Swedes consenting to yield up the half of Finland, River Kymen, and that the Czar seems not to insist any longer upon the Duke of Holstein's Succession to the Crown of Sweden, especially since M. de Campredon, ' Envoy of France has represented to his Czarish Majesty, that in cAse he would not desist from that Point the Swedes would absolutely. break off the Negociations at Neustad, - and undego the utmost Extremity before they would con- sent to a Proposition of that Sort. 1 IT . ; . > A Description of the monstrous Fish, or Sea- Dog, which was taken on the Coast of Naples the 6th Day of last June. SOme little time ago, a Waterman being Swimming in the Shallow Road, Named Ponte Magdalen was unfor- tunately devour'd by a large Sea Dog ; in the very sight of several Fishermen, who bad the good Fortune to get off ; but reflecting on the Prejudice which this would do their Fishe- ry, they took care to provide several Instruments of Iron, and large Steel Fishing Hooks4 then getting on Board several Boats, they followed the Monster which was often seen near that Place. On the 6th of June they discover'd the Fish, • and threw out a Hook baited with a Horses Buttock, but the Monster as if he had been sensible of their Intent, refus'd to take the Bait. Finding that this Stratagem would not prevail, they pitch'd upon another, which was, throwing a Cord into the Sea with a slip Knot baited in the middle, the ends whereof they held. The Monster seiz'd the Bait so very greedily, that his Head dipt quite thro' the Noose, and the Fishermen pulling the ends of the Cords laid fast hold on their Prey ; the fish to disengage it self, gave such a spring that he pitch'd Tail over Head upon the Shore, broke the Nape of his Neck; and was left upon the Sand, to the unexpressible Joy of the Fishermen . and Spectators. That Monster was of the Length of Twenty Hands, his Mouth and Throat of an excessive Wideness, with three Rows of Teeth in his upper, Jaws and one Row in the under one. He had two Finns three Hands lorg and a third up- on his back longer than the other two. His Tail was in the Shape of a Bow six Hands wide his, Belly was not pro- portionable to the rest of the Body, being 14 Hands in cir- cumferenc WHen they came to examin it it, prov'd to be a She, and weigh'd 400 P0Unds. The next Day, the Fishermen open'd the Fish, and in it Belly were several Fish- es found, with half a Man's skull, which had still some Hair left- upon it; there were also the two Legs with part of the Backbone and Ribs. The Neopolitan Committee of Health order'd that the Fish should be burnt, least the Stench of It should infect the Air. , London, July 22. Information having been made against about, 50 Persons, many of which are Brewer's Servants, for cursing and swea- ing 14 of them who refused to pay the Penalties incurred were set in the Stocks last Tuesday at Holborn Bars ' That part of the Preamble of the Bid for raising money . out of the Estates of the late Directors, relating to Mr. Aislabie agreed to; as also that part of the preamble re- lating to Mr. Craggs' Senr. . ... * Mr. Parker the sollicitor, was not whipt on Thursday as mentioned in some of our last. I On Wednesday last died the Honourable Mr. Vane, eldest son of the Lord Viscount Vane of the Kingdom of Ire- land. and Grandson of the Lord Barnard. It is thought, the bishop of Norwich will be translated to the see of winchester ; Dr. Greene, Archdeacon of Can- terbury and rector of St. Martin in the Fields, made Bishop of Norwich; and Dr. Wilcox, ( who is a Preben- dary of westminster) rector of the said Church of St. Martin's. Yesterday Walter Kennedy, the Pyrate, formerly men- tion'd, was executed at Execution Dock. Yesterday Bank Stock was t 30. India 135. African 29 cue half. Unsubscribed Lottery, Annuity 99, York Buil- dings 26 one half, to 26 one qr. Royal Exchange Assurance 9 3 qrs.' to 9 one qr. London Assurance 8 3 qrs. to 8 one half. ,.- t'. This Day at Noon South- Sea Stock was 128 one half. Bark 130. India 137. African 29 1 half Royal Ex- change Assurance 9 1 half. London Assurance 8 5 8ths. York Buildings 26 1 half. ADVERTISEMENTS. Just Publish'd, ( Dedicated to the College of Physicians) [ » ] experienc'd measures how to manage the Small Pox ; to which is added, The Proper Method to be used in the Plague confirm'd by Authorities, and supported by Reason, being a Supplement to the Discourses already Published on that Subject. By Edward, Strother, M. D. of the College of Physicians. Printed for C. Rivington at the Bible and Crown in S. Paul's Church- yard. pr. as. Where also may be had, ,, I. Dr Stother's Critical Essay on Fevers. The 2d Edition. II. The Disourse on Causes and Cures, 2d Edition. III. Dr. RadclifF's Practical Dispensatory, 4th Edition, Publish'd by Dr. Strother. The Fourth Edition of, t* t Dr Lower's and several other Eminent Physicians Receipts, containing the best and safest Method for curing most Diseases in human Bodies, viz. Agues Appoplexy, Asthma, Biting of a mad Dog, bleeding at the Nose, bloody Flux, sore Breasts, short Breath, Cancer, CholicK, Consumpuon, Convulsion Fits, Cough, Dia- betes, Dropsy, dulness of Hearing, Fistula, Gangreen, Gout, Gravel, Green sickness, Head- ach, Hysterical fits, Jaundice, Palsie, Pleurisie, Quinsie, Rickets, Rupture, scald Heads, Scurvy, spitting of Blood, Spleen Stone, Stoppage in the Stomach, Teeth ach, & c. very useful for all sorts of People especially those who live remote from Physicians. Printed for Robert Gosling at the Middle Temple- Gate in Fleet- street, and Samuel Butler next Bernard's inn in Holborn. Pr. bound 1 s. This Day is Publish'd, • Dissertatio de Moderatione Theologica Probata ex Principiis Religionis Protestantium. Auctore D. M. Lon- dini apud Thomam Bickerton, ad Insigne Coronae in vico, vulgo, Pa- ter- noster row. Next Week will be Publish'd, Eight Sermons preach'd at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, in Defence of the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ ; upon the Encouragement given by the Lady Moyer, and at the Ap- pointment of the Lord Bishop of London, By the Rev. Dr. Knight. Printed for J. bonwick, W. and J. Innys in St Paul's Church yard. To be Let for Term of Years, ADairy farm, situated upon a Navigable River within 40 Miles of London, containing about 70 Acres of very Rich Meadiw Ground, & c. well parted and inclosed, with o- ther Conveniences. enquire of Mr. Dobs, Poulterer, at Temple- bar. Just published,, *-{-* Demosthenes & aEschines de Falsa Lega- tione Graece. Grammantia Rationis sive Institutiones Logicae. p. Episc. Tell. Eighteen Sermons on several Occasions. By Tho. Newlin, M, A, Fellow of Magdalen- College, Oxon. Fifteen Sermons on several Occasions by Richard Duke, late Rector of Witney in Oxfordshire. And in few Weeks Will be publish'd,' 15 Sermons, all preach'd before the University of Oxford, by digby Cotes, M. A. Publick Orator to the University. A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, by Hen, Maundrell. M. A, the 4th Edition. All printed for the Anth. Poisley, Bookseller, Oxon FAmous Drops for Hypcchondriack Melan- cholly ; which effectually cure on the Spot, by rectifying the Stomach and the Blood cleansing them from all Impurities, and giving a new Turn to their Ferment, attenuating all viscous and tenacious Hu- mours ( which make the Head heavy, clog the Spirits, confuse the Mind, and cause the deepest Melancholly, with direful Views and black Reflections comforting the Brains and Nerves, composing the hurried Thoughts, and introducing bright lively Ideas and Pleasant briskness, instead of dismal Apprensions. and dark Incumberances of the Soul letting the intellectuals at Liberty to act with Courage, Serenity, and steady Chearfulness, and causing a visible diffusive Joy to reign in the Room of uneasie Doubt-, Fears. & c. for which they may be truly e- steem'd infallible. Price 3 s. 6 d. a Bottle with Directions. Sold only at Mrs. Bell's Bookseller at the Cross Keys and Bible in Cornhill near the Royal- Exchange . IN Compassion to such as are unfortunately harrassed with old Seminal Weaknesses, and so nauseated and tired with taking Medicines, as to resolve to endure the worst Consequences rather than take more, a Surgeon of the greatest Eminence has been prevailed upon to cause to be publish'd a Chymical Liquor, which without any thing taken by the Mouth, or the least difficulty or unea- siness, cures the most severe seminal Weakness, tho' of many Years standing, in a few Days as perfectly as if NO such thing had ever been as he has long experienced on great Numbers in private Practice, with- out its once failing, tho' he never before would consent to the expo- sing this or any other Medicines to Sale in a publick Manner ; and that ' it may be as easie in Price as it is safe and certain in its Effects, he has fix'd it at but half a Guinea a Bottle, which contains more than enough to cure the most stubborn Seminal Weaknesses that ever was. Sold only it Mr. Miles's a Turner's at the Griffin, next Door to the Bolt and Tun- Inn in Fleet street, seal'd up with Directions. Just Publish'd, for the Uj'e of Schools, the Second Edition, ( being the most useful and instructive Method for Begin- ners') af, *** Phaedri Augusti Caesaris Liberti, Fabularum aesopiarum, Libri quinque. Quibus adjiciuntur Index locupletissimus Grammatico Practicus Vocabulorum omnium Fabulis in iisdem conten- torum. Una cum Interpretatione eorum Anglicana Praxique Gram- maticali. Quibas singulae voces idiomate vernaculo exponuntur, artif- que ad regula revocantur ; Quarum auxilio Tyrone, utut Artis Gram- maticae adhuc rudes ( vel marte proprio) pensa sua Phoedriana accu- rate idque facile & jucunde absque ullo, aut sibi ipsis taedio, vel docto- ri negotio addiscere possint Opera 8c Studio N. Baily, Ludimagistri, Printed for D. Brown, at the Black Swan without Temple- Bar, THE GOUT surprisingly Cured by a Particular Specifick Secret to be taken in a Glass of Wine. It takes off the most Torturing Fit: ef- fectually secures the Stomach from being attacked, and restores those to the Use of their Limbs who were entire Cripples before. —• Also an easie Cure for Persons harrass'd with Seminal Weakness & c. See Particular Accounts of these Methods of Cure in the Treatises on these Subjects given Gratis at Mr. Garway's at the Royal Exchange Gate ; and at the Anodyne Necklace for Chil- dren's Teeth without Temple- bar. Where, are also given away the other Treatises on the Anodyne Necklaces; and the plague, dedi- cated to Sir Hans Sloane, President of the College of Physicians POSTSCRIPT. London, July 22. This Day we had one Mail from Holland, and one from France. from the Amsterdam Gazette, July 29. Hague. July 27. MR. Whitworth ambassador Extraordinary and Ple- nipotentiary of his Britannick Majesty, arriv'd here 2 DayS ago from Berlin, with his Lady and the Son of Sir John Norris. from the Supplement to the Amsterdam Gazette, July 29. Petersburg, July 6. This beieg the Anniversary of the Birth of the Czar, the same is kept it Court with much Splendor, moreover in Order to add something to the Universal Joy, His Czariih majesty has caused to be given to the Publick, a Relation ot the late Expedition of the Ruffians, on the Coast of sweden ; Importing in substance : That Lieutenant General Lesly having been detach'd by Prince Gallikzin, who commands in Finland, with a Squa- dron of Gallies, on Board which were 5000 Veteran Land- Forces, and 370 Cossacks; he sail'd from Aland the 27th of May, and arriv'd the next Day on the Coast of Sweden, be- fore a Place call'd Estgrund in the Neighbourhood of Gefle, there he Landed his Troops. At first he directed his March along the Sea- Side, towards Suderham and Leckwiksholm, and afterwards as far as Uma. in all upwards ot 100 Swedish Leagues, meeting with so little Resistance, that in his long March, he had but 11 of his Men either wounded or killed, 1Oo Swedes were slain, and 47 taken Prisoners. Our Men took 1 Standard, 4 Colours, 2 Brass and 5 Iron Cannons, 3 Trumpets 10 Pair of Kettle- Drums. Moreover they burnt 6 New Gallies, 2 Merchant ships and 25 other vessels, on » Board which among other things, they found, 497 Muskets and about 4000 Ells of Linnen. They burnt down a Ma- gazine of Ammunition and Arms, destroy'd a Work House where Fire- Arms were made, 12 Iron Works or Forges 13 Mills, Reduc'd to Ashes 4 Cities, viz.. Suderham, Gudwinks- wald. sunwald and Ernsland, 5o9 Hamlets, 98 Parish Towns, 334 Barns, & c. Stockholm, July 16. The King finds so much Benefit by drinking the Waters of Medwig, that ' tis hop'd his Majesty will shortly be perfectly recover'd, tho' indeed the 3d Return he had of his illness was more Violent than the 2 former. Vienna, July 16. They write from Rome that Cardinal Alberoni has made the Pope a Present of 300,000 Florins, inconsideration Of which, he is to be allowed entire Liberty in Rome, and the full Enjoyment, of all Priviledges and Im- munities annex'd to the Dignity of Cardinal. London, July 22. This Morning Josiah Burchett, Esq; Secretary to the Admiralty, was marry'd to the Relict of Capt. Aris, who was a commissioner of the Navy at Plymouth. Mr. Daniel Graham is made Apothecary to his Majesty, in the Room of James Chace, esq; deceas'd. On Sunday the 16th lnstant arriv'd in the Downs the Royal African Company's Ship, King Solomon, Joseph Trahern Commander, having made a very advantageous Voyage ; and several others of the said Company's Ships are daily expected home. Col. John Huske, lately appointed Governor of Hurst- Castle, will stand Candidate for Member of Parliament for - Newport in the Isle of Wight, in the Room of Sir Tristram Dillington, deceas'd, and its thought he will be Elected. London Printed by E. Berington in Silver- street Bloomsbury, and Sold by E. Morphew near Stationers- Hall h IIC du IX lit r, n » > 1 In Bit tf A a) r'- ii f fiitf M iM p,* f* t
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