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The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post


Printer / Publisher: N. Mist 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post page 1
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The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post
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The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post

Birth of Charles Stuart
Date of Article: 28/01/1721
Printer / Publisher: N. Mist 
Address: Great Carter Lane, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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A A v c n i b Vile D i e s S A T v ft D AY January 28. 172 i. Idcc- Veneris Pharetris macer tft, nut Lampade fervtt, Itide faces ardent, men! ant a tkte Sagiitx. Juven, S I R , M O N G the many calamitous Cafes the prefent Misfortunes have brought upon the Nation, the following one, I believe, may deferve your Confideration. I am a Country Gentlewoman, part ( I'm afraid) the Meridian of my Age, but yet nor old ; remarkable neither for Beauty nor Deformity i mv Education has been fuch as has fpmilhed me v-' irh all the Female Accompliftiments to lome Perfe'fion, and given me, as I am told, not a dUagi'eealJie'TUflx" of Converfktion j with thefe Qualities and a fmall Fortune J have ftill rather been defpifed than coursed by th » GMtflemen ; and thoagh no one could give greater Encouragement than I did, the kindeft Things I could ever jSrovoke any cf them to fay of me was, Faith, the Woman's well enough ; — ' Tis Pity fhe has not more Money. I thought indeed, if I had any Prerenfions to the good Opinion of any Perfon, h was to Philargurus, a Gentleman endowed with every agreeable Quality, and ( till lately) fuppofed to have enjoyed a very happy Fortune : This Gentleman had for fdme time followed me into all Company, and directed all his D-' fcourle to me ; and in fliort, took every handl'omc Opportunity of ( hewing fo particular a Complaifance to mp, that a Woman of Ids Vanity than my felf might eafiiy have imputed it to Love ; I had too much Regard to liim to return his Civilities with Contempt, and roo much to my fejf, ever to feed the natural Vanity of your Sex by too great a Condefcenlion. Thus, Sir, we continued till the Time of the South Sea ;. far you muft know, though I am descended of a very honourable and honefl Family, I had fome Relations among the Direftors, by whofe friendly Advice I trufted my whole fmall Fortune In Stock and Sublcriptions ; which was fcarce " known, but Philargurus.) who underftood the great Value of thofe Cij'mprical Things, g « W palRona'tely in Love with me, which indeed he aifed beyond Sufpicion. Oh ! Mr. Mift, had you been a Witnefs to all the l'ofr, kind, tender f i r i n g s that fatal Youth has breathed with Kiffesfta my Lips; . to all th'e Vows, Oaths, asi^ Imprecations, wirfi which that * perjured Charmer has decei*<( d me, you would ealily ex'cufe the unhappy. Confidence I. put in him; every thing I did * vas agreeable ; every thirty I faid witty ; and my very Foll i e s and Itrparfeftions greS' infenfibly into new Beauties-: And ftsph, sir, is the powerful Force » f Flattery to our Sex, that as I grew more handfotne, more agreeable every Day in his Eye, I muft confefs I did fo in my ? wn ; I began to think my very Glafs flattered me, and feemed to confirm the Truth of thefe innumerable Charms which his deluding Tongue had fo liberally beftowed upon me. In this happy Delusion, I, Sir, true to my Sex, chjp' iaHnitely pleafed with his Addrefs, « hofe neither jp contemn^, rior too fooh to yield " to his Paflion,' hut. ga^ e him Room ' to' entertain the diftant but promifing. Hops of. a not reje^' leci Love : But upan the wild and nnexpcfi i i Succefs of the South Sea, together, with the Fear of a Rieal, my Lover grew fo very impatient, that it was with the utmoft Difficulty I could prevail. with him to fubmtt to thole Forms and Ceremonies in Courffhip, which make up the moft pleafant and agreeable Parr o f a Woman's, Lifjp : In Ihort, nothing but rhe mpft lblemn Exchange of nur Loves, and the moft inviolable Contract, could ftrisfy" him ' thart I did not. intent! to deceive ; and this was folemnly performed b'y both of us. But now, Mr. Afift, opens the fad Cauftjophe. My Lover, you muft know, wasa co/ jftant Frequenter, t. f the Coffee- hopies, and waited with as much Impatience tiie Return of rhe Port, as a Prime Minifter does the moft weighty Exprefs; in a little Time I fenfibly perceiv- ed a Decay . pf Pitftion ; his Loveturned to Civility, and his Impatience ' to Coldnefs; and though I had too much Vanity at firft to j impute the Rife of his Love to that of the Stock ; I had t^ o much Senfe not to fee it leflen with the Fall; I foon found he calculated the Inaeafe or Lofs of Beauty, like a Dutchman, that I grew fome Days Cent, per Cent, more difagreeaMe than before.; though indeed I could read in my Lover the gradual or extraordinary Fall of Stock as plainly as he did in the News- Papers. Now every Thing I faid was inlipjd ; my Behaviour grew aukward; I could not lo muchasfticka Patch to p leafe hi- m, andmy Fortune growing every Day iefs and lefs, is now reduced ro fo inconfiderable a Value, that I am tile direft Reverfe of what I was, and am grown downright intolerable. He- has now left the Country, and informed me by a Letter of his Refolution never to fee it more. I might here with great Juftjce exclaim againft the Ingratitude and ungenerous Behaviour of your Sex; whillt my Fortune could purchafe Diamonds, my Eyes were, all Brilliants, but now they are reduced to their natural Luftre, and burn like two Rufli- Lights ; my Hair, which was then exceeding far , is now returned to its original red, and the Sweetnels of my Lips, which that Ungrate too oft has praifed, is now left the Perquilite o. f my old Favourite Cat. Though this Behaviour, of his had fufficiently fixed me in. my Refolution never to have him, I was mighty deli to us of fat- isfying my Curiofity with the Reafons of fuch ungenerous Ufage ; upon which, at my Requeft, an intimate Friend to us both, went to him, and charg'd him with his diihonourable Praftices, his infinite Perjuries, ;: n I preficd him with the great Obligation of theCoctraft he h^ L lb folemnly made. Upon which the Gentleman, with a Modefty natural to his Country, told him plainly, that he confelfed indeed he had made a Contraft with the Lady, but he vow'd and protefted it was a Subfcriptibn Contraft, and confequentJy void for Want of a Receipt. That indeed the Ladv had given him the Refafal of her Stock too, but he feared it would never again bear fuch a Price, as to make it worth his Acceptance. Then with an infolent Air. fwore he pitied me but it was a common Calamity, — and he hoped to fee the Dire& ors puniftied. Now-, Sir, what vexes me, is not fo much the Lofs of the Fellow ( efpecially fince he is known to be the Spawn of a neighbouring Ifle, noted for having great Eftates abroad and none at Iiome) as the intolerable Pleafure my Difap, " poiaimtnx Pointment hu given my Female tfctajusintance ; for you muft know, when I thought my Happinefs lo near; , I grew exceeding pert, and was often too merry and jocofc with the Word Maid ( a Name moil of my Acquaintance have wore till'tis grown old.) And now they all know Philargurus has left me and the Country, they are continually teazing me with fo many ill- natured Queftions, and fpiteful Commendations df him, that they will l'carce give each other Liberty to fpeak. Lord, fays one, . he is a wonderful fine Gentleman, you need make it a Secret, - we all know he is gone for a Diamond Hoop. Well you are a happv r, ady — Well, I vow, fays another, you are grown excelfively melancholy fince he left the Country, but indeed the Abfence of fo agreeable a Lover might juftify a greater Concern, but without 4<> ttbt he joins in your Uneafinefs, andthinks the Time exceeding long, A 1 warrant you he will ride fcoft fmm Tama. • •-.- ,.- f^-, - Now, Mr. Mift, this is not to be borne ; I beg the ' Favour 6f you therefoie to recommend my Cafe to the World in the beft manner you can, that if the Parliament fliould think fit to fet afide all Subfcription Contracts und Bargains for Time, the Circumftances of my Cafe being confidered, they may in their profound Wifdom judge it reafonable to confirm- my Coutjaa, and luffer me to be excepted in tbe A f t , that how far foever the A f t may difappoint other Contractors, I may he always provided. I f I meet with no Succefs, I am determined fhortly to leave this Country ; for I cannot hear the Thoughts of living ^ nv longer here under the odious N-+ meof Spinfter. . - V Mrs; Philo- Br. tanni*. N. J. £ fy B* » ther, who has been at Oxford, and is juft ccuic frcm' the Temple, read this over, and has added fotnethinu of hii own, and fixed the Mot o, which, he lays, is mightily to the Purport - y I Lope there is r. o H- rm iu ic. S ! R , I Shall in this Leteer vindicate the Ceremonies of otir CHURCH from the Cavils of the Independent Whigs, who have attacked them with a more than common Malice and JJitternefs ;. their chief Objeftion againft them is, that Chrift having abolifted the Jewifh Ceremonial Laws, and enjoin'd the Ufe of no particular Ceremonies under the Chriftian Difpenfation, it is confequently unlawful, nay, deftru& ive of true Chriftianity to impol'e them. But it is certain in JJaft, that this Way of arguing is juftly chargeable wirh that, of which it fallly accufes our Church, the deftroying of all Religion ; for, if no uncommanded Ceremonies are to be ufed in the Chriftian Difpenfation, there can be no publiCk Worfhip of God at all. The Time, Place, Method, Oefture, and other Circumftances of ChriftianWoilhip, are nowhere in Scripture exprefsly determined; 1b that unlets the Governors of the Church be left to fettle thefe, as in their Prudence they fee moft conducing to Order, Decency, and Edification, all Chriftian Worftiip muft ceafe. Such a difcretionnry Power has been always thought to be included m St. P a u l ' s Precept, let all things be done decently, and in Order : This our Independent Whigs themfelves allow to be de- Jgned to prevent Confujion ; and how can that be prevented, where all she external Circumftances of religious Worfhip are left to every Man's Humour and Caprice ? What would a Congregation fo alfembled fo much refemble as the Builders o f Babel ? 4y> hut, lay they, it does not appear that the Corinthians, on reading this Text, concluded, that they were to ufe Surplices, Sue. And what then ? If they concluded, that they tvere to ufe fuch Ceremonies as were moft decent and expedient for that Time and Place, that is a fufficient Warrant for our Church to enjoin fuch as are moft decent and expedient now. There is no Neceflity that Ceremonies fhould be at all Times, and in all Places the fame ; for they have been, and may be changed according to the Diverfity of Countries, Times, and Mens Manners ; and every particular or national Church hath Authority to ordain, change and abolifh them, fo all things be done to edifying, as our 34th Article inftrufts us. This I urge in Relation to thofe Ceremonies in our Church; which are ufed in the Primitive, but the moft of thofe they iHftance in, are venerable primitive Vfages. I he Sign of th^ Crofs in Baptifm, however confuted by thefe Scoffers, as a Popijh Trick, we are allured by 7> rfullian was ufed in his Timt, in immortali l- avaero ; St. Cyprian Witnelies, That thofe who were thought worthy to be admitted to Chrijiietnity, were figned withit in their Foreheads ; and the lame Ufage is reckoned by&< Bsfit among the fixed Conftitutions of che Church ; and: it is no improbable Conjefture of fome liarned Commentators, that the Sign of the Crofs is that ^ t h which the Servants of the living God are marked in, the forehead, Rev. 7.4. O Bowing toward the Eaift was alfa an antient prunMve and no more implies that GC> d is prefect there only, than David's lifting up his Hands toward rho Temple ; and Daniel's praying, with li- s Fate toward Jerufalem imply, that they thought God • prefent only in that Quarter of the World. Let us hear what our' Independent:- Wnlgs urge, not only againft this, but al] Bowing in aivine Service. It it mfy fay they, enjoined in Scr: pttire. I reply, that it is in Scripture enjoined us, - that we ihould worfhip God with our Body, as well as Spirit, 1 Cor. 6. 20. and the external Modes of Woeihip are, by the Scripture Rule, to be fettled, as is moftde* cent and orderly ; and, if any Man is contentious againft the Determinations of the Church in thefe things, he k to be vouch fifed no other Anfwer than that of St. Paul, We haye no fuch Cufiom, neither the Churches of God, 1 Cor. 1 1 . 16. ' , • V v-\'" The Ufe of Vocal and Inftrumental Mufick in Divine Worfhip is a grievous Eye- fore to our Independent Whip, and they let icofe all their Satire and Buffoonry againft i t : And yet we find St. John, in the Seventh Chapter of the Revelations, d e i c r i b i n g the Four and Tar, try Riders and the Four Btajis falling down before the Lamb, ( Which til r e l y is C h r i f t i an Worship) having every one of them Harpr, and paging a new Song; and we aie commanded by St. Paul, to make ufe of Pf alms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, finging and making Melody in our Hearts unto the Lord. Eph. v. 19. Col, iii. 16. But, fay they, if two Ceremonies may be enjoyneti, why not tw » Thoufand? Which is as much as to fay, if you maintainthatthe Church may enjoyn as many Ceremonies as the Decency and Order of publick Worfhip require, why may fhe not by the. lame Power enjoin fo many as will deftroy all Decency and Order, and make it a ridiculous Piece Of Popery ? Men that argue at this idle Rate fcarce deferve a feriousA. 11lwer. As ro the fpecious Plea of Chriftian Liberty, all theTexts relating it ir evidently fpeak of a Liberty from the Yoke of the Jewifh Law ; but a Liberty from obeying our Church Governours, is fo far from being indulged, that we are exprefiy commanded to obey, them, who have the Rule o- jer as, and to fubmit out fetves unto them: And they who refufe to do fo, ujo their Liberty for a Cloak of Malicioufnefr, and are not the Servants ef God. F O R E I G N A F F A I R S. We have had one Mail from France and three f, om Holland fince our laft > the former continues a very melancholy Scene, which, though not fo bad as it has been, is ftili, indeed, bad enough, and the more fo, as this Was the only Seafon they hoped for Relief in ; and which, on the contrary, has been fo warm and favourable ro rht dreadful Calamity. the poor People there fuffer under, that they have nothing before them now but the fad Profpeft of the Spring's recurning the Malady, with all the additional Encreafe o f Malignancy that fuch an happy Circurnftance can be capable to add to it. They do not talk with fo much Aflurance as they did of the City of Toulon being free from the Infeftion ; but, on the contrary, fome Letters, as well this Poft as the laft, fay pofitively, that feveral Peifons have already died of the Plague in their La2arecro's, and that manymore lie now fick there of the fame Diftem per. In AIx ic rages with the utmoft Violence, and in fome Villages round it they have not an Inhabitant left, * in others not above one or two ; It has reached Pelamer in Languedoc, and even ac Marfeilles it felf, which was once faid to be entirely free, fince they allowed of a Communication with their Neighbours, the Contagion has been propagated afrefh, and they now loofe eighteen or twenty Perfons a Day of it there. The' Vigilance and Care of the French Government feem to be proportionally encreafed to this Encreafe of Danger, and. as loon as the Difeale triumphs over their Induftry, and. baffles its Attempts to ftop its Courfe in one Part, they moft indefatigably renew their Endeavours to check its Pro< rrefs 1 in another ; fo that ' tis not to be doubted, hur thatif'tTs in the Power of human Skill, they will yet confine it to narrower Bounds than the whole Kingdom of France, and prevent that general Defolation itfeems to threaten. This melancholy State of Things is attended with otherunpleafant Circumftances, iand the pacifick Profpeft w| gi* their Neighbours feems to be further off than was imagined- The Treaty at Cambray, they tell us, is again poftpon'd, and to fuch a piftance that we cannot, by all they write now, come to the leall: Knowledge of, when there may even be a Probability of th at Affair's being brought upon the Stage. The Court of Rome are in the Heighth'cf their Joy for the lafe Delivery of the Princefs Sobieski of a SON. Th « Chevalier, we are told, has rcceivei very large Remittances from his Friends, upon this Occafion, and he was himfelf extraordinarily munificent to the Midwife, whom- lie looked upon as the happy Inftrument o f his Heistitf for, befides upward*. • • -, , Upwards of twohundtcd Piftoles which fhe received from the Nobility prefent at the Labour, the Chevalier himfelf gave her a hundred Piftoles, declared her a Countefs, and has fettled a Penfion o f five hundred Crowns a Year upon her, for the Support of that Title. Thefe Letters make forae Alteration in the Names of the young Gentleman from thofe mentioned in our laft, and tell us, he was chriften'd C H A R L E S - J A M E S S T U A R T , Sdward- { Namesformerly dear to Britain) CaJimir- Le » if'Pi> il{ p- SilveJlre. that the Danes have begun to make Reftkutioa of Part cfP the Eftate of the Duke of Holftein, purfuant to their Stipulations with the Imperial Court, who, ' tis faid, will take partkular Care of the juft Demands of that young Prince at cb* enfuing Congrefs of Brunfwick. L O N ' O O N, Jan. 21. to the African Expedition ich, if true, would go far The Accounts we had relatin are not a little furprifing, and wl to perfwade tbe World, that the Spaniards have been acting a I arce there at other People's Expence, rather than their cfwn, in order to cover fome greater Delign, which their mighty Preparations might at firft be intended for, and which they diverted by this Expedient for want of a proper Seafon to put the other in Execution ; for, they tell us now, that inftead of pufliing on their Conqueft, and making the molt of their Succefs againft the Moors, they are all like * a come back ; that the Horfe, which they pretend are unserviceable on their Side ( though, Hts plain, the Moors find Meant It render their o- arn othermije) are f o r t h w i t h to be imbarked; and that as foon as the Works before Ceuta are levelled, and the Weather will admit, the whole Army are to march back to Ceuta, and from thence to be tranfported to Spain. Thefe things, indeed, are mighty oppofite to what they lent us fcy_ the very Poft before, and therefore, with fome Diftruft Vve receive them, firmly believing, that if what they novy write is real, nothing but Advantages fuperior to any tjiat are to be obtained in Africa, could engage them to liy afide the prelent Enterprize, or attempt any other till that was accomplifhed; but as thefe things cannot either way be long a Secret, we fhall, with lefs Uneafinefs wait for the Difcovery cf them. The religious Affairs in the Empire appear fo intricate and perplexed, that we . know not what to make of them, and whether they grow woife or better, is very hard to determine ; one while they amufe us with a l. ong Detail of a fpeedy friendly Accommodation ; and then again alarm tis with their unfuccefsful Attempts for reftoring Matters, and the new Difficulties ftarted in the Way to their Peace and Agreement ; lb that upon the Whole, as we arc much at a Lofs what to fay, or whether to believe thofe who tell us, that things will fhortly be compofed in an amicable Way, or thofe that allure they cannot, we chufe to refer our I'elvej and our Readers to the IfTue of the Cafe, which leems to be the only Medium we have to remove the Uncertainties we lie under. We have a Multitude of Letters by the Dutch Mails, and but very little News- They talk ftill of a fpeedy forming the Congrefs at Brunfwick, but the Time when is not ascertained. The Czar of Mufcovy has already appointed his Mmifters who are to affift at it on his Part, and ' tis faid not to be doubted, but that the Mufcovkes, in Compliance With the Imperial Court, will contribute all in their Power to a lalling, honourable Peace with the Swedes; which Conceflion in the former is the more acceptable to their Friends, as it feems to be voluntary, and they ( the Mufcovites) under BO Neceflityof making any. Things continue quiet in Poland, with Relation to their Civil DiiTentio- as, and the Prefence of Count Fleming, who js ftill at Warlaw, and at the Head of Affairs there, does not a littie contribute to i t ; he guards his Mafter's Intereft with all pofnble Care5 and in the Security of it finds his own ; tut that unhappy Kingdom, which is feldom long free of one Distemper or ether, begins to be again unealy from the Behaviour c f the Turks, the latter having made an Invasion on the Frontiers of Podolia, and ravaged and plundered the Country, laying it wafte where they cuiae, with Fire . and Sword, and carrying the Inhabitants into Slavery ; and that which is more alarming, the Turks have not only hithertb avowed the Tranlattion, and refafed to make any Reparation, Hut are alio ejitixafing their Armies on that Side, filling their old Magazines, and erefting new ones, and are, at leaft, putting themielves into a Condition of pulhing their Reientmcnts further, if they may judge it proper to do lo, which would but ill fair the prefent Situation of the Polifh Affairs, and therefore the latter are doing all in their Power to prevent thing's coming to Extremities, and, if poffiblc, ro prcferve the Peace with the Ottirnan Court, and lave their own Honour by having due Reparation made them for the Damages thex- have futrained, which together they may find no linajl Difficulty at this time to procure The Swedes have, at Length, got Polfeliion at Strallund in Pomerania, and its Dependencies, the Danes having evacuated it on the 17th Inilant, N. S. with the' Formalities, ui'ua. l on luch Occalions, and Major General Becker is appointed Governor of it, by hisSwediit Majefty. They add, The Stocks fince our 19ft are as follows. Saturday South Sea Stock was 180 for the Opening. and 3 d Subfcriptions no with the Dividend, for the New 34. Monday South Sea Stock was t8o ift, ad, and 3d Subfcriptions no Price. Price. Bank 145. India 160 Opening. Old African 44. far the Opening. Sank 145. India 160, with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African 44, New 34. Tuefday South Sea Stock was 180 for the Opening, ift, id, and 3d Subfcriptions no Price. Bank r£ i. India 146, with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African 40. New 29. Wednefday South Sea Stock was 1S0 for the Opening, ift, id, and 3d Subfcriptions no Price. Bank 142. India 147, with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African 40. New 28. Thurfday South Sea Stock was 180 for the Opening, ift, 2d, and 3d Subfcriptions no Price. Bank 146. India 170, with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African 44. New 34. Wednefday laft the Prices o f the following Commodities cc Bear Key were ; Wheat 17 to 39 s. per Quarter. Rye 14 to 15 s. Barley — 17 to 20 s. Oats — 8 to 13 s. Beans — i<> to 2a s. Hog Peafe 16 to 18 s. Malt — — 14 to 24 s. Rape Seed none at Market. Hops . 2 1. 5 s. to 3 1. 10 s. per HundrCcf. Coals • 26 to 28 s. per Chaldron. C A S U A L T I E S . Drowned in the River of Thames at St. Paul at Shaaweil 1. Overlaid 6. Chriftned Males 179, Females 180; in all 3 $ 9. Buried Males 246, Females 237 ; in all 483. Increafed in the Burials this Week 4J. The Clofe of laft Week the Committee appointed by the Honourable Houfe of Common's to infpect the Affairs of the South- fea, examined feveral of the Officers belonging to that Company, and among the reft Mr. Knight their Cafhier, whogiving very unfatisfa& ory Anfwers, and fearingthe I f l le of farther Tiyal, thought fit to leave his Family fince Satu • day Night, and proceed with great Precipitation for Dcvei, from whence we hear he croifed immediately over to Calais; upon the Difcovery of his having Withdrawn, a Proclaination was iffued out, prcmifing a Reward of two Thoulandi Pounds to any Perfon who Ihall apprehend him; and particular Orders given for a watchful Eye at the Ports to prevent the Efcape ofany fcf the Dke£ tors,- cf which Number five, viz. Sir John Fellows Bar. Sub- Governour, Sir John Blunt Bar. Sir John Lambert Bar. Sir Theodore Janfien Knight, and Bar. Jacob Sawbridge Efquire ; and Mr, Grigsby Accomptant, and Mr. Sirmond Deputy Treafurer of the fame Company, are, fince Examination, taken into Cuftody of the Sergeant at Arms, attending the Houfs of Commons, by order of that Houfe, and by order of the Houl'e of Lords the five following Directors are taken into Cuftody Of the Black- Rod, viz. Gibbons, Haws; Holditch, Chapman and Chefter. A competent Number to constitute a General Court for cartying 011 the Buiinefs of the Company till the next Election, are iti 1J at Liberty* Several cor, fide ruble Brokers have like — wife this Week paifed Examination, and their Accounts have been ordered to be produced, that it migjtit appear what Stack and S ubferiptions they have at any Time lold for the Officers of" t.' ie Exchequer and Treafury. And that nothing c inducing to the publick Welfare might be omitted, the King came to the Houl'e of Peers, and gave the Royal Affent to the Bill for hindering the Directors of the South- fen Company to go out c f the Kingdom ; to that for incapacitating the laid DireGcis to hold any Office, or give a Vote in the Bank, Eaft- lndia, or St> uth- fea Company; and to that for - obliging Ships better tp. perform Quaientine. The Bill for refhaining the Sut- Governour, Dkeftor, See. of the South- fea- company from going cut of rhe Kingdom, * - obliges C 676 QI-, . leliges them to enter into a Recognizance « f 1150001. e^ ch t afore the Barons of the Exchequer, that is, thcmfcfyes » » » trjoooo 1. and their Sureties in 25000 J. and their Officers are u give 50000 1. each not " to depart the Kingdom. It is lifceite made Felony for them to conceal any of their Eftefts, i, nd I'cloriy for any to affift them in efcaping; the faid Borons Vave Power to commit to thfe Fleet- Prilon Inch as fhall equiocate at their Examinations before them - f H O S E who cou'd lately with a Look, * Enaft, eftablifh, or revoke ; Whofe arbitrary Nods gave Law, And Frowns kept Multitudes in Awe, Before the Blufter of whole Huff, AH Hats, as in a StQrm blew off; Ador'd, and bow'd to by the Great, Down to the Footnian, and Valet; Had more bent Knees than Chapel Marts, And Pravers than the Crowns of Hat's ; Shall now be fcorn'd as wretchedly; For Ruine's juft as low as high ; Which might be fuffer'd, were it all The Horror that attends our Fall : For fome of them have Scores more large, Than Heads and Quarters can difcharge , And, others, who hy reftlefs fcraping, With publick Frauds, and private Rapine, Have mighty Heaps of Wealth amafwl, Wcu'd gladly lay t o w n all at laft ; And to " be but undone, entail Their VefTcls on perpetual Goal, And blefs the Devil to let them Farms .' - Of forfeit Souls, on lio worfe Terms. Httdiurafs, Canto, 2. Part 3. Mr. Edmonfon, another of the Direfrors, and Purfer of the Royal Anne, a Firft- Rate Man of War, is purluant to his Majefty's Order, removed from this latter Place, and is fucceeded by one Mr. Salter. Ambrole Page Efquire,/ and Coilonel Hugh Raymond, two Dire£ tors of the South- fea- company, are removed from the Commiffion of the Peace for the County of Middlefox. They talk of a Bill of Attainder being brought into Parliament of four Perfons, La/ l Week the Swedifh AmbafTador had a Ball at his Houfe in Arlington ftreet, for the Entertainment of the Nobility and Gentry, which, ' tis faid,. will be continued every Thurlday Night, tluring the Winter Seafon. v Mr. William Law, Brother of the . great Law, having oh- 5 tained Leave 0 f the French Court, is preparing to fet out for England. '" Air. Clifton a Printer in the Old Bailey, taken into Cuftody of a Meffenger laft Week for prinring a treafonable B l - > lad of the Birch of the Chevalier's Son, is committed to _ JNewgate ; but his Wife and Family who were likewife taken into Cuftody, are difcharged. On Sunday laft a Criminal made his Efcape from the Marfhallea- Prifon, difguifed in Womens Cloaths. One Day laft Week a young Fellow, ordered for Transportation, died in Newgate ; the Vacancy occafioned- by his v Death was filled up the fame Day by another committed for robbing his Mafter. The Men of War Fire- fhips, & c. are ordered to be careen'd and refitted out with Expedition for the Service of the Year enfuing, at Chatham, Sheefnefs, Woolwich, and Deptford, and luch of his Majefty's Sfeips as are deficient of Men to tie compleated. Our Merchants have an Account, that the Fortune- floop, Captain Taylor bound from Plymouth for Seville, and the Succefs of 120 Tun, Captain Kirk homeward bound from Alicant, are taken by a Barbary Rover of 18 Guns, and fent to Sallee, Laft Week a Boat coming' up the River was by a fudden Guft of Wind overfet betwixt Deptford and Greenwich, and eight Men therein were drowned. " We. hear that five or fix Frigates will be fitted out very foon to relieve thofe that are already cruizing at feveral Stations on the Coafts of the Englifh Settlement in America. We have Advice that Captain Steward hath in a Manner concluded the Treaty between his Majefty and the Empe- . ror of Morocco, for a free Trade, and the Redemption of Englifh Cap^ ves. They wr" from Ramfgate, that the Ifabella, Captain Norl from the Canaries, was lately loft on that Coaft, but the Men were all faved. They write alfo from Beachy- Head, that the Loyalty, Captain Howel, founder'd off of that Place in her Palfage from Briftol to London, and but three of the Men laved. ) They are building twa Ships of $,-, a Tuns each at Captain Brinf'den's Dock near Deptford, for the Service of the Eaft- India- Company, who have contracted for feveral others in the River. Some Days fince- died Mr. Smith at Hamerfmith, by whole Death an Eftate of 2001 per Annum defcends to St. John's College in Oxford, according to the Will of the late Doctor Ratciiffe, who bequeathed it" to cheaforefaid Gentleman for Life only. The Palatine Eiiyoy is fee out for France, in Order to return to Germany. Monday Night the Rt. Honourable John Aiflabie Efquire rciigned the Seals of Chancellor of the Exchequer. This Day Se'ennight at foilr in the Morning a Fire broke out- at a Houfe in Buil- yard, Gcfdea- Lane, - which burnt a Srable and three Horfes. And, On TuefHay laft a Fire broke out at a Diftillcr's, at the Corner of Crofs- Laris, Long- Acre, which was foori extinguifhed, without doing much Damage. _ We hear his Majefty is about. to appoint a MMm^ r - for the l^ ew- church in ihe Strand, and the fame is rd be opened in a few Days. Mr, Hefter is made Committee- clerk at the Houfe of Commons, in the Place of Mr. Colthorpe deceafed. Two Men of War are ordered for Newfoundland. We hear Sir Robert Sutton is hourly expected here from Paris. This Week one John Mafon, a Felon who had returned from his Tranfpottation before his time, was feized at the Poultry- compter, and carried before the Lord- Mayor, who commicred him to Newgate. Captain Molefworth, Commander of the Henrietta Yacht, lies at the Point of Death. Mrs Noel, one of the Maids of Honour to the Princefs, is given over by herPhyfician. On Thurfday the Governours of St. Bartholomew's Hofpital chofe Richard Brockhurft Efquire Treafurer of the faid Hofpital, in the Room of Peter Joy Efquire deceafed. On Thurfday laft the Reverend and Learned Dr. Andrew Snape, late the judicious Head- Mafter of Eaton, and now the worthy Provoft of King's- College inCambridge, was married to the Lady Sharp, VVidow and Relitt of Sir Jofhua Sharp, Kt. and Brother to the late moft pious Archbifhop of that Name, a Lady cf admirable Senfe, the ftri£ te# Virtue, and a molt generous Difpofition ; of all which fhe has given the moft convincing Proofs, by her Choice of that incomparable Perfon, who has fo eminently lignalized himfelf in the Defence of Chriftianity againft the violent Attacks _ upon it, by Spiritual IVickednefs in High Places. By this Marriage thai: excellent Gentleman becomes not only the happy Poffeflor of her Perfon, but alfo of a very confiderable Eftate, of which fhe was the moft deferving Miftrefs. The Ceremony was performed at St. Mary Hill, by the Reverend Mr. Mills, of Croyden in Surry, who was alfo engaged in the fame Controverly with his Friend the Doctor. Sunday laft Mr. Paget, who was chief Manager of the Woollen Manufaftury fet up at Charleval, arrived from France, but hearing that there would be Information brought againft him for treafonable Pra£ tices, he west back again for that Kingdom. Yefterday was recalled at the Pay- Office in Broad- Screet, his Majefty's Ship the Thunder Bomb- VelTe!, that fuch Seamen as were abfent when the Ship was paid might receive their Wages. We hear _ feveral Gentlemen in the Neighbourhood of Wimbledon in Surry pleafe themfelves very much upon a Report, that they fhall for the future receive their Dividend upon their principal Money in the South- fea- company, out of an Eftate in that Parifh, which, its faid, will be appropriated to that Purpofe. To morrow there will be two Charity Sermons preach'd for the Benefitaf 30 poor Boys belonging to the Society ofthe two united Pariihes of St. Olave's Old Jewry, and St. Martin's- Ironmonger- Lane, at the Pariih- churcJi of St. Olave's aforefaid; That in the Morning by the Rt Rev. Father in God Hugh Lord Bifhop of Briftol • in the Afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Berryman, Lecturer of St. Mary Aldermary. The next Day being the Anniverfary Faft of the Royal Martyr King Charles the firft, there will be a Sermon preached for the Benefit of the abovefaid Children, at the aforefaid Church, by the Rev. Mr- Wheatly, Lecturer of St. Leonards- Shoreditch, Prayers beginning at two a Clock in the Afternoon. There will be another likewife on Monday in the Afternoon at the Parifh- cburch of St. Katherine- co'leman, by the Rev. Mr. Hawkins Lefturer ofthe faid Church, for the Benefit of jo poor Children. On
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