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The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post


Printer / Publisher: N. Mist 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 6
The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post page 1
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The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post

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The Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post

Birth of Charles Stuart
Date of Article: 14/01/1721
Printer / Publisher: N. Mist 
Address: Great Carter Lane, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 6
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V crT" < Pf ... A S I R , Ccording to my Promife in my laft, I proceed to prove the Independency » / tbe Church on the State to he a primitive and Catholick Truth, in Oppofition to the falfe AfTertions of the Authors of the Independent Whig, who have defcribed the Church as tiie Creature of the State, and the Clergy, as Officers appointed by Order tf the Civil Maglftrate, ( like Cburcb- Wardens, Confiables, & c ) » according to his Lam, • which, it their Rule, and has interpreted the Scripture for them. T o confute V h i ch dangerous and heretical D. j& rine, nothing more is nec^ ffary, than to require of its Defenders, to fhew,- by what C- yrnmifTion from CHRIST the Civil Magiftrate derives the Power of appointing Spiritual Officers - in rhe Church; . where we are directed by CHRIST to make the Law of the Land our Rule in Matters of Religion ; or where the Power of impofing his own Interpretations of Scripture on all his. Subjefts is given to the Civil Magiftr » te in the New Tefkment ? And if not the leaf): Shadow of Proof can he produced for any of thele Things ; i f not one Text of the N ew Teftamerft can be alledged to countenance thefe Notions ; if CHRIST has inverted the Civil Magiftratewith no Spiritual Power at a l l ; what Cenfure can be too fevere on thofe who are for wrafting the Government of the Church oUt of the. Hands of rhe'mi to whom CHRIST committed k, for rejecting the Bible, and making it give Place to the- Statilte- liook, and for forcing the Inftitutions of our Blefled Saviour to bow- to the arbitrary- Lufts of every fupremfe Civil Power? , The Government of th © Church, the Adminiftratioq. of # he Sacraments, the Powers of Excommunication and Abfolution, and9 all other Mlniftratkms in- Holy Things, were by CHRIST committed to- hft ApofHe*, i& di by them delegated toit- he Primitive Biftiopi, to be continued in an uninterrupted . Succeflion of the iWe-- Spiritual Officers to the End of the World. They were lb far from confulrint, the Civil. Magistrate, or fubmirting to his Direction in thele Affairs, that they exeiciied tho Powers given them by CHRIST in direft Oppofition t « all the Edicts, of the then governing Pritices, tho' af the certain- Hazard ef their Lives ; and'lo far werethey from thinking the Law of the Land their Rule in Religion, that they toitt tbefupreme Powers to ft Air Facey that they voert to obey GOD-. and not Man, and that if thy jou^ ht n pleafe Hen, they could net be the Servants of C H R I S T . . We • re obliged TO become Members of the ChriJUan Church,- by the Law of CHRIST, not the Law of the Land, T h ! Petvaity of Unbelief is eternal Damnation, even to the Supreme Civil Magiftrate himfelf; and tho'he be ever, lb great an Oppofer either of the Whole of Chriftianity, or any fundamental Article of it, we are obliged to- a4Here to the Profeffion thereof, notwithftaading the levereft- Perfections; and moft exquifite Tortures inflifted by- him on that Account This was the Cafe of the CHURCH, and this its Do& rino andPra& ice for the firft three- hundred. Years after CHRIST, When the Princes of the World embraced the Faith, and took the Church into their Protection, theChyrch continued ftill a dijiinct Society independent ' rf the State., inith Refftcf to all its purely Spiritual Poxoers. The religious Emperors of thofq Ti mes were fo far from claiming any Authority ; n Matters of Relijion, or defiling their Determinations to be a Rule to the Clergy.; that the contrary is evident from innumerable Inftances : I flvall relate a few. Conjijsnt'ue the Great, in his fc. pi file concerning the Council of hi ice, declares their Decrees to be the Determination of God, ami char it was his Duty to receive the Faith they had confirmed,; ths* the Things within the Cfiurch belonged to their Inlpe& ion, tjie Things without to his ; an, d that GOD had made rheai Biftiops, ' and given them . Authority in Spirituals over Piioces. themfelves. Theodofius was fo W J I I acquainted with the Nature of the Epil'copal Power, and the j 14ft Limits of his own, that he meekly fubmitted to the Sentence of Ex. • communication, and never refted, till by a fincwe Repentanc^ he had obtained Abfolution ; and: he was So far from thinking, that St. Amlmift had exceeded the Limits of eke fcpifcopal Power, that heeftfemed and honoured, him as a moft faithful and religious Pi elate. In the A& s of the Council of Cbultedon - we find, that the Emperor lutely difclaimed all Power of judging concerning Matters of Faith, and acknowledged that it belonged orjy to GOD's Pri^ fts. yalcfltinian declared it unlawful for Jhimfelf, being a Lay- Man, to examine into thefe Things : And whoever looks into the Theodojian or Juftinfan Codex, will, fee, that rim Chrlftitn Emperors never determined any Thing concerning Articles of Faith, never inflicted Spiritual Cenfdres; hut ftill referred the E?; « .' ciie of tk> le Powers to the Bifhops, as foreign to the Royal Dignity. Neither is this DoCtrine in'the lenft ioconfiftent y/ ith the Supremacy of our Kings. With that unlimited fuprema Head ( hip affirmed by Henry the Eighth, and yielded to Jjyij by the fcandalous Submiflion of a Servile, Safe, Poplfh Convocation, it is indeed inconfiftent: But With the Supremacy, as limired by Queen Elizabeth, and . explained in liar Irs junctions in the 37th Article,- and afterwards in the firft and fecond Canon, it is perfectly comifient : The Supremacy is there. dec la- red to conlift in having- the chief Authority, over all EJlates of this Rcahn, Eccleftaific. il or Civil,, in all Cauje/, exclusive of - all Foreign Jurisdiction : The Power of- ininiftring of God's Word and Sacraments is exprefty denied to he any Part of i t ; and no Man, but one who wants either common Senfey or common Honelty, would pretend, that by . Caufet Ecclefiafllcal, are to be : uhderftood Controvirfies of Faith : Thofe are by the 10th Article left t o IK idetci min. ecj. by the. Authority of the CHURCH ; an d if weAviiU allow o^ r ielvas ' o confider the DifUn. Crion betweea EeciijioBicSi anti i^ frltuM, we fiiall eafily difcern the Caufes Ecelejiajiieal, to tiiofe which are tried in the Ecchjiijlical Quarts, which Courts are held by the King's Authority, and a& in Subordinarlon to him- It will never bo well, either in CHURCH or S T A T E , where the Bifhops claim Temporal, or the Pr. nee Spiritual Power : Our Independent Whigs tell us indeed with Confidence enough, jn their 47< rh Paper, that there is ootbicsg in the Gofpel to countenance the Diftin& ion of Ecclaiiaft'icai and CiviJ; But the very Arguments tijey ufe to prove it, ' - l • '.> . f . o fuily ft* 1 S A ( 662 fu! ly evince ti e contrary, and hy flicw- lng the Kingdom of L.- nj* not to be ot this World, nor to iuv e any temporal Po- vf- rs, confirm the Churches Indpend: ncy th' S-.- ite : And they v.- ho afTert the contrary, are, by the Confeffion of our \ e y Adverfaries guilty of deftroyiiig God s Dominion, by ubverting hi;, Authority, and miking a God of Magiit ate. Mr. Ml ft, ' " " p I $ lbme confiderable Time ago luce I laid l e t re yru 1 my unhappy CircumftanceS, and pat in a nvo ieftPet'tion for a Clerkfhip eve r ro a Smail Beer Breivhoti.' e. You c;- nnot but reco leit the Occafion of ir, I mean the Difappoirirmen: I met with In the Project I then had on FOOT, and which at that Tim? you teemed to approve of, by a ( Turing the Town ' twas fo weii c. Iculated for the Pvblick Good, that there was no Danger of its g ' v i a g the Government the L . ill Difguft. As you are fejilible I defigoed you a large Gratuity had I l'iccee'ded*, I ho, e you will not be altogether ref- irdlefs of the good Will of your intended Benefactor. I then told you, if you remember, I was ' in a fair Way of fiarving, and nothing but Ctir- iitian Patience, and an entire Dependence upon Providence lias kept me ever fince in the Land ofthe Living. I am ac prefer^ ( purely to fopport Nature) Garreteer to a Grob ftreet'Printer, and have barely a Journeyman- Taylor's Wages, two Shilling: a Day, with the additional Allowance of a Pint c f Drink and a Roll fntny Breakfaft I flatter my felf with the Hopes ( as I have now begun to aft in your Sphere) of its' lying in your Rower to prefer me. I muft needs tell vou, as my Conftirurion i « naturally Splenatiok, and that fowred too with the Plagues of Poverty. I think my felf duly qualified to write a Satyr upon the Times. As the Subjeft is too copious and extenfive ever to be exhaufted, and as Juvenal affure us, Facie in. dignxtio Verfum, efpeclaily where'tis raifed in one that lias been bit ; I can't think bat I could be pretty fmart upon fuch an Occafion. However, I would by no Means attempt, any Thing that Way wichout your friendly Advice. For my Top Profe Performance at pretest, you mult know, exrends no farther than a true Account of a molt barbarous and bloodf Murder committed on the Body of an eminent Stockjobber in Broad- ftreet ; together with fome iitrle Observations en the Arrange and wonderful Prodigies ' that appeared in rhe South at the fame Time, and my Poetical Matter- Piece, a Party Ballad. As before, if you remember, I you a Specimen of my Hand- Writ ng, to teft. fy my Qualification as a Clerk; 1b I prelume it will not lie amifs to give you a Tafte o f my Talent at Doggrel, to enable you to pais ibmejudgment on my Ability to accompJifli the intended Undertaking. I fhall therefore lay before y:. u a Ihort Refteftion on my felf, for being not only a Bubble- Biter, but b e i n « Bubble- Bit. If the Fools Cap will fit any body elfe, the Gentleman whoever he is, is welcome to wear it. ' Tis the Hbie ofthe Dog and the Shadow, a Story as old as Paul's, and under the Rofe in fome Meafure ltole But I think I may reafonably be indulged a Liberty winch fome. of our moft celebrated modern Writers have taken without a Blufh. My Lord Fopptngtons Nonjuror, you know, is but the 2>- tuff'in Ma'fquerade, and were you to ltrip any one of his numeriusCompofit. onS ofits borrowed Plun » , ' twouldlockfor all the Wcrld like his Brother Turn, a d . ued impudent fellow, and make an awkward Fig ui , fplit iny Windpipe. If you think in your Conlcience I deferve Encouragement, releafe me from my Garret: If not, I'll e'en fit my felf contested down under my Threepenny Planet. The D O C and the^ S H A D O W . I N Days of Yore a Farmer's Dog, An Eye- Servant, a thieving Rogue, Took a flv Tour around the Kitchen, ( Whilft Kate the Cook her Smock was fti ching, And merry Roger fitting by har. Telling Love- Stories near che Fke) And fquinted Eaft, Weft, Ncrth, and Stouth, To find out fomething f i r the Mouth ; And in the Pantry on a Hook, He fpies a Leg of Mutton ftuck_: This, this muft be the lucky Minute, Or elfe, quoth he, the Devil's in i t; To { teal it out, methinks, isealy, Now Kate and Roger are fo buly ; » Soup he tnounts on his Fore- Paws, And gripes the Joint betwixt his Jaws : But now I've rot, thinks he, my Booty, Left Joan fhould fcold, or Roger lhoot me, j For Peace and Quiet's- Sake, ' tis better, 7 Upon Debate on the whole Matter, To dipe to Day acrofs the Water.-_ f j ( N o v here ' tii. proper to he noted,. I, That Towzer's Mailer's Houfe was moated} f o in he jumps with his Tit- Bit, - And longs on t'othei Side te get. The fam d Leander eou'd'nt mere Defire M land on Hero's Shore; But as the Moat w is f n n i th and clear, And gilt with Sun- beams hem and there, The Shadow of h; s ill- git Prize ' T& l 1' relents it felf before his Eyfes : Blefsine 1 fays he, hcrcYnobJe Lurk ' Here's Profit 1 Here's li. crcal'e c f Stock ! ? ' Here's Cent, per Cent, got in a tr. ee ! Th's Stock'JojLing's a rare Device ! He faid, And at the Shadow tnaps, And down tbe Leg of Mutton drops ; Too late he does his Lofs bemoan, And fees at on e his Profpect gone. Speechlefs awhile the Puppy ltood, And iowr'd on the deceitful Flood; But at the ftftvjjil! drown'd in Tears ; He curs'd his l ate, and fhook his Ears ; * Was ever fenfelels Dog to bit ? ' Had ever Wheip fo little Wit ? T* involve himfelf in fo much Trouble For a meer Shado\ t, f o r a B U B B L E . Upon the bare Hopes of Succefs I have made bold to Chriften my intended Paper, The ProjeSlor. N° I. I prcpole ( hall be wholly taken up in the Defcriprion cf that Ltviathun the South Sea^ N* II. lhall lafh the F jb Poole, and therein I intend to introduce Sir Richard Pa'en- ce, and William Aftgnee, Eiq; difcourling r> n- the fecret " Pleafure, and inward Satisfaction that attend thofe who lquare ail their Afiions according to the ftrifct Rule. s of Honeur, Honefty, and a Confci nee void of Offence, tho' both follow the Example of ths. ir great Mafter Oliver, ard make Religion onlv a more commodious Cb « k for the r Knavery. In N" III. I fhall demonstrate, that Sadler's- Hid! Director, aie as go id Mathematicians as the Gentlemen of the Sun- Fire, though rhe former us wifely laid out Part of theii Capital in South- Sea at 7< ro, as the Lute,.- entrufted their wfiole Oxrbj in the Hands o f a Brae a of Bankrupts. N » IV. I haveidlotted for Sabers- Hall Remi t ince.; though, I muft tell you as . a S-- crer, I defign that Paper fhall- be fingulai lv dull for ' fointf particular Reafons that lli. n'l be nameiefs. ' But, you know, i fhall be efteenied. die better Author far that, Aiiqunndo h- • itis aurmiiat Uo/ mms- And thus I propofe to proceed tilJ^ I gradually defcen^ tp the laft Seep , in the long.; Scale: of Efibbjes. wl hope you- ll-.-. excule me for ptirting my Brat f/ forward before I hear'from you, • fince if you think him n'ot worth- the Rearing, I'll throw him immediately upon the Parifh, and they'll take Cure, for their own Inteieft, to ftifls him before he grows- up to Maturity. I am From my Garret Your old Correfpondent, irtiirub- ftreet. And humble Servant, A. Z. P. S. I have another Piece juft ready few- the Prets, which I . have enrituled, f'he Unhappy Stockjpl4er^ or, The South- Sea Penitent. Now, as- 1 have a- general. Commiilion from my Mafter to print what I think proper, and, as Poverty; is a ready Inlet to all Roguery, I am ltrangely tempted to ex- pole it to Sale unknown to him ; and if ' twill not anfwer Paper and Print ( which, by the way, I am; a little af.- aid of)*' tis my Matter's, and he is bound in Mouour and Conference, you know to ftand tn the Lofs on't ; if it takes a Run ' tis my own, and he can't in Honour or Conference pretend to lay claim to it. This, I. am very fenfible, is the common Praftice of your Firft Rate Stockjobbers ; and pray, tell me why it may not be as juftifiable in your Laft- RatePamphleteers? However, as I take you to be a flirewd Cafuilt, I lhall be wholly guided in this Affair, as well as the other, by your judicious Determination. F O R E I G N A F F A I R S, • - . We have had three Mails arrived from Holland, and one from France fince our former. Letters by the laft continue a difmal Account of the Progrefs of the Plague, which ftill rages and fpreads it felf in a very melancholy Manner, in fpight of all Oppofition from the Weather, and from the Methods ufed by the Government to intercept. ks Progrefs. The Inhabitants fly the very Rumour of its Approach, and feme Towns have been abnoft deferted before they could difcover the Diftemper within fifty Miles cf them ; but all the Retreat thofe unfortunatePeople can. have, is to the open Villages, and Farm Houfes in; the Country, they being furrounded as it were with a powerful Army, and all the Avenues, Ijtoads, and Paflages guarded to prevent their pen e u a y ig ( netratingfurther, and d'fperfing themfclves thro' the Kingdom. i • The French are ftiil in fome Confnfi. bn in their . Civil Affairs, and fhe - Chances among them haviiH; very great, it could nor • ether wife- be . expected j how thfev go with unwearied Apfclkark- n to fettle M on - i t'> 5; d eftabliffied Foundation ; and it is ?! cc very little'Time they wi';!-' be able' to wor!" ,- hro' Difficulties. They ace examining into t'* c C o A .„••' >.- late Ad-" miniftratcrs of the Pobljck t ( fairs ; i ,.-. do not vet leem to have found any guilty cf Ma!- :.•: .' trati'on ; for Meiiieors Reveft, B'ourg-:- cis. and Fiorr,; : who. were taken up upon that Score, have clearibi then;: ; to the Comrciffioners appointed to infpeit " heir Ac com j s ;- and they have accordingly been difchavged from their Confinement. honourably acquitted. Their Ch- jrch Affairs are in a better Situation all the vacant L'ifhopricks, Abbeys, and Benefices in tht Kingdom being at length filled up by the King, to the inexprelfible Satisfaction nf thofe who have l e g waited in Expeftation of being provided for, many of wiu. a. fullered no little'Hardfhips by the Delay. Whatever may be tl elr Reafon far it we fliall not fay, hut the French fem now. to pufh w; th no little Earueftnefs for the fpecdy Forming of the Cong efs » £ Cam bray. However, they tell us, their Inftinces cannot. be complied with till at leaft the Middle of next Month, wtien, if the Difficulties - vvhich have' hitherto retarded it, can by any poflible Means lie removed, that Affair wiH fuffer no longer Delay tho' it feemsthe French are refoived not only to be lure of this, hut to fee a happy IiTue of i 1\ : go: iation alfo, before they intirely Iheatl/ che Sword, ir j a c themfelves out of a Capacity of flrewing their R e f e . \ . . . or ferving their Friends, i f their Oppof-. rs fhouid no: '.' link fit to anfwer their Expeftatio*?; therefore they're.-; s now, that the Redaftion of their Troops, which th,. y ha;' rs been Img. talking of, will not be made till after the Treaty of Camoray is fiiully fixiilhed, and the Peace proclaimed. We have no farther Particulars by thefe Mails of the Spanifh Affairs in Africa ; only a Confirmation. of the late A& ion, and many Alfurances, that the Whole of the Accounts we had of it laft Week was true, and to be depended on. Thefe Letters bring - JS a more particular Account than has yet been publifhed, of the late dreadful Fire, at Rennes, and of the difmal Circumltances the fuffering Inhabitants are theieby reduced to. They allure us, that it burnt fiur Days and four Nights with the utmoft Violence, and without any Abatement; that two and thirty Streets are iciuced to Afhes, together with the Cathedral, the Biihop's Palace, and all the Houfes round it, the Courts of judicature, the Prifons, the fine Church ofSt. Saviour, moft ofth? Convents, and the Halls belonging to the Pioctois and Aav. ocares, WooHgn- Drapers, Mercers, and Golcfmiths, all the Corn, Meal, and Bake- houfes- are confumed, which has cccalioned a Scarcity almoft like a Famine, Bread being at an exceflive Rate, a Half Peck Loaf being fold after the Rate of ten Shillings Englifh Money, and other Provifions i. o Proportion ; feverai bundrod People perilhed in the Flames; befides which< the Lofs is at a moderate Computation reckoned to be upwards of two hundred Millions of Livres. The Affairs of Religion in the Empire appear, in fhorr, more and more intricate every Day, and the good Inclination there feem'a cultivated in the Roman Catholick" s, to ad- ' juft- Matters with their Proteftant Neighbours, to alter little in Favour of the latter. Whether Means may in Time be found out to rectify this untoward Difpolition. in thi le contending Parties, and engage them to conclude their Difputes in an amicable Manner, or if not, what may be the Illue of their Proceedings, is rather more hard than it was to determine ; tho' if we are to credit what they write. 4fiom all Parts upon this Head, iris certain that they have at laft run Things into fo many Intricacies and Difficulties, and carried their Animofities to fuch a He'ght, that it muft be by other Mediums than thofe that have yet been found out, if the good Harmony we have been long in Expectation of is in Halte effectually eftablilhed among the Religious in that Part o f cie World. The Pacification in Poland feems to have gained Ground of ai4 their Ferment and Refentments ; and a Peace is effeftually eftablilhed among them at leaft for the prefent. The King indeed is gene into Saxony, and many of the Court are gone with him, which, fome fay, Ihews" Confidence in the dutiful Allurances given by the Malecontencs of their peaceable Behaviour for the future ; but others, that ic is a Teftimony cf his diftrufting the Sincerity of thofe Affuranees. But however that may be, his Majefty has left his Favourite, Count Fleming, behind him, to take Care of tha Welfare of 663 ) the Kingdom, and to watch, as it were, his Matter's Intereft ih. hi- Ah fences, both of which are 1b interwoven- with his own Advantage and Security, that if he were under no OtheiTies, there is no doubt of his being true cs his Charge. The Face * bf a Peace continues indeed between Sweden and Mufcovy, and but little more; for as to any real Accommodation of the r Differences, ic is as yet lb much in Embrio, we can make nothing of i t ; both Sides, ' tis faid, are willing to make Peace, but they are fo flow io their Advances towards fo agreeable a Work, that the Sincerity of their Intentions to it are the more to be doubted ; ani to People who judge Ity their Proceedings, the Seafon cf the Ye appears the only Means which prevents theSr Coming to Slows; for while they cannot fight, they fhew but too great an Inclination to be making all poflible Preparations' in their Power for the Carrying on the War with Vigour the next Campaign, if a Peace Ihould nor in Time prevent the Operations of i t ; and in this their Application the Mufcocovites are far from being bekind- hand with their Enemies, but arduoufly endeavour to preferve the Reputation they have obtained for Caution and Vigilance, by their incefl'ant and unwearied Endeavouis to fortify themfelves, and increafe their Strength at Home, and to make new Friends Abroad, fo to render themfelves formidable by new Alliances ani new Forces, and to do every other Thing that may contribute to their own Security, and to the Baffling the future Defi'gns of their Oppofers. Thefe Letters talk very confidently of a Marriage to bis very f h m l y confummatsd between the young Duke of Holftein, and a Niece of hisCzarilh Majefty, but whether it is to be fo or not, we muft refer to Time and further Advices to bring us to a Certainty in ; though, by the Way, if fuch an Affair fhouli take Place, it might in Time produce a Change ia the Circumftances of that unhappy young Prince much t J his Advantage, and contribute to the Railing his at prefent deprefs'd Fortunes in the World. The Accounts from Holland are ftill barren of any material i n t e l l i g e n c e relating to themfelves : The People there are fo frunn'd with their own Difafters, that they leem refoived rather to be Spe& ators of the Transitions of Europe, than concern themfelves any further in them than they are abfoluteiy obliged to, till their own Affairs have*, recovered their former good Situation, and they mattered their prefent D litre fs ; both of which are at this Juncture fo little to be expected fr 3111 them, that it. ought to be no manner c f Surpr. ze to us, if we find they continue in'this unaftive Pofture for a confiderable Time yet to come. L O N D O N , Jen. 14. The Stocks fince our laft are as follows. Saturday South Sea Stock was 200 for the Opening. ift, id, and 3d Subicriptions no Price. Bank 147. India 170 with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African 48. New 34. Monday South Sea Stock was 200 for the Opening, ift, jd, and 3d Subf. liptions no Price. Bank 147. India 170, with the Dividend, for the Opening. & ld African 46. New 32. Tuefday South Sea Stock was 200 for the Opening, ift, id: and 3d Sublcriptions no Price. Bank 145. India i63l with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African 48. Ne w 34.' ' Wednefday South Sea Stock was 200 for the Opening, ift, 2d, and 3d Subfcriptions no Price. Bank 146. India 17 ® , with the Dividend, for nhe Opening. Old African 40. New 34. Thurfday South Sea Stock was 200 for the Opening, ift, 2tl, and jd Subfcriptions no Price. Bank 148. India 171, with the Dividend, for the Opening. Old African ; o. New 34. Wednefday laft the Prices of the following Commodities at Bear Key were ; Wheat id to Jos. per Quarter. Rye -—; 14 to 1 j s. Barley i< 5 to 18 s. Oats 10 to 14s. Beans 171024$. Hog Peafe Ut* oi7s. Malt 1J to 27 s. Rape Seed 13 to 14 1. per Laft. Hops A 1. IOS. to 31. 15 s. per Hundred. Coals •— 26 to 28 s. per Chaldron. C A S U A L T I E S . Found dead in the RwVer 0 f Thames, at St. Catherine by the Tower i . K U l e i j . One by a Coach, and ong by the fa- 0, K6i F i l l of a Wall ar St. James In W< rfrriinfter, and ewe * t St. Margiret in Weft'minfter. Overlaid 1. Chriftned Male's 195,' Females 185 ; in all 380. Buried Males i; 6, Females 123 ; in all 479. Increaled in the Burials this Week 1. Laft Week Capt. Charles Potts died^ t his Houfe^ Windfor, ar a very great Age, having been Deputy- Governor of Windfor- Caule ever fince the Reftoration, till fome time fince he reiigned that Place. Some Days iince dTed Smart Goodenough, Efq; a Gentleman of an Eftate of 1000 1- per Annum near Taunton in i'omerfetfhire, being about too Yfcars of Age. On Tuefday died Mr. Jov, a Merchant in Mincing- lane, faid to be \ rtnrh 300000 1. he was Father to the Deputy- Governor of the South- Sea Company, and Treafurer of St. Bartholomew Hofpital. We hekr flhst the next Week, Governour Phips will fet forward for his Government of Bombay, belonging to the Eaft India Company in the Eaft Indies. Qn Wednefday the Seffions began at Hickes's- Hall, where tho Grand Jury found a Bill againft a Drummer in the Scotch Regiment of Foot Guards, for killing a Brother Drummer, as formerly mentioned. On Saturday laft the Wife of one Haynes, a Bricklayer, living in King^ ftreet, St. Giles's in the Fields, having had fome Difference with her Husband in the Morning, went and hanged her felf that Night. And 011 Tuefday laft one John Gardes, a French Weaver, who lived in Phcenix- ftraet in Brown's Gardens, being above fourfcore Years old, very weak, extreamly poor, and, as ' tis thought, half ftarv'd, hanged himfelf with a little Packthread tied to a Ten- penny Nail, run into the Wali of his Garret Window. The Ruflia Merchant, arrived from Jamaica at Leverpool, brings Advice, that the FJ^ et belonging to London, Briftol, and Leverpool aforelaid, would be ready to fail from the faid Ifiand about the 5th of November laft, under Convoy of the Happy Sloop. The Governor of Jamaica hath iflued out a Proclamation, offering a Reward for taking the Commander or Commanders of th? two Pyrate Ships that have lately infefted that Coaft. Our Merchants Letters from Cadiz bring Advice, that the Galleons lately arrived there, are much richer than was at firft given out, their Cargoes ia Money and Goods being valued at 15 Millions of Pieces of Eight. They write from Plymouth of the < Jth Inftant, that the Rippcn Man of War arrived there tl% e Day before with Money to pay off fome of his Majefty's Ships. The Corpfe cf the_ Lady Margaret Creighton, Daughter to the late Earl of Dumfreis, was forne Days finde carried from the Jerufalem Chamber, and interred in Weftminfter- Abbv. We hear thac the Gentleman robbed lately on Tower- Hill has recovered his Watch, by the help of Mr. Wild, but the Money being more current, is not to be heard of. We hear fr. Qin Lincoln, that the Poll is ended for a Knight of the Shire, in the rooin of Sir Willoughby Hickman, Bar. deceafed. The Candidates were Sir William Maflingberd, Bar. and the Honourable Albemarle Bertie, Efq; Brother cp his Grace the Duke of Ancafter and Keftevan, Lord Great Chamberlain. When the Poll ended, it flood as follows,: For Sir William Maffingberd, 3603. Fpr the Honourable Mr. Bertie, 1683. Some Days ' ago a Gentleman was attacked at the Foot of the Hill, La hisWay to Harripftead. by two Highwaymen, who robbid him o f his Gold WatcH, a Silver hilted Sword, and all tha Money he had about him. On Monday the Sefllons of the Peace for the City and Liberty of Weftmutfter, began in Weftminfter- Hall, when tho Graad J « ry found Bills againft the following P » rfons, viz. Thomas Knight, for breaking open Mr. Deard's Toyfhop, and taking thence Goods to the Value of a thoufand Pounds ; Philips, Spigget, and Lindfey, taken laft Month at the Black Horfe- Inn in Weftminfter, fcr robbing on the Highway. Laft Saturday Morning a Fire broke out in Silver- Street, Bridgwater- Gardens, which confumed the upper a Part of Houfe, and yery much burnt a Man: The next Morning about Four of the Clock, a Fire broke out at a Baker's overagainft St. Magnes Church at the Bridge- Foot, which burnt down fourHoufes, and damaged feveral others ; about Eight of the Clock at . Night another Fire broke out at a Stable ia JBowling- Alley, between Redcrofs and Wtiitecrofs- ftreets, which confumed the faid Stable and two or three old i Mid another broke out on Monday M » rtuag at a Timber N . . . , , Merchants by Paxils Wharf, but wis happily extiaguiffcet before it qp n'e to a Head. Laft Week the India Company finifhed their Sale of Goods, wlych amounted to aboVe a Million Sterling. About the fame time a Merchant, faidto be worth 60000 L in a Fit of Difcontent hanged himfelf. Ycftcrday was fe'nnight being Twelfth Day, there was a magnificent Ball at St. James's, at which were prelent his Majefty, the Prince and Princsfs, the young Princelfes, the foreign Minifters, Minifters o f State, & c. the King left them about Twelve, but the Affembly did not break up till between T w o and Three in the Morning. Several of the EngJiih Manufa& urers imploved by Mr. Law are arrived from France, and more are daily expe& ei from that Kingdom ; the French, it feems, laving no farther Occafion " for them. Sunday the Court at Sr. James's was very numerous, where were prelent theirRoyal Highnefies ; the Sword of St^ te was that Day carried befoie his Majefty to the Royal Chapel by the Earl of Weftmorland. The Vifcount Caftletnn is created an Earl, and has been introduced as fuch into the Houfe of Peers. We hear the Bifhcp of Bangor is appointed to preach before the Houfe of Lords on the 30th of January. The Marquefs of Anandale is gone to the Bath for the Recovery of his Health. The Countefs of Mar is fet out for France with Royal Permiflion to Vifit the late Earl her Confort, who, as we hear, is in a declining State of Health. ' T i s difcourfed, that the Lord Chancellor of Ireland will be removed. The Curfitor to the Chancery Court of thac Kingdom is dead, and great Intereft is making here to obtain the Place. _ We are aiTured from Paris, that Madam de St. Gtirge was delivered of a Son on new Year's Eye, their Stile. On Tuefday Jaft, whilft the Juftices of Peace were Ai the Red- Lyon in Bientfbrd, a Couple of old Acquaintance happen'd to meet in the Market there, and quarrelling upon fome Pretence of an old Debt, one of them feized the other as a Highwayman, and bringing him before the Juftices, accufed him of picking Pockets, & c. but the. other Fellow being nettled at the ill UTago of his old Coinp » niori in ft Paflion fwore, lince he was at the. Sport, he would tell the whole Truth ; fo began the whole Hiftoi y of their Actions and Adventures for eight Years paft that they had travelled together, giving a fail and fair Account of feveral Pockets they Jiad pick'd in Partnerfhip, particularly one of three Guineas at Dunftar Fair in Someri'etfhire, Jaft Whitfon- Monday ; and of his Praftite of hiring Horfes, and of his riding off and felling them, as he did lately one from Taunton- Dean. After taking both their Examinations, the Juftices fent that Perfon who firft Ijezed his Companion, to Newgate, and the other is fecurcd in Bridewell : This notable Fellow was born, as he fays, at Shrewsbury, and his Name is Thomas Williams, though, for his Dexterity in picking of Pockets, is commonly called Tom Nimble : He is a middle. f17. ed Man, about 50 Years of Age, with his own black Hair, wears a blue Apron on a Fuftian Frock, and a light- coloured Horfeman's Coat over i t ; and, for a Pietence, has a Licence for Hawking, & c. and carries a few Handkerchiefs, Stockings, See. about him, and is generally attended with a Miftrel's. On th? 7 th Inftant Mr. Carleton, who was fome time ago mentioned in the News Papers to have inlulted the Chancellor o f the Exchequer, upon Account of a great Sum of Money due to him from the Government, appeared at the Quarter Seflions at Weftminfter, and was, with great Civility from the Court difcharged. He is a Gentleman of unfpotted Reputation, and was a Juftice of the Peace in the two laft Reigns, , andftill is a Juftice of the Peace fcr the County of Cumberland, where his Family is eminent for their Loyalty and very great Antiquity, having been feated at Carleton before rhe Norman Conqueft, and continued there to this Time, without Interruption, Apprentice/ hip or Attaint. To Morrow will be a Charity Sermon preached in the Morning, at the Parilh Church of St. Michael Baffiftiaw, in Bafinghall- ftrett, by the Reverend Mr. Carter, Reftor of St. Martin Outwich, and Le& urer of St. Andrew UnderJhaft, for the Benefit of 70 Charity Children belonging to the P » - r^ h of Sr. Botolph Aldgate. By a French Ship lately arrived at St. Malo from the South- Sea, there is Advice, that the larger of the two Privateers fitted out here, and fent to cruife upon the Spaniards, under the Command of Capt. Clipperton, hjid taien aLo a hundred tlvufand Pieces of Eight, befide Goods, and failed wish them for China, in order to inreft the Money there for a Market ia Europe : But we da not hear, that the ethec Prjyateer had made any Prize, Yefterjay No. H I C m ) Jan. 4 - On Thurfday Night laft, one Samuel Mafon, Keeper of the Livery Stables in Grey- Fryers, upon { bine Difcontent not known, hanged himfclf. . Yefterday atJNoon South- Sea Backs were fhut. Subscriptions no Price Bank i+ j. India Books Shut. Old African 44. New 34. A D V E R T I S E M E N T S . AConfiderable Quantity of the beft and choicclt, of Oak- Timber; now growing near the River Severn in the County of Salop, to ^ c fold. Any Perjons, who are delirous to treat for the fame, may enquire of Mr. Roger Green at Ofweftry in Shropfhire, or of Mr. W right at No. $. near the Chapel in Liucolns- Inn, and know further. AT the Hungary Water Ware- Houie at the Black Boy and Comb in Fleet- Street, near the Bridge, is fold right French Hungary Water, lately imported in large Flint half Pint Bottles, at One Shilling Three- pence each, the fame Sort that has been fold at the faid Place fome Years, or rather better, being a frefh Parcel. And that the Publick may no longer be impofed upon by the fpurious Counterfeits of the Town, they are dufircd to try the very Bottle they buy, by putting a Spoonful into a Glafs of Water ; if it turns the Water white, it's good, if a sky Colour, or bluifh. ' tis naught. Note, Ecrfumcrs, Merchants, and Others, may be fupply'd by Wholefale at the faid Place. By Way of voluntary Subfcription. A Sale of Goods., as Clocks, Watches, and other valuable Things, at Mr. WILLIAM YEATS's, at the Iron Rails in Richmond- ftreet, near St. Ann's Church. ASilver Dreliing- table, with a Glafs and Boxes, value four hundred andninety Pounds; if not lik'd by the Pcrfon, to all ® w five- Guineas Difcount, or four hundred and ninety Pounds ihall be paid. Two Parcels at the value of one hundred Pounds each. Thirty Silver Tankards one in a Lot, at ten Pound each. One hundred Watches at fix Pound each, one in a Lot. One hundred Clocks one in a Lot, at feven Pound each. Twenty Silver Mugs one in a Lot, at three Pound each. Two hundred plain Gold Rings one in a Lot, at fifteen Shillings each. One Thoufand Silver Spoons, one in a Lor, at ten Shillings each. Ten thoufand Gallons of French Brandy, one Gallon in a Lot. One thoufand Tea- Spoons, one in a Lot, at three Shillings each. One thoufand Tea- gtrainers at two Shillings and Six- pence each, one in a Lot. The reft, Knives, Forks, Salisbury Scifl'ars, and Silk Handkerchiefs; the lo weft Parcel the full Value of one Shilling. Each Pcrfon paying down lix- pence for their Ticket, and Six- pcnce more when drawn, if it amounts to the Value of one Pound, and fo proportionably for a greater Parcel. The Number of Parrels are one hundred Thoufand. The whole entire Number is fioocco, which is but Five to One. The firft and laft Number fhall be entitled to a Gold Watch, Value thirty Pound. Note, this Sale will begin the middle of February. STeel Spring or jointed Trufl'es fortheCure of Ruptures, eafy to new born Infants, and effectual to the aged; Perfons in the Countryfending their Bignels and which Side the Rupture is, may be fupplied with the Trufles and proper Directions, by Peter Bartlett at the Golden- ball in St. Paul's Churchyard ne « r Cheap'fide, London. His Mother Mrs. M. Bartlet at the Golden- ball oter- againft St. Bride'slane in Fleet- ilreet is Skilful in this Bulinefs to her own Sex. ,. _ This Day is ptlblifiied, The Dignity and Beneiit of the Prlefthood, the LawfulneSs of Marriage in the Clergy, the Hardfhips of them and their Families in this Nation ; and the Excellency of the Charity by which they arc relieved, 8tc. fet forth in a Sermon preached before the Sans of the Clergy, at their Anniverfary Meeting, in the Cathedral Chnrch of St. Paul, December 8, 172.0. By Jofeph Trapp, M. A. Publifhed at the Requeft of the Stewards for that Year. Printed for Jonah Bowyer at the Rofe in St. Paul's Church- yard. " This Day is publifhed, • f* f Now or Never; or, a Familiar Difcourfe concerning the two Schemes for reftoring National Credit, either by the United Intereft of the three great Campanies, or, by making the Government . Securities current in all Payments, in a new Parliamentary Species of Money, tolbefecured and redeemed by fuch a proportionable Fart of thePtsfc lick Revenue appropiiated as a linking Fund for that Purpofc. By R. M. Efq; Sold by W. Bdrcham, at the Angel in Piter- Nofter- Row. Price SixPence. This Day is publifhed, *** A Sermon pretched at the Church of St. Margaret Lothbury, 011 Friday December 16, 1720. beir. g the Day appointed by his Majefty for a General Fail and Humiliation, for obtaining Pardon for our Sins, and averting God's Judgments, particularly the Plague. By Henry Johnfton, A. M. ReCtor of Whilton in Northamptonshire. Printedfur john Batcman at the Hat and Star in St. Paul's Churchyard. Pricc Four Pence. UPON the repairing an ancient publick Inn called the Crown, in the Parifh of Northfieet in Kent, and the Fences thereunto belonging, in a Piece of Ground contiguous to, and adjoining to the faid Inn, feveral Sculls and Bones of dead Bodies, to the Number of Seven or more, have been lately dug up, which has occafioned feveral fcandalous and falfe Reports, niaiciiuliy intending to prejudice the faid Inn, and the Reputations or the Perfbns dwelling in the fame: Thefe are therefore to fatisfyand acquaint the World, that upon View < if thefe Sculls and Bones by feveral juft iccs of the Peace, Chirurgiens, and many otherPcrfons of good Underftanding and Reputation, that the faid dead Bodies have been buried at lcaft Sixty or Seventy Years ; for that the moft fubftantial Bones might be crumbled to Pieces with their Fingers; dnd it is the gential Opinion of all the ancicnt People about tjiat Place, rhat they were the Bodies of Perfons executed by the famous Oliver Cromwell's Crew, in the Time of hi* Tyrannies ; for that the Gallows created for that Purpofe ( food by the Pond near the faid Publiek Houfe, and alfo very near the Field where the Sculls and Bones were dug up. Fine Darby Ale, TO be fold by J. Arm lhaw at the Derby Coffee- houfe, between C » - therinc- ftieet and Exeter Exchange in the Strand, in fix, eleven, fifteen, and twenty Gallon Casks, at 2 s. 3 d. per Gallon; with Allowance to Publick Houfes, Ojffee- houfcs, that buy it to fell again. LE F T in a Hackney- Coach about the 20th of December laft, a Ground- Plot drawn on Parchment, of no Ufc but to the Owner. Whoever brings it to Mr. TliQt'p, an Up holfterer m » r the Monument, Khali have half a Gtiine* Reward. .•• DAFFY'S ELIXIR Warchcufi, AT the Sign of the Maiden- Head, behind Bow Church in Cheap-, fide ; is fold Whoiefile or Retale ; that admirable cordial Daffy's Elixir Salutis, w h i j i i s well known to exceed ail the Medicines . yet difcovered ih chronical Difeafes: This being the beft that ever was made, and prepared ot the choiceit Ingredients infilled in neat old French Brandy,, muft far. excel that which is prepared by unskilful! Perfons, Malt Spirits, and the worft of Ingredients. In fhort, the great Quantity ofSaffion, and other rich Coidiais that is in this will ( hew the Difference. Note, Country Chapmen and others, inay be fupplied with Allowance. Againft the VENEREAL DISEASE. THEfamous Italian Bolus nas 10 fo'ieat Succeis m the cure of th( s Venereal Difeafe, Scurvy and Rheumatifni, that not one of the great Numbers that daily take it mifs of a pcrfett Cure; and tho' lo very cheap as 2 s. 6 d. each, yet four Bolulles never fail to root out and carry off the moft malignant, virulent, and ofcftinate kind of the VenereaiDifeafe, without confinement, or making your cafe known to any 9 which if it fails to do, the Money is ref u rned. Tnjs grea Medicine likewife deltroys Mercury, andcarries it out oi'thebody, and thereby relieves thole unfortunate perfons who have fallen into Bad Hands in former cures. Is to be had only at the Flaming Sword,' the corner of Ruflcl- ftreet, over againft Will's Coffee -" ufe.,' Covem- Gaiden, and at Mr. Raw's at the Norrh Entrance of the Royal- Exchange near Etrthoiomcw- Lanc, with printed Directions. ALice, the Daughter' of Charles Graceflock,' being blind with the Small- pox, having becri under the Hands of feveral Phyiicians apd Oculifts; who could give her no Relief, was, by by the Interert of Friends, put into the Hofpita), where ihe was a coniiderable Time, without receiving the Icaft Benefit, it being tbe Opinion of every one that faw her, her Eyes were perifhed, and reading in the publick News- Papers of the many Cures performed by Mrs. Cater at the Hand and Eye in Caftle- court in Birchin- lane, Cornhill, applied to her, who at. firft Sight not only promifed Cure, but did alfo perform the faid Cure in a ihort Time, to the Admiration of her Parents, and alfo of all the Neighbourhood where fhe lived during the Time fhe was under Cure, wh ich was at the Hoc. 11 oiMr. Holland in Sun- Court near the Butcher- Row in Eaft Smithfield. Note, She cures without the Help of any Inftrument ; fhe infallibly cures the Ague. Price $ s. the Vial, without the leait Grain » f Jefuit's Bark. To be fold, at Fifteen Pence each Half- pint Bottle, and Two Shillings and Three- pence each Pint, AFrefh Parcel of the beft Hungary Water that ever was imp'oreel from tylontpeiier; its Virtues will be beft known by its Ufc, fo that many Words Words in the Pratfe p f i t are altogether neerilefs, fince after Experiment it will be found fo effectual in plumping and Smoothing the Face, and carrying oft" all outward Defilements ot" the Skin, as well as removing feverai inward Maladies with which the Fair Sex is aggrieved, if taken according to the Directions given with' it. It is fold at fo low a Price, little higher than prime Coft, only to prevent ImpolitionS by Counterfeits and Pretenders to Import. j 1- 011s, when it can be proved, that two other Advertisers of the fame Nature vend their Home- made adulterated Ware for that of Foreign Growth. To be had only from John Cluer at the Prjn ting- Office in Bow Church- yard, Cheapfide, ar. d Thomas Heath, Mathematical Inftaument- maker, next the Fountain Tavern in the Strand. WIterc- as Perfons of Btiiinefs carinot well admit of Confinement, neither can thofeof a tender Conftitution bear feveral Cotjrfis of Phylick, which tho' never fo exactly comply'd with, do not only often fail of Succefs, but many times create worfe Accidents than would have been Withouf themr This is therefore to inform all fuch, that I have ( in the Ctfurfe of above Twenty Years PraCtice in Woolverhampton, Stafford ( hire) found out a fafe, eafy, and fpeedy Method in the Cure of virulent Gonorrheas in both Sexes, without the leaft Hinderance of Bufinefs, Hurt to the tendereft Conftitution, or giving any thing by the Mouth; which after I fitfficicntly had experienced, I communicated to an eminent PhyBcian, WhoaHvrfed me to' publifh it in the Manner I did, in a Book entitufedy A Mechanical Account of the Caufe and Cure of a violent Gonorrhea, & c. Printed for me, and fold by Tho. Warner, at the Black Boy in Pater- Nofrer- Row, R. Pendrell Apothecary in Duke- ftreet, Lincolhs- Inn- Fields; and at my Houfo in Woolverhampton, Staffordshire, lirice One Shilling; at which two laft Places, the Remedies may likewife bt had, with ample Directions, & c. and at no other Places in the Kingdom. . T. Garlick Surgeon. THIS is to give Notice, that Mr. Siund;? rj, Pawn Broker in New- Turn- Stile in Holborne, will leave offhis Bufincfs in two Months time. Therefore lie deiires thofe People that have any Goods i s his Hands to' fetch them away by the time abovementiohed, otherwife they will be difpofod of. WHereas it has been of late ralfly and malicioufiy reported, that the Boarding- School for young Ladies, which had for many Years paft been kept by Mrs. Anne Deare deceafed, in the Clofe of New- Sarum in the County of Wiltj was laid down, or in fome fhort Time Would be, by reafon th « . Houfehold Goods of the { aid Mrs. Deare was expofed to Sale. This is to give Notice, that the faid Boardiiig- Schoal is kept and conti'rttstfd in the fame Houfe by Mrs! Martha Rooke. who for many Years before the Death of the fiidMrs. Deare, was Afliftant and Teacher in the faid Sell ® oi,- and that the ft id Mrs. Rooke bought fuch Houfe hold Goods dC the laid Mrs. Deare's, and of her Executors finccher Death, as fhe thought any Ways ufcful orneccli'ary in the faid Houfe of Sehoo!. This is to giye Notice, T H A T at the Glafs- Lanthorn in Plough- Court in' Grays- Inn- Lane, ftill lives Sufanna Kirleus, the only Original DaughV t c r o f l - r . Tho. Kirleus, a Colie'ge Phyllcian of London, ( Worn Phyfrcian in ordinary to King Charles II. who with'his famous Pills and Drink cures all Ulcers, Sores, Scurfs, Scurvies , Leprofies, and all Seorbutick Humors, and the Venereal Difeafe, be it never fobid, at all Times of the Year without Confinement, or the Uft pfMtrcury. whidi deftrpys many by railing the Malignity in the Head. She harh cured* Hundreds that have been fluxed by others. 7' he Drink « 3 s. aQiiar t, the Pills 1 s. a Box with Directions. Tfiey cliahfe the Body and Blooii' of all Impurities, whichcaulc Droplies, Gouts, Scurveys and Gravel, Giddinefs and Pams in the Head, and other Parts. She gives her Advice to all. that write or come to her gratis; and cam c* rc ar. y fha? fcnd tJrsixQiiefani'Ajje without feufig Uiem. f 6 5 7) To Prevent t h e pernicious Effe3^ of C o f f e e in a Bow Church- vard in Cneapfide. Price ftitch'd 6 d. . GffcSON's MOST EXCELLENT CORDIAL HORSE- BALLS, T 4 S . per Pound, which in 40 Years private Experience and 10 Years Publication, are approved of, med-, and recommended, by a g'e^ t many of the Nobility, to be a ceiTain Cure for any Cold, old or new Surfeit;, Worms, or Butts, are better than any Cordial Drink, and rtpt half the Price. Alfo his extraordinary Preparation of Antimony ai j s . per Pound, which- preventsOS- cafe falling to, or Stiffnefs in the Limbs alter hard Riding, cures thole that are greafed, tlrough never fo bad, difperfes all Knots and Swellings, preferves the Lyes, purifies the Blood better- than purping, cures rhe Hide- bound, makes ruff Coat, occalioned by Surfeits, lie fir. e and fmooth, kills all forts of Worms, with many other pecdiar Virtues, better experienced than exprefled, are only prepared by Samuel Gibfon, Druggift, at tbe Angel and Crown in Lombard- Street, London, are fold there by him, and atMoor'sCoff e- Hn if.-, in York, with printed DireSions. K B. By ufing thefe Medicines Spring and Fall there is nc need of p. irging, and T r a v Hers may fave many Houfts by having them on the Road, their Operation being immediate - na certain in the Griras, or lofs of Appetite from Sickuels or Ov work. This is to give Notice, THat Barrennefs, Mifoarriage, and all other Weukneff. s and Indiibofitions o f t h e Female Sex, are faithfully and Ipeedlly cured by " the G'enrlewoman at the Golden Key in Haydon Yard, _ in the Minories, by a very extraordinary Method, and exceeding fafe and pleafant Medicines, many Years experienced; and are fo very certain and effectual, as that abundance of Gentlewomen of Conftdcratioh have been quickly and abfolutely cured by her Of Barrennefs a?. dMjfi » arriagc, when thought imu'Xhble; and great lvutnbers of Women and Maids ofother grievotisilineifes, for 1 fimU Charge, after they had been left off by ft vera)' as incurable. She is to be advifed with at her Houfe abovementioned, every Day in the Week. Thofe who write to ' her n- nin ri " '' ountry are dcilred to fend their LettersPoft- Paid. - 1.*^ >- jr H E late Dreadful PLAGUE at ' MarfrilieS • X compared with that in London, in the Year ififif, in which died above a hundred thoufand & Perfcns, Carts continually fetching away in Heaps dead Bodies, the Carmen crying our, BRING OUT • YOUR DEAD; BRING OUT YOUR - DEAD. Together with tlie Method of Cure ufed to thofe who ncoveied in London; not ONE haying DIED that ufed it, pnblifhed then by the College of Fhyiiciafls, by exprefs O d e r ofthe King and Council, witn Rules tor its Prelci vation and Cuic This Book is given Gratis only Up one Pair o f Stairs, at the Sien 01 the Ano'lyne NECK1.. ACE, for i.: hih. rens Teeth, 1 without Temple- bar, and no where elle. And wiiete, as long as they hold every'Family may have ONE. Note, theic Books will be g: y<- n to no Boys or Giris, who may pretesd to be - lent tor them. London, Printed by N. M i % t in Great- Carter- Lam,
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