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The Evening Post


Printer / Publisher: E. Berington J. Morphew
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1026
No Pages: 4
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The Evening Post
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The Evening Post

1715 Jacobite Uprising : Rebels leave Aberdeen. The Old Pretender rumoured to be sailing from Montrose
Date of Article: 03/03/1716
Printer / Publisher: E. Berington J. Morphew
Address: Silver-street, Bloomsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1026
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
The Old Pretender is rumoured to have set sail from Montrose (Page 1 Col 2)

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The Evening Poft. Numb, i a 26. From Thurfday March 1. to Saturday March 3. 1716. Psris, March f. HE Ring's Declaration bearing Date, Jan. 29. 1716, is publifh'd to pro- hibit all bis Subje& s trading in the South Sea on pain of'Deaths Con- taining in Subftance, viz. Although the late. King exprefly forbid all Merchants;, Privateers, Cap- tains, and Maflers of Ships of his Kingdom, to make any Voyage, Na- vigation, or Commerce, in the South Sea, as it is agreed by the Treaty of Utrecht, and promifed reciprocally that the Trade and Navigation in foreign Countries- depending on the ' Crown of Spain, fhould be carried on precilelv and in the fame Form as it was under the Reign and to the Death « f the Catholick King Charles 11. to the End that all N, v tUfbs fhould be fubje£ t to the ancient Laws and Regulations made upon the Subject of the faid Trade and Navigation : The Reioltttien- the King has'to keep esa& lv to the inviolable Execution of the laid Treaty, has madehim think fit to re- new the Prohibitions formerly Blade, and even to impftfe the moft I eve re Penalties figairft Offenders. For thefe Caufes, £ jc, Tha molt exprefs riihibitions are made to all Merchants, • Traders, of other- Perfcnset'the Kingdom, absolutely for- bidding them to form wy Enterprise of Commerce, or to fend any Ships to tbe South Sea. And all Privateers, ". Captains, and Officers of Ships, Ma- kers, Pilots, Sea Officers, and generally all the Subjects of France of what Quality and Condition foever they be, are in like Manner forbid to make any Voyage, Navigation or Commerce in the faid Sea ' upo » any Pretence whatfeever, upon tlie Penalty ot: CSwfifcation of the Ships and Lading, and Death to tbe Captains and Commanders of' the faid Ships. And if the Captain or Commander of any Ship hap- pens to die in any Pott of' tbe South Sea whether he went to Trade contrary to thefe Orders, that Officer of the Ship to vyhdiji the Command- devolves, -/ hall be oblig'd to make a verbal Procefs of . ail that has been done by the faid Captain decerned, in Contravention to this Order, and then imme- diately to fit put the- Ship arid fail for France, without fair: firing ajiy oi; the Goods, on board fo bs unladen or other embarked, upon tlie lame Pain of Death. The- King alfo Commands, that if! any; of . the faid- Captains or Commanders of Ships die upon their. Voyage. to the South Sea, the Offi- cer who takes the , Command of the Ship fhall djfeontinue tha V- otVg- e nhd n- ttifM to France with the Ship and.. Loading, unlets lie eiioolgs to conduft the Ship to fneh Place to which the Navigation and Coremerbe is net prohibited. This Declaration was regittred in Parliament March 4. 1716, and Copies of it fent to fill the. Bsiliiages, & c. to be - res d , wd publifh'd as ufual, Aberdan, Feb. 19. < Our Deliverance at laft- has been « wonderfully brought about, the whole of OUB Leyal Reiplg. ' - hereupon the Matter have been Prifonersthete \ Months; * they bad not Liberty to go one Mile cut of Town, without ' Acquainting tligRebei Mfigiftrafes, and Re; . Regency- that we bad ' here; all the Arms, Ammunition, & c. which t- hey had, the ' Rebels obliged them to deliver up, and then to give their Oaths that they had'no more. There was a Ccfs laid on us, ' which none of" the fave two Loyalitts would pay, till once- we ' got a Party to lie on us by free Quarters Bed andBoard. and ' half a Crown per Day to each for Wages ; ' and lb we could not fhift paying it unlets we had left our- Ho. ufes, '. and if we fail'd in Payment, were feverely threatned to ' be lent to the ' Camp, or to Dunnotter. Our Minirters f preach'd nine Sabbaths in two Barns ; nor durft any, of ' them allow anyone Perlbn to come to their HoulVs, tl^ re ' were fo ftri& Watches kept. Since the Pretender's Isndirg ' the)' wou'd not allow Miniiters to pray for King George, ' nor for the King in general Terms. ' Our Colledge is now broke up here, our Mailers'; wh » ' were for the Pretender, being now forp'd to abicond. The Matters of both Colledges are order'd to be taken up and ' put in Prifon. ' The Duke of Tinmouth is gone up to the Highlands, ' with his Aifociates. . ' On tlieir Thankfgfvibg Day latt for thfe- Pretender's lafe ' Arrival, there came 300 of the Inhabitants, together with ' jtho Colledge Boys, and broke all our Doors and. Window s ' where they wou'd not give them Peats for Bonfires. c There is not a* Epilcopal Minitter to lie feen in thete < Bounds, which could not be laid fince the Reformation till now. Edrnburg, Feb. 23. The Royal Anne Galley, Pearl, Port Mahon, De. il- CaftJe, and Phoenix, are return'd from cruifing. It appears by the Journal of Captain Stuait, that he had early lntelligent- eef the Pretenders having put to Sea from Mont role in a clean tallow'd French Snow, which row'doutof the Harbour and cloie in along Shore a good Way, with her Sails furl'd. The Port Mahon lay all that Night within two Leagues- of the Harbours Mouth, but ' twas fa very dark there was JO feeing a Ship a quarter- of a Mile aiftant. Captain Stuart and the Pearl were then off Aherdeen ; and when the Rebels march'd out of that Town, having Notice oftheir. battening Northward, and that Lord Tinmouth with i<; oFrench On - cers were contriving, to make their fcliape From Peterhead or Frazersburgh, he. immediately difpatch'd away the Pearl and illramx, with Orders to lie off thofe Places, which efle& u, ally disappointed them. He lay himfelf off Aberdeen till the' Duke of Argyle's Arrival there: The Wind afterwards blow- ing bard Southerly, he dii'pofed the Ships chiefly on the South Coaft of'Murray- Fryth, fent by the l^ eal- Caitie a Letter to the. Earl of Sutherland, to apprize him of the Flight or.' the Rebels, and to prepare him to receive them in cafe they fhould make a Pufh atlnvemels. He traced Tinmouth and his Afloeiates as. far as Port Sanv, where feeing a Ship of" War lying to intercept them, they defpair'dof Succefs on tha Coatt, and therefore they jojij'd the Clans on the icthlrrft, and took to the Mountains. All the Ships kept die Sea di- ligently, when Wind and Weather would'' Permit, andob- ferv'd tbeMotions of his Majefty's Army fo careful!}', that the Duke of Argyle did r. ot pais thro' any Pert- Town, with- out cut finding fome Ships ready to put in Execution any Ser- vice his Grace might have had to propoft. On tlie 21ft Sir John Jennings receiv'd Advice from the Lord Lofat, that a Velfel with the Pretender's Plate and other Goods on board, and a confiderable Sum of Money for his Ufe, had lately put into the Lewis, anA that many of the Chiefs of the Rebels Were making off to Skie and the other North weft Iflands: Vf'hereupr. he immediately order'd the Drake Sloop thither, with Inftru& iors to cruize about the Orkney's if the Winds Should then be contrary ; and by Exprefs, direfted Captain Stuart of the Aldborough to difpatch the Happy Sloop thi- ther, and to cruize himfelf with the Lively, for 14 Days, a- bout tbelfles of llay, Mull and Canney, to endeavour to intercept the Rebels, or any Velfels emplov'd for their Re- lief. { Edinburgh Feb. The Inverr. efs Poft arrived here Ye- ' fternight, and gives Account that he met the Forces which 4 were fentfrom Aberdeen at Tochabers, a Place en the Ri- * ver Spey, near Caftit' Gordon, belonging to the Marquis 4 ofHuntly, and that they were in a full March to Elgin ' and Invernefs, at which laft Place the Earl of Sutherland 4 ft III continues with his Men. 4 I am infcrm'd that Stewart of Innernytie and feveral o- * tber Gentlemen are gone off with Sir Donald Macdonald, 4 to the I fie of Sky. ' Major General Evans's and Col. Newton's Dragoons ha- ' ving march'd Southward from Aberdeen on the 11th, are ' fince arrived at the Quarters affign'd them, viz. Brichen 4 and AberbrOthick, and Colonel Rer's Dragoons are arriv'd 4 in Fife, s£ are all the other Troops to their refpe& ive Quar- 4 ters. ' We have an Account that the Rebels Huntly and Sea- 4 forth with a good Number of tkeir Followers, efpecially 4 the Gentry, were gone to the Hills, and that by this Time, 4 they with the other Ketel Horli ai rived in Lochabar, ' where there is fome Forage. The Foot continue ftill in 4 Badenoch or thereabouts in different Bodies, for the con- 4 venience of Subfiftence; upon which ' tis reported that a 4 Commiffion of Fire and Sword will fpeedily be ilfued out 4 againft theni all, as in the Cafes of Traitors and other Out- 4 Laws who nt> fcond. 4 Beftdes thofe mention'd in my laft, as furrender'd at A- 4 berdern, Menzies of Bittfcdd.- ls ar. d Ramfay of Whiterigs 4 are alfo come in ; but we don't he ir of any t'rifoners taken v and the Perfons furrender'd in all don't amount to above 1 feven or eight. ' Next Tuefday is appointed for the Election of a Peer to fit in the Houfe of Lords in Room of the Marquis of 4 T\ yeddale latelyjieceas'd, the Candidates are the Earl. of 4 Selkirk, Brother to the late Duke of Hamilton and the Earl 4 of Orkney, one of the Gentlemen of tlie Bedchamber, and 4 the Earl of Haddington the Earl of Rothes's Brother. On 4 Thurfday laft the Duke of Argyle fet cut from Aberdeen, 4 and will be here on Monday next, in order to IK preient at 4 the fame, his Grace haying the Prince's and other Proxies 4 along with him. 4 Yefterday Col. Stanhope arrived here, as did alfo this 4 Day his Regiment of Dragoons, which march'd f rom A- 4 berdeen the 1 < tth Inftant. 4 Yefterday Mr. Auchterlony a Goldfinith was fentene'd 4 to be bang'd on the 14th of the next Month, for counter- 4' fciting the Stamp on Paper, and Charles Thompfon was 4 committed prifoner to the Tolbooth fer counterfeiting the * ignet. Zen don, March 3. Yefterday Morning Mr. Dagley,, one of His Majeftyjs Meffengers arriv'd here exprefs from France, being dif- patch'd by the Earl of Stairs. We hear the Pretender is at St. Germains, and the lateEari of Mar at Paris; that the French are making warlike Prepa- rations ; but the Defign is not yet declar'd j and that they have reiblv'd to go on with the Fortifications of Mardyke. His Majefty has been pleafed to conftitute theLord Bifhop of Carlifle his High- Almoner; his Grace the Lord Arch- bifhop of Canterbury having upon his Promotion, deflred Leave to refign that Office. Robert Cecil, Efq-, Unclc to the Earl of Salisbury, died lately. . We are inform'd that the neceffary Preparations will bt fpeedily made to prevent the Defigns of any Potentate, that Ihall attempt to Difturb us. On Thurfday the Stewards of the Society of Ancient Brittons, eftablifh'd in Honour to her Royal Highneffe's Birth Day, and the Principality of Wales, met at St. Paul's- Cfeurch Covent- Garden, where the Service of the Church of England in the old Britifh Language was read, by the Re- verend Mr. Lewys; and Hkewife a Sermon preacli'd by the Rev. Mr. Philips, Cheplain to the Society : And after Di- vine Service was over, they proceeded to St. James's, to pay their Compliments to their Royal Highnelfes, and from thence to Haberdalhers Hall, where a fplendid Entertain- ment was prepar'd. And being feated, an Ode made in Honour of the Day by Mr. Hughes, and kt to Mufick by Dr. Pepufch was perfbrm'd ; and after Dinner the following Gentlemen were chofen Stewards for next Year. The Right Honourable the Lord Longueville. 2. Sir Robert Cotton, Bart. 3. Mr John Auftin, Bart. 4. Ths Hon. General Davenport. 5. The Hon. Mr. Molineux, Member of Parliament, and Secretary to his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales, Prefident of the Society. 6. Thomas Wynn, Efq; Equerry to his Royal Highnefs, and Member of Parliament. 7. Sir Humphrey Howarth, Knt. 8. John Roberts, Efq; Member of Parliament. 9. Charles Green- woed, Efq; one of the Commiffioners of the Wine Licence Office. 10. Edward Hughes, Elq; Judge Advocate. On Thurfday the 23d of Feb. his Royal Highnefs Duke Erneftus Augutlus, Brother to his Majefty K. < ' eorge, and now Bifhop of Olhabrug, and her Excellency the Sovereign Countefs of Buckinbu'rg, and her Excellency the Lady Gortz, the Prefidsnt of the Hanover Councils Lady, did Henry Harccurt, Efq; and his Lady the Honour to ftand Godfather and Godmothers to their Daughter, and his Royal Highnefs was reprefented by William Winde, Efq; Cham- berlain to her Royal Highnefs the late Ele& rels of Hanover. ADVERTISEMENTS. IN Red- Lion Street, near Red Lion Square, is to be Let a very good Hon fe, with a pleafant Garden, very well £ tad and furniih'd, the Kent cheap and the Goods ail trefh and new, which are to b? fold as ibey ffand. I r. quire at Mr, Kcllycs at th « faid Honfe, or at jeffbrloo'sCofee- houfe in tbe fud Street. ANY Perlun htvirg a A'tft) op, Dean and Chapter, or Colledge Leafe, well Tenanted a. id in good Re- pair to difp ) le of, lie may enquire of" Mr. Man at Old Man's Coffee Houle at Charing Crofc, and hijar of a Pureliafe- r. O l olea or ftray'd, Su. 1d. 1y the 19th of Feb. ' vjfrorn theBarn at tbe b ick. of theLillAleboufe- iolfliagton, aSetting Ei cli, white wiili liver colour'd Spots, a rough Tail and pretty tall. Whoever brings her or give* Notice where the may be had again, to Mr. Pinckney, a Barber in GrajTi- lnn Lane, flialf have two G'u'nt& t Reward, and jio. QueltioDS ask'ti^ UNtill the Thirteenth of this laftant, Fifhery Annuities of Twenty Pounds a Year for Life, or Twenty One Years, which fhaH firtt end, may be bought for 43 I. a piece, and for Life or 99 Years which ( hall firlt end for 81 1. a piece, and in propor- tion for a greater or lefler Sum, and if any Annuitant dje before double the Sam paid for his Annuity be repaid, the remainder of the double and 7 1. a Year forever ( a Rent Charge out of Land) will be paid after his Death for evefy 43 1. Purchafe, and in proportion for any other. The Fund is fufficietit and Security good, as appears under the Hand of feveral eminent Counfellors as weil as by the De- monftration and Table in the Book of Articles, pr. 6 d. and by thoufiinds of Receipts under the Hand of ( iich as for leveral Years have conflantly receiv'd in proportion to 50 1. per Cent, per Ann. Gain, to b; feeo at the Fithery Office up one Pair of Stairs at the Crown in Fleetilreet ( near Water- Lane in London) where 1401, per Cent will be paid at Demand for Fifhtry Annuities claimable.* ABa. Stallion, ored by Mr. Leeds in Yoik- Chire, which at New- Mark^ was call'd Scrat, and has gone by the Names of Blacklegs and Scar, is kept thisSeafon tor Coher- ing Mires, at Richard Baker's at ( he Lea near Wsolverbampton, Staffordihire, at Haifa Guinea the. firlt Leap, and 5 s. a Tryal. STolen out or a Charwbt'r two Pair or Stairs, over the Crown- Office in the Inner- Temple, a black Tortoile- ffiell Snuff- Box, rirmn'd with Silver, wiih a Picture in it: Whoever will bring it to Tom's Coff- C- Houfj in Devereux- Court, near the Temple, lhaB ha » e Two Guineas ltew. trJ, and no Qneltioris ask'd. Likewife ffolen , ut of the fime Clumber a black Shi green Pocket. Book, which if brought to the abovufaid Coffte Houfe, Stall have a Guinea Reward, and n'l Queftijns ask'd. Next Tuefday will be pubiiih'd, on fuperfine Paper, in 8vo. ||* '>'< Richard Bldckmore's EfTays upon fl- veral Subjefls, riz. 1. Upon the Nature and Conliiruiion of E,; ick Poetry. 2. Upon v'it. 3. Upon falle Vcrfue. 4, Upon the Immortally of the Soul. J. Upon the Laws of Natu. e. 6. Upon the Origin of Civil i-> ower : With a large Preface to the whole, l'rinted forE. Curll at tie Dial and Bible. and J. Pembsrton at the Buck and Sun, both Egainlf St. Dundan'j Churcii iu Fieet- lfreet. Lately Pidhfh'd the- Third Edition of LIU Praxis Aim ® Curise Gancellarije, being a Colleftion of PrefiJenrs, by Bill and Anfwer, Plea and Demurrer, in Caufes of the greatell Moment ( wherein Equity hath been allow'd) with Appeals ( in liberal Cal'es of great Difficulty) to the Houfe^ of Peers in Parliament, and the Proceedings thereupon. Alfo a Com, . pleat Collection ofall the Writs and Procef, concerning the fame. To- gether with a Prtliminary Dilcourfe, by Way of Rules, containing the Practice of the fdd C< urr, in every particular Branch of the equitable Part there .1'. Printed lor S. Butler, near Bernard's- Inn- G. ite in H > 1 bourn, vvhe. e may bs alfr had, A general Charge to all Grand Juries, with Advice 10 thole of Lite and Death, Nili pri- HS, & c. To. wbich is prelix'd, A Dilc > urfe of tlie Antiquity, POwir and Duty of Juries, with an Exhortation to their due Ptf lor fill nee thereof. By Sir James Allry. D Uptures cur'd by S. Birtlett, at the Naked JL\_ Boy, by Adlamb's Coffee- Houfe in Little Turn- Style, the Cor- ner of Lincoln',- Inn- Field1., by Holbotirn, London : He males all lurts of Spring Trufles, Night Trufles Navel Trofles light and e ify the belt in England, never known to f. dl if curable. Thole in the Country may be well fitted by lending the Bignefs of their Iiody, and what Side the Rupture is on. N. B. Any Doflors, Apothecaries, or Surgeons may h- tve very giodTriifles ol all Sizes. If tiny take a Dozen, fhall have good Encouragement. On TueJ'daj next will be rubt/ Jh'd, - f- A new Tragedy calfd the Perfi. li' us Brother, by Mr.. Theobald, as sow Afled atthe Theatre in Lincoln's- Inn- Fields pr. is, 6d. Printed forj. Brown at the bbek Swan withoutTtmple Bar, fold ailb by E. lierington at the Crof, Keys near Eflcx- ltrcec End, where may be had, his Cave of Poverty, a Poem in Imitation of Shakef^ ear's pr. 1 s. his Poem, ficred to the Memory of Q. Anne, the 3d Edit. pr. 1 s. His Ptrfian Priccefs or Royal Villain, a Tragedy- as aded at the Theatre in Drury- Lane, pr. j s. A Hot he Gentleman', Library, confiding of Rules for the Conduft of Life. pr. 4 s. L> ndont Printed by E. Btringtcn in Sslvtr- jlrtct Blio. ribury, and fold by J. Mtrfktp near Stationiri- fJall. BOoks .• The Library of the Reverend and learned Dr. Francis ThompTon, late Reftor of St. Matthew's, Lordof. Being aColleftiou of very Carious Books of tbe bed Edi- tions man/ of them Gilt or Letter'd on tbe Back, and many lafge Paper, in mol* Faculties, viz. Divinity, Hiliory, Philological Learn- ing, Clalfi: k' torn Not. Var. & in Ufum Delph. get, which will be- gin- to bi Sold ;< reafonable Rates ( the Price being put On each Bnok) at the Blaili Swan without Temple- Bar, on wednefday the - 7th Day of March 1715- 16, at Nine a- Clock in the Morning, the S ,| e to continue Three Days. - N. 1!, Among!! thele are ;$ 0 Volumes. of Pamphlets, and. other curious Tracts, to b; Sold ieparati?. Cata- 1 igues are deliver'^ at Mr. Meat's at the Lamb without Temple- Bar, at will's Coffte- Houfe near the Royal- Exchange, at Hurt's Coffee- H ufe over- againd tathtrine- Street in the Strand, the Rain- Bow C. ffee- Houfe at Wtliinmller- Hall Gare, Child's Coffec- Houfe in Paul's Church- Yard, and at the Place of Sale. ( N. C.) There are fcveral Book- C. rfts'ro be Sold Cheap. 5Utft Vakijh'd the Two following Booh, mK MD Dean Hkkes's Lut Will and Tehainent. To which isfubj lin'd. hi. s Conft'liion of FaitJi, his own Inscription for his Monument, with limal other rcmarkablfr Particulars,. Pr. 6 d. II, A Caveat agair. lt Fanaticksunder all Denominations, viz.. Presby- terians, AmibaptilK Independents, & e. Being an ^ iillorical Account of tlieir Principles and Practices both ill- Scotland and England, fully proving the Ddigns of til fe Se& arits to be directly levcll'd at the Subvert > rf « » " Epilebpacy in the Church, and Monarchy in the State. Written by the ! ai « Dean Hkt. evi r, j s. Both Printed for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible agaf « H Sr. I) unj( anVd} » irch in Fkct- Urest, Juft pUblifh' 4, The Tower Conference 5 being a Dialogs between Robert Earlof Ojtfcpd » nd Sir Williotn P— le, a Knight of Devon. On the Subjert ol the Girl's approaching Trial. Containing many Hiltorical aswellas Political tallages. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick lane, pr. 6d. Wlteremay be had,— The whole Pro- ceedings in Parliament. agaiBft the Earl of Oxford, pr. z s. — AI To, Nixon's Chefliire Prophecy at large, pubHfli'd from the Lady Cowper's correct Copy, pr.^ d. - This Pay is publijlM, The Hiftor. y of Romances, being 1. An Enquiry into their Original, z. Irrflruftions for compofing them. ;. An Ac- count of themolf eminent Authors, with Charafters and curious Ob- fervarions upon thebeft Performances of that kind. Tranliated from Hu& itts's Latin Original, by Mr, Stephen Lewis. Printed for Tho, Caltfecotr, at the Sun againlt St. Dunllan's Church in Fleet- dreet. pr.. 1 s. 6 d. Lately publijh'd, £ - \ The 10th Edition of an eafy and fafe Me- thod for curing the King's Evil j with [ evenI Obfer rations of Diet, Air, & c. which . rtHj be of Ule and Service to People afflifted with that Dillemper : To which is added, a Specimen of Succels, in a faith- ful Relation of many extraordinary Cures on Men, Women and Chil- dren ; iy Viliiam Vickers. M, Sold by A. Collinsat the black Boy again ft St. Duallan's Clmrch in Fleetltreer j . and at the Author's Hpul'e. in Shetbonrn Lane, near Loirjbard- ltrcct. pr, fid., .
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