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The Evening Post


Printer / Publisher: E. Berington J. Morphew
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1003
No Pages: 3
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The Evening Post
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The Evening Post

1715 Jacobite Uprising
Date of Article: 10/01/1716
Printer / Publisher: E. Berington J. Morphew
Address: Silver-street, Bloomsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1003
No Pages: 3
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The Evening Poft. Numb, ioo From Saturday January 7. to Tuefda^ Januiry 10. 1716. From the Amfierdam Courant, jfan. Berlin, Dec. 28. 7- HE States of Ofnabrug hare taken the Regency of that Country into their own Hands, and are to continue in the Exercife thereof 90 Days, reckoning from the Deceafe of the late Riliiop: When the faid three Months arc expir'd, the Election of a new Bifhop comcs on. In the mean Time, we underftar. d, that the Gentry and Corporations declare themfelves unanimoufly for D. Erneft Augullus ; and that moft of the Canons are alfo of the fame Mind, judging it moft for the lrt^ reft of the Country ; fo that ' tis expected the Election will be made without Oppofition. From tbe Amfierdam Gazette, Jan. 7. Vienna, Dec. Letters from Adrianople, the 19th pall import, that the Grand Vizier arriv'd t! « ere on the 14th, and was very favourably receiv'd by the Grand Signior, which contradi& s the Report of his being in Difgrace. From the Supplement to the Amflerdam Gazette, Dec. 7. Camp before Stralfuud, Dec. 29. On the 26th, 6 Danifh Battallions, as many Pruffian and the like Number of Saxons were drawn up in two Ranks, from the Tribfee Gate to 0 the Camp, over againft the Pruffian Regiment of Colonel Still. The Garrifon niarch'd out at 10 a Clock in the Forenoon. Baron Ducker, General of the Horfe, advanced at the Head of the Generals Zillick, Mevius, Alventhiel, Zoch, Manteulel, Leutrum, Dalwig, Trautvetter, Marlchall, Eclander, Svverin and Kirchbach: After them came the Artillery, which was follow'd by 30 Regiments Horfe, Foot and Dragoons. Thefe 30 Regiments hardly amouut- ed to 1800 Men : Becaufe befides tbe 1000 native Swedes, who were not made Prifoners, and who did not march out till the following Day, above 2000 Sick and Wounded re- main'd in the Town, befides which, a confiderable Num- ber had taken Service among the Danes, before the Sur- render of the Place, and great Numbers were kill'd in the Defence of Ufedom, in our I- affage by the Ifle of Ruden, and in the taking of the Retrenchments and of the Ifle of Rugeit. When the Garrifon came out, Count Wackerbart having invited to Dinner all the Generals who ferv'd in the Siege, tinder his Command, the Iving of Pruffia was pleas'd to ho- nour them with his Prefence ; and the Prince ofAnhaltdid the fame, the Swedifh Generals Delwig and Kirchback with Collonel Leeuenlwupt were alfo there. On the 27th, the 1000 Swedes march" d out of the Town ; and the iv. of Denmark entertain'd his Pruffian Majefty at Dinner, who the Day after entertain'd his Danifh Majefty, and this Morning they departed each for his reipe& ive Do- minions. Count Wackerbarth has to Day made Difpofitions for the March of the King his Mailers' Troops, and a Kb for pro- viding for the Neceflities of the Sick and Wounded, who are to remain in Gripfwald: He is himfelfj with Baren Man- teuffel, preparing to depart to Morrow, and the Troops are to fet forward the Day following. From the Amfterdam Gazette, fan. xo. Hamburgh, fan. 3. We have received Confirmation fr , iu divers Places of the Arrival of the King of Sweden at Yftet. ' Tis added, that his Majefty went afterwards to Calmar, from whence he is going to Carelfcroon, to haften the Pre- parations for the next Campaign. Tis believ'd he will hot 50 to Stockholm a good while; and that the Prince of HeiTe Caffel, with his Gonfoit, will come to Carelferoon ; as al& that Deputies will be fent thither to compliment his Majefty upon his Arrival in hi6 Kingdom. The King of Denmark has granted to the City of Strael- fund the fame Priviledges they formerly enjoyed: And has' given to the Swedifh Soldiers who did not take Service with him, a Crown a Man when they departed. From the Amflerdam Courant Jan. 14. Hamburgh fan. 7. There was a Report that the Swedes had put Relief into Wifmar, but it proves to be only that about 300 Swedes who fled from Rugen in final! Boats cams' 1 to Wifmar with fome Provifions, but not fo much as to afford any confiderable Relief to the Place. We have certain News from Sweden, that the Queen Hedwig Eleonora, Wi- dow of Carolus Guftavus, is deceafed in the 80th Year of'licr Age. As alfo that the King has let the Senate know that he Ihould not'immediately come to Stockholm, being for weigh- ty Reafbns determined to tarry fome Time at Carelferoon, where, as alfo throughout all Sweden, great Preparations are making for an early Campaign. Hague, fan. 8. The Heer Buys, who has been at the Court of France in the Quality of Extraordinary Ambaffador of this State, beiug return'd home, was this Morn- ing to wait upon the Penfionary M. Heinfius, and alfo upon the Prefideot of the Affembly of the States General. Mr. Cole, late Refident of His Majefly the King- of Great Britain at Venice, is arrived here, and will fpeedily go over to England. Hague, fin. 14. Letters from Milan tell us, that the Differences between the Emperor and the Gsnoefe are in fo fair a way of Ac- commodation, that the March of the Imperialists into the Territories of Genoa, is countermanded. Monfieur Buys arrived here the 8th Inftant from Francc, and having made a Report of his Embaify, let cut the nth for Amfterdam. Deal, fan. 8. The 6th at Night the Surprize Brigantine Capt. Tibb from the- Weft indies, was drove afeere in St. Margarets Bay and ftranded, and 13 Men and one Woman were drowned. Lad Night a Ship from Carolina was call away near the South Foreland, and tis faid moft or all of the Men perifhed. Ec: i » be. rg » Edinburgh fan. c Colenel Cflriicart of the Earl of Portmore's Regiment of grey Dragoons, having marched ' from Stirling, with a considerable Detachment of Horfe c and Foot arriv'd at Dumferling on Friday lad; fo now < the Rebels have intirely abandon'd the Country of Fife, < and the Earl of Rothes, Lord Lieutenant thereofj and of c Kinrofs, who is now at his Houfe at Leflie, is preparing ' to raife the whole Militia in thefe Shires, and has written ' to the Minifters and other Gentlemen, who fled frem their '• Dwellings hither, fbme time p; lft for fear ofthe Rebels, 1 to return now to their refpeciive Houfes, by Reafon there is no Apprehenfion of Danger from the Enemy, lince 4 which many are gon& over to the other fide of Forth. * The Dutch and Swifs Troops continue their March to- 4 wards Stirling, and 600 of them arrived at Dalkeith yefter- night. ' They are now making Flat- bottom'd Boats at Leith for c the Ufe of His Majefty's Army. ' There is no Account about the E. of Sutherland, and • notwithftanding of the many and various. Reports now '. fpread, ' tis ftill uncertain Whether there has been yet any ' A& ion. in the North. ' General Cadogan is expefted here in a Day or two from ' Stirling. louden, fan. IG. T( fterday, thi King Came to the Houfe of Peers, and nradi the folio- wing moft gracious Speech to both Houfss of Ptfrlia-. ment. My Lords and: Gentle mm, qp" H E Zeal and Affection to my " Government, and the ^'•' vigilant Care for the Safety of the Nation, which you have fheyvn in your refpeftive Counties, have not only fully anfwered my Exoeftations, but give me Alfuranees that you are met together, refolved to act with a Spirit becomiag a Time of Common Danger, and with- fucb a Vigour as Will end, i. P the. Confitiion of all thofe who have openly engaged ia this Rebellion,' andinthe Shame and Reproach of fitch as by lecret. ah J malicious Tnfirtuations have fomented, or by an : - i'ovved ' r . Llcrencq. encouraged this traiterousEnterprise. It is, S doubt not, a great - atisfaflion to you to have ob-, . served, that the Powers yori'iritrufted me with for the Prefer- v. ation of the Public's Safety, have been employed in the moft, proper and eifedtial - ManneVj and made ftriftly fubfervient to thofePurpofcs only fbrwhicb yoa intended them; and you mttffc have had the Pleafure to refieft with me, that as. the Mea-. litres taken, for our Defence have been juft and neceiiary, fo is Has plea fed the Divine Providence to blefs them with a Series of fmt,. ible Suicefs : And 1 cannot but take this Opportunity, of doing JuiMce- to the OlScers and Soldiers cf the Army, whofe brave and faithful Difcbarge of their Duty has difap- pointed our Enemies, and contributed fy much to the- Safety of ths Nation. I did hope, that ths Detecting and Preventing the defigned Infurreftjons in form Parts . of the Kingdom, and the Deteat- i ig mothers thofe who had taken- up Arms agiind me, would have put an End to tins Pvebsllion.; but it is plain, that our Enemies, animated by fome fecret Hopes of Affiftance, are ftill endeavouring to fupport this defoerate Undertaking, and the Pretender, as I have reafon to b - lisve, is now landed in-, Scotland. . it is hpwever with Pleafure I cm a: quaint you, that • hptwithftasding thtfc inteftine Commotions, G: ea. t Britain has; in fome metfure, recorer'd is Influence and Reputa- tion abroad. The Treaty for fettling the Barrier for the- Netherlands is now fully concluded between the Emperor and the States General under my Guaranty. The King of Spain has agreed to a Treaty, by which that valuable Branch of our Commerce will be delivered from the nerv Impofition* and Hardfhips to which it was fubjefted by the late Treaties, and will ftand fettled for the future cur ^ a Foot more advantageous and certain than it ever did in the moft flouri filing Time of any of my I'redecefTors; and the Treaty for Renewing all former Alliances between the Crown, of Great Britain and the States General ig.. brought very near to its Conclufion. Gentlemen of the Houfe of Commons, I muft rely on your Affection tome, and your Care and Concern for the Safety of the Nation, to grant me fuch Sup- plies as may enable me to rcftore and to fecure the peace ofthe Kingdom ; and I will order Eftimates of the neceffary fix- psnces to be laid, before you. Among the many unavoidable ill Confequences of this Re- bellion, none af& fts me more fenfibly than that extraordinary Bui- thin which it hasand reuft create to my faithful Subjefts. To eale tham as far as lies in my Power, I take this firft Op- portunity of declaring, that I will freely give uj » all the Eilattfc thaj Ihall become forfeited to the Crown by this Rebel- lion, ta be applied towards defraying the extraodinary . Ex- pence incurr'd on this Occafion, My Lords and Gentlemen, It is Matter of the greateft Uneafinefs to me, that the firft Years of my Reign, the whole Courfe of which I wifhed to have tranfmitted to Pofterity, diftinguifh'd by tjie fair . and endearing Marks, of Peace and Clemency, fhould be clouded and overcaft with fo unnatural a Rebel- lion ; which, however impotent and unfuccefsftil a ns of . Vord.-, and £ veral Alphabets of Inttruftions for young Writers. By Tho. Dych » , Schoolmalter, is Dean- llreet, Fetter- Lane. The iJ Ed. rion correftej. Printed for S. Butlerar. Eernard's Ion- Gate in Holbour. i. Price bound 1 s. Lately Publijh'd, Cf3 TheFaMes of /•' hce lvus, nnder the follow- ing Heads, viz. ( The weakefl goes to the Wall. CJjule the leaft of Evils. Be content in your Station. All csvet, all lofe. Keep not too great Company. Like Father, like Son. Honour looks not wei! in a Fool. Infult not Perf> ns in Mifery. A Lyar is not believ'd, th<<' he f[- e: tk theTruth. What we dilpife moll, may do us the molt Service. Nothing is more dangerous than a Flatterer. A juli Pur. ithment is re- ferv'd lor the Slanderer. Foijy is always attende- d with ill Confe^ uen- ces. The Unfortunate is infulted by every Ralcal. Always fufpeft the Generality of Sharpers. The. covetous Man is his own Tormentor. Let not great Men defpife their Interiors. Some People pay dear for Jelling, ftvblick Misfortune^ lyc hardefl on the common People. Envy infeparable from Virtue. Todo goo'd, is the way ro find it. Ridicu lous for mean Perfons to brjg of great things. A poor Freedom, bet- ter than a rich slavery. Be not hart) to believe a Backbiter. Both obliging and fafe to be Courteous. Kichss entice Men ro many Evils. Nothing like Plain- Dealing. Too much M > deliy, as bad as too litri. .. The b- elt Wiliiotn got at other Folks Charge. A preju. i'C'd Opinion Ipoils the Judgment. A vain ConceiteJnef- rid cnl'd by ail. Time paffts away irrecoverably.) Render'd into familiar Englifh by Tho' Dycbe. Printed for S. Butler, at Bernard's Inn- Gate in Holbouru. Pr. bJ. is. L° ndonr Printed by E. Btrmgtontn Silvtr- Jirut Rlotmsbury, and fold by J. Morphew- mar Stationers '- Hall,
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