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The Evening Post


Printer / Publisher: E. Berington J. Morphew
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 954
No Pages: 4
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The Evening Post

1715 Jacobite Uprising : The Earl of Mar raises the Pretenders Standard
Date of Article: 17/09/1715
Printer / Publisher: E. Berington J. Morphew
Address: Silver-street, Bloomsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 954
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Earl of Mar Raises the Pretenders Standard

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The Evening Poft. From Thurfday September 15. to Saturday September 17. i7 « 5- NUMB. 954. Since our laft arriv'd One Mail from France. From the Paris Gazette. Piris, Sept. 21. 1 HE 16th Inftanr, a Decbraiibn cf the King wai regiftred hi Parlii- rnenr, ordaining, That when the O donoances, Edifts, Declaration! and Lertc'ri Patent proceeding fr.. m thefule Authority of his Ma- j; fty'fhiU be prffented to the Par- liament, with the Letters of the Privy Seal, the Parliament ( hall, before they proceed on the fame, hive a Right to re- prefent ro his Maj. iiy what they thill judge prop? r for the publick Advantage of the Kingdom: His Majefty being pleas'd to give that Mark of hit Confidence to ihe Court of Parliament, on Account of the Fideli: y, Zeal and Submiflicn, with which they always ferv'd the King his Great Grandfather; efpecially c'onfidering, that this is a Time, wherein the Advice cf an Affembly equally prudent and clear lighted, may be very benefi- cial to him. From the Paris A la- main. Paris, Sept. 21. Thty write from Perpignan the 6th Inftant, that all was very quiet in Catalonia, ai well as in Maj> rca, the Government having intirely finilh'd the DeHrudion of the • MiqurleH and Voluntiors. Laft Letters from Venice confirm the taking of Na- poli di Romania, by Storm, after a very few Days Siege. The D. of Orleans continue! to reform the fuperflu- ous Charges and to retrench 3 Fourthi e> f the King's Horfes, as b.- ing ufelcfs during his Minority. Abcve 6co Perfons, that were imploy'd about the Palaces of VerfailF, Trianon and Marly, are aftually difmifs'd, ard no more left, than are neceffaty to keep them in Repair. The Aqueduft at Marly is not to be retrench'd, as was faid ; But c. ht'y are turning away a great Number of Perfons, who were employ'd on if. Madam Mainfenoa has parted with all her Coaches and Horfes, and even her Moveables, having made Pre- fents of them to divers Perfons. She has alfo dilmif.' d all her Domefticks, except a Valet de Chamber, a Gen- tlewoman and a Foetboy, reviving to pafs the reft of her Days in the Splitude of St. Cyr. The following is the Speech made to the King in the fupreme CtUncil, by M. de St. Port, Advocat General. SIRE, WE prefent our felves before your Maj fty's Throne, there to renew the Oath of our Fideli- ty. We hope to find again in you, the Wifdom of the Dauphin your Father, the Clemency of your Grand- father, and the Glory of the King your Great Grand- father, to whom you fucceed. The Examples cf the Prince, the Regent have al- ready reviv'd their Alhei. His Wifdom will form your Heaft ; and the Ha.& d of God will accomplifh what re- nsatii to be done. A Lift of the Petfons who are to conftirute the Coun- cils that are to be ettablifh'd; conformably totheKin&' « Declaration. The Council of the Regency. The Duke of Q - " leaos, Regent ; the Duke cf Bourbon ; the Count de Toulouf ; the Marquis de Torcy; the Chancellor; the Mar| hal de Harcourt; rhe Duk « de S . Simon; the Bifflop of Troyes ; the Marfcal de Bezun ; and M> Pitfe- " tier de Soufy. The Council of Confcience. The Cardinal de Nia- illes ; the Aichbifhop of Bourdeaux ; the Bifhop of " Troyei ; M d'^ gueffaut ; ar. d the Abbot Pucelk, a very ingenious Man. The Council cf War. The Marfhai de ViHars? Mefiires de Puifegur, de Lev,, de Gerf vilk, de Bi- ron, de Renolrfs, for the Swils ; St. Hillaire fur the Artillery, de Valery an expert Ingenier; M. de St. Concert, and M. le Blanc Secretaries The Council of the Finances. The Ma. fhal de Vil- leroy; the Duke de Noailles; the Marquis Defiat ; M. Routtierdu Coudray; M. le Pclleticre desFortts; M. Fagon ; Meflires Gilbert, Voifin, Gomon. Baudrj, Dorm^ ffon, Dodun, Goalar, le Fievre and Labbiniere A<{* c cares. The Council for Foreigu affairs. TheAJd! fl] af tie Huxelles; the Abbot d'Eftres; M. de Chivcrny ; the Marquis ds Canillac; and M. Peqnec. The Council for Domettick affairs. The Duke de Autin j the Duke de Brancas 5 and M> d'^ rgenfon. The Council ef Marine Affairs. The Marfhai de Etrees j the Marlhal de Tefle ; M. de Coetlogon, Lieu- tenant General; M. de Champigny, chef d'Efcadre ; M. Ferran, Intendant in Biitaign ; M. de Vauvaray, Intendant de Marine at Toulon ; and M. de Bonrepos^ Paris, Sept. ii. The Prffamble of tbe Declaration eftablifhing the 6 Councils imports, that the Regent was of Opinion, that for futtaining the Weight of the Regenc. y, it was txpe- dient to eftablifh at fivft feveral particular Ccuncils, in which the principal Matters requiring the immediate Care of the Sovereign may be difcuffed and regulated, in order to an ultimate Decifion in the Council of the Regency. That hetheughc the better of this Form tf Government, becaure the Plan of it had been formed hy his Maj; fty's e" eceafed Father; who was pcrfwadtd that all the Authority of the feveral Branches of the Miniftry being united in one fingle Perfon, often becaroe too heavy a Burthen to him on whom it was laid, and might be dangerous to his Sovera/' gn 5 That it was fo difficult for Trurh to reach the Ears of a Prince, that ir was necelTary feveral Perfons fhould be equally eta'ilf. d to conveigh it ro him ; and that if a certain Number of Men both faithful and able were cot employed and ia- terefted in the Government, it would be almoft impU- fible to find at all times Perfoss qualified with frffj- cient Experience and Capacity, to fall the Stations loft: vacant by Men of cor. fummate Knowledge in publicJc ^ ffiir » , and make their Lofs to be thjlefs f; lt. That ... - . — - this Eftablilhmeat of different Council! for different Bulinefs is not a Novelty, the like being prnflifed with Succefs is other Kingdoms, and having been ufed even in France during the Reigns of feveral Kings. That the Diforder iato. which 25 Years War and many other Calamities have caft the Monarchy," aad the ardent De- fire with which tbe Quality of King infpirei his Majefty ro reftore all things to their natural Order, aad to rt- eftablifh the publick Credit and Tranqsility, are Mo- tives chat corroborate the Advice given his Majefty on this Subject by the Duke of Orleans; who being charg- ed with the Adminiftration tifl his Majefty's Majority> is moft Solicitous to put then into his Majrfty's Hands a peaceful and flourishing Kingdom, and to attain thereto by Means which may fhew all hii Subjefls, that he e » - deavoursonly to difcover and ta empl y Merit and Vit" tue ; that he is defiroui all good Subj- fts, and efpecially thofe of higheft Birth, fhouli exhibit to others Exam- ples of labouring continually for the Good of their Na- tive Country; that all Affairs may be regulated rather by unanimous Concert, than by the way of Authority; and that Peace being faithfully kept abroad with our Neighbours, may at the fame time reign at home by the Union of Men of all Degrees in the Kingdom. London, Sept. 17. Tbe bumble Addrefs of the Mayor, Reprefentatives in Parlia- ment, Deputy, Recorder, Aldermen, Common- Council Men, Clergy, Gentry and others of your Mtje. fty's moft Ancient Corporation of Boft on in tbe County of Lincoln. PErmit us, Great Sovereign, with all Duciful Submif- " fian ro approach your Royal Prefence, aad tender this Earneft ofour Allegiance and Fitieliiy. We do affure your Majefty, we have the jufteft A p. prehenfion of thofe tumul uos Riotsand Diforders which by an ill fct « f Men are obferv'd to be fomented and encouraged to difturb tbe Peace aad Quiet of your Do- minions in Favour of an avow'd Impoftor. But as thofe artful Devices have not bien able to ef feft orcreate the leaft Difturbance amongft ui ( notwith- ftanding the malicious lalinuations of fane to expofe m to your Refemmeot or Stfpicioo) we hope this will be a full Demonftration of our Duty and Loyalty, and con- vince the World of our Abhorrence of fuch wicked Arts and Purpufet. .^ nd we do further affure your moft facred Majsfty, that we on oat Parts, will contribute all we can to the Support and Maintenance of your lawful and rightful . Title to the Crown of thefe Realms, againli all Invaders and Oppofers whatfoever, and by a juft Obfervance of the Laws, endeavour to preferve the Conftnurion in Church and State fife to your Royal Glfand Paftcricy. Wecaanot on this Occalion omit our Thankluln- fs, and Acknowledgement of your moft gracious Affuraccei from the Throne, of your Care of the Church of Eng- - lini as by Law eftabliffc'd, whofe Do& rines have ever < lifavowed fuch Principles and Tenets which difpofc of Crowns at Pleafure. and introduce a flavilh Government among u*. But on the contrary, recomend Obedierce, Subjeftion, Peace, Unity, Charity, Bro herly Love, and thofe other excellent Vertues ard Graces which om- pofe a well regulated Government, and make it perma- nent and lafting, which we purpofe to obferve, » nd make the Mcafure of our Conduit. This Addrefs was prefented by Richard Wynne, Fff, one ef tbeir ReprtfentAUves in Parliament. The Humble Aiirefs of the Chief Inhabitants t> f the Tom ifti County of Southampton, prefented by $ obn Wallop, Eftfi intro « due'd by bis Grace tbe Lord. CbxmberUtn. Moft Gracious Sovereign, Wfc Your Majefty's moft: dutiful and Loyal Subjefls the principal Inhabitants of the Town and Coun- ty of Southampton, prefume to approach your Royal Perf6n, t ® aflu e your Ma jetty ( altho* we have not the Honour to be of the Governing Parr ofthii Town) that our Zealand ^ ffcSion for your Royal Perfon and Go- vernment, i » not at all inferiour to thofe in the higheft Stations. When we refteft on the kin 1 Providence that fo fea- foaably placed your Majefty on the Throne of thefe Kingdoms, whereby we were deliver'd from the moft imminent Danger of Popery and Slavery, from Trayiori a: Home aQing in Cencert with the Nation's Enemies abroad. We cannot but wonder there fhould be found among us any fo void of Reafon ai not to ewn the De- liverance, but would prevent the happy Effe& s thereof by Tumults and Rebellion. We have obterv'd for feveral Years paft, that the pernicious Deligns of wicked and treacherous Men have been carry'd on under the fpecious Pretence of Zeal for the Cfeu ch, thereby impofing on and deluding unthink- ing People ; Whereas it is evident that thofe very Per- foas by their lace Behaviour towards your Majefty and their Fellow Subjetts, difcover as littleReligioa as Loy- al: y. We are not furprh'd that a Popifh Pretender from abroad liiould endeavour to difturb the Tranquility of your Majefty and your Kingdoms, when weconnder how muchthac wicked Defign hath been encourag'd at home byfjme ofyour Majetty's own Subje& s who call them- felves Protectants. But we hope our noble Patriots in the Hcufe of Lords and a faithful Houfe of Commons will deceit the Tray- tors, and make them feel the juft Refentmer. t of an in- jar'd Nation, and repent their yibufe ot a gracious Queen. We beg Leave to affure your Majefty, that we will with our Lives and Eftater, oa all Occafioni, and againft all your Enemies b, otb abroad and at Home, endeavour ro theutmoft to fupport your Majefty's juft Right to the Imperial Crown of thefc Realms, and that there may never want a Prince of your Auguft Houfe to fway the Scepter of thefe Kingdoms, is the hearty Prayer of Southampton, Tour Majefty s moft Faithful, mofi Obf Sep. 3.1715. dient, and truly Loyal Subjetls. A Patent is paffed the Great Seal appointing the Rf. Hon. Sennet Lord Harborough Cuftoi Rotulorum for the County of Rutland- This Day the Warrant come down to Newgate, for Executing Five of the Lft Condemned Criminals, on Wednefday next at Tyburn, viz. Ralph Walker, Alex- ander Murray, John Mackintafb, Jofeph Pewterer, and Trolly Lolly j and this Day alfo a Woman was taken from Newgate, to be whipt from Well- Clof; Square Watch- houfe, through Ratclif Highway to Sbadwell Church Wacch- houfe; She being convifted laft Seffions at Hicks- Hall, for affaulcing and wounding one of the High Conftables of the Tower Hamblets. Edward Hughes, Efq; is made Judge- Advocate, in the room of Thomas Byde, Efq; The Earl of Abingtos has retiga'd his Place tl Juftice in Eyre, on the South- fide of . Trent, London, Sept. if. Letteri f « nn Edinburgh of Sept. to bring an Account of a Confpiracy being form'd to fur- prize the Cattle on the 8th between n and 12 at Night! which was happily prevented by the Care and Vigilance of the Government there. The Defign was to mpust the Wall on the Weft Side of the Caflle by Rope Lad- ders provided for that Purpofe, which were to be pull'd up by Lines let down from within by fome Soldiers be- longing cothe Garrifon who had been corrupted. The Confpirators did accordingly rebdefvous at the Foot of the Caftle Wall at the Time appointed, a Rope was let down and fixed to one of the Ladderr. But the Govern- ment having had fame Intimation of this Defign, had order'd part of the Town Guards and fome Gentletren Volunteers to patroll on the Weft Side of the Caftle, and the Officers within to double their Guard*, and to make diligent Rounds. Accordingly Lieutenant Lindfey as he was going the Round, found one of the Soldiers who h* d been debauch'd, afiuaiiy drawing up the Lad- der, in order to fix it to the Top of the Wall; upoa which, he order'd tbe Cenrinel next him to fire, which giving the Alarm, the Confpirators fl? d and riifpers'd.- Burthe Town Guard and Gentl.- men beforemention'd coming up, met and fecured one Captain Maclean who had formerly been an Officer under Dundee, and three others of the Par'y } they likewif; found tbe Laddersand about a Dozen Firelocks which the Cocfpirators had thrown away in Order to the making their Efcape the better. Three of the Soldiers of the Garrifon were al- fo f- cared. By < h; Confer l! ions fiace taken of the Perfons feiz'd, it appears that the Numbers engaged in this At- tempt was about So, of which about half are faid to be Highlanders. Letters from Dundee and from Perth give a a Account, that there was a great Meeting of the Heads of the Highland Clam on the Thitd le- ft ant at Aboyn, at which were prefent, the Lord Drommoed, Maiquis Tullibardin, Earl of Linlithgow, Earl of Southesk, Earl Marfhal, Marquii of Huntiey, and the Earl of Mar, with fome Gentlemen 1 And at the preffing Inftanccs of the Earlof Mar, it was re- folv'd to draw together immediately all the Forcts thty could, and to advance towards the Soath. Accordingly ' tis faid that on the tfth the Earl of Mar caufed the Pre' tender's Standard to be fet op, and that in the Letters and Orders he fends he ftiles himfelf Lieutenant Gene* xal of the Pretendei's Forces in Scotland. We have an Account from France, that upon the Re. prefeatation of the Earl of Stairs The Regent has or- dered an Embargo to be hid on 4 or 5 Ships that were laden with Money, Arms and Ammunition at Havre de Grace, and were drfign'd for Scotland; That the late Lord Belingbroke went from Paris on the fecond Iifhnt and return'd thither the Seventh at Night, on which Evening, Mr. Charles Keniiaird arriv'd there from England, and that the Marquis de Torcy rcfign'd his Office of Secretary of State on the 8th. Thomas Wylde, Efq; is appointed a Commiffioner of the Revenue in Ireland, in room of Sir Henry Bua- bury. This Day South Sea Stock W3s96$ 8ths. Bank 132. India 137 one half. Blanks 1710, 9 1. 5 s. London, Printed by E. Btrington in Silvtr- ftrtetBloomibury, and fold by y. MorphtwytarStativntrt - H* tl' T • SToleri or ftray'd from Chefthunfe in Hert- ford ( hire, the nth Infh two black Geldings from Tho. Warren > the one 14 Hands 3 Inch: s high, white down his Face, white Legs be- hind, and a little white under his Belly ; the other a thick punch Nag 14 Hands and an Inch high, no Mark ; both 6 Years old. Whoever can fecure them, and give Notice to Tho. Warren at Chedhunt, or^ to Mr. John Pratt, Founder shoe- Lane, London. lha', 1 receive of them a Guinea a- Piece, as a Reward and reafonable Charges. RUptures enr'd by S. Bartlett, at the Naked Boy, by Adlamb's Coffee- Houfe in Little Turn- Style, the Cor- ner of Lincoln's- Inn- Fields, in High Holbourn, London: He makes all forts of Spring- Trudes, lighr and ealie, a Child in the Month may wear them : He cures Rupturesot the Navel, cures Tumours or Swelb ings in the Scrotum: He makes ail forts of tJight- Truffes and Bag- TrufleSjfo very much approv'd of by Gjntlemen. rhey who come to him may de pend on aCure in a ihortTime, never known tofail ifeura- ble. He cures thole that are born with a Rupture. Thole in the Coun- try may be well" ferv'd by fending the Bignefs of their Body, and what Side ih eKupture is on. N. B. His Wife helps thofe of her own Sex. J u It puulilh'd, An Help for the more clear and eafy uti- derftanding of the holy Scriptures ; being the Epiftles of Sr. James. St. Peter, St. J. < hn, and St. Jude, p. iraphris'd with the Original or Greek Text, amended according to the heft MSS. & c. By E. Wells, D. D. Keftor of Cotesbach in Lefcefferfhire. Printed for J. Kaapton at the Crown in St. Paul's Church- yard ; where may be hadDr . Wells's Pitraphrj CE on all the other Epiffles, his Hiliorical Geography of the Oid and NewTeHament, 4Vols. 3vo, pr. i 1. 4 s. his young Gentleman's Courfc of the M^ thtmaticks, 3 Vols. Svo. pr. 18 s. The Rich Man's Dsuy to contribute to the building of Churches, and all Dr. Wells's other yi'orks. This Dlj is publijh'd, ** A Letter to a Quaker, with fome Reflexions upon a Pamphlet agaioff Tythes. Writ by one J. Bockett. Printed for W. Innys at the Prince's Arms in St. Paul's Church- yard, pr. 6 d. LOft out of the Grounds of Rich. Marfliall in Froyle near Alton, Hampfhire, on Saturday the 3d luff, a coal black thick Ma . coming 6 years, above ij Hands high, fome grey Hairs in her Forehead, a bob Tail, had formerly a Fault ia her near Foot behind, w& h is now well again. Whoei. r gives Notice of her, £> as £ he may be had again, to the find Rich. Marfhall at Froyle aforefaid, or to Mr. Rob. Baldwin, Difuller at the naked Boy and Still in \ Varwick- hne, fhall hare 2Guineas Reward. AT the famous Water- Theatre of the ] ate Ingenious Mr. Winflanly on Monday the 19th In If. at 5 in the Eveaing, feveral Perfons of Quality have appointed to meet: An Entertainment of Shsll- Fifh playing Water, a Bowl of Punch, and Bifquets, all proceeding from the curious Barrel, and is prefented to the Spectators by Sea- Nymphs and Marriners. Cupid w ill be there with Coffee and Tea, & c. ail Curiofities will be perform'd, with the new Additions, viz. Venus's Return from Mount Ida, with the galden Apple, with Cupid's Doves and Swans attending her, the Graces a- dorning her with Ga- lands, Apollo is bathing with his Attendance, his belov'd Daphney he turns to a Tree, and the beautiful Natciflus is chang'd to Flowers ; the Sea Gods and Goddcfles are attending., Ir> cenfe burning, fweec Waters failing into delightful Cafcades, with Fire mingling with it, to the Expenceof 800 Tuns of Water extraor- dinary. Boxes 3 s. Pit i s. 6 d. Firft Gallery 1 s. 6 d. Upper Gall. Sct. It is at the lower End of Piccadilly tow< irdsHide- Park, and is for the Benefit ef his Widow. Edinburgh, Sept. 10. We have an Account from Dundee, that feveral Carriages of Arms and Ansmuni- tion have paffed thro' that tlace, and that the Loyal Tarty there will be obliged to leave tlreir Habitations if they have nottimely Afliftants. London, Sept. 17. This Morning h; s Majefty, thePrir. ee, the Duke of Marlborough, went th o'this City to Woolwich to fee Hi< Majelty's Ship, the Royal George launch d.
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