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The Flying Post or the Post-Master


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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3686
No Pages: 2
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The Flying Post or the Post-Master
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The Flying Post or the Post-Master

Date of Article: 20/08/1715
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3686
No Pages: 2
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if Norab. THE f Iping^ Bofi OR, THE P O S T M ASTER From THURSDAY Auguft I- 8 , to SATURDAY Auguit 20. 1715. THE VA GABOND- TORIES. To a well- known Tuns. I. X XJ HAT a Racket is here V \ With your Fugitive- Peers, Two Dukes and a Vifcount that ied ' em : ' Tis plain that the Sages Are gone tor their Wages, That tie who employ'd ' era, may feed ' em. II. But, if I'm not miftaken, They'll fcarce fave ' their Bacon, Old Lewis will ouickly abhor ' em : ' Tis always his Nature, To bilk a poor Tray tor, When he finds he can do no more for him. III. The high- mettl'd Harry Began the Vagary, But you'll hear he's ali on the fret; When the Diamond he wore, Is piwn'd to a Whore, Or the Giver has feiz'd it for Debt. IV. This Couple and Half, Twci Kakas and one Calf; Went off with the firft fair Wind : But, as fure as a Gun, There are others will run, Tho' at prefent they're lagging behind. V. One Lord keeps a Rout, With his Gums jutting out, Another lies peeping and groping ; A third fays, He'll make The Scepter to fiake, Eut they'll all fcow'r away from a Chopping, VI. The Knight of fuch Fire, Frcim S t Shire, Who for High- Church is always fo hearty j , Tho' in England he tarries, Is equipping for Paris, To prevent any Scbifm in the Party. VII. Frank Scavimony\ Fate May be fomething mote late, For his Swearing and Lying full ftore : But fhou'd the Church Brawn Be fecure in his Lawn, Vet B* y mutt make a grand Tour. VIII. Oh Oxford ! thy Fame Shines out in his Name, " With a Chancellor Oruiond profound ; And eke in Sir William,'' That Leather Jfaw'd V ... . in, Thou'rt in Blue- Strings and Slue- Strings renown'd. IX. There's no one denies, They're Learned and Wife, Since the Choice they made is not commou ; Grave Members they've fent To the Parliament, v An Old Man, and eke an Old Woman- X. They furmfii'd out once A bellowing Dunce, Unlearned, Ungodly, Uncivil; Who, in ''-..• i- i Calieg. ; e and Schoc A XI. The Impudent P pp.% Muft come in ror Snips, Who at Oxford fo lately was dubb'd; Tho' inftead of Degree, Such a Bawler as He, Dfcfierv'd to be beartily drubb'd. XII , Young Perkin, Poor Elf, May promile himfelf Two Things from the Face of that Man; There's Brafs within Reach, To furnifh a Speech, And the Lid of a Warming- Pan. XIII. The King of Spain fent to About th' Jfjiento, Atty Brogue the harden'd and brawny5 Away let him flee, Full drive to South Sea, That the Blacks may be match'd with a Tawny, XIV. A certain Peace- Maker, Is a doughty Wife Acre, His Spelling, and Talking will prove it j On his Side a great Star Does glitter molt rare, Eut alas! ' lis all Darkncfs above it. XV. One Tom Earl of 3tr rd, Already has fuffet'd , For Treafon. we knbw vfiry we it j Tho' of hirti it is faid, He once had a Head, But this has no more; than a Shell. XVI. What Ormond with Fraud, Long ago did abroad, With Fear he does over again; ' Tis but an old- Dance . To leave England for France, He plaid the fame Trick at Denxh:. XVII. Tho' his Name is fo high, He was there but a Spy To Pillars ; and now the French Bully To quit off old Scores, Shall find him with Whores, And fetve asa Pimp to his Cully. XVIII. For the Peers gone away, For the Par- ons that ftay, They tell us new LaWs- are preparing; The Laymen we iainted, Muft now be Attainted, And their Clergy kept honeft by fweacing. XIX. But'tis all a Mi To hamper a ?' » --//, F61 Abjuring they' care not a Ffg| ' ' They'l take Without fail, An Oath like a Whale, if they get but a Living at big. ; XX. Their Doubts they can banifti* All Scruples will vamfh, ' The cloudieft Cafe will be clear, An Oath vile anji wofujl, Appears very lawful, in the Light of a Hundred a Tsar, XXI. Grand AS^ verations, Severe Imprecations, Ate as eafie as leading their Pfalter, They fwalk^ w' all up, VV ithqut ej^ aGul)', _ ^ •• r iftpKj a-- f * tir.:'- A iii io t [ Zejler uiy vc lad a Dutch Mail with tit foUomrg item. Geneva, Jug. iz. AVery odd Paflage has happen'd here to one of our antient Magiftraies. M. du Pan. His Sun, a little above iz Years- ot' Age, having plaid the Truant on the 26th of July laft, and dreading to be corrected fur it, went a League out of Town, to a Country Houfe of his Fatheis's in the Teriitoiys of Savoy, where he was ften by feme of his Father's Servants, but at lift hid himfelf, and after lpytering about for two Days, went to Tho « Jion, and was carry'd by nobody knows who, into the liarnabite Convent there, where the K of Sicily lodges. His Majefty order'd him to fee taken care ot, and the Priefts tampering with the Boy, made hiin change his Name. A Citizen of Geneva being there at the tim and bearing that M. du Pan had iolt his Son, he enqui- red after this Boy, and tho he was deny'd, he font word to his Father, who difpatch'd a Friend with Letters of Recommendation to fome of the Courtiers, that his Son njight be reftorecl. The Gentleman was allow'd to fee the Youth, in Prefence of the Marq. de Coudre, and the Kino of Sicily's Almoner. He advis'd the Boy to return to his Father, and they feem'd to join with him in. it,' but the Priefts had by great Promifes corrupted the Lad, and told him what he ihould fay, fo thai he refus'd to return. The Gentleman having acquainted his Father with it, he went to the King himfelf, but was infoim'd on his Way, that his Son was that Morning by 5 a- Clock, fent to Turin. He diilembl'd his knowledge of it, and pleaded with the King, that his Child might be reftored to him. His Maiefty anfwer'd, That be could not inCoufc\ ence grant it, fmce the Child had declared his Mind, That he would he a Catbolick, a id added, That he mould take cms of him. The poor Gsntiemm reply'd, That his Son fas not of Age to cvuf e his Rsligicn, and hegg'd of the K'vg, with Tears in his Eyes, That, as he was a Patent himfclr, he would conjiier what JjjliHion it muft he to a Father thus to loft his Child. But neither the Gentleman's Teirs nor his Reafons could prevail. This is fuch an Inftance of Prieftcraft and Tyranny, that ' tis hoped the Proteftant Powers will refenr it, and fee that the Gentlsmin have Juftice done him, efpecially fines out Migillrates whin the Children both of French and Savoyards have come hither and declared, that they did it to turn Protejlants, they always fent ' em back to their Parents. Paris, Jag. The Court continues to fend Money to the Frontier Garrifons, where the Soldiers ftrli mutiny tor want of Pay. We bear from Dunkirk, that the .-^^ tlkineil at Mardjfke refus'd faveral Times to go Oil with the Fortifications, upon the faftie Account, but are now prevail'd upon, by large Promif s, and fome Money, to woik hard. We are toil that a Squadron of 6 Men of War is ready at Havre du Grace, on Prs- tcnce to carry home the Perfiin Ambaffador, round a- bout by Scotland, and that the faid Squadron is to be augmented, to carry Supplies to the Pretender's Friends, and we have Advices from the Frontiers of Lorain, that lie engages all the- Officers, and lifts all the Soldiers he can, having lately had 2.00066 Roman Crowns fent him by the Pope, and as much ' by the King of Spain, to- wards hit Expedition. But the Chevalier's Friends here affert to give out, that France will not concern herfel. in this Matter, and nobody here date fay the contiary. The Dukes of Qrmond and Berwick, and Lord Boling- f broke, are gone to divert themfelves by hunting, 011 the Frontiers of Lnrain. Hague, Aug. j. 8. We hear that the Emperor is like to engage with the Venetians againft the Turks, becaufe that Republick has promis'd him Part of Friuli, five Millions of Crowns down, and a Million pet Annum, as long as the War lafts, the Pope has alfo prcniia'd 4 Millions, and the Clergy 5, towards that War. Letters from Copenhagen of the z. oth, fay their Fleet is refit- ted, and ready to put to Sea again. That Admiral Troy- el is gone with 6 Men of War to convoy the new great Prtwm and Tranfporta to the Hie of Rugen, which the Danifh Fleet is to attack in leveral Places. ' Tis cerA tain the Swedes loft z or ; Flag- Officers, viz. the Vice- Admirals Henekand Lillie, and a Rear- Admiral, and that J of their largeft Ships are raiding, one of which fnnk at Sea, and another ( handed near Carelfcroon. The Muf- covite Fleet is on the Coaft of Courland, and the Eng-- liih and Dutch Squadrons are expetted at Riga, to con- voy home their Merchant Ships. Our Letters from Pa- ris allure us, that the King of France and Madam Main- tenon continue very ill. Letters from BruiTels fay, that the Heer Vandenberg, who is Deputy there, had lately en- tertain'd the Imperial General Vehlen, and other Per- sons of Quality, on board his Yatch there, where they drank the Healths of the Emperor, King George and the States, and to a good ITndetftanding betwixt them all. The Guns were fired at each Health, and there was ne- ver fee a fuch a Concourfe of Peogle on the Canal, as there was on that OccaGow. London, jug. 10. " There are frefh Advices, that the Pretender continue* his Preparations to invade us. Lilt ThutiiUy greit Wagers were laid in Exchange- Alley, that the French King was detd, or would be fa by the ^ th of September next, when if hs lives he will be 77 Yeats of Age. Deal, Aug. 17. We have here only the four Men ot War. formerly mention'd, viz. Oxford, Pembroke South- ampton and Flamborough. Yefterday Bank Stock was a half: South Sea 9$ i half. India 157. Million Bank 95 a half. African 15; Adveitifanients. WfHereas Matthew Weft at the 7 Stars in Clare- Streety Clare- Market, Goldfmith,- aid difpofe of Tickets, by dividing them into Shares in all the Lotterys fiuce the Year 1710. alfo in the late Dutch Lottery, and hits pur- chas'd a large Quantity of Tickets in the prefent Dutch and Hamburgh Lotterys, where any Petfon may havewhac Parts they pleafe in each Lottery, as may be feen by his Propofals at l uge, to be had gratis at his Houte aforefaid, 01 at North's Coffee Houfe in King Street near Guild Hall. For the Conveniency of all Perfons conceru'd, th^ re are kept compleat and exaA Numerical Rcgtller Books and Tables for the Drawing of the Line, w! iere any Petfon may enter their Numbers at 6J each, and have an exaft Account of their Succefs either in Town or any part of Great Britain* Note. The faid Matthew Weft has receiv'd certain Ad- vice rrom Holland, that the Lottety will begin drawifig, the 25th of this Inftant Auguft, our Stile. Juft Publifh'd. AREVIEW of the REPORT of the Secret Committee, Digefted into Alphabetical Order, which diftin- guifhes the Ttanfaftions of the Late Mmi/ lers one front another, and is alfo an ufeful and eaiie Index to the Report, by exa£ t References to the Pages of both the Fo- lio Edition, and that ifl Twelves. Sold by Eraan. Matthews at the Bible, and S. Popping at the Bfack Raven iu Pater- iVofter- Row, A. Dodd wflfiiout Temple- Bir, and J. Hirrifon at the Royal Exchange. Price Six- Pence. Juft publifh'd, The Second Edition, THE Defcription of a Presbyterian, exemplify^ in his Chan& cr : Humbly addrefs'd to thofe. Gentlefhen that by the Imputation of the High Church are lately added to that Party. Sold by E. Matthews at the Bible in Pateinofter Row. E. Harrifon at the Royal Exchange, and A. Dod without Temple Bar. Price 3 d. or zosi a Hundred. Juft publifh'd, THE Tories unmask'd, by a Survey of the Negociations of Peace, the rebellious Tumults throughout the Kingdom, and the intended Invefion, in a Letter to a Country Gentleman, pr. 6d. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick Lace ; alfo, The Miller of Trompington, being an Exercife upon Chaucer's Reeves Tale, pr. is. Divine Maxims of Government without Whig or Tory, or, The true Charafter of , a Ki » g and of a Tyrant, of a Faithful Minifter and a FaVourite Traytor. ' By D. Francifco de Queaedo Villagas, Author of the Vifions of Hell, pr. ts. < Sd. A Tale of the Swan, &„•. Of the Phcenix and her Government, and feveral things worth Notice, pi. 6d. Jul! publifh'd, \ Letter of Advice to Thomas Brett, L. L. D. and wit h t\ it a Seafonable Rebuke for late Offences given by him to God ani the Kins, & c. To which is added,- A Sermon alfo for his lnftrurtion, upon lith. xiii 10. By that Famons Profe& r of Divinity, Dr. Frances Turretin, pr, is. 6d. Printed for J. Roberts iu Warwick Lane. Alfo * Divine Maxims of Government without Whig or Tory, or, The true Charafter of a King and of a Tyrant, of a " Faithful Minifter and a Favourite Traytor, pr. is. 6d. To prevent the Publi'clt bein ® impofed upon by Counterfeits. THE true Royal Chymical Wafhball for the beau| ifyiog the Ha ids and Face, as it is from the firft Author, without1 Mfrcnry, or anything prejuicfal, largely experienced and highly recormrieniied by1 all tli?. t ut « tliem, and that for making the Skin PJ de'iiutely loft and Imooth, as not to be parallell'd by either Wafli, Powder^ or Cnfmeticls ; and it being indeed a real beautifier ot" the Skin, by taking off all Deformities, as Tetters, Ringworms, Morphew, funburn, fcurff, pimples, pits, or red- nefs of the ftnall pox, keeping it of a l. iliing and extreme whitet-. efs. It foon alters red or rough Hands, and is admirable in [ havipe the Head, which not only gives an exquifite ( harpnels. tc! tliq Razor, but ( o com'oris the brain and nerves, rj to prevent carciiiqfCold, and isoS a grateful and pleifant ( cent. W has been fold abofe feigbt Years at Corner ot Poi> es- head Allev in Cornlhil, over- againft the Roval- tnxcl'. ange, and is itili conrinued to be fold a\ t the fame place by Mr. Lambert, Glovefeller, and at Mrs. Kin^ s Toy-( liop in Weifm'in( ter- hall. Price One Chilling each, and Allowance by the DOHA Beware of Con. terfeits which may prove very prejudicial. k t
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