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The Post Man


Printer / Publisher: Dryden Leach 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2087
No Pages: 2
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The Post Man
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The Post Man

Date of Article: 27/12/1711
Printer / Publisher: Dryden Leach 
Address: Elliot's Court in the Little Old Bailey
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2087
No Pages: 2
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from CiHJte; December 25, to Xfoltl& qp December 27, 17' 1. Yeft- rday in the Afternoon came in Three Holland Mails, with the following Advices. Vienna, December 19. Everal Letters from Turkey ten us, that the Grand Vizie r has been depefed, and the Aga of the Janaffaries promoted to rhat Dignity, wnichis confirmed by the arrival of an Exprefs from Conftautino- ple, who coming through Adrianople was informed, that the Grand Vizier a- forefaid had been feized with all his Papers, which were to be fenc to Conftantinople. The Swedes give out, that the new Grand Vizier is as much for War, as his Predecefior was againft it, and flatter themfelves that the Port will renew the War againft the Czar ofMufcovv, " who has not yet deliver'd up Azoph nor any other Place mention'd in tbe Treaty cancluded with the late Grand Vizier. The Emperor is expefted the 20th of the next Month, and will loon after repair toPresburgh to be Crowned King of Hungary. Frankfort, December 27. The Emperor made his Publick Entry into this City the 19th inftant, and on the 22d was Crowned with the ufual Ceremonies, the Ele- ftors of Mentz, Tryers, and Palatine affifting in Perfon in the fame, with the Ambaffadors of the Eleftors of Saxony, Brandenburgh and Hannover. This Solem- nity was attended with all imaginable Demonftrations of Joy, and his Imperial Majefty has been complimented thereupon by feveral Princes and Minifters. and other Perfons of Note. That Prince is daily in Council fince his arrival at this Place, and there is hardly one Day, but he receives Difpatches from the Hague, or fends Ex- preffes thither. The departure of his Majefty is vari- oufly talk'd of, for fome tell us, that he defigns to fet out the 7th of January, and others, that he will continue here til] the 1/ jtb, by which time we fhall know whether the Congrefs for treating of a General Peace will be o- pened at Utrecht. Hamburgh, December 29. Our Advices from the Camp before Scralfund fay, that the Kings of Poland and Denmark have thought fit at laft to abandon the Siege of that Place, and as the Town ofWifmar has but a very thin Garrifon, they hope that the reducing of it will prove more eafy than theirother Enterprize, and fopart of tbe Artillery defigncd againft 3: ralfu;- d is fent thither with a Reinforcement of Horfe and Foot. The Danes and Saxons were ftill before Stralfund the 26th, but were preparing to decamp. The Swedifh Reinforcements ar- rived in the Ifland ef Rugen confift only of 600 Foot, but the Swedes tel! us, that they daily expeft further Suc- cours wbich will enable their Generals to preierve Wif- mar, and oblige their Enemies to retire from their Ter- ritories. The Danfh Fleet is laid up, and they have only a Squadron at Sea. They write from Berlin that the Markgrave Philip William, Erather to tbe King of Prulfia, dyed the 19th inftant, in the 43d Year of his Age. We have advice from Thorn, that the Hereditary Prince of Mufcovy and his Princefs are to rcfide this Winter in that Place. Several Letters from Poland fay. that they had advice from the Frontiers, that the Grand Vizier has been depofed, which is alfo confirmed by Let- ters from Vienna. They tell us alfo, that there is aTreaty of Peace concluded hetween the Czar and the King of Sweden, but this Report meets with no Credit. The © aneshave taken by force from the Arfenal of Roftock, 60 Pieces of Cannon, to be employed againft Wifmar, which was like to have occafioned a Sedition in that Town. Paris, December 28. Some Letters from Catalenia fay> that theGarrifon ofthe Caftle ofCardona furrender'd the 5 th inftant, and they expeft the Confirmation of that Ad- rice by the next Letters from Madrid. They had no account of Che taking of that Place the 14th at Rozei, from whence they write, that all the Ships of the late Convoy fent thither with Ammunition and Piovifious from ProveHce are arrived there except one, which was cjft away in the Gulph of Lyons. Our Plenipotentiaries intend to fet put on Saturday next for Utrecht; but thofe ofSpain arc not to repair thither til} their admif- fion is agreed upon bv the Allies, who have not thought fic to allow them Paffcs 4 and thpMoft Chriftian King has f; nt an Exprefs to Madrid to defire his Grandfoa to fiifpend, upon tbat account, the departure bf his Miui- fters, but if they are already fee our, they will continue here, this Court being willing to remcve all the Difficul- ties that migl't fcbltiuft the openirg of the C1r. ftrtr. ce3 at Utrecht. ' Tis fai.', tbat if the Negotiations go ou with the defited fuccefs, his Majvfty will go ard tefide in one of our Frontier PIr. ces, to be nearer to give the lieceffary Inftruftion3 to his Plenipotentiaries, and acce, lerate the conclufion cf the Treaty. We have no man- ner of account ofMonfieurdu Caffe and the. Ga! leons, and when we expected to hear of the return of Alor. ileur du Gue Trouin, we are told, that inftc* d of going upon any Attempt againft the Englifb or Portugu- zc Settle- mentsin the Weft. Indies, he is gone into the South Sea, to tike PoffdTion of fome Harbours on the Cosft of Peru or Chili, eicher for fecuring the fame for this Crown, or elfe that it may be in the King's Power to difpofe of them as he fhall think fit. ' Tis fatd that the Duke of Noailles, the Chevalier de Luxemburgh, and the Count de Goesbriant, are to be made Marefchals of France^ The Eleftor of Bavaria is fuddenly expefled, and ' tis faid he i » to continue hera during the Negotiations of Peace, or at leaft till he is allow'd to fend his Pleni- potentiaries to the Congrefs, They give cut at Courts that the King is very much difpleafed with the Dutch, upon account of fome Difficulties they have ftarted up againft the Negotiations, and in particular againft the admiffion of the Minifters of King Philip. Our Advices from the Coaft of Normandy, Britany, and other Mari- time Provinces on tbe Ocean, tell us, that on the 9th inftant they had a moft dreadful Storm, which funk many Ships, and did a world of damage. The Town of Ro- chel fuffered very much, and the Diana, one of the King's Frigots, was funk in the Harbour, with 100 Men on board. They write from Bilbao, that they had no Storm there till tbe 10 th, but that it proved very violent, and was attended with an Earthquake. On Friday laft the Marquis de Torcy went to St Germains, and had a long Conference with the late Queen of England, and the Che- valier de St George. The Duke of Vandome having in- form'd the Court of tbe ill Condition of his Forces, is order'd to put them into Winter Quarters, as Toon as the Siege of Cardona is ever; and they are remitting two Millions to that General ro pay part of their Ar- retrs. They continue to give out here, that there is an open Mifunderftanding between the Duke of Argylc and Count Staremberg, and that the latter having fent Or. ders to the Englifh Commander in Terragona to detach fome Troops from his Garrifon to reinforce the Army, he had refufed to comply therewith. Amfterdam, January x- The following Abftrafr of a Letter from Madrid has been publifhed in our Gazette^ . Madrid, December 2. 4 The Advices we have re- 4 ceived here concerting Peace, have furprifld many 4 People, who defpair now of ever feeing a Peace that can ' contiuue above 2 or 3 Years, if tbe Monarchy of Spain ' and the Indies rtmain to the Houfe of Bourbon . For ' whatever Treaties may be made with them, they will 4 ferve only to amufe Esgland and Holland, who are the ' lupport of this War, and to deprive the Emperor of * the Right he has to that Monarchy. ' Tis certain that ' France and Spain are already entrtd into private Trea- < ties of Commerce, and even ' tis faid that one of them « imports, That tbere ( hall be a Chamber of Commerce 4 for the Accompt of the Two Kings: That France fhall ' furnilh her Manufaftures, and all other Neceffariesfor 4 the lading of the Flotta and Galleons : Thac if the 1 Englifh and Dutch lade any Goods on board the fain^ • for their own particular Accompt under Spanifh Names, 4 as they did heretofore, their EfFecJs fhali be puc into 4 Store Houfes in the Indies, and fhall nor be expr. fcd 4 to Sale till tbofe of the French are all d fpnfed of at • their own Prir- c ~ « ... « n u ijxoiea or at « their own Prices, whereby the Merchandizes belonging < to the Englifh and Dutch, will be fold afcenvards, at ' fuch low Rates, that they will be Lofers by the Re- < turn. This, as the French fay, will weaken thofe two ' Powers, and brir. g yearly to the French 40 Millions of 4 Pieces of Eight, or the Profit arifing from the Sale « of their Goods, and 20 Millions to King Philip 5 info* 4 much, that in fome Years France will be more able < than fhe has b? en hitherto, to give Laws to the reft oi 4 Europe, 8cc. Hague, January The Imperial and Britifii Mini- fters are daily in Conference with the Deputies © f the 8rates about the Affairs ofPeace, but the Matters tranf- attid therein are kept vfry private. The L « rd Bi& op ef Briftol one of the Britilh Plenipotentiaries is daily ex- pired here, and will, as ' tis bid, proceed direftly to ^ Jrrecbr, tobc there the- 12thinftant, the Day appoint- ed for the opening or the Congrefs, Wshear trom Paris and other Parts, that the Plenipotentiaries of the Duke of Anjou and the Eleftors of Bavaria and Cologn are not to be admitted in the Conferences. The Venetians have appointed Signior Ruzzini to come to Utrecht as their Plenipotentiary. The K. epublick being informed of the Preparations » f War made by the Turks, has refolveU to reinforce their Troops in the Morea with a great De- tachment from the Veroneze and their other Dominions in Italy*. Count Zinzendorf is fhortfy expefted here from Frankfort, f; om whence the Maiquis de Corfana is arrived here, being appointed by the Emperor to take care of the Affair* relating to Spain. The Pro- vinces of this Rtpublick, Holland excepted, have not yeL named their Cominiffiries to aflift in the Trea- ty o( Piace, but their nomination wiil bo made next Week. Stolen or ftrayed out from Groun ' s of Sir Rbt. Mariham, at the Mote near Maid ftone in Kent, a brown bay Gelding having all his Paces, with a iliort bob Tail, his oft" Leg behind white, a little Crack in his off Foot before, his Back a little Sore, with a white Star inhis Forehead, near 14 hands 3 inches high. Whoever gives uotite of him fo as he may be had a- gain, ihall have 3 Guineas Reward ; to be paid by Andrew Par- ions in Marfh'am- ftreetjWeftminfter, or by Amos Angles at the Mote aforefaid. Stolen on Chriftmas Day between 1 and 2, out of a Stable at Laleham near Stanes in Midd. a black Punch Gelding about 14. hands and a half high, with a little white fpot in his Forehead ; whoever brings him to the Coach and Horfes in King's- ftrect, near Bloomsbury Market, or the White Horfe Inn in picadilly, or gives notice of him, fo that he may be had again, Ihall havc2os. Reward and reasonable Charges; or if he be offer'd to Sale flop him, and you ihall have the fame reward. The great Reputation the Englifh Barrel Soap has gamed amongft the Quality and Gentry, is a fufticient Teftification of its Excellency, it being every way as good as the beft Crown Soap, goes as far, keeps much better and longer, is fweeter in Smell, and makes the fin ft Linnen clear and white to admiration, certainly preferving it from turning yellow, & c. and for Scow ring of Silks, Wooll, or Woilens, no Soap exceeds it ( the Secret of making it being known to none but himfelf) is made and fold only by Win. Cowpland, Soap maker at the 3 Pidgeons and Crown in the Old Baily near Ludgate, for ready Money at 4. S s. a Barrel, the fmalleft VelTel is halfa Firkin, which contains 32 Pound near, Price 6 s. being but two Pence Farthing a Pound, William Lovejoy Silkman, at the Crofs Keys in the Strand, near the Fountain Tavern, has to fell a Parccl of neat French Bourdeaux Prize Claret, brought dire- < fMy from the Port of Southampton, from on Board the Provi- dence Prize, being entirely neat, and in 110 ones Hands but his own iincc landed : As alfo about 3 Jars of Lucca Oil, by the Real Galley, being extraordinary fine ; and will fell the Claret for 23 1. a Hogfhead, and 30 s. a Dozen ; and the Oil 13 s. a Gallon, and 3 s. 6 d. a Quart. One Part of the Batti and Briftol Stage Coach and Horfes is to be fold. Enquire at the Three Cups Inn in Eread- ftreet, London; or at the Cardinals Hat Inn in Reading Berks, and you may know further. Robert Norris at the Peftle and Mortar on Snow Hill, having been many years experiene'd in the Cure of Lunaticks, hath Conreniencies and fuitable Attendance at his own Houfe for either Sex ; any Perfon applying themfelves to him as above, may have unqueftionable latisfacftion that the Cure ihall be focedily and induftrioufly endeavour'd and ( by Gods Blefling effected) on reafonable Terms. The Mannor of South, with a lare; e. « Manfion Houfe fit for a Perfon of Quality, a Park with [ about 100 Acres of Meadow, being a Freehold Eftate of 180 1. per Ann. at Sum- merhill, by Tunbridge in Kent, to be Sold. Enquire of Mr Holmes an Attorney, at his Chambers, No. V. in the Queen's Bench Walks in the Inner Temple; London; or of Mr Sam. Calbeck at the Fire- Officc over againft the Change, or the Rainbow Coffec- houfe by the Temple Gate. To be fold in a Vault under a Confe& ioners at the Mitre in St James's- market, Hermitage, Camperdrix and Burgundy Wines at 3 s. a Bottle or 3 s. 9 d. a Flask, no allow- ance for any quantity. Likewife Red and White Port at 5 s. per Gallon, Red and White Lisbon 6 s. a Gallon. Englifh Pills for the Scurvy, the beft Pur- ging and purifying Medicine for the Blood in the World, they carry off all ih irp Salt Humours take away all Scabs, Blotches, Leprofies, and all other Scorbutick Eruptions ofthe Skin, eafe Pains, carry off the Caufeof Wind Cholick Gripings, Stiches, Hiccups, foul Stuffings, Purfinefs, Wcazings, & c. malting the Body chearful, lightfbme, and eafy. Is fold for 3 s. 6 d. the Box, at the Golden Key in Warrons Court near Holbourn Bars. Ruptures Cur'd by S. Bartlet, at the Naked • Rry near Little Turn Stile, in High Holbourn, London; he hi all forts of Spring TrulTes by him, Light and Eafy to a New Born Babe; they that come to him may depend on a Cure in a ihort time, never known to fail if Curable ; he makes a 11 forts of Night Truffes, fo very much approv'd of l » y Gentlemenn, and Cures Ruptures of the Navil; alfo Cures Tumburs, or Swel- lings in the Scrotum : Thofe in the Country maybe weifferv'd by " fending the bignefs of that fide the Rupture is on. * N. B. His Wife can help thofe of her own Sex. At the Green Man and Still in Grae^ hurcr Street, for the Accommodation of Centlemcn m Town and Country, is Sold a Rare Compoiition, with which at aMinutj-, Notice, may be made a Bowl of the clcarcft and beft Punch as can be drank, only by adding to it the like quantiay of Spring Water : This Compofition is of the bell- French Brandy, Batavii, Arrack, Juice of the fineft Lemons, belt DoaUe Refined Loaf Sugar, of each an equal proportion, to anfwer the like quantity ofSpring Water: This is only to fave Gentlemen trouble 11 preparing it, it may be drank in kind ; its a Noble Cordial and will never decay, but be the better for keeping ; Price but 3 j. per Quart. Mdj. Truby, Tifh, Witham and other Vint- ners, having fcvcral times Advertifed, that they have Bought; fome Particular Parcels of Port Wines, which they will Sell at certain Prices mentioned in the faid Advertifements : Now. rhat People may no: be impofed upon, by any that fliall diftinguilft themfelves. there is not a Vintrter in London of any Reputa- tion, but has as good, if not better Port Wine than the above- faid Gentlemen; feveral having had the Liberty of Picking what they had occafion for, out of as good Parcels as any came to England, when thofe People took whole Par'cels. or had but very little Choice. Whoever has a Houfe to Let fit for a Gen- tleman of a fmall Family, with Coach Houfe and Stables, either in Oxfordshire or Berkfhire diftant fromLondon 50 or 60 miles, with or withonr2o Acres of Pafture, may hear of a Perfon that would take fuch a Place. Enquire of Mr Banifter Stationer at the Queens Arms near the New Exchange in the Strand. At M. Lyles Apothecary in Winchefter Street near New Bedlam, London; are only to be fold and no where elfe, the Original Drawing Ointment and Plaiftcr, which hath gained great Reputation in curing Head- aches, Sore Eyes, Breakings our in the Face and Body, and nlauy Other Diftem- pers, it never caufcs Inflammations or fcalding ofthe Uaine, as all Counterfeits do, pr. 2 s. each Pot, and flicking Piaifters for its ufe < 5d. each Box, Likewife the beft black and white Liquorifli Cakes for Coughs, fhortnefs of Breath, Pthlicks, Hoarfnefs, Afthma's,& c. being ftampt with the Caftle M. Lyle, Pontefracft round it. Fine Citron Water lately come from Berbadoes, to be had at the fame place very reafonably. Whj; eas lotne have p ectncled to make Coli D'awn Linfeed Oyl at pit• Ant as lirw the Buyer may qufftion w! ether . t is Linfced 01 ( omething csli'd fo, that is c nrraty tr. the Nature, Quality and life of it hot that is rite- ly and iruiy duwn from the beft of S>* fd, without mixture or a- ault « » *| i: pj ly Thi-'. Watfon - hi: 6yi W- sin Wsnfifworth, and Sold their, or athiiHcufein Sword Beaters Aiity in Chitwcl Stretr, < r at Mr Gardners at the Cain Chair in 8t Paul'j Chuich Yard, I on !- n- ADVERTISEMENTS, f't A Treatife of the Hypochondriack and Hyfterick Paflions, vulgarly call'd the Hypo in Men and Va- pours in Women; in which the Symptoms, Caufes, and Cure of thofe Difcales are fet forth after a Method entirely new. Th* whole interfpers'd with Inftru< ftive Difcourl'cs on the Real Art » f Phyfick it felf; and entertaining Remarks on the Modern Pratftice ofPhyficians and Apothecaries: Very ufeful to all, that have the Misfortune to ftand in need of either, in 3 Dia- logues. By B. De Mandeville, M. D. To be had of the AU- THOR, at his Houfe in MANCHESTER- COURT, in Channel- Row, Weftminfter ; and D. Leach, in the Little- Old- Baily, and W. Taylor, at the Ship in Pater- Nofter- Row, and J. Woodward, in Scalding- Alley, near Stocks Market. Pr. 3 s. id. Juft publiflied, % Honores Anglicani, or Titles of Honour. The Temporal Nobility of the Engliih Nation, havehad or do now enjoy, Dukes,& c. from theTime of theConqueft andBarons, from their iirfl: inveftiture, & c. In a Method altogether new, wherein their fevcral Gradations are fet down, fo as their Prc- ceedency may be known; and alfo fome new Matter advane'd in Relation to our Baronage. To which is added a Compleat Index. By Simon Seagcrof the Heralds Office. Sold by J. Baker in Pater Nofter Row. An Efiay on the Hiftories of Parties, and Perfecution in Britain ; beginning, with a brief Account ofthe Teft A< ft, and an Hiftorical Enquiry into the Rcafons, the Ori- ginal, and the Confequences ofthe Occafional Conformity of Diffentcrs. With fome Remarks on the feveral A ttcmpts alrea- dy made, and now making for an Occafional Bill. Enquiring how far the fame maybeefteem'd a Prefervation to the Church, or an Injury to the Diffenters. Printed for J. Baker at the Black Boy in Pater Noftcr Row, pr. 6 d. . U A Bible, Royal fine Paper printed at Oxford, 1686; Rul'd and Bound in 2 Vols. 8vo. in Crimfon Velvet, and richly imbroider'd with Gold, fit for any Pubiick Library, or any Perfon of Qualiity: Likewife new Folio Bibles and Common- Prayers, fit for Churches end Families, in Turky Leather, Gilt, or Plain ; alfo French and Welti, Common- Prayers, of fevcral Sizes: With Tate and Brady's Pfalms, and Supplement, in Twelves or O& avo : Books of the Sacrament. of all forts; Sturt's Cuts, curioufty Engrav'd, for Twelves or Ocftavo Common Prayers. Sold by Robert Whitlcdge, at the Bible and Ball in Ave- Mary Lane near Ludgate. + 4 MARTEN Abridg'cl: Or, a Compendium of the 7th Edition ofi'his Treadle concerning the Vcneral Dif- eafe and other Secret Infirmities in both Sexes. Containing what- ever is neceffary to the Knowledge of the Symptoms, Caufes. and Cure of that Odious Infection, ' See. as alfo the Ufe and Abufe of Mercury, Mifchiefs by Quacks,& c. By the Author of the Trcatife aforementioned. Printed for and fold by him at his Houfe almolfc over againft the Chappel in Hatton Garden, John Marten, Sur- geon, Tbeing writ over the Door. Alfo by N. Crouch in the Poul- try, A. Bettefworth on London Bridge, P. Varenne at Seneca's Head in the Strand, C. King in Weftminfter Hall, M. Atkin'sin St Paul's Church- yard Bookfellers; and D. Leach in the Little Old Baily, pr. ftitch'd 1 s. hound is. Printed by Drjde » Ltach in £//; « ;' s Qourt in the Little Old BaiUy for the Author
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