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The British Apollo


Printer / Publisher:  J. Mayo
Volume Number: III    Issue Number: 13
No Pages: 4
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The British Apollo
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The British Apollo

Date of Article: 26/04/1710
Printer / Publisher:  J. Mayo
Address: Printing Press, against Water-Lane in Fleet-Street, London
Volume Number: III    Issue Number: 13
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Vol. III. £ turab. i j. € f ) t - S? tttfl) Apollo: o R , Curious Amu foments for the INGENIOUS\ To which are Added the moft Material Occurrences Foreign and Domeftick. Performd by fome of the Society of GENTLEMEN, that were Concernd hi the FirB VOLUME. F r o m < HponDa£ A p r i l 2 4 t h . t o M e t m e f l m t A p r i l 2 6 t h . 1 7 1 0. G Q. E N T L E M E N , Not being Ignorant of the wonderful Prcgrefl in Theology, as well as in all other parts of Litter ature, which you have already made, I Humbly defire you to Reconcile to me y: ur Petitioner, thefe tvoo feeming ContradiElions in the Bool^ of Job, where Job\ » Sufferings are at large fet down, he, for bisMagnanimity and Patience in undergoing the fame, has ever fince been fliled the tncfl Patient Man, but whereas in the 3d. Chap, of tie faid Bool^ he has in fuch impious Exp) tffioxs not only Ci rfed the Day and Hour of his Birth, & C. but rnofi SaCriligicufly and Pruphanely abufed and called in Qtt'flion the Juft ice of God. I fay thefe Bxpreffions feetn to de trail vi ry much from that Glorious CharaBer he bears. For I Humbly conceive that we, as frail as we are, could not in more bitter Exprcffions fignify our [{ efentment and Indignation, Especially, if we confider the apparent advantage hf had over us, in having Angels to adminifler to him, who reproved him for his Non- fubntiff) on on the one Hand, and excited him to Patience on the ether. ' Tours, & c. A. It is certainly confident with the moft Heroick Patience to be lenfible of Mifery and to ex prefs it. A true Religious Patience do's not pretend to the Romantic Bravery of the Stoicl( s, of not feeling the Pain of the Rack, or of being eafy and compofed under the moft violent Torments. Our Saviour himfelf cou'd fay, let this Cup pafifrom me; and Jeremiah, and Habak. k" k did, as well as Jb, wifh they had never been Born : And Jonah impatiently wifhed that he might Dye. The moft San& i- ( ftified Realon may give way to the Infirmity of Nature, fotbat Grief may vent itfelf in Complaint?, which in the Prefence of Friends are thoughc to allay the Bitternefs of it. Notwithftanding Job, in all this Difcourfe of his, ( hews but by a bare ineffectual and conditional Volition ( as School- men Speak) a defire not to have been Born : But there c » n be no Obje& ion made againft his abfolute and effe& ual Refolution of fubmitting to the Difpenfations of Divine Providence. Neither is it fo much the Trarquility and Compofure of his Mind, as the ftedfaitnels of bis Integrity under bis Sufferings that got him the Chara& er of a moft Patient Man. It is not to be denied that be was too far Tranfi ported by the Infirmity of his Paflion. He himfelf acknowledges it ( Chap, 41, Ver. 3.) but the Virtue of his Patience was leen in tbis, that he did not give Satan an Occafion to boaft that he had praifed God in Vain. But yet unlefs we take his Words in the moft rigid Senfe, it cannot be faid he affLrted any Thing that was impious. But as for the advantage the Querift fays he had from the Afliftance of Angels, we muft Confefs we meet with none fuch in this whole Story j unlels he means Jobs three Friends, who are ftyled by himfelf Miferable Comforters, and Served only to aggravate his Affli& ions. ' 1 is true Gcd himfelf Speaks to Jobt but that is at the Conciufion of his Sufferings. Q. Gentlemen, The Moralifis fretend that the Law of Nature is eafily difcover able and mojl matiifeftly demonflrable by the Light of Nature, If fo why do's the Scripture fo particularly deliver the Precepts of it fince that feems Superfluous. A. " Whether tbe Law of Nature be plain or obfcure in itfeif, it is certainly a great Confolation to us and a mighty Confirmation of that Law, to findf that the natural Afftnt of Humane Reafon. as to the certainty of is ftrengthened by the Evidence of Divine Teftipiony. Befides, tho" the Firft Principles of the Law of Nature muft be granted to be" very eafy, and none Ignorant of them ; yet fince Human A& ions are Converfant about fuch Things as are attended with a great variety of Circumftances, which occafion Men to judge differently concerning whac ought to be done, it was very convenient, that the Law of God fhou'd give feveral particular Determinations, in Order to help our Weaknefs therein. For in things of this Nature we know thac the natural Underftanding of feveral whole Nations has been fo darkened, that they cou'd not difcern fotne very grofs Immoralities to be Sinful. Again, by the Precepts Of the L a w of N Nature Nature being thus manifeftly declared to Mankind " ther while nor- black. He was repOvfcd by God himielf, there is the greattft Curb laid up- " been at firft delighted at the approach of the Vefon the Perverfe Difpofition of feme Men, who " feis, with the Sight of Men and Women and might pretend that the Light of Nature is not cle^ r " J. igltt coloured Clothes; iothat he fuffered bimenoughto lay Men under a poiitive Obligation | t> " feif to bVinclofed i f the N e t s ; but as loon as fuch and fuch Duties, or than Horn'an R e a i o n l s they began to uf « Vklcttce, in endeavouring to notable to diftinguilh Good from Evil. But now' " draw him forth, and Before it could bedifceinsd by the manifeft Revelation of God, there is no " of what ( hape be was below the Navel, he eafily Room left for fuch Excufes, brake through the Nets and over- turned the Vef- Q. Gentlemen, Ferdinand Alvares, Secrettry to " lei. Afterwards he appeared at a great diftance the Store- houfe of the Indians, fays, he faw a Tdung " off. Sunning himfelf upon fome inaccellib.' e Merman come out of the Water tofieal Fifhes from " Rocks, his lower Parts being always covered the Fiftoermen, and Eat ' em. > In ! i( h-. Chroni- " with Water ; lomerimes clapping his Hands and elts, it is receded a Man- F; lh leas taken m Suffolk, " making a hiffing N o i l e , which was fuppofed to kept fix Months on [ hcretj and fierifiole again o Sea. " be his manner of Laughter. Wh ch Cuftbtn he But the moft Memorable1 and Authentic Scary, that I '' continued, till ( ome Body ( hot at him with a know of this kjnd, is the Mermaid tak% ty fome " Mulquet Buller, from which time forward Milk- maids, jwDermec- mete near Carnpdri in ' 403. " whether frighted or k i l l e d ) he was never more Her Picture hangs in the Town- houfi of HarJem, " ieen. However it was reported, that there was with a Subscription in Gold- letttrs, of the time when " another leen which was fuppoled w be a'Female fhe was Takvb, how lor. g fhe Lived, when fee Dyed, " ( because without a Beard ) ending beneath with and in what Church Buried. A more particular Re. " a forked Tail, like that of a Salmon. We lation may be found in the Hlfiory of the Netherlands, thought it w c u d not beunplealant to give this Sto- As, a Dsjcrif tion of her Petfon, her Learning to Spin, ry at large to the Reader, lir. ee it is from an Au. and fhewing Devotion at Prayers ; and mien Women thor of undoubted Credit, and may ferve not only came, for their Diver/ ion, to the Town houfe, afore to corlirm our Belief th^ t there are fuch Creatures, fhe was kept, to Spin with her, fhe woud Laugh, and but alfo to give us an Idea of them. Befides, this fignify by figas fhe knetv their meaning in fome fort, thing happened within the Year, being as we coltho' fhe c. u/ d never be tatigtir to Speak; witio other left, abouti 636. particulars toe many to E'- numerate, But not a Wrd Q. Apollc, / am very much in Love with a pretty of that fine Singing common Fame reports of thefs Toung Lady but let that pafs, for I care not two Creature's. pence if I never have her, my p/ efint Q- ieftion being Now, Gentlemen, I woud defireyou to inform me, of far more confequence, which. is a nice JEnigma in of the Credit of this Lift Story, and whether the being relation to the Comprejfion of Air, viz. Suppofi an Mermen and Mermaids is not a meer Fable, for lean- Air- Gun be charg'd with fuch a quantity of Air, that notperfuademy falf tobelieve there ever were fuch Crea- it ( hall throw a Bit Ret at twenty Yards diftance, tures, and chiefly for this Re afon, that none in our time through an Inch Board, what Jpaee will all that Air has feen any, that ever I heard off. And it is plain to occupy, when at freedom in its natural Element ? me if there had been fuch in pajt times, there wou'd Now notwithftandttig this Conceit cofl me not a little be fuch now, and furely then feme or other mvfl have Study to draw up in proper forth, and. perhaps the Sofeen them. hition may ct- fl you as much, yet I queflirm not, but A. The Story of the Harlem Mermaid, is Ar- Apollo xfogood Humourd at to yield to my P^ qucfi, tefted by Hiftorians of fo good Credit, that it v. ou'd which is chat he wruld Poft- pone this in fome futute be Injuftice not to believe them. Ic is not to be Paper, for the Introduction of the following. A Friend wondred that a Creature having fo much of Human of mine was at a Man of Qualities Table, - who havethape fliou'd have Reafon enough to be made ca ing that day a Tenant in bis lioi. f, that held a pable of appearing Devout, when a Grave Hdto- large Farm of htm, and brhgirg up a ccmfidcrable rian tells us of a very Devout Dog at Corbie in the Sum of Money for [{ pit, my Lord asl( d him to fit down Year 897, thac Aflifted at Mafs with great R e v e with him at bts own Table, which the Country man, to rence and Modelty, and in all the Decent Poftures. excufe himfelf from, told him, if it pleafe your He Religioufly oblcrved Fifh and Faft- days, and Grace, ic were better if I Dm'd with your Servants; bit fuch D gs as Piifed againft the Walls cf the but my Lord D. ftill urgd it, wbilft he with rcpittti- Church, or Barked during Divine Se; vice. 1 here on of the fame Words, ft ill cxcufed himfelf, ' till at can be no doubt made but that there are fuch Crea- length he was prcvail'd upon. Now when my Lord tures as Mermaids, being frequently mentioned driink to him, or any of the Con\ pany, to fho< v lis Rtby Ancient Writers under the Name of Tritons and fpett, he would con [ I ant ly rife from his Cuair and Syrens. Whether there are any Teftimonies of Mo- make a Bow; which my Lcrd obferving, for a - little dern Authors concerning them we have not had Diverfion, whifper'd hs Page to pull away his Chair, leifure to Examine. The iatelt Inftance of any that the Country- man rfing again, and miffing his fiat, we remember in our Reading, is Related by G* f- to fave himfief, got hold of the Table Cloath, and fe ruins in his Life of Peireski. " Thac Noble and drew moft of the Difhes after him, fo that one Lady " Curious Perfon ( fays this Learned Author) be- had her Lap full or Sctrp, another of Sauce, and" aS on " injj Informed of a Merman, which was feen at that fidepwtcol^ offmaiir. g- the Country- fellow got " Belle- Iflc in France, procured Henri cm Gcndius, up again, and without any concern, only faid, it it " Governor of the Jfies,. to make Enquiry, and pleafe your Grace, I told y u, it were better if I Certify him concerning it. Now the Informati- Din'd with your Servants, New pray give your O- " on was, chat as much as was feen of him, pinion of this fellow s Genius, and w ether he fhew'd " was in the ftiape of a Man, only the not a Prefence of Mindt- y fuch an Anfxver. " ( hortnefs of his Arms was not proportioned to A. We will not charge the Incoherency of your " the thicknefs of his Body. His Hands were alfo Difcourfe on your want of Judgment, but on a fit " difproportionately large, and very White in the of the Spleen ; or why ihou'd you trouble us with " Palms. He had thick white Hair hanging down an account of your Amour, when you have no con- " over his Shoulders, and a Beard reaching down cern for it yonr felf. The nature of your Quefti- " to his Stomach. His Eyes were great and fierce, on in relation to the comprellion. of Air, requires " His Skin as for as cou'd be difcerned rough, net- our Poft- poning of it, till you let it in a clearer Light; L i g h t ; for ' til! we know of wfoat Wood your In which protnifcttoufly their Lovers Aire.' Board'is, and whither Knotty, the Heart of the Qr elfe Indulgent Heav'n perhaps defigns Tree or outward Parts, we cannot Tudgeofthe , , , jree, or uiuwaiu 1 ' , ® rhf, A Counter. Balance to your happinefs, force of the Bullet, nor by Coniequence, ot ttie ' rtr » Quantity cf Air, occafioning fuch Force, As to And wills that Cloe fliou d Inconftant prove, your Relation, concerning the Countryman's Ad- To Temper your Exctfi of Common Blifs. venture ; a Gentleman be at the Tabl e at that toifm e, his Cloaths partaking The r e for e g o on, the Chance . of Lo v e and Wa r ,' of the Sauce of a Difh of Fifh, and tho' there was On little Springs of Fortune frequent turn, much Damage dene to Coats and Petticoats, yet And an unthoughtof Circumftance of Fate, the Diversion, the Accident Created, made full Sa- C h a n g e s t b e S c e and Crowns th' Unfortunate.' tisfadtion for the Injury. After Dinner, fome dif- 6 ' happen'd concerning the Fellow's Genius, on A P O L LO his Anfwer fo a propot. But'twas concluded, that , his exenfe was only on his unfitnefs for fuch C o n - Q.- Sucb vaft Misfortunes, and at once, pany, without One" Thought relating to any thing Sure never bafd before j might happen, and that his ready Anfwer there- m can ( hg F a t e s themfelvls denounce, fore at laft, was meerly Accidental, without any defigri of an acute Refle& ion. P O E M S . Q- ~ V? '^ T^ L Experience proves the Adage true, X Man is to Trouble Born. For fure this Orb Contains no Mortal Bleft with perfeFl Peace ; For if that happintjs could be at tailed, My Itindly Stars had deflind it for the ; B eH with Indulgent Parents, Vigorous Health, A Plenteous Fortune, and my Mind improv'd With Liberal Sciences, and Polifh'd Arts. Yet dif'ppointments, and Fantaftic Ills, Doth bus ft my hopes, and damp my rifmg J'ys\ D fpnic Lovs fome time, with f leafing fa ay, Has rUt'd my Heart, and charm d mi tender Soul, Kfnd Cloe bleft with all the Beauteous Gifts Of Lavijh - Nature, footh'd my Lambent Blame. But now, alas ! het Native Innocence And uaexperienc'd Heart has been feduc'd, To Crown with Smiles the Vows of Corridon. Say, Youthful Bards, Jhxt I perfiftingfee\, To gain my former right, or quit the Fair, Andflrive for to Deface ( if fffible) Her dear Idea from my longing Breaft. T O R R I S M O N D . A. Altho' Experience proves the Adage true, Yet Sage Philofophers, as true, declare, That from Our- felves moft Misfortunes Spring, Imigination makes thofe Difcontents, Which, we's Young Conjurers a Daemon, raife, Weak and unable afterwards to lay. Perhaps your Fancy, not her real Fault, Fair Cue's Innocence mifreprefents. For alvyays Jealoufys th' e f f e d of Love, And but a kind cf Jaundice in the Soul, Which grows Difeas'd, and then all Obje& s views, Vnicolor, and like it ( elf, Difeas'd. Cloe perhaps your Conftancy wou'd try, As doubtful Courage is by fatfe alarms. Therefore let Time and Patience Work th'event, Women hive ajl the Stratagems of War, ' Gainfl any Mortal more. Laft Week, the Cat my Squirril fei^ d, My Pritty Fanny Dyd, My Monkey, which above both pleas'd, Departed is befide. Say, Ye bright Learned Sages, now, And I'll adore your Shine, If any Comfort you'll allow, To fuch a Grief as mine. C L O E . A. Alas Poor Cloe, here's a heap Of Sorrows and Offences, We think it ftrange, if thou canft keep Beneath their Weight thy Senles. Thy Favorites together loft, Which gave thee all thy Joys j The P> eafures which a Crown can boaft, Wou'd now sppear but Toys. Againft your Grief, no other helps,' We can, but ' ith this fupply; You other Squhrils, Monkeys, Whelps] May for Five Guineas buy. Q_. Gentlemen, With all your Art, Pr. ij tell, if you are able, When any one doth let a F . t, He quickfy thumps the Table ; If any by do not Comply, And Anfwer't to an bich, Sir, Then by Confent, his Pmifhment, Is Dootrid to be a Pinch, Siri I'll Drink your Society's Health in a full Cam] If you Anfwer this Query for your Honeft Friend Vulcan.' A. By knocking under Table's fliown, Submiffion for his Crime, The Other's by Complying, own, He's Pardon'd for that time: When Pardon's ask'd, a Gen'rous Mind Forgives, but he that Flinches, Is ferv'd but rightly, in his Kind, T o have an Hundred Pinches. 1 __ N ow N o w Tofs off yoflr Canns with a Whoop and ( a Hallow, T o the Healths of the & VEEN and the Britijh ( Apollo. Writ on the Backjids of A Ticket for EIfrid, or The Fair Inconftant, where Tragedy is Reprefented in A Weeping Pojlure, with this Injcription. Spero Meliora. WEEP not, Deje& ed Fair* the Time draws ( near When THOV, again thy Drooping Plume flialt rear. The Britijh Genius will at length arife, Proof againft all the STREN's MELODIES. Thy Beauteous E N E R G T m o u n t on high, When THEII{ SOFT AlftJS ( hall unregarded Dye. I SEE the Golden Hours run on apace, >- « Returning Bloom fits glowing in the Face, And Crowds of Hero's fill thy long n( SePgAleC& Ee d C) The THESPIAN CAHH, TFtJVMPHANT, x ( Scow'rs the Plains, / Heroic warmth now ftrikes The E N E B y A l E\ ( SWAINS,/ For TALBOT holds the STAFF and STRJSNvX ( OVS HILL the Reins. ) Whole Sets of the Second Volume of the Britifh Apollo, or Single Sheets to ma fee up Sets of the faid Volume,, are to be had of J. Mayo, at the Printing- Prefl in Fleet- Street, or of the Men in their Walks. S I R , T H E Advices from the Camp before Doway, May the ift. are, That the Horfe under the Command of his Grace the Duke of Marlborough paired the Scarpe at Lelain, and thofe under Prince Eugene paffed the Canal at O b y ; That the former Encamp'd with the Right at the Vijlage of Rache, and the Left at Bouvignies; and the latter with the Right at Oby and the Left at Rache ; That that Morning Leiutenant General Cadogan was Commanded by his Grace the Duke of Marlborough to view the Plains between Lens and Elquerchies in order to Mark out a Camp for drawing up the Army in Ljne of Battel, as there may be occafion in Cafe the Enemy fhou'd make any attempt to difturb the Siege; That the greateft part of the Heavy Artillery and Ammunition to be made ule of in the Siege, is arrived at Ghent, and Meafures are taken for bringing them thither for that pur pole ; That the difpopofition is making to attack the Place, and accordidgly the Troops have provided a great Number of Fafchines and Gabions, and the next Night ' twas \ defign'd to break Ground; That a Detachment of Eight Hundred Men of Prince Eugene's Army, Attackt that Morning the Caftle of Ognenville near For d' Scape, into which the Enemy had put a Garrifon of One Hundred Foot and Ten Dragoons, who after an Hour's difpute fubmitted themfelves Prifoners of War; That Deferters from the T o w n report that the Troops of the Garrifon want a great Number of their Officers ; Thar we have Taken the Marquifs d' BroifTs, Colonel of a Regiment of Dragoons, with a Commander of on © of the Batalions of Foot and Three Captains as they were attempting to get into the Town. Which is all from Yours, & c. Any Perfons in Town may have thefe Papers brought to their Houfes at 3 s. per Quarter, by dire£ ting to Mr. Carter, at the Roje and Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard, Mr. Bictterton, at the fiofe and Crown in Little- Britain, or to the Prini ter hereof, fuperfcrib'd to the Britijb Apollo. N. B. All that iegin within the Quarter to pay on Quarter J a y a Penny for etch Paper they have had All Queltions to be directed in like manner, bur none wi 11 be anfwer'd oar of the Country, where Poftage is not paid. ADVERTISEMENTS. MR. Roger Grant, OCULIST, who has been fo iuccelsful in Couching the Cateradt and Curing all c her C liable Diftempers in the Eyes, lives in St. ChriJ tpber • Church- Turd, where he has lately brought to Sigi: the Perfons under- namM. IV. Jones, at Newing on- B as, aped 20, born blind, reftored to Sight in 5 Minutes. Robert IVedell, in Fijbmcnger's- Hofpital, Newi gton, aped 70, reftored to Sight in 2 Minutes. Mary letting, in Swan- Tard. near Newgate, aged 75, reftored to Sight in one Minute. Elizabeth Wild, in Bell- Alley Gofwell- Street, blind of one Eye 23 Years, reftored to Sight in 5 Minutes. Will Dixon, in Chelfea- Cellege, aged 87, reftor'd to Sight in 5 Minutes. John Mjers on Saffron- Hill, blind by Obftru& ion of the Optica Nerves, reftor'd to Sight in a little time. Mr. Williams, in Peter- Street Old Scho. Anne Andrews in GofwellStreet• Saywell Lutben, at Adam's Coffee- Houfe Chancery- Lane. Anne Alien, in Nigbtingal Lane. Anne Lee, at the Crofs\ eys Tavern lower- end of St. Martin's Lane Strand. Mr. Godbj. Porter, near Fijbmonger's- Hall, Thames- Street. NOTE, Thefe Perfons with 4 s others have been all cur'd by the aforelaid Mr. Grant ( ince Sept. 1708. THE PROJECTOR, or RE MARKER REMARKED. A Poem in Burlefque. Occafion'd by a juft Refentment the Author conceiv'd at the Remarket's Pirat. ing Efq. BlCK. ERSTAFF's Works. Price 6 A. To be had of our Servants in their Walks, Mr. Carter, at the Rofe ind Crown in St. Paut's- CburcbTard, Mr. Bicferton, at the Rofe and Crown in Little- Britain, or at the Printer's hereof. J u f t Publifh'd TH E i d Edition o f Mr. Hill's Hiftory of the Ottoman Empire in all it's Branches, in Folio, with the Government, Policy, Religion, Cultoms and way of Living of the Turks in general, Illuftrated with feveral Copper Cuts on each Material Head , and feveral Copies of Verles in Pi life of the Author and Book, written by iome of the mod Ingenious Men of the Age, Printed in the fame Letter and on as good Paper as the ifl: Edition, The Printer having the Propriety of this Edition, and the Charges being lefien'd by the Cuts already Ingrav'd, all Gentlemen may have them at IZS. per Book, Guilt Edges and Letter'd on the Back, of J. Mayo, ONLY, over againlt Water- lane, Fleet-( freer, Q Eady Money for any Parcel or Library of Books i \ in all Languages and faculties whatever; likewife Books Exchang'd and lent to Read, by Tho. Bieferton, at the Roje and Crown next the Gare- way leading into the Blue- Coat- Hofpital by the Pump in Little- Britain. LONDON: Printed for, and Sold by J. Mdjo, at the Printing- Prefs againft Water- Lane in Fleet- Street. Where Advertifements are Taken in.
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