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The Post Boy


Printer / Publisher:  A. Boyer
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2256
No Pages: 2
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The Post Boy
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The Post Boy

Date of Article: 25/10/1709
Printer / Publisher:  A. Boyer
Address: at the Black Boy In Pater-Noster Row
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2256
No Pages: 2
Sourced from Dealer? No
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. 2 2 ) 6 . ^ f t ^ R f t l T %' V a A A : fra* Zip / 9 By J. BO TER. VVr :* l. tfi t tne frefheft Adiices, Foreign and Donieiticx, F r o m ' OaoSer .22. to O'& Jber. z{. 1709. Out of the Paris Gazette, Oct. 2( 5. N. S. VENICE, Off. 5. A''. S. 1 : / E have advice, that the Troops embark'd / on Board Admiral Bing's Squadron, / were not d e f i n e d to futprize Cadiz, as r" had been reported ; but to change the1 Garrifon of Gibraltar, where the. Spa-; niards hiid s Correfpondence ; and that the old Garrifon" was trahfporred to Barcelona. Out of tbe fame Gazette. Hamburgh, Oft. 8, N- S. King Staniiuus has written Letters t o the Emperor, Qu. Anne, and the Si atesGeneral of the United Provinces, to rep relent to them, ' That having, accepted the Guaranty ' • o f the Treaty of Raniiadr, they ought not tofufFer its ' being violated by K. Augufitis^ confidering He/ Stiinifiaus')' ' hid not lines given any Matter of Complaint, either to ' .• Them, or that Prince ; the rather, becaufe he accepted ' the Crown of Poland,, only, upon the Solicitation of ' mod of the, Members'of the Republick.' They write f r om Poland,' that the Diet of the. Palatinate of Cracow being met, had refu ed to read the Unii er'falih both of King Stanill tus and King Augultus, and had declared the Throne Vacant, in. pj& sr to proceed to a Neiv Eleffion, will rhe Conleiit of the'Whole Republic'k. If this Example be follow'd by thS oifisr P. i ( annates, there is. realon to believe that the Troubles of that Klngcom will not be pacified fo fboiras was expected, . Out of the fame Gszefte. Brufiels, Oft. 18. N. S. They, w r i t e frofti Gditfgn,. That the Chevalier . Sebaltian Fofcarim',. Emb. ffador from the . Rephblick o'f Venice, and Procur it- ir of SfJ'Mv. ric srriv: d there the 6th, and let out the ' t h for, the Hague-,, in order to affi. lt theie at the Negotiations . ofPejc'e. ' Tis advis'd from the Hague, Tiiat on the 14th an Exprels fr& nr Barcelona brought ah W count of t n e Poiitireof Atkirs in- t l l a t 1 Country, which, ' twas jifl'ur'd, yfas not. acceptij! le ; and ti^ iefVie kept very feci et. . The States Genera) having r& f& ved fome finie ago to ereftVn extraordinary' Tribunal,; to- call rhofc td an account, who, rhe lalf Year • may' have contributed, to • the furjpfiznig of Ghent s? nd'' B,) Uges ; Deputies from thofe T y o Cities wexer doind; to repiefent , that this way of proceeding wascdntniry to rhejr Privileges, of which they pro'duftd Extrafti, ' according to whi^ tr the Flemings cannot1 be atarai. 0n'd but before their natural Judges , and ' lis thought, 1 t h a t the Staves General will gi've. thesn Satitfafticri, to avoid' the e x e i t i n g ' f ew Trdtibles,; Letters from London of rhe u t l i ' i n f U n t import, T h a n h s Royal Bank " his, at lafi, agreed to t'aka upon the'm'the Circulating ftill of 400000 Pbu 1 ids Sterling, or Six Millions- French Livres, ' iir Exchequer Bills. « — We are very uheafis about ' t h e ill Pol lure of the Aff drs of t h e North ; where the Allies having , ,' faveui'd- before the Czar and King Augtnlus, endeavour now to prevent the Breaking out of the War in that Couniiy, ' by reafon of the Prejudice they Would receive'thereby.' . ?;'• it'jal v » > •• » • •••'" ''• * 4 ' i f P ' Mfeow, Sept 12. N. S. : The Czar having been detain- ( d fdr i'omeWeeks, at Kiow, ry a F e v e rM Diftemper, let | ut from thence towards Poland trie i- jtfi pali ; and - two Uiys after the Imperial Prince went the lafne Way, to t i e w t h a t Kingdom. ' Tis faid, that aftir t h e great Inirview between iheir C z i r i i h ; P- ruflian arid- Poliih Majsies, the Ikil will ^ o towards Riga, to be- prefent at the oinbardidt of that Town ; and that the Imperial Prince ill take a t u r n tncogjiiio'to the Court of Wolfenbuttle. ' here is 110 great Probability of General M a ^ p a ' s being deliver'd tip to us l y the Turks, by rejfon he has s;: veil tliem more thanVhey could expeft frorn the C z i f . Soofe Days ago ^ 000 Swedilh Piiloner's were brought hither, to work on our Fortificat; ons. Six ' thOiifai: d German P'rifoners came hither at the f. nr. e tiire ; but thefe having lifled. thcmfcjves in the Czir's Service, 1000 of'the » wiil f'e chofen for a Ge'rinan Ho/ l'e Guaic, ( i c whom tiife A.• « .• « and Horfe. s taken from the- Svvedes, w:: i be giy-.- n ) ar. d ' the r^ it wili be ni:: de: tip i; to h ' t abo s of Ke:.'. u! ar Fo;>;, rtnd ptit in Garrifoil in the iw:: Fcnrelfg?, to tr . ia all at once, ail the Tiqops, ? cc" icinj,- to the modern w; y of military Difciplitie.' Colonel l- Kydei, wild froiight J,..' tber the faid Prifoaers, isgcnie back'With Six Re. ii « e:: s of Dragoons, to PetenLurgh, ' on ' which fide fouu Eiiteiprtze i » to be put in execution before- the Winter. £ ertbi; Oft. 23. N- S. Ti e King of Fnifli'. i 1 oceeds on his Journey tow. rds the Fran tiers, in order to bis Interview with the Czar and* Ku) g Au^ ubuy, which : s to be ipri the 2,5th' iiuiant at Manen o. cer. A nd a few d.; ys after K'i- rtg; Aujuituj^ < yMlbe prbcLiui'd a new wi. h^ reat Sulemiiity. • Out Of the Pairis Gazette Ma- main, date*. O f t . 25, N- S. The ten ; Baita! idtts detatch'e. fie. iaour Army iu Germany, are already arriv'd1 at Mezieies, ill Order to join the Army • in- Flanders; and affoon as the Marflul' d'Harcourt ( hdl be ihfoim'd of thfe arrival of t'holi that site c6\ n'th^ jip ftoud Daupbine, he will detatch feme others for the Nether-' lands'. Lieutenant- General Ce St. Fremont' wrlrfes, tifaj being arrived at Strasburg , with Orders to afiemble 15000 Men, and c- rry them into Flanders, he rec^ oii'if to arrive at Mezie'res the 5th of November. They write from the Camp at Queihoy of t h e l y . b inftant, that the DSijr before Six - Brigades of Foot march'd from thence to g o t o join the Chevalier tie Luxemburg on the other fide' die SaMbre: that the fame day'tne M- UiliAl Dake of Berwick arrive J 111 tile C,/ nip, and let out t'.; e . U j . ' r w i t h the - Marihal de Bcuffiers fur Maabeu^ e ; ::; id tb. ic ' t « ; . uncertain whether there would be an A'd', n'to rtliivt - MOiis; But if after the • Reduction- . of that Place the Enemy went upon: -- any • new • Enterprise, our Generph would, give them Battel. - Jtili now there^ a Report fpiead, that Mons has beaten a Paiiey. Mr. de Charmoii't, Secretary of the Cabinet, who has been Embaffador at Venice, is propos'd to bold the fame Charader at Caniiantmople, in the room of Mr. de Sr.: F c r i o l , whole Infirmities wiil not permit him to. ditchaige that Place. We have advice, that Mr. Hayie, Dodtor and Profeffor of Phyfick in the Uiiiverfity cr Tholoule, died in that City the 2_ j. ii of September lail, being 8.6 Years and Six Months' o.' e. He h i left to the Siebr Perpaffat, a Phylk'isn, his r. Id Difctplc and Allifiant, feveral Manufcripts of- Phyfick, Metapbylicks and Morality, which lire no ways inretiour t o the profound Learning of thoffc Works, lie has already given to the Publick, and which Mr. Perpaffat will Ca tile to be printed. Mons, OB. 27. N. S. Yefterday the Confederate Army decampt from our Neighbourhood , after having left a lirong Garrifon in tin's Place.' Count bhona our Governour, has fet 12. or 1300 Pioneers at work to level the Works of the Believers, and repair the Fortiii- . cations of this Town. BrUffeh, Oft. 19. N. S. On Saturday, the 26th Itijftant, the Army decamp'd fioni Havre, and having pal's d the Hayne, Cjffie to Thieuti. es, where we continued on Sunday the 2- jth, which was celebrated as a Day o f T h a n k l - giving to Almighty God for ilie taking of Mons \ and Yefteiday Morning the Troops ' fe^ arated, in order to m'sich L i n a r c h < o tfre r; .•.• live W » : « er Qii rters. " " " ' " A , His Qr. ics I- like of ,1 mih- remb left the Army at the fame time, ai J r r i v e d about Noon at this Place, from wfren. r hh<" defigns toiet out on Friday next, together with the Prii'ce of Savoy, for t h e Hague, The Enen. y's Troops are likewifefe;<$ rated, and marching towards theii Quarters. H, v; u<:, Oii. 28. N S. ' ' Tis confidently reported , ' Thf.' t Signior Fofcarjni, ( he Venetian Atnbiffidor, ' who has btsn for fome d.- ys pall at Amfterdailt in- ' cngvito, and is now in this Town, has offered, on the ' Part of France, to fign the late Preliminaries, only ' with an Exp'ansii> n of the Article concerning Spain, ' fo that the Fiencb King be not oblig'd to cauf'e his ' Troops to ait in Conjunction with thofe of ; he Al- * lies . againft h's Giandfsn; In confideration of which, ' his n. oft Chriflian Majeity will give up Valenciennes 1 forever; and till a general Peace ba concluded, Cam- ' bray, Arras. and BayonneBy which laft the Con- 4 federates will be able to lend what Troops they ( hail * think fir into Spain. P> nt ' tis the general Opinion ' that the High Allies will not clofe with thefe Propo- ' fa Is ; efpecially becaufe the Port of Eayonne is nei- ' ther convenient nor capacious enough tor great Ships. 4 Moreover, the Generality of People iri this Country ' are fo endin'd IO carry on the War, til! a fafe, ho- ' nourabte, and lafling Peace be obtain'd, that the Ma- ' gift rates of the respective Towns and Cities will readily ' approve flKh Augmentations as the States General ( hall ' think fit to make to the State of War for the next 4 Campaign, in Concert with Great Britain, which, ' ' tis faii, will amount to 30000 Men : But ' tis to ' be hoped that France will, before that time, give * full faiisfafti ' il to the High Allies. Hague, Oct. 29. N. S. Yelierday- the Confederate Army feparated, and the Troops march'd to their refpedtive Winter Quarters. ' Tis faid the Girrifons along the Mavfe will be above 10000 Men ftronger than the laft year ; both 111 order to check and dilirefs the Garrifon of Namur, ant to make Inctirfions into the. Enemy's Country on that fide. Prince Eugene and the Duke of Marlborough ate expected here in Three or Pour Days. They write from Valenciennes, that the Marfhal de Viilars's Wound grows dail worfe and worfe ; fo that they have but little Hopes either of its Cure, without cutting off his Legg ; or, in that cafe ® f his Life, becaufe he is grown extreani weak. Some Advi . es from Madrid, which came by the Way of Genoa, import that King Philip had caus'd the Governor of Cadiz iobe Beheaded, on Pretence that he held a Gorrelpondence with theConfcderates. Letters from Drefden of the 24th Inflant confirm the News of the Internview between the Cz ir and King Auguflus, whole Troops being joined, were marching towards Thorn and Warfarv, in Ord r to endeavour to f. ill on General Crafi'au near Nakle, on the Fromiersof Pomerania. Fatmouth, Oct. 20. Three Dutch Privateers are fail'd to cruize. Shields, Oil. 21. The reft of the Liibon Fleet is preparing to fail under Convoy of the Giafcow and the Sheernei's, which is arrived here. Plymouth, Qtt. 2r. On the 19th came in the Fortune of and from Jerfey, with Salt for this Place, and a Dutch Ship juft now came in from Malaga with Fruit for Rye ; and a Swede w i t h Wine from K" urde. uix. Tarmouth, Oct. 21. The Holland Gplly is come in from Hamburgh, to Lade Herrings for Leghorn. Dealt, Oa. 23. Her Majefty's Ships the Tilbury and Falkland are fail'd to the Weftward, and the Arundel to the Northward. London, Oft. 25. On Saturday Night laft his Grace t h e Duke cf Argyle, and the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery, arrived here from Flanders. On Sunday laft his Excellency the Count de St. Severin, Envoy Extraordinary fiom the Duke of Parma, had his lirft AuCipiice of Her Majefty at Windfor. We hear on Thftrfday next come Seven- night Her Majefly returns from Windlor to St. J ames's. Peter Frouoe t f q ; one of the Clerks of the Pipe- Office, died on Saturday morning laft. Yclterday Bank- flock was n 8 and a h a l f ; Eaft- India United Company 130 and a Q u a r t e r ; Debentures 81 and a half, Inlb- Lands 68. - Any Perfons who defire to mite News, or fritflte Bufmefs into the Country.,- yt, ty have the Pofl- Boy h Bover, with a Blank H. tir- fheet at th ufvtl Price of one Penny, at the fotio » tn% Races, via,. of E. bert Sanger, at the Poft- O/ ce at the Temple gate ; Roi'ert Golliug,' at the Miter near the Middle- Ten ple- Gate; Nathaniel Cliff, at the Golden- Canrlillick m Cheapfide ; James Rvuti'd in Exchange- Ailev, Bookfelhr, '„• J. Baker, the Publijher of this Paper Mrs. Ciocm at the Ml Roval Exchange- gate ; Mrs. Smart without Tempje B - l; and Mrs.. B nd at Charing- Qrbfs, News- fellers, A DV E R I IS E M ENTS. " IniftersGowns andCaffocks, Silk and Worlied S ithes or Surplices, all forts of L wyers Gowns, Livery- Gowns and Hoods, new- or fecond- hm1 , or the Fiars changed for Budge or Foyns, and all forts of Gowns for Mayor and A Idem en of any Corporation in Great Britain," ready made ; likewife black Cloth both for Men and Women's Wear, to be fold at reafonable Price?, by Anthony Ingram, Robe- maker, at the Sign of the Livery Gown and Hood in Patcr- Nofter Row, near the North- Gate of St. Paul's Church. ^ Ynopfis Mathematics Univerfalis : Or, A brief S y f t e o f o f the Matliematicks, for young Students, and Inch as h i v e rot trrived to a great Perfection in thole Studies. Containing Variety of ufeful practice*, in Arithmetic, Geometry Trigonometry, Allreilomy, Dialling, Chronology, Geography, Optics, Catoptrics, Dioptrics, Sratns. Together w i t h A g r o n o m i c a l and Geographical Tables witU their Ul-- s , andallothe Ufe o f the Globes : The W h i l e being illilflrated with feveral Mathematiia! Scilptures on Copper l'lates. By Vmtcrus Man, cicv, philomar Printed f i r the Author, next Door to tlae Salmon ia Bloomsbi. r)- market, and Sold by Tio. BjKard, at the iUyng- Sun in Little Britain. Price. 6 s. Ptckrt- Bfik^, green Ve'. lum CLfpmnthefides, with J u a ' i M ^ r l / i r 1710. and an ^ iccomt'f Roads, Furs, rehere Caches, Carriers .1 nd Wa^ gcvs, Inn, ^ tauntscaftMf, of great * fe to Traders. . An ^ tcimnt l/ IVa; cr men, Marker- Twns, and iheir dijtance of Mi'es from London, Raits of Couches and Cars, & e. Price 2 J The Hijlmy if Reynard the Fix with Cuts, Pr. I J. Gay of Warwick in verfe, Pr. 6. The Virmin Kilier, Urge fort r s. ti. fmaU fort 6 d. The Cent . Auditor. Being an eafy ran to h$ tf^ 4tetmt tf G. ntlc-- men's Ejla tl, Pr. id. ^ Arts Trea/ ure in Dying, G ' lding, Painting in Oyl,& c. Pr. is. the way to fave Wealth by making Bread iheap andgo- jd, and hots to live for 2d. a day Pr, r s. 6. The way to get Wealth, Pr. is. S. ltoo He things, Pr. is. Csd. ^ Ari r. f Angling, Pr. 6 d. Comfit if FiioUr, Pr. t d. FrenthPerfumer, Pr. If. ^ in £ fiim » / E c c l e f . Hifloty, l> r. 3 Shillings, billfold at the Ring, Little Britain Next Thurfday will be publifh'd, AShort and exact Account of all the Difeafes incident to the Eyes, with the Caufes, Symptoms and Cures; alfo Praftical Obfervations upon fome Extraordinary Difeafes of the Eyes. By Sir William Read, Her Majefty's Oculift and Operator in the Eyes inordinary. The Second Edition, corrected. Printed for J. Baker, an the Black- Boy in Pater- Noiler- Row. Prjce, bound it Calf, 2 s. 6 d. N. B. It is a Book of general ufe for all Families ; but cff ecially where any Perfon is inclinable to any Diftemper in the Eyes. BOOKS printed for Egbert Sanger, at the Poft- Houfe in Fleet- Jlreet. SOme Confiderations humbly offer" d to the Lord Biftlup of Exeter. Occafion'd by his Lordfhip's Sermon, preached before Her Majeliy , March the 8th, Price 2 d. An Humble Reply to the Lord Bifhop of Exeter's Anfwer, in which the Confiderations lately offered to his Lordfhip, are vindicated, and an Apology is added, for defending the Foundation of the piefent Government, Both by Eeajamin Haadly, M. A. Pr. 6 d, Whitlock's Memoirs of the Englilh Affdrs, from the fuppofed Expedition of Brute to this Ifland, to the End of the Reign of King James the Firft, with a Preface by James Welwood, M. D. Pr. 12 s. Folio. BOOKS printed for Robert Gojling, at the Mitre over againft Chancery- Lane End, in Fleet- Jlreet. x ' i ~~ Rravels over England, Scotland and Wales 3 giving a true and exadt Defeription of the chiefeft Cities, Towns and Corporations : Together with the - i: i utilities of divers other Places, the moft famous Cathedrals, and other eminent Structures ; of feveral remarkable Javes and Wells, with many other diverting P- fTiges never before publifn'd, Price 3 s. 6 s. 2 Human Souls naturally immortal. Tranflated from a Latin Manufcript, with a Recommendatory Preface, fy Jeremy Collier, M. A. Pr. 1 9. 3 The Gentleman's Recreation, in 4 Parts, viz, Huniing, Hawking, Fowling, Fifhing ; wherein thele Generoa Exercifes are largely treated of, and the Terms of Art fqr Hunting and Hawking more amply enlarged than hrrett fore ; alfo the Method of breeding and managing a Hum ' ing Horfe, Pr. 6 s. • Flinfed fork the Author, and Sold by JOHN BAKER at the Black Boy in Pater- Nefltr Row Where Advertifements are taken in.
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